Weeks Away from Whole Shithouse Coming Down – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said in June it was “game over, they’re pulling the plug.”  The Fed went on an aggressive interest rate raising policy and is still raising rates.  Now, the economy is staggering.   Holter explains, “For sure, we are already in a recession.  We are now in the third quarter of negative growth.  I think it is laughable that people  put odds on whether or not we are going to go into a recession because it is obvious–we are already in a recession.  Rates rising have absolutely frozen the real estate market.  If you own a property, who is going to buy it?  Rates have gone from 3.25% to more than 7%.  I am on the record that once we saw a 3% yield on the 10-Year Treasury, you would start to see a tightness in credit.  Now, we are over 4%.  What few people are talking about is what has this already done to the derivatives market? . . . Think about how big the derivatives market is.  Total credit worldwide is $350 trillion, but you have derivatives pushing $2 quadrillion.  I have said this all along, derivatives will blow up.  Warren Buffett has called them financial weapons of mass destruction.  They are far bigger than central banks can fix.”

Holter goes on to say, “The real economy runs on credit.  Everything you look at, everything you touch and everything you do every day has many uses of credit to get to the final product or situation.  So, once credit freezes up, it’s completely game over.  In a past interview, I said they are pulling the plug.  They have to pull the plug because, mathematically, the debt cannot be paid.  The derivatives cannot perform.  So, they have to pull the plug.  They also have to do one other thing, and that is they have to kick the table over.  What will the false flag event be?  I have no idea. . . . They have to kick the table over so they can say our policies were working, but whatever this event will be stopped them.”

Holter thinks the odds of having the midterm election is “less than even.”  The Democrats are so far behind because of their disastrous economy.

Holter says, “If you think the inflation over the last two years is bad, just wait.  Along with that, you are going to have a huge wave that will last many years, but the initial destruction will probably happen in a three-day period of time. . . .You are going to see massive deflation, deflation of asset prices. . . . It will be inflation of the things you need and deflation of the things you have.”

Holter says, “From a math standpoint, the situation is so bad, liquidity is so tight . . . the whole shithouse is about to come down, and when it does, you will count your wealth in ounces and not dollars, yen or euros. . . . When all is said and done, it’s about how many ounces do you own.”

In closing, Holter warns, “The action you are seeing now is exactly what you saw in 1987, and this is what you saw in August and September of 1929.  This is what happens prior to crashes.  It’s massive volatility both ways . . . people are losing both ways.  The longs get stopped out on the downside, and the shorts get stopped out on the upside.  Then, the whole floor gives way, and that’s where we are.  We are right on the doorstep of a crash that will make 1987 and 1929 blush. . . . Many people are going to lose everything overnight.”

There is a lot more in the 39-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 10.18.22.

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After the Interview:

We will let you know if or when Bill Holter starts his own website.  If he does, it will probably be BillHolter.com as he already owns this URL.  Let’s hope he does because we need him in the game.

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  1. Colorado Cowboy

    Interview with investor Aaron Brickman stating as much as Bill Holter using patterns seen in crashes and collapses since 1853 including more recently the Hang Seng. Aaron says we are in the same pattern as 1929. Dates determined from the past crashes and collapses indicate that October 27-28 are the dates.

    cut to paste in browser

    • Warren B.

      Almost all financial writers are on the same side of the Boat in their thinking (same is true for the MM/HF Managers). Markets dont crash…. when we witness the almost entire expectations of all those who prognosticate about it happening. A correction has unfolded with threats of going lower. What we have seen recently is a double test of the lows on the market and a bounce (not a bear trap or dead cat).
      Yes indeed Recession is here….you cannot rely on the Behind the Curve FED who in turn rely entirely on LAG indicators to warn of an impending Recession. They are not forward looking and never have been/will be. But …do we actually have a financial crisis that supports the market bearishness? Too much (IMHO) negativity has been factored into the market and the interest rate moves /FAKE War (threats of War) are playing into the narrative. The moves this week on the market thus far indicate the Market is seeing something different – perhaps it is now more forward looking and starting to price it in – whatever that may be. Some talk of a PIVOT (on Monetary Policy)…but I tend to think that any PIVOT will be a Market driven one not a FED driven move. We saw recently how the BOE stepped into the market 2 weeks ago (protection of the UK currency). Another key to watch is the TNX yield. I believe that it may have peaked and price will now move northwards while yields fall.
      I sense we are on the cusp of what Von Mises called the crack up BOOM. A parabolic move… that will be shortlived ( 3-6 months) …. which will signify the end of the 100 year cycle.
      Signs are already indicative of this commencing (especially notwithstanding the enormous weight of money sitting on the sidelines). You will witness a shift …it will then translate into momentum. Markets will move signifiantly against the tide and then the GREED factor or FOMO will become the norm – pushing the markets to all time highs.
      What then follows will be the crash of biblical proportions. It will preface the great Deflation that BH talks about across all Asset classes Then as sure as the SUN comes around the next morning we will see QE on a scale never before seen. It will then translate into a commodity/Inflationary boom, however we do not see the highs in the market of late 2022 early 2023, for decades. What will be seen is Inflation in the order of 25 % +…….. along with interest rates to match those of the early 1980’s leading up to 2030. A very confusing remainder of the Decade …however it is befitting of the end of an enormous 100 year cycle……one in which the demonic International Bankers have through their Central Banking Fiat Monetary system …have usurped the wealth of Sovereign Nations including and expecially America.

      • Falstaff

        He’s been say that for years! He might be right now..but they can do more QE.so be carefull out there.

      • Paul

        Invest fully in yourself
        If your an armchair stock investor, your in the casino and the house usually wins, and along this way medication is advised.

        But to sustain
        He fishes well who uses a golden hook.

        Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        Excerpts From Paul Craig Roberts today:

        Those Americans who have gained awareness that the US print and TV media and NPR are lie machines can find, if they search hard enough, a few websites, such as this one, and podcasters, such as Greg Hunter USA Watchdog, that endeavor to provide real, valid information as opposed to the narratives constructed to serve the agendas of the ruling elite.

        Good job Greg

        Paul from arkansas

      • Joe Wong

        That’s correct Warren. QE = Welfare for Wall Street as well. Its because Communism dies back on November 9, 1989, and Capitalism also died back on September 16, 2008. Hank Paulson, and Ben the retard Bernanke started TARP (aka Troubled Asset Relief Program) after the big crash in 2008. When 2009 came along, Nobama bailed out the BIG BANKS on Wall Street after he took office with QE (aka Quantitative Easing) which sent 770 billion dollars in taxpayers monies to Wall Street, because they were considered TOO BIG TO FAIL. Trump also continued this welfare for Wall Street program under the asepsis of the Repro-Market, and gave these richest 1 percenters or billionaire class their biggest TAX CUTS in 2017, assuming that it will TRICKLE DOWN to the lower and middle classes which it NEVER did. And when Joebama came into office of the POTUS in 2021, he completely DESTROYED EVERYTHING he ever touched. There may not be an existing USA by the time Joebama gets done with it in 2025 I hate to say. See how America will look like after Joebama’s term is finally done on January 19, 2025 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtI-En92Xso and have a nice weekend.

      • Michael F


        Good analysis and commentary. Thank you

    • Better Chetter

      Thanks for the Brickman talk – he does wrap up a lot of angles into a whole that’s easy to follow along, the cycles of life’s creation, and its patterns or synchronicities.

    • Ann

      Thanks to all and Godspeed. Man the lifeboats- food. Seeds. Silver in hand. God. G u n s and am no and support groups! H2O too. Rife for chem trails etc- Anne RN

    • david

      gold is the only thing that goes down with inflation. food, gas, all other commodities have gone up. gold seems to be the only asset that has gone down in the last year. the fact that it is ‘manipulated’ is NOT an argument for investing in gold. the proponents/sellers of gold have yet to provide a realistic argument as to why gold has been going down with rampant inflation.

      • Claudio Robles

        Greg, Dr. Charles Nenner was on Michael Douvilles YouTube channel recently and said that the stock market is in dangerous territory….he said starting October 21st from there on forward the cycles are down…..Jim Rickards said something about a black Monday event on October 24th…..the market is extremely volatile and unstable… my gut tells me something it’s going to blow up since bond yields are above 4 percent….

      • matt campbell

        LOOK at the 71-81 gold went from $35.00 to$850.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • david hodges

        soaring gold price is the biggest sign that fiat is on fire……. they can control that price through the paper markets and so they will until they are ready to let her take on too much water to stay afloat

    • Arizona

      FALSE FLAG IN NEW YORK CITY .looks like october 22,2022,SATURDAY less then a week away..GET AWAY FROM THERE NOW….

  2. Colorado Cowboy

    Here is the link to Christopher Carolan’s paper on Autumn Panics that describes the crash and collapse pattern.

    cut and paste in browser

    • Jeffrobbins

      Very interesting read, thanks.

  3. Prospector

    The very symbol of the ‘ Babylon Bankers ‘ is on the back side of the one FRN note.

    Symbols Rule The World …… learn to read them.

    Vigilant Citizen . com

  4. Russ

    Holter says: “Total credit worldwide is $350 trillion and derivatives are pushing $2 quadrillion” – yet US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen speaking with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal tells him she will have more US money printed up ($4.5 billion) to disburse to Ukraine – which brings the American peoples economic support (for an illegal undeclared war) to $13 billion US dollars – as our fiat paper money is further debased by Yellen – we Americans soon won’t be counting our wealth by the number of dollars we’ve saved – but by the number of precious ounces we own!!

    • Russ

      Where in the Constitution does it say our Treasury Secretary can fund a foreign war without a declaration of war by Congress???

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point Russ!!

        • Thomas Malthaus

          I’m curious what it would take to penetrate Democrat voters’ thick skulls that their government wants them dead. Would they vote differently if they knew or not vote at all? There’s always the thought they might organize and take matters into their own hands.

          The news media and Congress are complicit and won’t convey the truth.

          • Russ

            Thomas – What has penetrated Democrat voters’ thick skulls has been uncovered by an Israeli engineer who uncovered hard evidence that the Pfizer and Moderna “jabs” contain “self assembling” worms and nano-circuitry – that must be kept frozen at cryogenic temperatures to keep the structures from assembling before use (it is only after the kill shot is thawed and reaches body temperature does the nano-circuitry and worms begin to self-assemble) to either kill the host or turn them into 5G controlled cyborgs who won’t have the ability to organize and take matters into their own hands!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/2022/10/18/frozen-vaxx-sample-unusual-circuit-like-structures-examined-and-deconstructed-by-engineer/

      • Earl Thornburg

        Greg, Thanks for having Bill Holter on, he has a wealth of knowledge.
        Bill, I encourage you to proceed with your website. Your wisdom is needed during this calamity and your advice on the other side will be searched for by all of your followers.

      • No Retreat

        True, Russ… but then again where does it say in the U.S. Constitution for almost everything our rogue government does nowadays?

        • Russ

          Yeah! – In our rogue government we have our Military Generals working for foreign governments (but I guess Mike Flynn working for Russia is a good thing as Russia is against the Globalists) – then we have our President’s sons working for China and being paid $5 million dollars (which is done by giving them “loans they don’t have to pay back” – thus avoiding paying any US income tax on the money) while Biden hires thousands of IRS agents to get the money the US needs to give to Ukraine (where 10% is funneled back to the Big Guy “as tax free loans that never have to be paid back”) – I would like to have a job where I am not paid a taxable salary for my work (like Trump) but simply get a loan instead that I don’t have to be paid back – then we have Boston University using taxpayer money to develop a new Covid -19 viral strain that kills 90% of the people that Bill Gates and Fauci will likely release next if we don’t get them first (we need to put Microsoft out of business by not baying their products and selling their stock like we are doing to Big Pharma, etc., etc.) – https://ugetube.com/watch/retired-u-s-generals-took-saudi-cash-nih-dir-didn-039-t-know-of-boston-c-19-experiment-biden-039-s-g_KypiXRkPqG9mI93.html

      • Michael F

        Yes, excellent point, Russ. That’s the reality that few want to see.

