Whole Thing Will Come Tumbling Down – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says, “The mainstream media talking heads are telling you to buy, but never tell you to sell.” Nenner says the time to sell stocks is getting close and explains, “It’s just a hopeless situation. I feel sorry for people who invest their money. We have had a nice ride, but soon the whole thing will come tumbling down. They listen to all these things and have no clue on how to invest . . . . I think soon . . . this will become the longest expansion in financial history. . . . So, this could be the longest expansion ever, what are you playing with? You are gambling with nonsense. So, it’s over.

Nenner goes on to say, “Then, you have the inflation story. The inflation story is brought about by people who don’t do their historical homework. They remember for the last 30 years, there was always inflation. So, they continue to talk about inflation. I proved that in most of the financial history that deflation is the norm. . . . They have talked about inflation for two years, and there is still no inflation. . . . Copper is going down. Crude is going down, and we have a deflation problem, not an inflation problem.”

Nenner is predicting interest rates “are going down” and not up in the foreseeable future. Nenner is also calling for the stock market to go on a “downward slide through the year 2020.” Nenner says, “I can’t explain it, but the cycle topped, and the cycle is down until 2021.”

How bad will it be? Nenner says, “Very bad. I called for Dow Jones 5,000, and I still call for Dow Jones 5,000. . . . It’s going to be a blood bath, but as I said the last time, in the 1990’s when the Dow was 5,000, the world still looked okay.”

Is there a big debt reset coming? Nenner says, “The last time we were in this situation was when Roosevelt was President. It was very interesting because they paid off only 25% on the dollar because the inflation that came. Now, the problem is if you don’t have inflation, you still owe the whole amount of money. This is why they urgently need this inflation. So, the value of the money goes down, and you have to pay off less. There is no inflation. So, it is a big problem, but they can keep this going forever. I don’t think it’s a problem because countries can keep printing money as long as they want.”

Then Nenner said, “I see the dollar becoming strong again.” Nenner is “dollar positive.”

The other big cycle Nenner has been seeing is the so-called “war cycle.” Nenner says, “The next four or five years in this war cycle is very dangerous.”

On gold and silver, Nenner is bullish, but “not until after this summer.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned analyst Charles Nenner.

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After the Interview:

In August of 2006, Nenner correctly predicted a “substantial drop in the housing market” and predicted a key Fed interest rate would go from 6.5% down to near zero in mid-2009. Both predictions were spot on.

There is free information and videos on CharlesNenner.com. For more detailed information and analysis on a weekly basis, you can become a subscriber to Nenner’s original analysis. There is a free trial period, and you can subscribe by clicking here.

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  1. Rajeev Juneja

    Hello Greg : How do we get to buy the book “God and the financial markets” by Charles Nenner… Tks

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s in the process of writing it and he says it will be out next year.

      • ross

        So many people like Charles Nenner rely on on cycles and reading trends in graphs, which in this climate of absolute manipulation by central bankers are totally meaningless. We have reached total debt saturation which has enabled the largest bubbles real estate, bonds in our history to suck the real economy of money to function. Nearly all economies both Western and Eastern for decades have enormous arms industries further sucking our economies dry of real production. Have along hard look at this site which shows a graphic of assets , debt and derivatives. It does not include $224 trillion of Western unfunded liabilities. For some perspective Global GDP= $75 trillion and USA GDP = $18.8 trillion. http://money.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-money-markets-one-visualization-2017/ When this goes down ,The Great Depression will seem like a walk in the park.

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and \Mr Nenner,as always fascinating.
    Mr Warren Pollock,Mr Karl Denninger and Mr Nenner at least agree on one subject,deflation.It is difficult for those of us in the supermarket each week to see this deflation,but of course it doesn’t mean what I think it means.Japan has experienced over twenty years of deflation and contraction in the population,will this be the model the USA chooses?

    • William Stanley

      Maria: Good question. Fire or ice? Of course, it presupposes choice. Or does it?

  3. oneno

    No RESET comming? Possible as Europe is resisting OBOR and US is reconsidering TPP and TTIP both of which support manufacturing abroad and profit for the elite middle men at the expense of local industry.

    That would explain why Nenner is seeing a comming depression. A pay-as-you-go economy requires cash-flow and jobs.

    • philipat

      No inflation? Another analyst who doesn’t live on Main Street and just sues official data. In reality, inflation (factoring in healthcare, college costs etc.) is closer to 9%,which explains in part why the Fed continues to increase rates. Perhaps you should get him together with John Williams?

  4. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Just a fraction of the Iranian atomic document archive has been released. Over 60% is still unread.
    President Trump is waiting to see what more is revealed about Iran’s lying and cheating before deciding whether to attend the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.


    • Robert Zionist Lykens

      The Iranian regime is “humiliated” after a daring Mossad operation seized scores of secret documents, the former Pentagon official said.

      Israel “humiliated the Iranian government by capturing all of this material,” Rhode said, and many Iranians were laughing at the Islamic regime on social media.

      Rhode said the average Iranian “would like nothing more than to wake up and have this nightmare regime over with and again proudly be accepted as members of the international community.”


    • William Stanley

      Of course Iran has been lying and cheating; but Bibi’s show and tell didn’t add much if anything to what we already knew. Moreover, it’s always been clear that Israel must destroy Iran’s nuclear capability as a matter of national survival. The question I find most intriguing is exactly how the US will be drawn into the matter, e.g., false flag attacks.

      • sk

        http://www.paulcraigroberts.org. Informative.

      • Paul ...

