Big Banks in Big Trouble, Syria/NK Update, Trump Tax Cuts Update

By Greg Hunter’s 

(WNW 305 10.13.17)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says there are nine big global banks in big financial trouble. These nine banks represent $47 trillion in assets. Gregory Mannarino of says these nine banks could all be the equivalent to Lehman Brothers that imploded the financial markets in 2008.  The IMF agrees and warns it will only take one of the nine named banks to cause global “systemic stress.”  Citigroup is the only U.S. bank named by the IMF as a struggling global bank.

Turkey, a NATO ally, is siding with Russia and Iran in Syria. That is going to be a big problem for the Trump Administration as the U.S. is backing the Kurds, which are an enemy of Turkey.  Meanwhile, in North Korea, the signs are that a new ballistic missile test is coming.  How will the Trump Administration respond?

The Trump tax cuts are facing big headwinds in Congress. Some want more cuts and some want less.  Conservatives do not want the deficit to explode, and some Democrats agree.  The potential Trump tax cuts are one of the big reasons the stock market is hitting new highs.  Some predict if the tax cuts fail to pass, the markets will crash.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Pat Muth, author of the new book “A Title in the Making,” will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  She documents that ever since the Ross Perot movement, America has been slowly waking up to the fact the country is run by crooks.  It’s now reaching critical mass to provoke real change for the good of the citizens and not the donors.  Muth contends the two parties today consist of “We the People” vs. the “Swamp Creatures.”  It’s an eye opening and inspiring interview.

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  1. Paul ...

    We have Turkey (a NATO ally) siding with Russia and Iran in Syria … now why should we care?? … “let the people who live in the region” figure out their own problems! … let’s close down our military bases in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the 40 military bases surrounding Iran and close down the bases in Afghanistan, etc., etc., etc. … all these people have been Waring since before the 300 Spartans fought the Iranians … isn’t Greece and Iran is still here … so what’s the fighting all about?? … we have Israel and Palestinians fighting over whether they have a right to live where they have lived for centuries … what the hell are we doing over there? … trying to give “their land” back to the rightful owners? … it’s ludicrous … it is like China coming over here to America and getting involved in giving America back to the rightful owners (the Indians and Mexicans)! … lets simply close down all our military bases overseas and bring our troops home! … our Founding Fathers well knew all the trillions of dollars we are now spending “getting involved in other peoples quarrels” is a complete and total waste of our precious resources … that we can be using right here at home to rebuild our Nation … lets leave the foreign sand box to the kids who live there “to fight over” … and simply come home where we belong!! … no one is going to bother us … we have more nuclear weapons then all the Nations in the world combined!!

    • Frederick

      Sorry Paul I take exception with your analogy of the Chinese trying to give the land back to the native Americans comparing that with what’s going on in Israel

    • Chip

      Mega Ditto’s!!! Two HUGE thumbs up Paul… Chip

    • Chuck

      Very well said Paul.

    • Carl


    • andyb

      Paul: unfortunately, you are wishful thinking, although your comments absolutely mirror the thoughts of many Americans. The reality is that our government has been hijacked and no longer responds to any “will of the people”. American foreign policy today exists to seek to empower Israel’s hegemony over MENA, and to control all of the oil reserves for the Red Shield and its puppets who control all of the developed nations, excepting Russia, China, NoKo, and Iran; 4 countries, coincidentally enough, who are constantly propagandized as America’s enemies. As long as we allow a foreign entity to control our monetary system, and the neocons and ziocons to wage never ending wars, the status quo will remain, much to the detriment of the entire global population.

      • C

        Paul, Andy so many people feel the same way, but unfortunately not enough. Andy, when I lived in New York I went to some meetings where everyone wanted Bush in power and Iraq to be invaded after 911… people believed all the war propaganda. It will only stop when ALL AMERICANS have had enough of war, and stop going into the military, and stop believing propaganda.

    • William Stanley

      Paul, Hi: It looks like your “random thought generator” is converging to a solution. Good job.

      • AndrewB

        andyb, Well said! I used to sign off here as ‘andyb’ but changed it to ‘AndrewB’ after you started posting. Anyway – you have read my thoughts with your latest comment – you place the blame squarely where it belongs – 100% correct.

      • Skurka

        Right on Andy ; we have hope with Trump …

    • BJ

      To much money to be made Paul. And getting to kill off 90% of the population! It’s a no brainier for the elites!

      • William Stanley

        I sense a contradiction in “too much money to be made,” and killing off 90% of the population. The elites may want more money, but I suspect that they will settle for killing off 90% of the population.

    • Charles H

      The Indians had no title. The Mexicans had only a map, and a couple cities. The Whites organized and developed the land; but will fall out of favor – in time. So – who owns what? Possessing anything in this world amounts to little more than a lease.
      In the Brave, New, One World to come – will man serve; or be served?
      Will all men share reason?

      • William Stanley

        Charles H: I assume that you’re not arguing that might makes right. Are you arguing against the concept of property rights, per se, because life is fleeting? If so, that seems at odds with the nature of man and the constraints the physical world places upon him as he navigates it. Are you simply cautioning us against excessive materialism and pride?
        Maybe you’re implying some or all of that — and a lot more. In all sincerity, I’d like for you to expand on your point here — and no, I don’t expect you to explain an entire philosophic/religious system in a few paragraphs.

        • Charles H


          Within my own perspective – I’ve set out expanding scopes, that bear relation. The Indians didn’t claim or consider land to be theirs or anyone else’s. They were there and had a right to live. The Mexicans had a title and map from Spain; but almost no presence, except lower California. One can own land, but government can declare Eminant Domain: so who owns it? ‘Possession is nine-tenth’s the Law’. My point is – ownership is something in play; and the players – aren’t always good guys: not in history; not in the future.

          • Brian

            Ha! The Mexican Empire latest 12 years. Texas was part of Mexico for 12 years. The Texans wanted out.

            Guatemala was part of the Mexican Empire for longer, and so was Costa Rica.

            So, why does Mexico build a wall on their southern border? Why is there no reconquista of Guatemala and Honduras?

            I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are simply anti-whites that hate “Anglos” and want California because Whites made it nice. When it was a desert nobody cared. Now its got a lovely water supply and lots of handouts.

            These Mexican anti-whites are disgusting.

            • Charles H

              Anglos, Brian – they call us Anglos.

        • Charles H

          Might doesn’t make right at all. The Indians didn’t consider the land as theirs at all – that were just alive and there. The Mexicans thought they owned something: but they didn’t possess hardy any of it. Now governments can take anything they want, and the pretext can be absolutely absurd. These comparisons show that time and perception change by orders of magnitude. Can the future then be better if within this progression – reasonable agreement cannot be reached?

          • William Stanley

            Charles H:
            Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query.
            After much contemplation of what you wrote (and what you didn’t write), I think I know what’s on your mind and the more specific topics and meanings you want to convey to those who are willing to pay attention.
            I’m fascinated by and respect those who can pack meaning “between the lines” as well as on them, i.e., by those people who have the wisdom, patience, and intelligence to communicate esoterically as well as “exoterically.”
            As to the specific topic of this discussion: I agree we sometimes must accept that which is; however, I think we also must sometimes vehemently and vigorously oppose that which is not yet.
            Thanks again for your response.

            • Charles H


              Thanks for the compliment. I still think your mental gears run faster than mine.

              In reality – few people are able to enter the big stage, and effect substantial change. Most people have to chose their fights; and effect most the change – in their own lives. I’d rather see regular greatness in normal people; than a bunch of Don Quiotes charging around.

    • Jallen

      Greg and usawatchdogs,
      Stan, What do you have to say to Jerry.
      Way to go Jerry, you stayed on top of this the whole way.
      You deserve the USAWATCHDOG HUNTER AWARD !!!

      Jerry, you comments on how this will affect the Petro Dollar / Dollar
      will be most appreciated.


    • The Ogs

      Friend, your comment… states the obvious. It’s just common sense.
      What you don’t appear to grasp is that Washington doesn’t WANT that!
      Washington doesn’t want to “let the people who live in the region figure out their own problems” – because how does that help Washington (and the puppetmasters)?
      The trillions of dollars being spent are basically being transferred from the U.S. taxpayers to the military/industrial/security industry!
      Endless (pointless) war is extremely profitable for certain individuals and corporations…
      Doing what is ‘right’, correct, moral and ethical doesn’t even enter the equation.
      Why do Americans apparently struggle so much attempting to comprehend this?

