Biden Desperate as Vax Narrative Falls Apart-Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s 

Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct predictions.  His latest correct prediction was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said the Biden door knocking campaign to harass people to take the CV19 injection would be “short lived” and “not to worry about it.”  Sure enough, the door knocking campaign unceremoniously stopped, and the Biden Administration has morphed this into the “get vaxed or get fired” campaign.  What does High say now?  “Again, this is short lived, and it is a propaganda campaign and not a legal move.  They don’t have the legal authority to do what they are trying to do.  What they are attempting to do is scare as many of the herd past that point of hesitancy before the whole thing is shut down,” says Clif High.

What about the FDA fast track approval for the CV19 Vax?  The Biden Administration has been saying the CV19 vax will go from “Emergency Use Authorization” (experimental) to FDA approved even with more reported deaths than all vaccinations combined.  High says don’t buy this.  The CV19 jabs will never be approved.  Clif explains, “There are legal prohibitions with an Emergency Use Authorization product.  This is not approved by the FDA.  As much as they are talking about it, I don’t think it will ever be approved by the FDA.  I don’t think events will get that far for a lot of different reasons. . . . This is a bluster.  They are doing exactly what they did with the ‘get vaxed or get fired’ as they did with the ‘door to door’ campaign.  This I know because of the nature of the linguistics that I run at its core for the emotional tension value of the data.  I can tell you right now there is more mass and more energy in words that are anti-Covid vax than there are words and energy that are pro-Covid vax.  This is a big problem for the mainstream media (MSM) as well as for the Biden regime.  They probably are aware of what I am saying, and they realize they are underwater.   If you polled, you would find that Covid is failing in the poll, and the vax is failing in the poll if you could get an accurate poll number. . . .  This is a move of desperation on their part and not a move of strength.”

The U.S. Military just said all personnel will be forced to be vaccinated with the CV19 vax.  Once again, High says, “The military will not be forcing a vax on our troops.”  High predicted this on the day of our interview, and the next day  the military said it will give exemptions to anyone who does not want to get vaxed.  In other words, there will be no forced vaccinations.   That’s another correct prediction by High.  Cliff High says, in short, “Don’t get vaxed.”

Clif High says there has been a covert war going on between the Deep State globalists and our own military.  High says it’s all about to spill over into the streets for all to see.  High says, “The United States has been attacked.  I am going to echo Donald Trump’s words and say it is a greater attack than we suffered at Pearl Harbor.  It’s greater than 9/11.  This attack has initiated a war.  We are in that war now. . . .We are in a war that is going to bust out into the open such that everybody that lives in normal land will start to become aware of the massive amounts of things that have been hidden from them as well as the implications of this war.  Our military is still occupied by the people that have infiltrated the United States.  They came in and infiltrated, not invaded. . . . We have two Presidents, and we have two militaries.”

Clif High goes into deep detail about this covert war that is about to get put out in the open for all to see.  High talks about Mike Lindell and says that he will be remembered as a hero for working so hard on exposing the national voter fraud issues.  High says there was massive fraud going all the way down to the local levels.  High will also talk about Bitcoin and will tell you where it is going as well as gold and silver.  High will explain why the “election steal” had to go through.  He will talk about more data with the harmful effects of the CV19 injections.  High talks about the good and bad news with President Donald Trump being restored to the White House.  High will also cover mass treason in the USA and why many may end up in jail or worse for treason for helping China attack America.

This is an all-encompassing interview about where America stands now and where it is going according to the data Clif High is digging up.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High, and he gives us an update as well as predicting future events and trends.

(Program Note:  What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 1 hour and 24 min. interview.  Because of the length of this in-depth interview, this will take the place of the Weekly News Wrap-Up on 8/13/21)

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After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

High does sell a new product called “Pure Sleep” that he created.  To buy “Pure Sleep” click here.

(Greg Hunter and do not get any sort of compensation from Clif High.  This is being posted as a courtesy.)

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  1. Country Codger

    Cliff, I bought Pure Sleep. I can get 5-6 hours of sleep and then wake up, like any old man with an enlarged prostate but, what is amazing is that instead of waiting around for 2-3 hours to go back to sleep I fall asleep within minutes. It may be great for young men but it is fantastic for “old men”. I also use the Pure Bulk and it is working well also. I have also started ordering chaga from you as well. I have a few months supply because I think chaga is the key for the immune system. I will listen to the interview tomorrow because it is so late and the interview seems to be long.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Bill

      For an enlarged prostrate, I have been taking a teaspoon of Pumpkin Seed Oil for several years now, without a problem. Also, you can eat a handful of Pumpkin seeds each night for prostrate problems. Pumpkin seeds are very tasty. Trader Joe’s sell them for $6.99(?)/16 ounce bag.

      • Rachel.M.

        Hi Bill.
        Try zinc as zinc deficiency leads to prostrate problems in men and post natal depression in women. Learn’t this when I did a course in nutrition many years ago.

        • Bill

          Thanks, Rachel for the Tip!

          • chris m

            She’s correct ..Also,Saw palmetto
            Saw palmetto is an herbal remedy that comes from the fruit of a type of palm tree. It’s been used in alternative medicine for centuries to relieve urinary symptoms, including those caused by an enlarged prostate.

        • Dear Rachael

          Very glad to see your comment. It bothers me that so many so-called doctors do not seem to know these basic facts re zinc.

          I have done post on zinc on my website called Z is for…..Zinc if you are interested. Zinc stops you ‘sinking’!


        • LWilson

          Covid vaccine was parented in 2002. Covid was going to come out earlier, during Hillary’s Presidency, to bring the U.S. down. They halted Covid, to steal the election, because as we all know Hillary lost.

      • Country Codger

        Yep, I use pumpkinseed, zinc and saw palmetto as well MACA. Maca is the key. It is good for so many things, it is fantastic. It is good for your memory, it also shrinks the prostate by stopping the natural process, that takes place in our golden years, of converting testosterone to estrogen. Therefore, it helps with weight loss. Also, don’t forget cayenne pepper for the prostate and blood pressure as well.
        Lo Iyrah!!!

        • by Victor

          I’m still waiting for some of those golden yrs that i heard so much about when i was younger!!!

          • Country Codger

            Shalom Victor,
            Dad always said they should be called the metallic years with silver in your hair, gold in your teeth and lead in your @ss.

      • Country Codger

        Thank you Clif and Thank you Greg!!!
        I feel totally vindicated in what I have been saying for the past few months going by the Super Cycles, especially this latest interview:
        My wife got excited when you mentioned the Zodiac ((Denderah I hope))
        Psa 19:1  The heavens are proclaiming the esteem of Ěl; And the expanse is declaring the work of His hand. 
        Psa 19:2  Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge. 
        Psa 19:3  There is no speech, and there are no words, Their voice is not heard. 
        Psa 19:4  Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them He set up a tent for the sun, 
        Psa 19:5  And it is like a bridegroom coming out of his room, It rejoices like a strong man to run the path.
        Lo Iyrah!!!

      • A

        1 glass per day of pommegranite juice is a preventative for prostate health

    • Fake Checker

      Here we go again!

      Is it real news or fake news?

      • Paul ...

        FC … If it is real … and Bill Gates is in a fly infested jail cell at GITMO …he is probably saying to himself: “I’m not going to kill that fly on my arm … to show I’m really a very nice guy” … to listen to a “real” guy Robert Malone (the inventor of the mRNA vaccine) starting at the 1:02 mark ( who has some moral values (unlike Janet Woodcock the FDA Commissioner and Fauci’s “Girl Friday” (who should be in a jail cell next to Gates at GITMO … awaiting trial for murder for ignoring “real” Science and following Fauci who claims (“He is Science”) … Janet Woodcock should be “immediately removed” for allowing massive deaths to occur to untold numbers of American people) … how in God’s name can this evil women ignore this New England Journal of Medicine Study ( showing mRNA vaccines create Blood Clots throughout the human body?? … these evil eugenicists like Gates, Fauci, Woodcock, Big Pharma, etc. … figure “if they keep faking it” … “they will make it” and “Totally Annihilate the Human Race”!!!

        • Judi/NJ

          Thank you for the link to “from clots to shots”. Entire family ignored me except for son & his family. They need to recognize the signs. Salmon oil is good for CIRCULATION so taking it daily may help. See william mount on you tube, he talks about the research on this for help with E.D.

      • Robert Dziok

        NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or defense attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in ANY RRN articles. These are career high level military no nonsense individuals who would never let such continue if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN (Michael Baxter) articles get hundreds of thousands of views. MB has said on multiple occasions his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and others Military. He has also stated on multiple occasions he stands by his articles and sources. MB’s character, integrity and credentials are established by his articles and comments he makes to them. It is not his character to say such falsely. MB has said he reports what he is given. That’s all he does and yes things can change (e.g. Trump’s return date to White House which RRN also reports has been secured by the Military since he left in January for his return.). BardsFM noted in a podcast a very credible contact of his who has high up DOD contacts said RNN is true and he should look there. BardsFM said he knew for a fact the Military was looking for such a platform as RRN to get info out. Marine Corps General David H Berger just told Secretary of Defense Austin in a heated phone call “In case you didn’t hear, Biden’s not in charge of the military, and neither are you”. So much for “Buyden” being “Commander-In-Chief”. President Trump is Commander-In-Chief as Cliff points out. The Military is in control. We are in a time of fluid military operations, Insurrection Act and “Irregular Warfare”. Cliff also points out we are at war and Americans not aware (“Normies” as Cliff says) will in time wake up to that fact/reality. Being in such a state of war it is not wise or even likely legal to reveal names of sources such as MB has. Q (Military Intelligence operation/group) – “The Military is the only way”. Q – “Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!”. Seems “The Storm” is now upon us and “The Plan” is in full force operation before us now via our Military.

        • John C

          How can “normies” report against the tyrrany, and extortion and flagrant lies of employers, teleprompter readers, governors, etc. to the appropriate military ombudsmen/official so that the offenders could be rapidly rendered to military courts (including Gitmo) as enemy combatants (Devolution)? I would like to see a list of military phone numbers we could call to have our enemies rounded up (rendition). Is that possible?

    • g wiltek

      How wonderful that one can now comment!
      I think that is exiting!
      Hope it will work.

    • John Britton

      Dear Codger,
      Suffered for a while with enlarged prostate …2-3 wake ups per night,
      Tried corn silk tea and was normal again in a couple of days. You can get it online
      in tea bags or make it yourself from corn silk. Just a couple of cups a day, but especially
      one before bed. PS; at 68 yrs. guess I’m a codger as well.

  2. Janie Waters

    Greg, is there a reason this vid is “private/restricted” on Rumble? I’d love to share it … you and Clif are bringing out so much hope for people. Keep up the good fight – you ARE one of my favorite journalists of all time.

    • Greg Hunter

      It plays for me just fine on USAW. Just send the USAW link:
      Thanks for your support and viral promotion.

      • David Kochan

        Greg, this video plays on your website but, not on Rumble. It is also not visible on your chanel on Rumble. Please change this video to “public” so I can convert it to an MP3 file. I listen to your videos while I work. Thanks!

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        Still waiting for silver to go to the moon because of all these crazy inventions it is vital for like producing free energy. I’m sure Clif will be right one day…

        • Greg Hunter

          So buy all you can afford while it is low. It this a bitcoin at $10 moment?

      • jonathan

        Great interview, but the audio is very LOW, especially yours, Greg. I could barely hear you even with speakers turned up 100%

    • Rick Smith

      I always jump to rumble and download the video with a rumble downloader.
      The rumble videos on usawatchdog take FOREVER to even start.
      Downloading from rumble site used to take just a few minutes.

      RUMBLE has TERRIBLE streaming problems. Like MASSIVE.

      • Greg Hunter

        Rick, this is important. Please only watch the videos directly from Rumble is only used as a player. Can’t take the chance of being taken down again.

        • Rodster

          Wait! So is Rumble similar to Youtube where they try to suppress the truth? Btw, I always watch your Rumble videos on USAW.

      • allan smith

        What downloader do you use for Rumble? My downloader (Gihosoft) works on everything else but not Rumble.

    • geo

      Right click, see the menu.
      Click on the “Save Video As…”
      Will download as .mp4
      Can rename it…
      Is 485 MB . Time = 1:23:05

    • john britton

      Hi Janie;
      You can always send the link to the video via mail/text.
      If you’re subscribed and getting email notices you can just
      forward them to people. But on greg’s site just wait until the
      latest video goes to his archives, right click the one you are
      interested in, and options will pop up. The option to share that
      link will be visible in the list. In that window you’ll be able to type
      in recipients and a comment ….. I’ve set up a predetermined list
      to avoid retyping everyones addresses.

  3. Greg D.

    Thank you for sharing, Greg and Clif.

  4. JC

    G.A. Stewart:
    If I chose not to take a drug because I do not want to suffer through the long list of side-effects that will occur and MY DECISION kills me, so be it. I will enjoy whatever quality of life that I have left and then checkout. Call that a Religious Belief.

    I do not want to hear the self-righteous idiots repeating the propaganda lie that I am going to kill someone else. Vaccinated people are still catching and spreading COVID-19, and those are just the facts. Virtue signaling lies is going to come back to haunt those who repeat them when the next round of Nuremberg Trials kicks off. We are already passed the point of genocide and mass murder.

    What is creeping me out is the insistence on getting a COVID-19 Vaccine even after you have had COVID-19 and you have the antibodies. Again and most importantly, you can still get and spread COVID-19 even after being given the vaccine. None of that makes sense unless there is another agenda.

    • Paul ...

      JC … The real duty and responsibility our politicians have “to protect the public” … is to protect us “from the vaccinated” (who were duped into taking the “killer Jab” by the eugenicists and Big Pharma) and are now spreading viral mutations to the un-vaccinated public … lets begin during this very Dark Age … “putting the vaccinated” into FEMA Camps the way we used to segregate lepers by putting them on islands (to keep them from shedding and infecting the general population) …then … as we arrest the Globalist eugenicists like Fauci, Gates, Soros, the Bib Pharma Cabal, etc., etc. we can put them into the FEMA Camps with all those they vaccinated!!

      • JC

        Paul… as you often say… boycott!

        G.A. Stewart:
        There is a way to fight this police state and that is break its back. If I had the web presence of Alex Jones, I would start a major boycott. Start killing offending companies by unified action.

        If you want to send a national message, boycott sports. Let me spell that out a little bigger.


        • Paul ...

          Yes JC … we must boycott the Corporate “commie” tyrants and dictators … who are now coming for the un-vaccinated and our children … it is just like the nightmare days right before the Holocaust … these dictatorial “commie” Corporations are laying the foundation for our extermination (the way they did to millions of Jews in the 1940’s) by demanding we be “jabbed” and removing our freedom of speech … lets not go to our deaths without a fight … Boycott All the Evil Corporations… if they won’t allow you to fly without taking the Kill Shot (don’t fly) take a train, etc. … if they won’t allow you to shop without taking the Kill Shot (don’t shop) go to a farmers market, etc. … and sell every shares you own in these “commie” corporations trying to kill you and take away your Constitutional rights … if we all work together … we can put them out of business (by boycotting the products they sell) … once they are gone by the grace of God our freedoms will return and our children’s lives will have be saved!!

          • Paul ...

            Alert: They are coming for us and our children … this is no imaginary game being played on the internet … the evil eugenicists are out to kill us (especially the black people) and they need to divide the blacks from the whites … so they can more easily kill us separately … both blacks and whites “need to join together as a team” to fight the true enemy (the eugenicists) … “not by marching in the streets like on Jan 6 where a false flag incident can be created to give the Globalists the authority to to lock us up” … but by using asymmetric warfare … targeting the “commie” corporations with boycotts (to put them out of business) … concentrate on a complete and total boycott against any “commie” company that demands to see your vaccination papers (the way the NAZI Gestapo did under Hitler) … this is War folks … and we must fight from behind the trees and only fire when we see the whites of their eyes … get your families on board … educate and training them as to who their enemies really are and about the evil we must all fight … begin their training by having them listening here to Dr. Richard M. Fleming beginning at the 1:47 mark …

            • Paul ...

              You know … Big Pharma and the eugenicists have first come to kill the Blacks with the spike protein … if we don’t stand up and defend our human brothers … they will come to kill the Chinese next with a variant designed specifically to kill them … then they will come to kill the Whites with a new variant … and finally when they come to kill the Jews … there will be no one left to call on for help … we must as human beings … human brothers made in the image of God … stand together … and fight the globalist eugenicists who worship an incredibly evil god named Moloch, Satan, Baal or whatever other alias names he goes under … and bring all these evil people to trial before a New International Nirenberg Court … and Sentence them to Death … for what they have done and completely put a stop to their murderous “Jab – Human Extermination Program” (as they are now coming for our children)!!

              • Wm G Thompson

                The majority of Jews are white. This racial thing is a hoax and science knew that in the late 50’s. Race is a lie and has never existed.

        • Mark Heuer

          Great point, I started boycotting ALL professional sports last year and I was fanatical about pro football, those days of hooting and hollering my team to victory is DONE! I don’t watch college football either.
          I was so glad to see that this convid didn’t affect the rich/elites favorite passtime of golf (SARC).

          • Greg Hunter

            Me too. I was a StL Cardinals fan but no more and never again. They can eat crap and die.

            • Mark Heuer

              There are only two sides, good and evil, any business or entity that supports evil will no longer get one penny from me, this is the war of wars. I didn’t watch the last super bowl, I heard half time was very demonic, so sad what our world has become.

            • rwmctrofholz

              Can’t recall the year. Maybe it was 2013. Gave up watching pro sports forever when the Super Bowl wouldn’t allow a gun commercial to play.

              Opened up so much more time for other things that I enjoy.

              I get asked all the time if I “do fantasy football” and I reply proudly that I couldn’t name 10 guys in the whole NFL.

            • Thomas Surguine

              OH MAN….DO YOU & I think a like! When i read your ” no more stl” i just “lost it” LAUGHING, because in the early 60’s, right after I got out of usn, my new wife and I went 2 a football game, CU, Vs Iowa, may be 1956 57 or there abouts, and by the end of the 1rst half, I could “take” NO MORE!!! Yuk! Never have had ANYTHING 2 Do with org. sports s8nce then! This note also gives me the oppt’y 2 PRAISE YOU 4 your wonderful interview with CLIFF HIGH….very very interesting, and especially interesti g 2 me, as I have been vollecting precious metals 4 just years. 91 now, just love it here in the Phillipines, as uneell know te usa I grew up in is so so so “LONG GONE” it really is just so heart rending that it is impossible 2 describe. This is also my oppty. 2 let you know that your site ranks right up there with my #1 “favs”…Armstrong Economics,,Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Lendman, Lew Rockwell, all of whom like you, I read daily, and there is no WAY 2 APPRECIATE YOUR SITE PROPERLY,,simply ONE OF THE BEST!!! FOR WHICH I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! KINDLY KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK. NO QUESTION, U HAVE MANY, MANY LOYAL LOYAL READERS WHO HIGHLY, HIGHLY VALUE YOUR INCREDIBLE, HONEST WORK!!! “POWER 2 YA'”!!! Expat tom

            • Lesko Brandon

              I used to love the Cards until the end of the Mark McGuire era when I realized nobody cared about the scandal as long as it kept people going to Busch Stadium. I saw his 500th homerun in 1999 in Busch Stadium which was neat. Now I dont even turn baseball on anymore.

              • Greg Hunter

                I agree LB. The Cards as well as MLB are in bed with China. So I will never support them again–ever. I have a Cardinals hat (Dk Blue) and I use it in the farm and stomp it on the ground whenever I can.

    • Abominal

      Science is a hypothesis based faith whose members attempt to disprove each other, a cult if you will.

      • Paul ...

        A … According to Fauci (his word is Science) and if a product like Ivermectin “is off patent” and Big Pharma “can’t make any money on it” … Fauci’s “Science” throws it out the window (as a cheap and effective cure for the virus) … and instead brings us the very expensive and highly profitable Clot (Brain and Heart Killing mRNA vaccine) Jab’s … that are killing Americans by the thousands and his evil “Girl Friday” (Janet Woodcock at the FDA) is in bed with the murderers (of real science)!!

    • Dear JC

      I agree that you, like me, do not want to suffer the long list of side effects (or side effucts as someone nicely put it) as no one in their right mind wants to play Russian roulette with their body.

      I say right mind, as if one has a left mind this is presumably a democrat mind. As they are typically mad, the fact that the take up of poisonous vaccines by democrats is much more than republicans makes sense.

