Hillary Clinton Update, Economy Continues to Sink, G-20 Fears

1By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (9.9.16)

Hillary Clinton is having trouble with words and phrases that begin with the letter “C.” She has explaining to do on her concussion while at the State Department, cyber security, coughing, The Clinton Foundation and classified documents. In her first so-called press conference in 278 days, she walked off when the questions came up on these subjects.

The European Central Bank (ECB) and Europe’s top central banker, Mario Draghi, have done everything they can do to get the economy going. It has not improved, and the ECB is now downgrading its forecast, which means the money printing experiment by the ECB did not work. To make matters worse, the message from the recent G-20 meeting was “We are living in a global risk society.” The G-20 pointed out the three main risks were “economic, ecological and security.”

The drought in the Western United States continues to cause problems. The most severely drought areas have shrunk some, but the drought seems to be spreading. Now, officials in California are calling for a “high wildfire danger this season.” Just 13 fires have burned 260,000 acers so far this season. There is no end in sight for the drought.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Michael Krieger from LibertyBlitzkrieg.com will be the “Early Sunday Release.”

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  1. Matt In Pa

    October is gonna be a dandy. Hold tight folks,and keep your powder dry. Wow,incredible times.

    • Diane D.

      Matt, yes and the same for Friday January 20, 2017.

    • Frederick

      Theres a good article about negative rates and Peter Schiffs analysis thereof on Zero Hedge Well worth the 5 minutes

  2. OutLookingIn

    Hanjin Bankruptcy Consequence

    Chief operating officer Sanne Manders, officer at California – based freight forwarder FlexPort Inc., said rates on Asia – U.S. cargo have risen 40% to 50% since Monday (September 5th) on ALL sea lanes – not just those operated by Hanjin.

    That is an increase of $600 to $700 per container. The average price per container on Asia – U.S. routes rose 56% to $4,423 on Tuesday (September 6th) from $2,835 a week earlier.

    What this knock-on-price-effect will do is make for higher consumer/end user prices and will lower retail corporate earnings.

    Let’s not pretend we have a choice that will prevent another devastating financial crisis.
    We don’t.
    Only the timing is in question.

    • OutLookingIn

      Increased Risk
      Spike in Fear

      The old adage of; “be careful what you wish for…” seems to have landed on the Fed’s doorstep! The recent cacophonous chorus of Fed “jawboning” of a coming rate hike when they meet September 21st, seems to have spooked global markets.
      The all encompassing cross-asset correlation is nearing multi-year crisis extremes. Everything (all assets) are deeply cross-connected. Not only singly, but with multiple connections, across all sectors. The heightened sense of fear in the markets is palpable. One wrong move here could cause a selling cascade to occur.
      Think of it as a ships crew, that are all chained together at the ankles and their vessel is slowly taking on water. If they don’t all act calmly and work together as a team to get in the lifeboat – then they all sink. As soon as one falls overboard!

      • OutLookingIn

        A Higher Level of Insanity

        PIK Toggle Bonds (PIK = payment in kind)

        These bonds are sold at arms length and allow interest payment deferrals. Also allows coupon payments to made with debt.

        Buying bonds that allow interest to be paid back with still more bonds!
        There are $125.5 billion of PIK Toggle bonds issuance in the last 2 years.

        • Galaxy 500

          Wow, sounds like an instrument that the Fed reserve and ECB would buy

    • Charles H

      Good reporting and contribution. Another facet of shattering glass.

    • Paul ...

      OutLookingIn … Excellent heads up you have provided us WatchDoggers … This recent raising of Asia shipping container cargo freight rates by 40% to 50% indicates to me a devaluation of the US Dollar by 40% to 50% has “already been decided and agreed upon” by the Asian financial powers that be!!
      This means gold currently selling at about $1350 (and silver at about $20) should both “re-set higher” by about 40% to 50% which is about $2000 for gold and $30 dollars for silver … and as you say we should expect to see anything imported from Asia by Walmart to have similar price increases imposed … the “sticker shock” to come may just be the catalyst to prod J.Q.Public out of their stupor (that everything will continue along “as usual”) and “jolt them into reality” (making them rush to buy precious metals) which may light a speculative fire under gold and silver that then drives their price five times higher (from $2000 to $10,000 per ounce for gold and from $30 to $150 per ounce for silver)!

  3. Dan Howe

    Hi Greg,
    I used to really enjoy your site, but lately you have been EXTREMELY biased in favor of Trump & against Clinton. What happened to your unbiased reporting?? You have become the mirror image of the MSM – sad! I know, if I don’t like it, I can start my own site. No, I’ll just frequent the more unbiased sites. For the record, I wouldn’t vote for either of these fools. I’m sure that I’ll be called a troll now because that’s what you & some of your followers do to anyone who would dare to express a contrary view (i.e. Gina) instead of debating the issue maturely & intelligently. You do understand that it’s about an even race right now, right? So, obviously some very intelligent people intend to vote for Hillary (or more likely, AGAINST Trump). But, let’s only hear from those who think exactly like we do – hmm, sounds just like what the MSM does (& Nazi Germany, for that matter). We wouldn’t want to associate with anyone who could possibly think differently because WE KNOW WE’RE RIGHT, just like we GUARANTEED that Hillary would be indicted, and wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee, and can’t possibly get elected and the economic system is going to crash last year, etc. Anyone who thinks that either Hillary or Trump will change “business as usual” is just as clueless as the rest of the sheeple. Certainly a millionaire or billionaire will want to shake up the system that made them what they are, right? I dare you to print this instead of censoring as you have done in the past. Sometimes the truth hurts!

    • Frederick

      Dan I have to take exception to your criticism of Greg and us Watchdoggers If.I may speak for us I would say that we realize very well how flawed Donald Trump is as a candidate to the point where often I question his sincerity however that said Hillary has shown her true colors too often for any intelligent rational thinking individual to not see through her lies

    • Tommy

      Bothers you when the shoe is on the right foot but you have no problem when it’s on the left foot. Get a life Gina.

      • Rodster

        Haha, Gina morphed into Mina and now goes by the name Dan. How hopelessly pathetic but then again Gina is a paid government troll.

    • Southern Girl

      Who tinkled in your cheerios this morning. Greg tries to wipe away the dust and cob webs…just wondering if you are not falling under the category of Normalcy Bias????
      Maybe YOU just don’t want to hear the truth…truth hurts right back at you.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Cut the passive aggressive crap Dan. Your judgement and disdain sound whinny. Just state who you are going to vote for and why. Not voting for either one of these “fools” just makes you unable to make difficult decisions. No, I don’t think your a troll – I think you’re a manchild who doesn’t really say what he means.

    • Chip

      anyone who votes for hiLIARy is either ignorant or stupid. greg reports FACTS here that the msm ignores. that is not biased reporting. debate based on “feelings” is not true debate and greg, I, and other readers of this site would rather not waste our time… Chip

    • BLT

      In case you didn’t notice”Dan” we only have 2 candidates and one has basically been accused as you put it “by some really smart people” of covering up murders of our own ambassador and other Americans, and selling top secret info to your favorite people, other criminals. Your argument reeks of sour grapes. Say something about Trump that would make us think your right and you will see how open minded we watch doggers can be. When you come off “butt hurt” you lose the possibility of not being treated like a child or troll or whatever. A good salesman can sell anything and you have a lot of work to do…as do I honestly.

    • allen ols

      for example/ read my lips, no new taxes bushey

    • andyb

      Dan: some of your points are valid, especially the one that accuses Greg (and many commenters here) of being biased against Hillary. OF COURSE WE ARE. Only a brain dead, cognitively dissonant person could vote for a congenital liar, scandal plagued individual who, by her own admission, seeks USA hegemony through military aggression, leaving millions of dead and totally destroyed societies in the wake.
      Yes, Trump has issues and has made many mistakes in his first attempt at political office. But as a Vietnam vet, I totally applaud his pledge of disengagement from war and his focus instead of rebuilding America. Such wasted money and lives since the end of WWII. And for what, pray tell? Trump wants rapprochement with Russia instead of baiting Putin into WWIII, while Hillary and her fellow neocons seek hegemony over just another sovereign country. And whereas Hillary wants an even greater invasion of illegals and refugees, Trump wants American interests to be foremost. The education part (50%) of my property tax bill has doubled since Obama opened the floodgates because the education cost of illegals is overwhelming the local school systems. Healthcare costs have quintupled in ten years for the middle class partially due to the free health care benefits for illegals and refugees.
      So Dan, there is a reason why we are anti Hillary and Pro Trump. It’s called logic and common sense.

      • Deanna Clark

        It’s one thing to disagree hotly with Hillary and write about her health and other issues. It’s another to have no pity and be sarcastic about a person who obviously has copd or other very serious sicknesses.
        The mean streak is as bad as 2008 online and it only reflects back on the weakness of the meanie, as always!! It makes it look as though Trump supporters are too cowardly to express a little decent compassion…and it appears she needs it healthwise.

        • Paul ...

          When a women lies out her mouth constantly one has a hard time believing other things out of her mouth (like a cough) … decent compassion can only rightfully be shown if she releases her medical records … simply observing her character traits one has to be very careful she is not trying to pull the wool over our eyes once again … being sarcastic is a result of her previous attempts to hood wink us … if pity is due she has to prove her condition is real … if she won’t release her medical records I assume she is as healthy as a horse hee hee heeing (like she did when Qaddafi was killed and his gold stolen) … to express a little decent compassion requires proof on her part that she is indeed sick and not just lying to us again!!

