Biden Trashes Cops, Omar Trashes America, and Economy Trashes Itself

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 439 7.110.2020)

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is trashing the police again. He said in an interview this week that because of militarized police forces around the country, the police have “become the enemy.” Biden and his party continue to run on the idea that the police need to be defunded, even though the majority of Americans do not want to defund the police.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to trash the country that saved her from a Somali refugee camp. In a recent speech, Omar said she wants to “dismantle the whole system of oppression” in the United States. She wants to bring in a new system and has no problem trashing the system that saved her. This is an increasing theme in the Democrat Party that has basically become communist and Marxist and despises America and what it stands for.

The economy is not recovering the way most people think it is. Government stimulus has covered up the severity of the economic demand the overreaction of the Covid 19 shutdown has caused. Some say the shutdown is being used for political purposes, but no one can deny it has caused what many are describing as the Greatest Depression that has already hit America.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the early Sunday Release. He talks about the coming violence from the Left that will continue to increase.

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  1. tim mcgraw

    Do you trust the police man who you meet on the street to treat you fairly and respect your rights? Why do cops get to carry guns, and we do not in California? Why do cops get qualified immunity from their killings and mistakes, and we do not while defending our homes and persons?
    Why are the police “more equal than us?”
    The police need major reforms if they are to survive. Too many cops have killed Americans, innocent American, children, mothers, old men, etc. with impunity for us to give them a carte blanche okay.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you think the war on the cops is good? I don’t. How about some training and leadership to teach people how to respond to police. Such as don’t resist arrest and follow lawful commands. I think the public has a responsibility here too. Why aren’t the people educated? The cops hardly have “carte blanche.” They are being told to stand down in California and other Democrat hell hole states and cities to let is all be looted and burned.

      AND, yes, I trust the police for the most part.


      • Her Majesty's Regent

        What if you are autistic and can’t process speech? You will be shot by the police and questions asked later.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is so out there it’s just stupid. Don’t resist arrest and follow lawful commands. Oh and just don’t be a dick.

          • JC

            Greg, I can’t stop laughing…

            “Just don’t be a dick.”


            • Her Majesty's Regent

              Well, you know what they say about simple things and simple minds…

              • Greg Hunter

                Please do not self deprecate here.

          • Her Majesty's Regent

            I’m not saying it’s likely but it’s possible. There was that case in Israel recently where the police shot dead an unarmed autistic Palestinian who failed to follow instructions. He got scared and started running. You assume every police officer is going to act reasonably yet why does America’s police force kill multiples more people per 100000 than any other nations police in the western world?

            • Greg Hunter

              Stop the bull crap. You got Palestinians stubbing Jews and getting paid to do so.

        • Mimi

          HMR—If you are that impaired you won’t be out and about anyway by yourself and the police are TRAINED to detect impairments in people—-get real!

      • Lewis Ball

        Greg can you show me a cop that does not enforce the 10 planks of the Communist maifesto on Americans to day?
        We need police but not communist policy enforcement.

        • Greg Hunter

          Can you show me pone that does? You need a source for this wild made-up crap you are spewing.

    • JC

      This whole uproar about the police has been blown way out of proportion. And don’t forget that each police officer is an individual human being. There are many good cops, and some bad cops, don’t lump them all together.

      • Charles H

        “… don’t lump them all together.” Thanks, JC.

    • Kay

      I am all for taking immunity away from our politicians before the police. Corrupt, career politicians in America are a bigger problem than police! We could defund and disband CNN, MSNBC and FOX as well. Life would be much better in the USA with these small changes.

      I am waiting for robocop and super drones to come out. We will be begging to get human police officers back in our lives.

      • lightning

        You are absolutely correct! Make all elected officials civilly and criminally libel for their actions. Same for so called “news” sources.

        Governors and Mayors should go to jail and be stripped of every dime they have for continuing shutting down the economies .

        In the Pennsylvania county I live in , the county commissioner has re-shut down all dine in restaurants , bars etc. .

        Our State legislature (house and senate) based a bi-partisan bill to force re-opening and Governor has less than week to decide whether to veto. Our Governor (Wolfe) refuses to listen to the People and elected officials of the state and is a dictator . Like NY, he forced cover sick seniors bak into nursing homes resulting in 4500 innocent seniors deaths in nursing homes where they were forced to die alone. Evidently #SeniorCitizensLivesDoNotMatter to the Governor and his administration.

        How can they defend shutting down for health reasons when Sweden is essentially at ZERO new cases and they did NOT shut down, did NOT force masks and did NOT destroy millions of jobs. There are 10 million folks live in Sweden with roughly 2.5 million in Stockholm. Pretty damn big set of data to ignore.

        Next they will raise taxes on same people whose businesses they destroyed.

      • Tin foil hat

        I prefer robocop than the current civilian BLM security forces which recently killed an 8 y/o girl in Atlanta and a 16 y/o boy in Seattle’s CHOP.

        Both of them were killed in an attempt to run the civilian check points set up by the BLM; both of them were black. Why didn’t the media hop on the “BLM” brutality or civilian security brutality?

        “Social Distancing is Survival” is my new mantra.

      • paul ...

        Do you think this couple will be begging to get the police back into their lives after having their home raided by police (because they were defending it against BLM protesters)??? … … more then likely they will vote for Biden to de-fund the police!! … what we want are police officers that abide by the Constitution and arrest the criminals (not homeowners defending their home)!!!

    • Vernon Tart

      Hey Tim,
      Dr’s kill 100k per year by mistakes made in their job. Mistakes are made in every high-pressure job. You should look at the judicial system with its 98% conviction rate by charging people with more crimes than they are guilty of. The prosecutors are also immune and that is the real problem. Prosecutors are can lie, can withhold evidence, even evidence that proves someone’s innocence yet they are immune but they are not working under intensely volatile and dangerous situations they are working in an office building talking with the AC on. Please police work under dangerous conditions and their lives are important to them even many people don’t care. Yes, there are bad cops. But there are mostly only honest hard-working people trying to do their job. Because of the out of control judicial system, it creates anger against the police. Yet the out of judiciary system is the mantel of injustice in America. Take a look and see what your can find out. You forgot to mention all the lives police officers have saved and it far exceeds the accidental killings by police officers. Your elected officials are the reason you are not allowed to carry a gun in CA. They want total control. So you can’t defend yourself. George Orwell’s 1984 is their vision of the future for you and everyone else in the world.
      Take Care Mate,

  2. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Why on earth are you defending the constitution? You’re not entitled to freedom of speech! Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.

    • Greg Hunter

      All I can say is you are stupid.

      • Trapper

        Great answer, Greg. We can’t fix stupid, but it really makes you wonder where the ‘stupid’ comes from??

