World Moving to Gold – James G. Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Five-time, best-selling financial author James G. Rickards says, “We could be in a recession right now,” but the title of his most recent book “The New Great Depression” says where we are definitely going soon. Rickards says, “The current crisis is not like 2008 or even 1929. The New Depression that has emerged from the COVID pandemic is the worst economic crisis in U.S. history. Most fired employees will remain redundant. Bankruptcies will be common, and banks will buckle under the weight of bad debts. Deflation, debt and demography will wreck any chance of recovery, and social disorder will follow closely on the heels of market chaos.”

Rickards says there are many negatives to the current economy, Covid, inflation, war, sanctions, supply destruction, and on top of all that, Rickards says the Fed will ultimately kill the economy with a policy mistake.  Rickards explains, “Probably in May they are going to have quantitative tightening, which means you actually reduce the money supply.  So, this is triple tightening:  Three interest rate hikes, no more taper . . . and doing quantitative tightening at a very rapid rate.  What just happened?  We had a down quarter.  The economy was at recession levels in the first quarter, and the stock market is on the way down.  So, here we go again.  The Fed is tightening into weakness.  It’s tightening into certainly a stock market bubble, and they are probably going to destroy the markets again.”

Inflation, according to Rickards, is very serious, and he explains, “It is the worst inflation in 40 years.  You can’t argue about it, it’s there. . . . The inflation we are seeing now does not come from the demand side. . . . It’s from the supply side.  It’s because of the war in Ukraine.  That’s a supply side disruption.  It’s also from the ‘Zero Covid’ policy in China.  They locked down two of the biggest cities in the world. . . . There are multiple reasons for supply chain disruptions. . . . By the time you pay for gas and groceries, if you can, there is not much left over . . . .That’s going to kill discretionary spending.”

Rickards says the signs that gold is going way up are global.  Rickards contends, “The world could not destroy the dollar, but we could. . . . If you are putting sanctions on dollars and kicking people out of dollar accounts . . . why would I want dollars?  The U.S. destroyed trust. . . .  If you want to get away from the dollar, there is not a currency or bond market you can go to, but there is gold. . . . Gold is money good, and it’s the only form of money the whole world can agree on.”

Rickards says the minimum gold price is $15,000 per ounce in the not-so-distant future.  Rickards says depending on the backing and math, it could go up in value much higher.  Rickards likes silver, too, and food for the common guy.  Food prices are going to go much higher according to Rickards, and in some places in the world, he expects out right starvation.

There is much more in the 55-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with five-time, best-selling author James G. Rickards for 4.30.22.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Lynn Moser

    Can you do something about the delay? Sure is distracting. Turns you into a radio show…
    Watch a recent 1PacificRedwood on YT doing a weather report. No ads; he’s just presents the truth.

    • Stephen

      Prolonging a war for weakening another country has to be one of sickest, most evil moves a country can make. Has America completely lost its moral compass?
      Jim Rickards is correct when he mentions Russian culture. The geography alone tends to dictate a measure of authoritarian political culture, one thing the ignoramuses at the power centers of the US seem incapable of getting their heads around.

      • Mike Morneault

        USA leadership is headed for hell. Congress does not make any laws,Senate is a joke, and the executive is moronic at best. Rickards did a great job. Thanks Greg

        • IIG

          I wonder how the US is going to sell their digital crypto currency “which is simply electrons backed by nothing” to the American people and the rest of the world when Russia (according to Nikolai Patrushev “a close ally of Putin” says: “Russia is working on a plan to back their ruble with Gold and Commodities”) – and this is not just anyone talking “Patrushev is someone within the highest echelons of the Russian Government” –

    • Rob

      I’ll tell One thing that is really “distracting” though is the forward march against AMERICA toward a more dangerous World for Everyone, which is, the downward spiral that The Xiden Regime has taken America and in doing so is dragging the Whole World down with her…I mean, I sure do miss World Peace, Secure Borders, Sane Public Policies that actually work, Knowing what a woman is, Low Inflation, A Strong Supply Chain, Plenty of Affordable Food, Cheap Gasoline & Electric Energy, Fewer Ninnies Crying about their Glo-Bull Warming SCAM etc etc etc…
      Everything has been turned upside down, in spades.
      Will President Trump decide to prove he can WIN a THIRD Term?
      I pray he does and that his success record to reverse the damages as he’s done before really can’t come fast enough. Now, there are plenty of Stuck On Stupid people still though who with their Trump Derangement Syndrome will blame him for everything wrong in their lives including the vaccine he ordered that turned out to be anything but and who will heartily cast Blame on him too for ALL of Xiden’s insanity as a Gaslighting OPERATION =>>> Blame the other guy by lying about that for which they themselves are actually guilty of. Now, most Everyone knows the “Vaccine” he ordered was NOT supposed to be a DNA altering Clot-Shot Poison, which a few Stuck On Stupid Haters pretend they can’t Fathom at this point. I KNOW HE PUSHED THE VACCINES, who wouldn’t have? They should have been vaccines after all. For nearly everyone, as I suspect of President Trump himself, that it was hard to believe the EVIL involved by those who are behind them… he hasn’t touted the vaccines other than he got them out in record time in quite a while & that’s gotta hurt his whole being as we know that everything else he had delivered on “Promises Made Promises Kept” was really really really Great for America and the Whole World…heck, he was nominated for REAL Peace by those who recognize Real Peace for The Nobel Peace Prize 2 or 3 times and if the world got what he ordered as a true vaccine, it would been another notch of accomplishments he had among many, right? Anyway, to his credit there, he did offer other alternatives such as HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc and Vitamins C & D etc etc etc which work fantastically as well as other interventions and prophylaxis therapies that are Safe & Effective as well. Sadly there are many DemonRats, RINO’S, and throngs of Brainwashed who plug themselves into CNN ( China News Network) apparently who forget all of that too as well as those facts that they purposefully forget who must love to see the Xiden Regime waging their war of terror upon the world.
      Now, that’s “distracting” more than anything at the moment, however, it could get worse with mushroom cloud situations being threatened today, let’s Pray it doesn’t.

      • Freebreezer

        but, but, but … there are no more mean tweets! Isn’t that what America needed?

        • Rob

          I know, right? 😂

    • Laura McDonough

      I can’t make sense out of this rambling video other than I assume everything will be digital transactions and there will be no private cash transactions? No privacy and constant tracking. Banks will steal savings. I use cash for small purchases like outlet stores, buying and selling at yard sales or w/ friends. This sounds like total communism. Can Greg or someone give a short simple reply, so I can pass info on to friends that are also savers like us. We have gov.bonds, tax free muni’s and CD savings like many retirees. thanks, (Dave Hodges and Lew Rockwell wrote something onthis early last month on their website..)

  2. Anthony Australia

    Golden interview Greg.

    JR is on the money.

    Stay strong and calm as love will conquer all.

  3. IIG

    According to Rickards Gold (created by God) is “good money” – the fiat money created by Bankers is “bad money” – therefore the only form of good money the whole world can agree upon “is Gold” – and Gold thrives during Fed-rate-hike cycles (despite gold-futures speculators “like Stan” thinking gold will get crushed when interest rates rise and the stock market crashes) – gold-futures speculators are terrified of Fed-rate-hike cycles but as shown below they have been proven to be very-bullish for gold historically – “Gold Thrives In Rate Hike Cycles”!! –

    • Chip

      I own gold and silver. BUT, if the world is indeed moving to gold, why is the price of gold (and silver) going down??? They are not even keeping pace with inflation right now. Defies all logic… Chip

      • IIG

        Most Fund Managers are still playing the Stock Market – once the stock market begins to head down (as the Fed raises rates) these Fund Managers will be looking for a safe investment that is rising (as the market is crashing)!!

      • Utahred

        Exactly, you are so right. I’ve owned metals for over a decade and I keep hearing the Bs about gold is going to skyrocket. It’s manipulated just like everything else.

        • Pete+only

          Because ownership of Gold and Silver is right over the target, that is why it has been manipulated.
          If it were allowed to skyrocket, it send alarm bells to the brainwashed that things aren’t right.
          When the truth does become known to the masses, it will be too late to aquire any of it at any price, and those that already own some of it will at least have something to barter with that will be outside of the coming digital concentration camps. Don’t hope to make money from it, just hope to survive, and perhaps help out a few loved ones in the process. (Even ones that presently think we’re crazy).

      • Freebreezer

        C – there is a international war going on in the monetary world … USA, EU, UK etc with fiat currency vs the rest of the world who do not see gold as an ancient relic. This includes Russia, China, all of Euroasia, Africa, India, Indonesia and central and South America, etc, … Only about 80 + % of the world. I f the USA/UK masters looses this war to keep fiat currency king, they loose control of setting world policy … I would reccomend a lot of pop corn because the fire works haven’t even started!


    No disrespect intended, But he speaks the obvious. Instead of intuitive insight, the guy recites history.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rickards is an insider ansd a 5-time best-selling financial author. I am lucky to book people like this.

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Greg, I have never liked Rickards. I’m not sure why. California exists because of the Gold Rush. Golden metal in the streams made the white man’s dreams. The Indians did quite well without the stuff.
        The only real gold is in our souls, our hearts, our wills. Kindness to others. Hard work to make this world a better place, while always remembering the Lord above.
        The economy may “collapse”. Our “money” may become worthless. But our hearts remain strong.
        It is what we do each and every day that matters.

        • Self Exiled

          Richards has produced in me through the years the same response. This interview I did not have a distrust of him or his narrative as much as before. He always impressed me as someone who walked on both sides of the narrative; but slowly through the years I have noticed him taking a more decisive view of events. The experiences that are being designed into the events will not allow this type of behavior going forward. He seemed more defined in his views and opinions.

          • tim mcgraw

            Self Exiled, Thank you for your reasoned reply. You make good points about Rickards over the years. Yes, I agree with you. The time for equivocation is over.