      • Paul ...

        The “education part” of our homeowners tax bill should be funded by the corporations that use these publicly educated workers in their factories … why do American homeowners have to subsidize the corporations workforce … and as most of our American jobs have already been sent overseas by Hillary and her gang of neocons what cents does it make to double our education taxes to train kids to flip hamburgers?? … the Fed prints money for the banksters to bail them out … how about the Fed printing up some money for American homeowners to bail them out of higher and higher education taxes being imposed on us because Hillary and Obama want to bring Mexican, Syrian, etc., etc. families here to America!!!

      • Dan

        I appreciate your reply sir & you make a number of valid points. That is the kind of reasoned response that I can relate to & respect. Although I stand by my original comment, I have some regret over its tone & the omission of my opinion that Greg has, hands down, the best lineup of guests regarding our country’s & the world’s dire economic situation. I always look forward to & appreciate his interviews on this topic as well as the majority of the comments. Thanks for the reply! Dan

    • Jallen

      Dan Howe,
      If you have not figured out how much America has deteriorated, vote for Hillary and read all the other websites you want! Perhaps you can make a donation to the Clinton foundation, I am sure you will get your money’s worth. Our country is on the brink of disaster and you still have not figured it out . Perhaps you will enjoy a cashless society, where every financial transaction will monitored by the big Liberal / Progressive government. Perhaps you are happy with our current school system, where education is the last thing they worry about, as politicl correctness is far more important.
      Perhaps you are happy with the government land grabs. Try taking 10,000 dollars out of the bank, you will be reported. Perhaps you should visit Hollywood, you will fit right in with the opened minded hollywood types, you know, vote and donate your money only to liberal / progressive democrats. Perhaps the 19 trillion dollar debt excites you, Hillary will provide free college, and any other goodie she can think of to bribe voters, who cares how far in debt we go. Perhaps you like the condition America’s infrastructure is in. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi is for you, did she not say ‘ Just pass it and then we can read it’ when calling for a vote on Obama Care? Perhaps you like GOVERNMENT FOR SALE, Oh, slap my hand, Hillary will be offended.
      Just in case you have not figured it out, ANYBODY BUT HILLARY and if you find fault with that, you deserve every thing get from the Liberal / Progressive government, as they will make a financial slave out of you. Wake up Dan, time is very short to turn this around. If things do not change soon, you will be living under a totalitarian government. Dan, go hang out with the intelligent people, who vote for Hillary, I am sure you will find them open minded! Perhaps, your wife, daughter or significant female in you life, can share share a bathroom stool with the TRANSGENDERS, I am sure that will work out just fine. You see, Dan, the other side will not allow you to have a choice.
      Dan, may I suggest you talk to Bernnie Sanders and ask him how Hillary and the DNC handled the Democrat primaries, I am sure it is you cup tea.
      You got to be kidding me Dan, is this you definition of intelligence.
      If you can find a better website take it!!!!!
      Best of luck to you.

    • Bobby

      Way to go Dan! You are the Man.

      I admire Greg for letting it thru, unlike most of the posts that I make which he censors.

      This site is very biased and really no different than any MSM site.

      • Paul ...

        No Bobby … not biased … truthful … did Hillary’s heart bleed for the Syrian women and children she sent Saran Gas to kill? … did Hillary’s heart bleed for Qaddafi’s injuries she inflicted upon him? … did Hillary’s heart bleed for the American workers she put out of their jobs by supporting every outsourcing legislative law on the books? … the list of heartless actions on her part goes on and on … and now according to you just truthfully mentioning her immoral evil actions on this site is interpreted as being biased? … no Bobby … the truth may be a bitch … but it is not bias!!

    • J C Davis

      Dan when I close my eyes, and think of fraud a image of Hillary Clinton comes before me. That is not false reporting that is truth. You may not be a troll, so research it for yourself then prove Greg wrong.
      If he is right be man enough (like I was) to admit it, and change .

    • Paul ...

      Hey Dan … you say we are “extremely biased” against Hillary who seems to be your Patron Saint … do you think Hillary showed “extraordinary extreme bias” when she hee hee hee’ed when Qaddafi was dragged through the street, killed and his gold stolen? … what is good for the goose is good for the gander … if you want to defend a person without a heart don’t try to make our hearts bleed for her … she has no moral code and the people voting for her are likely also without morals (queers, intellectuals, and most Democrats)!!

    • Galaxy 500

      “Some times the truth hurts…” which is why your mendacious and intellectually dishonest post caused my to laugh. Facts are not biased. The truth is not racist. The Clintons have a demonstrable history of nefarious activities and being able to pervert justice.
      You don’t like Greg reporting facts?
      I love the way you misdirect, use innuendo, and out right lies to shape thought. Alensky would be proud of you. I especially like the troll reference. Funny Dude. If it waddles forward and quacks, it’s duckspeak. What does being a paid troll pay? SORRY, I couldn’t help myself.
      The only time I know Greg ever stops posting is when it is utter bovine skat, antisemitic rants, pro moslem fantasy and libel. Other than that, he let’s it fly.
      As far as fools, Greg allows them to post and I have proof: He let’s both you and I post. Pretty generous aye?

    • Galaxy 500

      Thinking is hard and it doesn’t appear to be your forte any more than honesty appears to be a strong suit.
      Dude, don’t go away mad😃, just do away.

    • Charles H

      Let’s take a look at your comment, Dan,

      Repeating the descriptive, and variation of “BIAS” three times in a row – simply amounts to “hammering”. It is overkill and abusive. If I were acting “bitchy”, and became very irritating: one could address my attitude and say… ‘you are acting this way’; or one could just keep calling me “a bitch”. Your approach resembles the latter. And this isn’t “a tone”: it is flagrant recrimination.
      And, again, for the record: this site isn’t “about” ‘debating issues’ – it is about CONSENSUS and CONTRIBUTION – you know… staying “on topic”; ‘being on the same page’, and the like. Debate is just a code-word pretext to ARGUE. And why would I debate with anyone who seeks concession or compromise on my part: but who never budges an inch from theirs?
      The meat of your meanness begins with the inference that ‘very intelligent people’ intend to do what we here obvious won’ t – and sets an unfair and unsubstantiated comparison. That’s a big hurray! for your side; and we get the sad face. Nice.
      The heart of the comment is insinuating intolerance and likening this site to the MSM and associating it with Nazi Germany. What (unnecessary) and illegitimate tripe. Firstly because this Greg Hunter quotes facts, figures, and uses citations: his reporting is done truthfully – while the MSM publish lies and misrepresentations – these two cannot be likened in any way whatsoever. It is a ‘nice try at turning the tables’: but it doesn’t work. Being completely wrong matters little when you intend on smearing mud on someone else. Perhaps the “Nazi” reference is simply projection on your part – because, secondly: it is a completely unjustifiable label.
      The rubbing Mr. Hunter’s nose in his past mis-calls is particularly telling. It sure makes a good platform to launch out into a bit of righteous indignation in your conclusion. Anyone who doesn’t believe the Status Quo won’t just go on is like unto a “sheeple” and ‘clueless’?? You, at least, are (a) consistent – stinker.

      The ‘Hurtful Truth’ here is: you, Dan, are an ass. And one with no compunction to throw it all out for the whole world to see. Mr. Hunter would have done you a great favor to have censored your comment completely; but while he did this to show fairness – I think he also did it to let you hang yourself. Good job!
      So you got some play here – and now you and Bobby can pat each other on the back, believing you did something special. Pathetic. ‘Intelligent and mature’ debate involves addressing core issues: not attacks and brow-beating, of which NEITHER indicate maturity or intelligence. You are your own worst enemy: and don’t know it. Classic. (And, yes, I am – and I know it.)
      Charles H

    • Old Dog

      You have made valid points.
      First, I agree that it matters only a little who is elected.
      There is the government we are allowed to see, and the shadow government that is actually in control.
      What does matter is the “persona” the American people elect to office will alert the Shadow Government to how quickly they can push forward their agenda.
      A Liberal president elected will signal that the majority of people are willing to accept dramatic changes and will speed up the progress.
      A Conservative president will show a public fighting back against the changes being forced upon it and will hopefully caution the Shadow Government to slow the progression. Neither will stop the process.

      Unbiased reporting does not exist.
      I would postulate that it has never existed. The opinionated news was just not as conspicuous or audacious as it is today.
      Every editor makes editorial decisions as to what he will print/report in his publication, and few editors ever rise above the temptation to slant the news.
      Editors and reporters are human!
      So, one learns to fact check for yourself. Read both sides of any issue on your own volition. Strive to use logic and sound reasoning in discerning the news.
      Do not expect perfection.
      Separate the wheat from the chaff!
      Keep the wheat. Throw out the chaff.
      That’s the best we can hope for today in this presidential election environment.

      And keep emotions at bay as much as possible.
      There is enough raving and hateful name-calling going on.
      Yes, sir, you have a right to have an opinion and on a public forum in the United States you have a right to express that opinion.
      That’s one freedom everyone on USA Watchdog should cherish and RESPECT.