    • lightning


      Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Purchased the Louisiana Territory as President essentially doubling the land mass of the country, and influenced / mentored James Madison the author of the Constitution. The greatest Document the USA has ever produced

      So you summarize all of that as “he’s a racist”// I bet you are pro-abortion and so I will summarize you as a NITWIT Murderer.

      You and your ilk have NOTHING TO OFFER mankind. Go find a hole, crawl in it and do us all a favor – go away you piece of corrupt, useless trash.

      • Coalburner

        dont explain to MAL, let it go do its own research. It may not know how but thats Democrat givement education in the big city plantations.

    • Charles H


      I assume you are being facetious; and are just throwing a curve-ball to see how the batter swings at it? Martha Custis Washington (George’s wife) had slaves she could not free: because they were part of an estate she was Conservator for. Slavery was part and parcel of Colonial life because it was THE NORM of THE WORLD at the time:specifically England and Europe and Africa. Why does everybody act as if slavery began in America? Nobody is trashing, condemning, and trying to burn-down the OTHER countries who sustained and contributed to slavery in the New World.
      Once the Colonies heroically won independence from England, to become it’s own country NOT EVERYBODY ADOPTED slavery. And the Framers of our nation certainly placed language in the Declartion to point toward a repudiation. In any case: the Unites States of America LEAD THE WAY to repeal slavery in the world; but gets NO CREDIT for so doing. If one put a price upon the blood that was spilt to give the slaves their freedom: HOW MUCH WOULD THEY OWE???
      Finally it is ludicrous to ascribe a debt generation from when it occurred. To do so would be the inverse, or reverse of slavery. Remember Indentured Servants? Where a father could sell his daughter into service for a debt she didn’t make. But I guess one slavery deserves another. Absurd.

      When Adam transgressed against God: the whole race became sinners. Slavery is a transgression of man against man: that debt ends with each man. If your father was a pirate: it ends there – you are not to be condemned. Racial strife is a pretext for anarchy, nothing more.

      • JC

        Charles H,
        You have said something very profound…

        Slavery was part and parcel of Colonial life because it was
        “THE NORM of THE WORLD.”

    • Self Exiled

      Now I took that statement as logical reverse humor. Highly cynical, displaying the illogical thinking of the new third world order riotous freedom loving socialist minions of the Democrat party. Now I may not have the point of reference that Greg is coming from concerning your other posts, but as a singularity [point of view] that is what it sounds like to me. Now if you actually really mean that; it has no logical conclusion. Mal am I right? Other than creating discomfort, disorder or antagonism I think it is hilarious and shows a high degree of intelligence if it is meant as I first stated. Now Mal, you can come out of this smelling like a rose or as an antagonist. I prefer to think the former, not later.

      • Charles H

        S E,

        I think you are right. The face of mal’s comment is is a real poke, or slap – but the composure belies a susinct and sharp intelligence. Sarcasm may be the term.

    • Freebrezer

      Mal – do you understand and even see the hypocrisy deeply embedded in your statement? Hmmm … hopefully your brain might spark and a new light might seen …. though do not hold your breath during this reflection … MAL – you don’t need to listen to Greg … this isn’t the site you were looking for .. Repeat – this isn’t the site I was looking for … Greg can go about his business … move along. that is a good Mal.

    • Vernon Tart

      Hello Mal,
      Dear comrade, we defend the constitution because it is the foundation of the belief for people who want to remain free. You might try reading it.
      I have read your Communist Manifesto why do you defend it?

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,the COMMIES are right inside your borders and being paid by your taxes in your locality,same as here in the UK.These COMMIES want you dead and your wealth in their pockets.Are willing to go quietly no matter how subtle and quiet the COMMIES are in their attacks?
    Here in the UK,our courts are COMMIES and their decisions directly influence the laws,so instead of laws originating in Parliament they flow from the COMMIE courts.No wonder businesses are failing and the crony commies are flourishing,although a company with a virtual monopoly on Medical Prescriptions here in the UK CANNOT make a profit during the phage(Boots a subsidiary of Walgreens).This company has manipulated laws to its distinct advantage in Pharmacy here and still fails!Good ‘ole COMMUNISM.
    Our police here actually believed that the wishes of ministers were law and have gone Stasi,the vile commie judges have heaped draconian measures on people who want to run businesses and the media have lashed the businesses as well.
    Even more shocking,as we emerge from internment ,glacially slowly,it emerges so many have bought the propaganda without analysis is beyond shame and certainly explains a lot about our education system under the control of the COMMIES again.

    It is surprising to see food lines in the USA,
    whilst we have starving children and families joyfully enduring this for the glory of the commie reich,they just don’t know it!
    Here in the “glorious”UK suicides are up,child abuse is up,anxiety-depression massively up,poverty off the charts and our elite flying without restraint wherever they want on private planes.So “all”good then!
    This does not end well with this government or the opposition in the commie camp.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!

    • eddiemd

      The food lines in Phoenix are long. You have to look to see who is in line.

      Many illegal immigrants are in those lines. They cannot get EBT cards legally. Service industry almost completely destroyed and many without jobs and access to .gov bennies.

      Another interesting note is the boom in the medical marijuana scam here in Arizona. I live nearby a MMJ outlet and it has been packed daily. It is out of control. Young, middle-aged people smoking away in this time of crisis. Witchcraft and divination.

      Instead of repentance…they are turning to drugs, alcohol, and witchcraft. I heard that during the rioting the smell of marijuana was everywhere. Lawlessness fueled by witchcraft.

      Meanwhile the pulpits remain silent. Pushing for “donations”.

      The first thing Jesus did after arriving in Jerusalem before His crucifixion was to go to the temple to drive out the corruption. The falling away is happening now.

      • Self Exiled

        This is the final stage to lower the US to third world status. The first stage was completed by the capitulation of the political parties and politicians. Wait till the sleepy citizens want to bite into a nice corn feed beef hamburger, with lettuce tomato and onion. Third world offers you an animal slaughtered with a meat cleaver with bone chips hair and lots of sinew. [Meat inspector looking for work] Bread with hair in it if you can find it. Lettuce maybe, the tomato and onion is definitely garden grown with worms and bugs. If I ever I do come back I will have all ready made the adjustment.

      • Self Exiled

        I love this statue for many reasons. Also the one I was referring to. [preceding interview]

        • eddiemd

          I believe it is still intact although it might have been destroyed. I have seen the statue. And the wall.

  4. Loren Hoover

    Your best Friday Show ever!! God Bless you and your family. You nailed it !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Loren!

  5. paul ...