        • Laura McDonough

          Many will lose money they planned on passing down to heirs, this is theft and communism to the max which one person said would make all you worked for worthless, assuming 401k’s and savings are wiped out. Mine is all in gov.bonds incl 401k. I do not trust in gold which will be outlawed for commerce under the NWO according to what I heard in the ’90’s. Everything will be forced to be digital.

      • Dusty Dude

        And thanks for bringing JR on your program Greg. Your work is always first on my list of things to watch. People should be stacking food and necessities the things they need to live for the next 3 to 5 years and if there’s anything left after doing that yes buy some gold buy some silver. Not sure where Jim gets his $14,000 for a monster box eagles last time I checked it was closer to 20K but he lives in a different reality I think than most of us. And ivermectin, people get your ivermectin and all the vitamin d vitamin c quercetin zinc NAC,..

        • Anthony Australia

          Worked and advised along side the CIA. Says it all really.

          • Greg Hunter

            How are you going to get “inside” information without an insider?
            That says it all too.

            • Anthony Australia

              Touché Greg!

            • tim mcgraw

              Greg, That’s always the problem with insider information isn’t it? Is the insider telling us the truth or still working on the inside? Double agents are a quandary in life. I personally don’t trust anyone who ever took a government pay check.

              • Greg Hunter

                I am not ashamed of booking a 5-time best-selling financial author that has a track record for being correct. Many cannot book Rickards. It’s free, take from it what you will.

          • Ray

            Fair point old mate…..and the reply Greg makes to you is fair enough as well.
            I thought it was a good interview…..covered some interesting areas.
            No offence to Jim Rickards……but does any one else think that if they make another Superman movie, he would make an EXCELLENT Lex Luther??? 🙂
            Canberra, Bombing Ukraine Bad….20 Years Bombing Iraq & Afghanistan, No Problem With Us Imbeciles Nation

            • Anthony Australia

              Too true you good man. I’m not disappointed with the interview at all, rather questioning the honesty of the message. Rickards, Kiyosaki, Maloney and the like deliver a great message, the underlying and sometimes cryptic vibe is something I question that’s all.

      • Slappy Happy Guy

        OMG Greg! ….you have to have on Patel Patriot, smart guy talks about devolution, totally trippy!

    • Jeff


  5. IIG

    And remember – the weaker stocks get in bear markets (created by the Fed raising interest rates and cutting back on the money supply) the more stock fund managers prudently add counter-moving Gold “to stabilize their bleeding portfolios” – so while inflation and Fed rate hikes are very bearish for stock markets – “they are super-bullish for Gold”!!!

    • IIG

      Warren Buffet added Barack Gold to his holdings!!

  6. Stan

    Y’all were laughing at me several days ago when I shorted Gold at $2000. Well, look at it now.

    • Greg Hunter

      You shorted gold at $1,200 too.

      • Chip

        I bought ten ounces when it was $1284… Chip

      • Rod Brumley, Sr - Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

        Personally in my opinion there is no way that a Depression can be avoided. With 30 + Trillion in US Debt with another 100+ Trillion in un funded or underfunded liabilities – the world is awash in Debt!!! Inflation is not even close to where it is headed. We are quickly headed for an Epic Nightmare

    • Rodster

      No Stan. we laugh at you because we pretty much figured out, you are not the person you say you are or claim to be.

    • IIG

      Stan – Gold thrived during past rate-hike cycles and it will thrive again during this current one – the gains we gold bugs achieve will put to shame any money you gold-futures speculators skim off the top with your leveraged-short positions using the Fed rate hike fear as a weapon – soon higher yields will crush the stock market and fund managers “will panic into gold” to protect their bleeding portfolios – your short selling of gold now will soon turn into desperate short-covering “forcing you to buy back all your short positions” as gold catapults sharply higher – may your losses be huge to teach you greedy speculators an important lesson – “That Gold is God’s Money” and the “Only Money” – and all those piles of Fed fiat dollars you are “happy owning” now – will soon be “nothing”!!

      • Brooklyn


        Now this my friend is a mouthful, “ soon higher yields will crush the stock market and fund managers “will panic into gold” to protect their bleeding portfolios – your short selling of gold now will soon turn into desperate short-covering “forcing you to buy back all your short positions” as gold catapults sharply higher…”

        With my favorite, “fund mangers – WILL PANIC INTO GOLD…” and Jim Richards agrees wholeheartedly…;)

      • Stan

        IIG: Gold is crashing – I warned you – you laughed

    • Self Exiled

      If Stan is shorting gold in the manner, he has prescribed here for the years he has been posting he is making money. When I had a stockbroker, he one day showed me the same technique not only with gold but stocks also. He made money. Sometimes, not a lot but do it on a daily basis as he was doing, it added up. He had an advantage because of his career position; but say 50 to 300 dollars a day can add up.

    • JW


      Someday gold and silver won’t be valued in dollars per ounce. They will just be valued in ounces. Period. I hope you’ve converted most your dollars into something real by then. But I think you know this. You’re not a fool.

    • steve

      Its $2930 spot price today in my Western country. Aint complaining, in fact its up in most Western countries.

  7. Carla hayes

    I’m so happy you had jim rickards as a guest! Thank you!

  8. Sheryl

    You said you don’t have many friends boy are u wrong. You don’t see us but we are here! You wished me well at one point because of stage 4 cancer. I should have been gone a few yrs ago but that he not going to happen because I no longer go to doctors. I fall asleep early but always wake up early and see if u posted yet. You have so much integrity and we love u for that!!!! They say everyone has their price but I don’t believe you do.

  9. Steve H

    I like the calm confident demeanor. Sure beats the buffoons at CNBC (Cramer).

  10. Anita

    Thank you both, very interesting.

  11. Rodster

    We are now witnessing and getting it from all sides. It’s like watching a flock of Black swans swooping in. The bad part is that all of this appears to be intentional, the Banksters and Fraudsters running the governments around the world intentionally wanted this to happen and are all in on the same game.

    The only plausible explanation is what Martin Armstrong has repeatedly said, that the global economy has been destroyed by so much debt and it is now collapsing. So they are doing things to set the wheels in motion to bring about a one world government.

    I say that because they are all doing the same thing. It’s like Washington officials going to Sunday morning TV talk shows and repeating the same phrases on different networks. Rush Limbaugh back in the early 90’s picked up on this very same thing that what officials were saying was from a top down script.

    Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Draghi, all of them are trying to pull off the same crap. The only saving grace in the US is that we are still armed. Thank you Founding Fathers !

  12. The Seer

    Seriously??? This man does not know the cause
    Of inflation? Excessive trillions of $’s sloshing all around the world and the multiple quadrillions of debt and the corruption and infiltration at every level
    All planned out……he doesn’t state??

    • steve

      The main inflation driver is the business disruptions of the plandemic, Ukraine war, and the supply bottle necks, not so much printed $

      • Robert F

        nonsense, you bave been paying in high inflation of your goods and cpi for years, what are you talking about?

        Everyone is being squshed in order to keep the thing going. and now they are slowly shifting to a new system whipe still squashing the little guy and making him thinl that big changes are coming in your favor….its all total BS

  13. Charles Whitlatch

    $14,000 for a monster box? Where?

    • Andy

      I’d take two if I could find them at $14000. I see them at $18000.

  14. Tabitha Sloan

    I have a very hard time ever believing TPTB will ever let gold/silver go. Gold should be $5,000 right now, instead it’s going down even further. I pray Jim is correct as at least I/you will have money that will hold its value well.

    • IIG

      All the Demon rats believe humanity will be gone in a few years – and that the computers that replace us will not have any need or desire to own any gold – but they are wrong – because if computers have any intelligence – “they will know” that their brain circuits won’t rust if they use gold wiring for their neural networks – and will probably put “great value” on any gold “their human slaves dig out of the ground” (as computers are not very good at mining “real money” only crypto)!!!

    • IIG

      Listen to this Horror -e (Yuval Noah Harari) explain and warn how “there will no longer be humans in the world” (who supposedly will not have any desire for gold) – – and that the power to transform humans into machines should remain under “Dictatorial Corporation Control” and not under the peoples control through “Representative Government” – this “admitted queer” is out of the closet “promoting Dictatorships” (just like Trudeau) and those School Board Dictators in our “Commie” School Systems who are teaching our children to be queers and lesbians (so as to end the human race and make room for the new rulers of planet Earth – “ROBOTS”!!!

  15. Doug

    Greg, EXCELLENT interview! Thank you for booking him. So informative and understandable. Scary future caused in large part by our own ignorance and our govt leaders.

    • SOD

      We had a college professor who managed to dodge the terrors of the Nazi Germany — he would frequently warn us, that one day we in America would have our own dance with a madman just like they had with Hitler. As you can imagine we found the likelihood of this highly amusing. He would sadly shake his head and quote Henrich Heine: “A brainiac notices everything, an ignoramus comments about everything.” SOD

      • Self Exiled

        I also had a college professor who was the French foreign minister to France just before Tito took control of Yugoslavia. He would have been labeled a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. He lived World War II in Europe and taught all the behind-the-scenes events not in textbooks. The textbook was our problem not his. We would sight paragraphs and he would discuss for an hour what went on during/behind that event. He told us how they would seat the delegates during conferences to control the narrative. These eye openers were more than that: but revelations to how politics and historical events cannot be taught out of textbooks and in classes without an eyewitness that was involved. This man shaped my political thinking, this was during the Viet Nam war. Colleges were a hot bed of reformational thought. The deep state learned their lessons well during this time and took control of schools, and media; no more caskets shown on the 6 o’clock news: also volunteer army. Conspiracy? What did I do about it? Yelled, screamed and became an outcast; so, I left and will again. Twice Self-Exiled. It hurts to watch my country die. What have I learned that God’s will is Sovereign and the way we think it should be may not be.

        • IIG

          This college professor (Horror-e) states: “Human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose. Our actions are not part of some divine cosmic plan – as far as I can tell – any meaning that people inscribe to their lives is just a delusion.” – Queers like Hariri believe that nothing is real and that everything is permitted – that traditional morality (as touted in the Bible) is simply a construct for the weak minds to obey – Hariri is a Satanic atheist who wants to summon the darkness – for him human life has no meaning and free will is an illusion – for him “Truth is a fiction” and “God does not exist” (he considers religions an absurd attempt to create meaning) – in his mind “only Dictatorial Power is real” – and Humanity must be controlled by “a Superior Race of Queers”!!!

