Beginning of a Breakdown in International Trade-Hugo Salinas Price

5By Greg Hunter’s

Mexican business magnate Hugo Salinas Price says that there are “many more” devaluations coming for China’s currency. Salinas Price thinks that many other countries will cut the value of their currencies because the world economy is in deep trouble. Salinas Price contends, “When China does this, that is very serious. Already, the United States is receiving huge quantities of Chinese goods. It has an enormous trade deficit with China, and now that they devalued, it’s going to get worse. There is going to have to be a corresponding move on the part of the United States. . . . This is going to be the beginning of a breakdown in international trade. Is the United States going to stand by because China continues to devalue? How much has the Chinese currency been devalued, not even 8%. That’s not going to help the Chinese much. When you have a devaluation, it has to be about 40%. Then it really has teeth in it. I think the Chinese will continue to devalue.”

Salinas Price points out the real problem comes from countries printing money out of thin air and goes on say, “This entire fiat money circus the world has been on is coming to a head. I see many comments from diverse people, and the problems are just mounting up. You have Greece with 11 million people, and if they get this last bit of money, they will have some $400 billion of debt. How can 11 million people work off a debt of $400 billion? It just can’t be done. The people running the euro are in dreamland.”

It’s not just Greece or the European Union. Salinas Price, an 83 year old billionaire, says, “The world has never been in such a plight. The world has never gotten into such a situation—never. The United States receives goods from China and sends them dollars, and they can send them any amount of dollars. . . . There is no longer balanced trade in the world. There are imbalances that are built into the system. What that has lead up to is this present chaos. This is going to come apart in a very ugly way sooner or later.”

The other big problem is the huge amount of bond debt floating around in the world. The central banks are trying to “stop a deluge of liquidations.” Salinas Price explains, “It means that the owners of the debt get wiped out. Somebody owns all that debt. It can’t be liquidated. It’s going to go into default, and that will mean a loss for all those holders of debt. . . . People think they have jillions of dollars or euros or whatever currency, and it’s all going to come to nothing, it can’t be liquidated. The debtors cannot pay. . . .Greece is the whole world. The whole world is in huge debt, which is unpayable. . . . So, this thing is like a cloud that is hanging up there, and then it begins to rain. The whole debt is going to come down like a cloud burst. We are going to be drowning in worthless paper. . . . I think the world is going to have an epileptic fit.” 

On gold, Salinas Price says, “I have a feeling we may be at a bottom in gold. I also think when we see a rising trend of gold, that will be the last rising trend that we see. It will lead to a new monetary order in the world. . . . When it starts rising again, it is going to rise a heck of a lot, and that will be the last rise in the price of gold because after that comes a new monetary order. I don’t think the world can wait or there will be anymore declines in the price of gold because of speculation. This is the last gasp for gold. . . . It will be leading up to a new world order.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mexican business magnate Hugo Salinas Price.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 
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  1. chip

    Greg, what he was saying at the end was getting very interesting about gold going up for the last time before a whole new system kicks in. I wish you would have asked him what he thinks will happen to gold, after that. I have a feeling that he believes that gold will NOT be a component of the new system, but will be shrouded in total silence, never to be discussed again. That would help ensure control for those running the show.

    • al hall

      Greg/Chip: One of his last comments was ” and we’ll have a NEW WORLD ORDER”
      Shazam- I believe I’ve heard that phase before?? Oh- it was Bush 41- and his clan – and then the New World order exposed by Rockefeller:
      Gold to infinity – this is true. If the dollar and other currencies are worthless- how much will gold/silver be worth! Sky is the limit!!!


    • Joseph

      What he might have meant is that the new Global Currency will be tied to gold, like a new Bretton Woods, so the price of gold would be fixed to say 40 Phoenix (I took the name from a 1988 Economist article about the World currency of the future). That excludes any notion of price change and makes sense because it would make it easier for Countries that accumulate gold, like Russia and China, to be integrated (become Subjects depending on your point of view) in the New World Order, without loosing their holdings. But ,as Edward Griffin said in a previous interview with Greg, in the end if a New World Order comes to pass, it won’t matter whether you have gold or silver or whatever, because eventually the Elites will have the power to simply take it from you. However, at first at least, those holding real assets,like precious metals,will do better than most.

      • terry44

        Are you saying that owning jewelry would become illegal, or just bullion?

  2. Seleucus McCain

    The New World’s Foundation Now Being Formed

    Marvelous is the fact that the foundation of God’s new world is being formed right now on this site, even as Satan’s old world degenerates. Before our very eyes, God is collecting people from all nations and forming them into the foundation of a new earthly society that will soon replace today’s disunited world. In the Bible, at 2 Peter 3:13, this new society is called “a new earth.”

    2 Bible prophecy also says: “In the final part of the days [the time in which we now live] . . . , many peoples will certainly go and say: ‘Come, you people, and let us go up to the mountain of God [his true worship], . . . and he will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths.’”—Isaiah 2:2-3.

    That prophecy is now being fulfilled among those who submit to ‘God’s ways and walk in his paths.’ The last book of the Bible speaks of this peace-loving international society of people as “a great crowd . . . out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues,” a true global brotherhood serving God unitedly. And the Bible also says: “These are the ones that come out of the great tribulation.” That is, they will survive the end of this evil system of things.—Revelation 7:9, 14; Matthew 24:3

    • paul

      Yes … “The last book of the Bible speaks of a peace-loving international society of people from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues” … a true “global brotherhood” serving God … where the notion of “righteous war” is considered absurd and immoral … and therefore dispelled from the human psyche!

      • paul

        Some may say I am a dreamer … however the Bible says Man’s nature is made “in the image of God” (thus man possesses divine qualities that are indestructible and inalienable) … and if we are to believe the words of the Bible that man is made “after the likeness of God” it means our character is “potentially” divine … thus … all of mankind should strive to approach (not recede from) the “likeness” of God … when Mary was “seeded” with Christ it was so he could walk among us and teach us to strive for peace … for all men are brothers.

        • Grafique

          Respectfully, all men aren’t brothers. Those who are Born Again have been translated from the line/heritage of Adam to the line/heritage of Christ. We are not of this world as are the natural men. We are “a new creation”.
          Jesus himself will say to them, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” He wouldn’t say that to a brother.

        • Charles H.


          I appreciate the positive outlook you express; yet am puzzled where no evil is taken in consideration. Evil is definitely a part of the whole, both in Creation and who we are.
          Romans 3:23 confirms all have sinned, so that all are sinners. And that Sin removed mankind from Innocence, and became part of our innate nature. The characteristic of form – made in the image of God, was changed with the onset of Sin: so that the attributes man possesses were affected with Evil. So that, in this world, between the absolute polarities of Good and Evil: one can determine to gravitate toward the Good; but the normal bent is toward the Evil – the we like sheep have gone astray.
          In the presence and possession of Evil: man cannot reform from the power which is beyond him; and good works or good intentions cannot suffice. Nothing but the intermediary office and work of Jesus Christ, in the Biblical Salvation clearly taught, does God save and impart spiritual ‘new birth’ to begin the path of true righteousness. “For the Son of man has come to save that which was lost.” Matt.18:11. Until one gets to that helpless condition of “lost”: they cannot be saved. And only Salvation is restoration into the divine nature, because God alone performs it.
          Also, Mary was not “seeded”, but “overshadowed” by the Almighty. Changing words and concepts here is highly not advisable. Man-made hydrochloric acid and God-made water aren’t that much different: but there is only one you would want to drink. Words for the mind work this way as well.
          And finally, there is a relationship all men have toward other men: because they ALL proceed from the stock of humanity: but this does NOT make all men ‘brothers’. Spiritually there are “wheat” and “tares”, good and evil growing together. This is an important distinction to make. And I draw a line on the idea of ‘brotherhood’ – with those who would steal, injure, or kill others. Closing your eyes or wearing ‘rose-colored glasses’ is not practical or safe in the real world. Evil, is not to be overlooked or ignored: because the world is going whole-hog in that direction.

    • Matties

      Download the PDF and be surprised how God arranged things around whilst everything was in the Torah.

  3. Irene

    Again a great interview! You are a very good interviewer interviewing very great people. Just thinking as China goes on with devaluations, then it will affect US debt negatively, so in that sense this would this also be a kind of devaluation of the Dollar? It this happens it looks that the Fed’s interest game does not make so much sense anymore because China is doing the “dirty” work.

  4. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Hugo Salinas Price is one great guy. Wise in the extreme with age choosing to brush to one side your compliments Greg! Fascinating to get his take from Mexico.

