WNW 190-Tensions Mount with Iran, China and Russia, Obama Trade War with Democrats, Dollar Down

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (5/15/15 Friday)

China is telling the U.S. to back off in the South China Sea, even though it is building islands for military bases there. China believes the South China Sea belongs to them, but many other countries, including America, say it’s always been international waters. You can add this to the perfect storm of troubles the U.S. is facing, and this time, it is with our largest creditor. The U.S. Navy is sending ships there but is not flying over the territory, at least not yet. So far, nothing has happened, but you can add this to the many problem spots in the world.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Vladimir Putin in Russia, which is one of China’s newest allies and business partners. Kerry reportedly discussed a variety of topics such as enforcing a meaningful ceasefire in Ukraine, but no deal was reached. My question is why has this taken so long, and why the urgency to send Kerry to make nice with the Russians after all the sanctions, threats and nasty words? Russia has been probing U.S. and NATO air space, and the U.S. has been beefing up troops and equipment in Eastern Europe. Is this going to turn into a real peace deal or is this the calm before the storm?

Iran is threatening ships in the Persian Gulf again. The latest incident involved a Singapore-flagged tanker that the Iranian Navy fired warning shots at to try to steer it to their port. The tanker allegedly damaged an Iranian oil platform a while back. A U.S. spokesman claims Iran is using force to settle monetary and legal disputes. The U.S. Navy was escorting ships through the Persian Gulf, and there is no word on whether it will start doing that again. This is not a sign that things are settling down in the Middle East, and if Iran really thought it was going to get a nuke deal, would it be escalating tensions? I have predicted there will be no deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. By the way, a few top leaders in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries dissed the President at his summit in Camp David that was supposed to allay fears of his nuke deal with Iran. Arabs (Sunnis) are distrustful of Iran’s (Shia) intentions and its military actions around the Middle East.

The President has one heck of a fight going on over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, but it’s not with Republicans. It’s with a large part of his own party. The President has shown his disdain for Democrats blocking the trade pact by saying they are uninformed and just playing politics. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is a critic of the deal, says it is all being negotiated in secret, and if it is so good for America, then let’s see the details. Republicans think it will be a boost to commerce, but some Democrats, and also Libertarians of the Tea Party, worry that it will kill jobs and infringe on U.S. sovereignty. Democrats fighting with the President and Republicans joining forces with the President sounds like a script from the “Twilight Zone.” I am with Senator Warren on this one. If it was such a good deal, then let’s see the details before the deal is done. It should not be an up or down vote with no changes after the negotiation is finished.

In the economy, rising interest rates have spooked the bond market. Rates are up ½% in about the last three months or so. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is a big percentage increase when you consider the 10 year was around 1.7%, and now it’s around over 2.2%. My friend Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the market is “firing a warning shot” to say there is trouble ahead. Mannarino calls this a “tremor” and an earthquake may not be far behind. He says the Fed can’t raise rates and the market knows it, but then again, the market is trying to set rates without the Fed. Gold is also up on fears the bond market, and the collateral backing up trillions of dollars of derivatives and debt, could become impaired.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Ugly

    There really isn’t any good news on the horizon. I would say cherish each day we have right now. Don’t waste them. Today and tomorrow will never come back. These are the last of the good ol days of America, so cherish them. Hug your kids. Tell everyone hello. And be wary. Life may change without a moments notice.

    • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

      Very sound advice Ugly.From across the pond it does look especially Orwellian in the USA – No more freedom in the ‘land of the free’ with your 93 million out of work, Fema camps, Baltimore, leaders who’ve become fascists, etc. Very hard here in the UK to know quite where it will all go for us from hereon. Clearly the new Tory government will make life harder for those on benefits, whilst our so-called improved employment figures are doctored largely to accommodate a growing number on zero hour contracts working for Sports Direct, Burger King or Costas. Our bankers are still being pampered while perpetuating the havoc in our economy. Sadly as we’re already seeing, old alliances count for nothing and notwithstanding the red herring of the TPP it’s going to be a case of each western nation looking out for itself.

      • Ugly

        Besides Daniel and Revelation and Matthew 24…

        This is definitely.
        Animal Farm

    • RichM

      Great advice Ugly. I have actually been less of my “good ole self” the last few years because of the gloom and doom, market manipulations, and discust with out politicians and knowing what I believe will happen to our great country. Its taken a toll on my attitude. Yet, realizing this, I think as Greg always says… Fear NOT “and most of all spritually” is so importnat. That means both our realtionship with our God, but also a relationship with those we love or can help… our wife and kids, friends and extended family, neighbors, even some co-workers and acquaintances and all of our fellow men when the opportunity arises. I also believe to look for opportunities and gladly be willing to provide service to help our fellow men and women even in small ways. It is like a higher law or consienceness to do so, above and beyond our time and temporal needs. These are what we were taught to do in the Gospels, through His examples. If you think about it, Jesus Christ also lived in a time of a police state, corruption, and political turn-oil, violence and crimes against humanity. His example and follwing it may very well save us.

      • susan

        Thank you Rich, that was exactly what I needed to hear along with ugly. I am going to begin taking care of others and preparing to help others after the crash. I already have been collecting children’s clothing and shoes and blankets, etc. to help others during the crisis. I am now on a mission,

        • RichM

          Thanks Susan. What you are doing sounds amazing. There will be so many scared and unprepared people out there and many of them are good folks. Many of my friends have no clue what is coming. I cannot imagine turning away starving children and I am sure the Lord will call many to rise to the occasion and hope many will serve and do the right thing even when under tyranny. I believe we are saved by grace but that does not mean we do not do our parts to perform good acts to help those who we can. I think when Greg says to be spitually prepared, we can protect ourselves from becoming carnal and animalistic in such times as might be our core instincts to be to survive…. and that may mean not just hiding, but helping others. Still I will protect as many as I can as well and hopefully be able to discern those who are of good heart as opposed to those who mean to do us harm. Greg is so right, we need not fear… whether dead or alive… but I do not think I can allow myself and those I am responsible for to fall into bondage…. which I do not fear either assuring I do not or fear as I die trying.

      • aussie jeff

        I’m always soo encouraged when I see Bible believing folk such as Ugly,Charles H …..Allen Ols JC Davis and now RichM, of course besides our Host Greg who is a constant mix of what’s happening in the real world and also whats going to Happen in the Kingdom of God.
        To see the manifestation of other people’s faith on this site can give you a lift just when you need it ……so keep up the good work fellow brothers/sisters in Christ.

    • paul

      The military is warning its people to get to “high ground” (at least 600 feet above sea level) … because they fear an impending asteroid and meteor swarm strike … that is projected to fall somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean … anywhere from 200 miles off the coast of Brazil to 100 miles off the coast of England … ordinary people are not being “officially informed” so as to prevent panic … but are being subliminally warned … through “dramatizations” like the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIF8jpr8qdM

      • paul

        The above scenario was a “worst case dramatization” about what humanity may have to prepare for … the following is what is “really going to happen” as explained by a top scientist between 2029 and 2036 … and that is that a huge asteroid “will hit” Earth ( with the equivalent of force of 100,000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs) unless we somehow push it out of the way … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NyG4q4HK08

        • paul

          There is talk of an impact in September 2015 … but I don’t have a top scientist verifying it … however I present it below … just in case … because many people may be sitting back waiting for 2035 to begin their preparations … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNv1nGp2L6E

    • BH

      Way to go, short and pithy!!!

      • Matilda Walzting

        We exchanged our tinfoil hats for pith helmets!

  2. Lane

    Why are you harping on written documentation?! These are the Common Core folks – they can’t read, can’t write, can’t add!
    ObamaTrade = Obamacare If you like your job\business, you can keep your job\business

  3. Mason Goodwin

    Thanks for the great Wrap-Up once again Greg!

    with regard to Democrats including Elizabeth Warren teaming up with the libertarians/Tea Party against President Obama and the mainstream Republicans, this is NOT something out of the Twilight Zone
    (only if you can’t see through to the false right/left paradigm)

    On the contrary, this is cristal clear. I will spell it out:
    Libertarians/Tea Party members are upset about: Government having way too much power.
    Occupy Wall Street Democrats are upset about: Corporations having way too much power.
    Both of them are upset about: Large corporations lobby for the government to have more power, and in return the government enacts laws and regulations favorable to large corporations.