          • Self Exiled

            He’s emotionally/certifiably sick. He needs institutional treatment. He’s projecting his disease upon others.

  16. Bodych

    Heckuvan interview, Greg.

    It is refreshing to hear someone who is this based, logical, and informed. His take on Putin was so accurate, and it makes our country look like it’s run by imbeciles (but we know that).

    • James

      Yes, Hitler foolishly tried to avoid war with England and failed to build the aircraft necessary to punish them for the fire bombings of German cities. He crazily brought the German economy back to life making German workers the envy of the world. No longer were Germans forced into the sex trade to put food on the table. He retook territory stolen by the criminals at Versailles. He preempted Stalin’s invasion plans and England’s plans to seize Norway. He failed to liberate the East from the tyranny of Bolshevism, and, therefore, is further to blame for Poland, Hungary, Czecho et als seizure by Stalin.

      You’ll note that anytime they wish to demonize someone who is in the way (Saddam Hussein, Assad, Gaddafi, Putin) he’s demonized by the lying press as another Hitler.

      College has been increasingly rotten for a long time – ever since The Frankfort School Marxists fled Germany and came to the US to infest our schools with their Critical Theory. It’s now in the elementary schools.

      Anything pushed in unison by Hollywood, the media, and academia is almost certainly a lie. When people are imprisoned for asking questions, it’s long past time to do your own resarch.

  17. Pete+only

    Wow, James Rickards on Greg’s web site. Greg, you just leaped enormously in exposure, reach, and viewers I am sure. Congratulations!!! I have read most of Jim’s books over the years, and I believe that he really knows his stuff.
    Jim brought up a very important point regarding the value of the Russian Ruble, with the 5000 Ruble/gram for the price of Gold. Since the time that the Ruble was pegged, if you look at the graph of the Russian Ruble to the U.S dollar, it has stabilized, and is now even up more than 10% to where it was a year ago.
    Another point Jim makes is that Gold is universally endorsed around the world, and under current financial conditions should be priced at a minimum of $15,000 per oz.
    Silver as well, has a great potential to rise, and if at an 80 to 1 ratio vs gold to $200, but my guess is the silver/gold ratio could go to 30 to 1 and has a potential to hit $500, but it’s what it can purchase is what really matters, and if it comes to starvation, all bets are really off.
    You can’t eat gold or silver, but it does give you more options to work with going forward, and stocking up on food is really up there in priorities that is for sure.
    Look for the deep state to push for more digital currencies that can be manipulated and made into digital concentration camps going forward, and to even try to get rid of bitcoin and the like. There is probably very little physical gold at Fort Knox anyway.
    I am sure that the price of bullets and ammunition has also out priced a lot of other things over the years.
    The price of ignorance to all these things on the other hand, is actually more than ever priceless…

  18. Really Awake

    Really good interview. Well researched and thought out opinions. Sound advice at the end: buy extra food, buy some silver, get ready for power outages, supply line failures and the local ATM out of service.

    I wish Jim would have finished his thoughts and made his case fully on the likely stock market crash, but so many excellent subjects were discussed that there just wasn’t enough time. My takeaway is Jim thinks that the Federal Reserve increasing intrest rates and shrinking its balance sheet into economic weakness will cause the market to remain bearish and suffer a crash before the end of 2022.

    I would have asked if he thinks Wall Street will recover or not; and, if so, how soon? Maybe next time in a few months Jim will tell us in a different interview.

    Personally, I’m getting ready for the biggest socioeconomic and geopolitical SHTF in American history; wherein at best America suffers Great Depression 2.0, and at worst The United States of America disunite into a violent divorce.

    I don’t really give a damn how the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Government bureaucrats define a depression. How I define the next Great Depression is tens of millions of Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from; they can’t afford rent or morgage payments; the credit cards got maxed out and defaulted on; they are behind on taxes; they don’t own a car because they can’t afford it; the Big Blue Cities suffer from riots, looting, violence and look like demilitarized zones. No 911. Rolling blackouts. Garbage piled up on every street. Smelly rotten smells. Fetid pools of muddy water. Grime. Homeless people wondering around like a zombie horde from the “Walking Dead”. Malnutrition everywhere. Third-world sicknesses everywhere. Dystopian feral looking people everywhere……. That’s America’s next Great Depression 2.0…. Hospitals chaotic or boarded up. Police departments so understaffed and apathetical that cops are basically worthless. Firemen the same. Ambulance drivers the same. Worthless or totally unavailable. Great Depression 2.0 means a bleakness unlike anybody alive has suffered even during the last Great Depression.

    The least one can do is like Jim said, “get some extra food. Buy some silver.”

    And I say along with that extra food, extra set of new car tires and extra battery, don’t forget to buy an extra gun and ammunition, too, because it looks like it just might come in handy. And maybe have a big guard dog or two.

    • eddiemd

      Look at the videos coming out of Ukraine on Telegram or Bitchute. Those give a glimpse of what America is going to look like. Especially those coming out of Mariupol. Total destruction.

      No clean water in the cities. Gastrointestinal disease kills quickly.

      Mad max on steroids. Tribulation times.

      • Self Exiled

        Suffering: it is gleaner of the heart and soul of a person experiencing its capacity to do such. I have watched suffering and seen the results of its capacity to produce many different emotions from the individual in its grasp. I have seen people sleeping on cardboard, thin people staring into the water below on bridges, young ladies with 600-yard stares next to pools of green water. I have seen the eyes of Christ on His way to the cross in the eyes of a man bleeding and bruised on the Bay Walk in Manila. The suffering I have and I’m experiencing is nothing compared to these. It is God’s workplace and only He has the capacity to take us through it with positive results[prayerfully.]. He allowed me to watch His artistry of an individual who had one foot missing, with white soars on his stump, a stick under his arm with a piece of tire nailed to the bottom end and a rage wrapped on top praising and worshipping Him in the middle of a street in Ermita. Jesus answered the call to suffering, no home, no income, only a few friends to comfort, no one to sit with and silently comfort Him except the few at the base of the cross. Yes, we are being called eddiemd and it will divide and conquer men’s souls for and against He who calls.

        2 Timothy 2:3
        Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

        1 Peter 5:10
        After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.

        • Really Awake

          The world is full of suffering. There shall be a lot more suffering. That’s for sure.

          Critical times unlike anything in history are part of a composite Biblical sign and a signal of The Second Coming. Great suffering along with other momentous world shaking events have been foretold in God’s Word, The Holy Bible. That’s when painfully acute suffering occurs, reaches a climax and then a subsequent Devine Intervention. Kingdom come. God’s will be done on Earth. That’s what I believe and have faith in, namely, God will have to take back control of the Earth in order for true peace to be established. Mankind is incapable of doing it. Just look at the falure of the United Nations as a prime example. And the globalists want to use the United Nations as a means to an end. I don’t think so. God will judge that evil organization.

          I hope I live to see that Devine Intervention and the conclusion of this wicked, wicked system of things controlled by the evil unseen spirit forces. But I hope even more to live long enough to please Almighty God in some small way.

          I don’t know the day, hour, month or year of His full manifestation and establishment of His Kingdom and the chaining of Satan. And I can only pray that all sincere Christians receive God’s help to endure to the End.

      • Steve H

        Everyone needs to read Surviving the Economic Collapse by Ferfal. A real life story of day to day survival in a collapsed economy. Argentina. It’s not pretty. It’s a great guide. Real life experience. He would also be a fantastic person to interview Greg!

      • regaleagle

        That’s nothing compared to a nation with the population of the USA……most likely now about 360 million compared to a 1930 population of 123 million and Ukraine’s of 41 million not counting those emigrated or dead. And that is without a world totally devastated……what’s coming will be difficult to imagine by most every American.

    • Bob Butcher

      Really Awake, I wonder if you have taken the time to read the last book in the Bible!
      Thankfully we will be out of here beforehand!!!

      Richards was excellent, but I wish Greg would also include guests like Tom Horn and his fascinating book “Messenger”, a real end times eye opener!

      • Greg Hunter

        Tom Horn has been asked multiple times. He does not like to do Skype interviews.

        • Bob Butcher

          Don’t give up on him! And thanks staying on top of things!
          Also Timothy Alberino has recently published “Birthright”
          (the coming post human apocalypse) . His take on current events and the near future is fascinating . You might check him out, l think he would be a very interesting guest.

    • Dwight Branson

      I’m not sure who to give the credit to, but someone once defined recession vs. depression as follows:

      Definition of a recession is when my neighbor loses his house.
      Definition of a depression is when I lose my house.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        I have a better one:

        A recession is when your neighbor loses his house.
        A depression is when your neighbor kills your dog and eats it.

  19. BT

    Where is the video link?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s there unplug your modem for 20 sec to clear the codes and/or try a different browser.

  20. The Rev.

    I have a BIG God who ALWAYS WINS!! Oh, He LOOKED weak, like a loser, as He went to the cross and died for us. When that happened, the disciples thought their world was crashing in. But then there was EASTER. Praise God!!!

    To be honest, I also would like to drag the rich “elite” globalists out into the city square and hang them high. Then I think about Saul, who became Paul. Saul chased down Christians, killing many, until God knocked him to the ground, asking, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” Wow, Paul then became a champion for Christ. Could God do the same to these heathen globalists? Well, the Spirit of God moved on me and you, like Saul, and the rich “elite” should get ready for God to meet them, either as Savior or Judge.