      • William Stanley

        The Ogs:
        You seem to be accusing Americans of being good and moral — and they are for the most part. Perhaps America is a better place to live than many other places. If so, it’s no wonder that so many Americans would struggle to comprehend evil.
        Despite the “handicap” of living in America, I think Paul and the most of the other Americans on this site grasp the nature of the beast with which they are dealing and what it wants and doesn’t want. THEY have come to know that the “beast” doesn’t care about morality. Moreover, while their knowledge causes them great pain, they will still fight on no matter what. Why not join them, have you got something better to do?

    • Skurka

      Well said Paul !

    • WilliamtheResolute

      Paul, the only trouble with your suggestion lies with the central banks and their owners who control the multinational corporations that rule the world….in other words the U.S. has become a Fascist power and the military arm of the Globalists. Our uni-party government and elite corporate entities desire that we as citizens accept a Socialist system of government with them as our rulers. It will be a cold day in hell before American patriots accept this outcome.

  2. Kim

    Great wrap up! Thank you for the information about the banks. Looking forward to the Sunday interview.

  3. Bruce Maclean

    Greg, I follow your posts always. I want to make one small correction if I may: Turkey is not a “NATO ally,” Turkey is a NATO member. That is a small but fundamentally significant distinction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Bruce you are correct. That’s what I meant, and that makes this an even bigger problem.

      • salem


        Your weekly wrap up was great. I especially agree with what you said at the end. People think they are going to get away with all this corrupt crap, and then one day they find themselves in hell. It will all come to an end. These swamp people are living in a fairy tale world and they would destroy the whole earth if we let them. It will take some awful waking up, but people will be woken up. How many people will keep their manners about them, is the question? I think this will be a key factor in our survival.

  4. vincent_g

    Are we sure the Forest people or the State didn’t start this fire in California

    Van Bateman, a respected Forest Service fire crew boss who had 30 years of experience around the West, was charged with arson for setting two small fires (total 22.6 acres) in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest without proper authorization. Bateman said it was a common practice among fire crews who want to thin vegetation without the hassle of paperwork. According to the Arizona Daily Sun, Bateman told investigators, “The line between a good fireman and an arsonist is a fine line.” He pled guilty to lesser charges and was sentenced to two years in prison.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      These fires are much too strange for that…they produce a white dust where there should be charcoal debris. Glass is just disappeared, and it melst hotter than forest or house fires. My dad was a WWII fire officer on an LST and taught us stuff. Believe me, a Naval fire guy could analyze these fires to the weapon/arsonist/cigarette detail. Will they get the chance?

    • freebrezer

      Vincent – Interesting development per the fires – Gov Brown Vetoed a bill early this year to help pay for addition brush and tree cleaning around the telephone lines in heavily wooded, fire prone areas of Ca. Per what I have read the fire started late Sunday when very high winds knocked some lines in to trees that ignited the whole mess. Hmmm – Gov Brown can sure spend money on illegals but not a dime to protect Americans … SAD!

  5. Paul ...

    Is Trump going to save the 2nd Amendment but trash the 1st?? … He better “make very very clear” that denying a News Organization its license to operate is based solely upon the organization disseminating “false news” which is equivalent to someone yelling fire in a theater (when there is no fire)!! … as for the Las Vegas shooting any Commission Trump appoints better do “a real investigation” … we need the truth … we don’t want things “covered up” like was done with the JFK and 9-11 Commissions!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Key phrase here “denying a News Organization its license to operate” NBC is not functioning as a news organization. Let me tell you how this should have gone down. Reporter: “Trump wants a 10 fold increase in nukes” Editor in charge: “How do you know this? What is your source? Call the White House and confirm this with a verifiable name before we air this.” This is how this exchange should have gone behind the scenes. I know, I did this and pitched stories all the time to my bosses.

      By the way, The US has an estimated 7,200 nukes. ( If that story were true that would take the U.S. Nuclear arsenal from 7,200 nukes to 72,000. Outrageous!!! Idiotic. Stupid story and the reporter and editor and even his bosses should all be fired for lying and engaging in PRPOAGANDA to embarrass the President.

      NBC was not functioning as a “news organization,” but a political organization that wanted to score some points for the Democrats. Again, this is NOT “news” but PROPAGANDA.

  6. Rick Hester

    Let me start with some humor:
    If you are going to fight, then fight like you are the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and brother it is starting to rain.
    Keep up the good fight Greg.
    2 Corinthians 4:8
    “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick. They hit me pretty good but I’m back.

  7. Liz

    Re: the N. Ca fire. there are multiple videos on the internet about energy weapons heating the fires to heat equal to furnace level fires(closed total burn) which is different from an (open burn temp.) If that is so it might account for the missing people. This area does have a lot of chemtail history which also can accelerate the burn. Strange that next to some total loss homes the pine trees are standing next to the home. You may want to look into this.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes…only Dane Whittington says to never use the word “chemtrail” as it is a tin foil hat phrase. Use “Geo-engineering”.

    • freebrezer

      Liz – Take a red ember and blow on it … it gets really , really hot. Take a fire and a whole bunch of dried brush and trees and blow 50 mi/hr winds through it – You have the night mare scenario that occurred in the wine country. Unfortunately and importantly, it occurs almost every fall some where in California! This one unfortunately started on a late Sunday night in a heavily populated area that was just down stream from the ignition point.

  8. Chuck

    Greg, your comparison of Harvey Weinstein to the economy was excellent. One day everything is great, the next day, not so much! Brilliant analogy of where we are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chuck. Get ready and stay ready.

    • Russ McMeans

      Yes! Great analogy Greg. Everything was humming along beautifully until a problem developed that turned out to be a big problem…….
      Sorry about the jerk/ hackers too that mess with your website. You would think they have better things to do, but since USA Watchdog is better, maybe you have caught their attention as of lately.

  9. al

    Remember, the lame stream media uses ISIS as a controlling factor through terror. Even if it was ISIS responsible for the fires, (akin to man the made global warming theory/lie), don’t give ISIS the time of day. All you need is a car misfiring on the road and you have a fire, California is mainly arid by nature.

  10. Solomon


    The real story is that the banks are “not meeting their profit targets” because such banks are evil, parasites, and vampires and they can only suck so much blood and life out their multiples of hosts.


  11. Solomon

    Weinstein having been exposed as being a pervert by touching women or forcing women (some willingly to get a ahead) to experience sex with him is just one very small tip of many very deep cold icebergs of evil.

    I want to see these miscreants’ evil against children exposed and revealed to the light of day. I want to see them publicly placed on trial and publicly punished. Hard labors for life or public hangings.


    • Paul ...

      Solomon … I can’t find it (perhaps one of our Biblical scholars can)… but I know it was written somewhere in the Old Testament … “all those who kill children must be rounded up and killed … kill them all”! … not all humans are humans “but Demons of Satan” (who want to make humanity obsolete) … and therefore their goal is to kill women and children in order to put a complete end to the human race!

    • tin foil hat

      Corey Feldman is still alive and the media still hasn’t reach out to him. Whatever Weinstein did to the women he abused is nothing in comparison with the monsters who abused the Coreys.

      If this scandal were not expanded to the rest of the Hollywood industry, I wonder why Weinstein was left huge out to dry.

  12. Nikki

    CNN has officially gone insane.
    There just aren’t enough meds to
    fix this, I bet your glad your out
    of that hot mess.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nikki. I saw this and thought it was insane. How did this get approved my the editorial staff?????

    • Frederick

      They have BEEN insane for awhile now Anyway, who watches that nonsense anymore Even at JFK I only look at it for the economic news

  13. Matt Jaymes


    It’s a forgone conclusion that any questionable, improper or lewd content would not be from you or your website, thus no apologies are necessary. This despicable act smacks of desperation, which means: “The tide is turning – the good guys are winning!” That is in no small part due to you. Keep fighting! Get thee behind me Satan!!!



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you MJS!!

  14. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Empires throughout history did not conquer and subjugate out of concern and compassion for the citizens ( although current US of A propaganda would have you believe they do, as the beacon of liberty blah blah blah). Vampire squid behaviour. It’s all about power, influence and of course $$$$. That some of the $ crumbs make there way to the Empires prols to boost their comfortable lifestyles ensures their complicity — refer to overzealous patriotism and deification of the military ( both technology & grunts).