        So is all the talk and wringing of hands by Bibi finally over with regard to Iran’s capability to build a nuclear weapon? … Now that Bibi has stolen all the plans on how to build a nuclear bomb from Iran’s archives can he now finally accept the fact that Iran is now a “non-nuclear nation” … and stop with all the war talk already!!

  5. Paul

    A strong dollar? I think Nenner underestimates the Fed’s ability to operate. Printing press. Yes, there will be a deflationary crash coming soon but the Fed will overreact and print to turn it around and that’s when we’ll see hyperinflation

    • William Stanley

      Okay: Ice first. Then fire. But then what?

      • Paul ...

        Then … we eat our dogs and cats!! …

    • Robert

      What will hyperinflation look like to those of us on Main St.? Examples please in your opinion. Thanks in advance.

      • William Stanley

        Robert: Surely you must have some ideas. Share them. I would suggest it will look a lot more like Venezuela today — and probably much worse — than the Weimar Republic: roving gangs, blood in the street, and millions dead as various war lords vie for dominance.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      I think you are right.

  6. Rob

    Amen Charles!
    There is very limited free will as the scriptures prove:
    Proverbs 16:9 A man’s heart deviseth his way; But Jehovah directeth his steps.
    Romans 9:15-18 For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion. (16) So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that hath mercy. (17) For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, For this very purpose did I raise thee up, that I might show in thee my power, and that my name might be published abroad in all the earth. (18) So then he hath mercy on whom he will, and whom he will he hardeneth.
    Ephesians 1:11 in whom also we were made a heritage, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his will;
    John 3:27 John answered and said, A man can receive nothing, except it have been given him from heaven.
    Isaiah 46:9-10 Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me; (10) declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;

    And there are cycles of history(His~story) repeating both short and long:
    Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. (10) Is there a thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been long ago, in the ages which were before us. (11) There is no remembrance of the former generations; neither shall there be any remembrance of the latter generations that are to come, among those that shall come after.
    Ecclesiastes 3:14-15 I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it; and God hath done it, that men should fear before him. (15) That which is hath been long ago; and that which is to be hath long ago been: and God seeketh again that which is passed away.

    That which has passed away is about to be brought back again by our Father through much tribulation that is looking very likely to start this fall:

  7. Wayne Swanson

    I like Charles Nenner and I agree with him about a lot of things…I think, but it’s hard to know precisely what he’s saying. The Dow will end up at 5K eventually because they will run out of tricks, but as he said, they can keep it going for a very long time.

  8. Jean-David Beyer

    Nenner goes on to say, “Then, you have the inflation story. The inflation story is brought about by people who don’t do their historical homework. They remember for the last 30 years, there was always inflation. So, they continue to talk about inflation. I proved that in most of the financial history that deflation is the norm. . . . They have talked about inflation for two years, and there is still no inflation. . . .”

    And Charles Nenner is not the only one: In 1996, Charles Bootle wrote an entire book, entitled “The Death of Inflation” with a similar thesis.


    • Greg Hunter

      Think debt destruction like $74 billion in Puerto Rican bonds that will never be paid.

      • boris chikvashvili

        Without exact timing one can say and repeat.
        TALK IS CHEAP.
        DOW 5000, has been proclaimed quite a while ago. One day it is likely to happen. I said it will happen maybe between 2022 more likely 2026 to be fine tuned, meanwhile there could another melt – up too.
        Dollar death, was proclaimed on this site many times, even though they were right for 1 out of 8 years. Only I said( Dollar will decline till May only(:- ). See(:- Yes Dollar will be stronger , perhaps few more months or year or so. Then lower.
        BITCION 1 Million. Meanwhile I said crash in January(:-. Can be all verified in my posts at linkedin and comments here. ( you are welcome to see what i really think now).
        I think, most of what is said here is sadly misstated , often purposefully so, because if you do not give time and price you can SAY ANYTHING.
        Talk Is Cheap, and Getting Cheaper
        Thanks Greg

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Fed can create 74billion in the blink of an eye. That’s the beauty of digital currency.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes, but it didn’t. The debt is still in default.

          • This sceptred Isle

            sure, in this case but it is always an option.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      But currencies were tied to gold before the 70s. That is why you had deflations. Central banks were operating with their hands tied behind their backs and were not able to freely create currency as they do now.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: I think Greg has a point here: a sudden loss of liquidity stemming from serial counter-party defaults in the derivatives and bond markets could shock the system so badly that the Federal Reserve would be unable to act quickly enough to stem the contagion in the financial world. That could lead to bankruptcies in both the financial and non-financial sectors and the “ice-nining” of money and credit generally, i.e., a collapse not only in the velocity of money, but the monetary aggregates themselves, leading to more bankruptcies. Both depression and deflation.
        Yes, money could be “printed” and “air-dropped” directly to consumers to try to halt the, by then, ongoing depression and deflation. And, yes, enough of that would lead to inflation, probably hyperinflation, before stability (“an evenly rotating economy”) could be restored (if it could be restored before the — more likely, in my opinion — apocalypse).
        I think, TSI (and Greg), that you may agree with all that. What am I missing? Is there a true disagreement here?

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Yes you will get hyperinflation and deflation at the same time but nenner is comparing apples to pears as the financial system today is far different from the 1930s. Also he is wrong to say there is no inflation. Bonds and stocks have dropped a bit but we are still near historic highs.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            William, on reflection you have a very good point. Mass simultaneous defaults could overwhelm the system and tip us into deflation. However, even the creator of the ice9 theory, Jim Rickards, said that he thought central banks would eventually get their way and create inflation. The difficulty in predicting controlled financial markets is that you are always second guessing central bank policies and ability to respond to a crisis.