    • Mike Almon

      Thank you Greg and Bill Holter for everything you men do!
      May The Lord Jesus bless you both!

  5. Shiloh1

    “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I’ll tell you this…,I’ll tell you this …I’m going to get my kicks in before the whole shithouse goes up in flames – all right!”

    – some 1960s poet and philosopher

    It’s worse now.

    I feel sorry for Denniger and Kunstler. They are still clinging on to the ‘rule of law’. That ballgame is o-vah!

    • Anthony Australia

      It had already gone to ‘shit’.

      How draconian lockdowns led to surge in alcohol-related deaths… and more than DOUBLE the number of Aussies died from suicide than Covid


    • Tin foil hat

      I used to believe the “rule of law” is what gives us strength, makes us great and different from others.
      I’m usually cold as ice and can’t remember the last time I cry. However, I do have an urge to cry whenever I acknowledge the “rule of law” is dead and there is nothing to fight for anymore.
      Anybody who risks his life and die for nothing is a fool.

    • Steve Bice

      Those who saw the arrogant and disgusting filth KD wrote about the Apostle Paul and Christianity recently should not feel sorry for him…they should worry for his soul.

      KD has a god complex, and resorts to unbridled anger and filth anytime someone disagrees with him. He knows better than you, me, Paul, the bible and God…and enjoys shocking others with the most sexually profane language imaginable.

      I won’t get into his mind-bending misinterpretation of the scriptures other than to say Paul was addressing individual behavior with regard to vengeance. KD is all about vengeance.

      He will face a reckoning…and that is what is truly sad.

    • Timothy

      In Kunstler’s world people and power don’t conspire; they just do things ’cause it seemed like a good idea at the time.

      He’s o’ the Stanley School of ‘Ooops’ History: It’s all so very accidental, so here we are.


  6. Dwight Branson

    Great interview! As an observant USAW commenter once posted, “From the world’s perspective things are falling apart, but from a Biblical perspective things are falling into place.” I could not agree more.
    Do what you can, while you can, because you can. Thank You Greg, GOD Bless!

    • Godisalwaysgood

      That’s what Jan Markell usually says.

  7. Dave Scrimshaw

    I have felt a great disturbance in my spirit all afternoon – and it is not lessening. Interestingly I attended a pastors’ conference – they are usually enjoyable; but I have been sensing trouble more strongly throughout the evening. Will pray.

    • Jamie

      The astute have known for some time something big is coming. Whether this be world War or a global ecomic disaster we don’t know.

  8. Jeffrobbins

    I wonder if some of the OPEC producers are selling outside the dollar? The wacky Dems are wanting to take weapons away from Saudi Arabia. Even if it doesn’t happen, that is absolutely terrible messaging. We should be clear- we need the ‘petro dollar’. I wonder about Bo’s 24th date. There are so many potential large risks at the moment- i suppose that when a nation can’t declare what a man or woman is – the wheels will come off fairly soon. The Bible says that even creation declares Gods qualities and men are without excuse.

    • Bill Bradshaw

      Thanks to our brain dead president, The Saudis who are constantly purchasing armaments from our military industrial complex, will now be purchasing their armaments from russia. BUT, tanks, airplanes etc are fossil fuel burners, so i am sure the greenies are pleased about that

  9. James Kolb

    Is anyone protecting themselves from forced nasal swab PCR tests? Most hospitals force you to take one if being admitted for surgery. Anyone figure out the best way to beat these demons from poisoning you?

    • Johnny Cool

      Fifth dose!

      Italy gives green light to fifth dose Covid vaccines for at-risk groups…


      • Bill Holter

        Only for the true idiots

      • john smith

        The PCR swab is not to put something into us. It’s to take out sme DNA for their data banks. Once they kill off enough of the population, they can use our DNA fr0m their storage banks to create CYBORGS.

    • J. Loughran

      Not really.
      I have a slow grow ailment the treatment of which I have put on hold in the hope that the world and in particular the medical industry will drop these pre- surgery protocols. In the interim I have rediscovered green fresh vegetables while pushing away from simple carbs. I dropped all my meds (allergy and pain) just to see how things are really. Stopped w/ all MSM news consumption and started walking (and low impact exercise). Feeling better. Got a bit of a tan. And after 90 days I am back to my college fighting weight. Also, I once got caught unprepared and since then I make a point to visit the confessional before undergoing the knife.
      PS. It appears the Med Industry will not fess up. I am interested to see what lawyers like John Beaudoin, Sr. bring about. But it appears to me that a new Med system is needed. Perhaps it will arise from those Professionals who lost their jobs to the mandates.
      Stay close. God Bless. Sincerely, Jim L.

    • Holly

      Maybe request a copy of a patient’s bill of rights and threaten legal action…

      • James Kolb

        I agree, but need this surgery bad, and have been waiting 5 months to get it done. This doctor is the only one in the U.S. that performs this minimally invasive procedure. I guess I will line my nostrils with ivermectin, then use zeolite, NAC, and zinc to limit any damage. It is hospital policy and I feel I will not be admitted without it. SAD!!!!!!

        • Myn

          In addition, we can also do a X-lear nasal spray/rinse after?

        • Chris in Arkansas

          Being your own sealed cotton swab. Ask them to use it for the test. Simple solution. They are available at medical supply stores.

    • Kevin

      refuse….and if they insist…negotiate that you will do it yourself(the swab) then just make it look like you are putting g it in your nose. Usually the beleaguered test taker is tired of the stress of agitating everyone…they will look away. That’s what I do. Make them make you. Just like masks…don’t wear until so.eone says something.
      God Bless us All!

      • James Kolb

        I initially refused and attempted to get a hospital approved breathe or saliva pcr test. They made this substitution so difficult I couldn’t get it done ie. certain type of lab, no labs will do them, certain time frame to submit the test. Travelling 15 hours for this surgery and the allotted time to accomplish this turned out impossible. I’m so disgruntled!!!!!

    • Marie Joy

      What is in the nasal swab that makes it poison? There is a lot of evidence on the jab but I have seen nothing on the nasal test. I would appreciate a knowledgeable answer from anyone. Thank you.

      • STT

        Marie J,
        “I have seen nothing on the nasal test.”

        With all due respect, you would not be asking the question had you proactively done a (non-google) search.

        The information has been “out there” for almost 2 years.
        Much, much more than a “toxic” swab.

        And to those facing PCR testing in order to have a surgery:
        Find an independent surgical suite (outside the system) that does not require the PRC.
        There are many and they will give you the names of the participating surgeons.

        A small sampling by random dates:








        • Marie Joy

          S, You’re right, of course. Thank you.

      • Russ

        What is on the swab?? – the hard evidence is showing that simple “skin contact” can transfer the bio-weapons (self-assembling nano-circuitry and worms) – so if it can be transferred by skin contact I would imagine it can also be transferred by putting “a touched nasal swab” up someones nose (almost right into their brain)!!

      • James Kolb

        Carcinogenic material, hollow fiberglass bristles filled with hydrogel/graphene oxide and who knows what else. The information is out there. I hope it’s not true, but this information is coming from whistleblower doctors. Why would they lie when attempting to help people? I don’t recognize my country!!!!!

      • Chris Leigeber

        Marie Joy,

        The swabs have been shown to contain ethylene oxide. Ricardo Delgado has claimed that the masks also contain graphene oxide. Both of these are very toxic and I believe that they are carcinogenic.


        • Russ

          How would we know if the evil Globalists “dosed” the masks they forced us to wear (in order to shop at Walmart) “with nano-kill shot ingredients”???

          • LadyLifeGrows

            I shopped at Walmart over and over without ever wearing a mask.
            The real reason is masks are a Satanic ceremonial, but I happen to have a medical exemption, so I just said so and barged on in. They did not chase me. After a while I just ignored them and entered the store. That worked, too.

            • stanley skrzypek

              where do you live Lady?…..the mask FRAUD has been over for at least almost 2 years….

      • Mahvin

        I wish you well with your surgery James! Fear not. We will keep you in our thoughts and our prayers.

        • James Kolb

          Mahvin, thank you so much for the soothing words! I will do everything possible prior to and after this evil test to protect myself. I just hope they don’t put any nefarious materials in my IV solution or give me a vaxx while asleep. This world has made me paranoid now!!

      • J. Loughran

        The swab, cotton, perhaps constructed by a nanofiber process to improve absorption, is part of a kit that is FDA approved under an Experimental Use Authorization. Therefore, it is a question of trust. “Do I feel lucky (punk)?”, shouldn’t be the primary consideration when weighing medical treatment.

  10. Mike M.

    Keep talking about it while they continue to systematically take everything you’ve got including your miserable lives.

    How stupid does a country have to be to just sit around like frogs in a pot of boiling water before they get proactive and do something?

    You idiots are all suffering from normalcy bias thinking by some “who knows what” miracle, things are going to improve and get back to where they were before they hit you with covid. Time to wake up and get real – not going to happen.

    Actually, it might be time to thin the herd as when you’re all this dumb why keep you around. You’ve become a liability and no one wants a liability so KYAGB. If not this year, then ……..

    • James

      Why don’t you volunteer to be first to check out then?

      • john smith

        The PCR swab is not to put something into us. It’s to take out same DNA for their data banks. Once they kill off enough of the population, they can use our DNA fr0m their storage banks to create CYBORGS.

      • opsimathian

        Thinking like yours is mostly found in the PSYCHOPATH’S camp. PSYCHOPATHS take the front of any line for thinning out the population. Those that haven’t a clue can be given a clue. PSYCHOPATHS are unreachable.

    • Tin foil har

      I swear I said something similar to a friend yesterday. I hope we are just paranoid.

    • Russ

      The Nazi “commie” Klaus Schwab will be happy to own everything when we own nothing!!

    • opsimathian

      Website “You Are Free TV” talks about the PCR swab.

  11. Lynne Reville

    Wow. Bill just lays it on the line. Can’t ignore the writing on the wall any longer. Trying to get others to read it is like trying to remove a veil from their eyes. I leave my home in God’s hands.
    Thank you Greg for having him on your platform again. Par excellence as always.

  12. Kauni Alice

    ***Bill sent me a personal note a while back, cuz I had a question.. Great guy.
    I began preparations, or hoarding long-term foods about 6 years ago..and
    am now all set, about 4 miles East of Enumclaw, in Western Washington (the
    belly of the beast..ha).. I am a suburban semi-retired mature gal raised
    in OC, California during the days of The Beach Boys, etc.. Ah, those
    were the daze..ha. I am now a Homestead, Voluntaryist, American National, ND State Citizen, Free Traveler…We have a 5000 watt generator, gas for several weeks..just
    in case..a Well, which is on Propane, a 65 gallon water supply, just in case..a small garden, mini-greenhouse, sweet potato slips, autumn vegetable starts, a pellet gun, a dog, on 1 acre in the foothills of Mt. Rainier.. I THINK we’re pretty well set. The road we are on has about 6 other families, and we feel rather ‘hidden away’ . I’m actually the caretaker, housekeeper for this family, as I do not own a home myself. I have enough cash for the few bills I have, cuz I teach people not only how to prepare for the unknown, but how to simplify your life. I lost everything when I made some stupid moves a while back, have some family an hour away, some friends that are like-minded..but others fell away.. I go to ‘Green-Med Info.” for Natural, earthmade remedies…am getting off all Pharma.. I’ll get chickens, and maybe goats next Spring. I’ve stocked about 6 months of organic, healthy, attractive foods in pantries and freezers..and have strengthened my immune system (and theirs) through vitamin C, baking soda, researched vitamins and minerals, etc….have lots of books to read, piano/guitar, and do not announce what I have here. I do wish everyone a safe and happy season..but if you are not prepped, you can certainly start now and plug along.
    I read deeply after I was falsely arrested and jailed for a No Harm issue..and will eventually sue those parties for Fraud after we return to Common Law, which was our original system, before the grifters set up their fraud.
    So Best wishes to all…We CAN survive anything (and even Thrive) with determination, the toughness of our forbearers, faith, luck, good friends, organic-homegrown foods, clean water and dumb luck?

