WNW 160-ME War, Economy Sours, US Ebola Threat

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

We are headed for a much wider war in the Middle East, and headlines like this one are forecasting it.  Speaker of the House John Boehner lays out a case that “Airstrikes Not Enough” to defeat ISIS.  Boehner said, “At some point, somebody’s boots have to be on the ground.”  ISIS has half of Bagdad surrounded, and I predict the U.S. will send ground troops sooner than later.  The coalition is building with countries such as the UK, Belgium and France, but they will not bomb in Syria—only Iraq.  I suspect they are afraid of making Russia angry.  This is much more than just Iraq and Syria because I think this is a clash of cultures, and the ISIS message has gone global to the more than 1 billion Muslims.  This article talks about ISIS getting recognition because of the airstrikes.  It also talks about how ISIS wants payback for treatment of Muslims and how it is projecting the idea that it will be the winning team.  ISIS is popping up in places such as Europe, the U.S., India and Australia.  Countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia are all in for bombing Syria and Iraq.  This is just shaping up to be the warm up act for a global war.

The financial war has been going on for a while and it is not abating.  Notice those cheap oil prices?  There is speculation that oil could hit $60 a barrel!  Sure, part of that is declining demand, but part of it is Saudi Arabia who continues to pump oil instead of cutting back production.  Why?  Saudi Arabia wants to lower oil prices to hurt Russia, and it’s willing to cut prices and take a hit to do it.  Also, is this Saudi Arabia helping out Obama and Democrats for the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria?  Who knows, but the Dems love the price drop in oil just before Mid-term elections.  Don’t expect cheap oil to be a long trend.

Meanwhile, Russia is brushing off the pain sanctions are causing.  Putin is not worried about 8% inflation and a record low ruble.  Putin says it will just make relations with China and other BRIC countries all that much stronger.  Meaning, there will be less use of the U.S. dollar in international trade.  Please don’t forget the oil and natural gas card Putin is holding over Europe this winter.  The colder it gets, the uglier the EU economy will get.

Speaking of the economy, it is not looking good, at least to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.  She is “quite worried” that the market is disconnecting to the real economy, and former Fed Head Ben Bernanke agrees.  So does Mario Draghi of the ECB.  He wants to print euros to buy bonds from insolvent banks.  Germany wants to stop that because it is illegal in the Eurozone.  If you are printing money to prop up an economy, how good can things be?   They keep touting this bogus 4.6% GDP number for the second quarter here in the U.S., but housing, manufacturing and consumer confidence are all down.  Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the “world economy is on life support, and they can’t tell you the truth.”   Of all the people I talk to on the economy, one consensus point pops out.   We are headed for another financial crash, and the next one will be the granddaddy of them all.  Big changes are coming, like it or not.

A Missouri doctor says the CDC is “lying” or is “grossly incompetent” about the Ebola threat.  Dr. Gill Mobley, who is a micro biologist and trauma doctor, boarded a plane in Atlanta with a full hazmat suit on complete with goggles, gloves and mask.  He had written on his hazmat suit “CDC is lying.”  He did this as a protest of the handling of the Ebola threat.  We were told that the chance of having Ebola here was extremely small.  Now, it’s reported 100 people came into contact with an infected man who flew into Dallas Texas.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jeff

    Ebola is the bigger picture here as it is on our turf. We Americans (today) can not handle adversity in our own backyard. Fine if it’s a news clip of others suffering in a land they couldn’t point out on a map. That’s why 9-11 was so powerful……Ebola is a second attempt the swine flu couldn’t achieve. It has all the markings this administration needs to control (thru fear) the public……. Also, remember cold weather slowed our economy. Ebola is just one more excuse for the king of excuses.

    • Alarmed

      I agree with Jeff’s assessment. The last five years of my tenure as an educator, the administration would threaten the teachers. Not only was this done when all the teachers got together en-mass in the beginning of the school year, but also in re-education camps…er in-service workshops, individual school faculty meetings, and e-mails. The fear and threat factor demoralized the faculty; it was obvious to everyone, but we were powerless to do anything about it. I was shocked to find how many teachers were on meds. I left the profession.

      Greg, WW3 had already started, the most obvious is the economic war. The war on many fronts, independent thinking, a real education, family, and morals and standards have already been lost to this covert, but sinister war. There are many casualties from this conflict, but few recognize it. People are brainwashed, but they think they are “enlightened.” What a negative difference from the 1950’s, an imperfect decade on its own.

    • Saint Lawrence

      Good one
      Past events will lead to my one conclusion:
      1. 9 11 2001 and Oklahoma City FALSE FLAGS
      2. Money printing, QE, Zirp, National Debt gains 1 trillion a year, private and corporate debt hits 60 trillion
      3. Labor Participation Rate Drops
      4. CDC Argues Against Shutting Down Air Travel from Africa to Stop Ebola (military grade ebola is artificial lab creation FALSE FLAG)
      5. Gold and Silver Dies; DOLLAR and electronic prevails

      My Conclusion:
      Microchip implant (human)

      I can see by 2020 poor people, government assistance recipients and the less affluent will receive a chip, government tracking device.
      Ask any veterinarian about subcutaneous microchips. The book “1984” and “Brave New World” through implants.

    • Desert Rose

      Ebola sure looks like a FALSE FLAG.
      Complete with being brought here…??!!!
      Anything to keep the US people from seeing what’s actually happening….

      • Galaxy 500

        Ebola is a false.flag?!!?!?
        Ebola is just.one more example of an incompetent.President and his incompetent administration. Ebola is no more a false flag than is the flood of illegal alien parasites that Obama allows to come here with diseases that are paralyzing children and killing people. Its a.sad.fact

      • allen ols

        D. rose;

        yup, ditto

        • N.N.

          The President can not do a thing about it. The Bankers run and own this country. I am surprised you do not know this by now.

  2. Samsara

    Looks like the gold price is finally starting to factor in all the events mentioned in this article and also, is resisting the double low of 2013. If this becomes a technical triple bottom in the next couple of weeks/months then that should be a major buy signal.

  3. Peter J

    From the movie: “Men in Black”
    Kay: “There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT! ”

    Have a great weekend Greg! Whewww!

    • allen ols


      the truth from Gen. Wesley Clark, on osama b. Laden;


      • allen ols

        ….THE enemy of my enemy is my friend….

        TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Abdulaziz bin Abdullah voiced concern about the disclosure of the close relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, specially when Muslims from across the world are in Saudi Arabia for Hajj rituals.
        “After a meeting between Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, also a former foreign minister, with Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal al-Saud in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting late September, and given the decreasing influence of Riyadh in the region and among the Muslims, Abdulaziz bin Abdullah expressed dire concern about the disclosure of the close relations with Tel Aviv, specially when a large number of Muslims have gathered in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina for Hajj rituals,” an informed source told FNA.

        According to the report, in a secret meeting between a close advisor to Abdulaziz bin Abdullah and Saudi Interior Minister Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the two sides discussed the serious challenges facing Saudi Arabia in the near future.

        “At the start of the meeting, the representative of Abdulaziz bin Abdullah elaborated on the meetings between certain high-ranking Saudi officials, specially Turki bin Faisal, and Zionist officials, mostly held in Aqaba port, in which Riyadh undertook some commitments,” the source who called for anonymity due to security concerns, said.


  4. Silence is Golden

    Ebola is a mega issue that is not getting the attention it deserves.
    CDC is LYING. The MSM are complicit through their nefarious reporting.

    There is no known cure for Ebola and yet they imported two Americans displaying Ebola infection. Not only that we find another person (Patient Zero) in Dallas has Ebola who has infected how many others (for 4 days after showing symptoms) ?
    Greg, you keep repeating the “Fear Not” mantra and I want to put something into context here.
    Fear can create the very same set of circumstances that a run on the dollar would create. Mayhem and lawlessness are but two resultants….but the closure of businesses, schools, public transport, retail and Government are some of the consequences.
    That right there is your 911 moment. The system shuts down …nothing works anymore in that scenario.
    The FACT is No One is Immune to FEAR.
    Jeff above, mentioned control of the public being the reason behind Ebola….creating a sense of FEAR. That sense will grow once there are more cases evident in the US.
    The US Government supposedly has a vaccine…which it has been testing..? The CDC has had a variant of the Ebola Virus since 2010. Should we be afraid of what the Bio-tech Military complex might have in mind with a program of inoculation for Ebola ?
    Case in point
    With almost 6000 cases of Ebola in Africa and an expected 1.4Mln cases by Jan 2015 (CDC estimate)….how does this not get front page headlines on all global newspapers ?
    For a disease that supposedly “does not spread easily” that sure is one exponential growth pattern that blows that theory out of the park.

