Mueller Probe Illegitimate, Internet Purge is Here, Journalism is Dead

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 347 8.10.18)

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani thinks the Russia probe by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is going to “blow up” on Mueller and his team. It has become apparent Mueller has not got a single charge that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election. The FBI and the DOJ simply made up crimes to frame Trump to try to kick the President out of office. It’s a failed coup, and the people that tried to pull it off are in deep trouble.

The internet purge is here, and sites like are just the first to be blocked by social media. Now, report the attacks continue, and hackers from big companies are trying to take the Alex Jones site completely off the internet. On the other hand, all the attention that has gotten has driven up people trying to find the site on Google and has driven the app to #1.

Journalism is dead, at least at the mainstream media (MSM) companies. Liberal organizations are calling on journalists to “hurt” President Trump, any way they can, with their reporting. While these same MSM companies are covering Stormy Daniels, they miss the biggest failed coup in world history and that is the failed coup against Trump. As President Trump says, the MSM is the “Enemy of the People” because they outright lie and lie by omission. The MSM is killing itself, and Trump is simply pointing it out—every day.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Veteran radio host, filmmaker and published author of several popular books, Steve Quayle, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

The cartoon in the video above is from cartoonist A.F. Branco.  His credit for the cartoon (at the top of it) was somehow cut off by YouTube by accident.

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  1. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report.

    • Chip

      Sorry to jump the thread here Greg but I wanted to give you the figures for million vs billion vs trillion seconds. This is real math although I’ve rounded the numbers to make it easier for you and watch doggers to remember…

      million seconds = 12 days
      billion seconds = 32 years
      trillion seconds = 32,000 years!

      So while they all look and sound the same, they are VASTLY different!

      BTW great wrap up! Chip

    • paul ...

      You know what would be really great … if Trump can use the RICO Laws to claw back the stolen $21 Trillion from the Deep State Mafia Complex and pay off our $21 Trillion National Debt with it!! … perhaps better still … would be to default on the debt … and instead keep the $21 Trillion dollars clawed back as a budget surplus that can be used to re-fund all the money the politicians stole from Social Security!!

      • Galaxy 500

        How do you claw back money that is A) spent. B) Misposted Accounting errors [which the Professor says is part]?
        Otherwise, it’s a Brilliant idea

  2. bob

    I’ve read stories that trump is going get to elect 3? board members to the fed reserve.. another article that goes back to a interview that hannity did in 2010, talking about bush mentioned that the iraq war was going to paid by the iraqis through us buying the iraqi dollar when it plunged when we went in.. then in the future when iraqs dollar would be revalued we were suppose to make enough to pay for the war and pay off the debt at that time.. obama blocked this revalue quite a few times.. now trump knows this and we are sitting on a lot of iraqi money that was pennies on the the us dollar… my uncle actually bought iraqi money back when it plunged to next to nothing, still sitting on it

  3. Buster

    On the topic of Sarah Jeong. Her hatred particularly of
    “white people” is not a singular mindset. The hatred
    has been going on in South Africa as white farmers
    are being executed on a daily basis. As more Sarah
    Jeong’s join this mindset the question is, how long
    before this comes to America?

  4. Derek Sinclair

    “Bring It”! Well said Greg.

    • Diane

      Give”em HELL Hunter!

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,astonishing how the “official”media has decided to collectively destroy their business model,their share holders must be fuming at least or complicit.Here in the UK,during the Blair regime,newspapers became the mouth piece of the party,particularly those local newspapers,as a consequence they died ungraciously.However,local government was their saviour, at the party’s instruction,and ran the most ludicrous adverts in these rags to ensure their survival which local tax payers were paying for.Is this the model that the “official”media are hoping for and intend to survive until 2020 and if their candidate emerges they will then be showered with government contracts of all sorts to make up for the lean propaganda years?
    An antidote to our British lies,
    Many here in the UK know that GCHQ and MI6/5 and the” illuminaries “of Whitehall ,those on the receiving end of government bungs,have been the handmaidens of the Clinton machine since the Blair era.Hope Mr Trump exposes them as well.

  6. paul ...

    The big news story that all the MSM is missing … is that when the warmongering neocons start their war with Iran … the consequences of their unjust actions … shutting down the Iranian peoples ability to live by selling oil (destroying them economically) will be deeply ingrained into Persian’s minds … as history suggests Persian justice will not likely be swift … more likely … it will be a slow, prolonged, and painful torture in retribution … and when Persian judgement is inflicted … the next group of warmongering neocons the American people elect to office will likely seriously think twice before committing the same mistake … the sad part is … the American people (who don’t want a war with Iran) will have to bear the brunt of Persian justice … in ancient Persia suffocation by ashes was the punishment reserved for the worst criminals (those guilty of high treason or offenses against God i.e. like the murder of women and children, pedophilia, etc. ) … actually for what the warmongers buddies (the banksters) have already done to the world’s people with their printed US dollar … the world’s coming punishment seems it is going to be the “Pouring Molten Gold Down The Banksters Throats” … and these thieves along with ordinary Americans (who allowed the thieves to get out of control) will have to deal with a horrifying punishment (a worthless paper dollar) … the MSM thinks that they are as good as the Persians at torturing … they are now cutting off American’s ears from hearing the truth … cutting out our eyes from seeing the truth … and cutting out our tongues from speaking the truth … but they will suffer a sentence even worse than just the physical death of their newspapers and TV News outlets … these MSM corporate heads now being force-fed milk and honey by the Deep State … will attract insects (just like themselves) who will eat them alive (the way they have been doing to us) … what these corporate demons of Satan (praying to “their God” to bring them salvation for a life of dutifully eating at the beasts trough) will get instead is … the roasting of their very souls on Satan’s barbecue … for the exact amount of time necessary to make them palatable … eternity !!