  5. Steve

    Great interview, Greg! Is it possible to get a follow up question to Mr. Price. Right at the tail end of the interview he said this is leading up to a nwo. I would love to hear his thoughts on how this is going to end up. We must assume that the world’s largest creditor nation will have the lead role with the rest of the BRICS. What kind of world does he see with the new monetary standard that will be agreed upon? More freedom, less freedom, more trade less trade? We all know this is going to be a painful ride, but in the end, we have an opportunity to create something new. Does he believe the BRICS have what it takes to build something beneficial for all humanity?

    Keep landing the big fish, nicely done!

  6. David

    Greg: Great interview. All good points by Mr. Salinas. Thank you and warmest regards.

  7. woody188

    The way out is to declare currency manipulations such as China’s trade protectionism and apply a corresponding tariff. Call a spade a spade and move on. This idea that we have to keep accepting unfair trade practices because some countries won’t let their value rise in another market segment is a game of semantics and language and it must end.

    • art barnes

      Did you listen to the interview? The guest explained that a reserve currency is not designed to to what you propose, simply because of that status. Made sense to me. If I hadn’t understood what he was saying I would agree with you. ab

      • woody188

        Which is why China won’t get reserve status. But again, that is a game of semantics. The dollar can remain reserve currency while limiting damage to the US market by communists that refuse to properly value their own currency.

        • Charles H.

          “Refuse to properly value their currency”? Then printing trillions of Dollars out of thin air, which dilutes and devalues, is proper?

  8. JC Davis

    Greg even with the bad video I could listen to MR Price another hour. Sweet spirit, wise, and a true gentleman. He gave a clear picture of just how bad the world economic debt really is. If someone ask what would I say if we see no changes by November I will point out this big picture MR Price just gave. It is not so much what will happen as it is what has happened. Divide 400 billion among 11 million people and you start to see the world picture. I tried to do the math, and could not. Anyway thank for the interview.

    • JC Davis

      36.3 Euro per man woman and child was my math.

      • JMiller

        I got 36,363 euros per person.

      • jimha

        That would be $36,364.00 Euros per person – not 36.3

      • Stuart

        I think the number is 36,363.64 Euro per man/woman/child is it not?

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Try 36,363 Euro per man woman.

      • paul

        JC … re-check your math … it is more like 36,363 euro’s per man woman and child!

      • Evan J

        It’s €36,363.63 for each of the 11 million people. Interesting number isn’t it?

      • WD


      • JC Davis

        Well we now know when it gets into money I will never see I cant divide. LOL Thanks for correcting me all.

    • al hall

      JC/Greg: The “banksters” of the world have planned this debt crisis on the peoples of the world. Elected-bought and paid for – politicians have chosen to put this debt on the peoples, yet the bankster are the creators and it can be proven. When this crashes comes down around us I hope the people realize it’s not your neighbors at fault. Go after the real crooks- government officials that sold us out and the bankster crime families and the fed leaders They are all part of this scam..

    • woody188

      US debt per person is roughly $48,484.84.

      • woody188

        If you do the total derivative exposure (est. $100 trillion) US debt per capita is $303,030.30.

        • woody188

          If one considers that roughly half the US population is on some form of government aid, those figures become even more grim.

          • JC Davis

            Yeah ! Woody 188 they will have good luck getting blood from a turnip. I love this site. Thinkers !

  9. vic

    Absolutely wonderful interview Greg. Hugo delivers all you need to know in
    20 minutes. As a metals guy…. we all need to listen, relax and know we have made the
    correct choice. Thank you very much and very special 20 minutes indeed!!!!

  10. Markp

    Another great interview Greg, congratulations. What a nice guy! I wish he had expanded on his comments, e.g. “This is the last gasp for gold. . . It will be leading up to a new world order” , and, “a new monetary order.” What will it mean for us? and for gold [holders]?

  11. David


    Thank you for all the hard work that you do on this website!
    Is there any possibility of a global reset, where in the simplest of terms, everyone who is owed something has a monetary credit put in their account and the debitor’s obligations are eliminated?

  12. Andy

    I like and respect Mr. Price but am with Trump. Mexico does nothing and sends their pos scumbags over here so we have to deal with them . Sorry , but I think we need two fences with a half mile dead space. You go in there and you get a .50 cal . We deport all illegals, period. You want to come here you pass background and follow the damned law! Screw the bleeding hearts, they caused this crap.

    • Marcelo

      “and follow the damned law! ” Yeah sure, because stealing 70 % of Mexico was according to the law. Go back to school and read some history books.

      • Grafique

        That’s an argument that I hear a lot – that America is unjust because we “stole” land from Indians and Mexico.
        It’s a ridiculous, meaningless argument. Those who colonized this country were simply following normal WORLDWIDE practices when they came here. Everyone around the world was doing the same thing. Even the Indians regularly took land from each other. And who did the Mexicans originally displace?
        The fact is, this is now America, not Mexico. Live with it.

      • Charles H.


        With all due respect – that 70% you mention was only markings on a map. No real Mexican presence was north of the Rio Grande, and the Indian kept them out. When Americans revolted and won Texas from Mexico, ALONE: that was a fair and square fight. Ten years later, Santa Ana, knowing it to be a lost cause, but believing the insult too much for pride to refuse: declared war against ALL America. The end result? Thousand s of compatriots dead; but millions of US Dollars in which to enjoy life – with a throne, and a Court, and a crown. It’s you who knows little of history. Apparently – Obama learned from Santa Ana: never let a crisis go to waste.

    • dbcooper

      Andy/Greg, While I agree with all comments that Mr. Salinas-Price is a very wise and thoughtful gentleman and you did a good interview… yes Trump is a bull in the china shop… but why is building a wall along the southern border ludicrous? If we still adhered to the rule of law in this country a whole bunch of banksters would be in the joint kowtowing to Bu Bu and we would not have this illegal alien issue . Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • art barnes

      I am out of my chair, standing up and clapping, its about time someone said it, and, by the way MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL (one way or the other).

      • Chip

        Andy, db, and art, spot on, i’m with you… Chip

    • Mary Casey

      This is not an immigration issue. America is being systematically and aggressively invaded by a foreign power; we are being colonized and the U.S. government refuses to defend our borders.

      According to the New York Times, former Mexican President Calderon stated, “….Mexico does not stop at its border, wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico” (article by James C. McKinley Jr., September 3, 2007). Calderon may defend his statement via Chapter II, Article 30 of the Constitution of Mexico which states in part, “Mexicans by birth are those born in a foreign country of Mexican parents; of a Mexican father and a foreign mother; or of a Mexican mother and an unknown father….” “Dreamers” and “anchor babies” are Mexicans and their children are citizens of Mexico.

      According to Mexico’s Constitution, Trump would only be escorting Mexican citizens back to their Homeland.

      Many years ago, I lived on the border and I can tell you when the government wanted to keep the illegals out; the government kept the illegals out. But now, the government no longer wants to keep the illegals out (for many reasons I will not address now).

      Consider a state government agency, Oklahoma State Department of Human Services, sponsoring a ”Hispanic Fair” in the Oklahoma State Capitol building with a booth sponsored by the federal Small Business Administration passing out flyers written totally in Spanish for business classes held totally in Spanish at the Oklahoma City University on how to establish a business in the United States.

      • Marcelo

        “America is being systematically and aggressively invaded by a foreign power” Mexico WAS INVADED BY A FOREIGN POWER when it lost the north of the country in the hands of “the indispensable , exceptional and God chosen country”. But stealing half of Mexico was not enough, 40/50 years later, the God chosen country went after Cuba. But it is very good that you put in black and white what many people in the US think about this issue. Now everything is quite clear, on one side the English speaking Anglos, on the other the Spanish speaking world. I am in the later side and I have bad news for you. From a demographic point of view, your side will lose the batlle. By the way, do not get me wrong, I have nothing against US people and work with many and interact with them everyday and we even talked about this many times. But this people are well educated and informed, people who have been living abroad for many years. The problem are not the people who are usually polite and friendly, the problem are the elites that are diabolical.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please look up the Gadsden Purchase The U.S. did NOT steal anything.

        • Mary Casey

          Marcelo, Greg is correct.

          I was raised in beautiful Las Cruces/Mesilla, Nuevo Mexico where the Gadsden Purchase treaty was consummated by the raising of the United States flag in the nearby Mesilla Plaza.

          It may be difficult to comprehend that the locals actually celebrate this day. Take a drive along U.S. Hwy-10 between El Paso and Mexico; look south across the border at the poverty; then north at the prosperity and asked yourself, “What makes the difference between these two landscapes?” These are banks of the same river and yet worlds apart; the river’s water touches both countries and yet one side is desolate and one side is fertile.

          The difference is not the people; people have the same desires on both sides of the river. The difference is not the soil; the soil is bleak desert on both sides of the river. (And the difference is not the language with “English speaking Anglos (on one side), on the other the Spanish speaking world”.)

