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Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.6.12

By Greg Hunter’s  President Obama attacked the Supreme Court, this week, over his health care bill.  The nation’s highest court is deciding if a law, known as “Obama Care,” is constitutional.  It would force all Americans to buy insurance under

Budget War Threatens America’s Survival

Greg Hunter’s USA  President Barak Obama gave a speech to newspaper executives about the recently passed Republican budget in the House of Representatives.  It proposes to cut spending by more than $5 trillion over the next ten years.  Yesterday’s speech

Car Sales Up, Economy Fixed—Not

By Greg Hunter’s  There was good news for the car industry today.  Just about every car company sales in March were up and in double digits.  The car industry hasn’t seen this kind of monthly performance in nearly four years. 

Mainstream Media Power to Indict or Ignore

By Greg Hunter’s  About a month ago, renowned Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio made an astounding claim in a public press conference, “A six month long investigation conducted by my cold case posse has lead me to believe there is probable