Banks, Inflation, Bailout, War & Collapse – Dr. PCR & Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 573 3.17.23)

This Weekly News Wrap-Up is featuring a double header of expert guests.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and Bill Holter, who is a financial writer and precious metals expert.  First up:  PCR weighs in on possible nuclear war with Russia and the possibility of a total collapse of the financial system.  PCR, who is also an award-winning journalist, says, “Five banks have derivative exposure of $188 trillion.  That is twice the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entire world.  How can that happen?  Where were the regulators that let this type of situation develop?  It’s mindless, and no one can know what the consequences are.  How are you going to examine these derivatives? . . . . This is just as dangerous, in its own way, as the fact that Putin allows this Ukraine war to drag on and on and on.  It’s mindless.  Both bets are mindless, and in the mindlessness is the danger.  In the Ukrainian danger, it could end in nuclear war, and the financial danger is the entire western world financial system could collapse. . . . Nobody is watching anything.  It’s just one stupidity after another.”

Bill Holter also has dire warnings about the ongoing banking crisis.  They want the public to think all is under control, but that is not the truth.  The idea of control and calm is coming at a very high price.  Holter explains, “The U.S. has on-book debt of $31 trillion . . . it has to borrow $1 trillion a year to keep the doors open. . . . That tells you we have already stepped through the door of banana republic land. . . . Now, they are going to take on a $17 trillion obligation to cover the entire banking system (meaning all U.S. bank deposits).  That is ridiculous.  This is like one drunk trying to hold up another drunk.  They have now put the balance sheet of the U.S. Treasury in the crosshairs . . . of speculators, which will destroy the Treasury’s balance sheet.

This is an ongoing collapse, and I think they believe they still have control. . . .This is like a giant 1993 when George Soros broke the Bank of England.  That’s where this is headed.  It also ends up with the dollar no longer being the world reserve currency.”

There is much more in the 1-hour newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he interviews two heavy weights.  You are getting analysis from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Bill Holter in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 3.17.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston will update us regarding the ongoing genocide from the CV19 bioweapons.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    The Woke agenda has peaked.

    • Greg Hunter


      • Anthony Australia

        Woke has been replaced with War.

        Former Australian PM Savages ‘Rubbish’ AUKUS Deal With US: “Worst Deal In History”

        • freedom

          It’s simple Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, its called testing USA military equipment and depleting its arsenal. There won’t be an exchange of nukes. They will however use this to reduce USA military population. Oh by the way its the Pilgrim Society behind the banking consolidation in order to roll-out the digital programmable currency.

          • Peter

            I think Roberts knows more than he’s saying, I smell rats on each side of the war who are controlled by a cabal that has been working both sides of every war for a very long time. I believe the cabal is energized and controlled by the evil one.

          • Diana Brown

            There is a Pilgrims Society of Britain not to be confused with Pilgrims Society of Massachusetts. The latter of approximately 200 years old. Link your basis and source of this bank consolidation information pls.

        • Anthony Australia

          I am so sorry America, I can’t believe this is happening.

          Poverty in the USA

          • Jerry

            Anthony this is truly sad. When I was living in Los Angeles, I used to do video production. Routinely I would work for a company who produced video for local municipalities for their websites, FB etc. The complaint from city officials was always the same – homeless populations, encampments and what to do with them.

      • Ron Cochran

        Just an observation but I believe the reason Russia isn’t in a hurry to win is they are getting exactly what they want. They are getting away from the United States monetary domination. They are out of SWIFT, have an agreement with Saudi Arabia, and they know what this is going to do the United States economy. They don’t have to go to war with the US to hurt us, all they have to do is drag this out to position themselves and the world to dump the dollar.
        It’s another fine example of the lack of foresight of the Biden white house.
        If the United States wanted to preserve the dollar, they would have tried to keep the world calm and working together. Instead of endless sanctions and wars.

    • Trinacria

      I agree as well. In fact smart politicians will use woke as a punching bag.
      Greg, I will listen to your wrap up in the morning and I just noticed it posted, but getting late here. I wanted to write you hoping that you would consider having Michael Yon as a guest to add to the many wonderful guests you have on your show.
      I listened to him late this afternoon on Rumble as he was interviewed by Australian Maria Zeee – who also does a great job. Michael travels the world, and has incredible information to complement what you many guests have said. I have decided to summarize a bunch of information that I have learned through you and others, and now Michael Yon and start of chapter of patriots to decide what peaceful measures we can take through writing campaigns, boycotts of certain companies and products, etc. and hope continue the effort to wake people up. The time has come for action.
      Here is a link to that interview. I hope you will consider having Michael as a guest. Thank you for all that you do !

      • MustangGal60

        Dr. Roberts brings up the #1 & #2 questions that should be on everyone’s mind. SINCE 2011 – WHY did Putin’s powerful military force ALLOW the the genocide of Russians in eastern Ukraine for NINE years by the Azov neocon regiment? The people were begging for Putin’s rescue and assistance with independence. WHY is Putin’s military might operating at a toy solider war game level instead of ENDING the bully NATO’s proxy war using the Ottoman Ukrainian Zionist neocon, porn star puppet? Is the centuries old geopolitical chess game really a staged alternative reality of collusion between every world leader on one side and general mankind on the other side with the central banksters funding/robbing both sides? There is precious little trust left within me that ALL the global governments are not WEF players with Klaus Schwab as their god from the pit of hell.

        • Marie Joy

          Putin thinks of Ukraine as Russia. In grammar school, we were taught Ukraine is part of Russia. If he started a war with Ukraine, Putin knew it could mean annihilating Ukraine and its people. It is the reason he went in in an apparent half hearted attack. He does not want to kill Ukrainians but, now, it appears necessary.
          I hope the accusations of Putin being controlled opposition are wrong. I believe he loves Russia.

          • Diana

            Marie Joy is right and many people in Ukraine identify as Russians. Putin is aware of this and no he doesn’t want to destroy them. In order to rid the world of the clown show in Ukraine posing as government and military he may have to. Hopefully, this can be avoided. but I think his patience is wearing thin. Pray for the people on a global scale they too are waking up, but the clock is quickly ticking. As for Putin being controlled I don’t see that. I have heard people imply it without any proof. He does things that make Russia better not worse. I only wish I could say that about the US government.

    • Divingengineer

      The woke agenda can only exist with ZIRP.
      Reality kills it dead.

      • Paul K

        Putin using Ali’s rope a dope.

    • Lori McNeil

      We can always hope the Wokeness has peaked.

    • Jimmy

      But -“Gold has not peaked” – Gold closed today at its the highest quarterly close ever – and the highest monthly close in almost three years “which marks the third-highest monthly close in history”!! – perhaps we should all say a silent prayer for Stan!!! –

    • Larry

      I hope and pray you are right

    • Art Simpson

      Just getting started.

  2. Joe

    Can’t agree more with Dr Roberts, it’s as if Putin wants to prolong this conflict, and to inflate it. When you hear global players like Klaus Schwab (WEF) mentioning that Putin was a part of the young global leaders then you begin to speculate that maybe this entire conflict is all planned, by both sides. Even what we see happening in China seems to fit in with this global agenda to collapse the global economy and implement CBDCs, makes me think global players (Chinese leadership under instruction) will push for a Taiwan conflict to further effect the global economy. Somebody is playing games with the world, playing both sides, Hegelian Dialectic, ultimately they want the destruction of the worlds people. Eugenics. Everything we’re seeing today is planned and implemented, from Covid to the Ukraine war to the global economic system collapse, it’s all being directed for the global agenda. Fantastic reporting as usual, great work.

    • Divingengineer

      Is Russia suckering us in ? On sanctions, on the war? Or is that reductive and giving them too much credit?
      Time will tell.

    • Paul K

      Putin using Ali’s rope a dope.

    • Freebreezer

      J – Good question why Russia hasn’t crushed Ukraine. For years the talking heads have claimed that Russia, at any time, could march into Western Europe … but per Ukraine they are feeble? It can’t be both! If not feeble, the Russians are holding back for? I see three scenarios 1) Putin miscalculated and gambled that the west would call for peace early on. Thus he did not commit many forces thinking the conflict would come to a quick and negotiated end. This is a scenario that Colonel Macgregor has put forth. See below for link. 2) Prolong the war to crush the Ukrainian Asov divisions (i.e. gut the Nazi element) and essentially neuter Ukraine from any future, major conflicts. And when the west gives up take the eastern portion (the resource rich area) and call it a day. Plus they will have stopped the NATO expansion and possible struck a fatal blow or degraded NATO significantly. Also this allows them to open up the silk road with China … the money in trade here is enormous. 2A – Plus Russia sees the USA and western countries very vulnerable financially and socially. This is a similar situation Russia was in the late 1980’s when Reagan collapsed the USSR. After the USSR fell, the Clinton/bush mobsters from the west raped the Russian economy. The same clinton machine (Neocons) lied and have deceived the Russians through multiple BS accords. The Clinton mobsters wanted to break Russia apart and gain indirect control over their vast resources. Thus Putin and most of the top Russian ruling class is/are trying to get revenge and stick it to the USA, this using the same formula of Reagan’s (don’t forget that the English are up to their eyeballs in this crap). Russian leaders calculated that the Neocons (our feeble leaders) will/and have taken the bait! Pay back is a bitch and the top dogs in the Russian elite are no fools and would cherish sticking it us! A prolong war creates major western cash outflows (inflation, shortages, etc,) along with social discord … note 1 and 2 could be congruent paths; or 3) It is all some sick world domination scheme via the WEF … this one is very scary! I hope it is either 1 and/or 2. If so, hopefully the WEF, satanic mobsters will go down hard!

      • Pete+only

        One other reason for it taking so long is that Russia just wants to secure the crimea region, with Donietsk and the eastern section of the Ukraine, as that was their intention all along.
        As well, they are just being methodical so as to avoid falling into a situation with insurgents causing problems, so they are being meticulous in their battles.
        It was also a relatively mild winter as well, for its tanks mobility.

      • Glenn

        Putin is apparently good friend with Kissinger – this suggests to me that point 3 is the target. Putin has a WEF background or has at least attended WEF meetings. An Estonian historian has expressed that Kissinger was involved in the election of Putin – would not surprise me.

  3. Tag

    Joe just keeps poking the bear. There is no way we could compete against Russia on our own soil. Had Joe kept his nose out of this conflict would have been over in a month. Now? After giving away all of our military protection i wouldn’t blame Russia for waltzing right into our country and taking Joe’s mentality, or lack of it, out. Thank the commander in thief and the selected puppet of our country. We are about to give away our country because of election fraud. Elections have consequences. To bad only a small portion of this country think they won. Won what? You idiots will suffer right along with the rest of us!

    • Jimmy

      I wonder how our “Commander in Thief” is going to get his ice cream cones (after he kills all the cows and sprays poisonous dioxin on America’s farmlands)??

      • Jimmy

        Now when the Bible says “Do Not Fear” – it does not mean we should just sit back on our couch (like a potato) eating chips while watching the lies being told on the TV fake news networks and “not worry” about anything – you must “Worry” if you are going to survive – worry about stocking up on food, etc., etc. – the Bible tells us “to lay up treasures for ourselves in a safe place” (safe “like it is in heaven”) where neither moth nor rust can destroy it (gold is a treasure that can’t rust) and store it where thieves can not break in and steal it – just don’t own so much gold and silver that you will have to throw some of it out into the streets (like expired canned goods and moldy rice) to protect your family from those who would declare such treasure illegal!!

    • Chery Hedges

      agreed. he is waiting for the west to deplete their weapons supply. then he will strike.

  4. Sylvia Sires

    Might be true what some people are saying; its to bring in the CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency. They can stop you from buying something they don’t want you to have to punish you AND OR SHUT DOWN YOUR ACCOUNT FOR AS LONG AS THEY CHOOSE.

    • Jimmy

      SS – They saw what Trudeau did to the Canadian truckers and they can’t wait to do it to “all the American people”!!

  5. Marie Joy

    Get out of the dollar… Food, Au, Ag, Pb, seeds and growing supplies, farmland… something real.

    • regaleagle

      NOPE……that is giving up. What really needs to happen is a complete takeover of the US Congress by the military…….just arrest them all and sort them out later. Stop this insanity now……put Trump back in and let those that don’t want to go along complain. IF they become violent……meet violence with justice. This would be a solution that seems to be better than where ALL citizens of this nation are headed now with these idiots in positions they use for their own devises. AND most definitely imprison the Bidens and Clintons immediately……Obummers also……who never were citizens of the USA. EITHER GOOD MEN WILL TAKE ACTION OR EVIL WILL CONTINUE TO REIGN> it’s in the Bible.

      • Jimmy

        Your going to put the US Military in charge? The guys who stood down when Bush did 9-11 and bombed the Pentagon?? The guys who just recently stood down when Biden told them to blow up the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline???

        • Jimmy

          Ever wonder what these Military guys will say when told to shoot their own families??? – Yes Sir!!!

      • Marie Joy

        Generals are wearing skirts and the military has been purged of any decent military people. The military has all their shots are won’t be able to help themselves much less America and Americans. All planned.

      • Earth Angel

        You want the military in charge of the spray operations arm of the extermination plan to take over the people of our nation?! Really?.. I’d say NOT!