    • Paul ...

      There shall be no false Gods before me!! … deifying the “flag” or the “military” for the purpose of war is immoral … honoring our flag and military “for protecting” us is patriotic … we must recognize the difference!!

      • Paul ...

        Those NFL guys who want to show their disdain for the politicians running our government and also want to be patriotic … should make the sign of the cross when they get down on their knees!

        • William Stanley

          Paul. . .
          Their “disdain” isn’t for “the politicians”; it’s for the country itself. They are unpatriotic and ungrateful. Perhaps, they are even your enemy. Moreover, rightly or wrongly, making the sign of the cross won’t make them any less unpatriotic, even if they are deeply religious.
          As your previous comment makes clear, patriotism is not coterminous with piety. Furthermore, you really do seem to recognize the difference . . . when you stop to think about it. Contemplating the difference is, no doubt, painful — because we want to be both patriotic and pious. However, thoughtful persons, such as you, must come to grips with the difference despite the pain.

          • Paul ...

            Good point Bill!!

  15. Roger

    Trump will take us to another war. War is the last remaining export of this fallen nation. Peace is simply not profitable so let’s give the Neo-Cons one more big payday.

    True conservatives who support only government by the Constitution no longer have a dog in the fight. So many folks are waiting for some event to bring collapse. But America’s collapse was a decades-long process. ‘Was’ as in past tense.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you ever thing that other countries would plot a war against the U.S.? Other countries also have big debt problems. The bad debt is a global problem. That said, your point is well made and well taken.

      • Frederick

        No Greg I never thought that because the only countries that could threaten to the US are Russia and China and given the fact that they know we have a nuclear arsenal and that their leaders are not insane or suicidal the thought never entered my mind

        • Greg Hunter

          I hate this ridiculous ‘China Good” and America Bad” false narrative. I live here and I don’t trust anyone to be totally “good.”

          • Paul ...

            Greg … China buying up Hollywood and breaking up the degenerate homosexual pedophile Satanists currently in control there is the lesser of two evils!!

          • helot

            RE: ‘I live here and I don’t trust anyone to be totally “good.”’

            Now that’s, some truth!
            We’re surrounded by scoundrels. Some, more than others.

          • Frederick

            This is not about America and Americans Sadly the government has been taken over by swamp creatures Nobody thinks China is good and America is bad that’s insane But we are being driven to some pretty bad policy choices that certainly DO NOT serve the average guy on the street

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            My very military town has kiosks with Israeli kids selling outrageously expensive cosmetics. probably they are connected and would report news from soldiers or something. I enjoy chatting with them…they get sentimental talking about their own grandmothers. There’s a difference between serious infiltrating spies and “listeners”….most of those Chinese spies probably give massages at malls to tired old ladies.

        • JC Davis

          Fredrick. Off topic, A well drawn out plan, and equipment. 1000 dedicated willing to die could bring the USA down . Im not saying they could take it over, but crush it as a super power. I will not go into my thoughts how, but If I could do it they could .

          • William Stanley

            JC: I agree. But we could make it a lot harder by hardening and guarding some of our most vulnerable sites — like the nine transformer substations which, if taken out, would bring down the entire U.S. electric grid. Furthermore, there are many other actions we could take that provide high benefits (like, national survival) compared with the cost of providing the protection.

    • Silence is Golden

      That’s the understatement of the YEAR…..”this is BAD”…!
      I gave fair warning about the repercussions in early Sept.
      No one would listen…..and a few had contrary opinions.
      Go figure !!
      Things are bad NOW.
      But just be patient…its gonna get a bunch worse.

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. Regarding those 9 banks — I don’t believe they will be allowed to fail. TPTB will hyperinflate the debt away in unison. Unless all those forces in the Middle East decide to really heat up the war in Syria, or North Korea really heats up, or … there are lots of bad things happening and any of them could be viewed as one of the cards making up the house of cards we live in. If one of those banks go, the other eight will follow — global “systemic stress”.

    Thanks for mentioning Mike Adams’ “Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre” which can be found on YouTube at:
    He lays out the science and walks through the analysis so that even an FBI forensic tech could follow 😉 I don’t know where this leads, but with the official story and timeline in a state of flux, people are right to question the lone gunman theory. If there was a lag in the time from when the security guy was shot on the 32nd floor to when the shooter commenced shooting on the crowd, maybe that was so the other shooter(s) could get in position. The Las Vegas investigation stinks.

    • Greg Hunter

      It my be totally out of control of the central banks. I also think there are probably many more banks that the IMF knows are shaky. How about Wells Fargo and the millions of fake accounts and credit lines opened. In my minds no bank does this unless it is capital impaired. Healthy banks do not pull those kinds of frauds. I would not count on the central banks to stop this next crash. I think they will be over4run and they will keep their powder dry for some sort of new start when the time comes. There will be a lot of pain. Get ready and stay ready.

      • helot

        RE: ‘There will be a lot of pain. Get ready and stay ready.’

        I am Not ready. I have tried to be ready, got BBFandA, but I know they will route me, do an end-run, out-flank me, and maneuver/weasel their way into a position to take advantage of me and mine. That’s their track record. Mr. Banker owns the turf. And, he wants to snuff liberty.

        So, maybe what you’re saying is, ‘be prepared for heavy losses’?

        • Greg Hunter

          No I am not saying be prepared for heavy losses. I am saying get ready and stay ready. You are just giving up. Never give up.

      • Lissa

        I’ve been told that the Wells Fargo bank in St Anthony, Idaho has been closed down. Only the ATM machine is available. Is this happening there and in other towns to Wells Fargo due to their nefarious acts of fraud? I hope so! I’m really not surprised, as Idaho is a pretty conservative state and St Anthony is a very conservative farming town! Good for the citizens of St Anthony!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Inflating away” debt is axiomatically impossible: increasing currency supply necessarily requires greater debt.

      • William Stanley

        Occansnltvir: I think you make a very interesting and valid point, especially under current arrangements. However, I disagree that it is “axiomatically” impossible to inflate away the debt under all circumstances.
        For example, if the Treasury just “printed” money and gave it to the people in a “helicopter drop,” prices would rise and the real value of the debt would go down, i.e., inflating the debt away without the creation of more debt.
        A similar result could be obtained by having the Fed buy Treasury debt (as is currently done) thereby creating money that could be used in a helicopter drop that would also lead to inflation, thus inflating away the old debt. Then the Treasury could default on that new debt owed to the Fed.
        Yes, the Fed would then “go bankrupt,” but so what? We would have ended the Fed and could either continue without one in the money creation business, or could create a new “Fed” with seed capital provided by having the Treasury “print” some money and take over the new “Fed”, i.e., the new central bank.
        My preference: just end the Fed and have the Treasury “print” the money for a helicopter drop to the general population equally, resulting in a one-time rise in prices, i.e. inflating away the debt.
        If desired, the dollar could then be fully backed by Treasury gold at some price that would equate the number of outstanding dollars with the number of ounces of Treasury-held gold. Then, let the Treasury take over supervision of the banking system and try to live within our means, albeit with higher prices for goods and services than now in effect.
        Yes, the whole process would be very disruptive in the short and medium term as wealth was shifted from some hands, i.e., creditors, to other hands, i.e., debtors, and the current owners of gold. The long term effects would be very beneficial overall as monetary stability was restored and government debt eliminated.

  17. Craig

    To be honest, I can’t believe anyone who received one of those hacked emails could actually think it was from you, Greg, or anyone involved with your website. Like you said, it’s the world we live in these days, but I think you’re safe in thinking that none of your audience would ever think it involved you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Craig, but I had to put it out there it was thousands of awful porn garbage. Yesterday was a very long day. I did not post the WNW until about 1:30 am Eastern time and then I monitor for paid trolls for, what else, more awful porn.


  18. Flattop

    According to one ex CIA, most of the countries ( Philipines, Egypt, Saudis etc ) they have been betrayed by the CIA so they no longer trust our Govt. Our nations morality, our financial condition, our political situation is so contaminated it is beyond human solution. Our only hope is in God. We need earnest prayer, asking Him to bring us to repentance and to heal our land. Without His intervention there is little hope for us.

