Big Globalist Deals are Money Laundering Frauds – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s

Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Trump is bringing big changes to the world with tough talk on trade. At the end of the G-7 economic forum, Trump said America is “like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing, and that ends.” Trump is basically saying America has been cheated in trade deals for decades and countries like China, Canada and Mexico are ripping us off. Janda, who has deep political and Intel sources, says, “Yes, that is correct. Go back to 1992 and Ross Perot. He was demagogued by the media as a crazy man. He was marginalized. He was ridiculed. 110% of what Ross Perot said about NAFTA is correct. It was a great ‘sucking sound’ of jobs leaving and manufacturing jobs leaving. Who benefited by that? Multinational corporations that are run by the globalists and political leaders. . . . All these agreements that are created by the globalists are money laundering fronts. Whether it’s NAFTA or whether it’s the Iran deal, they are all money laundering fronts.”

The success President Trump had this week with North Korea is tied to trade and China. Janda says, “So, you are going to see a positive development on the peace front. Then you are going to see some backing down of trade war talk with China. Then you are going to see another development with the North Korea peace process and more backing down. People need to realize the peace initiative and trade agreements are working hand in hand. I believe Trump is going to use that same model of negotiation and that same linkage, and Trump is going to take that model he developed in North Korea and China and he’s going to take it to Iran.”

Also, this week, is the expected release of the Inspector General report on the DOJ and FBI handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report examines how a decision was made months before the investigation was completed that Clinton would be exonerated of any crimes even though she clearly committed numerous crimes. Janda predicts, “I believe the Globalists are in the crosshairs, and when this report comes out, I believe it’s going to be heavily redacted. Understand something, that’s not where this is going to end.” Janda predicts President Trump will order the report to be unclassified and released un-redacted. Janda contends, “That Inspector General report is going to open the door and open people’s eyes. . . . A very high source has told me for months that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have violated the Espionage Act on many occasions.”

Janda says the debt based financial system is headed for a reset. Janda says the reset will not only reset the debt but clear out corruption and “restore the rule of law.” Janda also says, “I have political sources that have said a reset will occur. I do not have a time frame for the reset . . . . I believe Donald Trump will preside over the largest bankruptcy in history, and that is why he’s there. I also believe that this reset will involve an escalation in the price of gold and silver, and the manipulation will be terminated.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    It is about time.

    Thanks Greg

  2. Gadsden

    Greg, thank you for letting this interview run longer. This is vital inf0rmati0n.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just could not find a place to stop it and I too thought it was good. I usually do 30 minutes. There is hope for the restoration of the rule of law.

      • Diane

        The restoration of the rule of law will solve a lot of problematic issues.

        • Russ McMeans

          History books will be written about our new President. He truly loves his country. Rush Limbaugh said that he will never be accused of not loving and looking out for America. He may make mistakes like all of us do, but I think he’s doing a damn good job. The historians are writing their notes now as we speak. And I hope our nation survives all this evil corruption ( & debt bequeathed by our lousy congress)….

      • DanT

        One heckuva job one this one Greg. Janda stayed on track like a guided missile. That man is surely brilliant to keep so much information in his head.

      • Chip

        If it’s not restored, that’s the end of America. We’ll become a third world socialist he!! hole within a decade… Chip

        • Greg Hunter

          Pray that does not happen, and I mean actually pray.

      • Russ McMeans

        The reason the interview didn’t run for 30 minutes or so is because the over the top corruption is so great that Greg’s interview required extra time. ie: it takes time to slog through the muck when you’re in a pig feed farm. So many pigs and muck to navigate!
        Beyond excellent interview Sir Greg and our brave doctor Janda! God bless you both!

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      Please can you tell me what is so vital of this interview !

      • Donald

        “Please can you tell me what is so vital of this interview !”

        Peter from the Netherlands…

        Here’s a site designed just for you:

        I think you’ll have a lot more fun there…

      • Russ McMeans

        The truth is vital dear Peter! That’s the whole point of all of this discussion.

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      oh yes I know: you want to tell me that the USA is a BANANA REPUBLIC!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I won’t, we elected Trump.

      • DaDiz

        And don’t you wish you were here

      • Russ McMeans

        No country man or woman wants to see their country descent into another hell hole banana republic – even the Dutch don’t want it. But our lousy leaders insist and try to drag us kickin and screaming into their idea of utopia. Corruption in any government- including ours, eats and destroys our civil society. In other words: the fish rots from the head down.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Yes!

