Weekly News Wrap-Up 4.6.12

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

President Obama attacked the Supreme Court, this week, over his health care bill.  The nation’s highest court is deciding if a law, known as “Obama Care,” is constitutional.  It would force all Americans to buy insurance under threat of fine or penalty.  The President said that he hoped the court would not overturn the law.  The President could not imagine the court would rule against him and opined, “And I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint — that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.”

Hard to believe that President Obama, a Constitutional Law professor, doesn’t understand a little something called “Separation of Powers”?  He does.  I think the Supreme Court will rule the “Obama Care” law is unconstitutional this summer, and the President wants to set up another wedge issue for the fall election.  In the Middle East, Iran stated it is sticking to its “nuclear path.”  Super powers of the world meet with Iran, next week, in Turkey to try to avoid war.  Israel has a new enemy and it is Egypt.  A rocket was fired this week from the Sinai desert, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now calls the area a “Terror Zone.”

In Syria, The Russians are warning the west not to arm the rebels there.  Nearly 10,000 Syrians have been killed in the last year of civil war.  South Carolina became the second state in the union to declare gold and silver to be money.  Twelve more states are following in the footsteps of Utah and South Carolina in a move to allow gold and silver as a form of payment.  Finally, I want to end with the comments made this week by billionaire Hugo Salinas-Price.  He made his fortune in Mexican retail and said about the world’s financial system, “. . . this whole scheme of paper is unworkable, then the world is going to go down in flames.  The only thing that would last will be people’s savings of gold and silver.”   When billionaires start talking about the world going down in “flames” and touting gold and silver—look out!  All these stories and much more analysis are coming from Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. j. bradbury

    If people are interested in learning about the Constitution. Here are two sources:



  2. jay

    Good wrap up.
    Question: If Gold, and silver is money how would everyone be made to except it seeing the value of it changes hourly?
    Another question: would not makeing gold,and silver destroy the fake money we now use? In my mind its like compairing pressboard wood to solid oak wood.
    jay out.

    • Greg

      It would be used as backing and you could also use it based on spot. Not that hard to look up. Thank you for the comment and for supporting this site.

  3. Sean

    My two cents on the ME:

    Like Libya, Egypt is falling under control of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Libya has been a valuable ally for NATO nations and global monetary policy, where they have implemented a new central banking system that align with IMF, WTO, World Bank, and UN policies to standardize and harmonize domestic economic police so that all nations are acting as a single system, while outwardly remaining or appearing as separate sovereign entities. MB control in Egypt will be endorsed by the west for the same reason. This is also why the US and its NATO allies will support a MB leadership in Syria.
    As an aside, humanitarian military intervention falls under the US and UN doctrine known as “Responsibility to Protect”, also known as R2P. R2P has become the basis for what could be referred to as modern colonialism, where western forces are using it as a basis to occupy or conduct operations in more than a dozen African and Middle Eastern nations whose leaderships do not support economic and banking control by external globalist finance organizations.
    With that doctrine in mind, the recent missile attack on Israel from Egypt creates an interesting scenario. The MB is in power in Egypt but their alignment with globalist economic goals is left out of the MSM public debate, which seems to be limited to concerns over Islamic leadership. When a rocket attack occurs, the conversation then transitions to the threat from a neighboring Islamic government, omitting Egypt’s alignment with Middle East economic goals that are shared by Israel.
    So who bene

  4. Barry

    Two words “Pelican Brief”. Watch your backs conservative justices. I’d get secret service protection if I were you. Don’t trust this regime.

  5. Egore

    It has never been about healthcare. It will go down as planned. They have their income stream and will not have to spend it on our health.

  6. David Conrad

    Great summation of this week’s global activities. You, as always, are spot on.

    My take is that Obama knows that he is going to lose the battle with the Supreme Court, and is simply excercising the “takeaway”, to soften the hugely negative press he is going to (deservedly) get when the Court throws out this law that was crammed down our throats. But such remarks by him were at best, STUPID. If he had any chance of winning the upcoming decision, he blew it, when he unleashed such an idiotic statement …… As Holder just pointed out (he had to … had no choice), the buck stops judicially with our nation’s highest court. Keep up the great work and happy Easter to you and yours.

    • Greg

      Thank you David for weighing in. Happy Easter to you man!!!

