WNW 166-Obama Care Fraud, Middle East Mess, Russia Patrols US Gulf

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It’s official. Obama Care is a series of enormous lies that were crafted by Democratic leaders.  They all knew Obama Care was a lie, and they voted for the lies.  Now, there are new revelations from one of its chief architects, MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, who was caught on video tape repeatedly explaining how the lies were formulated and why.   Gruber basically said it would not have passed if Democrats told the truth about the bill, and he also calls the American voter “stupid.”   This is the biggest policy fraud ever perpetrated on America.  It is fraud because it involves trillions of dollars in taxes, co-pays, premiums and subsidies.  It was fraud crafted by Democratic leaders, and it goes all the way up to the President because Gruber had a meeting with Obama in the White House.  The Supreme Court is going to be hearing a challenge on subsidies for Obama Care, and I can’t see how the clearly documented and confessed Obama Care lies are not going to help kill this law.   Oh, and don’t expect much coverage from the mainstream media because it is mostly ignoring this revelation.  It is only the biggest policy lie ever, but I guess that is not a story if you are used to lying by omission.  CBS did cover the story, but only after the New York Times finally reported the Obama Care lie.

The Middle East is a mess and it is getting messier. Remember the White House telling us there would be “no boots on the ground” in Iraq a few months back?  Well, the President just sent 1,500 troops to back up the folks he already sent.  I cannot see any clear strategy or plan for Iraq.  Meanwhile, the Islamic State is making peace with some of its al Qaeda brothers and are teaming up against the Assad regime in Syria.  Now, the question is: Will the U.S. continue to bomb them?  The Islamic State also wants to start using gold and silver as currency.  In other news in the Middle East, Iran has come out with a plan to “eliminate” Israel.  That plan was tweeted out by Iran’s Supreme Leader.  I guess this was an answer to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said a few weeks ago that Iran was the biggest threat to the world.  This is not the kind of talk you hear just before peace breaks out.

The ongoing war in eastern Ukraine is heating up again with charges of military escalation flying on both sides. The U.N is openly worried about total war in Ukraine.  This conflict is far from over, and it appears the ripple effect is spreading globally.  Russia is stepping up its flights of strategic bombers to include patrols of the Arctic Circle and the Gulf of Mexico.  Russia is also reportedly stockpiling gold in preparation for what it calls “economic war.” In case you haven’t noticed, there is an ongoing economic war between the West and Russia, and there is a big G-20 meeting next week in Australia.  I don’t think the U.S. dollar is going to fare well at this meeting.

Finally, some big banks were caught again rigging another market. This time, it is the currency market, or Forex.  JP Morgan and Citi are the American banks involved, and once again, just fines for the fraud.  This is more than a $5 trillion a day market.  The fines against all the banks total little more than $4 billion, which is a rounding error in a market this huge.  But wait, after years of rigging every market under the sun, LIBOR, stock, bond, housing, gold, silver and now the currency market, there may be some criminal prosecutions!!!  Please, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


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  1. Coal Burner

    I had to laugh Greg;
    “Send in the clowns.” Her comes the Gruber, Pelosi act! What are they trying to divert us from seeing. By now Pelosi’s handlers know to keep her in the back room and out of site. But here she comes again, totally humiliating herself with obvious lies and dredging up chances to show her old videos of insane statements. The poor hag has long since lost her mind. Democrats know that so they send her out with the clowns. What is happening in China or elsewhere that they are hiding? Is Jim Willie right with his latest outlandish report? What is going on???

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “The poor hag has long since lost her mind.” That is a rough but accurate analysis of Ms. Pelosi’s behavior. It’s almost childish in its absurdity> Pelosi doesn’t know almost everything she said as Speaker of the House was recorded? She tells obvious lies and her own words from the past shows she’s lying. No grey area–lying! Thank you.

  2. James Hastings

    Wow. Thanks. You bring to mind…..”If I find…… fifty righteous in the city….You condense whats important for the week. Help me see it clearly. Give me the important points in an intelligence brief…and then, I screw up or prosper. This in not garbage in…garbage out. Slap my face with facts. Do it again. I think I like it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for your colorful support!

  3. allen ols

    ……”YOU POMPOUS LITTLE WEASEL”…… LOL THATS FUNNY GREG. I saw nancy pelosi back peddling on the gruber lying. but then another video shows her quoting gruber, who she said she never heard of. SEE HERE.
    The Kelly File
    10 hrs ·
    Nancy Pelosi claimed today she didn’t know who ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber is, after several tapes surfaced showing him gloating about how the law was written to take advantage of the “stupidity of the American voter.”
    But watch the comparison between her claims today and her remarks in November of 2009 – where she mentions Gruber by name. http://fxn.ws/1uqqsTu

    This is why we already see hyperinflation in the banking industry. This is also the first sign of the world starting the hyperinflationary stage — because of all that money creation. All of this money has gone into the banking system and we are clearly seeing hyperinflation there.

    We also talked about hyperinflation in Japan last week, and today the yen is at nearly 116 vs the dollar. The next stage is probably a quick run up to the 150 level. This will lead to all other Asian countries devaluing their currencies by printing money because they can’t afford to have a strong currency against the yen. This would make them totally uncompetitive.

    So there will be a lot more money printing and currency devaluations all over Asia. That will lead to the West being under pressure because the West will then have deflation exported from Asia, and the West cannot survive with more deflationary pressures from Asia. As you know, the West would totally collapse under its massive debt load with deflation. So the West will not accept this.

    The West will print as much money as necessary in order to debase their currencies, and this will also lead to hyperinflation. Western central bankers won’t like losing out in the currency race to the bottom, so they will print more than ever and that will be the start of the final leg of the total destruction of the currency system. egon von greyerz KWN

    • Greg Hunter

      I am so pissed at this. Obama’s signature legislation is based on a total fraudulent concocted series of lies. What an achievement!!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, it all reminds me of that scene in the movie “Animal House” where the Delta boys went for a joyride in Flounder’s brother’s Lincoln, only to trash it. Flounder is disconsolate at the prospect of having to tell his brother, when Otter says, “Hey, you f*cked up! You trusted us!” The Obamacare scam is no different from the mega-bank fraud scam, or the global warming/climate change scam. We don’t need Jerry’s string-pullers at the Corporation of London. We can screw it all up nicely on our own. The Fourth Estate used to pride itself on outing this sort of thing; now that they are part of the system, they have a vested interest in covering it all up. Nice work, as always. Many thanks and best always. PM

        • allen ols

          Paul, indiana

          What is; Jerry’s string-pullers at the Corporation of London.

          explain; The Fourth Estate

          I have never heard this stuff b fore; thanks. al

      • Truth in Song

        All this craziness going on I wrote a song about it.
        The Hammers Coming Down
        Click on the track information for the lyrics.

    • J C Davis

      Allen. Thanks for the link. I don’t think the courts will reverse anything. John (Goober) felt a great deal of ease in his statement. The only solution is for the people to grab there pics and axe with a rope. Also I have noticed when dems had control of congress it was called congress and senate now the MSM calls the new congress the republicans. Nothing changes. I would like for someone / anyone to explain to me why this new congress is not going after impeachment 1st and for most.?

      • J C Davis

        Trey Gowdy is the only one I have seen approach this question. Even tho I disagree with his answer to impeachment at least he answered the question. http://youtu.be/0GTbD264-Dw

    • allen ols

      This is Japan’s last stand and there is no exit strategy except to default explicitly on its debt. But an economic collapse and a sovereign debt default in the world’s third largest economy will have massive ramifications on a global scale. Japan should be the first nation to face such a collapse. Unfortunately; China, Europe, and the United States will also soon face the consequences that arise when a nation’s insolvent condition is coupled with the complete abrogation of free markets by government intervention.

      • allen ols

        (NaturalNews) The future doesn’t look very bright for America’s ever-dwindling middle class. The latest figures from the Social Security Administration (SSA) reveal that nearly half of the country now makes less than $28,031 annually, while nearly 40 percent of the population makes less than $20,000 per year, which is well below the middle-class threshold.

        To give you a better idea of what this means: An individual working a full-time job at $10 per hour makes roughly $20,000 a year. Most $10-per-hour jobs are in sectors like retail or fast food, which means that nearly half of all working-age individuals in America today are flipping burgers or selling clothes at the mall just to make a living.