  4. helot

    RE; ‘open people’s eyes’. How much longer do we wait, I mean, here’s a bit from a comment at geoenginerringwatch com – ‘Readers need to understand that aerosol concentrations have reached certain “optimized” saturation levels in the atmosphere. HAARP and other electromagnetic technologies are being utilized for much more than weather manipulation. That constant ringing in your ears is not imaginary, and it sure as hell isn’t tinnitus. If you’re feeling paranoid, scattered, agitated, depressive, and/or just can’t get your shit together, it’s not your “fault”. ‘

    Although, I Do wish the drone bombing would stop (Why can’t it? And, it’s cowardly.) I couldn’t care less about N.K., Iran, or any other ‘theater’ in a far off land we have no business being involved in and that God cannot deal with! Not the U.K., not the princess wedding, not the fake-ass tit-for-tat with Russia, nor any other pussy footing around,… When The HELL is there going to be an adult conversation about geoengineering?

    – Why don’t the skies over America matter to Americans? – i guess I should ask an A.I.? I imagine the response is – every one is loco and ‘entrained’ (caged) by their cell phones.

    I’m Not giving Up. But it really seems like I live in a Twilight Zone episode. Er, Outter Limits. Psft.
    – Why don’t the skies over America matter to Americans? –

    • Paul ...

      If the skies over America don’t matter to Americans (even though they know chemical death rains down upon them making their children “seedless”) … it likely won’t matter to Americans when Artificial Intelligent drones rain missiles of death down upon them and their children!! … Outter Limits or a Twilight Zone episode? … more like the movie “Time Machine” … where the Eloy just accept their slaughter by Warlocks who continually turn on their siren call (for “another war” to kill and burn our children’s bodies) … so they may happily feast and have so many worthless fiat paper dollars they can use them as napkins to wipe their dirty filthy slimy mouths!!

  5. helot

    when you say, ‘There is hope for the restoration of the rule of law.’ I can’t help but think of the articles such as, ‘The Law is Dead’. I think it was written by PCR, but when I do a search on it, I get blown away by so many, ‘end-of-America’ type articles. Which is soo sad.

    And, again, I’m not giving Up. I’m just pointing out. Yeesh, and I’m not even mentioning Mr. Whitehead and his stuff about the seemingly never ending march of the police state. and its Darth Vader -like drone army What’s up with that?

    • Frederick

      Darth Vader You mean Dick Cheney right?

  6. Donald

    “Trump is basically saying America has been cheated in trade deals for decades and countries like China, Canada and Mexico are ripping us off.”

    In the case of Canada, the trade deficit is something like $17 billion on about $570 billion in trade (or 3% of trade), so it isn’t worth pursuing with Canada. But as for this overall deficit, how do you fix it if other countries willfully devalue their currency so as to maintain a trade advantage? Does the US devalue faster? If everybody used the same currency, you could eventually improve the situation substantially. Further, to my knowledge, the US is the only country in which the employer is called upon to pay health care costs – which are excessive. This disadvantages US manufacturers by something like a 10% to 15% greater cost. An easy fix would be to move health care costs from the employer to the cost for goods and services. This way, a car imported from Germany would cost say 10%-15% more than currently, and the sale of German made goods would now contribute to health care costs. Plus everyone would get health care like in other countries.

    • William Stanley

      Donald: You make a good point about the export-inhibiting effect of health-care costs.
      Another factor that, IMO, burdens US exporters is that most other countries have a VAT tax instead of an income tax. Since GATT rules permit the VAT tax to be levied on imports and rebated on exports, US exporters are thereby put at a disadvantage in comparison with the exporters of other countries. Of course, all manner of other taxes and trade barriers factor into determining the flows of exports and imports. However, the simple fact is that US manufacturing has been hollowed out by the existing arrangements, much to the detriment of the US manufacturing industry, it’s workers, and the country.

      • William Stanley

        Oh, I should have mentioned Charles Turner’s comment from a couple of weeks ago concerning wage differentials. He appended an absolutely stunning video of an interview of Sir Jimmy Goldsmith arguing that “free trade” is highly detrimental to the workers (and, therefore, the whole of society) of advanced countries because they are forced to compete with low-wage workers elsewhere:
        “CHARLES TURNER 06/01/2018 •
        This is a much watch interview from Sir Jimmy Goldsmith a British Conservative Politician from 1994, where he discusses the disastrous ramifications of free trade. It might be 25 years ago, but everyone needs to listen to it to understand what Trump understands.”

      • Donald

        Personally, I would favor quotas of some sort. If a manufacturer wants to sell a certain type of product, a certain percentage would need to be made in the US. This puts people to work here. And if another country devalues its currency, then it has no effect on exports to the US. If you can’t find enough people here, then you can change the quota and import more product. If the US could eliminate its trade deficit, GDP probably would grow by 20% to 30%. Budget deficits would shrink drastically and so on….

