Alien Link to Human Destruction – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says the world is being lied to about our ancient history.  Why?  The governments of the world want to control the narrative about who made us and the truth in the Bible about End of Days predicted in Revelation.  For many months, Quayle has had an excavation crew digging up ancient artifacts in Mexico that are thousands of years old.  They look like aliens found in the movies, and some artifacts have Egyptian hieroglyphs.  These new recently dug up artifacts from Quayle prove the history you were taught is a distortion and a lie.  Quayle says, “We are talking about the greatest coverup and cover over of ancient history. . . . There are different groups of aliens, but at the end of the day, they are evil spirits.  They are absolutely working against the plan and purpose of God.  Why? To deceive the world that God did not create the world–the anti-Christ did.  If you control all the artifacts in ancient history, you control the narrative.  You can put whatever meaning you want on those artifacts, that you want to build the ultimate deception.  That is so deceiving that most of the world will fall for it.”

The aliens, according to Quayle, are nothing more than the fallen angels of the Bible that mated with the daughters of man just as it says in scripture.  Quayle says, “The artifacts will show . . . . the symbols from different periods of time and different places in the world have the same meaning, and what they will show is the specific and general interplay of their plan to genetically corrupt the human race.  How does somebody have the double helix 6,000 years ago?  There are three of our relics that we found with that, and there are more.  How come some of them glow in the dark when hit with a UV light?  We have reptile and serpent artifacts. . . . What is the whole purpose on all of this?  It is to absolutely divorce human beings from the God of Heaven, who created man in his image and likeness, who Satan has been trying to pervert both before the flood and after the flood and now before the second coming of Jesus.  They want to do away with the human genome, and, hey, that messenger RNA (in the CV19 Vaccines), hello!! . . . . There is now upon us a period unlike any in history, and it only gets worse from here. . . . They are going to tell us that the aliens are here to save us, and that’s a big lie.  They are going to tell us that the aliens made us and not the God of heaven, and that’s a big lie too.”

This is the age of deception.  This is the age of destruction.  This is the age of despair.  This is the age of devastation.  I am doing my best to make sure all that have a heart for the truth, that they don’t end up with the final “D,” and that’s damnation.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 9-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his upcoming webinar “The Egyptian & Alien Connections in the Americas” for  6/25/22.

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  1. Dwayne

    Posted early, Thank you for all you do!😀

    • Warren B.

      Congratulations to Steve Quayle for exposing these mysteries. There is no doubt that there exists a very voluminous hidden history of Earth.
      How Steve makes the connection however, between the “known” Ancient Egyptians and the Americas is IMHO a misdirection. Steve is crediting the Ancient Egyptians (the Dynastic Pharoahs) as being the Builders of the Fabulous Technological Advanced Civilization that occupied the Nile Delta…and were the creators/builders of the remarkable architecture seen there. That somehow transcribes into the Americas perhaps as a natural progression of an Ancient Civilization that he refers to as Egyptian(because of hieroglyphs ?). Ancient “Egyptian” hieroglyphs acquired that term because of the country /location where they were discovered. It does not prove that those who occupied the country and created those hieroglyphs, were indeed Egyptian. Hieroglyphs bear no resemblance to anything created from a human let alone Egyptian. To find them inscribed into stone (WALLS) is out of sync with what the human race did subsequent. With the wonderful building skill that they had , why is it that they suddenly stopped buiding magnificent highly technically engineered and glorious architecture to replace it with sub-standard contructions not even remotely similar in scale or engineering? During the reign of the Pharaohs not one of them (during the rule) create anything of any significance or magnitude. They merely inherited what was already existing from the race that pre-occupied the land (perhaps before the great Flood). It is my view that the Ancient “Egyptian” History is crudely false. There is IMO, a history of a race that existed long before the Pharoahs who ruled from 3100BC and is kept hidden. Therfore what SQ is putting forward, inadvertently is the propagation of the LIE that is a FALSE HISTORY. What SQ should have said (without trying to put words into his mouth) ….is that there exists some form of symmetry found in the Americas with that of the Nile Delta (an implicit assumption that history dated back to 6000 years BC and was analogous to Egypt). It would be conceivable that a portion of the Race of beings that once occupied the Nile, may have sought shelter/safety in another part of the world and migrated there (Americas) 5000-6000 + years BC. That could explain the remarkable similarities as uncovered.
      Otherwise I found the interview enlightening. Thank you for having him on.
      Lat year I watched a series (found on Youtube) which covers the Hidden History of Earth. Its a 10 part series and is worth watching if you can find it.

      • Gary DeFries

        You should read the interview book on Mauro Biglino called The Naked Bible. He is a scholar on ancient Hebrew and translates directly into english. The name of the race he describes are called the Elohim. Yahwah of the old testament was a member of the Elohim.

        • pap

          Warren B. great points, now I wonder if it was the giants that built the pyramids. Every other explanation of how the common man, slave or not is not realistic.

          Thanks Greg Hunter “Mr WatchDog”. Great guest. this breaks the monotony of the real world crap we have to deal with.

          • Warren B.

            That is a distinct possibility.
            However, if Giants did construct the Great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, then they forgot to put in entrances/exits to allow them (as Giants = 18-30feet tall or higher) access. To lift the 25-80 ton stone blocks into place (even for a Giant having human attributes) would be inconceivable as much as preposterous. Then again, did they need access ?….as for what I believe was the purpose these Pyramids served…is far away from being burial chambers. Their location (precise latitude/longitude), their dimension, their alignment with a particular “Age” or Constellation of the Solar System ; breather holes that have direct alignment with certain stars in the Galaxy ; the type of material (limestone/granite) from which they were constructed, the missing capping stone/metal ; the underground water supply (that remains hidden from historical accounts) ….IMHO point to the very real possibility that these were in Fact Power Generators /Batteries – supplying energy to the Great cities of the Nile Delta (and beyond perhaps). The Nile Delta is littered with Tekhenu or Obelisks. These may have been designed as large receivers of Energy. They went to a lot of trouble to construct these towers….which obviously served a purpose other than being ornamental. The technologically advanced race that once occupied the Nile Delta had in my view, a technology that potentially could have used a form of levitation (based on vibrations)….also used for cutting. One element that is evident in many of the uncovered Hieroglyphs is the item that is held by the Ruler/Pharaoh….the Sceptre/Staff. There is a hidden mystery/untold truth there I believe. The Sceptre was symbolic of Authority and significant Power. It may have indeed been the instrument that was used for harnessing energy (as difficult/fanciful as it may be to comprehend that possibility) and used for purposes of construction/engineering. There are many works of art that depict the characters using the Staff in a manner that would resemble what I have said here. (Moses is a classic example in parting the Sea). Truth is stranger than Fiction.

            • Audrey Forrest

              Did Tim alberino and Steve Quayle split?

      • Better Chetter

        In Ross Hamilton’s “Mysteries of the Serpent Mound” talk on Rita Louise show, he details some phenomenal perspectives of aliens, giants and the technologies of the pyramids that helped create the paradise that was what the Native American Indians enjoyed for hundreds or thousands of years.

        Ross notes in the 57 min talk (start at 2 min 30 sec, to cut out some early ads), that humanity will lose a great deal of lives in the coming decades (the talk was from a decade ago), and that most of humanity is unaware of its spiritual essence – such that we’d get stuck in the perpetual wars that are characteristic of every world’s reserve currency country for the last few hundred years.

        The more we know (or entertain as a possibility), the less we shall be deceived.

      • Irene Drew

        Thank you for your comments. I am trying to find the 10 part series (youtube) on the HIDDEN HISTORY OF EARTH. Are you able to be more
        specific, more precise with the serries title ? Multiple titles come up in my search. thank you. Irene D.

    • Christopher

      Wow, Greg. You look so young and in shape. New diet?

    • sammy

      Would be good if Steve spent some time describing what he has found and how we were formed and how it fits into Revelations.

  2. Shirl

    Steve has been on the subject of Ancient Alien Giant Demons etc for what seems like forever. I too have always thought independently although with Catholic Raising, that the Aliens UFO’s etc were from the Pit Of Hell. In these deceptive and troubling times getting more bizarre by the day, Prayer is definitely needed now more than ever.

    • IIG

      Human sacrifices were customary religious customs within the Toltec civilization Quayle is now studying – these people worshiped a God named Quetzalcoatl – who required human offerings – mostly children between 5 and 15 years of age – today the Satanic Globalist Demons at Davos also believe in Quetzalcoatl (the Serpent God of the Fallen Angels) and are now sacrificing our children aged 2 to 5 years old (using the “killer jab”) – Klaus Schwab (and his un-elected bunch of queer Davos “death cult” buddies) are now openly discussing at their World Economic Forum their evil plans “for world domination and the extermination of 99.9% of the world population” – this gang of “un-elected Nazi Globalists” are currently manipulating world events (with the use of vaccines, wars, open borders and famine) to achieve their One World Government (lead by a small group of psychopathic queer freaks and fools) – and our American Demon-rat politicians “for a buck” are giving away our wealth and sovereignty to put a bunch of Davos Nazi queers into power so they can have total governing and statutory authority over the American people – our traitorous elected representatives giving such power “to un-elected Davos Nazi’s” should be thrown out of office this November for not only weakening our Constitutional protections and individual liberties (as they are helping impose a “Feudal Slave System” upon the world) – but also for allowing a small number of “self- proclaimed Gods” to assume power over our entire world and it’s population of jabbed and boosted people (who have now been “made into mindless controlled Borgs” who are expected to “own nothing and be happy about it”)!!

      • eddiemd

        You always have a way with words and being on target.

        I don’t believe that we arrive to the elections. Something beyond comprehension is coming. Four months to go. Too much time for the WEF to shut it down.

        It will go down in one hour or less. Settle your account with the Almighty God. There is still time. Even for the cultists.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          I totally agree with both of you. They throw out a 500,000,000 figure left after the kill off but I am sure that is a lie to so their minions will keep working for them. I feel it will be a grid outage and an internet outrage that will be their last button to push in a few months. I would suggest watching Pastor Arnold Murray of the Shepherd’s Chapel as it goes verse by verse of all of Revelations and gives the truth about each one. He died sometime back but was a Marine and then a Farmer in ARK. We are at the 5th Vile/Seal/Trump now. Michael, the Arch Angel will release Satan and his 1/3 of all Angels the fallen ones at that time. I so love all of Greg’s guests and pray for you daily Greg. All of these comments for the most are so enlightening and eye opening for me. God Bless all of you.

