WHO in Charge?, Nothing is Working, 2,000 Mules Proves Fraud

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 529 5/13/22)

The Biden/Obama Administration looks like it will cede U.S. sovereignty over to the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) in the next pandemic.  This will allow the Director General of the WHO to declare a health emergency or crisis at his whim.  Is the Biden gang this desperate coming into the Mid-Term election in November?  Will the WHO step in to rig another election via another plandemic?  The Dems look sure to lose a fair election with voters struggling with sky high inflation.

Everywhere you look nothing is working for the Democrat party.  Fuel prices are hitting one record high after another.  There are shortages in just about everything.  The war in Ukraine is not going well, and the sanctions on Russia are backfiring.  And yet, the Biden/Obama Administration keeps causing pain, and it looks like it’s being done on purpose.  Why?  Maybe they don’t have to have a wining election cycle to stay in power.  Maybe they have other plans?

The movie 2,000 Mules is out, and it made $1 million in a matter of hours.  Many say it proves massive ballot fraud in the November election of 2020.  Now, the so-called “fact checkers” are weighing in trying to tell everyone this is all a lie, but they don’t have much of a case.  I think the movie 2,000 Mules has been largely ignored by legacy media because they cannot disprove the election fraud, some of which is caught on camera.  Is Joe Biden an illegitimate President?  The filmmakers of 2,000 Mules say yes.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly news Wrap-Up for 5.13.22.

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(If you are having trouble seeing the video, unplug your modem for 20 secs to clear the codes that censor USAW content.  Also, try a different browser for the same reason.)

After the Interview: 

Biblical analyst of time Bo Polny, the man that correctly predicted the overturning of the Roe v. Wade historic abortion case, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.   He will tell us why the elimination of Roe v. Wade is so important for the future of America.  Polny will talk about many other current subjects as well.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Have a nice weekend Greg.
    Only conclusion is that an Evil & Demonic entity is ruling this world ans has been for thousands of years.
    We can crate whatever reality we want on Earth yet this existence is just awful for so many Humans.
    The current Election process here is a circus and the selected will prevail yet again.

    Stay strong, stay healthy and stay spiritually connected.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Money for Ukraine but not for Baby formula.


    • IIG

      We have entered “the baby formula rationing stage” of Biden’s Presidency (after his “stage one” energy shutdown and “stage two” opening of our borders) – from November 2021 to the beginning of April 2022 Biden’s baby formula shortages reached 31% – which was beginning to be a huge cause of concern to all the Mothers who have recently brought new life into the world (against the wishes of the evil eugenicists who really wanted them to abort their babies) baby formula inventories had successfully been driven down 17% on an annual basis by January 2022 – but I guess that was not enough for the Demonrats – so the FDA recalled three brands of baby formula in February – “supposedly after finding traces of bacteria” (just like they ordered the killing of millions of chickens after supposedly finding “traces of bacteria” ) – starvation is just another means to control us humans – our need for food makes us “hack-able animals” (and Horror-e and the Globalists will use starvation to control us until they can transform us genetically into robots) !!

    • Chip

      What could $40 billion buy the United States? A desalination plant for converting salt water to fresh water cost about $1.4 billion dollars…


      The US is in dire need of fresh water to support her population. $40 billion dollars could build almost 30 desalination plants enough for a dozen each on the east and west coasts and another six in the gulf of mexico.

      We can’t even keep baby formula on the shelves. WTF is our government doing WITH OUR MONEY????

      • Anthony Australia

        Why don’t they just print enough money and make every human in the whole world happy?

      • Patrick Cook

        Much respect Chip, I further question how we carry $30 trillion in debt, expecting goods in exchange for yet more debt.

    • healdog

      What happened to woman’s breast feeding. There is no shortage of mothers milk . Don’t need formula . Don’t give them power over your life. These conveniences are for the spoiled.

      • Greg Hunter

        If they have been vaxed they can poison the baby.

        • greg

          I love your show and your devotion to Our Father God and Christ or Savior.
          I ask that you do some personal investigation into Chlorine Dioxide (CDS)… Trumps magical disinfectant that not only cured C19 in Columbia, Mexico and other South American countries… but cures malaria, cancer, and nearly every disease, virus, parasite, fungus, mold, while safely oxidizing harmful toxins and heavy metals, re-oxygenates our blood and enhances our immune system.
          Recently the German propaganda media reissued new urgent warnings on how dangerous this is to use. (Maybe because it destroys and detoxes graphene hydroxide and eradicates the spike protein contamination in and from the vaxxed as well as re-oxygenates and de-clots the blood
          A recent Brian Stone PDF research paper said CDS is not a cure to a disease but a solution to them all… an incredible and inexpensive biocide used for decades that NASA called a universal antidote. that is safe to remove pesticides from our produce, purify our swimming pools and drinking water. protect our top bioweapon research labs but according to our MSM and CDC too dangerous to drink… real science says different
          how can something used worldwide for water and produce purification be too dangerous to drink!!! more likely it would single handedly destroy and make obsolete the entire for-profit pharmaceutical industry cartel.
          must watch: theuniversalantidote.com
          also review: mmsinfo.org
          and read Brian Stone PDF: DIY with Chlorine Dioxide health guide using Cl02 in the home

          May God Bless, Protect and always be with you – GMan

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Greg.

  3. Warren B.

    Would it be conceivable that this episode in history was planned well in advance?
    I am referring to the circumstances that America (and the World for that matter) is experiencing as a direct result of not only the fake PANDEMIC but also the FAKE WAR and the corresponding sanctions (backfiring?).
    Take Globalisation for example. It apperaed that the 70’s was an opportune time to shift manufacturing bases (based on home soil) to overseas factories (China). We know international trade has existed in earnest since 14th Century….but the manufacturing bases for the production of Goods was predominantly domestic (then later exported). The transition to becoming a consuming Nation offered many benefits without due consideration of the untold shortcomings.
    But what if that was all by design…knowing what we know now about the ability of West (OUR) Governments to impose SANCTIONS on those that do not conform…thereby interrupting manufacturing/production processes and downstream supply chains.
    The PLANNED DEPENDENCY on those Nations that hold key broadbased manufacturing sectors – allowed those architects and engineers who conceived these plans – to cause intentional disruptions when required to ….having a material affect on the ability to not only produce but to also provide supply to the end consumers. It is not impossible to comprehend that deferring our supply dependency to offshore partners would allow , at any given time, a halt to…..for whatever circumstance was constructed (WAR + PANDEMIC) any and all production / export of key materials, food items and energy. Such a dynamic would surely have been tabled at numerous meetings between Heads of State / Boards/ Snr Government Officials. They, through any number of Risk-Benefit Analysis models, would have discovered the inappropriateness of having offshored the majority of our key dependencies. When seen through this lense – one may conclude that the recent actions of the Political Parties of the “West” in conjunction with those of the “East” were (with a high probability) designed to allow them to incrementally institute oppressive restrictions to force even greater sufferring. Did they plan to use the knowledge of having manufacturing / energy / food dependencies offshore – the same ones they knew they could interupt when the time was appropriate?
    How is it only now we are all coming to the realisation that Russia and Ukraine are key Energy and Grain Exporters and that China is the World’s manufacturing base and how key dependencies are evident in each of those as well.
    My summation is that Globalisation was never about Economics or Profiteering. It was a key plank to instigate a NWO + OWG. Some would say it may even be associated with the making of a Fascist Corporatocracy. I have tried to connect a few more dots and make sense of this diabolical scheme that is unfolding. Nothing surprises me anymore about the lengths they will go to.

    • IIG

      “What if it was all by design” – “What if these Demonrats have planned our destruction well in advance” – to not only “Bring back a pandemic, depression, race riots and gas lines” – but to insidiously dope out water supply with fluoride, remove iodized salt and replace it with bromide infused drinks “To dumb us down and spray the air with aluminum chem-trails to give us dementia” – and thus “Make it easier for them to euthanize us” (like they’ve already done to our fetuses and babies “who have been born”) – and with their Story Time gay queer lesbian transgender program in our schools have gone after our children so they can’t reproduce – and now with their “jab” have injected 3/4 of the World population with a spike prion that will “Bidenize” them all – then they will have the WHO declare that World Health Organization “for the public good” (because our Health Care System can’t handle or take care of so many millions of demented people ) that we will have to bite the bullet and begin setting up “Euthanization Centers” to abort “the demented” (the way they now abort fetuses) – and thus achieve their Satanic goal (clearly right in our face chiseled in stone in many languages on their Guidestones in Georgia) that they want to Euthanize and kill seven(7) Billion people – and do “a Holocaust upon the entire World” a thousand times more egregious then what Hitler did to the Jews!! – and people are in such a poison chemical and “jab” induced mind fog – they will soak like a frog “in a nice warm tub” that slowly drains them of their will – and they all die without any resistance – depopulating the Earth for Horror-e, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and the Rockefeller, etc., etc. controlled Corporate Cabal who want planet Earth entirely for themselves!!

      • Ross Rain

        Please consider. i Earl Grey.com. Posted 13 th May 2022. They planned it all. Thankyou from a Fellow Truthspeaker. Also. Catherine Austin Fitts ,# 51@ Jorn Luka.com.