  7. Barry

    Hello Greg,
    Time to do another unemployment aticle? Did you read the jobs numbers article on zerohedge linked in from Drudge “http://www.zerohedge.com/news/nfp-big-miss-120k-expectations-205k-unemployment-82”?
    I understand the Labor Paricipation Rate, but can you explain the Birth-Death model in an article? Do those huge drops every January represent the government rolling back their lies of the previous year?
    Thank you for all your insigths!

    • Greg

      Thank you Barry. I’ll work on it.

  8. Jeff C

    Hi Greg – Thanks for the update – I really enjoy these.

    I think you’re right-on about the President – he certainly understands the “checks and balances” aspect of the 3 branches of Government. The problem is, that the folks in the general public that are listening to him spouting off, probably don’t. And, if they’re listening to him via the MSM they are not getting the simple and logical back-up information that they need (i.e. the questions that you are posing about this).

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff C for the kind words and your comment.

  9. D. Smith

    This has all been planned out way ahead of time. Those dudes all know how it’s going to end. They just plan for us sheeple to be in the dark (or so they think) as long as possible. I, personally, don’t know their plan, but whatever way it goes you can be sure it wasn’t “just voted on”. It’s been on deck for a long time. Obozo can talk big because he knows the plans; if he had half a brain he’d also know he’s being used by the system – just like we ALL are.

  10. D. Smith

    Greg, in your vid you ask the question “what else can they make us buy?” The answer is: almost anything they want. Just look at the current issues with vaccinations. They are forcing parents to vaccinate against their will – and they have to pay for them, of course, not to mention they have to pay for a doctor to administer the vax they don’t even want. Tell me what sort of system does this? A lot of words come to my mind but I can’t print any of them here.

    Our freedoms are in the toilet.

    We can’t buy raw milk without being charged as criminals, but we can buy cigarettes and alcohol.

    We are being force-fed GMO foods because Monsanto refuses to label things which contain GMO’s. Now in my mind if they’re so proud of their GMO’s and the supposed ability of those damn things to “feed the world”, why aren’t they proud enough to label them? In neon even??

    We can’t even get the bought-and-paid-for-media (which you and I pay for, by the way) to cover Ron Paul’s campaign without them lying to us – blatantly. FOX-FAUX news actually had the ballz to run a thing asking Where Is Ron Paul These Days? (or something to that effect). Are they blind? He’s had major turnouts at several events in California in the past week (I mean heck, people were climbing trees for a place to sit), but unless you follow his DailyPaul.com or one of the others, you won’t even hear about it. What we hear instead is WHERE is he?? Gawd.

    Yep. In the toilet.

    • Greg

      Thank you D Smith and Polly for the pointed comments!!

  11. Polly Huggins

    Obama’s comments were not appropriate. He should have sent his Solicitor General to argue his side of the case, which Obama did, and then he should have waited for the Court to make its decision. If he does not like the decision AFTER it’s made, then he can comment. This is how Obama was classless enough to do during his 2010 SOTU speech, with the justices sitting right in front of him on national TV, about their decision in the Citizens United case. He should NOT try to influence or pressure the Court by making public statements about what and how they should decide the case before they’ve even really gotten into their deliberative process. As I understand it, trying to unduly influence federal judges or justices is a federal crime.

    Did Kagan leak to the white house how the justices initially voted that Friday? Maybe this is why Obama said what he did on Monday. Kagan should have recused herself from this case, as she had been Obama’s Solicitor General and previously submitted briefs in support of ObamaCare. How can she be objective? And if Kagan broke the confidentiality of the Court, then an Congressional Inquiry needs to look into all of the conquences of this action (removal from the Court?) The actions of the federal judges of the 5th Circuit Court calling Obama to account through his attorney general was appropriate and timely to clarify what Obama actually meant by his inflammatory sounding words, which he should not have said in the first place, and to remind him and EVERYONE ELSE (including Holder)that there are three CO-EQUAL branches of our government. We need the CO-EQUAL branches to stand up and do their job… i.e. CONGRESS. Thank God the federal judges of the 5tn Circut Court took the correct course of action!

  12. M SMITH

    Very good wrap up, but I want to take you back to the Budget Wars & more. I have two links I feel many will find full of facts & data to where we have been & where we are going. I hope it helps as many as it has helped me to look at the big picture and pass through all the clutter from the gov & MSM.
    The 1st link is from a trader of metals in London. http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/KWN_DailyWeb/Entries/2012/4/5_London_Trader_-_Feds_Global_War_Against_Gold_Escalating.html. I would think this would have carried more weight if he would have gave us his name! Yet is is well worth the time to read.