  19. Hatemail

    Everybody in Hollywood knew about Bill Cosby.

    The MSM refuses to connect those two simple dots.
    There are plenty more dots hiding under dirty mattresses.

  20. Daniel Smith

    Las Vegas shooting is another Obama FBI cover up!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am having a very hard time arguing that point. It stinks to high heaven. The “official” story keeps changing.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        next the suicide note will be “Note to room service: champagne and strawberries at 10:00 am, thanks!”

    • Paul ...

      That sheriff who was supposed to go on national TV today and give us inside information on the Las Vegas (Mafia coordinated) shooting … mysteriously disappeared … and is now probably sleeping with the fishes!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Hang on, how is this Obama’s fault? I haven’t heard Trump raise any questions about it. For an ‘outsider’ fighting the system this is a bit odd.

  21. rwmctrofholz

    If only my 15 month old son sitting on my lap knew he was watching great journalism on the screen. Fantastic stuff as always, Greg.

    Nebraska Cornhuskers talking upset tomorrow versus Ohio State. Go Big Red!

    • Greg Hunter

      I went to University of Missouri in the 1970’s and the two most powerful teams in the big 8 (as it was called back then) were Oklahoma and Nebraska at least in football. All the best.

      • helot

        It’s really disappointing to see you guys go on about sports, it’s a huge distracting mechanism.

        RE: ‘Nebraska Cornhuskers talking upset tomorrow versus Ohio State. Go Big Red!’

        It’s also war-game training. I wonder which team Jesus would root for? Or, what he would say about it all.

        I used to follow that stuff, so I know where you guys are coming from, however; it really should remain a game for children, or perhaps, young adults. One which fully developed adults shouldn’t be all wrapped up in like they are.

        That’s my unpopular take on things. …Could you imagine if all the sports drenched fans in the many stadiums in the U.S. would wake up to the world around them and the geo-engineering taking place above them and how the Central Bankers are setting them up and ripping them off?
        As a former sports-person, I’m really disappointed in sports fans. It’s like they All dropped the ball, inches from the end-zone, at the bottom of the ninth, with bases loaded, ten seconds to the buzzer, in the fourth quarter, and they ignored the coach telling them how the game is rigged and even more innocent children in far away lands will die if they don’t pay attention.

        I keep wondering: What the hell’s wrong with you guys?

        • This sceptred Isle

          I agree that sport and entertainment in general have become a great distraction, whether by accident or design. However, there has to be some escape from reality from time to time. The mistake some people make is to merge their identity completely with their favourite teams and become completely submerged in fantasy.

  22. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Awesome WNW!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you.

  23. Dan

    Raising the possibility that ISIS may be responsible for the fires in Ca. w/o any evidence whatsoever? C’mon Greg, you’re better than that! Maybe ISIS caused the hurricanes too.

    • William Stanley

      Raising the possibility that ISIS is responsible is not irresponsible. It’s an obvious threat that ISIS has itself has apparently raised:

      • William Stanley

        Correction: the link only talks about “terrorists” and “al Qaeda” raising the possibility of using fire.

    • Paul ...

      However Dan … the “creators of ISIS” have the technical capability to do both hurricanes and fires!

  24. Charles H


    Sorry about the hack. If anyone stands for righteousness; or identifies with the Lord Jesus Christ: the greater part of evil in this world – will seek to destroy or derogate them. How America has changed!

    I think you are right – America will take a sudden turn at some point. ‘It works until it doesn’t.’

    Can “Citizens First”, if it catches on, be attibutable to USAWD and it’s author?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H!!

  25. Jerry

    This is how the Chinese will “compel” OPEC to buy oil with gold backed Yuan.

    Its a well known fact in the business world its always about “what have you done for me lately”. The past always fades into new opportunities. So what have the Chinese done lately for the house of Saud that would compel them to drop the petrodollar? How about loaning them 5o Billion dollars? Agreeing to purchase oil using gold backed currency? And ……what for it…….increase their purchases. What has the United States crime syndicate done? Lets see……steal their gold………and create a shale industry to compete with their production. Not exactly winning friends and influencing people.
    Friends, I would say the petrodollar is toast. If you think I’m wrong, please state your case. From where I’m sitting, the Chinese will most likely drop the hammer on the petrodollar after their Congressional meeting on the 18th. Why? After two years of declining petroleum sales OPEC needs the money, and won’t wait much longer.

    • helot

      Dear Jerry,

      It’s not, ‘“what have you done for me lately”’

      Rather, it’s, ‘What’s in it for me?’.

      i kind of wonder: if, ‘The China’ made an offer of – that -… what’s the counter offer The Empire makes? …An offer,’too good to refuse’?

      Time, will tell.
      … I still think they are All in ca-hoots with each other and this is just theater of the absurd.
      Turtles, to the sky! But, who knows, the effects of geo-engineering, or, ‘The Rod of God’ may be a factor, I just simply do Not know. It’s unsettling to even consider and I imagine that’s why most people refuse to even open their minds and become truly aware of the world around them and how things actually operate.

    • Stan

      The Yuan can’t hold a candle to the Dollar

    • JC Davis

      Jerry I look for China and Russia to come up with efforts to stop tensions between the USA , NK, and Iran. Putting their currency into a trusted peaceful image.

    • Gary

      Jerry, I do not think that you are wrong”I HOPE THAT YOU ARE WRONG”
      because if your correct, then here comes world war three, no way the USA
      lets this deal go ahead with out a fight.

      The Tell: Henry Kissinger meeting with Trump, the creator of the Petro Dollar.


  26. Paul from Indiana

    I reserve judgment on many timely issues until I hear Greg on Friday. Not only do I trust Greg’s reporting, I trust his reporting on everyone else’s reporting. What gives Greg the leg up is his freedom to tell it as it is, plus he enjoys the unbiased and informed sources he, as only few others, have. Give it up, Watchdoggers, for this special privilege. Many thanks and best always. PM

    • Charles H

      You are right, Paul: the privilage is ours. Greg Hunter has earned a place among the best. That he has let us come and have a part is a great credit to his vision.

  27. Paul from Indiana

    What happens, if/when one of these “tests” goes awry and causes damage, problems, loss of life? Our getting “physical” with Kim and Pyongyang brings the Chinese into the deal directly and immediately, just like 1950. When Kim says, “we will never give up our weapons program” what we should hear is China saying, “we will never give up our buffer zone,” Should China forsake North Korea, the entire peninsula would go free and democratic, and give the Chinese people their escape opportunity. In other words, it would be the beginning of the end of China as presently constituted. That is what is at stake. Best always. PM

    • Frederick

      And that’s precisely why the Chinese won’t allow it Paul This could get messy like in 1950 but the Chinese are ALOT stronger now compared to then

  28. Paul from Indiana

    It is interesting that Sunday’s guest, Pat Muth, is on with her thesis that the country is slowly realizing that we are being had. The word “Muth” in German means “courage” which she obviously possesses in abundance. We know already that Greg does. Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul from Indy!! Let’s just call you Indy or Indy Paul.

    • Justn Observer

      • Greg Hunter

        I thought this was very good and professional. This is scientific and why is the MSM, and that includes FOX, not at least offering debate on this topic??? I think Adams makes a VERY compelling and scientific case for a 2nd shooter.

    • MCasey

      Wondering if they would carry all those guns up into the hotel just to trade them off and have to carry them all back down….not to mention so many eyes that might see something? But something is not right……thinking Paddock was some kind of pasty.

  29. Gregory Mannarino

    IMO those who are trying to “bid up” banking stocks right now, 10/13/17 are going to get crushed. Fair warning. Gregory Mannarino

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for the analysis and help on the IMF! You called me and said the 9 troubled banks named by the IMF was a huge story and warning and I agree my good friend!!!

      • helot

        Pardon, is there any way for the average person to take advantage of this information other than going long P.M.’s?

        RE: ‘those who are trying to “bid up” banking stocks right now, 10/13/17 are going to get crushed. Fair warning.’

        I’m already being, ‘crushed’. …Just by being alive. Doubly so, for not buying into, ‘The System’.

        • Greg Hunter

          You know how this is going to end. You need to get your insurance and sit tight.