      The ‘self-righteous idiots repeating the propaganda lie that I am going to kill someone else’ have completely lost the plot. They believe the lie that I used to think along with most people that ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases’. They don’t, cough and sneezes never did, that was just good propaganda.

      I worked this out at last in 2020. Viruses, i.e. poisons, cannot be passed on as such. They are chemical, not biological. I put this on my website under V is for…..Virus.

      I do not believe vaccinated are spreading Covid 19 as a consequence as this is impossible. There is a difference between viruses, bacteria and fungal diseases. The latter two are biological, but not viruses.

      The vaccines where they contain poisons, rather than saline as a placebo, will cause Covid 19, a.k.a the ‘flu, in the vaccinated bodies if their immune systems are poor or compromised. These are facts.

      The vaccinated’s lack of knowledge in the matter will haunt them when they fall ill. Those who have forced vaccines on anybody have participated in GBH or grievous bodily harm or even murder when someone dies as a consequence.

      They have played Russian roulette with someone else’s body and that is disgusting; they will receive their punishment in due course. It is as you say equivalent to genocide and mass murder. This appears to be the agenda.

      Although of course the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil; some people love money more than life for some inexplicable reason. But that is madness for you.

      I have written much on Covid 19 on my website, and on vaccines under V is for…..Vaccination if you are interested.

      Kind regards


  5. Shirley Thompson

    Thanks for having Clif return. have you abandoned rumble? I can’t access your site and play videos on my smart TV and watching on my tiny cell phone screen is really tedious…

  6. Jon

    Humanity got spared from nukee. The elite stored the seeds of every plant in an artic bunker. A few years ago it had a mechanical failure spoiling the seeds when the refridgeration units malfunctioned and heated the storage up. Insider maybe (not all heroes wear capes)?

  7. Shirley Thompson

    Also greg the player on does have controls for landscape, volume, pause adv, etc

  8. Shirley Thompson

    Sorry but the player on your website sucks. It’s super tiny on my Android Galaxy approx 1.3 x 1.75 with a huge black border. I click the Rumble link on the video but it says private restricted video. I’d like to watch but not on a tiny thumbnail screen. Your player isn’ t suited for mobile play.

    • The Ogs

      Shirley you are viewing on your tiny little phone – LoL, and this is Greg’s fault?
      I (like most) watch on my computer. Let’s see here… it sports a 14″ x 24″ display.
      You may wish to reconsider your media access portal device configuration, which appears to be pretty inadequate…

    • Matt

      Do you need a video screen to listen to the radio?

      Listen to the message, or do you need visual cues to help you think?

    • Diana Brown

      Come on Shirley….use your head, access it differently!

      • Robert K

        Shirley, if you want to watch Greg on your “smart TV”, you will most likely need a VPN. Otherwise, the ISP provider will/have blocked access to the site. It happened to me before the VPN. Sometimes unplugging all your devices and plugging them back in has helped, albeit temporary, unless you have a more secure way to connect.

      • chris m

        Excellent reply ! What an attitude he has,instead of seeing the bigger picture,as if it Greg’s fault.

    • paul anthony

      The rumble players seem to work fine I have a 43 inch TV and I filled the whole screen mirroring it from my computer

    • Thomas Wigand

      Maybe your problem is trying to access using Android.

      Android = Google = spyware = suppression of patriotic / Christian content.

      I would be surprised if Skynet/Google is intentionally messing with the feed of USAWatchdog and similar truth-tellers.

    • Mark Heuer

      Shirley, my only device is a cheap smartphone and I have no problem whatsoever watching Greg’s videos, just go to USA If this doesn’t work, then your problem is in your device, you will have to download the Brave App as your search engine and have duck duck go as your default. DO NOT USE GOOGLE, and don’t use Chrome as your default, matter of fact, go into your settings once you have already downloaded Brave and duck duck go and go to -allow unknown sources and stroll down to Google and press not allowed, do the same with chrome.

  9. Ralph E. Castillo

    Locked out from the cliff High video

    • Greg Hunter

      It plays here: Unplug your modem and plug it back in. That will reset it.

      • mickey

        The Rumble website still just does not grant access: shows as restricted. So there may be a problem unless you wanted it that way, which I doubt.

        I usually download your episodes and listen when I exercise or take a bike ride. Sometimes its difficult to put aside the time needed to watch the full episode in one sitting. And I find I need to concentrate to digest it all.


    • Juli Barbato

      I tried watching on Rumble but got a message that the video was “Restricted/Private.”

      • Greg Hunter

        Juli, Please only watch the videos from my website as I own this. I can’t take the chance of being taken down again. Rumble is only used as a player.

        • Thoth al Khem

          Thanks so much for the work you do and THIS Interview with Clif….

        • Ray

          Unfortunately, people in 2021 aren’t that smart.
          I see comment after comment after comment…….”Greg……I can’t play your video on Rumble or Bumble or Fumble or whatever video platform…….boo hoo hoo”
          WAKE UP IMBOS……….
          Watch the frigging video at USAWATCHDOG.COM………Gregs’ proprietary site. IT PLAYS THERE,AND BY VISITING GREG”S SITE, YOU DO MORE TO SUPPORT HIM GOING FORWARD>
          If you haven’t got the basic common sense to be able to figure that out, you really won’t have much by way of intelligent deposit to embellish the important conversations that Greg accommodates here……….go back to funny cat videos on You Tube.
          Fair Dinkum…….the idiocy!!!!
          Ray, Canberra, Imbo Nation.

        • Cheryl Whitestone

          Hi Greg thanks for all your reporting I watched the votes change live with your stream. Frank Speech Mike Lindells IT guys are really nailing down the cheating. CV 19 I found a supplement natural vitamin & mineral that is helping me & many, especially with the shedding & other health issues. My web site, story here I am an artist all mediums, this has been a God send blessing for me, my son & so many of us, it lengthens the telomeres, was formulated by a certified Pharmacist, Pharmacologist & Doctor of natural Medicine, he is also a Minister. When I spent the afternoon with him & others, he expressed his disappointment of churches not telling the flock about the dangers of VX, here is a link to my art site, you can read more about it and how to get it, see Dr. Rouse Playlist & Abstracts on the web site.

    • jim

      You might try
      If Greg will allow me to give a link in comments! (lol)

  10. Brick Stonehead

    Clif High and Greg Hunter- two of the FEW who are currently telling the truth about anything, specifically about the Wu-flu and the fake vaxjab. Thank you for speaking the truth.We need the truth more than ever right now.

    • Paul ...

      BS … And the lairs like Biden, Fauci, Big Pharma, etc., etc. “are now desperate” … as their vax immunity narrative is falling apart … for the “Lambda variant” (now being generated inside the bodies of the “jabbed”) … not only has “increased infectivity” … but … “is also resistant to all the Big Pharma vaccines people took” … seems God has moved against the “commies” in a mysterious way … for now … the only people who are safe are the un-vaccinated (who still have their God given immune systems) … while those who took the Satanic “jab” are now in very big trouble … as these Lamb’s now say da?? … you mean our jabs won’t protect us from Lambda??? … after we allowed Big Pharma to destroy our natural immune system with their “clot-spike protein/graphine” vaccines????… Yep!! … That’s Right!!!

    • Paul ...

      BS … Here is some more “sad truth” about how the “evil Big Pharma eugenicists” designed their devious vaccines “to exterminate mankind” … their Spike protein was sinfully and wickedly designed to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier … this means … when it gets into the brain … it will begin to eat and tear into it (causing clots) … if you don’t immediately faint or die of a stroke … you will begin to feel like your brain is in a fog … you won’t be able to think straight (as your brain begins to turn mushy (the medical term for this condition is Spongiform Encephalopathy) … and before you know it … your brain will be turned into a “blood sponge” an Alzheimer brain ten to twenty times worse then Briben’s (who now thinks he rules over a nation of 350 million people … but in in a few years will likely be reduced to 100 million un-vaxed people (as all the vax-ed people die off of Spongiform Encephalopathy, or Cancer, or Heart Attacks, etc.)!! …

  11. Mike R

    My bet is that Clif ends up being spot on about the jabbed getting a BAD ATTITUDE, when it does get known by the people who accepted the VAXX or rather THE JAB, that it is not able to get approval, and should never have been done experimental in the first place.

    I’m already seeing tons of the BAD ATTITUDE by these vaxxed, and I believe they are all seeing enough signs from all over the place, that it was a VERY BAD IDEA, that they so readily accepted the JAB.

    Now they are going to be even more scared, get more desperate, and get more anxious, and its going to lead to some really bad episodic events, that are violent unlike we have ever seen before. Government Heads will roll, and the VAXXED will probably be the ones, who start pulling out the pitchforks for Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, and pretty much every demoncrat government official from top to bottom, in counties, states, and everything in between.

    • messianicdruid

      Obadiah !

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Also the vaxxed might turn on the self righteous bullies that pressurised them to take it in the first place. Family members, friends, work colleagues etc

    • Judi/NJ

      I believe most of the jabbed will double down on their anger toward those who are “killing them”.

      As for the smaller percentage, as Gerald Celente says, “when people have lost everything and have nothing to lose, they lose it.” Follow Clif’s advice and stay out of the way, if possible. They will destroy themselves without our help.

  12. Mark Squibb

    Clif High – smart. Bless you.

    • The Ogs

      Yes I agree. 100%!
      But (according to Dr. Tenpenni) the inoculated become weak, sickly and feeble on average within 19 days of receiving the jab.
      No strength to even raise a pitchfork up over their heads…
      But their anger however WILL continue to flourish!

      • Bill

        I will check with my 55 year old friend to see how he’s feeling?

    • mickey

      The anger eminating by the vaxxed is not easy to subdue. They in general, imho, are out of control and there is no discussing the issue.

      • chris m

        Zombiefied. These are the real zombies.

      • chris m

        Zombiefied. These are the real zombies. or perhaps,robotic is closer.a mixture of both.they are totally brainwashed.

  13. Mark Squibb

    Clif is way smart.
    Listen closely.

  14. Anthony Australia

    Loved the interview Greg, thanks!

    Fritz Springmeier called it back in 2016, the ‘Flu’ might be unleashed. He’s researchers Trauma Based Mind Control, which I’m sure it’s in play now and
    He’s also a Christian too.

    Permission to post Greg.

    Some more of his thoughts from his studies.

  15. Kevin Tatanka

    I appreciate you as a true human being. Because of your innate goodness, I believe you may indulge some guests that are not as good in their nature as you are, but that comes with the task you’ve assumed. You remind me of a couple of lines in the song “Starry Night” or “Vincent” by Don McLean that go like this: “How you tried to set them free. They would not listen; they did not know how, perhaps they’ll listen now;” and, near the end of the song, “They would not listen, they’re not listening still; perhaps they never will.” Just be the good man that you are, by the Grace of God. You’re not responsible for the crap in this world. Neither am I. Best wishes.

  16. David Gordon Dunne

    I don’t know what Clif meant by ??Mohak being removed from earth as the prize to Trump Greg?

    • Alison

      I think Clif may have said ‘Moloch’ rather than Mohawk. Moloch was an ancient Canaanite god whose followers/worshipers offered up their children to be burned alive as human sacrifices to him.

      • Warren B.

        So Clif suggests that Trump is playing his part (as an Actor) to ultimately remove Moloch from the face of the Earth for eternity…..WOW !!!
        Moloch has been present since the birth of Christianity……and now we expect that Moloch will be done away with by the actions of an elected President (who agreed to partake in this chilling play) ?
        I’m not buying it….sounds too fanciful to me.
        But I do agree on the part about “Actors” …and there are many of them.

        • Mark Heuer

          Trump is a hard one to figure out with his stance on these killer jabs, but I can say he did sign an executive order against those that are doing harm to children through sex trafficking. I also hear that many DUMB’s are being cleared out and children are being rescued, is this true or not, I guess we will have to wait and see just like everything else.

        • rwmctrofholz

          I’m in agreement there. The moloch thing threw me for a loop. Very compelling stuff otherwise, but that seemed excessive and made me question the rest of the video.

    • Judy McCleary

      David, Cliff said, “Moloch” from the Old Testament. He’s referring to the end of Planned Parenthood, also, the sacrifice of infants and children in satanic rituals.

      • Sc0tty

        Actually, when you know the full story, this comment CEMENTS Cliff’s prognostications.

        Watch ‘sequal to the fall of the cabal’ on BitChute. IMO they do an excellent job covering everything, i.e. you will be up-2-date.

    • Lucas Doolin


    • Brian Vaci

      Moloch is a name or a term which appears in the Hebrew Bible several times, primarily in the book of Leviticus. The Bible strongly condemns practices which are associated with Moloch, practices which appear to have included child sacrifice. Traditionally, Moloch has been understood as referring to a Canaanite god.

    • Tory Allan

      Molock, represents all the Satanic practices of child sacrifice, murder, sex deviance and trafficking ect.
      All the people that have pushed or profited by the lies and deception will have the light expose them as the worshipers of Molock.
      This is the war we have been in for sometime, and has been repeated in ages past.

    • Ken

      Molach is a very powerful Demon in Christianity.

    • Judy

      If I understood him correctly, he said moloch. Moloch and baal worshippers refers to satan worshippers.

    • Paul ...

      DGD … Clif High’s reference to Moloch being removed from Earth … could also be interpreted as the removal of the Fed’s fiat paper monetary system from Earth and a return to “real money” … as the “commie” Karl Marx referred to the US dollar “as Moloch” … and the “commie” Fed banksters have hidden right on the front of their fiat dollar bills … “a micro dot sized Owl” … where the “Owl” represents to them their “Satanic deity Moloch” … and when these banksters and corrupt politicians of the world meet once a year in the woods at Bohemian Grove (to Worship their Satanic Deity “Moloch”) … they represent “their god as a huge Owl Statue” … and offer baby children as a sacrifice to their Satanic “god” (by throwing the babies into a huge bonfire before the Owl) … as they conjure up more evil plans for the rest of humanity and coordinate their plandemic strategies (and “jabs”) to bring about their Satanic agenda (the extermination of mankind and thus a re-setting of all the debt in the world back to zero)!! …

  17. MarieJoy

    IF you don’t protect what’s yours, sooner, or later, it belongs to someone, else. – Negan – 2019

    • Catherine

      Marie. MOLLACk was an idol ancient people worshipped by throwing their children alive into a fire as a sacrifice. Unfortunately the cabal today are still worshipping him and killing children as sacrifices to it. The deity is representing Satan.

      • Bill

        Wow- I wouldn’t want a parent like that!

    • Stone

      Moloch, it is a deity (satan) that the so called elite have worshiped for thousands of years.

    • mddarm

      Moloch {Molech or Molek} is a name or term which appears in the Hebrew Bible primarily in the book of Leviticus. He is known for child sacrifices.

    • SupremeLaw

      Moloch definition is – a Semitic god to whom children were sacrificed.

  18. mike selvaggio

    37 tb of Data- Im glad Clif’s a speed reader! Blessings to all presenting and listening!

  19. Bill

    Thanks Greg, for bringing on Clif High. It’s hard to imagine, that we are Lucky to live at this very important time in Time, to be able to see all these monumental changes coming our way. I believe all these events, will be in the history books in 20 years. We are in the 2nd American Revolution, Trump will be likened to George Washington!

    • crystalcarrie

      Thank you Greg and Cliff for a brilliant informative interview. Clarified many things for me.
      Amazing! 🙂

  20. Derik Kendall

    Good day, Greg!

    I am an American from Minneapolis, however I am in China as an English teacher.

    I have been following you since 2014. Thank you for all you have done.

    I’m unvaccinated and will never get it, however most of my foreign coworkers from the west have all gotten the vaccine and I told them not to get it.

    My question for Cliff or some others, the Chinese vaccines don’t have MNRA technology. How bad are the Chinese vaccines compared to the west???

    • Tin foil hat

      Microfluidic-generated lipid-graphene oxide nanoparticles and the Spike Protein for gene delivery are the likely culprits. If the Chinese vaccine doesn’t have mRNA in it, it is probably safer than ours but I still wouldn’t take it.

      • WD

        The Russian vaccine is different as well from ours. Imagine that the enemies iof US are making safer meds for their own people than we are.

  21. Angie

    Anyone who looks towards the Zodiac and the starts for spiritual guidance do not trust as he is misled. Clif High comes across as a nice guy and is intelligent but he is selling false hope via being an instrument of anti-God force. Trump is not in control and has zero power as we have been taken over by this illegal government. This is subduing the public and giving them false hope as the left secures power throughout the country. Sorry to say and I know I will get flack for this but it is not what I want to see it is what is IMO.

    • Greg Hunter

      At his core, High is a data miner on the Internet. Ever hear of the phrase out of the Bible that “God’s word will NOT come back void”???

    • Joshua Porter

      Angie, Genesis 1:14 says: And God said, Let there be light in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and seasons, and for days and years:
      Clif may not be a believer in Christ yet, but that doesn’t mean he has nothing good to say.

    • crystalcarrie

      Take the meat from the bones with smart informed people.We will rarely agree with someone 100% anyway! And I actually see Trump as a betrayer, and will never get passed that.Once a leader betrays-all respect is gone in my world.
      The Zodiac has a story of its own that is also NOT pagan; also, Seamen navigated using the stars.
      And we all know the story of Magi being led by a star to where Jesus was born. Matthew 2:1
      If you do a study on the Magi you will be very suprized at what you learn about them! People have not studied enough and only regurgitate what we have been led to believe.We have been decieved on so many levels.The origins of the Cyrus Scofield Bible is another big hoax sold to Christians.
      And Cliff was being so respectful of Greg and his viewers in this video, pity you was unable to see that beautiful human trait!

      • Self Exiled

        Cliff has many good/beautiful traits . He is on my prayer list as those for Salvation. I to hope to meet him some day. The universe/ Yahweh has spared him, my Hope. The Deity of Christ is not in question, and HIS Sermon on The Mount was absolutely the most profound of middle eastern truths ever spoken that leave no room for argument or misinterpretation by any eastern mystic.

  22. Sandra+McIntosh

    Are you kidding me? Really? Clif High again? How very special…..Thank you both….I really appreciate both of you…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sandra for your support!

  23. Tyson Bryan

    The world runs under algorithmic (AI) management. People who want to get paid and stay solvent have critical decisions to make regarding human rights v/s paycheck. Will the USD hyperinflate before the banks freeze up & limit private credit transfer?
    What seem more likely, is all the new vaxxination deaths end up being counted as Flu deaths by the Cabal’s propagandist payees. The “big lie” principle has applied since the beginning of this debacle.

  24. Simple Girl

    I will consider Trump responsible for those harmed by the jabs. He should have kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have to encourage the shots. I consider anyone pushing the jab as being culpable in the harms done by them. Every politician, doctor, nurse , pharmacist, news anchor, news reporter, or radio person, or celebrity.
    The men storming the beaches of Normandy had weapons to fight back and they chose to join the military, they knew they were in a battle.
    The jabbed all think it is “safe and effective”. It is the equivalent of people getting on a boat being advertised on the news and radio as a cruise around the island and that every body just has to go for a ride already. At the end of the ride they are dropped off at the beaches of Normandy to fight the Germans.

    • Clare Doll

      I’m with you on this one! He opened his mouth to save himself AND he ruined the economy!

    • Warren B.

      ….but…..but….but ….he saved 470 Million souls…..!!
      I have to agree with you SG. Trump has blood on his hands …as does Biden.
      Clif mis-stated that Trump didn’t /wouldn’t use force…..If memory serves correctly he brought in the Military (General Gustave F. Perna) to control/manage OWS.
      Another point about the so called Vaccine (Fauci providing the Vacccine to Moderna and Pfizer during 2019 as stated by Clif) – wasn’t that prior to any known “COVID” Virus? Also wasn’t that during the Trump Administration. Remarkably is was also before Trump announced a plan for OWS (April 2020). Sounds to me like he was in on the PLAN from the outset – even knowing about the Gene Therapy Inoculations that are NOT A VACCINE.
      The 64 dollar question is where does the 470 million people come from ( estimate)?

    • crystalcarrie


  25. tim mcgraw

    I’m at 42:00 mark. Good interview. I think Clif has too much faith in the military and the Zodiac. The Age of Aquarius was a song on Broadway. I saw the musical. I wore a gren Nehru jacket and white turtleneck. Oh, NYC was a good place then.
    Poor Clif stuck in Washington State. I escaped it only to come to California. LOL! Maybe you will ask Clif about whether Newsom will lose the recall election. I hope you do.
    At this point in time… I kinda hope God just hits the Eject button for the human race.
    Thanks for the interview, Greg. It’s as long as a movie and more entertaining.