    • David Finchum

      Yes. It is all planned. Just as Agenda 21 and Event 21 have shown us. I write about here. It will help you understand a little more and it is biblical.

    • David Bagley

      Trump is cabal

  4. stanley

    and…….I actually thought that TRAITORS to America are Executed……after a speedy trial, of course…..

    • IIG

      Guess this mean that the Jan 6 “trespassers” (are not traitors) – as all these American Flag waving people now held in solitary confinement – have not been given a speedy trial – nor executed !!

      • stanley

        You Guess WRONG…you must be Politically Correct I Guess

  5. Russ D

    “The Biden/Obama Administration looks like it will cede U.S. sovereignty over to the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) in the next pandemic”

    If that illegitimate POS in the White House does this he has broken the LAW and MUST be removed by impeachment or forcibly removed by the 2nd Amendment!

    Article II Section 2

    ” He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”

    • Valerie

      The Obiden Regime is illegitimate, destructive, and traitorous!!!!! Things are getting worse by the day!! I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone!!! I’m prepping and praying – especially for peace and NO NUCLEAR WAR!!!!!! God help us!!!

    • Frank D2

      Sadly Russ, the RINOs in Congress will never Impeach Biden (Obama). If we the people don’t take matters into our own hands, nothing will change.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Frank,
        Yes – but who?
        Many Vets have seen the light and have awakened to the ugly truth that they were not so much instruments of extending democracy, but were deployed as muscle for the cabal. Little wonder that, as a group, they are afflicted by the highest suicide rate in the US. In general, Vets are loyal to each other more than to the authorities. They have combat experience and the majority own firearms. That’s why TPTB hate the Vets and systematically debilitate them in a Vets-only third rate ‘medical care’ system.
        Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • David Finchum

      No. Sovereignty will be ceded before the next pandemic on 5/22. That way they can prepare forces before the next pandemic, financial incentives and boots on the ground. You are living in WROL, without rule of law, situation. The Constitution is officially dead Jan 20, 2021. We are living in a pure law and order situation, absolute serfdom is our guaranteed future if we keep complying.

      • Russ D

        The Constitution died January 20, 2009!

        • Greg Hunter

          No, it did not Russ. Maybe you are just giving up. Don’t giver up. That’s what evil wants.

  6. Robert Coleman

    BE PREPARED – – American REFUGEES to Escape Collapsing CITIES – – – brighteon DOT com/be1d5e3a-9920-4508-869c-5a50d4040bc7

    • Kevin

      Thank you Greg! Love watching your videos. You are the best! One of a kind! My Man!

    • cousin vinny

      The Constitution will not allow this to happen without a vote of the people. They can try but soon this will explode into civil unrest. You can take that to the bank!

      • The Ogs

        This is not true! The American constitution has been castrated and emasculated (circa 2001). It is no longer what the American people believe it to be…

  7. Linda Majors


    Thanks for alerting your viewers to Biden ceding our sovereignty to W.H.O!

    Unfortunately, we may not be able to stop that amendment. Biden and his globalist Puppet Masters do not care what Patriotic Americans want. We are ignored, despised, and labeled “terrorists.” Illegal aliens have more rights than Americans. They have more freedoms than Americans. Our laws do not apply to them.

    Dr. Naomi Wolf doubts that we can stop the amendment. She advises stocking up on food, and getting armed. (Ref. interview on Steve Bannon’s warroom, 5.12.22.)
    During the interview, Dr. Wolf talked about how Trudeau (P.M. of Canada) brought in gangs of hired thugs to attack and crush the peaceful truckers in Toronto. Trudeau did not use the police, nor Canadian military. He brought in gangs of masked and hooded thugs to attack the truckers. Dr. Wolf doubts that they were Canadians.

    Further, Dr. Wolf believes that the thousands of “military age” illegals being allowed to invade America, and transported by the Biden regime throughout our country, will be used to crush Americans who resist the Globalist takeover. It is my understanding, that the Biden regime won’t use our military, or law enforcement, they will use the illegal alien invaders (many are known terrorists) to wage war against American citizens. (Note: Dr. Wolf was a Democrat until she began to see what Big Pharma and the Biden regime were doing to Americans.)

    Ref. James Roguski. He was the man who first alerted us to the Biden amendment ceding sovereignty to W.H.O. Suggested links: http://www.interest of justice.org; stop the WHO.com. http://www.breggin.com (Dr. Peter Breggin)


    • IIG

      It is almost hilarious how the Globalist’s are bringing their Illegal Army “of young fighting age men” across our southern border and positioning them in strategic locations throughout the US – and our “bought off” US Military (looking for a nice consulting job with a Globalist Corporation upon retirement) do absolutely nothing (just like on 9-11)!!

      • Ross Rain

        The Kalergi Plan ?

      • Linda Majors

        You are right, IIG. Our fighter jets were ordered to stand down during the 9.11 attacks. According the a young officer assigned to the “war room” was interviewed and he said that during the attacks, he asked Cheney several times if the order for “stand down” could be lifted. Dick Cheney angrily swung around in his swivel chair and exclaimed, “The order still stands!” (Our fighter jets were never allowed to scramble and take out those terrorists.) I heard the young officer interviewed a couple of times and then never heard about him again. He was probably “suicided.” I believe we have some very evil people in powerful positions running our government. Now we’ve got Cheney’s daughter carrying on the tradition, and the globalist, George “W” is campaigning for that wretch. Unbelievable!

    • David Finchum

      As everything comes crashing down all Biden has to do is blame his political opposition and guarantee paychecks for military and law enforcement, and they will go along as to not end up like the others. Remember, we are living in a time where people have put their family above their country.

    • David Finchum

      Thank you for alerting me to that Naomi Wolf interview. Just watched it.


      It is refreshing to see more and more people on the alt-news sites identify that we are in a war that will not be won in the ballot box or court room. I see this awakening happening more and more with the right who keep telling others they need to wake up, when the reality is that us on the right need to wake up and stop living in denial. It’s interesting to see the same process had to take place with the Founding Fathers, as evidenced when one reads the Declaration of Independence. Have a blessed weekend.

      • Claude

        BTW. Gonzalo is from Chile not Argentina

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Thanks David. Every watchdogger should click the link you provided and listen to what Niomi Wolf is saying. The situation is critical and the time to ACT is now!

  8. Martin Coombs

    Love you Greg. God bless America , please understand the gates of hell will not prevail means nothing other than , At the end of all what is coming &will come ( the ac & the tribulation) Jesus comes & rules & reigns. The world will embrace anyone who comes & gives them justice to all that’s been happening & as the Word says he will come . Don’t be deceived , they are bringing it down on purpose ( not bad decisions) it’s all by design. Keep praying put ALL your faith unto one, the only one Jesus is the way the truth & the life ( don’t be deceived) the one WHO is coming is the deception with all lying signs & wonders

    • wayne hardin

      Roe vs Wade will not be the only thing being over turned / it will have to look like
      we are winning so that if it were possible the elect would be deceived .
      As long as satan can keep people living in sin he is happy .
      Because the battle is for the souls of men .

      Wayne Hardin .

  9. Vincent.

    Greg, remember we are in charge and not The WHO, we all must say NO to this medical tyranny, and we’ll overcome this. I enjoyed your interview with Peter Schiff during the week even though he said last year that he supported employers mandating the jabs for their employees on an Instagram live show. God bless you. Vince in London.

  10. Really Awake

    Puppet Biden and those pulling his strings are collectivists. As such they want to centralize power. The ultimate centralization will be created within The United Nations. Collectivism is their religion. The United Nations is their Vatican. And the unseen forces of evil is what inspires the collectivists. Satan is their god.

    The WHO is just another means to an end, i.e., collectivism. The Ukraine War is also a means to an end, i.e., more collectivism. Collectivism is what drives the major powers of America, Russia and China. And in case in has escaped your notice collectivists are evil. Wickedness is their defining characteristic.

    Remember the scripture? ” no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”… Collectivists disguise themselves as altruistic. Remember that word: altruistic…. Remember that word because their altruism is always a disguise – just like their father the Devil disguises himself.

    By their fruits you will know them. And what are the fruits of collectivism? War. Starvation. Civil unrest. Godlessness. Depravity. Demented morality. Millions more aborted (murdered) babies. Lab created plagues. Inflationary Depression. Economic collapse. Malthusian die-off. Kafkaesque Big Brother Government. And so on and so forth…

    Collectivism never ends well. It ends in democide. And the reason it ends in democide is because demonism is what drives it.


    • IIg

      The reason Lucifer is called the “Angel of Light” – is because God the Father threw him into the “Lake of Fire” (our Sun) for being Evil – I think all the Demonrats on Earth (who worship Satan) should at least “double check” on their orders to exterminate humanity – I think $40 Billion is not too much to spend on a big rocket to send them all to the Sun to consult with their Master (as we just spent that much money to help some queer Nazi) – so I think it is very appropriate for the Demonrats to at least “double check” and “make sure” that “their extermination plans are in order” – and whether they should proceed to do it quickly with a Nuclear War – or more slowly with the “jab”!!

