WNW 178-Obama Blocked on Immigration, Ukraine Ceasefire Off, ISIS Beheading Christians

4Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  2.20.15

The Obama Administration suffered a crushing defeat this week on his executive order on immigration.  A federal judge ruled that basically the President did not have the power to make up his own laws outside of Congress.  The immigration executive order would have given temporary legal status to 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants, allowing them tax refunds, social security numbers and other government benefits.  U.S. District Judge Andrew Hansen’s decision pretty much kills this plan as the President would likely lose in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and also has little chance of winning a majority at the Supreme Court.

I told you the ceasefire in Ukraine would not last long, and it did not.  Fighting continues between the Ukrainian military and the Russian backed separatists.   Putin wants a land bridge to Crimea, and it sure looks like he is going to get one in Eastern Ukraine.  So far, Ukrainian soldiers are suffering defeat after defeat.  The land bridge strategy has been talked about in the past, and it looks like this is what is taking shape.  What will be the U.S. and NATO response?  We may have already seen it, and it looks to be a total defeat.

ISIS, or the Islamic State, is growing at an alarming rate.  USA Today illustrated it in a progression of maps.  This is stunning as the Islamic State terrorists are in North African countries such as Libya and in major parts of at least 3 Middle East countries.  The President and his Administration refuse to call these folks what they are–Islamic terrorists.  Of course, this is not all Muslims, but just a few percent of the 1.5 billion Muslims equals millions of potential radicalized terrorists.  It is getting harder and harder to take the President serious when, just this week, 21 Christians were beheaded on the Libyan coast.  The President is taking flak from Republicans and Democrats alike on this and many other issues.  This is the trend I predicted back in November, and I predict it will continue.

The debt deal between Greece and the EU continues to have a hard time getting off the ground.  The Greeks want more money, and the EU wants austerity so Greece can pay the money back.   Details about austerity and paying back the money seem sketchy at best.  Greece has somewhere around $340 billion in debt.  Many say it would take generations to pay it back.  At least half of the debt was acquired since the debt problems started a few years ago.  The new government there simply wants debt forgiveness and much less austerity. Oh, and the Greeks need some more money so they don’t cause a possible daisy chain of default in the Eurozone.  Of course, the other heavily indebted countries of Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are watching this very closely, as I am sure they would like to have much of their un-payable debt cut to the bone, too.  I think Germany is going to be a very tough sell on more money and no repayment.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. vincent_g

    If that paper wanted to do the right thing they would have hired you as the editor.

    But moving on to the CO2 topic
    At present .04 % of our atmosphere is CO2
    That is up from preindustrial times where it was .028%

    According to a formula that was created long ago a doubling of CO2 will cause a one degree increase in temperature.

    So based on that then we can say the following:

    .08 will add 1 degree
    .16 will add another
    .32 will add one more
    .64 another
    1.28 still one more
    2.56 and still one more.
    5.12 now we are up 7 degrees
    10.24 8 degrees
    20.46 9 degrees
    40.92 10 degrees

    I will stop here as at this point I wonder can anyone still breath if over 40% of the atmosphere is CO2
    In over 100 industrial years we raised the CO2 less than double – .028% to .04%

    Now is it just me or does anyone else looking at this seem to think that this topic is ridiculous!

    Less than 1 percent of our atmosphere is CO2 and I hardly think even if it reached 5 percent would it be a problem.

    We have real serious problems to face and this is the best these people can come up with?
    What about nuclear power plants and the possibility of solar flares knocking them out?

    No the real serious problems are never looked at and why is this?
    Because there is no money in it.
    Because it doesn’t effect rich people.

    But global warming is really about population control.
    Now there we have a combo that makes plenty of money and makes life better for rich people. For after all less of you is less in the way of a rich person.
    For rich people think It very annoying to be stuck in traffic with all these low class ingrates.

    How can I say that you say?
    It must be true else why would so many rich people be for population control or for this Global Warming initiative.
    It must be that to them you are annoying, in their way, disgusting creatures and must be eliminated. For as far as they are concerned there are just too many of you.
    So limit the energy and you will reduce the population.

    Don’t believe me?
    Look back as to who created the formula for global warming and why he did it.
    Was something to do with worries on population explosion.

    • paul

      We were having a few “very warm winters” and the oil industry went into a panic … so with Al Gore in the lead they began spraying aluminium in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into outer space to cool the Earth down and save the oil industry … however they went too far … now we have minus -25 degree weather in the northeast and the Arctic is freezing over … but that is perfectly all right with big oil … Al Gore just recently bought 20 more oil wells!!

      • JBN

        You really need to site some sources!!

    • Chip

      Vincent, correct but you forgot one thing about CO2, it is a plant NUTRIENT…

      Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
      The overall balanced equation is…
      6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
      H2O = water
      Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
      C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
      O2 = oxygen (what we breath)
      Manmade global warming or climate change is a giant HOAX…

    • JC Davis

      Vincent G. I for 1 agree with you, Now is it just me or does anyone else looking at this seem to think that this topic is ridiculous! . Absolutely Ridiculous.

    • RTW

      Good comment. The entire “global warming/climate change” narrative was and is a HOAX. How long did we endure the claims that the earth was heating up and the ice was melting which would submerge New York City under 2 feet of water? They were beating that drum since the 80’s and no such thing happened. In fact, there is more ice at the poles now than there ever was. The Coast Guard recently had to rescue a fishing boat that became stuck in the ice near McMurdo. CO2 is a part of life on this planet. Plants use it to survive and in return they give off O2 which we need to survive. That isn’t a coincidence. If you think about it, the biggest source of CO2 on the planet, are mammals both two legged and four legged. Billions of people each and every minute of every day expel CO2 with each breath. That is a lot of CO2 but what can be done about that? Nothing fortunately. So, what do they go after? Cars, light bulbs, and industry, because that’s where the money is. If you want to know what is really going on, always follow the money. The fact that they had to change from a warming planet to a changing planet, is telling. The sun is creating more havoc with us than CO2 but then again they can’t make any money from that.

    • susan

      it has nothing to do with the climate, but everything to do with controlling the masses,

  2. allen ols

    “What kind of job can we get for ISIS” ? BUTCHER, VERY FUNNY!!

    • smaulgld

      That was classic! He also made a great slip. Austeria- did you catch it?

      • allen ols


  3. allen ols


    The USDollar is exploding before our eyes, but the great majority cannot see it. The QE monetary policy assured it death. The fast money supply growth coupled with fast debt rise indicate an implosion as certainty, which even the trained Harvard University and the University of Chicago economist monkeys can notice as an extreme warning, if not death knell. Their silence is deafening and noticed.Fiat paper money is a doomed concept with finite life span. Debt poses as money, while the supply must grow vertically when nearing the morgue entrance. Additionally, one can no longer look at one central bank or their balance sheet in isolation. They must be viewed together, since policy is coordinated with swap lines and obscure derivative. They are all integrated through complex methods. Notice the vertical trajectory in effective money supply measured in $trillions. In order to maintain a Ponzi Scheme at its final stage, vertical growth must take place in supply for investment purposes, just to keep the system stable. It is not feasible or possible. A stack of one million $1 bills reaches as high as New York’s Empire State Building. A stack of one billion $1 bills reaches into the earth’s stratosphere. A stack of one trillion $1 bills reaches a quarter the distance to the moon. People have no concept of money, nor any awareness of the death of fiat money in progress.


    btw greg; speaking of shmittiah, Jim Willie calculated the chances of this 7 yr. cycle is 61.85 billion to one of this happening, in yesterdays HT release. He had a large pos. article on the shmetiah. I read the harbinger and posted J. Cahns speech at the Nat. Prayer breakfast.

    • Silence is Golden

      Here is another take on the great credit expansion QE experiment……Mine.

      Consider the world’s money supply…..vs …..world debt
      US$70 TLN vs US$140 TLN approx.
      Debt and money supply are supported by world GDP of approx. US$75 TLN.
      Then we have 1.2 QDLN in Derivatives. A market that is unregulated and unbacked.
      The world is a living / breathing CASINO. It is living off of leverage. Whilst we are all bombarded with nonsense about the credit availability and that expansion is the premise to further prosperity…spare a thought for those gamblers who partake in the casino and whose actions control the globe.
      We have had (and continue to have) an exponential growth of derivatives/leverage vs the traditional credit expansion (as espoused as being saviour by the Keynesians). Expansion of leverage has achieved what the expansion of credit cannot do. Providing stimulus to all trade and markets. Creating false demand and pricing models, distorting interest rates and not allowing true price discovery. It will fail inevitably.
      What we are seeing is an injection of credit by the CB’s to allow the banking fraternity to significantly leverage their bets in all markets requiring a price and also creating products that will not be met by future demand.
      The analysts have lost focus because they keep drawing everyone’s attention to what the MO of the CB’s is….. the process of QE…. and how this does not find its way into the economy. My point is that it does.

      We don’t need true credit expansion per se…in the world in which we now live. We have derivatives taking care of that for us on a level that cannot be achieved through the normal parameters and metrics of what we were accustomed to. False prices and false demand have a life span though and no one knows how long they can keep performing this slight of hand act. One thing is certain ……it becomes increasingly more difficult by the day.
      Posted 2/20/15 on the previous interview with Andy Hoffman.

      • allen ols

        sig tks.
        It is mind boggling w/so many scenarios of events that can unfold. I cant remember how many banks in Switzerland Jim willie posted , that went under just with this last unpegging.
        Then there is Sweden, denmark, plus Italy, spain, portugal. I see Greece seems to be just postponing events, and riots expected Monday Feb 23.

        what to say. al ols

      • Calgirl

        All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

    • paul

      Gresham’s law will eventually suck all the physical gold and silver out of the world monetary system … and only worthless fiat paper mountains as high as the Moon and imaginary derivatives as high as Mars will be left !