    Say goodby to the American Dream if Biden is elected … Biden will change zoning laws to do away with “single family homes” … get it straight in your mind folks … the “commie” Marxists want everyone to live in a commune (a “Village” as Hillary would call it) … they have already destroyed the economy so millennials can’t afford to buy a single family home (even if they dream to buy one someday) … but that dream “must be stamped out” … millennials “are still living the dream somewhat” by living in the basements of their parents single family homes … this must be changed … and “commie” Biden will do it by changing the zoning laws to make single family homes “illegal” … any Demon-rat planning to vote for Biden should think about what this will do to housing prices … and once President Biden can easily make it even more impossible for millennials to buy a home “by restricting home mortgage financing” … so you “commies” out there better start using the brains God gave you!!!

    • paul ...

      The Deep State Banksters and their corporate partners are running and funding Biden (because he will do their bidding “to keep their power structure intact and in control”) … they don’t want Trump to take office because he “may unravel” the “commie” One World “unelected” Government (ruled by a few elite) we currently have in place destroying our Constitutional Republic … I say “may unravel” because it takes a lot of guts (with the strong backing of Patriots) to go against the Deep State (the way JFK attempted to do)!!

      • paul ...

        Trump has so far been successfully keeping us out of a major war the Deep State banksters need and want … but has still not been able to pull the plug on the 20 year Afghanistan war … drug money is a very lucrative business for the Deep State war machine and the Bankster money launderers who are hurting badly as the US dollar is rejected by nearly half the world … the Deep State did not want Trump “making deals” with Russia and China and so far it seems they have succeeded by souring Russia against us by screwing around in the Ukraine and souring China against us by screwing around in the South China Sea … so Trump couldn’t get Russian help for a “new deal” with Iran … and Trump can’t get China’s help buying our shale oil to reduce our trade deficit … instead the Deep State pushes on for a World War which they believe will solve all their economic and debt problems … over the past week the Deep State neocons sent two aircraft carriers to begin some of the largest military exercises that US forces have ever hosted in the South China Sea … and they are stepping up Israeli air attacks into Syria, Iraq and Iran … Russia is responding giving Iran S400 missiles … … and China is responding with Iranian oil deals instead of US shale oil deals … which puts the Saudi’s and the US out in the cold trying to sell their oil … and these moves takes away strength from the US dollar … … the Deep State banksters are now in such a bind it looks like their only way out is WWIII … what does this mean for us besides buying gold and silver? … getting our kids out of the country like parents did during the Vietnam War is harder now (with the Corona Virus lock-down and travel restrictions) … if it’s going to be war the Deep State neocons and Banksters want seems the only other thing we can do is buy copper and nickel (the metals of war) to make a few bucks to help us through the hard times that are “sure to come” after November (if Biden is elected)!!!

        • paul ...

          A major war breaking out will send precious metals and war metals prices higher … buying “physical” is the correct strategy … but for “a bit more leverage” one can use some “gambling money” to buy the silver ETF (SLV) … … but remember … “you don’t own any silver”buying this ETF” … it is only a paper certificate … so be careful … and look for extremes in the RSI and MACD indicators on the chart … at that point put the any profits you make (in paper dollar IOU Fed Certificates) into “physical” (real money)!!

          • paul ...

            Imp Note: Look at the above chart again … “the proper place” to have bought SIL was on March 15, 2020 when the RSI and MACD indicators were giving “very good buy signals” … although there is still money to be made in SIL … be cautious … as we are close to getting “sell signals”!!!

            • JC

              A major war breaking out may trigger The Apocalypse!

              G.A. STEWART:
              By human nature, we are stuck in a cycle of violence. History has never been anything more than cavemen clashing with spears. The uniforms change, the weapons change, and today the spears are nuclear bombs.

              I am one of the few human beings on Earth who has actually seen a nuclear weapon. I also once had to point the muzzle of an assault rifle in a burglar’s face. That is the street-level caveman confrontation. To break the cycle of violence, I think we first need to break the cycle of coveting thy neighbor’s goods. Robbery extends all the way up to stealing countries with politician/lawyer excuses like Regime Change.


              • Charles H

                On the USS Midway – we off-loaded our nuclear devices in the Philippines. Japan didn’t want us home-ported with them aboard. I didn’t get very close.

  6. Matt

    What will it take for silent Americans to rise up and fight/defend our institutions and beliefs?

    • Self Exiled

      I have been wondering that for years, I call it politically neutered. You were being cynical concerning your preceding post, right ?

  7. Just sayin

    Well the police have become militarised in the US. Biden’s right about that.

    • Greg Hunter


      Is that why they are standing down while cities are burned to the ground and looted?


      • Just sayin

        How come the US police kill multiples more civilians than the next western national police force then?

        • Greg Hunter

          What data source are you using for this? You can’t come here with the “I believe in unicorns and therefore it’s true” mentality and expect to get respect. What is your source for the ridiculous position?

        • Tin foil hat

          Police in the the Netherlands are increasingly drawing, and using, their firearms. This practice is being actively encouraged by police chiefs and the development has not been substantially criticized in the media.
          A spokesperson for the council of Police Chiefs, is quoted as saying: “in the past we were reluctant with violence. Nowadays we say: be quicker in drawing your gun and show it as a menace, fire a shot at the legs if necessary…If that does not produce the necessary effect, you [may] shoot him.”

          • Greg Hunter

            Keep in mind all of EU has had a massive refugee influx of mostly Muslim men of military age.

    • Kay

      Biden helped militarize the police so he should be well versed in the subject! Biden is part of a group of corrupt career politicians who are the biggest problem we have in America!

      Biden voted for the 1997 bill that created the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which allows surplus military gear to be passed along to local cops.

      When we get Robocop and super drones watching us we all will beg for our human cops to come back to police our communities. We will realize how good we had it with human police we can work with and improve police practices.

  8. al

    2020 the year of SCAMS…
    ScamDemic, ScamRacism, ScamNews, ScamPatriotism>Marxism.

    BLM = Marxism (admitted Marxists!)
    For those empty headed gullible enemy media sucking leftists who don’t know what the word Marxist means, look no further than CHOP/CHAP/Chump “independent country” dismantled in 1/2 hour by MEN! Real MEN!
    Thank God Trump kept that stupidity going in front of the whole World. CHOP showed how stupid and childish Marxism can get in NO TIME! that is QUICKLY!
    It was time for a spanking and they’re gone.

    HEY MARXISTS!!! The silent majority are arming up to the hilt! Yes, many black people are doing the same! I just increased my weapons holdings by 300%! Marxism ain’t happening ! Period !

    PS: The most prejudice racists I met were black people with an enormous chip on their shoulder just daring me to say something slightly considered as wrong because I’m white. (look white anyway). THAT’S SYSTEMIC RACISM!
    Fortunately 95% of the black people I know, (including my best friend), are sweet kind people who are peace loving God fearing people!!! NOT RACISTS!!! NOT MARXISTS!!!
    The ones living in Cities are arming up for SELF PROTECTION!