  11. Roger Stamper

    thumb up have a good weekend

  12. Susan Atkins


    June 2020 article

    A new and better breast milk alternative has arrived, and it claims to be helpful for the environment as well. The U.S. firm, BIOMILQ, is artificially producing human breast milk from cultured human mammary epithelial cells to be commercially available to consumers.

    The start-up company has received $3.5 million from an investment fund that is co-founded by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg. The fund was established to help prevent the ill effects of climate change brought about by carbon emissions.

    • David Finchum

      Thank God all these billionaires are coming to our rescue. And I mean all.

    • IIG

      Is this where all the breasts went – that women and young girls were convinced to cut off (to prevent cancer or make them into transgenders)?? – could it be this baby milk shortage is simply a way to create demand for this Bio Milk firms baby formula – and show huge profits (before listing them on the Stock Exchange to make Demon-rat investors rich)??

    • IIG

      No matter how you spin it – Gates “has boobs” – https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/bill-gates-transitioning-breasts/ – perhaps he should breast feed a few kids to show how he is trying to save lives (as he secretly plots “to kills us all”)!!

  13. Howie

    Greg, I can’t wait until the Bo Polny segment is on tomorrow. He is my favorite. I hope you ask him about gold. He has said gold would go off the charts. So far, gold is in the dumps. About $1,815 or so.

  14. William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

    Greg. Thank you for your efforts. May I ask the name of Dominican or Franciscan brother who was an anthropologist and had an interest plagues. It was something like Bortolio. also when did you post his youtube presentation.

  15. Astraea

    Greg, I was just wondering whether you wouild consider having Elon Musk on.
    I like him. He is not the anti human fool that some seem to think he is. Just hope he gives up on such silliness as desecrating the Moon!

    • David Finchum

      Musk wants to put a chip in your brain and connect you to the internet so you can be tracked and manipulated with his satellite system he is putting in place. Please don’t forget that. But yes, Greg would be the interviewer that would actually ask him real questions.

  16. Don Wohlers

    I like what you cover each time but I also want you to know that five of us did and 18 week study back over 40 years ago, just after the Trilateral Commission was started, about them and the Council on Foreign Relations. Today, if you try to find much about them, it is not the same as they have dropped showing the membership of most of the people of each of these but it is the RICH people of the world that are members of the TC and the RICH people of the Americas that are members of the C on FR. IT IS THE C on FR THAT ARE IN CONTROL OF THIS NATION TODAY. Not the president or the senate or HR. Now members of those have members in the TC and C on FR like the speaker of the house and the leader of the demo senate. But also the RINO of Utah and the Bush family and many members of both parties. That is why we do NOT see the Republicans getting anything done to stop this. By they way, all the others that were in my study have passed away and with the Lord, I was the young guy in the group and today I am 87, shortly to be 88.

    • David Finchum

      Thank you. Trump had more CFR members in his cabinet than Obama. They are Hillary’s favorite directors. It makes more sense now.

  17. Bob McCarron

    Gonzola Lira is a Chilean national, Greg, (not Argentinian.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob.

  18. Tom mcLaughlin

    Bo Polny said back in 2019, we are entering a new era in 2020. He pointed to April 21 2020 when oil crashed to negative, and his Noah time lines hit on every date afterwards and the Red Sea timelines hit also with key events happening.
    Bo (and you too Greg) are like EF Hutton, when you speak, I listen!!

  19. Jerry

    Greg & Friends,
    This is what you have to look forward to when Biden hands authority over to the WHO on the 22 of May.

    Make no mistake, this is a back door handoff to the globalist to accomplish agenda 2030. We already know what medical martial law looks like. We’ve already been through it, but this time many segments of our population have accepted it as the new reality. Yesterday I saw people willingly wearing a mask in 90 plus degree heat when they didn’t have to. Pavlov would be proud. You can’t even condition a dog this good. Why now? Hint check out what’s going on in Shanghai right now. My wife’s niece who lives in Shanghai has been locked down in her apartment for almost a month. They bring food to her door, because they are not allowed on the street. Could this be a beta test for us? I’m not saying it is, but I will remind you the whole covid19 global scam was imported by China. Wuhan was the testing ground. And now they’re setting the stage again for the next wave now that millions of people have had their immune systems compromised with the mRNA bioweapon. Pray.

    • IIG

      Your are so right Jerry – Gates is smacking his lips and rubbing his hands in gleeful ecstasy anticipating the next bio-release – how about we remove him from our planet before he gets his gollies off – and shoot him into the Sun aboard a Space-X rocket!!

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur Wuhan was the testing ground but the virus was likely created here and produced in Ukraine. There are over 20 DoD funded biochemical research labs in Ukraine.

      Why so many?

      I suspect they didn’t want to mix up the DNAs in a programmable super virus.

  20. antoinette dawson

    Fear not, zombie nation, Bill Gates has an artificial breastmilk ready to go. I kid you not.

  21. Don Wohlers


  22. John Pick

    ICYMI: Mike Adams and Steve Quayle were talking this week on Brighteon. One interesting point talked about was why Obiden kept saying that we need a “70% Covid vaccination rate”.
    Mike and Steve cited that if we had reached a 70% vaccination level then 95% of us would have been sickened and died from the 70% fully vaccinated shedding their Covid 19 Spike Protiens on the other 25% non Covid vaccinated citizens
    Greg, you are the Best. Thank you for being here and may God Bless and Protect you and yours going forward.

  23. David Brownallen


    Steve Quayle with Mike Adams. The topic is mass extermination.

    • tim mcgraw

      David Brown Allen: thanks for the link. I will watch it.
      My question to you is:
      “Do you like the human race? Do you like being human? ”
      If you answer “Yes”, then I would ask you why?
      If you answer “No”, I would also ask you why?
      If you put the pluses and minuses of the human race on a spreadsheet;
      Which side of the ledger would have the winning argument?
      I personally go back and forth on this ledger of pluses and minuses regarding humans.

  24. slindung

    Greg, As I understand this WHO thing, the voting takes place in a week or two by our unelected representative and we have 6 months to rescind the country’s vote. Our constitution states that the Senate needs to vote on this amendment so clearly Biden has yet violated another law. Also, Tredos, the head of the WHO is a marxist and is a supporter of China, this is bad. Please go to http://www.Breggin.com for more information and also http://www.stopthewho.com for actions you personally can take to make your concerns known.
    It is clear the Commie-crats are determined to destroy our country and in record time.
    Hold on to your seats this summer as this is just the beginning of the Commie-crats fury.
    Pray and have faith, this is all part of God’s plan.

  25. Dan

    Wasn’t Trump the one who declared a state of emergency for no good reason?

    • IIG

      Yep!! – He could have saved many millions of lives by not signing that prescription for an ungodly death by so many people who took the “jab”!!

      • Dan

        I find it amazing that—on the Conservative side—Trump’s name almost never comes up in relation to the lockdowns, KillShots, inflation, economic devastation, etc.

        Trumpers have become as blind & delusional as Obama-worshippers!

        • Greg Hunter

          Not true Dan. I conducted a poll where nearly 300,000 said they would not vote for trump unless he came clean on the shots. I personally have criticized trump many times right here on UDSAW. You obviously are a paid troll and do not read or listen to this site.

          • Dan

            Greg, Trump is still filling up stadiums & is still a strong bet to win the 2024 Republican nomination for President.

            The FACT that he is still so popular proves my point.

            Your criticisms of him are incredibly muted and you routinely say that you “like him”, so don’t give me any more baloney about the subject!

            • Greg Hunter

              I like Trump for a lot of reasons. My main criticism was he was giving very deadly advice about getting vaxed. I am sure he has awful advisors telling him the vax is a good thing, but the science, experts and the numbers of dead and injured say different. My job is to inform “We the People” with accurate information. Trump was telling people to kill and injure themselves with the vax. I work for “We the People” not Donald Trump. He needed to hear the truth, and have you noticed he has stopped talking about the vax?
              All that said, I hope he gets back into the White House because it is clear, Trump won the 2020 Election in a landslide if it were not for all the many forms of voter and election fraud.


              • Dan

                Greg, Does President Biden get a pass because he’s senile & has ‘bad advisors’ or does that excuse only work for DJT?

                No more baloney, buster!

  26. Cheryl

    Where are you finding recent G Lira reports? He stopped posting on his y/t channel approximately three weeks ago.

  27. Dave

    I stopped at a tire store yesterday – cannot get tires put on car till next week BECAUSE – only the owner and his son are not sick — the rest of the employees – all 5 – ARE sick w/ COVID.

  28. Matt Brinck

    I sure cant wait for real Godly Spiritual news to come out that will make all Fundamentalist Christians Heads Explode…We live in exciting times and those who feel the only path is thru Jesus our going to have their heads explode much more than Karens head did. God is God and Jesus was a man who did what every man can do. Raise his Chrism Oil and Kundalini to achieve Purple Rain! If everything is manipulated by the controllers don’t you all think they would manipulate the bible? 777 books to the current 66 isn’t clueing you all in? Worshipping someone who was sacrificed eating their body and drinking their blood is Satanic! Do you actually think our good God would actually require a sacrifice? Only Satan would, does!! The cabal has turned all Christian religions into Satanic Worship! Period! You need a sacrifice?