  7. paul ...

    So why hasn’t Trump shot off 100 Tomahawks at Saudi Arabia for being “animals”??? …

    • Chip

      that’s a great question paul… Chip

  8. Galaxy 500

    Greg, you have people talking you that you can’t do anything, Your vote doesn’t matter, and the worst lie, America is Sodom & Gamorah.
    If your vote didn’t matter, Hildabeast would not have spent over 2 Billion dollars. Lott could not find one good man, there are tens of millions of good men and women in America.
    Fear not, Jesus has all authority.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree 500 and welcome back!!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Yes, I concur with Greg. Welcome back! Robert Lykens has been fighting a rear guard action and urgently needs your support.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        The chess pieces have set up – let battle commence!

        • paul ...

          The first casualty of this war was Alex Jones (now wounded in action) … they badly want to take out Trump … but the people have his back … and we can elect Kevin Shipp as our next President if need be … this is a fight for survival … a fight to take out the murderers of small children … pedophiles now breed children and keep as “undocumented human entities” so that after they use them for perverted sex they can be easily exterminated without murder charges ever being brought against the pedophiles as the children murdered have no birth certificate or any record they exist at all … but even though Alex is out of commission right now … we can still hear his words …

        • Frederick

          TSI I’m ready and Greg is censoring my comments bro

          • Greg Hunter

            Maybe you guys can exchange email and talk directly to each other.

  9. Galaxy 500

    The main witness against Mannifor is Gates, who admitted embezzlement from Mannifor… so you stole from me and you are a credible witness against me? As an accountant, Gates likely did illegal Shiite to cover his theft…

    • Frederick


      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks. My spell corrector doesn’t cover that

        • Frederick

          It doesn’t fix stupid either evidently

  10. Tim Emery

    Greg, Outstanding work as usual and very much appreciated by the all of us as we sit by and watch the 1st Amendment being unilaterally revoked by the globalist cabal. Unfortunately no amount of protesting will likely verse this course of action. The only thing these people value is money and power. I wonder how the globalist would respond if the “deplorables” simply withdrew their savings from the globalist owned banking system in mass? Think this might get their attention???

    • paul ...

      Something getting the attention of the “Black Hats” in the military (who are supported by the Deep State in their terrorist actions) is the recent legal action being taken by Turkey to arrest these US Military personnel … and propose raiding and shuting down the US Air Base (Incirlik) so these military “Black Hats” can’t escape Turkish justice!! … now if Turkey teems up with the Iranians and other nations in the world to impose justice on the Deep State … it is going to make our job a little easier!! …

  11. Roger D

    Yes, ‘coup’ is the word. Welcome to a 3rd world country. The thin veneer of civility is an open wound now.

    I fully expect shootouts at protest events to start soon, false flags or otherwise. You know globalists have a plan to take full advantage of the crises. The same is true of assassination attempts.

    Where you and your loved ones are and whom you are with will make all the difference.

    • Frederick

      You know what Rahm said “ Never Let a good crisis go to waste “ so I agree

    • Tin foil hat

      Roger D,
      “I fully expect shootouts at protest events to start soon.”
      I think that is not going to happen just yet. The Deep State have pulled back from funding the “Black Lives Matter” because the blacks are too violent and uncontrollable. Nerdy white kids were recruited and funded to play tough instead. Antifa with their variety of homemade weapons don’t inflict serious physical injuries and they don’t destroy the whole neighborhood after every protest.
      When the Deep State want us to fight for real, that’s when you would see BLM takes center stage again, relentless burnings and lootings will justify most otherwise peaceful citizens to take up arms.

  12. David

    If we compare the increase in U.S. debt by percentage, republicans have certainly contributed to the problem. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. debt increased the most in “dollar” terms at 8.558 trillion, or 74%. However, the U.S. debt during the George W. Bush administration increased 101%, or 5.849 trillion. And the debt during the Regan administration increased 186%, 1.86 trillion. (Source:

    Based on the 2019 budget, the U.S. debt during Trump’s first four years is projected to increase 8.282 trillion, or 41%. If this plays out, the debt in “dollar” terms during Trump’s first four years will almost equal the total debt in “dollar” terms during Obama’s eight years. If Trump serves a second term, the dollars added to the U.S. debt will almost certainly exceed every other presidential term in U.S. history.