    • Bill

      I heard the 3 wise men that came to see the Baby Jesus were Astrologers. They found the Baby Jesus, by following the Bright Shinning Star in the night sky.

      • Michael Honebrink

        I think you meant Astronomers.

        • tim mcgraw

          Back then many of the star gazers were both.

      • tim mcgraw

        I’ve read that the bright shining star for the three wise men was a supernova far away in space.

        • Self Exiled

          That would be fitting.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and STOOD OVER WHERE THE YOUNG CHILD WAS. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they were come INTO THE HOUSE, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

  26. Dr. Joseph

    Greg, what a fine show tonight, thank you and clif for some excellent content. You are a true patriot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dr. Joseph for all your support!

  27. bert trim

    Thanks Greg and Clif. That was another “out of the ballpark” interview. Keep em coming Greg. USAWatchdog does it again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bert!


    I dont believe we are under attack from foreign powers. I believe we have been attacked, and are undergoing an “attack” by a consortium of “multi-national financial powers”

    • AndrewB

      Hi DUGTRUX,
      “I believe we have been attacked, and are undergoing an “attack” by a consortium of “multi-national” financial powers”.”
      Your assessment is supported by G Edward Griffin in his international best-seller, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’, subtitled, ‘A New Look At The Federal Reserve’.
      IMHO, it’s entirely likely that Clif High et al know very well who the real enemy of freedom is. However, it’s extraordinarily difficult to engage the masses in a fight against an ‘invisible’ enemy who hide in the shadows, wear nice suits, and utter softly spoken (lies) about their focus on improving the financial welfare of society. Much easier to enrage the masses about an ‘attack’ by the Chinese – or more specifically, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). While Clif High initially directs attention to the ‘easy target’ – the CCP – he later (at 1:08:30+) states, “We have to have exposure of the GLOBAL CRIMINAL CLASS . . .” Exactly! The CCP are puppets, just as the leaders of the Bolsheviks were financed, and puppets, of the dynastic banking families. And by the way, after their banker funded coup, the Bolsheviks went on to exterminate some 20,000,000 dissenting Russians. So, this is a real war with real casualties of war, but let’s not play to the puppeteers’ tune. The real enemies of liberty are the softly-spoken owners of the worldwide Central Banking System. All the visible enemy combatants, including country Heads of State, are merely ‘Igor to Count Dracula’.

      • Brooklyn


        I tried to take notes as this fast paced interview exploded in front of us, and I too became aware of Clif mentioning “the Global Crimes Class“ but wanted to get your 2-cents on something else that Mr. High mentioned – Devolution!

        Clif High mentioned Devolution numerous times, but neither Greg or any of you “learned commenters” mentioned it.

        The Devolution theory is for continuity of government, on the federal and local levels. Devolution is real. Devolution is active.

        President Trump is not only in the picture, he is actively involved in what is happening. I’m convinced there are things happening behind the scenes that we are not meant to know – yet. And, the results of those machinations are unfolding right before our eyes.

        It’s scary and exciting at the same time. More later….


        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn,
          Strange how your message above appeared AFTER your message below – to which I replied. Only difference, the first paragraph???

      • Brooklyn

        Clif High mentioned Devolution numerous times, but neither Greg or any of you “learned commenters” mentioned it.

        The Devolution theory is for continuity of government, on the federal and local levels. Devolution is real. Devolution is active.

        President Trump is not only in the picture, he is actively involved in what is happening. I’m convinced there are things happening behind the scenes that we are not meant to know – yet. And, the results of those machinations are unfolding right before our eyes.

        It’s scary and exciting at the same time. More later….


        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn,
          I got the info on ‘Devolution’ but remain sceptical. If ‘Devolution’ is a strategic military plan initiated in 1947 (it’s even older than me!) then both ‘white hats’ and ‘black hats’ in the US military will be well aware of it and will have had ample time (73 years) to come up with countermeasures. In addition, placing reliance on some ethereal good guys in the military to get us out of this globally coordinated genocide / NWO neo-feudalism is, IMHO, wishful thinking and likely as not to engender apathy when ‘animal spirits’ would be more appropriate. Nothing personal – I hope you’re right.

        • Warren B.

          ….”there are things happening behind the scenes that we are not meant to know”….I suspect you could be onto something there….but then again…..your statement has always been true for those who are not related by blood to those Rulers who have ruled (and continue to ) rule over the World.
          That is essentially their MO = keep things SECRET / OUT OF SIGHT/BEHIND CLOSED DOOORS/DISTRACT THE MASSES……

        • Jerry5

          The waiting game is about over. DHS has put out a threat warning about domestic terrorist.

          Read the advisory. Domestic terrorist can mean anything from speaking out about the elections, to refusing vaccinations. It’s funny that BLM can burn cities and destroy property and yet that is considered expression. Time is running out for the sunshine pumpers.
          From where I’m sitting there is no show, and the patriots are the ones who are being cornered. Just my opinion.

          • AndrewB

            Hi Jerry,
            All very concerning. I thought the following extract worthy of highlighting:

            “Law enforcement have expressed concerns that the broader sharing of false narratives and conspiracy theories will gain traction in mainstream environments, resulting in individuals or small groups embracing violent tactics to achieve their desired objectives. With a diverse array of threats, DHS is concerned that increased outbreaks of violence in some locations, as well as targeted attacks against law enforcement, may strain local resources.

    • c

      A while back, someone commented:
      When they run out of place to feast,
      they will come back to feast from within.

      • WD

        Jerry 5,

        Yes I agree about the patriots. But V the guerilla said this was a huge sign of a dying empire was to go after its own inhabitants as it fails in the outside world…Afghanistan.

    • Tin foil hat

      To know what’s really going on, one must look into what is “Central Bank Digital Currency”. China was pushing for Central Bank Digital Currency in 2019 with BIS as the banker/exchange. CIA probably killed it until the Federal Reserve is ready to go into the Fed’s version of Digital Currency – probably with IMF as the banker/exchange. The dollar will not be the world reserve currency for long – with the Fed being the banker and a player. I google “Central Bank Digital Currency” last year after hearing that terminology from Catherine Austin Fitts interview on USAWATCHDOG on either 02/02/20

      – Fitts goes on to say, “From everything I have heard so far . . . the virus is not my concern for the Western world. My concern is the vaccine. So, I am extremely concerned about Nano technology and vaccine injury. The process to push for vaccine mandates has been very extreme. . . . Why are we seeing such a heavy push for heavy schedules of vaccines and mandates for vaccines, which is in violation of the Nuremberg code and the U.S. Constitution?”

      Fitts thinks that big tech and big government are seeking tighter and tighter control through technology and cloud computing. Fitts says, “You are going to have Microsoft, Amazon and the New York Fed banks operating and controlling a huge amount of data for the U.S. government. That means you can re-engineer the entire federal government at a very high speed. Imagine getting your Social Security check getting deposited into your Amazon account where you are restricted on what you can and cannot buy. . . . We are putting into place the technology where the control that can be done is beyond the imagination of most people.”

      In hind sight, it’s amazing to see how early Catherine sounded the alarm on the vaccine!

      Or this interview on 04/05/20

      – Fitts also says the covert war going on now is about the U.S. dollar and countries who want to stop using it for trade. If the dollar is used less, it will be worth less and maybe much less. Fitts says, “We have tried to keep all the oil sales in the world going through the dollar. Of course, that’s put everybody back into our jurisdiction. The world doesn’t want to do that anymore. They want to be free to trade. You are seeing more and more central banks around the world doing swap lines and direct relationships between central bank to central bank to try to do what is called de-dollarization. So, you have the world wanting to move outside our channel, and you have the Anglo-American alliance trying to protect the dollar syndicate. That is part of the economic war that is going on.”

      Fitts says, “Whatever happens on the global stage, it means the days of the subsidy that kept the game inside America is over. So, how do you radically reduce the size of the financial footprint that stopes inflation from going wild? How do you take the subsidy away from the American middle class without a major civil war? . . . . What we did was we did the China trade, and now it’s over, and everybody in America said fine, we will go along. Well, this is the price. You have borrowed from the future and now it’s over.”

      There was no information on Central Bank Digital Currency on Google back in Feb-April 2020, since the Deep State was not in control of the attempted takeover. Hence, Google didn’t want me to know about this 12/12/19 article from the IMF.

      “Central Bank Digital Currencies: 4 Questions and Answers”

      However, the above and following article, published March 2021, pop up when I google Central Bank Digital Currency recently. I infer the IMF or the Deep State is in control of this new global reserve currency and the bankers are going to explain this to you like they did their moms.

      “An IMF economist explains central bank digital currency to his mother”

      I suspect we are going to get the exact opposite of Mad Max which would be more like a super high tech 1984. I think the Fed’s version of the Digital Currency is going to be one level above the one which China is experimenting with now. The Chinese version requires cellphone app, ours will probably be transmitted directly from our bodies – graphene oxide in the vaccine??

  29. Robert Olin

    “Don’t tread on me” now comes with the additional “Don’t shed on me.”

  30. Linda Puetz

    As always Greg I feel the LOVE. The world is a better place because of you and your friends like Clif. Thank you for this amazing information. You are a world hero like Mike Lindell. may God bless all the people who hang out here with great minds and loving hearts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda for your very kind comments!

  31. CJ

    It’s okay that people ARE being forced to decide between being able to retain employment or getting fired from good paying jobs is okay because this is war? Every person, including Trump, pushing the jabs is guilty of murder if they know that it will kill people. Hiding information that could save lives is criminal. It’s the same thing as knowing someone is going to go out and commit any murder and staying silent. If anyone thinks they didn’t commit a crime, they are wrong. It is accessory to a murder at minimum.

  32. Robert Dziok

    On Monday in a heated phone conversation (transcript said to be available) Marine Corps General David H Berger rebuked Secretary of Defense Austin on Austin edict requiring all military take the Covid-19 (China virus) “jab”.

    Gen. Berger: “No mandatory vaccinations for my Marines”. Gen. Berger said he had the support of other Joint Chiefs of Staff and would implore them to ignore unlawful orders coming from the illegitimate administration.

    Gen. Berger to Austin: “In case you haven’t heard, Biden’s not in charge of the military, and neither are you.” So much for “Buyden” being “Commander-In-Chief”. WOW!!! The Military is in control for sure!

    • Bill

      I certainly hope so! It give people hope, for the future!

  33. Jane Reynolds

    Terrific interview. Value Clif’s commentary and visions. God bless all patriots worldwide. Thank you Greg and Clif. Love from France!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Jane from France!

  34. Andrew Harrison

    Thanks Greg great interview, and although much speculation is discussed about dark times ahead, it’s great to keep morale up by looking forward to the situation being resolved positively beyond the next period.

  35. Patricia E Marseglia

    So 8/11/2021 msn published a video about the marburg virus in Guina says WHO,
    Charlotte Lozier Institute, charts aborted baby parts
    in vaccines reveal.
    Paul Davis running for Governor VA explains that he thinks the moderna shot is the one that will built upon, meaning, you have received the first shot, the goal is to put
    more into us to create the mark of the beast…it will glow in the dark, florescent green or purple and so they can see who has been shot and who has not. It’s a race against time.

  36. Genee Olson

    I’m so interested in what you and Clif have to say, but I’m unable to hear you. Please, for all the deaf and hearing impaired have closed caption. Thanks, Genee

  37. g

    Greg, I’ve been following you for years. This has to be your best. And that says a lot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you g!

  38. Rob

    Greg, I’ve been following you since I discovered you as an independent, TRUE journalist. Thank you for your honoring the truth and bringing “old school” interviewing style challenging guests in order to present opposing views. God Bless you!
    Rob – your neighbor to the north (The Socialist Republic of Virginia LOL!)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks so much Rob!

    • Lord Nasdaq

      Great comment, Rob. My dad and his family are from Danville – Amelia region. How sad Richmond has become, overrun by Yankee transplants. Beautiful state being ruined soon like N.C.
      Take care in Va.

  39. Troy

    I’m not for forced Vaccines or forced anything, not saying you should or shouldn’t get the vaccine BUT wasn’t it Trump in his presidency that pushed through with this technology in the heat of the so called pandemic? Seems like just a few weeks ago that I read somewhere on our “ Trusted” news that Trump said, we should all be taking the vaccine. Now, maybe that’s a lie and he never said that at all…idk. Nevertheless, these vaccines came about while he was president. So what gives? If he was still our president today, do you think he’d be trying to force vaccines on the American public or not? I’m thinking he wouldn’t but I do think the vaccines would still be here and some people would take them. So with all that being said, are these vaccines “ safe and affective” or not? Maybe I’m missing something here and more then likely I am but these “ safe and effective” vaccines did come about during his presidency.

    • Paul ...

      Troy … All those who voluntarily took the “jab” have unwittingly reduced their life expectancy by 10 to 20 years … those who willingly took the “booster jab” will likely only live for two (2) to three (3) years … because … the spike protein (eats its way into normal cells) and turns the normal cells into spike protein factories … producing millions more spike proteins that can then cross the blood -brain barrier and begin feasting on your brain (turning it into a mushy sponge) … such people (who took the experimental jab and didn’t have a thinking brain to begin with) are likely better off wishing the spike protein gives them a heart attack before it turns their brain into a bloody sponge!!

  40. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    These interviews grow more brilliant daily. Thank you both. Very important for those who are un-vaxxed to keep in tip-top shape. As Cliff says even for old timers like me we are all going to play a crucial role in assisting so many whose lives are already and will be broken. Please keep us strong sweet Jesus!

  41. Bruce E. Sanborn

    😳 quite an interview Greg,there is a lot of information to assimilate that needs to be handled one bite at a time. I’m listening at 4am as I Don’t sleep,up at times for over 40 hours ! I’m going to check out Pure Sleep to see how it does. Keep your arms and legs in on the ride at all times do not stand up and keep your safety belt on it’s going to be a bumpy ride 🤯 Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce.

  42. rwmctrofholz

    Can’t wait to watch this one. The Cliff High interviews as of late have been dynamic. May have to put the kids to bed early tonight to watch in peace.

  43. Adam Chalmers

    Hi Greg – You will really want to read this ‘open letter to the unvaccinated’ signed by 8 PhDs as part of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association!
    *Love your work! From a regular viewer in Nova Scotia, Canada

    • Tin foil hat

      What happen to the ACLU?

  44. Jerry5

    There are predictions. And then there is reality. Here is reality. National guard units are testing a new system to remove battlefield casualties.

    What? Battlefield casualties? The military never makes a hammer, unless they intend to hammer a nail. The question is, what’s the nail? The nation wide EAS system just concluded yesterday. Many are calling it a nothing burger. I say, not so fast. I have reported over the past few years mobile satellite platforms being seen by my sources out in the field in various locations. I contend that the test we just witnessed was a beta test for a grid down situation that is coming. Before the globalist launch the final phase of their plan, the current system will be taken down. When? It’s anybody’s guess. But know this, the globalist are following a timeline,
    and that includes mass casualties by an armed citizenry. That’s why national guard units are installing this new casualty removal system.
    Containers that can be loaded on semi trucks tells me, that the battlefield will most likely be in a paved environment like an urban area than a muddy field? It’s just a guess. I really hope Cliff is right. I pray he is.

  45. Douglas Moore

    Thank You, Greg Hunter. You sir are a great Patriot and will be long
    remembered as a important part in the resistance of tyranny.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Douglas for your kind words.

  46. Donnie W Clyma

    Hey brother, is there away you can up the volume on your videos? I can barely here them, with my hearing aids turned all the way up, and computer volume all the way also. Just asking, if you could record with higher volume to help.

  47. AMids

    Clif on top form and looking very well, playing his part

  48. Linda

    I’m so tired of all the hate and negativity. I’m so tired of communists and their insane agendas. Someone please make it stop. Find a way to make it stop. Please!

    • Bill

      Communists don’t like to talk it over, and come to a Agreement. They just want to Flat-Out BE in CHARGE of You!

  49. Jay rocco

    Two of the greatest of all time men of integrity and tenacity forthright the truth. I urge you to donate to Greg to keep him bringing the real news to us. I am not a person of financial means. I am disabled. I donate monthly. If I can do it surely you can to. Thank you Greg your wife and all you guests for giving us your time

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jay for being a great cheerleader for the site!

  50. Daniel

    At about the 36 minute Mark I think those are minute marks if you talk about people being slow and fumbling over a job they’ve done for years and people have no comprehension they have no understanding but you blame it on the facts now I am no hero whatsoever of the vaccination I will not take it I will fight I will kill nobody has the right to kill me under the color of legitimacy but I will tell you these people that you have met who are promoting these characteristic traits which you are aware of it is not the wax you are talking about people from South Carolina especially Pickens county when there is a shortage of police they take the most incompetent the most lazy the most of ill repute and they put them in the police department or the sheriff department and the more of a sexual predator you are the higher up you will climb Jeff Duncan is a congressman he is raised the standard of sexual harassment molestation debauchery to an Olympic event and it doesn’t matter who he hires young boys young women he is addicted to the youth which he then proceeds to destroy…..

  51. Dom

    Great interview. thanks Greg, thanks Cliff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dom!

  52. Anthony Australia

    Australia’s workplace watchdog will dump its guidance to employers that they are “overwhelmingly” unable to require staff to be vaccinated and instead adopt a four tier system backing mandatory vaccinations for key industries.

    The Fair Work Ombudsman says border control, quarantine, healthcare and aged care organisations are “more likely” to be allowed to mandate jabs for their staff. Essential businesses in areas of coronavirus transmission, which would include supermarkets in parts of western Sydney, are also “likely” to be allowed to require their staff to receive a vaccination.

  53. Alan Van cleave

    Hang them all from the lamp post and leave them there as a reminder!!!!!!

  54. Peter W

    So good I watched it twice

  55. Carl

    Greg, this interview is very, very enlightening, but the lightning
    struck its brilliance @ 1:08:40 where Trump’s reward is stated. Whoah!
    I don’t think people can even begin to wrap their ignorant minds around
    such a prize for all of humanity…forever more on plane[t] earth!
    Q: What kind of man works to save the world from an historic evil unimagined?
    A: A king (Trump) working for/with the King of Kings!

    • Warren B.

      I never knew Trump had Royal Blood running through his veins !!! A KING ?

  56. andyb

    Given some recent decisions and the fact that the conception of “standing” was ignored, it is fairly obvious that SCOTUS has either been bribed or blackmailed (or both). I don’t see Lindell’s evidence ever making it to ANY court. I hope I”m wrong. Clif is wrong when he says the military will be unable to vaccinate all who serve in an expeditious manner. I recall that at Fort Ord, prior to being shipped to Vietnam, the Army managed to vaccinate 1000s within a few days. I got 3 shots in 20 seconds. If we assume that all of the vaccinated will be dead or severely disabled within 5 years, then we have a timeline for the CCP takeover of America.

    • Tin foil hat

      I hope I’m wrong too but I’m with you on this one.

  57. Art Barnes


  58. Juli Barbato

    I was hoping you’d have Clif on as a guest again but didn’t want to bug you by asking. THANK YOU! Been watching on RUMBLE so that I can Rumble up and maybe help get you a little money. I wish ALL your fans would go there if only to plus up your vids. It would help a little.

    • Greg Hunter

      Julie, This is important. Please use to watch the videos as I own this. I can’t take the chance of being taken down again. Rumble is only used as a player.

  59. Paul ...

    So now I get it … Trump is a hero … he is one of the good guys fighting the Globalists … and because it is War … there must be casualties … and we must allow about one(1) billion to die (in order to smoke out the bad guys) … “hero” Trump is simply like a General in War … “he had to approve the eugenicists Clot Shot” (to smoke out the Globalist Elite) … he had to allow Big Pharma to “kill us” at Warp Speed so he could eventually get the bad guys?? … sounds kind of “Q” fishy to me (or could it be Clif High’s data was hacked??) … OK … let’s assume Clif’s data “was not hacked” … and let’s say “General” Trump had to purposely allow one(1) billion people to die with his Warp Speed strategy “to get the bad guys” (because we are at War)!! … does anyone really think we will be more capable of arresting all the bad guys exactly at a time when “there won’t be enough people around to bury all our dead”?? … I guess it is possible … but we will have to do it (arrest all the bad guys and put them into FEMA Camps) while we are deeply grieving and very busy digging graves for our loved ones … but … why wait until then to arrest Fauci, Gates and all the other criminal murderers?? … it will be at a time when we will be emotionally drained grieving for our lost loved ones … and thinking about arresting the murderers of our wives and children will likely be furthest from our minds … why not do it “Right Now”?? … we all damn know the “Science” being used against us by Big Pharma “Is Killing Us” (they calmly claim: “We simply don’t know what is going on with the spike proteins causing clots or the poisonous graphine oxide” … but yet … “We want everyone to be injected with our “Killer Jab”) … and we are just going to sit back and wait until next year (when we are weighed down burying a billion dead) before hopefully the good guys get off their ass to do something about it?? … sounds awfully like another “Q” sting operation … “Just Wait” (the good guys are coming) … Wait until next year (when one(1) billion will be dead) … that’s when the good guys will do something about it!!