    • freedom

      It’s simple Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, its called testing USA military equipment and depleting its arsenal. There won’t be an exchange of nukes. They will however use this to reduce USA military population. Oh by the way its the Pilgrim Society behind the banking consolidation in order to roll-out the digital programmable currency.

    • Anthony Australia

      The FSU estimates over 1,300 bank branches have closed in Australia since 2016, with around 500 of these in regional areas.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      You’ll need water even more than food. Without water you’re dead in 3 days. What Holter keeps getting wrong is the “no bread lines.” Whenever my local food pantry is giving away food, there’s a line down the street.

  6. Nika

    Thanks Greg, for doing your Best, by bringing up, your heavy weight hitters to inform your listeners! Since the Govt. didn’t correct the problems with the Bankers in 2008, I have to assume, now that the markets will crash again. My question is: which ones of our Govt. offices will still be working after the crash? For example, how many weeks will the Post Office be open for, after the crash?

    • Greg Hunter

      All good questions. Thanks for asking them here!

    • freedom

      It’s simple Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, its called testing USA military equipment and depleting its arsenal. There won’t be an exchange of nukes. They will however use this to reduce USA military population. Oh by the way its the Pilgrim Society behind the banking consolidation in order to roll-out the digital programmable currency.

    • tim mcgraw

      Nika: The USPS (Post Office) should have been privatized a century ago or more. The Post Office barely works now.

  7. Mark Martucci

    Putin is WEF young leader doing what he is supposed to as part of the plan. If the destruction of the financial system doesn’t go the way they want then they will use a war as cover for the financial collapse.

    • Amanda

      Yes, I believe you are correct. Andy Schectman outlined the demise of the dollar in a video with Robert Kyosaki (maybe a month ago). He’s a metals dealer and basically outlined what he has seen behind the scenes since 2017 – basically looks like a hidden hand is orchestrating all of this–the demise of the dollar and shift to the BRICS. And I believe this is in keeping with the Great Reset agenda. But I also think that the same banking cartel that has been ruling over the west is behind BRICS. Both Greg Reese and James Corbett have reported that the idea for BRICS came from a chief economist at Goldman Sachs and that the development bank associated with BRICS is staffed with people who used to work for the International Mafia Fund (IMF). The banking cartel is the enemy of humanity and they are the power behind the Great Reset agenda. People need to look at who the owners of the central banks are.

  8. Marie Joy

    Putin knows American politicians are traitors who want to lose a nuclear war.
    Putin knows American generals are wearing skirts.
    Putin knows our American military has had all their shots.
    Putin knows Americans are dumbed down, drugged up, stupid, fat, morons incapable of winning a game of checkers much less a real war.
    Putin knows that if Americans had an ounce of brains we would hang our politicians and their owners in town squares all over America. The fact that we did not hang traitors indicates we have no backbone.
    Putin knows American politicians are traitorous, greedy fools who think they will live through WWIII. It is more likely they will hang for war crimes or die in a nuclear blast.
    Putin thinks, with all that, why not end the threat, forever, by keeping the war going until all our assets are depleted, we are dead and cannot terrorize the world with our constant unnecessary wars, anymore.

    • Ray

      Put that down as contender for Comment Of The Year.
      Well said Marie Joy…….well said.
      Ray, Canberra, Submarine Land.

    • Shiloh1

      Marie Joy-

      There are many good comments here, and this one, point by point, word for word, is the best!

    • Randy Best

      Americans have been fat, dumb and happy for far to long now. They have lost moral grounding.

      • Greg Hunter

        Speak for yourself. There are 210 million Christians in USA. Maybe you lost your grounding you quitter loser!

  9. Thomas Fiust

    More cat walk-bys, please, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts.
    Aloha from O’ahu.

  10. Pete

    If it gets down to survival, you can buy vertical gardens that attach to walls, with pockets where you can grow lettuces, etc. At least you could have something to trade if things go bad; the downside? You get sone healthy unsprayed veggies to eat.
    I’m sad about the gold and silver, had to sell the lot during the covid repression to keep my family alive.
    Thanks Greg, for your timely news and advice, and your great guests.
    God bless, take care, and God help us all.

  11. The_March, IntoThe'Abyss!

    THE great dragon has been cast down to the earth! Our study of Revelation here on makes it clear that never again will the Serpent or his demon followers be allowed back into heaven. But we are not yet finished with “the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth.” The account next identifies in greater detail the means used by Satan to fight against ‘the woman and her seed.’ (Revelation 12:9, 17) John says of that serpentine dragon: “And it stood still upon the sand of the sea.” (Revelation 13:1a) Let’s pause here, to examine the dragon’s means of operation.

    No longer are the holy heavens afflicted by the presence of Satan and his demons. Those wicked spirits have been ousted from heaven and confined to the vicinity of the earth. This no doubt accounts for the tremendous growth of spiritualistic practices in modern times. The wily Serpent still maintains a corrupt spirit organization. But does he also use a visible organization in order to mislead mankind? John tells us: “And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, and upon its horns ten diadems, but upon its heads blasphemous names. Now the wild beast that I saw was like a leopard, but its feet were as those of a bear, and its mouth was as a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave to the beast its power and its throne and great authority.”​—Revelation 13:1b, 2.
    What is this freakish beast, of this freak show? The Bible itself gives the answer. Before the fall of Babylon in 539 B.C.E., the Jewish prophet Daniel saw visions involving ferocious beasts. At Daniel 7:2-8 he describes four beasts coming out of the sea, the first resembling a lion, the second a bear, the third a leopard, and “see there! a fourth beast, fearsome and terrible and unusually strong . . . and it had ten horns.” This is remarkably similar to the wild beast seen by John about the year 96 C.E. That beast also has the characteristics of a lion, a bear, and a leopard, and it has ten horns. What is the identity of the huge beasts seen by Daniel? He informs us: “These huge beasts . . . are four kings that will stand up from the earth.” (Daniel 7:17) Yes, those beasts represent “kings,” or political powers of the earth.
    In another vision, Daniel sees a two-horned ram that is struck down by a goat with a great horn. The angel Gabriel explains to him what it means: “The ram . . . stands for the kings of Media and Persia. And the hairy he-goat stands for the king of Greece.” Gabriel goes on to prophesy that the great horn of the he-goat would be broken and be succeeded by four horns. This actually happened more than 200 years later when Alexander the Great died and his kingdom was split into four kingdoms ruled over by four of his generals.​—Daniel 8:3-8, 20-25.
    It is clear that the Author of the Bible regards the political powers of the earth as beasts. What kind of beasts? One commentator calls the wild beast of Revelation 13:1, 2 a “brute,” and adds: “We accept all the connotations that θηρίον [the·riʹon, the Greek word for “beast”] conveys, such as that of a cruel, destructive, frightful, ravenous, etc., monster.” W0w! How well that describes the bloodstained political system by which Satan has dominated mankind! The seven heads of this wild beast stand for six major world powers featured in Bible history up to John’s day​—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome—​and a seventh world power prophesied to appear later.​—Compare Revelation 17:9, 10.
    True, there have been other world powers in history besides the seven​—just as the wild beast John saw was made up of a body as well as of seven heads and ten horns. But the seven heads represent the seven major powers that have, each in its turn, taken the lead in oppressing we the sheeple people. In 33 C.E., while Rome was ascendant, Satan used that head of the wild beast to kill the Son of God. At that time, God abandoned the faithless Jewish system of things and later, in 70 C.E., allowed Rome to execute his judgment on that nation. Happily, the true Israel of God, the congregation of anointed Christians, had been forewarned, and those in Jerusalem and Judaea had fled to safety beyond the Jordan River.​—Matthew 24:15, 16; Galatians 6:16.
    But, by the end of the first century C.E., however, many in this early congregation had fallen away from the truth, and the true Christian wheat, “the sons of the kingdom,” had been largely choked out by weeds, “the sons of the wicked one.” But when the conclusion of the system of things arrived, anointed Christians again appeared as an organized group. During the Lord’s day, the righteous ones were due to “shine as brightly as the sun.” Hence, the Christian congregation was organized for work. (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43) By then, the Roman Empire was no more. The huge British Empire, along with the powerful United States of America, held the center of the world stage. This dual world power proved to be the seventh head of the wild beast.

    Is it to shocking, to identify the present ruling political powers with a wild beast? Yet that is what some opposer’s of real Bible believers claim. But stop and think! Don’t the nations themselves adopt beasts or wild creatures as their national symbols? For example, there are the British lion, the American eagle, and the Chinese dragon and of course the Russki bear. So why should anyone object if the divine Author of the Holy Bible also uses beasts to symbolize world powers?
    Moreover, why should anyone object to the Bible’s saying that it is Satan who gives the wild beast [the nations] its great authority? God is the Source of that statement, and before him ‘the nations are as a drop from a bucket and as a film of dust.’ Those nations would do better to court God’s favor than to take offense at the way his prophetic Word describes them. (Isaiah 40:15, 17; Psalm 2:10-12) Satan is no mythical person, just assigned to tormenting departed souls in a, “fiery hell”. Where no such place exists? We’ll soon find out! Lol! Rather, Satan is described in Scripture as “an angel of light”​—a master of deception who exercises powerful influence in general political affairs.​—2 Corinthians 11:3, 14, 15; Ephesians 6:11-18._________

    • Jimmy

      God obviously threw Satan down here on Earth to punish mankind for killing his Son (which he knew would happen because he is God) – and God has probably allowed Biden to get into office to create Nuclear Armageddon as punishment to all mankind for what he sees coming in the future [[seven(7) billion perverted queers worshiping Satan at a Giant World Super Bowl game]]!!!

  12. Marie Joy

    “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”
    The manager of my local Stop & Shop said he would accept gold, silver, and assets for payment for groceries.
    That said, if townspeople see you buying groceries when they are starving your life won’t be worth a nickel.

    • Jimmy

      What you do to protect yourself after buying groceries with your gold – is “throw some War Nickels into the street” as you make your getaway!!!

  13. Jimmy

    There is something very unusual about the collapse of SVB on Friday (brought on with the help of massive withdrawals by Israeli Tech firms) – because on the same day as the SVB banking crisis hits the news – it completely overshadows a huge tectonic geopolitical event being announced in the Middle East – whereby Iran and Saudi Arabia (formerly bitter adversaries) announced that they had reestablished diplomatic relations with the help of Chinese officials – so why would covering up such Middle East news be important?? – most likely because it is undeniable proof that America’s reckless and criminal government “can’t be trusted” – especially when it goes around wantonly destroying it’s own vital civilian infrastructure (like on 9-11 and blaming it on their Saudi ally) or burning down food processing and chicken factories, de-railing trains,opening borders, etc., etc. across America) along with destroying the civilian infrastructure of its closest NATO ally in Europe (the Nord Stream II gas pipeline) thus crippling all of Europe’s economy – so how could the US ever be trusted – if it shows no respect for the lives and property of its own people and the people of other country’s? – Surely – the leadership of Saudi Arabia and many other nations around the world are asking themselves such questions – and are now dissociating themselves “from the Deep State Globalist Nazi Cabal” that has fixed elections and taken control of our American Government!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jimmy,
      Agree with the first bit, and hope you are correct when you state, “Surely – the leadership of Saudi Arabia and many other nations around the world are . . . now dissociating themselves “from the Deep State Globalist Nazi Cabal” .

      • Jimmy

        Have you heard that Mexico wants to join the BRICS!! – if they join they will likely have to call themselves McRibs (a most delicious treat for the world)!!!

    • Michael Janket

      Jimmy, there’s a shocking article in yesterday’s, 3/16, edition of Lew Rockwell’s column. Alexandra Bruce wrote an article that everybody MUST read. Israel, as you mention, had their Tech firm bankers withdraw huge amounts of money from the SVB. Why? Well, we know that Israel is one of the premier money launderers, correct? Well, how did Peter Thiel know something was amiss with SVB and why did he “know enough” to withdraw 11 billion from the bank the day before? Bruce’s article mentions that the Sinaloa cartel had loads of cash in SVB and through a very questionable business in New Hampshire, the cartel through the NH “business” withdrew around 45 billion dollars. The NH “business” apparently is the US’ premier fentanyl distributor…..go figure. There’s a long video contained within Bruce’s article that is simply incredible. Talk about corruption and you have to realize little ol’ New Hampshire is totally dirty. It’s a devastating indictment of the corruption endemic to the US. The video also indicates that the main figure in the video, a whistleblower, knows much more about the major figures who are involved in SVB as well as the pedophilia, money laundering, corruption, and all around crime. The whistleblower has much more to reveal and I hope he’s not liquidated before he spills a lot more incriminating evidence. READ THIS ARTICLE!.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Michael,
        Please provide a link to the article you are referencing.

  14. Divingengineer

    Two of my favorite guests in one segment Greg.
    I hope your audience is noticing that they all seem to be telling us the same things in unison.
    They’re all very smart people and they all have the same analysis; more inflation, more control, more desperation and mismanagement.