        While some jobs have admittedly been recovered since the last recession wave, they are not of the same caliber as the jobs that were lost, based on this data. In other words, the jobs that were eliminated tended to pay more than the jobs that replaced them, a trend that continues as the economic state of America continues to decline.

        “[I]t has been estimated that the jobs that have been created since the last recession pay an average of 23 percent less than the jobs that were lost,” explains Zero Hedge. “We are witnessing the slow-motion destruction of the middle class, and very few of our leaders seem to care.”

        Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047643_worker_wages_American_economy_income_disparity.html#ixzz3JBSYiqAf

        • allen ols


          Nearly four in 10 Americans, or 92 million, are not in the labor force and now there’s a reason why: They have simply given up and don’t want to work.

          According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest group of people not in the labor force are those who don’t want a job, a remarkable statement on the nation’s work ethic. The federal job counter said that 85.9 million adults last month didn’t want a job, or 93 percent of all adults not in the labor force.

          RELATED: Unemployment claims tick up after scraping 14-year lows
          A Pew Research Center analysis out Friday dug a bit deeper to find out who those people are. Many are younger Americans who seem far less interested it landing a job than previous generations, possibly discouraged by the lack of good-paying jobs.
          “Women are more likely than men to say they don’t want a job, although the gap has been narrowing — especially since the Great Recession. Last month, 28.5 percent of men said they didn’t want a job, up from 23.9 percent in October 2000 and 25.2 percent in October 2008. For women, the share saying they didn’t want a job hovered around 38 percent throughout the 2000s but began creeping up in 2010, reaching 40.2 percent last month,” said the Pew analysis.


  4. Dan

    Greg, You are right on. This is exactly what every officeholder should be saying, but for some reason is too timid to do so. Even most Democrats will Agree at this point. Thanks so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan for weighing in here.

  5. Donna C

    The people spoke last week, and now we’re just waiting. I am not hopeful. We basically rewarded the same ship of fools who called the shots the last time the Republicans had the congress and the presidency. I just do not see anything but lip service unless the populace goes rabid.

    John McCain is mulling over another run for Senate. He will be 80 years old at that point. Does it ever end? Talk about water torture!

    Can you imagine what it will take to restore fiscal sanity to healthcare if we should ever be successful at putting a bullet in ACA? So many people’s lives have been disrupted, some irreparably. I personally went the penalty route, hoping to see ACA implode while I’m sitting it out. I know who gets what in the ERs, and as inpatients. It does not add up, never mind all the deceit that made this law possible. If you sat and listened through one evening with me as I transcribe, your hair would light on fire.

    I have never in my adult life had a primary care doctor. I do not even think along those lines. My mother had 9 children total, never ran to doctors like she was some kind of born defective. People have been brainwashed to run to government, and now run to a doctor over every ache and every heartache.

    Boehner and McConnell re-elected to their leadership roles. John McCain and Lindsey Graham all over the press in the last week. Sure looks like change to me. People talk a good game but keep maintaining these self-enriching monsters, so why should things change? I hope we can survive until one or two of them literally drops dead on the Senate floor. Looks like the only way they will leave Congress. They despise the base who keep putting them back.

    I remember John McCain back when he was campaigning with his wife and kids at our Civic Plaza decades ago. Megan was sucking on a baby bottle at the time. Megan will be in assisted living by the time Johnny leaves office. We fume but keep rewarding these people as our own lives become more bleak with each year.

    Yes, we unloaded some Democrat weasels. In my state of AZ, we got rid of a lot of lunatics this time out. We will all have to wait and see if the Rinos in Congress will grow a set in the coming months.

    • Greg Hunter

      You made me laugh: “John McCain is mulling over another run for Senate. He will be 80 years old at that point. Does it ever end? Talk about water torture!” Too funny girl!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yeah, it’s funny in a laugh-to-keep-from-crying sort of way. Best always. PM

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Another big week of reporting from Watchdog.
          Thank you for this huge job you do week in week out!
          I witness your genuine frustration and anger and I feel for you Greg. I am so pleased to see that amongst all of this
          geo-political and financial chaos that the US and western world descends into, you still manage to maintain your spirit and sense of humour. Many of us don’t have a lot else left!

          If you have been following the G20 in Brisbane you will find that there is a leader of a major western country that is almost as out of touch with reality as Obama. Not that there is a whole lot of comfort in this I suppose. Much like every time he opens his mouth, his opening speech as leader of the G20 host nation, was a bewildering chaotic narrative.
          It was obviously uncomfortable and embarrassing for people to have to sit through regardless of what part of the globe they came from let alone the average Australian.
          And of course [see below link] this moronic ‘leader’ also followed up on his thuggish threat to ‘shirt-front’ Putin at this meeting. Not!

          It is nothing short of a miracle when we have morons like Obama, Abbott and Cameron in power in this day and age, that we are not already embroiled in a full scale military WW3.

          Please keep up your fantastic work Greg.
          WE need you to help us all make some sort of sense out of this perpetual chaos.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you for your support and reporting from your area of the world!

    • allen ols

      YOUR CORRECT, we have most of the kindest, smartest, edukated, commenters here at the DOG. I rely on your guests, but LEAN ON Jerry, sig, silence paul jeff, art, al mark col.NZ, smlgld, lastman, donna, cal g and more for perky, spot on, different types of analysis.

      • Paul

        Al … good idea … let’s silence those people … why try to prevent the neo-cons from destroying us and leading us into a nuclear war … you can probably sleep just fine with Russian strategic nuclear bombers flying ovr your head … but I can’t … what about all the 300 million people in the US and their children … shouldn’t Obama be shielding them (like he wants to shield the 5 million illegal immigrants)? … this is the reason why Obama should change US Miitary Doctrine and take out the “Nuclear First Strike Clause” … then Putin won’t have a reason to fly his nuclear bombers over our heads.

    • Justin

      Unfortunately you are very right Donna.
      Either Gruber is also right that American voters are stupid for reelecting the same fools over and over again, or we just don’t have any good choices at all.
      I think it is the latter, and there should be a “None of the Above” choice on the ballots.
      Term limits for all of those geriatric numb skulls would also be a step in the right direction.

  6. smaulgld

    Excellent wrap up!
    What exactly is Obama care other than a way of getting people to put information into a government data base via a 1 billion dollar unsecure website so they can get worse coverage at a higher price or get fined if they don’t buy it.

    Certainly its not “affordable” not “health care” but has “Obama” written all over it.

    Interesting that this story is finally gaining traction.

    BUT, the key issue that Greg mentioned is the constitutionality of the Federal Gov’t setting up exchanges for the state (something that is not in the ACA)- a case which will be heard next year in the supreme court.

    The Obama administration states that the ACA intended for Federal gov’t to set up the exchanges and that it was a mere oversight, a typo, that a provision enabling the Federal government to set up the exchange not included.
    Gruber himself says it was a just typo.

    Here is a Gruber video from 2012 explaining why they drafted the bill the way they did – to FORCE THE STATES TO SET UP THE EXCHANGES, clearly refuting Gruber’s own argument that it was a typo.

  7. smaulgld

    Criminal charges for the banks?

  8. Jeff

    Right on point as usual. I don’t know about everybody else, but I am getting more than sick of Obama and lie after lie. Pelosi is a national disgrace as usual with her lie about Gruber. Obama is clearly a rogue out of control president with no interest in doing the will of the people. In fact, with the latest Gruber revelations and nonsensical amnesty, it looks like his interest is simply to destroy America as fast as he can. He clearly learned to say and act normal while doing the exact opposite behind the scenes. When is this going to stop? I was thinking that if the Democrats want to ever be considered as a serious party again, their only chance is to impeach and remove President Obama. Where are leaders like Ronald Reagan when you need them?

  9. Doug

    Divide and Conquer, (Hegelian dialectic) this strategy has been used for millennia. Or explained as Problem, Reaction, Solution. The problem is introduced, it provokes a reaction, and the solution has been waiting to be introduced. The Democrat & Republican paradigm is controlled and will always be controlled. When the powers that be control key positions on both sides of the left right paradigm its difficult to lose.When we as a people or nation realize that, maybe we can make some changes.

  10. Donna C

    Greg, I left your site some hours ago and went to CTM (Wells). I listened to roughly a 3-hour interview with an Eric Jewell, former military intel officer. It dovetailed with your wrap up and gave voice to what’s been chewing at me these last weeks especially. One conclusion they came to was that if the citizens are unwilling to get uncomfortable and give up things now in order to put a stop to the madness we are being subjected to, then we will suffer the unthinkable and lose absolutely everything.