      • Charles H.

        Oh, I think the Derivatives are real, real paper that is – conjured at will and in any amount. But nobody will ever review them – due to a basement flooding problem…

  4. Red Rivers

    Hey Greg,
    Love your show. I can tell your a loving fellow
    world needs more like you. I’d love to see you interview
    Gordon Long he is a great guy to. My personal view on
    the “collapse” is that when producers start walking a away
    from in solvent businesses i.e. mining, farming et al that
    is what will break the back of this charade. I’d love it
    if you could get someone to talk about debt to equity
    in primary industries, mining etc. Any way love your show.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have had Mr. Long on before and will have him on again. Smart guy!

  5. bob

    during the last ice age scientists discovered that california was extremely dry, while the north east was pounded by snow. during high sun activity the earth warms. during low sun activity the earth cools…gore was a puppet for somebody or he went off the deep end.
    living in a true mansion that had a few thousand dollar electric bill a MONTH didn’t make a whole lot of sense for al to be complaining about leaving foot prints.
    it’s funny how i remember how it was shoved down our throats back in the 70’s about peak oil. that went away. and from there every so often some propaganda thing emerged. all to see this was a grand lie. i do believe in taking care of our living planet and preserving it but the powers that be let our manufacturing go to the biggest polluters in the world and have the epa and all these ideas for going green up our butts with taxes on us out the wazoo, why don’t they focus there energy on going after countries and sanctioning them and the corporations that are there. that sounds a little more intelligent or have i gone off the deep end. oh, and you can get cars in other countries with way better gas milage then here and those cars are not aloud in this country.

  6. Tom

    Thank you Greg.

    I think there is a fundamental problem in the world, due to the decadence which is around us everywhere. Our reality is crumbling. Good/moral virtues are slowly being replaced by complete artificiality.

    Thanks to brave men like Greg Hunter and the guests he invites, people are hopefully opening their eyes. Yet this is only the start. People should also learn about the other side. That means to learn how to truly become able to defend themselves and stand their ground with their inner strength. Yet how is this possible?

    One example …

    I would strongly recommend teaching people to develop inner hygiene through dojo’s being erected everywhere with honorable teachers: swordfighting (iaido) / fighting with sticks (jodo) / karate / judo / jiu jitsu / you name it … people would open up after some years of diligent practising and learn who they really are from the inside out. They would be able to outgrow the power of the seed which lingers in all of us which is called FEAR. Fear would no longer overtake us so that we would never allow the darkness to grow/spread as far as it already has! If you can’t sense the darkness from growing, that other primal emotion fear on the other hand will and it will be used in the wrong way and in a very dark way!

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering (Yoda).”

    We are desperately in need to rise as true warriors, and stop being slaughtered like sheep.

    The political/dark apparatus has to be stopped now as there is great darkness in the world right now.

    People must bundle their inner strength before it’s too late and retake immediately what’s theirs!


    • paul

      The political/dark apparatus is all just a Ponzi scheme … and all Ponzi schemes are like spinning tops … as long as they can spin up (whatever the con is) it will look stable and strong … but once the “spin” begins to lose its effect … instability grows (as we saw with the Lehman take down) … eventually the gyrations of the top become too great … and they instantaneously keel over … such is the plight of the current fiat paper Ponzi scheme and its associated derivatives bubble … the world monetary Ponzi scheme is rapidly losing spin as confidence wanes in all currencies … and without sufficient spin the monetary top’s ability to hold up independently (without gold backing) is lost … as for the “wealth effect” created by these spinning tops … the top 1% will soon find out that everything they own is simply worthless paper … seems these “Masters of Finance” also never learned to play chess !!

    • susan

      Christianity has it covered. Following Jesus will bring everyone to goodness and light and life away from evil, death and darkness.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Susan, Jonathan Cahn is on early Wednesday morning, as in, just after midnight. Took me 6 months to book him and he was worth the wait.

  7. Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Greg,
    this Monster called “ISIS” ,a creation by the American intelligence agencies, is neither in Tunisia nor in Algeria.The newspaper you refer to is wrong.I remind you also that most of the victims of this Monster are Muslims.And the Muslims are those who are determined to eradicate this Cancer,unlike Israel and the Western countries.

    • Mohammad



    • JC Davis

      So if the enemy of ISIS is not those who believe in JESUS .. Then who is there enemy ? Are you saying it is there own believers?

      • allen ols


        3 stages of jihad

        first; stealth, infiltrate country/society, get along, demand rights, move up to shariah law, grow mosques, demand no pork in schools/pizza places etc.

        second; defensive jihad or suicide bombings/Jew hating/killings

        third; offensive ie ISIS

        • JC Davis

          Allen. Can I add one more. The uninformed stage.

    • paul

      You know politics gets a bit convoluted and absurd at times … but if we connect the dots we can pretty much clearly discern its ultimate focus … think about ISIS widely televising the burning that poor Jordanian pilot … it provided “an excuse” for Jordan to invade Syria! … along with the US planes (already bombing Syrian infrastructure) to destroy those bad ISIS guys!

      Then we have a nation with an overwhelming 300 nuclear weapon superiority “setting off alarm bells in Iran” about an imminent attack because they are trying to build “one” nuclear bomb (I mean a nuclear reactor) … the result being Iran and Hezbollah begin to consolidate a presence on the Golan … thus providing “an excuse” for Israel to invade Syria!

      Then we have ISIS invading Saudi territory … giving the Saudi’s “an excuse” to invade Syria to destroy ISIS! … etc., etc.

      Connecting the dots … and we can easily see “a coalition of powers building” … focusing their military power against Syria and its infrastructure … using ISIS as the guise or “Strawman” to weaken and eventually overthrow the Assad regime.

      Without a doubt Russia is good at chess … but the above movement of chess pieces on the Middle East board by the US seems to a very strong strategy to block against … it will be interesting to see how Russia plays its chess pieces in order to save Assad and its navel base in Syria … I hear Russia is looking to build a coalition against terrorist groups like ISIS ever forming in the first place … but that is a very long term strategy … exactly how Russia can move to block the current ISIS “false flag like strategy” to take down Assad is going to be very interesting to watch!

  8. Gregory Reese


    Why would ISIS broadcast brutal killings to only then have militaries such as Jordan’s and Egypt’s launch attacks against them? It would seem to be counterproductive to enlarge the size of one’s enemies. It does create fear, which is a goal of terrorism, but this benefits not ISIS but rather a military that would need a front for conquering terrotory in the middle east. Is the U.S. and Nato’s concern about Ukraine just a ploy to keep Russia occupied wiht issues close to home and out of the way of Syria?

    • Lloyd McDonald

      “Russia occupied wiht issues close to home and out of the way of Syria?”
      Don’t kid yourself, Syria is blocking a gas pipe line to serve EU and compete with Russia.

      • Gregory Reese

        Lloyd, all you are telling me is why Russia has a vital interest in Syria. I agree with you on this. My point is that the U.S. is now bombing Syrian infrastructure in the guise of fighting ISIS and Russia is not there stopping any of it. I am only suggesting that the reason could be they have even more vital concerns closer to home.

        • allen ols


          On occasion i have thought this also, keep russia busy in Ukraine, so as to take/down assad cuz russia possibly cannot fight 2 areas, but i am guessing. With europe, the lng p.line from Qatar to med. via syria is strategic/vital.

  9. Cameron

    Good presentation Greg especially for calling out USA Today on their leftist style report on the Immigration blockage. These people just cannot help themselves and what you nicely demonstrated here is how they use spin rather than truth in their reports to manipulate public opinion. This president is proving a dangerous and perhaps a somewhat desperate man, is obviously very pro Islam and there is no wondering what he might try to do before leaving office. I do not believe that he has the interests of the American people as a whole in his sights(just certain special interest groups) and is simply running with his own leftist ideology and agenda which he will try and implement by stealth. He is a totalitarian as many of his ilk are and he is certainly acting like one. Quite, honestly I think the American people should be happy they have both houses now under control of the Republicans and hopefully a judiciary that will not allow the constitution to be run over by a Mack truck.

    As for Greece, I believe the best and most sensible comments on this subject so far have come from Peter Schiff. All this talk about the Greeks repudiating all their debts and leaving the Eurozone currency group(they would still remain in the EU) would be an absolute disaster economically with major dislocation and loss of confidence and the new Government with all its unreal promises would really be on the nose. That is exactly what the new Government does not want to happen to them so early in office. If the people that voted for this mish mash group of socialists and communists think life is bad now, it will be nothing compared to how bad it will be if the worst case scenario road is taken. They would have to live within their means (which is exactly what they do not want to face), probably experience substantial price inflation and would have great difficulty borrowing internationally because they are such a terrible credit risk.
    It should also not be forgotten that the Greeks have already effectively defaulted on a major part of their foreign debt as part of the last Troika bailout package. As part of the debt restructuring, private creditors agreed to swap their old Greek government bonds for new securities with a lower nominal value and longer maturity periods that in some cases extended to up to 30 years. The creditors also forfeited a minimum of 53.5 percent of the nominal value of their bond holdings. There was around Euro200 billion in privately held debt written down in this manner I recall – the so called hair cut – but it was really a partial default by another name. Although coerced, it was portrayed technically as a voluntary measure by the private bond holders (at least for most of them). The other EU countries with excessive Euro debt did not get any Write Down on any of their debt (and the Greek WD was major) so what concessions or funds the Greeks might get does not necessarily flow to other countries despite what some others might like.

    Finally I would speculate that as the ECB is already in QE mode, surely the entire Greek foreign debt could be monetised by the ECB over a period of just 6 months if they really wanted to go that path. Possible but not desirable by any means.

