WNW 189 Yellen Warns of Danger, Economy Diving While MSM Lying, Middle East Boils

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (5.8.15)  

The ridiculous drum beat from the mainstream media (MSM) has been repeating this so called “recovery” since the 2008 meltdown.  I also keep repeating that there is no real recovery. There are a variety of data points you can look at, but the most recent include retail sales and factory orders have plunged while the trade deficit has spiked.  It was announced that nearly 50 companies are closing 6,000 stores. The oil industry is shedding thousands of jobs, and 62% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  You think I am being too negative?  Maybe someone should also tell Fed Head Janet Yellen to tone it down as well.  This past week, she sounded the alarm on “quite high” stock prices and warned of “potential danger” in the bond market.  Still, you get headlines like this one saying “Fear Not.  This May-October Looks Better Than Others.”   This is not only wishful thinking, but it is bad reporting to ignore major data points that say the economy is tanking and not recovering.  To me, this is an outright lie by omission.  I used to work in the MSM, and if I can get this, so can they because it is simply too big to miss.

On the warfront, about all you can say is things are still boiling.  Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine are in various states of war, and there is good chance that any of these areas can boil over into a major conflict.   To top it off, it is reported two Iranian generals say that their nuclear program cannot be stopped and say their country “welcomes war with the US.”  Does that sound like there is going to be some big breakthrough deal to curtail the Iranian nuclear program to you?  I have said it before and will say it again, there will be no nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran, and I hope I am wrong because war will be a disaster for the entire world.  Of course, I don’t call the shots and am merely forecasting what I see coming.

Finally, California is in big trouble on the water front.  They are trying to conserve their way out of a huge mess.  NASA came out a little more than a month ago and said California and its 38 million people will be out of water in a year.  Governor Jerry Brown seems totally disheveled and unprepared to address this enormous problem.  80% of the water in California is used by agriculture, and there are zero restrictions on them.  So, Brown’s plan was a reduction of 20% from the rest of the folks using water in California.  Guess what, they got less than a 4% reduction.  Now, he wants to double down and is asking for a 25% reduction, but please keep in mind, it is a 25% reduction for the people who only use 20% of the water.  This is a drop in the proverbial bucket, and as far as I know, there is not another plan for getting more water.  This problem alone could bankrupt the State of California and cause widespread panic across the nation.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. RichM

    That was very powerful Greg. I sense your frustration yet still having the wits and conviction to speak out in the hope that many will hear and realize what is happening. There will be no way to ever track how many people you help save as they hear you and prepare. I sure appreciate you laying it all out there and your hard work and dedication. The truth sets us free and sometimes that truth is not so fun to hear, but many may very well survive what is coming because they heard you and your guests.
    God bless you and your family brother.

  2. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Another courageous week of reporting from WD. Greg you are very fired up and quite frankly I don’t blame you when you are surrounded and almost overwhelmed by the nonsense of the MSM and their gross misrepresentation of every situation they cover.

    I also sense your absolute horror when you contemplate the fact that ‘we came we saw we killed ha ha Hillary’ has the gall to even consider getting her filthy little foot back in the door of that big white house. Well I am sad to say it but recent history would tell us that the neocons and TPTB have an overwhelming influence on who gets ‘elected’ and quite frankly Hillary in the white house would be their dream come true.

    Hillary has form….despicable evil grotesque form. She is the ideal psychopath for them to install and to further ratchet up their murderous agenda. Just look at her background and the huge role she played in Libya. Nato said it themselves and I quote “ it was one of the most successful missions in Nato history”

    Yes Hillary no doubt about it you were a key player.… you did great….. you succeeded in reducing a country that had the highest GDP and life expectancy on the African continent to a complete financial and humanitarian wreck where countless citizens are now willing to risk their lives just to get out.

    Yes Hillary this is the now unsolvable disaster that you and Washington with the help of Nato jointly created. It is a resounding success for the military industrial complex but equally a monumental humanitarian tragedy that has killed thousands of innocent citizens and wrecked the lives of millions more.
    Congratulations Hillary this will be a great testimonial for you to use in your campaign!

    Greg, I hope you can switch off a bit and try to have a decent weekend.
    Cheers and my very best wishes to you and fellow WDers.

    • Aussie

      Wow!!! So much Hate Hilary in Kiwiland!
      There is bunch of Neocons in the US that make Hilary look like a Peacenik.
      Pray to God that none of them get elected!!!

  3. FC

    Hi Greg
    Australia, seems to be doing the complete opposite of what’s happening in American, instead department stores and shopping centers closing down, we are renovating and expanding also every single one them………….I guess the Kool-Aid DownUnder is 97% Proof , I’m afraid we Aussie’s are in for one helluva hangover.

    • Zenon

      When Americans cant afford China, Australia will start to close the stores too! China gets most everything from the miners down under. We all may soon be looking for work, work know buy now, prepare now and as Greg say’s fear not and get up off your ‘dupa!’

  4. Wim

    Great news wrap up Greg, thank you. Unimaginable California doesn’t have a plan B in progress. Even when it rains in time, this drought should have mobilized them for desalting plants, as a drought could happen someday anyway. The elites and central bankers know the system will implode one day, but main street is of no single concern, at the contrary. If you know the system will implode someday, there would be no single problem to print a couple of trillions extra to invest in desalting plants, infrastructure, and so on, and so on. Some trillions is no problem, not causing inflation right away, creating some employment in the process. After the system implodes, it doesn’t need to get paid back, as the tangible things constructed with it are still there after the implosion, serving the people.
    The financial weather forecast for later this year looks bad on a lot of radars, I am very curious what will come of it. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  5. Walter Martin

    Did Freddy Gray also have a serious crushed larynx (voice box) problem prior to his police encounter???????

  6. Mike from the North

    Best Weekly Wrap Up ever Greg.

    Tell it the way it is…..

    The failure to repair has and will cause to total meltdown soon enough.

    • West Tejas

      I think this continues as long as they can push the control print button. Nothing changes and why would it? Its quite obvious all they do is pass the QE Baton from Japan, then to China, then to Europe, then to Russia, then to Australia, then to Latin America, then it goes back to the U.S., then to the U.K., etc. I think this baton passing can last many more years until all countries have 200% and 300% in debt. So far everyone seems more than happy to play along and doubt that stops in 2015 or 2016.

      The only real hope was Glass-Steagall and believe we are way too late at this point in the game.

    • e sutton

      Freddy was a small time heroin dealer who collected disability payments due to chomping on lead paint as a chile. His loss to society is grave and no one understands that better than those in the black community.

  7. bob

    Greg, I appreciate your sense of alarm this morning, because unfortunately most of America is asleep. I know sites like yours are sounding the alarm and there are many in the know. Where I live we have experienced a bubble since 09, do to the stock market, but other than luxury homes and the business s that cater to them, it is slow if not dead and that’s in a good area! I speak to people from all over and from all types of employment, some are clueless, or just don’t want to talk about it, but business people get it. Even if there was a recovery, the regulations and new health care laws that have been forced on us would destroy the very fragile economy. The sad reality is that most professing Christians, the ones who should be sounding the alarm and warning of things to come, are enjoying the same things the world does. Not all, but mainstream evangelicals, have become so secular in there approach to church service and outreach, that they have been lulled to sleep! The average pastor is a career seeker rather than a watchman warning of the worldliness in the church. I have no doubt that God is in control! But his people need to turn off dancing with the stars and Facebook and get back to prayer and in the word and reverence for the God they claim to know!! Thanks you for reminding us to prepare spirituality!

  8. James Hastings

    I look forward to Friday’s. Then, you tease me by saying….Sunday’s interview is hard hitting and “frightening”. I’m old enough to remember weekly action shows which end with the last scene being a hair raiser….”see you next week”.

    Enjoyed. Relax, unwind from the weeks work. Remember, the script’s already written.