      • J C Davis

        Old Dog it is my opinion both Hillary and Bill should be Hung Till dead on the white house steps. I don’t hate them , but I love the lives they have killed. I love the people they have lied too. I love the people they have stolen from. They call out in spirit for hope.. Clintons are destroyers that will reap what they sow. People are what they do. They will get their reward.

  4. Dan Howe

    A medical professional friend of mine says she might have LUNG CANCER because of her coughing fits – now there’s some unbiased, ethical & responsible journalistic reporting! If USA TODAY said something like that about Trump, you’d be calling for everyone at the paper to be fired.

    • Greg Hunter

      Something is seriously wrong with Ms. Clinton and many MD’s have weighed in with concerns of her health.. I offered speculation and it was stated as such. Trump, on the other hand, is not standing in front of and coughing for several minutes during a speech.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        The problem with Clinton isn’t her coughing. It’s her clinical psychopathy (more C’s). I’d say she’s a charming psychopath (even more C’s) but I never found her that charming. In fact, she makes my skin crawl, my palms itch and my gums bleed. I don’t think the general public understands the problem with ranks of the federal government being populated disproportionately by psychopaths. Contrary to what some scholars report, today psychopaths represent a majority of the population. Yes, it’s true that not long ago there were relatively few but because so many laws protect them from themselves and others, they proliferate at the expense of conscientious humans. (It’s why Plato wrote more than 2,500 yrs ago: Conscientious people don’t need laws to be conscientious and unconscionable people will always find ways to violate laws. – which means that laws are a limited tool for governing and usually create more problems than they solve.) Psychopaths aren’t humans. They aren’t men or women. They’re “its”. Asexual parasites that exploit others for gratuitous entertainment. Look at laws promoted by parasites like Clinton and Pelosi (ie VAWA, Title IX, Title IV-D) which allow unconscionable people to parasitize off from conscientious ones.

        • Deanna Clark

          And those are just the visible ones…the ones willing to take the heat. What’s the sport in persecuting them?
          The psychopathic people I’ve known are charming…it takes an enormous independence of soul to resist their personality. They use the word ‘love’ a lot and often speak of how much they love their family, their country. ..even God. Concealment is their genius. To me the classic is Madoff…the sweet Uncle Bernie looking after “our people”. And what a perfect name! He’s very popular in prison, I’ve heard. Hillary is like Michael Corleone…more the total cynic, convinced she’s doing the best for others. She considers those who oppose her platform ignorant and hypocritical of the real world.

    • Paul ...

      Notice the “medical professionals” say “Might” have lung cancer … but we all know how Hillary lies … so this “coughing fit can be an act” … she is probably practicing these coughing fits so she can use it in the debates to get off the stage when Trump hits her with some serious questions like (Do you think gassing Syrian women and children is ethical to promote a political objective?) … Cough … COugh … COUGH … dizzy … wobbly … must leave the stage … Trump says … see she won’t answer my question … and the media jumps on him for being so rude, so inconsiderate, just another heartless man picking on a poor innocent women … and the question Trump asked never gets answered … so Trump should be asking those questions now … the Lucerferian moral character of Hillary must be exposed to the world now for all to see … before she uses her “coughing gimmick” to walk off the debate stage and in doing so garner the “abused women pity vote”! … so lets consider the question again in our own minds before the theatrics.
      Is it ethical and morally right to “gas women and children” to promote a political objective (the way the former Nazi’s did to the Jews and the current neocons wanted to emulate upon Syrians)???

      • Paul ...

        I hope Trumps advisors are preparing him on how to respond to a Hillary coughing/fainting fit … to be caring and concerned and ask “are you alright” … otherwise … you know the MSM is going to paint him as a “heartless man” badgering “a weak innocent woman” suffering with a concussion, Alzheimer’s, lung cancer, Parkinson’s, etc., etc. … all the qualities that make her (unlike Trump) “extremely fit” for office!

        • Paul ...

          Hillary is a “shapeshifter” extraordinaire … to the neocons she presents herself as Hitlery … to women she presents herself as happy wide open mouth sillary … to normal men she presents herself as illary … her shapeshifting is for personal political and monetary gain … most likely she has no set beliefs or any internal moral or ethical code … to get the Luciferians to back her for President she probably simply opened a Bible … found the list of what God said Thou Shall “Not Do” … and put it on her “To Do” List!

          • Paul ...

            Are there any eye movement experts out there? Remember that movie the “Many Faces of Eve” … where Eve would have a seizure and then switch personalities … well when I look at Hillary’s eyes as she is speaking … I detect “shifty eye movement” just before she presents a “new personality” to cover over or justify what she has done!

            • Southern Girl


              Laughing my @ss off at your remarks…what a sense of humor you have or is it just dry wit. Keep them coming I always look for intelligent people on this site.

              Still scream laughing!!!!

        • Deanna Clark

          It isn’t an act…she is swollen and bloated, possibly from steroids. There are worse signs.
          The quality I love in Winston Churchill is his magnanimity. He wrote caring letters of condolence yo his worst political enemies if they suffered a bereavement.
          I disagree that such things hurt one’s cause. She will not get my vote because of her platform and past record. I can spare her some pity.

          • Paul ...

            Aye … like a white whale she is … she took an arm and leg on me … look for the birds men … look … the birds … she rises … after her men … she will not escape … see the hell and fury in her eyes … fear not men … she is only a whale … a big one for sure … but a whale none the less … raise your lances men … throw strong and deep!!!

        • vegasrob

          The script is already written. It matters NOT how Trump responds to her illness, he will be greatly disparaged regardless of how truly concerned he may be.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Bleak and ferocious…but possibly so. This policy didn’t begin with her…it’s the Wolfowitz blitzkrieg of the MiddleEast.

        • Frederick

          No Deana it began on Sept 11 2001 and is documented to have been planned well before that horrible day

          • sk

            It’s one and the same group of people, Frederick.

      • Jeffrey

        … they are subhuman of the dark side ; of their god and being .

      • Galaxy 500

        No one who wants to win would feint inability to serve for an office they seek to win. Just my two cents

        • Paul ...

          But if it can’t be won any other way then by garnering the sympathy vote … would Hillary do it?

    • jim c.

      Dan , If you can`t handle the truth then stay away, If the lye`s make you feel better keep watching cnn,cnbc,and read the lying news papers. Wake up .

    • eddiemd


      Since she has already had a thrombosis of her brain, maybe she has had a pulmonary embolism also. Could this cause her coughing? Possibly. She is most likely on anticoagulation which should prevent further clotting. If she had a clot in her legs, they could place a IVC filter.

      Reasons for cough.

      1. Infection
      2. Allergy
      3. Acid reflux.
      4. Asthma
      5. Neoplastic- lung cancer primaries vs metastatic
      6. Medication- ACE inhibitors
      7. Autoimmune- rheumatoid, lupus, Goodpasture, etc
      8. Sarcoidosis

      She looks ill. Release her medication list and that will tell most of the story.

      Maybe WikiLeaks has her medical records. That would be epic.

      I doubt she has lung cancer. I suspect autoimmune or even sarcoid. Antiphospholipid with a possible pulmonary embolism based on the history on the thrombosis in her brain.

      • J C Davis

        ED she is smoking Bills cigars dreaming of the day of revenge on him. Got no feelings of favor for a devil worshiper that will kill, steal, and destroy so easy

      • M.A. R

        Folks – Hillary definitely has a tumor in her lung. My mom had the exact same type of coughing, and it would be for similar lengths when it happened, and the sound of that cough is very different. In fact, it doesn’t have to be lung cancer. It could be another cancer type. In my moms case it was breast cancer. It had reappeared after more than 20 years after original chemo, and treatment. The cough keeps re-occurring, and cannot be gotten rid of by lozenges or a glass of water, though her mouth likely is getting very dry from the cough. the smallest of tumors can be a total irritant, and far worse than any drainage from sinuses. Behind the scenes Hillary is likely coughing nearly non-stop. My prediction is that Hillary is going to have to drop out of the race very soon. Of course, it will be due to health conditions, but unspecified, and left as a mystery. (they’d never say its cancer). Those ‘pens’ that big black dude is carrying, are not EPI-pens by the way. Its other meds. Hillary has had this cough going on months now, which is another potential sign it is cancer. Also the cough is getting worse in duration, and it sounds deeper when she does cough. Its starts out sounding dry, but then as you listen it starts to get deeper, more course, and it just doesn’t go away for her. Not from allergies. Its also very possible its going un-detected. It did in my mom’s case. Until some very wise doctor suggested she go in for a CT scan. For a long time it was thought to be allergies. I suspect its going to come about when she has to get into the real debates, and the stress of it all causes major fatigue, even dizziness, or near fainting. Thats also why those people were by her side helping her up those steps. It was to prevent a fall, due to potential for sudden dizziness. That can also occur when there is a tumor in a lung. But this does not mean its lung cancer. Its very possible that the prior period she was out of commission, was not for any brain injuries or a fall, but due to chemo treatment for cancer. All the thousands of emails ? Likely a ton of them were in fact private, and probably related to getting treatment for cancer. If you know you are going to be running for office in a few years, you know if you are Hillary you have to hide it. Shes pretty good at lying and hiding stuff. In fact years of practice at this sort of deception. Trump likely know this. Hence the ‘you release full medical records, and I’ll release my tax returns.’ He knows she will never in a million years release those records. Though Wikileaks may do that for her.