    I look at the average American and I see a capon resigned to the chop block. Their focus is on wenching, drugging, sports worship, and that Kardashian woman’s butt.

    Every now and then, I go on the other side of town near Sun City. There is a Joann store frequented by many military wives. It is a different world in that place. I always come home with a little hope. I once spoke to a woman and, after 15 minutes or so, I was aware of a presence behind me. I turned around and saw a small crowd. They were eavesdropping on my conversation. One of them said: “I agree totally. I now know what it is like to get up every day and feel like a beaten wife. I wonder, ‘what is he going to do to me today.'” This was in reference to Obama — and this was just the first term.

    I got rid of my TV when Mr. O was re-elected. Every time I turned my TV on, I felt like I was in Castro’s Cuba.

    People need to get rid of their TV. I never miss mine. The internet is a cornucopia of information and you can dig up some decent entertainment here and there.

    Everyone is disturbed at the comment made about the average stupid American by this reptile, Gruber. To me, he is the average fat mouth, produce nothing, create nothing, bureaucratic tick that we have all been tolerating until we finally got burnt. At what point do we clear the deck?

    I’ve been in a state since your wrap up just before the election. You were covering all the crucial issues of the day, going at it like a Gatling gun. We all have questions, few answers, and many things make no sense. I believe that when things do not add up, there is usually a very good intentional reason. If nothing else, I hope there is finally public disclosure, a final outing. If we’re going down, just want to know by who’s torpedo.

  11. toonarmee

    Thanks for some great shows,with some interesting guests and a good range of opinions (did’nt quite know what too make of martin armstrong).
    There are some great commentators and information coming out from the USA and from my european perspective it looks like you people are starting to build up a momentum to oppose the obvious tyranny you are facing. Your country is being drawn into an Orwellian nightmare, it appears they have the elements in place already to impose this.
    The rest of the world have woken up to what the USA has become, now it needs your population to do the same. This craziness will end when that happens and good balanced shows like yours can only help.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. bob

    greg, i hear and feel your anger. 4 years ago i got a full blown pysical for a job. a day or two later i recieve a letter telling me that chest x rays show that you probably have lymphoma. no insurance i’m going to die, i find a clinic that will take me. i fill out paper work and of course you can’t have any assets but i got top notch care. a midwest disease that most people don’t die of. long story short, i go back to the financial department and the lady looks me up and says you owe me a penny. she even shows me the computer screen. i aske her how this is after all the tests. she replies this comes from a found of donations and in her 20 plus years has never seeen this fund go under 21 million.
    it’s the insurance companies, big pharma, corporations and of course the banks. it’ ts too late to wake up.
    i have a friend who has a friend who is a lobbiest for a major energy company who supplies electricity to the midwest. he has admitted that he is going to hell for what he has done for this company. i was invited to go to lunch and here what’s actually goes on.
    greg, you should know this company since you have done commentary just south of st. louis

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for sharing your story!!

  13. Mitch Bupp

    ISIS adopts gold standard too …. rolmao Greg

    Turkey is a joke and it is a future target for ISIS rebels and if you look at it honestly……. ISIS is nothing but neoconservative Muslims

    The banks should get the death penalty and be barred from doing business as should all of those in middle and upper management ……. Yank that corporate charter …..

    When it comes to Mexico …. The border must be erased to have a shotgun marriage of the North American Union after the dollar fails ….

  14. Mike

    Greg you and your program as always is the benchmark that others need to follow as their standard. The comments from your listeners also give me both encouragement on hope for this once great nation, the greatest nation that mankind has ever known nor will know!!
    Perhaps this Constitutional Republic can reclaim some of it’s former soul, if GOD be willing and the people also return to their roots.
    Thank You Greg, and thank you to those who listen and comment,
    Mike DFW, Texas

  15. Tommy

    The healthcare bill was known to be a disaster by 40% of the population. 40% of the population is not stupid. Another 40% of the population are walking, talking vegetables. We rely on the remaining 20% to wake up occasionally and pay attention to what is going on in the world besides sports and entertainment. Obamacare had nothing to do with providing more, better and cheaper healthcare for Americans. We (the 40% who are paying attention) knew that and did what we could to insulate ourselves from the pending carnage although we will all get splattered by the fallout. We knew they were lying, we know that they are lying about lying now. Bill Clinton elevated lying to a spectator sport 20 years ago, so much so that the admiring media were captivated by how polished his skills were. It is now accepted as a legitimate method for getting legislation passed in this country, if you are on the right (actually left) side.

    • West Tejas

      After Obamacare passed the insurance companies stock prices moved upwards. If Obamacare was really going to put them out of business and reel in their profits you would had expected their stock prices to drop like a rock but instead they did the opposite. That should tell you everything you needed to know about this bill and who was going to profit.

  16. dchayden

    Personally, I have to say that the current global events of today, have striking parallels to the onset of the 30 year great war, that we tend to call WW1 / WW2. Similar to the non interventionism of governments that preceded the Great War (s), I find the same thing is happening now, not with governments, but rather, a non interventionism position of the public at large. Here in the west, no one seems to be doing anything in the way of “large scale” protests, acts of non compliance, or putting immense pressure on elected officials etc…No one seems to care “enough” about the constant erosion of our rights and freedoms !! Where are the opposing leaders that step up to such corruption? Where are the Martin Luther King’s, where are the heads of our churches? Where are the “celebrities” that plan huge concerts in the name of freedom from anti-corruption ? There seems to be no one that the masses can get behind, no one to throw our support behind, and no one with the cahones to put themselves out there. As well as this, if someone did come out in a big way to support us, would we the people have the guts to get behind them ? I guess this is in part, due to mainstream medias propaganda, which keeps the masses focused on what they want them to be focused on, and fighting amongst themselves over a two party paradigm etc… I believe this public adoption of non interventionism is one of the major problems we face. I guess we are all guilty of this…save a few, like Mr. Hunter and his guests who put themselves out there for us. If we do not exercise our rights, we will surely lose them….if we do not govern ourselves…someone else will govern us. A paradigm shift is sorely needed…who will be its catalyst I wonder? Or, will it be too late before we act…

  17. Jane Kelley

    Amen Greg Hunter, your anger mimics my own!

    Think about all the taxpayer dollars and government loans spent crafting the ACA…(enriching a few). Add to that the millions of man hours and dollars having to be spent by insurance companies, individual states, private industry and we lowly serfs just to be able to figure out and “comply” with the “new and improved” health care laws. I would argue that all of that effort was “overhead” that still has yet to be passed onto an already tapped out consumer. Now, assume, (fingers crossed) that the Supreme Court does finally put an end to this nightmare….all of those $$ will have to be re-spent just to unravel this monstrosity. Pure waste and fraud with NOTHING to be shown for the effort. Good thing the USA is in such a healthy financial position to be able to waste their resources in this way.

    It’s too stupid to be stupid.

  18. Kip

    Thanks for the news straight on!
    We discount Gods Word at our peril, The Lord said evil will increase in the last days. I believe we are witnessing the final stage being played out.
    Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭5-6‬ KJV)

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Kip and thank you for the comment.

  19. Nichole

    Why can’t we hand in our social security numbers, stop paying taxes, and just walk away from this corrupt system? It seems people who don’t belong here have more benefits than the general populace. As a millennial I am afraid to think what my social security will look like with all the illegals being added to the burden…what social security?

    • Greg Hunter

      Once you take the red pill you can never return. You are spot on!!

      • victorkiriakus

        Did you ever think about having William Engdahl, William Grigg , John Whitehead and Marc Faber as guests?

        Love your show!


        • Greg Hunter

          All good ideas and Yes.

    • allen ols

      as the joker said to batman as he was hanging off the building, batman holding him—and threatening to release,

      “now your talking”

    • lastmanstanding

      Nichole. YOU CAN and YOU MUST take matters into your own hands. Start a business. Even if you have to work for someone else in the meantime to support yourself. We are in our 50’s and will never retire like most envision. To see someone your age worried about SS is saddening…we don’t even think about it being there.

      We, wife and I each have a business. WE have learned how to survive. It doesn’t happen overnight. We are constantly forced to adapt…in fact, we are seasoned enough to look ahead and stay ahead of the curve. We will need our businesses until we die. YOU can do it as well. YOU must have faith in yourself or you are finished. No human is coming to help you. Look at how the earth works, she will provide you with all of the answers if you have faith.