    Any time you see BLM > Substitute that with YLU (YOUR LIFE is UNIMPORTANT )… that’s GODLESS MARXISM !!!!!!!!

    As a side note, I hope the TSA gets de-funded! 9/11 (patriot act) was another Scam.

    Greg, you are a true treasure. Thank you for your excellent commentary week after week for almost one decade!
    You got to have Mike Maloney on and have him explain helicopter money and the fact that we’re at the point where the Government cannot stop printing money.

  9. Robert

    Greg, Why are you censoring my post?

  10. Jerry

    this is a sneak peak of what the globalist have in store for you and what their intended objective is.

    I must admit, when I was kid I used to try and write a book report off of the summery printed on the book cover. The same theory holds true here.
    What is there to understand about AI + You that’s the forward on this document?

    Have you you figure it out yet? I realized awhile back that the globalist technocrats and the central bankers have joined forces in their objective in controlling humanity. The bankers used to care about making money. Now its about power and control. They really don’t care how much debt there is, as long as they still get to maintain control. I mean isn’t quadrillion just an imaginary number anyway? How do quantify something that can’t be measured?

    My point is this. There’s going to be a reset sometime between now and the World Economic Forum in January 2021. All of the world leaders are involved with it, and the pandemic is being used to cover it up. Objectives? They are many. Replace the old economic system with a new digital one. Control of global warming. Population control. And of course the 4th industrial revolution linking AI+ to you. Get your spiritual house in order. The final act in lucifers nightmare play is about to begin.

    • Jerry

      The great reset and….racism.

      I knew they’d fit it in there somewhere. After all BLM is part of the globalist agenda. They’re slogan should be “Remake America Again “.

      • Redemocracy2

        This can all be solved if the US will only go out and seize the $100 trillion + in funds owned by the wealthy elites and kept offshore illegally. That money is continually recycled through numbered accounts in NY hedge funds and in this way profits are never subject to taxes, illegally. So seize that money and put it into a sovereign wealth fund like Norway’s. From that pot, $5-10 trillion a year can be made available for education, women’s rights, job training, WPA type projects to build infrastructure like the fast trains they have in Japan and China, harnessing the three or four extremely low cost forms of energy creation (and job creation) that are already available but that the oil/auto industry keep undermining, etc.

        What I am saying is it does no good to argue about BLM or Covid-19 or the shutdown economy because that just keeps the Deep State laughing their way to the bank while the rest of us fight each other. This is systemic! And that is where the fight needs to be fought—by changing the system to bring back democracy (like we last had it with Eisenhower and JFK) and by making this country “by, for and of the people.”

        Just hurling labels and epithets at each other won’t help. We have to unite and take the country back from the Deep State and all their shenanigans—through new forms of democracy already being successfully practiced at several locations around the world. Greg, will you help us do that?

      • JC

        Look at this imbecile NYC Mayor DeBlasio…

        ‘With the MTA fearing it will have to shut down whole subway lines, New York City itself facing tens of billions in red ink in the years ahead, shootings and homicides soaring, the city’s housing market collapsing and an ongoing pandemic that threatens to make Gotham suddenly a far less desirable place to live, Mayor Bill de Blasio took the time Thursday to … help paint a giant Black Lives Matter mural on the street outside Trump Tower. What a fumbling fraud.’

        • Jerry

          DeBlasio is nothing more than a globalist errand boy. The man should be tried for murder for putting covid19 infected patients in nursing homes. But he won’t . Population reduction is one of the pillars of their agenda.

          • JC

            Jerry, you are confusing the NYC Mayor with the NYS Governor. It’s Governor Cuomo that is responsible for the nursing home death debacle, not Mayor DeBlasio.

    • Tin foil hat

      “The bankers used to care about making money. Now its about power and control.”

      I concur 100%. The Anglo American monetary system bases on the dollar has reached its limit. I suspect the Anglo (BIS – Rothschild ??) and American (Federal Reserve – Rockefeller ??) is splitting up and is currently dueling for the throne of the new global currency.
      Once the new reserve currency is established, the bankers will care about making money again.

  11. JC

    Yes sir…
    There’s a lot of “nothing happens.”

  12. Beligerant

    “History May Not Repeat Itself But It Rhymes.”

    If we jump back to 2008 there was:
    1. Stock Market Crash, Housing Crash, Start of the Great Recession and Occupy Wall Street.
    Now lets fast forward to 2020:
    1. Pandemic (Plan-Demic), Mass Layoffs, Stock Market Crash and BLM Protests plus Violent Riots.
    What do these years have in common? They were both election years with a sitting Republican in the White House. In 2008 the McCain and Palin team seemed like a clear winner until the stock market crash and related fall out began plus the setup interviews of Palin. Its seems obvious why this is all happening in 2020 just before an election. Not sure why more people can’t put the puzzle pieces together. There are too many blue team and red team players which can’t see through the fog that get emotionally charged versus thinking why is all of this happening in 2020.

  13. Fatima message

    Great summary! Stand in there!
    Pulling back to a higher level. You will soon be using words like chastisement. This world is now at the beginning of Our Lord’s discourse of Matthew 24. No one is discussing the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) that the sun has entered. The elite know of this and the media is not disclosing. The sun will be fully into this minimum by 2023 or 2024. Deadly times after 2028. A GSM entails:
    1) at first climate disruption that is seen as strange weather, crop failures, huge storms
    2) seismic activity, uptick in volcanic activity, earthquakes and the like
    3) colder times, harbors Shut down and rivers frozen Over for longer periods
    4) strange new Diseases from galactic cosmic rays
    The Fatima message is this: unless Russia is consecrated Communism/Marxism will rule the entire world. This takeover is already apparent. The phraseology “Deep State”, “Shadow Government“ should be dropped in people minds and atheistic Marxism used as this is the truth.
    Here’s the rub: the only solution is the consecration Of Russia but Satan has the world Totally in his grip. Even the Vatican and most Bishops/Priests are under demonic control/possession. But when the consecration is finally done, the shortening of time will take place, the elect will be saved, and evil Of mankind will be removed from this earth and one quarter of mankind will survive. Evils removal will occur by solar activity as in Noah’s time. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven.” “The Day of the Lord“ or in Catholic terms “The Three Days of Darkness” will clean the earth. 2 Peter chapter 3.
    Thank you for being so brave. Stand in there!

    • Greg Hunter

      Still standing and thank you for standing with me.

      • Self Exiled

        I stand with you too Greg Hunter. For you: Sir.

        The LORD is good,
        A strength and stronghold in the day of trouble;
        He knows [He recognizes, cares for, and understands fully] those who take refuge and trust in Him. Nahum 1:7

  14. Sharon

    Keep speaking hope with truth. Thank you for standing up .