    In short: this is about ultra-wealthy really well-connected-revolving-door-CRONY capitalists against everyone else.

    [BTW: Martin Armstrong predicts the rise of a third party in 2016 and you may well see the beginnings of this with the TPP fight]

    I think maybe it also wouldn’t hurt to mention some details why the TPP is bad: such as that provisions would enable multinational corporations to undermine public interest rules through an international tribunal process called investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).

    From the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

  4. Siggy Engle

    Greg – I’m not buying anymore of your relentless neg-head b.s. It’s a brand new daybreak. A New Morning in America! You’ve got to start looking on the bright side. Give your kids a good smile in the morning – tuck them in with tender loving care at night.

    South China Sea? Not a problem – we’ll kick their butts if they get out of line. And they know it. Anyway, China is an implosion waiting to happen.

    Persian Gulf? Same thing. We’ll knock the stuffing out of them if they can’t learn to behave.

    As well, the dollar is only going through a temporary correction. Mark my words it will be at or near 120 by mid-summer. Your 401K will save the day.

    • JC Davis

      Siggie This must be the Weakly wrap up joke. I get it. China is not the country it was before we gave them nuclear secrets to deliver weapons around the globe. Also our JOBS, and not they own the most of our real country by debt. Too funny man you crack me up. Hey what if we just destroy the world and save America…LOL All if fine in my home so the world must be ok also.

    • Ugly

      And all that will happen while you watch Scooby Doo reruns.

    • Mike from the North

      America is not the Almighty.

      America is a nation that has lived to excess for decades. Much of it on the dime of others.

      Yes, it has mighty weapons, but if it chooses to take on the world with those weapons to get its way much longer it will simply destroy us all.

      The WORLD is about the change.

      Greed is about to take us down. I do not mean American Greed I mean greed everywhere.

      A Greek haircut in the European Banking System will be the starting point.

      We can either find away to rebuild or we can destroy ourselves, those are our choices.

    • john

      That was a very funny commit Siggy….. I must say, you have a great sense of humor…..

  5. Dan

    “Obama is out of truth capital” I love it!!! Although I prefer to just say he’s a liar many times over!

  6. Silence is Golden

    Slight divergence.

    Who is Abid Gilani ?

    Sympathies to his family.

  7. Silence is Golden

    You get the slam dunk of the week on your wrap of the Bond and Interest rate scenario. You have been paying attention. 😉 Not to sound condescending….You are speaking like a market Vet. I am impressed. Pretty soon you wont need GM to provide advice ….you will be giving it.
    Well done.
    BTW…..The “Collateral” is impaired….Already!!!
    Consider who issued it in the first place. It isn’t going to be repaid this century.
    …NEVER !!!!

    • JC Davis

      Consider who issued it in the first place ? FED BANKSTERS.

      • Silence is Golden

        The US Govt. does the issuing…the FED facilitates the Debt Monetisation.
        The point….the US is a broken ship…bankrupt beyond all repair….and the Bond Market requires “A” Grade quality Collateral ….should I say….something you can hang your hat on. The Bond market is the same fantasy that is the Fiat currency money game…..based on worthless debt…..and a broken system. It will come unstuck and trigger even larger derivatives…then its game on….no CB will stop the fall.

        • JC Davis

          Sig. I my life collateral has always had to be tangible. Not true with bonds ? The illusion of worth is all a bond is based on ? So hypothecation of bonds is failing in confidence. When all confidence is gone the bond market will have no recourse but to dismantle. Is this right?

  8. Tommy

    When Obama and the Republican senate want to pass a secret trade bill that no one can read before it’s voted on you know that the 1% (or maybe it’s the .1%) are in charge. Our elected “representatives” are representing those who are funding and/or threatening them, not the people who voted for them.

    • Ugly

      Ben Carson for Prez.

      • susan

        You got it, ugly!!!!

        • Ugly


  9. Joanna

    HI Greg! Excellent weekly wrap up (as usual).
    I was watching the devil’s eye last night. As my ex-Grandmother in law use to call it. She had no TV in her 275 year old house (smart woman).
    I find it interesting that some of the TV shows are openly talking about the secret Government.
    On Blacklist last night, Red (main character) pulls in the top 11 Journalist in the world to expose information on this secret society. This is what he said:
    “They are among the most powerful men and women on the planet. They are also apart of a conspiracy. A shadow Government that spans every continent and has for the past three decades consisting of leaders in world Government and the private sector. Some call this the Cabal. The world you live in is the world they want you to think you live in. They start wars, create chaos and when it suits them, they resolve it. Cabal members will move more money in the next quarter then the world bank will move in the next year. Their alliance affects sea change in every aspect of human life. The value and distribution of commodities, money, weapons, water, fuel. The food we need to live. The information we rely on to tell us who we are.”
    One of the reporters ask, “What exactly do you want us to do with this information”.
    Red states, “Study it. Investigate it to determine the truth and report it. Let me be clear, investigating this group will immediately position you as a threat. If you do what I’m asking, you will be putting your life and the lives of the ones you love at risk. In the end, the truth will out. Not all of us will live to see that day…….but the TRUTH WILL OUT!”

    Of course I immediately thought of you. The risk you’re taking by exposing the truth. I know it’s a huge sacrifice to leave your matrix job and live “outside” of the system being a voice of truth. I thank you! We all thank you!
    The one question I had and I thought maybe some of the smartest people that comment on your site would have some thoughts. Between this show and the new show coming out in June on USA called “Mr. Robot” (check out the trailer).

    What are the “powers that be” doing? Why is this conversation happening on the “Devils Eye?” This stuff was always labeled “conspiracy theory” and people were laughed at for even thinking it. So, I need to ask, Why? Why are they making shows about it now? Why are they openly talking about it? I don’t trust any of it and wonder if there is a motive to this information making it into our minds through the devils eye. There’s always a deeper motive. Call me paranoid!
    I’d love to hear your thoughts and your viewer’s thoughts.
    Sorry for the length. I know you want us to keep it short!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are good on length and this was interesting! Thank you!!

      • Silence is Golden

        Keep in mind that Hollywood is a Babylonian successor.
        The questions to be asking are…..
        What is the real Truth?….
        What are the real Facts?
        They are masters at creating perception and fear…. and for deflecting and distracting the public from matters of importance.
        Their MO is to instil cognitive dissonance overtly amongst the masses.
        Their higher agenda is to control the human race….at all cost. This ultimately involves the destruction of all beliefs to such a point that the remaining choices are limited.
        There is NOTHING of benefit that emanates from the Great Babylon of the West.

    • JC Davis

      Joanne. Silence is Golden has posted many things about the motives of the Cabal. Like you I have found it strange that they are openly talking about it. Good post Jo. JC

      • Mason

        Good question indeed. Hiding in plain sight perhaps?

    • Mason

      Dear Joanna,

      The best explanation I have EVER seen about the powers behind the scenes, also known as the New World Order comes from a lecture from G. Edward Griffin (also known as the author of the famous book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” about the Fed). Anyway, the title of the lecture is:
      The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves”

      “Quigley” is the late Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton.

      The lecture is based around the following quote from his book Tragedy & Hope, pp. 1247-1248:

      “The National parties and their presidential candidates, with the Eastern Establishment assiduously fostering the process behind the scenes, moved closer together and nearly met in the center with almost identical candidates and platforms, although the process was concealed as much as possible, by the revival of obsolescent or meaningless war cries and slogans (often going back to the Civil War)….The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. … Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

      The lecture can be seen on:

      I´m sorry Greg, but that is exactly why it sometimes just gets to me when you focus your WNW too much on the difference between Democrats or Republicans. It just doesn´t matter: it´s the same difference. It´s the Republocrat Party.
      Finally, kudo´s for you for finally mentioning the militarization of the police on the WNW.

      Anyway, Joanne, I promise you will not regret watching his lecture!
      Just one tip: ignore the audience and focus on the content of the lecture.
      If you decide to view the lecture, please let me know what you think about it. For me, it just blew me away!