    There is plenty of blame to go around: presidents, congress, and us… “we the people” who elected the bums in the first place. One day there will be an economic train wreck that we cannot borrow our way out of… followed immediately by finger pointing and a food fight in the halls of congress. Yes sir! We are a real beacon of light for the rest of the world. And damn’t, we’re proud of it.

    • Chip

      The Federal Government is too damn big period end of sentence. Just 5% annual growth insures that the federal budget will DOUBLE in size in just 14 years! Think about that. Any time any one talks about “growth” know this formula the rule of 69. Divide 69 by the annual growth rate and the result is the number of years it will take to double at that growth rate… Chip

  13. Mike Collins

    Censorship of conservative & libertarian electronic media is the intellectual equivalent of Nazi book burning by the “thought police”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mike!!

    • Frederick

      Absolutely Mike only perhaps even more nefarious because in the book burnings you still had clandestine book sellers and publications to rely on Now with nearly everything electronic they will have total control if we sit back and allow it I believe the time has come for a march on DC Problem is who will organize it? Anyone

  14. brian

    I think what we are collectively discovering here is that there are maintenance costs associated with our bill of rights and unless we come to firmly accept the reality that these rights are bestowed upon us by our God and Maker we will prove ourselves unable to meet the inevitable cost of retaining and enforcing our rights against the wishes and efforts of those who would infringe upon them.

    We should all bow our heads in humble prayer and ask the Lord for the strength to remain a faithful servant to our God and let our lives and our desires and all that we do to preserve those things reflect only the power, the grace and the wisdom of the very hand that formed us.

  15. Jerry

    The global financial system is beginning to crack.

    The reset is imminent when you consider Greece, Italy , France , and India’s currencies are all collapsing.

    • Jerry

      This is why a Turkey matters.

      Thousands of companies through the United Nations have invested in this country. And where will the buck stop, once the collapse begins?

    • Nick

      Greece, Italy and France use the Euro along with 16 other countries so individually the “shared currency” cannot be individually collapsing. Draghi will do “whatever it takes to support the Euro” in his words.
      I believe you should have said that the banks of Greece, Italy and France are all exposed to high risks to emerging economies, who have borrowed in US dollars along with Deutsche Bank (German). Once one of these dominoes topple contagion and lack of liquidity will seize up global finances, and then they all fail. For example …BNP Parnibas (French Bank) is very vulnerable to current events in Turkey.

      This was all simple to foretell as the US dollar hegemony is collapsing. Ever more Countries are turning from the dollar and trade wars are all part of this empire failing.
      It’s not an opinion, it’s fact. Western countries have lived too well for too long and all empires fail in the end., usually because of costs and maintenance of expanding military.
      This is America right now, hundreds of bases worldwide, thousands of troops all promoting “democracy” and freedom where it suits American interests.
      America is 5% of the worlds population and consumes 50% of the worlds food.

      Before you get up on your soap box and accuse me of hating the US, things are no better in the UK where I currently live (leaving soon) or Germany where I am on holiday.

      Eventually all FIAT currencies will not be worth the paper they are printed on.

      Got gold ? Got silver ? Got stored food ? Got a plan B ?
      Got good neighbours ? Got guns ?

      Remember …..God looks after those who look after themselves

      • Jerry

        I agree. Like Mike Tyson said “ everybody has a plan until they busted in the mouth”!

      • Frederick

        Nick Move to Poland I just spent a week in Warsaw and things are looking great Good beer, food and beautiful blondes everywhere I was talking to a young girl at the deli and she was from Ukraine

    • Jerry

      China is about to buy Turkey for pennies on the dollar.

      Somebody tell me that the global currency reset doesn’t involve China when everywhere you look they have their hand in it? Iran is next and then?

    • paul ...

      This means from now on law suit settlements should be made in gold … for what use would winning a multi-million dollar class action suit against Monsanto be … if all you receive is a bunch of worthless paper for the cancer they inflicted upon you with the help of “fake” research reports! … it’s like getting an increase in your cost of living based upon a “fake” CPI … or like getting “fake” news and/or “fake” excuses for another war!! …

      • paul ...

        Whereas a “bakery” provides us with many sweet things to eat … all the Deep States “fakery” provides … is cyanide … which tastes sweet but is “designed to kill us”!!

  16. Walter

    Thank you for all you do Greg Hunter.

  17. Prophet

    Great report Mr Hunter, thanks for your work

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind comment of support Prohet.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Greg love the site but wouldn’t trust you to be a postman as you keep losing all my letters – the ones that I type lol.

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you have dementia? I told you I would not post all the crap you want to post. It is not even relevant to what I am reporting. I’ll say it again, I am not posting your pro radical Islam and anti-America and Jew hating crap. I told this and you forgot I guess. Write some note to yourself so you don’t forget. Post them on you bathroom mirror.

  18. Candace Moore

    Hey Greg❤️
    Thanks for all the wonderful true news coming to we the people thru your show! I rely on your cutting thru the crap so I can better understand what is going on. I will pray for you! Don’t ever let them silence you! You, like Esther, were created and prepared “ for such a time as this”. God bless you brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sister Candace!!