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Sharon. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  15. larry

    Another good wrap up Greg. There is approximately 112 days until the election. Things people should be concentrating on procuring and the outcome of the election does not matter concerning this list. Guns, ammo, food, water, silver, gold. Get out of debt and get yourself rite with GOD.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Larry!

  16. JC


    • Self Exiled

      Sad to see what he has allowed himself to become.

  17. Stan

    It has been almost 4 years and Trump has done nothing to criminally charge Hillary Clinton. What a disgrace

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a very Deep State that has been out to get him from the beginning.

      • Just sayin

        Trump managed to lose Epstein. To make the same mistake twice (with Ghislaine) would be careless (criminal).

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree. I think the Marshals Service is guarding her 24/7.

        • Mimi

          Just sayin—–The murder of Epstein WAS NOT TRUMP’S FAULT—–HILLARY HAD HER HIT MAN TAKE HIM OUT BEFORE HE COULD TALK—after all it was HER husband who took 27 trips on the pedophile’s plane! The people at the prison were all paid off so he could be killed—think about it—TWO guards fell asleep AT THE SAME TIME—REALLY???

      • andyb

        The latest news is that Durham may not release his findings or commence Grand Juries until after the election. So much for accountability for the coup, the lies, the purposeful misrepresentations. I guess both Barr (long time deep state fixer) and Durham hope that Biden wins and they can sweep everything under the rug of corruption. Very disheartening. America as we know it has ceased to exist. SHAME on all of the 535 and SCOTUS as well.

        • eddiemd

          Who believes the main stream media? Not even Fox. They are all corrupted.

        • Jerry

          I agree. It was a sales job by Trump. The man had all of the evidence he needed, but he didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger. In the end someone got paid off.

    • paul ...

      I agree with you there Stan … how come your brain sometimes works correctly??

      • paul ...

        You know Stan … as soon as we gold(silver)-bugs drive the silver price up over $20 dollars/oz you will begin seeing banks in France fail … followed by banks in Germany and (like a bunch of dominoes all lined up) the US banks will follow … all western governments will have to shut down the banks (and stock markets) and try to figure out a way to bail out the system … and just printing “more fiat” to bail out all the banks and their depositors is not going to cut it … because if they do that “all the paper fiat money of every nation” will become completely valueless … a sound monetary system will need to be put in place … and that means copper and silver coins will need to be manufactured and distributed “as our circulating money” … copper stocks and silver stocks will soar (once the stock market is allowed to open) … but the silver ETF’s will be hit very hard … as they don’t have the physical silver to back up all their shares (this is why “only gambling money” should be used speculating in these derivative like instruments) … every ETF people own should be immediately sold “on first word” of a European bank failure!!

      • Stan

        Paul: My brain is always operating at 100% even when I’m three sheets to the wind in St Maarten!

    • Frank D

      I finally agree with you on something. It is a disgrace. Hillary should have been indicted long ago but she has the goods on so many people that it will never happen. The “outcome” of Durham’s investigation has once again (!) been pushed out…now Barr is saying Labor Day. Yeah, right. He’s slow walking it until after the election. If Trump loses, any “evidence” will quickly disappear. If Trump wins, Durham’s findings will become a back burner issue. “Q” told us that Voter ID would happen last year. Didn’t happen so Trump has a good possibility of losing due to voter fraud. And still no one goes to jail. Trump’s tweet complaints aren’t doing anything to bring about justice. He needs a REAL hardass AG, but hasn’t had one.

      • Stan

        Frank D: Totally agree

  18. Curly Curruthers

    Anthony Australia07/09/2020 •
    [Anthony could you please continue to post Alan Jones And Adam Creighton here on USAWatchdog. Alan’s like a sledgehammer! He reminds me of the famous Canadian, even here in the states, Gordon Sinclair!]
    The public have been “brainwashed and indoctrinated” as the coronavirus alarmism seems to have no limits.

    eddiemd07/10/2020 •
    Very good video. Is this on MSM in Australia? Truth tellers…probably not. Do most Aussies agree with these commentators?
    I lived in Alice Springs for 3 months back in 2008 working for the Remote Aboriginal Healthcare. I flew out of Alice Monday mornings to back country aboriginal camps/towns and did medical clinics. Very interesting. Only passed through Sydney.
    [eddiemd, thanks for your service!] Here’s for the memories;
    We still LOVE you Gordo!
    Thanks for the Memory’s Greg

    • eddiemd


      I flew with the RFDS a couple times out of Alice to pick up patients in some remote areas in Western Australia to bring back to Alice. Their museum in Alice was a street over from our administrative base. I walked by there almost everyday from my apartment when in Alice.

      We had a contracted aircrew that flew for Remote Aboriginal Health. It could carry at most 5-6 people plus equipment. The outback camps I went to had a nurse on station for 24/7 coverage. I would rotate to different locations as far north as the Kimberly, east to Mt. Isa, south to Imanpa and west into Western Australia.

      A fascinating observation I noted was the Aboriginal art paintings and the view from 20,000 feet. The aboriginal drawings were the views from 20,000 feet. Although the majority had never flown, their minds and drawings reflected the views from high above.

      I used to drive the ambulance to some locations. Kangaroos everywhere.

      I visited Imanpa. Yulara, Canteen Creek, Yuendumu, Laramba, Kintore, Papunya, Haasts Bluff, Utopia, and Titjikala. When they heard the American doctor was flying in they came to see me just to see an American. I would talk with them about Arizona and the native peoples of Arizona.

      The healthcare for the aboriginal there was 100 years behind that for the Navajo/Hopi. The technology was available but the people feared the white fella medicine. Same health problems; obesity, diabetes, kidney disease…all from western diet. Low level of basic washing and cleaning. All kinds of strep skin related disease like rheumatic heart disease in particular leading to early mitral valvular disease in young people. Many social problems like alcohol.

  19. francis reps

    Your “wrap up” this weekend is superb. Focusing on Communists is the first step toward discovering who the Evil ones { behind the World’s problems } really are. Sohlzenitzen very clearly pointed out the Roots of Communism. The primary adherents of Marxist / Communist Dogma happens to be the group that made up 90 percent plus of this group. The same group that “dutifully” recites the Koa Nidre Prayer { 3 times} on the Eve of Yom Kippur. Their own website provides an accurate { literal} translation of the words……and then denies the meaning of the exact same words. Our Rotton to the Core Media ; and Banking institutions are controlled by this very same Group. Ever wonder why we seldom get any logical and reasonable arguments against the MSM ; or Ludicrous banking policies ?. The Grassroots of America have been unwittingly duped for generations.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Francis! When I first started calling the Dems communists and Marxists some people told me I was over the top. I think that’s clearly proven the the Dems are exactly what I said there were as the Dems are revealing themselves in no uncertain terms.