  9. Silence is Golden

    Shame on YOU… Greg Hunter.
    How dare you speak of Hillary Clinton in a defamatory nature (next USA CIC) by naming her as a criminal and also Janet Yellen as insincere and incompetent. You are way off the mark with Jamie Dimon and his fellow Bankers. They all justify their salaries and benefits with their unquestionable resolve and commitment to make the 1% rich beyond all belief. The FED especially has done so much good for the Economy by enhancing the prospects for those in jobs, creating opportunities for capital mal-investment whilst destroying innovation and making the USD the strongest currency…I really DON’T know where to start. The well funded political class on which we are so dependant for enacting laws also do not deserve the attention you have given them nor the federal criminal spy agencies ….no honestly ..they DON’T deserve any attention…… AT ALL !! You have gone overboard this time Greg. You have reached the end of the Yellow Brick Road. The Wiz of Oz has left the room. Lets step out of the fantasy world that I am referring to ….the same one they have created for us all. Its just not believable. None of it.
    I believe in your message.
    You are a good man with integrity.
    You will be welcomed with open arms by Peter…when the time is right for you.
    Whilst you are still on this Earth you have a mission to fulfil.

    • Silence is Golden

      Heads up…Greg,
      I mentioned Bonds in my post on the GM interview and you briefly touched on it here. Something developing in yields on LT Bonds caught my attention…. moreover selling or liquidation of Bonds. The moves in the yields were a sign of imminent damage. The EU markets today are on the verge….
      Derivatives are about to break. This is going to get messy…..not the CAF version though….think Armageddon. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR !!

      • Marcus West

        wow a troll

        • Greg Hunter

          SIG is not a troll. I think he was just being sarcastic.

        • Silence is Golden

          I don’t know whether to laugh or cry !!

        • Mary

          More a “Smurf doll” Marc!

          • Silence is Golden

            Shouldn’t you be tending your sheep ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG.

    • Jen

      Some wonder, ‘Could all this suffering have been prevented if God had created Adam and Eve in such a way that they could not rebel?’ To answer that question, you need to remember a precious gift that God has given you.


      Humans were created with free will. Do you realize what a precious gift that is? God has made countless animals, and these are driven largely by instinct. (Proverbs 30:24) Man has made some robots that can be programmed to follow every command. Would we be happy if God had made us like that? No, we are glad to have the freedom to make choices about what kind of person to become, what course of life to pursue, what friendships to form, and so on. We love to have a measure of freedom, and that is what God wants us to enjoy.

      God is not interested in service performed under compulsion. (2 Corinthians 9:7) To illustrate: What would please a parent more—a child’s saying “I love you” because he is told to say it or his saying it freely from the heart? So the question is, How will you use the free will that God has given you? Satan, Adam, and Eve made the worst possible use of free will. They rejected Jehovah God. What will you do?

      You have the opportunity to put the marvelous gift of free will to the best possible use. You can join the millions who have taken a stand on God’s side. They make him rejoice because they take an active part in proving Satan a liar and a miserable failure as a ruler. (Proverbs 27:11) You too can do that by choosing the right course of life.

      God does not cause the bad conditions in the world.—Job 34:10.

      By calling God a liar and saying that He withholds good from His subjects, Satan questioned God’s right to rule.—Genesis 3:2-5.

      God will use his Son, the Ruler of the Messianic Kingdom, to end all human suffering and to undo its effects.—1 John 3:8.

      • Pondering

        Thank you, Jen for having the wisdom and courage to point out what everything is truly about. We are on a hijacked planet where narcissism temporarily reigns. Judgment and reset are imminent, and honest motives of the heart will be the question for all humanity. Works, good or evil, are simply a result of the exercise of free will, and have no saving merit of themselves. Our motives are the true issues. The condition of the heart is revealed in times of crisis. That is why we will continue to experience escalating crises. The refiner heats His metal until the impurities rise to the surface. If there is pure metal there, He will see His reflection as in a mirror. And, be assured, popular relativism is deception; Truth is absolute, defined by Creator God, and unchangeable. If it were not so, we would have no reliable parameters to define anything in life. Think about that one as you consider the issues that culture is trying to define as acceptable or unacceptable today….. Maranatha!

    • Freebreezer

      Fear not – Al Sharpton is advising President Obama … The plan … Have the DOJ federalize all the state police forces! Yep – this will definitely eliminate all the strife and problems here in America. I wonder if there is any connection to this and the militarization of the state police forces … Throw in Jade helm this fall for sparks and fireworks and add to the mix the Hillary and Bill show with $$$, corruption and sex ??? You cannot make this stuff up, even cheap 10 cent novels were not this bad, farfetched and cheeeeseey! And we are only half way through this story line. I need more popcorn!

      • Silence is Golden

        The script writers for this episode in history certainly are taking no short cuts and have been working overtime. The build up and tension is nothing to ignore either. The scene as we all know is being set ….we are yet to see the blood and glory of the final chapter. The alarming point is that even though the story so far seems fictional….we are very much living the fantasy. That in itself is testament to the power behind the narrative. The cognitive dissonance of the sheeple , plays right into their hands. Perhaps there can be a greater sense of (as CAF quips) “changing consciousness”.

      • susan

        Thanks Freebreezer! I really needed a good laugh. What else can we do? Besides prepare. And get more popcorn.

      • Mary

        Adolf Hitler did the same when he took, power in Germany, like he said, he wont be so nice when he comes back this time!

  10. Ugly

    Gov Brown has food and water. So what are the issues?

  11. LizG.,Kenya

    Ugly simply knows its a done deal.
    Washington,kindly call up on Ugly so that he can announce it through MSM n spare you another round of Q666 printing.He can rap,so the word will be loud n clear..carry your own Cross n follow me.
    Jerry,Al insist on paper printin n porn industry as being the main pillars of the economy.They will work it out.
    Calgal,SIG,Paul will sweep out every dust hidden under the carpet.FED
    Greg will ‘sit on you’ until the job is done.3 terms will do.Include his Watchdog team.

  12. Doug C.

    The last few minutes of the report were the best I have seen out of you over the last few years I have been coming to your site. You spelled it out in plain language and straight up, what is coming and what was not done. Great job. Unfortunately you are 100% correct with what should have been done and what will happen shortly. Like you always say, “fear not” and protect yourself.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug C.,
      If more people are prepared, then we will all do better.

  13. dchayden

    This has been one of your best and most animated Friday rants to date !! Great wrap up !


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Derek.

  14. paul

    Greg … Good to see you hitting hard, getting emotional and calling it as you see it … For All of Us!! Well done … Thank you!

    You know the Fed has shoveled out cash to Wall Street for years now … but it is never enough to satisfy the bankers greed … so the Fed has purposely held money back from the people … so Yellen can now claim there is a potential danger to the economy … and therefore a need for QE4!!

    As I think it through … the strong dollar is history … and both interest rates and gold will rise!

    The entire world (Japan, EU, etc.) is printing fiat to debase their currencies and gain a competitive edge … the US dollar has been rising (relative to these other currencies) … but not for long …  because US manufactured products are being priced out of world markets and our economy is now faltering (because the Fed has held back credit) … many industries are losing money and asking the Government for help … and with the domestic shale oil industry now being shuttered down … the US will soon need to “import” foreign oil (to make up for the shale oil shutdown) … buying more foreign oil will require the issuance of more treasury debt … this will create a soaring trade deficit that the Fed will be forced to monetize … whatever name the Fed gives to this monetization … it will become known as  QE4 … and the effect of QE4 will be inflationary (requiring higher interest rates) … inflation will drive the price of crude oil and our debt expenses up even further … creating a need for the Fed to issue “even more debt” to fund an “ever growing” trade deficit … all this QE4 fiat printing (will be necessary to keep the wheels of domestic industry turning) … but will begin to push the value of the dollar down relative to other currencies … and the coming inflation created by these Fed actions … will push gold (silver, commodities and food prices) higher!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul.

  15. vincent_g

    You are right as far as the majority of those running for president.
    There are two people I think can change things

    On the Democratic side : O’Malley
    On the Republican side : Rand Paul

    Paul is against having a Federal Reserve as was his father.
    Their idea is that the market place should set interest rates.

    O’Malley has said publicly that he wants to reinstate the Glass Steagall Act.
    I don’t know if O’Malley is serious but he is talking about turning things around.

    Neither one can do much to change things but they can light a fire.
    One thing we need is someone that can fire up the people and Congress to get real change.

    You can only get this if you have real grass root support!

    The question is will the public put these two on top or will they go blindly once again following the Party and vote for another Bush or another Clinton?