    Black Swan of 2015….a world wide pandemic…that no one saw coming ….!!!!!

    On another point not many know that there are multiple strains of the Ebola disease being spread throughout Africa. A problem that is compounded.

    The real question to now ask and seek an answer for is …Has this disease been weaponized ?
    How hard would it be for terrorist organisations to infect major population centres of western societies using an Ebola strain. No need for dirty bombs.

    If the US Government and CDC and WHO say that Ebola is safely contained….Do you really feel safe ? I would bet the total US debt that a lot of people in those Agencies are not getting a lot of sleep.

    • mark

      Hi Silence,
      Speaking of putting things into context, I wish to address your comment regarding Greg’s reminder to “Fear not” at the end of his weekly news wrap up. As one who believes in the good news of Jesus as the Christ (crucified for our offenses, raised for our justification” Rom.5:1), Greg is making an exhortation based on the testimony of the Holy Spirit conveyed through the Scriptures wherein we read in Matt 10:28, for example, to “not fear those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him Who is able to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna” . Who then is this One Whom we should fear that is able to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna? In Revelation we read that when John the apostle saw Him, the Lord Jesus in His glory adorned for ministry as a High Priest forever according to the order of Melek Zedek (Melchisedek, King of Righteousness, King of Peace) Who after having made purification of sins sat down once for all at the Majesty on High until His enemies are made a footstool for His feet (“death the last enemy is being abolished” 1 Cor. 15:26), he “fell at His feet as dead”. But what was the response of this One Who through death destroyed him who has the might of death, that is the devil? In Rev. 1:17 we read: ” and He placed His right hand on me saying, Do not fear; I am the First and the Last; and the living One ; and I became dead, and behold, I am living forever and ever; and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” The testimony of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures confirm your observation that “no one is immune from fear”, for in Hebrews ch. 2 we read: ” since the children have partaken of flesh and blood He also Himself in like manner partook of the same, that He might destroy him who has the might of death, that is, the devil, and might release those who because of the fear of death through all their life were held in slavery. For assuredly it is not to angels that He gives help, but He gives help to the seed of Abraham. Hence He should have been made like His brothers in all things that He might become a merciful and faithful High Priest in the things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For being tempted in that which He Himself has suffered, He is able to help those who are being tempted.” (Heb. 2:14-18). That is why Silence, at least for me, Greg’s exhortation to “fear not” is more than just a mantra, as you suggest, something declared repeatedly in hope of realization, but is one that is based in spiritual and factual reality in that there is One Who is in fact above it all, even having conquered death itself and the one who has the power of it, Who knows us to the depths of our being, better than we know ourselves, and really does have our best interest in view so that we need not live our lives consumed by fear of catastrophes, real or imagined, which do actually occur in this world, knowing that which He has prepared is beyond what we could ask or think, Him Who has promised neither to leave or forsake us. That is why I say to you, Silence and to Greg and to all who post here at usawatchdog ” the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” because “God has not given us a spirit of fear (cowardice), but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim. 1:7)

      • Silence is Golden

        First and foremost I must categorically state that I am not an alarmist.
        There is no malice in anything that I have said or implied.
        I have merely made a point in relation to how “Fear” is imbedded in everyone and attempted to put some context to the Ebola virus in that sense.
        As to whether the “Fear Not” is an spiritual exhortation is not for me to judge. Neither is it for me to suggest that having faith in God relieves us of being human. Some may choose to seek clarity and comfort from a higher order and yet when push comes to shove, they either revert to normal human thought patterns,processes and actions or they let nature take its course.
        I used the term “Mantra” to emphasise the repeated nature of the statement. It was in no way implied to suggest or incite Fear amongst the readers but merely to contrast the deafening sound of the sleeping public with that of a full blown public panic/meltdown when the truth gets out.
        I feel safer with the knowledge of what is upon us and what is hidden and capable of reacting appropriately to any deterioration of this contagion. That doesn’t mean that I wont panic or fear for the safety of my friends and family. I still have faith and remain positive that there is a resolution whilst ensuring that I am alert and prep. for these events.

  5. allen ols

    greg; GREAT WEEK!!

    u said, ” …saudi’s will pump more oil going into mid term elect. so as to make ME (obamBa) look good, and I will bomb syria”.
    u are correct for sure, as the sheeple will be duped as they love ponzi schemes…..AND….christine lagarde = NEW W ORDER…nothing to see here.

    …..we have spraying on the agenda as well…..


    AND…. Edward Snowden revealing NSA information, corroborating russian intelligence of 911 fraud, more to come out on this.



    • Aisatsana

      SIC, indeed. Here’s something. TODAY, I incidentally saw an “Ebola-Broadcast” from the “Port Authorities” in .PDF format on my Teamleader’s computer screen (I just walked by and I noticed). This is at my workplace. First thought: “Cannot be happening!”. No guidelines/info received. Only “I” incidentally saw it. I can tell you that I work in a European Port. The information channels seem to be very much “managed”. Day in, Day out, I see too many nationalities that come from different continents. Something needs to happen, fast.

      • JC Davis

        I often feel Revelations is unfolding before me.

        • Aisatsana

          Yes, yet everyone of us continue with their daily schedules. Revelations reminds me of that documentary “The Four Horsemen”. It is an excellent piece of information. I must apologize to Silence, I made a typo. C must be G. I now just see. No pun intended. Here’s a funny story: Today, one Chief Officer gave me a hard time on board of his Lady. I’m glad she sailed. Phew. I have the habit of asking what country they come from. This young man came from South Ukraine. He will be back home in November. At completion of operations, he came down and we stood next to the lady. We started talking about all these crazy events in today’s world. Also about the intrigue in the Ukraine, his homeland. He told me that he had the feeling that the entire world was on fire, and that he’s scared of the threath of nuclear war. He told me that Malaysian MSM newspapers told quite a different story than other news channels. He will now buy gold and silver. That’s what this is all about. Can you imagine that that man at first didn’t understand what gold was?! He is really a very nice fellow. Glad I spoke with him, because he really gave me a hard time during ops.

      • Silence is Golden

        Containment of Ebola disease has been lost.
        Health Authorities and Agencies did NOT do what was required.
        Obfuscation of the numbers of cases and control procedures have been intentionally been withheld as has the fact that the virus has become airborne. Human to Human contact is not required.
        A clue as to how severe the Disease may get in the US….The US State Dept. (not CDC has ordered 160,000 Hazmut Suits…..and this contrasts against the ” we have it under control” ….!!!!!
        AND we also now find that US law enforcement (as well as CDC) have the power to detain any person suspected of being infected with Ebola….to be “housed” or quarantined in ….CAMPS ????

        WHO Global Alert on Ebola back in August…..


    • Galaxy 500

      Still.pushing that the.evil joooos nuked America on 911. Just w ” Heil Hitler” and be done,.Al. You are.proof that some people will believe and.promote anything to.spread the.hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. Nothing in the link is real but the truth.never ever stops a antisemite

    • Galaxy 500

      And Al.Jazeera
      Snowden leaked surveillance progam not the make believe BS you linked to but then I always say down let the.facts.get keep you from believe in fairies

    • Galaxy 500

      Oh wow Al,
      Its.so.top.secert.that I get a file not.found 404 error. Thats more.proof that the sneaky evil Jooos did.it.

  6. 8Ball

    Well, the bottom is certainly dropping out of the PM prices. People are no doubt re-thinking their strategies at the moment.

    All of the so-called PM “experts” are telling you to “keep stacking” and that the “bottom” is in… I wonder? Most all of that line of conjecture is based upon the thinking that some ethereal “market forces” will come into play and cause the manipulated prices to correct to a “fair valuation”. Perhaps not in our lifetimes…

    There hasn’t been anything “fair” about the financial markets since 1914 when the Federal Reserve Act became law. The American people have been getting slow roasted ever since. People have been conditioned for a financial collapse but watch out for anything from Ebola to ISIS and everything in between.

    May you live in interesting times.

  7. Mike M

    The fuse has already been lit and the only questions are how long is it and how big will the explosion be.

    While there are multiple major events taking place worldwide, I think the biggest one will occur in the US. It could be days, weeks or possibly months away, but not years.

    Whatever the event (or possibly events) it will eventually lead to the total collapse of the country.

    I also predict within 5 years there will no longer be a USA, the same as there is no longer a USSR. The big difference between the two will be the collapse of the US will be much more violent and destructive in nature and what will remain will not be a world you will want to live in – assuming you survive the aftermath to begin with.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      Rob Kirby (Gold and derivatives expert) says he thinks it blows this year and cascades into next year. Kirby is up Sunday for an “Early Sunday Release.”

      • allen ols

        GOOD DEAL!!