  19. Gregory Mannarino

    Greggie! Awesome wrap up as usual and we ALL love you. Have a look at this: “CONTAGION: Is The NEXT Financial Crisis Now Upon Us?” Click here:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory!!

  20. MAL

    Hi greg
    I put USAWatchdog, Infowars, x22 and other sites i regularly visit on my favorites list. I click on favorites, click on the particular site and it’s easier and faster than Youtube. I’ve reduced my time on the monopolistic site by 75%.

    • Frederick

      X22 was banned as well I didn’t know that

      • mal

        And disqus has shut down the comment sections. They’ve not only censored the sites themselves but the readers as well.

        • Frederick

          Can’t have commenters telling any truth can they? Sadly Greg is doing this as well to a lesser extent

          • Greg Hunter

            Your “truth” you mean. Not the truth.

  21. john duffy

    Catholic Church run by sodomites.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not the Catholic parishioners doing this crap just some of the management. This Pope is pure evil.

    • Frederick

      John I recall my father talking about the evil in the Catholic Church back in the 60s Never trusted them since then obviously for good reasons

  22. Jodyp

    “They made it up!”. I know you’re speaking to the newbies because we’ve known it since the get go. Thanks for another great wrap-up.

  23. iwitness02

    Historic times, serious times, for certain.
    I am so grateful that that I get to witness what is going on right now. It helps me to understand why our Father in Heaven declared that the penalty for sin, is death.
    Eternal life in any form is not going to be enjoyable if there are a bunch of weasels running around lying, killing and stealing from everyone. If love is not the law of the heavens and the earth, we might just as well stay in our graves. There would never be any peace. I would not want to be resurrected from death, only to come back to more of the same old present evil world. That would be hell.
    It also occurs to me that law enforcement is a lie. A more accurate term would be corruption enforcement. I give credit to the President for trying to get us back to law enforcement. Hope he wins.
    Another great WNW. Thank you Greg.

  24. Diane Carol Mark

    At ~15:00, you mention, “Hate speech is just speech they hate!” Exactly.
    🙂 Diane

  25. Doug C.

    great report Greg.

    I would love to see you debate some of the Retards on “The View” etc. It would be hilarious to see Woopie etc. lose there tiny minds.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Chip

      The retards on the view are not capable of debate. Whoopie would just say “f@#k you” and throw you off the set. These women are of such low IQ it would be impossible to have any reasoned debate what-so-ever. The entire democratic/socialist party is the same… Chip

  26. kevin

    hey Greg keep up the great work .. would it be possible for you to do an in depth report on America’s involvement in Iran and Yemen.. People need to know the truth and it seems to be flying under the radar ..Saudi Arabia crucifies people WTF and we are allies. Counties not in the Rothschild banking system .. Russia . Syria , Iran . North Korea , Cuba Duh.. Say no more

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Saudi Arabia executes homosexuals yet no criticism because they sell us oil and America is petrified that they will eventually sell oil in yuan.

      • Greg Hunter

        And your country charged tried and jailed Tommy Robinson in one day. Your country is allowing Muslim pedophiles and rape gangs run free. Take a look at you own country and hey the UK buy Saudi oil. America not so much.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Tommy Robinson was reporting on the trial of these people so they were being dealt with by the law.

          • Greg Hunter

            So no problems to report on in the UK?? So happy you live in paradise. Do you get any free “virgins” living there??

    • Roger D

      Kevin, I agree. Why is no one crying out to stop 28 years of wars in the Middle East?

      Most folks I communicate with are awake, meaning they understand in the words of over 3,000 architects and engineers, that the controlled demolition of three skyscrapers on 9/11 was the ‘Crime of the Century’. They also understand in the words of US Marine General Smedley Butler, that ‘War is a Racket’. America’s wars are fought for Bankers going back to the Rothchilds. So what’s the problem?

      What we have today is a CLASSIC case ‘Doublethink’. George Orwell spoke to the fate of truth in the hands of men driven by agenda. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” And the agenda of perpetual wars in the Middle East for these otherwise ‘awake’ men trumps truth. They choose to support the agenda of bankers, Zionists, Big Business living off the teat of the military/industrial/security complex and their useful idiots, blood-thirsty Neo-cons.

      Try to express this today and these folks spew hate and angry at you. If they could push a button and ‘eliminate’ you they would, exactly like angry/hateful Leftists. We have become them.

      • Tin foil hat

        Roger D,
        Perhaps those folks who spews hate and anger served in one of those wars. It’s very hard to accept the sacrifices they made are all for nil, it’s even harder to admit that they were scammed by their own country.

    • Frederick

      Kevin Totally Agree Saudi is much more repressive than Iran or certainly the Assad regime Its just that they are partnered with Israel and our so-called “ allies”

      • Greg Hunter

        Iran has 10 military bases in Syria some of them are very close to the Israeli border.

  27. freebrezer

    Greg – maybe it is as simple as you state per hate speech … they hate what they hear thus it is hate speech! Unfortunately, too many people assign high intelligence too the deep state, but in reality a good portion are just average. Look at struk, comey and crew trying to frame Trump – not very well done! the only thing that is protecting them at this time is Rosenstein via not releasing info and blacking out most of it so the public can not react!