  16. Art Barnes

    Greg, Jerry Brown, the Bureau of Reclamation, & the water entities who control various water regulations of California are border line crazy. Their new conservation of water policy should have started 25 years ago & this lack of leadership in the water dependent arid climate of California and the west is coming home to roost. You heard it here first, minimum of 500,000+ jobs lost, 3,000,000 exit for the east, price of many foods to double as large wells cost mega bucks today, average decent well cost well over $500K if not much much more. For the landowner farmer without deep wells who was dependent upon river, canal, or water district water in which to farm & now cannot afford a new well it will mean no farming; you can’t dry farm in California as it does’t rain in the summer to bring in a crop even in average rainfall years. The Governor of California is over his head – really this is bad to the tenth degree, and a reduction of 25 percent of of 20 percent of the users of water is too stupid to be stupid. The reality is California has over populated & over farmed its climate as California has had a long & vast history of droughts, some of which can last a long long time. Arid climates can only sustain so much water use, California has simply over whelmed its resource & will cannot sustain its large scaled farming community & population any longer. The Governor may need to come to terms with the reality of the situation, but don’t count on it because the frank reality of the situation isn’t politically popular with the powerful agriculture & developer’s interest in the State. The politicians, developers, & the agriculture’s interest in maintaining the profit status quo may well have to come to realize that you can’t control mother nature, you have to work with with it & the prior practices of “wasteful management” has come to an end.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, the silver lining here (if there is one) is that the California water crisis will demonstrate once and for all the utter and complete inadequacy and incompetence of government in dealing with real, genuine, true crisis. Maybe it wakes people up to the fact that it is up to us, not government. If so, it will be a good thing. Thank you for your candid and honest impressions, interpretations, and reporting from the front. We have your back, for what it’s worth. Many thanks and best always. PM

      • Chip

        Best comment of the day Paul…. Thank you Sir…

  17. diane s.

    Wow….Greg…..you’re on fire this morning…
    Scary . I live in California. I’ll try to remain strong and fear not….but not easy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane s.
      Go out today and buy 10 cases of water and store it. It’s cheap insurance. Don’t mean to scare you just move you.

    • JC Davis

      Diane S. You may want to build a water filter system.
      The life straw is a must.

  18. Matt

    And do not forget the LIBOR scandal. Deutsche Bank just paid a $2.5 BILLION dollar fine for their role in this TOTALLY ILLEGAL rigging of interest rates in order to increase profits for their institutional clients and themselves. It barely made the news…

  19. David B.

    “This is a drop in the proverbial bucket, and as far as I know, there is not another plan for getting more water. This problem alone could bankrupt the State of California and cause widespread panic across the nation.” –Greg Hunter

    Yet you continue to use the phrase “Fear Not.”

    The water problem affects many states, but since Arizona, Nevada, Utah are in close proximity, panic may be an understatement.

    Belatedly and reluctantly, I’ve come to believe the federal government is facilitating human extermination.

    • Greg Hunter

      David B.
      You do not understand the Biblical meaning or “Fear Not.” This phrase is used repeatedly and it means God is Always in control.

      • David B.

        If you say so.

  20. john duffy

    This is not looking good Greg, but I put a lot of the blame on the electorate. As long as the economy was booming and house prices were going up, most people could care less about all the shenanigans that were going on. So politicians were being bought off, so Clinton was diddling interns, so wall street was full of systemic fraud, everybody could care less and just looked the other way. Well now that its about to hit the fan, people will soon care, but its too late. The criminals have been getting away with so much, for so long, that they now think that it is normal business. If people would of voted responsibly years ago, we would not be in the mess we are in now. America used to be a moral nation, but its people now mow down the ten commandments like ten pins.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother John, at this point, the only way out is through. Very sad. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        This is profound in its simplicity and clarity “the only way out is through.”

      • Art Barnes

        Paul, “the only way out is through” is why this site has some of the smartest people on the planet commenting. Your insight of the last avenue of resort is astute & profound.

  21. Jerry

    Greg I appreciate your weekly wrap up. It really puts things back into real perspective about what’s actually happening in this country. The sole purpose I come to your site is feast on the abundance of information you provide and to give people a warning for what is surely going to come.

    This last week I was told by my soon in Phoenix that he has seen massive troop movements in Arizona. Including Abrams tanks being moved on flat bed trucks in places they shouldn’t be. I have also heard of massive troop movements in Arkansas as well. Jade Helm 15 appears to be much larger than it was first reported. My gut tells me they are setting the stage for martial law.

    My wife is friends with the Walton family. These people are into making money, big money, and they do not shut down stores to fix plumbing problems. Anyone who believe that tripe is a fool.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Jerry, answer me this: in Washington and related areas, the cry among conservatives has been that the so-called sequester (across-the-board budget cuts enacted a couple years ago as means of eliminating gridlocked spending) has “crippled”
      the military. Yet we have the funds for this massive staging of military assets in broad DOMESTIC areas? And those in charge tell us we have nothing to fear? Thank you for your vigilance and continued contributions. Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        Paul, you can’t trust anything the MSM reports about spending. There is no accounting whatsoever. The numbers are totally manipulated. Only six months ago Canada bought 200 front line German Leopard Tanks. For what purpose? I contend, they are doing the same thing we’re doing. Preparing for martial law. And how could forget the 2700 assault vehicles DHS had to have?

  22. Thomas Porter

    The only problem I see with the commentary is with the California water statistics. There are millions of people in California, and usually most of them take showers on a daily basis..not a bad thing! But I have a hard time to believe that plants take up 80% of the water supply. If its anything, its 20% for plants and 80% for people, if even that. Most of the water is wasted with people (it honestly is hard not to). I am not doubting the seriousness of the situation. California will be a huge waste-land when this happens. Despite this ‘minor’ squibble, You are doing a fantastic job Greg at WatchDog. Thank you sir!

    • Ugly

      California has about 40 million Ag acres of which around 9 million acres are prime irrigation ground. It takes about 600,000 gallons of water to produce 200 bushels of corn on one acre. It takes about 4,000 gallons to produce just one bushel of wheat.

      Even if the average acre uses only 250,000 gallons, then that is a total of 2.3 trillion gallons annually. Not sure what the cities and industries use each year?

  23. Alan

    Hi Greg,
    As I was doing my morning reading a few weeks back I came across Psalm 37:1-11 which was so profound for me I added it to my Firefox bookmarks. The comparison between the times I AM walked among men in the form of Jesus Christ and now is really amazing. Throughout the four gospels Christ was continually tested by the Sanhedrin. These guys had over 600 laws on the books to suppress the populace, advancing their own financial well being and power. Their ancestors are performing the very same functions today, paying off politicians to get laws on the books to continually drain the freedoms of the populace.
    It matters not whether one is of Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc., because faith in Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

    Hmm, I didn’t mean to preach here but I enjoy your URL so much with great trust I might add. The few bucks here and there isn’t much I know but it makes me feel good to support such a truthful site cause brother they are rare!

    Me thinks we are getting close to some big events on this planet! I’ve always thought that the US was protected by I AM but when we started killing our unborn that was the stray that broke the proverbial Camel’s back. God hates murder which is different from killing (as in someone breaking into your home at 3AM) so with all the wars, etc we are probably in for some judgement.

    Luke 21:25-28

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan for your support and comment.

    • Don

      Thanks Alan, for the scripture, its getting to be a rarity to find, a scriptural conviction in the time in which we live. Also, I couldn’t agree more.

    • Diane

      Amen Alan. So much lying and shedding of innocent blood which are the two greatest tools of Satan. Our once God-fearing nation has become wicked. I believe God may now be rapidly dividing America, as He prepares it for judgment.