  15. Melinda Henson

    As Mike Adams reported today:
    From too big to fail to too big to bail!
    Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

    • Jimmy

      The decision that the Fed and the Treasury made over the weekend (to bail everybody out) pretty much “guarantees hyperinflation” – and the price of gold is beginning to reflect that fact (now pushing $2,000 dollars per ounce) – the US has gone from a mad man (Bush) blowing up buildings in New York City and attacking the Pentagon – to a senile incompetent (Biden) blowing up our meat processing centers, de-railing our trains, killing our chickens and cows and eating ice cream cones at every opportunity before there is no cream left to make them – our allies in Europe are also having their cows destroyed and their natural gas pipelines blown up – which can easily culminate in the price of gold at least doubling (in the near future) to $4,000 per ounce – the world’s fiat debt-based monetary system is collapsing because everyone and everything in our society is corrupt – re-setting the world currency to CBDC’s is insanity and basing it on the price of oil is over – basing it on corn or wheat is problematic with natural gas pipelines (from which fertilizer is produced) being destroyed – so going to a gold-based system is very simple – go back to the year 1825 and Brazil was on a gold standard, Mexico was on a gold standard, the United States was on a gold standard, Germany, France, Italy, the UK were on a gold standard – everybody used gold as money “and it worked” – and from about 1825 to 1900 was one of the greatest economic boom periods in world history!! – the world will go back to gold as money because it’s the only choice they have left – today Gold is up about $80 bucks and everybody is still yawning – be smart folks and do the opposite of what our own Jim Cramer (Stan) is recommending!!

  16. Don

    Greg, Great doubleheader interviews!

  17. Robert says no

    Maybe Russia is dragging on the war because they’ve joined with China and have a plan that China’s not ready to implement yet? Maybe they’re both joining forces to obliterate the USA? Why else would they drag out a war intentionally? Their real goal still is setting the stage. I still say we will see Chinese troops on America streets in the next 5-10 years . Maybe the goal is to bring in agents of China through our open borders.

    • Michael Janket

      I’ve always had the feeling that the London City boys are behind these malfeasances. Infinite money, infinite murderous attitudes toward us, the rank and file. Louse Slob is one of their henchmen, selected for his warm, friendly smiles. Ya gotta love these slime as they are now coming out with their real motivations, i.e. killing most of humanity. All marionettes under the stringed guidance of the House of Rothschild. The worst part of the hypermoronic Biden is his gutting of our economy and our culture. For guys like this, we need to Hang ’em High.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Michael,
        “I’ve always had the feeling that the London City boys are behind these malfeasances.”
        IMHO, your ‘feeling’ is justified. The ‘City of London’, the ‘Square Mile’, the ‘Financial Centre’ are all one and the same. The City of London, established by the Rothschilds, is a separate corporation (think of the Vatican within the State of Italy, but not answerable to the Italian government) with its own LORD Mayor and police force, has a resident population of only 8,600 people. Greater London, with a population of 8.8 million has by contrast a mere Mayor. A little know fact is that the UK monarch has to ‘ask permission’ of the Lord Mayor to make an official visit to the City of London. All very confusing, and IMHO intentionally so.

  18. Ian Anderson

    great job in getting your recent guest
    He raised the most obvious question which i didn’t think of and many others no doubt.
    ” Why didn’t the Russians just go and get the job done quickly”?
    Maybe they want to widen the conflict?
    Maybe they wanted the BRICS to come together and thn Saudis?
    From Australia – a world away

  19. Robert Olin

    Russia is keeping both civilian casualties and their own troop deaths low by taking this approach. The civilian deaths are a fraction of what they were in Iraq with our arrogant Shock and Awe tactics.

    • Jimmy

      I think Russia is intelligently biding its time in Ukraine and won’t go all in for the kill shot “until its armament factories gear up for full mass production (24/7) with enough missiles, tanks, artillery, etc., etc. “to fight off all of NATO” (who they see mobilizing in many areas along its borders “readying to attack and create second fronts” as soon as Russia goes “all in in Ukraine” !!

    • tim mcgraw

      Robert Olin: I agree with you. In the Normandy invasion in June of 1944 the Allies killed 60,000 French civilians. The Russians have killed 10,000 Ukrainian civilians in their invasion of Ukraine.

  20. Astraea

    YES! YES! YES! Why is Russia, or Putin and Co. so nonchalantly taking their time to deal with the Ukraine???
    Why too, are the Christian, Slavic people of the Ukraine fighting the Christian, Slavic people of Russia – as commanded by Jews???
    Zelensky and Cholomoisky and Netasnyahoo – none of them Semitic at all – making the
    Christians fight each other?
    What is actually going on>

    • Nicole Lafleur

      The 3 you mentioned: Z-C-N, are khazarian zionists which are fake jews, the most criminal on this planet; they do not have an iota of sympathy or compassion and have been parading as Jews so if you criticize them, you are labeled an anti-semite, and they will sue you. The khazarian zionists are behind all the Russian pogroms, a lot of Nazis’ crimes as well as the murder of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians since the 1920s. They filmed their crimes and the videos are available to view but painful to watch. I feel Putin is taking his time (don’t forget he is a judo master) and will strike when we least expect him to. Putin is very meticulous and if the Russian soldiers get closer to Kiev, of course they will be blamed for the assassination, so could be one reason to keep a distance from the crime scene. Z is loosing in popularity and what better way than to make him a ‘saint’. Z’s handler could also have him go near the fighting area to ‘encourage’ the Ukrainian soldiers to murder him so as to blame the Russians.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Nicole,
        “I feel Putin is taking his time (don’t forget he is a judo master)”
        Interesting observation. I attended judo lessons as a kid and the ‘philosophy’ behind judo is to use your opponent’s strength against him . . .

  21. Peter Pan

    Paul Craig Roberts didn´t get it from the first day of this so called “war”. I listened different interviews with him, everytime repeating his nonsense, not understanding that russian understand under war something completly different than americans. Putin is bleeding out NATO, not only Ukraine. Putin knows, that NATO always comes and trieds to get Russia and its natural ressources, to destroy Russia and divide it like Yugoslavia into some satellites. So he bleeds out and shows, that NATO and also US-military is only a lame dug. When all this mess is finished, Europe licks Putins ass to get oil and gas and leaves the damn NATO and rcognize, that US and Great Britain is only a robber-gang which harmed them. Europe and especially germany will change team, will go to the BRICS-team and let the other western/american-shitholes doing their own things and not getting sucked off by their demands… What Putin does, he plays cat & mouse with Ukraine, he knows, that even NATO is only more a little bigger mouse, nothing they have to be afraid for. With what shall western armys fight ? Watch all the fat and overzised american and western europeans, complety decadent and fat eaten, only living by their financial ponzi-scheme, which days are over. China, Russia, Iran and other already got this, the west (US + Europe) is rotten, only a bad joke, nobody is feared anymore by us woke idiots… Well done, Putin…

    • Water Bottle

      Exactly and well put. Zelensky is literally funneling targets into a kill zone as fast as he can. According to the Ukrainians, 90% of casualties are caused by artillery, not small arms battles. Why in the world would the Russian army put their troops at risk unnecessarily???
      Add to that the news that on the one hand the US opposes a cease fire, while on the other they claim all decisions are up to Zelensky, there’s no point in Russia even bothering to occupy the entire county because Ukraine still wouldn’t surrender!
      This whole situation is madness. Absolute madness.

  22. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts and Mr Holter.
    Whilst pre-occupied with Ukraine China is quietly removing its Dollar assets away from the Swift system , in other words removing Dollar Treasuries from their holdings as America prepares for war with China.
    “Hell is empty, And all the devils are here” particularly here in the UK in our government and bureaucracy.
    Remember when Soros destroyed the Bank of England well the USA are now in the crosshairs of the same mafia. $17Trillions now supported by the USA tax payers,are you happy to have this open purse as your treasury?
    Mr Denninger has a clever analysis,
    Still our economy here in the UK is collapsing and housing is the only game in town which is collapsing although that has to be said quietly.At this rate King Charles’ coronation is going to be a bun fight.

  23. Andrew Butterworth

    Ridiculous to say Russian army is not involved. It is a 160-Km front, Wagner is only in Bakmut. Donbas forces and Russian army is on the 160-Km long front line. Also slow to avoid traps that have been set over the last 8 years of nato preperation and to try and avoid civilian deaths.

    • Greg Hunter

      One thing is for sure, the Russians are winning big and not losing. Maybe the Russians are grinding NATO down instead of the other way around. It’s working.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        I think you are spot on. I do not not see how country can liberate people and defeat another country in a few days unless the whole area is obliterated.

        Thank you my friend


  24. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for your sincere efforts to deliver the best info and advice to your audience.
    While I am a fan of PCR, his insistence that the Fed (US) and Christine Lagard (Europe) are “stupid” – that their financial policies are based on ‘stupidity’ – leads me to believe he is overlooking the elephant in the room. That being, the dynastic central banking families – who own and control the Fed, ECB, World Bank, and IMF – dictate the policies these institutions MUST follow. It’s not stupid, it’s by design. Bill Holter knows this and eluded to it toward the end of the interview. Catherine Austin Fitts knows it and is trying to wake people up to the evil intent behind CBDCs. From the perspective of those few who aspire to own everything in a depopulated world, the $US needs to be destroyed so that they can ‘build back better’! IMHO, if ‘we the people’ succumb to CBDCs, the world will be plunged into another neo-aristocratic 1000 year ‘Dark Ages’.
    I remain hopeful that ‘they’ will be thwarted by ‘the great awakening’. A great awakening that USAW et all are helping to bring about.

  25. richard beadle

    i think this could be big news greg regarding sun cycles and what the usa government are up to preparing for natural exponential catastrophic events of biblical proportions on a global scale and they even have a bill going through the house. scientist doug vogt

  26. Derek Sinclair

    Dr Roberts is wrong here. The Russian army is heavily involved along a contact line that runs for 100s of kilometres. The fight in Bakhmut (a small par of that line) has been given to the Wagner Group but they are intrinsically linked to the Russian army – and their complaints about support have been sorted long ago. The fight is being kept going because the Russians stated they wanted to demilitarise Ukraine by destroying the Ukraine army and this slow grind is the way to do it. A swift victory leaves these troops intact and the Russians would just have to go again. Surovikin has stated that he does not want big arrow offensives that would leave the Russian army in West Ukraine being attacked daily by partisans. The Russian tactics will sicken the Ukrainian public to war, permanently. That is the plan and it is correct.

    • Greg Hunter

      Grinding them down! Makes sense to me. NATO should be pretty embarrassed after all the training and arms they supplied to what turned into a meat grinding factory.

      • Derek Sinclair

        Yes, Greg, they should be embarrassed. We are seeing NATO training and NATO weaponry falling far short in an actual battlefield situation – not the recent desert campaigns against weak enemies that NATO is used to. The Russians don’t do fragile and overly complicated weaponry, and as they say, quantity is it’s own quality. Ukraine should be a wake up call for the West – to mind our own business and start sorting out our own countries instead of ruining everyone else’s countries. This Ukraine conflict was entirely preventable and is beyond stupid from a western perspective. We are led by lunatics.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Derek Sinclair, you’ve sure been around a long time! Do you think anyone else remembers your bid for President of the US?

      Do you remember when Turd ate his yellow foam hat, the first time silver dropped below $22?

  27. Grosen Friis

    Hi Mr. Hunter

    I think that Mr. Craig Roberts fail to see, that the Russian’s goals for Ukraine is not to occupy the territory as fast as possible, it is to:

    1) protect the Russians who have been bombarded by the Nazi-UA-forces in the east.
    2) completely destroy the UA army
    3) prevent UA from ever becoming militarized again nor ever becoming a member of NATO

    Ad 2)
    If the UA (backed by NATO) chooses to send military equipment as well as soldier directly into battle fields where the Russians outgun them 1:6/1:10 with artillery and they have complete control of the sky – where the UA walk “voluntarily” into a meat grinder, the Russian army is more than happy to stay back and wait for them and then destroy them. Russia will not risk extreme losses of solidiers to make sure the home front continues to back the war, so if a UA offensive is happening in an area where the Russian army risk to loose to many soldiers and equipment, Russia will withdraw to better defended positions, and preserve both men and equipment to fight another day.

    This is not a war of speed, this is a war of nutrition. UA and its NATO allies has not on the short run nor on the medium long run any chance to match the amount of soldiers, military equipment and ammunition that the Russians have “in stock” and can mobilize / produce as the war moves on. I believe that is the case as NATO member countries cannot currently deliver the equipment and ammunition that UA actually needs.

    Ad 3)
    Once the UA army is destroyed and NATO leaves and throws UA under the bus (Afghanistan style), then I think Russia will take and occupy large part of UA, everything to the east of the Dnieper river and the entire south that is connected to the Black Sea (incl. Odessa). Only a small land mass in the current Western part of UA will be a new UA with a Russian friendly government.

    I am very curious as to why Poland is building up its armed forces, it might not be just to protect itself and scare of Russia from attacking it (which I do not think will ever happen unless Poland attacks first). Perhaps this army is going to be used to take back and occupy the current areas of Ukraine that used to belong to Poland.

    I highly recommend that you consider other guests on the war in USA, e.g. Brian Berletic who run ‘The new atlas’ channel

    or Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris who run ‘The Duran’ channel:

    Thx for all the great work you do!

    • Pete+only

      Grosen, you are probably right about Russia’s careful strategy, but I doubt Poland wants to take over the western part of the Ukraine, unless it just wants to provide law and order after the war is over to that region, and it might be in its best interests in doing so.
      There are over 3 million Ukrainians living in Poland now since the war started, which is causing friction with Poles.
      Russia will probably be happy with securing the eastern part of the ukraine, as well as the crimean area.