      Being weak is easy, that is what satan wants. Please do not take the easy way out. You CAN do it. lms.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good advice Last Man!

  20. Matt Jaymes

    Oddly enough, I don’t see much about this whole damn charade in the Main Stream Propaganda Machine. However, if you are so inclined, you may view Kim Kardashians naked ass. As of yesterday, I withdrew every dime I had in the bank, and bought a small stack of gold and a really nice stack of silver. There is only 2 ways this thing can end: horrible and FUBAR. A donation for you today sir, I hope your site reaches more people; many, many more people. Good job, and thanks.

  21. Svante

    Hej Greg…

    I´v been following you, amongst other US sights, for some time now. One thing that strikes me is what you americans think about “Obama Care”. I´ts not that different of what we have here in Sweden and it works just fine. Scandinavia inhereted from the vikings the mindset of fairness that still is in our society. The swedish wery old expression “lagom” means (its unik for scandinavia i belive) “share equaly amongst the group”.
    My personal opinion is of an social-liberal. A strong state that could provide you with important infrastructure non lucarativ like helthcare-, railroad-, internet- frameworks and simular thing equality distributed over the whole country, payed by our tax offcourse – And on the other hand a free market to do every day business in. Telecom, cars, airplane, and what not… It does not work wery well here i sweden for companies to run healhcare or railroad maintenance becouse money have ZERO conscience as all knowe.
    Money is a great way still to make progress. The porest in sweden is quite well in comparence with the porest in your country, US is a fantastic country BUT only if you`r rich i´v heard.

    I think we all have to rethink how the future for generations to come should bee.
    Here some inspiration for you all…


    Thank you Greg for a great sight…
    … and sorry for my poor english


  22. Gregory Mannarino

    The declared Islamic State just announced it will be issuing it’s own currency backed by Gold, Silver, and Copper, and this is certain to make the banking cartel very upset.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory. I hope you have you back on soon. Please add this to the discussion list!!

      • allen ols

        …and dont forget to ask, discuss in depth, hyper- inflation end of 2014 into 2015 per john williams and rob kirby and now egon von greyerz. tks

  23. Don

    Greg, I’ve been tuning in to your website for about 9 months now and totally enjoy your news style and presenting the many informative guest and their economic analysis of what is REALLY going on in this tense and uncertain world.
    There is SO MUCH fraud and deception and criminal activity in all markets. I for one hate being lied to by anyone, especially those we elected to represent, ‘we the people.’ There are MANY people financially hurting now that have invested in silver and gold over the years only to be stabbed in the heart by these criminal manipulators. I am SICK of these people getting away with cheating the American people. The regulators are bought and paid for by the elites and corruption is rampant and 99% of the American people have NO IDEA what is coming down.
    My theory is, that the market rigging by the big banks resulting in these billion dollar fines are just a kick back for the regulators so the crime of stealing money can continue. If you jail the SOB’s, the money flow ends. What do you think?
    Thank you Mr. Hunter for all that you are doing to help us stay informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for your comment and support.

  24. diane

    Thanks Greg. I sure hope we get rid of Obamacare. We knew it was bad, but it’s much worse than we ever thought.

  25. vincent_g

    So the architect of the Obama Care bill is a con artist.
    Is this true for the the others also?

    Is the President of the United States a Con Artist?

    • Greg Hunter

      Professor Gruber had many meetings in the Oval Office to discuss Obama Care as a paid consultant. That is the over arching fact. Call it what you will but it is safe to say EVERYBODY knew they were crafting a huge set of lies to get this passed into law.

    • NC Gal

      Yes, Obama ABSOLUTELY IS a con artist! See my post below about what psychopaths are like. He’s a shining example of one, and con artists are psychopaths. They have an instinct to tell their victims what they (the victim) want to hear so that they can then take advantage of their trust to fleece them. They can be absolutely charming (and often are), so it’s hard to know what’s really going on, but while they are shaking your hand, their other hand is emptying your pocket!

    • Is the President of the United States a Con Artist? Al

      Worse yet, a neo-conservative in sheep’s wool, merino!

      • J C Davis


  26. David Larsen

    I hear the anger in your voice this morning. You are speaking my anger as well.

    Does the United States actually exist any more? I don’t think it does. I think what we have is nothing more than a convenient intersection of criminal interests where once stood a government.

    Probably, government died when Kennedy’s head exploded in Texas.

    Where once was government, we just have a “scamocracy” that pretends to virtue, like a child-raping priest.

    Witness how now we simply “license” financial interests to commit vast financial crime, after which the SEC comes in and absolves the evil-doing, in exchange for a piece of the action. The pittance these criminal gangs pay is the licensing fee. Once they pay, they get busy stealing some more, and wait for the next demand for tribute.

    Don’t tell me about Too Big To Jail, tell me about the crime licensing/tribute model we have created.

    My wife and I voted for Obama in 2008, and after he won, I kid you not, we sat around for days heaving great sighs of relief. The deep breath, the audible sigh, the soft smile, the sense of relief. We had survived the Bush years! And things were going to get better. The wars would end, the torture would stop, Guantanamo would shut down. Trillions that had been totally wasted would now go toward restoring the nation.


    Before you know it, Holder was calling the people who voted Obama into power a bunch of cowardly racists. Then he was uncovered as a gun runner, and has now ended his tenure as the ultimate accessory-after-the-fact for the criminal banking cartels.

    I’m never going to vote for another Democrat or Republican ever again, for anything. They pose as adversaries, but in reality they are joined at the hip like a Siamese Frankenstein’s monster, marching marching marching toward the fiscal cliff. Democrats the left leg, Republicans the right leg, lying and stealing and killing and hemorrhaging the nation’s wealth.

    They lie so that they can steal, they steal so that they can buy machines to kill, and they kill to cover up the lies.

    • Greg Hunter

      All we need to know is you are a good concerned American like many of us are. Thank you for sharing your story here!

    • NC Gal


      An excellent summary! We have ALL been robbed and it’s taken much more than just money. It has taken our belief in good, our hope for something better, and a feeling that we can affect the outcome. Ultimately we all been deceived, lied to and deliberately kept in the dark and by the time things are uncovered, they are already too far along to be stopped. It was when Robert Kennedy was killed that I gave up on ever expecting a true leader again, one that wanted what was good for the country and was willing to stand up and fight for it. JFK was murdered for doing that, and Robert Kennedy was also killed for wanting to do it after him.

      I haven’t voted for anyone since, although I felt guilty for dropping out because of all of the people who fought for a woman’s right to vote. I just lost faith in the system after that. I would have loved to see Ron Paul win the presidency, and that was the race that taught me how the elections were rigged, just by how the debates and ballots were structured, in terms of how one got on them if they weren’t a member of an official party. We deserve something better, but I have no idea how to get it. Impeachment isn’t an answer because the successors would be just as bad as the incumbents.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Carroll Quigley, TRAGEDY and HOPE

    • allen ols

      david L.

      For some it takes longer for the light bulb of the head to turn on. I am glad u finally see it our way, u have joined an elite group, who see the dems/repubs, as a 2 headed snake. I quit voting for this whole heap of s***, call the gang of 535.

      welcome home.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I think your post is one of the most brilliant I have seen to date on the Watchdog!
      I hear your anger and your despair just like Greg’s as to how a once great country has been all but destroyed.
      Looking from afar I see two huge opportunities that went begging that could have done much to reverse the monumental degeneration of the US.
      #1 The murder of the Kennedy’s
      #2 Ron Paul not being elected as President
      IMHO these were the real tragedies.
      The heroes are either never elected or if on the slim chance they ever are, then they are subsequently murdered in cold blood by TPTB.

  27. Table Rock Jayhawk

    The MIT professor is unbelievable. What a disaster this has become.

    Regarding the bankers manipulation in the precious metals markets. Most Americans and it’s media doesn’t understand the importance of precious metals within an economic model. We’re just not deeply educated in Austrian Economics.

    Therefore, the bullion bank fraud and manipulation won’t make mainstream media. Neither the media or the common American would show an interest in it, much less even understand it.

  28. Orion

    I really appreciate what you do on a daily basis for America. The MSM puts the people to sleep with their nightly “lullabys” of the “big lies”. We continually fail to learn from history. Here is a quick quiz: Who do you think belongs to the following psychological profile?
    “His primary rules are: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

    If you answered Barack Hussein Obama, you are correct, but the above quote is actually from a US Office of Strategic Services ()SS) assessment of Adolph Hitler.