    • William Stanley

      You’ve given us a pretty impressive concatenation of logical fallacies and misunderstandings:
      (1) Sure, lot’s of early communists were of Jewish ancestry. Maybe even 90%. However, hardcore “Marxists” and Communists were and are predominantly ATHEISTS . . . even those atheists of Jewish ancestry. Those Marxists and Communists were decidedly NOT adherents to Judaism. Your argument that Marxism/Communism = Judaism (because many/most of its early proponents were of Jewish ancestry) is as false as arguing that because most murderers have drunk water, that those who have drunk water are murderers. (BTW, it’s also a logical fallacy to equate atheism with Marxism/Communism. Indeed, lots of atheists are also ardent anti-communists).
      (2) The Koa Nidre is not a prayer. Indeed, that is why it is recited before Yom Kippur begins. Moreover, what is renounced are the forced declarations of conversion to Christianity that many Jews were — at one time — forced to utter under extreme duress.
      (3) Not that it logically matters, but whatever the proportion of early Marxists/Communists was, it is entirely improbable now that “[t]he primary adherents” of “Marxist / Communist Dogma” still happen to be of Jewish decent. After all, Jews are a tiny minority even in America, much less in China and the rest of the world.
      (4) You seem unaware that, while many prominent Marxists were of Jewish ancestry, so were many prominent anti-communists, including (as I recall, hopefully correctly) Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Barry Goldwater.
      (5) Sure there are lots of persons of Jewish ancestry are among the MSM and bankers who are prominent Globalists. So, also, are there lots of gentiles among the Globalists, including the Bush and Clinton families, and the Chinese contingent.
      (6) BTW — and although you didn’t claim so — none of this has anything to do with the pros and cons of Zionism.

      • William Stanley

        Oops. Quite a few errors here on my part as well.
        1. “Lot’s.” No need for the apostrophe.
        2. “Koa Nidre.” Should be “Kol Nidrei.” See, e.g.,
        3. “Logical fallacies”? Should have said “logic errors.”
        4. Were “Christians” the only offenders? I didn’t mean to imply that. I’m not sure, anyway.
        5. The grammar is garbled in point number “5.”
        6. Point number “6” is not relevant here.
        7. Others problems that I missed.

        • William Stanley

          Yikes! Another error on point “7” above. Surely that was intentional.

        • William Stanley

          OMG, more errors:
          My point number 2 may be in error, as well (I’ll have to take that up with my source). See, e.g.

          • William Stanley

            Here’s yet another explanation of what Koa Nidre is all about:

            • francis m reps

              Oh dear, Mr Stanley should also mention the Wallace Rosenthal 1979 interview as well as the 1961 speech by Mr Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel. Mr Freedman provides an accurate translation of the Talmud which is a lot different from the PC version most people get to see. Poor innocent Jewish people are just as much victims of the Kazarians as any other people. Unfortunately. almost all of the { as Freedman calls them }. “So Called Jews”. never , ever had any ancestors who set foot in the Middle East.

          • Greg Hunter

            Wikipedia is an awful source and has been so since my days at CNN. I was never allowed to use a Wiki source.

            • William Stanley

              Mr. Hunter:
              Yes, I know. My original source wasn’t Wikipedia. However, its contradiction of my original source led me to find additional sources. Those additional sources were more consistent with Wikipedia than they were with my original source (a friend of mine who had studied Judaism with a rabbinic scholar in Israel). I wanted to admit my possible mistake and reveal countervailing opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          What is the point of all these posts?

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter:
            Please accept my apologies for defacing your site. I shouldn’t have been so sloppy in the first place.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are OK William. I just did not understand.

  20. iwitness02

    Wish I could figure out a way to package good, wholesome, organic from the heart, cheer and goodwill. My net worth would skyrocket. The Holy Bible comes the closest to filling the bill. But it is not excepted by everyone. Plus, it isn’t mine to sell. The Holy Scriptures do comfort me with the hope and promises made therein. Guess I will be content with that, and pray for all those that are filled with discontent.
    Going to keep working on my social skills too. CTEs. Critical Task Evaluations.
    Tactical Rifleman can shed light on this subject. Even as Greg sheds light on the grim state of affairs.

  21. Redemocracy2

    Very funny, JC!

  22. Dave

    Fox is reporting that Durham is likely to delay the report until after the election. Not a surprise to me – when Barr said the report would be delayed from early summer to lte fall it confirmed my belief that the whole thing has been a sham. Barr, Durham and all of them. Obviously Trump’s base will be further eroded by this news if true. They will realize there is no dislodging of the Deep State. No one will be brought to justice despite Trump and controlled conservative media being adamant that they would be.

    The question is was this all a scam insofar as Trump is a puppet of the Deep State? I believe he is and this is another “sign” that confirms it. At the very least this demonstrated how inept Trump has been at appointing people to his administration. From Sessions to Wray to chiefs of staff to Barr. Don’t forget Faucci – he undermines Trump at every chance he gets and has been doing that for 3 months. Faucci recently gave Democrat Doug Jones a boost in his reelection efforts for the Alabama Senate seat. All this and Trump has not said “you’re fired”. As I’ve said I believe Trump has been a plant all along meant to set the stage for a massive progressive win in the 2020 elections and to set the stage for a “revolution” in American politics and governance.

    • eddiemd

      Dave the DNC hack is back.

      More propaganda from the CCP. More of your conjecture. You really have no idea of what is going on.

      Give us your assessment on Joe Biden and his dementia. How about the leftist Marxist thugs/rioter/hooligans burning down the country. You never answer these questions. It is always subtle anti-Trump propaganda from you.

      How about your assessment of the Chinese bioweapon development? What about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and China? How about Clinton’s Uranium One collusion with the Russians? How about Biden and Obama’s attempted and ongoing coup against Trump? And what happened to Seth Rich? Why is the FBI and CIA withholding the truth until after the elections?

      Tell us your assessment about Gen Flynn and the corrupt judge who refuses to drop the case.

      You have all the anti-Trump propaganda but you say nothing about the completely corrupt leftist democrats. That tells me who you work for.

      • JC

        Warning about Democrats by Martin Armstrong.

        ‘Don’t Cry for Me America’

        • eddiemd

          Good video.

          We are there now. Everything is smoke and mirrors.

          Greg is correct. The worst is yet to come. But it is coming before and after the election. From which direction?

          I believe it will be war with China. Or worse. A surprise attack by the Chinese.

          • Tin foil hat

            Why would the Chinese attack America now? They may attack us after we become another Argentina but not now.
            We are a dying lion which is still healthy enough to deliver devastating blow, they are not stupid.
            Btw, if they had the silk road completed before our demise, they may not bother to look/expand into the US. They would have all the resources and technologies they need in Europe, Russia, Eurasia, S.E. Asia and South America.
            The Chinese may leave us alone for the same reason the Russian don’t want to take over Ukraine.