  28. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg

    Think you could get Alex Jones to interview ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Trying to and have in the past several times but no answer to my requests. actually has a recording that directs media ( to a message box for people who want to interview Alex Jones. I have left messages several times including this week and last week. If you have a contact please use it. I like jones and by the way.

      • paul ...

        You know … the Deep State is fighting a losing battle with Alex Jones… there was a man named Jesus 2000 years ago who also believed in free speech and told the unvarnished truth to the people in mountain top lectures about “the evil and corrupt system of his time” … but the Main Stream Mafia (MSM) at that time “hated such speech” … so to prevent Jesus from broadcasting this “hated speech” … they took him out … if we lived back then … we would have overturned the Main Stream Mafia’s tables for Jesus (as we are doing today by not buying or subscribing to the MSM’s “fake news” papers) … by us now putting the “fake news” Mafia’s criminal organizations out of business you’ve just got to know Jesus is looking down and smiling very proudly at all his many loyal disciples!!

        • paul ...

          Take away “their money” and you take away their power … this is exactly why the world is rapidly moving to take away the US dollar … the criminals think they can still save themselves by creating an “alternative paper money” called the SDR .. or perhaps an alternative “electronic money” called crypto … we will not be so easily fooled by another version of their “fake money” or various versions of their “fake news” … instead … we are going to “fake them out” … OUT OF POWER … by accepting only “real” money (gold and silver) … for our “real” labor!!

          • Tin foil hat

            paul ….
            “we are going to “fake them out” … OUT OF POWER … by accepting only “real” money (gold and silver) … f”
            We can’t “fake them out” …. Even Russia can’t fake them out. E.U. tried to escape with the euro but utimately returned to the plantation in 2011 via currency swaps.
            It’s up to China now to determine whether the punch bowl will be taken away.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Is it possible to interview Alex Jones? I can just tune into infowars to watch him rant.

  29. Cricket

    I should say journalism is dead. I just got banned from ANP for writing about Negro behavior , which is always in the news. Though they refer to them as the liberal ethnic slur of “bl*ck”.

    They say I’m a racist for describing their racist behavior and my comments got deleted. But you can write all you want about bad WHITE people and that’s OK.

    So, to reiterate, yes journalism is dead, except if you talk about BAD white behavior.

    • paul ...

      There is a metamorphosis going on … that the racist grubs of this world “that eat their own for money and power” just don’t understand … we humans have a higher calling … we were not meant to be “money sucking women and children killing grubs” continually at each others throats battling over paper money or a few acres of land in continual unending wars through the centuries … it is time to stop and spin our cocoons … and “dare to dream of “… What We Can Be … and eventually emerge as “angels with wings” who can fly beyond the centuries old senseless wars to control a plot of land … but emerge (like Monarch butterflies) to an infinite world of wondrous beauty and freedom … a paradise encompassing a vast universe beyond what a lowly grub can ever imagine buried in a few feet of soil … until they decide to transform themselves for the better … they will never know or taste what true freedom really means!!

      • Cricket

        Your reply makes sense.

  30. The Ogs

    The media here in Canada refers several times a day – every day – to the “Russian meddling in the election” and “Trump’s collusion with the dictator Putin” etc.
    And it’s all inaccurate and false. It is simply not true!
    Somebody should SUE THEM.
    Media propaganda brainwashing is rampant here in the Great White North…
    And the saddest part? The Canadian sheeple lap it right up like Pablum.
    They believe every word of it without question! It’s pathetic.
    I dunno, Greg…
    I tell people (anyone who will listen) what I have learned from you, from Janda, from Celente, from Mark Taylor, from of course the brilliant Paul Craig Roberts, etc. etc.
    And I have now apparently become an ‘extremist’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’!
    Hey I think it was Mark Twain who observed “it is far easier to fool a man than it is to convince him that he has been fooled”.
    But I will not quit. Don’t you guys either. Please keep up the very fine work…

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s propaganda Canadian style.

  31. Ross Herman

    12 attempts on Trumps life!?

  32. This Sceptred Isle

    Erdogan has told Turkish citizens to exchange gold and US dollars for Turkish Lira in order to defend the local currency – to infinity and beyond…

    • paul ...

      At least the Venezuelan President Monadro is going to back his currency with Oil … Erdogan is going to use Turkey’s?? … how many Turkish citizens are going to exchange their gold for Lira??? … if Erdogan wants to force the US out of his country and strengthen the Lira at the same time why doesn’t he just raise the rent on the US military base in his country!

  33. al

    Before there was social media the Internet seemed much free-er. You remember don’t you? We communicated via email and posting on forums and the old fashioned telephone to keep up with our family.
    People like Greg would have their own site (as he does today), we would go to it, read articles and look at the occasional picture.
    Yeah, it was inconvenient relative to now but it was not controlled and centralized.

    We now have large CIA sponsored companies owning the social media space. It’s time to delete accounts and go back to our roots on the net.