      • Jerry

        Greg that’s my take to. I am suspicious of the dollar index. It is being propped up to hide something that the PTB don’t want us to see.

        • Galaxy 500

          Its being manipulated just like the stock market, LIBOR, Gold and foreign exchange

        • Jerry

          Greg like I’ve said I have been suspicious of the dollars recent lunar trajectory. According to my source this is what is happening.
          – the dollar is currently being dumped worldwide for trade.
          – the excess dollars are being bought up by the Federal Reserve Bank, and sold to Euro Clear ( one of their subsidiaries Belgium)
          – Euro Clear is then selling the worthless dollars to the Euro Hedge Fund.
          Evidently the dollar dumping and buying is so massive it makes the index appear to be on an upward trajectory with no end in sight. I find this news particularly interesting in light of the fact that the EU is really weak right now, and may be facing massive increases in gas prices from the Russians in the coming weeks. This is the proverbial fuse everyone has been looking for. Like Rob Kirby stated in one of your last interviews “its the game of hide the baloney”.

          • Greg Hunter

            Interesting. Kirby says it’s going “Supernova and then black.” I think that is the same thing.

      • JC Davis

        Greg I like the early Sunday release. Monday gets hectic sometimes.

        • Greg Hunter

          So be it. Rob Kirby on Sunday for the Early Release.

      • West Tejas

        Can’t wait for that interview! While no one can be 100% correctly how this will go down, I think Rob Kirby, John Williams and Harvey Organ are as close to the money as you can get without having a crystal ball. My question is just timing, whether its 2014 or the first half of 2015 a shoe is about to drop.
        Between Ebola, debts of biblical proportions, FED manipulating the markets and non-ending wars, I don’t think this will have a happy ending.

        • wd


          Just curious…why not tablet form? What a bout chewable…it has a much longer shelf life?


    • Galaxy 500

      There is no USSR.now. Your prediction came true on 1990s

  8. allen ols

    Mr. Magoo Could See All Along!

    by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

    Nothing like trying to clean up your legacy before you die, your lie blows up publicly …or both. Alan Greenspan decided to talk about “gold” in an Op-Ed piece this past week in an effort to clean up his legacy. The article was published by Foreign Affairs. Please read this opinion piece very carefully, or even twice before continuing.

    OK, so now you’ve read “The Maestro’s” opinion on “Why Beijing is buying gold?” Do you buy his arguments? Even a little? I don’t buy any of it from start to finish (except for his admission gold and silver ARE monies), in my opinion Mr. Magoo who “couldn’t ever see a bubble before it popped” has just as bad hindsight as current sight even with the ability to see factual history. Actually, this is wrong as Mr. Greenspan “did” get it and I am now sure he always “has” gotten it …he just cannot ever really admit to this without being hung from a lamp post somewhere.

    Read More @ MilesFranklin.com

  9. allen ols


    Ex Government Employee talks about CHEMTRAILS part 1 …
    Video for ex government employee talks about chemtrails► 9:55► 9:55
    Jul 27, 2009 – Uploaded by COUNTCARDULAR
    The chemtrail program is also known as “Project Cloverleaf”, and it is very compartmentalized. Even the …
    Ex Government Employee talks about CHEMTRAILS …
    Video for ex government employee talks about chemtrails► 44:13► 44:13
    May 19, 2012 – Uploaded by Kalymnos KalymnosWeb
    Ex Government Employee talks about CHEMTRAILS.
    “Project Cloverleaf: Ex-Government Employee Talks About …
    Oct 14, 2012 – “The chemtrail program is also known as “Project Cloverleaf”, and it is very compartmentalized. Even the pilots themselves have no real idea of …

    • Mahalia Jackson

      Went to these links….this guy Griffith says chem trails are done by the Russians.
      HAARP ‘s been around a long time, US product.

      • Galaxy 500

        Are you sure its.not being done by extraterrestrials to.terraform the.planet.so.they can invade

  10. woody188

    I am worried about Ebola. This has the potential to be a major game changer. It is killing 50% of those it infects. I have a feeling it will be around 30% here in the States. We’ll have to keep an eye on it, but I think it’s prudent right now to avoid public transportation and public areas like stadiums. CDC considers direct contact to include being within a 3-foot radius of the infected!

    • West Tejas

      Time to start stocking up on the following:
      1. Liposomal Vitamin C in liquid form only. Keep away from the tablets.
      2. Nano Silver 10ppm
      3. Black Elderberry Extract
      4. Venus Fly Trap Extract

      Do your own research but the above has been used to mitigate some really nasty stuff like swine flu and lyme disease.

      • Galaxy 500

        I.prefer voodoo charms. They are cheaper and just as effective. The only thing the above has an effect.on is the wallet of the.seller (increase) and the buyer, a decline.

      • brian

        Not enough can really be said in the way of how important it is to invest in your health. It should really be our primary focus. Ensuring the health and well being of others should be a close second, because like they say on airplanes, put your own mask on first, then assist others.

        Of course, dealing with the degenerate, useless, scumbags destroying the fabric of our society, undermining the rule of law and sowing disaster everywhere their festering miasmatic personas ensconce themselves should then be our single, tertiary priority to the degree that it becomes a fervid personal crusade.

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree. Look at how.long it.took them to.quarantine Duncan and how.long it took to.clean.out the.apartment. And it cost 17.million to care.for.the first doctor brought here.
      CDC says no.HAZMAT suits needed to go into.apartment but on the news, it shows the clean up.team in full.gear…CDC is lying

      • woody188

        The guys paid to clean up the vomit outside his family’s apartment used a power washer and no suits! And they washed that stuff down the storm drain!?!

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if those two guys were the next ones diagnosed. I’ve use a power washer and that stuff sprays everywhere, even in your face and eyes. These guys didn’t have mask, goggles, suits, nothing on to protect themselves.

  11. Donna C


    “When all else fails, they take you to war.” Gerald Celente

    We have a prez who is more and more exhibiting cornered rat syndrome. We see him clearly for the hustler he always was. I am not looking forward to the next 2 years. He’s about to burn the house down while we’re tied up in the basement.

    We’re all draftees waiting for the big boom.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes Donna I totally agree.
      No Brainer has the demeanor of a cornered rat and he certainly acts like one. Expect his behavior to become progressively more erRATic and reckless. This week he decided to go and kill some more “folks” in the middle east so what will it be next!
      Over in the UK Cameron’s diplomatic behavior and ludicrous statements seem to be deteriorating each week now as well. By Cameron’s definition I myself am apparently potentially just as dangerous as ISIS now because I’m guilty of indulging in independent thought. Whats even worse is that I don’t agree with everything the MSM tells us anymore so I suppose that is tantamount to treason in his twisted mind.
      Maybe I should rock on down to the nearest police station and turn myself in before they come looking for me.

      • Gomer Pyle USMC

        Citizens arrest, citizens arrest!

  12. allen ols


    This is an amazing story of an airline mechanic, stumbling across the static/wicking nozzels on the trailing edges of planes. I am a former c130 mechanic/usaf. I find this VERY INTRIGUING, first hand discovery, and consequences.


    It was while I was on the wing that one of the managers spotted me. He ordered me out of the hanger telling me that my shift was over and I had not been authorized any overtime.
    The next couple of days were very busy and I had no time to continue my investigation. Late one afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to replace an engine temperature sensor on a plane due to take off in two hours. I finished the job and turned in the paperwork.
    About 30 minutes later I was paged to see the General Manager. When I went in his office I found that our union rep and two others who I did not know were waiting on me. He told me that a serious problem had been discovered. He said that I was being written up and suspended for turning in false paperwork……….
    I sat at home the first day of my suspension wondering what the hell had happened to me. That evening I received a phone call. The voice told me “Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke around in things they shouldn’t. The next time you start working on systems that are no concern of yours you will lose your job! As it is, I’m feeling generous, I believe that you’ll be able to go back to work soon.” CLICK.
    ……That night I logged onto the Internet to try to find some answers………….

    But the next morning at work I found a note inside my locked locker. It said, “Curiosity killed the cat. Don’t be looking at Internet sites that are no concern of yours.”
    Well that’s it. Now I know ‘THEY’ are watching me.


  13. Doug

    Hi Greg,
    Just a observation or a hypothesis. If the currencies are all debauched at one time and rendered worthless. It would make it very convenient to reset the global system after a crash and introduce a new world currency. Control the money, control the world.

    Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”
    -Henry Kissinger

    • Silence is Golden

      Brilliance in simplicity. 😉

    • Mike Soon Over

      Allen, thanks for the info. Man has tried to kill other men from the beginning of time. I’m a believer since they have the technology. SIC F*&$ S.