  30. Robert E. Salt

    The weapon used on 9/11 was used on this Santa Rosa neighborhood:

    A young survivor recounts his Las Vegas experience:

    • helot

      Dear Robert E. Salt,

      I dislike it when persons such as yourself post links to videos like this without any description of the contents, as I cannot view the video. In the future, I do hope you give a little more.

      From the title, and my understanding, what you’re saying is, the particles geo-engineering deposits upon the whole nation, acts as a fire accelerate.

      Do you really think Americans care?
      I don’t. …I used to.

      Consider these lyrics from a very popular song:

      ‘The roof’s on fire, but we don’t care. Burn M.F.’er, burn.’

      • Robert E. Salt

        Trolls put a lot of effort into comments they don’t like.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Robert, Clicked on the link you provided and the house ‘debris’ left after the California ‘wildfires’ reminded me of a controversial video I viewed a few years ago on 911 – steel beams ‘dustifying’ in mid air!

      • Robert E. Salt

        I don’t see any streams or puddles in this neighborhood. Could the water have been turned off before the attack?

    • tin foil hat

      Robert E. Salt,
      The video “Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre” is scientific and hard to argue against.
      The young survivor’s body language and story are pretty good too. However, if the attack were not the lone gunman scenario, the body count should be a lot higher. Another problem I have with the terrorist attack theory is that why would Trump cover up for Islamic terrorists. It doesn’t make any sense. An attack of this magnitude would boost the necessity to build the wall.

      • AndrewB

        TFH, Why make an assumption that, because there was more than one shooter, it must be “Islamic terrorists”. There are many other possibilities – Scott Binsack is worth viewing:

        Also, why assume that Trump supports a “cover up”. He may or he may not but one thing we know for certain is that Trump is not in control of the ‘investigative’ agencies – they ‘went rogue’ many years ago, probably ever since they participated in the criminal conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

      • Robert E. Salt

        I believe the death toll is much larger than what is being reported.

  31. iwitness02

    Everything that is hidden, shall be made known………..we seem to be witnessing this now. Week after week more light shines. I am excited about that. Makes me feel hopeful. On the other side of the coin you have people that will become terrified over this non stop exposure. I say good! Keep up the good work Greg. The Truth will prevail.

    • Robert E. Salt

      I believe the death toll is much larger than what is being reported.

  32. jerry

    I hate to break it to you and your readers, but the fact is “we’re already slaves”. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

    • Stan

      Jerry: I bet you believe in crop circles and Bigfoot too (ha ha ha ha). Did Jesus tell you that the dollar will crash? (ha ha he he ha he)

      • Greg Hunter

        You are mocking God. It’s not funny.

      • Paul ...

        Stan … you are probably an atheist that does not want to believe in God because believing in God puts limits on the evil things you can do … look at Soros for example … he too says he does not believe in God … and it thus freed him to commit horrible evil against his own Jewish people … and now he is over here trying to create a color revolution in America beginning on Nov 4, 2017 where many thousands of people will be slaughtered … all without guilt or regret for his evil actions because he “conveniently” does not believe in God … which frees him of any moral bounds and all evil “of any magnitude” can be perpetrated without restraint!

        • Paul ...

          This is why all voters must ask those running for office if they believe in God or not … put athiests in office … and they will bring us unending wars … even nuclear wars “of any magnitude” … that will be perpetrated to kill humanity without restraint!! …watch out for those politicians who may lie that they believe in God … you shall know them by their actions!!

      • Charles H


        Once I helped a car-load of JW women who had a flat. I changed it out for the donut, which didn’t have much air. I said to get off the next exit and to get the tire fixed and on; but down the road they passed us on the highway, still on the donut – jabbering away!
        You are just like those women – believing that they gonna make it, when they are really in shaky shape. And you even jabber!

      • Jerry

        No Stan, it was CNBC.
        Now little man, I’m waiting for my answer. How do you pay for 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities using 3.4 trillion dollars in tax revenue? I’m waiting.

        • Jerry

          I guess I owe you an apology. I stand corrected. Money can be created out of thin air indefinitely. The planets are in their respective orbits by accident. And you are smarter than Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, and Lanette Zang combined. Greg should feel blessed to have someone of you’re caliber grace his site. How’s that for sunshine pumping?

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Stan, crop circles do exist. The question is who or what made them. Even if you believe it is just pranksters the crop circles still exist.
        It is the same as saying UFOs don’t exist. The phenomena exist it is just unidentified. You started promisingly but are beginning to lose your touch. Next you will be saying the dollar will be with us forever…

      • tin foil hat

        I don’t believe in Bigfoot but I do believe in crop circles and Ancient Aliens.

      • William Stanley

        A few points you seem to have missed: (1) With the dollar down something like 97% in value since the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the dollar has already crashed, the only question is how much more it will crash and how fast; (2) your ad hominem religious commentary serves (by association and implication) to demean atheists generally as ignorant, mean spirited, and deficient in confidence; and (3) only those lacking in true wit need to supply their own laugh tracks.

    • RichM

      I don’t get why some people have a problem with Jerry. It’s not like he is claiming he is a prophet or anything and saying it will FOR SURE happen at a specific time…. Instead he is just sharing some very viable info (that truly does sound like a game changer to me) and logical thoughts of how it “might” play out. Ultimately, a collapse could very well happen ANY day,…. maybe even over a week-end – and Jerry is just pointing out it is a little more likely it could happen sooner than later as it is already WAY past due….
      and with the oil/yuan/gold date coming up, he see’s a potential reg flag.
      The sad thing is that when it happens it could be really bad… so chaotic that not only might we see bank holidays but possibly other interruptions as chaos ensues….. like all the sudden even this site may all the sudden become “unavailable” (I hope not) as the big state and globalists wage war against the free peoples….
      If such a thing happensm no one will be able to thank Jerry for the advanced warnings. So Jerry, if you are right and we all cannot tell you “great call” because instead we are living in the midst of chaos….. thanks from me in advance. 🙂

      • Occasnltrvlr

        It’s in the numbers. Chicken Little is ignoring the actual numbers.

        Is change afoot? Absolutely: the system is being changed from a unipolar system to a multipolar system, but this change has been, and will continue to be, orderly, done in concert world-wide. The sky shall not fall (and it will fall) until it falls upon the entire world, because there is only one monetary system. Look at the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements.

  33. John M.

    You made a very good observation about the markets being like Harvey Weinstein. You never know the exact moment when the light bulb turns on and everyone collectively acknowledges that the emperor/film producer really has no clothes, and might even be a rapist and/or a pedophile to boot. Or, you never know when that last snowflake will precipitate the start of the deadly avalanche, as James Rickards likes to say.
    I tend to think that almost everything in America is fake, sort of like those adult playgrounds in Las Vegas that take your money (The Mirage, Luxor, Mandalay Snipers Bay, etc.). America is also in collective denial, or cognitive dissonance about reality.
    I can’t think of one thing in America that is still real. My mind hears the chirping of crickets.
    And one day the biggest financial wildfire will suddenly come and burn all the dry weeds and deadwood that has been strangling America for decades. I would not be surprised if this coming economic earthquake is preceded by real geographical earthquakes that will be more psychologically devastating than hurricanes and wildfires. Some smart people even speculate that earthquakes can be actually manipulated and weaponized, and I would not be surprised.
    Most people, that I know, have no clue of all the bad things that are coming. I think, we are definitely in the calm before the storm.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for your support and analysis.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Agreed, astute comparison by Greg.

  34. Tim McGraw

    A very good wrap up. I was in Las Vegas this week from Sunday thru Wednesday. The shootings were the Sunday night previous. This last Sunday night while I was in LV the fires broke out in my home county of Sonoma. The Tubbs fire burned down the Fountaingrove neighborhood in northern Santa Rosa 18 miles south of Healdsburg where I live. The Tubbs fire burned down the Villa Capri Assisted Living Facility where my wife’s father was staying. He was evacuated to Albany, just north of Berkeley. All he had with him were the pajamas on his back. He didn’t even have his glasses.

    The tourists were back in LV. The locals there though are still in shock. Our limo driver was parked at the concert and the cars in front of him and behind him had their windows shot out. Our driver was okay. The concert setting is still a crime scene. Everything there is frozen in time. The bands’ equipment is still onstage. Other equipment is half way through the loading process into the semis behind the stage. The musician’s RV’ Buses are still parked by the stage. The tents are still up. But there are no people. It’s very eerie.