            • This sceptred Isle

              obviously deflation will be the end result because we have such a massive credit bubble.

      • Paul ...

        Nenner speaks of inflation over the last 30 years brainwashing us to see only inflation in our future and says that we should be prepared for deflation … however we have been brainwashed concerning inflation for far longer then 30 years … go back 100 years to when the Fed was created and the dollar was worth 100 cents and look at the dollars value now being 2 cents and we are not going to think inflation (not deflation) … then as TSI correctly states the Fed is no longer tied to gold and can freely create trillions of dollars every year (this is not deflationary) … our huge debt problems must be resolved … but they will be resolved by inflation of the money supply (not deflation) … and all the huge debts we now have will magically go away … when we get our million dollar Social Security check every month (if the government will allow the CPI to fairly represent the inflation to come)!!

  9. wondrouscat

    Everything’s going to go up and then everything’s going to go down. Rinse and repeat. Got it. Everything is a cycle. Reminds me of the Chance Gardner character. This guy has a beautiful but very brief smile now and then and makes me think he is actually a deadpan comedian getting away with this and after the interview he’s laughing his head off. God and the Financial Markets. Really. We all have free will unless we do something and then we don’t because we did something so we must be following some crowd so on and on. We are in a 250 year war cycle. Wake me when it’s over.

    • William Stanley

      wondrouscat: Clever!

      • Paul ...

        If the past predicts the future … then the future predicts the past … and the only place we can have “freewill” is in the present … so use your freewill in the present to buy some precious metals … which has been shown in the past to have value and therefore will have value in the future!!

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . . : Also clever!

  10. The Creepy Weepy Leaker

    Mr. Comey,
    Your a smart man not coming on USAWAtchdog.com. You would get the questions the Mockingbird media Andy Cooper mole, would not like to ask. But you were asked why Hillery Clinton wasn’t put under oath when interviewed by your F.B.I.. You said, , , didn’t matter. You said it’s a crime whether you lie under oath, or not. This is key why you think were all so stupid, we the people and your so sneaky.
    Lying under oath you can be charged with perjury. Lying not under oath, you can only be charged with a false statement. There’s is a difference Mr. Comey. Under oath you can be charged with both!
    Here’s some simple reasonable questions mole Cooper never asked Mr.Comey,

    Like, how long have you known Mr. Mueller?

    Like, whats your relationship with Mr. Mueller?

    Like, did you ever urge Rod Rosenstien to appoint Mr. Mueller as special counsel?

    Like, better yet. Did you ever talk to Mr. Mueller at any time before his appointment and what discussions have you had with Mr. Mueller since his appointment?

    What discussions did you have with Mr. Rosenstien before he fired you and after, if any?

    Mr. Comey don’t you think Mr. Rosenstien should have re cussed himself as deputy attorney general?
    And your deputy, Mr.Comey, you had no Idea he was a leaker?

    You had no Idea, “LISA PAGE, MISTRESS WHO EXCHANGED ANTI-TRUMP TEXT MESSAGES WITH FBI PETER STROZK – BOTH PART OF MUELLER’S RUSSIAN PROBE TEAM,” were conspiring against the Republican presidential candidate for the presidency of the United States of America? Is your answer what you’d expect from an F.B.I. director? Is that how you manage your affairs?

    Tell us Mr. Comey, why weren’t you at all interested in knowing who funded the so-called dossier? Wouldn’t any green first year F.B.I. agent want to know that?

    Mr. Comey when you signed-off on the FISA warrant and deceived a federal judge, in so doing didn’t you have an obligation to go back to that federal judge? If you thought the information about the prostitutes was so important in the dossier that you had raised with the president, why didn’t you raise this information with the FISA judge?

    When you met with the president and you only took that tiny little piece of information out of the entire dossier, rather than telling him exactly what was in the dossier and who funded it. It was your intention of blackmailing him, wasn’t it?
    That is to leave the impression with the president, that you had salacious unverified information and didn’t he ask you to tell the American people that it was not true. Which you found kinda awkward for some treasonous reason. That information of course was leaked, [the fact of the meeting] to C[I A]NN, so it could run with the dossier.

    The whole purpose was to hold it over his head, wasn’t it! Which is exactly what you did.

    And tell us Mr. Comey. Your professor friend to whom you hired, to leak information to the New York Times. You put him in criminal jeopardy, didn’t you?
    Now we all know that all leaks may not contain classified information, that is propitiatory to the government. If you take or leak government information, yes information you create on government time and so forth. thats a violation of federal law, despite your denials! You not only placed your professor friend in jeopardy, but you yourself! Haven’t you?

    Have you leaked to anyone else about anything else to the Mockingbird media, Mr. Comey? Non classified, classified or other wise?

    Simple questions Mr. Comey, never asked, go on and on and on and on, infinitum, don’t they Mr. Mueller! Were gonna get to you later.

    Trump praised Anderson Cooper for being ‘surprisingly tough’ on Comey
    Joe Concha 5 days ago
    Just not tough enough! You Be the judge

    • Arthur Barnes

      Comey is a criminal with a badge. Shameful, but you can’t shame such a unrepentant criminal as him. Muller is just another Clinton/Obama/Democratic stooge, bought and paid for by the left, he might beg Comey for a share of his book royalties. P.S. liked your comment. a b

  11. JC

    Greg, you asked Nenner how he would protect himself, he says he bought houses but it’s not his thing, says he’s in the financial markets, and let’s hope the bank, whoever, doesn’t force you to sell. Not clear at all to me what he means by this.
    Sorry, but I’m not sure if he is an eccentric genius or a certified nut.