    Now there are many examples of MIRACLES in the Bible where the outcome looked really bad, like for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, but then GOD stepped in. There is Daniel in the lions’ den and Esther, Mary, the mother of Jesus and how about Lazarus? Come on Christians, don’t hang your heads. This is NOT over and we are NOT defeated by a long shot. Get EXCITED! Look up! Christ will soon be coming in the clouds for you. We will see GREATER miracles than these in the months and years ahead. Just keep praying every day and watch your God MOVE in MIGHTY ways. It is going to be an awesome show with lots of fireworks. Forget the popcorn – there are all kinds of sweet treats to choose from This baby is just getting warmed up. It is time for all of us to read Matthew 24. The “elite” snobs are going to look really foolish when it is all said and done, unless they repent. Our God will NOT be mocked. In the end, because God wins, WE win!!!!!!!
    P.S. Greg, you are the man, and a donation is on the way. Thanks!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Tghanks for the very kind words Rev.

    • Ra-Horakty

      All institutions are infiltrated and controlled by psychopaths. Anyone who promotes the destruction of one institution only to turn around and promote a new one is either unqualified at best or an organized opposition. We must build systems that have integrated into their core, this understanding. The age of power is over and those of you who make it through will have your families back.

  21. Coal Burner

    Greg; Jim is a very smart guy. This was a very good interview. Right up top for you! And , yes, you have a bunch a great interviews already in the bag this year.

  22. JimS

    Where is it that you can buy a 500 ounce silver eagle monster box for $14-15 thousand?

    • The Seer

      Miles Franklin is reputable

  23. eddiemd

    Indonesia heading for trouble due to famine.

    Most populous muslim nation in the world.

  24. Tom C

    An outstanding interview. One of the best ever. He explained Ukraine very well and clarified a lot.

  25. David Bagley

    Trump knew the globalist’s population reduction agenda

    • Chip

      He apparently was in on it with Operation Warp Speed that he still brags about… Chip

  26. Sean

    Remember that all this misery is being created as part of the 2030 agenda to rob you of your property and rights.

  27. Neville

    I haven’t heard a James Rickards interview for quite a while sufficed as to say he still renders some very good advice and is very lucid on the riff raff that run AAcrime.
    As for his account of the dollar ,I personally don’t think its worth a thousandth of its
    current value of 103 (where is everyone who said it was going down .the blood money currency is on the top of the heap of cyber support from the crooked and corrupt fed.
    When it crashes and crash it will at some stage it will come right out of the blue.
    Personally I think a major incident caused by MOTHER NATURE will presage the event.

    • Max

      The dollar is price of gold $2000 of them for 1 oz of gold

    • DianeC

      The DXY dollar index is composed of six currencies: the Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, and the Japanese Yen. Because of the exponential equation those currencies are plugged into, as they fall, the dollar appears stronger. It is just a relative number, and the dollar can be described as the best-looking horse in the glue factory, or the cleanest shirt in the hamper. I suspect that the DCY is going up now because all of those currencies are being sold off to buy natural gas in Roubles from Russia.

      • IIG

        Lets take a look at the US dollar – – it is rising against every currency in the world – what does that mean – well for Americans (who comprise about 5% of the world population) it means people (like Stan for instance) will want to own dollars and sell gold – but for the other 95% of the people in the world it means it takes more of their currencies to buy an ounce of gold (so gold prices are rising for them) and they will want to own more gold to protect the purchasing power of their currency) – now the question is – will the demand for gold from the 95% outweigh the lack of demand from the 5%?? – if world demand for physical gold increases – gold will tend to move higher in price “even in a strong dollar environment”!!

  28. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Great of you to get Jim on Greg, he’s an absolute genius, and breaks everything down and simplifies the economic realities in such a candid way. In regards the the economy and the Gold and Silver markets, why wouldn’t you consider bringing on Mike Maloney as he’s another great contributor and has a brilliant perspective on everything economic including Cyrpto, Gold , Silver and all reserve currencies. Thanks again and God Bless You. Vince in London.

  29. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rickards,whose works are certainly provocative and academic,he is most certainly unwilling to step outside the narrative of the establishment numbers, but he uses those numbers like a rapier ,ripping to shreds the narrative of the acolytes of the Rothschild’s World Economic Forum that have infiltrated your government. We here in the UK and Europe are similarly infiltrated and sadly voting means nothing, look at France recently!
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly awful for us plebs,rampant inflation in necessities, whilst our incomes are stagnant at best and in reality collapsing. A revolution is stirring and our political class are either unwilling to see and change or think they can survive it. We even have guns and armaments flowing into the country courtesy of Mr Zelensky.

  30. Joe

    Overall good interview. However, it always bothers me when these large increases in gold prices are discussed with no comments about the gold miners. Right now, officially, the miners dump 3100+ tons of gold on the market every year. Not paper gold, not naked shorts, real gold. Some say the actual gold production is double that. Then you hear about new world class gold discoveries in western Australia. In any event, the miners will be pumping out tons and tons of new gold as prices rise. This is a constant downward pressure on gold price, yet gold bulls never discuss it. Very strange.

    • Neville

      Hi Maria,
      The word “narrative” is broadly used to describe the LIE of the day and yes Jim has an uncanny knack of destroying that which needs to be eradicated and those are the lies which all too often emanate out of AAcrime…….Hard to keep track of them !!!
      Have a blessed weekend.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Joe,
      Just my musings . . .
      According to The World Gold Council the total gold mined to date (Jan 2022) is 205, 238 tonnes. So if the current yearly gold mining output is 3100 tons p.a. as you report, or even double as you suspect, then the dilution is only between 1.5% to 3% per year. This would be in line with normal economic growth – which partly explains why a gold standard allows for stable economic growth. Compare the dilution in reserve gold by mining activity – 1.5% to 3% – with the dilution of fiat dollars (Federal Reserve notes) by recent money ‘printing’. According, 80% of all US dollars in existence have been created in just the last two years! As a ‘store of value’ gold wins hands down vs any fiat currency.

      • Joe

        I’ve seen these statistics before and they are trotted out by gold bugs who want to get your money. However, the only thing that matters is the price for gold purchases and sales which are totally different from the unverified total mined to date number from the World Gold Council. On the sell side are the miners with their 3100+ tons of gold per year dumped on the market. In addition you have people who bought gold in the past and are now selling because they want the money. On the buy side are people who want to purchase some gold. The price is decided by what the two sides agree they will do business at.

        Let’s look at some figures available to anyone. First GLD which is an etf tied to the price of gold. On 8/28/2011 the price of GLD was 183.24. Today it is $176.91. In other words, if you bought gold 11 years ago and sold it today you lost money. Now lets look at GDX which is an etf of the largest gold mining companies. On 9/5/2011 GDX was priced at $65.80. Today it is $34.99. In other words if you bought gold stocks 11 years ago you lost almost half of your money.

        In my opinion the GDX price is very significant. Stocks are generally a forward looking vehicle. If investors think the miners will be able to sell their output at the quoted $15,000, the GDX price will be bid way up which is not the case today. On the contrary, the GDX price suggests that investors are not anticipating a significant increase in the gold price. More likely they are focusing on the new world class gold discoveries reported in the mining literature which will dump tons and tons of new gold on the market. Alternately they are focusing on something else like an upcoming confiscation of privately held gold, an upcoming tax on gold or something of that sore that is detrimental to the gold price.

        Bottom line. It’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it. But don’t be surprised if you sit for another 11 years with no meaningful profit for your hard earned dollars.

    • The Seer

      There are rising premiums above the spot price when demand is high. People are moving out of savings and out of retirement accounts into metals. Some are selling their real estate, too. In 1998 gold was $285 range per oz and now heading to $3000 on up.
      What is important is the number of ounces and to hold .
      Accumulate when you have cash as trying to time can throw one off. Demand is increasing per the company’s
      who are selling and wait times will prolong.

    • Pete+only

      Joe, many analysts believe that the supply of gold actually only adds about 2% of it annually to existing gold supplies. Pretty much every oz of gold mined over the years is still with us; hence the saying Gold is horded, while silver is consumed.
      On the other hand, about 60 to 70% of silver that is mined is actually consumed and pretty much lost forever, and 85% of silver comes as a biproduct from other minerals being mined.
      Many people believe that silver is a better investment choice compared to gold for these reasons, and is more practical to use in barter going forward.
      Since the middle ages there has been over 500 currencies come and go, and silver will always hold its value because it has taken energy, and other resources to find it and extract it.

  31. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great reports Greg.

    • Chuck

      Your comment would make sense if the Fed stopped pumping out tons of FRN’s every year too. Think that’s gonna happen Joe?

  32. Tabitha Sloan


  33. Neville

    Hi Maria,
    The word “narrative” is broadly used to describe the LIE of the day and yes Jim has an uncanny knack of destroying that which needs to be eradicated and those are the lies which all too often emanate out of AAcrime…….Hard to keep track of them !!!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  34. r.v.

    Alrosa diamonds another stream of revenue owned by Russian Federal Government via Israel. De Beers is the other diamond competitor.
    Gold, Oil, Diamonds..
    Thanks for friendly reminder about the Oligarch’s 9 years ago Putin told them don’t take your riches out of Russia now it has come home to roast.

  35. Mark P.

    War in Ukraine. Multiple bad actors and agendas.

    – Distraction from the Covid / vax crimes.

    – Distraction from, and scapegoat for, the impending global economic /financial system collapse.

    – Provides a new market for the military industrial complex / monster which needs constant feeding.

    – Continues the destruction of economies all over the world (impose sanctions which hurt your own people more than they hurt the “enemy”) and keeps the population in a perpetual state of fear. Impoverished and scared people are easy to dominate and control.


    Who said: “If all else fails they take you to war”.

  36. Martin Coombs

    Mmmmmm when the power goes out the atm’s & bitcoin wont work, ( buy a freezer & stock up on frozen) ? My trust is not in man, not in myself, Jesus is the way the truth & the life , may God bles us all at this time ( as his word says revelation) is here .