    • Dave

      I agree with you. Trump is no hero. Just yesterday I listened to Mark Levin to see if he’d mention Lindell’s data. Levin didn’t. He did though spend a lot of time hawking his latest book.

      The clinchers? Levin praised Trump for developing the vaccine and said Biden would not have been able to do it. Then the PSA comes on with Faucci, Hannity and Trump urging folks to get the vaccine. This is a Cumulus conservative radio talk station (KSFO in the Bay Area) and presumably largely Trump supporters make up the listening audience. So Trump knows of the deleterious effects of the vaccine and is to this day urging his supporters to get it? Think about that before you canonize him.

      • JC

        Dave, Paul…

        G.A. STEWART :
        Hopefully, readers are smart enough to identify the actual person who is pushing vaccine mandates; I believe that is Barack Obama representing The Globalists. Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump are the expendables, running interference. That is the battle that the Globalists want people to fight.

        • Robert K


          DING, DING, DING, DING, DING, you get it! People need to understand and wake up to who is pulling the strings and behind this evil and doing a lot of the orchestrating for the cabal. It is not joe bidet, it is his puppet master, none other than the devil himself, obama.

          • Marcman

            You are spot on , one thing Greg should understand about Cliff he has a huge conection to Bix, road to rooter, that is conected to Jenny Moonstone that read T cards, beware of fake news from card readers.

            • Greg Hunter

              So fat High is only talking about data mining operations.

    • Jerry

      Why Paul,
      Am I sensing some skepticism? Don’t you know Donald Trump is a Sun Zu master?

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … Trump forgot “The Art of War” … Traitors “have to be beheaded” … not tell them how “nice” they are!! … Trump needed to take some serious action against the eugenicists (like not approving their “jab” as he knew there were alternative therapies) … by implementing Warp Speed he helped the eugenicists (to achieve their evil goal of exterminating the human race)!!

    • Auntie Seize

      One must allow for the possibility that this is a psyop to keep you from doing anything. E.g. the calvary is enroute, so just hold on for dear life until they get here. So I think it’s best to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. IF SHTF in September/October timeframe then the truth or falsity of this prognostication should be more apparent fairly soon. We shall see.

      I certainly would like to see all the tens of thousands of corrupt SoB’s working to undermine this country occupy the CDC’s “green zone” holding pens intended for the vax holdouts with the worst offenders going to GITMO.
      “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” – Proverbs 26:27
      May God’s word prevail on this.

    • Rich

      2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.

    • Warren B.

      I’m with you on this Paul – in total agreement.
      This would have to be the Show to end all Shows. Lies …Lies and more Lies.
      All Politicians are corrupted as are the BIG Pharma/Media, Judicial… the list is endless.
      Everyone playing their part wants a piece of the pie. All Actors on the Big Stage.
      This is much better than Custer’s Last Stand, Sinking of the Titanic and even The Assassination of JFK…..even the Death of Elvis.
      How the Story ends ……? Like you imply…. is we have to wait until 1BLN people lose their lives…..then all the BAD guys will step forward and its game over ? No…..they push their agenda as far as they can and kill off as many as they can- until the next opportunity arises for them to recommence the culling process. A Snowflake becomes an Avalanche eventually.
      I just wish these so called Unelected Rulers (all related by Blood btw) would stop involving us Goyim in their Battles for Supremacy and Global control. All Families have internal issues …but putting their dirty laundry on the line and sharing it with the whole world is just inappropriate…..and quite frankly its getting on the nose a bit.

  60. Tory Hauser

    Another great one Greg. I would love to ask Clif a question about Soros and what he thinks will happen to him and his organizations since he is a major funder as is the CCP.

  61. Sue Patterson

    “Moloch would be removed from earth.”
    Greg, how I wish you would have followed up on this statement Clif made at the 1:09 minute mark. How I wish you would have asked him to elaborate on that.

    • Robert Dziok

      Satan, Moloch, Baal probably different names for the same piece of SCUM or somehow related. These people are SICK to put it mildly. Even Putin has said he wants the Satanists gone.

  62. Jerry5

    Boy Greg,
    I sure hope Cliff is right. It’s a lot to take in thinking Trump can take down a global organization consisting of The World Economic Forum, The United Nations, and a Luciferian organization that stretches all the way back to the Roman Empire. If not, once the vaccinations are complete, and 5G is connected with star link, it will go down something like this.

    The unlucky ones still alive will get to be slaves in Lucifers new world order. I’m not sure what Cliffs religious views are, but I have more faith in the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ, than I do with a man who was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. But that’s just my suspicious nature. I’m hoping I’ll wake up one day on one of Mike Lindell”s pillows and find that all of this was just one great big nightmare. I’m hoping.

    • JC


      G.A. Stewart:
      Consider what would happen if a country’s military decided to inject its service members with a substance that could be manipulated by an Electromagnetic or Scalar Field. What would happen to an Army, Navy, or Air Force if they were subjected to an Electromagnetic Pulse?

      • Self Exiled

        I’m wondering what happens to people who have graffinoxid during an EMP burst.

    • JC


      G.A. Stewart:
      Consider what would happen if a country’s military decided to inject its service members with a substance that could be manipulated by an Electromagnetic or Scalar Field. What would happen to an Army, Navy, or Air Force if they were subjected to an Electromagnetic Pulse?’

    • JC


      G.A. STEWART:
      In conjunction with my previous Post, where I linked an article regarding DARPA Hydrogels that can be introduced into the human body and eventually affect the pineal gland, there was the Star Trek Borg analogy that I made back in 2015 to cyborg implants and operations like the CIA’s MKULTRA program.

      Synchronistically, I just came upon and watched a video that inspired this Update. I suspect that Graphene Nanoparticles injected into an organism can be affected by modulated Electric Fields, and not even with a measurable Electric Field, but a Scalar Field.

      Simply put, a Scalar Field is a polarization of The Active Vacuum that cannot be measured by the normal electronic equipment used to detect and measure Electromagnetic Fields. This is why government scientists still cannot find the root cause of the so-called Sonic Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba and elsewhere.

    • Paul ...

      J5 … Excellent work … you found the “exact clip” ( showing us how the globalists intend to kill off all the vaccinated people (with uncharged graphine oxide running through their veins) … when they choose they will turn on a 5G wave (that gives the graphine oxide flowing through peoples veins “a positive charge”) making it a lethal poison as powerful as injecting a gallon of arsenic into peoples bodies!!
      PS: The Globalists have only set up half the US population for extermination so far … lets keep it that way!!!

      • Jerry5

        Use this link to see how large the matrix really is.–QCU8HK-1apRIy2XvnD_OX_iLTdVpVfrbwBL2AQBAbo

        When you scroll down you can see the proximity of the satellites within range of the 5G towers. This last year while everyone was in lockdown Elon Musk was busy putting up over 1000 satellites while 5G towers were erected in double time. The EAS test we just had was a pairing test by the globalist to test the linkage of the 5G towers with the star link satellite system. Paul contrary to what Cliff says we’re in a lot of trouble. Once they switch this system on the people who have been vaccinated will be linked with this system under the control of the NWO. I’m not sure how the rest of us will do, since we have large amounts of aluminum oxide in our lungs from the spraying? If you have an iPhone you may want to keep a faraday bag with you at all times to douse the signal when this thing goes live. Pray.

    • Robert F

      Nov. 1st

      These people are insane with the occult numerology stuff, clif did mention this aspect.

      Biden is considering banning unvaxxed from interstate travel

      That means once they do that, next is unvaxxed cant order anything from outside your state, your debit or credit line is canceled, and so on…

      What is next after he bans interstate travel for the unvaxxed?

      All truckers who didnt get it are gone? And it will cause an immediate shortge?

      And The Trump appointed Scotus just sided with forced vaccines at Colleges.

      Its closing in and yet Clif really wants us to “believe” we are gonna be saved by Trump?

      okay, well they better get moving, I guess they dont care for 19 years olds. Here I always thought the youth were the most important part to a nations future, If we allow our kids to be killed off, whatngood is Trump coming back going to do? What about younger kids as well who are next on the list?

      Global Holocaust for the ELite.

      Well, who else knew this world was run by aSatanic Cult?

      I have known for many years.

      And all this time I told those close to me, that their end goal is global holocaust, a massive killoff and takeover. Its been there in our faces in Soooo many ways, so many artistic forms, movies, books, and in our culture itself. Its in many religions, its been talked about in many occult societies and theosophy and new age movements who speak of a “cleansing” and its talked about by futurists, writers, and people like Bill Gates, and other financial despots who support eugenics.

      And last but not least abortion, we have abortion, which has been the biggest occult factor in getting the world to accept global holocaust

      again, someone here prove me wrong

      • Jerry

        Robert F.
        Time is running out. The CDC is setting up internment camps and now this.

        I think it’s time for people like Cliff, to put their cards on the table since our lives are in jeopardy. In Greg’s interview Cliff left a vast gray area to fill in the blank with. That’s not acceptable considering where we are in this stage of the game. Throwing millions of people under the bus to fulfill a plan is no plan at all. Before long we”ll be hearing “ we’re from FEMA and we’re here to help you. Right?

    • Robert F

      I sure hope soo too, but i am with you

      I have more faith in Jesus, not Trump who has too many friends who are straight up part of it.

      Who exactly is he working with besised my pillow?

      Every world leader that has opposed the vax is dead, assissinated,

      I think the world is now under luceferian holocaust..

  63. Dan Reynolds

    It’s reassuring to know that logic exists beyond the lunatic leftists. Thanks for all you guys do, Greg and Clif.

  64. William Wilhelm

    I just read in an article in the daily beast(first time read) and the “journalist” claimed that Mike Lindells computer specialist stated there is no smoking gun. He claims that there is no caption packets and the it’s a fraud. Funny that these events keep happening to someone promoting election fraud and doing it at his own personal cost. During his symposium, many times it was dropped. Had to try multiple sites to reconnect.

  65. Ruth

    When there comes a site and people who are true patriots, true Americans, people of faith and stand for what is right…well… That is such a blessing and gives hope that there really are sincerely good people out there! The evil will not win as long as we remember who we are, who created us, that America was a gift to us to build on and that no matter what happens or who tries to take any of that away; God is in control and will always be the leader of the outcomes and what is to be…Praise Him and all who follow Him and do His work! Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ruth!

  66. Da Yooper

    Bravo Greg

    This is the most important interview you have EVER done. This is your finest hour good job.

  67. Valeria Capozzi

    I loved this interview. Very informative.
    Knowledge is Power
    God Bless All!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Valeria!

    • Paul ...

      If we go to the store and buy a lb of butter, a lb of coffee, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs and a lb of bacon … it usually means we are going to use the products to help make a good satisfying breakfast “for the family” … when the Government buys 6 million lbs of body bags … it means they are getting ready to use the product help make for a happy satisfying lunch “for the eugenicists”!!

  68. Alan

    Clif High is truly the Yoda of our times. Not saying that lightly or tongue in cheek, he is wise, often profoundly so, deeply insightful, and a humanitarian par excellence in my humble. His recent (and NOT so recent) interviews and individual discourses have been both captivating and spot on with nary an exception. Thanks Greg for having this very unique and extraordinarily intelligent (brilliant imo) individual back on, his visits to USAW are always a a treat! I pray his health holds for many many years to come, may God bless him and keep him safe & well 🙂

  69. david brownallen

    If you’re the CCP, controlling US elections down to at least the county level, if not beyond, speaks loudly of its national infiltration.
    If I have international concerns about China’s propaganda and political operations in other nations, then the depopulation agenda has roots.
    How many Chinese citizens have died of COVID-related causes?

  70. Steve Noren

    My wife and I just listened to about half at breakfast. Will continue tonight. Clif’s comment about suppliers being shut down by CDC for too many positive covid tests got my wife’s attention . In the last week or so, a bunch of restaurants in Kansas faced shutdowns because Costco suddenly said they couldn’t ship anything. Other restauranteurs got their suppliers to step up their game and fill in for Costco, thus avoiding a major problem. Keep up the good work! We pray health and other protection for those of you caring to speak truth. Remember: All real truth is God’s truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for the street reporting!

      • Steve Noren

        Correction, on the food supplier; it was Cisco, not Costco. My apologies

  71. Jr

    thank you Clif – thank you Greg; may God continue to richly bless your lives with his wisdom & understanding as you have blessed us with the truths you perceive to be extant – really much meat on the bone this time –

  72. Bill

    For the past year, I’ve seen two men. Chinese, stocky build, look military to me.

    There are NO Chinese families where I live. Literally none.

    I make eye contact. I see you.

    I saw more Chinese out in West Texas. In a store. But not shopping. Saw yet another car of them surveying even more small cities in Western OKlahoma. Corporations.

    We’ve been invaded.

  73. Donald Mcleod

    Looks like we need an internal coup in the military before we have an external military coup to take back our Republic. The military is the only option that is left to save the country.

  74. Donald Mcleod

    I don’t think Trump will be back until after the dollar is destroyed. The head of the Cabal must be chopped off.

  75. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks Greg. Cliff makes a good point.. the majority of American people do not realize we are at war..under attack. This is 4th generation covert warfare (psyop and information). More deadly than bombs at Pearl Harbor.
    They have weaponized elections, Congress, the legal system, Health Care , education and supply chains.

    Sun Tzu.. “The Art OF War”… the first rule of war. ” you must understand the dynamics of the battle field and put your mind in the fight”.

    If China had dropped bombs, it would have been better, at least America would recognize the enemy and take action. Today, people are frozen in a deer in the headlights.

  76. Kathy Dopp

    There are doctors and scientists out there now working on how to treat and recover from the dangerous Covid “vaccine” spike protein clotshots.
    Try this web page:
    Recommended Strategies to Recover from mRNA Vaccine Problems

    Note: I have not purchased a secure server because my COVIDinfo site does not sell anything or collect any info, so simple ignore security messages and click through. I have also noticed the newly appearing mental issues with the vax’d. The above page includes a medical suggestion for recovering from the potential prions brain diseases caused by the vax.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for the link. I’m going to print off a copy for future reference. You never know when on-line info may become ‘unavailable’!

    • Paul ...

      Kathy … Good info for those who chose to get the “jab” and now regret it … vitamins A,B,C,D,E thru Zinc can help counter the effects of the Clot Shot along with some Willow bark/leaf tea to hopefully help dissolve the clots as they form!!

  77. RICH

    I think he’s wrong on the FDA approval… In fact from what I’m hearing it will be approved within the next two weeks!

  78. Lynda de Vries

    Fantastic wealth of information. Many thanks Greg for doing a great show with Clif.

  79. Robert

    If Trump went along with the Vax for the convoluted reasons stated by cliff I will still hold him responsible.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Robert, you said in a few words what it took me a tome to get out. I’m with you, brother.

  80. swimfinz

    Another fantastic podcast brought to us gratis Greg Hunter. Thank you Greg for your yeoman efforts. We must all do our bit by knuckling down, performing our chosen professions. Pray.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Swimfinz!

  81. david calkins

    canada courts ruled yesterday no corona virus isolated no virus exists.

  82. anon
    “According to the CDC, 60.8% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and over 80% of seniors have taken the jab. The Kaiser Family Foundation gathered data from 2415 counties and reported that, as of May 11, an average of 28.5% of people living in counties that Trump carried were vaccinated, while 35% of people living in counties carried by Biden were vaccinated, which averages out to about 32%.

    • Peter

      As of may 11th… 3 month later it can well be 61%. Or about 70% of adults. And approx 85% of adults in big cities…. scary !!!!

  83. Craig J Simonson

    So, does this mean we have given Cuomo an out since he was just playing his part?

  84. Really Awake

    Cliff is either a genius or a super spreader of bullshit. By this time next year we shall know for sure.

    I say that if a widespread Malthusian die-off occurs, then a dark age is to follow. The grid will go down, and after that the nuclear power plants will be in jepordy of a critical meltdown. The Four Horsemen will then ride at full gallop and tramble 90% or more of the population.

    It doesn’t take much of an IQ to understand that Mr. High is really high or his awareness is so prescient, his view so far out, that he stands on the shoulders of giants.

    Time will tell.

    Either way it was a great interview, and I listened to the very end.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Stilllll waiting on that Global Coastal Event…

  85. Susan Verdon

    This brings to mind all of the expensive light rail bonds that have been voted in for
    the past 30 years in Northern California. So much money spent for very little rail line these years. I bet the votes for all of these bonds were rigged and the money stolen.

  86. Joe Boudreau

    Yet another great video from USAWatchdog. The video mentions that Trump and Lindell will eventually be seen as heroes around the world. I already see them as heroes but there are two people not mentioned in this video whom I believe will also be seen as heroes around the world. Their names are Greg Hunter and Clif High.
    I followed you both from Youtube to Rumble and BitChute and am in the process of shutting down my Youtube channel which will be completed on August 15th. It’s taking a while to take back my 100+ videos. I chose August 15th because that’s the day the crook known as Richard (DICK!) Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold and set us on the path to where we find ourselves today.
    I was one of the very first to be ‘demonitized’, months because the term went ‘mainstream’ so screw Google, in every way possible.
    Thanks Greg for all you do and also to Clif who I have been following for a few years now. The knowledge you’ve both shared has saved millions of lives, including mine.
    Together we stand, divided we fall. Where we go one, we go all.
    Thanks Greg and CLif, heroes of liberty and free speech!

  87. john forgione

    will it come to pass that you cant rent a house if not vaxed?

  88. Frank Arnold

    Greg…Clif said that Mike Lindell will go down in the history books as a hero. That will be a true and deserved statement…BUT…in my opinion YOU SIR, should be right at the top of the list as well! Speaking the truth as you do, especially in this hostile environment, is the same as being on the front lines in battle. Thank You for your service. Fellow dude from NC…just north of Raleigh. Frank…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank for all your support in NC!

  89. Diana Brown

    Very enlightening information from Mr. High. Thank you Greg for being the delivery system consistently for all of us to learn of this unfolding. It is helpful to have guidance like this to aid in understanding what is past, present and likely to come. Personally I have struggled with the “big picture” as we encounter simply pieces, along with different opinion, rolling out.

    In my opinion Mr. High has no dog in this war fight. It makes his research and information shared of incredible value, that is, to those of us seeking the truth of all this disassociated nonsense.

  90. Sharlene Clark

    Your guest mentioned how his local community now have issues with their ability to do easy tasks. Here is a twenty year old saying the same thing.

    3 minute video…..

  91. Joe

    Greg, you are doing a great job.
    Cliff is an excellent guest. Packed full of info.

    I sure wish I could have downloaded it. I cannot download any of your videos.

    Could you put a copy out on bitchute?

    Praying for you and your family.


  92. Ron

    GREG THANK YOU,…..not only for today but, for all your journalism for years. I’ve been a subscriber since the early day’s and I recommend your site to anyone with ears to hear and eye’s to see. CLIFF live long and prosper ! Your glimpse into the future has been a blessing to many and now for years. Thank You both

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron!

  93. Steven M.

    Clif High is an intelligent and clever human…nice guy…and by the way, an admitted paranoid schizophrenic . If you follow his ideas, you are at risk (remember:”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). He mixes hints of truth ( i.e.,vitamin D, C and zinc to ward off covid 19) but, unfortunately, overlays his paranoia into many analyses, especially into the political discussion. No doubt Dems, Reps and other policy makers can be extremely suspect. However, we have the Constitution and courts of law to get to credible truth. All of our courts and judges are not corrupt. So far, none of Clif’s assertions and evidence have been subject to a jury’s validation. He has, like most of us, opinions. Nothing more, nothing less.
    My strong opinion…Clif…focus your attention primarily on fixing our financial system. We need sound, safe secure money. All else humanly beneficial will follow.