    • Paul ...

      What Nenner seems to be saying is buying a house (should not be the American Dream) because a home is a liability even if it is completely paid off … because real estate taxes and school taxes can force you out of your home in a financial crash (that wipes away your savings in a stock market crash or puts the company you are working for out of business)!! … but gold and silver coins “are not taxed” by your Local School Board or your Town every 3 months … so your precious metal wealth “squirreled away” stays intact no matter what the financial markets are doing or how high Municipal and School Taxes rise … and best of all it can be passed from one generation to the next “Tax Free” … there is no need to worry about setting up Trusts or paying attorney large fees for to update your legal devices each year to protect yourself from Federal Taxes and State Taxes on your Estate … now that … is how you protect yourself!!

  12. Eric

    Copper is down ? Oil is down ? Really ?
    He says there’s no inflation. He should have said there’s no REPORTED inflation. You can believe the lying government numbers or you can simply see inflation all around.
    Food, gas, housing, health, education, ect, ect………. all higher and NOT by 2%. How about 20%. No inflation ?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Eric, I agree, bought copper pipe last Sunday, up about 12 percent since last time I bought it 18 months ago. Gas, electricity, food, housing, education, etc., just like you said; up, up, up! Regards, a b

    • Frederick

      Copper and oil ARE down when compared to 2008 prices and we are a decade later That’s deflationary right there Ifyou Remember WTI crude topped out at 147 a barrel

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Transport costs up as well.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        If you don’t eat, drink, pay rent/mortgage, use transport or pay college fees and just sit around all day buying bonds there is no inflation!!!

  13. Matt Jaymes

    Nenner says there’s no inflation. Really?? The Fed has turned on the printing press full force – this IS the very definition of inflation, and it has resulted in a stock market that has gone ballistic, home prices through the roof (pun intended) medical costs sky rocketing, oil has double in the past 18 months or so and higher education costs – forgetaboutit……..

    A great deflation is in the offing? Oh hell yes! But how can a “great deflation” event occur without the antecedent “vigorous inflation?” In other words: the mountain has to be created prior to your falling off it’s summit. Yes? So inflation has and is happening (at least for a little while longer.)

    Interest rates are going down? Take a look at LIBOR, and as Michael Pento (whom has a resounding economic acumen) LIBOR is the “benchmark” that is the basis for and impacts about $300 trillion in other debt offering/securities!

    I could go on but I shan’t, I’ll say Nenner just doesn’t do it for me and leave it at that.

    Here’s a ping for Nomi Prins,

    Great work Greg

    • Mike R

      Guys – deflation as Nenner is referring to it, is a contraction of the monetary supply. While it can mean, in simple terms lower general prices, whats going on currently is a contraction in the Fed’s balance sheet, which is after a period of time that they stopped QE. The Fed is currently unwinding all of the crap assets they accumulated from the banks, which means they are letting the crap mature, and not rolling it over, and letting it just fall off the balance sheet, which means both Treasuries and MBS. In fact, its beginning to accelerate which is the plan all along, but at the current rate its intentionally rather slow so as to not seriously disrupt markets. Read this article here for more on that. https://wolfstreet.com/2018/05/03/feds-qe-unwind-accelerates-sharply-2/
      QE was all about reinflating the banks with printed money out of thin air (inflationary), which was to stop a very heavy deflationary death spiral (debt destruction, and insolvencies) which the Fed ‘absorbed’ on its balance sheet. It got up to as high as $4.5 trillion, but its now decreasing. It could easily take 4 to 6 years to unwind all this toxic crap, maybe even longer.

      The national debt adds deflationary pressures, and all of the corporate debt is deflationary, state debt is deflationary, and lots of companies still have a hard time in general raising prices in many situations. And all the global debt is deflationary, so all Central Banks (many of which who are still “printing” – think Japan, ECB, China CB, etc), is still trying to ‘create inflation’ or prevent a worse deflationary collapse. During these deflationary times, you can still see price inflation in many things you really need, that are mostly local, and harder or more costly to import, such as your food at groceries, other commodities like gas, or there are many things like health care, prescription meds, and local taxes which are inflationary.

      So its important not to confuse what you are seeing in terms of prices for things you need to buy everyday, which can be a by-product of inflation (which by definition is an increase in the monetary supply), with what Nenner is referring to as deflation. REAL inflation would be when wages are increasing rapidly, interest rates are rising rapidly, prices on EVERYTHING are generally rising at a nearly unstoppable clip. Its the precursor to hyperinflation. What that is all about is that your currency is actually collapsing as compared to all other currencies of the countries you most regularly trade with, and doing so very rapidly.

      Right now, the dollar is still staying relatively ‘strong’ (meaning not falling by much) versus other major currencies like the Euro or Yen. Look at the price of gold, and you see it still stuck in the low $1300’s, and its way down from its high a number of years ago now at $1900 , and that tells you that the dollar is actually still pretty ‘strong’ especially given all the QE that has gone on, and printed by our own FED.

      But thats because many other major countries are having their own ECONOMIC problems, and still trying to devalue their own currencies against ours, so they can compete globally, and are export dependent, and want to sell their stuff to the US, and need the US to keep on buying their stuff. Nenner is referring to the dollar having done a multi-year potential ‘bottom’ recently when it dipped briefly below 90. It moved a lot (for a currency) to go that low in the past 2 years, but it could now start to gradually rise, which would help keep things like our oil prices from rising a lot, and help keep a lot of foreign purchased goods from rising too fast. So in a way, that is deflationary.