    Here in Sonoma County fires are burning. The lovely little town of Calistoga is being threatened and is evacuated. Luckily our town of Healdsburg is safe. The fires are not headed our way.

    Then there is the destruction in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Our country is in trouble. Bring the troops home. End the wars. Cut the size of governments in half. Cut the taxes in half. Cut the regulations in half.

    And watch our country thrive again.

  35. Flattop

    GREG I am irate.
    Meryl Streep stands during the Oscars and bad mouths our President, while the creep Winestein sits in the audience and she was fully aware of his activities.
    Hollywood is screaming gun control since the Vegas shooter, yet they continue to make movies full of gun violence
    What is wrong with this picture???

    • Charles H


    • tin foil hat

      Projection as an Interpersonal Influence Tactic: The Effects of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

    • Keith wilson

      Harvey Weinstein was also helped with Goldman Sachs money. One million dollars invested in the company. After 3 women have told the authorities they where raped by this monster and dozens more where sexually attacked by him,
      How is it he is not in a police cell being charged. If he was a black gangbanger
      from Chicago he would have already been charged and locked up awaiting a day in court. Seems to be one law for the ordinary people and another law for the Zionist rapists in Hollywood. He is seeking help for he’s sexual problems and he’s addiction to sex ?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Evil is present among both the liberals and the right (particularly the neocons).
      The difference seems to be that the neocons don’t seem to care about their image whereas the liberals will go to great lengths to convince us of their morality. The hypocrisy is sickening, particularly from Hollywood, which is a cesspool of sexual and child abuse.

  36. beLIEve

    “SAFE as HOUSES” Swiss Banks……are REFUSING to let customers SEE/ACCESS their “stored” GOLD !

    ALERT: Greyerz Says Another “Well-Known” Swiss Bank Just Refused To Let A Client See The Gold The Bank Is Supposedly Storing For Them

  37. Paul ...

    Trump is like a little kid playing with “nuclear matches” … and is trying to start a couple of nuclear fires “at once” (N. Korea and Iran) … both Kim Joug-un and Iranian leaders (with small fire extinguishers in hand) are preparing to try and put the fire out if they can …and are yelling at Trump to put down the “nuclear matches” … Trump needs a firm and decisive talking to by the Fire Marshals (China and Russia)!!

    • Greg Hunter

      So Paul,
      If America just hides and suits back we will all be save from people who want to destroy us??? Where do you live? Are you in the U.S.??

      • Paul ...

        Destroy us? … who supported Saddam and had him attack Iran with chemical weapons killing 1.5 million Iranians … do the Iranians have 40 military bases surrounding the United States? … in a US Military Operation called “Praying Mantis” we blew up the entire Iranian Navy (not a word was mentioned in the MSM) … I was totally disgusted by Trump’s speech today against Iran … as it brought back very bad Hillary Clinton memories when (this nice lady) said: “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m elected President I will attack Iran”!! … now do the Iranians do bad things to us in kind? … yes! … do the Iranians likely have a number of hydrogen bombs hidden away (purchased from Pakistan)? … yes! … does that mean they should be attacked by Trump for having “an ace in the hole” to protect themselves if their Nation is mortally threatened? … no! … because that would mean Israel could also be attacked (by say Russia) for having hydrogen bombs “as an ace in the hole” to protect their Nation (the Samson Option)!!

        • tin foil hat

          Are you imply that we are indeed the “Great Satan”?
          The U.S. may not be as good or innocent as I would like but we are not as bad as you may think.
          I concur we have gone down a slippery slope since H. Bush but we are not the evil empire.
          You should take a trip to either China or Russia and curse Xi or Putin in any main square. You would find America is not such a bad place to be within a day or two.
          We may be be as free as we believe but our cages are a lot bigger than theirs.
          I have to say I’m very disappointed but my love and faith for my country has not faded completely just yet.

        • William Stanley

          Paul . . .
          I tend to share your views on the wisdom of U.S. overseas military deployments. However, we need to be careful with the facts in order to maintain credibility.
          I’ve tried, but have so far been unable to confirm your claim of 1.5 million Iranians killed by chemical weapons in the Iran/Iraq war. The closest I came up with was about 30,000. The total fatalities for both sides was perhaps what your 1.5 million number refers to — but even that may be a bit on the high side. Where did you get your number?
          I’m having a similar problem with your depiction of Operation Praying Mantis. The closest I can get is that about half of the Iranian navy was sunk or damaged , i.e., 1 frigate sunk (45 crew killed), 1 gunboat sunk (11 crew killed), 3 speedboats sunk, 1 frigate damaged, 2 armed “oil platforms” destroyed and 1 fighter jet damaged. Moreover, the U.S. operation was in retaliation for Iran’s mining of the Persian Gulf, severely damaging a U.S. warship.

      • Frederick

        Iran and North Korea DO NOT want to destroy America That’s total propaganda and you are smarter than to fall for that nonsense Greg They are the ones being “bullied” that much is VERY obvious to me anyway

        • Greg Hunter

          What??? “Iran Commander Calls for Destruction of America”
          “North Korea Vows To Destroy US With Nuclear Strike Today”
          There are many, many threats from Iran and NK to destroy America. I know you hate your own country and you would not say a single negative word against Turkey, but let’s get real here.
          Seriously Frederick, Would you ever criticize Turkey or the President there, and do it with a real verifiable name? You would be scared out of your mind to do this. They would come to arrest you in Turkey. You know I am right. That would mean America is really not all that bad. Let that sink in my friend.

      • Ray

        America wants to destroy the nations of the world……not the other way around Greg. The US Miltary Jackboot, backed by financial deception and political filth, is abhorrent to me, the people of this planet, and, by God.
        YES……BY GOD.
        America needs to be handed a mirror…….the best present anyone could give that sick, troubled nation.
        Then again, a nation with a mirror could always decide to simply close it’s eyes.
        God won’t stand by America in The Cleansing that is about to occur.
        Hope you stay well, survive and prosper through it Greg.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • This sceptred Isle

          live long and prosper – and Vulcans have a long life expectancy!

    • William Stanley

      Paul. . .
      Oops. Maybe the random thought generator needs a little tweaking. Have you considered the possibility that Russia and China are also playing “the great game,” and come to it with unclean hands as well?
      BTW, how do you manage to get your comments first in line and posted without any delay? Are you responding to the interview, or are you just trying to hijack this site with prepackaged “comments”?

    • Tommy

      Funny how you say Trump is “playing with nuclear matches” when it was the past 3 administrations that allowed NK to develop nukes, much like BO gave Iran all the leeway they needed to do the same. It’s like blaming the fireman for the fire. I don’t know how it is possible but Trump has been flummoxing everyone but his ardent supporters. The dullards just can’t seem to see what’s going on, probably because they are blinded by their hatred.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Since when does a sovereign nation need permission to do something within their own borders?

  38. freebrezer

    Greg – per the Vegas shooting, it is obvious that the guy was running guns. Take one look at the type of rifles on the ground and at his houses and think of ‘Fast and Furious’. Per all the guns in his hotel room – Dah … Which ones are you looking to buy? Explains the gloves – no finger prints … That is the logical (and simplest) explanation. A professional gambler – what a great disguise. Either the FB-Eye or the C-eye-A were running this dude … or some entity? That is why it is such a keystone cop atmosphere … they are covering their asses. Plus all the cameras he set up every where – but they were not working, except when the security dude came by – Yish! Thus, the big question – who was he selling guns to? … who was fronting this dude? … And why did they (who ever they is/are) shoot him and then shoot all the people below? I am guessing it was radical muslims (ISIS) they were trying to set up and it all went wrong! The reports per ISIS is that they hardly ever take credit unless it is them. Just my opinion. It would also explain multiple shooters. It also explains why it took over 70 min (some reports ) for the swat team to get there – they where held up to “clean the place”. It also explains the burglary at his other house – Got to clean up! Again – Just my opinion.

    • William Stanley

      freebrezer: Good points; Sadly, I’ve had similar, but less coherent, suspicions.