      • Shiloh1

        At the time of WWI 1914, Poland did not exist as an independent state. It was part of Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. U.S. entered that war formally in 1917.

        I suspect Poland is accumulating arms to hold their own ground for when the U.S.military flees from Europe.

  28. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Great WNW. Thanks for having these two guests on our show.
    PCR says he blames Putin for not winning the war in Ukraine quickly. How would Putin do that? Putin can’t use nukes. The radiation would poison the soil and the winds would blow the fallout toward Russia.
    Putin can’t send in waves of troops as the Russian demographics are crap. Putin needs every young man and woman alive in Russia to reproduce.
    Hence Putin and his generals are grinding down the Ukrainian Army with artillery. Russia has plenty of artillery and ammo.
    Time is on Putin’s side, not Biden’s.

    • Jed Clumpiest

      You nailed it mate and happy saint Patty’s.
      Ya know Timbo, Saint Pat, was born in Roman or sub-Roman Britain, died in Ireland.
      Venerated in the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
      and in the Anglican Communion.
      Major shrine in Armagh, Northern Ireland
      Glastonbury Abbey, England. Feast on 17 March (Saint Patrick’s Day)
      Attributes, Crozier, mitre, holding a shamrock, carrying a cross, repelling serpents, harp.
      Patronage Ireland, Nigeria, Montserrat, Archdiocese of New York, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Boston, Rolla, Missouri, Loíza, Puerto Rico, Murcia (Spain), Clann Giolla Phádraig, engineers, paralegals, Archdiocese of Melbourne; invoked against snakes, sins[1]
      Saint Patrick (Latin: Patricius; Irish: Pádraig [ˈpˠɑːɾˠɪɟ] or [ˈpˠaːd̪ˠɾˠəɟ]; Welsh: Padrig) was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the “Apostle of Ireland”, he is the primary patron saint of Ireland, the other patron saints being Brigid of Kildare and Columba. Patrick was never formally canonised,[2] having lived before the current laws of the Catholic Church in these matters. Nevertheless, he is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church, the Church of Ireland, and in the Eastern Orthodox Church, where he is regarded as equal-to-the-apostles and Enlightener of Ireland.[3]
      The dates of Patrick’s life cannot be fixed with certainty, but there is general agreement that he was active as a missionary in Ireland during the fifth century. A recent biography[4] on Patrick shows a late fourth-century date for the saint is not impossible.[5] According to tradition dating from the early Middle Ages, Patrick was the first bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland, and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, converting a pagan society. He has been generally so regarded ever since, despite evidence of some earlier Christian presence.[6]
      Interesting, Patrick wasn’t Irish, born in Britain but wasn’t British. He was technically British, I mean heck, the Romans named the Islands Britannica, but was of an old Roman family. So technically, he was Italian, but the Romans were not just Italian, owing to the fact of the Roman empire being so vast at the time. He could have even been part German or even Slav because of the Viking intermingling and the Viking invasion’s. Even the consummately English, Englishman, Pierce Morgan found out through a genetic test, he didn’t have a drop of English blood! Heck, who in the hell knows what we really are, lol!
      Which brings us to the age old question, if Adam and Eve, were Jewish are we all Jews, even the Arabs?
      We’ll it’s the luck of the Irish that were born in the bonny land across the emerald sea and our luck they’ve came over legally and sometimes in iron’s, to the rest of the world.
      Just ask the Kelly’s!
      Ned film,

      • tim mcgraw

        Jed Clumpiest: St. Patrick may be more myth than fact, but that’s the Irish/Celtic way of looking at life. I’ve never really believed all the “race/eugenics” crap. Tribes and cultures do matter.
        Have you been to Ireland?
        I’ve been twice. Both times were in SW Ireland where my ancestors come from. I’ve been to Dublin, too.
        The Irish are a gregarious lot of storytellers. Kind people.
        But as my grand Aunt Mary said, “I’m glad our ancestors left Ireland. What a bunch of back-biting little squints they are.”
        All the best,
        Tadhg McGrath

        • Jedediah Clumpiest

          Yes Timmy, Ive been to Ireland and I look very Irish, to boot! But like St. PAT, I AINT. Talking of Irish tribes. My grandparents from the broken up Yugoslavia, were both sides Celtic. Or as they say over there, Keltie. And they came over before they’re was even a Yugoslavia, but a bunch of fiefdoms. Bunched together, created after WW1.
          Let me share my first experience after landing in Ireland, at Shannon. I was fourteen and 6’2″ eyes of blue, summer of 68. Just got there about an hour ago, using a public restroom. The few old men in there talking looked just like real life leprechauns, garb and all, with the little smoking pipe’s too! Like your grand aunt mary said, little squints and all! I didn’t say anything, but after relieving myself. I bought a beutifull all wool knit sweater, for only 10 bucks. I asked the clerk, a young Irish lass not much older than myself. I asked her what kind of language those old guys in the restroom were speaking?
          I will never forget her reply, Tim. She said, with her sweet and low, Irish lilt. Like she know dout about it, said it so many times to us dumb Americans. They’re speaking our language!
          When now, as an old man like yourself Tim, it’s bring tears to me eyes! Because as an older gent. I know more to the meaning of her, words.
          The Irish are a beautiful people and like scripture says, Christ learned obedience through his suffering. Where there is suffering and pain, God calls us to stand firm, not compramised. Like your Irish kin, Tim, to lift our heads, especially in these end times because our deliverance is getting near!
          I hope you had a wonderfull saint Pat’s day.
          By the way visiting relatives back then, in the city Melania Trump was born and raised. Lubijana, Slovenia, of the former Communist Yugoslavia. I was there before she was born!
          I learned there too and it was good to relize what a nation we have, one nation under God, with truth and justice for all. The land of the free and the brave!
          Rest assured Tim, Though we may see it all fall apart. God is gonna keep his promises. Mark my words!
          Remember Tim, the luck of the Irish!
          We all didn’t come from all over the earth to the United States, to see it all disappear. Trust in God, seek meekness, seek righteousness, so you may be saved in the day of Gods anger.
          I got to go and can’t look up that scripture, but keep your eyes open!

  29. Nick de la Gaume

    PCR has no understanding of the situation.
    America created this war and stopped the peace treaty that was being negotiated last March in Turkey.
    250,000 dead, 250,000 wounded Ukies, plus.
    Ever heard of the Clausewitz Doctrine?????????????????????????
    Putin refuses to win……………………………….Bull, total Bull.
    His declared intention is to destroy the American financed Nazis.
    He is just doing what he said he would do.


  30. tim mcgraw

    18:00; PCR thinks inflation in Europe is from supply chain problems? Okay, how about negative interest rates for years? Who would loan money to someone to get less money back? The ECB has been printing currency as fast as it can. That is the definition of inflation. Increasing the currency supply above the needs of the economy.
    A metallurgy firm in Germany, been there since 1340, is now going out of business due to a lack of cheap natural gas from Russia.
    So yes, prices go up when shortages occur.
    Prices also go up when Christine LaGarde keeps printing worthless fiat Euros backed by nothing.

  31. Bill Heuschele

    Putin wants to pay back the USA for what we did to his country in the nineties. He wants us to fall and China wants us to fall. I believe this is why Putin is playing the slow game in Ukraine. Both China and Russia want to bleed us slowly as this is the most effective way to win in the long run.

    Great interview with PCR and Bill H. You are a great American Greg and I thank you for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for all your support.

  32. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I used to follow PCR. But then I realized that he is NOT a free market capitalist. He dislikes laissez-faire. He likes tariffs. He likes protectionism. PCR is not a General. He’s a Keynesian economist.
    IMO PCR has been in government too long.
    This interview with PCR confirms my opinion of him.
    PCR means well, but he’s wrong on many issues IMO.

  33. Dgmdpa

    Who benefits from stretching this war out? Why would Putin accommodate that? Has he really backed away from WEF, for which he was trained? Could this really be part of the WEF mission to gradually drain the U.S. economically with Putin’s roll subterfuge?

  34. Chery Hedges

    i think russia knows exactly what they are doing. they are allowing the west to deplete their weapons supply. how can we protect tiwan or israel if we are without the military weapons needed to do so? on top of that we would be vulnerable to attack from china, iran and russia or any other nation at that point. its brilliant. Im honestly surprised he has not attacked the US after we blew up their pipeline. he has shown great restraint, for now. it wont last.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Chery,
      Strange that Russia is able to deplete the US’s weapons supply due to a minor war in Ukraine? When you consider that the US allocates more on ‘defence’ spending than the combined defence expenditure of the next nine countries – including Russia and China?! Could it possibly be that the US defence budget is purloined by criminal elements lining their own pockets at the expense of ‘we the people’. Surely not . . .

  35. Roger Stamper

    tks greg!

  36. Tommy

    What PCR said at 20:57 is mind blowing. When I was younger people would say that something is a house of cards. They never could have imagined what we have going on today. We now have a house of matchsticks.

  37. Nick de la Gaume

    Common sense from Bill, as usual.

  38. Ron

    If any country (eg Ukraine) has put their entire Government information infrastructure onto a Microsoft or Google or Amazon cloud platform then they can be completely controlled by the US Deep State.
    I wonder if any or all of Canada, Australia, NZ, UK are in that position?

  39. PersonaNonGrata

    I have followed PCR’s commentaries on the war in Ukraine and there is an appealing logic to his thesis that, ‘Putin should have struck HARD and FAST, thus ending the war in a few days – encouraging would-be new NATO members to reconsider’. When the Anglo-American alliance uses this tactic – think ‘Operation Shock and Awe’ – and kills tens of thousands of innocent civilians on the first day, it enjoys the backing of the entire global controlled media. The public is whipped up into a frenzy of support – the victims having been vilified beforehand by almost universal media propaganda. Not only that, but the tactic is seldom successful in subduing its victim countries ‘in a few days’ – think Afghanistan (!!!) Syria, Iraq, even Vietnam. Many of the alliance’s victims have been ‘third world countries’ – to mirror PCR’s comments about Ukraine – and yet they managed to resist, some for years. These wars, while vigorously prosecuted, did not end ‘in a few days’.

    Imagine if Russia had done as PCR advocates and had launched their own ‘shock and awe’ offensive. Firstly, the public would not have been primed by controlled media propaganda to hate the Ukrainian regime and to want them gone. Secondly, after the first day, there would be international protest and outrage at ‘Bully Boy Putin’s Murderous Attack On Innocent Ukraine’, followed immediately by a UN call to arms to crush Russia’s ‘expansionary aspirations’. IMHO, only VERY strong critical thinkers would have been able to resist the ‘universal’ call for all-out war against the aggressor – Russia.

    As has been amply demonstrated with the scamdemic, the mass of the people are easily swayed by television, radio, and press media to believe lies – lies that cost them their livelihood, their freedom of movement, even their lives! How much easier to persuade them that a Russian blitzkrieg on Ukraine should be met with the ultimate (depopulating) weapons available?

  40. Thomas Fiust

    I will use a Lifestraw or chlorine dioxide tablets for H20 purification “if” the shtf. Lifestraw filtered water tastes bland, yet I trust the filter. Do it slow or it don’t decontaminate properly. Aloha from O’ahu.

  41. Ned

    Trump lowered bank reserve requirements to zero and blew up the debt by handing out trillion$ to corporations as a means of bribing them to go along with his Plandemic—-we are now dealing with the consequences of the Trump Lockdowns.

    Instead of making peace with Russia he was more aggressive towards them than Obama.

    And don’t forget how Trump stabbed his most loyal supporters in the back after his FBI set them up on January 6.

  42. Anna

    What Biden is doing is dismantling our military force by shipping all of our tanks, planes and artillery out of the country so we won’t have anything to defend ourselves with…he is a demon working for the other side…

  43. Anna

    Can u talk about what happens to your mortgage in different scenarios ? If banks shutdown or there is a war on our soul – is our mortgage suspended or what? Most people have a mortgage – real estate being everyone’s biggest asset…. Most mortgages are managed by debt collectors not the bank itself…so confusing. How would u make ur monthly payment with gold coins ?

    • Shiloh1

      In a complete collapse? I don’t know. Someone’s debt is someone else’s asset.

      In the 80s –

      In mid-80s I had a mortgage with Great American Savings & Loan (Oak Park, Il) on a small apartment building. It was a buy-down with low fixed monthly payments and interest for the first 5 years. Perfect for me to clean house, in more ways than one. Anyway, that S&L went under in the late 80s and was taken over via RTC (see link), where I paid mortgage to some servicing entity on behalf on some entity holding the note, I’m sure; no change in terms. I’d say it was good that I was paying the insurance and property tax myself, so no escrow. Any changes in interest rate and monthly payment were inconsequential to me later. Anyway, everything was cool and I had no prob refinancing in the mid-90s.

  44. James Driscoll

    Greg, My guesstimate is that the war in the Ukraine is a distraction and that there is another objective for both Russia and China. I believe that the real war will involve a direct attack on the US and Israel. The West is being weakened and prepared for the slaughter. Time will tell but we may be looking at the war of Gog and Magog prophesied in the Bible and mentioned in Ezekiel. Gog and Magog doesn’t know but they will perish on the mountains of Israel. Ezekiel 39:6 “And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.”