    Liberty or Convenience? You can only have one.

    I personally do not have regular TV, or a Facebook account and I don’t twit.. or is it tweet? and I get along very fine. Totally up to date.
    I don’t enrich nazi corporations with my free content and neither should you.

    As for the Enemy Media aids the corruption enforcement mechanism by omitting atrocities. When will the madness end?

  34. oneno

    Education is the next target for killing since Google Education entered the K – College – Grad Studies Education market in 2014.

    Google, a CIA owned and operated entity, will dictate the Education content and standard to what it thinks is acceptable.

    Already teachers have to follow a strict syllabus to keep their jobs at a public or private school. Students have to regurgitate that syllabus to receive High-School accreditation before they can work or pursue higher education.

    There is no place for logic, reason, critical thinking in such a dictated syllabus.

    It will be even more complete than Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or George Orwell’s 1984.

    A country that does not emphasize good factual education that cultivates strong reasoning skills cannot sustain a population required to compete with highly advanced economies.

  35. Mario

    Having new tires for your car is a good idea but in time of shortages, people will steal car tires and other stuff all over the place.

    • Bill

      Don’t steal car tires anymore, they just steal the whole car now.

  36. Jc

    Greg. Just do one days work ,real labor. sun up to sun down. Just one full day real labor If you die from it I will admire you for it. I don’t do funerals, but for this one I would show up. Think!

    • Greg Hunter

      What a jerk. This is a free site and you are welcome.

      • Jerry

        WTF (wow that’s funny) are you talking about ?
        Check your meds dude.

      • Diane

        Jc is probably a stupid snowflake living in a basement somewhere, jealous of Greg Hunter.
        Get a job! You bum…

        • C I said

          Thanks Diane.

    • Frederick

      Jc Why not use your real name like a man if you are going to insult Greg’s work ethic You sound pretty stupid with your baseless insults frankly Greg works his read end off responding to commenters and getting his shows out in order to educate the people I may not always agree with him but I respect what he is doing

      • C I said

        Fredrick it is JcDavis. .He Greg did not post a post when I defended SIG Silence is golden. The man was the wise man among FOOLs. I learned most from this site from him. If we start unposting just don’t defend the big guys alone. Peter/ is Sig a Good man of a world of information . Shame on Greg for running him down. Yes you did Greg don’t deny it.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have an opinion. I have an opinion. We disagree. Same with SIG. It is that simple. Stop the juvenile “running him down” talk. Also I have no idea who SIG is and either do you. You can either handle what is going on here or you cannot. If you can’t it’s free site and you are free to go somewhere else.

  37. c spokane

    MSM slamming The Prez makes his gatherings larger. So therefore MSM is doing themselves in for what they write and say. Laugh because more people are getting their information from you ànd other alternatives.

  38. Sayonara

    It is absolutely astonishing how fascist the MSM and MSM tech have become. They banned Alex Jones and Infowars because he is effectively exposing their blatant fascism and they cannot respond other than to delete him. He is not the first and will not be the last.
    I stopped using MSM social media several years ago when I realized it was being controlled by leftist ideologues and I did not want any part of being used like a tool. In near time, we will absolutely regret the evolvtion of information technology as it is and will be used as tool to persecute those who do not tow the line of those who control it. And those who control it are leftist fascists. And we know for a fact (like the law of gravity) whenever leftist fascist are in control, there is mass extermination of human life – Let see? Russian Communism, Nazism, Chinese Communism, Viet Nam Communism, Cambodia Pol Pot to name a few equaling 100 million+ exterminated over the last 120 years. What next American Communism and the extermination of 60 million Donald Trump supporters?
    You betcha if the Communist Democrats get complete control of the American government. They are already demonstrating their intent in live and living color.
    I now officially “fear for my life” being a constitutional conservative and Trump supporter.

    • Donald

      “And those who control it are leftist fascists.”

      These people are not leftist fascists – they are much, much, worse. They only use these ‘leftist’ people as a form of cover because they are so easy to fool and manipulate. Remember that so-called ‘right’ people are also a part of the same group. Apparently, Trump with the support of elements of the military and military intelligence, are going after them. And you can be sure they will succeed. But what is coming ultimately supersedes all of this.

    • Frederick

      There’s a lot of talk on the net about Alex Jones being a shill and not real just a showman I’m not sure what to believe but his support for 911 truth and now his being attacked by these globalists is sure swaying my opinion in his favor

  39. aino

    I am born in Finland and have been studying both secular and Biblical History for 70 years . Grandfather was a small Farmer -he had 3 sons that went to war when Russia attack’ed in 1939 -and Germany in 1940. My Father never had to go to war as he was a educated man.I asked how some ,he told me it was dangerous for me to know. I asked how he a’ smart man said such stupid thing’s. One evening he had to go to a meeting and asked me to come along – I was entertain’d by a maid while the ‘Men had their meeting. when we went home he told me that all the wars were planned in advance and that the ones that ‘Pay for the wars plan to have me three [3] world wars in order to get their One world Government. He worked for the Scandinavian arm of the International Banking system – they had five branches. So what is happening now is going on according to plan. I have so much more to tell you ,but somebody is canceling me when I tell you the rest –

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell us here, in the comment section. Post in between interviews I post here and on the weekly News Wrap-Up. Give us a paragraph or two at a time, so we can digest it all.