        • eddiemd

          She had a deep vein thrombosis in her leg in 1998 per the ABC story followed by the brain incident in 2012. This should mandate lifelong anticoagulation. The larger issue is her probable hypercoagulable state. What is the possible underlying condition? Autoimmune? Neoplastic? Abnormal genetics?

          Release the records (personal medical, family medical history). The public deserves to know.

          Trump by the way does not appear to be the shining light of health. He should also release thorough records to include family history.

    • mike

      Dan, It looks like the medical diagnosis is :progressive dementia.


    • Galaxy 500

      So Dan, you disagree with Greg and 71% of medical professionals. You’re entitled to your opinion in this once great country of ours, even if it is based on fantasy, lies, or wishing upon a star … but Dude, you’re not entitled to make up your facts. There is plenty of evidence that Hillary is gravely I’ll. She has little stamina and these coughing fits are not caused by hypothyroidism and/or it’s treatment. She even admitted to the FBI that her mental facilities are compromised.
      The only fools out there are the ones that don’t vote Trump. And then there are the biggest fools, the ones that don’t vote.
      But what a great thought shaping attack, comparing Greg to USA Today. Oh, it is a feeble impotent attack that reflect everything about you and nothing about Greg. It shapes everyone’s thoughts about you Dan. Well done.

      • sk

        It’s ‘mental faculties’, dude. How are your own doing?

  5. Rick Geisler

    One of the repeating patterns in the course of human history is one of arrogance and repentance. We as a people have reached the pinnacle of arrogance and have no where to turn but to kneel and beg for a different future than what is about to hit us. I have been reading Isaiah and the prophet professed many similarities to our times that are uncanny. One is: Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Does anyone think that Obama wanting Trans-genders mainstream and wanting grownups of opposite gender of any sexual orientation next to our little girls and boys is good? Evil has slithered its way into our midst and it is time we faced it or get what we deserve. The founders knew this day would come. The Progressives hope we Americans give up out of disgust and let it all burn down. Then they will be able to globalize the demonic “one world” they want. Jefferson and Monroe and others discussed this future time in letters. The question is are “We The People?”

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good point Rick! Thank you.

    • fred

      wow, that’s amazing.. !

      hey, i’m concerned that i may have malaria, if i send you a video of me blowing my nose could you confirm my suspicion?

      thank’s in advance

      • fred

        the above should have been in reply to eddiemd, not you Greg, see!, i’m delirious!

      • Southern Girl


        Can’t wait for the video…make sure you have good sound.

    • Charles H

      The question is, Rick – will our patient tolerance run out; and the majority be willing to fight the fight and even fight fire with fire as the occasion demands? Older folk are about the only ones with real convictions – but they will disappear when they pass on. There isn’t enough raw material to mount a crusade anymore.

      • Rick Geisler

        You missed mentioning our great friend above the creator of heaven and earth. Remember Gideon had too many men so God had him diminish his ranks until he had 300 men so the praise of victory would go to God. All of us were put here for a purpose and we are given chances to fulfill that purpose. If we fail at that purpose the failure is on us not on God who gave us a soul and a purpose. Remember what Greg says every WNW. Fear not. God the father is in charge. Fear not. If it is his will that this great republic survives there will be those that stand. His will be done. Pray.

        • Charles H


          It is hard to know how much God works through the circumstances of life – as He hides His Hand. Gideon was a Judge; sort of a pre-prophet and deliverer: not exactly a New Testament Saint type; not to mention most of the Apostles were martyred. Be instant in season and out of season, and pray without ceasing.

      • fred

        makes me wonder why i’ve been spending all that money on doctors with offices, and staff, and diagnostic equipment, and other dumb, unnecessary stuff like credentials … jeesh, i should have just been posting my vitals online for a diagnosis among all these amazing md’s willing to help me for free!

  6. Rodster

    I’m sure Gina or her evil twin sister Mina will stop by to tell us we are telling lies about her beloved Killary/Hitlery/Illery.

    p.s. Gina/Mina, you need to find out what’s with the coughing attacks. Somehow Illary has kept you out of the loop.

    • Paul ...

      Once in office … watch how Hillary’s coughing fits miraculously clear up and all her other ailments magically disappear … and when asked about it will likely say … “Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition (her Lord of course being Lucifer)”.

      • Paul ...

        Hillary recently blasted Russia for not having the integrity not to violate our computers … and stated “if Russia violates our computer integrity it is an act of war and we will take military action against them” … so there you have it folks … “she” can violate the integrity of our US computers … but if Russia does it “it is an act of War” … can any Democrats see this women is a loony tune? … can just one Democrat see her mind is out of order? … and you Democrats want to put her warped mind and shaky hand on the red button to release 1800 thermonuclear weapons on Russia? … do you comprehend anything? … do you use your God given minds? … can you conceive of the fact that Russia may do something back to us??? … and if you still can’t change your vote promoting such insanity and immorality you will justly get the “Real O’ Bomber” into the White House … instead of the fake birth certificate one we currently have residing there!!

        • Robert G

          You got a link for that Paul, or is that more info wars . Wasn’t it Trump the other day that said he would destroy some Iranians in a gun boat because they flipped a bird.

    • allen ols

      she is a psyco/sick mind/sick body, nero if u will.

  7. Pinocchio

    I am afraid G-20 will be G-19 next year. What happened to the president of USA at the airport (sorry, I still do not know what his real name is) indicates that USA delegation has been deemed as unimportant, or undesireable, or unwanted in the G-20 meeting. The fact that none of the delegations asked a clarification about the event at the airport gives a subtle hint about how they appreciate the current USA government (also known as the Terrorist Transgenderist Federal Government).

    • Paul ...

      P … You spilled the beans … the TTFG was to have been kept secret for 4 years!!

  8. Jonathan

    Martin Armstrong just wrote this post on his blog…very informative.


    • diane s.

      I read that Jonathan…very informative article.
      Read another one this morning that was very interesting.

      Dr. Joseph Farrell. He likes to speculate but is often right. Very sharp guy.

    • Deanna Clark

      As another “border reiver” descendant, I would never, but never, question an Armstrong where money’s on the line. Integrity with money was a sacrament with my Johnstons. My aunt Chloe spent 30 years repaying the farmers who lost their savings when her husband’s bank failed in 1932. The Armstrongs stole lots of cattle…but their guts and blunt speech are beyond question. Have another highball, Martin, and go for it!

    • helot

      Dear Jonathan,

      It’s also interesting how Armstrong talks about the period of 1980 to 1999 and fails to mention price fixing or Gordon Brown selling off half of England’s gold reserves. (Ya think that might have had an E-ffect on the price of gold?) Armstrong seems to focus on bankers only seeking, ‘ a buck to be made’ all the while he seems to be ignoring the much larger prize of power and control. As if bankers and their puppet masters are not interested in those two. Psft!

      Wasn’t it around 1999 that all the world’s Central Banks stopped selling their gold after years of putting caps on what could be sold each year? Funny how Armstrong does not mention any of that when he says, ‘Gold began to rise because “smart money” feared the coming euro.’ Ya think maybe scarcity and price fixing schemes played a role there?

      I don’t know about you guys, but here, from 1980 to 1999, the ‘Burrito Index’ soared, and from 2000 to 2016 – whoa!… it might have had something to do with the quantity of money. I guess Armstrong didn’t notice.

      ‘But would government employees actually manipulate the price of gold?

      Yes, actually. As Fed chairman Alan Greenspan said in official remarks in 1998:

      Private counterparties in oil contracts have virtually no ability to restrict the worldwide supply of this commodity. (Even OPEC has been less than successful over the years.) Nor can private counterparties restrict supplies of gold, another commodity whose derivatives are often traded over-the-counter, where central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise.

      Many other governmental sources have confirmed gold manipulation as well.’ …


      Have you Ever seen a graph like this one on an Armstrong blog entry?:

      World Official Central Bank Gold Holdings


      Armstrong appears to be a NWO type, the clue is when he says this;

      ‘any new reserve basket should be administered by an entirely new agency’.

      That’s certainly not something which a free-market Freedomista kind of person would say.

      Anyway, The Daily Bell seems to sum things up pretty well, ‘So now there are three factors that indicate gold has a logical upward path. First is lack of equity alternatives. Second, is the potential for currency debasement worldwide. Third is endorsement of both yellow and silver metals by central banks that are buying.’


      All those years I watched Central Banks as they limited what they sold, and Now, they’re buyers. It’s kind of bizarre.

      • Deanna Clark

        When Great Britain was formed several reiver families refused allegiance. They went to Northern Ireland and usually to America. The East Coast families loathed their kind and chased them to Appalachia. You will NEVER see the word “Sir” before their name, never. They were the original “redneck” scarf of non cooperation. The 3 main ones were Armstrong, Johnston, and Eliot. If Martin is NWO his ancestors will ride through his dreams.
        Since freedom is treasured more than control over people by such prsonalities…perhaps he can’t quite empathize with the power elite.