  14. vincentg

    What’s wrong with our foreign policy is a total lack of morals.
    Maybe they should look back at an old film by the late Robin Williams where he said Wrong is Wrong even if it helps you.

    Or maybe they should read from Saint Augustine who said
    Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.

    As long as we have people in this Government that will stoop to making deals with the devil we will continue to suffer the consequences.

  15. Robert

    You hit the nail on the head in such a broad and comprehensive way. Keep working to share your truth. The world can be visualized as a bunch of plates spinning above on the highly branched stick of a circus performer.
    The gaping chasm between the gifted nature of that performer and the relatively ungifted nature of the mesmerized audience is similar to the old saying, “What the American people don’t know makes them the American people. God bless and save their sheepish souls.”
    Research and expose relativism and its dangers; Cross keyword search with the Pope.
    St. Augustine said, ‘freedom is a function of morals.’ A man with no morals is free to do as he pleases.
    Ah, freedom…..Today, morals have been replaced with popularism. And entities can make something, anything popular. For instance jumping off a bridge could be made popular just the same as euthanasia could be made so- with an authority such as Kevorkian and under the right “brewed up” environmental conditions. And if 80% of the (popular) opinions believe it, it makes possible acceptance of the practice. This mechanism makes it seem not abnormal or against nature.
    An abomination? Relativism, Greg Hunter, get your head around it.

  16. Randy

    Is it possible patient zero knowing he was exposed to Ebola and fully aware of the
    poor health care facilities in his native Africa decided to hop on a plane to the US and get the best care available to save his own life? Are others likely to follow his lead? Do you think the US government is doing all it can to protect its citizens? I believe the answer is a resounding NO. It is past time to replace the poor leadership in the US with new blood that respects the constitution and places the interests of the majority of citizens as its focal point.

    • Silence is Golden

      Past the point of no return. Otherwise known as an Event Horizon.

    • Peter J

      Exactly, I think he came here to get medical treatment. If Ebola takes hold in Mexico they will stream across the boarder to the nearest hospital and check themselves in. It won’t take long until the medical system is overwhelmed. Any panic will cause an immediate slow down in the economy and the SHTF moment will have arrived.

  17. al

    My shelves are full of economic and market trading books all say the opposite of what is actually happening, how is that possible? How is it that after all the trillions of dollars printed that the dollar is strengthening and commodity prices are going down? It’s a moronic over planned, horribly managed system.
    The good news is that more and more people are awakening. BS goes so far…
    case in point:
    I went to the Toyota dealership yesterday to get my car tuned and the lounge usually has the usual shill “news” stations on (cnbs, cnn, abc, etc…) NOT ANY MORE. This time I saw “I Love Lucy” in the large waiting room… huh? I inquired why the “news” wasn’t on and the staff said the owner refuses to put it on for his customers, it gets them down and is NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS! Another worker told me there’s a deeper reason but didn’t get too far with it. Well, he didn’t have to.
    All I can say is this: It’s over. The system is riding on fumes.

    • Silence is Golden

      Fumes AND Algorithms. Human’s have emotions… machines and programs do not.

  18. art barnes

    Greg, that sick Dallas ebola guy lied about being sick to get on the plane and come to America. Do you know why, probably cause he realized that he would die in Africa and thought he might have a chance in an American hospital; just my take on it, but probably right on. You will see more of this, fill out the form, say you are well, get on the plane and get to an American hospital as things get worst. I suspect that ebola might mutate to an airborne virus as many virus’s have. I don’t believe the CDC is telling all it knows about this matter, what say you? Don’t get me wrong, I not paranoid, just cautious about my family & fellow Americans well being, and, frankly, I just don’t trust our government any longer to tell us the truth about anything.
    As to ISIS, I have been blogging about the religion of peace as you know for some time now, there are millions upon millions of soft ISIS supporters, either accept that or don’t, but don’t claim surprise as that movement grows exponentially. All movements in order to grow need a vast array of “solf” supporters & ISIS has hundreds of millions of them all over the world. One day a solf supporter, the next day a radical, a natural progression of a cultural phenomena. Frankly, I don’t think anything like a larger war will happen until another President takes office no matter what party gets in as Obama will just “caretaker” this threat another couple of years, manage it if you will as he has said was a viable strategy in the short run. But sooner or later Bush’s & Obama’s religion of peace will take peace from the earth on a much wider scale, that you can bet some fiat on.

    • art barnes

      News flash this afternoon, the religion of peace beheaded another British citizen who was helping in Syria as a civilian. ISIS has stated the next one with be another American. The MSM is reporting more territory taken on the Syrian & Turkey border this week by ISIS. Greg, you are right, this looks like a wider war in the making, but we have to wait until our closet soft supporter of the religion of peace leaves the Whitehouse. Frankly, for some time I thought Obama might well be a good intentional human being with just a lot of naivety about world cultures, especially the Moslem world & the middle east. But giving away the sanctions on Iran & allowing ISIS to run a muck for the last year while his golf game got stronger and his late night dinner parties (at his request usually) tells me a different story. This caretaker president is out to hurt what he believes is the evil empire, e.g., America.

  19. Jerry

    Greg I’ve posted this before, but I think its worth a second look, as we discuss why its important to understand who really owns the Federal Reserve Bank?
    When you follow the history of the Federal Reserve Bank, you will understand my obsession with the “City of London Corporation”. As you have stated they are not part of our Federal Government, and only have skin in the game for their own purposes. Since when does a Bank ever loan money without wanting their pound of flesh? Just remember QE is based on borrowed money.

  20. PatriotRider

    Obama will not put combat boots on the ground in the Middle East.

    – Airstrikes are his way of delaying the inevitable till January 2oth 2017
    – He will push this decision on to the next President
    – Obama identifies more with Muslims than Christians

    • art barnes

      Wow, I’m off my chair and clapping till my hands hurt, yes, you got it. The religion of peace couldn’t have a better friend in America than our President. Friday always brings me wondering if he is attending prayers in private in the Oval office.

  21. Craig Michael

    I can’t get your site to “work” anymore on my I-pad. I can access my other sites. The screen seems frozen when I press the arrow to listen.
    This started with the last interview and your news commentary.


    • Saint Lawrence

      Craig Michael
      This may be a good reason to have a MP3 version.
      CorbettReport is a good example.
      MP3 may also offer an increased volume for lap-top and
      tablet listeners. Flash player is often a problem and easily infected.

  22. Stoelman

    Please would you be so kind and ask Jim Sinclair about this takedown in gold???


    Peter (from the Netherlands)

  23. pessimist

    All you need to do is Google for …. ebola vomit power wash

    And you will easily connect the dots to discover that ebola is a time release false flag attack. They are doing everything possible to spread ebola into the US population.

    • pessimist

      “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) says there have been 13,500 visas issued to people in the three countries primarily affected by Ebola – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon – and worries that contagious residents could potentially use those visas to seek medical help in the US and possibly trigger further outbreaks. “

  24. Jerry

    Just in case you missed it, the U.S. just got cut off at the wrist (poker term) by the Bank of China.
    The U.S. dollar is slowly sinking in the quick sand of financial death, with nothing to hold onto, and no one to bail us out this time.

    • allen ols

      Jerry; in case u missed it, 🙂

      allen ols 10/02/2014 •
      This is Huge: Chinese Renminbi Becomes Directly Tradable with the Euro

      by Simon Black
      Sovereign Man

      The Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China, issued a press release announcing the authorization of direct trading between the renminbi and the euro on the inter-bank foreign exchange market.

      This is huge. The euro is the second most traded currency in the world, after the US dollar. The European Union is already China’s biggest trading partner and this is a major step in further increasing trade and investment ties with the EU as there is now a direct exchange rate between the two currencies, without the need to use the US dollar as the conduit.

      The renminbi is quickly marching down the path of internationalization as the Chinese currency is now directly exchangeable with the US dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Russian ruble, and Malaysian ringgit.



    Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Put Pressure on New York Fed

    The New York Times
    Carmen Segarra, a bank examiner who was fired by the Fed. © Earl Wilson/The New York Times Carmen Segarra, a bank examiner who was fired by the Fed.
    Wall Street’s top regulator is coming under new criticism for failing to adequately police the banks under its supervision, years after the financial crisis.

    Lawmakers are scrutinizing allegations. . . .


    • Galaxy 500

      Very inconvenient but goes to my point that you cant have sheep watching over wolves

  26. pessimist

    “In addition to the Ebola outbreak confirmed in Dallas Texas, health officials in both Kentucky and Washington DC are now reporting they have each isolated patients from West Africa who are exhibiting Ebola Symptoms.”

    • pessimist

      “(Reuters) – People who contract Ebola in West Africa can get through airport screenings and onto a plane with a lie and a lot of ibuprofen, according to healthcare experts who believe more must be done to identify infected travelers.”