  24. Tom


    Well done….. Today’s comment is your best offering in a while. Your obviously bringing some passion to the table. I say FEAR NOT, there is hope for the future. Here in Canada the voters just threw out a 3 decade entrenched, arrogant government in Alberta. The vast majority of Canadians are still in total shock that the so-called business oriented Conservative Government of Alberta has been turfed, and replaced with a bunch of socialists.
    I say change is good. It keeps our would be overlords relatively honest….. It’s time in the US to throw the bums out. and replace them with different and new ways of thinking. And when the economic s**t hits the there’s going to be a lot more politicians biting the dust…


    • Chip

      Throw the bums out who will only be replaced by different bums…

  25. Robert E. Salt

    I was wrong about the Chinese ghost cities. It may take five or more years, but I understand that these cities are being filled. The Chinese government is totalitarian. They plan to tighten their grip on the population by controlling the food supply. To do this, they need to get the people off the land and into cities. Think of the Chinese government as Perdue, the people as chickens and the urban apartment buildings as chicken coops. Things aren’t much different in our own country. American jobs have already been sent overseas. Americans have become obsolete. Our leaders think of us as useless eaters, and so our food supply is being cut back. California is drying up. Ranch lands are being confiscated from their owners and sold to foreign companies while the poultry industry is being decimated. Millions of chickens and turkeys are being destroyed because they allegedly have been infected with the avian virus. “Let them eat cake.” The governments of China, the U.S. and most countries around the world are comprised of wealthy crime families. Can you say “collusion”? The end goal is a one world government with everyone chipped. The decision to be chipped is the last decision a person will ever make. From then on he will be more like a robot or zombie like was done to Myron May, the man who shot up the FLU library, or like the shooter at the naval base near D.C. a few years back. Both men were trying to get help. The alarm clock keeps going off and we keep hitting the snooze button. The rule of any nation needs to come from the bottom up. We need to wake up, get involved and take control of our towns and cities. Our towns and cities need to limit the power of our national leaders by keeping them on a very short leash. Be not afraid! (I’m trying to be original.)

    • Ugly

      We are like falling off a steep cliff not knowing that the ground is just one second away.

      Think this way about the Cali drought. Prime farm ground is very spendy; that is in $50,000 plus per acre. How do you grab it? Well with no water and water rights, the value goes down. Then comes the grab!

  26. DullKnife

    California is running out of water…..Democrats & RINO’s solution? Why to import millions of low education, often illiterate, low skill illegal aliens to swell the F.S.Army rolls and to incidently also increase demand for resources such as water, among other things.
    Deport the millions of illegals in California and voila! Water use reduction goals met!
    BTW, agricultural use water goes back into the ground…what is not used by the crops and what does not get evaporated. Urban water use goes where?
    DK, California (soon to be Mexifornia)

    • Paul from Indiana

      Soon? You live in the north? Best always. PM

  27. Peter J

    The water situation in the west is just like the financial situation … it is clearly headed for disaster and we are ignoring it. I just don’t understand it. I think the plan is to bring about a chaos so great that few will survive. And … maybe that is the best plan. 🙁

  28. Jerry

    The IMF is going to give China SDR drawing rights and replace the dollar as world reserve currency. Christine Lagarde all but said so in this article. The IMF meeting in July will be huge. http://rt.com/op-edge/256449-china-currency-yuan-imf-us/

    – July is the 7th month.
    – Jade Helm 15 just happens to start in July – the 7th month
    Coincidence? Maybe.

    • Greg Hunter

      This means everything is on sale in USD terms.

      • Jerry

        Bingo Greg! Here’s more good news. Russian Insider is predicting a Geek default by June.
        You can’t keep up with this stuff. I just keeps coming in waves.

        • JC Davis

          Jerry. How will a Geek default affect the USA ? I know the banks are inter connected, but I find it hard to believe so small amounts can effect the whole banking industry. Also will not Russia just jump in to help out / own them. I just cant see this as major.

          • Silence is Golden

            Its not an issue…until it is !!

  29. woody188

    If California forced growers to conserve, it would mean consequences for the rest of the United States, as we received nearly 50% of our produce from California. Perhaps Mr. Brown is unable to force conservation on these growers due to pressures from the national level?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Woody, You mean pressure from his TAX BASE. Learn to grow, use, and eat LOCAL produce! That’s the ticket. Plenty of water here in Indiana. And my vote counts, too! Best always. PM

  30. Galaxy 500

    Jerry Brown is the typical socialist. He builds a multibillion dollar high-speed rail to nowhere when he should have taken billions and built desalination plants. But that is just too practical for Jerry. The unions want a rail project and they don’t care if no one uses it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this my be “too stupid to be stupid.” (Jim Sinclair quote.)

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, in my experience, God helps those who help themselves. We need to get past fear and get angry. We wanted to believe government is the answer. We’re about to find out, it’s ALL up to us. It’s called accountability and responsibility. No phoning it in here. Faithful teamwork and cooperation will be the only remedy. Best always. PM

      • Gerald

        how about stupid stuck on stupid !


    Greg I look forward to your Friday Weekly Wrap up every week. You were spot on today with your entire program. Keep up the great work!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kathy!

  32. southern girl

    Great reporting, you gives us such a fantastic amount of information. I was not aware of all the closings of 47 companies with 6,000 stores. Holy Weight Watchers! Just more unemployment, more people becoming dependent on the government to live. I too am upset that the real criminals don’t go to jail, but they continue to screw the little people. I think this says a lot about our society as a whole. We have lost our moral compass. Someone said that when morality in a society is high then we experience the most of our Freedoms. When morality is low then we experience out Freedoms being taken away. Hello!!!! We are seeing what happens when we take God, God’s laws, etc. out of our society. Remember there is nothing in our Constitution that mentions ..Separation of church and State.. it’s not in there yet they still keep trying to cram this down our throats. Repetition for the masses is mind control. How many commercials are full of this??? One in three will have shingles… I’m in my 60’s and I have only known 6 people with this. It can be set off by stress. I tell you my real gut says don’t ever get another shot for anything. The big Pharma companies are just loading up all the vaccines with poison. Think of all the babies that they want to have all the shots. I heard a report from a doctor saying they just want to train the parents.
    How many people do you know use their God given right to make a decision based on morality? Some of my friends and neighbors say that I just don’t want to follow orders given by others? You think?? I see so many people who can’t discerner a darn thing. They go along with the masses. Look forward to your WNW every Friday. Have a great weekend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!!

      • Pondering

        Heavy metal toxicity alters our health and ability to reason, as do GMOs and affected corn syrup, as our bodies cannot completely metabolize or excrete them. The cumulative effect of this myriad of toxins provide the end result that TPTB desire, but while we are alive, we keep paying directly or indirectly for their poisons. Cruel!

  33. Alarmed

    We are definitely in the Biblical “End Times.” We are suffering from the root of all evil, money–money itself is not evil, it us the love/lust for it that is. Those “at the top,” cannot get enough, and those who will prostrate themselves to them will discard their standards–if they had any standards to begin with–to get what financial “rewards” they can.

    What goes on in “government” these days, is beyond shocking. It is also disgusting as they attempt to taunt us with well scripted sound bites to send us the message that we are powerless to stop it. Did we ever think a mayor would announce to the world approval and implementation of looting and property destruction?

    God will not be mocked. Firstly, repent and get right with God. Then focus on things that are up Biblical, uplifting and positive.

    • Greg Hunter

      I pray every day for divine guidance, protection and healing. You are correct sir, God the Father will not be mocked.

    • Art Barnes

      Alarmed, 45 more homicides in Baltimore since the killing of Freddie, yet the Mayor, the States Attorney & the US Attorney General have a plan to spank the police & not the rioters; government way of thinking to the max, now, is there any reason to believe that our culture can survive with these racial provocative dividers making policy.

  34. charles turner

    As a English man living in the UK it appears that the USA justice system is all over the place and its no longer about justice it is about power and connections and the agenda of the elite.
    In the UK if you plead guilty to a charge you can expect to get a third off your sentence. It would appear that in the USA if you plead guilty you can get a light sentence but if you don’t play ball when they really want you too, they can lock you up for life, which seems punitive and akin to blackmail.
    We have the case of the flash trader in the London, Singh Sarao. ( who incidentally lives in one of the most deprived areas of London and can’t make bail). My understanding is if he accept he is a ‘patsy’ and pleads guilty, he will get around 4 years, but if he doesn’t accept he has been chosen as a fall guy they will throw the full book at him he may never get out. You have Martin Armstrong who is a hero in many parts of the world who rotted in your jails for years and if he hadn’t succumbed to an agreement could have died in jail. You now have these police officers who could get sentences of up to 30 years, including the driver of the vehicle. A driver surely should only receive a charge of dangerous driving, which in a normal society would not even be a custodial sentence not the equivalent of a life sentence ( I am not condoning or judging what happened, but justice would seem to be about balance and a sentence should compare to the seriousness of the crime). We have the case of Gary McKinnon in the UK who hacked into the pentagon computers and it is claimed he caused $500,000 dollars of damage. He hadn’t committed a crime in the UK, but the USA would have flung him in jail for 80 years. Personally, I think he gave them more than $500,000 worth of free consultancy and highlighted a serious issue. They should have offered him a job for life. They wanted to put him in jail for 80 years, but it is all fine and dandy to hack the German chancellors phone.