      • Tin foil hat

        I was just about to counter Armstrong’s assertion regarding 1980-1999 gold price.
        The U.S. financial structure of debt money, Ponzi scheme, started in 1980 and started having trouble in 1999 with the birth of euro. Ponzi money can expand as long as there are takers/suckers. Gold price declined with the growing quantity of the dollar, 1980-1999, because of the correspondence growth of suckers.
        Armstrong stated in the article that gold began to rise because “smart money” feared the coming euro. He didn’t connect the dots. Gold price had gone up because less suckers were taking in the dollars. I suspect gold price would have gone up much more, 1999 -2008, if Clinton didn’t find more suckers in China to absorb the excess dollars which the Europeans were no longer interested in.
        It was 2009 when all the world’s Central Banks stopped selling their gold. India bought half of what IMF was selling right out of the gate which spooked the IMF. That was the beginning of that stoppage and that was when I , come to think of it, China, start accumulating PMs.
        I like Armstrong but he is wrong.

  9. Tommy

    Here’s something that just hit the news Thursday evening. Wells Fargo has fired over 5,000 employees for fraudulently opening over 1,000,000 accounts in customers names without the knowledge or consent of the customer. They apparently transferred funds from existing accounts into new bank accounts, opened new credit card accounts, set up online accounts, created new email accounts, etc. I mean this is mind blowing. The reason given is that employees receive bonuses based on getting customers to open new accounts. Of course Wells Fargo earned plenty of bogus service fees on these “new” accounts. We are constantly on guard trying to protect ourselves from criminals and hackers trying to steal our personal information. The banks are supposed to be on our side, not profiting by such fraudulent activity. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this but if you need another reason to avoid the mega banks this is it.

    • Bill

      TOMMY: Anyone who banks with wells fargo or BofA, is asking for trouble.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      So now, to reward these brilliant, clever employees, their bosses are going to kick them to the side of the road. Wanna bet some great tell-all books are coming out soon?

    • Southern Girl


      The article I read said that because the banks have account holders sign some sort of waiver they cannot sue the banks…they have to go to mediation. So no matter how much the bank charged on the bogus accounts it does not say they were all paid back. That is really scary.

  10. Colin/IRL

    A man died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was giving him a tour of Heaven when he noticed that there were dozens of clocks on the wall. Each clock displayed a different time of day.
    When he asked St. Peter about the clocks, he replied, ”We have a clock for each person on earth and every time they tell a lie the hands move. The clock ticks off one second each time a lie is told.” Special attention was given to two clocks. The clock belonging to Mother Teresa has never moved, indicating that she never told a lie. The clock for Abraham Lincoln has only moved twice. He only told two lies in his life. The man asked ”Where is Hillary’s clock?”
    St. Peter replied, ”Jesus has it in his office… he’s using it as a ceiling fan.”’

    • J C Davis

      Colin/IRL that was good. I needed the laugh.

    • Southern Girl


      What a hoot!!! Love the joke!

  11. Tad

    I doubt if she has a problem with the “C” in Clinton.
    I give her a 50/50 chance of going down before November, either physically or via reputation.

  12. Frederick

    Just listened to an interesting evaluation of the symbolism behind the film “blazing saddles” by Mel Brookes on Before its news and its relevance to whats going on withTPTB today

  13. Southern Girl

    All I keep thinking about when it comes to Hitlary ……is the emperor has no clothes!!!!

    • Tommy

      Thanks for that image. I just lost my lunch.

    • Bob NC

      That is so true. Liberalism is usually based on feelings, rather than reason, so she figuratively has no logically basis (i.e., no clothes) for her policies — why else all the lies. If she literally had no clothes, that would be too awful to contemplate.

    • Freebreezer

      Southern Girl – that is way out of line to even elude to Hillary with out her clothes on!! … the visualization is horrifying!

  14. Mohammad


    No…. it does not mean she has a serious issue with her lungs.
    I have seen patients with severe cough for a long period of time based only on allergies, it is a type of explosive cough uncontrollable that is triggered by laugh, talk, yell……etc.
    Also her video of “seizure” in front of reporters is baloney, no way a patient with mini seizure will keep his or her train of thoughts like she showed in that vid.
    So those rumors are part of PR campaign that is understandable in the light of this fierce odd bizarre election.


    • J C Davis

      Mohammad on this we agree. Stress along can cause a cough, I had a cough last 3 months 11 years ago. I am still fine as the bald hair on my head. Nailed this one.

      • J C Davis

        Upon the latest drag into the SUV . Mohammad she must be in some bad shape. Never have I seen a more sick person, mentally more then physically .

    • Freebreezer

      Mohammad – it is even more serious and disconcerting to think that she is deliberately acting that way!

      • Freebreezer

        In addition – take all the ‘I can not remembers’ from her testimony … either she is getting Alzheimer’s or she is a liar … either way it is very troubling.

        • Paul ...

          “I can’t remember” is the standard response lawyers make to avoid lying to Congress (which can put you in jail) … but the “can’t remember” gimmick is a deliberate act … just as I believe the “coughing” gimmick is a deliberate act … why won’t she release her medical records? … could it be her medical records will show there is nothing wrong with her and she will lose the sympathy vote?

    • Tommy

      When you add in the falling, not being able to go up steps without two people holding onto you, the “short circuits” (her words), the weird head bobbing, the maniacal facial expressions (mouth and eyes wide open), inappropriate laughter, memory lapses, a staff that has to closely monitor her to make sure she doesn’t forget things (like people she’s known for decades), tightly controlled appearances (and few). No, I’m not buying the coughs are allergic reactions to Trump.

    • Bart

      Your theory about her losing her train of thought can be countered by the fact that she’s got micro earpieces so if she loses her train of though someone will tell her what to say next. These have been photographed and identified.
      Her train of though is hardly complex and wouldn’t take much skill to pick up again, she’s had plenty of practice. In fact she doesn’t really say anything most of the time.

      But yeah, the earpiece will keep her going. Even better than obongo’s teleprompters.

    • Bart

      “So those rumors are part of PR campaign that is understandable in the light of this fierce odd bizarre election.”

      No. People can see there is something wrong with her and are speculating as to what it is.

      She is not functioning properly. She sometimes acts like half her brain’s missing. There is something wrong with her for sure. Not fit to be president of a knitting club.

    • Galaxy 500

      Not surprisingly, you’re part of the 1 out of 3 medical professionals that think Hillary is health enough to serve.

  15. Dan S.

    Here is a video of Clinton showing her coughing up some” green flem” into her drinking class. She clearly has some health problems.


    • Paul ...

      Looks like a greenback to me! … she probably heard that the Pope eats Gold and wanted to try some fiat!

    • Robert G

      Dan S. Alex Jones.. infowars…The conspiracy wingnut. The guy that doesn’t believe we landed on the moon, or Sandy Hook was fake and green lizard aliens are ready to invade earth, and a thousand other ridiculous claims.. Can’t believe anyone would use that site for reliable information. Trumps son used info wars to show a picture of the event the other nite and what was claimed to be an ear piece. The light hit just right making it appear so except when 10 other shots during the show showed nothing. I see so many people here using that site for there info. I ask for reliable sources and they can’t provide them. They don’t fact check stuff I guess they just listen to old Alex.

      • Bart

        You’re faker than Sandy Hook.
        Not convincing even for a semi-professional troll.

      • Galaxy 500

        Infowars… what a misnomer. More like Fantasy Ward or perhaps Twilight Zone Watson, but info? Nope, Nadal, not a single byte

    • J C Davis

      Dan S your link just took me to AJ show.
      How about the ear piece.

      • Robert G

        J C Info wars with Alex Jones is a conspiracy site as per my comments above under Robert G. No ear piece. Reflection of light. Info wars baloney. Other Reliable sources showed 8-10 views closeup to prove malarkey.

        • J C Davis

          Robert it would still be nice if Trump would ask to have her ears checked in the coming debates. He can always say well I don’t put anything past her crookedness.

        • J C Davis

          A J got me on the road to critical thinking about 5 years ago. I saw the documentary the end game. He has been wrong , but who hasn’t . He has been more wright then wrong.

        • J C Davis

          A J got me on the road to critical thinking about 5 years ago. I saw the documentary the end game. He has been wrong , but who hasn’t . He has been more right then wrong.

    • Dan S.

      Sorry guys my bad. I usually watch the videos from my inbox. If you click on the link it’ll take you to the videos. Click on any video then scroll down to “show more videos” 476 then do it again at 452. There you will find a video 3.42 minutes long called “Hillary caught on tape birthing”

      To Robert G.
      Alex Jones a conspiracy wingnut? You entitled to your opinion I guess. If he is such a wingnut why do most of his theories come true. It was he and Matt Drudge that first broke the story of Hillary’s health. I also think Sandy Hook was a false flag as well as the Orlando shooting and especially 911. I remember exactly where I was when 911 happened. I was doing a bathroom renovation with my boss and the homeowner called us down to watch CNN. As were standing in the living room doorway watching the 2nd tower fall I said “Something is going on there that building was brought down” Years later my off the cuff remark turned out to be true.

      • Robert G

        Wrong the New York Post and Breitbart reported Jan of 2014. Way before your buddy. Most of his crazy conspiracies don’t come true.

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Hillary is not well, her health seems quite not right, she isn’t healthy, the press won’t push the issue and its not just coughing either as she has fallen a couple of times in the last 3 months as well. Beyond her physical health her memory is fading as well, I do believe her prior concussion was worst than was reported and has long lasting memory effects. But since the Main Street Media won’t press the issue it continues to be a “nothing” story and is going nowhere. However, is she has a coughing fit during the debates it might become a MSM “real” story, otherwise it will be like all the others according to the Clinton’s; a right wing conspiracy against them LOL. Once she is elected though look for her to enter a hospital for a battery of test and a news conference that she is being treated for something very serious.