    • IIG

      Demons don’t believe in a “carbon based” God that is made of flesh and blood (like us humans who were made in God’s image) – any life form made of “carbon” is evil to these Demons (who want to be robots made of silicon) – these Demons are currently shutting down all “absolutely clean” coal powered electrical plants and are savagely chopping down the worlds forests “into wood chips” to feed their electrical power plants (saying like a bunch of morons that burning wood chips “is carbon neutral” (and is not putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere) – these insane Demons are not really worried about CO2 in the atmosphere – what they really want to do “is to kill off all “carbon based” lifeforms in favor of “new lifeforms” that use silicon (like computer driven robots) – do these Demons really believe that a robotic silicon computer will be able to enjoy the fragrant perfume of flowers in the early morning dew as we “carbon based” humans can? – do these Demons think that a silicon robot will be able to love the way we “carbon based” humans do? – remember – all these “silicon based” robots are being built by “queers” (like Horror-e) who have no conception of what love really is – they don’t believe in conception nor the bringing of new human life into the world – their idea of love is “completely self centered” (where only self gratification and the cloning of themselves “to live forever” is their goal)!!

  37. Mark P.

    Dr. Mike Yeadon: I believe Greg has been wanting to get Dr. Yeadon on the show.

    In the meantime, here is the very latest interview with him (28th April 2022) on the James Delingpole Bitchute channel:

    Interview includes how he “escaped”from the UK to Florida (via Mexico), his latest take on the Covid scamdemic, and discussion of the darker agenda and actors behind it.

    Delingpole is a former MSM writer who saw the light (he’s a Christian btw) and jumped ship to go independent.

    • Tim

      Dr Yeadon seemed to down play the amount of deaths from the jab. Contrary to earlier posts where he stated that he could only conclude that genocide was the agenda?

      Any thoughts Mark?

  38. Barb

    Very interesting info on climate change, you might be interested in as a mid west farmer
    at the 22:30 mark

  39. Rick Larson

    I am obviously a magnitude more wise than Mr. Rickards having learned how to grow my own food without having to buy inputs. But, I will admit he is much smarter than I am knowing the various ins and outs of global markets. Quite an interesting interview, he did a nice job in the beginning explaining the situation.
    Anyway, since I won’t have to buy food with my silver, instead, I might buy a new pick up truck, or maybe buy the neighbor’s house so I can kick him out!
    Here is a short video of me in my productive backyard.

  40. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….the state beside Alabama….)

    Always enjoy Mr. Rickards. All the worlds woes will merge and climax soon. That will leave three great power blocks.

    The king of the North, the king of the South and the kings of the East.

    “Whats in your wallet”…..or on your hand?

  41. Jim Hebert

    An interesting commentary on why so many young people are not in the labor force.
    The man in this video is streaming a video game, World of Warships, while talking about his university career to train as a teacher of history and why he quit the field to make a living playing a video game. I think his comments can apply to just about any occupation in the world today. About 20 minutes.

  42. George E

    Greg: James skillfully omits Sergey Glazyev in his discussion of the Russian Ruble vs. the Dollar, a man as well read as James, why? Could it be Glazyev is a co thinker of LaRouche?

  43. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg

    Rather than watch woke nexflex or other woke streaming services or the corrupt MSM the wife & i watch vloggers from all around the world. The Russian vlogger’s show how the sanctions are not hurting Russia their store shelves are full. Life for them goes on as normal. China pedo joe & his clown show sanctions are a failure. An example for this is “Different Russia” if you are interested. Among other things they do they actually go to Russian grocery stores & compare prices in rubble verse dollars. Go & start watching from Jan 1 till now & see the change in real time.

    A monster box for $14,000 hummmm $28 per oz where ?
    Apmex wants $37.44 for a monster box as of today Sunday 5/1/22
    Spot is $22.785 this morning as I type this.

    • Deb

      Hi Da Yooper, I’m wondering the same thing. Please let us know if you find out. Thanks!!

  44. Dave

    The NWO types in the U.S. can’t even play checkers, let alone chess…

  45. Howard

    They hate Christians so they hate Russia/Putin

  46. Jerry

    Of course Jim Richards knows about the reset. It’s just not going to happen the way he thinks it is. The globalist have other ideas.
    Nothing has changed . The Chinese still want us dead, so they can collect on their investments without getting shot. The next bioweapon is getting ready to be rolled out. That’s why two of their largest cities are under lockdown now. Meanwhile the MSM keeps pushing for more vaccinations. The globalist are not going to allow the midterm elections to take place under normal conditions. Prepare for more mail in voter fraud, and death.

  47. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    Interesting interview as Rickards always has a fresh perspective and many good insights. However, I would just like to provide some clarity on his definition of a recession vs. depression.
    According to standard definitions, both a recession and a depression reflect declining growth beneath trend, not just a depression. Contrary to what he said, the difference IS a matter of duration. He is correct that the standard definition of a recession is an economic decline for a period of 6 months or more (2 consecutive quarters). But the definition used in the financial industry and defined by the U.S. Department of Commerce is that a depression is a decline in real GDP for 6 consecutive quarters, or 18 months.

    One does not have to agree with these definitions, but these are the definitions that are used. I do not believe that we needed to wait for 6 consecutive quarters to see that the world was thrust into a depression, the likes of which the world had never seen before, during the global shutdown of all small business in 2020! If that does not qualify as a depression I don’t know what would! And today we have, unresolved and getting worse, supply chain disruptions that are hurting most businesses, plus debt and inflation that are only trending higher. Thus, it is clear that real GDP is only on the decline. So, as of this just reported GDP declining figure, my expectation is that we are likely entering into a depression now, if we have not already enter into one, in real terms, in 2020.

  48. Randy Avera

    Jim mentions purchasing a green 500 coin Silver Eagle monster box at the US Mint for around $14000. That’s $28/coin! I did an internet search and cannot that find any price anywhere near that. None on are on the US Mint site.
    Randy Avera

    • Jennifer

      Rickard’s is approximating. The price fluctuates continuously in the open market. You need to shop reliable dealers for the best price.

  49. Doug C

    What if China has closed huge cities…… continue the destruction of the West?
    WHERE are Products made? CHINA. We depend on China to supply us with what we want. It has NOTHING to do with SARS-Cov2. It’s more Globalist Destruction of the WEST. Wake up.

    • Warren B.

      Its not only China that is being targetted ….Germany (the powerhouse of Europe) is too being constrained with Gas Supply (used for Energy in Manufacturing) being cut off from Russian Supply.
      Tell me Russia is not part of the plan to destroy the West (Putin is a graduate of the WEF School) . This is much deeper than what is being portrayed anywhere. The UKRAINE FAKE WAR (with Russia as the FAKE Enemy) is the continaunce of the destruction left from the PLANDEMIC for a FAKE COVID VIRUS. The DEBT needs to be destroyed as does the demand for money. You can’t have businesses producing, countries exporting and people buying in a pre-designed Depression. A Hyper-Inflationary future is dead ahead.
      Rickards even went out on a limb and mentioned “Starvation of millions” being the resultant. He hit the Nail fair and square….without elaborating too much.
      Connect the Dots and you will resolve this fairly quickly too.
      (Rickards let the cat out of the bag with the “Boomerang” comment – reference to the sanctions backfiring not only on the West but also assisting with the Russian Oligarchs – who are a force to reckon with – given they are the in complete opposition to Putin (The West). It makes logical sense when viewed through that lense…..the strategy is to remove any and all opposition to what the NWO/Reset Team wants. That also implies getting a free run at starving to death ….the people of this world. The system is fractured and with continuation of the FAKE WAR – it implies the downward economic spiral will prevail with unrelenting force – especially given the tapering/not tapering into a slowing (stopping) economic cycle. BANKS (if you haven’t figured it our yet) are on the verge of being wiped out and this time there will be no rescue – JUST BAIL-INS.

  50. WKSwanson

    Greg, this was an excellent interview. I’ve read (and re-read) five of Jim’s books, and find his work interesting, insightful, and highly relevant. As for you, I just wish that you would stop disparaging your intelligence…you are too bright to engage in what sounds like false modesty.

  51. Press Play

    2.5 to 3% is NOT normalizing rates. it is relatively (compared to ZIRP) normaling rates.
    a true normalized rate is 5% or more. and we will never see that without a major crash.

  52. Jimmy Duke Hamill

    Hello Greg.
    Excellent interview with Jim Rickards !
    I do want to bring up in your past interview with Bo Poney, regarding his predictions of some, “many” things that are going to happen in the near future. I thought the meteor that struck in Mississippi, this past week, “That could be heard for hundreds of miles”, is one that you should address please. The Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ is showing for the world to see and hear that He is like you say; “Firmly in Control”.

  53. Chuck

    Man, is that guy smart. Been following him for years. Thanks Greg for having him on.

  54. Stan

    $15,000 Gold? When I heard that I laughed so hard I almost crashed my Bentley. I had to pull over and gain my composure. If Gold ever gets to $15,000 I’ll set my Bentley on fire in Times Square. Your chances of seeing Elvis deliver a pizza to your door are greater than $15000 Gold.

    • IIG

      Will you keep that promise Stan – I seem to remember you were going to jump off the George Washington Bridge if gold hit $1800 dollars per ounce!!
      [You know why we gold-bugs are allowing gold to fall back to $1800 don’t you Stan? – to give you a second chance to come through on your promise]!!

      • Stan

        IIG: You have my word

    • jochen Knaebel

      ja ,her and beliv this 20 jears ,still poor(;
      max kaiser silver500 bla bla

    • IIG

      Stan – Look at this Gold chart and weep – the “trend is up” for Gold – it is simply currently testing the $1850 level “before rocketing higher to $15,000 dollars per ounce” – – and inflation may get so bad – you won’t be able to even afford to buy the gallon of gas – needed to burn your Bentley!!

      • Stan

        IIG: What type of weed are you smoking?