    The parallels of a dictator are indeed interesting. I just hope people awaken to the lies before it is too late. Thanks again Greg.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Walter Langer ? from the study of Hitler wrote on the ideas of Nazi propaganda

  29. Jerry

    We really shouldn’t be so hard on President Obama. After all he’s just doing what he’s told . Obama care, emigration reform, expanding social programs, are all part of the Cloward & Piven strategy to over load the system.

    I mean that’s really what the banking cartel have wanted all along. A way to collapse the system, wipe out their debt, and cover their tracks all at the same time. Its just a means to an end, that’s all. The Chinese? They could care less. Its all about making money for them. As long as they get what they want, they don’t care where it comes from, even it is stolen gold from the Saudi’s and the Germans. At the end of the day, they hold the worlds gold in their hands and the fate of the United States.

    Yes the G-20 is going to be interesting, but something even bigger is about to happen today. Information will soon be released that will show rampant mortgage fraud in the banking system that will effect over 90% of the mortgages in this country. Talk about timing? Right on the heels of Obama care we have this. This is huge!!

    • Jerry

      For those of you who are more interested in the analytical side of the collapse, keep playing with your mental building blocks. For those of you that want to see reality, here is another piece for you to look at.

    • allen ols


      YOU SAID:

      “but something even bigger is about to happen today. Information will soon be released that will show rampant mortgage fraud in the banking system that will effect over 90% of the mortgages in this country.”

      KEEP US POSTED, and stuff.

  30. wombat

    They’re nearly all here! I hope you’ll be spending some time watching the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s coverage of the G20 meeting in Brisbane.

    • allen ols


      blow-by-blow info please. tks al ols

  31. Al

    It started when a member of congress stood up and shouted at the president during his state of the union address, that he was a liar and during an interview of the president and Michelle, when the president, ‘in so many words,’ told Diane Sawyer how he thought it was so cute, when he came across a situation, where his girls were just to young an honest to lie. Where for us adults, lying is a matter of recourse! O’ to be young and naive again.

    Now we got everybody and I’m talking about even Joe Blow on the street, that thinks, that all the US., got’s to do is, “lie and spy,” on everybody, an, his mudder, brudder, and little sista. All because we think, were so smart and now, we cant even fool some of the people and not even some of the time. All we’ve proved, is how utterly stupid we really are. We’ve become the laughing stock of the world! Like Putin told our esteemed secretary, lying in state, “your a liar and you know your a liar!” The rest is, well you know, “his’tory”. Lie’r lie’r, pants, ‘country,’ on fire!

    • Greg Hunter

      I like this “all the US., got’s to do is, “lie and spy,” on everybody”

    • Banjo Pat

      Will do mate, with pleasure!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Love this post!
      Great to see that in spite of all the chaos you still retain your sense of humour.

  32. libertarian jerry

    I do not blame the politicians or their legislation for America’s woes. I don’t even blame the elitists behind the scenes that have bought and paid for these same politicians. I blame the voting majority of American people who put these fools into office in the first place. Mr. Gruber is correct. The average American voter is an ignoramus. These are the same voters that believe in the Welfare State but think somebody else should pay for it. The American Republic can overcome and repair the damage done to our Republic by the Obamas,Holders,Pelosis and McCains. What the American Republic cannot overcome is the fools that voted these people into office. And there lies the problem.

    • allen ols

      lib jerry;
      u said;
      “The American Republic can overcome and repair the damage done to our Republic by the Obamas,Holders,Pelosis and McCains. What the American Republic cannot overcome is the fools that voted these people into office. And there lies the problem. good stuff- al ols

      I will try to be a libertarian for now, until i find a bunch of bs, then i am out a here.

  33. Red 1

    Is there any chance that the truth will be exposed in the IRS scandal? I certainly hope so because it certainly matches the grossness of the ObamaCare scandal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Red 1,
      Agreed, both are criminal.

      • Dr. Killdare

        It was also criminal the threats to justice Roberts if he didn’t vote for the un affordable sick care act, to enrich the health insurance industry and keep the industrial sick care complex in high cotton!

        • Greg Hunter

          That might be changing in the upcoming Supreme Court case. Decision by June 2015.

  34. Sayonara

    There is no one in the media universe that can present the real important information as concisely and consistently as you do. If we lived in a sanely governed country which clearly we don’t (Nancy Pelosi et al), you would be the main stream media.
    I don’t understand why everyone is now upset with the revelations regarding the creation and passing Obama Care. Anyone with a smidgen of common sense knew that Obama Care was outright fraud and deception. I have to hand it to Gruber for leveraging the stupidity of both the voters and members for Congress. The question is whether the weak and timid Republicans have the gumption to repeal this economic and social disaster. My smart money say no. However, I did not believe the Republicans were going to win the majority of the Senate due to their weakness and timidity. Have a great weekend Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      The how and why of the FRAUD is now clearly documented. I can’t see how the Supreme court can rule in its favor! We will see.

  35. Phil Haultain

    So what will it take, for people to wake up? I see Chemtrails(Being born in the 50s, I know the difference between contrails and Chemtrails. If you do not know the difference, educate yourself via the abundant information on the web.) I see individual privacy and personal freedom melting away like ice in August, as Obama seems to be Hell-bent on erasing The Constitution. I see The worst company in the history of the world,Monsanto, degrading our food supply with their monstrous GMO’s, while simultaneously stacking Congress and the supreme court in their favor, all on the present administrations watch.
    This period in our history will be looked back on in shock, horror, and disgust, if humanity survives, and if the truth ever comes out. I further predict that eventually, the truth will come out, and those who are behind this travesty will be the shame of everyone that supported this present state of affair, whether by participation or inaction. Think on this.

    • NC Gal


      Just what do you suggest we do? I hear people like Greg, PCR, and many others pointing at and eloquently describing the problem, but no one has offered a meaningful solution — one that is realistic and actionable. The general public doesn’t WANT to know what’s going on. There is no vision or leader that others can agree with and get behind. The dream of a functioning Republic has been systematically killed (and deliberately so) by the banking cartel and their machinations. There are no “new lands” to immigrate to and start over again, like there was in my parents’ and grandparents’ days. The Occupy movement was a sad joke that came to nothing. And there is NO ONE anywhere talking about the overpopulation problem — except the elites and their plans for depopulation. Have you given much thought to what it would take to restore life on this planet to a sustainable condition? Just wondering …

      • allen ols

        NC gal

        start with term limits now, dissolve the fed res., jail all cent. bankers in charge, (hang some) kill the comex, jail bush, cliton, obama, cheney rumsfield, beohenr, macain, pelosie, reed, M mconnel, and MORE

        Close the southern border, ARM EVERY NON CRIMINAL WITH ar-15 w/6.8 ammo, put NG on border, close 60% of overseas bases, defund the military by 33%, audit the fed, us treas., and get trey gouwdey on the drivitives market, make all on food stamps give account of spending on food only at certain depots, under supervision.

        immediatly elect judge napatalino pres, judge jenne piro, vp, and only for 4 yrs, then replace.

        re instate all the generals obobo fired. send judge napalitano, and Kelly of the kelly files to see putin, whew, more later.

      • Jim H

        NC Gal
        Right. Just how does a “civilization transition from a for profit (capitalism, socialism & communism) mentality where most resources end up in the hands of Elites to a because it,s a good thing to do for free and for nothing mentality? Don’t know if you participated in Occupy but for my family it was a great experience being a part of a leaderless, no demands movement where many around the world repeatedly stated “we know what you have done and what you are doing and you need to stop. I do know it made the Elite nervous enough to put this movement on the watch list and discredit us in the mainstream. It was fun to watch the FOX and CNN “news” teams (both came to the Dallas site) ask who our local leaders were and what exactly were our demands. It made them so mad to hear “no one and nothing”. Many were educated and marched. I’m not sure what we do but what I do is endure enough ridicule at work and other places by stating (when ask) my opinion about it being the few against the many and calmly with a smile on my face explaining what that means. In my little world this has brought a more for me than against me situation especially at work. I’ve worked in and with the military for 37 years. Not sure when critical mass will be reached but I believe I might see it. Don’t unbuckle your seatbelt NC, you may see it too.

  36. Matt

    The Gulf is international waters, so be it. Remember the USS John Cook. Yes, it entered the Black Sea and got its you know what handed to them. Russian jet did 12 flybys and shut the ships radar and others systems down. Sent the ship scurrying back to port in Romania. Russia can wait it out whats thrown at them.