    • Charles H

      If Hillary croaks before the election: they will stuff her like Roy Roger’s horse and let her vote before being ‘installed’. “Mark it down!” as someone is accustomed to say…

  17. RTW

    Don’t you just love these blind followers of Clinton? They throw out cliches and talking points and claim they want to have ” a discussion”. This site gets accused of unfair Hillary bashing while the rest of media bends over backwards to protect her in light of all the evidence against her. On her health issue alone, an 8 y/o child would be asking what’s wrong with her, yet the MSM continues to cover for her. They know something’s wrong with her, yet they continue to lie for her thus de legitimizing themselves even more. Her lies are even more evident yet they spin them or ignore them altogether allowing her to continue limping toward the finish line. Their only comeback to Trump is that he’s a racist (no matter what he says). Now his slogan is said to be racist. If he said that he liked his coffee black, they’d claim that was racist. Pathetic!

    • Paul ...

      Hillary is no racist … she will ship saran gas to “any country” for a donation to her Charity!

    • Galaxy 500

      The Clintonians are very good at subterfuge and sticking to the talking points

  18. Jerry

    The global shift away from the dollar is on. AIIB says so.

    Americans in their sleepy Monsanto induced coma think that life on main street will continue to go on forever no matter what the rest of the world decides to do. Unfortunately most of us have NOT come to the realization that we now live in a global ec0nomy, and that our economic fate is determined outside the realm of our politicians. That piece of paper you have in your pocket (called a dollar) has only as much worth as the IMF and the BIS says it does. What? You just thought the stock market, and the PM market were the only markets that were rigged? Go back to the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement. The United Nations ( the G20 today ) decided what the dollar was worth then, and come October 1. 2016 they will deicide again.

    • WD


      Ken on Rogue Money linked to multiple sources that US/West will have no control over this fall…it will be out of control

  19. Bill

    GREG; Listened to a medical professional on TV who commented that she displays symptoms of

    GREG: Listened to a medical professional on TV saying Hillary is displaying symptoms of parkinsons disease. What ever her problem, she appears to be struggling in her campaigning.


  20. bastiat

    If someone receives a reply to a comment, is a notification supposed to be sent to the submitted email address? I don’t think I ever received one, the couple of times someone responded to me in the past, so I don’t know if I need to keep checking here for responses.

    • Frederick

      You will NOT recieve an email bastiat you will need to check here Frederick

    • J C Davis

      Bastiat stick around. Your post go to thousands of people. Sometimes folks are looking for something they don’t know, and nothing more. This site has some of the most informed people in the entire USA , and all around the world. Stick around. I keep hounding from information from smart people. I am just a plumber by trade looking for info I don’t know. Ask question, if no answer ask another. If you post with no response then post again. Never stop learning. I fully understand how you feel.

      • bastiat

        J C Davis, I’m not suffering from an inferiority complex, I just want to know if I can assume someone I respond to will see what I write. 🙂

        What if someone posted something a week ago, and I have a question for them? I can’t look through every old post of mine every day, so I guess they’ll never see my question to begin with.

  21. MIlton Welch

    Well deserved!

  22. NH Watcher

    A very thought-provoking video recently posted on YouTube regarding HRC’s health and life expectancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoBL7fqOVcQ

    One year to live? And Obama has already said, he’ll be staying in DC come next year anyway.

    • J C Davis

      NH Watcher if Hillary wins the election, then dies Tim would become president. Not Obama.

      • J C Davis

        They way it is looking Bidden may step in as vice under Tim Klan.

  23. Colin

    Check out the “markets”… are things starting to unravel?

    • Frederick

      Possibly Colin It does show how fragile they are if the mere jawboning by a FED member can start a selloff Its long overdue though Gold was down as we expected hang in there with your physical and you will be richly rewarded IMO

  24. Diane D.

    Greg, excellent Wrap-Up. Thank you.

    I see you are taking flak. Great. That proves you are actually flying over the battlefield.

  25. pat the rat

    Still say that Clinton is closer to a nursing home then the white house, whoever did her pt did a hell of a job, she is stronger now then three months ago.

    • Galaxy 500

      You noticed that too. My sister is a PT and that is the same thing she said.

  26. Mohammad

    Wall street is already pricing in a rate hike, it is coming.


    • Frederick

      Hopefully Mohammed before the election if possible to crush Hillary

  27. Jan

    Over at Fox News which I access online (don’t have the cable), I listened to the opinions of Judge Napolitano and Rudy Giuliani who carefully read the FBI notes. The judge contends that the reason Hillary plead ignorance was that she was afraid of being indicted. Giuliani contends she was lying. Julian Assange at Wikileaks agrees she was lying: that he has proof of her lying because he has thousands of documents of Hillary using the classifications.

    Her slogan should be: LIAR, LIAR, PANTSUIT ON FIRE!

    Along with the lies, she irresponsibly has repeatedly put people’s lives at risk. She should’ve stepped down from the Sec’ of State position after her concussion when she couldn’t “recall” her duties properly.

    Catherine Herridge at Foxnews was asked what new information they learned from the notes the FBI released. Herridge explained that there was intelligence reported on the personal server on an American officer slain in Afghanistan and that they “outed him” after his death, that he was under cover working for the CIA, putting his family at “grave risk”. See end of the following clip:

  28. Jan

    The guy who wiped the server with Bleach Bit (tongue twister word!) got immunity even though he told the FBI that he “was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s e-mail data on the PRN server” but wiped it anyway!


    Trey Gowdy wants to know WHY the FBI granted immunity to the “trigger man” for destroying the work-related emails with Bleach Bit, which are gov’t property. He compared the trigger man to a bank robber; the get-away driver might be given immunity, but not the robber!

  29. coalburner

    Ditto Rick G

    Greg you created some of your best exchanges here this time.

  30. Just'n Observer

    Dr. Noel outlines Hillary Clinton symptoms …falls from 2005, movements, coughing, startled moments under stress, bobbing head, visible tremors, and his aid that stated Hillary is often confused etc…as Parkinson Disease that is the ’cause’ of her falls…that led to the concussion. And that stress is what sets off those reactions which should make voters of a person of the most stressful jobs – President a grave concern…
    Might be that those other doctors as well as Drew were right about a neurological condition. Worth considering at that.

  31. Anthony Australia

    That’s the first weekly news wrap I’ve watched. Well worth the wait as the truth is spoken.
    After that I sat down, had a cup of tea and I’m not sure why listened to Don McLean sing American Pie.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, the Chevy won’t make it to the levy these days.

    • Old Dog

      I can understand the choice of “American Pie.”
      The United States of America stands at a doorway to great change.
      I would opine, “great” as in the measure of change our culture will undergo – and not for the good.
      If the American people allow our nation to pass through that doorway,
      we will never be the same again.

      “Bye bye, Miss American pie.”

  32. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Wall Street reacted to the weak & impotent Federal Reserve yet once again dropping almost 400 points today. But the real reason for the drop was, and is, of course, the overvaluing of the market in all sectors. Wall Street used the impotent FED news as a reason to come down from unsupported highs and not be detected as a contracting economy rationale. The FED is a joke, its real goal should be to protect the value of the dollar, nothing more, nothing less. If you had a dollar in 1960 what would you have now?; 28 cents. Thanks FED, what a job you have done, your a joke for the working man of America, a traitor, a cancer of the people who worked so hard to make this great country.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thing they were spooked by the debt markets. Good point to bring this up. Turning point??

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post Art.

  33. Hatemail

    Both candidates are 70 years old. 70!
    I would pick the healthier one to be president.

    • 8Ball

      Hey, I’m 70 and it is not so bad… The parts wear out over time but most are replaceable. I had to change my diet quite a bit as I aged… my body will no longer tolerate the things I used to eat and drink when I was younger. I ride a bicycle at least 3-4 times a week and swim.

      Works for me.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump is full an energy and doesn’t have to take weeks off to recuperate from a hard day.
      So whose your choice? GARY, who doesn’t know anything about Aleppo? The communist Green canidate? Micky Mouse perhaps?
      It is a binary election. If 0bama has taught us one thing, it is that the Presidency is not a job where on the job training works.

  34. Angie


    The ONLY reason I am sharing this is due to the realistic and logical explanation by a actual health official. Now if they know this they know she cannot do the job if she wins the election so what gives?

  35. Eyebone

    I’ve been wondering, did hilary ever use the proper government servers for anything?

  36. AbHar

    This video on YouTube which is supposedly reported by a DOCTOR says she has Parkinson’s disease, and it cites specific instances of videos to show it.


  37. J C Davis

    Greg if our country straightens out, and the economy picks up good jobs. If we see politicians doing what is right for the general population. If we see evil people living in (sober) peace. That is a miracle from GOD. Should we still pray thy kingdom come thy will be done, or like I had to pray lord take my dog fast, don’t let him suffer long ? The time is short.
    Change your way of thinking people, there may not be many more chances to do so.

    • Frederick

      Not going to happen JC as long as the dollar remains strong and the salary levels remain so much higher than in the developing world You are deluding yourself if you believe differently brother

      • J C Davis

        Agree, but God is able to do all things. I put no limit on his power.

    • Bill

      JC Davis. The only way we will see politicians doing the right thing, get rid of the career politicians. Our elected officials should only spend one term in office. We don’t need term limits legislation, just don’t re elect them. They will not have the opportunity to become so corrupt with just one term. That’s the best way to take our country back to sanity.