    I think increasingly around the world no one understands your justice system. If you are David Petraeus or Hilary Clinton then you are protected, if you are anyone else then it is a lottery. I never thought i would be nervous to travel to the USA, but I am now as if I got caught up in something innocently that involved the law I no longer would have any faith in your justice system. How could your country have changed so rapidly from moral leadership to where it is today?

  35. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, a great wrap-up! From now on, when I look up “courage” in the dictionary, I’ll expect to see your picture there. Thanks for fighting the fight and providing leadership and moral example. Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      I am just a reporter blowing the trumpet and nothing more. Thank you for your kind words.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, I think I hear that “trumpet” your blowing. It may well be outlawed to blow it much longer, first the guns, then speech, then the right to worship Him.

  36. JMiller


    6,000 store closing sounds like a lot but it is not as large a number as it seems. I read where those 6,000 stores that are closing represents only about 3% of the total stores in the U.S. 1,784 of these stores are Radio Shack which has been struggling for many years. Also there are over 700 closings due to the mergers of Office Depot/OfficeMax and Dollar Tree/Family Dollar. Also I am sure at least a few stores are being added and some are being expanded or remodeled. And you are correct to state that some of the reason for these store closings is because of increased Internet sales which will continue to grow.

    Don’t get me wrong Greg. The economic recovery overall has been very weak and there is no way that we will see good sustainable growth in the foreseeable future. At best we will see a Japan-like scenario. At worst, a financial and economic collapse.

    • Greg Hunter

      It ain’t growth and certainly not the hallmark of a so-called “recovery.” Add it to the pile of sticks.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg & JMiller, I have been advocating that we are in a Japan type “stagflation” for quite some time now. This economy will not move past that term, once stagflation grips an economy it becomes the new norm. What happens after stagflation is unknown but I suspect not good. You can get along, work, eat, pay taxes, and generally survive to a large degree in an economy locked in stagflation for years but we shall soon see what happens when it worsens.

        • Silence is Golden

          Fine line AB.
          I say we are closer to an Inflationary Depression than Stagflation.
          Hoarding of cash is symptomatic (lack of velocity)….so are the….
          The true levels of unemployment…vis-à-vis U6 ~ 23%
          Lack of credit growth
          Negative GDP for more than 3 QTRS (stripping out the non-conforming output/productivity – drug trade and prostitution) and disregarding the DOC’s BS numbers. Defense spending is a large part of the equation but consider that 95% of it is committed to foreign wars – not adding to domestic GDP. Plus the price deflator is a misnomer – the inflation is being obfuscated.
          Loss of value in the Dollar
          Bank uncertainty/ failures
          Falling demand
          Death of Business
          Stocks and Bonds and Real Estate all artificially held up…. otherwise they would quickly lose value.

  37. Sayonara

    Very powerful and to the point on matters of great importance. Your astonishment of the state of our economy and the actions of the elites really came out in this WNW. I find it astonishing too that no one in the mainstream media or general populace is either aware and/or concerned. The real problem economically is the incestuous crony capitalism that really created an environment of entrapment for everyone who is not part of the cabal.
    As for my California and the extraordinary conditions and Brown’s response, progressive liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
    Be well, keep up the great work and Fear Not!
    P.S. I will look forward to you holding up the USA Today “Fear Not” headline this coming fall.

    • Greg Hunter

      People are going to die if Brown fails and he is failing. Thank you8 for your comments.

  38. LizG.,Kenya

    C.Fitts is on spot about somethin we don’t know.Cahn put it clearly for you about this year.The LORD has not put in my heart any other date apart from Sept29 as the Last day for applyin “His Blood on your doorpost”..Angel of Death!
    Am just preppin myself spiritually coz thats my 1st mandate as a Xstian.Fast n Pray.Obey.
    People aren’t the problem especially if you haven’t done warfare.It’s the demonic system n its Manageable.
    I rarely judge until God SAYS Move On.
    Love your enemies?

    • Sayonara

      Let see using Jerry Brown logic, he will have a bill passed in the California State Assembly that will authorize a Billion dollars to hire native Americans to teach non-native Americans to perform indigenous rain dancing. He will be very proud that he gets “twofer” for taking effective action employing native Americans resulting in lowering their unemployment rate and to teach non-native Americans to rain dance so they can feel good about contributing to relieving the drought conditions. This is California political logic as our politicians continue to try to will their way through reality at the expense of real peoples lives. Sarcastic yes, Unbelievable No.

      • JC Davis

        Sayonara Good reading. There is already a plan to transport water from MEXICO.. True, and laughable. How many libs will leave CA when they cant get there special bottled water. Texas you have visitors from CA. headed your way.

    • JC Davis

      I agree. Well said. Many times a righteous anger is seen as hatred. Love is God with many other sides. The blood of the lame is a gift given in mercy, yet his judgment day will come.

      • JC Davis

        Blood of the LAMB. Time to get new glasses.

  39. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    A great WNW as always. We all feel your frustration as well as everything we here in the MSM is more or less utter garbage.

    It is the pinnacle for hypocrisy for Janet Yellen to come out and say that stocks are now “quite high” when it has been the Fed’s loose monetary policy under her and Mr. Bernake that has caused it. Who will they point the finger at when it all comes crashing down when they have been the ones to pull the strings all along.

    I am looking forward to your interview with Mr. Williams coming up on Sunday as that is one man who truly gets it and does not put any spin on the numbers whatsoever. His approach is to say, “Here are the unbiased numbers”, period, end of story.

    As long as you continue to report what is really going on with a slew of excellent guest, we can continue to “Fear Not”.


    • Greg Hunter

      I am not a market caller, but it is clear to me (as a reporter that looks at data) that the end is drawing near. Can they put it off a little longer? I guess they can, but they are running out of rabbits to pull out of the hat because the fraud propping this all up is not working any more. We are about to see what it looks like when fantasy meets reality head on.

  40. By Design, Over Time


    You’ve answered many of your own questions vis a vis your guests, especially Catherin Austin Fitts, Dane Wigington and Bill Holter.

    Wigington was the most important guest you’ve ever interviewed and yet few people understand why. This is because geoengineering, and the subsequent “chem-trails” whereby they, i.e. “Mr. Global” the, “PTB” are literally raining down poison on the populations of our nation, especially in California, thereby prevent rain and are now playing GOD.

    They deliberately caused the drought in California and Gerry Brown and all of the California if not national Senators know this. Geo-engineering is about blocking the storm fronts, which bring the rain to California. Look up! I see the trails almost daily and it’s becoming more intense. I see the aluminum and barium on my windshield and car finish and it sparkles in the sunlight with a metallic sensory feel to it.

    Furthermore these “chem trails” are making people sick by the thousands with sinus, lung, and bronchitis illnesses and doctors don’t have a clue. They believe
    autoimmune disease just pops up out of the blue?

    I am sending everyone I can to the Watchdog interview with Dane because it is succinct and then they can go to geoengineeringwatch.org and get further involved.

    Dane explains it lucidly and presents empirical evidence. State employees are alarmed and yet will not act out of fear for their jobs, their families, and their very lives.

    It is difficult to state, but outside of the horrendous and internally planned events of 9.11 which were false flag events to begin the “war on terror”, and the new paradigm of “war as the new US business model”, nothing as evil has compared to this geo-engineering.

    Mark my words, there will be earthquakes and or fires in California this summer and we had all best prepare as best we can.

    It is all about financial, social, political, geo, and human engineering at this point and unless it is stopped, humanity is doomed by the 1% who now controls the resources of the world.