    • Bill

      A Cold, Flu or Covid enters your body through your Nasal passages, or through your Mouth. For example, if you touch a doorknob( previously touched by someone with a Cold, Flu or Covid) then, when you touch your fingers to your mouth, Then, the Cold, Flu, or Covid germs will go to your throat and/or lungs. Then, your body will start producing a Mucous to defend itself in your throat. That is when, you start coughing, because your Mucous starts to block your air passage in your throat. Then, I automatically take 5,000 mgs of Vitamin D-3. The Vitamin D-3 starts autmatically producing an ARMY of Killer Cells(in anyone’s body) which destroys almost any Cold, Flu and Covid germs. One time, I was still coughing after 15 minutes, so I took a Garlic capsule, in addition to the initial Vitamin D-3. So, that possible Cold was some kind of Variant.
      So, I had to take the Garlic Capsule, which covers variant germs. So, my little experiment worked.
      What is critical, you must take the Vitamin-3 capsule within 60 minutes of when you FIRST Noticed, you started coughing, sneezing or find it hard to breathe! Otherwise, you will have to suffer through the Full Effectsof of the Cold, Flu or Covid or whatever. So, due to my Timely action, I have not allowed the Cold, Flu, or Covid germs to attack and take over my body. So, I am pleased to report, that I haven’t had a Cold, Flu, or Covid in the last 15 months due to my actions, that I spelled out above. So far, I haven’t needed Ivermection or Hydroxycloroquin to defend my body. Greg reported the Vaccine is not good, so I will not take that!

      • markp

        Bill, surely you mean 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3. I am not sure what you mean by mgs, it’s not a measure I know. If you mean mg (milligram), you’d be overdosing bigtime. If you mean mcg (microgram), you’d still be overdoing it. Markp.

        • Paul ...

          M …The way God made us … we “can’t overdose” on vitamin D created by the Sun … so go out and have fun in the Sun “at least 3 hours worth ” which will kill the virus dead as a door nail … the Sun generates 10,000 to 20,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D in 15 to 30 minutes depending upon area of skin exposed to the Sun … so just three(3) hours of sunlight will provide anywhere from 60,000 to 120,000 IU of vitamin D which should be very very helpful in killing the virus!!

          • markp

            Paul, you may not be able to O/D on sunlight, but 3 hours per day, every day and you’d get cancerous melanomas, unless you use protection, which defeats the purpose of being in the sun in the first place. Having said that, I just want Bill to clarify his 5,000 mgs number. If that is 5,000 IU, fine; if it’s 5,000 micro grams, that’s 200,000 IU; if he means 5,000 milligrams, that’s 200 million (million with an M) International Units in one hit. If that isn’t overdosing, I’ll suck eggs. If my calculations are wrong I will stand corrected. MarkP

            • Paul ...

              Markp … God provides protection from too much sunlight by tanning us!!

  94. Mark Alan

    Rent and watch the movie THEY LIVE. It is factual.
    They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it.
    If you pray to see “the reality of what is before you”, you will start to see them. Their slit eyes will be evident. Your dog will bark at them.
    If you go to a silent place, cup your ears with your hands and you will hear the frequency they are using.
    Tia is common knowledge with many people in my area. An afternoon where there is no cell service barefoot on the GROUND will help reset. Be sure to re set your vegas nerve a few times while you are cleansing.

  95. Ken

    The question that nags me I have read that the clot shot is a time bomb about 3 years max to detonation . Why would all the left wingers Democrats/communists be pushing it on there followers? The government employees and the military??? If in 3 yrs their all sick and dead this is as Bidens term expires as well.
    Who takes charge of the Government?? The only thing that makes sense is the Chinese install a Quisling in the white house!

    • Colin

      Ken, you obviously don’t know much about Clif High. His ALTA program algorithms are not opinions.

      • Colin

        (meant for Stephen M, not Ken)

    • Annette

      Hi Ken, Great comment. I am with you. When you say “people in your area” —what area is that, if you don’t mind. I need to get out of California before they put me in a camp. Thinking Texas but don’t know where exactly. Starting to pack up today.

  96. Catherine

    I love Clif. I am a regular now on Bitchat and he is consistently informative . The Trump and Pence being heroes and possess great acting abilities discussion was an eye opener and I believe Clif!. It would explain quite a bit. Trump is still President since he was elected in a landslide. The gift he got for doing his job for the good of our nation was to have evil ( Moleck ) destroyed forever. WOW!
    That really makes him a messiah figure.
    The understanding that we are at war was indeed an accurate understanding of what has happened to the country.
    Greg I must sincerely thank you for having a spectacular program and today’s show was quite necessary to hear and digest. I have turned my family into avid listeners of your Friday round ups and they love you too.
    Thanks for being the rock in a turbulent sea of lies fear and intrigue. We need more like you.

  97. Laura Rosenhagen

    Greg, I love Clif High and both recent interviews you have had with him. I will stop everything when he or Catherine Austin Fitts show up as your guests. Great job Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laura!

  98. iwitness02

    This is the kind of news that I have been waiting for and hoping for. What I get from this interview is that justice is coming. I would love to see large scale justice in my lifetime. It has never been seen before and could be close at hand. I’m certain there are many hardships ahead, but seeing justice served would be extremely uplifting.
    My thanks to both these good men for a fascinating interview.

    • Self Exiled

      I know of the justice you seek and the hardships will be heart rendering, is my fear. Others before us can also attest to this.

      Now David’s two wives had been captured, Ahinoam the Jezreelitess and Abigail the widow of Nabal the Carmelite. Further, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all of them were embittered, each man for his sons and daughters. But David felt strengthened and encouraged in the LORD his God.
      1 Samuel 30 5-6

  99. TJZ

    Great interview with Cliff High!
    Very prescient warning to those who are listening.
    The WAR is between God and Lucifer; not Trump and Molok.
    This has been an ongoing and now culminating War for a human’s very soul since the beginning of time. Look at what has transpired. This has/is a time of Choice; choose WISELY!
    The Biblical Book of the Apocalypse; chapter 18..vs 22-23 will catch you up.
    God bless

  100. MartinK

    Hi Greg. Great interview with Cliff High. I have been reading your site for several years now. This is the first time I have commented. I am so grateful you are a Christian man dedicated to the truth. Keep up the great work. I’m also seeing there have been some issues with Mike Lindel’s program.

  101. Kathryn Leal

    I’m sorry, the age of Aquarius? This is the new age mantra.

    • Tin foil hat

      – The Age of Taurus spans approximately the period between 4400 and 2200 BC. There are varying beliefs about cattle in societies and religions with cows, bulls, and calves being worshiped at various stages of history. As such, numerous peoples throughout the world have at one point in time honored bulls as sacred.

      According to the Bible, the golden calf was an idol made by the Israelites when Moses went up to Mount Sinai. In the Sumerian religion, Marduk is the “bull of Utu”. In Hinduism, Shiva’s steed is Nandi, the Bull. The sacred bull survives in the constellation Taurus. The bull, whether lunar as in Mesopotamia or solar as in India, is the subject of various other cultural and religious incarnations as well as modern mentions in New Age cultures.

      – The Age of Aries, or the Ram, spans approximately the period between 2200 and 100 BC. In this narrower period we see the regeneration of the Egyptian civilization as the New Kingdom, bringing Egypt to one of its most prosperous period; At the same time the Hebrew people break away from their Egyptian benefactors turned enslavers and establish a line of prophets that lasts for centuries; Babylonia reaches its peak as a major regional power and its most well known ruler, Hammurabi, presents one of the first codes of law; During this time the ancient sacred hymns of the Vedas were compiled and the Vedic religion thrived in India.

      The Age of Pisces has shaped human history for around 2000 years, and is slowly coming to an end, as the Age of Aquarius takes its turn. There is no firm consensus among astrologers as to when the Age of Pisces began, and even less to when it ends, exactly. But what is certain, is that the transition between these two astrological ages has already started, and one of its biggest aspects is the battle between science and religion that has marked the development of human society for the past centuries.
      The Age of Pisces defines the time where human beings engaged more than ever in the the matters of the soul. The ideas of human transcendence, dissolution of the self and connection to a higher ideal. The birth of Jesus Christ, the founding of the church and the establishment of one fundamental religion where a few great marks of this time.

      – The Age of Aquarius symbolizes the time of discovery, innovation and progress. It represents the thirst for change and the longing for a better future. Ruler of the COLLECTIVE, Aquarius speaks of humanitarian ideals, cooperation and brotherhood. It also rules the realms of the personal and COLLECTIVE mind, the searching and shearing of information ….

  102. Marilyn Guinnane

    As I noted in a comment section of Alexandra Bruce’s “Forbidden Knowledge”, Trumpers are fanatical at excusing DJT for his actions. I’m sorry, Mr. High, but in essence calling millions of civilian Americans ‘collateral damage’ as, after all, we’re in a war, is something far uglier than b.s. Look, I used to be an ardent Trumper myself, but woke up when he ‘fast-tracked’ a FAKE vaxx with $2bn. of taxpayer money. ‘What’s wrong with this picture,’ is the first thing I asked myself. And Pfizer’s contribution to the Dark Side in this depopulation scheme is one of the deadliest out there! Not that Pfizer needed two billion freakin’ dollars to get the vaxx ball rolling. WHY did Trump do that? Why did he give a low-down dirty arm of the cabal $2 billion? Did he think they wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon on their own? I asked myself, what was REALLY in it for DJT? And when all those Americans die, who listened to him when he shouted, ‘Take the vaccine!’, people who trusted him, are you, Mr. High, going to stand there and say, “Well, they should’ve looked at the insert! They should’ve known, since it’s blank, that something was amiss!” And that excuses Trump for his callousness, for his flagrant disregard for American civilian life? F— that sh–.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many feel the same as you do about the injection but I think trump has gotten some very bad guidance and advice. I have been against anyone getting the vax with this experimental injection and I still am against the injection for anyone. I have said Trump is wrong to tell people this and I still feel the same way.

    • Annette

      Totally with you, Marilyn. Well-said.

  103. Matt Jaymes

    How fitting, how poetic, how ironic would it be if Greg Hunter via USA WATCHDOG, put the spear right through the heart of CNN??

    Makes me smile just thinking about it! Carry on Christian soldier!

  104. Justn Observer

    Greg, Florida Gov. sending out strike teams with REGENERON? not a well known treatment? I thought that was what POTUS TRUMP used? Then again maybe not many did hear about if they were watching CNN AND MSNBC back then… lol
    Gov. DeSantis seemed to have a rather pro-vaccine mixed message concerning Israel… Most there ARE the vaxed ones,,,not the unvaxed…

    and apparently the ‘unwinding’ and panic of the deep state actors has started as Clif discussed? DeSantis is from YALE…which is always a suspect point in my view!

    Also…X -Gov. Schwarzenegger just pushed out his message =
    Arnold Schwarzenegger on anti-maskers: ‘Screw your freedom’
    Search domain nypost.com
    TodayArnold Schwarzenegger rips anti-maskers: “Screw your freedom” — “You cannot say, ‘No one is going tell me that I’m going to stop here at this traffic light here
    Notice Schwarzennegger is hanging with the infamous Vidermann of the TRUMP IMPEACHMENT hoax and CNN … deep stater minion all?

  105. SupremeLaw

    The Credential Investigation has assembled a huge amount of evidence calling for the conclusion that the Federal courts are widely infiltrated with impostors, as proven by their failure to produce all four (4) credentials required of them by the Constitution and by Acts of Congress which have implemented the pertinent Clauses in that Constitution. We first learned how bad this situation had become, when my copyright enforcement lawsuit reached the U.S. Supreme Court, and 3 “robes” turned up withOUT PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSIONS: Ginsburg, Thomas and Breyer. Also, in light of the many places in that Court record where licenses to practice law in California were well documented, O’Connor, Kennedy and Breyer were directly implicated for failing to produce valid licenses to practice law when those 3 were first admitted to The State Bar of California. 3+2=5, 9-5=4 <6 required for a legal quorum: 28 USC 1 (quorum requires 6). If there is one single government institution that needs a thorough cleanup, it's the U.S. Supreme Court. Partial proof of the latter can be found in the 11 months during which I was kidnapped, tortured, and threatened in writing with lethal injection, for having conceived and conducted that Credential Investigation with the able and timely assistance of DOJ's Office of Information Policy.

  106. jim

    exceptional interview!
    i now refer to cliff high as cliff high hope!

  107. Clint Young

    The COVID Virus hoax was about getting people in line for the COVID Vaccine. This “vaccine” is the real killer. It has been reported to be 99% plus graphene oxide. If so, when the resonate frequency of graphene oxide is broadcasted with intensity, then those who have this deadly chemical within their cells and tissues are going to die. The COVID Vaccine may be the snare of Jeremiah 50:24. If so, then Babylon USA will go down soon.

  108. Nancy McDaniel

    Kissinger’s 2009 speech to the WHO eugenics arm should be read by everyone as it explains EVERYTHING THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE are atempting to do. Also, when you know the eu/british banksters are descendants of the phoenician bankers who were the descendants of the Canaanite Amorites (that Joshua drove out because of their evil), you will understand a lot. We are dealing with the 6000+ year old enemy of the people of Yehovah who only uses the tools he hijacks from the technology of the era. Thanks for your hard work and great guests brother. Keep blowing the shofar!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Nancy,
      Talking of which, ‘Baron’ David de Rothschild, asked what his greatest asset was, replied, “My DNA.” That which ‘they’ hold precious for themselves, they seek to corrupt for everyone else. mRNA injection anyone?!

    • Dear Nancy

      Now, you may argue that I am biased because I am British, but you should not label the eu/British banksters as the only ones culpable. They are world wide including the USA.

      They are as you say descended from the land of Israel and are in essence Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. They pretend to be worthy but are not. They love money and jew-els, like Satan, who was covered in jewels when he was Lucifer, the light bearer.

      They are not true Israelites, and never will be. They are children of the devil and their end is the lake of fire.

      Kind regards


      • Tin foil hat

        Lucifer means ‘light bringer’, and he brought light (knowledge) to humanity as Prometheus gave fire to mankind.
        Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, one of the major deities of the ancient Mexican pantheon was related to gods of the wind, of the planet Venus, of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts, learning and knowledge.
        In ancient China, the legendary Yellow Emperor is said to have conversed with the heavens, an inventor who ascended to the heavens astride a dragon (serpent??).

        The Deep State has been dumbing us down in preparation of ……

    • Self Exiled

      But the LORD is with me as a dread champion [one to be greatly feared];
      Therefore my persecutors will stumble and not overcome [me].
      They will be completely shamed, for they have not acted wisely and have failed [in their schemes];
      Their eternal dishonor will never be forgotten. Jeremiah 20:11

  109. Claude

    I don’t spend a lot of time watching mainstream news, but the rapidly rising anxiety, desperation, and hysteria against the “un-vaxxed” on a daily basis sure tends to make you pay a lot more attention to what Cliff says.

  110. Synnyck55

    This came to mind during the (awesome) interview:

    “Before things get better, they must get much worse.” “

    “Orcutt’s First Law” from “The Fools in Town Are on Our Side” by Ross Thomas, a satirical book about political corruption well worth reading.

    I’m going to have to listen to this interview at least twice.

  111. Rich R

    Marines Rebuke Def. Sec.: “No Mandatory Vaccinations for My Marines.”
    “If a soldier wants the vaccination, fine. If not, he’s not rolling up his sleeve. If you try to forcibly vaccinate even one of my Marines, you better come armed,” Gen. Berger said, and hung up the phone.

    • Synnyck55


  112. Johan

    how many months of food and supplies should we plan to need heading into autumn and beyond?

  113. Andre-branch

    Greg, your not a sinner, you are saved by grace. You can’t be both. Not to say you never sin.
    Love you Brother

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Andre-branch. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.
      Brother Greg

  114. JP

    Commandand of the Marine Corps told illegitimate Sec Def to pound sand on the “mandatory vaccine” order. He told him to stick his vax where the sun don’t shine:

  115. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    It has been war for a lot longer than just the creation of bio-weapon covid-19, 19.2, 19.3…. By each and every enemy agent that is warring against the Bill of Rights and various U.S. Constitution’s which is a large section of officialdom in the United States. The arrests, charges and penalties can not come soon enough for the treasonous enemy agent group.

  116. Dave

    As to Lindell’s efforts, it is interesting that most of controlled conservative talk radio did not say anything about it yesterday. or have any callers asking about Lindell’s release of information. Specifically Hannity and Levin, the two most listened to conservative radio shows. IMO both of these guys are part of the Deep State controlled “conservative talk radio”.

    One person did mention it and had calls on it was Seb Gorka. He believes there was fraud and enough to have stolen the election. Sadly he also says that ACB and Kavanaugh are essentially Deep State, was a mistake for Trump to appoint them and that SCOTUS will not take this up. He also, along with Jenna Ellis who is working on all of this, says the Arizona GOP is corrupted enough that they don’t have the votes to recall Kelley or decertify the electors. Gorka has been right most of the time and is believable as he is willing to criticize Trump at times. As in saying Trump right now has surrounded himself with bad advisors.

    The GOP showed its colors with the infrastructure vote. They are part of the Deep State (largely) and are willing to go ahead with CRT (equity as it is called in the bill), massive new tax on car mileage and restrictions on right to work states. The vote killed any chance the GOP had to gain Senate or House seats in 2022. They know it, they don’t care. They and their families are set and will be paid well for having helped facilitate the Deep State by playing the Dems bad, the Republicans good game. Bad cop/good cop. It is all “shadows on the wall” as Dr. Michael Savage likes to say.

    BTW, who leaked the video of Biden’s son to the Daily Mail? Maybe not whom you think. The progressives are making big gains now and the GOP is facilitating that. It may be time to get someone in the office who can be more aggressive and inspire more confidence among the progressive base. Kamala? No. It will be whom is put in place as the VP. That person will become the defacto President. It’s all shadows on the wall.

  117. Mike Dull

    Please ask Clif what he meant when he said Molock would leave the earth.

    • Deb

      Good question

  118. JP

    To help counter the ill effects of Graphene Oxide keep your Glutathione levels up. Read this La Quinta Columna article: ‘N-Acetylcysteine, precursor of glutathione, reduces and oxidizes graphene oxide.

    Do your own research using search terms ‘graphene oxide glutathione’

    • The Seer

      There are quite a few remedies to use
      I sent in an important list
      Still waiting for it to get published
      Scientists and doctors endorse the list
      THat was made without copyright so it
      Gets out there ASAP TO SAVE LIVES immediately!!!

  119. John Psihos

    Hi Greg – It’s been reported that abt 30% of the Suicide Shots are Saline bc they didn’t want everyone to die all at once. Makes sense. Are you aware of this?

    • Greg Hunter

      You will have to give a solid source for this.

  120. Professor Curtis

    ~ It would like to see what will happen when the FDA refuses to okay the vaccine. Talk about a wake-up call!

    • Greg Hunter

      Moderna’s stock just crashed. I wonder if they know it’s not going to be approved.

      • crystalcarrie

        Oh really,wow, yes I bet they know.

      • WD


        After all that money spent….the FDA will approve everything they are TOLD to approve.

  121. Bill

    San Franciso Requires Vax for most indoor activities! Eating-Drinking ETC-ETC-

    • Greg Hunter

      SF has not lost enough money. Tourism is dead.

      • Bill

        I wonder who makes that decision? Will the people finally make that decision, instead of someone on Knob Hill?

  122. SoulSearcher

    One correction Cliff. I live just north of you in Bremerton, and have worked in healthcare for almost 20 years. I just got fired for refusing to take the jab, which our commie governor required the day after I got fired. I’ve worked around about 70 people who have all been jabbed all day for the last 8-9 months and no shedding. No one has any more brain fog than normal. The one thing I’ve noticed is some have migraines now, when they didn’t before. And it can be bad, but most still work. They may have other reactions like mistral, but I never dove in that deep. So it’s not as bad in some ways as you said. But I agree with a lot of the rest. We’re in trouble, and it’s going to be up to us to make it work.

  123. Allen

    Keep an eye out for former and current government officials’ taking ‘vacations’ abroad en masse. It means they’re fleeing prosecution.

  124. Bill

    CDC quietly admits they overcounted the Number of New Covid cases by 13,000!

  125. Statistical Engineer

    What’s the difference between Cliff High’s bullcrap and Q tard bullcrap?
    (the military in control)

    And did you hear how Cliff High explains Trump pushing vaccines, as if, it’s your fault for listening to Trump. WTF?!?

    Cliff High did say one thing right: Trump is an actor.

    If they talk about propaganda and don’t mention Smith-Mundt Modernization Act, they are lying to you.

  126. Billie Krein

    There is a religious exemption for the military.

  127. Patrick Grunberg

    I am somewhat lost. Cliff High says Trump saved millions of lives by authorizing the Labs to produce millions and millions of Vaccines, but if the Vaccines are bad according to Cliff, then where is the merit of Trump authorizing the production of the Vaccines and allowing Big Pharma to sell them as Experimental Drugs with no liability for the bad results?
    Please give us a clarification.