    • paul

      The situation in Greece on Monday will boil down to saving “bank collateral” … the entire Western financial system uses sovereign bonds (US Treasuries, German Bunds, Japanese sovereign bonds, Greek sovereign bonds, etc.) as their senior asset “pledged as collateral” for hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of derivatives trades … the global derivatives market is roughly $700 trillion in size (over ten times the world’s GDP) … and sovereign bonds (including the bonds from bankrupt Greece) is the primary collateral underlying all of these derivatives trades.

      All the talk we hear about austerity measures and Debt/GDP ratios for Greece “is not the real issue” (as most bailout money goes to EU banks holding Greek bonds, not toward helping the Greek economy) … what concerns the EU banks and the EU regulators the most is “what happens to the derivative trades that EU banks have made” using Greek sovereign bonds as collateral?

      This story has been completely ignored in the main stream media … but not here at USAWatchdog … the ECB has been trying to swap out of its Greek sovereign bonds for “new bonds” that won’t take a haircut … the ECB has been allowing European nations and banks to dump Greek sovereign bonds onto its balance sheet in exchange for cash (via two schemes called LTRO 1 and LTRO 2) and over 1 trillion euros in sovereign bonds has been placed on the ECB’s balance sheet. The ECB then swaps its Greek bonds “for new bonds” that won’t take a haircut in any Greek default .. effectively allowing the banks that had dumped Greek sovereign bonds onto its balance sheet to avoid taking a loss … and therefore not having “to put up new collateral” on their derivative trade positions.

      So the Greek resolutions that will be put forward on Monday (will have nothing to do with helping Greece and its people) but will be all about insuring the EU banks that any Greek bonds they currently hold (used as collateral for their derivative trades) are kept whole by any means possible.

      The new Greek government wants an actual “restructuring of Greek debt” lower … the ECB and EU leaders don’t … because “any restructuring” of Greek debt will implode a significant amount of EU bank derivatives trades … to be followed by Spain, Italy and ultimately France asking for similar deals … at which point we are talking about over $3 trillion in high grade collateral being restructured that is backstopping well over $30 trillion in derivatives trades at the large EU banks.

      Most EU banks are leveraged at 26-to-1 … with these insane leverage levels … even a 4% drop in Greek bond asset prices wipes out all bank capital … so Monday could be the day the entire global bond bubble bursts … it had to happen one day … and it’s going to make 2008 look like a walk in the park on a beautiful warm summer day!

  10. Spanky

    Greg, on the topic of global climate change, I’m not sure how many of your listeners realize that there was a period of time during the early Holocene (circa 9, 000 to 5,000 years ago) where temperatures were significantly higher than present. Some researchers refer to this period as the Altithermal, others call it the Holocene Climate Optimum (HCO). There are several theories what brought about the HCO, but the actual cause remains a mystery. In other words, no one knows. One thing is certain, however, since there were no factories, automobiles, or other trappings of modern civilization at the time, we can assume that humanity wasn’t directly involved.
    I’m also sure that many of your listeners have heard the phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ In that sense, the output of a global climate model is only as good as the data entered into it. The quality of the model may also depend on the bias of the researchers who designed it. Furthermore, the factors that impact global climate change are too numerous to include into any one model. And, even if climate researchers could account for them all, they still wouldn’t have any idea how they interact with one another, just as they still don’t know what caused the HCO.
    Having said that, every gallon of gasoline consumed in an internal combustion engine releases five pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As you well know, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which can cause global warming. Considering the number of automobiles in the world today, I find it inconceivable that we humans are not having some potentially dramatic impact on the global climate. But I’m willing to admit that I don’t know what that impact is, and I’m damn sure that neither does anyone else.
    I see global climate change as a reason for politicians to grab even more tax dollars for their coffers. As I said before, our government has a history of grand boondoggles (i.e., they bankrupted Social Security, failed to properly regulate the VA, the Vietnam War, etc.). What makes anyone believe that politicians can have any positive impact on global climate change?
    Although I have a scientific background, my discipline is not related to climate research.

    • Chip

      Your “five pounds per gallon” does not make sense as a gallon of gas weighs about 7 pounds. Further, CO2, it is a plant NUTRIENT…

      Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
      The overall balanced equation is…
      6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
      H2O = water
      Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
      C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
      O2 = oxygen (what we breath)
      Manmade global warming or climate change is a giant HOAX…

      • Charles H.

        Extraction; transport; refining – then comsumption: so the gas we pump at the station isn’t everything involved. Global Warming, or Climate Change IS a hoax though.

  11. Collateral Damage

    Thank you! Greg, for spending the first 10 minutes talking about the unconstitutionality of the Executive Order on Amnesty. AND for pointing out that USA Today intentionally DID NOT Report that this was an Unconstitutional Act (Do any of you wonder why? It may be a fruitful effort to THINK about that for a minute or two! Just Why would they do that…). AND Thank You for reminding people that the three branches of the U.S. government were established to prevent the abuses of DICTATORSHIP.

    The day that this ‘Executive Order’ was enacted through Homeland Security last December, making citizens of illegal immigrants with the stroke of a pen, I phoned a friend in disbelief. My friend is a College Educated Accountant, a retired President of a CPA Accounting firm. I was shocked to hear the response. “Well, they (the illegal immigrants) have been here a long time and something had to be done.” WHAT?!! No where in the discussion did he even mention or think of the implications for the Rule of Law in this Country, or the presence of an encroaching dictatorship.

    The encounter with him just blew me away.

    Personally, I think that the reason that USA Today reported the story in that way, was because they intentionally want to solicit that response of my ‘friend’ in the minds of the populace.

    A straightforward case of mass hypnosis, ‘Forget… Forget… Don’t Worry…. Be Happy… Forget…”

    I say this with Sadness.


  12. Tommy

    I’m really concerned that our president has indeed lost touch with all reality. His administration is exhibiting some kind of bizarre behavior. The state dept. spokeswoman (Ms. Harf) was surreal. I was just stunned not only by her comments, but by the lack of outrage, or at least interest, by Congress and the news media. While America may not be paying attention, some others are. ISIS is paying attention. Iran is paying attention. So are Russia, China, and North Korea. They see the leader of the US either uninterested, unwilling or unable to even formulate a coherent policy and strategy against an enemy that is in our face. Any surprise that Russia is emboldened in its endeavors in Ukraine? How long till Iran, or China, or N. Korea take some kind of outrageous action knowing that our president will not only do nothing but will trot out some spokesperson to say that we need to look at the root causes of their behavior and how we are at fault for what they did? How long till our allies completely abandon us? Does he think that the world is a safer place when we stick our head in the sand? The old saying from the ’68 Democrat National Convention is truer today that ever; the whole is watching. The whole world except the US.

    • Chip

      Our “president” has never been in touch with reality his entire life and it is doubtful he ever will be…

  13. Tommy

    I’m really concerned that our president has indeed lost touch with all reality. His administration is exhibiting some kind of bizarre behavior. The state dept. spokeswoman (Ms. Harf) was surreal. I was just stunned not only by her comments, but by the lack of outrage, or at least interest, by Congress and the news media. While America may not be paying attention, some others are. ISIS is paying attention. Iran is paying attention. So are Russia, China, and North Korea. They see the leader of the US either uninterested, unwilling or unable to even formulate a coherent policy and strategy against an enemy that is in our face. Any surprise that Russia is emboldened in its endeavors in Ukraine? How long till Iran, or China, or N. Korea take some kind of outrageous action knowing that our president will not only do nothing but will trot out some spokesperson to say that we need to look at the root causes of their behavior and how we are at fault for what they did? How long till our allies completely abandon us? Does he think that the world is a safer place when we stick our head in the sand? The old saying from the ’68 Democrat National Convention is truer today that ever; the whole world is watching. The whole world except the US.

  14. Collateral Damage

    I have a great idea Guys!!! About seven years ago, there was a video that went viral when Brittany Spears did another something stupid and was receiving much public ridicule for not acting like a responsible adult.

    And so, on to your comment about Al Gore and his Global Warming Movie/Video, Inconvenient Truth, that he produced where he ‘said’ that the polar ice caps would be melted by now.

    Well in my opinion, Greg, I have a better way of ‘getting the message out’ than the wonderful interview that you did a week or two back about this.

    What needs to be done is one of you folks that know how to produce a good video, set up this scene:

    Have two people discussing the Inconvenient Truth Movie, and the LIES that are stated as fact in the movie. And then after having that discussion, clip to a snip of someone doing this:


    Saying “Leave Al Gore Alone!”

    I bet it would go viral. 🙂

    Just an Idea… 🙂


  15. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for your insights.
    Record cold and record snowfall. Maybe Cold War 2 will intensify by the ongoing economic warfare. I guess Putin is waiting on China to attack the petrodollar.
    In 2008, we didn’t see the catalyst (Lehman) of the crash coming. I guess it will be that way again, as Greece probably won’t be the trigger. Project Prophecy explained by Jim Rickards in an interview with Money Morning, a must see;
    Jim Rickards explains economic warfare, a 100 trillion dollar implosion. The waiting on China to attack the petrodollar. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and the Source of Love (in and outside us) bless us all. Expect the unexpected. Buy hard assets, don’t forget food reserves, be prepared for an implosion at any time.

  16. Jerry

    Greg I wouldn’t read to much into the recent immigration ruling. The cabal controls the court systems , so its just a matter of time before they find a way to circumvent this law permanently. Their agenda for the creation of a North American Union is on schedule, and they will not let anything stand in their way.