    This one will take you some time to read, I end up re-reading parts to better understand the data & facts laid out for all who read world wide which helps break down languish barriers to connect the dots. I have been following this blog for a long time & it has helped me just as Jim Sinclair has. I hope your readers Greg find the data & facts presented in this blog as a asset to see where we have been & where we are going into the future. There will be lot of acronyms used, so there is a link to the ‘Glossary of FOFOA Acronyms’ on the right side of the page, believe me they help! http://fofoa.blogspot.com/2012/04/peak-exorbitant-privilege.html. Greg, the old saying ‘A picture tell a thousand stories is true’ in the 1st pic you will see in this piece, the sight of stacks of shipping containers being shipped back empty to China & our other trade partners is huge. We Americans do not realise just how our trade balance is important to our economy and to a recovery to take place this must be fixed. There is a custom video at the end that is great, don’t pass it up! Also the comment section is more polite than, say a Zerohedge & many questions & concerns are all addressed in one way or another, I hope all enjoy what I have found to be a great blog & I would like to thank Greg for letting me share it with all who visit this great site Greg puts so much hard work & time into!
    Happy Easter to all & may you all have a safe fun week end!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith for the comment and content!!

  13. Steve

    Hard to believe that President Obama, a Constitutional Law professor, doesn’t understand a little something called “Separation of Powers”? He does.

    Greg, that was when he was a professor, now he is the president. NOW, he has the power, watch him run with it and turn it anyway he can.

    I am so disappointed how he has turned out, almost want to walk away from it all.

    • Greg

      Steve, Kevin and John thank you all for the comments and for your support.

  14. Kevin

    Nailed the SCOTUS issue, Greg! Thanks for the sane & sage analysis!

    Spreading the word…


  15. john lillpop

    Thanks again for another sterling encapsulation of world events–why are you not on television with the “Hunter World View” ???

  16. MCPieper


    I am hoping and believing Obama Care will be flushed in June. If so, how much tax payer will have been burnt trying to set it up?


    • Greg

      MC Pieper,
      I believe you will be correct. Obama Care will be flushed for being a complete unconstitutional over-reach by the government. Thank you for your comment on this site!!

  17. an independent voter

    Greg, really appreciate these summaries. I’m a liberal, but a classical liberal, the way Europeans define liberalism, limited govt, more individual liberty, more free markets, etc.

    I did support Obama, now I honestly feel like a flaming idiot, the man appears to be nothing but a thug
    I was absolutely flabbergasted to hear him essentially threaten the justices.

    Even if the Supreme Court rules this constitutional, how the hell can it even be implemented?
    How can you force an american citizen to enter into a private contract with a private company, i.e. insurance.
    I know they will start fining people if people refuse to purchase something they are told to do so, are they going to get the IRS to come after the 70%+ of our citizens who refuse to buy this?

    From what I understand local authorities arrest people for the IRS, I know in VA + LA, many state reps are on record as stating they will not make local authorities arrest people for not paying fines for not buying a private product they don’t want.

    I just don’t even see how this works even if the Supreme Ct is that stupid to say, yep Fed govt can force you to buy something to then regulate you!

    As for Obama, what a thug, I thought Bush was bad, but at least the LSM kept all his issues, sometimes even outright lying about them, in the public’s attention. Now we have a a press completely complicit with the Obama regime.

    Its like one side thinks to treat the Constitution as toilet paper because they are in charge, and then holler when the other side is in power. It does not matter who’s in charge, the Constitution is not some damn piece of toilet! People have died for those limited govt principles and preserve the rights of an individual!

    • Greg

      an independent voter,
      I think we all feel your pain. Please don’t feel bad the deck has been stacked against freedom and honesty and truth. The choices this year seem to be the same except Dr. Paul.

  18. xxxxx

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    The old guy would put a couple rocks in the old bucket, I didn’t know why he did that at the time. I was thinking he just was playing a joke on them hogs.
    As the years want by, I figure out them rocks keep the bucket from tipping over, when the hogs ate.
    That old guy would sit on a stump watching them hogs , loving that milk, potatoes and all. The old ghost was a Master hog feeder dancing in the fog of the Northwest.

  19. Adriana

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