        • Tom C

          I agree. They are going to do something that will make it impossible to hold the midterm elections. They know they would be devastated in an election, and they are not going to allow that to happen.

        • Laura McDonough

          eddiemd: Those I know tuned in, also feel we won’t have a midterm election. I don’t participate in elections anymore, since both parties are corrupt (Rinos etc). I have kept up w/ agenda 2030 for years, who the players are and now the W.E.F. who seems to be controlling leaders worldwide. The left fears conservatives and they don’t want to let them get elected. Also people are aware more so because of the internet and emails sent by friends. Some are drawing cash out of local banks, updating wills, final expenses paid, other personal things done, mainly people over 60. Some incl us have sold house and downsized to apt. to be mobile if needed for safety.

      • Barb

        It’s younger than that go to Frank speech and list to what Karen Kingston tells Brandon during her interview. It is sickening, disgusting and so very heartbreaking that parents allowed their 6 month old babies to 4 years I believe was the oldest go through.

        • Laura McDonough

          Many drugstores incl some around me will not vaccinate five and under. Too much liability.

    • Tony Glynn

      St Michael please Protect and Defend Us All to Stay the Course 🙏 Viva Cristo Rey 💪🙏

  3. eddiemd

    Back in the 1990s and early 2000s I was always traveling in Central and South America. I was interested in the civilizations in Peru and those in Mexico/northern Central America.

    When I was living in Lima I went to the museum of anthropology. It was very interesting. I traveled up to Cuzco, Trujillo, Chachapoyas, and Chavin.

    There was an ancient pre-Colombian civilization that dates back to approx. 5000bc named Caral. It coincided with Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was located in Peru.

    Chavin was an interesting place to visit. I think they were around 800bc to shortly after AD. The jaguar worshippers.

    Nazca was not that long ago. They were communicating with aliens/demons of some kind.

    Once we are with Jesus Christ, we will know the history. I suspect that we won’t care because we will be overwhelmed with the glory of the King of kings. We will see Him as He is. He will wipe away every tear. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what He has prepared for those who love Him.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Many thanks for the interview Greg.

    Yes it is all because of the Demonic Reptilians.

    All of the worlds oldest religions and scriptures point this out.

    Jordan Maxwell R.I.P.

  5. Jerry

    I have had an intense interest in ancient America history for years.
    I understand Steve’s interest since there is so much we don’t know.

    I myself have unearthed artifacts that I can’t explain. Years ago a ruin was unearthed in downtown Miami when construction was halted when a huge stone structure was discovered. The unique thing was the stone that was used in the building was brought in from South America? Go figure?

  6. John Forgione

    I focus a lot on these themes. I have not watched this yet but am conversant in what Steve says. I encourage everyone to study “The Gap Theory”. Greg may I place a link to my site; I’ve done a lot of work on these themes. Chuck Missler did a lot of work on quantum physics. See also his clips Remember there is a a moment in Revelation where the Angel says “time will be no more”. Time is a dimension in which God has placed us. Armageddon and the Apocalypse will not be in time as we know it.

    • John Forgione

      I meant Millenium not Apocalypse

    • Mark

      John, I am sorry but there is no gap. Everything was made in 6 days each with an evening and a morning just like the Bible says. This is confirmed By Jehovah God in Exodus 20:11 KJV which is exactly what the Hebrew says. All major doctrines can be traced back to Genesis. Marriage between a Man and woman, Male and Female, the origin of sin and death and therefore the need of a savior who was sinless to give his own life so all who ask can be forgiven. That is why there is a constant attack on Genesis and on the 7 days of Creation. The first lie that the enemy started with is still his favorite today….”did God say”

      • IIG

        Mark – The age of the universe is approximately 13.77 billion “of our years” – this means “one Genesis day” comes out to about 2 billion revolutions of the Earth around the Sun!! – thankfully God’s “day of rest” is almost over (only 0.23 billion years to go) – then – watch the Demons run – as God comes back “from his day of rest” – but in the mean time – “it is up to us” (who were made in his image and put in charge) “to fight the rats off”!!!

  7. Doctor Thaddeus Smith

    No worries folks, when they return. Wether alien or Christ and angels. They are here to serve man.
    On a platter if alien, Gods Kingdom come, if divine. .
    Intervention, indeed!
    Let’s pray for the latter and not be fooled by Soros and son, Gates, Fraudci and Hillary or Obomber and all the other transhumanist eugenicist morons!

    • Mark

      How old are you? You know that all dating methods are null and void if the rock sample has been submerged in water. Genesis talks about the world wide flood. Blue stars prove the universe is young not old. I am going to believe the only one who was there and created everything, Jesus Christ. And wrote us a letter to let is know how long it took Him. God is vast and mighty beyond our understanding. He calls the stars by name. At last count they believe there is 2 trillion galaxys. Each galaxy contains about 100,000 stars each. That’s 200,000 trillion stars that He created, named and calls by name. If you or I were to attempt to count to a trillion it would take us over 31,000 years. So yes, since God says plainly that he created all that is in 6 days and rested on the seventh. (Exodus 20:11), I will believe Him.

  8. Gans

    Lake Mead is less than 150 feet away from becoming a “dead pool,” making much of the Southwestern U.S. uninhabitable. 50 million will be rushing to cross the Mississippi, instead they ought to return to Mexica.

    I can’t wait to see this “pretend-generation” try to build or even maintain existing future highway systems, streets, bridges, skyscrappers, steel production, ect… using only their pretend renewable pollution-free electric power supply. LOL I can see Biden saying this at his speech: “Heavy machinery that runs all day for just pennies a day, all using a single 18 volt rechargeable battery.”

    Like always, women, who claim to be equal to men, won’t do anything that makes their hands or their pretend face dirty, or any work that requires lifting more weight than their asses out of their chairs in air conditioned offices, heaven forbid any woman actually works more than 2,000 hours for any given year. How upside-down and how pretend this life has become.

    • Tag

      I’m a woman and I supported my family without the help from my alcoholic husband for 28 years. I worked 2 full time jobs for 25 years and worked 5 when I left his worthless asset. I was raised the man was the head of the family but that is NOT always the case. I been alone for 17 years now and no man has ever lifted a finger to “take care of me” I take care of me, without a judgmental male figure.

      • Hilly

        Thanks Greg for this extremely interesting information,

      • Vg Vi

        Yep, same story here.

      • Laura McDonough

        Tag: Some do get stuck marrying losers and is smart to get out. My step dad had an alcoholic wife mixed w/ rx drugs, started in middle age, got divorced and married my widow mother, had 20 yrs together. My bro divorced a women on meth who was running around w/ her supplier, yrs back, he got custody of two girls now late 20’s/early 30’s. My aunt stayed w/ a drunk, he died of liver failure was a retired airforce officer. I could go on, but some never mature. Churches are full of dysfunctional families in all denom. w/ kids out of control. We stream online and are social recluses fed up w/ idiots.

      • Selecto

        Much respect for you and what you accomplished with your family.Hope you understand that all men are not AHs.Many of us find women to be intelligent,interesting and loving beings.Been married to one for 43 years and don’t know what I would do without her.

        • IIG

          It is the women “who have an unshakable instinct for Motherly love” who are going to save our world from extinction – yes – men can get women pregnant – but it is the woman who brings the new life into this world – if the evil “story time queers” can convince young women to kill their babies “before they are born” – that’s it – it is the end of the human race – and the eugenicists win – period!! –

      • K. M.

        Please don’t ascribe general comments as a sweeping example of women as a rule. Being raised in a household of all males and been trained to be an excellent wife and mother by a conflicted mom who delighted in the Gloria Steinem chaos, I can honestly tell you the manufactured female rage against men was designed to commit marriage-cide. Not a real word but a real phenomenon.
        Yes, a lot of women ended up married to weak men who failed thru a multitude of sin, in no way does that justify the destruction of marriage. I, too, ended up a single mother and worked multiple jobs. The biggest lie was “fathers are not necessary”. Yes, we can raise fairly well adjusted, productive and generally happy children, hwvr, deep in their hearts they ache for the love and guidance of a strong father. Women and moms in particular cannot be both parents to our children.

        I understand your sensitivity to sweeping comments but I learned years ago these statements are typically grounded in a history of an abusive horrible narcissistic mother, terrible female bosses over practical men who have no idea how to dig a hole and over educated college grads with zero life experience and even less common sense and rage filled children from being abandoned.
        Angry Women have razed the marriage bed, the cradle, the church, the town square and have moved on to the national level. Now, they sit on world councils created by perverts and power seekers to lure every weak female into their lair. The devil is dancing a jig on their heads. The most cruel nazi’s were the female nurses, the evidence has been long standing for all to see. The female doctors & nurses who have /are participating in the abortion Holocaust and the active slaughter of babies to their grandparents with mRNA poisoning by injection defy’s all the nurturing motherhood in my soul. I have been locked in grief from this genocide and the failure of every woman who has stood by and said nothing or worse, assisted.

        I’m only hammering my gender to state the unstated, bc we both know if any man said even one of these things the hue & cry of “misogynistic pig” wld invalidate any true point he made. I watched as my narcissistic mother tortured my father into an early grave and no one saw a thing. And yes, he started drinking to deal with the continuous emasculation and emotional bombardment of being ‘less than’ , less intellectual, too ‘unsophisticated’ . And yeah, he destroyed his health, but he adored my mother and could never quite see why she was so angry.
        Some of us have broken pickers and marry the wrong man and sometimes a man is just bad. No matter the case we still pick up the pieces and raise our children best we can. I pray you find forgiveness for the weak man you picked to marry, I had to do the same.

    • Barb

      Don’t include all women in that please I worked in factory so did my mother and others in my family. I worked corn detasseling at 11or 12 years old . I did that for at least 3 years. Lots of us know what work is guess just depends where you live. God Bless you

    • Astraea

      Yes! Fe-manism has destroyed Western Civilisation. And who created it and caused it? Who were the women who wrote books about this idiocy? You know those people we are not allowed to criticise? That is who. They also create films to degrade us and everything good about Christian Civilisation.