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      No Donald, the USA have ripped of the world for decades!!

      A little example: the subprime mortgage and many, many more.

  7. Nick de la Gaume


    Thank you.

  8. FC

    I believe we have entered a period where reverse psychology is being used on us where the act of a ‘good deal’ or ‘commonsense’ is allowed to be used by the Establishment as their version of a False Flag, for example, the G7, the signing of the North Korean deal and so on.
    As we conservatives celebrate the milestones being achieved under Trump the MSM still continue unabated with their narrative against him while we continue and rightfully so dismiss their news reports as ridiculous.
    But when the bubbles begin to pop at the Feds discretion and an ugly reset is needed to correct their wrongdoings we the people will start pointing fingers looking for answers and the MSM and the Establishment will be more than obliging to point the finger at Trump.
    I’m hoping it’s not the case but I have this feeling I can’t seem to let go of.

  9. Graham

    Hi Greg,
    interesting point popped up half way through, claiming dementia is a pretty good defence, look up Greville Janner, UK barrister not prosecuted by Crown Prosecution Service because he was not ‘fit to plead’ so it was not in the public interest.

    great work

    Graham UK

  10. Somedayitsover

    Excellent, your best ever.

  11. NH Watcher

    Someone asked on the SQ interview thread where it says on the Deagel site that the U.S. population will decline by 2025; if you look at this link below, scroll down to the lower portion, and it shows the forecast for 2025, which is actually more optimistic than when the site first was discovered a few years ago:

    The recent celebrity suicides (which I do believe were murders instead) were to promote the idea of suicide in the public’s mind, as that remains the swiftest way for population reduction in the U.S. once the reset and bankruptcy occurs: people taking their own lives, versus being killed some other way. It also gives the Elite complete innocence (in their minds), since people are taking their own lives and don’t have to be exterminated any other way.

    No matter how much is exposed, people will still have to decide whether or not they will only live for themselves, or will give of themselves for others.

    • Shawn G.

      It was me. I missed the obvious – thanks for pointing it out.

  12. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Janda,so much corruption and so few prosecuted.
    Here in the UK we can look forward to the criminals of previous governments being imprisoned and stripped of their wealth,yeah like that will happen!The judges here are so corrupt ,as witnessed by the dreadful arrest of Tommy Robinson,that they also are engorging at the trough.Our MPs,and bureaucracy,judges and police,are well paid,but not well paid enough to live like oligarchs,yet they do.They live like kings,holiday in the most sumptuous surrounds,drive exquisite cars,have their children educated at the best schools and keep their lovers in nice homes and no one seems to ask,how?Why,Mr Blair left office to be welcomed into an oligarch environment whilst barely earning a decent salary and again no one asked,how?Perhaps Iran can enlighten us all about the bribery and then we get a peek at the lovely bank accounts of our public officials and see the cost of the betrayal of Israel perhaps.
    Still we can hope,meanwhile the Awans whose computer skills are beyond compare seemingly are working for their lawyers to pay off the legal bill for defence,Bill Clinton is none too happy.
    Still,here in the UK or economy sucks and the betrayal of the people is in full gear as we are no further from the European project than we were last week.The fascists are in control and our Prime Minister seems to enjoy this jack boot at her call.The opposition,all closet Europhiles,can’t wait to be voted in to properly destroy the underclass,we no longer have a working class,and what’s left of out culture.The Muslim Brotherhood just can’t wait to have a nuclear arsenal at their fingertips all across Europe and daily here in the UK its being handed to them and no wonder Israel makes threats against European cities as the long Jihad marches.
    You are not allowed to critique the Muslim Brotherhood or Israel but you can wage war against Catholicism here in the UK,whilst Protestantism is now just a laughing stock as witnessed at the recent nuptials of Prince Harry and Ms Merkel.So all is well.
    However,the really long game is allowing the underclass anger to be diverted against the wrong enemy and the mechanism I fear will allow those who cannot be criticised be the fall guy for the elite.How this end will be oppression for us all.

    • William Stanley

      Maria, re: “The Muslim Brotherhood just can’t wait to have a nuclear arsenal at their fingertips all across Europe and daily here in the UK its being handed to them . . .”
      Great point!

    • Paul ...

      Maria … the fall guys for the elite are always our children … the way the elite think … if they kill enough of our children in school they can get their gun control legislation passed … and if they still have trouble passing gun control … they figure it is because they simply didn’t kill “enough” children … so I’m expecting more killing of innocent children in our schools (not only to make Satan’s day and put a little joy in his life but to advance the evil globalists agenda to take away our guns)!!