      What would anyone expect desperate people to do?

      In west Africa, their healthcare system has collapsed.

      On wall street their ponzi system is collapsing.

      Connect the dots!

  27. Larry

    Greg, it is not a matter of not knowing what our foreign policy. WE DON’T HAVE A FOREIGN POLICY UNDER THIS ADMINISTRATION. If their is one, it is deal with you have to and put your head in the sand to the rest.

    • Silence is Golden

      I believe there is one and it goes something like this….
      De-stabilize all democratically elected and run authority that do not follow protocol, initiate and ensure placement of (ex Govt. / GS/ CIA) puppets into unelected ruling class and remove all remaining sovereignty. Destroy any and all threats to the USD whilst ensuring the US TNC’s have monopolistic power and control over the entire globe. Flood the globe with zero cost fiat and ensure that the masses take full responsibility for the “Public” debt. ……

  28. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg. Great Wrap Up.
    The Hunt Brothers did this deal many years ago and went against Red Shield and the Rockefeller. This 2 part video shows what happened over 30 years ago when we had much more visibility than now on things financial. To continue to think these clowns will voluntarily submit or that the market will correct is laughable. The market was created by them for them. Is there a chance gold and silver will ever be worth what they should be worth? Of course, but to date I haven’t heard anything about Rocky and his crew buying any. He and his ilk moved away from gold and silver years ago. “But Bill Gates is the richest man in America”(right)”and he donates 90% of his earnings to charity” (right). Yes, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gee, wonder what this does to his taxes on those earnings? Still as filthy rich as he is, Rocky could buy and sell him a hundred times. Pretty sure he has actually. The video is actual history and while I love America, I don’t want to be the Hunts.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  29. diogenese

    I know people with no insurance that can’t afford a day off , one worked thru pneumonia , and was proud of it ! We now have Ebola and they will work until they drop you and I are at their mercy , in Dallas its uncontainable without mandator uh shut down of the city .

  30. NW Native

    Dave Hodges may give you and your readers some insight into the Ebola business.


  31. Spanky

    Stupidity kills. I can’t believe how stupid the man was that came into this country knowing he was directly exposed to ebola. The pregnant woman he (supposedly assisted) died from the disease. Yet, he allegedly failed to tell anyone in the hospital he had been exposed to the deadly disease. He further risked the lives of other individuals (including children). This man is an idiot and a menace to society. If he lives, he should be arrested for child endangerment. He damn sure well ought to be billed for his treatment.

    • David Brown

      He should be sent back to Liberia, if we’re talking about the same man.

      He’ll either be sent to jail, acquire Ebola and die, or escape to a neighboring country.

    • allen ols

      I say, SPANK HIM HARD 🙂

    • art barnes

      No, I think you are wrong. I think he knew he had it & came to get to an American hospital. If you recall the Dr. who came and survived in Atlanta, he said he woke up on a July morning feeling a just a little under the weather, then after about 2 days he knew he was sick. This guy should he live and another of his contacts, in his apartment building or otherwise anyone he gave it to, dies should be prosecuted for at least second degree murder. Bet you a beer on the Western Front he won’t pay a dime.


    US backtracks on claims Russia is arming Syrian regime
    State department acknowledges Damascus already owned attack helicopters, cited by Hillary Clinton as escalating violence

    Associated Press in Washington
    theguardian.com, Thursday 14 June 2012 19.20 EDT

    US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s accusation against Russia prompted a stern denial. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images
    The US state department has acknowledged that Russian helicopters it claimed had been sent recently to the Syrian regime were, in fact, refurbished ones already owned by Damascus.

    Secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, claimed on Tuesday that “the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria”.

    The state department admitted details had been omitted from Clinton’s speech in which she accused Russia of escalating the violent situation in Syria. But spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said: . .


    Clinton’s accusation prompted a stern Russian denial and countercharges of hypocrisy against the US for selling military equipment, including jet engines and patrol boats, to Bahrain despite civil strife in the Arab state.

    The US fears Syria is sliding into a violent sectarian conflict and is unhappy that Russia has shown little willingness to help in the US-led efforts against President Bashar al-Assad.

    The Russians have refused to entertain any talk of a Libya-style military intervention in Syria, its closest ally in the Arab world and the host of its only naval base in the Mediterranean area. It has also put a far greater emphasis on criticizing armed Syrian rebels for their attacks, with language that has appeared to equate their violence to that of the Assad regime. “The liver eater’s!” ff ff

    Hillary Clinton: Putin is like Hitler… Wait, no he’s not, never mind


    The other night, Hillary Clinton publicly compared Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine with Hitler’s actions in the run-up to WWII. Then she decided she was just kidding.

    Mario Trujillo, The Hill:

    Hillary Clinton on Wednesday pulled back from comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine to those of Hitler.

    She said comments made the night before at a private event were meant only to bring “a little historical perspective” to Russia’s claim that it entered the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine in order to protect ethnic-Russians.

    “That is reminiscent of claims that were made back in the 1930s, when Germany under the Nazis, kept talking about how they had to protect German minorities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and elsewhere throughout Europe,” she said. “So I just want everybody to have a little historic perspective. I am not making a comparison, but I am recommending that we can perhaps learn form this tactic that has been used before.”

    So, Hillary Clinton didn’t say what she very clearly said. She subsequently remembered that she’s running for president as a Democrat, which means you just misunderstood her.

    It’s perfect: A liar called out another liar by comparing him to an even more infamous liar, and now she’s lying about that.

    Incidentally, Hillary is among the Obama administration lackeys who mocked Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign for saying Russia is still a threat (video courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon):


    “It’s somewhat dated to be looking backwards.” Yeah, who needs a little “historic perspective” anyway, Hill?

    In related news: Enthusiastic Hillary 2016 supporters can’t think of a single thing she accomplished. Besides fooling a few dummies into thinking she’s presidential material? Yeah, that’s a tough one…

    Maybe Putin is like Hitler. Maybe he isn’t. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    Reid Aide Backtracks from Romney Tax Allegations

    Friday, 10 Aug 2012 10:28 AM

    By Jim Meyer

    A top aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally divulged details about the source of Reid’s claim that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years — then retracted his statement, Fox News reports.


    FEC Democrat Recycles Koch Allegations She Previously Walked Back
    Ravel says Koch ‘may or may not have been involved’ in illegal campaign finance scheme

    BY: Lachlan Markay
    June 3, 2014 12:20 pm

    A top federal official overseeing elections continues to rely on innuendo and hearsay about Republican donors’ supposed involvement in an illegal campaign finance scheme despite previously being forced to walk back those allegations.


    White House backtracks on Obama ISIS comments
    BY SUSAN CRABTREE | SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 | 2:28 PM
    White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday said Obama is commander in chief and recognizes that…
    Obama, appearing on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” said an intense military campaign coupled with political solutions to salve the rift between Shiite and Sunni factions in the Middle East are needed to bring stability to the region and the world.
    The White House is downplaying comments President Obama recently made about the intelligence community’s failure to warn of the full threat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria posed to the region and the United States.


    Vladimir Putin has offered to have a replica Super Bowl ring made for Robert Kraft after the Russian President was accused of stealing it.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2346037/Putin-offers-replace-stolen-Super-Bowl-ring-specially-fake-Russian-factory.html#ixzz3F73jqxZb

    Vladimir Putin has offered to have a replica Super Bowl ring made for Robert Kraft after the Russian President was accused of stealing it.

    • Galaxy 500

      I like your new handle

      • Gomer Pyle USMC

        Tank’s Geeez500!

  33. Jeff

    I keep reading comments about how stupid our leaders are regarding the handling of the Ebola plague and how they deal with the devil to hold onto power…….. I think this is a great misunderstanding of those in control. Know your enemy. They created all the havoc worldwide. They are trying to create havoc here. It’s quite clear they are evil and introducing Ebola……. People who wouldn’t except that Nobama was a muslim and thus here to destroy this country never interpret correctly WHY things are happening…….This is a spiritual war indeed. Good vs. evil. If you don’t recognize evil as it is you will forever be misled.

  34. art barnes

    Greg, the Department of Agriculture has purchased assault rifles for its security division, apparently they believe one of their chicken its has jurisdiction over may get out and run havoc in the nearby cities. I didn’t even dream the DOA had need of a security division but evidently they are militarizing as other agencies are. Go get them Department of Agriculture, you may even bag a nonconforming rabbit who got out of a cage if your lucky; don’t forget your camouflage.

  35. Jerry

    I urgently recommend that you and you readers take a look at this report put out by the Bank of China. (in PDF)
    It clearly shows the position of the dollar on the world stage and what’s happening in foreign markets. They are much further along in their reserve replacement status than I ever imagined. Thanks.

