Whatever Happened to The “Audit the Fed” Bill?

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

Whatever happened to the “Audit the Fed” Bill?  (HR 1207)   You know, where “We the people” find out what the Fed did with trillions of dollars.  I for one would just like to know why the Fed gave a half trillion bucks to foreign  banks?  That’s a fact!   Some in Congress are trying to gut the legislation so we find out nothing.  What a surprise.  The Federal Reserve is like a vampire; it is sucking the country dry and it cannot live in the light of day.  Below is a great discussion on the stalled bill that aired late last week .  The clip is from MSNBC.  Enjoy… if it doesn’t make you sick.

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  1. George

    This is a Catch-22. I, for one, would love to know what the Fed Reserve did with our TRILLIONS but HR1207 will never see the light of day. Just like the so called Ethics Committee will never indict Rangle, Dodd and the rest of the crooks. Facts and evidence do not matter when your fellow crooked politicians have your back.
    On the other hand, if it is audited, it will show that we are bankrupt; the dollar will fall far and fast, and we will be in an economy that will make the old people long for the good ole days of the Depression. It might be worth the pain if it helps get us back on the path of a nation that spends within its means, that creates wealth by manufacturing and one that hold the politicians accountable.

    • Greg

      Right on brother!

  2. Fred Marsico

    It will take more of us to stand up for what is Constitutional and good common sense. Abolish the Federal Reserve and restore asset backed currency to the American people. Not backed by gold, but backed by silver and the GDP, and commodity reserves. Watch the price of gold drop and the dollar grow stronger!

    We have to educate and inform the people, with the limited resources all grassroots movement have, but we also have the power of the Internet.

    I will certainly follow your blog and trust you will be quoted on mine!


    • Greg

      You sound like good American. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Fred

    Auditing the Fed cartel is not necessary. We already know enough that we have a depraved economic structure. Auditing the Fed Cartel is really adding a second step into shutting the Fed down.

    The Federal government has proven incapable of handling the situation. The Federal Cartel owns our government. Obviously, the Federal Reserve Cartel has no incentive to give up its domination of the world wealth. It must be physically taken back under force of law or indirect action. Since we cannot count on representation from the federal government, the people will need to use indirect action. It really is a span of control issue. We the people need to regain control over our wealth. An option of state action might be what we have in reserve to act as a group. One state action would be to institute micro currencies at a state or regional level. A competing currency system might off set the depredations of our central bank masters. By having competing currencies we might have a protection of a check and balance in our economy.

    Likewise, control of the economic system would be closer to the people. The trick being, the people will need to be smart enough to run it. Obviously we have too; a central bank can’t do it right or fairly. History and current events are conculsive in this reguard. I doubt when the constitution was written that the founding fathers ever imagined the geographic and control issues that have since emerged.

    Absolute control over wealth corrupts absolutely. Printing more money (quantitative easing, quantitative counterfeiting) is stealing our wealth and lives from us.

    Just like other human faults like slavery and psychotic dictators, Nazi Germany, thinking the world is flat; the central bank concept of centralized power and wealth cannot last for mankind to move forward. The Federal (Reserve) Cartel has got to go.

    • Scott

      Kennedy gave us Treasury Notes five months before his execution by the powers that be. Andrew Jackson killed the central bank. End the Federal Reserve Scam! Ron Paul 2012! -Enough already!

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