      • Joanna

        Thank you Mason.
        I’m aware of G. Edward Griffin and the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” but I haven’t heard of or listened to the lecture, The Quigley Formula. I will most certainly check it out.
        Thanks again! I really appreciate your feedback.

      • Mason

        like I said, kudos for finally mentioning that the police is becoming militarized, however I have to point out that you’re a little late if even Obama now announces restrictions on military gear for police:

        I mean, if even a NWO proponent such as Obama thinks the militarization is getting out of hand, it should have been a regular topic on USAWatchdog a long time ago already.

        True, the bankers and politicians are financing and pushing this agenda. And true, they want to stay in power when this blows up. And true, you can’t vilify the police and paint them all with the same brush. And true, I think it is instrumental to get the police on the side of the people.
        But the rise of the Police State should be reported on nevertheless, because it is among one of the more important topics, in my opinion.

    • Mike from the North

      The reason is…everything happens for a reason.

      The direction of the thing we call our lives is under the control of others. We think what we think because they control what we see and hear.

      I agree that TV is their greatest tool. With this they lull us to sleep or let us believe we know what goes on in the world. Meantime they direct it all.

      Sites like these can and are becoming a risk.
      Individuals can and have bee silenced.

      The search for power and the greed of money has created a situation where time is now short.

      Having said all of this…I believe they will eventually loose control over us but when that happens life will become very difficult.

    • Matilda Walzting

      Who Really Controls the World?

      Do you think it is . . .



      the cabal?

      someone else?


      “The Evil One controls the whole world.”—1 John 5:19.

      “The Son of God came . . . to destroy the devil’s work.”—1 John 3:8, New Century Version.


      Logical explanations for the world’s problems.—Revelation 12:12. Reason to believe that our world will change for the better.—1 John 2:17.

      Satan controlling the world’s politics, military, religions, and people


      Yes, for at least three reasons:

      Satan’s rulership is doomed. God is determined to bring Satan’s control over mankind to an end. He promises to “bring to nothing . . . the Devil” and undo all the damage that Satan has caused.—Hebrews 2:14

      God has chosen Jesus Christ to rule the world. Jesus is the complete opposite of this world’s present cruel, selfish ruler. Concerning Jesus’ kingship, God promises: “He will have pity on the lowly and the poor . . . From oppression and from violence he will rescue them.”—Psalm 72:13, 14.

      God cannot lie. The Bible plainly states: “It is impossible for God to lie.” (Hebrews 6:18) When Jehovah promises to do something, it is as good as done! (Isaiah 55:10, 11) “The ruler of this world will be cast out.”—John 12:31.


      What will the world be like after its ruler is removed?

      The Bible answers that question at PSALM 37:10, 11 and REVELATION 21:3, 4.

      • Greg Hunter

        Matilda Walzting,
        Thank you for this. Clean, concise, truth! “Fear Not.”

  10. Robert E. Salt

    Dear Abby,…..My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning, and when I confront him, he denies everything. What’s worse, everyone knows he cheats on me. It’s so humiliating. Also, since he lost his job 15 years ago, he hasn’t even looked for a new one. All he does all day is smoke cigars, cruise around and shoot the bull with his buddies, while I have to work to pay the bills. Since our daughter went away to college, and is now married, he doesn’t even pretend to like me, and even hints that I may be a lesbian. What should I do?…..Signed: Clueless_____ Dear clueless,…..Grow up and dump him. You don’t need him anymore! Good grief woman, you’re running for President of the United States.

    • southern girl

      Robert, I’m still laughing. Thanks for the uplifting advise.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Love it Robert!

    • JC Davis

      Robert that is so good.
      I had to copy and paste to my facebook wall.

  11. Art Barnes

    Greg, you finally said and or admitted that our police forces are being militarized, took you long enough to state it publicly, but now you are blaming the politicians for the militarization; fair enough but shortsighted, can you tell me if any police departments in the country are refusing to accept the weapons and military training? I don’t think you can. Simply put, the politicians have an agenda and our police forces are blindly & willingly going along with that agenda whether they know it or not. The American police are being trained to be killers for the elite when the time comes to impose martial law, reset the currency & or shove down their totalitarian agenda down our throats. Thank you for publicly commenting on the militarization as it is alarming to say the least.

    • Greg Hunter

      Art I have said it before, but the bankers and politicians are fin acing and pushing this agenda. They want to stay in power when this blows up.

      • Keith

        The nazi concentration camp guards went home to nice dinners and listened to symphony records with the wife and children every evening. How? Because they had been brainwashed into believing that the human beings in the camps were less than human – or that the inmates ‘s religious beliefs qualified them for sub-human status – even extermination. The Jesuit Fourth Reich NWO continues to creating the same fear of and hatred for muslims currently (with the bogus CIA/Mossad run ISIS), but is clearly also turning the surveillance/totalitarian police state inward here in the US. I expect that one day in the not to distant future, the internet will be taken down and if/when it comes back up, sites like this one will be no more..
        To Johanna above – Hellywood and the MSM are doing things out in the open more and more now. And their goal is the same whether they creep around in secret or openly communicate in TV shows or movies – create fear, confusion, and a sense of hopelessness. The best way to overcome those are by focusing on their polar opposites – faith, clarity of mind and purpose (knowledge), and hopeFULLness. regardless of how crazy things ‘appear’. God is sovereign and He won’t allow the present evil and craziness to continue any longer than He has predestined; His will WILL be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

        • Greg Hunter

          And boy is he going to be angry when he returns. He will not be whipped and hung on a cross the next time. Been there done that.

  12. Jerry

    Greg the economic war is just about over, and China won. Here you have Israel joining the AIIB. What does that tell you about the dollars future?

    American hubris and arrogance has sealed our doom. Its easy to print money into oblivion and run up debt, as long as everybody else agrees to pay for it. But when they refuse to, then what? Like my dad used to say “no one is irreplaceable”. That includes us.
    It has often been said that the Chinese need us to buy their good so thy wouldn’t dare replace the dollar. That may have been true once but when you consider over 5000 retail stores will be closing soon, including Sears and Radio Shack filing for bankruptcy, that theory may not hold true much longer. Because of our debt and failed economy, we are no longer an asset. We are a liability. No wonder the Chinese told us to get lost in the South China Sea. What are we going to do about it? Ah nothing!

    • JC Davis

      Jerry time to start making wine. Tomorrow no one knows. One thing is sure China is not the country we grew up knowing, neither is America. Roles have reversed. Now the confidence in money will.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Every man and his proverbial dog is joining the AIIB.
      The BRICS and the rest of the world are pulling the pin and will no longer finance the US neocon’s perpetual wild and reckless party.
      They STOPPED BUYING THE DEBT…. it took a wee while but they woke up even if it did take a tad over 100 years……the solution was quite simple and straight forward in the end!
      Have a great weekend Jerry, Greg and fellow WDers .

      • paul

        Is another party ending? … the Kansas City Fed says “farmland prices are falling for the first time in almost 30 years” … credit conditions are weakening … high input costs have reduced profit margins … so concern is mounting about farmers ability to repay their loans … fear is that the farming industry is in such dire straits there could be potential for a liquidity crunch in 2016 … so is the US farmland fairytale ending as US Industrial Production also weakens for the 5th month in a row? … I don’t think so … it looks to me like a good excuse is being made for the Fed to announce QE4!

        • paul

          I wonder if Rick Ackerman still thinks the dollar index is going to 120? … what I see in the following chart is the dollar index falling to between 88 and 91 before a dead cat bounce!

          • Jerry

            The dollar will be history before November. Rick Ackerman? The mans a hustler. I’ve seen them before.

            • Greg Hunter

              Rick may be wrong but he is not dishonest. I have known him for a long time and would have never put him on if I though he was not sincere with his convictions. Might I point out, Ackerman has been spot on, right up until the last interview. I do get your point and Ackerman sure looks wrong now. Of course, who knows what the cabal will do to kick the can. I appreciate all your input here.

        • Jerry

          They’re all corporate farms now owned by Monsanto. A close friend does see development for them. That’s how I know.

      • Jerry

        So true Colin.
        How about this one? The Saudi’s waiving bye, bye to the petrodollar.
        Keep stacking and storing my friend.