          The difference is the government. It’s the difference between a government that honors its people and a government that demands its people honor it.

          I referenced ex-Presidente Calderon statement, “….Mexico does not stop at its border, wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico”, and one must wonder if the intent was not to build his army of invaders using poverty and corruption. (With help from the U.S.)

          And when the attacks weaken, the rallying cry is sent up that, “the U.S. stole Mexico….take it back!” A war cry to instigate dissension, discord and to move the battle forward.

          Don’t fall for it. Don’t be Presidente Fox, Presidente Calderon, Presidente Nieto and President Obama’s soldier puppet.

          People do not risk their life to ESCAPE Mexico, to escape poverty, to escape the drug cartels and its violence, to escape corruption only to replicate that same corrupt system in the United States. If not for the instigator and the people who “need a cause”….(any cause will do)…. I will never be convinced that a thinking person would escape from a county they could not survive in, but then think they have the administrative talent to tell us how to govern this country.

          The lesser side of me would give the land back….in the same condition we received it…..barren desert! And, under the Mexican government, it would still be that way in 50 years.

          Las Cruces/Mesilla is a tough area, with tough people where “Amnesty Day” is when the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department will remove any explosives, ammunition, weapons, bomb materials or military ordnance from your property with no questions asked.

          However, if you have not visited this area, you must. There is so much beauty; it takes your breath away. (Don’t go in March.…dust storms). To some the Chihuahua desert, christened Jornada del Muerto (Journey of the Dead), is too desolate; but they only need time to appreciate the beauty. (Unfortunately, we lost two French tourists just this month in the White Sands National Park……two 20 ounces bottles of water for 3 people….sadly within two hours the parents were dead; however, their son survived.)

          Finally, the United States is fast becoming a government that demands its people honor it rather than a government that honors its people. This may be Mexico sooner than you think.

  13. andyb

    He’s obviously correct that any devaluation of the USD is totally dependent upon a rise in the price of gold, and absent that rise, can not be done unilaterally, even by the FED or USTreasury. It will depend upon the action of another sovereign, probably either by Russia and/or China to announce a new higher gold price. I see that coming soon, because as HSP says, China’s 8% devaluation is marginal at best; 40% is what would make a difference. If China did announce a new gold price, the initial response would be that tons of gold would start flowing East for the arbitrage and the coup de gras for the Western nations would be the global call for independent gold audits, which could not be allowed. The problem is that wars have been started over much less.

  14. Buck

    Another great interview! Is there any way to print the transcripts around the 17:35 mark? The audio gets dodgy during some very critical parts.

  15. Chip

    Could listen to HSP all day and them some. This guy is the wisest of the wise sages. Humble, smart, and a joy to listen to. Thanks for having him on Greg… Chip

    • JC Davis

      I agree Chip. After the interview I thought how nice it would be to pick his brain for a couple hours.

      • Chip

        Exactly what i was thinking JC… Chip

  16. Art Barnes

    Greg, the Central Banks are becoming toast with less tools to continue the paper game to infinity. However, they are remarkably resilient, but even they haven’t got the tools to keep the charade going forever. I believe, however, that they are far from done, believing that in a couple of months big changes (collapse, etc.) are coming is quite naive, the world is just not that ready for that. The U.S. is losing status in the world, but it will take more time in order for the world to find a new road away from the dollar and the Central Banking fiat scam. That is not to say that big changes are not on their way, a blind an can see that, its just that its farther off than one is lead to believe. There has to be, in my humble opinion, some clear new system, which can be used to scam the people of the world that is defined & ready to go before the big events start to happen. At this point in time, its clear that its not ready and or developed enough to tout its virtues if you will. Also, the U.S. is not a third world country yet with a middle class still for the most part in tact, that is slowly deteriorating
    away though it should not take that long, a decade more or less. Once the U.S. is a largely a stagflation(ary) country of unemployed non-productive poor citizens then the world will demand it step aside and allow something else to emerge. This third world scenario is playing out everyday all over the country with one living wage job loss at at time; frankly, its soon to be the new norm. So, I ramble on, but my premise is that we are far from collapse at this point, that isn’t to say things are not that bad, just not bad enough yet; the planes still fly, first-responders still respond, lights in your home still can be counted on, gas for your car is still plentiful, etc. Once all those things are hit and miss then you can look for the big changes to happen. Also, that is not to say that one should not prepare for change. Its just that it is still beyond the horizon. In the meantime know your work continues to shine brightly on a moonless night at sea.

    • james chudzinski

      I am sorry but you are wrong about the timing,we are only months away, Even if nothing else bad happens , the back up Catastrophy is going to be California in about six months, when they run out of water and every person and business will be fleeing out as fast as they can. California will be getting no water, count on that.

    • BanjoPat

      Art, don’t forget the powers that be are not going to wait for a collapse and certainly will not wait to be fired by the Donald. They will want their war game’s, “WWIII”.
      Only a miracle will stop them! They will have to bring it all down sooner than later. They don’t want “we the people,” in their way, or they would suffer the consequences! That means no election for The Donald or any one else. It’ll be a cold cruel world. Hope and pray something super, super natural steps in to save our necks! They will secure the domain.

    • Chip

      Interesting perspective Art. I think it could happen tomorrow or just as you describe. I hope you are right as it gives us all much more time to prepare. I’ve bought land in the country and have a contract pending on my house. So your scenario is certainly preferable to an imminent collapse…. Chip

  17. Rock

    Great interview… Hugo is a real gentleman and a scholar. Wish the world had more leaders like him.

  18. Southern Girl


    What a stellar interview! HSPrice is a wonderful critical thinker, with his age he has seen a lot and know history repeats itself. I loved what you said, “Greece is really the whole world.” You are right about that. I guess if you take our debt and divide by the number of people, it might help some of the unbelievers understand WE CANNOT PAY THE DEBT.

    He talks about those that hold the bonds will end up empty handed. So does that mean the banks will go belly up? By then the paper will be toilet paper. But yet they have used the QE to infinity to buy up mortgages baked securities …so they will own everybody’s homes, warehouse, store, malls, etc. Am I getting this right??? If not somebody explain it to me, please. I only had Econ I in college.

    He is also right about the next war will not be fought in Europe ..I think Russia will get tired of our bullying and could use one of their nuclear subs to give a big surprise. He talked about the little men who call themselves strategists..they are psychopaths. These hawkish dumbo’s don’t seem to think we could be the ones that get hit with a nuke.

    Is the new Global Currency Reset when we go back on the gold system? That is the only thing I can see. I’m not sure what it will look like but we are going to have to go back to real money.

    • Chip

      SG, if you divide our 18.5 trillion by 310 million population it is roughly $60,000 for every man, woman and child in the USSA. BUT, that does not include our 100 to 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities… Chip

  19. hobuk

    Thank you for having Mr. Salinas-Price. I agree that this country is being led by crazy “little men.” Great description. Trump is okay, but right now America needs a man like Putin for President. In recent years, he’s made many smart moves and is definitely a man who works at solutions. Americans don’t remember when Russia was our closest ally.

  20. Southern Girl


    Just found this on It is the latest from Jonathan Cahn. Make sure you watch the You Tube message…it was just done the other day. He does talk about preparing, not only spiritually but what we will need during this shaking…justice will come to Amerika because of what we have done in this land.

    • frederick

      Remember Diane Reidy the stenographer who started a rant at the capitol about how we cannot serve two masters and was taken away to a psych ward as a lunatic Well Greg with all the insanity i am watching in DC İ am beginning to believe we should have listened to her better regards to everyone frederick

  21. Matt

    Ill take lead and copper first. Gold enought to hang in there and silver more so. But lead and copper nose first.

  22. Mary Casey

    Wow! Today the market must have heard your interview with Mr. Price. Gold up. Market down. More and more its like your guests speak it and it happens. Thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed and on the right path both financially and spiritually.

  23. Charles H.


    The cut-out’ on the feed must be his Internet Provider. He must have Telecable, like me!

    Interesting metaphor – a cloud-burst of rain, when debt becomes distrust/default.

    Back when the PRI (70 year ruling-party for Mexico) just chose who would be next in line to succeed the exiting president – got an outspoken “candidate”, Luis Colosio. Colosio began to spout all the radical changes he had in mind BEFORE the elections, believing he was a shoe-in. He was summarily assassinated before the election and Ernesto Zedillo took his place, and got shoed-in. Interesting.

    Those who owe will lose what they owe on. Say it ain’t so…

    • frederick

      well think about what happened during the last great deflationary event before WW2 people couldnt pay their obligations and the vultures(those with cash or gold) swept everything of value up at pennies on the dollar Dont believe it cannot happen again and the leverage today is a hundred times greater then back then FEAR NOT and pay down debt

  24. Diane D

    Excellent interview. Thank you Greg and thank you Mr. Price. It was sobering to say the least. The financial world is a house of cards.