  13. Jerry

    This is the one and only chart that I am followingheb.

    Last quarter there was a slight uptick in the index. That told me that the central banks were not ready for the RESET and injected more liquidity back into the banking system with stealth QE. Today June 13th the federal reserve bank will announce whether or not they will raise Interest rates which is nothing more than a dog and pony show for the masses.

    Reports are beginning to come out that liquidity is beginning to seize up in the eastern banking exchanges which was highlighted last week by a Chinese bankers supposed suicide and the arrest of several Chinese bankers on the charges of fraud. These are all indicators of tensions within the global banking system. The second quarter money velocity report that comes out in July is the one to watch. We are in the proverbial channel which determines either a swing upward or a hard crash. Keep an eye on this one.

    • Jerry

      Like I said. It’s starting in the east right NOW!

      • Frederick

        Jerry Bitcoin is sure taking it on the chin lately What do you think of crypto currencies in general?

        • Jerry

          Outside of their control, the central banks hate them. Look for more losses.

    • Jerry

      Code Blue! Code Blue!

      • Stan

        Code Blue? Jerry???

        • Occasnltrvlr

          “Elizabeth…this is it…it’s the big one…I’m comin’ to meet ya’ darlin’…”

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … looking at your M2 money velocity chart … I see gold peaked in the 1980 period and in the early 2000 period (when the M2 money velocity was between 1.9 and 2.0) … we are currently below 1.5 (and it seems to take a couple of years to move the M2 money velocity up just 0.1 points) … so it seems the next gold peak (which is 0.5 to 0.6 points away) is going to take at least a decade or more to achieve … meaning the M2 money velocity will be back in the 1.9 to 2.0 range in the 2028 to 2030 time frame … so the gold price has at least a decade of rising prices before it … enough time to drive it up many many fold!!

  14. jim umble

    Thanks Greg this stuff is great .To you the patriot thanks.

  15. Paul ...

    Excellent …. Dr. Janda presents a very intelligent political and economic analysis of world events in a very clear and concise manner … but Greg revealed a most crucial point … that Trump is going to get back for us the $21 trillion missing dollars that was stolen … this money can be used to instantly balance our budget … another thing Trump is working on is getting back all the Fort Knox gold that was stolen from us and put in Swiss bank accounts by thieving crooks (Rubin, Clinton, etc.) … I think what Steve Mnuchen meant when he said “the gold is safe” … was that the gold was safely in criminal Swiss bank accounts that Trump is now having shipped back to America … now that is something we can all celebrate along with the indictments of all the crooks on Trump’s Birthday (June 14) … the indictments will put the final kibosh to the immoral Hillary/Obama-nation criminal network which was a simple human trafficking, pedophile and drug operation which Dr. Janda’s scalpel is currently removing from the American body politic!

    • Paul ...

      You know … once this cancerous criminal human trafficking, pedophile and drug network is surgically removed … and the rule of law re-installed … and our National Debt paid off with RICO “takebacks” … and all our Fort Knox gold returned from Swiss banks … and our trade deficit with China reduced toward zero … all the Fed’s QE fiat paper can be re-set relative to gold [some say $5000 fiat paper dollars would be enough to buy an ounce of gold … Rickard’s says it should be more like $10,000 fiat dollars … Jim Sinclair figures so much paper has been QE’ed in the world that it will take $50,000 Fed fiat IOU’s to buy one ounce of gold] … the important thing is “to get some now” (before the Fed’s bankrupt monetary system is re-set relative to gold) … whether the US dollar is re-set five times or 10 times or 50 times higher in terms of gold the fact is the Fed created so much QE fiat out of thin air it is going to take “a lot more fiat paper” to buy an ounce of gold … and after the re-set … when we are a moral (law abiding) Nation once again … and all Satan’s demon rats are safely put away in prison … our America … the America our Founders wished for us to keep … will be back … and “We Will Be Great” once again!!

      • Paul ...