    The Banking collapse of the EU with Greece’s default will lead to the creation of a new transatlantic banking system that will include the creation of the North American Union. Or NU. I think the BRICS know it, and that is why they have moved up their timetable for the start up of the SWIFT exchange system. Funny that it coincided with the Chinese New Year. Go figure?

    • Jerry

      It looks like the EU settled for the four month fuse instead of the four day one. Talk about kicking the bomb down the road. I mean the can. And then what?

      • Jerry

        Greg I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Here you have RT news talking about the NSA using cell phone chips to spy with.
        I always thought Russia was built on a centrist government not us?

    • allen ols

      Jerry; agreed!

      I wouldn’t read to much into the recent immigration ruling. The cabal controls the court systems , so its just a matter of time before they find a way to circumvent this law permanently.

    • Jerry

      Greg I feel like I’m posting to much, but I thought this report was to big to pass up.
      According to the Wall Street Journal Deutsche bank will not pass the Feds stress test on Monday. If that happens, it could really send a ripple through the economic markets on Monday since over 62 Trillion Dollars in derivatives are tied to it. Greece may be the least of our worries. And from what I’m hearing the Greek population is not happy with the deal that was hammered out on Friday, so I would expect mass demonstrations on Monday. Strap yourself in. This could be rough.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please post all you want.

  17. Willard Ferch

    Ice ages last around a 100,000 yrs.; warm periods around 11,500 yrs. The climate is in continual change, every hour of every day, and it always has & always will. Algore jumped in the middle of a warming fluctuation and made himself a hundred million dollars. Quite a good con, actually. Fiddlin

    • Chip

      spot on Willard…

  18. James Hastings

    Thanks for helping us focus on the TRUTH…I feel like I’m stuck in a crumbling building. The sky is falling…Look forward to Jonathan Cahn. Read the Harbinger twice. Enjoy your weekend. It’s 8 degrees in Hartwell, GA….LOL

  19. diane

    Thanks, Greg…I don’t know how you’re keeping up with all these outrages week after week, but we all sure do appreciate your honest efforts.

    • Charles H.

      Don’t kid yourself – it takes it’s toll. The compensation is that is his calling and passion.

  20. Stonewall

    Good for you Greg. You are on your game today my friend. The comment “You
    couldn’t be more hateful” by the editor of USA today says everything about
    the mindset of Obama’s sycophant supporters. Whatever the President says
    or does is perfectly fine with them. No wonder more people are ignoring
    main stream media and are turning to sites like yours Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stonewall,

      • Very excited to see your upcoming interview with Johnathon Cahn-should be interesting!

        This is the best site on the internet. Thank you for working so hard to keep the quality sky high! Heartfelt blessings.

  21. andyb

    Greg: please send that cartoon to the cognitively dissonant State Department spokeswoman who feels that job opportunities is the way to defeat terrorism.

  22. Klemens

    First time that they say, on a goverment owned public televison station -ZDF-, in Germany:
    “The euro has failed” It is one of the biggest political Talkshows in Germany.
    Millions of Germans did saw this Talkshow.
    1:28 minutes. (only on german)

    • paul

      Bilateral ties are not only strengthening between Greece and Russia (gas pipeline, agriculture, etc.) … now last Thursday Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was welcomed aboard a Chinese warship for “discussions” … an indication bilateral ties are probably strengthening between Greece and China.

      So the Russian bear and Chinese (panda) bear seem to be moving to give life sustaining sustenance to the little orphaned cub (Greece) … soon all the cub’s in the Mediterranean will be flocking around the Mama and Papa bears … and “Cub Med” countries can provide many warm water ports for both the Russian and Chinese Navies.

      Did the political and military strategists in the EU and NATO even think of this possibility??? … how many moves ahead do they think? … Grand Chess Masters usually think 12 to 15 moves ahead!

      • Charles H.


        I think the US is dis-ingenuous, and Russia has some easier moves – not perfect: but always toward strengthening. In Mechanics – you must obey procedure, right materials, and tolerances: or it won’t work or last. America refuses to do the work right; or maybe has lost it’s problem-solving ability. Russia sure seems competent. East – West divide is growing.

  23. adam myles

    The white house, congress, and justice system are full of traitors. they violate their oaths….murder innocents….. lie to their country. Are you ready folks, get right with yourself and stand for what’s right. Greg has been warning all who can see and hear. God bless you and the free peoples of the world.

    • anni

      Do you really think Germany or the EBC care if Russia comes to the aid of Greece. Greece will still owe the money to Europe for the bailouts and with Russia’s help, Germany will be repaid in Rubles. It is a scheme in which the Central Banks can draw money out of Russia. Unless of course Russia make stipulations that none of their cash” goes to the EU. What a soap opera!

      • paul

        Will the Tsipras government now walk back essentially all the promises it made to the Greek people on Monday by stipulating and agreeing to reforms the EU wants?? … We all have had experience with politicians … who normally don’t stand-up for principles … so it is going to be very interesting to see what transpires this coming Monday!
        (Most likely the discussions and agreements the Greek government recently made with the Russians and Chinese will be the final deciding factor).

      • Charles H.

        Germany is repaid with Gas, and Trade – all on-the-table and beneficial items for both. I think Russia will guard their Rubles as much as possible.

  24. Larry Cohen

    Greg, I strongly disagree with your opinion on climent change, please check out Haarp! However, I still enjoy your channel. Thank you Larry- Chicago

    • Chip

      Wake up please Larry. Study science and then come back and let’s talk. Start with this…
      CO2, it is a plant NUTRIENT…

      Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
      The overall balanced equation is…
      6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
      H2O = water
      Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
      C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
      O2 = oxygen (what we breath)
      Manmade global warming or climate change is a giant HOAX…

  25. Rodger

    The world climate has cycles, always has, always will. “Climate Change” is just riding the world cycles. The reason they went with global warming back in the early 2000 time period, is that “sun spot” activity was due to peak in 2012. Sun spots make solar flares, which can result in warmer world temps. Now sunspot activity will slow down, and it will be a cooling period to follow.

  26. Mike

    Hi Greg,

    There seems to be a dilemma for CIA/US Gov., either admit they are funding ISIS or admit the decapitations are a hoax. I’m not sure which would be worse for them, but that is what criminal acts can lead to when the people are awake.


  27. dbcooper

    Greg, Whew… good WNW… but… look into geoengineeringwatch.org, Dane Wiggington. I have multiple personal experiences of the ill effects of chem trails as I farm/ranch and am outside a lot. These effects range from severe physical flu-like symptoms to emotional depression type effects, this is real and in our face. I personally believe that the climate is being affected to the extreme and oh don’t forget I wear a tin foil hat!!
    Yours in Liberty and Faith, FN, DB

  28. Paul Murray

    A lesson for all the Putin-lovers on this site: A land bridge to Crimea? Not a bad idea. Does Russia “own” Crimea? Is Crimea traditionally Russian?
    Does Russia “own” Ukraine? Is Ukraine traditionally Russian? (Yes and no. But both date back, off and on, to the 1700’s in the Russian and later Soviet orbits. Crimea was militarily defeated by the Soviet “Red” army in 1921 and was installed as a “republic” in the USSR in 1922.) Certainly in Putin’s mind, raised as a staunchly anti-democracy Soviet, his actions are justified for “Mother Russia.” Consider that Poland’s borders historically have been further east; the present border is a post-WWII construct to punish Germany with loss of territory. But in the ’30’s, when Hitler wanted just an access corridor/highway (for which they would pay tolls) between Prussia and East Prussia via Danzig, an area traditionally German for hundreds of years, the Poles repeatedly said “No”, producing Hitler’s only significant diplomatic setback from 1933-1939, and we know how that ended up. England and France gave up Czechoslovakia for “peace in our time”. The West didn’t see any of that back then worth fighting over until it was dumped on their front doors. How did that work out? And when Germany attacked Poland on Sept. 01, 1939, remember who invaded from the east simultaneously (just 17 years removed from the Crimean takeover)? Why fight history? Give him his land bridge and the Crimea, but does it stop there? I trust Putin only so far as I can throw him. He may be a great chess player. Big deal! He learned his hard-ass ethics in the Soviet KGB, a humanitarian organization. His dream is restoration of the empire! Ask the eastern Europeans how excited they are at the prospect of that! He is no hero. It is a sad day when we in America are so desperate for good, strong, principled leadership that a 2-bit crumb like Putin enjoys exalted and revered status among us. Best always. PM

    • searcher


      All the Putin-lovers on this site, only trust Putin as far as you can throw him, too. He may be a great chess player. Big deal! Yes, the guy is not stupid and neither are we, we aren’t sheeple and no doubt you would be, if part of your job wasn’t following USAWatchdog. We still believe in fair play here, that a higher power decides the fate of nations. Why do you think were in such trouble? Because we weren’t devious enough? Since when do Americans have to be more devious than the enemy? Well son, might don’t make right and you better start loving your enemies or will all sink planet earth, lose lip’s sink ships and planets too, just ask Vic Nuland!

      “Cautious as Serpents and yet Innocent as Doves”

      Smith’s Bible Dictionary states: “Throughout the East the serpent was used as an emblem of the evil principle, of the spirit of disobedience.” On the other hand, “my dove” was a term of endearment. (Song of Solomon 5:2) What did Jesus have in mind, then, when he encouraged his followers to be “cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves”?—Matthew 10:16.

      Jesus was giving instructions for preaching and teaching. His disciples could expect a mixed reception. A few would show interest, whereas others would reject the good news. Some would even persecute these true servants of God. (Matthew 10:17-23) How were the disciples to react to persecution?