    • Matt

      KA, what is a voluntaryist, American National?

    • Kevin

      look up Jakiper battery……lithium ion battery. game changer. huge amount of power and you can fill it up with solar panels. hybrid inverter….be well. I love Greg! God Bless us All!

      • Russ

        Buy two of these batteries and it will cost you $10,000 dollars – then add in another $10,000 for the cost of solar panels – plus inverter and installation costs – and realize that both the battery and solar panels (are only good for about 10 years) – so the “free energy” is still costing you about $200 dollars per month!!

    • stanley skrzypek

      One Glitch in you’re plan…….Mt. Rainier……”A Mount Rainier eruption will place the Puyallup valley at risk of catastrophe from a lahar, which is a volcanic mudflow that can reach 100 feet in height and travel 45 to 50 miles per hour……..

    • Bosco P. Horowitz

      Kauni Alice,

      sounds like you’ve moved mountains over the past few years–you’ve actually walked the walk and then some! I’ve been studying the whole process of doing what you’ve done. I’m not too far away from you–how does one get ahold of you? Btw, there’s been some men and women on the land meeting near Snoqualmie for some time now.

      Thank you for sharing!


  13. Lucy

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR TRUMP. He is GUILTY of the whole thing. He has EVERY attribute of the antichrist. STILL PUSHING THE JAB. STILL PUSHIG DEPOPULATION BY THE JAB> HE IS THE ANTICHRIST.. STOP making EXCUSES for this criminal psychopath.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will have to agree to disagree. The fact is Dr. Birx has admitted she and others lied to President Trump. https://www.foxnews.com/media/dr-deborah-birx-knew-covid-vaccines-not-protect-against-infection You can see her say it on FOX for yourself. In Dr. Bir’s book she admitted they made it up about the social distance, the effectiveness of the masks and the lockdowns. It is a get out of jail free card for President Trump. Now, if he will only use it.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: As President Harry S Truman said and had a plaque on his White House desk; “The buck stops here.”
        Trump should read the memos. Trump should open his ears.
        Trump has no “get out of jail” free card on the lockdowns.
        The buck stops with Trump on the Covid Madness.
        Trump was in charge. Trump believed the lies.
        Trump is responsible.

      • Astraea

        No Greg. You cannot trust Trump.

        • Greg Hunter

          We will have to agree to disagree. I certainly don’t trust the people around Trump. (Jared and Ivanka)

          • stanley skrzypek

            My own opinion is the jared is a Kenite….they are a scary race of descendants from Cain….as the Cain and Able saga…….. do yer own research…

          • tim mcgraw

            Hi Greg, I would feel a lot better about Trump if he would come out and admit that he took bad advice. It’s his fault. His decision to lockdown the economy. JFK did this after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. JFK then threatened to destroy the CIA. We know what happened to him.
            We all make mistakes. Admitting those mistakes is tough, but necessary for good leadership.

            • Greg Hunter

              I would too and I think he will be forced to do so.

        • Michael

          Agree. He has had ample time to change his stance but has chosen not to. He’s known the jabs and narrative do not make sense for a long time now. Seems more reasonable to assume he is on board with the depopulation agenda.

      • Don Wohlers

        Thank you Greg for pointing this out as it is necessary for all of us to know. I did as I try to keep up with all of this plus His works and how we need to get ready for His return not to far away.

      • RisingWolf

        Birx and Fauci were recommended to Trump by Jared and Ivanka Kushner. All this aside, Trump issued the emergency order which the Biden regime keeps renewing. Regarding the “tea” as some refer to it, records show the “tea” was ready 5 years before the “scamdemic”. If you would like references I will provide those to you privately on a secure platform, however as a seasoned reporter you already know about this. Or should.

        Enjoy your show and guests brother. Stay the course!

        Retired PI, Detective Agency owner, GA Board Certified Instructor for Classroom and Firearms Trainer

      • opsimathian

        In the 1980s Barbera Birx desperately needed a blood transfusion after giving birth. She went hysterical against the doctors that they were not to put any blood from the AMERICAN blood bank into her. Why? Because she and Fauci et al had already loaded all that with AIDS. But only she and a few others knew that.

        • Guns N Rosaries


      • Russ

        The Jews “we have to fear” are the Jews “who don’t believe in God” (like Soros, Klaus Schwab, Horrori, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Moderna Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks, etc., etc., etc.) – and don’t forget the people running the Fed “who don’t believe in God” – they took “In God We Trust” off their fiat IOU paper monopoly money – and we can clearly see how God is now overturning their 100 year Ponzi scam – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

      • Timothy

        Well-before the Deborah Birx admission that the vaccines do not protect one from infection Bobby Kennedy reportedly alerted Donald Trump to the general vaccine pitfalls, and Kennedy’s shared opinions with Trump were dismissed by Bill Gates, Tony Fauci’s friend & colleague.

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump made a bad call and was lied to as well by Birx, Fauci and all the rest of his advisors. Dr. Birx admitted it. Trump will have to do an about face on the Vax and the sooner the better.

    • James

      Always Trump….and Biden is the answer? Nope! I’ve never seen one man shoot himself in the foot,reload and keep on shooting…

    • stanley skrzypek

      Lucy are you Looney?……who else are you going to trust?….Pilosi,Schummer,A0C,…etc etc…..only a FOOL will abandon the ONLY Politician who is Looking out for the American Citizen…….did he FORCE you or Anyone to take the “KillShot”?…NO!….If you can’t or won’t do your own Due Diligence like I and all the rest of the “Smarter” Americans did…..you deserve to live in a Communist Sh1th0le……….NOW…go vote for a Fake Patriot….from the likes of mccain….

    • Ed Mustafo

      Hey Lucy, if according to you, Trump is the Antichrist, then what is Joe Biden??? But hey, we all know that there are paid Deep State Sock Puppets in this comment section. Right ? Right…. But we also have the Brainwashed “ Orange Man Bad” people too. Take your pick. Either way you can’t stop the Red Wave.

  14. Marie Borgeson

    Bill Holter, My Favorite.

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Agree one of mine too! Our love to you Bill and to all of you on Greg’s site.

      • stanley skrzypek


  15. Vincent Osburn

    Sorry Greg, I disagree about the “how many ounces do you own”. Having some gold and silver is prudent but …. Ezekiel 7:19 They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD. They cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it …
    I’m focusing on hoarding food, water source and medicines. That’s if the atomic bombs and invading hoards don’t get me. But no matter what I’m leaving this earth one way or another sooner or later and it’s your everlasting soul that matters the most. That security comes by faith alone in Christ alone.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody that is preparing does only one thing. You are right to get food and Jesus is #1. In agree to all.

    • stanley skrzypek

      sorry vinny….”They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean”………..that refers to the “ETF’s”….Exchange Traded Funds….the…Corrupt “Money Changers”….the “Paper”….the ….FAKE precious metals……….the real Ag is in the hands of us SMART PEONS……..

      • Russ

        Any gold people throw in the street – I’m going to be picking up – but I’ll be carrying a big box of Hershey Chocolate bars with me to throw on the ground to distract and keep the millennials busy as I recover all the gold – later when I have all the gold secured – I will then proceed to recover the silver!!

        • stanley skrzypek

          Funny….. I saw that you tube video the dumb asses would rather have a \Hershey bar then 10 oz silver bar….no wonder the corrupt clowns are in charge..

  16. tim mcgraw

    So what if derivatives fail? So what if the credit market collapses? Everything becomes cash on delivery, COD. Everyone has to save money to buy a house or a car. That’s the way it was in the past and is today in most of the world. Or the kids inherit the house and car and other assets. i.e. The family stays together!
    Screw credit! Bankers charging interest on loans is all credit is. Credit is a scam. How much is that interest on your credit card debt?
    “No ticky. No laundry!” Go back to COD.
    Let the government fail. They are the biggest debtors on Earth.
    Screw the speculators. Screw the bankers. Screw the governments.

    • Johnny Cool


      You are correct.

      People used to save and pay in cash. Credit cards can be useful in some cases, but people succumbed to the “buy now, pay later” marketing scam.

      “No ticky. No laundry!”


      • Johnny Cool

        The Village Blacksmith
        Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – 1807-1882

        Under a spreading chestnut-tree
        ⁠The village smithy stands;
        The smith, a mighty man is he,
        With large and sinewy hands,
        And the muscles of his brawny arms
        Are strong as iron bands.

        His hair is crisp, and black, and long;
        His face is like the tan;
        His brow is wet with honest sweat,
        He earns whate’er he can,
        And looks the whole world in the face,
        For he owes not any man.

        • tim mcgraw

          Johnny Cool: Thanks for the poem. Back in the day the blacksmith was one of the richest men in town. The blacksmith here in our town built a few mansions, still standing, a few blocks from our house in the early 1900s.

          • Russ

            Blacksmiths of old worked metals (like iron and steel) to create wealth – today we have Whitesmiths (Bankers) who work metals (like gold and silver) to destroy wealth!!

    • Mike Mc

      Tim, I don’t think you understand the ramifications of what you are suggesting. All commerce functions on credit. Collapse credit and commerce seizes up. Nothing moves. The extent of leverage in the system is overwhelming. Only those with on sufficient on hand liquidity with direct connections to suppliers will get goods. Credit supports the purchasing power of the USD. Its all interconnected.

      What you want is an orderly unwind which will be painful enough. Not a collapse and seizure.

      • tim mcgraw

        Mike Mc: I see your point, but I also don’t see an “orderly rewind”. The FED used to say the same to Dr. Ron Paul in Congress.
        “Yes, it’s a mess, but it is an orderly mess. We have it under control.”
        Reminds me of the old line, “Organized crime is better than disorganized crime.”

      • andyb

        a bigger issue than credit is the growing diesel crisis; w/o diesel nothing gets delivered whether by truck, train or barge. Already shortages in the northeast; rationing within 3 months nationwide.

    • Bill Holter

      The entire world runs on credit, end of story…

  17. tim mcgraw

    8:00, “They cannot take blame. They have to kick the table over.”
    No more “They”. “Who the hell is they?” (The famous line from Edmund O’Brien in “The Wild Bunch”.)
    I’m tired of cliches and pronouns.
    “Pull the plug.” Is another cliche.
    Be specific!
    I’m too old for this cliche and pronoun crap.
    And if people aren’t prepped by now, well, they haven’t been paying attention to the world around them. Turn off the TV for a week.
    Get real. Get back in the analog world and leave make-believe behind.

    • Retta Pierce

      THEY is the devil and his minions. Wake up, America! It may be too late! We are complicit in allowing evil to go so far in this country because we are pretending to be asleep and are engaged in work which we think more important than protecting the United States.

    • Michael Lee

      Most businesses operate on credit. Every good that is hauled by truck can only get there if the driver of the truck has cash for fuel, there is no credit. Trucks stop fast. Factories need raw materials, have to pay cash, now out of business.
      Grocery store can’t restock, no credit.

      • tim mcgraw

        Michael Lee: And a large percentage of businesses are “zombie” corporations. They barely make enough money to service their debt at low interest rates. When rates go up, the companies will fail anyway.