      • IIG

        Back in the days when Aztec women sacrificed their children to the “High Priests” (to have their precious little hearts cut out) – remember who those “High Priests” were – “They Were Perverted MEN” – if women want to continue to be in charge of “Creating Life” – they better “stop listening to the queers” NOW!! – queers like Horrori want to make all our children “gay” (to take the Power of Creation away from Women) with the ultimate goal of “doing away with women altogether” – it’s these “psycho” queers who want the power “To Create Life” in a test tube – but the Clones “they produce” will be “sexless Borgs” with computer chips embedded in their minds so that they can be 100% controlled by “Queer Gods” – the Queer God’s of Davos tell us “right to our faces” they want to exterminate 99% of Humanity – and idiot women are following these “queers” – protesting “to continue the slaughter their own children”?? – they better get their minds “straightened out fast” – women better get moving and tell your School District Administrators (who are likely queers) to stop promoting the perverted “Gay Story Time Lessons” that teach our children how to jerk off, wiggle and lick the queer perverts – tear down those big signs saying “It Doesn’t Lick Itself” – the problem with our world is that Women have allowed “Perverted Men” to destroy their “Motherly Instincts” – have allowed “Perverted Men” to destroy what “True Love Is” – “Motherly Love” it’s not running around like a “psycho transvestite” with a vagina hat on demanding “The Right to Kill Your Own Children”!!!

        • Laura McDonough

          IIG: parents need to remove their kids out of gov. schools and home school or find a solid Christian school. Schools teach kids LGBTQ, transgender is normal , and drag queen story time in school libraries in primary grades. Parents that won’t pull kids out condone gay and LGBT and don’t care if their kids want sex changes later on or same sex marriages.

    • Mary

      Your woman comment is misguided. I have worked harder than men and put myself through medical school. Worked at a hospital with many deliveries and gun shots. Up all night. No man has ever given me anything except my father. In fact, there are many men that are freeloaders in my experience.

      • Better Chetter

        Most (?) women wouldn’t need abortions
        IF men were responsible, accountable and stewards of their seed.
        Men are the problem, moreso than the women.
        Greg gives his audience much too much leeway.

        • Laura McDonough

          Better Chetter: On abortion: In some cases men refuse responsibility. Sterilization is ideal, no more abortions needed since pro abortion women don’t want babies anyway. Most are sex workers that forgot their pill. These floosies have an IQ below 70 and most are using drugs.

          • IIG

            Yes! -Men “need to be very selective” and not screw around with low IQ, sexually deviant or promiscuous drug taking women – men should be looking for maternal women (who like a beautiful flower will carry his seed to term) and thus men need to have the will power to simply avoid all women who come across as idiots and profess they have the right to kill their love child – men also should be prepared to support their chosen women and the love child they helped produce!!

      • George

        Hell has no fury like a woman scorned

  9. Bob Martin

    Thank you Greg for your platform , your channel , your guests , and all of your hard work that you do for all of us . God bless you and yours and all of your listeners

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for all your support!

      • Barb

        Greg does Steve know a Trey Smith? He reads the stuff Steve was talking about, reads Hebrew and does books on it and talks about the stuff he was talking about too. God Bless you Greg

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you Greg for all that you do to keep us informed.

    • J in Europe

      Look at what the west has become ! Adults cycling around in front of children with no clothes. Does the story about the emperor’s no clothes come to mind ? God save us all from the modern Soddom and Gamorrah! Thank you Greg for leading the way.

    • Donald Rainwater

      Please consider. David Martin @ Brilliant info. Thankyou.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good idea!!!

  10. Roger...

    Steve Quayle, LA Marzulli, Billy Crone are excellent when it comes to Alien deception (Fallen Angels).

    I remember as a young kid trying to understand how aliens fit into the bible and believing that their could not be aliens and God. It did not make sense to me at that time.

    First time I heard aliens described as fallen angels( a long time ago), Genesis, giants(in the bible) made absolute sense!

    Thank you Lord!

    James 1:5
    5 But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.

    Matthew 24:4
    Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

  11. jay

    So the vs in John 12 24 speaks about a seed falling into the earth and how if it does not die it remains alone just one seed but if it dies it produces a harvest. This angelic seed is again a made-up deception preached to drag down people so their faith is not founded on the truth. Adam and Eve fell because of temptation we all understand this because we all do the same thing, if you want to be a child of the devil as Jesus pointed out you just need to lead people into error. The discussion between Nicodemus and Jesus sums this up by saying if you are not born of a woman you cannot enter the kingdom of God. I would suggest you study Cain and his curse He is the one who went out of the presence of the God that day able to avenge himself although this did not help Goliath

    • Ezlovlaulen

      Greg you are 5 Stars! Been watching you for years now. I live in Mexico and we see artifacts a lot. We always have to check them because there are so many fakes mixed with the real ones. But we have yet to find the 👽 artifacts….we hear about giant bones a lot and alien ships landing….nothing grows where their ships landed.

  12. Poochiman

    Once clarity settles in, and it becomes obvious the entire world structure is a plantation planet… the understanding that humans (real human DNA), are slaves to an ocup6ying force becomes evident. . Many humans have chosen to betray the rest of us in exchange for luxury and get out of jail free cards. I believe it is the secret truth hidden in plain sight. May I dare say, I know so…

  13. Judy McCleary

    Greg, love listening to Steve Quayle. The Lord used Steve to launch me on to my journey of truth in 2012, when I heard him on Coast to Coast AM. God bless you both. Also, I did not receive a notification for this program. Love all of your guests. Thanks again..🥰

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Judy for all your support! Little late in getting notifications out. Soon come.

      • Barb

        Oh I forgot in Indiana long time ago before I was born there were giants bones found bet if you look you could still find the story on it.

  14. Gerald Benton

    I have seen a foot print in lime stone with six toes. It is very neat and it is as if a person had stepped in mud and left a perfect imprint of their foot. As far as I know, NO ONE knows how it it arrived at this location, and where it came from. The foot print is called “The Angel Foot Print”.

    • sk

      Polydactyly. Totally human.

    • eddiemd

      I was moonlighting at an industrial medicine clinic back about 15 years ago when a truckdriver came in for his CDL renewal. I had him take off his shoes and socks.

      He had 6 toes on both feet. I should have taken a photo. It was before iPhone mania.

      It happens. Usually the extra digit is removed at birth.

      We used to joke in the Army about people from North Carolina. Check them for 6 fingers and six toes. Something about a non branching family tree.

      • Johnny Cool

        Remember Chiller Theater?

        • eddiemd

          I don’t recall this from my time and it is within my generation.

          I have seen newborns with partial extra digits that were removed in the first year.

  15. Mike M

    As soon as all the biblical BS comes in, you should know this is all going downhill. The only alien thing here is the nonsense coming out of Quayle’s mouth as he has watched one too many sci-fi movies. Why he hasn’t been rounded up by the guys with the big nets and put into a padded room somewhere is beyond me.

    Want to lose credibility, putting him on your show is how you do it. No wonder the world is in such a mess with nonsense like this. Who’s next – some guy claiming to be Jesus Christ?

    • Charles H

      Someone DID claim to be Jesus Christ, Mike – a couple thousand years ago: and the world changed because it was God in the flesh, God the Son. And don’t despair of the woodwork: the ‘contemporary’ Jesus Christs are around too.

      Before you throw-down hard on the Holy Bible: you should do due diligence to research and read it yourself. It is the easiest grade level to read; progressive and self-defining; and touches on inscrutable wisdom and orientation. It stands on its’ own feet. You just have to shed all preconceptions and erronious teachings concerning it – that color according to whatever glasses you are wearing. If you don’t get anything out of it: it is because you are already trying to read something into it; or just refuse to believe it in the first place. Either way – it isn’t the Bible that fails: it is person who approaches it.

      • IIG

        The Holy Bible stands on two solid feet with only Ten(10) Commandments – under Henry the Eighth who had “feet with 12 digits” you were allowed to kill (your wife, your children and your siblings) and from what I hear the Crown is still drinking blood when they are not out attacking Russia!!

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Informative interview with Anne Vandersteel. Becoming an American State Citizen and the Zelenco Freedom Foundation – and much more . . .

  17. Mike Reid

    Steve may be on to something, here is a video of a mental process called remote viewing of the construction of The Great Pyramid. Their take was alien technology and human slave labor with some hybrid humans. I would run it on 1.25 speed because it is long and Courtney puts me to sleep.

  18. tim mcgraw

    Okay, I’m 3:30 into the video and I see the alien sculpture with the big elongated head. Someone explain to me how an infant alien with a head like that comes down the alien mother’s birth canal without killing the mother?

    • Greg Hunter

      I get it you don’t like the interview. I’ll have something different on in a few days.

    • steve

      Well if they were so brilliant, possibly “caesarian”?

    • Norman Byler

      The chin goes down in the chest, baby comes out head first. Not hard for me the Phantom.

      • tim mcgraw

        Norman Byler; Have you ever been at the birth of a child (besides your own birth)? You wouldn’t say such a thing if you had.

    • eddiemd

      Good point. It doesn’t pass the birth canal. The only option would be Caesarean section probably resulting in sacrifice of the mother.

      There are skeletal remains uncovered in Peru of infants/toddlers with elongated skulls. They have attributed this to shaping done from birth onwards. There have been scientists who have examined the skeletal remains and have questioned the idea that the skulls were manipulated. They looked at the cranial sutures and occipital structures and conclude that the young children could have been born with the elongated skulls.

      It is a mystery with holes in the details.

      Peru is an interesting place to visit. I lived in Lima and Chachapoyas and traveled throughout the north and around Cuzco. I also spent 6 months in Bolivia.

      Human sacrifice of children was big. The religion of Molech was not just limited to the Middle East culture.

        • D.T.R.

          The Oswald Letter: the most important JFK assassination discovery in 50 years
          Jun 16, 2022 Jerry Kroth
          Prof. Jerry Kroth dissects and decodes a mysterious letter allegedly written by Lee Harvey Oswald 14 days before JFK was shot. Through a single misspelled word, he proves Oswald really wrote this letter. That, in turn, cracks open the case and changes virtually everything we knew about the Kennedy Assassination. One misspelled word changes the world.