  45. Sylvia Sires

    I followed Q for a couple of years. I use to think “how come Q knows the future?” He told us what was going to happen in the future. Even sais that Central Bank was going to collapse and a Anon asked Q “do we have the gold?” and Q said yes. Now I know how Q knew the future, THEY CREATE IT. The Illuminati predicted the future too (Create it) posting them on cards. They also predict the future in movies and have for decades and decades! They are all members of the World Secret Religion that controls the whole world and have for centuries called “Freemasons!” Its written in the Old Testament since Moses. The people started worshiping a statue and sacrificing their children to it. This is all real. They worship SATAN, it’s a SEX CULT ! They sacrifice children and animals EVEN TODAY. Greg, don’t be deceived by Trump he too is a MEMBER, I think he became a 33 degree Mason when he got elected. I gave you proof of everything I’m saying that’s in a 5 hour video that I don’t think you watched. Here’s another short video that will prove Trump is not who we believe he is. Is he truly God’s chosen man, or is he a Freemason like all presidents before him, serving Satan as his master who put him into power?

  46. Steve Pechak

    About todays wrap up (3-17-23) as smart as all you guys are, the logic of the Russian hesitation seems obvious to me. Those people love movie scenarios and the one I think they are behind is the 1984 and the 2012 versions of ‘RED DAWN’. I think the Ruskies secretly think that if they can eventually occupy 1/3 or 1/2 of the US , then the current hold back strategy makes total sense. These people are not as mysterious as you might think. Sure they play a good game of espionage when they want too, but much of it has been reasonably predicable, right? However, they can not pull it off without complaisance of action / inaction from some faction of the secret group within our own governmental organization, and maybe not so secret. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.
    ( Honorably discharged Vietnam Navy veteran)

    • Shiloh1

      Red Dawn already came to the U.S. in the form of Joe Xiden, Ozero, Bill & Hill, and Dumbya.

      To paraphrase Muhammed Ali, no Russian ever called me a white racist sexist misogynist slave-owner or forced lock-downs, closing churches, schools, small businesses, limited travel, lose my job, censored communications, stolen the wages of my labors for their crones and last but not least, forced or coerced a bio weapon vax upon me.

      I don’t live in the Acela Corridor nor the kookie left coast – let those warmongers and their families fight Vlad.

  47. Lora

    Hello Greg
    I think that I can explain the “mystery” that Dr. PCR mentions. I believe the reason that Russia is not sending in their full forces is because with a prolonged war, the US is depleting its own military resources, equipment, and billions of tax payer money over many months of this proxy war with our Republic falling apart, which will leave the US in an extremely compromised situation in the future in terms of defense etc. I think that Russia and China are working together in this respect to destroy our Republic/dollar, waiting until the US is at its weakest and then without a doubt, China will move in to take Taiwan. America is in big trouble if the treasonous Biden Regime is not removed ASAP.

  48. John Duffy

    I don’t think Dr. Roberts is up to speed on this conflict. Read this article by Larry C. Johnson a former CIA officer and especially the comments for some enlightenment.

  49. James

    who supported BLM, check it out…

    • Shiloh1


      Just working down the list, 3M $50,000,000. Now I know why the EPA isn’t going after them hard on the PFAS forever chemicals pollution.

      Many banks, stores and insurance companies to avoid.

      Tinder is on the list, too. Makes sense, since Washington D.C. is the biggest whorehouse in history.

  50. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,
    Good job as always, which is why you are the only site I follow all interviews. I need a little advice and since your site is also the only group of like minded people whose comments I read and follow, I thought I would start there. I understand if you choose not to post, but I ask that you read the complete email before deciding. I am a 60 yr. old blue collar worker who believes we all have to help get our country back on track. On Feb 1st, I decided to build an POD apparel site giving people the chance to express themselves.
    On April 1st, I launch my site. (I am leaving off the site name out of respect to you. I really am just looking for an answer to my issue)I am not a techie. I am not on any social media, nothing. However, many tell me that I need a business Facebook page to help get my word out. Well, within 15 minutes, I was sent to Facebook jail. Here’s my question; can anyone recommend an easy-to-use social platform? Youtube and Rumble are probably out as I will have very few videos. After reading about Joe Rogan’s Gettr experience, that probably won’t work either. Looking into truth Social but not enough info to decide. My son says Tic-toc is probably wrong. I know you are very busy but do you or your followers have any thoughts.

    Thank you for your time,

    Don Conrad

    • Myn

      Try gab, they have an e-commerce area for small businesses

  51. GERRY

    I wonder if the reason the “west” wants this war and can not abide a Ukrainian loss has to do with the fact that too many people have “blood money” on their hands and the exposure of this country’s demise renders them guilty. This pumping up Ukraine makes no sense unless seen from this perspective. The evil in ruling governments is nothing short of luciferian. Not only do they kill unborn children but they are willing to murder ordinary innocent people. They can not lose or they convict themselves, and the fact that ordinary Americans sit on their “economic fat behinds” while they kill in the false name of America saving democracy is disgusting. Were God to pull the plug on all of us, could anyone object? Money is the root of this in their dirty little hearts.

  52. jon

    Hello, In April there was a peace plan that would have ended it, but sabotaged by DC. Since then, the Russian approach to the Ukraine SMO, is not a war in a vacuum all it’s own. That is only one timeline. There are multiple timelines running parallel. None of which may have been triggered if Putin had destroyed Ukraine in a month. These are rapid moves from Unipolar to Multipolar, Migration to BRICS, New non Swift economic system, probable EU breakup along with NATO, exposure of Neocon evil, failing EU banking system and by extension defanging of WEF and DAVOS. Exposure of Green and woke as evil. These and others are timelines that would not have occurred if Putin had taken out Ukraine quickly because Russia would be viewed as the bad guy by the world. The opposite is occurring because of the pace of the conflict.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Jon,

  53. Brian

    It appears that if New York City is nuked by the Russians, $188,000,000,000,000 in derivatives can be summarily wiped out, and the financial market can go into the Great Reset, and the provoking of this war in Ukraine to a limited nuclear war just to have the Great Reset in the financials is what it is really all about?
    If that is the case, could the next 9-11 false flag could be the woke military nuking NYC and blaming the Russians?
    Meanwhile, as this creates a Continuity of Government Crisis, a Constitutional Convention which eliminates the US Constitution, and alters our form of Government, strips us of our rights forever?
    Do you think this could be the goals of those involved in destroying our economy and military in the big picture?

    • Jimmy

      “Not Much We Can Do About It” (if our crazy psychopathic leaders succeed in getting NYC bombed to take down more then the few buildings they successfully took down on 9-11)!! – But – “There is something we can do” – if they simply increase the cost of say one egg from 50 cents to $1.50 in a year (or about an 18% increase in prices per month) – what we can begin to do is – rapidly reduce our credit card balances (with the money we take out of our bank accounts or stock market) – because – there is a strong possibility the criminal banksters will begin to impose “an 18% inflation surcharge” onto our monthly credit card bills – which could put all of us into a world of hurt – because – our inflation adjusted salary (if we still have a job) is not increased until “the end of the year” (and on top of that – our yearly CPI salary adjustments “never fully covers the true inflation rate”)!! – the really nice thing about reducing our credit card debt is that the Fed Chair (Powell) “will not just be hurting the American people by raising rates” – but hurting the banksters big time – who will see savings account money rapidly drawn out of their banks to pay back outstanding credit card loans – and will see their income from their credit card business “go to zero”!! – as Catherine Austin Fitts says: “Pay for everything you buy “with cash” (cut up those credit cards that give the banksters both money and power)!!!

    • Thomas Malthaus

      If Washington, D.C. is leveled or nuked, the nation’s political and financial apparatus is negated and therefore, the derivatives.

      What’s uncertain is that a second government and massive printing press is established in a West Virginia and Missouri bunker during such a crisis.

  54. Prospector

    A new construct – narrative has been issued to Lying-Legacy-Media for wide propaganda distribution. Seen on many outlets, all at the same time.

    ‘Pantry porn’ trend rooted in racist, sexist behavior: Loyola professor

    20 hours ago … Loyola prof now says a neat, organized pantry is classist, racist and sexist. Oh well. What will they freak out about next.

    I’m glad doing something as simple as canning or stocking 3 cans of soup gets these maniacs unhinged. Joke’s on them , the NWO will have no need for ” Professors ” , they are always the first to be liquidated.

    • freedom

      It’s simple Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, its called testing USA military equipment and depleting its arsenal. There won’t be an exchange of nukes. They will however use this to reduce USA military population. Oh by the way its the Pilgrim Society behind the banking consolidation in order to roll-out the digital programmable currency.

      Of course this will not get posted. Greg hunter likes to censor the truth.

  55. Susan R

    Many, many years ago I shut the TV OFF. Since then a universe has awakened that I had no idea existed. You Greg were part of that. What I heard here today is the finalization of what you have been preparing us all for. The numbers of those who will perish is almost equal to the dinosaurs vanishing. It will not be pretty for those who are prepared. Who will enjoy anything ever again with the stench of death everywhere one goes. This will be Biblical and if humanity survives I pray there is a pall where what emerges is governed by God.

  56. PersonaNonGrata

    At time of writing, 16:25 UK, spot gold is trading at an all time high of £1610.87 / ounce. This being a Friday, TPTB will in all probability engineer a lower price so that the weekly statistic will be depressed. In any event, I’m happy not to have paid any attention to ‘Stan’ these past years.

  57. Fountain of Youth

    could somebody ever explain why team DeSantis is rebuking the deadly vax, but Trump continues to push it . . . and why do people support Trump and attack deSantis when the vax is soooooooo deadly.

    Clif High only addressed why Trump launched Warpspeed vax. It was to offset the DS plans. But Clif High failed to account for going on 3yrs of Trump marketing the vax even as a private citizen, even as lots and lots of people collapse dead on TV. This is a sin of omission by Clif High.

  58. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg . I pray that people have prepared for the coming crash. Make food and water your first priority then get other commodities if you can. The food prices in the UK are getting expensive now, it will quickly escalate as this banking crisis hits our shores . Remember , the banking system is all locked in with each other . In 2008 the American banking crisis destroyed the UK and Europe . It’s a house of cards system. This is going to be catastrophic ! Have faith and never give up, life is too precious . We will win regardless what the idiots in charge think. Thanks USA Watchdog from England .

  59. Jack Fortin

    PCR is missing one of Russia’s goals in the war. That goal is the destruction of the Ukrainian military. It is now being accomplished with minimum loss of Russian forces. This slow grind not only maximizes Ukrainian losses, it allows Russia to keep massive reserves. NATO bluster aside, it is understood that NATO forces will be ground up the same way Ukrainian forces are in the event of an intervention.
    The problem is that an increasingly desperate NATO may consider first use of nuclear weapons. I agree with PCR on that point.

  60. Bob T

    With all the respect to Mr. Roberts the size of this war is nothing US ever fought since WW2. Russia falsely assumed they will force Kiev sign peace agreement with their blitz Krieg start of military operation 180K strong army against Ukraine 450k. US falsely assumed Russia is weak and entered attempt to defeat Russia.
    Why Russia did partial mobilization of 300K solders only and kept until recently pumping oil via Druzba land based pipe pile? That is a mystery.

  61. Dave

    This is true about the Trump Administration pushing for lowered bank reserve requirements and loosened oversight. Which is what the bankers wanted. The GOP controlled Congress at the time went along with it. A few Dems like Frank (who has banking ties) voted for loosening regulatory requirements. But, despite what controlled conservative talk radio is saying, the initiative came from Trump’s Administration. Guys like Hannity and Levin who push such dis-information that it was all because of Barney Frank are frauds.

  62. Nick Leddy

    Speaking of bio-weapon injections, airline pilots are dying and
    becoming incapacitated during flights. Makes you think twice
    before getting on a plane.
    Greg, would really like to listen and watch you do an interview
    on this subject. Because of the inattention by the L.S.M. our
    ineffective Government is setting up the public for a horrible

  63. John P. Shepherd

    Greg, what if Putin is controlled opposition? What if he is simply role playing. That would answer Paul Craig Roberts question as to why Russia won’t bring this war to a conclusion. As much as I don’t want to believe this, I know of no other logical reason for this tail called Ukraine to continue the wag the bear called Russia. If it is not a stretch to entertain this possibility, is it a stretch to consider that Donald Trump is also playing a new world order role? You have said it is too stupid to be stupid and I say it is not logical to believe Trump is not aware of the diabolical genius behind the “vaccine.” Until the “church” wakes up from it’s slumber – which it won’t – and America purges itself from this woke ideology – which it won’t – the death rate will continue to increase. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church of Jesus Christ but the “church” capitulated long ago. As this age comes to an end it will do so making Sodom and Gomorrah blush. The true church will triumph over Satan one sin at a time until it reaches it’s predestination which is to be conformed to the image of Christ. but it will not prevail over the antichrist and take this government back. We are past a political solution. When Christ returns with pride and great glory then and only then will there be true reform and peace reign over the earth. This is the hour of darkness, but we can shine brighter and brighter in it until the perfect day.

  64. Mark

    The whole war is theatre, orchestrated by O’Biden, Putin, Zelensky etc. Putin is a graduate of WEF school, same as Trudeau. He is friends with Kissinger. One objective of war is to expand NATO – Finland and Sweden are joining, fools. U.S. Mexico and Canada are in Mexico City signing North American Alliance. It’s easier to trick conglonomerates of nations and regions into the new world order than to struggle with countries individually. EVERYTHING is a lie.