    The American population has not only become complacent and lazy, we have been deliberatly “diluted” and that is not a racial remark. It is meant to say that so many have been imported who have not been raised with American ideals and the American work ethic but have rather been give food stamps and “bennies” while the older generation is dying off. That leaves few Ralph Naders and Bernie Sauders of the world to carry the load.

    Meanwhile those of us still concerned with American ideals are working twice as hard to make ends meet and have less and less energy to fight the good fight. But fight we must.

    For knowledge without action is like a giant sailing ship without wind, or a giant solar panel without sun—vessels without energy. Nothing occurs in a vacuum and we must fill that vacuum one positive person at a time. Reach to one other positive person. Take on one cause and by your own design create your own plan over time for a better saner world.

    These people have it right, and so do you. Let your Light shine through.

    Catherine Austin Fitts
    Dane Wigington
    Bill Holter

    Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote 15 years ago, and its called Light. It is for all of You!


    In every living thing there is a light
    Sometime shining faintly, sometimes burning bright
    Sometimes it might flicker, it might even fade,
    But it glows within the soul, another fire to be made

    In every loving heart there is a plan,
    To brighten up the darkness in any way we can,
    Our need to keep on growing is to reach a higher plane,
    Find our balance in the light and do it all again…


    Let your light shine through
    Let it show the best in you,
    In every thought and thing you do
    Let Your Light shine through

    3rd Verse

    In every single mind there is a seed
    Sometimes buried deeply or growing like a weed
    It needs to be attended, nurtured and believed
    When showered with the Light,
    Love will be conceived


    Can we really made a difference
    Can we live in harmony?
    We must cultivate each glimmer
    Of light we ever see

    Chorus and out…

    • Tom Cunningham

      Hi Greg,

      I too only look at hard data and try to inform everyone I know that things are not as they seem in MSM land. Keep up the good work in getting the word out there.


  41. Your fan in Japan

    Fear not. Love it. I’m going to my field. It produces and I fear not. AND if you are in my neighborhood I’ll share with you. Fear not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fan in Japan!

  42. LizG.,Kenya

    We as Xstians will be ‘most accountable’ especially if u were given a Gift/Talent n Misused it.Mine is Spiritual Warfare which i do in secret coz our fake priests/witches are ‘so bad’ that they even oppose what God has already declared.Yours is analysis.
    Here,our Secular Leaders have been misled by prosperity gospel(jezebel spirit) as emphasized by your Prophetess Geraldine Fisher.
    The demon in your system is ‘octopus spirit’ as outlined by your earlier warriors.Good 4 you,as U are set.

    • Jerry

      Indeed, I concur and agree with you. At the same time I’m puzzled at your spelling of Christian. Best to not take the ‘Christ’ out of being Christian.

      • susan

        Jerry, the X is chi in Greek in which the new testament was written. It stands for Christ.

  43. Da Yooper

    Great Synopsis for the week Greg.

    • Jenny

      From Engadine I presume!

  44. Felicia

    Greg, <<>> awesome, truthful wrapup!!! Thank you for your truthful words about the corps, the govt, the economy, the legal system, the society…
    But I am praying fervently that We The People will wake up, humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways (II Chronicles 7:14) because this will be the only Way to discover how to turn this around.
    P.s. Can’t wait to hear what John Williams has to say. Have a good weekend!

  45. LizG.,Kenya

    I always know U have somethin for me.ThankU.
    People,this is lyk a Research site 4 some of us.She comments n each one makes his/her own decision.Much fairer.The last time she highlighted velocity/momentum,everyone was on her.
    Yesterday Jerry gave us a graph on velocity.What is not happening?
    Our Sister has a point.In the short term,what she pointed out yesterday will work.U are the ones who say;”Don’t shoot down what you don’t know’.
    CLS,drop what you have anytime.
    Greg will have to accept it.

  46. LizG.,Kenya

    Am in the city.I have nowhere else 2go.I must survive by God’s Grace.The cold weather in the countryside is unfair 2my bones.
    Multi-nationals are setting camp here/globally.They have to move 2deeper waters in regards 2 opportunity vs strengths.I’ve seen God in Equakes/famine/disaster n its scary.
    Honestly,if u are thinking past what you have at this point,you won’t make it.
    Panic?Learn 2Trust His Manna;both Spiritually n Physically.
    Do Not Complain.He is good but also nasty 2rebelliousness.

    • Lowell Morse

      Amen Liz.

    • aussie jeff

      If I can be of any help LizG, feel free to access my email address from Greg.

  47. LizG.,Kenya

    The only way 2play upright n just is to judge everyone according 2his/her own job description n listen fairly.
    If u were the boss,i expect treasury boss 2measure up and give us facts.If he was faking,i’ll simply fire him/the accountants.We can’t blame everyone in Gov.
    I’ve seen ‘unexpected’ promotions n then God reminds me that He moves the heart of a King.God’s will.They are learning;just like us.
    Secular world is Not like church.
    Wish you were here 2see how politics-Leadership rolls.

  48. LizG.,Kenya

    By the way,i don’t go 2church simply because God told me that’s a no-go zone at the moment.I have seen shocking things n am fine without it.Am sure we have good churches but for me,No thanx.At times i tremble.
    USA Watchdog reminds me of good church going people.
    There’s a difference between going through challenges n being a backslidder.Here,its complicated coz i’ve seen ‘prophets’ carrying fleshy-bloody things on MSM during crusade.
    Be very careful people.The devil is alert.Is26:20-21

    • Greg Hunter

      The Church are the people not abuilding. Peter was the “Rock” God built his church on.

      • Pondering

        Greg, not to be argumentative, but informative…..a study of the Hebrew and Greek expressions for stone and rock suggest that Christ was referring to a lot more than Peter, a mere mortal. Our Rock is Christ, and will prove solid throughout these storms! That is why we can fear not.

      • Charles H.


        I firmly believe you are mistaken about the Apostle Peter, and ascribing him as the “Rock God built his church on”. Both held by tradition; and favored by the Roman Catholic Church – it is nonetheless incorrect. You must have the proper context of those verses involved: if you are to understand Scripture correctly.

        Matt.16:18 makes a great conclusion; but the factors begin back from verse 13. The issue of topic is introduced: Who is the “Son of man”? Verse 14 discards some guesses. Verse 15 is the interrogatory question to Peter. Verse 16 is THE answer of the issue: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God”. Verse 17 is declarative – identifying that the preceding confession was a divine revelation from God the Father in heaven.
        Now the deeper distinction of verse 18 is this: Peter is named as a matter of honor for being the instrument of God the Father’s revelation: but it is the revelation itself which is what God builds His Church upon: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God” – that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against. And there are two internal clues to confirm this.
        One is the structure of verse16. Simon Peter is named; and the divine revelation/confession follows. This parallels verse 18 where Peter is named, and the declaration of the Church’s foundation similarly follows. This deliberate structure of parallels is no mistake: but is part and parcel of Biblical self-definition.
        The other clue is deeper – as the name of Peter is “petros” or “a little rock”; while the following word (upon this) “rock” (Petra, or rock) give distinct grammatical difference: so that the two cannot be confused as the same. Bottom line? Peter is not the foundation upon which the Church is built: it is the divine confession, revealed by God the Father in heaven which is the foundation the Church is built upon. The true foundation is the (divine) revealed Truth – the Word; and not any human instrument – so that the authority may be God Himself; and so that humanity does not intrude upon the office of authority which is God’s alone.
        “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God”: this is the foundation the Church is built upon; which the gates of Hell shall not prevail against. The revelation that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh (Immanuel); the answer that Isaiah foretold: only the manifest word to describe Him, or Him Himself “the Word” – “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1Cor.3:11. & 1Pet. 2:4,5.) This is my two cents. (Pass it by your pastor – if he isn’t Catholic.) If it were anyone other than you, Greg: I wouldn’t have commented. (And continue in retirement, sort of.) (And PS. – great WNW.)

        • aussie jeff

          Nice to see you back Charles H was wondering where you had gone to.

      • Anna

        Oh no, is Greg a Roman Catholic?