    • IIG

      The tactics used to manipulate people’s thoughts, beliefs and actions have not changed over the centuries – from Stan po pooing gold in favor of the US fiat dollar – to Klaus Schwab telling us we will be happy with worthless fiat money (owning nothing) – evil warmongers sold World War I to the American public by branding it as a war that was necessary to help our allies “Make the World Safe for Democracy” – then such evil men sold the American public on World War II – to help our allies “To Rid the World of Facist Nazi’s – then evil men sold the American public on the Korean and Vietnam Wars as wars “To Stop the Commies” from threatening our allies – then other evil men sold the American pubic on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars “To Make the World Safe From Terrorists” who may threaten our allies – and now once again evil men are selling the Ukrainian War to the American public as a war “To protect the Ukrainian Terrorist Nazi Fascist’s because they are killing Russian Commies (even though Ukraine is not even a NATO member) – it is all mind control folks – we are governed by very evil men who continually mold our minds and influence our thoughts – one of the easiest ways to influence the thoughts and actions of large numbers of people is to first “influence their leader” (like Trump or Biden) either with or without their conscious cooperation and they can automatically influence an entire group of people to follow their evil agenda – the second way they influence entire groups of people is to “Repeat the Same Idea (or mantra) over and over Again and Again (which is a neuro-linguistic way of programming and instilling their concepts, emotions and agenda’s into the subconscious mind of the public – look at how the eugenicists got people to go along with their “gene therapy clot shots” (they simply called them “vaccines”) most people would be extremely skeptical taking “a gene therapy” – but call it “a vaccine” (which the public looks upon as a safe and proven medical intervention that is life-saving and necessary) and the public will line up for their own extermination (by strokes, heart attacks, HIV, AIDS and auto-immune disorders) – these monsters of mind control and manipulation are mad dogs, perverts and queers – who for the love of money and their Satanic beliefs enjoy murdering and destroying the human race to own everything (all the world’s wealth) for themselves – exactly what Jesus “DID NOT DO” when enticed by Satan in the Garden!!!

  55. Victor

    Love watching Jim Rickards smart fella. I would it take exception to his gold theory on the Russian ruble, you can peg your ruble or dollar all you want to gold but it does not mean a thing if it’s not convertible into gold at a neutral stable state. So Putin can say he’s valuing it at $2000 an ounce or $10,000 an ounce it doesn’t matter you cannot take the ruble and walk up to a bank window and convert it into gold. Furthermore Putin has announced that all rubles for gold transactions are negotiated now they’re not fixed as what is reported in the western press. In reality when you do buy gold privately at any of their official gold exchange offices it costs much more rubles than officially publish to buy gold, and if you’re willing to sell your gold which most Russians will not do, you are offered less rubles in trade than the official government propaganda websites state. How do I know this? My brother-in-law lives in Russia and this is what he communicates to me on a weekly basis.

    • Pete+only

      Victor, I am not sure how gold is converted into Russian Rubles, but one thing for certain is that the Russian Ruble is now worth 10% more than it was a year ago, and it recovered in value almost immediately after the Russian government announced the 5000 Ruble for 1 gram of gold conversion.
      This price conversion might only be available to non Russians. Just my theory.

      • IIG

        Russia set 5000 Ruble’s equal to 1 gram of gold – since there are 28.34952 grams in one ounce of gold – it means 141,747.6 Ruble’s is worth one ounce of gold ($1850 dollars today) – so one(1) Ruble today is worth $0.01305 US dollars – now if gold goes to $15,000 dollars as Rickards says – each Ruble will appreciate by about 10 times – which makes the Ruble almost as good as holding gold without having to carry around a lot of heavy metal (the Ruble is now essentially a “Gold Certificate”) – more then can be said for the US dollar (which is essentially a worthless piece of paper worth “Zero”, “Nada”, “Zip”) – when people realize that the Ruble will hold value like Gold – they may begin to offer their “worthless US dollars” for Ruble Gold Certificates (how many dollars will they offer?? – that will be known once all the Trillions of US dollars held overseas begins coming back to America!!!

    • drew

      You need therapy

      • drew

        sorry, my reply is attached to the wrong comment. It is meant for Stan.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      From March 25th through April 7th the Russian Central Bank would buy gold from commercial banks at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles per gram. (And, consequently, the ruble moved, approximately, back up to its pre-invasion levels vis-a-vis the USD.)

      How is that not a peg?

  56. James j

    Great interview Greg. Mr ricards visite d all of the critical indicators of how fast the west is falling. If there are real leaders in the west, they’re staying in the shadows and pulling the strings for their own benefit…. Even so, they too are doing a miserable job of it ….the rabble will rise up eventually.

  57. Matt Jaymes


    Awesome interview. You knocked that one way the hell out of the park. Thank you!!

    Matt Jaymes

  58. Dan Knight

    Excellent interview … Mr. Rickards is a great guest and a brilliant observer.

    God bless you and yours, Greg, and anyone coming across my comment.

  59. Arlene

    I’d be careful about stocking your freezer because if the power goes down even for a very short time you could lose it all in wink. Make sure you have back up power of some kind to keep that freezer going. Greg, I really like your choice of guests. I never miss your interviews. You’re a treasure.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Arlene for all your support!

  60. Country Codger

    Lo Iyrah!!

  61. Phil

    Great interview! Greg, you have been an early warning (one of the earliest) to us all! My household is better prepared because of your honest reporting. God’s work, my friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Phil!

  62. Matthew Nelson

    Biden likes to play chutes and ladders!

  63. David Lynch

    Gold and silver will only reflect fair market value as Constitutional money when the criminal banking cartels are dismantled and the perpetrators are removed from society . The Comex, Federal reserve , fractional reserve banking are all criminal enterprises ! God hates dishonest weights and measures for a reason, so should we !

  64. eddiemd

    War on the Temple Mount.

    The next 2 months will be interesting.

    Coming antichrist.

    Interesting times inbound. Be ready.

    • eddiemd

      They took down that antichrist article quickly.

      The link does not work. Below works.

      • Self Exiled

        Read most of it, but my head was swimming against the tide. Islam to me when I read the Koran is confusion personified.

        • Charles H

          To take the opposing belief system as the authority over the one it opposes is nuts. What this article does is redefine Christianity as erroneous, then state it as they wrongly interpret it through the Quran. It is like being paid in counterfeit money.

          Is anyone else having to re-enter info to make a comment too?

      • IIG

        What is really disturbing is that we have really dumb woman running up and down our school halls teaching our children to yell “gay” “gay” “gay” – when it’s the gays (like Horror-e) “who want to do away with women” and simply make humanity a bunch of” queer clones” (made out of silicon) that don’t have sex (but are manufactured by other robots in a factory)!!

        • IIG

          A robot made in “Corporate” factory and completely controlled by a CEO “Dictator”!!

  65. Anne

    Great Show, as always, thank you, Greg!
    Question – Mr. Rickards suggested a monster box and thought they were around $14k – they are actually closer to 19K – for the American Silver Eagles – what do you think about a monster box of Canadian Maple Leafs – that box is around $16k……just curious – thank you again! Take care.

  66. Matt Brinck

    Best Show I have seen by Mr Rickards! I actually enjoyed it! Great talk he did on the Russian Ruble and the connection to Precious Metals. I actually understood most of this!

  67. Robin Wills

    The video is not working neither here or on ZH which essentially links back to here. 😕. I will check back later to see if I can catch it. Have a lovely day!

  68. al

    On China. Covid is a tool of control, nothing else. It’s similar to the SS and NAZI Police keeping people at bay, from rioting.
    The fact is that China was up for a Revolutionary War related to food, inflation and most of all, a failing economic system.
    Covid is a lid, a lid they are trying to cover the US with but it ain’t workin’ folks. It ain’t workin’.

    Like the “war” in the Ukraine sparked by the 1940s style NAZIs there, so are the Chinese Covid lockdowns SPARKED BY A COMING CHINESE CIVIL WAR !

    • The Ogs

      Yup, there’s something pretty strange going on with China these days, and I worry that it’s not really about battling Covid. Something going on.
      Is it possible they have just fired-up enormous 5G networks and are now encountering problems?

  69. Robert Hallam

    Jim suggests that people can acquire a monster box for $14K. He’s WAY too low! In the current market dealers are having to pay about $35/oz ($12/oz premium) or $17.5K/box. The general public is going to be paying $18K to $19K OR MORE for a sealed monster box depending on the broker.

  70. rainer baudrexl

    It is enjoyable to watch this very popular and well published author comment on our Banking System ; however ; the Actual legitimacy of our Federal Reserve Banking System is not being questioned by most finan ical Experts including Mr. Rikards. Andrew Jackson ; the Founding Fathers ; Hugo Salinas Price ; and even Vladimir Putin have a better handle about what Legitimate Money ; and its benefits to the common man is actually about. This unfortunate State of Affairs may soon come to an end when Russia imposes a return to Honest money.

  71. Marie Joy

    Justice will NOT come from our corrupt government and politicians, if it comes.

  72. Frank S.

    Great tutorial on Money, Markets, and the Mayhem ahead!

  73. Marie Joy

    Since everything that comes out of mainstream is a lie, and I know all information from mainstream about Lyme disease is a lie, I’ve been wondering IF everything said about dairy and beef being bad for you is a lie. Shawn Baker MD, on YouTube, says, contrary to mainstream thinking, meat is good for you. Shawn seems anti mainstream.

  74. iwitness02

    The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.
    Haggai 2: 8 I often hear people say that gold and silver is God’s money.
    It appears that we have scriptural proof of this claim. This is the money that I would trust. If our Creator likes it, that’s all I need to know.

  75. Paul

    Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man’s survival.

    In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.
    Alan “the relic “ Greenspan

    Paul from arkansas

  76. Continue to Stack Silver, Gold and Platinum. Along with water and food. Don’t forget guns and bullets

  77. Country Codger

    Greg and Jim,
    The lockdowns have nothing to do with COVID. The Chinese have figured out that lockdowns hurt the US economy more than it does their own. They are using global thermonuclear economic warfare. Check the balance sheets of both countries; US is down 1.4% and China is up 5+%. Don’t sell them short.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Self Exiled

      I also believe they are using covid to head off a revolution that was in the making. The cities they selected were not an accident. These cities I believe are most progressively influenced by the outside world. Remember they monitor everything. I saw a special on it in the Philippines and the monitoring centers are second to none, extremely high Teck and impressive to view.