    • Jerry

      Could this be part of the master plan?

      Pakistan …..Turkey?

    • Tin foil hat

      I thought the Finns fought along side of Wehrmacht against the Russian in 1941.

  40. Robert Dziok

    Yemen borders Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia wants Yemen’s oil as Yemen’s oil fields are as rich and unused as Saudi Arabia’s once were and are next to each other at their border. Saudi Arabia is even doing parallel drilling at the Yemen border to rob some of Yemen’s oil reserves. Saudi oil extraction is bringing up more than 90% water in major oil fields after some 50 years of use. Yet, Saudi’s hide and lie stating their oil reserves have not gone down or are depleted. Saudi’s used the “Terrorist” card to start war with Yemen and are not going to win as Iran is helping Yemen, etc. Saudi Air Force bombs all kinds of non military targets (e,g, hospitals). The Yemen people suffer terribly as Greg’s example points out. Another country victimized as the people will not allow/succumb to having a US/West puppet government. Dr. Jim Willie ( points these things out ( and in more detail } in some of his interviews he gives to hosts.

    The NSA did an independent study of the 2016 presidential election and concluded Trump won 70 million votes and Hillary 58 million votes for the biggest landslide victory in the history of the United States. However, it appeared to be closer because of massive voter fraud from Hillary that did not work. Voter fraud was not stopped but enough of it was stopped to make a 12 million vote victory a 1/2 million vote victory for Trump. That is what the NSA concluded. Dr. Jim Willie presented this info in one of his recent interviews also.

  41. anthony bona, m.d.

    God Bless. hit it out the park. we here the truth and the words sedition and treason have been used. you are so correct greg, this is so much deeper than mere felonies.

  42. Werner Von Braun Razor

    When will it end? When Kingdom comes! The Bible say’s, when you think not! So watch out! W atch,, mind you.

  43. Ray

    First things first……..
    I really like Greg Hunter…..would defend him in a fight, give him my last dollar and know in my heart that he is one of The Good Guys in this battle against the NWO and all they represent.
    That said, and to Greg and all the Watchdog Family, I mean no disrespect, but……..
    How horrific, yet how satisfying to witness America face its’ karma.
    I see a snake eating its’ tail, all things considered.
    A nation that has fractured the world (under the guise of liberty & freedom) is internally fracturing, falling and clutching at straws.
    It won’t stop………not until the once Great Nation looks at itself squarely in the mirror, and remembers the name of our planet: Planet Earth…….a world of individual nations together in Brotherhood. NOT Planet America……a world of individual nations under the complete domination and control of one nation via its’ continual malfeasance.
    Until then, the once Great Nation will groan under the weight of what it has created for itself.
    The Universe applies karma fairly.
    Iran is a nation…..USA is a nation too. Iran have less to apologise for on the world stage than the USA. Ask the people of Earth and see what they say. Whatever the UN under Obama said about Iran being a terrorist state…….give them a mirror sayeth the overwhelming majority of the people of the Earth.
    If Mr Hunter can’t see that, then I am afraid……….I am just afraid.
    Blessings to all Watchdoggers……..its’ owner Mr Hunter in my thoughts and prayers.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation


    • Greg Hunter

      “It won’t stop………not until the once Great Nation looks at itself squarely in the mirror, ” We did look and the mirror and voted for Trump. Australia needs to look in the mirror and vote out the globalist they elected that disarmed them.

      • Ray

        Hi Greg,
        Yes…..agree with you there, 100%
        As I say, we are the Lap Dog Nation……our government every bit as devoid of sanity, decency and legitimacy as the foul stenches emanating out of DC and Langley.
        Where we go one, we go all…….to our karma.
        We deserve what is coming to us.
        I will stand in the face of God and accept my karma without request for mercy, for I, you, all of us, have looked the other way whilst innocent millions have been slaughtered for the almighty $ and Western Global Hegemony.

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  44. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    What is the criterion for a media outlet being admitted into the press room with Sara H. Sanders? Has USA Watchdog attempted participation?

    Have you any interest in interviewing Steve Bannon or Tom Fitton?

    • Greg Hunter

      Would love to interview them both but I am my own booking department. Help me if you can and I thank you!!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Hi Greg,
        Regarding Tom Fitton, I sent you an email.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg,,, Reports DOJ AND FBI seized Clinton Foundation records by the plane full …
    “MYSTERY DEEPENS as DOJ & FBI 757 Jet Makes SECOND FLIGHT to Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock; TWO Round TRIPS in 48 Hours Loaded With Boxes & Docs
    This is getting very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia has gone down TWICE this week, according to flight intel and sources … or would have been stealth if it were up to the mainstream media. The DOJ/FBI 757 made an additional flights on Thursday as well as […]”

  46. Queenie Mason

    August 09, 2018 – 03:45 PM EDT
    What would the intelligence community’s ‘insurance policy’ against Trump look like?
    If You Do’z The Crime. . .