    Ive said it before, ( years ago) if the people in power now feel they are going to loose that power they will destroy everything out off shear spite.
    I sold a majority of my small stock portfolio. I ask myself “what now?” so what do you do with a stack of cash ? cant keep it under the bed . while I do have some precious metals, its not good enough so I say ” buy what you need for the foreseeable future” be it an extra oil filter for your vehicle,along with oil. tires, new chains for you chainsaws, two cycle oil, some canned goods along with dry goods. nails, staples. tarps a generator. and like you said Greg keep your gas tanks filled, including that extra propane bottle . And above all else get out of debt. And Greg I realize you have said many of the same things. But truthfully since I got burnt to s crisp in 2oo7 -2009 I been readying up. God Willing. May we not see these things repeat. “NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY” (Charles E. Weller).

  19. Valerie

    Many thanks to you and Bill Holter! Thank you for this timely and important information!
    God help us all!

  20. tim mcgraw

    If there is no election in three weeks, why should we file our income taxes?

    • Retta Pierce

      We must stop the evil being perpetrated upon us!

      • opsimathian

        Joe Biden has planned for Tax Evaders. He’s hired 88,00 IRS thugs. That’s @ 176 more “GOVERNMENT” thieves per State than are already there.

    • Rick Larson

      Hahahaha! No system no money no taxes!

  21. Baregil de Gomçesval

    Glad to hear that finally Bill Holter will have his own web site and maybe he will leave behind that ballast that has been for him being at the shadow of James Sinclair; Bill can fly by his own.

  22. Anthony Australia

    I love Bill Holter! A man with ethics & principles.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree AA!!

    • Maria Das Santos


  23. Anthony Australia

    Death rates in Australia don’t add up.


  24. Walt Doc

    Great Interview Greg !
    Thanks again for one of our most favorite guests … Loved the comment: Don’t count in dollars or pounds, but in ounces of the precious metals…
    Strap in and hold on … and May God Bless our USA. I so hope you are right about the 10- 12% support for the current idiots in control.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am confident the 9% and 12% approval numbers for Biden are good. It explains a lot.

  25. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Bonds are dead.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim! I agree. Remember when Nenner came on and said the trend for interest rates was up and would be for many years to come?
      He was right–again!

      • JOHN

        nenner have his information from armstrong

  26. Maria Das Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.
    Here in the UK ,with the appointment of the fragrant Mr Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer (head of spending and money seemingly but not really) our economy is now wonderful but only for the oligarch class. The cost of energy has had any cap that was to be under Dr Kwasi has been pulled,so no heating this winter,taxes for small businesses are to remain high,well what a surprise,but huge conglomerates are to be helped.All of this under his auspices are to be “guided” by an Economic Advisory Committee that is to be guided by such great British companies as BlackRock and J P Morgan, err! Mr Hunt’s love affair for all things China is well known and much admired seemingly after making so much money aiding Chinese students enter into Cambridge and Oxford and some good universities here in the UK!
    Irony will not do justice to the caricature of a government we now have. We have a Prime Minister now controlled by a China-phile Chancellor who could throw her administration into even deeper dung by making an announcement on the economy and if she attempts to remove him the City of London alarm bells will ring. So a great deal of damage will be done to us plebs whilst the oligarch class bathe in our demise. A revolution is needed and voting for the other side of the house will not work. Our democracy is dead here in the UK.
    On my way to work this morning the bomb squad were in two locations with their team of heavily armed Stasi to keep the crowds of cleaners back who were all on pushbikes or pushscooters. All six of us were such a threat that the armed Stasi were aiming their guns at us plebs . No doubt internment is next and our vacuum cleaners will be seized. The drama of our elites knows no bounds and will use the chorus line of Stasi,formerly the Metropolitan Police, as the muscle until they are sent to the front line for the glory of the Ukraine. All that practice of gun aiming will come in handy against Russia.
    Again irony here in the UK is every day life.
    Its still the “ECONOMY STUPIDS” and punishing the plebs just pours more petrol on the Mussolini necklace that is assuredly coming.

  27. Lynn Scott

    Can you help me understand what happens if you have a credit card?
    Can you also explain to me if you have purchased gold bearing Canada or another country?

    • jonuk

      Its hard to understand what you are asking, but I think you are asking about having gold coins from different nations than your own. It does not matter that much. Gold is gold, you may find easier to sell and get a better price to have those your own national coins but don’t worry especially if the coins are well known like the Maple Leaf etc. There are sometimes tax advantages to own ones national coins, but if it all goes down that will be irrelevant.

  28. ronald lanyi

    Bill Holter–You were pushing stock in TRX just 6 weeks or so ago.Now you’re saying to get out of the stock market entirely. So the TRX advice is now “inoperative”?

    • Bill Holter

      I have sold no TRX, nor do I plan to. Read the public news already out. In my opinion, a solid company with probably much more gold in the ground than currently claimed.

  29. Anita

    Heck yah we love Bill. We lost Kirby & don’t want to lose Bill, meaning he goes silent. But yet scripture says, Proverbs 27:12
    A prudent man sees evil and hides himself,…
    So if he chooses to go silent, we understand, he is wise.

  30. Ed Mustafo

    I think we’re gonna see some sort of internet shutdown and or power outage event. I can think of ten different excuses for it at this point but the how and why are irrelevant. The result basically checks all the boxes for them. However, I do believe that the Patriots know it’s coming and have a plan in place to deal with this event. After all is said and done , we take back our country and help straighten out the world. That’s the bottom line. Believe it or not. That’s up to you….

  31. Tom Grier

    Georgy Porgy Ford and Fun Bush said the Constitution was a worthless piece of paper. He was right!

  32. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for another great interview with Bill Holter.

    Another reason why the CV-19 shots have, for the majority, a delayed reaction – turns out there is a ONE YEAR time limit for making claim/s for compensation!


    NOTE: From the last link, above, “You have ONE YEAR from the date you were administered or used the covered countermeasure alleged to have caused the injury to request benefits.” IMHO, this goes some way to explain why the shots are designed to cause, for the majority of ‘volunteers’, a delayed morbidity. As per above links, the Covid-19 shots are NOT covered by the Vaccine Injury Comensation Program, they fall under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program – under which those affected have only ONE year (from date of inoculation) to make a claim.

    Yet ANOTHER scam!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Missing link . . . this is where the above mentioned quotation was sourced:

    • Tim K


      Good find on that. Do you speculate that the death jab shots vary in the kill time (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years)?


      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Tim,
        Anecdotally, that appears to be the case. Many people appear to be suffering long-term diseases as a result of ‘vaccine’ / ‘countermeasures’, and their lives will be severely shortened.

        • Tim K


          Thanks for the info. Not good news, but at least it does prepare us.

          Take care


        • Russ

          As long as everyone is dead before the age of 62 – and won’t be collecting Social Security – it works out exactly as our government officials (both Demon-ratic and Repugnant-kins pushing the Kill Shot) so dearly want!!

  33. John Sibley

    “Just in time” inventories became depleted with deglobalisation and the associated breakages of supply chains. Now many inventories are glutted, a complete reversal.

    What if the USD is the same? Credit is like an undersupplied inventory of funds. It evaporates fast as lenders shed risk. The shortage creates deflation, perhaps as a liquidity crisis. Then this ominous suck-out wave is replaced by the incoming tsunami of money-printing and inflation.

    Got Gold? Better yet, got God?

  34. NH Watcher

    Greg, the interview title is catching, humorous, and also appropriate. Hearkening back to CAF on Saturday evening, we all must stay in prayer during these perilous times, as the Bible is clear that fear will strike many when more crashes. Some will resort to crime and vandalism, but sadly, many will simply commit suicide, and that is really the Elites’ perfect solution: they don’t have to kill you; you kill yourself. Losing all your life’s savings, being locked out of using your credit and debit cards, your bank account temporarily frozen, many simply will not be able to hold on and will snap. Again, while some will resort to violence towards others, many will simply turn their anger on themselves.

    I have experienced two suicides in my immediate family, and both were Christians. Suicide is a dangerous game to play with the Lord. And I certainly know the feelings and temptations which can proceed it. Be sure to check on all your loved ones after the collapse, and don’t assume that anyone is entirely stable. Emotions will run highest in the first few days and weeks. Above all else, stay in prayer.

  35. fred bannon

    Greg, Demon and rats are the same, they are both evil

  36. Nick

    I wish BillHolter.com well after the shitshow.
    Remember November – Martin Armstrong.

  37. Rick Larson

    Started growing food seriously in 2011 and although the system collapse wasn’t imminent as motivation, took me to this season to grow all the vegetables and fruit to feed myself all year long.
    I did a test plot showing people how much food can be grown in a 20 foot garden bed, I won’t grow food for sale or for those outside of this house, so you are on your own. The bed from start to its still going 2022 playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCRYtmkDsX9XHCD-higvYUoYRhc3-WhZ

    • Bosco P. Horowitz


      I just checked out your channel on the tube. Good stuff, and I’ll be watching some more, soon.

      Thanks for the share,


  38. Greg

    Mr. Holter said a false flag event is coming to prevent election! Wouldn’t the crash of the dollar be the event to freeze everything? If you freeze credit people will be starving and looting. The time I think is very near!
    I agree with Mr.Holter on so many issues and he has been preaching his thoughts for years to try and help the masses! Thank you, Mr. Holter!

    • Russ

      Biden will need to explode more then the Alaska oil pipe line or the George Washington bridge to prevent the election – so I’m taking some extra iodine from now until the election!!

  39. Stan

    The economy will be fine. However, we are weeks away from Gold plunging below $1200.

    • Bill Holter

      Good luck with this thought process Stanley!

    • stanley skrzypek

      “Time for a new plan,Stan”……..(50 ways to leave your lover)………buy Au @ 1200….it is a gift!…

    • Russ

      I’m hoping you are right Stan – I want to get more ounces for my money “cheap” – so I’m contemplating keeping some cash on the side just in case – but just my luck – I’ll probably get screwed out of buying it at $1625 (as it will likely power up higher from here)!!

      • Johnny Cool

        While looking at safe-haven assets, BlackRock ignored what many market analysts see as an obvious choice: gold.

        The asset management firm did not comment on gold; however, many analysts have said that the precious metal’s safe-haven appeal is one of the reasons it has been one of the best-performing assets this year.

        In a chart, BlackRock did note that gold is the third-best-performing asset, behind crude oil prices and the U.S. dollar.


  40. E T Wavers

    The site is deteriorating fast as you continue to recycle the same old suspects.

    There must be a better way of earning a living rather than exploiting the ignorant or the mislead.

    It’s sad too Greg Hunter aka Gregory Muich, trademark owner of site, that you felt the need the need to mask your Central European family name in the greatest country on the planet with its wonderful history of European immigration.

    Sad too that you see fit to griff off the disillusioned and the mislead .

    You won’t publish the above because you know you are running away from the truth.

    I pray for you and all those who lost the way in our wonderful country.

    • eddiemd

      Greg must be over the target.

      The deep state reads your website Greg.

      • Russ

        And ET is an extraterrestrial besides!!

  41. John

    Bill Holter, the best of the best. He speaks in plain simple English with no BS.
    Thank You Bill

  42. Roger Stamper

    tks bill greg

  43. JLMichaels

    Bill Holter’s followers, friends and associates are well prepared for this smack-down thanks to all his personal efforts in keeping things simple to know and understand. God’s speed my dear friend! Thanks, Greg, for having such an informative guest!

  44. Alan

    I have always felt that years spent listening and trying to understand why and what is going to happen (happening) Is the key to survival. In one sense we have experience and the shock of it all will not illicit a emotional response.
    Gold , Silver , Stored Food are all good choices made but we are facing a entity that is murdering us! The choices that we must make when we begin to actually face this enemy is very hard to imagine.
    May God have mercy on our Souls.
    Thanks standing up Greg!