  36. Joel Medina

    Will the decrease in oil price destroy/threaten US domestic oil production, including drilling, transportation, and all related jobs, including oil workers consumption? Can not wait to see what Mr. Kirby says. Can you please ask him about the Eurasian Economic Union ratification Putin signed today and the role of the Ruble as a regional currency, including what it may mean for the continuance of de-dollarization. Thank you for being out there, finding and telling how it is.


  37. spike allen

    Hi, Greg, I have long been a lurker on your site but this is my first post on yours or any other site, for that matter.
    First of all, you and your readers make for the very best and most informative of all sites which I’ve seen. There is only one other site that I religiously follow and that is a BBQ blog.
    I have long been a mild prepper and feel ready for what might occur, should I survive, that is. I have bought gold and silver for years based mainly upon the cheerleaders’ recomendations over at King World News.
    I guess I am getting more pessismistic by the day as to what is happening in the world.
    Today, I realized that I was possibly going overboard when my wife told me that all of my doom and gloom talking was making her extremely afraid. I told her not to be afraid, that I am not afraid, just being prepared insofar as possible. This did not do the trick. Now, she is truly afraid.
    So, what I must do now is to turn off Fox News at the dinner hour and tune in Wheel of Fortune and the like and just quit talking all the time about the negativity in the world. Maybe this will help me as well. I’d much rather be talking about BBQ than the latest beheadings, ebola, Obama, open borders, Benghazi, etc, etc, etc.
    Of course, I will continue prepping and I will sneak off and read each of your articles and comments thereon, but I will be talking about how I’m going to soon cook the perfect rack of ribs.


      spiker, All the bad news points to fantastically good news!
      GOD’S WORD® Translation
      “When these things begin to happen, stand with confidence! The time when you will be set free is near.” The lesson of the Fig Tree.
      29-Then He told them a parable: “Behold the fig tree and all the trees; 30 as soon as they put forth leaves, you see it and know for yourselves that summer is now near.… Luke 21: 28-29
      Do you know God’s Kingdom’s near? Ever hear, thy Kingdome come, thy will be done on earth? Matthew 6: 10

      The Kingdom of God is a heavenly government. It will replace all other governments and will cause God’s will, as done in heaven, to be done on earth! The news about God’s Kingdom is, gr-r-e a t! Soon God’s Kingdom will satisfy man’s need for good government. It will unite everyone living on earth.—Read Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9, 10; 24:14.

      A kingdom must have a king. Our heavenly father appointed his Son, Jesus Christ, to be King of His Kingdom.—Read Revelation 11:15.

      Why is Jesus the ideal King and what makes Jesus an ideal King?—MARK 1:40-42.
      God’s Son is the ideal King because he is kind and he is firm for what is right. (John 1:14) Also, he is powerful enough to help people because he will rule over the earth from heaven. After he was resurrected, he ascended to heaven and sat down to wait at the fathers right hand. (Hebrews 10:12, 13) Finally, God gave him power to begin ruling.—Read Daniel 7:13, 14.

      Who will rule with Jesus?
      A group called “the holy ones” will rule with Jesus in heaven. (Daniel 7:27) The first holy ones chosen were Jesus’ faithful apostles. Jehovah has continued to select faithful men and women as holy ones until now. Like Jesus, they are resurrected with a spiritual body.—Read John 14:1-3; 1 Corinthians 15:42-44.
      What happened when Jesus began ruling?
      God’s Kingdom began ruling in 1914. Jesus’ first action as King was to throw Satan and his demons down to the earth. Satan became furious and began causing trouble throughout the earth, it’s no coincidence that’s when we had our first world war! (Revelation 12:7-10, 12) Since then mankind’s woes have severely increased. Wars, famines, epidemics, and earthquakes are all part of a “sign” that the Kingdom will soon take full charge of earth’s affairs, before this world war’s generation passes—Read Luke 21:7, 10, 11, 31. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Matthew 24:34

      What does God’s Kingdom accomplish?
      By means of a global preaching work, God’s Kingdom is already uniting a great crowd of people from all nations. Millions of meek people are becoming subjects of Jesus. God’s Kingdom will protect them when it destroys the present wicked system of things on earth. So all who want to benefit from God’s Kingdom should learn to be obedient subjects of Jesus Christ.—Read Revelation 7:9, 14, 16, 17.

      Subjects of God’s Kingdom in the Paradise earth

      During a period of 1,000 years, the Kingdom will accomplish God’s original purpose for mankind. The earth will become a global paradise. Finally, Jesus will hand the Kingdom back to his Father. (1 Corinthians 15:24-26) Do you know someone whom you would like to tell about God’s Kingdom?—Read Psalm 37:10, 11, 29.



  38. diogenese

    We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks.1
    And there you have it , someone with ebola sneezes / coughs next to the AC intake the entire building is breathing ” aerosols “

  39. Ken Russell

    If most Muslims are are not radicals then why is sympathy for ISIS and radical Islam spreading like wildfire worldwide throughout the Muslim world? How can both be true at the same time?

    • JM

      There is over One Billion Muslims (1,000,000,000) and fourteen to eighteen million Jews (14,000,000-18,000,000) in the world nearly a fifty-five to one ratio (55:1). If all Muslims hated all Jews, then what is stopping them from taking advantage of their majority and destroying my people? I am not saying there are people that do not want to harm Americans, Jew or Gentile, because there is; but if radical Islam is becoming profound in our world what is preventing them from doing attacks? Why does ISIS/radical muslims attack and/or kill other Muslims and not Zionist Israel? Who is supporting (financially, ideologically) ISIS? Who really holds and pulls the strings? ISIS and radical islam does not reflect a religion, just as the Irish Republican Army of the late 20th century, the former Basque terror group ETA, the Jesuit Order, or Anders Behring Breivik represent Christianity; just like Zionist Israel does not represent Judaism.

  40. Agent P

    Regardless of whether the CDC is lying (they most likely are, on Orders from well above their collective pay-grade), within (90) days from today, you will have an answer. Either this disease will be semi-contained to a few States or, it will go nationwide and everything you thought was ‘normal’ will abruptly turn on its head. See-I-Aye/Mossad creations like ‘ISIS’ will be the furthest thing from your mind, unless of course they have something planned for here, we don’t know. In any event, Harvey Organ’s predictions – by way of an unrelated detour, are looking more realistic by the hour.

    • JM

      There is over One Billion Muslims (1,000,000,000) and fourteen to eighteen million Jews (14,000,000-18,000,000) in the world nearly a fifty-five to one ratio (55:1). If all Muslims hated all Jews, then what is stopping them from taking advantage of their majority and destroying my people? I am not saying there are people that do not want to harm Americans, Jew or Gentile, because there is; but if radical Islam is becoming profound in our world what is preventing them from doing attacks? Why does ISIS/radical muslims attack and/or kill other Muslims and not Zionist Israel? Who is supporting (financially, ideologically) ISIS? Who really holds and pulls the strings? ISIS and radical islam does not reflect a religion, just as the Irish Republican Army of the late 20th century, the former Basque terror group ETA, the Jesuit Order, or Anders Behring Breivik represent Christianity; just like Zionist Israel does not represent Judaism.

    • Galaxy 500

      Mossad didnt create ISIS but good try.putting a.little.stealth antisemitism.on the.site

  41. Jeff

    Jim H says… ” To continue to think these clowns will voluntarily submit or that the market will correct is laughable. The market was created by them for them. Is there a chance gold and silver will ever be worth what they should be worth? ” ………… Humans always think the future will continue as the past. Whether it’s 5 days or 5 yrs. History tells us it’s never the same but we never learn……….. Did not the market correct in 2001 ? Did not the market correct in 2008 ? Those clowns had everything under control then and in fact said all was well. Oh, how we forget…….. They also had everything (gold) in control with ALL the central banks selling to suppress it. Remember the UK selling all their gold right at the bottom ? I do. I bought……. In the last decade gold has had multiple corrections lasting 1-2 yrs. Every time the goons on CNBS would pronounce gold dead…… I bought. The stock market is finally reaching it’s 2000 high after 14 yrs. Gold is STILL up 400% since then………. It’s all perspective. If you’re considering trading your gold in for some pieces of paper backed by the full faith and debt of @ $100 Trillion, be my guest…….. Instead, stop looking at the last 3 yrs and look at the whole picture. What I’m seeing is the same buying opportunity afforded in 1999. If you missed that one throw your emotions to the side and buy……….Thanks for everything you do Greg and allowing us all to share……… Can I remind everyone there’s a button marked “donations” at the top right. He deserves your support.