          This lecture comes from his 2022 book, The JFK Assassination: what really happened (2022)
          WOW Greg,
          this letter is dangerous, to say the least!
          It’s still under the radar, but not for long. Brace yourself for impact!

      • Warren B.

        ” The only option would be Caesarean section “…you are assuming that the creatures with the Elongated skulls are in fact Mammals as opposed to being Reptilian. Reptilian implies being egg laying. Does that photo of the artifact that Greg is holding look human-like? These are creatures not of this Earth……or at least not of the Earth as we know – or have been taught through false history/indoctrination.

      • tim mcgraw

        Eddie md; Your trips through Peru must have been very interesting. Some say we are sacrificing our children today with masks, lockdowns, and now the jabs. I agree with that position. And don’t forget all the debt the kids will have to pay (unless there is a debt jubilee.)
        Bolivia is the poorest country in S.A., yes? I spent six months in the Amazon in Belem, Brazil. That was plenty poor enough.

      • Clay Lane

        VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) in Moscow, Russia, the Land of Freedom. LIVE
        3,581 views Streamed live 7 hours ago Baklykov. Live
        Live stream from VDNH, one of the greatest places to walk in Moscow, Russia.
        VDNH is the Russian abbrecviation for an Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. It is a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow, Russia. Between 1991 and 2014, it was also called the All-Russia Exhibition Centre

    • IIG

      Tim – The human baby is born with a normal head – then after birth – perverted High Priest pedophiles attach an iron helmet onto the infant child’s head (with a hole at the back so the head can only grow and bulge out at the back) – they did this so the child would “look like an alien” and thus garner the respect of human mothers – who would then sacrifice their children to this “false God” (and his perverted High Priest handlers who would then use the children as sex toys before killing them, drinking their blood and eating their hearts)!!

      • tim mcgraw

        IIG: You have a future in horror films. Ha.

    • Laura McDonough

      Tim: A elongated head like that would cause disruption in the abdomen pushing up on other organs causing much discomfort or worse a blockage in digestive system. Or maybe they had different shapes internal organs vs humans today. Steve is eccentric, but I pick thru articles on his site linked to other websites for updated news.

    • Kathryn

      Tim McGraw,
      If you had seen Steve Quayle’s earlier documentary on the ongoing excavations, you would see the highly detailed panels of symbols of childbirth of the human women. It shows on one panel in particular of women being split in two, crude cesarean sections. Looks like women were only used for their wombs then cast away during childbirth.
      Some pictographs show women in labor over an open fire as some bizarre witch doctor or something indescribable, stands over with a dagger. No woman survived that birth imho. Since the females were plentiful they were just as expendable. Same happens today in sex trafficking.
      Just interrupting the panels as a woman who gave birth multiple times. That woulda killed me no doubt. I appreciate your question, tho. Most want nothing to do with the answer allowing skepticism to create doubt. I decided the answer needed to be as concise as the glyph.

      • tim mcgraw

        Kathryn: Thanks for your reply. Sounds like the old slave trade and sex trafficking today as you mention.
        My only question is; how do you know human females were plentiful back then?
        I’ve found that sex trafficking happens in societies that have fallen apart. The Cuban Revolution began because of the Batista government going out into the countryside to kidnap young girls to be sex slaves for the high rollers at the Mob casinos in Havana.
        The Cubans fought back. It wasn’t just Fidel. There was a woman who was Fidel’s RH “man”. She is a hero in Cuba today. She really started the revolution.
        Where was the human revolt against the aliens? Maybe it happened and that’s why the aliens are dead.

        • IIG

          Yes Tim – the Reptilian Aliens “are almost all dead” because we humans have been killing them throughout the ages – from Apollo to Cadmus, Jason, Perseus and Heracles – – we have been killing these evil Serpent Snakes (SS) for a very long time (like Putin is now doing in the Ukraine) – we in America now have to get off our ass and go after the wiggling “Story Time” Dragons now in our schools “trying to eat our children” – a Serpent has two major strategies – to Deceive and then Devour – when a Serpent in Scripture attempts to Deceive (it’s always depicted “as a Snake” like with Adam and Eve) – when a Serpent attempts to Devour (it’s depicted as a Dragon) – this fight between Good and Evil is captured well in the painting of Saint Michael thrusting his spear into the Dragon (now hanging at the Louvre in Paris) –

        • Kathryn

          Hi Tim,
          Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I have to admit conjecture on how plentiful the girls were, hwvr, it seems to match birth rate patterns of history when many children signified wealth. And being so young & defenseless both male & female children, they easily become prey, the ‘elite’ Greeks seemed to prefer the boys🤷‍♀️but on all the artifacts Steve Quayle has presented pics of the ‘alien’ hybrids wanted girls for procreation. Lots of carving depicting heavily pregnant females, then the birthing I prev described.

          It’s a loathsome thought to us that parents wld be so callous as to offer their own child to be sacrificed, but I read abt young girls were groomed as living sacrifices to the volcano gOD on their 14th(?) bday & go willingly to cast themselves into the volcano. That was Hawaii and other cultures when an active volcano is causing havoc, to appease that angry gOD, not God of Biblical account.
          Biblical accounts of earth kINGS offering up, they kill their first born male, in a blood sacrifice for evil supernatural war powers are throughout the entire Old Testament.
          And I agree the degradation of a country is visible by how prolific sex trafficking has become. The stats on the USA being the largest consumer of all aspects child/adult sex trafficking, we are also the largest purveyor, (source Operation Underground Rescue Tim Ballard)
          With RvW being overturned, it seems the hard push for exposing very young children to hard core sexual perversion has exploded out in the open. Naked men in parades of perverts, a naked bicycle pervert group, drag and beastiality being portrayed as harmless stuffed animals. In America’s rapid decline into a morass of sexual perversion in the attempt to force social acceptance of open pedophilia, it seems we are not far away from the open human slave markets of modern day Libya.
          I know that sounds outrageous, but I watch patterns as most do and by destroying every moral compass utter social degradation is not far behind, imho.

          With the locals, wherever they were, who had integrated w/’aliens’ hybrids became disgusted by all the slavery, bloodshed & trauma, they finally do revolt w/force. Large burial grounds, in Peru for example, with beheaded skeletons. Huge areas. Highly strange, (source LA Marzulli, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alborino, Dr.Tom Horn, Brian Forrester+) Peruvian, Mexican, Navaho and other native elders speak of how these monsters were insatiable and the one way to make sure they never came back was to remove the head. So yes, the fully human people could not coexist in any peaceful way with a being demanding their women & girls and overpowering and killing anyone who dissented.

          All the above info I gathered over time by finding the people listed & reading their research and many other resources. It’s all out there, it’s stifled tho, since none of this stuff is openly discussed.

          Sorry for the long reply, I wanted to be as concise as I could be as an fascinated, amazed lady who had no freaking idea an entire history was running parallel to what modern history teaches! And those guys I listed above are all excellent teachers.

    • Lightning

      Reptiles birth via eggs.

      • Warren B.

        Yes. I agree..see above

  19. Johnny Cool

    If you buy that UFOs are real, it comes with a lot of history. The mythology behind the War In Heaven takes different shapes for the many different global cultures on planet Earth. Readers will discover that most of humanity’s early literature began with the recording of this titanic struggle between beings who our ancestors called gods.

    Essentially, the recent U.S. government UFO Hearings gave an unofficial endorsement to the reality of UFOs by stating that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena exist.

    Changing the acronym UFO to UAP is another psychological warfare tactic. Continuing to use the acronym UFO triggers over fifty-years of history, hence we have a change in the U.S. government’s approach to the propaganda. I will continue to use the term UFO, because it is my middle-finger to the 1984-style historical manipulators.

    The Powers That Be are certainly afraid of something.

    • IIG

      Exactly JC – changing the acronym UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) “is a psychological tactic” – as
      UFO imply’s – “someone is flying the object”!! –
      UAP imply’s – “swamp gas”!!

  20. tim mcgraw

    at 18:30 Quayle says the US government has made treaties with the aliens. The US government broke every treaty it ever made with the Indian tribes and continues to break treaties to this day. Why would a “superior” alien make any treaty with the lying cheating US government?
    This claim by Quayle is a real groaner.

    • Johnny Cool


      Maybe “treaty” is not the right word.

      Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 295
      The most important question I asked myself that night in 2004 on the way home was a variation of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek Prime Directive.

      “Why would an advanced extraterrestrial species, obviously in command of such basic scientific principles as observation and measurement, give highly advanced and deadly technology to an inferior species with a propensity to kill, enslave other members of its species, and at the same time destroy its environment?”

      That is the multi million-dollar question to ask people who believe that extraterrestrials are helping humanity reverse-engineer alien technology.

      I now consider this aspect of the Extraterrestrial/UFO Phenomenon a red herring. The only question that needs answering is spiritual intent. We have several thousand years of scriptures specifically warning us about deceptive beings.

      In the 1960s, a 20th century human being, Gene Roddenberry, had the good-sense to write into the Star Trek mythos that giving deadly technology to an inferior species violated the highest moral code of a space exploring species. Readers should think about that!

      • Bonnie Chase

        Cuneiform tablets from Sumeria explain that the “gods” created man from existing earth species to be slaves that would mine gold for them. The aliens that were initially mining revolted because the work was too hard. Marshall Vian Summers who claims to receive revelations and who has written thousands of pages of and about them, says that the aliens want to use us for biological substances. Also he says that it is a rule to not intervene with emerging races such as ours. Since the present aliens are violating that rule, that explains all the secrecy and cover ups. It’s a competitive universe and they will use us if they can.

        • Greg Hunter

          Total bull crap. The “tablets” could say “Eat at Joes” and you would not know the difference. Far be it the Sumerians would lie and change history as we are witnessing now. Why do you trust that crap? Aliens DID NOT MAKE US. That is a LIE.

    • Artful Dodger

      Ah, but would demons, make deals with a corrupt group of men? Yes.
      Especially since the demons are interdimensional. I’m not sure how you can “break a deal with the devil.” Except by accepting Jesus Christ as God and placing your faith in Him.