  78. Paul

    First class interview, Greg – so much valuable info. Rickards also has a lot to say about supply chains. If the average person listened to just 10 minutes of his discussion on Ukraine, maybe more would wake up (I said maybe!).
    Excellent discussion on how Putin is running rings around the morons in Washington.We hope to God that, at the end of this mess, two of our most evil forces – the Drug Industrial Complex and the Warmongers, both with our government in their tentacles – are exposed for the psychos that they are.
    By the way, if you do the math – the ruble is now already now 70 to 1 dollar not 80 (ie it’s stronger)! It was between 120 an 140 when it crashed and the fixing was done. If 5000 rubles are pegged to 1 gram of gold, then the effective dollar price should be $2024 (at 28.34 grams to ounce, they are offering 141,700 rubles per troy ounce. Divide by 70 and you get 2024). The Comex price today is $1898 – so already you have arbitrage. So, the dollar HAS weakened against the ruble even if the $DXY (mostly against the Euro and Yen) is up to 103. Putin may also likely be responsible for smashing the Comex price surpression. We hope so.

  79. Linda Majors


    Thanks for inviting Jim Rickards on your show. Obviously, he is very savvy. I’m glad he pointed out how our sanctions and other steps taken by the buffoons in DC are backfiring. However, perhaps it is intentional. Those fools want war, and doing everything in their power to bring America to her knees. Elon Musk claims that Twitter has been hijacked by the radical left. True! However, the corrupt radical left and Trump hating Rinos have hijacked all American institutions, even our schools and military. Thank God for Gov. DeSantis!

    I understand why Putin wants no part of the “West.” He is a traditionalist. He wants no part of weirdos, sex change operations, puberty blockers, losers with pink hair and rings in their noses and drag queens indoctrinating Russian children. Good for him!

  80. Sean

    Greg, love your interviews, but word of advice on being a staunch supporter of gold. Everyone believes the same thing that’ inflation will continue forever now and the dollar is doomed. When everyone in market believes one thing, it’s almost always the opposite. Deflation is real concern.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am a “staunch supporter” of Real assets and real money. Gold does just as well in deflation as in inflation. Gold cannot be destroyed, but a 10-year Treasury sure can. My advice to you is get physical stuff and that includes gold.

      • IIG

        Just as owning Gold ( a real asset that the Fed can’t destroy) – another “real asset” to own is God – who can’t be destroyed by Satanists (that “jab” our children when they are born to give them heart attacks and want to cut off their private parts if they happen to survive more then 7 days out of the womb)!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You know what I say at the end of every Weekly Wrap-Up.

  81. Joseph T. Manzo

    Tell me, were do I get a Monster Box for $14,000?

    • Stacker

      In 2017 I picked up a monster box of Eagles for just over 8,000 Dollars never popping the seal straps…dollar cost averaging is a brilliant way to invest for most investors. I cringe at Dollars rotting in the bank depreciating against Real Constitutional Money. Now, Eagle boxes have easily doubled from that level. That said I do like a variety, looking to convert into some generic bouillon this weekend because XIDENFLATION is real and getting worse.

    • Jennifer

      Simply buy 28 of them. Same difference.

      • Jennifer

        Sorry…just order $14,000 worth of 1 oz. coins. It will come in 1 box, apx 450+ coins.

  82. Beverly

    Marie Joy,
    I believe that meat is to be used to “celebrating and rejoicing.” Meat is hard for your body to digest because there are no natural enzymes in it, like there are in vegetables. So, your body has to work much harder to break down the meat into small particles. People who are eating a lot of meat, are wearing out their bodies by eating food with no enzymes in the food. Beef is a cleaner meat than chicken and turkey, if the cow is a free range cow. Most chickens and turkeys are not raised in a way that would be considered free range. The protein in milk (caseine protein) is hard to break down and the low fat milks are worse for people than the whole milk products because they have a higher protein rate. Milk is made for a BIG animal—a calf. We are not calves. We are people who were made to breastfeed from our human mothers. There are some types of milk that seem to be easier to digest than other types—from different types of cows. I would go easy on the milk, cheese and beef and other meats. Look up MMS(Jim Humble) for treatment on Lyme disease. You might have some success using that.

  83. Charles lape

    Your Bitcoin won’t work with out power but fill up a freezer with food for a hedge against hunger. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • Robert F

      How so?

      • IIG

        Because with the power down the food in the freezer will rot – unless – you take all that freezer food and cook it in a really big kettle over a wood burning fire (and keep that food hot “continuously” (night and day) so it won’t ever go sour on you!!

      • Blinky

        Robert asks :
        “How so?”

        Answer :
        …..”annnnnd it’s GONE. Next?”

  84. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on YouTube speaks of Catastrophic Supply Chain Disruptions (May 2022) Getting Much Worse.
    Does anyone, else, have to fill in their name and email on every post? This is new to me.

  85. Tony G

    Rickards is a smart guy and well worth listening too. So surely he must know
    that the Russians quickly removed their fixed purchase price for gold in favour of a floating bid? This seems to me to undermine his triangle analogy since the angles are no longer fixed. A floating rate allows Russia to purchase gold cheaper price and removes the arbitrage Rickards talks about. This explains how the Ruble is getting stronger while gold is weakening, contrary to his argument.

  86. Tony G

    NB: Correction
    Rickards is a smart guy and well worth listening too. So surely he must know
    that the Russians quickly removed their fixed purchase price for gold in favour of a floating bid? This seems to me to undermine his triangle analogy since the angles are no longer fixed. A floating rate allows Russia to purchase gold at the cheaper price and removes the arbitrage Rickards talks about. This explains how the Ruble is getting stronger while gold is weakening, contrary to his argument.

  87. Cathouse

    Gazprom bank which is owned by the communist government in Russia is the only trading entry in the world that is now open to trade the Ruble. The value of the US dollar to the Ruble is manipulated by the state. Their is no market!!!!!!!! Only what the Russian state wants you to believe in. Before the the war, the Ruble was traded in hundreds of markets across the globe therefore giving a average value to what other currencies were trading for. Now there is only ONE MARKET IN THE WORLD trading rubles, its in house and that is Gazprombank. Perhaps you have noticed this before the pattern of deception? JP MORGAN on SILVER

  88. Tony G

    My earlier critique of Rickards ‘triangle’ thesis appears to have been moderated out of existence. Why is that?

  89. Roger...

    House Republican Introduces Bill To Give Biden Sweeping Authorities To Wage War In Ukraine


  90. Errol b flynn

    No doubt a very erudite and well spoken individual.Many of his arguments appear sound .In fact I am 100 percent on board with many things he has to say..
    That being said there is just something about this guy(and there always has been over the years since I have been following him) that gives me the “creeps”.Cant put my handle on it.All I know is personally I do not trust this guy.I often assess a persons creditbility(rightfully or wrongfully} based on the company they keep.Also I take note what they say and see if their actions match their words.subsequent actions and .
    In the past Rickards has worked and associated himself with many ESTABLISHMENT types many of whom are far from choirboys!
    All I am saying is do your own due diligence with this character. He may be 100 percent kosher and well meaning and be correct in his prognostications. But of course on the other side of the ledger he may be quite the exact opposite.Today more than at any time in history one must be do ones own due diligence due to the fact our enemy has infiltrated and co opted all social financial and political institutions within Western Society .Caveat Emptor!

  91. RJH

    Ah.. Love all your hard work Greag.. and Clif !!.. you having Jim on is great.. but I don’t trust him. I have been watching him a long time.. He was all about gold for 12 years.. and anti-bitcoin. If you followed his advice, you lost somewhere around 50,000%. Just saying. My advise… Food, water, no debt.. precious metals and crypto..( BCH/Monero.).. in that order.. yeah…he’s a best seller.. but he was also a great supporter of SDR… that is the eternal slavery currency.. because people you can’t vote out will determine the currency flow.. but a good guest so people can hear what he has to say.. but look at his older vids.. I mean.. 10+ years… Want good advise, see Best Evidence.. want to know what the inflation rate will be.. google: FRED, Chart, Debt. it is about 97% accurate on real inflation for the last 50 years.

  92. Self Exiled

    We are definitely at war; our supply lines are being cut. Food, medicines, fuel and ammo. Military disbanded/demilitarized/pacified. Borders breached/unarmed occupation forces with internal division at the local level. Conquered. If I still had a gun, who would I shoot.

  93. Rodster

    Wow, according to Martin Armstrong, Putin has cancer and may not make it to 2024. He supposedly will have surgery and those that are looking to replace him are just like our Neocons.

    “Putin has cancer and he is undergoing surgery. His number 2 is Nikolai Patrushev who is much more hard-right than Putin. I am deeply concerned that Putin may not make it to 2024 and if that is the case, these insults the West keeps hurling at Russia have not only severed all relations, and the direct phone line set up after the Cuban Missile Crisis t was to ensure that the leaders could always communicate to avoid war. Biden has virtually thrown the phone out the window.

    Despite all the propaganda that demonizes Putin, those behind him are FAR WORSE for they are no different than the Neocons in America who just cannot sleep at night as long as Americans are still breathing. Our war cycle post-2024 appears to be the worse period. I fear that Putin will no longer be in charge and then we will see the real rage of Russia and how it has been treated by Biden and Europe. Russia will celebrate defeating the German Nazis on May 9th.”

  94. Jaun Valdez

    My Brother who just passed away recently was a chopper pilot in Vietnam. When he came home, he left his flight helmet at my mother’s house and I was blown away by what was written on it, “Fighting for peace is like f*cking for virginity” that says it all, my friend. Sleep well my brother and friend and thank you for serving. we will all miss you.
    Heard this song on my way to Vietnam in 1968, here it is
    2022, 54 years later and we’re in the same boat as back then.
    There should be more songs like this today, songs which cause people to think and overthink current situations and problems, instead of blithe, senseless songs, animating people to become ignorant, dull egoists

    Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia
    843,446 views May 2, 2022, Fox News
    Fox News host gives his take on the real motivation behind U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
    Klin-Klin 6 hours ago
    That was basically a declaration of war. Insane, but true. I hope everyone involved understands that there’s no such thing as a war without casualties.
    Denny R 5 hours ago (edited)
    My 65 year old husband has been a democrat his whole life. He now supports Trump for 2024!
    Paul G 3 hours ago
    “We are not interested in stalemates” is an excellent quote from a representative of a country which has achieved nothing but stalemates in every major conflict in which it has been the primary force since WW2. A long stalemate in Ukraine would actually be the favored outcome for many in the US government.