    • Jim H

      What I’m seeing is my Brother in Law and I bought silver for $14 per oz in early eighty. Thirty years later it’s $17. Guess I should have kept it. Instead I put it into a 401K and cashed out in 2006. I’ll just say I’m very glad I did. Would I invest in a 401K today? No. I’ve diversified using history, my own experiences and trying to track the (real not media announced) actions of Rocky and Bill. Sorry to disagree but the market does what they want it to or did you not watch the video. This doesn’t mean we wont get a bone from time to time. If I play any game where I lose all the time, I will stop playing. Logic and history tell me they know when to throw the bones and to who. The system (for profit communism, socialism and capitalism) is and always has been corrupt. The money changers only left the temple until the death of their opposition. It is the best system money can buy. I’m sure we can agree on that.

    • Jim H

      I will say we also bought gold at $548 per oz. and sold 7 months later at $1,017. Maybe should have waited a little while on that one but not complaining. All I’m saying is I have done much better since making decisions using history, current events and logic than I ever did using the mythical free market. capitalism is the youngest of the modern day isms and in the last 15 years has done more to destroy (perhaps permanently) the western worlds middle class than the other two isms combined. For profit is a pyramid that kills slowly but well. Time between resets is shorter each time a reset like the ones you call market corrections occur. A “correction” that leaves middle class families standard of living lower is not a correction for me. How bout you?

  42. Donna C

    Does anyone recall how Putin dealt with his Muslim terrorist problem? If memory serves, many years back, terrorists from Chechnya took over an opera house and held everyone hostage. Putin ordered the opera house to be gassed and all occupants were sent to a local hospital. His forces then went bed to bed, shot everyone identified as a terrorist, and buried their bodies in pig skin. Then there was that incident where a school was taken over by terrorists. The weather was stifling hot and the children were finally drinking their own urine. Putin forces stormed the place. There was loss of life but managed to save children who were otherwise doomed.

    I remember a report of the mothers and fathers in that village being heard wailing at night over the loss of their children, literally mourning in unison, beyond comforting. Imagine going to sleep at night with surround sound keening coming through the bedroom wall.

    Say what you will about Putin, tangle with his people and you will have knocked down a hornet’s nest. Where is our solace, our support other than our God?

    Our Congress and Mr. Peace Prize have shown through deed that they have nothing but contempt for the U.S. citizen. Do you see them marshaling any kind of sane plan to protect us from foes, two-legged or viral? An election around the corner, and they cannot wait to put it behind them to finish us off with amnesty and probably other stunts we have not even imagined yet.

    We have a “mysterious” viral respiratory illness afoot along with Ebola. Hear the cavalry hoofs, help on the way? Knowing now that truth is fiction, time to plan and prepare.

  43. Jeff Bertrand

    I read two scary facts on Ebola that I don’t think are widely being shared. 1) The virus can live outside the body for up to 10 hours. 2) Many diseases you get need a certain amount of enemy cells in your system to create infection. With Ebola, you can be infected with one cell. This is why I think we are facing a tougher battle than what the CDC is saying. Jeff

    • Agent P

      There are a lot of ‘scary’ facts that aren’t being ‘shared’ – because they do not want to incite P-A-N-I-C… The problem is, once people find out this stuff can be caught Far easier than than officialdom is letting on, ‘Panic’ is going to take on an entirely different meaning…

      Like this:

      – Cases popping up in major metropolitan areas – on both coasts.

      – Evidence becoming widely accepted that the disease spreads ~much~ easier than we’re being told, and what officials are (desperately trying) to keep from leaking out to the general public.

      – Air travel basically coming to a halt.

      – Large-scale gatherings (sports & entertainment venues, Vegas, etc.) coming to a halt, or greatly diminished.

      – People en-masse wearing ‘protective’ clothing in public – if they even choose to go out in public – similar to the ‘SARS’ deal some years back in China.

      – Other means of transportation and distribution grinding to crawl, due to fear of contagion.

      – Shortages of food and supplies to key metropolitan areas.

      – Martial law.

      – Forced quarantines en-masse with healthy people mixed in with the sick.

      – Possible wide-scale ‘mutiny’ of health care professionals, simply as an act of self-preservation when the system becomes overloaded, which it would/will in the space of 90 days if this thing gains steam.

      – Possible confiscation of food stuffs, property and/or any other items the government deems necessary from private citizens to ‘appropriate’ in a National Emergency.

      – Possible widespread crime, vandalism, theft, etc., with no able law enforcement to contain it due to system overload.

      – Remember, the people in West Africa do not have the transportation infrastructure that we do in America – i.e., for the most part, they travel a fraction of what Americans travel by road, train or air. That means potential disease ‘vectors’ coming in contact with others on an Exponential scale in America in a short period of time. You think the Ebola epidemic in Africa has grown by leaps and bounds – You haven’t seen Anything…

      Let’s hope it doesn’t go there, but the way this government Lies and the way its leaders Lie and obfuscate about Everything, does not leave one with a very secure feeling that they will ‘contain’ this disease before it runs its course as the first major pandemic to hit America in 100 years.

    • Agent P

      And if that is not enough ‘Fear-Porn’ for ya, try this potential scenario:

      – The Ebola outbreak in the U.S. causes air travel to slow to a crawl – mainly due to a combination of fear and confusion about the means of transmission – i.e., ‘bodily fluids’ vs. ‘aerosolized’, or – Airborne itself – no one knows at this stage and worse, the public cannot believe any of the statements coming out of officialdom, because they have all proven to be a mixed bag of half-truths and/or, outright LIES…

      – This in turn causes the current stock market ‘bubble’ to P-O-P!! And since the catalyst in this scheme of events has little to do with termination of ‘QE’ operations, interest rate hike babble or any other Fed gobbledegook, nothing exists to put a ‘floor’ underneath a rapidly falling market, and a cascading series of related economic events following close behind, in succession. The ‘Fear trade’ Rules the day…

      – Of course, both China and Russia see what is happening in real time and decide behind closed doors, to collectively make good use of this ‘crisis’ in the U.S. as the perfect opportunity to ‘Kill the $dollar’. Obviously, they would not ‘kill’ it per se, but they could inflict a Major (and permanent) Blow to $USD hegemony with an announcement regarding a gold-backed ‘BRICS’ currency. And despite the cackling from the U.S. professional/institutional investing class that routinely pooh-pooh’s this dynamic as ‘wishful thinking’ at best, and that the $USD is set to remain the supreme global trading mechanism for now until eternity, you would be amazed at just how ~Fast~ this scenario could play out – and become fully functional if the circumstances/window-of-opportunity was favorable.

      Of course, Russia & China would never outwardly admit to using a crisis to ‘kick an opponent when he’s down’, no-no. They have no reason to do that… Everyone knows that one rarely attacks an opponent when they’re ‘strong’… Just use that principle to figure out the rest.

  44. Galaxy 500

    You and I talked a few years ago about the Obamachrist’s birth certificate. I believed that because his mother was a citizen, it.didnt matter. I was.wrong. Obama is actually not a citizen unless he was naturalized. It also.explains his phone CT based SSN.
    http://mobile.wnd.com/2014/10/klayman-files-for-deportation-of-barack-obama/“The U.S. Constitution requires that to be eligible to be president (or vice president) a person must be a “natural born citizen” and that all federal elected officials must be citizens,” he wrote.

    Then followed a technical description of the problem for Obama;

    A young woman giving birth in a foreign country to a child whose father was not an American citizen (and was himself deported) did not have the legal capacity to pass along American citizenship to such child, a report for the Western Journalism Center confirmed.

    “When enacted in 1952, section 301 (of federal immigration laws at the time) required a U.S. citizen married to an alien to have been physically present in the United States for 10 years, including five after reaching the age of fourteen, to transmit citizenship to foreign-born children. The 10-year transmission requirement remained in effect from 12:01 a.m. EDT December 24, 1952, through midnight November 13, 1986, and still is applicable to persons born during that period,” the Western Journalism Center’s report explained.

    Ann Dunham was only 18 years old upon Barack Hussian Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961. Her own date of birth in Wichita, Kansas, was November 29, 1942. She turned 14 on November 29, 1956. Therefore in contrast to the law’s requirement, she had lived only 4 1/2 years from her 14th birthday up until Barack Hussein Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961 – and apparently not all of those years actually within the United States.

    Thus because of the requirement to reside in the United States continuously for five years after becoming 14 and a total of 10 years in the United States overall, Barack Hussein Obama could not acquire U.S. citizenship through his mother Ann Dunham. At the very least, he would have had to apply at some point for naturalization.