      • JMiller


        The world certainly has not stopped buying U.S. debt. The latest TIC report (Major Foreign Holders of Treasuries) shows that most countries, including even China and Russia, actually increased their Treasury holdings in March. China’s Treasury holdings increased by a large amount, over $37 billion.


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          J Miller
          With respect it all depends what you mean by the ‘world’ buying US debt
          A lot of these ‘purchases’ are simply slight of hand shrouded deals between central banks which give the impression that there is still demand for US T-bills.
          Much of this demand for US debt has been farcical and staged.

          Take for example the ‘Belgian bulge’ last year where this tiny country suddenly appeared to buy billions of US debt. This was obviously very embarrassing when every man and his dog knew full well that it was not Belgium doing the buying and that they were indeed a front for in-house buying by the central bank cabal.

          Belgium’s ‘buying’ has now been bolstered by what some people call the BLICS [Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland, Caymen Islands,Switzerland etc.]. These countries now pose as buyers and try to propagate the illusion that there is genuine demand for these T-bills. In essence no one wants them anymore unless they are GIVEN the money to buy them with.

          If you look at some of the individual reductions of bond holdings in the last few years many of them are very dramatic e.g.
          – domestic US holdings $1.6Tr down to $800B
          – BRICS $1Tr down to -ve $49 billion
          – Opec – 50% reduction
          Japan of course cannot reduce their holdings because the US would simply not allow them to.
          My research tells me that China has reduced their holdings quietly from some $1.3 Tr to $1Tr.
          It is clear that legitimate bond buyers are no longer buying and this roll has been taken over by these second tier central banks.
          Remember too that the FED owns roughly 50% of the 10 and 30 year bonds plus god only knows how much of the stock market as well.

          I’m afraid if you think this demand for US debt is genuine then you are sadly mistaken.

    • Jerry

      Greg, the evidence is piling up for the Yuan to receive SDR drawing rights by October. This is it. I can’t say it, any clearer.

      But true to form, Americans won’t even give it thought, until its up in their grill. Its matter of whether you want to brace for impact, or take a blind sided roundhouse kick to the head. Either way its coming.

    • Mike from the North

      Yes, the World is turning away.

      Our greed and arrogance has finally broke the cycle.

      A new world is about to emerge.

  13. OutLookingIn

    “using force to settle monetary and legal disputes”.

    Sounds like a country we are VERY familiar with! lol

    People who live in a glass house, should not throw stones.

  14. southern girl

    Love all your takes. I need your Weekly NWN to keep up with all that is going on. Where there is confusion or nothing makes sense. . there is evil. If all the politicians and what they are doing does not make sense you know evil abounds. I don’t trust any of the politicians anyway, especially those that say they are CATHOLICS. I can say that because I am Catholic as the Pope. I am so ashamed of all those who are on Capital Hill who say they are and then circumvent anything that has to do with what is right. Maybe they should seek confession. Look how many Catholics are on the Supreme Court and yet hand down their views without thinking of what is REALLY RIGHT. Oh! and I love the one where Caroline Kennedy says she is a good Catholic but believes in abortion. WHAT???? There is too much moral relativism out there. Everyone does not have the right to choose what is right and wrong. Where did the moral conscious go?? People should know the difference between right an wrong, but the politians when they get caught always say, “Wait until the truth comes out and I will be exonerated.” Then later on they go to jail.
    I am so glad you brought up the fact about John Kerry in Russia. Yeah! why after we started the coup in Ukraine are we just now meeting with Putin. I tell you I think the US should quit poking the Bear in the butt. If we keep this up I think they will do harm to us. You just can’t go around the whole world and play bully and not expect something in return. The whole Middle East is in turmoil for a reason. But someone is going to have to pay the piper. I’m just afraid it is us.
    My suggestion surround yourselves with good like minded people. Leave the confusion at the door when you come home to your family. Continue to be the best person you can and pray the rest will wake up someday.

    • john duffy

      You are so right. I too, am Catholic and distraught over what has happened to the church in the western world over the last 50 years. It is estimated that only 8 or 9% of christians truly believe and practise their faith. If half of them were truly Christian there would be no abortion or corrupt politicians and judges etc and this country would not be in the mess it is in. You have to carefully discern your bishops and priests as the church has been infiltrated by homosexuals. a good catholic web site that exposes all these problems in the church is

      • southern girl

        John Duffy, Thanks I will look into the site. I usually go to spritdaily.com. It is run by the author Michael Brown. You might like it also as it is Catholic.

  15. eddiemd

    The Chinese control both sides of the Panama Canal. They took over the companies that control the shipping after the USA vacated. I noticed in my travels over the past 20 years to Peru that the Chinese have moved in. They bought up large casinos, hotels, and property in and outside Lima. In addition they bought up mining rights throughout the region. I suspect they need the rare mineral resources for their economy and military.

    It is interesting to note that the Chinese are also proposing a new canal across Nicaragua. They already control the Panama Canal.

    It is almost time for the war to kick off again in Ukraine. Ground has thawed and the mud will be drying out. Historically offensive operations begin about this time. Back in the 1980’s during the cold war, the Reforger exercise occurred at this time on a yearly basis. Reforger was a large NATO operation that included deployment of SOF from stateside to support units in Europe. Forward operating bases were set up in England and southern Spain to support ops in Germany, Italy, Denmark, etc.


    What became of the airborne battalion from the 173rd Airborne unit out of Italy that was sent to Ukraine 2 months ago? It would be unusual for this type of unit to “train” Ukrainian forces. I doubt that they have the language capability for the job. That type of training is the job of Special Forces. An airborne battalion is more likely a tripwire for an excuse to go in. I saw youtube video of the troops arriving in Ukraine and they appear to be young troops fresh out of basic training.

    They might have sent some NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) and medical troops from the 173rd which would be more likely. NBC capability is not really part of the Special Forces forte. (well, maybe in some cases of offensive covert ops)

    I caught some news the past few weeks of two Chinese naval destroyers entering the Black Sea. I have not heard about them leaving or if they docked in Crimea. It would be interesting to get an update on what ships are currently in the Black Sea. For that matter what ships are in the Baltic Sea or the Gulf of Mexico. The Russians float ships and subs into the Gulf of Mexico on a regular basis; sometimes known and sometimes unknown.

    The Alaskan pipelines across Canada to the lower 48 are always very vulnerable. Also the refinery at Valdez.

  16. Steven Rigdon

    Greg, thanks for your insight. Your web site is the one that I go to first for the news. Going to Sam’s club to stock up on more dried beans today. Trying to purchase as many shelf stable goods and every day items that we know we will use in the future. As far as returns it’s one of the best investments I can think of. So far I cant think of a single item we purchased and stored that has gone down in price. Many of them have skyrocketed in with 20-30% gains! Just six months ago we purchase several 8-packs of Ivory bath soap bars from Walmart for $2.97 each, today the same item is $3.97. And I know that we will be clothed and fed as a bonus…

  17. Horsenut

    I guess we shouldn’t have named it “The South China Sea.” LOL Did anyone notice the gift that Vlad gave Kerry? A bag of Potatoes. That an insult in Russia. When I Russian gives you a gift, it is something that is unusual or hard to get. Kerry just got handed his Ass.

    • Charles H.

      Great insight – which puts a real face on where America has come to.

      • Matilda Walzting

        Charles we missed you, you Michigander, you! Like Lincoln said during the Civil War, thank God fer Michigan and we thank God your back, welcome back Charles!

        P.S. Charles we miss that” other Michigander oh so much too, “Doc”, Mohammad. If you see him, tell him to get his bum, “butt,” back up here, or we’ll take away his stethoscope! Hope he’s not back in Syria? Our prayers go with you Mohammad, our dear friend and be careful wherever you are.

  18. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. They keep twisting that rubber band tighter. At some point, its going to rupture and it ain’t gonna be pretty. They don’t have as much control as they think. Its like a loose steering wheel. The more you use it without fixing, the worse it gets until yOu turn it one day and nothing happens.

  19. paul

    Remember the Monroe Doctrine … what goes around comes around … so now China is saying “stay out” of the South China Sea and Russia is saying “stay out” of the Black Sea … the big goose has to get to accept what these gander (including Iran) want.