  37. NC Gal


    In your presentation today, you were so obviously upset that I had to click off and reflect for awhile before I could respond without being upset myself. Listening to your litany of what is dissolving into chaos and seeing where it is all going was a little like watching a loved one being eaten alive by an out-of-control cancer or other terminal disease. For me it was heart-wrenching because I really loved this country and what it used to be.

    That being said, one of the things that was apparently upsetting you was the fact that the Democrats sold Obamacare on a deliberate LIE. When people characterize Obama as a lying narcissist, they are very correct in labeling him as such, and when people talk about psychopaths running the show, they are also very correct. These are not just convenient pejorative terms that allow a person to ventilate their frustration and outrage.

    Robert Hare did the seminal research on psychopaths and published his findings in his book, “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us” Here is part of the Amazon blurb about that book:

    “Most people are both repelled and intrigued by the images of cold-blooded, conscienceless murderers that increasingly populate our movies, television programs, and newspaper headlines. With their flagrant criminal violation of society’s rules, serial killers like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy are among the most dramatic examples of the psychopath. Individuals with this personality disorder are fully aware of the consequences of their actions and know the difference between right and wrong, yet they are terrifyingly self-centered, remorseless, and unable to care about the feelings of others. Perhaps most frightening, they often seem completely normal to unsuspecting targets–and they do not always ply their trade by killing.”

    I think that most of us can recognize many of those traits in the personalities of the people who are the leaders in government, corporations such as the big banks, and on and on. Aaron Russo characterized Nick Rockefeller in precisely those terms: He (Rockefeller) just didn’t care about the rest of us. The elites all have this quality. They might seem genial enough, even hospitable when interviewed. Nonetheless, their ability to accomplish their ends “without conscience” is also patently obvious to anyone who is perceptive enough to see it for what it is.

    I can’t remember who it was that posted an anecdote about “rattlesnake wisdom” on one of the earlier threads, but it went something like this: When you find a rattlesnake on your porch, you have to kill him or he will kill you. That’s what rattlesnakes do, and that’s what you have to do to preserve your life. You can’t peacefully co-exist with rattlesnake, ask them to take sensitivity training, or otherwise change their nature.

    The same is true for psychopaths — people who are different from the rest of us because they have no conscience. Dr. Kent Kiehl, a protégé of Hare’s, used MRI studies and found that psychopaths’ limbic systems just didn’t operate like those in normal people. The limbic system handles our emotions. When Russo characterized Rockefeller as “cold,” he was telling it like it was.

    An excerpt from the Amazon blurb for Kiehl’s book, “The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience,” sums it up nicely:

    “… psychopaths can be identified by a checklist of symptoms that includes pathological lying; lack of empathy, guilt, and remorse; grandiose sense of self-worth; manipulation; and failure to accept one’s actions.”

    We can’t expect anything BUT lies from people whose brains are built like that, and unfortunately for us and the world we live in, our present system provides a perfect environment for these kinds of people to attain and keep positions of power and control.

    Just my two cents’ worth today. I hope you can stop taking this so personally. I am really worried about your health if you continue to stew in your own juices over this much longer! It is really quite harmful to do so in the longer-term and making yourself sick does nothing about the problem itself. I really hope you can gain some perspective as the chaos increases, because it will.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you NC Gal!

    • John Galt

      Well said NC Gal.

    • Mike Soon Over

      Check out Paul Harvey “If I were the Devil”

    • allen ols


      I can’t remember who it was that posted an anecdote about “rattlesnake wisdom” on one of the earlier threads, but it went something like this:

      It was I young lady, al ols from nasville tn. 🙂

    • susan

      NCgal, you speak the truth eloquently. Earlier, you asked what can we do? Just take care of ourselves. Be prepared to live totally off the grid when necessary. Forgive me. I can say that because I live in an area so far from the beaten path it is easy to live a healthy life away from those that would take away my ability to take care of myself and loved ones. Actually, most of the community I live in are all on the same page and will take care of each other.
      Christ is still lifted up and worshipped here and is Lord of all. We have hope here. Thank God.

  38. Mozzie

    Not a US citizen and not fully knowledgeable about Obamacare—however when an individual charged to construct law for the President openly states it was a con-trick, somebody has to question the oath taken by the President. What the hell is going on when the most powerful man in the world of a superpower nation is openly shown to be a liar. Your whole system and how you finance and select a candidate to high office needs a bomb under it and start again!!!

  39. Karen

    Greg, I love to see your passion and outrage when discussing the constant stream of atrocious lies fed to the American people by our politicians (and bankers). And this is exactly what is wrong with this country, the masses are not outraged at being lied to. And in some defense of the average person, how could one possibly keep track and respond to the massive amount of lies and misinformation we are fed everyday, from Obamacare to the phony economic “recovery” to our reasons for interfering into the politics and wars of other nations. But, that said, I am so glad to see that some, like you, can still get passionate and angry enough to call them out on their lies. Unfortunately though, at this point in time, all we can do is stay in our seat and hope we survive the roller coaster ride we are all on. And each day I look around and think that this roller coaster is picking up more speed each and every day and we are all in for a wild ride. “Fear not,” and hold on tight to the real things that are important in life!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen for your comment and passion.

  40. Donna C

    You tell me, who will blink first, Pooty Poot or our dictator?


  41. john duffy

    Every prosperous society needs a moral people in order to be prosperous. When trust goes everything falls apart. Who can you trust now?
    Your politician?
    Your policeman?
    Your doctor?
    Your bishop?
    Your food?
    Your medicine?
    Your teachers?
    Your media?
    Everything you do now, you have waste time to verify and check out for yourself, and then your still not sure of the truth. The US is not an Eagle anymore, it is a fat buzzard who sh#ts in his own nest!

    • allen ols

      well said!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Thomas1

    Fear not? I haven’t forgotten that Obama is almost single-handedly destroying the country.

    Like Richard Russell, the financial newsletter proprietor, I sleep better knowing I have some protection with gold and silver.

    Just as I’m sure Obama is an effective BS artist, that mindset doesn’t equate to his Middle East policy. With the fracking fundamentals at risk with $72 WTI and looking to move lower, it would be helpful to reassure your Middle East friends about your intents.

    Fracking is causing earthquakes and contaminating groundwater wherever it occurs. Obama won’t approve coastal drilling, so a supply squeeze could be a future scenario.

  43. Paul

    Greg …

    Do the old Con’s (the bankers) and the Neo Con’s really think that they can play chess against Russia and beat them into submission?

    These con men think they have a solid strategy because they changed the rules so that their Queen can now deliver a nuclear first strike .

    So they move their chess piece and take down Cypress … the Russian’s make their counter move and sell tons of Treasury Bonds … the con men then move to take Crimea off the board … Russia countermoves with a referendum and saves the piece … the con men then move to take Syria … Russia makes counter moves to prevent it … the frustrated con men then pull out all the stops (sanctions, ruble collapse, oil price collapse, threat of nuclear first strike, etc.) … Russia moves to put its nuclear strategic bombers in the air around NATO, Canada and the US and “keeps them flying continuously” so any first strike by the con men won’t go unpunished …

    I don’t think the con men realize they are outclassed and are now in checkmate.

    • Emeth

      Very interesting deductions and analysis, even if it is only speculative.
      I had not put the picture all together, but your summary is interesting.
      Thank you.

  44. sommers

    To the tumbrils ! To the tumbrils !

    • rezo

      Couldn’t agree more….

  45. Brad

    Geez, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Greg this angry…did you notice the eyes flashing. I would be angry to if my medical went up 50%. Multiply this by all the premiums and the private medicals are reaping quite the pile by sidelining the American people’s desire for proper medical insurance with their dictated Affordable Care Act. Mind you my premiums have gone up quite a bit over the last twenty years…from about $35 CDN for a family of four (20 or so years back) to $62.75 CDN for just the wife and myself now. Of course if you cant afford to pay there is a very low once yearly amount ($60 or so) or you can just show up at the hospital and do the paper work there. Canadians decided to share high medical costs among the entire population so that no one goes without. I’ve never used the medical system for anything but minor stuff but it’s certainly nice to know it’s there for me or anyone else that might need it 5 minutes from now. We pay bigger taxes though. They go to stuff like universal medicare …the price of being Canadian. How long we can keep our medical with the neo conservative govt, we have is the problem.

  46. Paul

    What ever happened to “brotherly love” , “turn the other cheek” , etc., etc. … Don’t all the Bible’s of the World say in one way or another “Thou Shall Not kill”?