        The Son of God did not come to this earth to build His Church on a lowly human being (and a fickle one at that, as we all can be). ‘Peter’ translated can refer to a huge bedrock or a little stone – guess which one the apostle Peter was (hint: little). Christ built His Church on Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

        Jesus Christ is the Rock of the Old Testament, the Rock that Moses struck (and later on should have spoken to). Jesus is the Rock of Ages and the foundation of our faith. Peter does not enter into it.

        Oh, and Peter was the apostle to the Jews, not the Gentiles; so he most likely was never in Rome, hence he was not a pope.

        I don’t believe Greg said this.

        • Greg Hunter


          Raised Catholic but not anymore. Still very Christian though. What I gave was a pure Bible Quote from KJV “King James Bible”: “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


          • Anna

            Greg, my apologies for freaking out about the “Catholic” thing.

            Of course the Protestant interpretation of that famous verse is different from the Catholic. I prefer to have Christ the Eternal God as the Rock as per Peter’s confession; Peter is dead and gone and even if he had been the first pope it is still a human chain that followed him down through the ages, and we are not to look to men. Jesus is our Rock of our faith.

            I will still keep watching and recommending your videos. Thank you for clarification.


            • Greg Hunter

              No problem Anna–peace.

    • JC Davis

      Liz the church is a mirror. We/I must change myself with all the tools I can find. The church can help me see what I am made of. Try it.

      • aussie jeff

        Amen to that J C Davis!!
        Am I missing something ?? I have not seen CLS on here for a while now?

  49. LizG.,Kenya

    HONESTLY speaking,
    No more calling CLSister a Gov. troll.Even if the system will not work for you in the short term,for those who have “purposed” to die in the city globally will need to survive!She is right on point.No one is certain of how this collapse will happen.Slow motion/sporadic?
    But we will have somethin 2share if we get 2the other side.That’s our Blessed hope.Please..be tolerant coz we simply don’t know it all.If you are set,good for you.Some of us are slow learners BUT sure.

    • JC Davis

      Liz I have found nothing she has said that can be backed up with facts. Like scrapping’s on a chalkboard.

  50. Chris


    You have been delivering the same message for some time now. The intensity is increasing as we get further down this dead end road.

    If things were to come to a head all at once, perhaps we could deal with it. But the worse type if destruction is the slow burn, or the slow boil as we think of the frog analogy.

    I suspect things will continue as a slow burn, increase speed but avoid a total confrontation until “they” are ready to do so. This slow burn desensitizes people and works as a psych op to weaken their enemy (us).

    Do not give up, grow weary or fade. We know God is in control.

  51. Ugly

    I feel much better since the day I finally gave up on hope.

  52. LizG.,Kenya

    Not every wealthy member is arrogant.I guess you haven’t worked with some.If i was in the league,just playing the game,right now i could have made some cash.It really depends on how you see it.Either as a learning chance/opportunity.Don’t be bitter.
    If you have seen the light as at now,Thank God He has you in the Noah’s Ark.The rest,He will leave them to their own illusions.Trust me,you can’t change anyone.Only God can.
    He is God.His plan in motion for the disobedient ones.

  53. Don

    Dear Greg, in the book of Amos Chap. 3 verse 6, It says, if a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people be afraid, and if their is calamity in a city has not the Lord done it. I bring this up, because most younger people I know are reactionary and not proactive, or the type who takes the bull by the horns. The Lord reminds us that he will send judgment on a city or nation, if righteousness does not rule. Its time for the people to stand up, both in their homes and lives, and begin to demand righteous rule. If we do not repent as a nation, and seek his kingdom and righteousness, then our nation will be given over to evil and chaos, and destruction will take place. The scriptures also say, when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. If we do not put righteous people in office, we get what we got, today. We need strong Christian rulers, that can’t be bought and will prosecute evil doers. If this generation does not stand up now, even if it takes repentance on our part first, and demand it of our leaders, God’s judgment will fall. We’ve voted in a President and leaders that will not stand up for the constitution and Godly rule, and we’re getting what we’ve sowed. I have raised multiple children and have grandchildren, in which some have these same characteristics. We simply, have to get on God’s side, and repent if we’re any other minded. It saddens me as a believer in Christ to see our nation and society at this point, but we turned from the truth source of righteousness that is given as a gift, when a person receives Christ, turning from their sins, to him. If we with one voice, and mindset, demand righteous rule, and we turn back to God, he will heal our nation.

  54. Bill From NC

    Gotta think out side the box Greg. Your statement that there was no plan “B” for addressing the water shortage in California is inside the box thinking. Our leaders are working very hard on plan “B” plans. Two of the major ones are 1) Agenda 21 and 2) Jade Helm 15. What more do they need?

    • Art Barnes

      Interesting observation, Plan B is worst than Plan A, wonder wonder what Plan C is?

  55. rahrog

    “…war front … boiling … yemen, syria, libya, iraq, ukraine … ” all of which are countries that USA has deliberately destabilized in an effort to protect the ruling class and their petro-dollar. USA’s gods are The Mall, Mars, Mammon, and Moloch. It’s going to get VERY hot around here.

  56. JM

    Very good weekly news wrap! The way you see it right now is the way every American should see it. Thanks for telling it like it is and not BSing us like the MSM is doing. Keep up the good work! I’ve added a few new listeners for you this month. More will be on the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JM for the comment and promotion!

  57. Anna

    Great reporting as usual, Greg.

    Regarding people not cutting back on water in California – people know nothing of sacrificing for the common good. People don’t want to be told what to do – let somebody else do it. People are in their own little world out in cyberspace yakking about nonsense on their iPhones; even though they are “connected”, they know nothing. People refuse to be quarantined for illnesses (like during SARS in Toronto in 2003, they just walked out and went to work). Wait till the crisis hits, then it’ll be too late.

    Love the USA Today headline.

    It’s a different mindset in these end times. God will shortly do His work and separate His people out. Interesting times are ahead and I appreciate your interviews and WNWs.

    Faith in God. Fear not!!


    • Pondering

      Think of your parents and grandparents approach to living 60, 70, 80, plus years ago in times of crisis…..it was not ‘you’/’me’, it was ‘WE’!

  58. Thomas j harmon

    Greg I live in Burbank California these politicians in California are out of all control seriously , just a simple idea from a simple Irish guy why can’t we run plastic pipe from Washington or Seattle to Los Angeles like 2 foot in diameter plastic is way easier and lighter than concrete to construct and install if you put enough guys on the job you could run miles of pipe every day that’s just one solution, these idiot politicians their solution is take a five-minute shower . Too stupid to be stupid

    • Greg Hunter

      What is a house worth with no water? Unless NASA is wrong you folks are in deep trouble and nothing is being done as far as the reporting I can find. All the best and pray for rain but there has to be some other plan. If you get some news please report it here. Thank you.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, rain will help but frankly its 25 years too late, California climate can’t sustain the water use long term if it starts raining again because the last 150 years its been a slow slog down on snow & rainfall totals, it has be graphed & it shows a slow decline to an arid desert.

  59. Ugly

    Brave New World by Ugly (not Huxley).

    It happened. It was May 20, 2022. The madmen got mad and nuked the world over. A population of 7 billion was reduced to just 300 million. The NWO took over as planned. They were happy and controlled all assets including the remaining people. People they wanted, they kept. Those not were shown, well you know.

    This was Utopia for the NWO. The earth was theirs and they reduced it to just 200 million people total.

    But in one year weird things happened. The surviving men developed enlarged gonads with the chromosomes of xxy. The nukes they did, the chemtrails they did, the polluted waters they did, started to affect them.

    Their offsprings were different with the xxy. They had do give different children names such as Fredlinda.

    This started to affect the NWO family. So the NWO scientist were all called together to fix this problem. Not only were they producing Fredlinda’s but the nukes, chemtrails, GMOs were affecting their Utopian environment.

    Soon, their own policies were consuming them. The population in 8 years was only 50 million and 80% of those had syphilis. In 3 more years it was down to 50,000.

    Yes it was Utopia and the Brave New World.

    But of the 50,000 at least 40,000 had syphilis and the Fredlinda genes. So they fought. And they fought. And they fought.

    When it was done no homo sapiens were around. The Chimps started clapping and laughing. They said they were very thankful that they had never mutated. Now the dominant gene rules again.