    As for the TTP … I guess not enough harm has been done to the American worker … the powers that be want to take even more jobs away from the American people … perhaps we should be looking upon this as a blessing in disguise where the privileged and exceptional American people are in effect being allowed “not to work anymore” and simply given a free paycheck by the government for all their daily living expenses because it sounds like Utopia!

    The slight rise in interest rates being seen should be strengthening the US dollar … but it is not … which means to me the Fed probably has a “stealth” QE4 program presently underway … a good economist will likely soon find out exactly how the Fed is “stealthily easing” … that “economist” may just be the gold and silver market … which seems to be picking up a bid … and beginning to rise!

  20. Galaxy 500

    It seems like the Fed, as seller and the defacto buyer has the maximum amount of control on bonds. If they are in fact losing control to their premier control vehicle, how soon before their are wild swings in things they have less control over? Ever seen something out of balance soon at high RPM? You get the picture.
    I see people here are planning for hard times. Only a fool would look at the world today and not prepare for hard times. Fear not. God loves us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen 500!

  21. Shawn

    Another great post…. I have been lurking for a year or so and have been preparing for years for the eventful moment – whenever that may be…

    I already have purchased all (metals, protection, farm land w/hydro electric, etc) that I need to get through whatever event may take place – even prepared for EMP….. I am rather handy and roughing it/living close to the land is not a problem.

    Although the “end” my be imminent, it might not be…. The system has a way to keep kicking the can down the road…. so, I am trying to simultaneously prepare for the end being tomorrow as well as 10 years from now…

    Where I am stuck and need some of thoughts on, is what to do with my 401k.
    My fund choices can be found at: https://www.accurecord-direct.com/pdffiles/vstm/VistaPerfChart.pdf

    What top 3-5 funds would have the least likely chance of tanking in the near term? I would think bonds would be the worst…. I am not interested at this time to take a loan against it so as to have it in the event nothing happens for 5-10-15 years…

    Just trying not to put all my eggs in one basket..

    Thanks in advance….

    Thanks in advance

    • Greg Hunter

      You main problem are the brokerages and the only one I would use is Edward Jones. If you want to hold stocks do not have them in funds. Hold the individual stock and if you can get the paper certificate that would be ideal. I am not a money manager and cannot advise you. This is just my gut feeling. Thank you for sharing your strategy.

      • Shawn

        I have over the past years, sold all of my stocks – bought bullion. However, in my 401k, no stocks, just funds…. Where I work I am forced to use their fund provider… So I am stuck with a bunch of funds to chose from…

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t know what to tell you–anyone else?

        • Ugly

          Chose them because nobody knows exactly when this will end. I have have some. Will cash in one more mutual fund. After that I will keep my American Funds mutual and my NW life insurance. You still got to have some optimism. Just not 100%.

      • Smaulgld

        why Edward Jones? Getting the cert is a good idea but you’ll need to work out a way with your broker through the mechanics of selling it when the time comes

    • southern girl

      I am no money manager in fact I’m a retired educator. What you might look into is seeing if you can get your 401K rolled over to an IRA. I took my IRA and purchased gold and silver ETF’s and made about $34,000. in four months around 2011. I noticed on your list there is a company called Fidelity. The company that I bought my ETF’s from was an arm of Fidelity. I sold my whole position and purchased gold and silver coins which they held. You can pay them a fee or cash out and take delivery. You will have to see if you meet the requirement for pulling the coins out, such as you are a certain age or you have been declared disabled. If not the IRS will hit you for an additional 10% on top of what you will owe the IRS when that capital is added to your wages and income. You will have to weigh what you can afford. Something in your hands is better than nothing. I struggled with what you are trying to figure out and tried to listen to the best minds. In the end you have to go with your gut. I’m of the mind that the SHTF September 13, 2015. I will pull all I can out of our bank accounts and sit tight. If nothing happens then come Monday deposit only what you need. You have to know in your gut that we are too far down the road in debt. I can already hear the toilet flushing. Hope you have prepared with food, water, medicine, etc. and don’t forget God. Best wishes!

      • Shawn

        Thanks for the advice. I am pretty well prepared for as much as I can be prepared for! 🙂

    • Rambos Monster

      I converted my wife’s IRA to the lowest percentage of equity holdings possible a year ago. Basically, just savings. I invest but I manage it myself. I buy the $SLV ETF every time it hits 15.00 and sell higher EVERY time. I own a ton of Au / Ag physical also. I also own three stocks… RMGN, COSI and IDN. If you can’t do the homework or be a nimble quick trader please remain in cash, PMs, land, food and water. JMO. Fear not.

      • Shawn

        Thanks for the advice.

    • JMiller


      I have been invested in mutual funds for 25 years with Vanguard and Fidelity. Since Greg was kind enough to open it up to anyone who might want to give you some advice I will do so. I am assuming that you are still with this employer so you can’t do a IRA transfer or rollover. You ask “What top 3-5 funds would have the least likely chance of tanking in the near term”. The only two that stand out as having low risk, BASED ON THE PAST, is the Vanguard Institutional Prime Money Market Fund, which only yields .01%, and the Vanguard Short-Term Treasury-Admiral Fund, which yields .55%. These two are easily the least volatile of the funds you have to choose from and under MOST negative circumstances you would only suffer a small loss. I honestly can’t recommend any of the other funds because they have moderate risk and I personally am invested defensively. Mostly cash equivalents and precious metals. Good luck.

      • JMiller


        Just to add some info to what I said. There may be ways to do a IRA rollover or access some of your money from your 401k while still employed based on what I just read.

        Many 401k plans allow you to do a IRA rollover while you are still employed if you are over the age of 59 1/2. I remember working with someone who did that. Also some 401k plans allow employees of any age who have deposited money from a previous employer’s plan to allow an IRA roll over for those assets. And lastly depending on your employer, any after-tax deposits you may have made into your 401(k) may also be eligible for withdrawals while you are still at the company, no matter what your age.

        So you may be able to access some or all of your money while still employed. Worth checking out.

        • Shawn

          Yes, I am still employed so I cannot get the funds that I have invested over the years out 🙁 Thanks for your advice, greatly appreciated.

        • Shawn

          I am under 50, so the 59.5 is still a way to go 🙂 Again, thanks.

      • Shawn

        Yes, I am still employed so I cannot get the funds that I have invested over the years out 🙁 Thanks for your advice, greatly appreciated.

        • Shawn

          Greg – please delete this thread – I got it duplicated by accident 🙁

    • RichM

      Its crazy to consider this except for the insanity out there but you could cash it in early… taking I believe a 20% early withdrawal fee and have to pay taxes on it as well. So say you put in $100,000 and your 401K matched you with $100,000 and say you made no interest (highly unlikely). So you have $200K and withdraw it early, and pay a 20% penalty and it puts you in say a 28% tax brackett. So that is $200K x 0.8 x 0.72 = $115,000. You put in $100K and get out $115K which is a loss probably considering inflation but still its a chunck of fiat to do something with.

      But, you have to weigh the risks (based on the insanity) of a bank bail in where your $200K could be devalued by 70% and continue to be de-valued until its worth nil. The global elitists will not let the ~$4T in depositors moneys get away from them. They will steal it sooner or later and are prepped to do so. Now, you could buy another $115K of a hard asset like more gold or silver with an outside chance it is confiscated but at least its in your hands and measures to protect it can be taken. I too understand, all my eggs in one basket, but anymore, I almost feel like having physical PM’s it is in some ways safer. It would be like laying out eggs for an easter egg hunt in creative ways… and they will likely not find them all if any. Leaving it in a bank, it could be doors locked one say, a click of a button and it could be gone.
      Like I say its crazy to think about but I myself did it. I cashed in my 401K early at huge penalties back in 2010. Only through 2011 did i think i did the right thing. Now I wish I would have waited. But would I do it again today, you betcha. The PM’s I bought with it in 2010 I still have… They may be worth 20% less now, but will never go down to zero amd may very well be priced 10+ times current prices in wealth preservation. Still, I probably could have ridden the DOW bubble up since 2010 and have more where I could have bought them now. I would have been nervous the whole time though because even back in 2010, the crash was imminent….remember. Now its even more so as it sure looks like bank bail-ins is what will come. So for those who think I am crazy and want to say, speak for yourself Rich, well I am speaking for myself. haha

  22. brian

    Greg, the point you make at the end regarding the degree to which the police are responsible for the increasingly military flavor of their equipment, training and tactics being somewhat minimal in comparison to the entities ultimately funding, planning and promoting such a change is not sound and is not the type of thinking that will lead us anywhere productive.