    • Robert Messina

      It is not good man should be alone
      this video addresses the question, “Why?”
      It is pointed out that motive to create man and mold him into His image and care for him in His 6 day creation . . . ultimately was to provide a Bride without blemish for His Son who will never be alone.

  45. Prospector

    Sec. Of State Blinkin : ” China wants to seize Taiwan on a ” much faster timeline ” then previously thought. ” — Zerohedge

    Several possible translations : ” Depends on Brandons poll numbers before mid-terms. ”
    ” We are SURE Iraq has WMD’s ….”

    Step Right Up , spin the wheel and add your own !

    • Russ

      Our Military Generals have done the calculations and have determined that the US “can not win” a war against China – then they tell the American people to support their efforts in Ukraine because “they can win” a war against Russia – don’t these dumb ass Generals know that Russia and China are allies?????

  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good interview…and Holter is right on so many points, the date period end of Oct we will soon see, but yes, the Brooksley Born links have been posted here on your site how many times and so few listened or understand what Holter, and Kirby have been SCREAMING ABOUT all the while…
    eighteen years ago, now = @ 13:00
    People should have listened.

  47. Alan R

    “We are on the doorstep of a crash that will make 1987 & 1929 blush. This is not a cyclical end, this is a secular end.” One of Bill’s most succinct and unequivocally truthful statements ever imho. There is no more road to kick the can down, one needs to be prepared in every way possible, including & especially Spiritually friends. Thank you Greg and Bill for this important albeit unsettlingly ominous segment

  48. BobT

    Hi Greg & Bill,

    Regarding the physical price of silver – the numbers that Bill stated to purchase physical silver is smack dab on with what I have experienced

    ****My question/concern is on the sale side: Local dealers are still not paying anywhere near the sales price. They are still at spot plus $3 per ounce. What is a good way around this?


    • stanley skrzypek

      BobT…. What is a good way around this?……….Do Not Sell under 100…..so spot +3 will be acceptable

    • Bill Holter

      eagles are bid $13 over spot currently, NOT $3

    • James Kolb

      Bob, don’t sell till you absolutely have to. Wait for the price rise then do what ya gotta do.

  49. Really Awake

    The good news for Americans is absent nuclear war the American Empire is the best place to be, e.g., Florida, Texas and other Republican strongholds. Big Blue American cities not so much.

    Places like Florida are attracting wealthy foreigners who are smart enough to know that ground zero of the economic collapse is the totally Marxist Woke Euroland. Great Britain is also doomed. So is Japan and other nations which are part of Western Civilization.

    The American Empire is the place to be. And the U.S. Stock Market will also be the place to be after it bottoms. Suprise! I know the die-hard gold bugs and haters of U.S. Dollars don’t like to hear that. Time and space doesn’t allow me to explain the reasons why Wall Street is where people from all over the world will park their money in 2023. For expert analysis I would recommend Armstong Economics. Marty has been right on the U.S. Dollar, Gold, Silver, stocks, bonds oil, gas and other commodities when most others have been WRONG! Recently, somebody asked Marty, ” what do people write you about most”? Marty’s reply was, “the number one reason they write me is to thank me for telling them the dollar was the place to be. And number two is advising them on how the price of gold would decline. People write me [Marty] and tell me how investing in dollars saved them from losing their house, etc.. and how not buying gold at the wrong time saved them a fortune”.

    Frankly, me personally, I’ve been a short seller for 2022. And I made money when others have lost money. People lost a lot of money…. But I’ll tell you this: I won’t be a short seller in 2023, because a bear trap is coming. I’m not going to elaborate. Again, I will point you to Armstrong Economics… You can go there to learn fron a guy who knows how to run money. There is going to be a “sling shot” move up in the American stock market, and those who park their U.S. Dollars in the correct parking spot on Wall Street shall make even more money…. Most people (including the gold bugs) will be on the other side of that trade, i.e., the winning trade. Let’s see who wins.

    I’m not trying to be snotty here. I really want people who love freedom and liberty and the America we grew up in to WIN! There is no other motive for me writing the above constructive criticism. I want good people to win because I want a better America.

    BTW: what’s gold doing right now? The paper price is not doing well. Physical gold is doing much better. Silver, too. So, yes, buy physical gold and silver, but don’t expect it will do very much until next year… And don’t be supprised when the Dow slingshots up.

    Again, absent nuclear war, U.S. dollars, U.S. stocks, U.S. real estate and U.S. gas, oil, coal, uranium, wheat, corn and so on and so forth will be a better place to be… gold and silver, too…. Gold and silver miners, too.

    Yes, the global economy will be bad -really, really bad, but if you take action now, as an American, you can get through this. You can even survive nuclear war if it comes to that.

    • Russ

      People from all over the world will park their money in corporations on Wall Street that are up to their eyes in debt as the Fed raises interest rates???? – better for them to park their money in a Tier One Asset (gold) that is not a liability and can’t go bankrupt!!!

  50. Mark Gunderson

    Morning Greg,
    What a great interview! I always look forward to what Bill has to say. The reason I alwas make time for both of you is that you are plain spoken and right to the point. Now you both have something else in common, you both have walked away from something you love. Walking away from your lifes work sucks, it takes courage and integrity. You are both better men for doing so.

  51. Murray

    they held elections during the civil war and world war 2. if elections are postponed, you know it’s total BS.

  52. William Wilhelm

    Been following Bill for years. Remember when he wrote for Miles Franklin. Have taken his advice and started long ago for what’s coming. Can’t wait for more from Bill. One of my favorites. Read that large amounts of gold are shifting from east to west. What do they know that we don’t? Thank you Greg for All You Do. Information one can’t do without.

  53. Matt

    I have always looked forward to hear Bill speak. He is spot on as usual, I follow Q, Trump, God and Military. I have a feeling Bill does too!! The whole shit house is coming down and that is a good thing for the Phoenix rises outta the ashes! I feel this is all so exciting! Its all good…God is in control and he is wiping the evil off of this planet!

  54. Darren

    Greg…..Thanks so much…Do you think it the collapse will happen nation by nation and then finally the US or do you think it will happen all at once and everyone will fall all at once???

  55. Francine

    Love the title Greg.

  56. PointOfKnowReturn

    False flag = Earthquake long the complete side of the West Coast.
    Dutchsinse on YT has been sounding the warning signs about this, citing 5.0s occurring from Alaska down to Mexico. Just my two cents.

  57. J

    Holter= Legend

    • virginia clark

      Well, with Chinese troops in Canada and Mexico, an FF on the West coast would be perfect for them to sweep in with “humanitarian aid” and take over. Red Dawn anyone?

  58. Andy Randazzo

    Greg, thank you for having Bill Holter on your show. I have appreciated his sage advice for a long time now. Please let us know when his web site is up and running.

    P.s. Greg you are my first choice for information. Thank you for all you do.


    I find it quite telling that he basically said its not worth building his website because the crash is upon us! You can really read in his eyes that he thinks this time its real, full-on and NEAR!

    • Bill Holter


  60. Catherine

    Greg. I must credit you and your wonderful guests for my family being completely debt free. We own our cars we have no mortgage or loans of any kind
    We are self sufficient in storage of dry good and foods and have a built in generator propane fueled. We pray every day because as you all know God is with you and watching out for you if you make a point of sticking with Him.
    As my husband continues to recover from his stroke we are grateful for all the things he is able to do.
    We are NOT jabbed at all in my family and we believe my husbands problem arouse from the spike proteins from the omicron we had last December.
    So thanks to you specifically I must tip my hat and say God Bless you and your family.
    I hope Bill Holter is wrong about the elections. I think they will happen and God will allow these evil evil entities we call politicians and pharmaceutical scientists be gone. It won’t happen all at once if course but it would be a good start.
    However if God decides to continue to punish our world then all I can say is He will keep His promise to the righteous and we will be among the survivors. And there are always survivors.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fantastic family news and thanks for sharing it here!!

    • BobT

      Thanks for the wonderful positive story


  61. James PTY

    Holter provides more gems.
    Truly effective Risk Management does not offset risk, Risk is best mitigated by AVOIDANCE. Financial Product Engineers make buckets of money in fees intentionally doing the opposite by designing ways offsetting risk that can then, when needed, be used as a way of directing and leveraging failure. Lots of money in fees combined with directional destruction: Win-Win for the satanists. Insurance underwriters are experts in statistical probabilities identifying outcomes, but for the insurance company to be profitable the perceived risk must be offset. The truly effective resilient risk manager avoids the risk relying on a scientific approach combining statistical probability, and what is derived from observational experience. When risk outcomes are UNKNOWABLE as it is today from unreported OTC derivatives markets, assessing the risk is actually easier, because there is only one possible outcome- total failure of the system: Intentionally designed Counter Party failures resulting in the mother of all liquidity crisis as Holter explains so well. The satanists even gave it a name AND having been broadcasting the coming event for about two years: The Great Reset. Getting out of the financial system to whatever extent one can while being emotionally prepared for calamity is, at this point about all one can do. Faithful remain undaunted!

  62. Mr Trader

    So Bill is saying we have only weeks left….Wow!! I better get ready!!

    Wait hasn’t he been saying this for the last 8 years!?!?!?!
    Yawn….I think I will go take a nice long nap now…..yawn……………..

  63. Ken

    Mr. Holter is a favorite of mine.
    Thanks again Mr. Hunter.

  64. Patricia Holloway

    I’d like to personally thank you, Greg for being courageous and for being the one Site to go to for truth. You’ve hosted many interesting, qualified people.
    It was you who advised years ago to begin investing in U.S. precious metals mostly silver for those of us who could afford. We also purchased food, water and medical supplies.
    I’ve spread the word to anyone who will listen and also changed our spending habits. We send Silver no cash to our children and grand children as gifts. No more useless toys designated for trash.
    Hopefully, we all remember the Miracle of the loaves and fishes and become a Blessing in turn to others if needed.

  65. Ches Hafso

    Thanks so much for staying the course Greg and Bill! Exciting to see the difficulties and challenges that God allows to be put in our way for our growth, discipline, and direction! Every day is a gift from God, and ‘biblical’. The world only recognizes ‘ biblical’ when catastrophic events fall on their head and they can’t sidestep it any longer.
    Keep on bringing truth, help and encouragement!

  66. Highnail

    Come on in the waters fine

  67. Poochiwoo

    “It is best not standing under the chute”– Confucius Jr.

  68. Highnail

    There wont be a default. The 87,000 new irs agents will enforce a new federal property tax and seize property from resistors

    • Bill Holter

      Hopium is not a strategy …

  69. Karrl

    You should have asked Holter how much Franklin is buying silver eagles for!

    How about $26!!

  70. Francine

    Greg love you and Bill

  71. stanley skrzypek

    Ag…will get me that “bungalow on the beach”….thanks to my seeing the silver-lining at about circa:2006 – 2022…..can you Imagine what one can do with that much accumulation?……(buried like the pirates )………NOW it is time to Horde THETA and Tfuel…….with a little XRP just in case…….

  72. Dillon Cambiaso

    Greg, Donald Trump knows Birx lied to him and he still pushed and supported vaccines. Why do you still support trump, who knows he was lied to, and still pushed depopulation? That’s assuming he didn’t know all along to begin with. On top of that, he has been radio silent on the issue of genocide that he was involved with, knowingly or unknowingly. Why do you think that is leadership material, why do you want such a man in power, why would you support such an individual? How can a sane individual, support someone and want them as a leader, who knowingly or unknowingly committed genocide? So if I as an individual, am tricked into committing genocide, continue to support it, never admit my mistake and never inform the populace of said genocide, warn people and actively campaign against it, you’d still bow down to me and stick up for me as if I’m some kind of amazing person who should be a leader of hundreds of millions? Doesn’t that seem sick to you?