    • Greg Hunter

      Go back and listen to that section again. In a nutshell, the dark powers wanted a 5 year lock-down. According to Clif, the “Warp-Speed” vax short circuited that plan.

      • Jim

        I can’t believe people buy this BS…TRUMP’S declaration of a national emergency ENABLED the lockdowns!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          There was not a national lockdown on a federal level. This was all done by the states. Look at Florida and Texas and then compare to California and New York.

          • Jim

            Oh, c’mon Greg! Trump went along with this BS from the get-go and gave that evil little sociopath Faucci a daily national platform to spew his lies from. To say that Trump saved us from 5 years of lockdowns—by fast-tracking the kill-shots—when HE ENABLED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE is just Trumpers being unable to come to grips with the awful truth about Trump…

    • Dear Patrick

      I see Greg has given you an answer. I would add that by doing so, Trump has allowed the vaccines to be rushed, thereby exposing the fallacy that vaccines, any vaccines, are of any use.

      They have always been pointless and have always been so. They merely appeared to be providing benefits by good (I use the word advisedly) advertising/propaganda.

      By having the various side effects exposed in a big way people wake up to the truth.

      I used to think vaccines were of some use until I researched last year. I changed my mind. I put the results of my research and thing on my website under V is for…..Vaccination along with other pages about the various issues.

      Kind regards


  128. Mike and Ann Almon

    Hi Greg! Awesome interview and I just pray that what Cliff said is actually going to happen. The USA and Canada are infiltrated from the top all the way down (JOE BRAINDEAD BIDEN to Justanass TRAITOR Turdeau) to the Kindergarten school system to brainwash and intimidate everyone into fear and compliance and now especially with the C19 LIES! What Cliff talks about is so stunning it’s almost unbelievable BUT… I hope is true! Thanks for having him on Greg! By the way Greg would you turn your own mic up a couple of notches so that it is on the same level as your guest as I am missing a lot of your words as the sound levels
    vary:-) thanks!

  129. Cindy Hodnett

    Wow! I listened to this 3 times! And no, I’m not slow because of the vax. This was both encouraging and sad at the same time. Too many of my friends and family have taken the jab. Very interesting that both Martin Armstrong and Cliff are predicting mass die off. This war is good vs. evil (aka Molach). Thank you Greg! More views than CNN! That’s awesome! No problems here watching videos directly from your sight. Now we just need your “God is firmly in control” line on continuous loop! 😂 ❤️👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Cindy!! God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holly Spirit are all firmly in control!!

      • Dear Greg

        You are of course quite right. This is not to say that they too have to fight hard – when you are dealing with fallen angels you have a hard time catching and dealing with them all!

        As as Satan, once Lucifer, who I now call Loopy Lucy, is in charge of them and quite mad, this is not surprising.

        The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have all the beautiful angels to support them, both the seen and unseen. These include yourself and many others of course.

        If I haven’t said it before elsewhere, thank you for all you do.



  130. Thoth al Khem

    Clif is right when he said he EARNED his BitCoin and has a claim against the IRS because they declared INCOME is Capitol gains. So if you work for 20 an hour and You work an hour and receive 20 dollars….WHERE IS YOUR PROFIT? YOUR CAPITOL GAINS? Great Scam

  131. Julia

    Mr Hunter, I agree with the others. This is the best interview you have done. Two honest men discussing what is happening. I am from Indiana and am glad I listened. I won’t be so upset with Pence now.

    Thank you so much!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Julia!!

  132. Trinacria

    Beyond words!!! Hard to comprehend all the evil that is out there.
    So, who are the folks that are protecting Trump??? Who are the so called good actors in this saga? This is beyond any James Bond movie. Start prepping or adding to the prep.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why we need Jesus. Jesus is real!!

      • Trinacria

        Thank you Greg. My trust is indeed God and His incarnate Son Jesus. I do what I can to help and promote good in our world one person at a time. In the end, we will all be in God’s hands and He will then separate the wheat from the chaff as it is written. It is beyond stunning to see this level of evil. Most of us have a difficult time conceptualizing such evil as we instinctively project our own values and beliefs into the situation. I believe to some extend these evil doers rely on this projection by the good folks. From day 1 my belief has been that Obama was owned by globalists forces. He had no money, now he has mansions that require lots of money to keep up and employ staff. These so called book deals are simply a way to disguise the payoffs. The list is endless of the people who have been bot off. I hope I live to see justice served as Clif High believes will play out. Finally, I believe that these evil doers, and there are many, simply have no supernatural faith in our God through His son Jesus. Otherwise, no one would behave in such a manner. Lastly, my wife and adult children decided to get this inoculation against my advice and, I lobbied hard against it which resulted in much tension. So now do I prepare myself to lose my family if what many say comes about in the next year or two???

        • Dear Trinacria

          I am very sorry to hear about your wife and family getting the vaccines. It will depend on what was in the vaccines however as to the end result.

          If anything at all apart from saline as a placebo, then the vaccines will be poisons. depending on the immune systems of your family, the poisons will act in varying ways I believe.

          Flushing out the poison is important. Vitamin C is very good and can be taken in high doses. D is critical to good all round health and benefits across the body as well documented. I have written about Covid 19 in my summary on my website Covid 19 Summary.

          My wife and I have not had any vaccine and will not; why play Russian roulette with your body unless you are mad?

          I know people in my church fellowship have taken the jab and been ill unsurprisingly despite my warning against it. It serves them right. If they ignore God’s good provision with their immune systems, what do they expect.

          One day they will wake up to how foolish they have been and will be ashamed.

          I hope your family will realise their mistake and repent. The heavenly Father will not always be angry.

          Kind regards


        • Alysia

          despite what is being said that there is no reversing the damage of the vax, there are a few stories coming forth of how to deal with the toxic vax. I am gathering a list of beneficial remedies that come from word of mouth and endless research. Ivermectin, HCQ, pine needle extract or tea, Proteolytic enzymes. do your own research so you can be prepared to help. the proteolytic enzymes interest me the most for the reason a lady who was vaxed used them and for 3 days she peed out the spike protein is her claim, and her urine was very dark. Afterwards she says her side effects disappeared. Since at best, the vax is experimental, then we the people need to experiment to get ourselves well again. otherwise, the life expectancy is 2 yrs or less, or until any flu comes along which would challenge their immune system which has been compromised by the jab. no one wants to think about how to save the people, but it’s all I think about and research is the key to saving lives.

  133. Ben Dover

    Hi Greg,
    I can give some insight on one the topic of the Federal Employees Vaccination Mandate.
    None of this is secret or classified or anything like that, just not generally available to the general public.
    I was on a telephone conference this week with hundreds of participants for a sub agency to the Department of Transportation, most of the call pertained to COVID topics in one way or another. The topic of a vaccination “mandate” was covered and generated a lot of questions. Without going into the back and forth let me lay out what will end up happening.
    1. Nobody is going to get forced to take an experimental vaccine, Biden got on stage and shot his mouth off and now the federal government has to deal with it in a way that makes it look like he’s in charge.
    2. They listed no less than four ways to get around this “mandate” including a religious exemption, “attesting” to having taken the vaccine without providing proof, refusing to discuss the matter altogether, or by submitting to regular testing and harassment at the government’s time and expense.
    3. Their approach was confused, lacked direction and didn’t seem at all like previous mandates that have been successfully implemented. To discipline or terminate employees the policy would need to be codified into the official HR policy and would require OPM and probably a whole host of other government nomenklatura to implement. At that point it would be ready to take to the unions for negotiation. This is going to be implemented without any official process, but with enough “escape clauses” to keep from starting a real problem with sizable portion of employees who are averse to taking part in a medical experiment.
    4. This will be treated like an Executive Memo, it will by quasi-policy but never codified into official HR policy. It will be held up by the media as a great accomplishment, but in reality will only frighten a few unresolute employees into getting vaccinated against their better judgement.

  134. Stan Szymanski

    Greg: regarding the Cliff High interview of 8/11/21: I love Cliff. He said that he expected the firing of people for bat taking the bad to be short lived. I just wanted to share that the contract that our tiny disability ministry has had for the last 15 years was terminated because I refused the jab and the PCR test. If anyone would like to read more about this and perhaps supports us they can find all appropriate info at:
    Greg: thank you for this opportunity to share our story with your supporters.

    • Dear Stan

      Hi from the UK. I had a quick look at your link and website and the work you do.

      At the moment I can offer the truth re Covid 19 Summary which is on my website. I have explained about vaccines under V is for…..Vaccinations.

      Many disabilities I suspect have been down to issues of lack of vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals at the critical time of conception and development in the womb.

      Vitamin D deficiency has been a pandemic for some time, conveniently ignored by those who seek to make money out of poisonous drugs and vaccines.

      The Covid 19 tests are pointless and misleading when vitamin D levels should be the issue to be tested for.

      And what is normal is merely average, not optimal. We can have much higher levels than so-called medical professionals would have us believe.

      Kind regards


  135. carter

    Great interview, Cliff should be a monthly contributer.

  136. nathan dunning

    I remember when Cliff High broke down crying because he thought the Whole world was going to be Wiped out by the Corona Virus. I’m sorry but I don’t believe he knows what he is talking about. I love your show Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      High’s past correct predictions say he does, and nobody is 100%.

      • nathan dunning

        I used to be a big fan of Cliff’ High I also used to believe in the Q Anon spy-op. Which a lot of what he is saying reminds me of. We all want to think President Trump is in control. We must be careful because what Cliff High is describing with the Mass Die off certainly sounds a lot like the Biblical Tribulation. He also said the people will be looking for a figure Head with all the answers. That reminds me of the Antichrist. We are certainly in the End Times and Jesus is our Only Savior but it is interesting to hear the End times predicted by an atheist. I don’t mean any disrespect as I agree with a Lot of what Cliff High is saying here especially about the UN & CCP and the Cabal we are fighting. I just like to remind myself that people often make mistakes and misread information as we are only Human. I do love Bible Prophecy because it is God’s word.

        • Dear Nathan

          We are in the final tribulation period and have been for a while. Judgement is falling.

          The Mark of the Beast is many things, not just one. I have written about this on my website if you care to look. I have explained about Covid 19 in my Covid 19 Summary too.

          Kind regards


  137. leo

    this no vaccine, but zyklon b in a needle, the cdc is said to have internment camps in every city, and the only choice ahead is a bullet or a needle, i made my choice and it is not a needle, there will be civil war and UN troops everywhere, gold, stored food, it wont matter, this is judgment day people our sins and stench thereof have reached the heavens.

  138. Deb

    Bravo Greg!
    What was Clffs user name on Bitchute?

  139. D

    I want to add this thought that Clif said was hesitancy on the part of cashiers. . . it is actually upgrades to register programs moving shit which makes it take more time to process. I was trying to give a timestamp but it threw me out of my paused space. Pervasive. Especially with Share point, any microsoft product. You cant type anything correctly as an error is incorporated. People arent nuts. Microsoft is scewing and monitoring keystrokes on every upgrade.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you get vaxed?

    • Judi/NJ

      YES!!!! Every “upgrade” makes advancing more cumbersome, takes additional keystrokes and bogs down the system. Peers are noticing this also.

      Watching Lindell the volume turns off, streaming stops without touching. Other times you pound the spot with no results. Had to repeatedly hit the play button, which paused repeatedly every 2-3seconds. This is new. Glad you mentioned this.

  140. A+Jones

    THE CONSTIUTION, THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, LAW ENFORCEMENT ARE ALL NUL AND VOID UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. I am writing this because I keep hearing people say things like this or that is unconstitutional, that is against the law, or the courts should step in and put a stop to it etc. During the American Civil War, a new precedent was established that most people are not aware of. President Lincoln was the person that came up with this interpretation and put it in to force. What the Lincoln government did makes what is happening now look like a parlor game. Under certain conditions the Constitution and all legal authority cam be superseded by Executive order or Marshall law. These conditions are: 1: Rebellion. When the South seceded, they labeled it a rebellion and Lincoln became dictator. Demanding your Constitutional rights is not a rebellion and that is a good point to ponder. All the government must do is to declare a false flag rebellion and the Constitutional is wallpaper. Jan 6 for example. 2: Invasion by a foreign power. 3. Mass social unrest or some national emergency like a pandemic. I think we are in that stage now. Watch and wait. I think Cliff is spot on again. They can lock you up until the crisis is over, they can shut down the media, they can do anything they want to and probably will. It has all been done before and they made a Saint out of the man that did it with his own personal monument. That is why we have the 2nd amendment and state governors.

  141. Big_Brother_lives_in_Wash_DC

    This guest certainly sounds very much like an ultra-weird agent-provocateur. Is there anything this guy states in this interview which can be substantiated?

  142. Daniel

    Fantastic interview Greg!

    But who or what is molok? mollock? Muluc?


    • Paul V. Cleary

      Dan, Your answer lies in;
      The Inspiring Story Of A Women’s Devotion.
      An Unforgettable Tale Of Love, Faith and Courage.
      THE STORY OF RUTH – About Ruth of the Old Testament

    • Poochiman

      In brief, Satan.

  143. J

    Amy Comey Barret Supreme court says Indiana university can have Forced Vaccinations
    for students if they attend university

  144. Jo

    John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19 Douay Rheims Bible.

  145. craig kopta

    Can’t get enough of Clif High . . . Great speaker, very intelligent! I’m glad you have him on as often as you do.

  146. Caroline

    Thank you Gentlemen. Clif if you need a care package shipped to you there I’m here for you. Greg knows my 411 and I will be happy to send you anything I can that you may need or can’t get if it gets hard to find there. Greg the same goes for you.
    Kind regards for now.

  147. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Excellent interview. Cliff High and Bo Polny are two of the most interesting voices. They are not opposing views, they are two separate and parallel views from two different perspectives that see the same future developing.

  148. Tony

    Cliff is your sipping cup silver, platinum, or some other metalic blend?

  149. Paul Anders

    Mike Lindel says the real count is Trump 80 Million, Bidumb 68 Million.
    Also I have my Volume ALL the way up and Greg, I can barely hear ya.

  150. Susan

    This week has been heavy for the unvaxxd. I am hoping this letter from the Ontario Civil Liberties Association will cheer some people up.

    • Dear Susan

      Thanks for your post. I have seen it elsewhere. if you need any more support I have set out the truth about Covid 19 on my website.

      V is for…..Vaccination may be as good a place to start if you are interested.

      Kind regards


  151. J

    Welcome to the Great Awakening !!
    Perry Stone was correct ! Starts in Midwest ! years ago
    Revival -> Great Awakening –> Outpouring …… Mark talyor future interview here
    Happening in Chicago and Seattle and Mike Lindells Cyber symposium
    Mike had an altar call in the Spirit !!! God bless him !!!

    Mark Talyor will be an important guest in the future !!!
    Also a spiritual awakening happening as we speak!
    God Bless


  152. Chloe

    Lindell is scrappy. Period. God uses the scrappy. Trump is also being used by God – half the time, he probably doesn’t even understand what’s really going on. For those who don’t believe, just watch. John 8:32. Had Trump not been president, most people would still be fast asleep. Excellent interview Greg. I can read between the lines and think Cliff believes most cannot handle the truth.

    • MC

      ah, but Trump’s own words suggest that Satan is getting a piece of Trump also:

      Donald Trump – March 2021: “I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all,” ( …. See also, June 03 and August 02 memos.)

      Perhaps we are not living in the End Times as Evangelicals are wont to harangue. Perhaps, instead, we are living in the Days of Job Times. Read Job 1:11-12 and know of the conspiracy against the blameless Job. It appears from Trump’s written words (his 3 memos of 2021) and the words of Clif High given here in the video, that Trump is both destroying and saving the world at the same time. This is very Jobesque in its macabre absurdity.

  153. max

    He said malloc will be taken from earth, why is this not a topic?

  154. Eileen

    Dear Greg and Cliff,
    Thank you for this long and compelling interview. Without commercial interruptions from Big Pharma selling their wares! Wish I had made a big bowl of buttered popcorn before I listened. What a marvel it was.
    CAFitts introduced me to both of you years ago. Remember when the Solari Report was a dial in phone call?
    Thank you Greg for recognizing Cliff as a treasure. And thank you Cliff for sharing your priceless knowledge and information gratis.
    Lots for me to digest in this interview but . Being an Aquariari in the Age of Aquarius has already given me a glimmer of the possibilities of what’s to come with my family, and extended family. Thank you for the confirmation.
    And also Cliff, thank you for saying that at the end of this long tunnel there is still much to come about Antarctica.

  155. Kelly Rushing

    OH WOW!! What an interview!!! So appreciative for Clif, getting us prepared for what is to come. We certainly live in extraordinary times! So happy to be alive awake and aware! Thank you Greg!!

  156. WD


    The FDA will approve the shot. There is so much money in this. Thise MDs at the FDA would be killed if they did not approve of that jab….Not a chance it doesn’t get approval.
    You talk about heads rolling for real…..

    • Alysia

      approval means nothing and heads will roll with or without approval of the kill shot, if the docs get killed off, the entire FDA org heads will roll. disband them, jail them, whatever it takes, make a brand new FDA based on known science, not on experimental science which is just a bio weapon science. “first, do no harm.” we are returning to that principle.

  157. Computer Guy

    What about all the other countries? Why are they all following the same playbook?

  158. Dave

    30 minute video of Dr. Ryan Cole and list of what you need to know to protect your health.

  159. Poochiman

    thank you for inviting him. He is riveting.

  160. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    . Great interview! Thank you. I listen to a lot of experts for information, but Clif High has moved to the top of my list to help navigate through these challenging times. He’s in a class by himself! Excellent!

  161. Sam Morgan

    Great interview and Very informative. I note the removal of moloch comment.

    I know there is a Counter-Force within the US Military. How? My father, 100 years old, passed lasted year. He survived seven battles during WWII with the 1st. Inf. Division and received numerous accolades to include a Battle Field Commission. From 1948 until 1976 my dad did not wear a uniform. He was an armed CIC agent. In Germany our family was a spy family. We lived as Germans. Dad had more successful infiltrations than any other agent.

    He blended with Germans and was undetectable as an American. We had many unique visitors to our house. The CIA tried to recruit him. He declined.

    One story he told me was how in 1963 he and another agent (Al) tried to protect President Kennedy in Florida. The ‘Protection’ came from the leadership within the CIC. The Secret Service was unaware of their efforts. The CIC was aware of an attempt on Kennedy in Florida.

    The CIC was NOT the CIA.

  162. Jerry5

    Well friends,
    Here we go again. Another meat packing plant shut down.

    3800 workers sent home. No plans to reopen. What does that tell you?

    • Green Lantern

      It tells me that your fridge, freezer, and pantry should be well stocked with a minimum of three months of supplies.

  163. Jerry5

    Cliff has until November 1st to prove he’s right. According to my sources the FDA will make a decision on November 1st to legalize the mRNA vaccines. Look at the attached chart.

    Why in the world would they do that with over 12000 deaths being reported? I think you know the answer. It’s not about treating the virus at all. It’s all about linkage.

  164. marxamillion

    That death toll is curiously close to Bill Gates’ TED talk projection of reducing the population by fifteenth percent via vaccines.