    If we are to be a nation of people that enshrines liberty we must at all times hold the individual accountable for not just what they do, but what they make themselves a part of, what they go along with, what they allow to happen by way of willful inaction.

    Ultimately, when boiled down, anytime a person who swore an oath before God almighty to defend the constitution and uphold the law and protect liberty and stand up for and defend the rights and safety of their fellow citizens participates in, trains for, or otherwise prepares for activities that blatantly violate such an oath, they have not only transgressed against us and undermined the very foundation of our liberty, but have also sinned against the very God they swore their oath before. I don’t think that is something we should take lightly anymore as it is only going to get us all killed….or worse.

    If a police officer or member of the armed forces cannot find it within himself or herself to refuse to carry out an order that is not only unlawful but immoral, than that person should abandon their post. After all, I seriously doubt that any number of the porcine, wheezy, octogenarian pustulotic degenerates lusting after all my wealth and resenting any shred of God fearing decency that may reside in me would come to my home and violate my dignity, seize my wealth and bring me to unjust harm with their own arthritic, weak and limp hands; it is the young men and women they have subverted, deluded, manipulated, indoctrinated and rewarded that will do this for them and damn them for doing so! DAMN TO THEM TO HELL for enabling such a spineless lot of maggots to find the ability to visit upon us the fruits of their rotten, godless desires.

    In summary, we as citizens cannot realistically so much as even hope to touch the bankers, technocrats, politicians, would be despots and aspiring potentates that have swaddled themselves in innumerable and insurmountable barriers which serve to insulate themselves from the justified wrath of those they bring great harm and misery upon. The only interface we have with this indecent system of lawlessness and inhumanity is the apparatus of force compliance they push onto our throats and the very human beings that make up the living tissue of such a vile instrument. It is incumbent upon us to reach out to and implore members of the armed forces and law enforcement community and culture to find it within themselves to remember the oath they took, know the God that they are ultimately accountable to and stand in opposition to what is obviously happening here.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can’t vilify the police and paint them all with the same brush.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, true, our current police forces are not all there yet so that a broad brush won’t paint them all, but you can bet the artist (government & the elite) are working hard to get them all broad brushed for the job which will soon be at hand; control the populace with death if needed after the collapse. Hell, I’ll bet they will get metals if they can bag 100 or more citizens in a day; probably be a blood red one.

      • Charles H.


        Police, from a community standpoint should be supported and backed to the full. Police, though, are an arm of enforcement from a ‘State’s Perspective’ – an identity which goes from local – all the way up to ‘the Top Law’. Like certain religious affiliations can be radicalized; so can law enforcement be drawn into a higher sphere of authority – when push comes to shove.
        Another problem now is “Civil Forfeiture”. Back when ‘Speed Trap towns’ could generate tons of discretionary and disposable revenue: it seemed a little inconvenience and rare. Police asking about, and then seizing cash is on the horizon; and we don’t really know how far the iceberg may extend on this.

    • Art Barnes

      Our police forces are being brainwashed to think them or us and being desensitized against American citizens so that when the time comes the elite can count on them to enforce with death to hold unto their own power. As stated, the average police officer is getting brainwashed against the citizens he serves; enough time and they will itch to kill & exterminate instead of standing for peace; and, all the while will justify in their minds they are doing right; that is how brainwashing works, its subtle at first then covert, then overt; remember Hitler’s SS and you will began to see what our militarized police forces are quickly becoming.

      • brian

        Indeed, and its not just brainwashing, indoctrination and acclimation being used. It is also through the criteria being used to determine what a good candidate for employment is made of.

        We would all do well to consider that in virtually any tyrannical establishment of record it is those who are morally, mentally and emotionally impaired that are actively selected to hold policing positions. It is people who would jealously guard any scrap of authority or power they are handed just as surely as they would seize any opportunity with great zeal and relish to exercise the same with great malice and glee.

  23. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is a critic of the deal, says it is all being negotiated in secret, and if it is so good for America, then let’s see the details.”
    This is just another “you’ve got to pass it to find out what’s in it because the American public is stupid” deal.

  24. Cryptic Little Sister

    China is not “your” largest creditor.

    • Greg Hunter

      I should have said largest foreign creditor. The Fed is holding nearly $5 trillion in U.S. debt.

  25. Cryptic Little Sister

    Your ears are stopped with your own shouting. You cannot hear.

    Greg, what is coming against the world is going to make you wish that you had only Islam and the colapse of your economy to deal with.

    Don’t shout at the prophet, light a candle in the darkness.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please explain in detail what is coming. Be the candle.

    • brian

      I don’t know about you, but no matter how loud my shouts grow to be they are drowned out by the roaring chaos of this world I find myself in. A world I fear that would explode into pieces if I struck a flame to light a candle…as is often the case when light is carelessly allowed to transgress a place that is more at peace in darkness.

      A time and place for everything lil’ sis, even the truth and even the light must observe boundaries, else purpose would be forever lost.

    • Galaxy 500

      Random verses and warnings are not helpful

      • Jerry

        The mans a government troll that’s tripping. What do you expect?

      • brian

        yeah your right, just as toying with sudoku puzzles does not make a delayed flight take off any sooner, but it makes the wait bearable and its healthier than chomping ones way through a bag of sweet and salty snacks.

    • sk

      Hey, Cryptic one! Islam forbids usury. Maybe we all can get a two-fer-one! LOL

  26. Don

    Another great job, my friend. I’m with you, this president has a habit of doing things on his own. No credibility to the voter or other elected officials. I would rather he just play golf and quite doing any official business, since it appears he’s just interested in destroying American and giving its sovereignty away. The race is on to bring in global government and all the preparation for that to take place this fall is in high gear. This falls planned UN treaty by the nations will be signed, fully implementing the framework for a global society. Also at about the same time the pope will speak to congress at a special meeting planned around the same time. The catholic church will play a big roll to unite religious belief’s of the world. Whatever calamity is experienced in the global economy, will be used to sell the ideal, and lets not forget, the planet x thing. I don’t know how much info is true and false, but if true, the world could be thrust into a tribulation type experience. Maybe some of your guest have greater knowledge than I and will comment here. Mr. Obama has obeyed his masters well, and the American people will pay the price. Again, no-fear, its just the scriptures coming true. Thanks for another great wrap-up Grieg. Your da-man.

  27. don

    As to the Iran negotiations…I think you’re wrong Greg. Obama is determined to make this deal regardless of how it hurts stability or nuclear proliferation. I see the fingers of Iranian born Vallerie Jarrett behind this. I also have suspicions Obama is trying to lure Israel into launching a desperate attack to knock out the Iranian Nuke program…then he will be justified, in his mind, of isolating Israel.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both the House (400 yea to 25 nay) and the Senate (98 yea to 1 nay) have voted to approve the deal before it is signed. He’s not a King and Congress can easily override a veto.

      • Don

        Thanks for that, I didn’t know. I keep writing my senator, rep. Inhofe, that will never comment on UN treaties. It was through the UN that we agreed to except a 100000, muslim refugees, I think that figure was for a year, but don’t know. The plan to delute the Christian population and destroy any Christian influence in the country is moving fast. Islams fruits can be seen world wide, even though there is moderate Islam which according to others I know that travel that area say Turkey and Egypt are as far as society goes, are as different as night and day. Saying the Turkey population show a lot of morality in there culture. As for me, I can’t say, but the difference if any would have to be in there interpretation of the quran, because if interpreted literally, it teaches global dominance for Ali. Here in America, the Christian heritage throughout my childhood, is what made us strong. Elected officials use to stand for righteousness and understood that it was God’s blessing on this nation that made it great. Now they can’t wait to do the bidding of there globalist money masters. God’s judgment is surely coming, and it may not be long in coming. Strong Christian leaders used to be revered, now there ridiculed. Your doing a great job Greg

        • Don

          There is another don here making commits about Iran

        • paul

          You say … “The plan to dilute the Christian population and destroy any Christian influence in the country is moving fast.”