  65. ken

    If one considers the never ending war is “intended” to cause WWIII and thus a nuclear exchange both by the West and Russia the entire thing makes sense.

    The banking collapse is to consolidate the banks even more and cover for the thieves. The Banks have been the cause of all economic problems and most all wars.

    Lets say you want out and want the $40,000 in cash that is supposedly yours… Watch what hoops you have to jump through. Plus if you have Auto deposit from employer or forced by government such as Social Security you are going to go through living hell. It’s all designed to trap you and what you think is your money.

  66. freedom

    It’s simple Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, its called testing USA military equipment and depleting its arsenal. There won’t be an exchange of nukes. They will however use this to reduce USA military population. Oh by the way its the Pilgrim Society behind the banking consolidation in order to roll-out the digital programmable currency.

  67. BJ

    The point of the Ukraine war is not to win. Its to kill as many people as possible. To wreck the infrastructure of that country and stop them from producing food. Just like the point of the covid pandemic was to reduce freedom and kill people. Jesus said If those days weren’t shortened there would be no flesh left alive. You see this agenda all over. The train derailment in Ohio poisoned hundreds of miles of farmland. All the food plants being destroyed will bring on famine. Satan only has a short time left and he has started his destruction.

    • Jimmy

      If we continue blindly following Biden and don’t shorten the days of war – there will be no flesh left alive when the psychopaths in our Government and Military finally release a first strike Nuclear Weapons attack upon Russia – I guess these immoral psychopathic and perverted “queer” ducks have no problem living the rest of their lives underground (because they will be nearer to their God Satan)!!

  68. VortexPilot

    With all due respect, Scott Ritter would take Paul Craig Roberts to school on the Ukraine situation. Putin doesn’t “refuse to win.” There are reasons for the slow crawl now and for the non-massive start to the war.

    1. “General Mud” rules the battlefield at the present moment. No large scale maneuver is possible.
    2. U.S./Western aerial and electronic surveillance is so complete that Russian troop concentrations are and would be identified and supplied to Ukraine for countermeasures.
    3. Putin does not want to escalate too quickly so as to manage Western reactions to mitigate the threat of nuclear war.
    4. At no point was Ukraine going to be a walkover. Ukraine had been supplied and trained to modern standards, had Europe’s largest and best equipped military going into this, and had fortified their eastern hills, forests, and cities for 8 years before the start of hostilities.
    5. Putin’s original intent was to bring Ukraine to the negotiating table, not to destroy it’s infrastructure or army.
    6. Putin did not have full support of his own populace going into this, nor was Russia on any kind of war footing.
    7. Putin did not know how badly Western sanctions would affect the Russian economy and therefore had to proceed conservatively. They proved to be less consequential than expected.

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, most are aware of the theft of original code that was used for the building out of the social media…. but the last 10 15 minutes of this as to who might be behind it all…is interesting…IF true…

  70. Matt

    Mankind will suffer the consequences of reckless actions both fiscally and environmentally. Natural Law correction is set to be brutal.

    Get your mind, body, and spirit right. The train left the station a long time ago.

  71. Mike Hughes

    Grosen Friis – You are spot on. Ukraine is the Heart of the worldwide CABAL. Switzerland is the brain. The stuff that has gone on underground in secret is going to infuriate Americans when they find out. Putin is slowly sticking in a big fat silver cross into the heart of Dracula(CABAL) right now. It is not pretty but it has to happen. Doing this slowly keeps it in the news and continues to expose the CABAL.

  72. Mr Nobody

    Jeffery Prather’s latest interview is a must watch containing deep dive information regarding who is at the top of the satanic mess we are fighting against.
    These guys im sure would be happy to talk to you Greg.


  73. Anita

    Thanks to all, great double header. Why should Russia end the war quickly when he can just watch us implode? Not only that why waste your troops, money & weapons on the small guy when the prospect of the a bigger guy coming in behind. Wait for the big guy & take him out. Wonder what Bill would have to say with Fed Powel coming out today saying FedCoin will begin roll out in July.

  74. Prays before eating

    “Who is at war with whom?”
    Paul Craig Roberts makes a great point that I haven’t heard from anybody else — “Why hasn’t Russia finished off Ukraine already?”
    And he’s right, it makes no sense. But only if you think that Russia is at war with Ukraine, or that Russia is at war with US/NATO.
    It makes perfect sense if you think, like Alex Newman does, that the global deep state is at war with humans everywhere.
    The war in Ukraine has been a great success for the demon elite so far. They’ve killed lots of humans, disrupted agricultural and fertilizer production and reduced the flow of energy worldwide.
    Therefore, it’s more likely to expand (to Moldova, for example) than it is to come to an end any time soon.

  75. Stan

    Total insanity.

  76. John Henry

    black males are a plague worldwide. They cannot function in civilized society.

    they blame their violent/perverse tendencies on events of hundreds of years ago in the Americas. But they behave the same wicked way in any country around the world. Even Ireland, which, like Thailand, considered to have the friendliest people on earth.

    • Jimmy

      The Demon-rats say black lives matter – but then tell black women to have abortions at their Demon-rat funded abortion centers – and any black babies that manage to be born are immediately “jabbed” by the Demon-rats with the clot shot that contains HIV – those that do manage to survive and grow up – are either persuaded to join the Military (so they can be sent to the Ukraine to be ground up by the Russians) – or they are persuaded to join Antifa (a decentralized network of far-left militants, anarchists and commies) to oppose what they are told to believe by the Demon-rats – that fascist, racist, right-wing extremists are out to kill them (but unknowingly work for the very same white Globalist Demon-rats whose goal is “the total extermination of the entire human race” – Biden (who most blacks voted for) is trying his best to create a Worldwide Nuclear War that will kill them as dead as the white people they were told to hate!!

  77. PersonaNonGrata

    Latest update of the UK gold close, 03-17-23. Closed an hour earlier than usual (???) at 21:00 (9:00 p.m.) at an all time record weekly close of £1634.77! I was waiting for the usual last minute take down prior to the weekly close, but gold price kept rising minute by minute. I guess that’s why ‘they’ closed the ‘market’ early – before the price went even higher . . .

  78. Cat Merry

    Dr PCR sounds like he wants war. I really don’t care for his ideas. Love your other guests Greg.

  79. Richard Jordan

    Another great show as always.
    Not that it matters as I like your website but did you discontinue uploading your show on Rumble?

  80. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    thank you Greg for another outstanding WNW. by the way, Dr, Roberts essays are also quite outstanding. just a few thoughts:

    1. the end game is here now in 2023/24. high rates have already started us down the road of recession. the housing bubble and stock bubbles are correcting in earnest. if they continue to raise rates, the trillions of dollars in personal, corporate, financial institution, and fed, state and local debt will implode as they mature and turn over in the next year, leading to a hard landing, severe recession, unemployment, AND usher in a great financial crash and panic.

    2. if they lower rates, inflation will resume skyrocketing causing a severe recession and unemployment, and the printing of massive amounts of new bailout monies will reduce the value of the dollar further fueling inflation and depression. this will lead to many business failures, thus ushering in a financial crisis as well. there is no way out.
    3. as winter ends and spring proceeds, the russians will resume the offensive. they will have things mopped up by years end.

    thank you.

  81. John Nordstrom

    Winning is not the goal. War as a diversion is the goal. Loans, at interest, to both sides in in the build-up to war. Loans, at interest, to both sides to conduct the war. Loans, at interest, to both sides to rebuild after the war. The only winner is the Khazarian central bank. There will be no nuclear war. Catherine Austin Fitts has it right. Putin is on Team WEF. This is all political theater

  82. Marla Taylor

    DeSantis Florida rebuking the ways of Sodom:

    vs. Trump few weeks ago hosted over 300 dedicated sodomites at his private mansion in Florida. They were severd an endless supply of boozy cocktails and Trump gleefully shouted he would fight hard for their causes.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits, not according to the false prophets. ~ King James Bible.

    • Shiloh1

      Putin in his speech about 6 weeks ago mentioned the perverts and degenerates in the West, that’s why I don’t think this is WEF theater for him. Old-school nationalist like Bismarck.

  83. Andrew

    Dr. Roberts is very good in economics but has no idea about this special operation implemented by Russia.
    It’s a meat grinder total destruction of the Nazi’s.

  84. Dave

    The neocon, military industrial complex is railing at DeSantis and the GOP base for questioning the Ukraine war. Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Seb Gorka are standing toe to toe with CNN and MSNBC is attacking the conservative base. Levin derides them as nationalists, populists, Putin lovers and anti-Semites. He now is attacking Senator Hawley for being a populist and is melting down as the young turks from Hawley to Vance to Charlie Kirk to Carlson are finally calling the neocons on their game.

    Mark Levin this week defended Zelenski shutting down Orthodox churches, nationalizing the press and criminalizing dissent. It’s bad when Russia does such things or the progressive left but just fine when Zelensky does it.

    Folks like Levin are known neocon frauds but, sadly, Seb Gorku is taking the neocon side in this. A caller pointed out the stories about the US or Ukrainians blowing up the pipeline. Gorku said it was false news and cut the caller off. Keep in mind these were the folks who supported the lie about Hussein having WMDs and supported the disastrous Bush war in Iraq. Hopefully Americans are waking up and the public pushback from young conservatives especially that people like Levin, Gorku and others are getting is a sign of that. It’s long past time that the GOP but more importantly conservatism breaks free from these aging neocons.

  85. Eli

    God Bless you, Greg, you and your guests are true patriots and real freedom fighters looking out for the sovereignty of individuals everywhere! Thank you! ☦️🙏🏻🙏🏻😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  86. Steve Bice

    Time to bring Ed Dowd back. He has much to say about vaccine injury and the economy.

    The 3-month Treasury rate is dropping and will tie the Fed’s hand. No more tightening or the banks will bust. Rock, meet hard place. The bond market leads and the Fed follows.

  87. Led Skelton

    The woke is now a billion dollar industry, good luck eliminating something that has no tangible power center – it is everywhere without a leader. Porn can now be viewed in some Kindergarten classrooms.

    The woke will never be happy, even if 100% of the children had all of their genitals removed.

    The woke will never be happy as long as one white straight male is alive.

    We do have a chance to fight against the woke, but we need the laws, and especially men that have testicles and know how to use them.

    Most woke ought to be in padded cells for the remainder of their life. Why would adult women dye their hair a freak show color and demand to play pretend? There isn’t any medication that can fix a destroyed mind. And these so called girls complete with dingdongs and full beards. IT IS TIME TO FILL UP ALL OF THE AVAILABLE SPACE IN THE FUNNY FARMS INSANE ASYLUMS.

    Instead the woke will soon try to get straight people vaporized, and with the help of the women in the USA – the majority are libturd-entitlement-house-wrecking-alimoniests -superobese that support The View, they just may get away with murderous gender-cide..

    Half of America has lost its mind.

  88. Marie Joy says Mike Lindell is almost broke.

    • Jimmy

      Guess the Demon-rats have decided to get rid of their soft fluffy pillows and put their heads between a rock and a hard place!!

  89. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for the great reporting. I think what’s going on in the Ukraine is a meat grinder- intentionally. NATO is being bled dry of excess equipment and all the while energy prices are taking a huge toll on our economies- we should get lots businesses closing. It looks like a rope-a-dope. The war is the catalyst for an economic collapse. Sanctions were a terrible mistake. I have taken a maintenance job with a contractor with doe- little bit of a pay cut- i need a safe job for my family. It would be good for any readers to consider their own situation.

  90. Coal Burner

    Thanks Greg:
    Premo Dpubleheader

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Coal!

  91. Richard Longacre

    Every derivative bet has two sides to it. If one side fails/goes bankrupt then both sides lose. Derivatives are also interest rate sensitive so as the FED keeps raising interest rates each derivative bet (all $2+ Quadrillion of them) become more dangerous and risky.
    Like Bill said, this must all be a setup to consolidate all of the smaller banks and merge them into the bigger banks to make their total life control CBDC economic system easier to implement. I call it the Mark of the Beast system.
    If this goes nuclear (nuclear war or economic meltdown or both) you will only have what you already have in your possession and won’t be able to get most things as the supply systems all fail and most people will lose their jobs. If that statement does not make you think and act as a prepper and give you a self-sufficiency mind set, there is no hope of you ever coming around and waking up.
    BYOB = Be Your Own Bank
    Grow your own food

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, if this is ‘their’ plan…likely a all hands on deck to repel borders moment? Time to grab all the physical ‘real’ assets …before they fall behind the new’ multi-national’ globalist ‘IRON CURTAIN’. = Things of real future wealth and needs like PM, timber, farm, ranch lands, while running from all thing’s debt based…
    After you read this, one might understand why the ‘globalists’ of nation states complicit in it…see seizing Russia and all their oil, uranium, and vast metal and minerals and forcing it to join/surrender their sovereignty to the globalists is so important?
    Here in the U.S. they teach ‘porn’ to the children for indoctrination and ‘gender neutrality’ to weak the culture. In China they are teaching their children with war footage and to hate and be willing to die in waves of attack if necessary for their ‘motherland’? Can’t see what they are showing…but dressing their children in camouflage rather that exposing the impressionable age viewing of ‘groomer’ drag parties…seems to have some wider goals in mind?