      If you saw the dollar to suddenly start dropping a lot, and doing so somewhat fast, lets say down to 85 in the next 6 months, then we are likely talking some serious inflation. But Nenners using his cycle work to tell you that for the foreseable future (maybe 6 to 12 months), the dollar’s bias is upward. Interest rates are being raised by the Fed, and QE is being unwound off its book, so relative to prior to 2016, this combination is by no means inflationary.

      In my view, there is latent inflation ‘baked in the cake’ so to speak, and the Fed is actually way behind the curve raising rates, and while it may seem like they are trying to get ahead of it, they are going to see a point in time, whereby inflation will be showing up in so many different areas, that their pace of raising rates wont have been enough, and then we get a whacked out situation like we had in the late 70’s, and into early 80’s when Volker had to choke everything off. We will most likely see the stock market collapse before then. That is the time, when in all likelyhood, the Fed is raising rates at precisely the wrong time, and the market collapses to Nenner’s “Dow 5000” forecast.
      All this latent inflation is in a very ‘slow boil’, where people notice price spikes in certain things, but not everything is rising a lot, but the price spikes are becoming more prevalent in a lot of goods and services. Services is going to be the key area of price spikes. Wages are WAY behind what people need to basically ‘live’ and much of the middle class, is maintaining status quo barely above a poverty level type existence. They may have a home but they are stuck, but meanwhile their prop taxes keep rising, which is like a rising mortgage payment, but it can never be stopped. Their disposable income is nearly gone, and so credit cards (debt) becomes the disposable income, but thats really taking their income from the future and putting it in immediate ‘hock.’ They used to be able to refinance their way to some level of ‘safety’ but now with rising mortgage rates, thats all but evaporated. Subprimehas gone all the way down to the level of cars,SUVS, trucks, and stretched out to loans that are 7 years, so that ‘debt’ stream is just about done for everyone but the richest 1%.
      So our whole country is living on borrowed time. In this next inflation crisis, which will be a part of a massive depression, people are going to die. A lot. Excuses like flu, or other things will be made to cover it up. But in reality its mass starvation.

      Nenners studied way more history than most of us combined ever will. He knows the fit is going to hit the shan. He doesn’t know when, as no one does, but he knows we are getting much closer every day.

      • John Ellenz

        Great job on the article Mike. I agree with you 100%.

  14. Foot in the Forest

    Hi Greg. A question, I was up late last night and saw your interview with Charles posted to Before Its News before I saw it on your site. Is this just timing? Color me ignorant about how these magic boxes really work. Great interview with Charles. Foot

  15. Chip

    I wish you would have asked Charles what he thinks of our two tiered justice system. I’m seeing this (and the MSM) as the single greatest threat we face. The Mueller investigation continues to strangle the Trump administration while there is ZERO evidence of anything. Meanwhile there is overwhelming evidence of corruption within the DNC, Clinton’s, the fake MSM, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, and other alphabet soup agencies. If there are no prosecutions of any of the multiple criminal acts and bad actors in our federal government, then the country is lost. The administrative and deep state have been compromised and are infiltrated with communists as are the MSM and our schools and universities. How does this get turned around??? Again, if there’s no fighting back, no prosecutions of real crimes, real Russian collusion, real collusion between the MSM, the deep state, and the DNC, then I think it’s over. These prosecutions need to start NOW… Chip

  16. Country Codger

    Bravo! Mr. Nenner,
    I could not agree more, with only 2 exceptions:
    1) The cycles do not continue ‘in perpetuity’;
    2) What comes after the war cycle, which ends, Spring 2023, is far worse than the war cycle and it is a seldom seen cycle that is not generally understood.

    Great work, Greg.
    Lo Iyrah

  17. H. Craig Bradley


    I have noticed over the years most of these so-called market “forecasts” are Fake or simply wrong and don’t usually pan-out as expected. This one is no exception either. Nobody really knows the future, so its just another wild guess ( SWAG).

    I’ll say this, gold has been a terrible investment in the past 4 years. I bought GLD in 2014 thinking it was a “hedge” for bond holdings (funds) if interest rates were to go up. Turned-out gold went down with bonds. Asset class correlations, positive or negative, are unreliable at best.

    • Paul ...

      HCB … Don’t look for “asset class” correlations for predicting gold prices … look for talk of tariffs and war as a guide your precious metal buying!!

  18. Barn Cat

    Countries can’t print money forever. Zimbabwe once ordered 100 trillion dollar notes but the currency was dead by the time they got them.

    We already have inflation. It’s at least 6%. Maybe it’s 8%. The government understates inflation like it overstates GDP.

    I expect that at some point the federal government will require that all 401k’s contain a certain percentage of treasury bonds. In the name of “safety”.

    • William Stanley

      Barn Cat: Good points!

    • Peter Underwood

      Well said Barn Cat
      Actually if you include the excess asset inflation and deduct that from reported GDP (already overstated as you say) we are already in a depression and have been since 2008.

      I have written a book (unpublished) and can email a *.pdf if you are interested:
      [email protected]

    • This sceptred Isle

      I suspect that you are correct and pension funds will be forced to increase their allocation to US bonds. The stock market sacrificed in order to save the bond market temporarily.

  19. terry reps

    If you continue having A stream of guests like Polny , Cliff high and Mr. Nenner; and continue to interrupt people like Ms. Fitts ; your audience of insightful people could possibly diminish.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, the first three that you mention seem to believe that they have an almost mystical power and give no insight into how they come to their conclusions. I prefer guests like Gregory Mannarino, Lynette Zang and Chris Martenson who explain the reasoning behind their outlook.