    • Dana Brant

      I think Vlad Putin said the same thing about the Minsk, Belgrade agreements? I’m sure I’m missing a few others.

  21. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for allowing Mr Quayle to present his thesis.

  22. tim mcgraw

    Quayle always drives me nuts. He keeps going off subject onto tangents. He brings up Lucifer trying to destroy God’s creation (us) but doesn’t say why. What is Lucifer’s motivation?
    Suddenly Quayle is talking about artifacts again.
    The Bible makes humans into some kind of football fought over by God and Satan. God loves us and sent His Son to save us. Satan wants our souls for himself.
    I don’t like being some prize fought over by God and a “Fallen Angel.” This is why I don’t like the Book of Revelation (which I read last year.)
    I know it’s provenance, but I don’t think it should have been put in the Bible.
    The Eastern Orthodox Church does not include the Book of Revelation in its Bible.

    • Johnny Cool

      G.A. Stewart: From my point of view, The UFO/Extraterrestrial Phenomenon is an ancient issue that seems to have existed before human civilization; therefore, it was a condition that humanity was born into. It is a Star Wars-like tale, a real space opera.

      My answer to Evangelical Christians is that they need to read these Gnostic Christian texts. Many of them predate The Gospels. Unfortunately, most people like the candy-coated version of Christianity that had the Roman Empire’s stamp of approval. This is why Gnostic Christians were ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated. This is why there were no Gnostic Christian texts remaining until The Nag Hammadi Library was rediscovered in Egypt in 1945.

    • Todd

      What is Lucifer’s motivation?

      He can never hurt God directly so he goes after us; superior him would not bow and serve mankind; pride was it’s fall; how could something as the most perfect being be asked and agree to serve lowly slob man?

      Jesus washed the feet of the leper; son of God touched and ministered to the unclean; what is the “anti-Christ?” The opposite of Christ, … Christ through a mirror darkly; where Jesus suffered and died for your sins, YOU die and suffer for the beast’s.

    • Artful Dodger

      You can always become/be a pagan.
      But 2nd Peter 2.21 says: “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.”

    • terra.laser

      Hi Tim,

      The existence of Lucifer and the relationship to G_d and man gets at the issue of the purpose of the creation and human beings – a topic many deep thinkers and philosophers have contemplated over the ages. Some posit that humans – who are created in the image of the Creator – are destined and purposed to bring a rapid conquest of evil and the entire spiritual realm that aligned with that being Lucifer. All that Steve described is consistent with this perspective – the kingdom of evil is warring to destroy human kind because G_d’s purpose for humans is precisely equivalent to that kingdom’s demise. Steve’s message is that the reality of the alien world is a manifestation of the kingdom of evil and that kingdom entered humanity when humans aligned with them (‘the fall’) and that is the fundamental constraint to our existence. So all of our most fundamental choices in this earthly existence are centered on which realm we choose to invest in and give ourselves to – there is really no other choice at the end of the day.

      • tim mcgraw

        terry.laser; If I understand your argument correctly, you are saying that man aligned with the aliens (“the fall”) and it constrains our existence.
        And why would the sons have to pay for the sins of the fathers?
        As for “God’s purpose for humans…” I’ve read the Bible and this question is always the one I’m looking for it to answer.
        Christ answers this question. We must repent and accept Jesus into our hearts and souls. He will save us from our sins.
        And we have plenty of sins of our own, let alone those from millennia ago.

        • terra.laser

          Hi Tim,

          Since man was created to bring a rapid conquest of evil, the gods or fallen ones have been at odds with humankind from the very beginning.

          In the ‘fall’, man/woman agreed to ‘have their eyes open’ to be like the gods…or the ‘aliens.’ This decision was a spiritual event where humans and their progeny became locked or bound into the kingdom of the gods…or the kingdom of Lucifer. Before Christ, there was no human archetype that provided a way out for man.

          This event was sort of the anti of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit that came with the death and resurrection of Christ. Just as this one event resulted in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the one act of disobedience and rebellion against God resulted in the widespread bondage of man to the alien gods and that kingdom. Even though, we know righteous people lived who feared the Creator and honored in every way – e.g. Job.

          Now we live in a space where both kingdoms are active in man. As the Spirit grows, advances and man lives through the Holy Spirit, the original purpose to bring a rapid conquest of the alien kingdom advances and that kingdom becomes more desperate.

          • eddiemd

            You preach a false doctrine.

          • Stan Tuttle

            Tim, Jesus died for the sins of the world, some accept that, and some don’t, some have great,
            faith, some have little faith. It’s all about choice.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “The Eastern Orthodox Church does not include the Book of Revelation in its Bible.”

      There are almost more things wrong in that single statement than I can count. Buddy, you really owe it to yourself to bone-up on the Church, the history of the Church, and canonization of Holy Scripture.

      Nonetheless, I agree with you completely about Steve Quayle seemingly not ever maintaining a single train of thought, or bringing a train of thought to a conclusion. What a pity that he never teamed up with a substantial man of letters to bring order and rigor to the presentations of his work and thinking.

  23. Tx

    The artifacts, the predatory aliens, the human debasement, etc. I don’t believe any of these entities are from the outside. They are from the inside. They are us.

    If a nation loses its moral compass, these horror arise from within to consume us. The warnings for everyone is to strengthen your mind and body – because those are the Lord’s temple. If you do not, your inner demons will come as a disease that cannot be cured.

  24. tim mcgraw

    Okay, I made it to 29 minutes. Greg tries to focus Quayle on a question and Quayle doesn’t even finish his sentence/answer before he’s going on again about artifacts and tangents.
    I’m done watching. Quayle can’t complete a sentence or thought.
    Not Greg’s fault.

    • Joseph

      I agree his lane changes are sometimes hard to keep up with. Greg tried.

    • Pamela S. Meadows


      Some people see Steve Quayle as a beautiful gift from God, the Creator.


  25. John Forgione

    On the “you will be as gods” theme there was a very interesting segment on the Hagmann Report during the week. I rate it as ‘must watch’. I copied it…!!!.m4v

  26. Judy

    There is nothing hidden that shall not become known!!

    • jon

      So true,
      It feels like Biblical times for sure. I don’t know if we are in the actual end times, or simply in a foreshadowing of the future. History has a habit of echoing significant events in both directions on the timeline.
      One thing I feel certain is that we should behave as though its is, and look to God for guidance and seek and speak truth as best we can.

  27. Bill's Stilled!

    WOW!///This Is EPIC
    781,736 views Jun 21, 2022 Russell Brand
    The brilliant Jimmy Dore went on to Tucker last week, and his take down of the Democrat party was epic.
    As George carlin said if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it!

  28. Mike

    For those of us who believe in the creator and have tried to live an honest life this we do not fear. Knowledge is power and some of us have been chosen to see before others so we can help those around us we love understand. Fear is am emotional response to a belief of loss. Love is giving without expecting anything in return. We must open our minds to truth and ignore the lies.

  29. Jaun Valdez

    Host Name: John B. Wells
    Greg you were onto the FBI a few years ago when one of its former agents, sent you a letter of the culling of agents, going on at the Bureau at the instigation of the Obama administration. was right on top of this as it was still ongoing!

    “When the FBI fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the FBI, there is tyranny.”
    ― A knife wielding monkey?
    It’s not nice to fool mother nature, let alone the American sheeple!

  30. David Bagley

    With the introduction of strange dna..maybe they are creating more demons.. when these people die.

  31. Nicole

    I have always been fascinated by archeology and was really enjoying this interview, up to the point where Steve said that “all aliens are evil.” That’s like saying that all humans are evil, including you, Greg.

    Yes, I think that there are some really nasty ET’s that have been working with the dark side for decades, and they would love to exterminate the human race, because we have souls and the ability to create beautiful things – something that they don’t have. There are many truthers who claim that the Queen of England is a shape-shifting reptilian ET. I’m waiting to see proof. I don’t blindly believe anything, but I do keep an open mind.

    I think that there are many different races of ET’s. Some are good and some are evil. I have heard that a group of good ET’s are working with the US Navy to take out the cabal. They are winning, and God has already won. It just hasn’t been “officially” revealed to us, but as Bo Polny has mentioned, it is predicted in the Bible.

    Have a great weekend, Greg!

  32. Mike

    Accepting something that seems too hard to believe is natural. Yes, Quayle challenges our belief system and even what we might consider common sense, but does anyone here not believe America is under attack? Does anyone believe that all politicians are trustworthy? Thank you Greg for having the guts to give Steve your forum.

  33. Roger Stamper

    tks steve greg

  34. Todd Olsen

    Greg, awesome as usual!

    I would pay real money to see Greg interview Steve and Clif High at the same time. There are a few of us here who have role-played what a discussion between Steve and Clif would look like.

    On a side note; I am a Christian and a combat-wounded veteran (US Army), and own a small 3D Manufacturing company. I would love to advertise (just have a hot-link on the front page) on USA Watchdog. What would be the best way to request this?

  35. Todd

    I’m keeping an open mind; and granted there are a lot of anomalies which science ignores, misrepresents and has lied about but this is a stretch or rather, it’s stretching me.

    I believe in Jesus, and the Bible and perhaps this has a kernel of truth but to think of Satan as an “alien” from Alpha Centauri (or wherever) is difficult to accept whole cloth without a lot more evidence. It just seems so preposterous.

    I’m still here, I probably watch the movie but I’m suppressing an eye roll.

    • Mark Maples

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof

  36. joe

    even all the best libraries have a section for fiction as well as a non-fiction section. gregs guests may be representative of either section

  37. jon

    Thanks for what you are doing. I have looked at some of this stuff a few years ago. So much is hidden from us, and so much disinformation to keep us arguing and confused. But inspite of that over time we are getting closer to the truth. One of the things that I could never reconcile how giants and dinosaurs could exist because gravity puts limits the size of creatures.
    (As Steve said in the interview the early Giants were 35 ft later they were 18ft).
    I came to the conclusion that over time, gravity has increased. I strongly believe that the earth is growing. ( I think sometimes in violent bursts).
    Keep in mind that the flood story said the waters came out of the earth.
    Over the years I came to the conclusion that the biblical creation/flood story is way accurate than many give credit. I like how Steve said that man was perhaps not the first creation. I believe that the timelines for the these events are much more compacted than the Geologists/Archaeologists believe.