            • eddiemd

              They already have 370,000 “students” within the USA. An army of young CCP members already screened and well placed inside the wire. Sleeper cells.

              We are already Argentina.

              Surprise attack by EMP both in the USA and in geostationary orbit to take out GPS, comms, and control.

              • Tin foil hat

                We will be Argentina post hyperinflation. We haven’t had hyperinflation yet.
                CCP’s strategy to conquer the world is thru trades and commerce, not bombs. An attempt to take over America or any country, like back in the days of colonial powers, is counterproductive to that strategy -The New Silk Road.
                There are sleeper cells within America but that 370,000 Chinese are not responsible for tranferring COVID 19 patients into the nursing homes, they didn’t orchestrated the nationwide riots using the useful idiots such as the BLM and AntiFa.
                I concur there is an army already screened and well placed within our mainstream media and government but I don’t think they are CCP members.

    • Self Exiled

      I have been caught in power struggles. Three that were of significance and as I reviewed them afterwords I did not even know the true dynamics of the underplay. People I thought loyal were not, others that I thought sat by, exhibited a power unseen at the time. I would hate to be in the snake pit Trump is in. I think he has regrets. When I saw him clutching for his wife’s hand when he exedited the plane, an watch his wife’s calibrated eyes as she is being interviewed. I feel empathy for them; no matter what his motives for running.

      • Charles H

        Yup. Trump went for the big carrot, on an opportunity. I think he understands now that he is caught-up in an historic struggle. I sure wish he’d make the changes obama did.

        • Self Exiled

          I wish the same. Obama was the head clown in the DC clown show unexposed and unopposed.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “puppets”
      Given Biden’s dementia, I doubt that his masters will allow him to debate President Trump — at least in any meaningful way. Indeed, he (i.e., Biden’s handlers) may refuse any debate at all.

      That raises the possibility of President Trump setting up a mock debate with a sock puppet playing the part of Biden. It would be hilarious.

    • Jr

      Dave, what you said is what scares me. If Trump is a set-up, we are all screwed in a massive way. There is no one to stand in the gap between America and communism.

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t fall for the bs psyop.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter,
          I wonder if “Jr” is part of the psyop.

          • Greg Hunter

            I think Jr. is going to give it a go in 2024.

    • Casey Hawkins

      I totally agree. Just looking at Trump’s cabinet appointments Ben’s the question, is he really this inept? I highly doubt it. Which leads to 2 conclusions. 1. Trump is a puppet of the deep state. 2. There deep state has found enough dirt, or paid enough to force these appointments to abandon the president.
      If it’s the first, then we’re all screwed.
      If it’s the second, then there may still be a chance.

  23. Brady B

    Greg, I sent you some fiat. I found you a few months ago with the Jim Sinclair, and Bill Holter interviews. I am hooked!!! I keep a browser window open on my phone with I am constantly refreshing the page, because I cannot wait to see your next piece of news. Your interviews and reporting have given me the confidence to further protect my assets by moving from the US dollar to physical precious metals. A process I started back in 2013 when gold was “cheap”, but continue to buy now even if it is a long position because of the trust I have in the honesty of the experts you regularly host. Thank you for your hard work, and keep fighting the good fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brady for the $upport and for the very kind words. Kevin Shipp (former CIA Officer and whistleblower) will be the guest for the early Sunday Release.

  24. Bruce E. McCandless

    With all due I am a LOYAL reader..and faithful believer in this GREAT America and what she stands for..but PLEASE..PLEASE..stop referring to Obama as our first Black president. He is NOT. He is as White as he is Black. I know you strive for truth in all things, that is why I march with you in your quest to uncover the lies and deception the Left is trying to impose on this great country..PLEASE remind your readers that Obama is NOT our first Black president..we have NEVER had a black president.
    Bruce E McCandess
    Columbia, KY.

    • Self Exiled

      Obama was what one black person I met; who had a senior position at Martin Marietta, called an Oreo; and I quot ” black on the outside, white on the inside”. Wow, I’m still laughing ; how racist is that. Amongst the Sioux I have heard them call some of their own; an Apple Indian.

  25. iwitness02

    New Froglegs is out. Commie Dearest. The auto plays that follow are not recommended.

    • William Stanley

      I watched it twice and sent it along to a couple of other people. Thanks for the laughs.

  26. SLindung

    Hi Greg,

    You have hit the ball out of the park, again. Biden is a corrupt stooge and buffoon. Ilan Omar should be removed from not only her office but from OUR country, she is a traitor and not the only one. You are correct this is a Marxist Revolution and the plan is to use China as the global societal model. So far what we have witnessed from BLM is communism 101, by the book. The American people need to take a stand and vote all of the DEMOCRATS out of all local, state and federal elected office positions. This is a start and I realize this deception crosses political parties. I believe things are going to get crazier up to and past the Presidential election and I pray to God that President Trump is re-elected.
    One thing that you did not mention is the removal by BLM of the Christoper Columbus statue dedicated by Ronald Reagan to the Baltimore Little Italy community. That is Nancy’s old stomping grounds and what does she say? People will do things. Unbelievable. If the Marxist win, life for all will be worse and not better, remember the ends justify the means. They promise anything to get power. God Bless you and your readers.

  27. JC

    eddiemd, is this true?

    PHOENIX — Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego says one Abrazo location is nearing capacity in its morgue and may be requesting refrigerated trucks.

    • eddiemd

      I read this same story today.

      Actually the Maricopa medical examiner’s office is getting backlogged with stiffs.

      I heard that Abrazo is going to hold their bodies onsite and will use the trucks.

      Don’t know why there would be a backlog. Unless people cannot afford burials which I suspect to be part of the problem. The state/county/city really don’t want to bury the dead on their dime.

      I suspect that families are not claiming their dead members because of costs. At some pint they will call the bulldozer companies and bury out in the desert.

    • eddiemd

      Gallego is a Marxist democrat playing politics as usual. Part of the fear factor. She is in over her head. She says and does what she is told by the luciferians.

      Her ex-husband is Ruben Gallego, A House Rep from west Phoenix. Best friends with Kamala Harris and that cabal. He is a ex-Marine turned Marxist. I can’t understand how that happened.

      • eddiemd

        Guess that narrative went up in smoke quickly.

        Gallego was lying. No surprise. She is not very bright. That has been obvious since she ran for mayor. She has a latin last name but she isn’t a latine. The name is leftover from her ex-husband the Marxist ex-Marine.

        Even so I believe that people are not claiming their dead because of the cost of burial. If things really get worse and more people are dying, there will be a backlog. They will need to break out the bulldozers eventually. Sometime during the great tribulation.

      • eddiemd

        Local news stations have removed all news stories from their websites and are not covering the story that the mayor lied. That is not a surprise.

        They are all teleprompter readers who do what they are told. They have to keep the fear factor show going at all costs.