  20. Jodyp

    Best interview I’ve seen with Mr.Nenner. Straight shooting’ with honesty to boot, and a different angle. With all the chaos, who knows which prediction will be right. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best.

  21. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks, again. With his one-word answers, Charles Nenner is certainly a tough man to interview, and frustrating to listen to because his “teleology” apparently assumes causation, but his actual methodology seems to eschew its investigation in favor of simply looking for cycles. I suppose that is something like quantum physics (I’ll be disappointed if Paul (and others) doesn’t opine here . . . “shut up and keep calculating”).
    However, his track record seems to vindicate his philosophy, and he actually does make testable predictions. You’ve got to listen and pay attention to him . . . no matter how painful.

  22. Paul ...

    What Nenner seems to be saying is that we are in a long term depression likely brought on by too much debt (where people have no money to buy things after they finish paying off their charge cards) … however the War Cycle he sees being ramped up will drive the prices of oil, copper, nickel, etc. upward … and the intrinsic value of money will go down (as the banksters print it up more and more of the stuff for WWIII) … ordinary people will have less debt to pay off if they survive War and inflation … while Peace will only bring the Stock Market down to 5,000 … so ordinary people and Wall Street will both “want war” … and that is exactly what Trump lead by the neocons will provide!!

    • Paul ...

      According to Nenner there is a very dangerous confluence of war cycles that peak in the years 2019 – 2020 … and the way things are shaping up it doesn’t look like the world is going to get through this period without major conflict… especially when the Empire’s currency (the Almighty Dollar) is under attack … which will make the Emperor more desperate, reckless and dangerous in throwing his Tomahawks around … if sane minds can keep the world at peace until after 2020 the war cycle will begin receding and just perhaps we won’t have an EMP bomb dropped on us by Putin that will take out the electrical water pumps cooling all our nuclear reactors in the US (which our politicians didn’t consider important enough to harden) … in one shot hundreds of nuclear power plants across America will go Chernobyl … cooling pumps can’t be easily replaced … so Americans will be without lights, heat and internet access for months (possibly years if Puerto Rico is any example) … ATM’s won’t work and Bitcoin will be useless … better get your silver, gold and nickel coins before all America’s nuclear reactors (many hundreds of them) go Fukushima in every State of the Union … with just one simple Russian EMP bomb getting through our defenses and exploded high above the US … think it is impossible? … how good was our military at stopping a couple of kids (who couldn’t fly a Cessna) from flying a plane into the office at the Pentagon that was auditing where the missing $2.3 trillion dollars of Defense Budget money had disappeared!!

      • Paul ...

        As the war cycle reaches a peak in the next few years … I wonder what excuse the globalists will use to get American parents to willingly send their sons and daughters to die in the coming WWIII conflagration?
        To get us into WWI the globalists used the excuse “We Must Save the World for Democracy”! …
        To get us into WWII the globalists used the excuse “We Must Save the World from Fascism”!! …
        Now as WWIII approaches the globalists seem to be homing in on the excuse Wolf Blitzer is now testing … that we must send our children to die “To Save the Profits of the Military Industrial Complex”!!!

  23. Flattop

    I feel an urgency to encourage watchdoggers to pray for our President.
    He is in a fight for life.
    The deep staters know they are going to prison if our President stays in office.
    There only option is to remove our President by any and all options. If they can get him on treason, they will put him in prison.
    This is a fight to the death of all involved. No wonder Sessions is scared to get involved.

    • Paul ...

      In the final analysis it comes down to 1) making peace with your enemy … or 2) making peace with your God (as your enemy beheads you) … or 3) killing your enemy … as options 2) and 3) requires the murder of an individual … expressly forbidden by Almighty God in his Commandments to mankind … this leaves mankind with only 1 option … making peace with your enemy … and God is now showing before our very eyes that peace between enemies is possible (by what is taking place with North Korea) to the utter consternation and disbelief of the globalist neocon warmongers who were all set to profit from a new Korean War!! … imagine with God’s eyes … and see a day when both Israel and Iran will be friends … say it is impossible? … did you ever think Israel and Saudi Arabia would one day be friends?? … women and children are women and children no matter what geographical boundary separates these human beings … elephants from India don’t kill elephants from Africa simply because they were born in a different country, or have a slightly different color, or different traditions, etc., etc. the way humans do … who is more Godlike!!

    • Charles H

      I feel the same.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      Amen to what you say about praying for Trump. I pray for him almost every night and morning. If we are praying for this cleansing of the swamp to take place, and there are enough of us praying for it, God might just grant our wish. We need to put our trust in God. And, as far as day to day living: We need to be as self-sufficient as possible. We need to grow our own food, find new ways of providing energy. We need to live as if Christ is coming again soon, because He is.

  24. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    “Still no inflation”, Charles says. What’s he been smokin’? Gas is higher than it was a couple of months ago. Prices aren’t dropping anywhere that I can see.

  25. Terry

    This guy is a big nothingburger. He’s basically saying it’s TEOTWAWKI, but “I’d wait till the end of the summer to buy gold.” What? Like it’s going to $500 between now and then? Greg asks, “should I get out of debt, own my home, etc.” Nenner, “maybe.” So we are on the cusp of WWIII, the Dow is going to 5000, all by 2020 and this guy can’t give you one idea of how to deal with that except “watch the cycle.”

    Greg you’d have better luck nailing Jello to a wall, then getting a straight answer out of this guy.