      In Das Evangelium des Matthäus (The Gospel of Matthew), Fritz Rienecker says regarding Matthew 10:16: “Shrewdness . . . must be coupled with integrity, sincerity, and straightforwardness, lest anything should happen to give enemies valid grounds for complaint. The ambassadors of Jesus are among ruthless opponents, who show no consideration and who set upon the apostles without mercy and at the slightest opportunity. Hence, it is necessary—just like a serpent—to keep a watchful eye on opponents, and to take stock of the situation with eyes and senses alert; to stay master of the situation without trickery or deceit, to be pure and true in word and deed and thus prove themselves dovelike.”

      What can God’s modern-day servants learn from Jesus’ words found at Matthew 10:16? Today, people react to the good news in much the same way that they did in the first century. When faced with persecution, true Christians need to combine the shrewdness of the serpent with the purity of the dove. Christians never employ deceit or dishonesty but are uncorrupted, genuine, and honest in declaring the Kingdom message to others.

      To illustrate: Colleagues at work, youths in school, or even members of your own family may make caustic remarks about your beliefs. The immediate reaction might be to respond in kind by being equally scathing about their faith. But is that innocent? Hardly. If you show your critics that their comments have no effect on your pleasant demeanor, they just might change for the better. You would then be both shrewd and blameless—‘cautious as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove.’

      Think about it Paul when the US. taught this way, it was it’s most prosperous and powerful!

      • Charles H.


        “Putin-lovers”?!?? Puh-leeze. Beginning, or proceeding from a false assumption is hardly a tone that is credible – if you want readership.

        There are times, and issues raised where a strong rebuttal and defense is required of circumstances: but the attitude and tone of the response is the key. Polarizing labels are not conductive to good dialogue.

        And although nothing but stirling integrity is the standard and model for Christians – that world no longer exists in dealing with the world today. Considerate tolerance of the past now reverts to a ‘Tough Love’ addressing of real problems of today.

    • wd


      There is much more to the story than that, much much more.

      By the way, I am nore fearful of Obama than Putin.

      • Paul from Indiana

        wd, I agree with you 100%. I truncated the deal, lest I come across with a WIM post of pages in length. Many thanks and best always. PM

        • Paul from Indiana

          Nice guy, ol’ Vlad…. Best always. PM


          Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity. (KJV) Ecclesiastes 12:8

          …Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. (KJV) Matthew 6:16

          • wd


            And we know this must be true right. Because someone in mainstream media produced this?

            Paul this is pathetic, if you buy into the Putin smear campaign…then I have some carbon- credits I want to sell you!

            Lets go deeper into what I have heard about our president…

            1) He is a radical left-wing bigot
            2) he takes advice and keeps close company with KNOWN anti-American/Western/Christian terrorist.
            3) Nearly everyone in his close circle is very controversial
            4) He cant even say the word Christian and is in bed with radical Islam.
            5) He hates Jews/Judaism

            And the list goes on…

  29. Paul Murray

    Let’s put the GREXIT in context. Greg cites the Greek debt at $340 billion. I have seen figures so high as $360 billion or Euro 400 billion. I don’t think anybody really knows without an audit, but we are in the neighborhood. In its last annual report, GE listed outstanding debt of $365 billion! In other words, one company, GE, is a bigger economic deal than the ENTIRE COUNTRY of GREECE. Do you see/hear people wringing their hands over GE’s debt? Granted, GE has better prospects than Greece, so now we come to the heart of the matter: nobody gets out of the quagmire until this debt worldwide is either repaid (an impossibility) or liquidated without gimmicks, such as “structured” bankruptcies, TARP, money printing and other devices. It has all ground to a halt. We have painted ourselves in the proverbial corner. There is no union to whom the world can be given for the sake of votes. It’s time to come clean. Best always. PM

  30. Paul Murray


    Regarding ISIS and territory, this link provides maps from the Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS). There is a comparison between Jan. 2015 vs. August 2014, concentrating on Syria only. It is breathtaking to see what can transpire in 6 months. Obama, the great Muslim-in-Chief, is bombing away (at a cost so far of $1.2 billion), knowing that it is totally ineffectual, thereby protecting and abetting his ISIS buddies while simultaneously appearing to be “doing something.” It would be funny if it weren’t a deadly serious situation. But don’t worry; ISIS isn’t Islam, right? Best always. PM

  31. marconi314

    Cannot wait for Jonathan Cahn!
    I’ve read his books, “The Harbinger”, “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and have studied his documentary, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment”. All very fascinating and appropriate for the show.

    When you couple his analysis with Genesis 1:14 and the coming conclusion of the Blood Moon Tetrad, it make a very compelling case that if people and nations continue on their current course, the end of 2015 could bring about a MAJOR shift in the history of mankind.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up. Germany sees the future and its a future with two outcomes. Germany is bled dry of its surplus and its people are made slaves to pay for the freebies the Greeks, Italian and Portuguese are getting. OR the Germans can hold the line , protecting their people and stop the bleeding and the Eurozone self destructs. The Eurozone attempted to bring parity to different countries and was an experiment that was destined to fail from day one.

    • Paul Murray

      When the Eurozone self-destructs, Germany is the only real economy left in Europe. This was their play all along. Rule the continent without firing a shot. Best always. PM

  33. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    On Greg’s last interview, I got the feeling the poster’s/commentators, were sort of pushing back on the world wide web of deceit, facing the planet, similarly saying.

    “What happened to the Messiah’s promise to return? Ever since our ancestors died, everything continues as it did from the beginning of creation.” ◄ 2 Peter 3:4 ►
    International Standard Version http://biblehub.com/2_peter/3-4.htm

    In other words things are going on normally, the powers that be can postpone this disaster indefinitely, wright? Wrong!

    Well, just the other night, in Meijer’s, at the magazine rack, down in Monroe, the hometown of the general Custer and the battle of the River Raisin.


    Remember The Raisin? http://riverraisinbattlefield.org/

    Well there they were, staring at me in the face. A stack of magazine type books, put out by Newsweek of all folks,

    Newsweek Magazine Special Edition – Off Grid

    Here are some comments from off the web;


    posted on Feb, 9 2015 @ 01:43 PM

    So here I am sitting at my desk surfing ATS, and in walks hubby from his trip to the store just a few minutes ago… he plops this magazine on my desk in front of me (laughing his ass off) and says, “Here honey, I saw this on the magazine rack and thought of you right away.”

    Yes, I’m the ‘survivalist freak’ in the family…

    What the hell ?

    Newsweek dedicates an entire special edition to surviving off the grid ??

    What’s up with that ??

    I haven’t read through it yet (I’ll save that for later tonight during my jammie-couch time), but just quickly glancing through it, there seems to be some pretty interesting articles in it:

    – Helter Shelter: constructing various shelters
    – The Quest for Fire: a primer on creating and sustaining a campfire
    – 7 Things I Learned From The Bedouins
    – Human(ure) Energy: harnessing the power of poo
    – Best Animal Sidekicks: a species breakdown of man’s best friend for going off grid
    – Nature’s Medicine: garden’s emergency remedies
    – What’s in Your Bug-Out Bag ?
    – 20 Basics From The Boy Scouts Handbook
    – Finding Safe Water
    – 16 Life-saving Special Ops Tips
    – Prepping For Doomsday

    and a ton of other articles.

    This actually looks a little promising ! Can’t wait to dive into it later on tonight.

    But I have to ask… what is up with this ?
    Is Newsweek trying to tell us something ?
    Or are they just jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else ?


    posted on Feb, 9 2015 @ 04:56 PM

    It doesn’t matter if it is real or not, if the market determines hoarding and survival gear is the next trend, the market will cater to it to milk it for every cent. The investments have probably already been made and media outlets like this will be used to drive the sheeple in for a good shearing.

    originally posted by: Bleeeeep
    a reply to: CranialSponge

    They’re cashing in on several subcultures’ methodology because their correlation (separation from “the system”) has become somewhat of a trending meme (due to the growing changes in “the system” and how it is viewed).

    I think the only thing they’re trying to say is: “We have made these pictures, and the words next to them, expressive of concepts that might be desirable or intriguing to you. We have done so because we want to sell you the image of your desires. That is, we want your money and we made this magazine to trade to you for your money: please buy it.”

    It is kind of silly when you break it down like that, isn’t it? But that’s what it is.

    That made me chuckle.

    It’s almost like they’re saying, “We made this special issue just for you because we care about you and your well being. Buy our magazine and we’ll teach you everything you need to know in the event of an apocalypse. We are your friend.”

    Oh the insanity of it all…

    So it will be interesting to see how the sleepy town of Monroe Michigan, that seems to live in all its glorious cowboy and Indians past, reacts to that stack waiting there at Meijer’s, with the steam from those cooling towers, on the horizon, off in the distance from the Fermi II nuclear power plant, where Fermi I nearly blew up 50 years ago, you can read about it in, We Almost Lost Detroit, a 1975 Reader’s Digest book by John G. Fuller, presents a history of Fermi 1, America’s first commercial breeder reactor, with emphasis on the 1966 partial nuclear meltdown. It was republished in 1984 by Berkley.
    It took four years for the reactor to be repaired, and then performance was poor. In 1972, the reactor core was dismantled and the reactor was decommissioned. America’s first effort at operating a full-scale breeder had failed.


    Well once again, as I was trying to say, maybe the nice folks in Monroe, can get past all the seeming normalcy, the abundance of rich farmland, the picturesque mid-western Norman Rockwell surroundings and wake up and smell the coffee. I mean folks it wasn’t too long ago, your own history was staring you down with its cold cruel face and so it will once again, it will not be found wanting. I love Monroe or I wouldn’t have steered some of you to this site! Please stay informed, be prepared and above all, fear not, the powers that be are, taking notice!