          Langley created ISIS to do just this? … Why? … why exactly does Langley have such a fear of Christians? … Is it because Christians have a moral code (the Ten Commandments) and are set against the Drug Cartel using American soldiers to guard their poppy fields in Afghanistan?

    • eddiemd

      When Israel launches the attack on Iran it will mark the beginning of the end.

      Maybe that is why Kerry went to Russia. He may be giving an advance notice that something is coming.

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you think the Israelis are going to let us know in advance off an attack?

  28. Gina Mancarella

    The doldrum days of 2015 are coming to a close. However, a call to action in 2016 is the real endeavor of the day. In 2016, we will plot a lasting course for the future of our great nation, which is the greatest country in the history of the world. In short ……… History calls. I would submit that the lady of the hour is Hillary Rodham Clinton, … a dedicated servant of the people. To women of the world, she is a good sister. To the men of the world a kind sister. The the downtrodden of our country, she is the saviour of our nation and the next President of these OUR United States of America. I want to thnk God for making me a witness at this particular crucial point in History. A new day is dawning for America. A new day is aligning and America’s greatness and might will soon see a much brighter day. Be proud to be American and vote Hillary in 2016. Thats where I stand and I am going all out for Hillary in 2016. Praise be to God for annointing this lovely woman to lead us.

    • Greg Hunter

      You simply must ignore massive fraud and crime to get behind this candidate. Are you now going to call me some names to assassinate my character because I do not agree with you?

      • Gina Mancarella

        Greg, In general you give me no reason to call you names unless you insist on calling me a so called “paid troll.” which I am not. My guess is that you are asking if I am or not and my answer is that I am not. I admire the service you are trying to do for all Americans. Regarding “massive fraud and crime”, I have no idea of what you speak of. Hillary a frudulant criminal ? In what way could your imagination be working overtime ? She is not a fraud and is far from being a criminal. To be honest, I am not exactly thrilled with how her husband has handled his physical needs although I believe at root he is still a good guy, but allows his “lower head” to dictate his behavior rather than his upper head. Barring that, Hillary is a strong woman ready to take on all opposing interests for the good of the people. I believe that in my core just as I beleive you are trying to help the American people prepare to demand freedom and liberty.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am going to let the folks here respond to this statement you have made about Hillary:“She is not a fraud and is far from being a criminal.”

        • JC Davis

          The info on H Clinton is easy to find.
          Vince Foster.
          Hillary Clintons body count.
          The list covers her entire life of corruption.
          Gina do a little research before you vote for her.

        • Terry

          Gina, Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are serial liars. The facts are undeniable and the evidence and rock solid proof of this is far too vast to list on this tiny website. If you are genuine in your thoughts and feelings about Hillary Clinton, [which I doubt] you should have concern about your sanity. You say you are not a “troll” yet you are a textbook example of exactly that. Do you really think spouting about Hillary on this site like a zombie moonbat is going to convert anyone? You know you don’t. So whether you like the label or not you are a troll that just posts here to make others feel upset. The folks that read and post on this site tend to be smart and well informed and few if any are informed or entertained by your posts. Yet, you champion HC as though she were the queen goddess of the spirit world sent to save humanity.
          Gina, you do not convince. Like my buddy Jack Handy said when he saw a mosquito sucking on a mummy;”Give it up little buddy”

    • eddiemd

      A good laugh for Friday.

      Can you submit your urinalysis results?

    • Mason

      Hillary Clinton is already bought and paid for. She netted $400,000 for giving two speeches for a few minutes at Goldman Sachs. This is by no means a speaking fee. This is outright bribery:

      if you are a troll: no regular visitor of USAWatchdog will believe what you write anyway. You are so out of whack that it is not even funny.
      if you are not a troll: please do your homework again and tell us why you think Hillary Clinton is not just another ultra-wealthy CRONY oligarch. Because that is exactly what she is, that´s for sure.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Of course Goldman Sachs is part of the money printing neocon cabal that prints counterfeit currency. They could have just as easily paid this nasty little piece of work $4 million for speaking dribble .

    • Ugly

      Gina. Thanks for saving me of my insanity. I will now vote all Republican. My question is could you feel us in on how to vote twice. I want my vote to count and counter all those phonies. Thanks.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Gina, Gina, Gina
      Every time you post you make me, and I’m sure many other WDers, feel extremely ill.
      What a shame it is that none of us know where you live, perhaps if we did some of us could organize to pop round and see you sometime.
      We could all vomit on you together!

      • Jerry

        I hate to disappoint you, but I barfed along time ago. This woman is obviously off her meds. I can’t believe that Greg would waste his time with her ridiculous comments. But hey, its his psycho ward.

    • frederick

      ‘lovely woman” this Gina has to be a troll that is a ridiculous statement

    • brian

      Sounds to me like Hillary has got it all sewn up, so I guess that means nobody needs to bother voting. I mean, as you testify here to us all, God has ordained, no make that anointed her; lets hope your words don’t make God look like a liar to anybody or lead anyone away from God, for that would be a sin not easily forgiven lady.

    • Mason


      Do you think ABS News will be impartial in reporting about Hillary Clinton after ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulous has given $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation?:

      The answer is: no.
      The answer is that Mr. Stephanopoulos should be immediately fired from ABC News.
      But the reality is that ABC News sees no conflict of interest.
      In a brief chat yesterday morning, the Erik Wemple Blog quizzed ABC News spokeswoman Heather Riley on whether the network sees an ongoing conflict of interest. “We stand behind him,” responded Riley. Can he objectively cover Hillary Clinton? “We stand behind him,” responded Riley. We posed some other question, and Riley responded again, “We stand behind him.”

      The fact that ABC News isn’t budging is clear proof that the network has absolutely zero interest in real reporting or its credibility.

      Gina’s post seems to imply that she regards ABC News or comparable news-outlets as credible news organisations when it comes to reporting on crony oligarchs such as the Clintons (which they are not).
      Would you say that is a correct assessment, Gina?

    • Galaxy 500

      “a dedicated servant of the people”
      Hahaahahah… Let me guess… you left out Satan. For she it’s truly a dedicated servant of Satan.

  29. Mason

    Hillary Clinton is already bought and paid for. She netted $400,000 for giving two speeches for a few minutes at Goldman Sachs. This is by no means a speaking fee. This is outright bribery:

    if you are a troll: no regular visitor of USAWatchdog will believe what you write anyway. You are so out of whack that it is not even funny.
    if you are not a troll: please do your homework again and tell us why you think Hillary Clinton is not just another ultra-wealthy CRONY oligarch. Because that is exactly what she is, that´s for sure.

    • Mason

      this comment should have gone under Gina´s post

  30. Ugly

    The only good news is that this ends for the NWO too. Life will be just as miserable for them as for us. They will be bunkered down, eating oats and rice. Where do you hide? You must feed the Beast. They will turn on each other. One NWO Beast will turn on the other. Remember Mussolini? He couldn’t hide in a big world. What will these dudes do in a small world?

    • RichM

      Well I cannot be their ultimate judge, but I assume they wil not only get the world, but will have a nice very hot piece of real estate waiting for them afterwards. That will be their new eternal world.

  31. Jerry

    Did you see this? Check out the date, and then line it up with Jade Helm 15 predictions. Its uncanny!

  32. John M

    Great wrap-up Greg. I really like your analysis of world events. I don’t post much on your site, but I always find time to listen to you and your guests. On Wednesday, May 13th, I heard something that would be of interest to your viewers. Pat Heller, a local coin dealer, stated that on Thursday, May 7th, the world financial markets almost seized-up. Here is his broadcast about the event. I do not believe it has been reported anywhere else.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M,
      Your coin dealer is in good company because Bill Holter(a regular guest on this site) said the same thing. This is just another sign of things spiraling down. Thank you for this info!!