  47. John M.

    Greg, you have given us more great alternative news coverage and commentary. I will not shed a tear if the print and television media were to be sucked away forever into a deep black hole, where they cannot escape and deserve to exist.
    Actually the MSM should never be forgotten, but always remembered in American history as: the mouthpiece of propaganda, the font of fake news, the enemy of the 1st Amendment (and all our other freedoms), and cowardly deceitful traitors to our American republic.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M. I think that black hole id a lot closer than they think. If what is described in this link isn’t an act of total desperation I don’t know what is:
      The think they are a Fair and Free press. They are blockheaded and delusional. The MSM is not pure partisan propaganda. This little plan of the Boston Globe proves it. The layoffs at the MSM near the end of this year and into 2019 will be stunning.

      • Frederick

        Good they Will NOT be missed Maybe they can apply at Infowars

  48. Rick Geisler

    Kind of off the subject but I think that the Horizon Airline Mechanic that stole that plane and joy rode it then crashed it had watched the movie Second Hand Lions one too many times. Just my opinion.

  49. wondrouscat

    Greg – How about having Alex Jones on.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Cat” I have been trying to get him.

  50. Greg

    Hi Greg, could you please look into posting your content to from Natural News. It’s a video hosting site started by Mike Adams as an answer to censorship at YouTube. I am trying to stay away from Google stuff as much as possible and viewing your videos at would help greatly. Thanks for another great report and I look forward to the next release always.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure that is going to be a good fit for me. The only way to make money is agreeing to affiliate advertising and I don’t want to be in business with people I do not know.

      • Greg

        No problem Greg, But it’s something to keep in mind if YT ever gets to censoring USAW. Thanks again for all you do.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Greg I have some options if necessary.

    • Ray

      Why don’t you just view them here at USAWATCHDOG?
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg

        I do, but it still runs through Youtube. Not a big deal I would just prefer to avoid anything google.

        • Ray

          You are right……I hadn’t noticed!
          Agree……Google equals evil, and the less we use them the better.

          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  51. Vike

    governing systems
    Many terms are applied incorrectly to different political structures. For instance many US citizens think this country was formed as a democracy. This is not true as our founders knew democracy was a terrible form of govt. To confirm this a quote from James Madison(4th president)in the Federalist Papers reveals their thinking; “Democracy is the most vile form of govt! Democracies have ‘ere been spectacles of turbulence and contention, have ‘ere been incompatible with personal liberties and property rights and have been in general as violent in their death as they are short in their lives”.
    Our founders gave the people a republic, a nation of laws guided by Biblical principles as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. From the very outset this republic has been under attack by dark forces which detest freedom and liberty. The pre-eminent of these forces were the international bankers who worked their sorcery in plain sight.
    The history of central banking has left a trail of death and destruction on this country and the world. The charter for the First Bank of the US, our first central bank, was issued in 1791 and was good for 20 years. At the end of its charter the US Congress did not renew it, this was the reason for the War of 1812 with the British and why they came calling.
    It took the bankers but five years to to institute the 2nd Bank of the US in February of 1816, again with a 20 year charter. Then along came ‘ol Hickory, aka Andrew Jackson. The congress had learned what happens when you cancel the central bank so they voted to renew the 2nd Bank’s charter but Jackson vetoed the legislation. Jackson called out the bankers when he said “You are but a den of vipers and with the help of God almighty I will rout you out”. This may have been prophetic as the bankers agent who attempted to assassinate Jackson aimed two pistols at ‘ol Hickory and BOTH misfired saving his life.
    Our republic was able to dodge the central bank formation for the rest of the 19th century only incurring a deadly civil war which was fomented by the same international bankers. Abraham Lincoln resisted the bankers attempts to loan our republic financing at usury and signed his own death warrant by printing the currency needed to pay for the conflict.
    Everything changed in 1913. The Federal Reserve Act was passed by congress on Dec 23, 1913 when a majority of legislators were not in attendance. This was the first step of turning our republic into a democracy and when combined with the 16th amendment ratified earlier in 1913 laid the first two planks of the communist manifesto, a central bank and progressive income tax. Next the congress passed the 17th amendment which moved our country closer to a democracy.
    The 17th amendment changed how US senators were elected. Originally representatives elected by the populace in turn elected the senators. The 17th amendment changed this process where the senators were directly elected by the populace.
    With the formation of the Federal Reserve it created an implement of control over the nations money supply and a tool to control success in a great industrial nation and also reward those who toed the correct political line. This is the will of the majority, the majority of wealth that is as the central bank can create with the flick of pen.
    As history is witness it is no coincidence that World War 1 started the same year as the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson.
    Unfortunately our great country has deteriorated from a republic to a democracy to now a kakistocracy, rule by criminals. Perhaps Ben Franklin was more than prescient when he answered Mrs Powell’s question, “What kind of govt did you give us Mr Franklin?” and Ben replied….”A republic……if you can keep it”.

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