    • Latpack

      Actually, the explanation for the size of giants and dinosaurs was recently explained well and convincing by Jason Brashesr of where he produces a mountain of evidence pointing to what is called a “vapour canopy” — a period in history where high levels of nitrogen and oxygen caused life forms to grow massively. The skies at the time looked different as well, due to the vapour canopy (heavy condensation in the air) and as such, allowed our ancestors to be able to see stars and planets much easily due to the magnification the vapour canopy provided at night. It’s very compelling. Jason also has a channel on YouTube (Archaix) where he goes into an incredible amount of detail regarding his findings. He’s very much next level, so be prepared for a rabbit hole if you decide to look him up.

  38. Julia B.

    This is relevant to your fabulous Friday rant. I read a few articles about the swimmer who passed out. She’s a synchronistic swimmer, and they spend lots of time underwater (you know, legs above the water, moving in synchronous time. According to the coach, these types of swimmers often pass out. HOWEVER, I don’t in my 66 years EVER remember hearing such a story. These chicks could hold their breath without a problem for inordinate periods, like Houdini, if I recall correctly what I’ve read about him. So it wasn’t as cut-and-dried as it seems, imo, but the shoulder stab is making it impossible anymore or shortening the amount of time synchronized swimmers can stay underwater. Another athletic career-ender story.

  39. Kevin Osborne

    I can explain how to make an electro gravitational vessels capable of great speed and changes of direction. It involves creating a magneteic field hollow metallic balls, changing polarity using a computer, and inert gas llike Freon. Man could do it now.

  40. eddiemd

    Over on the burning platform.

    Good summaries of the mRNA poison.

    The website provides excellent information on medical fraud.

    • Ray

      Thank you for these links Ed.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

  41. Susan R

    Have to say WOW!!! Bless you both and all of us, US. Any attempt to appease us with lies is useless, we are at WAR, with confirmation by Steve of the source. Using this data as a template, everything makes sense.

  42. Bill Albano

    Dog my cat! The government hides yet another bit of information from WE THE PEOPLE. Accolades to Steve who apparently can’t afford razor blades for his financial sacrifice and his enduring of the brutal bureaucratic red tape upstream and physical battle through hoards of illegals, drug cartels and every day gringo hunters. to Mexico. And all this with the same ground breaking radar and intel that the government used to confirm the mass graves of Ukrainians massacred by the Russians, the WMD’S, Assad gassing his own people, the magic bullet, demolished buildings defying the laws of physics etc…”Government” gives us the “SAFE and EFFECTIVE” and hides the path to salvation.

    Yup…Those aliens vamoosed pronto after ‘marring” those lefty deranged women the likes of which compose the “MAD JANE REVENGE” covenant. But what did they expect from something made from a rib.

    This guy may be a little late for a job in the LETS GO BRANDON administration.

    A definite contrast to many of your other guest Greg. Putting it as civil as I can…’You can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time” Abe Lincoln

    And my go to thank you Gerald Celente…”BULLSHIT HAS ITS OWN SOUND”

  43. eddiemd

    You can sign up for free access.

    This is an excellent review of the current breakdown of medical education. I believe it is being done on purpose to control the future of physician education.

  44. Juan Valdez

    Host Name : John B. Wells
    Why does the FBI want we the people to fear them?
    Greg, could you please once again post the letter sent you from a former FBI agent retired. Where he said the Obama administration was culling agents from the rank and file, to the detriment of the Bureau.
    “When governments [FBI] fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government [FBI], there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”_Thomas Jefferson

  45. War Profit

    Bottom line, we are living at the end of the age. The Bible states there will be a great deception.
    Wernher von Braun told his secretary before his death, the order in which mankind would be played.
    The last, which he stated would be ‘the alien ‘invasion/deception’.
    I can see world governments using the aliens/fallen as mankind’s saviors, telling us that they are our creators, and their leader, ‘Lucifer aka Satan’ is the true creator, and that Christianity is false doctrine.
    How far away from this our we? We could be close, because the entire world has caught onto the lies of world leaders.
    Myself and members of my family, worked at the very building where project blue book started.
    Roswell wreckage, was sent to WPAFB, where it was indeed reverse engineered.
    Dulce, NM look up the meaning of Dulce.
    Don’t be deceived by the coming alien invasion/agenda/savior play that maybe coming soon.

  46. Gary Whitlam

    God takes a hopeless situation, pays foreword with the death of his son.
    Jesus’ sacrifice is the means by which God delivers, or saves, humankind from sin and death. The Bible refers to the shed blood of Jesus as a ransom price. (Ephesians 1:7; 1 Peter 1:​18, 19) Thus, Jesus said that he came “to give his life a ransom for many.”​—Matthew 20:28, King James Version.
    The first man, Adam, was created perfect, or without sin. He had the prospect of living forever but lost it by choosing to disobey God. (Genesis 3:​17-​19) When he had children, he passed on to them the defect of sin. (Romans 5:​12) For this reason, the Bible indicates that Adam “sold” himself and his children into slavery to sin and death. (Romans 7:​14) Being imperfect, none of them could buy back what Adam lost.​—Psalm 49:​7, 8.
    God felt compassion for Adam’s descendants in their hopeless situation. (John 3:​16) However, God’s standard of justice required that he not simply overlook or excuse their sins without a valid basis. (Psalm 89:14; Romans 3:​23-​26) God loves mankind, so he provided the necessary legal means for their sins to be not only forgiven but also eliminated. (Romans 5:​6-8) The ransom is that legal basis.

  47. Nikki

    At the risk of sounding like a “Tin Foil Hat” I have been connecting the dots.
    In my humble opinion there is a confluence of events that are changing mankind.
    First off, Geo Engineering, those also referred to as Chem-Trails.
    Greg, I think it may be time for a visit with Dane Wiggington. Lake Mead is
    quickly drying out. If you see fit to bring him on your program would you
    please ask him about “Terra Forming” ?
    Second, the “Kill Shots” which are altering the genetics of human beings.
    I have added a link with an interview with Dr. Ricardo Delgado who has
    discovered technology in the “Kill Shots” that responds to 5G technology and
    makes human beings emit radiation. From my perspective, we have some pretty
    smart people on our planet but, this seems way, way beyond above average
    intelligence. Steve Quayle is on to something here.

  48. ron martin

    Haven’t missed an episode of yours since you started and of all of your guests Steve Quayle just gave the most important message of our time. Don’t give a damn who disagrees.

  49. Sprice

    If the truth of the giants was made known than that would support the biblical narrative and the truth of God’s Word. Satanic forces want to keep us in the dark.
    Christ said that it will be just like the days of Noah before He returns when they were marrying and giving in marriage. To whom? To the fallen angels. They’re coming back.

  50. Kathleen Berkheiser

    I appreciate you letting Steve talk. He has a lot of interesting things to say that take time for me to think through and process. I love his warning about the big lie that God did not create us. Isn’t that what deep state is trying to counter with AI and implanted chips and DNA altering shots?I’m wondering what he was going to say when he started with something about 7 years before Trump was elected. Thanks, Greg

  51. Greg Morrissey

    Russia on brink of default as debt deadline looms
    This is really bad, is this why world war is close ?

    • Frank D2

      Greg, that is total BS. Russia WANTS to pay its debt but the USA refuses to let them! You know, because of “sanctions”. Total horse puckey. Since the US/UK/EU enforced sanctions on Russia the ruble is now at an all time against both the USD and Euro. Check for yourself. Also, even though sanctions have stopped the EU countries from purchasing Russia’s oil and gas and grain, etc. , it has dramatically increased its sale of these commodities to India, China, Iran, Brazil, etc. Russia is leading the BRICS+ (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and many other countries) to a non-Western (non-USA/EU/UK) economic and financial world. The sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia finally turned the Russians away from the West and towards the East (and South). They don’t need us. They are totally self-sufficient. Unlike we here in the corrupt USSA. Our neo-cons are leading us into disaster. Stop reading the BBC!! That is the UK version of CNN!! Totally fake, corrupt, and “narrative” driven. They do not investigate and report TRUTH. They spew the “narrative” of the WEF minions.

  52. Lucy

    1981: The Idiots Will Go To The Slaughterhouse On Their Own

    • IIG

      Bill Gates and his Satanic Demon-rat helpers can make the “soil less able to produce green” (by building machines to take the CO2 out of the atmosphere) – by shutting down the farms – and by outlawing the burning of fossil fuels (like natural gas needed to produce fertilizer) – Gates can then open the doors wide for the idiots – who will walk into his slaughter house clutching their protective little bottle of Soylent Green knowing “all is well in the world”!! –

  53. Brian Marsh

    I find the alien stuff believable. Conflating aliens and Christianity is preposterous.

  54. William T

    Wow, Steve Quayle has been able to put the WHOLE puzzle together for me. The war in heaven, Jesus vs. Lucifer plans of salvation has continued here on Earth. My son kept telling me the fallen angels were causing all the problems but I didn’t know what he meant until Steve explained the interbreeding.
    Most churches don’t know of the war in heaven; I only know from the Mormon’s Pearl of Great Price scripture.

  55. Ann



    Her website is No longer Her information is incredible.