    • Paul Murray

      There is a nice Custer monument in Monroe, MI, as well as a museum. I urge everyone who can to visit. For the record, Custer was born in the vicinity of New Rumley/Scio, Ohio (northeast), where there is also a small monument park, and moved as a boy to Monroe to live with relatives. It was in Monroe that he met his future wife, Libby, daughter of an influential judge, whose recommendation helped him gain entrance to West Point. At Gettysburg, Custer called out his troopers with “Come on, You Wolverines!” Best always. PM

      • Charles H.

        Born in Ypsilanti – raised in Wayne. Hate the Fermi Towers.

  34. Anne Elliott

    Isis keeps threatening to destroy Rome, and we all know they would just love to do that! One sure way to have an immediate and angry entrance into WWIII for many nations is for a nuclear bomb to go off there. Several prophecies (Biblical and non) have said that Rome will be destroyed during the end times, and here we have a time in history where it is genuinely possible for the whole city to be destroyed in an instant with a suitcase nuke. St. Malachy has even prophesied that the current Pope Francis is the “last” pope. This makes me very nervous and keeps me praying!!

  35. Conrad

    The answer to the terrorisms of today is in this full movie of yesterday!


    cornbreadthedog1 month ago

    Dude! this movie rocks! Starts off kind of slow but, man, what a finish!..thanks for posting!

    The Real Glory War Drama 1939 Gary Cooper, David Niven & , Andrea Leeds & Broderick Crawford

  36. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg;
    I look forward to you show…but i have to take exception to your comments re Global Warming. A huge % of creditable scientists are on board with Global warming, but not surprisingly, there are nay sayers. Let then look to the glaciers which are disappearing all over the globe. Global warming does not mean everywhere it will be warmer…..instead it speaks to sharper gradients in the weather: Drier droughts, wetter monsoons, colder weather and , yes, hotter weather. We will see far stronger storms than historically …but no, Canada is not going to be growing corn up in the tundra.
    Thanks…keep up the great work

    • Greg Hunter

      Just this week we had multiple record cold overnight temps on various Areas on the east. Greensboro NC had a 6 degree overnight low and that too is a record. I am so sorry for the man-made Climate Change weasels that there story or projections are not panning out.

  37. Thomas

    Well, the market closed at all time high, the dollar is stronger, Greece gets more time, ISSIS is still killing, and the posts on here keep getting funnier and funnier. I’d say usawatchdog and MSM read the same playbook, keep em scared and keep waiting. I’d better go build that bunker, got my tin hat on and my gold. lmao

    • Charles H.

      The world turns; the house burns down… move along… FUNNY!

  38. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Thanks for another great heartfelt wrap!………….and Again- the kick is up………….and it’s all gooooood! Greece and EU reach an agreement on another extension and the F@#$ing Blowhards on CNBC are giddy as the markets are at an all-time high! bells ringing! everyone’s clapping and happy- “records all over the place!” So much much for thumbing your nose at the bankers. Tea Party Greek style- fiscal cliff- ALL BS!!!. We have to face it, THEY are in charge and we are stuck in the Matrix. Sometimes I wish I’d never woken up. The panel on CNBC is now talking about Europe starting to take off and do as well as our economy is doing here, what with our job growth, etc…..so I wonder what’s worse: just getting punched in the face or being warned you’ll be punched in the face when you least expect it….

    • David

      Concerned American Dad:
      Remember what Mike Tyson said, “Everyone Has A Plan Until They Are
      Punched In The Face”. The punch is coming, hope we see it before it hits
      us in the face.

  39. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    By the way Greg…

    Everyone has fallen for the rhetoric (say something enough times it has to be true)… Obama never ACTUALLY signed an Exec Order on this. He signed 2 Exec Memorandums the day he went public and said Executive Order.

    And of course, the press ate it up. However, here is the real diabolical scheme. DHS started immigration policies based on ‘the Executive Order’, and Obama is now covered because he can always blame them for breaking the law because he never actually signed an order.

    Here are the 2 Executive Actions (Memorandums) he signed that day.

    November 21, 2014
    Presidential Memorandum — Creating Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees
    Posted in Presidential Memoranda

    November 21, 2014
    Presidential Memorandum — Modernizing and Streamlining the U.S. Immigrant Visa System for the 21st Century
    Posted in Presidential Memoranda

  40. John Shipp

    In 1960/61 I went to the Antarctic on a vessel supporting the Dr. Fuchs/ Ed Hillary trek across Antarctica. At that time we entered Mc Murdo Sound in a channel made by USCG Icebreakers East Wind and Edisto. We tied up to the Ice Shelf as did the Icebreakers and took tracked vehicles from the NZ Scott Base and the US Base there to the land where the Bases were, some kilometers across the ice shelf. The Icebreakers could not get any closer.
    Our people inspected Scott’s hut which had filled with snow, we cleaned it out and boarded up the damaged windows.
    In doing so we found canned goods, in good condition, from Scott’s 1912 Expedition. We also found a photo of Scott’s ship HMS Erebus TIED UP TO THE LAND WHICH WE COULD NOT GET TO.
    There was no global warming in 1912 but the Ice Shelf was much smaller and feeble than when we visited some 50 years later.
    I am a simple sailor, would someone explain this to me?

    • paul

      It must be due to “global warming” … because as the Sun rapidly evaporates surface water … it creates a “freezing effect” that then creates the large ice sheets that blocked the path of the icebreakers!! … If you don’t believe that … just assume it’s all due to the “alien civilization” that lives under Antarctica that has purposely created this ice barrier to keep humans out … in spite of the “global warming” taking place!

  41. Solomon


    There is no ‘man made” “climate change” as a result of our oil based economy and culture. However, there IS government (or CIA) “climate change” as a result of all of the aluminum that has been, and is today, abundantly sprayed into the atmosphere in the form of chemical trails and geo-engineering.



  42. spanky

    Greg, I’ve thought about all the seemingly disconnected events for along time, economy, foreign policy, Isis, Libya, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Europe, catholic church and all the financial darkness they’ve involved themselves in, Obama’s continuing use of executive orders, Bush’s who took the country to an offensive position concerning terror attacks, the NAFTA, all the militarizing of local police here and other nations. All of this, must have a commonality. Though I believe noun of this has caught God off guard it only appears to be chaotic to us, and not to those who use nations and ethnic groups and religious groups to accomplish what they want. The world is being brought into a New World Order, out of seeming chaos. Russia and China and the Bric nations are buying there way in, like Henry Kissinger said they must. The gold is moving into those nations as quick as they can buy it. The metals spot is being hacked so they can at a low price. The IMF and World bank and UN are waiting in the wing, already with a global frame work, not believing that God could be wiser they continue there planned coarse. Obama and if needed Hilary or another Bush will finish the task. The American people are so blinded by the chaos as to what’s really happening are in the dark. The oligarchy’s of the world will use all their planning organizations, g20, CFR, trilateral commission, bilderbergs, to keep the directive going. Till finally a global collapse, and whatever they feel is needed to bring in the desired system. The one thing I always keep in mind is though the scriptures teach a system of control will be in place that will not allow people to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. (Its a sort of babtism to the new system and leader that identifies that person as part of the system) and to the ant-Christ, Pryor to that the Magog war is fought involving Russia and the Islamic nations found in Ezek. 38, and another war mentioned is Pslams 83 and Jer. 17 where Damacus Syria is destroyed and Israel captures its closes neighbors, expanding its land bounderies. all of this taking place as the antichrist comes to power. So all of these oligarchies are just playing into God’s will for the end time without believing that the things there doing will bring the Lord Jesus back at his second advent. I’m remined of the scriptures in acts, were Peter told the religious leaders that they though wicked hands and God’s determinate council had killed their messiah. Also in Psalms 2, it says, ( why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing, the kings of the earth hath set themselves against the Lord and against his anointed sayings. May Johnathan Cann tell us something good next week. Farewell

    • Rick Perkins

      “The world is being brought into a New World Order, out of seeming chaos.”

      Following are two complementary descriptions, separated by a century in time, given by insiders describing the causes and progression of what you identify, specifically as related to what we see taking place in the Middle East :

      First, Albert Pike wrote about it in his 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini…
      .“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…”

      Second, century later, in a 1975 book entitled “The Arabs: Their History, Aims and Challenge to the Industrialized World” the author Thomas Kiernan asks an unnamed senior American State Department official (possibly Kissinger) whether the Middle East conflict could be resolved without world war. The eye opening response, eerily similar but a little more detailed than Albert Pike’s, is as follows:

      “The evolution of events in the Middle East during this century can be likened to the construction, if you can imagine it, of an inverted pyramid. The capstone, which in the case of such a pyramid turns out to be its base, was formed out of the inevitable conflict between foreign Zionists’ need and ambition on the one hand, and local Arab pride and aspiration on the other.”

      Note that he speaks of the “inevitable conflict” resulting from the UN’s insertion of the Zionist state of Israel by a partition of Arab lands in 1948.
      Continuing on…

      “As the pyramid grew, the stones in each of its successively widening tiers had added to them further elements—the passions and needs of other foreign interests, the passions and aspirations of other national groups within the Arab world. Each succeeding tier sucked more of the world into it. Now the pyramid is finished. And there it stands, incongruously balanced on its point, its four sides reaching up and out into every corner of the world”

      Note, the “crisis” in the Middle East has drawn the NATO countries as well as Russia and China into the process.
      Continuing on…

      “We all know that it is impossible for a pyramid to stand freely in such an upside-down manner. So far, it has been supported on its four corners by the rest of the world. Although it has precariously tipped now and then, it has managed to remain more or less upright. But the effort to keep it upright has imposed greater and greater tension on those who support it.

      Tension is resolved in two ways, our psychologists tell us. One way is through outburst. The other is through withdrawal. The fight-or-flee mechanism which is part of every human being’s reaction system. Now, you tell me. Will it be resolved peacefully? Or will it take a world war to bring about a resolution?