  93. Keith

    Putin’s draining our resources. Sucking us into a quagmire that he and Xi can use to destroy us. Just at the right time, baam- gold backed BRICS currency. We may not even have the resources left to get our people home from all of these foreign military base locations. They’re going to finish us off without firing a shot.

  94. Rich Kocis

    As usual great interviews with some of the smartest people in their fields I can only imagine how hard you work to put these productions on , having said that I really look forward to your WNW where you give your take on the current events Please don’t take this as attack Just saying your WNW are something special on there own Best Regards

  95. Robert K

    On top of CDBC, the push for war, inflation, banks collapsing, now the news lead/ propaganda narrative around the channels is “A gun epidemic happening” … The MSM is total horse manure.

    Let’s see, first they try to take our money and attempt to usher in a system that they can control what we buy, now they’re trying to disarm us and come up with bills that counter the Bruen court decision. All so we can’t defend ourselves. If you think about it, EVERYTHING in the “news” is scripted for the annihilation of the American family, USD, family unit, religion, rights, Constitution, etc. They are all willful acts and they know EXACTLY what they are doing…Planned destruction.

    • Robert K


  96. Justn Observer

    so why wouid people pull money out of theri local credit unions and small banks that support farmers and ranchers and local business….and put their money INTO bank WITH the most systemic RISK AND DERIVATIVE EXOSURE…. one would think pulling all money OUT of the BIG FIVE… the ones with the MOST TRISK to the downward spiral of a collapsing world and their BANKS in UK, CHINA, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND etc…all those that are so connected they will pull each other down…..putting money INTO local and regional banks NOT exposed to those WITH LEAST OR NO EXPOSURE might be a better choice ?

    find the least exposed and except for necessity..get away from those holding massive risk =—derivatives–der-rt.html

    Why not put some in gold depository banks like those being set up in several states, those that do not ascribe to ESG or DEI and into states where oil and gas need more to produce what WILL SAVE the nation by producing NOW what is needed for national security rather than feed Biden’s pipedreams of electric vechile being charged with LPG run generators or from failing electrical grids the will ONLY make bronw and blackouts more prevalent as we move deeper into a grand solar minimum coming into view much sooner that his pipedream will ever be realized ? As the weather becomes more sever, high winds, floods, hail, and snow….it would seem much damage to things like windmills, and panels along with deep drifts of snow in many areas will cause such to fail in the times of most need ….so….and IF other nations are only building out more gas and coal plants anyway….there is no net net to achieve anyway…so seems better to spend on technology to make burning coal, oil, diesel, natural gas to generate electricity and fuel cars and trucks is more prudent…AND hope those nations use that…rather than strip mine the world and enslave a generation of people to do it in the 3rd world…for the benefit of the few who can afford private jets, and $100K Tesla cars?
    Seems to me more smaller banks without systemic risk of derivatives and that service the nations farmers, ranchers and food and energy supply should spend a bit of advertising money and make themselves known…= more and cheaper food and energy to fight inflation…and less toward the big banks that are the promoters of war and give billions away to others to protect their borders while nothing for the U.S.

  97. Linda Walling

    Bill Holter has been our metals dealer for about 5 years now. Choosing him was one of the best decisions we have ever made financially. His answers to our questions have guided us to make some very wise choices.

  98. Steve

    Hearing rumors that Trump is going to be perp-walked next week…

  99. Hindi Cindy

    Putin’s Allies’ Fears Come True
    Story by Jon Jackson • Yesterday 4:59 PM
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on charges of war crimes.
    Pro-Kremlin media pundits may be concerned about the possibility of facing war crime charges.
    Russian state TV hosts and guests have encouraged and rationalized violence against Ukraine. Some have even suggested using nuclear weapons against Western countries.

    Trump claims he will be arrested on Tuesday amid hush money payments investigation
    40m ago ABC News
    A Trump spokesperson said there is no notification the DA “has decided to take his Witch-Hunt to the next level. President Trump is rightfully highlighting his innocence and the weaponization of our injustice system. He will be in Texas next weekend for a giant rally.”
    MORE: Michael Cohen ‘absolutely’ prepared to testify against Trump if he’s indicted

    How long before the LGBQRSTUV++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ project Mockingbird brained CIA and they’re propagandist media whores start coming after we the little sheeple people?
    Remember Trump said, they’re after us, but got to get him, to get to us.

    Watch dramatic footage of Putin’s ‘Bomber’ drone destroying NATO-made MLRS in Avdiivka / Hindustan Times 40 MINUTES AGO

    Russia likens arrest warrant against Putin to ‘Toilet Paper’; Biden welcomes war crimes charge
    Hindustan Times 63,753 views Mar 18, 2023 5 HOURS AGO
    Russia has termed the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin ‘unacceptable’ and ‘void.’ Russia, like the US, is not a party to ICC so it is unclear how Putin could ever end up in the dock. But war-torn Ukraine welcomed the announcement, with President Volodymyr Zelensky hailing it as a ‘historic decision.’ Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev compared the warrants to toilet paper, while foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said they ‘have no meaning’ for Russia.

    Putin’s men ‘trap’ Ukrainian unit in Vuhledar; Russia storms Avdiivka after Bakhmut | Watch / Hindustan Times 86,462 views Mar 18, 2023 6 HOURS AGO
    The Russian Defence Ministry has released a dramatic footage of its forces making an advance in Vuhledar near the frontline in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region. The video shows Russian troops on ground attacking Ukrainian units with air support. Meanwhile, Russian troops are on their way to encircle Avdiivka, located over 91 kms away from Bakhmut. Russian troops also foiled a counter-attack by Ukrainian forces in Zaporizhzhia. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    U.S. ‘provokes’ Russia; Flies RQ-4 Hawk drone 100 kms away from Crimea after Reaper crash | Hindustan Times 31,747 views Mar 18, 2023
    The US has sent another surveillance drone over the Black Sea days after its MQ-9 Reaper drone crashed after two Russian jets intercepted it on March 14. An RQ-4 Global Hawk flew a mission over the Black Sea on Friday, according to two US officials. The downing of a U.S. MQ-9 drone on Tuesday was the first direct U.S.-Russian incident since the Ukraine war began. Watch this video to know more.

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine JUST Made A FATAL MISTAKE
    Stephen Gardner 401,516 views Mar 17, 2023
    Scott Ritter shares how Ukraine’s Army, though they are fighting with great bravery, is simply outnumbered. The Russian army has more bullets and bodies to throw at the conflict each day. Colonel Douglas Macgregor has opined the same information. They’ve stayed too long in Bakhmut and lost tens of thousands of able soldiers. Meanwhile, Russia is training close to 300,000 men and women for the last 7 months and pumping out weapons every day.

    I Would Not Mess With Putin 🇷🇺👊- Seymour Hersh
    London Real 43K views 7 hours ago

    Douglas Macgregor: “UKRAINE WILL BE WIPED OUT” in Exclusive Interview
    Red Pilled TV 38,268 views Premiered 16 hours ago
    Douglas Macgregor: “UKRAINE WILL BE WIPED OUT” in Exclusive Interview
    Douglas Macgregor is back on the show to talk about the war in Ukraine. Macgregor gives his assessment of where things stand on the ground. They talk about the astounding casualty numbers and the horrifying nature of the battle over Bakhmut. Macgregor then gives some predictions for the next stages of the war. They talk about the rising tension with China. They agree there is no need to go to war with China but discuss what may explain the sudden attention shift towards Beijing. Lastly, they talk about the effects of cronyism in the weapons industry and the probability of a nuclear war.

    Saudi’s ‘Won’t Sell Oil’ warning to U.S. if Biden imposes Russia-like price cap | Details
    Hindustan Times 235,902 views Mar 16, 2023
    The U.S. is on the verge of losing a major oil supplier. This comes in the wake of the revival of the NOPEC bill by a group of bipartisan U.S. senators earlier this month. Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman has now warned of an oil embargo in the event of a price cap on Kingdom’s supplies. “The price ceiling, whether imposed on a country or a group of countries, and on oil or any other commodity, will lead to an adverse reaction individually or collectively, with unacceptable repercussions represented by large volatility and instability in the markets,” said Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman in an interview with Energy Intelligence published by the Saudi Press Agency. Watch this video for more details.

  100. Eli

    Putin doesn’t want to end it. Putin doesn’t want to end the war because the slower Russia goes, the faster the West collapses. I’m surprised Dr. Roberts doesn’t see this.

    Putin doesn’t want to end the war. Putin sees the west shoveling billions and billions of its ailing currency to a country that is losing, and he’s smart enough not to interrupt us hanging ourselves, as the old adage goes.

    Xi is currently having a private 3 days meeting with Putin. Afterwards, Xi is going to be meeting with lulu,
    The Brazilian socialist president, in Beijing. So no doubt, they will be discussing BRICs currency competition to the dollar. This is a mess for the United States the likes of which we’ve never seen. The slow motion car wreck is making me sick! Lord Help is! Lord Have Mercy on us.


    Furthermore, Germany and

  101. Yancy Yates NEWS

    UK, German Jets Intercept Russian Plane: NATO-Russia Conflict Inevitable?| Vantage with Palki Sharma / Firstpost 210,666 views Mar 16, 2023
    UK, German Jets Intercept Russian Plane: NATO-Russia Conflict Inevitable?|
    Vantage with Palki Sharma
    A day after a mid-air collision between a U.S. drone and a Russian jet, UK and German jets intercepted a Russian plane now. Have NATO-Russia tensions escalated already? Palki Sharma tells you more

    Reporters erupt on KJP as Biden ignores the press
    Fox Business 428K views 1 day ago
    Laffler Tengler Investment CEO and CIO Nancy Tengler and Maslansky + Partners President Lee Carter react to Karine Jean-Pierre’s statements on the Suisse Credit issues and President Biden’s avoiding reporters’ questions.

    White House reporters erupt over Biden’s lack of question taking
    Sky News Australia 23,931 views Mar 16, 2023
    White House reporters have lashed out at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre after she claimed President Joe Biden always takes their questions.

    KUYBYISHEV St., The Main Street in Samara, Russia. Walking Tour
    Baklykov. Live
    125 watching now, Started 31 minutes ago
    Kuybyishev St. is the main street in the historic city centre of Samara, Russia

  102. Barbara S.

    Great double-header, Greg. Thanks!
    Note that Edgar Cayce, the famous American futurist (whose predictions have been 90%+ accurate), said there would be a second Depression. He also predicted a second Dust Bowl. He died in 1945.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am familiar with his work. Cayce was freakishly correct many times. A depression is coming no doubt.

  103. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg- Good wrap up (as always) this week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana!

  104. Lynn Vera'vich from Belgravia
    We’ll Meet Again • Vera Lynn

  105. Keith

    Well Greg something big is going down on Tuesday 21st March. Talk of Donald Trump being arrested for committing some sort of crime. Clif High is calling for us patriots to begin next revolutionary war against moron Joe Biden and the Zionist democratic party and deep state which have taken over America. Hope you succeed and throw out the Cabal mafia which has poisoned your country. If I lived your side of the pond I would already be outside Washington getting ready to rumble with those Democratic woke trailer trash. Hope you succeed come tuesday. The eyes of the world is watching ………

    • Dave

      This is what the Deep State wants. Protests if Trump is arrested with violence which will further fracture the GOP an help Dems win the Presidency in 2024. High is reckless or he is part of the plan by TPTB. High referencing Zionists will only fuels the impression that Trump and his supporters are anti-Semitic. I suspect High’s motivations and have for a while. This reinforces my suspicions.

  106. Leo Varsey

    JUST IN: John Kennedy Delivers Epic Takedown Of Biden For ‘Bailout’ Of Silicon Valley Bank / Forbes Breaking News 917K views 3 days ago
    Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) slams President Biden for “bailing out” three banks, including Silicon Valley Bank, on the Senate floor.

    Black Conservative Patriot9.8K views 2 hours ago

  107. L.V.

    Sen. Kennedy

  108. A Different Take?

    Assassination of Anna Politkovskaya
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Spontaneous citizens’ memorial at entrance to Anna Politkovskaya’s Moscow apartment building, 7 October 2006
    On 7 October 2006, Russian journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in the elevator of her apartment block in central Moscow.

    Col. Tony Shaffer: Russia STRIKES Ukraine With DEVASTATING Blow
    Stephen Gardner 561,102 views Mar 15, 2023
    Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer goes over the hard realities of the Russia Ukraine war. Colonel Shaffer lays out what Ukraine should do next in Bakhmut, how dominate the Russian army is right now, he covers the downed US reaper drone in the black sea, talks about how the sitting president is fed bad intel by the DOD and CIA in order to keep their own missions operational. We talk president Biden and his plans for Ukraine and the US. LTC Shaffer shares where he agrees and disagrees with Scott Ritter and Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

  109. TadLinkston

    SCOTT RITTER rips into Marco Rubio & Lindsey Graham on responding to Russia’s attack on U.S. drone
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom / 13K views 1 day ago

    Buck Sexton: Hunter Biden can break whatever laws he wants
    Fox News 1,974 views Mar 18, 2023
    ‘The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show’ co-host Buck Sexton and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce analyze the Biden family’s shady business dealings on ‘Hannity.’