    Instead we see the neo con’s here in the US pushing for a nuclear first strike … Israel wants to eliminate Iran … Iran wants to eliminate Israel … Sunni and Shites both want to kill each other .. etc., etc.

    When is humanity going to rise up an say enough is enough ?

    And why can’t the American people write their Congressional representatives and tell them to put some controls on the neo con’s (now checkmated by Russia)?

    Congress can make the neo con’s admit they lost the chess game with Russia and then we can move to bring the world back from the brink of darkness and nuclear destruction … let’s put back a “No First Strike Clause into our Military Doctrine” once again so Russia won’t have to fly their nuclear strategic bombers over our heads night and day.

    Nations that want to kill their neighbors need their people to speak up and tell the insane politicians they don’t like what they are doing … God created this universe from nothing because darkness to him was not a good state to be in … he created this universe to bring light to his world … and all humanity should be working to share God’s light not working to plunge us all back into the darkness.

  47. Simon

    So are Americans just going to sit idly by and do nothing? This disgusting act of fraud goes against everything we Americans believe in. When are we going to stand up to these corrupt bureaucrats? Have we all become zombies – our only act of defiance these days to twit, text or blog? Voting one way or the other at election time won’t change a single thing.

  48. Sambo

    Great week Greg. I just love your presentations, hitting the nail on the head again this week I see as usual. I feel just like you. The criminal insanity has gone parabolic and rest assured my good friend it cannot continue forever. You can never argue with a crazy man as the song used to say but you can put him back into the asylum or the abyss, whichever is the most convenient. (pompous little weasel) prefect and may I also add (misrepresentation of the truth, guilty of self centered, self serving. egotistical , narcissistic and deranged leadership which they all possess and countless acts of just being plain stupid. They shall reap what they sow and as you always say (fear not) for the times they are a changing and last but not least He(God) has still got the whole world in his hand. Thanks for all you do.

  49. Paul

    I hear Obama plans to unilaterally shield 5 million non-American immigrants and their children before the year is out …

    How about him shielding the 300 million Americans and their children who now have strategic nuclear bombers flying over their heads night and day before the year is out … as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces why can’t he just unilaterally change our Military Doctrine and put back the NO FIRST STRIKE CLAUSE we always had in there … as the strongest military power on Earth why do we need to have a First Strike Clause in our military doctrine which is now putting all the American people and their children at extreme risk of nuclear annihilation if someone just happens lose their temper and presses the red button.

  50. blamb61

    Daniel 7:4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it.
    5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

    U.S. Great Britian, and Russia?

  51. Jeff L

    Other than a few sites like this one the people are asleep. We have repeated history to show us where this ends. Prophecy’s coming true before our eyes. We have the daily storyline that should frighten/awaken everyone. Still they sleep…….. Dust your feet off and carry on because it will be too late for the rest………… I remember seeing an editorial depicting Paul Revere riding into town on a moonlit night. While trying to warn the people of imminent danger, a slumbering townsman opens his window and yells, ” hey, keep it down, we’re trying to sleep.” ………. The best depiction I’ve ever seen.

  52. Al

    Russian TV channel says photos show MH17 shot down by fighter jet R

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian state-controlled TV has broadcast what it called “sensational” photographs, which it said supported Moscow’s theory that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet.

    Several commentators who have examined the photographs have described them as forgeries, however.

    The photographs, said to be taken by a Western satellite, appear to show a fighter jet firing a missile at a passenger plane over eastern Ukraine where the Malaysian airliner was shot down on July 17, killing all 298 people on board.

    Moscow has long said it believed the aircraft was destroyed by a Ukrainian military jet, while Western officials say evidence suggests the plane was hit by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian separatist rebels.

    The photographs were aired on a Friday evening news show “Odnako”, which said they had been sent to a Russian expert by a man called George Bilt, who had presented himself as a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    “We have at our disposal sensational photographs presumably made by a foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of the Malaysian Boeing’s flight over Ukraine,” Channel One presenter Dmitry Borisov said.

    “The pictures support that version which has hardly been heard in the West.”

    Since being aired by Channel One, the photographs have met with widespread scepticism.

    Andrei Menshenin, a commentator for independent Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy, called the TV report a “pseudo-sensation”, and said the angle of attack indicated by the photographs did not correspond to the location of the damage.

    Bellingcat, a British investigative journalism website, described the photographs as “a crude fabrication”, highlighting what it said were several inconsistencies, which included signs that the photos had been partly compiled from historical Google Earth imagery dating from 2012.

    During the course of the Ukraine crisis Russian state television has frequently aired reports, sometimes including apparently sensational evidence, that back the Kremlin’s version of events.

    In July, an opinion poll by the Levada Center polling agency said only three percent of Russians believed the Malaysian airliner was hit by rebels, with 82 percent saying it was shot down by the Ukrainian armed forces.

    The publication of the photos came on the eve of a G20 summit in Brisbane, where President Vladimir Putin faces strong criticism from Western leaders for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

    (Reporting by Jason Bush; Editing by Crispian Balmer)

  53. doug

    I recall a scene in the Dark Knight Rises (2012) where Bane gives his “Blackgate prison” speech where he read Commissioner Gordon’s letter out loud exposing that Gotham City was living a lie. That’s what these Gruber videos feel like. The Gruber videos are far worse than the whole “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” mess. It shows the DNC knew Obamacare was a scam from the word “go” just like the RNC knew the Iraq war was a scam when they pushed faked/questionable evidence (e.g. Saddam’s ties to al-Qaeda, WMD stockpiles).

  54. Coal Burner

    For Svante: This not a insult but just a fact. We are different in some ways, one is we defend the free world. We started out that way, anyway, now it has been screwed up by the military industrial complex(MIC). Not that I blame “the complex” all that much but the opposing forces in the world are constantly jerking around our MIC for nefarious purposes, “money”; they can glean from the system we pay for. Therefore we cannot operate like you if we wanted too. Can you truley defend against the force of Russia or China. The system is a lot more complicated for us because we took on the defense of the free world in the last Great Wars. Have we brcome Warped, Yes! But again it is complicated.

  55. Coal Burner

    I appreciate your remarks. And I want to go back to A Oles quotes of EV Greyzer. When it gets down to day by day living that discussion in a good one. I see it intermixed inflation and deflation at this point. I wanted to buy a 4ton ratchet cable puller for emergencies. People don’t sell many of the good old US made tools like that. I saw them at Harbor Freight, all China made. $39 but I said it is a mechanical device, I want American Made. The cheapest American Made I could find was $150 and that was after chiseling the seller. So I freeze. I am back in Harbor Freight a month later. I buy the Chinese made for under $29. Now I needed a new TV this week. Walmart had a new LG 32″ LED for $228. That is cheap. I pitched the dead Japanese Samsung weighing 5 times as much and put up the LG. At the same time I looked at new pickups, high quality , American Made for the large part. You can buy a house for the price of a new pickup. Out of site! So my point is as EVG says Asia is already deflating to the max so they are certainly forcing the Fed to paper the walls with green backs. And we are through the Japanese. IT is a crazy world economy.

  56. Jim H

    Great wrap up as always.
    Not everyone (only 99%) feels as we do about all your reports. Where some see lies and debt, others see profit and potential investments. After all, isn’t the object to keep this pyramid scheme afloat by hook or crook? We need to look for the good in the fact we continue to make life very prosperous for some. Look what Obama Care has done for our insurance companies. All of them have been able to raise rates through the roof and deny coverages that before were covered. What about the new investments for insiders this has created? And the “Advisors” sent to Mosul (remember Mosul is where the oil and drugs are) to re liberate “our” corporate interest. Aren’t al Qaeda and ISIS creations by the few to advocate perpetual war and a small piece (for now. Maybe much larger later) of population reduction we all know is so important. Don’t you even care how difficult it is to manage over 9 billion people when the preferred figure is more like 2.5 billion according to Rockefeller.
    Until we get away from “look what the Democrats/Republicans did” and understand for many years this has been a them vs us game, things will continue to change for the worse.
    I have to admit though, the expertise used to compartmentalize all aspects of 1st world life is genius.
    A few at the top really understand the game and how to play it while for the masses it looks and feels like what they are doing is for good.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for the comment and support.