  56. Catherine Cronin

    Isn’t it funny that people give credibility to the thought of aliens yet cannot accept the human demonic influence behind covid or the vax.
    It’s human beings that created implemented and conspire to destroy us. Yes the Old Testament speaks of Giants larger that anyone on earth that were the product of human and fallen angels. They could also be speaking of the Neanderthal and Cro magnon who were very tall erect creatures . The species overlapped for centuries and did mate and have children.
    To me at this time the human beings alive are demonic from their own personal choices and not because they are a different species.
    It’s ludicrous to think otherwise and more wise to understand that people can be very very evil. It’s not Disneyworld unless you accept that Snow White and sleeping beauty Pinocchio and Cinderella walked among us. As metaphors and illustrations yes they warn us against human evil. They also tell us that evil never wins in the end. I do believe that reality.
    It’s us, the human species, who outright choose to kill us. Stick with that and at least you can deal with the problems that they are causing in present day reality.
    Once you accept they are not human you might be tempted to think we can’t win. We can win and will win. It’s us the faithful who have the real power. Evil know this. Evil was created by God. God is their boss and uses evil to change our direction, and at times to accuse our misdeeds to God in order that evil can claim the soul for themselves and thereby empower themselves.
    But really evil itself was created by God to give humans a choice. Ie —should I kill my family or make them people who will be kind and just and God fearing. It’s always about CHOICE. We can chose to protect goodness and innocent and weak and poor. When we willingly do so we become Gods warriors and like angels we can surpass any evil that tries to destroy goodness and life. Chose life not death says God and therefore We Chose Life. HENCE: we struck down unmitigated abortions. It is no longer the law of the land for all states. Things will now start to change for the better because God will turn to face us. He has heard our pleas for help and will respond. Watch and be strengthened. God is coming back to America. Remember once homosexual marriage is struck down as being the law of the land God in all His glory will show us through natural and maybe supernatural events that He is our savior.

    • IIG

      Why did God give man free will? – he could have just “built us to obey” (the way the Globalists at Davos and Horrori envision in their plans for humanity becoming mind controlled Borgs) – God wanted “more then just a robot” – so he gave Adam and Eve a set of rules to live by plus “the right to choose to obey or not obey” – but there were to be consequences for not following the rules – and God “would not interfere with those consequences” nor come to the rescue of Adam and Eve – the lesson being taught by God was “making the wrong choice could screw up your future” – and God “was not going to interfere to rescue us” – so it is “a special kind of free will: we were given by God – it’s a type of free will that teaches us a lesson from the consequences of “disobeying the rules” – sort of like having the free will to play with matches but be very careful not to burn down the house (as it is not in our best interest to have our home or the paradise we live in “burn down” around us – or like today playing with an experimental “jab” where the consequences can be you will no longer have a body to live in – or like choosing to be gay or a transvestite and not having a baby thus contributing to the end of humanity – so the lesson we Christians should have learned by now – is that “our choosing determines our future” – and God will not interfere to save us from our choices (for if he did we would have no choice) – his purpose was straight and true – to have “us” freely make the best choices “to save ourselves” – and it looks like we may finally be doing it with the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade (and removing gun controls in New York State) – this is what God wants to see – Humans standing up to save themselves – the next thing God wants to see is us take action against the Davos “queers” (who have it in mind “to do away with women”) and instead create slaves in a test tube where their trans-human Borg clones “will simply follow orders”!!

    • Gregory Morrissey

      Great to read your thoughts and what you have learned from your lessons and reading of the Bible. have read about the women of the Bible? They should be taught in all lessons as same as the men Here is one
      4 Now Deborah, a prophet, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading[a] Israel at that time. 5 She held court under the Palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the Israelites went up to her to have their disputes decided. 6 She sent for Barak son of Abinoam from Kedesh in Naphtali and said to him, “The Lord, the God of Israel, commands you: ‘Go, take with you ten thousand men of Naphtali and Zebulun and lead them up to Mount Tabor. 7 I will lead Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army, with his chariots and his troops to the Kishon River and give him into your hands.’ “Here is some websites you might like and
      Thank you for you article

  57. wayne hardin

    It seems most everything is a distraction from what is most important .
    And that would be where are we going to spend eternity .
    How does any of this have anything to do with being saved ???
    Just as the word says it yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come .
    Just do the right thing today and everything will end up just fine on that day .
    Just think about it / the most valuable gift the world has ever seen and it cost us nothing other than thinking about others rather than our selves only .

    Yesterday is gone whether right or wrong /
    But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die.
    All his transgressions that he hath committed, they shall not be mentioned unto him: in his righteousness that he hath done he shall live.

    But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die.

    Just make sure we are doing the right thing today ///////////////////

    Wayne Hardin

  58. Abraham Robles

    Hello Greg , did I get it right Steve Q made the statement that there was alien/extraterrestial/fallen angel life on the planet , in the garden already before Adam and Eve ? If so/not !? Would that not be a contradition in the faith of the wriiten truth of the HOLY SCRIPTURES ? God would not have placed man in the garden against unholy intruders on top of the evil serpent . God would certainly have been aware of any presence in The Garden . Are have the SCRIPTURES been trampled on by ungodly entities with ulteria motives . The Book of Genesis shares no such declaration .

  59. David Benioff

    Steve Quayle is always informative and entertaining. I wonder if you are aware of Gary Wayne. I think it would be a great show . Gary references the Genesis 6 issue(Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants in Gen 6 Plan to Enslave Humankind). He’s a very likable and informative guy who has so much information like Steve I learn something new from every show. Gary calls himself a Christian contrarian. Gary fills in all the detail of the Giants and how they are still here today running the world.


    Thank you so much Greg for hosting this program with Steve Quayle as your guest. I am a huge, huge fan of Steve Quayle’s (GenSix Productions) outstanding film documentaries, books (gotta admit my favorite is Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters) and the annual True Legends Conference materials. What is jaw droppingly exposed in advance on a variety of hot button topics by Steve and his team is relevant for our world today and he never, ever disappoints. Did I mention with a Christian worldview as well? Well done Steve and kudos to Timothy Alberino, Tom Horn (Skywatch TV) and others as well. What a team! How fortunate we are for their boldness and courage and sharing with the rest of us. Keep up the good work you are doing Steve and praying for you and your team’s safety too.

  61. Melanie

    Are there really more alien species than the ones living today? 😉

  62. The Seer

    It isn’t the outer world to be preoccupied with and under a veil of inaccuracies portrayed in such flimsy conjecture. No matter the circumstances or perception
    being rolled over humanity must yet understand and live under the Earth plane formula known as yin yang.
    You see, all philosophy and religious beliefs and writings are subject to this higher formula of yin and yang. Where there is there is an opposite of it. It is bigger than saying alien v human or devil v angel or who is here first and who is later, who built a pyramid here and then one over there. The understanding of how the multiverse and its opposite work is only known by a very few. Quayle is not yet educated in these advanced understandings.

  63. Todd Rayford

    Giants in the Earth
    IF SOMEONE were walking toward you and he was as tall as the ceiling in your house, what would you think? That person would be a giant! At one time there really were giants on the earth. The Bible shows that their fathers were angels from heaven. But how could that be?

    Remember, the bad angel Satan was busy making trouble. He was even trying to get God’s angels to be bad. In time, some of these angels started to listen to Satan. They stopped the work that God had for them to do in heaven. And they came down to earth and made human bodies for themselves. Do you know why?

    The Bible says that it is because these sons of God saw the pretty women on earth and wanted to live with them. So they came to earth and married these women. The Bible says that this was wrong, because God made the angels to live in heaven.

    When the angels and their wives had babies, these babies were different. At first they may not have looked very different. But they kept growing bigger and bigger, and getting stronger and stronger, until they became giants.

    A giant steals food from a family
    These giants were bad. And because they were so big and strong, they would hurt people. They tried to force everyone to be bad like themselves.

    Eʹnoch had died, but there was one man on earth now who was good. This man’s name was Noah. He always did what God wanted him to do.

    One day God told Noah that the time had come for Him (God) to destroy all the bad people.
    We know the rest of the story, lol! All’s well that ends well!

  64. Jeff Kindley

    What Steve says is true. It is a demonic conspiracy to say they created us. This way when they reveal themselves they will want people to worship them. They also changed genetic makeup according to Bible which is what covid is doing.

  65. Jc Davis

    What was i saying.

  66. john beasley

    Who made the aliens?

  67. john beasley

    Is that correct? 81% of Americans don’t believe in God?

  68. Johnny Cool

    Alien sculpture with elongated head looks like the creature in the film Alien.

  69. wayne hardin

    So they have made it illegal to kill a baby after 15 weeks .
    How is that stopping the killing / they are a baby at conception in Gods sight .
    After all he knew us when we were in the womb right .
    No he said Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee .
    So the killing has not been overturned after all it seems .

    Wayne Hardin

  70. IIG

    Atheist Demon-rats like Fauci, Gates, Soros, Schwab, Schumer, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Horrori, etc., etc., etc. think they can get away with doing horror-ably evil things “because the Government has their back” – but many Christians also think they can get away with doing evil things “because Jesus has their back” – but think about it – did God the Father (a Conservative God) forgive Adam and Eve and then allow them back into the Garden of Eden? – even if a more liberal Jesus was around at the time telling his Father that they should be let back in “as they know not what they do” – from what actually transpired (Adam and Eve were expelled) God the Father is definitely not as liberal as his Son who would even forgive those who were crucifying him – there comes a point – where the evil done is so outrageous – that forgiving them “for they know not what they do” – Doesn’t Cut it Anymore – these truly evil people doing horror-endlessly evil things “must be punished” – look at those running the FDA, the CDC, Pfizer and Moderna – these evil Demons (and all the rats supporting them) are Hell bent “on killing and maiming as many Americans as possible” – now these psychopaths are giving “jabs” to our little children (as young as 6 months old) – shots that by the scientific evidence are certain to harm to our children’s immune systems and produce an array of serious disorders ranging from myocarditis – to sterility – to brain damage – all these Demons from Fauci to Trump will claim “they knew not what they were doing” – well – that doesn’t cut it anymore – these rats are maiming our children (just as surely as the queers in our schools are) – and more and more of our young children are going to die (from all kinds of opportunistic viral and bacterial diseases, cancers, blood clots, heart attacks, neurological disorders and strokes) – are we going to say “Forgive them Father” (For they know not what they do)??? – or are we going to expel them from our world (just as God the Father did to Adam and Eve)!!!!

  71. Diane

    Is anyone having trouble reading Martin Armstrong’s 3rd comment today June 27th
    I read the first 2 then got blocked on the third
    I called two friends …same thing for them.

    • Diane

      Been corrected….

  72. Pam

    Steve Quayle does have a lot to say. Sometimes you can’t get a lot in edgewise, when he speaks………No doubt, in my mind, there have been more species on this planet than we know about. I appreciate Steve and his incredible knowledge……

    My center of thinking right now is focused on the Covid scam………..
    length 2+ mintues….