  45. Sambo

    Greg, your vision seems to be doing just fine on the weekly wrap and once again you are hitting every nail on every head every time. All the murder, mayhem, calamity, and calumny across the globe is not caused by the hard working American public but by western leadership’s insane foreign policy. They have been living in a glass house and throwing stones for a long time now. Other nations with a little bit of say is growing tired of the bullying and you can take that to the bullion bank. I just pray for the best and as always prepare for the worst. You reap what you sew everywhere that you go and as you say fear not because there is always hope.

  46. Turkish president demands apology from Biden

    SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press

    ANKARA, Turkey — President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday demanded an apology from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and warned he would become “history for me” over comments in which he said the Turkish leader had admitted that Turkey had made mistakes by allowing foreign fighters to cross into Syria.

    Erdogan denied ever saying that and told reporters in Istanbul that Biden “will be history for me if he has indeed used such expressions.”

    Responding to questions following his speech at the Harvard Kennedy School on Thursday, Biden described Erdogan as “an old friend.” Biden added: “He (Erdogan) said: ‘You were right. We let too many people through.’ Now they’re trying to seal their border.”

    Erdogan said: “I have never said to him that we had made a mistake, never. If he did say this at Harvard then he has to apologize to us.”

    “Foreign fighters have never entered Syria from our country. They may come to our country as tourists and cross into Syria, but no one can say that they cross in with their arms,” Erdogan said.

    He said Turkey had prevented 6,000 suspected jihadis from entering the country and deported another 1,000.

    The spat comes as Turkey, a NATO ally, is expected to define the role it will play in the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic state militants who have captured a swath of Iraq and Syria, in some cases right up to the Turkish border.

    This week Turkey’s parliament approved a motion giving the government powers for military operations across the border in Syria and Iraq and for foreign troops to use Turkey’s territory.

    A day earlier, the two men held a telephone discussion of ways their two countries “can work together to degrade and destroy (the Islamic State group) and restore security and stability to the region,” according to the White House.

    At Harvard, Biden said that “our biggest problem is our allies” in responding to the civil war in Syria.

    “The Turks, who are great friends — I have a great relationship with Erdogan, whom I spend a lot of time with — the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. What were they doing? They were so determined to take down (Syrian President Bashar) Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war,” Biden said.


    “What did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad — except that the people who were being supplied were al-Nusra and al-Qaida and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

    • Turkish president demands apology from Biden

      WOW! Looks like Biden’s trying to pull-off the old switch-er-roo and put the blame on Turkey, when anybody who is anybody knows they were all in co-hoot’s together on ISIS, US. Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi, training, supplying, providing safe passage, ect… Next thing you know John McCain will be blaming George Bush for creating the Islamic State! LOL! What a hoot!

      PS. McCain was demanding manpads for those psycho’s! Thank god some in congress had enough brains to shut that guy up!

  47. Turkish president demands apology from Biden

    Quote; Uncle “Joe lunch bucket Biden” “The Turks, who are great friends — I have a great relationship with Erdogan, whom I spend a lot of time with — the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. What were they doing? They were so determined to take down (Syrian President Bashar) Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war,” Biden said.

    Why doesn’t old uncle Joe lunch bucket tell us the real reason they were all so determined to take down the blue eyed Assad? Could it possibly have anything to do with the root of all evil, the love of filthy lucre? Money talks and B.S. walks and these people are walking, they’d double cross their own mothers for a handful of Chinese yam’s and their double cross could take them out too, trashing the constitution with that loud sucking sound that proves H. Ross was right. We cant fight these scum, “IS, “if we have to become scum ourselves. Don’t our dear leaders realize what made America great? Why we could beat the world at anything from war to tiddlywinks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j3gdbdnoEk

    What made America Great?
    Its laws? Its care for the people? Its new culture? That we were able to protect our borders? What?
    Were protecting Poland’s border, South Korea’s and everybody else’s. What is going on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=558o0LjxTvI Why are we having so much trouble with money that the United States is broke and has to borrow, despite the fact were still the reserve currency of the world, which essentially lets us print gold?
    What made the USA great in the past is ironically the reason we are not as great now, and sadly, failing fast.
    We all came here to be free. Free to worship as we chose. Free to prosper and become affluent if we so chose and freedom from a repressive government that should serve us and not we, them.
    This is a complex question and answer, but to be somewhat simplistic about it, what has happened is that we have become so engrossed in making money, to pay for all the stuff we can get and want to have, that we have nearly completely for gotten, that we need to protect and hold dear the land and law’s and institutions, that allow us to be free, to enable our pursuit of happiness!
    If we don’t protect our homes, institutions, laws and our freedoms, where are we going to put all our stuff when we acquire it, or will we ultimately lose our way of life and property, because there will be no land, of the home of the brave and free.
    We need to stay balanced and watch for those things that would strip us of our freedom to get things, rights, to have a place to put our stuff, and our liberties to get our stuff and bring it back to where we want to keep it.
    Have we become so myopic, so busy paying bills, having kids, toppling governments, getting better jobs and keeping up with the next door neighbors, or other crooked politicians, we have forgotten to watch for the destructive wildfires of a Treasonous Government along with Illegal rackets of all kinds (notably Obama style crony- capitalism- fascism,) illegal immigration, liberalism that has gone beyond reason and become destructive at the expense of the organism that spawned it and perhaps others, but those are the ones that should concern us most.
    We need to get real in this country with who we want to help first (outside of ourselves). Is it refugees? Is it aliens that can do labor for us? Is it the people of the Middle East, is it eastern Europe? Who and how are we going to handle all this?
    If we don’t take care to maintain the walls of our homes, the roofs that protect us and the doors that secure our stuff and interests, we are going to be out in the cold, with no stuff, no services and the rest of the predatory world, buzzing around us opportunistically, looking to take off our heads and suck our blood. In my opinion this is at hand NOW.
    It will be a slow, rather painful death at the hands of opportunists that do not plan but rather pounce on whatever is closest and most available. To go down/fall prey, to the likes of such “creatures,” both foreign and worst yet, domestic, would be a very sad legacy, for the likes of our founding fathers and the powerful concepts and doctrines that set in motion the legacy of what was here-to-for, the greatest country, the world has ever seen.
    We need to strengthen our walls; secure our borders. We need to keep our roof tight and in good repair; remodel and strengthen our government and it’s enforcements of our protections, the rule of law. We need to brighten the whole structure with a coat of paint; letting the world know we stand together as one, a proud nation of individuals united under clarity of purpose and strength of cause, founded and living in freedom, balanced in all things for all fundamental issues and purposes.
    We need to do these things above with passion as well as humility and with an ardor that allows for mistakes and promotes the willingness to admit mistakes and make corrections without fear of repression.
    Is it time to set the world free towards it’s own destiny now that we have done what we tried to do, for better or worse? Only time will tell. If a mistakes were made, then lets admit it, let history take it’s course. We can still assist in the weaning process and be that shining city on a hill, a splendid example for all to see instead of the world thinking were retarded.
    We can help illegals, we can rebuild our education, social and economic institutions and rectify our corrupt leadership, but we must act now and we need to do it in unity and unison and throw the bum’s out before this is all just, a pipe dream, pot smoking, Nu la land!



  48. tsuki

    Thank you for the update on ISIS. I have been so involved in Ukraine that I have not been keeping up. One question, if we are arming the moderate Al-Qaeda, why are we not arming the real moderates with a fighting force, the Kurds?

    Anyway, I know that you like Bill Black, so I am posting this interview http://vimeo.com/107916659. He is so great.

  49. russo

    greg, i dont know if anyone has mentioned this but dont you find it a coincidence that ebola and white house ride in the elevator with the prez incursion happened all at once, could it be someone sending a message, just looking at all angles by adding things up. thanks

  50. abomination

    China, Russia flex muscles in increasing number of close calls with U.S. aircraft

    The Washington Post

    A recent spate of dangerous midair encounters between American military aircraft and Chinese and Russian planes in the Pacific are the result of increasingly assertive strategies by both U.S. adversaries to project power far beyond their borders, according to the top U.S. Air Force commander in the region.

    Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, the head of U.S. Pacific Air Forces, said China’s naval and air forces in particular are “very much continuing to push” and becoming more active in international waters and airspace in Asia.


  51. tired of lies

    Virus quantification involves counting the number of viruses in a specific volume to determine the virus concentration.

    A titer (or titre) is a way of expressing concentration. A specific example is a viral titer, which is the lowest concentration of virus that still infects cells.

    I defy anyone to show where a “victim” has had any quantity of ebola virus identified from a sample taken from them. If anything, they are claiming a PCR test was done which is MEANINGLESS – just ask the inventor of the test and nobel prize winner Kary Mullis.

    Greg, you’re the journalist here – find us an actual example of an infected victim, here or in Africa.

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