    • stanley skrzypek

      Maby it was a SMART MOVE…..ELIMINATE the dumass democrats……i Still see them wandering around with their masks on…..

    • LadyLifeGrows

      Just a possibility:
      Trump recommends “vaccines.” The COVID shots are legally NOT vaccines–they don’t meet the definition. But hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin DO meet the definition of vaccines–and Trump mentioned hydroxychloroquine even before the lockdowns started. His personal doctor was Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, one of the great heroes of our time. Whose protocols worked, saved thousands, used hydroxychloroquine.
      Trump NEVER asked for mandatory jabbing, and his State of Emergency never actually required this masks and tests and jabs garbage, those goofy marks on the floors, any of it. He allowed our enemies to reveal themselves.
      The idol-worship of Trump reminds me of the schoolteachers getting kids to sing hymns to Obama in 2008. Trump could well be the anti-Christ. But he could also turn out to be the Godly hero we are hoping for.
      Time will tell, and I think we are likely to know before the end of this winter.

      • stanley skrzypek

        Hey Lady….Trump aint no Saint…..and he sure as hell aint the Anti-christ.
        Anti means Instead of…….there is Only ONE entity that can Impersonate Christ……..so….who?

  73. pbd

    The following “red pill” commentary is not going to go down well for some folks that consider themselves to be “awakened” but not woke.
    Future massive global depopulation is “baked in the cake” now (a fait accompli ex ante) – the open question is how we will meet that fate – whether it will be triggered by a luciferian/DS/NWO manmade genocide by the powers-at-be or from general populist collective human ignorance and indecision (decision to do nothing) that alternatively will let time and chance (putatively by a stochastic-idiopathic process) trigger the rapid planetary depopulation.

  74. pbd

    What folks on the “far right” illogically deny is that even if plans by the NWO and deep-state are stopped (just to be clear – which I want to stop) – it will not stop the unwinding of the humungous debt/derivative/USD funny-money Ponzi-scheme. Expropriating wealth from the elite or letting the French chop heads off again of aristocrats – is not going to solve the problem.
    The seminal derivative knock-on effect of the fiat-currency Ponzi is massive planetary human overpopulation – that would not exist BUT FOR decades of printed USD fiat currency that pumped up a synthetic/fake/debt economy (based on a demonic too-big-to-fail overpopulation scheme).

  75. pbd

    The current planetary population is now irrevocably critically dependent on and propped-up by continuing printing of USDs, growing debt and related derivatives (aka linked to continuing the Ponzi) – that finances the rapid ripping of resources from the earth’s crust, and poisoning our air, oceans, land and bodies – with industrial, big-AG and pharma chemicals, and nuclear waste.
    This activity is not sustainable and WILL COLLAPSE when the Austrian economic “crack-up boom” and ultimate debasement (collapse) of the USD currency happens – which will result in massive global human depopulation. Denial that there is not a fiat-currency created overpopulation problem on the planet – and accusing anyone who raises the question of “overpopulation” as promoting genocide is an unmitigated joke and akin to the brainwashed useful idiot identity politics played by those on the “left” (I think).

  76. pbd

    The overpopulation deniers – are simply advocating for a non-government/non-state sponsored genocide – aka advocating decision by indecision/ignorance/denial. I am against the NWO and DS but I am not going to lie to myself about the situation and pretend there is not a “manmade” overpopulation problem that is recking our beautiful God given planet – and for my part I will NOT demonize family and friends that have genuine concerns that are and have been ignored for decades by many on both the “left” and the “right”. The chickens are coming home to roost – and in the end we all will be judged for how much we each kicked-the-can-down-the-road and said not-in-my-back-yard.
    “Gaslighting” is a two-way street – and is otherwise the highway used by the DS/elite for “controlled opposition” of the little-people. In general, useful idiots on the “left” are gaslighting the right about CO2-based global warming, geoengineering, fiat currency central banking, gender, race, election fraud, freedom-of-speech, 2nd Amendment Rights, 911, Covid-jabs, and totalitarian technocracy etc. The “right” is gaslighting the left about the lack of impact humans have on the planetary biosphere, diminishing resources, pollution and overpopulation and a back-to-the-future plan (aka no-plan) etc. You choose – planned genocide or non-planned genocide! I am in the camp (I think) of live-free-until-we-die and the NWO/DS/elite can stick their plans where the sun-don’t-shine . . . .
    Best of luck all.

  77. Dan

    I like and respect Bill, but I believe that Jesus is going to turn the tables over again, like He did in the Temple, except on an Earth-wide scale.

  78. Stan

    I have been the only voice of reason among a sea of doomsters. The economy is going through a small hiccup and the usual suspects are calling for the end of the world. Folks, hold your dollars and have faith in out magnificent monetary system. The best days for the dollar are yet to come!

    • James Kolb

      You are not using your brain matter. Please give it another try!

    • Warren B.

      ….”have faith in our magnificent monetary system”……the same one owned by the Satanic Masonic International Bankers (aka ROTHSCHILD with their 157 Worldwide Banks)…?
      ….that allows their Banking Cartel to divest the Nations of the World of their wealth through their Money Magik PONZI scheme ?
      …to then give them the ability to control world economic activity?
      …..the same one that permits them to create endless amounts of fictitious FAKE money out of thin air to finance their plundering of the Earth’s natural resources whilst controlling those elected into “Governing” power as well as the Judicial arms?
      …..that also gives them permission to fund endless wars and profit from both sides of the conflicts ..?
      …..then to support their Propaganda machinery, Toxic Chemical programs, Depopulation schemes ?
      ….a system that incorporates the introduction of a Debt instrument (FIAT) that has enslaved every man , woman and child of Planet Earth?
      ……the one that firmly divides those that benefit from access to the Money Scheme…the truly Rich ……from the Proletariat ?
      …..that Monetary System….?
      You are a supporter of Satan if you have faith in their FALSE Money.
      You do not have ownership of your soul.
      Your faith is entirely misdirected.

    • Russ

      Current COT data supports a coming rally in the gold market right back up to the $2000 dollar level – http://www.321gold.com/editorials/chan/chan101822/3.png

    • robert f

      What kind of deluded troll is this guy?

      you remind me of the entire synagogue of satan

      run along you little demonic pos

  79. Arnold

    Ahhh, Greg, still under the Trump Spell I see.

    Has Trump disavowed the KillShot yet?

    Has he given any indication that he’ll seek retribution against the people who ‘tricked’ him?

    If him being a party to FASAB-56 & murdering potentially MILLIONS of Americans isn’t enough to (not to mention all the other damage his lockdowns caused) break your Idolatry of him then nothing will.

  80. Bill Holter

    The risk is only transferred, but does not exit the system

  81. Bill Holter

    sorry but no, just a guy who believes in God, rides a horse every day, drinks beer and has some common sense…

    • Truth

      Hi Bill,

      The financial system isn’t going to implode in the next 2-3 weeks.

      The elections will happen as scheduled.

      Gold is never going to $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 per ounce or whatever your “math-based” projections regarding the outstanding amount of money/debt in existence tells you.

      You’ll be back on USAWD in another 2 months preaching doom-and-gloom and falsely claiming “there is no supply of PMs” and if prices are down yet again you’ll say they’re “on sale”.

      Gold Bugs & Perma-Bears are utterly predictable and have been repeating the same spiel since 1971 to the woe of everyone who has taken their investment advice.

      Lucky for you that Greg Hunter loves Fearporn…

      • Guns N Rosaries

        Jim Willie said almost 6 1/2 years ago that the dollar will suffer a 3 stage failure…..a 30% drop in value with a 30% increase in prices, twice, followed by the dollar’s complete demise. We would then go to an American-only currency for in-country use. In January 2022 Willie said that by the end of this year we would see a digital currency installed…..Willie changed his view based on prevailing winds of change. A digital platform system was installed in the first COVID relief bill….Biden just passed an executive codifying such action…..the mechanism is in place to remove paper currency, and this on the 90th anniversary of FDR stealing gold money from Americans….if truth is fearporn, then I’m a subscriber.

    • William Wilhelm

      Bill, just want to thank you for the knowledge and information you have shared over the years. Does your wife still paint. Love when you showed her work. God bless.

  82. Manjusri108

    You’re missing the point! The real depopulation aspect of the vaccine is the decreased fertility of women, which we won’t see for years. They’ve decreased the sperm count of men, now it’s time for women. They think long term.

  83. francis m reps

    So many people are taking sides ; for; and against Donald Trump. The reality is simply the fact that Donald Trump did have plenty of opportunities ; and in spite of some of his decent actions….. he simply fell very short of his promises. No condemnation of the man is needed. We need to ignore him because his dramatic utterances were not really valid. Be kind to the man and Move on. Other ; more capable leaders are necessary. Yesterday’s hero ; and yesterday’s promises are in the past. Save your vitriol as well as your hope for the man. Trump is past history. Leave him in peace ; and move on.

    • Marie Joy

      Which politicians are as good or better than Trump? How many American politicians are NOT traitors?

  84. al

    Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair is a LARP huh? I thought so.
    I expect the mid terms to go without a hitch but then they will complain that the numbers will be skewed because the Republicans will destroy the democraps. After all, when you have an 80/20 win pro Republican, that’s going to be a big slap in their face (and well deserved).
    They will want a re-count and will call the elections fake. More lawfare and delays will follow.

    It’s going to be a mess. Let’s see what our true President (Trump) will do then because by all rights, he is our President. He still has the nuclear codes and is poking them constantly. It’s kinda fun to watch, but we’re going to have a rough election cycle… and I’ll be a Poll Worker. oh boy….

  85. virginia clark

    No one talks about WHY they ar doing the depopulation in relation to the money system.
    The governments worldwide are broke and cannot meet retirement and benefit agreements promised to democrat unions just to get the votes. Politicians never think long term. Tomorrow’s election is all that counts. So get rid of all those retirement rich seniors and reduce the number of reproduction age youth and children so they will not have more and the governments can rely on cheap, exploitable labor that they never have to give anything to. A good explanation also for why miscarriages are off the charts.
    And, get rid of military age men and women so when China invades and the illegals overwhelm us there are not enough able, fit bodies to fight back. And of course starving us to death is the cherry on the top. Science is finding out that these crickets and insects Bill Gates is in love with contain harmful microbes that are bad for humans
    You need a guest to get into this aspect of what’s really going on.

  86. Joseph Boudreau

    Wow! Catherine Austin Fitts and now Bill Holter both saying something nasty is around the corner, regarding the FED. It’s so nice to finally hear someone like Holter saying our wealth will be measured in ounces. I couldn’t agree more. The ‘Great Paradigm Shift’ is about to go mainstream! It actually gives me hope…
    Keep up the great work, Greg!

  87. Init

    Bill Holter is “The straight shooter.”. I have been reading him since he was with Miles Franklin. Thanks Bill.

  88. Steven Chandler

    Bunker Hunt believed in silver after Momar Gadaffi nationalized his Libyan oil field in 1973. He helped push it up to an all time high of $50 in 1979 because “he didn’t trust paper currency”. Sound familiar? That didn’t last. He had 200 million physical ounces stored in vaults in Switzerland, London and New York. He also lost his family farm due to margin calls. Silver went right back to sub $5. Bill sounds like Bunker did.

    After the Coinage Ace of 1873 (where the European nations and America all went to an exclusive gold standard at the same time), silver dropped from a fixed governmental subsidy of $1.29/oz to $0.245/oz by 1932. The silver democrats repeatedly attempted to get silver reimplemented as legal tender coinage and repeatedly failed until FDR. FDR reimplemented silver as legal tender only because of his backing from the silver democrats. The mint bought at artificial prices from 1932 on (i.e. new American mined silver purchased by the mint at $0.645/oz, all other silver purchased at spot of $0.445+/oz). Talk about a government subsidy to the mines. 50% over spot. BTW, all of this governmental silver buying broke China’s 1,000 year currency being backed by silver in 1935. Yea, currency backed by gold/silver can kill your economy. Just ask the Chinese in 1935 and the French in 1936.