    • David Finchum

      Communion is not a sacrifice. It is symbolic of the last and only sacrifice made by God Himself. It’s called Communion to show appreciation for communing with Him. Keep it simple man. We are the sacrifice unto Good works rather than evil toward our fellow man.

    • eddiemd

      You should get back on your medicines.

    • Charles H

      ,YES, I need a sacrifice. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission (of sin). God Himself, Jesus Christ the Lord: shed His blood for me. You can double-speak all you want; and cast dispersions against God’s Written Holy Word, the Holy Bible. The eating and drinking of blood and body is SYMBOLIC – a mechanism to bring identification to its’ highest personal level. You discredit Jesus Christ from being God Himself: therefore you cannot attain to the Truths revealed in God’s Word. All you do is try to qualify what many take to be errors, when falsities is all that can be latched onto. Your tearing-down of Christianity and rant are only a big fish. Christians will stand well with God the Creator. You, on the other hand – will not.

  29. walter johnson

    Mr. Lira is a Chilean expatriate who has lived with his family in Ukraine’s second largest city for decades and I believe he considers it home.
    He’s a self made man of some wealth and he was happy with Ukraine as a vassal state to Moscow. He wants peace at all costs and he stated that Russian tanks would roll through his city in 48 hours and it would be the best of all possible worlds bending the knee to the old autocratic man appointed for life in Moscow. Granted this view is based on years of viewing his podcasts only so that is my sources. Ukraine had detained Mr. Lira with some sort of gag order and I believe he and his family is safer that way than hiding from the destruction of Russian bombardment.

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg, What may be coming down the ‘virus’ pike as we get closer to election time = and what might help those that get it and what might help those with past ‘innoculations’ ?.

  31. Patricia B McGee

    Half the reason I listen to your Friday weekend wrapup is to be reminded of just who is “firmly in control.” Thanks for that constant reminder.

  32. Pamela Hankins

    I don’t understand. Roe v Wade has not been overturned at all…it hasn’t even been turned back to the States yet. It would be a true marvel that if and when it is turned back to the States they would do anything but make it worse as we see in the expressed desire of both CA and MD to allow the killing of a baby up to two months after its birth! I think you are jumping the gun here relying on the word of Polny, who is only looking at cycles (?). AFTER it’s all gone down, THEN report on it.

    • IIG

      If it is turned back to the Demonratic States who have Death Panels to kill off the old people (that “they” consider useless eaters) – they will most likely set up “Death Panels” to kill all the new born babies “they” consider to be “useless baby food eaters” – claiming that by doing so – there will be enough baby food to go around – however – Biden and the Globalists are blowing up our food processing centers at such a rapid rate baby food supplies will likely head “to zero” – thus making the reduction of Earth’s population “a guaranteed slam dunk” for the Demons!!

      • tim mcgraw

        IIG: As an elderly person in Sonoma County, California; I can attest to your statement that the Democrats who run this state want my wife and I to die. We are too sick to move to a free state.
        So we await our fate.
        I just hope that Gov. Newsom gives us some good drugs on the way out.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi IIG,
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that human babies were able to thrive for millennia before the invention of ‘formula’. Unfortunately, women were easily persuaded that they needed to pursue careers in order to be free – a ruse to double tax revenue! Now, both parents have work to sustain a family and mothers have no time to breast feed. As Covid conformists have amply demonstrated – how STUPID we humans really are. So easily duped by those who would rule over us . . .

  33. Fred Engel

    They left will cheat/lie, when they can’t compete.

  34. Susan R

    I have been getting ready for a while now and recently realized how exhausting it is. This conversation renewed my focus and gave me appreciation for all the work I have been doing. On another hand, I mourn for us all. I see in my own family there is no will to “go there” and see where we are headed. Diabolical comes to mind so your closing Greg, “The gates of Hell will not prevail” lifts me up. That is the single best message.

    • David Finchum

      Keep going. If people admit there is a problem than they are responsible for solving it. Therefore, there are people who will never admit there is a problem.

  35. Robert F

    God Bless all here, and this country,

    Nothing more to be said Greg in my opinion its all been said, over and over, as you are showing with your coverage over the last few years.

    Something has to give, it feels like being stretched more and more and more, until snap, the inevitable.

    Hope everyone has the best day ever! Not much else to say

  36. Pamela Hankins

    Greg, consider the idea that ceding our sovereignty to the WHO could result in disrupting the midterm elections. They wouldn’t have to find a way to cheat ‘better’, they’ve just managed to bypass the need to cheat altogether. I’m just wondering if this nation will see another Presidential election ever again 🙁

    • IIG

      It would have to be a very nasty bio-weapon that Gates releases (to keep everyone locked in their homes for months) forcing everyone to mail in their paper ballot – better have sufficient food stored away to survive a few months lock-down beginning right before the coming election!!

  37. Diana Brown

    Excellent documentary by Dinesh D’Souza. Encourage everyone to watch. What is not discussed, in any depth, is the “non-profit” entities that coordinated the dissemination of the ballots nationwide. That surprised me. They all should be revealed without compromise, for all to see.

    We all know 11/2020 election was stolen. Seldom do we consider the down ballot impact to each of us. In WA state a governor and a person named Maria Cantwell was supposedly reelected. Were they? More importantly, why do we expect future elections to be any different than 11/2020? In WA state all ballots are mail in and have been for years. We have discovered the method of HOW they obtain power, and keep it, for decades. Next phases is conducting truly free and fair elections of the people and prosecutions for the imposters.

  38. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    Love your work. A fan from Holland.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Wim!

  39. andyb

    It has now become patently obvious that the US is being purposely and methodically destroyed from within by members, both R and D, of the uniparty. Wonder no more about the destination of the stolen trillions (thanks Fitts and Skidmore). Apparently easy to bribe members of the 535 who undoubtedly have million $ offshore accounts.
    One of my sons owns a trucking company in Miami/Dade. His current daily diesel bill is over $2000. He has stored over 2500 gallons but when the diesel runs out within 3 months (none available AT ANY COST), he will have to close down. As will gas stations, grocery stores and any businesses relying on deliveries. I have enough food and water to last a year, but how many who post here are as prepared?

    I still honestly believe that there will be no elections this Fall due to martial law declared due to the food riots and general unrest. We could even have UN Blue Helmets patrolling our streets. Doubtful that the National Guard or LEOs will take part; they will worry more about their immediate families.
    Get prepared and armed and stay safe.

  40. Joe

    Finland and Sweden in NATO means lots of weapons sales for Lockheed, Raytheon and the other merchants of death. And the parasites in government who rule us like Lord Austin stand to make more fortunes.

    This government is hopelessly corrupt and we are ruled by criminals.

  41. Paul

    Who’s in charge?
    The same people who founded the un.
    Banks and Wall Street shorting the dollar
    Thru all the madness.

    Have to exit the Swiss international clubs again.

    Love your site greg

    Paul from arkansas

  42. Bert Ludwig

    add to the infographic…
    and 1984,
    The Day After,
    Mad Max.

  43. Larrey Loeckle

    It is apparent to me that the ROE vs. WADE Supreme Court leak was timed to suppress the release of 2000 Mules to dominate the narrative in the news cycle. The media has, for the most part, totally ignored the release of 2000 Mules. No accident in my opinion. The smart thing to do is RE-RELEASE 2000 Mules after the dust settles from the Supreme Court leak. Clearly, 2000 Mules shows where all the millions of extra votes come from in the 2020 election! My biggest take-away from the movie is how “GEO TRACKING” WORKS. I now see why the Democrats are giving FREE PHONES to all the illegals crossing our southern border. They are going to track down all those illegals using GEO-TRACKING at election time and collect ballots from them!. At least that is their plan! Just saying.

    • David Finchum

      Globalists just bought up millions of houses in red areas. Now they have addresses to use for fake votes and no one living there to question it or to be questioned by canvassers. It’s perfect.

  44. A Day

    A nation as great as our’s was couldn’t be brought down easily by our enemies. It had to happen from within. Thus the corrupt election which installed an illegitimate government controlled by our enemies which is now bringing our entire nation to it’s knees. And when a nation’s people are on their knees, they don’t have the ability to fight against the tyranny and corruption. And that’s how it all ends.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg Per infowars release =
    “It should be noted that the ideologues of US military-biological activities in Ukraine are the leaders of the Democratic Party,” Russia’s latest briefing stated. “Thus, through the US executive branch, a legislative framework for funding military biomedical research directly from the federal budget was formed. Funds were raised under state guarantees from NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden.”



    more CDC smoking guns? = CDC Data Exposes Excessive Deaths Following Mass Covid Injections

    And if people still think the U.S. gov’t is still on the up and up here some more tarnish on it the pubic needs to deal with =
    hmmmm, is this the Kolomoishy ? (the infamous Ukrainian and Burisma guy that is Zelensky’s backer George Webb has reported on for about 5 years?)