    The elites may want one more big payday from their military-industrial complex. How long can they sit still while Russia and China build the capability of defeating the US? I’m not sure about Russia accepting a NWO but surely China will not bow to it. I hope I am wrong, but I smell war, a big war…

    • WD


      There are military experts that repeatedly say that Russia/China could easily defeat the US now!!

  25. NC Gal

    What a great man and a great interview! Wisdom and humility and good old-fashioned sense are a refreshing combination. When he spoke of a last rise in gold being followed by a new world order — a new monetary system — that suggests that all of the stacking that people are doing in order to get through the crisis point might very well come to nothing. I have thought along those lines for a long time, but for me it was moot as I do not have any wealth to protect. Like so many others, I live paycheck to paycheck, and have to stretch just to get through each month.

    Greg, thank you so much for bringing back Hugo Salinas-Price. He is the kind of gentleman that the world needs at the helm. I agree with his characterization of Donald Trump as impulsive and imprudent, what I would call a “loose cannon.” However, it is likely that we may not see another election take place in this country, so perhaps the carnival we are witnessing will turn out to be just another side show.

    • Steven R

      When we chose to live paycheck to paycheck I believe its human nature to say that I have no money to buy gold/silver and it will be worthless anyway as a personal pass on responsibility. The bigger question is why do we chose to live paycheck to paycheck? I can guarantee that no matter what our income is there are others who live on less. I can also say I believe that because of emotional decisions of spending money there is almost always room in a budget to cut when a purely logical approach to money is adopted. I would also hope that if one where truly in a state of living paycheck to paycheck they would add yet another job or add a more marketable job skill to the effort and increase their income. But to say I can do nothing and gold/silver will do everyone else no good may simply be an excuse for our own poor choices.

  26. Lawrence of America

    I just heard that former president Bill Clinton received 1/2 a million dollars to speak at a university recently for about 45 minutes. Do you really think they got their 45 minutes worth? No, what they were buying is influence, thinking that just maybe Hill will be our next president. See how corrupt are country has become. Hillary friend of George Soros who pays people to riot in our cities! These people are bought and paid for just as the Clinton’s are bought and paid for. Our country is sorely in need of a champion, a savior, a Salinas Price, a R O B I N H O O D!

  27. JC Davis

    You know you have studied about the collapse when you turn your kitchen faucet on to fill a jug of water, Then suddenly realize the faucet will out live the water that flows through it. As a life long plumber that feeling was shocking.

    • Collateral Damage

      JC-D, I loved your comment! Really makes a person think.

      I admire your profession as well. You, my friend, have provided a true, vital service to your fellow man. I salute you for your service and wish that only the bankers that have done such dis-service to the community of man could have accomplished a 100th as much actual productive ‘good’ as you have JC!

      Best Regards to you. CD

      • James C Davis

        Thank you Collateral Damage. In this world of critics it is nice to receive some form of recognition.

  28. Alan I

    I enjoy your site and most everything that is said I agree with. I have a small simple IRA that I put in money market some time ago for a safe place and was looking into cashing that out minus penalty/taxes. When I talk to anyone about and express my concerns about the economy they seem to think I have a screw loose and these are professional investors and individuals. How in the world can all these people not see what’s out there? Could we be wrong?

    • Collateral Damage

      When the King paraded through the streets, it took the shout and the giggle of a young child to speak the obvious, “The King has no Clothes!” for his more learned elders to admit that they too could ‘see’ what was right before their eyes.

      Or as Ayn Rand said, “You can ignore the reality of life for a time, you can’t forever ignore the consequences of ignoring that reality”. or whatever she said, it was something like that. 🙂

      “We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

      ― Ayn Rand

      ake, when the S*t hits the fan, things get messy. 🙂

  29. Rob T interview i

    Hello Greg Outstanding interview with the Mexican businessmsn. Some of it was lost due to a crappy skype connection. Please next time do like,Alex Jones does and ask him to call in on a land line or cell phone and video will still be there. but the audio will be restored from the ohone.. I wanted to hear all of it. Thanks for your great work..

  30. Tony

    I thought the U.S. could devalue the $ by digitally printing trillions of it….which forces the price of gold up? How is the $ a reserve currency if the rest of the world (China/Russia) starts using regional currencies and commodities? Not sure I follow him there.

    • Chip

      yes Tony i was confused by that point as well. i thought the US could simply “buy” the currencies that the DXY is composed of (Euro, yen, pound, franc, krona, and canadian dollar)…

  31. Smaulgld

    Another great interview- to Mr. Salinas’ point that the US can’t combat by devaluing the dollar:
    What are the Fed’s Options?

    If the Fed wants U.S. products to remain competitive internationally it needs to consider not raising rates, which would further strengthen the dollar and the U.S. needs to consider devaluing the dollar. Yet, in order for the U.S. to boost demand for U.S. Treasury bonds (necessary to fund hundreds of billions of dollars in annual deficits, a $19 trillion over all deficit and over a hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabiities) it needs to raise rates to attract capital and maintain the U.S. Treasury bond status as the safe haven.

    Devaluing the dollar or not raising rates would damage that status and may lead to futher selling of U.S. Treasury Bonds.

    China’s devaluation of the Yuan highlights that the Fed/U.S. no longer control the direction of global monetary policy and international trade.

  32. Clint Bower Sr.

    One of the best interview yet. Hugo is the type that not only tell it as it is , but put into terms that us regular folks can understand.As we said in the Coast Guard it’s time to Standby to weather the storm,

  33. Clint Bower Sr.

    or anyone else can you confirm that the USA has over a trillion dollars in auto Debt ?

  34. michael

    Hi Greg,

    I too was wondering what Hugo Salinas Price meant by a “New World Order”. When I started reading the articles on his website I understood that the new world order he envisions will have a distinctive gold color. It looks like Mr. Price believes the world will either go peacefully back to a gold backed monetary system (where each currency reflects some value in gold grams) or we will have a nuclear war. I believe he’s right.

    • Collateral Damage

      So the answer is, love those that you/we love, deeply and dearly, as if each and every day is our last.

      And do what we can in our small realms of reality to make this world a little better.

      Best to each of you,


  35. Calgirl

    Dennis Prager video on “The Iran Nuclear Deal”

    Will China Play The ‘Gold Card’? Hugo Salinas Price

    According to Mike Maloney, the above oil prices are required for a balanced budget for the countries listed.

  36. Craig Blaner

    Hi Greg,
    It was good to listen to one of the Wise Men of our time (of course I mean this inclusively – there are the Wise Women also). It is a rare commodity today.

    Mr. Salinas Price is right, the nation’s power structure is run by little men. The President is a little man.

    Greg, I wish you were able to follow up on his comment that the dollar’s value will go to zero. I’ve heard others say that. How is that even possible? Can you imagine the aftermath of such a scenario?

    Mr. Salinas Price is so right in stating that a leader needs prudence. Trump is saying many things that need to be said. But he lacks the correct temperament to be in a position of great political power, in my opinion.

    Putin is a prudent man.

    • Collateral Damage

      CB, you wrote; “Greg, I wish you were able to follow up on his comment that the dollar’s value will go to zero. I’ve heard others say that. How is that even possible? Can you imagine the aftermath of such a scenario?”

      You can buy the book, “When Money Dies”, by Adam Ferguson, and you will learn in ‘black and white’ how that is possible and you can imagine/envision the aftermath as described. It happened before, it will again. We are just lucky enough now to get a ‘front row seat’. 🙂

      Buckle your seat belts, we are in for a bumpy ride. 🙂

  37. Calgirl

    Junk silver has gone “no bid”.
    Want to know how much your junk silver is worth at today’s price?

    • Chip

      no way you’re getting one of my peace dollars for $12…

    • sk

      It’s “Fergusson” with TWO ‘ss’ letters. Just in case you need to get it via an interlibrary loan. The computer will turn down your request if you spell it “Ferguson”.

  38. BRF

    China devalued to retain its peg with the Fed Reserve Note. China’s yuan had increased substantially in value as against the Euro and Yen, two of China;s biggest trading partners, and to a lesser extent the Fed Reserve Note. Even the IMF commented on China’s devaluation saying it was properly due. China’s yuan had increased by over 13% in the last while,even more so than the FRN or USD. Explained in these terms the rest of the world shouldn’t get all that excited about a return to normal. If other currency owners are upset then they need look to their own policies regarding the economies backing their currencies and not blame China for their own woes. Perhaps off shoring one’s economy to save on labor costs is not the best way to sustane an economy in the long run. Now with good paying jobs gone the remaining low wage workers can no longer afford the materialistic things that make up the US standard of living. The working classes can’t afford the goods now produced off shore due low wages and too much debt taken on to make up for the low wages and price gouging by the international corporations on too many products as the tipping point to a downward trend in America and elsewhere in the west takes place.