  60. paul

    Interesting Zero Hedge post:
    The Shanghai Gold Exchange will “re-set” the price of gold in yuan toward the end of this year … challenging the century-old “front running fraudulent gold manipulation scheme” called the London Gold fix!

  61. MIke Gleason

    Dear Greg,

    Forgive me for harassing you in the recent past. You’re Ok.


  62. Jim

    Yeah well I think the inflation has been here a while. Women and me constantly being shocked at the grocery. Especially since I’m not in there regularly. Go buy some parts at your local yard equipment dealer and see how far your dollar goes. Do you really think the millennial kids getting out of school will be big buyers with huge school debt and not so great the job market? Usually good jobs for those at the top of the top of the class but what about the average student with a degree? Canaries in the coal mine along with other indicators all around us. Stay close to those you can count on in difficult times.

    • Art Barnes

      Jim, good observation, yes, inflation is serious out here in the real world. As the products cost more the average Joe Blow buys even less, its a slow slow to a third world status (economy). Its coming to a neighborhood near you!

  63. Coalburner

    That Aussi comment about the malls. No extra money to spend here in the USA. IT has been dwindling for years and the malls have been dieing for the same amount of time. They are not oming back here for a generation or two.
    As for the drought in Mexifornia, I have a lot for sale in ORegon on a big freshwater lake. Aside from that you better learn how to grow veggies in your back yard to suppliment the larder.
    Keep it up Greg:

  64. Paul Mallinson

    That was a GREAT wrap up Greg – a compelling summary. You masterfully pulled all those examples together to present an overwhelming case of ‘Crap and Corruption’. Well done. It certainly looks like there are major problems ahead. My sincere thanks for your efforts.

  65. Coalburner

    Just read Art Barnes comment from earlier in the week on the south, “Gone With The Wind”. Art, my compliments, a geat observation. It was lost before they started and still a 100 years later some had not faced the reality. The Middle Class is already gone. It is all over but the realization and the continued loss of the wealh that has not yet been realized. We are already broke, just some of us may be able to die before we have to admit it. The stackers will be last sanding but they will need lots of firepower to hold it even if they get to an offshore location.

    • Art Barnes

      Thanks Coalburner, appreciate your input, yes the middle class lost it without a fight, so sad… thank you for your astute observations as well. ab

  66. LizG.,Kenya

    Southern Girl,
    Church n State are separate.”Pay unto Ceaser..by Jesus.Mk12:17,Rm12:19,Jn19:10,11,Dan4:17,Pr21:1
    It’s very evident that people are getting over-emotional over things already ordained.
    Let them harvest what they planted.You should be thankin God you are awake.Those who “depend on man”
    are the ones to face the music.
    Trust me,the Gov. will go on even if they will be forced to operate from a bunker.God is coming to deal with the system which definitely includes His wrath on some men.

    • southern girl

      Liz G. You need to go back and read what I wrote. I said no where in OUR constitution does it say separation of Church and State. I did not ask from a quote from the Bible. These are obviously not the same thing. Man’s law versus God’s law.

  67. aussie jeff

    BTW……Thanks Greg for your wrap, it really helped me to appreciate why I try to put a bible in most places that I use regular, car,home one hidden etc.
    I also have been able to source a small solar powered bible which fits into the palm of your hand,it works fantastic and is available in a number of translations.Would recommend all Watch Doggers to keep a bible handy as I fear in time we will be banned from owning one.
    Keep the faith one and all!!

  68. Mike

    If you divide the 223000 “new jobs” (actually recycled) by 50, the number of states, you get an average of 4460 per state. What are they excited about?

    • Greg Hunter

      On top of that most are part time. John Williams says they are using gimmicks. As I have said a million times: There is no recovery on Main Street.

  69. dee garmon

    Wonderful report. When this does implode, probably later this year,
    politically correct, tele-commuting and latte sipping government cronies
    will see their properties looted by the same mobs they are promoting from
    their comfortable offices.

  70. Larry Carter

    Greg your weekly wrap up is a tour de force of accurate reporting. As we all know this deliberate ongoing farce of a financial system covered with lies will see the end to its power. Lies can’t cover and conceal forever. The truth will be found out the world will be set strait again. Keep it up. You are a light of honesty in an otherwise dishonest world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry.

    • Steve Rhoades

      Lies try to conceal force. Force doesn’t last forever.

  71. Jenny

    What can you do to find love and to become more lovable, and not just in a romantic sense? Get rich? Improve your physical appearance?

    BOTH men and women, seduced by advertising and influenced by the media, often look to such goals as solutions. Of course, it is natural and proper to care about how we look, but beauty—which is temporary at best—is not the cement of lasting bonds. Neither is wealth. What does help is showing unselfish love to others. “Practice giving, and people will give to you,” Jesus taught. (Luke 6:38) Simply put, if you want to be loved, show love.

  72. Donna


    Putin and his Chinese sidekick attended the Victory Day parade yesterday, barely a whimper of recognition in this country. You would think WWII never happened.

    A people who survived Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev ….. only to face financial collapse and now deal with this sand flea in the WH.

    Elena Vaenga (main singer posted in download above) presented over an hour of war tunes (yes, war tunes) from the WWII era. I found the audience as moving as anything on stage. To think we would want to bully up on a people who have been dragged through so much.

    First tune was “Sacred War.” In this country, the word sacred would be censored.

    • JC Davis

      Donna the USA military is the greatest the world has ever seen. Chickens don’t worry over the ant that got away.

  73. James Hastings

    I have a small collection of articles on the collapse of civilizations….I came across an article reprinted by “The Trumpet Weekly”, by Victor Davis Hanson, National Review.
    “What ruins societies is well known: too much consumption and not enough production, a debased currency, and endemic corruption. …..an unwillingness to pay taxes and the end of the rule of law.”

    Perfect summation of your rap-up. Your nailing it on the head.

  74. Jake

    Rand Paul/ Greg Hunter for President

  75. june

    One of your best weekly wrap ups ever! Keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you June.

  76. paul

    Remember when we were kids … and we had to choose up teams … doesn’t matter what sport we were playing … we always wanted to get on the team with the strong players … today two teams have chosen their players … the bankers on one side and us ordinary Joes on the other … the bankers team has all the powerful players on their side (Buffet, Hillary, etc.) … while we ordinary Joes look like a bunch of weaklings … but don’t be fooled … don’t bet the ranch on Satan’s team who have mighty Goliaths on their side … our team has a very humble but crafty God on our side … that can make a boy like David (or Greg in his weekly comments) bring a Goliath down with a single blow … not only do we have strength in numbers but we can put the evil team out of business simply by simply using the boycott strategy against what ever they throw at us … don’t want to drink their fire retardants in your soda simply don’t buy it … the power of the purse is mightier then the sword … and we have God on our side!

  77. LizG.,Kenya

    No comment.
    I owe you.Will send you some donation.
    Thank You for welcoming me.

  78. Steve Rhoades

    Wow Greg. You are a busy person. And effective too, you have some of the best interviews when it comes to reality.

    I wanted to share an article that fits into your narrative, as I’ve seen it: http://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/markets/item/20829-china-export-shipping-declines-by-two-thirds#

    That can’t be good. If you don’t mind, I’m doing a collection of news stories and put them on my site. I’ve included your interviews with Fitts. I’m still working on sorting for user interaction.

    Thanks and take care.

  79. Mike from the North

    Crazy times.

    There are a great number of good people here that follow you Greg and that is the best compliment we can give you.

    Our time with you here is time well spent.

    Something is coming.

    I witnessed military vehicle activity this weekend like never before.

    Did not look like a Sunday drive in the sun to me..

    • Greg Hunter

      Where did you see the military convoy?

      • Mike from the North

        Greg I do not want to be specific in order to protect my identity and location but it was here in Canada in an area known to have a military base.

        Within approx. 40 miles of said base. I observed at least six groups of vehicles with 6 to 10 vehicles in each group.

        More than I have ever seen before in this area at one time.

        Seemed weird to me to have this many vehicles out on main roads on Sunday (mothers day).

        Just made me uncomfortable having this much activity on a Sunday afternoon in full combat dress.

  80. Chip

    Wow Greg, great wrap up… all the best… Chip

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