  46. Coal Burner

    If we are lucky Putin will Nuke Brussels! I have long believed EU, NWO was the root of our problems. They are using the puppets in the USA, Biden, Obama and others on their payroll to do their work of forcing a Civil War in the USA. We should first remember who did this.
    The puppets in the US are a house of cards, no real power just jawboning from the news structure to the DC crowd. All those clowns in DC are trying too time the point they should run and dissappear.

    • IIG

      The Russians are nuking Brussels “in a sense” – by making Brussels pay for their natural gas “in Gold”!! – while the dumb clucks in Brussels are turning off their natural gas pipelines and shutting down their nuclear power plants – and – I don’t think these dumb asses are buying silver (to make free Hydrogen “blue gas” from sunlight) – as the silver price isn’t rocketing upward!! – https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

  47. Todd Edward

    Hell of a job..?

    Hell is the right word.


    Elections have consequences
    STOLEN elections have DIRE consequences!

    WE CAN NOT STAND FOR THIS. THEY WANT TOTAL 1984 CONTROL! $40 EXTRA BILLION for Ukraine???? WHY?!?!?!? Russia is pulling out – why so much money? why from the US??? We are BROKE! THIS IS FRAUD! AMERICA IS A FRAUD! OUR LEADERS ARE FRAUDS!

    • Warren B.

      ….and for how long have we been blinded by their actions?

  49. iwitness02

    To me, it appears that our government is at war with we the people.

    • tim mcgraw

      iwitness02: Duh! This has been going on for decades.
      Welcome to the red pill society.
      We will fight back!

  50. Jeffrey Lambson

    Student loans should not be repaid by students … The loans should be paid off by taking the universities endowment and pension funds … Predatory lending … Faulty degrees …

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Jeffrey and Have said this before too!! Thanks!!

    • Warren B.

      Debt Forgiveness rules will be introduced …at the “TAXPAYERS” expense. Its coming…along with other RESET mandates and UBI.

  51. Statistical Engineer

    I always look forward to your reports, Mr. Hunter. Good job!

    A few comments:
    1. WEF goals are the green new deal.
    2. Russians are selling gas for Euros (Gazprom takes Euros). Only this week were any restrictions to Poland and Bulgaria but…
    3. 49% Russian gas = Euro gas
    4. Putin is a WEF Young Global Leader.
    5. Add that up and WEF goals go unabated.
    6. Gonzolo Lira said German industry would collapse in March but Germany still operates NordStream 1 (Russian gas). They just mix it to 49% and say it’s not Russian. Meanwhile, Gazprom takes Euros. Gonzolo Lira lives in Kharkov, Ukraine before Russian invasion. His kids live in Ukraine too. He’s not on assignment from Argentina – just Argentinian parents.
    6. Hitler did the same thing Putin did to the Duetchmark (external trading tied to commodities, internal central bank). Rubles go up due to commodities until central banks take profits – nothing new under the sun.
    7. If you don’t like the CDC using GPS location to track you, why celebrate 2000 Mules doing the same (4th Amendment violation). That’s why nobody will be prosecuted because their 4th amendment rights are violated (fruit from poison tree).
    8. sorry… just because we want a story to be 100% true doesn’t mean it is.
    9. rat poison is 99% good food.

    Polny didn’t say Roe v Wade would be overturned. He said watch the dates, over and over. He’s literally setting dates and taking credit for any story in that time range.

  52. wayne hardin

    The battle is for the souls of men just as God said .
    And just as he said also if we gain the whole world and lose our soul what does it profit ?
    For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.
    It is time to get real and wake up .
    And seek the kingdom of God not the world .
    God said / But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Wayne Hardin .

  53. IIG

    Whoever is in charge of our government – they are acting in bad faith – look at our dollar – the money supply is growing at a 13 percent annual rate – even if the Fed acts quickly to cut that increase in half – annual inflation will top 6 percent through 2024 – and look at our coinage – “clad” coins made of base metal – that tells you all you need to know about the duplicitous nature of our government and the lengths they will go to fool the citizenry – our currency’s purchasing power has now fallen (by more than 99%) – acting in bad faith with respect to our money is just one fork of their forked tongue – now our government is acting in bad faith regarding our health – promoting a clot causing heart attack “jab” that is killing us by many various vectors – thus trying to produce a fall in our population (by more then 99%)!!

    • Stan

      IIG: Gold at $1800. I warned you this would happen. See you at $1200 lather this year. Don’t bother showing me your useless charts. They have been dead wrong. I have been right. Deal with it.

      • IIG

        Yeah Stan – but look at what you needed – a war with Russia and the help of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) to artificially manipulate the Gold price lower for you (in their desire to hurt Russia and save the dollar) – we gold-bugs will now simply have to impeach Biden – stop the insane war – and put in a new leader who will order the PPPT to lift their Gold price sanctions (that are hurting us more then Russians)!!

        • Ray

          IIG…….you are EXACTLY RIGHT with the point you make to Stan.
          Face it…….he’s a Grub.
          Nothing more.
          He cheers for a monetary system that he knows is full of sickness, infection and puss…..doesn’t bother him one single bit.
          Because……HE IS A GRUB……nothing more.
          A money hungry, cheering for cheats GRUB.
          His input here severely diminishes the intellect & hope for Humanity that the WatchDog community are looking to raise & rebuild around the world.
          He couldn’t care less about the fate of the world during these dark times…….as long as he is making money, nothing else matters (has anyone here EVER seen a comment from The Grub about anything other than money and how much of it he “says” he has? )
          Nup…..didn’t think so.
          Can’t stand his snide, smart arse comments.
          He loves a rigged game……loves it deeply…..what does that say about his character?
          If this were my site, he would have been punted him into the grandstand ages ago.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Warren B.

        Gold is now at the bottom end of its move down in this current selldown. It may have another $20-30 downside Expect it to now form a base and move substantially higher (2300 in the interim) then onto $3000. You have been WARNED STAN.

  54. Charles H


    Wars and rumors of wars…

    Those who are actual Christians take a politically IN-correct view of national sovereignty. Those that oppose and won’t believe in God – see humanity as creating problems only by humans: so solutions can only be make by humans. This leads to encompassing all humans on the planet as part of the problem; and all humanity must be engaged and tasked to be part of the solution – hence, national sovereignty must be surrendered or abolished. A One-World organization to control everything is the only solution to the problems of mankind – in their eyes.
    If you don’t understand that this ideology has become a fixed doctrine, facilitated by technology – then you miss the great context of the betrayal of America by Americans. The ones who are pushing this through on the heads on everyone THINK they will gain position in the New World Order: but they will not. Stinking bribes or wealth are all they will lay their filthy hands on. When the jackboots come in: they will be quietly removed or chloroformed. Useful idiots only see the carrot; not the chloroform.

  55. Kerry

    My wife informed me this morning that Zelensky will be attending Klaus Schwab’s WEF this year. I believe this guy is nothing but a willing puppet of the globalists. Since we know that Biden is a willing treasonous fake POTUS this is no surprise. I’m not a supporter of Putin but he has legitimate complaints. We must always remember that while many details have not been stated in The Word, we do know the end of the story. The US is under direct judgement IMHO due to the godless murder of millions of God’s babies. Matthew 7:13, NASB: ‘Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.’
    Have a blessed weekend Greg

    • Warren B.

      ZELENSKY is nothing more than an Actor…….no…. I really mean and ACTOR (as in small/big screen SOB Actor. He’s playing his part in the made for TV series soon to be aired on any one of the mainstream portals…..NETFLIX, AMAZON, DISNEY.

  56. Rolf & Pam Lyssand

    We cannot say enough, Greg, about how much we rely upon your analysis of world events & what is bearing down upon God-fearing, freedom loving Americans! It’s headed straight for us all – – like an out-of-control freight train!
    It’s been too long since we’ve dropped an appreciative check in the mail, but today is the day!!! We honestly love you & we pray for you & your dear family! FYI: Your reactions to the news you’re reporting are hilarious at times & truly endearing! KEEP IT UP!!! ~ Rolf & Pam

  57. ken

    [The Election]We don’t need to be constantly deluged with videos that ‘prove’ the election fraud. We need something to be done about it,,, otherwise its just a waste of time and resources.

    [The WHO takeover] First,,, See above. I also recommend folks read AND UNDERSTAND Article 6 of the US Constitution. Basically,,, all laws and treaties must conform to the Constitution or they’re invalid. Any and all statements to the contrary are hype and disinformation in an attempt to gas light the population.

  58. RTW

    The scariest part of what is occuring is unknown. The dems have something up their sleeves and that is absolutely frightening. They know what they’re doing is destructive and they don’t care, they double down with impunity. Biden IS illegitimate. Everyone knows it, expecially the dems and so what, nothing is going to be done about it. I don’t think the mid-terms scare them because they’ve got a plan to rig it. Every time they pull something so outrageous and blatant, and get away with it they get busy improving on it for the next time.
    The Republicans are no help. Sure, a few will come out and feign outrage but nothing changes and they go about business as usual. The WH publicist laughs at questions and mocks reporters who ask them. Every day she flat out lies without so much as the chance of being embarrassed much less anything else. Let’s face it, we are in the eye of the storm and we know what that means, or should know.