  39. Art

    Greg, let me tell you, you are a genius for contacting and inviting Hugo Salinas. Its great news that he will be a regular guest on the show.


    Mr. Price is wrong about Greece. By my calculations Greek debt is only about $36000 per person. No problem. However here in the good old USA of debt the amount owed is about $60000 per person. This means that we’ll have to admit a lot more immigrants, or raise the minimum wage of fast food workers to about $250 per hour. Wow!!! I guess I’m ready to be the democratic nominee for president.

  41. Robert

    “When you have a devaluation, it has to be about 40%. Then it really has teeth in it. I think the Chinese will continue to devalue.”Salinas Price points out the real problem comes from countries printing money out of thin air .”
    Well, which way is it, Mr. Price- if the real problem is printing money, why would you be suggesting China print up an extra 40%?

  42. Dean Steeves

    Mr Price was referring to Adam Smith’s “REAL BILLS” when he mentioned that trade prior to ww1 was offset by trade. real Bills were the reason that the global economy expanded as rapidly as it did during the Industrial Revolution. The bankers killed the Real Bills program right after ww1 and replaced them with discharging debt via currency.

    The currency was redeemable in gold and that is why in the thirties we came off that standard and later on for the same reason did so Internationally. This left us with what we have today.

    If Real Bills were re-introduced as Antal Fekete has stated forever we could return to a gold standard because it only covers the difference between the trade(s)

    It’s really that simple.


    • Chip

      EXCEPT, the USA would use ALL of it’s gold in no time making up the balance of its trade deficit!!! Our 8133 tons are worth about 300 billion at todays spot price! our annual trade deficit is over $400 billion!

      • Chip

        The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the annual U.S. trade deficit in goods and services increased from $476.4 billion in 2013 to $505.0 billion in 2014. Worse than i thought… Chip

  43. Faith

    Another excellent inverview. Amazing man and interview. I appreciate his point of view.

    I don’t know what is going to happen but, at this point, I am only comfortable at with tangible assets. I have tried to get ready but so many people are not even aware of what is happening that they will be caught completely by surprise.

    Incredible that this guest is predicting war on US soil! The US has stirred up many ant nests around the world. Right now Russia and China are conducting joint military operations. That is a concern although it is not being covered by the MSM.

    China has been accumulating gold and has created alternatives to the western banking system by establishing CFETS (Chinese Foreign Exchange Trading System) and the AIIB. I have wondered when China would use their gold as a weapon which would mean they could set the price of gold on the world market or in internal markets, as suggested by your guest. China and Russia could use bonds to destablize the market as well. The former gentleman’s agreement is no longer intact so at this point it seems like anything could happen.

    Amazing that he is predicting the failure of the current monetary system! I don’t think I have heard anyone actually say that in public. It makes sense. The current system is beyond repair so it is only logical that the next collapse will break the system and cause it to fail which will necessitate the creation of something new. It is naive to think that the powers that be don’t have another system already lined up.

    It is fall. Now is a good time to buy seeds to save and get them ready to plant in the spring.

  44. Sayonara

    Excellent interview. Hugo Salinas Price is an intellectual gentleman’s gentleman. He conveys his knowledge and wisdom with extraordinary savoir faire. I respect that. The only issue that I disagreed with him was his comments about Donald Trump. Hugo is obviously offended by Trumps brash outspoken style and I appreciate that from a gentlemanly point of view. Hugo did say that he likes Trump and I believe him. I believe that this country desperately needs a very strong, smart, “get it done” outspoken leader that deeply cares about his country. That is what Donald Trump is. As much as I respect being gentlemanly, the gentlemanly cautious approach in politics today only results getting slammed. Ask Mitt Romney how being a “want to get along” gentleman worked for his presidential bid. I may come across being contradictory, but, I respect both of these extremely smart men in light of their polar opposite styles. Thanks Greg for being the best current event site in the world!

  45. Dan


    Do you know if Salinas-Price correctly forecast the pm’s bull mtk from 2000 – 2011, and then correctly forecast the dramatic drop to around USD $1100 for gold ? If you don’t know the answer to that question, why didn’t you ask the man when you interviewed him ?

    This isn’t about precious metals. This is about holding to account the so called “experts” that you parade on your site without ever disclosing their proven track record of forecasts.

  46. bruce stebbing

    Hi Greg, What about the recent rating, of the world freedom index reported on the news that America ranks number 20, well below the UK and many other developed countries for freedom. Please report to Americans, that America ranks so low because of all the restrictions , rules, regulations and red tape, etc, so the land of the free is no longer the land of the free . It is ranked number 20, not number 1, for freedom and even ranked lower in the quality of life index for the world. Americans need to stop beleiving all the lies and get educated, since America has declined drastically !

  47. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    Facts…interesting and often uncomfortable things aren’t they.
    Sometimes we don’t want to hear them but that doesn’t actually make them go away. Whether or not we want to hear them they will still be there.
    I list some very simple facts comparing Greece and the US;

    US Govt. debt Approx. $18 trillion
    US population Approx. 320 million
    Debt divided by population $56,250
    The figures I dug up today on Greece vary a little bit from Hugo’s but here they are anyway;
    Greek Govt. debt Approx. Eu 352 billion
    Greek population Approx. 11 million
    Debt divided by population Eu 32,000
    Convert US$ to Euro – X 32,000 by 1.11 US$ 35,500

    There you have it. The facts. Not pretty, but facts nevertheless;

    Hate to say this but the story gets worse….way, worse in fact.
    Google the likes of Laurence Kotlikoff. Check out total US debt. You will find it is far more serious than even the Weimar Republic’s predicament pre WW2.

    Total US debt including entitlements and unfunded liabilities is $212 trillion.
    Add in the US govt. debt of $18trillion and this comes to $240 trillion.
    Divide $240 trillion by a population of 320 million and you get the truly monumental per capita debt of $718,750.
    As the old saying goes ‘you can put as much lipstick as you like on a pig, but the pig remains a pig’. However way you care to spin it, the US population is more indebted than the population of Greece. There is one reason alone that the world focuses on Greece as THE bankrupt country of the world and not the US.
    It is simply because the US can sell their debt overseas. They can do this for one reason alone and appear not be a “Greece”. The US$ still clings tenuously to it’s diminishing reserve currency status. As a result of this status they are still in a position to sell debt to overseas to people who are moronic enough to buy it. That’s it….. there is no other reason for the US not to be the “Greece” of the world.

    OK then, doesn’t that mean that a baby born in the US of A today comes into the world with a debt of almost three quarters of a million dollars. Pretty scary shite to my way of thinking. Even more terrifying however is that the fact that 99% of the US population are blissfully unaware of this figure, and if someone happens to try tell them about it, they will not listen anyway. Ben Carson talked about these figures recently and most people thought he must have his numbers wrong because they could not, or would not believe that the situation could be that bad. Perhaps they thought his maths was not that good because he is a doctor not an economist? Fact is you don’t have to be bright to work this one out. You can google the facts, do some very basic maths and ‘voila’, there it is in black and white.

    History tells us that scary things can happen to a country when debt levels get this high. Unfortunately most of our species doesn’t learn from history and what’s more Washington doesn’t care to. Apparently reflecting on history does not suit their agenda.
    My personal view is that Washington is more far more dangerous now than the Weimar republic was during the build up to WW2. My reasoning is based on the following observations:

    ➢ Massive unsustainable debt levels in the US
    ➢ A breakdown in the MSM which continually pushes propaganda and misinforms the population
    ➢ The loss of a functioning democracy and the insidious increase in fascist type behavior
    ➢ The fact that crime is only dealt with at street level, very rarely at governmental and corporate level, and never at large bank or central bank level.
    ➢ The fact that leaders are now chosen by corporations and lobbyists and not by the votes of the people. The loudest most successful lobbyists are the military/industrialists.and neocons. This is just flat out terrifying
    ➢ The fact that there are massive conflicts of interest with many key people in high positions in Washington in regard to their portfolios and their private business interests. e.g. Your two highest ranked diplomats, Kerry and Nuland. These two psychopaths have truly monumental COI’s
    ➢ The quite extraordinary belief by the US that they themselves should police and control the world. This is a ludicrous assumption. The US system is clearly far too corrupt and dysfunctional to even contemplate such nonsense. US leaders are simply not capable of managing their own country sustainably, let alone the rest of the world.
    ➢ The normalization by much of the US population of the chaos and the killing caused by Washington and Nato and its other western partners in crime.
    ➢ The normalization and the acceptance by much of the US population of its country’s massive investment in perpetual war since 1945.