  73. Getting Deeper


    Monday LIVE: Democrat Leaders Threaten NEW Civil War Over Roe v. Wade Decision — Russia Defaults on International Debt While Biden Declares New Pandemic Imminent! MUST WATCH
    Alex Jones Show June 27th 2022, 10:40 am
    Special guest & editor-in-chief of, John-Henry Westen, joins today’s EXPLOSIVE broadcast to provide breaking news the globalists DO NOT want you to hear!
    Meanwhile, leftists across the country have openly come out of the pedophile closet & are parading children with groups of naked men committing sex acts in streets at gay pride events!

    • IIG

      These Demon”commies” want war – they will get war – just like Putin “we too” will De-demonize “all our corrupt agencies” of the ingrained evil traitors (from both Parties) who are working for the evil “queer” Globalists who want to exterminate humanity – clearly against the interests of the American people and peoples of the world – these truly evil ones are trying to make “every State” of our once proud American Nation into State-inism Strongholds (SS) like California and New York – well these evil “commies” are going to be De-demonized this coming November just like the corrupt Ukrainians – just watch and see!!!!

  74. Lora

    I’m highly doubtful of the authenticity of the book of Enoch. There is much skepticism regarding the ability of a woman’s off spring to be the giant size detailed in the BOE. Truly a female womb, in it’s limited size, could not possibly accommodate the tremendous size of baby off-spring as detailed in the Book of Enoch..

    • Greg Hunter

      Enoch is mentioned in the Bible.

  75. Ken

    For me I guess it does not matter. I am really not sure who the trouble makers are. It does not really matter to me. I just want to identify them and get on with the business of getting rid of them.

  76. D. Keene

    Thank you for this interview with the great Christian man, Steve Quaile. Very good information & hope you have him on more & more. Also, some terrible news, my brother’s sister-in-law, 61, very overweight & 2 clot shots & a booster, was driving & had a heart attack that killed her. Fortunately, no others involved died.

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry “D” to hear this!!

  77. Gaylene Muir

    Miners digging for gold in Canada’s Yukon discovered a near-perfect mummified baby woolly mammoth believed to be over 30,000 years old.
    June 27, 2022

  78. Sasol Vogel

    Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland
    455,506 views Jun 19, 2022
    [Putin the Pariah, BeijingBiden “tik tok_TikTok” .. .BOOM DOOM GLOOM Operation, DARK WINTER The Iceman cometh.]

    Russian MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Stunned the CNN correspondent with her answers on Ukraine
    204,047 views Jun 16, 2022 True inFo
    Russian MFA Spokeswoman Zakharova Stunned the CNN correspondent with her answers on Ukraine.
    [Check out the comments here, very telling! Can only hide the truth so long.]

  79. Lora

    Hi Greg
    Yes, Enoch is mentioned in the Bible, and there are reasonably sized giants like the Philistine Goliath who was somewhere around 7 feet tall, and King Og of Bashan who was somewhere around 9 to 13 feet tall. However the giants mentioned in the “Book of Enoch” are well beyond these measures in height, which seems a bit hard to believe to me that the very compact womb of women in that day could have produced such gigantic off spring (Lol….guess the unions/marriages didn’t last long!).


      From a comment above by Todd Rayfort;
      Quoting from a children’s book: “When the angels and their wives had babies, these babies were different. At first they may not have looked very different. But they kept growing bigger and bigger, and getting stronger and stronger, until they became giants.”
      [At first [as babies] they may not have looked very different. [At Birth]
      If true they’re eventual height could have been meaningless to they’re birth size. Just as kid’s today, the ugly duckling turns into a beauty, the runt of the liter, even a giant Chinese basketball player! Stranger things have happened.
      Sun Mingming (Chinese: 孙明明; pinyin: Sūn Míngmíng, born August 23, 1983) is a Chinese former professional basketball player and now actor. He is the tallest professional basketball player in the world, and was measured by the Guinness World Records as 2.36m tall and weighing 167kg.

    • Anon

      It may be of note that hybrids can sometimes reach larger sizes than either their parents. The Liger for example – a hybrid of tiger and lion – is huge and does not stop growing throughout their lifetime.

      “Ligers grow much larger than tigers or lions. This is because female lions and male tigers transmit a growth-inhibiting gene to their descendants. Being the offspring of a male lion and female tiger, the liger does not have the growth-inhibiting gene and grows much more. They will grow constantly through their lifespan until their bodies cannot sustain their size anymore.

      The average male liger may weigh up to 880 pounds, about twice the average for male Siberian tigers, the largest non-extinct, naturally-occurring member of family Felidae.” —

  80. D.T.R.

    Reply to ediemd •
    Human sacrifice of children was big. The religion of Molech was not just limited to the Middle East culture.
    You mustn’t forget the ancient pagan god of child sacrifice_ Chemosh!]

    The Jerusalem Post
    Ukraine-Russia: Kremenchuk fire started by Western ammo explosion – Russia /By AARON REICH – 5h ago
    The fire that broke out following a Russian strike against a crowded shopping center in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk in the Poltava Oblast, resulting in several casualties, was due to the detonation of Western-made weapons and ammunition near the mall, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on Tuesday, RIA reported.

  81. Roger

    Very interesting interview, thanks Greg. I have an open mind and so was happy to look at the trailer listed below the interview … but even though Steve made the point that they were careful to show digging at ‘virgin’ sites after using ground penetrating radar etc … all the artifacts shown in this clip were in loosely packed dirt and came out as clean as a whistle … just needing a quick brush off to look like new. I’ve dug stuff out the dirt and nothing ever came out looking like that for me. That made me very suspicious about enything else he said, even though the rest of his theory could have worked for me.

  82. DTR

    Former Russian president warns that NATO intrusion in Crimea would lead to ‘World War Three’ /Victor I. Nava – 6h ago

    Russia’s former president warned on Monday that any intrusion by NATO on Ukrainian territory annexed by Russia would have “catastrophic consequences.”

  83. The Golden Goose

    Losing 10 million manufacturing jobs but adding 50 million “immigrants” to the country since 2000 just so Paul Pelosi can get his grapes at the vineyard picked for under the table wages is unforgivable societal suicide.

    If you have a rat problem in your barn you don’t get more cats that have their hands-tied by the catch and release court system. Goes for all crime, from illegal alien invasion to common theft.

    Car theft has become a major problem. And all theft for that matter.

    The brain-dead want to put more cops on the streets to catch the criminals and recover the busted up cars, just so the court system releases certain criminals by minority status and only punishes those with assets to confiscate. Even on AM talk radio shows, they want to push the government into giving free steering locks or a cash payment from the taxpayer to victims of car theft. We as taxpayers and those that buy insurance are getting totally ripped off by the criminals that don’t deserve a 2nd chance [the average criminal rarely gets caught, some commit thousands of crimes without getting caught]

    The smart ones want penalties so high that criminals not dare even think of committing the crime. I say death by hanging for stealing a car [without a life threatening reason]. I say death by hanging for all robbery and theft [not committed under duress].

    Eliminate all taxpayer funded welfare and supports to all persons and all corporations and businesses, let the free market dictate pricing and have all people pulling their own weight to the best of their abilities and merit. You won’t have 150 million getting a handout and won’t need the 50 million illegals and their illegal anchors. Like ordering junk online, if the hsit is broken, send it back.

  84. Scott W

    We must keep in mind that people lived much longer in years of the Old Testament so while most people stop growing by Age 25 in todays time – it is not inconceivable to expect someone with a life expectancy greater than 250 years to keep growing well beyond the age of 25.

    I personally do not believe in Aliens. Maybe what we find in the Earth are fallen angels who took the form of human beings – only time with tell and when I stand before God and enter into HIS presence, I will not be concerned with did Aliens exist.

  85. paul anthony

    i got nothing but.

  86. Marie Joy has articles about people who have died of “Suddenlyitis”. on a regular basis.

  87. Cry me a Ruble

    The band “5 Seconds of Summer” drummer 27 yrs old has stroke on stage. 5SOS cancels tour. Says it’s heat related. Ok. Whatever.

  88. Hanna

    UFOs are evil angels traveling in spiritual vehicles to deceive humans by telling them that they are aliens and, yes, that they created us. They also share technology with the CIA and the KGB/FSB. You cannot fly at 30,000 miles an hour and make a 90 degree turn in the sky. THAT violates the laws of physics. These things appear, disappear and then reappear.
    They seem to deliberately flaunt the laws of physics and are giving themselves away by doing that. People who have been abducted or taken routinely report on being subjected to sexual experiments. Angels want lineage. Jesus said, (Jn 8:44) ‘you are of your father, the devil.” Adam and Eve covered their sexual parts after then sinned. NOT their mouths. They had premarital sex. No question about that. The only kind of sin that could be transmitted generation to generation is something related to sex. Not a fruit.
    Angels fornicated with women and had children. The question is why isn’t this happening today? Or is is?

    • Tin foil hat

      I suspect everything started with the war of the Gods or ancient aliens. Perhaps it was like the fictional universe of Star Trek the United Federation of Planets vs. the greedy Ferengi who gave/sold us technology for trinkets/foods.

      Think about this: the Ferengi tempted Eve and gave us technology when we were and likely still are too primitive to handle it.

  89. Steve Bice

    Again, doesn’t make sense…

    “Chesterfield Fire said after conducting a safety briefing with the students, around 3:00 p.m. she entered the water wearing full protective equipment and for reasons still unknown, became unresponsive.” Forty-one years old…

  90. simon templer

    Most the time I have no idea what Steve is talking about but I can’t stop listening !! My Fav Guest !

  91. Lord Richard

    Wow!! Steve qual accidentally corroborated box weir’s road to roota Grand Canyon gold and Egyptian pharaohs claim.
    And he gives credence to the idea that box weir’s theory the USA will return to a gold standard because of all the gold in the Grand Canyon is possible.

  92. Galaxy 500

    Interesting. Food for thought.
    Keep up the good work Greg

  93. MLK

    Now, here is the real coincidence:

  94. Marlene

    Klaus Schwab’s right hand man Harare does not make any secret that he is changing human DNA because humans are now hackable animals. He will be able to control and that will make him a god.

    • Greg Hunter

      Will burn in Hell for this. This is basically devil worship and in Matt 12:32 it says, “King James Bible
      And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

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