  59. IIG

    You know – with Biden in the White House trying to hurt Russia in every way possible (to bring about a regime change) – it seems he is going to use all means at his disposal to keep the price of Gold “down” (because with Russia linking its currency to Gold – a rising Gold price strengthens the Ruble against the US dollar) – so – it may be best to hold off on any Gold accumulation right now – and instead concentrate your precious metal buying to Silver and Platinum – jump on Gold again when it looks like Biden “will be impeached for Treason” (for destroying our boarder, for destroying our energy supplies, for destroying our adult food and baby food supplies – and for provoking an all out “”nuclear??”” war with Russia!!

    • David Finchum

      Biden will not be impeached for treason. Biden will only be impeached as a move to install Harris and Pelosi. But that will not happen until after elections. Pelosi was not going to run but changed her mind because it will be easy to cheat her in. Then she can vacate her seat and the new person will be selected rather than voted on by the people. Redistricting was just done all over the country to benefit the Dems, there will be no red wave, especially when most Repubs are RINO players. Remember what happened in 2018? Trials for Oath Keepers start in September. Remember the MAGA Bomber made for TV special? Expect that on steroids in a few months. They have a template they know works now, so you can literally play prophet; riots, false flag, blame shift, mail in ballots, machine fraud, public apathy.

      Now is the best time to buy gold and silver. Premiums are so high right now because so many people made a lot of money in crypto and online dealers allow purchase of metals in crypto. Over 1.5 trillion has been taking out of crypto since summer of last year. That is a huge transfer of wealth to increase money velocity and prop up certain markets. Buy metals now, but use a coin dealer, the fakes are in the millions now. There is a guy on YouTube called CoinHELPu and Yankee Stacking that will show you what to look for to avoid getting ripped off and what to expect when you go to sell. An education in fake gold and silver is priceless because as inflation and food shortages hit people will be dipping into their reserves so there will be an influx. Use cash when you go out also, I just got 4 silver quarters in pocket change while running errands.

  60. David Bagley

    Everyone knew the cabal agenda of depopulation through pharma..including Trump

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some rather dire grain yield predictions for sure…


    Will Brandon rue the day he bragged about selling record amounts of U.S. grain stocks to China if these shortfalls develop and cause hardship or famine in the U.S ?… The allowance/tolerance of foreign nations and entities to buy/control U.S. farmlands and food processing facilities is a folly that direct action and voting considerations of Senators, and Representatives who do not move immediately to resolve that issue and policy! What nation puts those interests in the hands of foreign control…except those ””’representatives””’ who do not serve the best interests of the people of their nation?

    Any predictions as to if U.S. farmers have enough propane and natural gas to run their grain driers if they DO get a decent harvest with all it also being now exported to Europe, or will the people in U.S. just see EVEN HIGHER prices for food as those fuels spike to new highs as well ?

  62. David Finchum

    Thank you Greg for your tireless work. It keeps us all going to see men like you charging forward and allowing us to communicate with each other on your platform. It warms my heart. Keep up the Good fight soldier. Peace and God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for your kind words & all your support!

  63. Linda Majors


    STOP the W.H.O. Amendment. (40 countries have already signed on.)
    More info to stop the Biden amendment to the treaty that transfers U.S. sovereignty to W.H.O. Michele Bachman, a former U.S. Congressman and very knowledgeable about how the SWAMP operates has a plan to stop Biden’s amendment. (Ref. link below. ) This amendment will transfer the sovereignty of 99% of countries worldwide, not only the U.S. The UK, Italy, Japan, India, Australia, and . . . (40 countries) have already signed onto this Globalist power grab.

    Link to Michele Bachman’s interview:
    Michele Bachmann on WHO Amendments: “This creates a platform for global governance” (rumble.com)

  64. pbd

    Greg, as always thanks for the excellent reporting, analysis and commentary. I wish more folks would understand the concept of state sponsored (Orwellian) “controlled opposition” and deployment of psyops related to the same by the DS and Globalist cabal that are desperately attempting to cling to power. The potential reversal of ROE v. Wade is an excellent example. Some would like to believe that the SCOTUS is finally coming to its senses – i.e. adopting essentially legal analysis explained decades ago by Judge Robert Bork (who was nominated but not confirmed for a SC position) – this supposition (SC coming to its senses) by “pro-lifers” (I think) is complete fantasy – i.e. “hopium”. The SC is captured as evidenced by the egregious disregard and failure to take cases raising very material, clear and present constitutional issues brought by plaintiffs (State AGs) in connection with the 2020 presidential election. The DS/ powers-at-be simply have given the greenlight (not ordered procedural derailment) of a ROE v. Wade case (an important but lesser Constitutional issue) – the specific objective is to fire-up political Left and Right – i.e. continue to shock the rats in the cage and keep them fighting. It does not help, either to have some in the political right proposing now to go farther than reversing ROE v. Wade and find (read-in-to) a Constitutional right-to-life starting at “the time of conception” – when the more critical battle (I think) is reversing the open and ongoing coup that started with the installation of the Biden pretendency. The objective of the powers-at-be is to create and control ongoing chaos and violence that will allow the imposition of Stasi-like and open Gestapo police-state that can be used to suppress and derail the “awakening” – and implement a planned strategic necessary pivot when the global financial/USD dollar system collapses – and there by maintain the status quo power-control by a “selected” elite.
    Best of luck all.

  65. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast. Things see headed toward chaos. Evil is at the helm of our great land but the minions and principalities of power in Satan will not prevail.

  66. Mark

    Thanks for the update, didn’t Obama say he wanted to “fundementally change America”
    Well I guess they decided they have to destroy it first. Looking forward to Bo Polny.
    Stay safe!

    God Bless

  67. Cliff Bondi

    Gravitas Plus: How Defence Giants are making billions from the Ukraine war
    787,974 views Premiered May 7, 2022 The Ukraine-Russia war is being called a frozen conflict. For major arms manufacturers – it has opened a new line of revenue. Who is benefiting from the war in Ukraine? Palki Sharma tells you how the military-industrial complex is winning.
    Don’t believe? Ask Hunter, or Paul Pelosi or Mitt’s good for nothing lazy son!

    Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma | Will US drag the world into recession? | Latest English News
    42,804 views Streamed live 2 hours ago Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma | Will US drag the world into recession? | Latest English News
    Recession, Depression, then three strikes your out, with Tribulation!
    Buckle-up folks, were heading for one hell of ah wild ride, thank you Washington,
    D.C. Comic’s!

  68. Klaus Meyer

    Watch again: Putin attends Russia’s annual WWII victory parade
    826,779 views May 9, 2022 President Vladimir Putin attended Russia’s annual World War Two victory parade, a patriotic display of the country’s military power amid the Ukraine conflict.

    Victory Day (9 May) celebrated Russia’s victory in World War Two, but rehearsals have seen chilling parallels from the Ukraine invasion, including MiG-29 fighters in the formation of a pro-Russian ‘Z’ symbol flying over Moscow.

    Signs of support for the military have grown across the country since Feb. 24, with the letter “Z” appearing on billboards and signs in the streets and subways.
    WORLD WAR Z>>>>>>>>>>
    What happened to WWZ?

  69. Carol Hudak

    Excellent, Martin. You said it. It seems like this horror will last forever,
    but it absolutely will not. “Those who endure until the end(no digital ID
    shot) will be saved.” – Jesus’ words.
    The only thing the US needs to do now is put some signs on the border,
    and in front of the White House saying:
    “Russia, we’ve tried Everything!!PLEASE NUKE US!!”
    (Pretty Please. . . . )

  70. Brianroy

    It would have been nice if you made the connect that mothers who get or got the shots CANNOT any longer breast feed their babies without risk of — by graphene oxide & other poisons in their breast milk — KILLING their kids, and thus having breast feeding as a natural alternative perhaps FOREVER removed from them.
    Apple and Citrus Pectin and a few other things are supposed to help clean out the blood as the Japanese have used to remove Fukushima Cesium-137 contamination, but who knows if it can ever truly do so to safe to breast feed levels, since we are in uncharted medical science territories.
    Wrote in on the UN May 22 takeover public comments when I found out about it, citing many US Supreme Court Decisions, but missed deadline by 14 minutes as my 10 minutes to deadline window finding out that we could, proved not enough time to respond to a rigged tight public feedback window of opportunity. It would be interesting to have your response to reading those 23 US Supreme Court decision quotes & responding to their use by WE THE PEOPLE on a regular basis as one of the tactics we can use. For example,
    The Cherokee Tobacco, 78 U.S. (11 Wallace) 616 (1870) @ 620
    “It need hardly be said that a treaty cannot change the Constitution or be held valid if it be in violation of that instrument.”
    Geofroy v. Riggs, 133 U.S. 258 (1890) @ 267
    “The treaty power, as expressed in the Constitution, is in terms unlimited except by those restraints which are found in that instrument against the action of the government or of its departments, and those arising from the nature of the government itself and of that of the states.
    It would not be contended that it extends so far as to authorize what the Constitution forbids, or a change in the character of the government, or in that of one of the states, or a cession of any portion of the territory of the latter, without its consent.” [Case citations omitted]

  71. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg, remember what Bo Polny said about a RED SEA moment in May. Russia is cutting Cut Electricity Supplied To Finland Saturday On Heels Of Announced NATO Bid.