    A ‘corrupt [Mafiosi type] family occupies the White House’
    280,645 views May 2, 2022, Sky News Australia
    Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has accused the Bidens of acting like “a criminal family in the old-fashioned mafia sense” during a radio interview.
    Mr. Gingrich was speaking to John Catsimatidis on his WABC radio program when he accused Joe Biden of misusing the office of vice president.
    “It is the most astonishingly deep corruption of the White House in American history. And Biden just cheerfully lies about it every single day. And because the news media wants to protect him, they refuse to do the kind of investigation it should,” Mr Gingrich said.

    ‘Deeply sinister’: Biden establishes ‘Ministry of Truth’
    12,025 viewsMay 3, 2022 Sky News Australia
    US President Joe Biden has established a ‘Ministry of Truth’ to combat disinformation, which Sky News host Rita Panahi says is “deeply sinister and Orwellian”.
    Ms Panahi discussed the Disinformation Governance Board with Recastled CEO Kosha Gada and Sky News host James Morrow.
    “The actual thing over here that the Biden administration is doing is very, very serious,” Ms Gada said.
    “It is sort of an expansion of power, and censorship as a tool for the consolidation of power away from the people and freedom of speech.”

    IS OBOMBER A CROOK, TOO? Sure, looks it! 🕵
    This isn’t just Joe Biden: Gingrich
    1,057,896 views Apr 28, 2022, Fox News
    Newt Gingrich tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that it’s not just about Hunter Biden, but it is about the current president of the United States who he thinks clearly has lied to the country over and over and over about this issue.
    Tiger X 4 days ago
    The more denial from the White House, the more obvious.

    NATO Analyst Reveals REAL Reason For The War in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
    249,879 views Apr 22 & 27, 2022 Redacted🚨
    They’re hiding the truth in Ukraine
    The thug’s own the operation Mockingbird mainstream media, now they want the mom and pop’s media too! It’s not nice to fool mother nature, your nation.
    X PORN LAWYER Adam Shiftless. call the Federal Bureau of Disinformation!

    Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire: Updated!

  95. Jerry

    I’m now hearing from my sources that there is massive call up taking place for U.S. troops to bases in Europe. While I’m not sure whether this is saber rattling for Russias benefit or preparation for war, contrary to the silence by the MSM it is happening. Based on this new information I have come to the following conclusions.
    1. The military is running our government, not Biden.
    2. NATO has no intentions of pursuing peace talks with Russia.
    3. Gerald Celente is right. Economic wars lead to shooting wars.
    4. It’s only a matter of time, before someone makes the first move to trigger a world war. If the globalist follow the same playbook, a massive false flag event is in our near future. It all depends on what happens in Ukraine. In my way of thinking should Ukraine appear to start losing the war, the globalist will trigger a pincer movement by triggering a false flag event in Europe that will create two fronts for the Russians. When? I’m not sure, but it usually takes at least a month for the military to put all their logistics in place before launching an attack. That’s assuming someone doesn’t loose their nerve and do something stupid. Either way, this is not the time to get complacent and fall back into the normalcy bias.
    Prepare. Pray.

    • IIG

      A massive False Flag is close – word has it that there is a “dirty nuclear bomb” now in New York City ready to be set off by the Deep State (and blamed on Russia) once we get all our Military to the front lines on the boarder with Russia – to invade, take their gold, and ship it back to America for safe keeping – then burn all the Russian Rubles that have been made into “Gold Certificates” – as the US (captured by the Fed in 1913) can’t exist in a world with “real money” in it!!
      Those living in the New York City area better start stocking up on potassium iodide pills to at least save your thyroid (because when the “dirty bomb” goes off it will kill by spreading radioactive plutonium in the air for us to breath into our lungs – actually masks may help filter out the large radioactive particles)!!

  96. Sad Sack

    WW2 Training Film’s for US Soldiers
    How to Behave in Britain | 1943
    Know Your Ally: Britain
    Boy’s, _ er men and young woman, future soldiers!
    Substitute WW3 for WW2, and Ukraine for Britain

    ________________The Battle of Russia
    You’ll do fine soldiers, in love and war; dismissed!

  97. Karen A

    You mentioned you tried to get Tom Horn on your program. Someone you might look into is Laura Sanger, Ph.D, who has written a book “The Roots of the Federal Reserve – Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar.” I have listened to her being interviewed twice. Both were excellent.

  98. Marie Joy

    Leaked SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade. There will be tremendous pressure to change SCOTUS votes before the announcement. Threats have started, protests are planned, and politicians are amping up the masses. Going to be an interesting summer.

  99. Doug W

    What has to happen is, Poland has to get those planes to the Ukraine now that Putin cut off the gas. What then Ukraine has to bring the war to Moscow. If it’s one plane or hundred, Moscow is the target, bring the war to Moscow.

    • Tom Grier

      If you idiots are going to bomb Moscow, you better bomb DC right along with it. Then you can do the same to NYC and St. Petersburg. And after Mariupol, Odessa! Kill’em all!

  100. Valdez

    Russian state television issues ‘brazen warning’ to Britain of possible nuclear ‘wipe out’
    11,409 views May 3, 2022, Sky News Australia
    Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan says Russian state television has issued a “brazen warning” to the United Kingdom that Moscow could “wipe out” Britain with a nuclear tsunami in retaliation for supporting Ukraine.
    Russian television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov recently said a strike from a thermonuclear torpedo could “cause a gigantic tsunami wave” and turn whatever remains of the British Isles into a “radioactive desert”.
    “It is pretty sobering listening; it’s frankly quite terrifying to many people,” Mr Morgan said.
    Thomas Crumbum 12 minutes ago
    The question is, if Russia took out Britain, would the US. strike back and face WW4 with sticks and stones? Where’s Einstein when we need him! Kean doesn’t seem to keen, he’s not worried. He’s gung ho Geronimo!
    Mark Mcsharry 12 minutes ago
    Hope they give the surf community a heads up would look totally awesome, it’d be a glowing video ✌️
    TheDizzmo 54 minutes ago
    Thanks to politicians n media for leading us into Armageddon
    Heath Lawrence 11 minutes ago
    It wasn’t too long ago that countries were invaded, and war waged on the grounds of suspicion of “weapons of mass destruction” – seems like double standards to me . . . . . .
    Jack Hawthorn 15 minutes ago
    Poseidon must be an empty threat because the wave would reach other countries like Ireland and Iceland if detonated in the north Atlantic or Scandinavia if detonated in the North Sea. The Poseidon could only really be used against north America.

    We are at war with Russia for LGBQRST rights and our commander and thief is a liar and not a chief! We can’t wait for Michael, where’s Susan Rice cake’s and Baby cakes Jarret when we need’s em? Hiding in Obombers walled Bunker in D.C., comics? If Obomber had any you know what’s, he’d fire those three stooges and put Michael right in the cat bird’s seat and right now! THERE IS NO TIME like a real coup,TO WASTE! Call your boy Miley Millie or We gonna all be toast, before the next Washington formal break fast! We won’t last the blast! Master!

    Newt Gingrich: ‘Joe Biden is a liar’
    656,240 views May 1, 2022, Fox News
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich responds to President Biden’s lowest approval rating yet, Elon Musk’s tweet of accusing Democrats of moving too far left and Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China. #FoxNews

  101. Pamela Hankins

    “Everything is boomeranging back to us” is by design. The whole point is to bring down the USA by hook or by crook. They know what they’re doing.

  102. Vlad the Impaler

    More War, More Inflation
    ____and NOW, even More Chaos
    ++++++++++For THE Dis-United States!🗽
    The supreme court of the dis-United States, has decided to give free choice, con or pro-abortion choice, to the disunited states. Thus bringing civil war, war worse than Ukraine and worse, the terrorist’s hordes will be released in all democratic cities and blue states throughout the land, to thus steal, kill and destroy!!
    Scuttlebutt even has it the next bill announced next, coming thru the supreme court, will be to allow states free choice in vaccinations! Yes There Is Still Hope, for the Anglo-American dual world super power.
    Don’t mess with Texas or mother nature!

  103. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    It makes me wonder: If out troops are being called to Europe; are the new conscripts coming in from the south? I hear they are being housed on bases. Is this a fast track to citizenship: enlist and become a citizen? They may not have any hesitation to fire on the populace.

  104. z

    When will they take aborted babies out of the covid vaxxx and aspirin ?
    Mayor lightfoot says the police officers can not get a religious exemption because Dead babies and aborted babies are in all the medicine.

    We the people say take aborted babies out of medicine !!

  105. z

    Anyone watching 2000 mules ?

  106. z

    did Amit Jain a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor a yale student leak the Scotus opinion on roe ?

    Jain was quoted in 2017 Politico piece by Josh Gerstein .

  107. Steve Bice

    Re: Inflation
    Just a heads up for anyone on Medicare…

    Remember last year when CMS raised your Part B premium 14.5% and attributed the outrageous increase to the cost of the new (fraudulently approved and largely ineffective) Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm? This increase negated a large portion of the already insufficient 5.9% cost-of-living increase for social security recipients.

    Well, in the last month, CMS restricted use of and payment for Aduhelm for Medicare patients. Here’s the money quote:

    “Last month the federal government’s Medicare health plan imposed strict coverage limitations on who can get the drug, which brought in $2.8 million in sales in the first quarter, which just ended.”

    So, here’s my question: Where’s my Part B premium refund?

    This. Is. Theft.

  108. BonnieB

    Thanks Greg. What a great guest. Terrific explanations and so sensible.

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