    Jack Kennedy repealed silver as legal tender in 1963 because of industrial demand that didn’t exist in 1932. The price exceeded the pre 1873 $1.29/oz price. There was no longer a need for the mines to place silver democrats in office. Industrial needs drove higher profits than coinage. That’s why Jack dumped silver.

    As of Aug, 2022, (US Treasury Income and Expense Statement page 4) Social Security expenses account for 1.1 $T, Medicare 0.6 $T, retirement $0.8T, and retirement health benefits $0.8T. Personal tax receipts are $2.4T, corporate $0.3T. That’s $2.7 T income from workers against $3.3 T in expenses for people not working. Debt pales at $0.5T. IMO, this is the reason for the Scamdemic and kill shots.

    Silver is just another commodity Greg. You can’t eat it, smoke it, get to work in it, fix a leak in your house with it, or wipe your keister with it. Demonetizing it in 1873 just killed the farmers. The Wizard of Oz is is a reference to the Crime of 1873 repealing Alexander Hamilton’s 1792 bimetallic act. Don’t believe me? Ask Marty if I’m misrepresenting anything here. Backing currency with a metal has been a recipe for economic disaster. That’s why it’s not done anymore.

    Sell all your assets to buy a doorstop? It’s been done before, always with disastrous results.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you buying? Where are you invested?

    • Frank S.

      Your historical thesis covers history, not the present-day situation. The possibility looms for, not just a global depression, but worldwide calamitous chaos, and the end of megapolises and governmental control. Think of waking up in 1822, where “civilization” is reduced to agrarian collectives, fishing communities and ancient modes of commerce. Gold? Silver? These will serve the same purpose they did 2,000 years ago, as a currency of exchange for goods or services. Paper money won’t be trusted because there’s no banking system to honor it. Digital Currency is tough to access without an internet.

    • Really Awake

      Reply to Steven:

      I certainly do wish that more people were as thoughful and well informed as you.

      Silver isn’t really the magic bullet that kills the werewolf. Simply put, there are a lot of myths, wife’s tales, fairy’s tales, fables and Halloween story tellers out there which have lost people a lot of money by scaring the excrement out of them. And then offing a solution that was merely talking their own book, viz., selling gold and silver. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be a little scared. A rational, healthy fear is certainly appropriate nowadays.

      Personally, I own a stockpile of silver. And I don’t agree with you that it’s a “doorstop”. Even as hyperbole calling silver a doorstop is going too far IMO… Even Marty wouldn’t do that. To set the record straight Marty recommend buying U.S. silver coins minted 1964 or earlier as part of a comprehensive survival strategy…. And he did that long before the high premiums of today. Please underscore comprehensive, because a comprehensive plan is what’s needed to survive. There is no one magic bullet.

      Personally, I’m from the very rare Carl Menger von Wolfensgrün school of economics which is a very old, old school, indeed. In fact, I may be the only one on Earth left from that school. Carl Menger’s subjective theory of value is the only theory that properly explains why the value of money changes and why what is used as money changes. Time and space doesn’t allow a proper discussion on Menger, but his brilliant plan which allowed and guided the Austrian Currency Commission to switch from a silver standard to a gold standard has no equal to this day. Menger showed in real time that Austria could simultaneously use gold, silver and paper all as money. And Carl’s best essays and written work are still only in German and have never been translated into English and are difficult to come by. Suffice to say that the American Empire sure could use a monatary genius like Menger right about now and not the clowns who excrete nonsense out of their mouth. America needs genius in all fields right now. Instead, we have fools. It’s all part of the cycle.

      What am I buying? Cash. I’m 100% in cash in my trading accounts. Before that I was net short. I covered all of my shorts and took profits last Monday morning. And now I wait. Timing is everything.

      Gold, silver, food, water, guns, medical supplies and a well stocked old-school fallout shelter is my physical insurance policy. But in the end it’s not going to be secular skills and material goods or services that save me or you. It won’t be business, finance or money. It’s Almighty God who saves your soul. But that’s a different discussion altogether.

  89. Frank S.

    Saw a recent video showing charts from the London & NY silver vaults. Combined, they’re down to about 1 Billion ounces. One person with $20B could completely trash the outstanding silver contracts sellers are liable to reimburse. Not to mention, sending spot prices to the Moon.

  90. Jeffrobbins

    Bill is worried there will not be an election, but i contend there will be a lame duck congress and that will the time to see some whack-a-doodle bill get passed. One party can blame the other and the kick backs will flow. I think they get to keep campaign funds when they leave office?? Of coarse, expect some calamity to prompt the “Emergency Legislation”. It should dove tail with the legions of new IRS agents.

  91. Stan

    Holter is leaving Jsmineset? I think he is throwing in the towel after all these years of predicting doom & gloom. I’ve made a killing shorting gold this year and being long the US Dollar. This will continue to be a winning trade for many months to come.

  92. Coal Burner

    Thanks Greg: I always wait too hear form Bill.

    Bill, do it, get your website up. I traded emails with you several years ago, just two guys discussing some events of the day. People do not forget. Gregs site and one you make will always be on my list. New Mexico!

  93. Slvrwllwn

    If in fact the whole money system implodes in a few weeks as Bill Holter predicts, physical gold and silver will help make sense of things to a certain degree. Just be careful with who you deal with. Some people are untrustworthy and will follow you back to your stash to clean you out. As far as taxes go. Things will be so turned on their head it’s very unlikely that any real order will be in place to audit individuals. Be sensible in your dealings for real assets and not paper (currency) exchange for metal. Be your own bank. Good Luck.

  94. ulrich sherry

    Ripples XRP crypto currency has been designed to resolve this whole financial mess. I’ve studied the space for over four years. three hours a day. It is going to happen in the next few months….maybe weeks or days. As you say Greg…the implosion is imminent. This is the culmination of 20 years planning.

    • jenny q

      however, Clif High has rebuked XRP. Says it is Schwab’s WEF coin.

  95. WD

    Health Fitness Expert Who Said Use Him as Vaxx Role Model is Now Dead


  96. Bosco P. Horowitz

    Greg and Bill,

    this was an exceptional interview!

    Looks like Bill has been commenting on here (I think it’s really him). If so, Bill do you really think we’re at cataclysm’s doorstep? I’ve been feeling it for some time, but something DOES feel different…almost, as if it’s imminent. As you’ve said many times before, the whole system runs on credit…one’s wealth will be counted in oz’s, among many other pearls of wisdom. If gov gets even more gluttonous (if that’s possible), do you really think it’ll matter if someone has “the coin of the realm”? I find it hard to imagine that they’ll respect sovereign-minted coins/bullion, while having sticky fingers for foreign-minted ones. In other words, they can concoct some bullshit legislation that will hoover up anything they deem of value. Again, thank you for presence here on this episode! I always look forward to seeing you and having undivided attention.

    Greg, you’re killing me–where’s your tagline ending, “Prepare yourself…God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are all firmly in control”???

    singing the Shithouse Blues,

    Dr. Bosco

    • The Seer

      If confiscation happens it will be objected to. Even the CBs need it in their asset column. And, a country cannot confiscate another country’s money so in my opinion hold non- U.S. minted.
      Another point, when a stacker sells back to broker the payment is at spot. Those metals then go into the broker inventory. Why does the broker charge premiums a second time on them? The premium was already paid to the wholesaler.
      I have some to sell that a vault will verify and ship.

      • Bosco P. Horowitz


        yes, good points! Anyone with one neuron better object to it! I had the same thoughts on the Eagles, etc. versus another country’s bullion–in fact, I thought that was Bill’s position around 7 or so years ago. Now (for the past few years), he’s saying the opposite.

        When you talk about selling back to the broker, are you talking about all establishments, or just online dealers? I know for certain that LCS’s will buy back above spot in some instances. Also, the premium on the bullion is more or less the real price discovery (or at least closer to it).


  97. Peter

    Greg, you supporting Bill here with his upcoming new website is such a great gesture and an excellent move. Thanks for the interview. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy life. Enjoy friends. Enjoy family. Thank our maker. Bless you!

  98. Michele

    Bill Holter is one of the Greats.
    Please check out Monkey Worx yt channel from 10/19 very interesting. Aligns with Bills opinion that they are kicking the table over to deflect.
    Amazing times to be alive.
    God Bless you both.

  99. Carl

    Great interview Greg
    Bill Holter one of my all time favorites.
    The American economy is really resilient, and even I marvel
    that it has lasted this long when you see that it’s destruction is
    on Purpose. President Trump said we are at the cross road of
    Humanity which I whole hardly agree . The absolute printing
    of Trillions of dollars the inflation to erode the confidence of
    the dollar ect. Bill Holter has been a Beacon of Truth for those
    that will listen. Timelines are a unpredictable thing , but we
    have finally arrived. God willing we will survive .
    Thanks Greg and Thank you Bill

  100. Sam

    (This is Greg Hunter. I deleted your message to give you mine. You want to make big predictions and name call my guests, use a real name I can verify. It is you who are the chicken, and a coward might I add.

    • Sam I Am

      You deleted the post because it’s going to be embarrassing when Bill’s prediction of Financial Armageddon ocurring in the next 2-3 weeks turns out to be wrong just like all his previous predictions of Imminent Doom did. Goldbugs/PermaBears always say stuff like this!

      Also, I urge anyone reading this to go to ANY online seller of gold & silver coins–I assure you that you will be able to buy as many coins as you want. Again, Chicken Little Holter isn’t being honest when he says “there is no supply out there”.

      Holter sells PMs, so of course to him it’s always a “good time to buy”–just like a Realtor will tell you it’s always a good time to buy a house.

      If prices are up he’ll say “we’re only at the beginning of a Bull Market run” (so you should buy more!), if prices are down he’ll say “consider this a sale” (so you should buy more!), if you’ve lost $$$ on PMs he’ll say “count what you have in ounces not dollar” (so you should buy more!).

      Greg, I know you love FearPorn, but next time act just a LITTLE bit like a journalist when interviewing these Goldbugs/PermaBears & remind them of their consistently bad track record of always saying Financial Armageddon is right around the corner.

  101. Oscar Madison

    Liz Truss announces resignation as British prime minister
    After two months on the job, WAY TO GO GIRL!!

    When the stinking rats bail from the ship in the middle of the ocean you don’t need CNN to tell you whats coming next.

    She’s ten stories underground sipping Pina Colonics and whistling in the weeds.

  102. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Well, well, the U.K. Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has just been forced to resign after only 50 days in office. She of the giant cahones who was, “going to teach Putin a lesson!” WTF!
    Plus, the U.K. chancellor had to resign after only 38 days in office! Plus, the UK Home Secretary has been forced to resign over a breach of security. What a shitshow – Zimbabwe has a more stable government! IMHO, this shambles is all by design. The main political opposition, the Labour Party, is headed up by Kier Starmer who is a member of the Trilateral Commission!! Me thinks TPTB are angling for early U.K. parliamentary elections where their acolyte, Kier Starmer, will be propelled into power by a duped public. No doubt he will win such a large majority – the current administration having been shown to be totally incompetent – that he will declare a manifesto of rejoining the EU technocracy.

    P.S. After only 50 days as Prime Minister, Liz Truss will be rewarded with a yearly allowance of £115,000 p.a. for life! Oh vey!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Damn ‘auto-correct’! Oy vey!

    • Russ

      She was going to do a regime change upon Russia – instead the UK gets a regime change!!