    To pre-empt the inevitable chorus….”oh yeah, what about you smart arses down in NZ, how well are you travelling”? I have an answer to that…..NOT WELL.

    In 2013 our population was 4.5 million
    In 2013 our GDP was US$188 billion
    NZ per capita Govt. debt in 2013 US$41,777 – worse than Greece but not as bad as the US….YET!

    Our situation is far worse now than in 2013 because we are in essence a one trick pony economy. In spite of our diminutive size as a country [in GDP NZ rank between Arkansas at 35th and Nebraska 36th in terms of US state GDP] we are the largest producer of tradeable dairy products globally. However our milk solids price have this year plummeted from NZ$8.60 to a projected $3.70.
    In other words a complete unmitigated disaster!

    My apologies Greg for this rant ending up so long-winded.
    By the way I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Hugo.

    • Sven

      Excellent post, Col. And with regards to the statement below, I concur.

      ‘My personal view is that Washington is more far more dangerous now than the Weimar republic was during the build up to WW2’

      • ray antley

        colin, we print dollars. The greeks voted to print Drachmas but so far they have been prevented from doing that.

    • Charles H.


      You have a really clear and accurate assessment. You think better than than I do.
      Cheers. CH

    • Chip

      I for one love your rant! Well said Colin! Chip

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Whoa!…back up the bus.
      I made a serious maths mistake in the NZ debt calculation.
      Here’s how the figures read;

      NZ Govt. Debt US$66.6 billion NZ population 4.5 million Debt divided by population US$14,800

      NZ PER CAPITA GOVT DEBT US$14,800 [NB based on 2013 data]

      My apologies

    • Collateral Damage

      Hi ‘C’ the ‘Farmer’ from “N and Z”…

      I have a question for you…. So…. In light of all the facts you lay out in the above post……

      Where would YOU prefer to be when the S hits the F????

      In NZ or in US?


      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Absolutely no question about it!
        It would be down here in NZ.

        • Collateral Damage

          Hi ‘C’ the ‘Farmer’ from “N and Z”!

          One follow up question please, I am quite inclined to agree with your conclusion based upon comparison between the facts on the face of the relative positions (internally) between the two places (i.e. the facts of what is transpiring within each of the two respectve national borders).

          I guest my follow-up question is… “Do you still feel more secure in NZ considering a) the relative size differential between NZ and China and b) the the diminutive distance between the two (in global terms) and finally, c) the very universal human tendency of one man to ‘covet’ the assets and attributes of another combined with d) the also very human tendency of one man (in potentially severe need, i.e. potentially China) having the urge to covet combine with the desire and wherewithal to be in a position to be able to take that which Thou desires?

          Not that I by any means endorse, desire, hope for or in any way support this unhappy possible chain of events, but my question stands. Does that theoretial playing out of potential futures potentially sway the results of your analysis betwixt and between the two: NZ and US?

          These are very sad questions and possibilities to be contemplating for sure, but I believe that dire times, compel us to full and complete analysis.

          I humbly submit my equally unhappy and sincere question and I anxiously await your considered response.

          This inquiry is made with Considerable Respect for your considered opinion. Thank you so very much for your continued analysis.



          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            I am a 61 year old cattle breeder with no substantial formal qualifications.
            However I do regard myself as an independent thinker and someone who continually challenges right wing western narratives and thinking. At times I even challenge the WD narrative and most definitely the guests that are interviewed. Quite recently I took ‘To wit to wit Andy’ to task on his Chinese position. Sadly I got no response back.
            Never mind I’ll probably get over it.

            As I have aged I have become a very keen student of history and of global, geopolitical and financial events. I repeat, my opinion is not backed up or underwritten by any great deal of orthodox or Ivy League education [read programming], and most certainly is not spawned by any commercial interest.
            I didn’t come to WD with any doctorate, I simply came with a perspective.

            With this in mind I sincerely believe that whether we are Chinese, American, NZers or any other race, then we need to open our minds and accept that there IS NO truth in history, only perspective. If we EDUCATE OURSELVES this becomes more apparent. We eventually find that we are much more likely to hear other perspectives and not languish in our caves, all cluttered up with comfortable and generally accepted dogma.

            Now to answer your question CD.
            And by the way I think it is not sad, but indeed extremely healthy, that we do ask these questions.
            My very own private and personal studies have given me this perspective;

            ➢ China views SE Asia as its own backyard. I say fair enough. By contrast Washington views the whole world as its own backyard.
            ➢ The vast majority of Chinese military activity in the last century has been in defending itself from neighbours, not in aggressive imperialistic expansion. I hasten to add that I put Russia very much in the same category.
            ➢ Contrast this with Washington’s perpetual global war machine. If you have any doubts whatsoever, read up on the Wolfowitz doctrine as to which regime most definitely threatens world peace and indeed the very existence of our species.
            ➢ After some 5000 years of China’s defensive, as opposed to offensive behaviour, I fail to see why they would suddenly morph into some trigger-happy, gun-totting bunch of lunatics, intent on stealing our land and overturning our Governments.
            ➢ To be sure China has being buying up tangible assets worldwide including in NZ too. Of course they have been, their unprecedented growth in wealth has put them this position. It is business-like to invest when you have hoards of money lying about. What would the West have them do with it….store it under their fricking beds! In parallel and by contrast, floundering western economies based on farcical and corrupt banking models have been selling assets. This is what countries do when they are going broke? They sell assets, for crying out loud.
            ➢ These absolutely logical investments China has made, particularly in developing markets, have created new customers for their own successful export driven economy.
            ➢ This scary imperialistic monster that is ‘China’, has already created millions of new middle class citizens all over Asia. Meanwhile the wonderful Washington Regime has ELIMINATED millions of middle class, not just domestically but globally.
            ➢ It is very much an indoctrinated and a sheeple type reaction to confuse economic success with aggressive imperialistic type behaviour. The two are quite literally ‘oceans’ apart.

            Finally, according to Western MSM worldwide, the Chinese economy is going to hell in a handbag. If the MSM are correct [can’t for the life of me remember when they were last right about anything], then big bad bogeyman China will very soon stop buying assets and will be forced to sell back to us terribly clever Westerners for pennies on the pound.

            Which position is it that the moronic western MSM wants to portray. Are the Chinese imperialistic land grabbing lunatics or are they just another economy that is ready to self destruct.
            I am sorry MSM but they can’t be both!


            • Collateral Damage

              C from NZ,

              Thank you very much for your wise observations and perspective. As for me, I feel I have more limited options as to the direction of my future, however, for others with more flexible options, I will pass on your astute observations.

              Thank you with much sincerity. 🙂


        • Charles H.

          If I could swing it – I’d be down there too.

          • JC Davis

            Charles I am considering what rock I can hide under when the bombs start. We know the Oligarchy is not going to passively fade away. Any country is looking safer the nuke countries. Simple minds can have great thoughts.

            • JC Davis

              Safer then the

  48. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    There seems to be a very common misconception on WD and in general in the US that the Chinese devalued their RMB against the US$ because it was pegged to the dollar. Judging by HSP’s comments around the 4.05 mark he too follows this narrative.

    The truth is that the RMB’s peg to the US$ was lifted in July 2005, more than ten years ago.
    Since then the RMB has not been pegged to any one currency but moves in a managed floating exchange rate system based on ‘market supply and demand’ with reference to a basket of foreign currencies…….. NOT JUST THE US$!!!!!
    This basket of currencies includes the almighty US$ and is dominated by the following currencies;
    > US$
    > Euro
    > Yen
    > South Korean Won
    The basket also includes the following currencies as a smaller proportion;
    British pound, Thai Baht, Russian Ruble, Australian Dollar and Singapore Dollar.

    This sort of false narrative that is followed so willingly by gullible America ends up being repeated parrot fashion and even crosses borders.
    I find this willing repetition of false narratives quite extraordinary.


  49. Grafique

    Off topic –
    On every website I visit I see comments to the effect that “Political parties, not voters, choose America’s elected officials” or “Corporations and lobbyists, not voters, choose America’s elected officials.”
    Does anyone have any proof of this? Can you prove that the entire voting system is rigged? How exactly are election officials in each county, municipality and state manipulated to report false vote totals during elections? Who specifically is behind the fraud?

    If you can’t answer any of those questions SPECIFICALLY, then you’re a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

    As Greg says, “That’s too stupid to be stupid.”

  50. Solomon


    I sincerely appreciate listening to Mr. Price as a guest. What is needed in this country are more senior and wise gentlemen who have been on the planet long enough to have experience and history to compliment their economic knowledge.

    Thank you for all that you do.