  110. Madcow

    Jen Psaki & Karine Jean-Pierre Risk the STABILITY of the COUNTRY to PROTECT BIDEN?! | Huckabee on TBN 2,703 views Mar 18, 2023
    The position of White House Press Secretary comes with a lot of responsibility – mainly that of trying to keep track of all the half-truths being churned out! In this clip from Live with Mike, Jen Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre are showing off their talent for doing just that! Don’t miss it!

  111. The Meek Shall Inherit EARTH!

    Revelation chapter 13 tells us that the seventh head, the Anglo-American World Power, acts as a wild beast with “two horns like a lamb, but it began speaking like a dragon.” This beast “performs great signs, even making fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the sight of mankind.” (Rev. 13:11-15) Revelation chapters 16 and 19 describe this wild beast as “the false prophet.” (Rev. 16:13; 19:20) Daniel mentions something similar, namely, that the Anglo-American World Power would “bring terrible destruction.” (Dan. 8:19, 23, 24, ftn.) That is exactly what happened during World War II. The two atomic bombs that played a decisive role in ending that war in the Pacific were the results of a joint effort by British and American scientists. The Anglo-American World Power, in effect, made “fire come down out of heaven to the earth.”
    A prostitute sitting on top of a scarlet-colored wild beast that has seven heads and ten horns. The beast that ends up in the lake of fire.
    It is being ridden by a prostitute, Babylon the Great. The beast is described as an eighth king. (Rev. 17:3-6, 8, 11) At first the prostitute controls the wild beast, but later she is destroyed by it. The prostitute represents the world empire of false religion. The beast today represents the United Nations, which promotes the interests of the worldwide political system.
    Next we see another wild beast. This one looks almost the same as the seven-headed wild beast with the exception that it is scarlet-colored. It is called “the image of the wild beast” and is described as “an eighth king.” * (Read Revelation 13:14, 15; 17:3, 8, 11.) This “king” is spoken of as coming into existence, then going out of existence, and later reappearing. How well this description fits the United Nations organization, which promotes the interests of the worldwide political system! It existed first as the League of Nations. Then it went out of existence during World War II. It later emerged again in its present-day form.
    By means of their propaganda, the political beasts stir up opposition to the creator God and his people. Symbolically, they gather “the kings of the entire inhabited earth” together to the war of Armageddon, which is “the great day of God the Almighty.” (Rev. 16:13, 14, 16) But we will have nothing to fear. Our great God, Yahweh or the highway, english Jehovah, will react swiftly to save all those who support his rulership.​—Ezek. 38:21-23.
    What happens to all the beasts? Revelation 19:20 answers: “The wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who worship its image. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulfur.” So while they are still functioning, these political enemies of God will be destroyed forever.

    What does this mean for us? As Christians, we must be loyal to God and his Kingdom. (John 18:36) To do so, we need to remain as possible neutral with regard to this world’s wars and political affairs. Such neutrality can be extremely difficult, though, because the world’s governments demand our full support, both in word and in deed. Those who succumb to their pressure receive the mark of the wild beast. (Rev. 13:16, 17) Any who receive that mark, however, will incur God’s disapproval and lose out on everlasting life. (Rev. 14:9, 10; 20:4) How important it is, then, for each one of us to maintain strict neutrality, [Switzerland] no matter what pressure is put on us to do otherwise!
    What surprising thing does the apostle John next see, as described at Revelation 17:3-5?
    The apostle John mentions that he “was greatly amazed” by something else he saw. What was it? A woman riding one of these ferocious beasts. (Rev. 17:1, 2, 6) She is portrayed as a “great prostitute” and is called “Babylon the Great.” She commits “sexual immorality” with “the kings of the earth.”​—Read Revelation 17:3-5.
    Who is “Babylon the Great”? This woman cannot represent a political organization because she is spoken of as committing immorality with the world’s political leaders. (Rev. 18:9) In fact, she endeavors to control these rulers, symbolically riding them.
    Additionally, she cannot represent the greedy commercial elements of Satan’s world. These are portrayed separately as “the merchants of the earth.”​—Rev. 18:11, 15, 16.

    In the Scriptures, the term “prostitute” can refer to those who claim to serve God but engage in some form of idolatry or in some other way become friends of the world. (1 Chron. 5:25; Jas. 4:4) By contrast, those who faithfully worship God are referred to as being “chaste” or as “virgins.” (2 Cor. 11:2; Rev. 14:4) Ancient Babylon was a center of false worship. So, then, Babylon the Great must represent all forms of false worship. In fact, she is the world empire of false religion.​—Rev. 17:5, 18
    What will happen to Babylon the Great? Revelation 17:16, 17 answers that question this way: “The ten horns that you saw and the wild beast, these will hate the prostitute and will make her devastated and naked, and they will eat up her flesh and completely burn her with fire. For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought.” Yes, God will motivate the nations to use the scarlet-colored wild beast, that is, the United Nations, to turn on the world empire of false religion and completely destroy it.​—Rev. 18:21-24.
    What does this mean for us? We need to maintain “the form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God.” (Jas. 1:27) Never would we want to allow ourselves to be influenced by the false teachings, the pagan celebrations, the lax moral standards, and the spiritistic practices of Babylon the Great! And we would continually call out to people to “get out of her,” so that they can avoid sharing in her guilt before God.​—Rev. 18:4.
    A fiery-colored dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven diadems breathing power to the wild beasts described in the books of Daniel and Revelation. The dragon ends up in the lake of fire.
    Satan gives authority to the wild beast. (Rev. 12:3, 9, 13; 13:4; 20:2, 10) As God’s greatest enemy, Satan will be abyssed for 1,000 years. After that, Satan will be hurled into “the lake of fire and sulfur”
    The book of Revelation also describes “a great fiery-colored dragon.” (Rev. 12:3) This dragon fights against Jesus and his angels. (Rev. 12:7-9) It attacks God’s people, and it gives power to the political beasts. (Rev. 12:17; 13:4) Who is this dragon? It is “the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan.” (Rev. 12:9; 20:2) He is the one behind all the other enemies of the father God.
    So what happens to the dragon? Revelation 20:1-3 explains that an angel will hurl Satan into an abyss, which represents a prisonlike confinement. During that confinement, Satan will “not mislead the nations anymore until the 1,000 years [have] ended.” Finally, Satan and his demons will be destroyed once and for all, represented by their being hurled into “the lake of fire and sulfur.” (Rev. 20:10) Just imagine a world without Satan and his demons. What a wonderful time that will be!
    How encouraging it is to understand the meaning of these signs that are recorded in the book of Revelation! Not only have we been able to identify the enemies of our Christian God, but we have also seen what will happen to them. Yes, “happy is the one who reads aloud and those who hear the words of this prophecy”! (Rev. 1:3) But once God’s enemies have been removed, can you imagine the blessings that Adam and Eve threw away, that faithful mankind will enjoy?
    No more lamstream legacy media! They’ll be under permanent cage orders!

  112. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg Hunter, Paul Craig Roberts and Bill Holter. You help keep me sane in this insane reality. God bless you and yours. I greatly appreciate that I can read the comments from very intellegent people. Thank you all.

  113. Marie Joy

    President Trump is scheduled to be arrested, Tuesday, for something that is way past the Statute of Limitations. Trump had his lawyer pay Stormy Daniels, $130,000, to settle her legal suit. I thought that kind of thing happens all the time. He did it as legally as he could.

  114. Lyle Christensen

    Mr.Roberts asked:”Why doesn’t Putin just end this war and get it over with?” Does any0ne remember Muhamad Alis’ famous ‘ROPE-A-DOPE”? He took to the ropes and tired his opponents out and then beat them.
    Zelensky and Biden sucked the U.S into this rope-a-dope war. Putin is just sitting back watching Biden further deplete Americas’ war weapons and at the same time kill our own economy by funding Zelensky the dictator. Putin is watching and remembering how Afghanistan defeated the Russian economy. Putin rode that crazy train once and knows the score and sees Biden on another crazy train getting ready to derail. All the while, Biden does not care-no he does not care if the U.S. falls. He hastens the decline by the day one way or the other as he serves the globalist NWO agenda.

  115. Prospector

    ” Principalities and Powers ” , the enemy is big on symbols , numbers and anniversary dates. The Skull & Bones chapter at Yale University where Bush’s and Kerry were is post number 322. Watch March 22 ( 3/22 ) for any important stuff.

  116. Marty

    Bank failed. Bank bailed. Tax cattle nailed.

  117. Justn Observer

    link from a friend in Oregon….looks like smaller independent farmers and ranchers will be needing friendly banks more than ever…
    Alarming Report Shows Over 180 Banks Have the Same Risks as SVB and Could Fail if Bank Runs Persist=

  118. Amanda

    I think this war and all the other wars are orchestrated by the central bankers who rule the world–see Mike Rivero’s All Wars are Bankers Wars for the true reason for the wars and who benefits.
    Also, please watch this video with Col. Fletcher Prouty–he was an eye witness to history at many key moments. During WW2 he was a cargo pilot and early on in this video he talks about seeing them set up for the Korean War and the Vietnam War before WW2 was even over!! And he asks: “who made those decisions” and then talks about how there is a ruling elite behind the scenes:
    The Real Mr. X- Col Fletcher Prouty Interview with EIR
    This 1992 interview has excellent insights into the ongoing fight against oligarchy that we are involved in. Colonel Prouty gives us a look at the inner workings of the US intelligence community from the inside. If you don’t have time to read his book, “The Secret Team: The CIA And Its Allies In Control Of The World,” watch this video. His description of the period after WWII leading into the Vietnam War is critical for Americans to understand.
    More evidence of these wars being orchestrated and scripted is here:
    ‘A II II 18’: Franz Ferdinand’s prophetic number plate
    The number plate of the car carrying Franz Ferdinand when he was shot bears a strange coincidence to the end of the Great War.
    And I highly recommend all Americans listen to Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard hotel. He was an insider, assistant to Bernard Baruch (yesterday’s Soros/Rothschild front man), and he saw the behind the scenes intrigues that got America into WW1 and who was controlling President Wilson. True history has been hidden from us and humanity is on the brink of destruction because we don’t know our true history and who our real enemies are (the banking cartel and the debt based monetary system which took over America in 1913, as discussed in Bill Still’s The Money Masters and Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism)

  119. Ira Eliiott

    What Dr. Robert’s and all your other guests don’t see because you are Americans is the bank failures and the fighting in Ukraine is part of the same war. Putin and the Russians know how dumb Legarde, Yelled, Powell and all other western leaders are. The reason the Russians don’t end the fighting in Ukraine is two fold. First they know American weapons are obsolete and don’t work. Even if all of NATO joined the Ukraine war what will they do other then throw stones? All of the west is nearly out of ammunition. The other reason the Russians don’t end the Ukraine war is they know the longer the sanctions are on the more western banks will fail and if they can collapse the derivatives the entire west fails. Russia has a self sufficient economy and if the western empire collapses Russia is the only country that will be left standing

    • Greg Hunter

      I said the war was wrong from the beginning, and that the financial sanctions would backfire big-time. We are on the same page. The plan was to wear Russia down, the opposite is happening.

  120. John D, GaNun

    There was mention of the weapons for Ukraine going to Africa; was it just corruption in Ukraine, or a NATO plan? Thierry Meyssan at Voltairenet wrote about this last year. He thinks the next war will be in that part of Africa called “The Sahel”, and the weapons are getting there according to plan. .

  121. GP

    Take it easy with all these crazy ad interruptions Greg!! Man are things that tough your way…..dont nickel and dime us with these things.

  122. freedomdog

    With all due respect to both guest and everyone on here commenting and listening. Who is the bifgger idiot? All of these world leaders and heads of the worlds central banks or US? ( not the united States of America in this eample).
    We are the bigger idiot for not seeing whats going on an believing the lies FOR CENTURIES….
    Why cant we see whats really going on?
    Here it is plain and simple:
    Its a war on the predominate White, Christian western nations of the world….period.
    All the major players involved to varying degrees are all plaing their part in this global takeover now underway in earnest. They create distraction, economic distruption,wars,upsetting the social order as so on.
    If you cant see it you are lost.
    And no Jesus will not be coming to save you because you will not do anything yourself – in my opion. We cant seem to do anything else but bitch and moan about the plight we all find overselves in -and in varying degrees have contributaed to througout our lives -by believing and aquesing to the “state”
    Pull your head out of your ass.
    Admin please feel free to edit out sections and post the remaing
    Thank You

  123. Robert K


    Bill Holter was correct, as per usual.

    News breaking that G7 central banks to boost dollar funding. The US Federal Reserve, the Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, and Swiss National Bank. The move will “enhance the provision of liquidity via the standing US dollar liquidity swap line arrangements”

    This comes on the heels of UBS acquiring Credit Suisse.

  124. Pam

    Why don’t you interview Mike Gill out of NH……………Knows a lot about the SVB scam……

  125. Randy Best

    It appears the US$ is going from monopoly money to confetti.

  126. Shae

    Maybe…Russia and China wanted it to escalate? Their partnering this last week did not come about suddenly.

    Perhaps Putin isn’t so weak or dull witted as we may tend to think?

    Surely would explain why Putin didn’t end this in the first few days as Dr. Roberts said he certainly had the ability to do.

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