  72. Stan

    Its over for Gold. 100%, completely and unequivocally over for Gold (and silver).

    • Charles H

      Gold holding steady at over $1800. And this after an intense push-down. As long as gold is maneuvorable by paper bid prices – yeah they can bring it lower. But EVENTUALLY it will stand on its own; like it has done in history. Time will tell, Stan.

  73. Peter Harris

    “…some of which is caught on camera.”


  74. Fredrick Getzschman

    The people need a bribery menu act. Something that requires Official Actors to disclose the bribes they take every quarter of the year, is it cash, is it real estate that gets laundered through the county records and magically paid off, is it the use of free cars from local car dealerships, the bribery menu act should list how much it costs to bribe a judge and the type of bribes available, like is the bribe for the benefit of government, is it a personal benefit for the judge or is the bribe the legal ground that gets a case tossed or advanced depending on what the bribes purpose is, how does it much does it cost to bribe a president, how often does the presidential bribes get paid and how much value the bribes are worth in market value, you would think bribes are taxable transactions and the one bribing should be disclosed publicly as well. The people should at minimum have those bribery records public so that the people can do their due diligence and know that their public official is under the influence of bribe funding. That type of congressional act would help fully disclose the conflict of interest financial or otherwise and it would allow the people enough information at election time before they cast a vote for a judge or president or other politician. The bribery menu act would be something that should cover all public office persons, and detail the amount the bribe was paid, who paid the bribe and who received the bribe, that would clear up much of the confusion in the U.S.

  75. Robert

    Sovereignty can only be declared by the people NOT the politicians. “The British are coming”?

  76. jon

    Thank you Greg. I spent almost 3 decades in Military and Civilian Electronics and IT support. Many years as an Operations manager mostly in State government. One thing I recognized early. The last thing any Organization should do is cheat or take advantage of your honest skilled staff and employees. Those that refused the vax and got shafted by their employers and got let go. If these same companies think they are going to bring them back and all is forgiven. A big percentage of those that come back, are going to be looking for some type of Payback.

  77. CJ

    Hi Greg,

    Great commentary, Greg. I also saw a message from RFK JR that they are now planning to give remdesivir to children, and no baby formula, it’s clear their dastardly intent. Also read with interest, today, from the American Minute: ” Limiting the abusive power of a King was motivation for the founders who later wrote the U.S. Constitution — a document whose foundational purpose was to prevent one person, such as a President, from ruling through mandates and executive orders.”

    Looking forward to hearing Bo Polny!

  78. Tim

    We need the people behind the white hats. If Cliff High is right ( 19;of 20 Democrats got the jabs), this is good news and when the jab takes affect, this will be to our benefit.

  79. Jeff robbins

    Greg i agree about the signs of desperation, would it be possible to find out more about the meeting of the Arabs you mentioned a couple weeks ago? I remember the history lesson that Senators in Rome were debating if the angles were male or female as the city was falling, that’s about what we have with our political class. Also here in Washington State our Governor is single handily trying to kill off natural gas. Not only would it seem illegal without the legislature, but also insane from a business model. I cannot understand it, but it’s a very interesting story.

  80. Clint D Young

    Great report!
    I would add to the your great title at the beginning of the video “the 1962 Cuban missile crisis” and the “cold war.”

  81. Elias

    You know I work w the public, and I still see people wearing masks. Lol. If I had to guess a percentage, it might be around 20%. These are folks who buy the narrative, hook, line, and sinker, and they’re not coming back to reality. They’re done. 🍴 Compound that with the people who are experiencing/will experience vaccine damage and that’s enough to hobble a nation sufficiently where we cannot defend ourselves from the next calamity, real or imagined. The PTB…These folks are evil, but they’re slick, and they know what they’re doing. Will be interesting to see what happens with the WHO, but, like everything else propagated by the deep state, it’s another bridge toolbar; not nearly enough Americans will go for it.

    In spite of all this, the overturning of Roe v Wade is going to be a momentous event! Praise God and Praise Jesus Christ for the overturning of an evil ruling! This is what we need to get our country back on track.

    Thank you, Greg, for all that you do! ☦️🙏🏻😊👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻☦️☦️☦️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁

  82. Doc Brown

    Get Yourself Ready for the Social Credit Score Act of 2030

    To get the perfect 1,000 score:
    1. Turn in at least three people daily that break the laws of Big Bother;
    2. Register as a progressive-marxist and attend all local rallies;
    3. You can not own anything, you must deposit all assets at Big Bother’s local gulag;
    4. Always walk or use the community bikes, or Ubers;
    5. Be 100% vegetarian or insectarian, and also be a minority female or one that identifies as “Cake” or “Zee” — anyone you see that is not playing pretend must be beaten to a pulp for social justice!;
    6. Prove to Big Bother during each bowel movement that you don’t use more than 2 square sheets of toilet paper;
    7. Use no energy whatsoever for any purpose other than the electricity needed to play video games 24/7/365.
    8. Report to Big Bother’s medical station daily to get your daily synthetic GMO carbohydrates, meds and booster jabs;
    9. Share your used razor blades;
    10. Know the answer to the question: 2+2=____, or face electrocution-frontal lobotomy and have a cage filled with wild rats attached to your head.

    A perfect score guarantees your 20 grams of weekly chocolate, a less soiled mattress in a deplorable tenement living with twelve other perfect scorers, and one pint of Victory Gin.

    Anyone that can not complete any of the ten criterion on the list will have an automatic score of 0% and must report to the Soylent Green FEMA Camp for atom repurposing.

  83. helot

    Perhaps, maybe you could interview Dr. Naomi Wolf ?
    This take, was,… I guess you could say, interesting?


  84. Lord Nasdaq

    Another great week for you brother Greg! Peter was a nice treat.
    We touched upon many subjects he mentioned upon near the end of interview – price controls for example – at our Wednesday night meeting in Lewisville.
    In a nutshell – until the gov’t (see all your guests recently) curb-tails spending and ends creating new programs and departments (see Elon Musk buying TWTR) the FOMC and taxes (increases too) are meaningless.
    1. Hard assets.
    2. Stocks: (Just LOTN) My plays as you know since Dominion elections – Food (CPB, CAG), Timber (CTT a REIT) and Water, (CGW, FIW both ETF’s) will perform and hold up well. Natural Resources is my play.
    3. Growth Stocks: We have all been accumulating EV manufacturers of pumps/stations such as CHPT and BLNK with $100.00 oil, and after recent earnings, plus sell -off in general. Small allotments like 10 shares 25 % off. Oil goes over $110.00 before July 4th.
    4. In-Play (2 Year) Stocks: Fertilizer MOS and chips like NVDA are other plays from our investor club.
    5. Precious Metals: We like silver over gold now.
    6. Bonds: IBonds from USSA Treasury – I savings bonds is 9.62 percent and I have a bond fund. You want a 60/40% Corporate/US short-term (2 year or less preferred) tnote holdings with no municipal holdings. Check Net Expense Ratio, and make sure yield (and it will if you do the above) rises with inflation!

    We have targets year end now 3800 to 3200 on the S&P.

    Russia is like Vietnam or their 70’s/80’s experience in Afghanistan. Ho Chi Main asked the Amerikan advisors -“how long do you wish to fight 5, 10, 20 years?”
    Russia has no problem with a long stalemate on their backdoor – literally. See Napoleon or Hitler as an example of fighting in or right along the border of Russia.

    We’re growing our state crop – sweet potatoes, watermelons, and great yields on lettuce and spinach thus far.

    Keep up the great work, brother Greg. Just an update from our team (Welcome, Lewisville, etc. in “The Game” since 98) on our analysis and moves since this Wednesday. May be few months before I post again, but still watching USAWatchdog.com in 2022!
    God bless.

    • Tin foil hat

      1. I like hard assets.
      2. JUST is Goldman Sachs – sleeping with the enemy? CPB may still have rooms to go up but Timber may go down with the recession. Water may get nationalized when the SHTF.
      3. EV pumps/stations may go down with the increasing black/brown out plus much higher electric rates which may go up 12% in the summer in NYC. I prefer thermal coal miner like BTU or off shore driller like RIG. High growth equals high risk.
      4. I like MOS but NVIDIA doesn’t look good in the chart (a little late to the party).
      5. I prefer gold over silver at this juncture since the Russia Central Bank said back in March it would buy gold at a fixed price of $5,000 rubles a gram ($141,750 rubles an ounce) until June 30. Ruble has gotten much stronger against the dollar since March, the price of gold in dollar was around $1830/oz. in March. Now, $5,000 rubles = $2190 dollars.
      Russia’s Central Bank stopped buying gold at a fixed price on April 08. However, does anybody how much they are selling their gold for?
      I think PPLT is probably better for trading than PSLV – more up and down.
      6. I savings bonds at 9.62 percent is scary.