        We are in the deception. People are given over to delusions. The Scripture is foolishness to those who are perishing. Some are turning away after decades of belief. Turning to false doctrines and modified Bibles.

  28. eddiemd

    Great Americans come in all colors and creeds. This is the history that the democrats want to destroy. The Marxist democrats don’t want you to know that men and women love their country and are willing to risk life and limb to defend it.

  29. MCasey

    Former C*I*A agent Kevin Shipp discussing the deep state, NWO and much more.

  30. eddiemd

    2 Cor 2:14-17
    14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 15 For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. 16 To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things? 17 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

    Give thanks to the Almighty God who leads us always in triumph in Christ. Jesus of Nazareth, the Almighty God in the flesh. Highly exalted!
    17 For we are not, as so many, peddling the word of God; but as of sincerity, but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ.

    We do not peddle the Word of God as so many. Beware of the false teachers, false prophets, deniers of the Truth, deniers of Jesus Christ Messiah, the Almighty God in the flesh. The deception is here. Do not be given over to false doctrine and delusions.

  31. eddiemd

    Good old days. I only had 48 jumps. No tree jumpers. A few hard landings.

  32. oneno

    The coronavirus plandemic is real and should be taken seriously as there is no “herd immunity” to be expected.

    See this video from and the BEAM warning.

    • William Stanley

      Sure, take it seriously — but don’t act so irrationally that you make things worse than they have to be. There is evidence that herd immunity may have already been achieved in Sweden:

      • Charles H


        Martesen just came out with various testimonies of “reinfection”. Even those whose antibodies did their job – seem to have defenses down weeks after the first episode. The bad news is the damage CV-19 leaves even the non-symptomatic – lungs, heart and major organs; even testicles. What madness!

  33. Lord Nasdaq

    Greensboro and Winston are copy cat cities. Hellholes since 90’s run by socialist democrats. So glad I escaped Winston in 2005. And yes, I’m a true native, I remember when Winston was a decent place to live back in 70’s and 80’s. Downtown economies in both shitys are a joke and imploding as predicted. No factory workers anymore, replaced by a larger government workforce, and goods/restaurant with some hotel/leisure like Old Salem economy. All useless since March. So much debt piling up in shitys and with rioting, wait until you see your next property or car insurance premium. With Amazon and work at home as a new standard, cities becoming needless.
    Commercial property is dead (Wilbur Ross thought it would be around 2009) unless the owners provides special skill services or in-house products/manufacturing.

    I’m relaxing/out of exchanges/on vacation since June 1st. I could care less about economy for now, waiting on (constant) double dip bottom, a given in these conditions.

    2002-2003 October and March double dip bottom
    2008-2009 October and March double dip bottom
    2020 March and October (perhaps first week of November) double dip bottom/crash

    Too many events going on, so be careful with exchanges. Currency dead due to Fed’s role in February, markets (not individual equities) way overvalued, and more pain ahead with unemployment. Last, there is a very good chance (sadly) you will see a socialist three system party. Mail -in voting, no voter ID in counties like Forskin or Guiltford, and a younger population who really embraces exploitation from the workers. I could go on but thank you, Greg, for speaking the truth once again this Friday Night. God bless.

  34. eddiemd

    Back again with your DNC talking points. More conjecture and anti-Trump propaganda. You watch too much main stream media. Turn it off.

    Still waiting on your DNC analysis of the corruption of Biden and his son. How about your analysis of the corrupt dem judge and Gen Flynn? Tell us about these stories. We want to hear your assessment from the DNC perspective.

    How about the involvement of Susan Rice, Obama, and Biden in the coup against the president?

  35. GVB

    It would be a really big blockbuster if you could you interview Paul for once. I assign the same level of intelligence and importance to Paul just like I do to “Another”. He used to comment in the late nineties on the Gold-Eagle site and since then a true compendium of valuable information has been created. You can find it somewhere on the Internet. Thanks to all the white hats!!

  36. Jerry

    This is what you’re not being told. Here is a researcher who had worked with Dr. Fauci that has been censored .

    The covid19 numbers will continue to increase as the plandemic is moved to the next phase. Mandatory testing. Read the documents I’ve posted here. The globalist are slightly behind on their schedule for agenda 21.

    What does covid19 mean? Certificate of vaccination ID beginning 2019. The end goal is the vaccination. And no, it’s not about making money. It’s much bigger. It’s a restricting of our entire world into the technocrats plan fora NWO. Economic collapse? It’s all planned folks. Why do think the markets are rigged? Why do think they haven’t collapse already? It’s all part of the plan. But who knew the globalist would use a virus to do a reset? Certainly not me. Certainly not Greg or any of his guest. We didn’t think big enough. Lucifer’s plan from the beginning. Complete domination. It’s here folks. Get your spiritual house in order.

  37. John

    Still no deep state arrests.

  38. Claude

    We’ve had reparations. It was the Civil War. Over 400,000 (at least the number that could be counted) of mostly all young white men died so the slaves could be free. These men never grew up, owned property, had children, or ever earned any wealth. Nothing further is needed.

  39. paul ...

    Come on Trump … just because you know we can’t vote for Biden … you figure you are free to get very much involved in Venezuela’s election? … why is it deemed illegal for Russia and China to get involved in our US elections … but fine for you to get involved in the Venezuela election?? … you are supposed to be “our” President helping the American people get rid of Fauci … instead of trying to help the Venezuela people get rid of Maduro!!! …

  40. Jr

    The single problem to be solved in all of this is corruption. We are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.” When special laws get created or special status given to ANYONE, whether it be politician, policeman, CEO, etc., we have a problem.

    We can all agree that there should be justice for all. That is what people must strive for, and the last thing that many politicians want, as they would be in jail if it happened.

    • Tin foil hat

      What we really need is thousand of agents as in the movie “Untouchable”. The system is so corrupted that it’s totally FUBAR for conventional judicial process.

  41. Rachel

    Our residential towers that were under a five day lock down to facilitate covid19 testing and arrange medical assistance to those who needed it have reopened.

  42. markp

    Is anyone following US Debt Clock? []. The US National Debt clicked over to 26.5 trillion on Friday night. Here’s the strange bit – I checked it out today and noticed that the US Federal Tax Revenue had dropped approx USD 950 billion, from around 3.45 trillion to 2.56 trillion. From memory, I am pretty sure the Revenue Per Citizen was around $10,540 on Friday night, now it’s at $7,774. I checked the ‘Time Machine’ version [same day, but 2016], and the Tax Revenue then was 3.26 trillion, so I got a feeling my ‘from memory’ numbers above are good. markp.

  43. Grey Linker

    We need to hear from Alex Newman, again!

  44. John

    Revive the tea party! Its been scrubbed from the internet. Remind Americans of the power they held.

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