  51. Coalburner

    I am a fan of Mr. Price too. A gentleman of his experience in this field of study is hardto find. Add honesty and his well spoken manner and you have winner everytinme.

    I am going a little off subject but I just received a video, very short, of a similar General Officer, USA, telling our history with Iran from a quick long term perspective. It is a must for Watchdog memory banks.

    • Your fan in Japan

      Coal burner, what a revealing video- however, what is the message there? I can see two. One is the military mind thinking to solve problems by attacking- and that this is good. The other is Oh No. This guy wants to solve our problems by attacking- and this is bad. I don’t know which message you intended. Having lived outside the US for quite sometime, I have to say, people are people. Most people are not terrorists nor bogeymen, so don’t kill other countries people.

    • Southern Girl


      WOW!!!! Blew me off the chair. Someone who knew who was to blame. And what he said about Obama is just the TRUTH! Thanks

  52. BanjoPat

    Everyone I talk to thinks the European sovereign-debt crisis has passed. They say Greece’s bailout fixed the problem. Europe is on the mend, they say.

    But as far as I’m concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

    First, severe austerity measures continue to this day and they are causing debt-to-GDP ratios to worsen.

    The proof is in the numbers. Before the Greek crisis flared up, debt-to-GDP in Greece stood at 113%. Today, Greece’s debt-to-GDP stands at a tad north of a whopping 177%.

    In Spain, pre-crisis debt stood at 40% of GDP. Today it’s more than 97%.

    In Italy, it was 106%. Now it stands at 132%.

    Think the European sovereign-debt crisis is over? Think again.
    In France, it was 68%. Now it’s 95%.

    Even Germany’s debt-to-GDP is worsening, leaping from almost 67% in 2008 to almost 75% today.

    In each and every case, debt-to-GDP is worse than it was at the beginning of the crisis — and the austerity measures are literally causing the entire European continent to implode.

    Second, austerity and climbing debt levels are hollowing out Europe’s economic growth.

    According to Eurostat, Europe’s GDP in the second quarter of 2015 slowed to 0.3%, leaving output 1.2% higher than a year ago. The figure disappointed all 19 economists polled who were expecting 0.4% growth.

    France’s economy is slumping. GDP growth of 0.2% was expected, but growth came in at 0.0%.

    Italy’s GDP came in at 0.2% compared with 0.3% in the first quarter, leaving output only 0.5% higher than a year ago.

    And Germany’s economy, the only engine left holding the feeble union together, expanded by 0.4%, lower than the consensus forecast of 0.5%.

    All of this continues to create …

    Third, some of the worst unemployment we’ve seen in modern times.

    Each and every one of these countries is in hock way over its head. And each and every one of them is in the depths of a nightmare caused by austerity measures.

    Unemployment in Greece is at 25.6%. Spain: 22.5%. Portugal: 12.4%. Belgium: 8.6%. Italy: 12.7%.

    Unemployment among youth (under 25) is still off the charts. In June 2015, 3.181 million young persons were unemployed in the euro area, an unemployment rate of 22.5%.

    The lowest rates were observed in Germany (7.1%), Malta (10%), Estonia (10.1% in May 2015), Denmark and Austria (both 10.3%).

    And the highest rates were seen in Greece (53.2%), Spain (49.2%), Italy (44.2%) and Croatia (43.1% in the second quarter 2015).

    Corporate and personal bankruptcies are surging. Social discontent is on the rise again. And tensions between countries within Europe are higher than ever.

    Pretty picture? Hardly. It’s the ugliest economic picture for Europe since the 1930s, when 17 European countries went belly up and to war, sending hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of francs, marks, lira, and more flooding into the U.S.

    That, in turn, sent the U.S. stock markets exploding higher. It sent the dollar and gold simultaneously into a moon shot as well. And it’s all about to happen again.

    Fourth, deflation is picking up momentum.

    With austerity measures squashing growth all over Europe, deflation is starting to run rampant.

    According to the latest data, prices eurozone producers charged for their goods fell a whopping 2.2% at the August data release.

    In short, nothing, and I mean nothing, has been solved in Europe. The crisis will soon escalate with a vengeance.

    When (not if) Europe’s economy roils again:

    First, you’re going to see trillions more euros stampede for the exits. That’s going to send several large European financial institutions down the tubes.

    Second, that flood of capital is going to send the U.S. dollar again into rally mode. Just like it did in the early 1930s when Europe last went bankrupt and total war.

    Third, after a correction, it’s also going to send our stock markets roaring higher. Just like it did between 1932 and 1937 when the Dow Jones Industrials soared 387% as Europe started under Hitlers bus.

    Fourth, it’s going to give you multiple profit opportunities to potentially make more money than you ever dreamed of. In stocks. In commodities. In the dollar. And in gold and silver. Just keep in mind, even after they hit an iceberg the passengers on the Titanic slept like baby’s not knowing the icy waters of the north Atlantic were waiting for them. . .

    My suggestions right now are …

    A. Keep your eyes on Europe. And keep most of your liquid funds in cash, ready to be deployed on a moment’s notice, but as safe as can be right now.

    The best way, in my opinion: A short-term Treasury-only fund in the U.S., or the equivalent.

    B. Earmark a portion of your cash for speculation. Not too much, and not too little. I recommend 25% of your total investable funds. Funds that you do not need for anything else.

    Finally, don’t let anyone kid you. Europe’s problems are simply the beginning of a great sovereign-debt crisis that will soon spread around the globe, creating some of the worst times we have ever seen … or will ever see again?

    And some of the biggest threats to your health and wealth, ever. But along with this crisis will also come some tempting speculative profit opportunities. . . but be balanced, you don’t want to find yourself sliding down the deck toward icy waters fully loaded with heavy metals to hasten your race to the bottom of the sea!

    So should you do everything in your power to take advantage of them?

    GOD’S WORD® Translation
    26What good will it do for people to win the whole world and lose their lives? Or what will a person give in exchange for life? 27The Son of Man will come with his angels in his Father’s glory. Then he will pay back each person based on what that person has done.
    ◄ Matthew 16:26&27►

    Best wishes

    And don’t be a has been, but a has done!


    • Collateral Damage

      Banjo, ‘SAY IT ISN’T SO!” (look at that, i am kindof a poet. 🙂 )

      You write. “Everyone I talk to thinks the European sovereign-debt crisis has passed. They say Greece’s bailout fixed the problem. Europe is on the mend, they say.”

      And then you proceed to muddle the pretty, sedate, stable picture of our world with the ‘FACTS’.

      I think you are a heartless, meanie! 🙂 Just kidding. I am behind your analysis 100%.

      But sometimes when you are 1/2 asleep at 4 a.m. the dream that you are enjoying is just too nice to be disturbed by the reality of the dawn. Don’t you think that that is how ‘Everyone you talk to’ feels about it?

      Best to you Banjo,


      • BanjoPat

        Sleep tight, CD!

        • Collateral Damage

          I am sorry to say that the dreams that have been waking me lately, are ones that I would rather not have. 🙁

          Just a sign of the times I am afraid.



    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      IMHO a first rate analysis!!!!
      Is it the clean air over their or just your geographical distance from the endless dribble and propaganda that comes from the western MSM in the northern hemisphere?
      Have a great weekend.

      • BanjoPat

        B O T H, Col!

  53. Hazleton Barbara

    I wonder if he thinks gold will be confiscated by the government.

  54. Don

    Dear Greg, thanks for the interview, Mr. Salinas always leaves me with the impression of a caring individual, that’s seasoned in his thoughts on global economic affairs. In my opinion he got right to the main issues. Global debt smothering every economy, and the evils of fiat money. History is about to change forever with the coming global grip of the NWO coming to head, and those who oppose it will be enemies of the state. You did another great job, as always. As far as I know, know other sight does what you do, the way you do it. May the Lord continue to bless, Don, in Oklahoma.

  55. JC Davis

    Greg. China don’t have to win the currency war to become the new currency leader. All they must do is give another option , and also make the world question the present leader. The dollar is being pushed into questionable areas. I agree with the commenter Jerry all China will do it turn one light on.

    • JC Davis

      The dollar has lasted so long because there has been no other option. In fact all fiat currency lives because there is no other option. When the gates of options open the dollar will be looked at for its real value. Maybe then I can get what my copper is worth .

    • Collateral Damage

      JCD, you wrote, “All they must do is give another option , and also make the world question the present leader.”

      I agree with the first 1/2 of your sentence here, but not the second. China must ‘give the world another option, but it is not necessary for China to ‘make the world question the present leader.’

      I think that the ‘present leader’ is already doing enough all by its own little self to ‘make the world question the present leader.’

      In my opinion all China has to do is give the world another option and then sit back and watch.



      • JC Davis

        Good Point C.D.