      • J C Davis

        Bill the voting is run by a tight nit machine known by many as the oligarchy over this republic. The oligarchs pick the politicians not the voters.
        This as all elections are nothing more then a elusion of a election designed from start to finish. In fact most of the things in our life is not what we think it is.

  38. David

    It’s the letter “C” – it’s contaminated. Run away! Everybody run away!

  39. Sayonara

    It is so very clear that MSM and the Democrat party are absolutely corrupt and lawless. They Lie, Cheat and Steal at every opportunity. They rightfully assume that the majority of the American public are stupid and are to be manipulated in supporting their failed Marxist agenda. And they are correct as this country elected Barrack Obama twice and a very criminally corrupt and very sick (mentally and physically) individual will be elected as POTUS. There is way too much corporatist and institutional support behind Clinton for her not to be elected. Too Big to Fail and Jail. We conservatives are just too weak and disorganized to stand a chance. It is just reality. No Fear and Fear Not!

    • Frederick

      Sadly you are correct however the Repubs are no better ie Bush and Cheney they dont come anymore stupid and evil than those two IMO

  40. Linda L.

    I don’t think that Hillary’s cough is lung cancer. In addition to coughing, Hillary has tremors, multiple recorded falls, needs assistance on stairs, and moments during her speeches where she seems to freeze up. Working in the medical field myself, I’ve wondered for sometime whether or not Hillary has Parkinson’s or another related serious medical issue because something is terribly wrong with this woman. And there’s such a condition as a Parkinson’s cough according to a physician I spoke with this week. Today I was browsing through some sites I visit on occasion and saw this video. If it’s true that Hillary really has Parkinson’s, then one of the progressive signs of this disease is dementia like effects with associated memory loss. During the Benghazi attacks, Hillary was not available (very strange in itself). It may relate to this issue as the Physician in the video suggests. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

    • Paul ...

      Think about it … it’s kind of strange that “all her illnesses” (coughing, fainting, tremors, falling down, freezing up, Parkinson’s, lung cancer, dementia, stroke, blood clots, head fractures, memory loss, allergies, bloating, wide shifty eye movements, etc., etc., etc.) just happened to surface and express themselves “all at once” just a few months before the debate with Trump … yet before that … she was perfectly healthy as a horse hee, hee, heeing!!! … Hillary seems to be a woman who runs away from difficult situations (like Benghazi and now the Trump debate) … and it is this “run away women who can’t handle stress” that Democrats want to lead our Nation??

      • Paul ...

        Now if someone was really as sick as Hillary (if she is not pretending) then wouldn’t it make sense for her to be seeking out a private beach to get away from politics and live the rest of her life being with family? … But that is not what she is doing … she is out stumping, making speeches as to how she will go to war with Russia (because they inappropriately abused her server) and bring the world to a complete end in a nuclear war of Armageddon!! … that does not sound like someone who is physically sick? … No … but it does sound like someone who is mentally sick!! … so whether physically sick or mentally sick Democrats should not be putting such a person into office as President of the United States!

  41. MCasey

    Why with one hand does Angela Merkel wave potential terrorists across the border into Germany; while with the other hand, she deploys German troops WITHIN GERMANY’S BORDERS in anticipation of a catastrophic terrorist attack?

    Because the German Constitution ONLY allows for such a domestic military deployment in response to a terrorist attack of “catastrophic proportions.”

    That being the case, how will Merkel regain order when Deutsche Bank collapses and German citizens riot in the streets? (After they have exhausted their 10-day stockpile of food and water just rolled out by Germany’s new 69-page “Concept for Civil Defense”.)

    Well, she just keeps waving those potential terrorists across the border and keeps anticipating a catastrophic terrorist attack closely coordinated with the collapse of Deutsche Bank.

    Makes me wonder if some version of this is why Obama keeps waving potential terrorists across our southern border.

    • Bart

      She is bringing in immigrants as part of the Kalergi Plan, and wants the process to proceed smoothly – so she needs it controlled. Anything that might agitate Germans and wake them up to what she’s really up to must be prevented. That is also why they started flying immigrants in under cover of night at 3 am in the morning.
      Obama’s doing the same thing. They cooperated in Libya and Syria to produce immigrants.
      Europe is the Camp of the Saints now.

  42. Frederick

    Greg In your last video I commented about Rudy Giuliani and you dismissed my suggestion about him involving the 911 attacks Well you need to watch the Corbett report on youtube named ” Giuliani and 911″ and let us know if youve changed you opinion afterwards Day after tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of that outrage and the American people deserve answers Frederick

    • Greg Hunter


      I didn’t “dismiss” anything. I just didn’t answer you. I’ve had 9/11 truth information almost since I started such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6s0Gam54mk&feature=youtu.be


    • Gina M Mancarella

      Part of the problem is that American Engineering has fallen way behind the rest of the world. The United States ranks 57th and 61st respectively in the world in Mathematics and Science. As a result, you have people who think they are engineers but are inferiorly trained because the standards in our country have dropped to an all time low. The engineers graduating today are barely capable of solving what use to be highschool level technical problems. Hillary is committed to rebuilding our educational system. The USA should never tolerate being anything less than number 1 when it comes to Science and Mathematics.

      • Paul ...

        Good point Gina … Hillary is committed to rebuilding our educational system by flooding our schools with Mexicans, Syrians and hundreds of other third world nations children to make class sizes even larger … that sounds like a commitment to rebuilding our educational system … and who is going to bear the brunt of the cost to educate this massive influx of children into our schools … us homeowners?? … lets limit the influx of children from countries all around the world and keep class sizes small as Trump will do … that will result in better trained engineers!! … the reason Hillary and the Democrats want to bring third world families here is not to educate them but to create more Democratic voters (and Hillary is hee, hee, heeing that Republican homeowners will be paying higher school taxes to create more Democrats)!!

      • eddiemd

        That is why our universities are filled with students from other countries around the world because we suck.
        Maybe you should ask yourself why students from China, Japan, Korea, Europe all want to study here in the USA in our universities.

        The federal needs to stay out of education. They prefer to keep our elementary education dumbed down. Keeping people stupid for the past 20+ years has lead to people like yourself.

  43. DLC


    Another twist on Hillary’s/elites’ motives for bagging the presidency.

    I check this site out from time to time because Celente and Rense used to get together once a month and they played well off each other. I check to see if Celente has made another appearance, and every now and then I see something interesting. Rense’s guest made some observations on Hillary that I found interesting.

    I still say that Kaine is an elite puppet dupe standing in the batter’s box and just waiting to hit a big one for progressivism/elitism. Hillary is the decoy. They simply need to get her installed, whatever it takes. The real fun unfolds after Nov. You’re new puppet ruler — Billy Bob by proxy or Kaine, the Jesuit prop from VA — will then be apparent.

    A landslide by an awake public is the only thing I see that will head this off. Trump will not solve all that ails, but I trust he won’t go overseas calling Americans “lazy racists.”

    • Paul ...

      According to Jim Willy private polls show Trump leading Hillary 2 to 1 … the exact ratio we need to present to the world to show God is in charge of our Nation (not Lucifer)!!

    • Charles H


      You nailed it.

  44. Frederick

    I just read that the families of the former slaves of Georgetown University want a billion dollars restitution from the school Geez thats my money there as I wrote checks to them for close to 200 big ones while my son studied there Oh the humanity

  45. Charles Turner

    As a Brit, I am wondering just how streetwise the general public in America really are? Do they really buy, on any level, that Russia could hack your electoral system on the day of the election in favour of Trump? You couldn’t make it up, but it has been. It’s absurd! Do they really buy that trying to reset a relationship with Putin in Russia is bordering on treacherous rather than common sense? Have they not sussed that all these wars over the last 13 years have just increased body bags, debts, terrorism and refugees across the world and there could have been a better way? Or are people too busy watching the Kardashians?
    Do they see Trump say something on television, see the press report something completely different and not smell a rat? Do they really think that Hillary will walk all over Trump in the debates because these ones are serious and the Republican primaries were not? Trump started in a group of 18 republicans and knocked out people that didn’t have Hillary’s skeletons like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. In fact it was more like a group of 19 as he had FOX news against him as well.
    One thing that we learned in the referendum for Brexit in the UK, was however much the establishment used propaganda to support the remain vote, in the debates the real arguments surfaced and because people saw through the propaganda it back fired and they lost more votes than they would have done if they had been impartial. I might be wrong, But Hilary is ill, she hasn’t had the same tactical fight to get to the nominee as Trump; she has the baggage of wars, her email servers and the Clinton foundation. Surely she will be easy fodder for Trump. Even if the moderator is against Trump I suspect he can handle a two against one debate.

  46. Hatemail

    Hillary could have bronchitis and laryngitis. These 2 ailments are common upper respiratory afflictions.
    I’m not defending her but we should not be bashing her for having a benign discomfort.
    Stick to the facts, she is a lying psychopath.

  47. Bill

    GREG: Whoever did the art work for your WNW is good. Very imaginative. Keep up the good work with your commentaries and interviews. Truth is hard to find in journalism these days. THANK YOU. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill!