  57. RobertB

    The whole ISIS thing was never about anything other than attacking Syria from another direction on the ground – U.S. controlled. Every country with interests in the area have known this for some time. This was “Plan B” after the original tactic (arms and fighters supplied inside Jordan and Syria) failed. Open eyes please. Ukraine? It’s about Syria. Syrian overthrow is part of a strategic plan. Means to overthrow its government are tactics in support of that strategy. Syria doesn’t fall – strategy fails. Saudi oil price manipulation (downward)? About Syria – harming Russia’s energy export profits, and driving a wedge between Russia and China (who wants cheap energy) by bifurcating their geopolitical interests.

    The trump cards are nearly ready to come out. Those can escalate. Turkey (NATO) has a choke point on the Russian warm water fleet – trump card. Russia has lots of tactical nukes and will use them if necessary to open that passage – trump card, etc. The battle for Syria is D-Day for both sides – everything else is revolving around that. Neither side can afford to lose.

  58. allen ols

    after video, READ THE ARTICLE

    this is a great article about a KIA master martial artist who fooled his students he had CHI and challenged an MMA to a fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEDaCIDvj6I


  59. Jeff L

    A while back I saw an editorial describing Paul Revere riding thru town, warning the residence of impending doom. A slumbering townsman awoke, opened his window and yelled, ” hey, keep it down, we’re all trying to sleep.” ………… The best description of our populous I’ve seen. Greg Fear not, but with righteous anger, carry on.

  60. allen ols

    …..FROM Martin Armstrong blog.

    We NEED to RESTRUCTURE the world economy NOW – RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT. Raising taxes and stopping global flows is the absolute worse case scenario you can possibly ever do in times like the present. This is turning VERY ugly. You better buy some extra heavy blankets because you are going to want to just hide in your bed when this chaos erupts. There are boggy-men under the bed and in the closet and he is listening and watching everything you do.


    Why? Because he is scared to death he may be losing power. They are in the final stages of insanity – the Stalin Phase where they are paranoid about what everyone even thinks and says.

  61. DIllinger

    When the G20 metting’s over what can we expect? The start of the race to the bottom of the abyss of currency devaluation! It will end badly! It may look like it will look like this once proud and mighty wicked system of thing’s will go on forever, but beware because whenever they say “peace and safety'” that’s when it will all fall apart and our only hope will be divine intervention, hopefully not a alien civilization from space but the creator of heaven and earth, ole what’s his name?

  62. Jerry

    The real news from the G20.
    Okay all you members of the American sunshine and lollipop club, name the last time the United States signed a trade agreement with another foreign country? China doesn’t count since they’re the one’s making the deals, not us.

    Bottom line, the dollar is sitting on quicksand.

  63. Agent P

    In a way I sorta feel bad for Mr. Gruber… He’s the ‘patsy’ in all this. Notice the wording Greg used (accurately) in the opening, describing Mr. Gruber as ‘One of the chief architects’ of Obamacare. Every single ‘conservative’ talk show I have listened to of late – albeit briefly because I simply cannot stomach the rank hypocrisy (of either mainstream party), has labeled Mr. Gruber as ~The~ architect of Obamacare. Words are important, as well as how they are used and in what context…

    This is how slimy politics roll however. When the sh!t comes down, you toss your own under the bus. Mr. Gruber is a ‘nobody’ – in the public limelight, as he was basically ‘unknown’ up to this point and therefore, quite easily disposable in the public court of 3-second soundbite info-tainment…

    There are names and faces with $$$Big-Money interests, that you have never heard of and Will Never hear of, who are the REAL ‘chief architects’ of Obamacare. The question here that needs to be asked, is: What ‘dirt’ did/do these ‘chief architects’ – including the political elite who stood to gain from this travesty, have on Justice Roberts that would make him rule the way he did, for the reason/s he did, when he knew full well that even if ‘technically’ the bill could pass Constitutional muster, it could definitely not pass the ‘spirit’ of the Constitution, especially as it pertains to forcing private citizens into contracts with public companies – or any institution for that matter.

    This was an otherwise ‘no brainer’ for the Supreme Court and Justice Roberts individually. To think that he agonized over the technicalities of this bill and after review, ruled it a ‘tax’ based upon the Commerce clause, basically dissolves the credibility of our legal system.

  64. Robert E. Salt

    “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” That’s the definition of a stool sample! Back in the 70‘s a shortage of doctor’s was deliberately being created. The young man living next door to us at the time wanted to be a doctor. The only medical school that would admit him was in Guadalajara. He took a crash course in Spanish over the summer and went on to become a urologist. A few years later doctors had to be brought in from overseas to make up for the shortage. Before long there were too many doctors. The remedy for this was preventive medicine. Expensive tests like MRI’s, C/T scans, colonoscopies, etc. were performed. HMO’s popped up all over the country. The public was told that competition would help keep medical costs down. In reality this undermined the healthcare system. None of the companies wanted to enroll the sick or elderly, and excuses were made for not paying exorbitant claims. It was surpising this system lasted as long as it did. Government to the rescue with Obamacare! This is a scheme to eliminate health insurance altogether while collecting personal medical information and extra revenue. Personal medical information is being used for mind control purposes and for targeting individuals. I worked at Blue Cross in NYC as a computer programmer. At one point the gangsters who run the federal government unofficially took over the company. You can tell when the government runs a company: 1) It runs like the military. 2) No one is permitted to do anything until told to do so. 3) Many more people are hired than what is necessary. 4) Productive time is replaced by filling out forms and useless meetings. 5) The employees who were most likely to be fired, were given big promotions and became supervisors. Blue Cross in NYC had an enormous cash reserve. Many NYC hospitals relied on cash on a daily basis in order to avoid bankruptcy. After the government took over, the cash reserve mysteriously disappeared. When the company was at 80 Lexington Ave., it had mainframe computers in the building. After it bought a building at 622 Third Ave., it had mainframe computers in the building, but the CEO at the time had to sell the building in order to create new cash reserves. He began moving the company to the WTC in 1998. When we were told the mainframes would be located off site on Staten Island, we all looked at each other wondering what that was all about. It turns out employees are easy to replace but company records are difficult. This CEO was appointed head of hospitals in NYC a few years later by Michael Bloomberg.

  65. Calgirl

    It’s amazing. I just returned from the grocery store and I’m astounded at the cost of basic foods! Drove by a strip mall on the way home….out of 16 available spots, 10 are empty!
    Can’t find any Bar-B-Q ribs anywhere close by!

    McConnell looks so serious and mean saying he WILL get rid of the “medical devices tax”. All I can say is whoop eeee! Now, maybe the Senate can do something MEANINGFUL for the American people who are devastated by the cost of healthcare insurance. Ridding “us” of the medical devices tax does nothing for us “stupid people” and a whole bunch for the Senator’s contribution portfolio. I’m so sick of these elected officials raking the money in at our expense. Selling out Americans. Of course, Congress does not care about insurance expense as they have an “exception”. Just like their “exception” from criminal prosecution for insider trading on information gleaned from congressional information. We need to rid ourselves of the Rino’s and vote in Constitutional representatives.

    Go ahead, shut down the government over immigration. It’s been “shut down” eighteen times before and the debt was NOT defaulted on. More lies so that they can continue to pleasing their big contributors by flooding America with diseased, ill educated, impoverished democrat voters. Hey, we have our own homeless that should be taken care of before the rest of the world’s problems.

    Please excuse my tirade, I’m just so angry at what is happening to my country.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are all pretty frustrated–it’s OK let it rip here.

  66. mushroom

    Ask Jonathan Gruber to be a guest on your program.

  67. Agent P

    Towards my previous email posted a few hours ago, AM PST, wherein I made the observation of political elites tossing their own under the bus when a situation gets tight, this just in from Zerohedge, posted PM, 4:01 PST:

    The President interviewed at the conclusion of the G20 conference in Australia, regarding the Gruber-gate controversy:

    “The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is no reflection on the actual process that was run.”

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Mr. (‘Hans’) Gruber is told ‘not to worry’, everything will blow over shortly – we have this covered’…

  68. J C Davis

    Greg if you get the chance to see yourself mimic Peolicy ok policy. Too funny 5:18 We have to vote to see what’s in it. Love your wrap up. I got to learn how to crop your wrap up’s into a funny , real, catcher. or a song with video. Your expression’s represent the truth you share.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you–I think.

  69. Larry W. Bryant

    == Obamnasty, defined ==

    Obamnasty (n.) — The special treatment being mandated by presidential decree toward the millions of illegal border-crossers in Amerika. — Larry W. Bryant (19 Nov 14)

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