      If my analogy is correct, there can be no question of the ultimate outcome. One way or the other—whether one side or the other relaxes its support of the pyramid and withdraws, or whether one side or the other chooses to eradicate its tension through outburst—the pyramid will lose its balance and come tumbling down.

      Either way, the resolution of the situation will come out of the dust and rubble of the collapsed pyramid. The Israeli-Arab conflict, the very thing that started it all, will be forgotten. East and West will be left to pick over the remains like buzzards dining on carrion. That is, if there still is an East and West.”

      By these two declarations, it is quite clear that the whole Middle East conflict was instigated, from the beginning, for the very purpose of igniting a global war. The “Islamic terrorists”, the “Zionist State of Israel”, Russia, China and the NATO nations engaged in the melee are nothing more than marionettes staged for our distraction and manipulated from behind the scenes.

      What is so amazing is that we are completely content to chatter and rail against the marionettes while ignoring the producers and directors, these haters of humanity, who openly admit to having invented this tragedy as part of a larger agenda to destroy all religions and governments in order to establish a new, totalitarian world order.

      God doesn’t chastise us for making mistakes. We are chastised for doing nothing to rectify the mistakes having realized we made them. As long as we ignore this truth and willfully allow the heinous tragedy to develop without demanding justice, or even attempting to seek it, our sufferings will only intensify.

      The question remains…How much suffering will finally be enough?

      • paul

        With enough “spin” the inverted pyramid can stay balanced on its capstone … ISIS is simply one part of the “spin” mechanism TPTB have recently introduced to keep the inverted pyramid spinning in the Middle East …

    • Charles H.

      Agreed. Good post.

  43. Klemens

    Jonathan Cahn on Hagmann & Hagmann Report, they discuss about The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah. “Jonathan Cahn is the author of the New York Times bestseller THE HARBINGER, the ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.

    • spanky

      It my understand that Mr. Cahn believes the American economy will collapse in Sept. this year. Also we’re due a full lunar and solar eclipse this March. Both of these were in the blood moon teachings, by Mark Biltz, John Hagee, and Mr. Cahn. Pretty amazing isn’t it.

      • sk

        Not amazing at all. “Blood moons” are eclipses. Probably present ever since the time when only the dinosaurs were around to observe them! LOL. Some people are trying to assign to these predictable and scientifically explicable astronomic events some sort of cabalistic, supernatural significance. When I see this, my first response is “cui bono?” “who benefits”? Why, the cabal, that’s who! They want you to tremble and fear and do their bidding, because, after all, superhuman powers seem to be interfering with the movements of the firmament itself to support of the cabal’s wishes and aims…ye gods…even creating bloody moons…or so they want you to believe. Look, God gave you brains for a reason, He won’t half mind if you use them. Think for yourself.

  44. Terry

    Greg, Thanks for handing USA Today their ass. Leftists always tighten up when you point out lies and glaring hypocrisy, then they blame Bush. Useless to even try to straighten them out.
    All, and I mean ALL, of the USA problems would be solved[and the rest of the world] if we adhered to the US Constitution. It is simple and means exactly what it says, although the enemies of Liberty insist it doesn’t and we are too stupid to know what it really means. It means we are Free and we have the means to lawfully take control of this Country and hold these traitors to account without firing a shot. Then, there is that other lawful remedy as well. It has NOT gotten too far out of our control to correct this situation and hold those who swore an oath to” protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic” accountable for treason. An “uprising” of this type would not be a revolution,quite the opposite. It would be Patriot oath takers living up to the oath they swore to uphold. That’s the truth. There may be 3 branches of government but the POWER RESIDES IN THE PEOPLE! That is not just a cute slogan, it is a fact. There are several ways this power can be exerted besides voting in crooked elections. One is the “Common law grand jury”.
    This is something I need help with. I have been to one meeting of the “National Liberty Alliance”. I would like other opinions on this group. They seem credible and serious about a well thought out strategy to hold oath takers to their word. Greg, I would like to know your opinion of this group and their goals, busy as you are. Others on here, who love America, as well. The world and all of it’s problems need a strong United States of America.
    I am not going to live like a rattlesnake out in the brush, hiding, while these lying commies take over the world. Am I a prepper? Yes! Prepping for a fight. Upholding the very same oath our president swore to.

  45. Thomas j harmon

    Greg it’s just a other catchphrase dreamed up by the Democrats like for example war on women ,Global warming/Climate change eventually the people will see trought their bullshit by then I hope it’s just not to late ,Love the show , Thomas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas. By the way many record low temps were recorded last night. In the southern city of Greensboro NC the record temp was smashed with a 6 degree overnight low. The “global warming,” oh, I mean “climate change” is killing us isn’t it?
      Peace bro.

  46. RTW

    Just when you think our leadership can’t sink any lower, all you need to do is turn on the television. “We can’t defeat ISIS by killing them.” “All they need are jobs”. Really? It’s no surprise that a Community Organizer would come up with that little gem. It sounds like a win/win situation. We build McDonalds ,Burger Kings and Wal-Marts, in the Middle East, in order to give all those 17 year olds a chance to give up there automatic weapons and earn and honest wage. That way, they are given an opportunity to feel good about themselves. Our companies make money, the terrorists make money, and they give up killing innocent people, and everyone lives happily ever after. This current occupant of the white house is a CLOWN. This should be evident to even the most hardened devote by now. This guy is way out of his league and he’s dead set on taking this country down a road that will be very hard to come back on. He does not like this country and he’s on the fast track to change it. Barry has never lived here until he went to college and has surrounded himself with people of dubious reputations his entire life. Frank Marshall Davis (Communist) Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dorn (Domestic Terrorists) Saul Alinsky and The Reverend Wright (“Americas Chickens have come home to roost”). His own mother was a radical. How can you believe he thinks any different, than he does, having been around the likes of all those characters his whole life. You hate to wish time away, but 2016 cannot arrive fast enough.

    • Paul from Indiana

      RTW, do we make it to 2016? And what then? What you cite is good and true, but it was known by many in 2008 and certainly by 2012, and STILL this guy is elected. What’s that tell you? Hitler laid his intentions completely bare in his autobiography/polemic “Mein Kampf”. Obama told us all plainly he intended to “fundamentally transform” America. Both of them were able to carry out their programs. Hitler’s program ended in disaster. Obama’s program is on the same course. And still, the guy has a huge following. It’s hard to stay optimistic, that’s for sure. Best always. PM

    • Charles H.

      A very muslim-sympathetic clown, and product of background experiences?

  47. Gene

    Concerning the “Anthropogenic Global Warming”/”Climate Change” memes so vigorously promoted, computer generated fantasies such as as Al Gore’s “Hockey Stick” model are mere contrivances created to deceive the public. We need a new meme to highlight these deceptions: There are lies, damned lies … and computer models!

    • Greg Hunter

      Too true and too funny!! “There are lies, damned lies … and computer models!”
      Thank you

  48. Jerry

    Greg here is a story that was virtually ignored by the MSM. It appears that Russia has created its own version of Visa and Master card to go along with its new SWIFT exchange system.

    It should be apparent by now that Russia and over 120 other countries are decoupling from the dollar as quickly as they can. What it tells me is, there is more going on here than just you’re everyday garden variety economic war between two countries. What I’m seeing is a complete rift between two global economic systems. When I see:
    1. the Money Velocity chart hitting bottom.
    2. the Baltic dry index hitting bottom.
    3. the Bond rates hitting 30 year lows
    It tells me that the time for preparing is just about over.

    • wd


      A few things:

      1) I recently learned that China owns nearly all of these west coast port facilities

      2) As Russia is switching to a new economic platform, it is like opening shut down dams, one by one more economic “fuel” flows to them.

      3) It looks like West/Nato got “creamed” in Ukraine. Left with their tail between their legs. This has to cause Germany, France etc who to align with….No?

      • Jerry

        Good information. It looks like to me that the United States is being led to the corner of the Chess Board for a checkmate move.

  49. Calgirl

    All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

  50. Robert E. Salt

    A growing number of scientists believe we exist in a digital reality, or in other words an extremely elaborate hologram. We are spirits assigned to the carbon based images we see in the mirror for their duration. If all of this is true, then instantaneous space travel, time travel and teleportation is possible. Try to think of other celestial bodies as representing separate centers of consciousness with limited interaction. What we call the multi-verse is actually a multi-reality. We tend to think of everything as physical, but all that exists is consciousness with virtual information (all possible information is available from which to construct a reality). We are all connected as part of consciousness, and we create our own reality. Islam is valid because millions of people believe in it, and the same is true of Christianity for the same reason. The news media is being forced to play one against the other. We need to resist this and not allow ourselves to be controlled by satanists. Religion is being used to herd the masses. The time is right to strike ISIS at their headquarters in the Pentagon.

    • Charles H.

      A false proposal does not validated a true one. Religion does not derive value because people believe it. And Science is NOT the arbiter of Truth. Man may manipulate Nature: but not create it. The complexity and inter-relatedness of Nature reflects a Higher Intelligence and Power beyond humanity – One that does not yield Himself to scientific analysis. Get past the changing gooblety-gook of ‘scientific’ thought; and stop demonizing religions – because it sets-up science as an authority (which it isn’t); and lumps Christianity in with religion, which it doesn’t deserve. Nature is the evidence of a true fact, and we are part of it. To redefine it, and ourselves in a way different, or apart from it is lunacy. If you will see Nature for what it is: then you must understand the Creator behind it. Remove yourself from Nature, and you enter a realm of constant guessing. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth understanding. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.” Psalms 19: 1-3.
      Copernicus proved the Bible correct, to the shagrin of “Scientists” of his day by concluding the earth was round from Scripture. “”It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth…” Isaiah 40:22 Man does not decide what is truth: he must determine it – which means source. Keep Science as your source – but you won’t come out right.