  165. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, awesome interview. Clif mentioned the FDA not approving the Covid “vaccines” ever. A Black Box warning may be an indicator they are moving away from approval.
    “FDA Issues “Black Box WARNING” to Jabs, SERIOUS Heart Issues Explode in Number”


    Subject: CRIMINAL MENACING / ASSAULT / HARASSMENT / HOMICIDE and related crimes defined under NYS PENAL LAW perpetrated by jurisdictional authorities of THE EXECUTIVE and NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (DOH) coordination with THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM LLC (WEF), DOS ID 5207016, by WEF agents and PARTNERS’ creation of the COVID-19 crisis with NO certified reference materials for isolated SARS-CoV-2 “covid-19” virus test sample and or incubation of the supposed microorganism, inter alia for planned population elimination and unjust enrichment.
    Undersigned has Subject Crimes injuries by malicious acts of WEF Perpetrators according to elements caused injury:
    • No isolated Certified Reference Materials for “covid-19” virus.
    • PCR tests that find “positive” results for covid merely the result of amplified instrument background.
    • FDA admits PCR tests were developed without any isolated covid-19 virus samples. So they simulated the virus.
    • Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits confirms common coronaviruses and monkey viruses fraudulently labeled “covid.”
    • Dr. Jane Ruby explains lack of any viral isolate and why the pandemic is based on coordinated science fraud.
    • CDC FOIA documents reveal proof the CDC has never isolated covid-19 for the experimental inoculation.
    • The spike protein Bioweapon is real when combined with Graphene Oxide in hydro gel experimental covid “vaccines” that are kill shots to achieve depopulation for Perpetrators unjust enrichment.
    • CDC Director Walensky admits the covid vaccine doesn’t stop covid infections – spoliate VAERS ( ) data.
    • the New York executive caused a state lockdown mandates coercion with and for dangerous devices
    • the New York executive prevented the use of proven therapies except under hospitalization with threat of individual arrest and or de-licensure
    • the New York executive caused a state lockdown fines and arrest
    • coercion to obtain consent without informed knowledge enticement to procure inoculation
    • Confession of British national Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD former Vice President and chief scientist of Pfizer ( )
    • On 8-11-2021 a Medical Doctor warns: 95% of severe patients in Israeli hospitals are vaccinated
    UNDERLYING FACTS: There are 123 US Patents filed from 28 January 2000 through 2018 by Perpetrators RICO enterprise conspiracy ( includes:;;;; with explanation at
    Koch’s postulates are four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease. The postulates were formulated by Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler in 1884, based on earlier concepts described by Jakob Henle, and refined and pub both of which are now ascribed to bacteria. Note that the postulates have been controversially generalized to other diseases, and that more modern concepts in microbial pathogenesis cannot be examined using Koch’s postulates, including viruses (which are obligate cellular parasites) and asymptomatic carriers. They have largely been supplanted by other criteria such as the Bradford Hill criteria for infectious disease causality in modern public health, and Falkow’s criteria for microbial pathogenesis.
    However, Koch’s postulates of a disease nevertheless remain fundamentally true as to isolated testing as follows:
    1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
    2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
    3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
    4. The microorganism must be re-isolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.


    A. Order removal of the Experimental Inoculation advertisement from the Sheriffs’ and Department of Health websites;
    B. Investigate Government Perpetrator facilitation of unjust enrichment with WEF’s Agents and Partners subject to arrest;
    C. Investigate County Department of Health and Coroner death certificates and test reports regarding public records;
    D. Investigate severity of VAERS data spoliation and arrest Perpetrators;
    E. Investigate Perpetrators suppression of readily available disease treatments preventing FDA VACCINE approval; and
    F. Issue public statement to protect county residents from violation of their God given rights from infringement interference.
    I, Christopher Earl: Strunk Complainant undersigned, hereby duly so affirm under penalty for perjury, deposes and says in this Subject Complaint of CRIMINAL MENACING / ASSAULT / HARASSMENT / HOMICIDE and related crimes defined under NYS PENAL LAW is perpetrated by the EXECUTIVE and NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH in coordination with THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM LLC, DOS ID 5207016, by WEF agents and PARTNERS’ facilitation of the complained injuries; and that deponent has read the foregoing Subject Complaint and knows thereof applies personally; that the same is true to deponent’s own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged upon information and belief, and that as to those matters, deponent believes it to be true.

    • AndrewB

      Well Christopher, that’s a mighty impressive complaint! Thank you for the clarity you provide in setting out the complaint as clearly as you have. The question is, which Court is going to hear it and how does anyone find an honest judge to adjudicate?! Sorry for being so cynical – I wish you every success.

      P.S. Have you communicated with Dr Reiner Fuellmich? He is assembling a class action case with the assistance of multiple medical professionals and a large team of lawyers.


        County Judge for Sherifff and DOH mandate where evidence may be heard. Then to US Attorney after 90 days for RICO Complaint that allows me to act without an attorney. But the Military continuity of government command locally will be copied with the complaint too. I figure that by October the demions ding their experiments will have TARGETED LOCAL release of the 5G BIOWEAPON from the installation done since January of last year using the bioweapon on children when they restart school causing severe deaths among the illegally jabbed.

        This does not get any easier see


        I the advertisment is not taken off their websites, I will petition the Warren County Judge for Sherifff and DOH mandate where evidence may be heard. Then to US Attorney after 90 days for RICO Complaint that allows me to act without an attorney. But the Military continuity of government command locally will be copied with the complaint too. I figure that by October the demions ding their experiments will have TARGETED LOCAL release of the 5G BIOWEAPON from the installation done since January of last year using the bioweapon on children when they restart school causing severe deaths among the illegally jabbed.

        This does not get any easier see THE WORLD EDONOMIC FORUM and its PARTNERS in NEW YORK are coordinated with mthe NEW YORK EXECUTIVE for unjust enrichment to conduct the EXPERIMENTAL TESSTING ON HUMAN GUINEA PIGS IN VIOLATION OF THE NUREMBERG CODE which is not enforceable in the USA.


        AndrewB got this out today as a warning:
        141 Harris Avenue Lake Luzerne New York 12846-1721
        by its registered agent CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK
        the sole beneficiary Christopher Earl Strunk in esse Sui Juris in propria persona
        Ph: (518) 416-8743 Email: [email protected]

        Warren County Sheriff
        1400 State Route 9
        Lake George, NY 12845
        Sheriff Jim LaFarr
        Undersheriff Terry Comeau
        Tel: (518) 743-2500
        Email: [email protected]

        Attached is undersigned’s notarized affidavit with its Demand For Relief for Investigation of an ongoing crime that with a return to school by our children who have been used as human experiments contrary to the Nuremberg Code that with the planned use of 5G communications systems installations believed to be installed in the community that will excite the nano-tubes created by those inoculated to release the spike protein mRNA mix with Graphene Oxide in the inoculation using the hydro gel DARPA project component among those persons who have been inoculated that will result in blood clotting deaths effecting vital organs as well as those of the unvaccinated by shedding without herd immunity and or a treatment prophylaxis; and
        That the Sheriff’s Office and this County as a whole have a duty to investigate this ongoing heinous crime, and not least of which it must cease and desist promotional advertisements on FACEBOOK TWITTER etc. as related WEF Partners composing the Racketeering Enterprise working with the State Executive websites for population reduction and unjust enrichment.
        Failure to act will result in a County Supreme Court article 78 case and pursuit of a RICO Statement in the NYND. Do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience for assistance.
        Sincerely, August 16, 2021 /s/
        Lake Luzerne, New York _______________________________
        Christopher Earl Strunk, in esse Sui Juris in propria persona

        • Attached Criminal Complaint of 8-12-2021 24 pages served electronically on the county on 8-13-2021

        • see:
        CC: Warren County Department of Health
        1340 U.S. 9, Lake George, NY 12845
        Duane Stansbury- health commissioner

        Warren County Coroner Office
        3767 Main St, Warrensburg, NY 12885
        Warren County, New York
        Attn: Paul F. Bachman, M.D. Timothy E. Murphy, Lynn M. Keil, Connie Goedert

  167. JOHN PICK

    Great Show Greg and Cliff, Thank you.
    Right after Donald Trump announced his run for President I saw Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones and Dr. Pieczenik outlined what Cliff is talking about right here.
    At that time I remember thinking this plan is just far fetched. HERE WE ARE NOW !!!

  168. Robert

    Could not disagree more about his theory that Pence is really a good guy. Pence is a coward and a fool in my opinion. Does he also believe Barr is a good guy. I’m not buying it. A lot of what he said I do agree with.


      Michael Pence is a Jesuit Co-adjutor who while in College was Woody Harrelson’s mentor and if you are familiar with the work of Charles Harrelson as a CIA assassin who was clearing the path for CIA cartel drug dealers in Mexico – according to the US prosecutor Sidney Powell had arranged a plea settlment for a long prison stint.

  169. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    1,000,000 views of CNN in one week. 32,000,000 views of USAW in one month. Let’s do some inexact math. 32,000,000 / 4 = 8,000,000 views of USAW in one week OR eight times the audience of CNN! Who would have thunk it? Well, me for one.

    I have NEVER believed the big tech generated viewer numbers for any on-line presence. Just like the Dominion vote rigging machines, big tech can and do manipulate viewer stats to suit their political agendas. By way of an example, for every view of a big tech favoured site, publish ten. For every ten views of big tech unflavoured site, publish just one. It’s too easy for TPTB to propagandise viewing figures. Just one look at the growth of USAW comments section informs the popularity of your TRUE NEWS channel.

  170. MC

    Lo, it would appear from this new decision that the FDA is indicating it shall rebuff Clif ‘s forecast, for it looks like the FDA is keen to allow bigPharma even more latitude to cull the population:

    Furthermore, Trump’s SCOTUS appointment is showing which way it blows:

    All in all, it would appear the FDA is on train tracks and no turning back from the vax program.

  171. Dave

    Apparently the refusal of Hannity, Levin and Bongeno to even mention Lindell this week has caused a backlash among some in the conservative movement. Dan Bongeno in his monologue today attacked folks who apparently are attaching him and other conservatives for going silent on the fraud in the last election.

    Bongeno said he does not go first on a story – that he wants to be right before talking about something and that he knows nothing about Lindell’s effort. So he is not going to talk about it. Bongeno got Rush’s slot because he is part of the Deep State conservative media. He is one of those who insist on voting GOP and that next time we’ll get rid of the Rinos. A foolish strategy at best – disinformation at worse. Controlled conservative media helped neutralize the Tea Party movement. They continue to keep conservatives neutralized.

    Louie Gohmert may be folksy but he is not a leader. Interviewed recently, he has basically said nothing can be done about the disintegration of the border until 2022 and the GOP making gains in the Senate and House. Really? He is talking nonsense. First off Biden or Harris will be President and they will veto anything Congress passes – even in the increasingly unlikely event the GOP does gain seats.

    The Democrats resist and engage in nullification as they refuse to follow certain laws. As sanctuary cities. or school boards in Texas and Florida refusing to obey state laws or mandates. In Texas it looks as if the GOP won’t b able to get the election reform through. But, if they do, the largest county in the state – home t Houston – is not going to obey any new election law they find suppress votes.

    Now go to folksy Congressman Louie Gohmert and the Freedom Caucus. They talk a good line but most refused to join MTG and Matt Getz in visiting the jailed 01/06 folks a week or so ago. Mr. Gohmert refuses to take a real stand and his platitudes are hollow. The Freedom Caucus could coalesce as a third party. Leave the GOP but still caucus with them. They won’t do that as most in the Freedom Caucus like the perks McCarthy hands out.

    Mr. Bongeno is lashing out at conservatives who finally are realizing the game many so called conservative pundits are playing and calling them out. Hopefully Bongeno and others will continue to get pushback. Maybe Bongeno could talk to Lindell and, God forbid, have him on his radio program. Still, it’s hard to believe that at this late date that he has not done that.

    BTW, Gorka talks about the election fraud and Lindell all the time. He took at shot this week at folks like Bongeno who claim the base can retake the GOP by voting for non-Rinos next time in the primaries. Gorka slammed those folks this week when he said that the GOP can’t be salvaged – it needs to be “burned down” to the ground and rebuilt from scratch.

  172. Green Lantern

    Imagine this. The NFL mandated players to get the clot shots. So, what are they going to do if/when players start dying on the field due to the kill shots? How will it be explained? Will the season get shortened, or will they “be brave” and play through it? Who will be held liable for the mandate? Will anyone be held liable? Will there be a league in 2022?

    Get some popcorn and let’s see how this unfolds.

    • Mark Heuer

      Who is to say the NFL players will actually be getting the real killer jab? Personally I don’t think they will be getting the real killer jab.

  173. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    My thought on the vaccine is simple – if you feel ok with it get it – if you don’t you should be able to say No. as I’ve said in the past my daughter and her family all had Covid and have natural immunity now and refuse to get the vaccine and she is a Nurse Practitioner and her job is being threatened.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  174. Justn Observer

    Greg, Reading some of the comments, I do not think some have any clue of what, how Clif High scalps data and assigns values/waypoints of change on subject matter and collates new phrases being used between entities let alone just doing compound searches… MUCH of the sniping is usually followed with crickets as to ‘what they know, found, or can contribute to moving the football of truth forward.
    Your contribution having USAwatchdog…and providing it FREE…and having such guests on does what the MSM was designed to prevent…and advances the cause as well as the ‘free speech’ and the sharing of viewpoints in the search for truth and hopefully justice as we attempt to free ourselves from the evil of this world.
    I think all sense the ‘movement’ we are experiencing is an OLD WORLD ORDER… attempt to take down the U.S. ,and replace it with a NWO …under the control of the same old OWO and their wealth this nation broke from. In fact, an ancient world order of family wealth from even before the Papal bloodlines which was but a ‘co-opt/conversion of the Christianity and teaching of Jesus. How dare HE suggest there was a ‘HIGHER’ authority than ‘them’ !
    The current concern is of course ‘the jab’… and ‘who’ or WHO might be behind it leading to the change of voting procedures, control over people, and the economic take down of the middle-class world wide as ‘dependency’ on ‘them’ then grows as fast as ‘god-given’ and Constitutional rights diminish… All going back to the question – Cuo Bono? And is now any different concerning bi0-weapons use than in the days leading up to need to remove JFK, any move than the same forces behind the attempt to ‘remove’ DJT? One might ask when rethinking the words of Jackie O, ” ‘they’ killed Jack”. Not why would anyone want to kill Jack, or who would want to kill Jack… So, who were the ‘they’ she seemed to know might have done it? Along with other concerns of the day as to ‘secret societies’ and fears of what JFK was planning to expose?
    and an interesting find of old Fauci ties?=
    @21:00 and 26:00 =
    and not that one always goes there…but for context
    lastly one might find it interesting that SNOHOMISH, WA man supposedly the first Covid patient? and the military soccer team practice field was in Pugent Sound, according to finding by GW was under VINDMAN , and those other ‘illnesses’ and deaths were months before WUHAN. And of course we know when asked REDFIELD and FAUCI and crew never autopsied them…= go to =
    and watch the top last three if one cares hear many shocking threads that help connect the dots….and of course no one is accusing anyone of anything…but…startling ‘co-incidences’ that never make into FOX or MSM reporting?
    So many dots, so many more questions…

  175. c

    You can go to the largest hospital in your area and get the stats from the blood and cardiac dept to see if there is increase in patients. You will find your answer there only if they will release the info.

  176. Marcman

    Reading the comments is the education, JC ,Paul and G5, are the only ones that have a grip on the front line of this war.

  177. manny

    Greg, please have Cliff on at least once a month. I listened to this video 3 times and every time I hear something new

  178. K Smith

    Thank you for this broadcast. I want to mention a fatal consequence of the incongruent international Covid policies and haphazard and reckless vaccination mandates of reigning Governments. A friend who is retiring and leaving Canada for Central America, needed to travel and so got his vaccination. Nobody told him that the Astra Zeneca jab would not clear him for entrance into the US. He now has to receive two more jabs of either the Pfizer or Moderna and the mix will surely kill him faster than anything!

  179. Tommy

    I’ve wondered why there is such a frantic push to get the vax. If those that have the vax are protected and those that are not vaxed will get the virus and die and if the majority of the unvaxed are conservative Trumpters, why would they care? Why would they not just sit back and let their adversaries face certain doom? This interview goes a long way in answering that question.
    “We are there now.”
    Thank you Mr. High and Mr. Hunter.

  180. Old Rancher

    Regarding Clif’s assertions about the military and their waiting for the US population to come over to their side, Devolution, etc. I wonder if he’s getting his information from his web bot returns or his contacts? This is what bugs me about his stream-of-thought lectures. Where does he get his information from inasmuch as he can divulge his sources?



  182. Elle

    Have you seen this article? Strange, creepy and completely astounding language about the covid shot and resulting lifespans as well as how it’s determined…so says a mass murderer.

    On the Trump front, as a former POTUS he could say, “Take the vaccine or don’t take the vaccine. It’s your choice. You are a free people.” It would not give anything away, if that story of his acting is true. He has not said this. I’ve never believed the “Trump is playing a part” language. However, if it turns out to be true I’ll be the first to applaud him.

    Cliff! “Fart by a paper tiger!” So very funny in the midst of this covid horror show.

    • Self Exiled

      Creepy indeed—– an “inoculatee” [as he calls anyone jabbed with the
      Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon] having 20% Graphene Oxide deterioration in their blood will, barring any other input criteria, live for 8 years. [10 years less 20%].

      ‘Do not fear [anything], for I am with you;
      Do not be afraid, for I am your God.
      I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you;
      I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].’ Isaiah 41:10

  183. Paula Davis

    Another Clif High video covering several interesting topics including his “death,” “Jelling the Woo” & even more interesting “Detonation of the Woo.”
    If U have limited time, “Detonation of the Woo” is time well spent.

    • Elle

      There is but one fear in my pocket–The puppet Biden and his worldwide fascist, profiteering, murdering buddies will not be taken down soon enough to prevent thousands more of the American People and their children from being harmed.

      If he and his rabble want to make me shut up about their lawless actions–Come and get me! BRING IT!

  184. Justn Observer

    Dr. Dan Stock’s claims at Mt. Vernon school board meeting
    and would be remiss if this is not posted as well

    On August 11, the council members voted unanimously on an ordinance that seeks to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores. The council members want to PERSECUTE the people they are supposed to serve, blocking their family, friends and neighbors from bars, gyms, entertainment venues, restaurants and retail stores. The Los Angeles City Council has officially instated a medical dictatorship over the city, turning the City of Angels into a city run by demons.

  185. Jeffersonian

    Indeed this was an entertaining interview cliff is bright and I think overall well intentioned but this is only my gut instinct it would be fun to sit down and have a beer with him and find out what he really thinks

    Regardless I hope cliff is right in his predictions but I seriously have my doubts

    First tptb control scotus the executive and legislative and on and on if they lose their power base they will indeed be tried executed but when was last time you saw a major player actually do time in a real prison never they will fight to the death and use every dirty trick in the book to stay in power per Dylan Thomas they will not go gently into the night rage rage against the dying of the don’t get your hopes up

    As for fraud it may be uncovered but then it will be belittled smeared and then covered up just like the real evidence in the jfk assassination 911 uss liberty gulf of Tonkin among others it will be a nonevent

    As for the fda not approving the jab perhaps but the fda is as corrupt and compromised as the cia fbi and other alphabet agencies come on if the fda approved glyphosate as a antibiotic and allows subway to put plastic in your bread why wouldn’t they approve the jab more money for big pharma

    My prediction more lock downs more boosters and more mandatory jabs and tptb will blame the new variants on the unjabbed and the fed will print till people lose faith in the dollar and that could go on for longer than you think markets may correct but then new highs no pun intended cliff

    Going on 50 plus days no measurable precipitation
    Dryer than the Sahara desert here on west coast
    No end in sight

    Hope I’m wrong and hope cliff is spot on but only time will tell cheers from down here on the farm
    So dry rates are chewing on plastic water pipes to find water to drink crazy but true

    • Greg Hunter


      So what are you going to do to combat this? Just tell us here all you going to lie down and take it????? Way to be tough.


  186. donald herion

    If the military were to force the issue on jabs I would not be surprised to see a replay of the famous Royal Navy Fleet wide mutiny in 1797 when England was at war with Revolutionary France. The Royal Navy folded and gave the men better food and less oppressive discipline with no retribution to the mutineers. There is power in raw numbers…If something like this were to occur it could be a great, turning point event for the country.

  187. Thoth al Khem

    I have a WORLD BANK Screen Shot which is an accounts page showing that MEXICO was exporting COVID-19 TEST KITS in 2018 when it was not yet called covid till February 2020.
    I sent it to MAX IGAN in Australia at the time and when it went viral the WB changed it to MEDICAL SUPPLIES.

  188. Paraclete

    This intel presented at this link will compliment the Hunter / High Interview
    Please view…
    Mr. Hunter, you would have a great interview, should you contact Jeffrey Prather.
    He could complete the picture of what’s “going on” and what needs to be done.
    Just sharing for a friend

  189. Lisa Stahl

    Love you, Greg & Cliff. Thank you. Love our Mike Lindell and President Trump. God Bless, God Speed.

  190. Bixa

    Greg, 92k views on Rumble, your interview with Clif i
    views n less than 30 hours.
    People are receptive. Keep these coming. Be Well.

  191. Old Rancher

    I’ve always enjoyed Clif’s stream-of-consciousness lectures but one thing that’s always bothered me is he almost never gave out any of his sources. When trying to spread the word of his insights it really helps if he could give some references some times.

    • Greg Hunter

      His sources are the data he mines.

      • Bonnie

        Hi Greg, might you explain what you mean by his sources are the data that he mines. (I apologize for having little schema about data mining, but I would appreciate if you might educate me a bit!) Thank you and thank you for the great interview. This is the first experience hearing either Clif or you. Fascinating! I was thinking of moving to TX from CA asap, but it sounds like maybe won’t be the best decision if Clif’s predictions are correct, especially since I have few acquaintances there and resources are thin. I was thinking I need to be a refugee in Tx asap before interstate travel halts for folks like me.)