    • Paul ...

      freebrezer … the Vegas shooting was designed by the people who want to take away our guns (it is as simple as that) … imagine a world where “fully armed Mafia Gangs” (governments) … want to take away store owners rights to own a gun (for protection against robbery) … so that it will be easier for them to “shake down” store owners each month (using IRS and other goons) without fear of ever getting shot … and they put fear in the hearts of all store owners with a good bombing like Boston, 9-11 and that nuke they failed to set off in Virginia … all used to pass a “Patriot Act” that limits any type of resistance to Mafia control!! … the little “store owners” (N.Korea and Iran) who go against Mafia wishes … and want their 2nd Amendment right to protect themselves from robbery and extortion are BOMBED … as a lesson to all other “store owners” (Lybia, Syria, etc., etc.) not to resist the Mob!!

    • John

      If you have ever fired a direct impingement AR style rifle at a sustained rate of fire the one thing you will quickly realize is that the gas return tube to the bolt carrier group and barrel will get very hot – I think this best explains the gloves and because the type of stock he was using is prone to jamming a semi-automatic rifle I think this best explains the number of guns used in the attack. In short, he had a solution to the heat these rifles generate at sustained fire – gloves. He also had a solution to the jamming issue with these stocks – multiple guns.

      • freebrezer

        John – I hear you, but and until the officials give out more (accurate and insightful/believable) info, it is all speculation. Per the gloves – what kind of gloves were they? The type of glove lets you know if the gloves were for shielding his hands from the heat or for not leaving finger prints … and only the government has this info. And why would they not show his hands with the gloves on? The photos of the hotel room show multiple and different style of rifles … if sustain shooting was what he wanted, i would surmise that he would have picked the best model and had a few of them. Again, the too many oddities and irregularities?

  39. RAY

    The accelerating rate of events globally for the past few years, is at a climax, or a zero point. The out of control of government debt, the imploding pension funds in many countries. The failing medical insurance system, that is pushing many families closer to bankruptcy. The end of the American dollar as the global reserve currency. More countries using their own currencies, which is a direct threat to the American dollar’s strength . China and Russia no longer need the USD to trade with each other. If the USD collapses in value, and the sale of treasuries fail, United States is in very deep trouble. It will be similar as the collapse of the old Soviet Union . Most of their military disbanded, their naval vessels tied up at the dock, no money to operate them. Most pensions failing, major banks going under. Millions of people out of work. Our dysfunctional and corrupt Congress has put the United States in a very difficult position. It seems these people who have lead this wonderful country down the road too ruin, are about to rebalance the global power structure , by going into a major war with just about any country they deem a threat. It seems the decision has already been made. Just a matter of timing, when and where to start. It would have been better, to let the financial system collapse, burn itself out. Then go through the pain of rebuilding the country, much like Russia did. In the long run, United States would have a very good future, This coming war, will not go as planned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow Ray, great first comment!!

      • helot

        Ray forgot to mention how the Central Banks of the world have enabled a worldwide housing bubble which took off at the same time, and is now crashing, at exactly The Same Time, the world over.

        To back up what I say, please see

        Funny, the timing on that. Worldwide, all at once.

        One thing I wonder, RE: ”This coming war, will not go as planned.’

        i think, maybe, it’ll go exactly as planed. I mean, look at the sports stadiums filled to capacity with fans as they clueleesly get fly-overs from their geo-engineering overlords. I hate to say it, and I so-wish it weren’t so, but,… they’re the perfect fools.

        I read somewhere how, ‘they’ have spent a lot of effort into establishing a control grid upon America, with cameras at every street intersection, with nary a peep out of the masses, and how, ‘they’ aren’t going to let that go to waste. …Ah, heck, why even go on about all that, Americans [besides, some of us] Love their new enslavement. Embrace it, even, and want more of it.

        SLAVERY via tyranny, it’s ‘The New American’ way, don’tchya know?

        Being a slave is cool. …You get ‘cash back’!

    • JC Davis

      RAY can I post this to my friends ? You summed it all up in a nut shell.
      Who cares about when if the result is decimation.

    • Gary

      First goes Japan, then goes the Euro, US Dollar will be the last currency standing, this will not happen overnight.
      IMO, money flows from the other currencies to the Dollar, whether China
      starts to pay for oil in their own currency, will not dethrone the Dollar, it
      will take several years, but it will happen.

      I just reread Jim Dines book that he put out thirty years ago “The Invisible Crash ” re currencies, ultimately ALL governments will devalue, its just a question of the timing and order of the crash, my guess is that Trump wants a weaker dollar.

    • Ray

      I agree with Greg…..great first comment Ray!
      You point to the collapse of the USSR and the INEVITABLE COLLAPSE of the USA.
      Well pointed out sir.
      May I add one thing?
      Russian children are not raised in early school to believe that they are the greatest nation ever to walk the Earth……American children, unfortunately, are.
      Russian children grew into Russian adults, understanding a rebuilding….a renewal was required, after the failure of their leaders over many years….and they took steps to do so.
      American children….becoming American adults, will miss this most logical step, because, through no fault of their own, they have been brainwashed into a belief that they DESERVE the highest standard of living on this planet…..simply because they are Americans. No other nation may rise above them, because…because….because….we are Americans, and WE MUST RULE EVERYTHING….BECAUSE AMERICA IST HIS PLANET FOREVER!!!!
      People in Laos would outlast 98% of ALL AMERICANS if food supplies were cut off globally for 3 weeks…..yet America sees Laos as a “third world nation”.
      Fact is, when it comes o actually “seeing”, 50% of Americans couldn’t even pinpoint Laos on a map!!!
      America is about to face it’s karma….and, for the entire planet’s sake, I hope it is a lesson well learned by the REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS, of which I believe Hunter is one.
      As things stand this very minute….the US kills more than it claims to set free, feed or heal, planet wide….and again, we return to the ancient ideas of karma.
      Greg… offence son. Keep thinking about what God wants for the Planet He created…..not certain countries that Mankind claims He loves most.
      The Mind Of God is found in love…..not the justification of subjugation, bombs and death.

  40. Jodyp

    USAWatchdog is not doom and gloom. When I came here 3 1/2 yrs ago I considered it as an awakening. The only gloom I may have is for people who refuse to pull their hat racks outta the ground.

    • John

      agree – some people have no idea what a watchdog is used for – it is to alert for potential threatening situations. Stay the course Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you John!!!

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Awakening is a process of becoming more aware, which by its very nature may bring pain as well as joy.

  41. R. Patrick

    These crooks are working overtime to distract the population in such a way as they don’t see the train coming down the tracks. It won’t be pretty for the unaware. It won’t be great for those of us that are aware, but its doable.

  42. H. Craig Bradley


    Did the Russians recently hack your website and dish-out the spam e-mails ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think it was Russia, but I really don’t know where the arrow came from.

      • Diane

        I’ll guess the hack on Greg was from:
        The usual suspects….all the MSM magazines and newspapers.

        Consider it a complement, Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          You are funny. I don’t think it’s CNN or MSNBC. They are too busy making up fake news.

    • Frederick

      That was sarcasm right?

  43. Mike M

    It was 6 years ago I zeroed in on how vulnerable the US was to an EMP strike and a short video came out that covered how devastating it would be and who the likely culprits to launch an EMP attack.

    Fast forward to present day and nothing has been done to secure the grid and the same two arch enemies of the US are now in a better position to pull off an EMP strike than ever before. When you have motive, means and opportunity bad things happen.

    Based on sources and information I have, you are less than 6 months away from your worst nightmare. Enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey this year as it will be the last one you are likely to see. When the lights go out they are not coming back on and what happens after that is going to be something out of a Stephen King novel – only more horrifying and real. If you’re religious start praying – if you’re smart get the hell out of the country while you still can.

    • Paul ...

      The EMP attack you predict will likely be a false flag blamed on N.Korea or Iran … and an excuse for the US to go to war once again (just like the planned 9-11 attack was used by the warmongering neocons to attack so many nations and kill so many people)!!

      • Frederick

        Paul You sir are the most awake commenter on this site sir BRAVO

      • Mike M

        I agree but the result will be the same. Most of you will be dead in a matter of months as the country goes down like the Titanic never to rise again.

      • Paul ...

        When the EMP attack does come … we will all be suffering like those in Puerto Rico … without electricity, with no wifi, no ATM’s “and no bitcoins” … those without physical gold, silver or nickels will be desperate for food and water when their stock shelf goes empty … so those still enamored with bitcoin and other crypto currencies take note of the hard facts … if you don’t have it “when you need it” … what good is it!!