      • PersonaNonGrata


  103. Clay Lane

    IT’S ON! Biden just moved us closer to war with China | Redacted with Clayton Morris /15 hours ago

    Ursula von der Leyen Under Investigation? The American Frontman Running the EU/ 1 hour ago

    Russian jet fires missile near British aircraft over Black sea; Moscow says ‘technical malfunction’/ one hour ago

    SMOLENSKY CEMETERY. Old 1738 Orthodox Cemetery of St Petersburg, Russia/ Baklykov. Live 25 minutes ago
    Smolensky Orthodox Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries, founded in 1738 on Vasilyevsky Island of St Petersburg, Russia.
    Historically, it was the place where they buried the people from Smolensk who came to build the new capital city of St Petersburg.
    Xenia [Lucy LawlesS? LOL!] of St Petersburg Chapel is located there right on the place where she was buried.
    Anna Pernikoff 12 minutes ago
    Wow! Such a beautiful cemetery! Great stories Sergey! Very much enjoyed it. Thank you

  104. Wadsworth Binghamton

    ❗Putin announces martial law | Russia holds defensive lines | Gen. Surovikin’s plan/Streamed live 23 hours ago Scott Ritter
    On episode 9 of the show we are joined by Vladislav Shurygin, an author, military expert and war correspondent. Member of the Russian Writers Union and a permanent member of the Izborsky Club.
    IF IF 15 hours ago
    Scott, you are the only one who brings Russian people for a conversation. This is so needed and truly appreciated!

  105. Lora

    Hi Greq
    The Biden Regime is treasonously providing billions of unaccounted, US tax payer money to the Zelensky’s Nazi Regime in order to perpetuate a war with Russia that will NOT end in peace. And the Biden Regime is doing so as our US borders, out of control inflation, economy and the American Republic are literally falling apart at break neck speed. Elon Musk suggested peaceful alternatives to end the conflict in Ukraine and was mocked by the Left and Zelensky’s regime for even suggesting peaceful alternatives. What I can’t understand is WHY in the world would Mr. Musk continue to provide his Starlink System to Ukraine, when to do so only continues to support the West’s proxy efforts to destroy Russia, and what remains of Ukraine and the stability of Europe, risking Nuclear War. Elon Musk is a very bright man, who I think understands that if Ukraine is perceived as winning by Russia, millions of people are going to die. And so I have to wonder if Elon Musk is being threatened in some manner to retain his StarLink System to Ukraine……

    • Fast Eddie

      Of course he is threatened Lora! They’re getting lower down the rung. Remembrr Trump said it. It’s really not him. They have to go through these guy’s too, Jones, Bannon, West, Hunter, Janda, ad nauseum. To get to us, the Ma and Pa, Kettles, us little people. Right now they still fear us and rightly so. But they want to terrorize us, per what Thomas Jefferson said. So we fear them.
      There are Robin Hoods out there, but we know. When all else fails, the big Kahuna, will finish the job! Keep the faith and hang together people, or we will all hang separately and desperately!

  106. Prospector

    Greg , or anybody , please explain it to me like I’m 5.
    Aren’t they all puppets ? You don’t get in power unless you are a ‘ made guy ‘ ( or Gal in Lizz Truss case ) Why is it so urgent to now remove her ?

    Not controllable enough ?

    ( I agree with PNG above that Tri-Lateralists / Tavistock ‘ers / Fabian club are behind the curtain somewhere )

  107. Toni

    Bill Holter is my favorite guest, he tells it like it is. I sure hope he will continue to be interviewed. Love you Greg

  108. Marie Joy

    This is what happens to a passive population. We deserve the government we tolerate.

  109. Rod Brumley Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate America Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Bill Holter timing has been wrong most of the time – but with that said I don’t disagree with any of his points. I feel the midterms will send the signal we are totally done with these Nut jobs that control all phases of our government. I feel the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling was made to lose the election for the Republicans – appears they miscalculated. The Epic Nightmare has begun and it is like you were pushed off the Cliff it takes time to fall to the bottom but it is a certainty. I have sold all my stocks / bonds and my rental properties. I have kept buying pre 1965 Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars – my goal is to accumulate another $1,000 face by Thanksgiving and $2,000 by year end – even with the premiums.
    They are the best for Barter purposes. Silver Eagles are well over $35.00
    In God I Trust

  110. Prospector

    Biden scolds energy companies to lower prices.

    Open source intelligence monitor @sentdefender explains that domestic energy companies will be needed to stabilize the markets. ( OSINTdefender – twitter ) . That gets me thinking ……

    With the constant , intentional drawdown of the SPR I’m thinking that the administration plans to ” Create A Crisis ” so they can then NATIONALIZE the energy companies , lock , stock, and barrel.
    ( Long time Communist plank — seize the means of production )

    This is why they don’t care about rhetoric or optics. Change my mind.

  111. Russ

    Here is an interesting piece of information for those living in the New York Region – FEMA personnel are advising their families to begin taking iodine pills – I guess these FEMA personnel are expecting Biden to “set something off” before the election so as to “cancel” the big defeat that is in store for the Demoncrats on election day November 2nd!! – https://israelinewslive.org/our-channel-yt/

  112. Lady Au Stackers United

    Re: you want to buy in your own realm as per interview.

    I’m just a small-time collector of Au and Ag coins, ingots. My experience in collecting from mints around the world and private mints as well is that it’s All Good. Bullion dealers and Certified Au and Ag businesses will buy back my coins and ingots regardless where they were minted. Even the once circulated Old World European coins are interesting pieces of history. Point is: Gold is Gold. And Silver is Silver.

  113. Randy Best

    Bo Polny’s mother of all events still has not happened. Gold and Silver still be smashed down, stock markets still elevated, the evil ones continue to be charge and God has not move his hand.

    • Greg Hunter


  114. Hamlet from Hamlet

    Nigel Farage knows what to do, yet very few listen. Britain, you will learn the hard way, when you are the minority outcasts in your own nation where your forefathers lived and fought for – for 50,000 years. Like everything else, Britain thrown it all away in exchange for a ton of foreign welfare garbage.

    You BRITS and THE AMERICANS soon will learn you can’t run an economy on borrowed money which is given freely to those that didn’t earn it.

    It pisses me off that I can no longer visit England because of the invader garbage dump people and the high young adult crime and redundancy ‘dole’ rate there. It upsets me to be surrounded by goldbrick lawless invaders, I also have it up to here with America since it became the destination for the 3rd world garbage dump people..
    Cotswold and Devon, I miss you. The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s A GREAT THANK YOU TO THE TRUE BRITISH PERSONS I’VE BEFRIENDED, we really had a terrific time there. But I know that is gone forever. To my English Rose, dear.

  115. Pete+only

    It is becoming more apparent every day, that the chances of a real energy crisis occuring very soon, (and for a manufactured one at that) demanding there to be “energy lockdowns” in order to fight undeclared wars going into the mid terms, with their strategic energy reserves being at all time lows.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if both Russia and the Chinese both make their moves at the same time, or the Chinese attacking Taiwan shortly after the U.S has committed much of their troops to Europe.
    The Chinese might also just choose to blockade Taiwan and wait it out, but we shall see.
    I have heard rumours of China attacking the U.S left (west) coast, during a Taiwan blockade, but anything is possible, as the Chinese economy, like that of the U.S is teetering. (When all else fails, they take you to war…)
    Remember, the real enemy are the Central Bankers, and they are the only ones standing to win in all of these events, and they would get to live another day, while killing hundereds of millions of people at the same time.
    Xi is now China’s leader for life. Apparently, he went into hiding several weeks prior to his appointment for life.
    We sure are living in interesting times.
    God please help us.

  116. Colleen

    I was watching IMF Trading with Lynette Zang . Her guest was Gregory Mannarino. He quoted you by saying “ People know the TRUTH when they hear it. I learned that from my friend Greg Hunter. I hope we are still friends. I haven’t spoken to him for some time. Anyway, he taught me that…people know the truth when they hear it! He’s right!”

    I thought it kind of him to say such a nice thing about you and wanted to share it wit you.

    Blessings to you.

  117. Neil

    Great interview as usual Greg ! I agree with Bill no midterms but for a different reason . I believe the Supreme Court will intervene and declare the 2020 election was fraudulently obtained by the Democrat regime and enemies foreign and domestic. Martial law will then be declared and President Trump will then assume his rightful position .

  118. john beasley

    Here is my question to Bill Holder: I am considering paying my property taxes early, in order to avoid the possibility the banks could go bankrupt and freeze the money in my checking accounts. Does that sound like a prudent course of action?

  119. John

    Why do you want coins from your own country? What difference does it make? Really? Is it 99% pure or not? Will Bill turn down people selling maple leafs especially after the market crash? Hell no he wont! It just doesn’t make sense. It is a false narrative. Who benefits from it? Dealers I welcome an explanation to show me in common sense how Im wrong. Just saying Well , people like that better, doesn’t cut it for me. Dealers can test the purity in a second. So after the crash… to quote hildabeast, at this point what difference does it make.

  120. James Ferrell

    Privite Only

    Just saw interview with Bill Holter.

    I am a msee and web app developer with decades of experience.
    I would be happy to help Bill get a website up.

    I don’t want any money or am angling for personal gain.
    Bill’s information to the world will help many people and I simply
    want to support that.

    Please do not make this post public.

    James Ferrell

  121. Youknow

    Pretty sure the scamdemic was also a way to quietly kill off pensioners so pension companies wouldn’t be found out to have swindled pension funds. My mother was all gun hoe about the jabs trying to get me to take them for a couple months or more last fall and the January she passed with blood clots in her legs, kidneys, lungs and head after suffering from a stroke. Her pension which was pretty good cuz she was taking cruises all the time before Covids will not be paid any longer.

  122. frank jeffries IV


    • Greg Hunter

      You must not come here often. I have called President Trump out many times. I ran a poll on it where 97% (300,000 respondents) said he must come clean on the injections, or they would not vote for him. It’s a huge f-up by Trump and I have said so. I also think he was hugely lied to and Dr. Birx has admitted this on FOX https://www.foxnews.com/media/dr-deborah-birx-knew-covid-vaccines-not-protect-against-infection . . .and in her book she admitted they made up the mask, distance and lockdown crap too. This is a huge get out of jail free card for Trump and he’s a fool for not playing it. He’s on the record as being “The father of the vaccine,” and he needs to be on record for being lied too. Trump can forget 2024 if he does not flip. He’s sitting there while kids are not being forced to be injected in public schools now. (The CDC just voted unanimously to include the death jabs in the school vax schedule.) Where is he on this issue?? Trump needs to say stop ALL shots NOW!!! What is he waiting for????????? This makes me not trust him. So, I feel your frustration.

  123. Greg D


    How about getting Scott Ritter on USAWatchdog? Or Doug McGregor?

  124. Analyst

    The monetary system is just a ‘Ponzi scheme; the debt could never be paid down and the architects always knew that. We cannot let these demons force everyone onto electronic money (cryptocurrency) while eliminating paper money. When that happens it will truly be game over. They turn off your digit$ if they don’t like what you’re exposing – as Aaron Russo explained to the world after trying to be recruited into the big-boys club by Nicholas Rockefeller; see video here: h t t p s://br-fr DOT facebook DOT com/100063767227472/videos/rockefeller-reveals-911-plans-to-aaron-russo/371055123870532/

  125. Walter Ambrosch

    Bill is right,
    The goose is cooked… stick a fork in it !
    Time to turn cash into assets.
    Anything you may need for the next year or two.

  126. TL

    Dow Jones has its best october in history and they still pump Gold and silver which are flat and down for the month.

  127. Sara

    great contextual interview! There is no math, auditors, or accounting ledgers. It’s just Poof the Magic Dragon! And it is Poof* due to the curtain being pulled back at FTX!

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