  56. Sherrie

    I was very impressed by Mr Salinas interview that he is intelligent, and both very soft spoken and a humble man.I wish he could run for president here in the U S.I felt that the very last of his interview was an insight to what he knows.In regards to gold and the new world order.I think the current opening of the US boarder to Mexico to intentionally collapse the US with indigent Mexicans,their criminals,cartel,making way for NWO.There will be no more U S,unless people have the gumption to fight for their sovereignty

  57. eddiemd

    What will happen in the USA?

    We are doomed. We are trapped.

    I wonder what the insanity will be like? Will the police and politicians really turn on the people?
    We are slaves to this system of corruption and smoke and mirrors. What is the truth?

    Is there a Satanic leader to all this rubbish and mayhem? Has our conscience been seared?

    How do we witness the dismemberment of human life? Is it normal to witness destruction of life in the uterus? If there is a God, what would we think his opinion would be of this destruction of his creation?

    Are the commandments of a Holy and Loving God to be discarded because they are felt to be burdensome? The teachings spoken to the Hebrew people and to the Gentiles are not burdensome. They are life.

    The distortions of truth and moral behavior are manifest in this day. The science of brainwashing and mind control have taken effect. Even they who proclaim to be leaders are taken in by the delusions.

    • dbcooper

      EMD, We are literally in the middle of a conflagration here. Largest Fire Complex in area history… compares to 1910… fires will not go out until it snows!!… 50,000 acre fire 3/4 miles east; 80,000 acre fire 25 miles to the south; t-storms and lightning predicted tonight/tomorrow night. It hit me a couple days ago that after preparing for the end of the world as we know it for 45 years… I am not ready!! The power of prayer and faith have to sustain us. Yours in Faith and Liberty, Fear Not, DB.

      • Your fan in Japan

        I wonder how many people know who you are- or at least who your name represents- I, of course do not know if you are THE dbcooper.

    • BanjoPat

      Here’s your answer Ed,

      ———————————◄ P s a l m_ 2 : 2, 3 & 4 ►——————————————–

      American Standard Version
      1. Why do the nations rage, And the peoples meditate a vain thing?
      2.The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against Jehovah, and against his anointed, saying, 3.Let us break their bonds asunder, And cast away their cords from us. 4.He that sitteth in the heavens will laugh: The Lord will have them in derision.

      Douay-Rheims Bible
      1. Why have the Gentiles raged, and the people devised vain things? 2.The kings of the earth stood up, and the princes met together, against the Lord and against his Christ. 2. Let us break their bonds asunder: and let us cast away their yoke from us. 4.He that dwelleth in heaven shall laugh at them: and the Lord shall deride them.

      Darby Bible Translation
      1.Why are the nations in tumultuous agitation, and [why] do the peoples meditate a vain thing?
      2.The kings of the earth set themselves, and the princes plot together, against Jehovah and against his anointed: 2.Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their cords from us! 4.He that dwelleth in the heavens shall laugh, the Lord shall have them in derision.

      English Revised Version
      1.Why do the nations rage, and the peoples imagine a vain thing?The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed. 2.saying, 2.Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4.He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

      Webster’s Bible Translation
      1.Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
      2.The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 2.Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us 4.He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

      World English Bible
      1.Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot a vain thing?
      2.The kings of the earth take a stand, and the rulers take counsel together, against Yahweh, and against his Anointed, saying, 2.’Let us draw off Their cords, And cast from us Their thick bands.’ 4.He who sits in the heavens will laugh. The Lord will have them in derision.

      Young’s Literal Translation
      1.Why have nations tumultuously assembled? And do peoples meditate vanity? 2.Station themselves do kings of the earth, And princes have been united together, Against Jehovah, and against His Messiah: 3.’Let us draw off Their cords, And cast from us Their thick bands.’ 4.He who is sitting in the heavens doth laugh, The Lord doth mock at them.

      From Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

      As this world is the kingdom of Satan, unconverted men, of every rank, party, and character, are stirred up by him to oppose the cause of God. But the rulers of the earth generally have been most active. The truths and precepts of Christianity are against ambitious projects and worldly lusts. We are told what they aim at in this opposition. They would break asunder the bands of conscience, and the cords of God’s commandments; they will not receive, but cast them away as far as they can. These enem
      ies can show no good cause for opposing so just and holy a government, which, if received by all, would bring a heaven upon earth. They can hope for no success in so opposing so powerful a kingdom.

  58. alan


  59. Alyce

    Great interview except 2 things: Trump can definitely build a wall, and he’s smart enough to know not to yell at Putin…come on, Trump can negotiate!

  60. Destitution

    Regarding speculation that a large aspect of Jade Helm is about testing a computer program’s ability to achieve results in real life, presumably based on large inputs from the NSA, this is fascinating but a misdirected attempt at solving climate problems on spaceship Earth.
    Supposedly, some elites (bored and rich) have taken on the idea that the responsibility for the preservation of the planet has been placed onto their shoulders. Arrogant? I believe they are thinking in an outdated way. It may be possibly to control most people most of the time but human beings are way too powerful to thrive as slaves.
    My point is two-fold, the belief that destroying civilization and stunting human experience will allow the planet to recover is unsustainable and flawed. I believe this is the devil’s take on the situation. Smart people know that society’s trajectory is unsustainable but some also recognize that society is on the cusp of technological breakthroughs. The first is the most powerful supercomputer which is growing into existence as we speak. It will reach it’s full potential when multi-billions of thriving human brains are connected to each other via the internet. The capability of such a system will provide enormous real wealth. Once people are permitted to rise above the daily struggle against hunger, war, and poverty, they will have energy to emit into the pursuit of cleaner cheaper energy. The internet will teach people in one year what 4 years of college failed to teach them one decade ago. The only way for humans to survive on this planet is an evolution of consciousness, an evolution which is taking place today, hugely fueled by the internet. Lynard Skynard was singing about this in the 70’s (All I can do is write about it) The temptation to control the internet must be avoided just as Frodo was made to avoid the temptation of the ring. God help us.
    Welcome to post-capitalism.

  61. blamb61

    Get some food, medicine, and other supplies.

  62. clark

    It creeps me out how so many people today are focusing on recreating,,’The Wall’ on U.S. soil. Quite the change from 1989, when ‘The Wall’ was seen as a bad idea, for Very good reason. And all the while they ignore the benefits which are laid out on the back porch, the bait of welfare, etc…, that draws in so very many and causes so many problems. They especially ignore the method of procurement for the ill gotten revenue used to pay for it all. Forrest, meet Trees. In the background, the fire rages. “Love your enemy”? Psft, it seems that most people in the unitedstate don’t even love their neighbor, let alone their enemy. Spin those wheels faster you guys, that’ll fix things for sure. And, sooner, too. Coal fly ash, anyone?

  63. Silence is Golden

    A couple of key points from HSP interview.
    – Every nation is /will go “ROGUE” …in order to save themselves. The tariffs/trade emgargos go hand in hand with currency devaluation and debt destruction. Global trade wars will be the next in a sequence of events that eventually lead to World War.
    – Gold will rise for the last time and we will then witness a New Monetary Order which is synonymous with a NWO. The inference is that Gold will form part of this new order.

    I have a deep respect for this man. He speaks with knowledge and wisdom. He is informed. He does not make unfounded or irrational comments or have spontaneous unsupported opinions.
    With all due respect, his comment on the USD and devaluation left me perplexed.
    The Dollar is synonymous with Debt…in fact it is Debt. To have a Debt deflation implies a Dollar devaluation. The great credit unwinding or implosion… is…. as Mr HSP quipped….debt holders taking a HIT. Debt becomes worthless ( “WORTH LESS”)….so too in efffect… does the DOLLAR. Given the magnitude of the leverage in the system ….could anyone imagine what a 25bps move in interest rates would do to the value of DEBT (USGB) / USD ?
    5%, 10%, 20% drop in value ?
    There in a nutshell my friend is the snowflake moment.

  64. oneno

    XAUUSD trendline from 2010.10.05 to 2015.01.22 is long term resistance.

    China already has control of manufacturing and is accumulating Gold and is well ahead in trade network with Eurasia and Africa. All the cards are in it’s hands. Its exports include significant and increasing commercial and residential real-estate purchases in North America

    If it has a deterent to the “rods from god”, it is unstopable and market for USD from Eurasian block should vanish.

    Unlikely China is interested in hot war with America and will likely resist all provocations in favor of timely civil war in US.

    Germany is also a manufacturing hub that will likewise gravitate to the Eurasian block taking with it all those in southern Europe heavily indebted to it.

    Any kind of war destroys the holders of debt and debt itself leading to de-population. Read Kevin Galalae.

  65. Laurence David Williams

    Good day from Down Under

    • Greg Hunter

      Laurence David Williams,

      Welcome my friend!!!


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