  33. Robert

    Why do people here and elsewhere continually come up with 93 million Americans out of work. That is so misleading. That figure counts retired people, teenagers, disabled people, many who don’t have to work. Why don’t you correct them when they say the obviously foolish numbers? Love your work Greg.

    • JC Davis

      With 74 million people under 18 years old how can one tell who is working or not.
      Even if they are working they live at home with more then one form of income. Times are much harder on the average folks then the government would be willing to admit.

      • JC Davis

        Also Robert. Consider this How many part time jobs are there now ? I can promise you of the 74 million kids there is not many with full time jobs, or making over the minimum wage. Not enough good wage earning jobs in America is easy to see. How many jobs is irrelevant. Picking up aluminum cans will not feed a family of four.

    • JMiller

      I agree Robert. However the point is not that they do not have to work but the fact that they are NOT AVAILABLE to work. Their are idiots out there now who are including the 93 million who are not in the work force, to be included in their unemployment number. They say that because they are all eligible to work full-time because of their age and since they do not work that they should be included in the unemployment rate, which they say is really over 30, 40, of even 50%. Nonsense. While the 93 million might be eligible to work full-time because of their age, most are NOT AVAILABLE to work full-time. Many of them are full-time high school and college students, stay-at-home moms, and older people who retired a little early. The unemployment rate in the past did not include people who were not available to work such as school kids, stay-at-home moms or retired persons.

      Of course the unemployment rate reported by the government is certainly not 5.4%. The unemployment rate is at the very least the U6 rate of 11%. Others will say it is ShadowStats Alternate rate of 23%. I had heard that ShadowStats unemployment rate though includes people who are really underemployed.

  34. Thomas j harmon


  35. Mike from the North

    Morning Greg,

    As always great discussions here.

    This site and a few others seem to do one thing.
    Help the average Joe search his way to the truth.

    Truth is a fleeting thing in the world today.

    Very seldom do Government, Bankers, Politicians tell the truth the first time around.

    Yes, they may argue that they sometimes massage the truth in order to not cause us undue concern.

    In my opinion the situation we find ourselves in now is going to end very badly.

    Badly, not because we will need to change our standard of living but BAD because people will be very very angry when the realize just how much lies they have been told.

    Soon being a politician will be a dangerous and unwanted profession.

    There is no way that the elites are going to keep control.

    This will end badly and anything else than that outcome is just not probable.

    Only a fool or an person that is unaware does not see the need to prepare.

  36. RTW

    Seriously, is that your real name or is it Chelsea? Be honest!!

  37. Donna

    It may well be 3 minutes to midnight, well on our way to no return. Did we just get here by a fluke?

    If we could eliminate all the financial and political hobgoblins, I think we’d find that the enemy is us. If the elites came out tomorrow and mirthfully quipped, “just kidding,” we’d just go about the business of destroying ourselves and our families with no outside help necessary.

    This is not the country I grew up in. As a Boomer, the Boomer’s always creeped me out since I was a teen. If you weren’t on one substance or another, you could see where this train was headed. Best you could do is stay off the train and avoid the tracks.

    My father, a Democrat politician, summed up the Boomers as such: “You are a generation of stray dogs raising God knows what. You have no loyalty to spouse or children, no respect for yourselves even. Thank God, I won’t be around to experience your final chapter.”

    Bill and Hillary are the quintessential prototype of what I’m getting at — cynical, greedy, corrupt, and completely undeserving and unaccomplished, made bigger than life by our even uglier soulless media.

    Remember Obama with the Grecian columns in the background? Hubris on parade.

    The idea that a Clinton or a Bush could even put their toe in the water tells you far more about us. May the most ruthless win.

  38. wd

    Who knows why Kerry went to Russia to meet with Putin. But believe this Kerry ( U.S.) are coming from a place of weakness. Remember that Kerry, who was snubbing Russia a couple of days before and then all of a sudden , was on his way to Russia, to meet with Putin on the 12th.

    I think this could be a really really big deal. First whenever one goes to another country like this the are going to the stronger side. Remember Putin never left Russia, all of these Western leaders went to him, I am convinced they know something we don’t know yet.

    I believe certain powers in the EU have said enough, watch for sanctions to be dropped soon. The US may also realize that their time at the world’s stage is nearly over and that we will never defeat a Russo-China alliance. Never.

    Who knows why Kerry went there but I bet the reasons are economical

  39. Donna

    On the subject of militarized cops. Yes, there are dirty cops, abusive cops (far worse said about vets, by the way). The answer is certainly not feminization of the police or the military for one thing.

    I thought I heard and saw everything possible sitting in a magistrate’s court for many years. I learned even more by chairing Sunday (Al-Anon/AA joint group) 12-Step meetings at a local hospital, then transcribing charts for detox wards and every other specialty under the sun. It amazed me just how much self-abuse a body was capable of withstanding.

    You’ve seen the show “Cops.” Most of those cops encountered “adults” who needed a babysitter rather than a cop. We have at least 2-3 solid generations of rudderless people.

    If we were not a nation of abandoned, neglected, or abused children, if we put down the alcohol, the drugs, the multiple “scripps,” maybe just maybe we would have the fiber to stand for something, take care of our own family business, and quit asking thoroughly corrupt politicians to save us from ourselves.

    No, Hillary will not shower her “goodness” over us and create the heaven of our imaginations. She will enrich herself, and Billy, and Chelsea, and the grandbaby. You and yours can eat earthworms as far as she cares.

  40. Coalburner

    Robert, because it is true. 93 million. Yes some are in the description that you point out but they want a better life and need real work for real pay to get it. Instead they are hustling around making a buck where they can by helping someone else make one for favors. Many have been forced out of gainful employmet since 2007 and spend their time trying to slow the middle class bleed out of accumulated work of a lifetime. A combination of over-regulation, tax policy that pushed wealth off shore, cheqting criminal banksters, with no prosecution or penaltys and destrucvtion of wealth for pie in the sky(windmills) ad Hokey balogny (Man caused climnate chenge and energy banking environmental credits) have made jobs nad capitol leave this country ever faster and faster. It is called ObamaBushienomics.

    • JMiller


      What you said is not accurate. Many are in the description Robert pointed out. Many of the 93 million have not been forced out of gainful employment. Tens of millions of them never every had a full-time job. High school and college students and housewives who are raising children. Only a small percentage of those “Not in the labor force” should be thought of as unemployed and be included in the unemployment rate.

  41. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Donna your posts are brilliant: Boomers equating to stray dogs; Bill & Hillary a pair of underachieving lowlifes deified by the media; Obama alias Frank Marshall David junior posturing as though great. Keep ’em coming, they’re a tonic in a toxic world! A

  42. dee garmon

    As Christopher Hedges observes the so called liberals have done more damage
    than the conservatives. Same story in England the so called ” New Labour”
    has done more damage than Tories and Tony Blair’s legacy is , for the large
    part, is responsible for their defeat!

  43. Christopher. Coleman.

    May. 17, 2015

    Hey Greg this is Chris Coleman from
    the Bronx:NY:United States.

    I really love Greg your Weekly Wrap Videos.

    You Greg have a lot of passion,and I love it.

    If possible Greg if you could have on again Financial Consultant
    Michael Pento,and,another Financial Consultant Bix Weir and,
    bring up these Countries that are in Financial,and Politically in


    2:Sri Lanka.





    I love your show Greg.

    Chris. Coleman
    The Bronx:NY
    United States.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chris. Pento is a smart guy and I have not had him on in a while. (I like Bix too but had him on not long ago.)

  44. Top Hat

    Here are the facts of police brutality. This should enter the discussion.


    • Greg Hunter

      Top Hat,
      Thank you for posting this. What a perspective and it is one you NEVER hear about.

  45. Christopher. Coleman.

    May. 17, 2015.

    Hey. Greg. this is Chris Coleman again .

    If possible Greg if you could ask your next guest ,and other guest that you going to have on your show about other Countries that are in
    Financial Debt,and are also Politically Unstable.

    The Countries are.



    3:Sri Lanka.








    If possible Greg if you could ask the guests that come on your show about these Countries,they are not doing good Financially.

    Chris. Coleman.
    The Bronx: NY.
    The United. States.

  46. Emma


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