      • Tin foil hat

        the FIXED Russia’s Central bank price of gold in dollar was around $1830/oz. (spot price was around $1930) in March. Now, at current exchange rate, $5,000 rubles/gram = $2190 dollars/oz.
        i.e. Russian military may not have performed as expected but its Central Bank is winning the financial war with gold and China’s CIPS.

  85. Patricia

    i wish i had sufficient funds to hire airplanes to drop thousands of copies of “1984” from the skies onto the wooden heads of the sheeple beneath. i wonder if a) they’d read it and/or b) connect those dots. hope springs eternal.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Patricia,
      George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) worked in the propaganda department of MI6 during WWII so his predictive book, ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ accurately reflects what TPTB are capable of . . . and it’s not pretty!!!

  86. Judy

    Russian Health Minister proposes to create medical association of BRICS countries –also proposes creati0n of international BRICS research journal. Deep into center column on rense.com across from Preston Denton and Dolly in florescent green on the right column. Article from Tass. Early warning system for mass infectious disease, open forum to share and develop what sounds like best practices. Interesting Timing to say the least!!

  87. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the WNW report. All great reporting. Looks like high inflation, war, and edicts from on high are here to stay.
    I’d like to do a poll:
    If Washington DC was destroyed tomorrow (by God, nature, Putin, aliens, whatever);
    A: You would be sad and upset.
    B: You would rejoice.
    C: You wouldn’t care either way.

    • Bonnie Grainger

      How bout justifiable retribution Tim?

      Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/13/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS May 13, 2022
      150,912 views Premiered 5 hours ago

      Is Democrat Accountability Dead? Or Just Democracy?
      Ingraham: The coming lockdown retribution
      198,374 views May 13, 2022 Fox News
      Two years after advocating for school closures, social distancing, and lockdowns, Democrats are finally seeing the fallout themselves.

      • tim mcgraw

        Bonnie: Justice is a myth. God’s vengeance is real. I don’t want a French Revolution in America. The Jacobites were as bad as the monarchists. I’m not sure of the solution. It’s in the Bible. It is hard for me to forgive my enemies, but I kinda try.
        Perhaps the best I can do is ignore the bastards.

  88. john massey

    I have posted before- when Hitler ended his life it was because he could not see victory and was out of choices . When Putin runs out of options he still has a button that can leave the rest of us with very few choices..The only question is -will he !

    • Lil' gov

      Putin is an autocrat, but not evil. We pushed him into this by deploying weapons systems into ukraine and developing bio chem weapons/research facilities. If nukes are launched from mother russia, its because the west doesn’t care at this point…the elites will be living in bunkers with fresh air, food and water for the next 5 years or until the radiation settles. In the meantime we will be the zombie apocalypse we joke about now. The Anglos in america have done this to themselves, unfortunately we may suffer for their self-centeredness and stupidity.

  89. Dan Hawkins

    Greg: $40B is to large a number for Ukraine arms. The price of small arms is maybe several hundred million. This is some sort of money laundering…I suspect, the money is being sent to Europe so they can buy US gas/oil.—These countries cant function without energy, and cant/wont stay on the Dollar for Oil unless they get help. Germany is Europe, and needs cheap Russian gas…unless the US will match the price or better.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. Total slush and fraud against “We the People.”

  90. Lil' gov

    This will not end well, but it will end. The power of the deep state is real, pervasive, and most of all powerful. But it will come down at some point and an accounting will be rendered.

  91. Loretta Pruitt

    Putin’s Not da Problem, We Is! DA LEFT!
    Douglas Murray: The left’s self-hatred is driving their war to destroy the West | Will Cain Podcast /286,541 views May 11, 2022 Fox News
    On this episode, Will sits down with New York Post Columnist and author of ‘The War On The West’ Douglas Murray, who explains why he believes that the history of Western Civilization is fundamentally good, and must be defended.

  92. Huey Dexter Point

    Remember the 1990’s?
    AS 1991 dawned, people were optimistic. The Cold War was over. True, there was the problem of Kuwait, which had been invaded by Iraq the previous August. But the United Nations had flexed its muscles and ordered Iraq to withdraw by January 15. The demand was being backed up by a 28-nation UN military coalition that had quickly been organized and that was poised to force Iraq into submission. Hopes were running high that the tough stand taken by the world community signaled the beginning of a new era.
    George Bush, senior, spoke about “the possibility, for ourselves and for generations to come, of forging a new world order, a world in which the rule of law, and not the law of the jungle, governs international behavior.”

    Today As the New World Order Flounder’s, True Theocracy Is Flourishing!

    In view of the political, economic, and religious instability that caused their vision of a new world order to disintegrate before their very eyes, some people are now speaking of a new world disorder. In this development Christian witnesses saw further proof that only a new world of God’s making will enjoy stability in human society.
    In some countries the end of the Cold War meant greater freedom for Christian’s, allowing them to hold services in Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Prague, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, and elsewhere. These strengthened the worldwide congregational arrangements of Christians and helped speed up their preaching work. Thus, it is not surprising that the number of active Christians grew during this time period, in fact true theocracy is flourishing as never before!

    Yes, millions of people now base their hopes for the future upon God’s promise of “new heavens and a new earth” in which “righteousness is to dwell.” (2 Peter 3:10, 13) How much wiser than looking to a human new world order, which, off to a shaky start, will shortly be shaken into nonexistence!—Daniel 2:44.

  93. Loudon Wainscott IV

    Point the US military weaponery at Davos, Brussels, UN, and the WEF, the enemy of mankind.

    After they’re all gone we can go pick apart the ‘woke’ corporations one by one until the local manufacturing companies, corner grocery and hardware stores return.

    After $200 billion is burned in Ukraine, the US taxpayer will be the hook for an additional $800 billion of nation building. The USA must perpetually outspend each previous year or else go into depression. I figure Biden will have to find a way to spend another $3 trillion before October. And next year start all over and spend another $8 trillion.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just more confirmation that Ron Kirby and Bill Holter have been right all along on the dangerous level of derivatives …

    ‘Table 14 of this report (see page 19) shows that the 25 largest bank holding companies in the U.S. are sitting on $234 trillion notional (face amount) in derivatives, but just five bank holding companies are responsible for $200.18 trillion of that exposure or 86 percent of the total. Those mega bank holding companies are: JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America.’

    So what is the next shoe to drop, bail ins as per Ellen Brown? Remember this was here prediction back in 2015 as to what lay ahead =

    Of course there is always a thought that dead people do need or require social security , pensions, or life insurance payouts because ‘they’ volunteered to take ‘experimental’ innoculations? How many millions of deaths might it take to ‘balance’ those obligations?

  95. z

    The Great Social Implosion

    Max Igan

    programming of cells by msft and distance based tolls 3 cents a km
    msft killing cells using nano tech and dna programming

  96. Daryl Este

    “May I have your attention, please?” This question may perk our interest but often times we are simply reminded of a truth we already understand. Therefore, at times when we are warned we simply do not pay attention to the warning. This can be very true for us in our relationship with God. Sometimes when we read or hear warning passages read, we think this is a passage for someone else because “I know that I am already saved.” However, the purpose of warning passages instructs the believer and admonishes the unbeliever to be sincere about their relationship with Jesus Christ. At times, warning passages can be challenging but they are essential for us to continue in a right relationship with God. As you listen to the message this week, open your heart and allow God to do some “spiritual surgery” on you so that you can experience a greater measure of His grace.


  97. Lora S.

    The trillions of dollars in malicious spending sprees per year perpetrated by the US Government sadly seems to generate shock and awe in too many. But when it is understood that this is happening, along with hundreds of other atrocities against the American People such as planned famines, open borders, the dumbing down of our educational systems, destruction of our energy independence, undermining the American Family by encouraging all forms of a loss in morality, even killing babies up until the time of birth…….Well all these things are occurring in order to bring down the American Republic into alliance with the One World Order, done by few Globalists at the top of the food chain, who believe that most humans should DIE. Just take a look at the book by Saul Alinsky'”12 Rules for Radicals” and you’ll see that what is occurring in the US (for some time now) is not a new play book.

  98. Pete

    There will be a CW if this gets rolled out…IMO.

  99. Engineer Scott

    Greg , great shows , great guests. If you can please ask Bo Polny how he looks at the calendar dates across time, since the calendar has been CHANGED throughout history.
    What ” brand ” of calandar does he rely on ?
    Looking forward to his update.

  100. Todd Murphy

    Thanks, Greg for the really bad news! LOL….. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have everything under control. Take care and God bless you, Greg!
    You are a great resource brother!
    Todd M.

  101. Gary

    This is interesting:

    World War I began on 7/28/1914
    7+28+19+14 = 68

    World War II began on 1/9/1939
    1+9+19+39 = 68

    So, if there was going to be a WWIII, what would you expect?

    Russia/Ukraine conflict began on 2/24/2022
    2+24+20+22 = 68! 🤔

  102. Ron

    “This pandemic treaty is the greatest power grab any of us has seen in our lifetime”, says Neil Oliver, the Scottish commentator on the GBNews channel in the UK.

  103. Craig Carmichael

    Only Biden could end the war in a week, by brokering any reasonable peace deal. Even given that the fighting got started (which should never have happened), that’s what would happen in any sane world.
    What is Biden doing instead?…

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