  192. Jeffersonian

    Glad you asked Greg
    We will not take the jab
    Raise 90 plus percent of our own food organic and sustainable
    No debt
    Are proactive not reactive
    Build community with friends and neighbors
    Educate people about how and what we do and why
    Don’t vote both parties are compromised remember your vote don’t count it’s who counts your vote that matters
    And above all bring God into our lives daily
    It ain’t complicated and we thank God for all his blessings daily
    Pax vobiscum

    And believe me Greg I really admire your optimism and perseverance you sir in my book are solid. Cheers

  193. Jeffersonian

    Ps in our state the governor mandates masks be worn in all indoor areas and is brining in national guard to work in hospitals due to a huge rise in covid cases and need for additional staff
    Wait till late autumn when vitamin d levels plummet more rise in covid for sure
    They are also talking about mandatory jabs for all health care workers
    They are ramping up the fear and are posturing to gain more power
    The sheeples just roll up their Sleeves don their masks and do as they’re told
    They incentivize you by putting your name in hat if you get jabbed then promise you a million bucks if your name is selected think of that
    I dont think even thing one two and the cat in the hat could top that

  194. Marc Mallary

    It sounds like there is light at the end of the tunnel now, while it sounded like the walls were collapsing on us before.

  195. MedTech

    There is a huge number of hospitals and health systems, including most university hospitals, that are requiring all the employees, faculty, staff, and clinical students to get the COVID “vaccines” or be dismissed/fired. This link details many of them:

    I have worked in clinical labs for 37 years and directed a clinical training program at a University Hospital, and have been told that I will be suspended and dismissed with in a week if I do not submit proof of COVID vaccination by October 1. I will not submit and I will be fired; I will be unable to work in most hospital labs after this.

    In other words, this is not the way I had planned on ending my career. But I plan on making sure everyone understands exactly why I am refusing.

    What I really resent is that so many young students are being forced to get the COVID mRNA injections; they will be dismissed from their training programs if they refuse. Medical students, clinical students in the lab, respiratory therapy, ultrasound, physical therapy, ALL the training programs. And most of these students have ALREADY gone ahead and received the mRNA injections.

    I hope Cliff is right, but I have to say that a great deal of damage has already occurred.

    • Robert F

      Why stop there, Biden wants to ban unvaxxed from jntersate travel

      scotus just ruled im favor of colleges on required vaccines

      What is stopping the corrupt scotus from ruling in favor of the interstate ban.

      It seems to me they will push as far as people allow it. As long as the normies go along with it, they will simply move right on ahead.

      Covid wont go away, they admit it, so whats next? Next is ban the unvaxxxed no jab no job,no travel, no online purchases, no stores,

      and then its gonna be like Israel, where they might just decide to take your child from you, your new born child if you happen to refuse the shot.

      Israel is protected, yeah right, those people are suffering worse than the US right now..

      This world is in a Satanic holocaust

      • AndrewB

        Hi Robert,
        I always appreciate your commentary. Lots of discussion about the ‘vaccine’ uptake in Israel, but I have seen nothing as yet about Iceland.
        Iceland is almost entirely vaccinated and I wonder if this is payback for the nation’s actions, post-2008 financial crash? Iceland was, to the best of my knowledge, the only country to jail bankers for fraudulently over-leveraging the country. Also, Iceland was, to the best of my knowledge, the only country to renege on it’s bank’s huge indebtedness – mostly to international investors (Iceland’s population is a mere 250,000). This debt write-off was accomplished by the government of the day holding a plebiscite, basically asking the common people if they wanted to be forever indebted or free of debt. Guess which way they voted!!! I guess jailing bankers for their crimes and cancelling international debts are not popular with TPTB. Now that almost every Icelander has been ‘vaxxed’, perhaps it is intended they pay with their lives . . .

    • Warren B.

      Last year I anticipated that this day would arrive and as such I voluntarily left the workforce. Self reliance and independence are key in this climate …knowing full well what the planned actions of the Government would be.
      They have earmarked 70-80% thresholds for Vaccination – which I expect would be the milestone required to bring in forced vaccination (removal of liberties/freedoms/life) …… on the minority of Un-Vaxxed. That day is coming sooner than we expect.
      By that stage the Vaccine Pass would be in full swing and gathering momentum before they flip the switch on the reset of the financial/economic system. This wont occur until they have removed all dissention/opposition.
      Sadly there are only 2 Nations on this Planet which will not follow/adhere to the orders of the Western Elitists. They are China and Russia. Both are developing systems outside of what is envisaged by the likes of the WEF. It is rather Ironic that these so called “Enemies”….may in fact become our allies. One can see why there is so much attention /continued angst over Russian/Chinese interests – that is why they are always being targeted. They are a threat to the World Domination Plan.

  196. Honey Stowers

    We just finished reading the Devolution series ( ) and can’t recommend this strongly enough. It is obvious Clif has read this and between this, and the Clif High interview, as well as a decade of Greg’s videos, I realize we have been given front row seats to the greatest show ever!! This the the climax, just entering it’s final, hot stage. Lots of changes coming!! Buckle up! And thanks Greg, your videos have made a huge difference to so many!

  197. Serge

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve got one question : if the “vaccines” are used by the CCP to destroy the American military, why is the CCP mandating the “vaccines” for their own military ?

    • Robert F

      Its a world of lies, lets say they want to give saline solutions in some of those shots, and maybe not inject the mrna into all soldiers.

      Or it could be possible the elite have a time schedule, and they will plan on using mass military against world populations from rising, once this has been dealt with the remaining soliders are either killed off, given another injection which definitely kills them,

      But thenUS has to be against this, the Marines and the others who have sworn to defend foreign and domestic

      So we are back to the beginning, why is China forcing jt?

      Could be for show, or could be a plan to kill off a large amount of their own, to make room for the new world energy requirments

    • c

      Do you know what kind of v is used in your country and what is used in China?
      Find out the facts first.

      • Warren B.


  198. Terry H

    Greg, I’ve peronally met UN operatives living in our neighborhoods – since 1967. Three different couples I’ve encountered in my life. Nice, friendly couples…all over America

  199. Bill McFarlane

    Clif never disappoints, calm, mild mannered genius, keeps me spell bound, love his intellect and vocabulary. Thanks Greg. P.S. Where can we get ‘use CASH on FRIDAYS’ bumper stickers (maybe you could offer them) Thanks Bill

  200. Steve Bice

    I always track the US, UK, Israel and India for what should be fairly obvious reasons. There is information in the data…and this comes from the Johns Hopkins database. India has four times our population and just 8.5 percent are fully vaccinated. This has been apparent for awhile and is not just breaking…

  201. Edwin Meyer

    Allow me to explain, These “variants” are being intentionally CREATED by the “vaccine”. Nothing in this poison shot is designed to actually kill the infecting viri…What these shots actually do is change the way the human body reacts to the living virus, This shot basically tells the body to IGNORE the infection, This means that while the patient is not getting sick, the virus is allowed to “adapt” to human physiology and the current attempt to stop the virus, Problem is, since the virus is not killed, it has plenty of time to adapt itself and create new “variants”…The vaccine is CREATING the variants.

    • Warren B.

      The JABS are the mechanism to allow SPIKE PROTEINS to enter the body and become factories – producing numerous actions – predominantly to enter the body’s cells and blood system to allow for downstream effects. The SPIKE PROTEINS ARE IN FACT THE VIRUS.
      Nothing about COVID19 is real. ITS A HOAX to put fear into the masses to then promote hysteria and drive the push for Vaccination – with a gene altering therapy.
      The SPIKE PROTEIN’S actions allow the weaponized Sars CoV2 to enter the system and cause the damage……the body’s own cells are attacked.
      The Narrative around the Chinese Flu – is simply misdirection.
      All along it was the MIC in conjunction with NIH (FAUCI) who created a BIOWEAPON through GAIN OF FUNCTION (perfected in China). The Monkey Kidney Cell Virus attributes were designed by our very own Military along with select Government Science Figureheads – doing criminal work behind the scenes. HIV was added to the mix to cause the desired degradation to the immune system. Those taking Flu shots and other vaccines over the last 5-10 years have been primed with these Viruses. All that was required to bring forward the attrition rate (deaths) was to create a triggering mechanism- enter the “COVID VACCINE”.
      They have been intentionally feeding the story to lead everyone in the wrong direction – purposely taking attention off the ones who have ultimately created this PLANDEMIC.
      You want a false flag- you already have it….and guess which President called in the China Flu first?

  202. Chris Foster

    So what about the Pope and the Queen of England? Do they get arrested also?

  203. Lawrence J Uberte


    I cant get your audio on my computer have you a solution?

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem for 30 sec. and that will reset it. ISP folks are doing some censorship.

  204. Cecile Rudis

    Greatest interview…Thank you both!!!

  205. Lisa

    Since there is so much lying going on by government and the media, and that’s who’s putting out most of the information, wouldn’t Clif High’s web bots be picking up false signals? How do we know the information is accurate?

  206. A Nymous

    Thank you Greg, for this interesting interview. While I would like to hope that there is a powerful group in the military that has everything in hand, this is sounding an awful lot like all the Q hopium nonsense that led so many conservatives into believing big lies that Trump was going to retain power, etc. etc. That was very harmful as it led people to sit back and “trust the plan”. A cruel joke or a clever psi-op.
    There are a few glaring problems with Mr. High’s plan:
    If, as he says, the the Devolution Group has everything planned out, it makes no sense that they would allow things If 2/3rds of the US population to take the jab and perish as a result. Such a massive loss would relegate the USA to a second-tier status on the world stage and make it easy for China to take over as the prime superpower and either invade or simply isolate us until we submit to their will. Also, so many who have taken the death jab are ardent conservatives and Trump supporters, who foolishly took it, but would not be allowed to die by his Devolution Group in such enormous numbers simply as collateral damage in a greater plan.
    If as you say, Trump has been misled, this would would not jibe with Cliff’s assertion that Trump was in on it and acting a part. Trump would know not to support a mass-murdering death jab. He is responsible for promoting it and even today claiming credit for it. There was no necessity that he support it — either way the deep state had a target on him and a plan to steal the election to turf him out, and he could have gone along with such an act while at the very least remaining neutral on the jab.
    As Cliff states, he has had no contact with Devolution insiders, am I correct in understanding that his predictions are based purely on his computer modeling and data mining of publicly available search traffic, and not on any actual secret information? If so, then it’s all just a model and we know that models can at any time completely miss the mark. Also, how would such a system pull out secret information, such as a group named “Devolution” or know its plans which it would never make public (just as it made no sense that such a group would be revealing all their plans in advance to some nobody named Q and the various other kooks who claimed to be in on that, such as the obvious nutter and self-proclaimed alien-banger Simon Parkes.)
    Mr. High was quite unequivocal about what will happen in August-September, so I hope you will hold him accountable and take him to task if these things do not come to pass in this timeframe.
    His prediction that the house visits wouldn’t happen doesn’t seem like such a big win, given how there was a lot of public resistance to such a thing and few would volunteer for the unpleasant task, at least at this early stage (it could still happen if they continue to entrench their power and more take the jab — once a large majority have taken it, it makes it much easier to go full tyrant on the hold-outs).
    Late August and September is just around the corner, so I guess we will soon see if Mr. High is for real. In the meantime, I will continue to prepare for the worst while putting my faith in God and no man.
    May the Lord bless you and sustain you to keep up the good fight,
    A Nymous

    • A. Nymous

      Sorry, I mangled one sentence and forgot to fix it. It should read:
      “If, as he says, the the Devolution Group has everything planned out, it makes no sense that they would allow 2/3rds of the US population to take the jab and perish as a result. ”

      Another problem with Cliff’s plan is that wiping out most of the population would also take out just about all the people who he claims have revealed themselves as a result of this clever plan. They will just die along with all the others, including vast numbers of conservatives and Christians, who naively took the jab too. Perhaps it could be argued, deep staters have taken a placebo, but for such a scheme to work and stay secret, it could only be done for a very small minority. Since lefties are jab lovers, almost all of the deep state’s supporters, agitators and government bureaucrats that help keep them in power and execute their tyrannical orders will have died off, leaving them vulnerable and with no one left to help protect their positions of power. That also happens to be an argument against the jab being as deadly as we fear. But it could just be that even those at the top of the dung heap don’t really understand the harmful potential of the vax, and have happily been taking it themselves, having bought their own “expert’s” B.S. about it being safe and necessary.

      • Warren B.

        Idiots…they are not. Those in Power aren’t getting the POISONOUS JABS . FULL STOP. Some Senior MD/RN’s/Health Workers…. maybe !! The top of the Food Chain (typically highly educated) are too knowledgeable…..and ARE AVOIDING IT.
        To allow those in Power to proceed with the NWO Plans, they would have had first hand knowledge of the playbook….that includes taking saline solution (where they needed to make a public statement) in lieu of said “Vaccine”. I suspect that a select group of individuals (those who are charged with administering the deadly blot clotting gene therapies) have taken it upon themselves to substitute the actual poison with a saline. MD’s and RN’s who have expressed concerns about the deadly side effects are not permitted to make statements to the public and so rather than losing their Jobs / Accreditation and ability to provide for a Living …they are doing the next best thing. Conservatively that may be in 5-10% range of citizens receiving nothing more than a dose of salt water. That is conjecture on my part. But I strongly believe it to be true.

  207. Roger Hubbard

    Wow! Greg another mind blowing experience! Dude you’re better than Disney world..
    It’s almost funny but I’ve been able to perceive Trumps part in this, I knew he wasn’t pushing the vax, no, he was always pushing HCQ. I’ve always known he won the election but had to stand off for some reason .
    This helps Greg, I feel better now!

    Your friend Roger..

  208. Mike

    Greg, please ask Clif the following as this is what nurses are now claiming..
    If I’m not vaccinated but have had covid twixe, do I shed the virus?


  209. Nick Reynolds

    There are no politicians I trust right now. They don’t get the “vaccine” and how serious a threat it is. However, I recently heard Robert Kennedy Jr. on BrandNewTube. He’s censored, too. He’s been making great speeches against the “vaccine” and against the “totalitarianism” that has been imposed on America. Robert Kennedy Jr. is saying what we all need to hear. Why don’t you interview him. He’d probably agree, because he’s trying everywhere to get his message out not to take the “vaccines” and get rid of Fauci. Here’s an example.

    I hope Cliff is correct. Keep up the good work.

  210. jochen knaebel

    martin armstrong ,
    panik cicle 2022

  211. Madi

    Paul ,
    Madi from Maine.
    You think « those » who tell you to take the jab really get the jab?
    Why is there wine or food tester ? It is to make sure it is not poison !
    I worked in « hospitals » where physicians and nurses injected patients with normal saline instead of opiates or controlled substances. Those s instances are court documented. It is sad but it is reality.
    Reporting fraud or abuse in small hospital will have the « reporter MD,RN, ect discredited as crazy or defective.
    Look at sham peer review.
    Follow the money trail always…
    Greg is a hero.

  212. Henry Ford

    Mr. Hunter,
    Good interview. Thank you. 32 million visits per month does not surprise me. People are desperate for the truth.
    Please, please, please challenge your guests to stop saying that it is illegal to force anyone to take an “emergency use” product. Once the tyrants approve this poison, this argument disappears. Rather, know that it is illegal to force ANY medical treatment on anyone, regardless of whether some corrupt three-letter government agency has “approved” it. Even if the FDA declines to approve the vax, do not leave that door open to defeat your argument.

  213. WD


    I hate to say this but it looks like Mike Lindell;s symposium fell flat….?
    Correct me if I am wrong.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong.

  214. bonnie

    Why does Cliff believe that FDA will not approve the covid Vx? I hope he is correct!

  215. George

    It’s a no-brainer folks, for every shot that is given the cash registers at big pharma go ka-ching, which has added up to billions of your and corporations tax dollars. In return, big pharma donates measly millions to politicians. Is it any wonder they are pushing so desperately for more shots? CDC, WHO and others registers go ka-ching, thanks to the politicians being so generous with your money
    Ask them, What is wrong with treatments that actually work as good or better than “the shot”, like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine?” , and they lie up a storm because there is no ka-ching in it for them.

  216. jj

    Cliff from now to eternity you and your opinion took a unrecoverable hit. Pence is a traitor. I don’t need you or any other person to tell me otherwise.

  217. Greg

    This man is either a con-artist or insane. There are no “two militaries”, there is only one, and it is currently being purged of patriots {especially white males}. This has been underway since the Obama administration. The take-over is all but complete. There will be no reversal of the election, and the only people going to jail, are people like us. The GOP was co-opted long ago, they are in on the treason as well, don’t count on them to save the country. Mr. High is right on one thing: We have been attacked, from within and from the CCP. The Fifth Column was exposed long ago by Senator Joe McCarthy, but people got distracted by the new novelty of the time known as TELEVISION, and soon grew tired of the hearings, and wanted not to believe in such “conspiracy theories”, so the hearings were cancelled with the help of the Rockefeller controlled networks. McCarthy was discredited and shamed for daring to expose the communist infiltration of our institutions. Even our own FBI and “JUST-US” department is corrupt beyond belief. Sorry, but there is no returning the country back to what it used to be, the people are so corrupt themselves, they wouldn’t stand for it. Most people under the age of fifty don’t believe in the saving grace of Jesus, and are pro sodomite agenda. Drugs are now legal in many states, and they wonder why we have so many OD deaths. Abortion is now ingrained in the culture after almost fifty years of it being legalized .

    Once people go this far down the road to perdition, there is no turning back. I don’t see a revival coming, the people’s hearts are too hardened to the word of God. So much for Mr. High’s “Age of Aquarius”. More like: Age of the Anti-Christ. That is what I see happening next. The reason Biden called the troops home from Afghanistan was because troops are going to be needed here for what they have planned for us next: They are going to use the military to confiscate our guns. They can’t allow an armed populace any longer. They expected to have us disarmed long before now. If you think a silly little thing called “the law” is going to stop them from forced vaccination, you are living in LA LA Land. The “Law” doesn’t matter to these people. They have already proven that, and the US Supreme Court won’t stand in their way either. They too have already proven that. Get right with God, the time for repentance is short.

  218. Rebecca E Denhoff

    Unfortunately, according to The Epoch Times, Pfizer’s Covid 19 sham injection was approved by the FDA today, August 23, 2021.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep, and this means the FDA is a criminal murder organization.

  219. nate

    This video is broken, doesn’t play past 40 minutes

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem to reset it.

  220. Covidius Anthithesis

    clif High predicted all of this mayhem on UsA Watchdog years ago. Albeit he predicted it too soon.

  221. Candace Shade

    With the knowledge that the vax will kill in 2 years, why are so many begging everyone take the vaccine? Did the government employees and all those that insist that we take the vaccine not take the vaccine themselves and just lying that they took the vax.

  222. David Godfrey Lawn

    Greg, your microphone goes quiet sometimes – perhaps because you move around a lot. And you speak very quickly. So I didnt always understand you. But I always understood Cliff – his equipment was always ok.

  223. Liz

    Greg, you failed to ask Cliff about who promised Trump Moloch would be removed from the planet. You were silent when Cliff dropped this huge bomb. We need more details about who could remove Moloch, who is Moloch, etc. PLEASE do a follow up interview with Clif High!!!!!

  224. Hilly Holcomb

    Spike Protein now in Flu shot too.

  225. Tee

    My son called me tonight. He is currently in navy bootcamp. He went in because he had a choice to quarantine for two weeks before beginning actual bootcamp. Of course, he is young and scared. It seemed as though he had a choice when he was given the option to get the shots and start bootcamp immediately or quarantine for two weeks before beginning bootcamp. He told me tonight that he has to get the shots, they are not accepting exemptions at this time. He is facing separation if he refuses. So, that is the latest.

    My daughter, who is in the Air Force was mandated, no exemption forms accepted. So, there are many lies out there! Be careful, the military is mandating these shots. So, in reality my son has a choice by separating while in bootcamp, but my daughter does not. I would know better than anybody else because of my two children. Why am I so shocked that our very own US military is doing this?…

    • Greg Hunter

      He should quite because he’s killing himself if he gets them. In 6 tp 12 months they will be begging for him to come back.

  226. SeeAScripture

    Biden is not desperate about anything, because he is dead. The Biden is not Joe Biden. If you are not perceptive enough to see it, then just try some facial recognition software. Put in a picture of the real Joe Biden, last year as VP, and the fake guy now, it will tell you what you should already know. It is not the same person.

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