  48. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Hillary’s recent coughing episode in Cleveland reminds me of the Firesign Theater skit (starting at 28:19 mark) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I2PjLna4C0. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and all who come here to read and post! For “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2 Tim. 1:7)

  49. Galaxy 500

    Haji begins today and 2 million are expected to travel to Mecca and pay homage to Satan.
    Those that disagree need to read the Bible, the Words of the One, True God, the God of Israel, Jehova and then read the koran. Yes, it takes a little work to be informed. And most won’t put in even a little effort because thinking is hard.
    There are a small minority of corrupted Priests, Ministers, and Rabbis who claim that Allah is God. This is blasphemy and is not borne out by any facts.
    When you compare the Word against Mohammed’s treatise of evil, it is clear in every objective metric that Allah is not the One, True God.

    Tell me, When had a party and it’s replacement canidate both had molsems advisors glued to their side?
    Our current government is infected with extreme moslems like Jeh Johnson. It is time to make American Great Again. Vote Trump 2016.

  50. Dindoo

    Can you get Martin Armstrong on? It has been a while.

    Thanks for everything.

  51. Mike from the North

    I have not read any of the comments here today but I want to say something to all my American friends.

    I was born on the Fourth of July.
    I love travelling to the USA.

    However, that window of travelling to the USA may soon close and in a large part not because of the common man but because of how the common man has been lulled to sleep so the Elites could have their way.

    The Spirit of America must survive. Not the spirit of controlling other nations but the spirit of being self sufficient.

    If I was to describe what the USA needs to do, I would say that for the USA to again become a nation that can be proud it has to find The Spirit of Seabiscuit.

    This horse was broken from abuse but it rose again to become a legend that still lives.

    Wake up America and find your Spirit again.

    Find Seabiscuit in each of you and take back your Country.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      You are correct, Unfettered travel needs to come to an end in order to maintain safety. You can expect that travel zones will be set up nationwide just like all other democratic countries to include more traffic control points to route out terrorists and drug distribution kingpins. After Hillary is elected, you can expect an expansion of the war on drugs and more efforts to ensure that the American public is safe thanks to our American fighting military and our boys in blue. American military and law enforcement please stand up and take a bow. God bless America.

      • eddiemd

        Sure. Just like Nazi Germany.

        Maybe they can get those concentration camps up and going while they are at it. We can do some mass executions while we are at it. I believe we have plenty of hollow point bullets. Gunshot to the base of the head.
        We can let Gina have the honor of executing her fellow citizens.

        Let’s maintain safety. Just like we did on 911 when our air defenses were compromised. Don’t worry about scrambling fighters.

        Let’s route out those terrorists especially the un-vetted Syrians that Ms. Clintons wants to bring in by the tens of thousands. Bring them in, the more the merrier.

        Leave the border open on the south. Who cares about borders? Who cares about the mara salvatrucha gangsters coming into the country? We have head choppers in Mexico. Let’s expand checkpoints against the American citizen inside the country rather than the bad guys crossing the border from Mexico and Central America.

        More drug wars…more surveillance state…more TSA agents…more federal government debt to pay for it.

        Have a happy 911 today.

  52. DLC


    A doctor’s conclusions regarding Hillary.

    Her condition with accompanying symptoms that are harder and harder for her to disguise did not crop up overnight. Despite her severe illness being known, the primary was still rigged in her favor.

    It is clear that she will never physically function as president, and yet she is being dragged to the finish line. We’ll be the last to know why. Deceit has been kicked up a notch.

    I guess TPTB figure the voters bought Obama’s jive — twice. Why not an incapacitated, half dead, female crook?

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Why shouldn’t this hoarded commodity be seized and the hoarder incarcerated for high crimes and misdemeanors threatening the national security? This person or owner hoarded a commercial resource to the detriment of the larger societal needs. Anyone hoarding resources in this way should be hunted down and prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. When Hillary is elected, any hoarder of such commercial assets can expect swift action to recover these for the benefit of all.

      • eddiemd


        Enough of this idiot. Allowing this type of drivel brings down the quality of your website. It is past the point of allowing a different perspective; it is nonsense.

      • Mohammad

        I think Gina digital money is coming.
        Also i think any other route out of it is going to be blocked.
        It will take time for people to realize , accept, submit and finally having this fact sunk in, but eventually it will happen.
        Will they exploit gray market? of course, but the big clamp is going to hammer them.
        Will they barter? of course…only to no avail.
        Cashless society, and digital money is COMING SOON.


      • Hatemail

        Gina, your opinions smell of National Socialism.

  53. rahrog

    America bombed six countries over the Labor Day Weekend. If that is not world war, then what is? It all ties together.

  54. Dan

    NEW GUEST RECOMMENDATION: John W. Whitehead (from The Rutherford Institute)

    Dear Greg,

    I hope that despite this post being way down the thread for this week’s Weekly News Wrapup, you’ll still see/read this comment.

    I absolutely love the variety of guest you have on your show – something rarely (if at all) seen elsewhere in the alternative media sphere. Variety of guests allow different perspectives and also avoids the trap of having same guests repeat same tunes.

    To be honest, I have no idea if the guest I am recommending would accept your invitation but given his tremendous background, I think it would be worth trying to reach out to him. Here’s a bit of his personal background and some key articles (he is arguably the most prolific writer on the internet, imho):

    Bio of Mr. John W. Whitehead: https://www.rutherford.org/about/about_john_whitehead

    Contact page: https://www.rutherford.org/contact

    Selected articles (amazing and must read by all watchdoggers):

    – The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_age_of_authoritarianism_government_of_the_politicians_by_the_milit2

    – The Tyranny of 9/11: The Building Blocks of the American Police State from A-Z, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_tyranny_of_9_11_the_building_blocks_of_the_american_police_state_from_a

    – Don’t Just Blame the Cops: Who Is Responsible for America’s Killing Fields?, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/dont_just_blame_the_cops_who_is_responsible_for_americas_killing_fields

    – Dangerous Speech: Would the Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/dangerous_speech_would_the_founders_be_considered_domestic_extremists_

    – If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/if_voting_made_any_difference_they_wouldnt_let_us_do_it

    – Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall, https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/children_of_the_american_police_state_just_another_brick_in_the_wall_short

    I get the feeling that you and all present here would find him to be an amazing guest.

    Keep up the great work!

  55. Gina M Mancarella

    Are you confused by what is happening in American politics ? If you answered Yes, you are in the majority and deserve to know each candidates plan for restoring America to her former greatness. As you all know, Barack Obama rescued America from a freefall demise. However, there is so much more to do. People across our nation and even the world are hurting. We need to restore gentility and access to the bounty of production that we in the United States are fortunate enough to enjoy. When we elect Hillary, we will ensure safety for future generations of Americans and also others living in other parts of the world. We will enact a single payer medical insurance plan for all Americans to reduce the cost of healthcare. We will devote whatever resources are necessary to defeat the suppliers of drugs who are trying to kill and incapacitate our youth. Drug kingpins will be captured or killed and executed for all the damage that they do to our youths. Our young people need jobs ! And Hillary is committed to the creation of jobs for all Americans. Donald Trump offers the American people nothing except platitudes.

    • eddiemd

      Million Dollar Bonus from Zero hedge

    • Enough is Enough

      ” Donald Trump offers the American people nothing except platitudes”

      And you Gina offer this website absolutely nothing…..

      Not even 3/5th’s of 5/8th’s of sweet F.A

      Can no longer even find the time to have a laugh at your expense…

      BTW: Barry O’Bummer has done nothing but to ride the USA further into the dirt. In 8 short years the incompetent idiot has doubled the national debt and has been nothing more than a war mongering fool….Nobel Peace Prize….LOL

  56. Mark Tipping

    TRUMP!! Trump is God’s choice. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 08-13-16

  57. ED1

    Greg, once again a very good WNW. I applaud you sir. Despite what some have said, I still find you the most honest reporter I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading their write ups. And as you have said “you just cannot make this stuff up”.

    Greg, for several months now I have continued reading on this site but have refrained from posting. The last post I made was about how I felt the elections would be rigged and the powers to be already know who will be “declared” the winner. It saddens me to reiterate this and with Obama’s handing over the elections to the DHS it is pretty much makes it a done deal IMO. Talking about the fox guarding the hen house! Gotta love how they always play the Russian and/or terrorist card. The level of corruption in our federal government is simply unreal.

    I also find the timing of turning over of the internet to the UN to be very suspicious. Just in time for the IMF meeting and the Yuan deal.

    As you well know, there’s just so much going on right now with more on the way very soon, so no telling what the evil banksters and politicians have up their sleeves and/or when they plan on implementing their dastardly programs to finally kill the dollar and go completely digital. It leaves it to ones imagination as to how this will effect the presidential election and to what capacity the evil doers will place on the population.

    In my previous post which was back in the spring, I stated that I was so sure the election would be rigged that I doubted I would bother voting. Well I recant part of that statement due to the fact that this will be the most important election in modern history. Therefore I will do my part and cast my vote against Hillary Clinton even though I feel very strongly the polls are already rigged against Trump. And we all know from the former CNN reporter that the media has been bought off by Obama and his cronies. Just more evil and corruption from the top.

    With that said, Trump is the only chance this once great nation has in attempt to upright this rapidly sinking ship.

  58. Tommy

    Well I guess the Democrats are now going to decide who will be replacing the old lady. Joe Biden is most probable. Bernie Sanders should the one. Or could they promote Pagliacci from the VP slot to the top?

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