    • William Stanley

      Terry, if it’s TEOTWAWKI, why would anything much matter except preparing for that?

      • Terry


    • Frederick

      Terry I very much doubt gold will go to 500 especially if they are foolish enough to start a war with Iran

      • Terry

        That’s my point.

  26. James Brown

    Greg, Adam Smith called. Remember, the guy that wrote about the “Invisible Hand”? God is in the markets, sounds like the invisible hand (not Weinstein’s hand). Thanks for another great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James,
      I agree!

    • William Stanley

      Adam Smith, the moral philosopher, may have recognized another entity in the markets besides God:
      “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” (“The Wealth of Nations”).

  27. Robert Zionist Lykens

    US Officials: Israel Preparing For War With Iran, Seeking US Support


    ZeroHedge is likely reporting this in an anti-Israel light because that seems to be their bent regarding God’s chosen.
    But – and remember, you heard it from me first – Israel and Iran are not going to get into a shooting war. As I’ve said before, Russia, Iran, Turkey and others will invade Israel from the north, at which time the invaders will be destroyed by God himself. This is an old prophecy from the book of Ezekiel. When the invasion takes place, America will be on the sidelines, not supporting Israel.
    That’s the truth, as much as I hate to say it.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “America will be on the sidelines, not supporting Israel.
      Thanks for the good news. Seems like Israel doesn’t need us. Does America get to survive?

  28. Mohammad


    Looks like a subpoena could be heading Trumps ways by Muller soon..!


    • Greg Hunter

      Constitutional crisis would ensue and Mueller would lose badly in court. The law breakers are in the former Obama Administration and with the government and that is a fact.

  29. Tad


    Yes, just trying to keep the president abreast of what John Bolton is saying and doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      commondreams.org describes itself as a “progressive” website which means it is Marxist/socialist/communist in it’s reporting. See for yourself: https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/05/03/progressive-media-outlets-including-one-decry-facebooks-plan-act-gatekeeper

      That said the question in the headline said “Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence to Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal?” The answer is NO!!!!, but these weasels knew this when they wrote the article. Common (wet) dreams.org has done one negative and insulting article after another on Jon Bolton. It is not a source you can trust but a biased Marxist/communist/progressive outfit probably funded by people like George Soros. He’s a regular on common (wet) dreams. This is propaganda and please stop posting this on USAW. Why don’t you do somewhere else and post your lies?

  30. Walter Baumgarten

    Yeah, Greg, own your own stuff! And NO DAMNED debt! There is a message that cannot be overstressed. I liked Herr Nenner’s comment about how it is in America, he was dead on. Americans no longer have any concept of what value is, the only concern they have is whether they can make the monthly payment or not.

    My own, small home may be on 5 acres of hardwood mountain forest and is easily and affordably heated and maintained at minimal cost, but it is only assessed at $209K. The neighbor is a weekender from NYC who has an even smaller home that he is now trying to sell. His assessment is $225K. He is listed at $365 and believe it or not there are plenty of lookers at the property. I asked one of the real estate agents that was showing it one day if the millennial that was checking it out was seriously considering paying almost $400K for a $200K house! She replied that there is little inventory in this price range in Western NJ, but that these millennials have no clue as to what something is worth, they are only concerned if they can afford the payment or not. Wow. The problem is that once the dimwits purchase such properties, their new assessed values will be the purchase price and they will immediately be hit with a 50% tax increase. If enough of these cases play out and a revaluation is required. all of us with small houses will either have to sell and get out or face the same huge tax increases. Obviously, there is NO cure for stupid. America is doing it all to itself.

  31. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, inflation started in earnest in the late 60’s, way up in the 70’s, haven’t seen a decade yet that almost everything doesn’t go up; bought a new car lately? This guy, as good as he is, just doesn’t get out to the store(s) much is what I am thinking or I want what he is taking LOL. a b

    • Greg Hunter

      The deflation Nenner is talking about is debt destruction. How many bond funds went buts in the 70’s? Very few. Think Puerto Rican bonds (474 billion) that are defaulted on. That is debt destruction and (I think) the deflation Nenner is talking about.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Gouda is a great hedge against inflation, haven’t you heard…?

  32. Marcus

    I love it , “How much did your Kitchen cost “….ahhhh dano $75 a month…..how all Americans think,
    After he said that It made me relies that America will never be Great Again, and that there is the whole story …live within your means.

    • Beverly Kingsford


      America will never be great again? Not true. America WILL be great again because God wills it to be that way. America is a chosen land by God and Joseph of Egypt’s descendants are the ones who are to inherit this land. God keeps His promises and this country WILL be great again.

  33. Mohammad


    The world has never been so close to endangering human species as it is now.
    The war between Iran and Israel is about to commence.
    I can tell you now Greg that the purpose of this war is to smash Turkey/Saudi Arabia on one side with Iran on the other side.

    The game is clear/crystal clear…To empty the land from the river to the river.
    All powers in the world from US to Russia to China to France to UK to every F$%##g bastard who has the power to stop this madness but chooses otherwise is responsible for the blood of the innocent people who will be massacred in M.E.

    I will pray that it somehow does not happen, prayers are more powerful than their evil planning.


    • This sceptred Isle

      The chess pieces are set. The question is are there two players or is it a computer playing against itself?

      • Mohammad

        Or who and when will kick the table..?


    • William Stanley

      Mohammad: Very thought provoking! However, I have to admit, it wasn’t “crystal clear” to me, although it does reconcile a lot of seemingly contradictory facts.

      • Mohammad

        To me it is crystal clear as the rivers that are symbolized on the flag of Israel with two blue lines sandwiching the star of David, Do you know what are those blue lines?
        Crystal clear.