  44. helot

    One last bit, i think you guys might like this news page:

    Preppers Daily News – Into preparedness and survival? Find the news and information you need, all on one site!

    Imho, it fits right in with usawatchdog. It’s in my top top 8.

  45. Tad

    s Washington Trying To Starve 60,000 Syrians Washington Has Trapped In A Refugee Camp?
    October 14, 2017 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

    Is Washington Trying To Starve 60,000 Syrians Washington Has Trapped In A Refugee Camp?

    Remarks by Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

    by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

    On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said 92% of Syrian territory was freed from (US-supported) ISIS control.

    In the past week alone, Russian airpower conducted 517 sorties, destroying over 1,260 facilities controlled by terrorists.

    Its operations along with Syria’s continue smashing US-supported terrorists, defeating Washington’s imperial aims in the country.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained Russian, Syrian and allied forces continue smashing ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor.

    Much of its Al-Mayadeen stronghold was liberated, including the strategic Al-Rashadeh District and nearby Taybeh Farms, cutting a vital ISIS supply line.

    Deescalation zones’ ceasefire violations were “substantially reduced.” Thousands of US-supported al-Nusra terrorists continue “trying to wreck the effort to normalize the situation and establish durable peace in Syria,” Zakharova explained.

    Terrorists in southern Syria remain “a source of concern.” They continue receiving foreign support – from America, NATO, Turkey, Israel, and other regional rogue states.

    “Syrians are restoring roads and socially important infrastructure facilities in the liberated areas of their country, thereby creating the conditions for peaceful life and the return of refugees and displaced persons,” said Zakharova – important achievements.

    Russia is the key source of vitally needed humanitarian aid – virtually nothing from the UN, nothing from America and other Western countries, Iran the only regional one supplying it.

    “The Rukban refugee camp located on the Syrian-Jordanian border in the so-called [phony] ‘deconfliction zone’ arbitrarily established by the United States around Tanf is facing humanitarian disaster,” Zakharova explained.

    “The Americans are using aviation, rocket and artillery systems to prevent Syrian Government forces from entering this zone.”

    “According to the UN, the number of refugees in this camp exceeds 60,000. They are threatened with starvation and have no access to fresh water. The risk of epidemics is growing.”

    US forces prevent humanitarian convoys from reaching desperate people in dire need of help. Deplorable Western media report nothing about this, nothing about US aggression, nothing about US-dominated NATO support for terrorism – along with Israel and their rogue regional allies.

    Desperate Syrian refugees are being “openly recruited for illegal armed formations,” said Zakharova.

    “The situation in Raqqa is…grave.” US terror-bombing destroyed the city, including vital infrastructure and residential areas, massacring thousands of civilians.

    Media scoundrels are silent, suppressing information about US-led atrocities, continuing daily.

    Zakarova explained US authorities tore down Russian flags from its illegally shuttered, seized and searched diplomatic facilities in America, saying:

    “We regard this incident as desecration of the state symbol of Russia. We have already lodged a strong protest with the United States.”

    “Of course, Russia did not issue any consent to have the flags removed. It was done by the people who had earlier trespassed on Russian property, broke down the gates and entrance doors, and have since been lording around the (facilities) like invaders.”

    Russian personnel aren’t allowed in their own missions. “This is unprecedented in the history of Russia-US relations,” said Zakharova.

    “(C)ertain American political forces steeped in Russophobia are acting in concert with the secret services, and consciously destroying relations between our two countries as best they can.”

    Moscow is “patient,” but won’t “put up with cowboy manners indefinitely…Russia will decide on its response.”

    Bilateral relations with Washington are the worst in memory, the risk of East/West confrontation initiated by America huge, maybe certain ahead.
    As best as I can make out from multiple sources, this is how Trump is responding.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice article but please don’t cut and past the entire article. Use the first part of it and add a link please.

  46. Paul Anthony

    Worth Noting this article From Drudge

    Layoffs Hit ABC as Rumors About the Network’s Future Swirl

  47. William Stanley

    Paul . . .
    In all fairness, I have to assume that you are just being sardonic, for you surely know that a competently done EMP attack would destroy American civilization — causing up to a 90% die off in a year or two from the follow-on effects of a destroyed electric grid and electronic infrastructure. Kim, a self-proclaimed enemy of America, has been threatening just that. Iran, hasn’t lagged far behind in its rhetoric. Moreover, “the neocons,” despite their considerable evilness, have had the capability to completely destroy both Iran and North Korea for decades, and have declined to do so. Furthermore, I doubt that you seriously believe even the neocons (or any other faction of “the cabal/deep-state, etc.) would profit from the suicidal apocalypse a full-blown false-flag EMP attack would wreak upon America.
    So here we are: two avowed mortal enemies of America (however justly or unjustly they arrived at that mindset) are now on the cusp of developing the capability of carrying out their long enunciated threats to destroy us. We may have the capability of thwarting their stated intentions. What do we do? Can we afford not to take them at their word? Remember what Jim Rickards said about the “logic of war”?

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Possible stock market pump and dump prior and after Vegas…and apparently Jesus Campos inserted into ”’employment file’ as security a plant and has no security identification ?
    Someone being held on 47 floor on Vdara as a ‘suspect’?
    More Crazy stuff on Vegas …

  49. Mike from the north

    Hi Greg, I am in your neck of the woods as I write this note.
    In NC on business for 1 week. To many of us we can see growing signs of desperation as the bad guys loose control.

    We the people who are aware likely now seldom believe anything we see as it first appears to be.

    More and more things occur that just do not past the smell test or any amount of common sense logic.

    I like many here have grown to look forward to your week in review.

    Great interviews of late.

    Keep up the great effort.

    Many of your readers like myself no doubt consider you family. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Mike!!
      Brother Greg

  50. Paul ...

    I feel like Mr. Farage … betrayed by Trump who turned into a warmonger!

  51. JC Davis

    Greg I am seeing so many of good folks I know turning to stealing . Its a shame they know better yet they have no recourse. We need jobs in America.

    • Silence is Golden

      The Jobs …JC….are offshored ….permanently.
      They aren’t coming home.
      Then technology will ensure what remains is diminished even further with Robotics.
      Infrastructure/Primary Production/Mining/Technology/Energy/Manufacturing will be the domain of Foreign Multinationals….who will deploy their armies of immigrant the ends of the Planet.
      You, I and the rest of the USAWD gang….are living and breathing while all this unfolds over the course of decades. Blinded by the false narratives that constantly spew from the mouths of the Government representatives. Every 4 yr term brings more of the same and yet we are continuously grotesquely marginalised and repressed.
      Hindsight is a wonderful gift….because if you’re conscious ….you can see the path that has been travelled….and what the outcome is. Its all part of the BIG PICTURE. If you can put the final pieces together you will conclude that perhaps the intention was to destroy the middle class after all. Everything I’m witnessing supports that thesis.
      Death by a thousand cuts. Not 1 single event…but many minor (destructive) problems and issues.
      We can thank those at the Helm for their unbridled affair with money counterfeiting thus creating an unsustainable very high standard of living for the average American… well beyond the norm….too far and too fast. The Party had to end….those who still remain after the Party has finished will be left to clean up the mess.
      Its a trap. Like a caged animal. We have no recourse. When they close the borders you will know that the time has arrived.

    • Charles H


      Please elaborate on this stealing business. In a month I might swing by Nashville – if I knew where to go. Get my email from Greg. CH

  52. Robert Dziok

    In addition much of the world (the East in particular} is well into dumping use of “King Dollar” and setting up a payment system outside the Wests. BRICS, AIIB, SCO, CIPS are examples of some of the platforms/associations outside of the West. China and Russia now pay each other only in their currency. Turkey and Iran now only pay each other in their own currency. Venezuela dropped use of the dollar. China has set up oil payment redeeming RMB for gold. The massive OBOR Eurasian trade project of which the US foolishly is not part of is in construction now. All this ( as well as other initiatives outside the dollar ) means King Dollar is on the way out as global reserve currency and the US will suffer financial catastrophe as a result in time. The process of De-Dollarization will continue world wide.

  53. Marsh

    You might want to have David Stockman on the tax cuts. Advocates keep harping back to Reagan tax cuts. Stockman was his budget Director and believes this is not going to stimulate the economy. It will just accelerate the stock buy backs, dividends and transfer of wealth to the 1%. See also

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