      • sk

        Charles! The only reason you can send your opinion to the other readers here is that scientific laws hold fast, and that smart people have discovered these laws and applied them to give us all information technology and its benefits. That is not to say that humans know it all at present! We probably know very little. Science is reliable, and it is beautiful in that in science there is left the proviso that current knowledge is imperfect and open to revision. How many ‘belief systems’ allow for revision?

        • Charles H.


          Yes – to a point. Natural Laws are reliable; Scientific “Laws”, based upon natural phenomena, when properly defined: are also reliable. But too much “science” is based on theory, and remains unproven.
          True, that technology gives advantages, information, and benefits; but it also transmits pornography, mis-representations, and awful propaganda. Portraying only one, positive side – without stating the other, negative: is a one-sided coin.
          The real problem with Science is that as a body of knowledge: it seeks to disclaim anything religious as false: and sets itself up as the one true authority. It, as a recent, secular body of knowledge – competes with long-standing Sacred Knowledge, with a view to supplant the latter.
          Absolute expressions, such as “1” – representing absolute unity: cannot be redefined. And neither can the Belief System proportioned by God.
          As far as science does not contradict Sacred Knowledge, in the form of the Holy Bible – I’m fine with it. Otherwise, man in the name of Science – is usurping authority it simply doesn’t have. The One Who made Nature does. Our knowledge is imperfect: God’s is not. God is the sum of Perfection – which lies beyond our powers of perception.

    • Rick Perkins


      Although absolute truth exists, science merely involves a search for truth. Furthermore, what is revealed is always tempered by a limited human understanding regardless of the searchers level of education or IQ. Science is valuable but should not be considered as omnipotent.

      I am aware that there are scientists, especially those experimenting in quantum mechanics, who have concluded that consciousness has an effect on the the outcome of of some experiments and this may be true. But, even so, it is hardly proof that “all that exists is consciousness” or that through consciousness “we create our own reality”.

      The validity of that hypothesis can easily be tested by a simple experiment: Let two people simultaneously speed into an intersection while both consciously assert that they have a green light. See what happens next.

  51. Mike

    Putting Climate Change aside for a moment.

    Many decades ago when I was a young boy travelling by car with my family my father stopped at a blueberry stand on the side of the road.

    My father loved blueberries and so he bought a basket of what looked like nice ones.

    Problem was that the blueberry broker was a con man. The top 1 inch of blueberries were beautiful fresh ones under that layer was 4 inches of worthless rotten berries.

    The following year when we drove past that same spot on the highway at blueberry season that guy was no longer selling blueberries.

    True story.. Now apply that scenario to repackaged less than A1 mortgages and think about what we are seeing happen around the world today.

    Yes, he could have frozen those unsold blueberries before they went bad and just sold them at a different price to a different market.

    But he choose to go the greedy route and he ended up OUT OF BUSINESS.

    Enough Said.

    2015 the year of penance maybe.

    • wd

      Great analogy Mike!! It always works this way!!

  52. Wim

    Just saw some materials of Jonathan Cahn. The idea of a single almighty God is a manmade image in an power obsessed world, as speaking for God gives influence. There is a spirit world, as they are all individual spirits, good and evil, and everything in between. There is no judgment, as only truth, no hierarchy, no boss. Being evil is not creational, is not feeling divine, as that state of mind is a self-imposed punishment, which the spirit world advises every spirit to escape. The termination of the native Indians/Americans was not an act of Love, but there was no punishment, and there never will be. Embracing Freedom, and individual rights got cheered for in the spirit world, as they loved America for that. Then evil forces moved in slowly step by step, 1873 the Silver Wars, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 some milestone moments in that. As the people fell asleep, evil forces and leaders could do their thing. To wake up from that, change it back to the ideal is the needed thing, as Greg and initiatives like that try to do, bless Greg and all of them for that. Whatever you do, whatever you believe or not, when you live in Honesty and Love nothing can go wrong, when playing in pornographic movies, but hurting no one, there is no harm done, to no one, as freedom is a base for prosperity and wellbeing. Jonathan Cahn claims that God will destroy America. The spirit world never destroys anything, as that’s destruction, the opposite of creational. The Love Circles in the spirit world are creational only. Americans fell asleep, getting rich easily added to that, as evil forces marched in to loot the country. JC in his role of JFK advised to see/admit your mistakes, to improve for the better. The only thing is to see our collective mistakes, and reverse course with that. Learn of your mistakes, to avoid replaying history on individual, national and global levels, that’s all what’s needed.
    JFK’s speech; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2n32lr93S4
    The comeback of JC walks the earth, and when he gets successful in entering the stage, the only thing he will do is debunking religions, give his analysis of this one world, and the advice how to move on. That’s all to it, it’s up to the peoples of the world whether they embrace common sense or not. JC could not come back any sooner, as religious freedom of speech was not existing, the Religious Rulers ruled his comeback out by that. As far the comeback of JC will get heard, it won’t change the world from one day to the other, it’s hard work for every soul to find where he could change his personality to radiate more Love and Honesty into the world, to make it a better place. As far he gets successful, he will be recognized as a truth teller, a charismatic man. After his death, reincarnating back as his personality will be recognized, which in time will prove his spiritual claims, his truths. On all topics in the world, the comeback of JC will need an army of Greg Hunters. Truth will set this imprisoned world free, it’s up to the peoples of the world to want that, to go for that. The more I see stories like Jonathan Cahn, the more my fingers begin to itch to write my story, which I excluded for almost twelve years now, as I begin to see more and more why I got so much encouragement for over decade now to write a book. When I get to it, I will write it in English, and would like to send it to you Greg, to find a publisher, off course not free of charge. When it would get published, I would love to donate a generous part to your initiative Greg. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and the Source of Love (in and outside us) bless us all. Expect the unexpected. Buy hard assets, don’t forget food reserves, be prepared for an implosion at any time.

  53. Jerry

    Kerry reminds me of the “Mouse that Roared”. Its like a scene out of the movie “Brave Heart” . I’m going to peck a fight with the Russians !
    He’d be better served tending to his tomato ketchup empire than dropping idle threats that can’t be backed up. But who cares ? Certainly not the MSM. They’re to busy cleaning up behind this guy than to do any real reporting.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      This creature is an evil reckless and moronic lunatic, much in the mold of Obama and Nuland.
      I marvel at each day that passes when we are not already embroiled in a full scale military WW3 with psychopath’s like this at the helm in Washington.
      I have got that way that I want to leave the room whenever these morons open their mouths. I find their habitual lies are getting more and more ridiculous and hard to stomach.
      Putin has to be admired for his patience and restraint in dealing with a country that behaves in this astonishing and disgraceful manner.

  54. Klemens

    Gregg, maybe it is an good idea to make an interview with
    Bridget Howe http://www.amazon.com/If-West-Falls-Globalization-Biblical/dp/144972180X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424481822&sr=8-1&keywords=9781449721800
    The female readers may like to hear something for other femals and not only interviews of mens.
    you don`t have to send this post to the comments.
    best regards, Klemens

  55. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg, nice commentary on Ukraine.

    If we all back up and look at how Putin has treated this crisis, in overview it has always been to do as little as possible directly in order to keep everyone’s options open. He is not looking at Washington in all this, he knows the White House can make up the news it wants its citizens to believe – they are not part of that particular equation. The minimalist effort also ensures that the White House HAS to fictionalize reality in order to proceed with its goals to contain Russia. At the same time it demonstrates to Europe that Russia is not the threat its somewhat compromised media portrays it to be. Russia, I should remind, has not been isolated by Russia from energy and other trade issues with it. Many find this amazing, if not downright appeasement; but given that Russia is powerful and Ukraine is virtually a failed state, how better could Russia demonstrate that it was both humane and non-threatening to all parties.

    The other half of this presentation by Putin is support for the separatists. He has certainly involved military support for the rebels – but only enough to maintain THEIR particular status quo. Again the subtext to the message is measured, minimalist and non aggressive. This has been a most fascinating show of diplomacy within a historically significant test for Russia and its relationship with the world. The difference between East and West (Washington) in terms of defining what responsible members of a global community should behave is striking. In spite of the human tragedy of Ukraine, this at least is a triumph of basic good over evil.
    Best regards,

  56. Humanity Man

    Greg….Why is this not making national News Headlines???

    • Greg Hunter

      This is good news and thank you for posting it here.

    • paul

      Peace between human brothers and sisters must begin at the local level … leave out the politicians who have a vested interest in war, mayhem and chaos … reciprocal good deeds is what builds a binding trust and friendship between people!

  57. Brian Howard

    Thank you for another end of week update Greg. Honestly don’t know what other source I would trun to for such an update. Nobody I know of suns it up so concisely each week. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brian!

  58. Klemens

    Christians must stop being willing dupes and accomplices in their own destruction. The first step is to reject the psy op that is demonizing Islam and Muslims. It’s more creation of a false enemy. I regret many “Patriots” have been duped. Most Muslims would prefer to stay in their own countries if they weren’t destroyed by the Zionist-controlled West.

    Christians, Muslims and honest Jews have to unite and focus on the real enemy, the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel and its army of dupes, opportunists, liars and lackeys of all backgrounds. – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/02/Central-Bank-Scam-Explains-World.html#sthash.m435Se8C.dpuf

  59. Klemens

    Muslim Brother Obama´s Pro-Islam Counterterrorism Conference: World´s Ministers Forced to Listen to Mendacious Propaganda of Islam as “Religion of Peace” in Nullified Koran-Prayer to Allah

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