    • Frederick

      Mohammad I totally agree The plan has been set in motion

  34. Apollo

    The fact of the matter is that inflation is for the poor and the middle class and deflation for the very rich…but it’s always been like that!

  35. Peter Underwood

    Hi Greg,
    I agree entirely with Nenner and thanks for the article although I believe the economic depression is already with us and yet to be witnessed in the stock markets etc within the next few years. All the statistical mumbo-jumbo is false. I have written a book (100,000 words) about this and have an e-copy available, trying to explain the why and how of our dysfunctional global financial system to ordinary people. I have yet to get a publisher interested although I have emailed 100s of literary agents. The feedback generally advises that the subject is too controversial for them to publish.

    I am offering my book free to those who are interested and will gladly send you a copy. One argument I would note is that of the assumption that the USA and world in general have been expanding for the last 10 years which is based on the false premise of GDP.

    Since real inflation rates (taking commodity and assets together) far exceed nominal growth rates per GDP formula, we have in fact suffered negative growth or a prolonged hidden global depression for 10 years. We have actually seen the end of growth as we have known it and evidence is everywhere to be found, not least of which is energy resource or EROEI. My book explains all this and much more.
    Just thought you should know that we are all being fooled by fudged statistics and QE/ZIRP

    • William Stanley

      Peter: Your book sounds pretty interesting. I know it’s pretty presumptuous of me, but I hereby give Mr. Hunter permission to give you my email address.

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    Well Greg,

    The “there there” is there. Trump LIED about knowing about the payoffs to Stormy Daniels. Next thing he is going to say is that he never asked for a spanking. Yeah Right !

    • Greg Hunter

      No there, there as it did not involve campaign funds. Nobody care except you and last place CNN. Keep dreaming of your Communist/Marxist state.

    • Mike R

      Gina – like Scott Adams tweeted, Trump’s personal use of his own money, and where he places his genitals and when is none of your f*cking business. And none of anyone’s. Period. It also occurred many years ago, before he became President. Now when a moron ‘does it’ in the actual office of the President, like one dic*head known as Clinton, then its everyone’s business, because its on our dime, that he is doing so.

      Meanwhile he is the first President in 65 years to get NK to come to the table, and actually denuclearize. That actually is IMPORTANT for us as Citizens.

      Oh, but wait. You’d rather focus on the soap opera that is none of anyone’s business where and when he placed his genitals, and who he potentially payed with his own money, to try to keep some wench with a big mouth blabbing about many years after the fact. (which is called extortion btw, on her part).

      I see his CNN sponsored ‘soap opera’ has severely affected your life, and mental state, meanwhile he is saving all of ours from being nuked to high heaven. Your priorities are so clearly way far out of whack, that its not surprising you’d bring this up, and act like its actually mattering to US Citizens.

    • sk

      Gina! Who gives a rat’s …ahem…..derriere about Trump’s PRIVATE sex life? He can fornicate with a Laz-y-Boy for all I care.

  37. Diane

    What’s going on with silver?

  38. Frederick

    I’m convinced the stock market is being manipulated higher when things get ugly Today for instance it was lower by 390 points and suddenly it reversed course and is now in the green Its VERY suspect in my opinion

    • This sceptred Isle

      Definitely. The market went to new highs after Brexit referendum and Trump’s election.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a good sign. The debt is tremendous and stopping the real economy. Something will have to give.

      • Marcus

        What real economy, please tell so i can get back to work.

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe you need some new skills? Writing is not your strong suit.

        • JMiller


          There are many places in the U.S. that have had a recovery from 2008-2009. Here in South Central PA the “real” unemployment rate is about probably around 5-6%. Plenty of help wanted ads and signs. And I have been hearing the same from other people. May be you need to move to a better location where there are plenty of jobs.

  39. Tad

    Looks like Bolton, Langley, and the Israel lobby have got to you Greg. No need to post here any longer.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Tad no need for an anti-Semite like you to post here any longer. I put up my own cash and worked my tail off to start this site and I answer to no one. You are for the guys that throw gays off of buildings and mutilate little girls. Be Gone.


      • Beverly Kingsford


        All of your hard work is greatly appreciated by so many of us. It’s one of the only places I have to turn to, in order to communicate with people who think similarly. Thank heavens there are a few of us here in America who are seeing past the lies in the media! Those of us who SEE will most likely be those that keep on living.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t forget to help your friends and family as best you can.

  40. Thomas G Lewis

    Hello Greg and all commentators here! Right or wrong, I like Mr. Nenner, because he follows his discipline and well studied beliefs. I had the privilege some years ago of speaking at length with the late great P.Q. Wall, who was also a leading exponent of cycle theory of markets and just about everything else.
    I’ve concluded that, just as with precious metals, market cycles are labeled as enemies of the state by all governments. Hence all the massive manipulation and propaganda we see everywhere. This throws off the timing but the destination appears to be unalterable.
    That would be a place where incomes no longer support us in the manner we have been accustomed, writ large, as in Brobdingnagian proportions. Either thru rapid loss of value in the currency or simply the loss OF currency. Inflation or deflation can be misdefined, redefined, or largely undefined, but the fact that production must precede consumption on the macro basis, doesn’t leave the current world population much wiggle room when the man behind the curtain runs out of tricks. I hope they can put this off another 25 or 30 years, but I’m not betting on it. I own my stuff and that’s enough. As Shakespeare once said, “neither a lender nor a borrower be.”
    Enjoyed the interview, keep up the good work!

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