        I would like to see Christianity be Great “once again” also … today we have too many people thinking they will “be saved” by just saying the words “I believe in Jesus” … it takes more “then words” to save ones soul from eternal torment … to be “saved” … one must follow and believe in the moral principles Christ taught us and God the Father provided us in his Ten(10) Commandments! … that is what “believing in Jesus” is all about (not just saying the words “I believe in Jesus”) … it is by your actions and deeds “in this world” you get the chance by God the Father to live forever without the torment of evil deeds haunting your soul “for all eternity” … a physical place (Hell) may not exist (as the Pope may say) but your soul will be in “a Hell of your own making” by doing evil deeds on Earth … like killing children in continual wars for profit … or killing children for deviated pedophile pleasure … or killing children by giving them drugs … or killing children by sacrificing them on an alter to Baal (and drinking their blood and eating their flesh) … everyone’s soul “knows” these acts to be evil … and one’s immortal soul can never escape such foul deeds … and your immortal consciousness will live forever contemplating all the immoral despicable acts you have done in your life … that is the Hell … that evil warmongers, degenerate pedophiles, immoral drug traffickers and Satan worshipers will have to live with “for all eternity”!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember also … that God the Father is not Baal … and does not do “human sacrifice” … Christians must get this straight in their brains … Christ “was not a human sacrifice” provided by God the Father … and Jesus did not volunteer to be “a human sacrifice” … “He Was Murdered” … in direct violation of God the Father’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” … so lets stop all the Baal rituals in our Churches on Sunday’s … where we talk about Christ being A Holy “Sacrifice” … and where we teach our innocent children to eat his body and drink his blood!!

          • Andre

            Sure God the Father is not Baal. There is not Baal. Baal is a product of human imagination induced by the devil himself.

            Pope also said that Christ was killed and not laid His life as a sacrifice for our sins. Pope used phrase: “the failure of the cross”.
            This is total blasphemy.

            How about John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son that whosoever believes in Him may not perish but have everlasting life”

            the Bible teaches that Christ has life in Himself and no man can take it form Him.

            Let’s look at these verses:

            Acts 2:22 Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

            23 Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:

            24 Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it.

            The death could not prevailed over Christ. Had life in Himself: “original, un-borrowed, un-derived.”

            John 5:26 For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;

            John 10:17…………………….. I lay down my life, that I might take it again

            18 No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. (He has power over life and death).

            John 11:25 ……… I am the resurrection, and the life…………. (If He was not resurrected, it would be no hope for us).

            1John 5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

            He who has Christ in him which is sanctification by faith (hope of glory) has eternal life.

            • Robert

              Humans and their myths. That’s all I can say. Way too much religion on this blog.

              • Greg Hunter

                Funny you say that Robert. I think there are too many black hearted empty angry atheists here at times.

              • Andre

                John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
                5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

              • Occasnltrvlr

                Do you pretend that the brilliance of your own circulatory system is either an accident or a myth?

        • Andre

          Doctrine of hell isn’t Biblical. There is no hell in the Bible as everlasting torment. It is a doctrine taken from paganism (Hades) which Catholic Church absorbed. Early protestants didn’t believe in hell but protestantism has been destroyed so all accepted the doctrine of hell as many other false doctrines. Hell in Hebrew means grave where we go when we die and will be there until coming of Christ and the resurrection of the righteous. The dead are not wandering spirits. They are dead, period. “The dead know nothing” Bible says. The wicked won’t be tormented for ever for sins committed in often short life. This would be against the goodness of God. The wicked will be destroyed by the everlasting fire but once destroyed, they will be gone and memory of them will be no more. This the fire that is everlasting and not the destruction itself even so it has everlasting consequences. Christ said: “Son of man didn’t come to destroy sinner but to save them”. But He will destroy the sin and who clings to sin will be destroyed also.

          • Paul ...

            Andre … we all come from God … who was a “conscious soul” before the Big Bang … if we derive from such a God and a piece of his consciousness is within us … such will not end when we no longer have a physical body … just as God existed without a physical body … so don’t tell me the dead know nothing … it is like saying God knows nothing … and don’t tell me that once our physical body is destroyed we will be gone and our memory of this life will be no more … if we come from an immortal being and are a part of him we can never be destroyed … we are immortal beings … it has nothing to do with whether we have a physical body or not … in fact science is coming to the conclusion that all physical matter in the universe “is nothing physical” … we are all immortal spirits “right now” … and no one knows it but me??

            • Andre


              Bing Bang is a complete scientific fraud they (scientists) realize they have a problem with the theory. They still pushing it on schools and public to keep people in darkness.

              Ecclesiastes 9:5 For the living know that they shall die: but the DEAD KNOW NOT ANY THING, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

              Why Jesus had to die if we already had immortality?

              Psalm 37:38 But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off.
              39 But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord:

              Sure there there is a spiritual world.

              Rom 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

          • Charles H


            How can you begin a comment with an erroneuos statement and begin to think you can pass the rest?

            The Bible sure DOES contain the word “hell”; and fully describes it. Moreover, the Hebrew language does not define the English. To use one language to define another begins the process of semantical disparity and CONFUSION. God brought His Word into the common language of people for the people who are born to that language: period. He did NOT make it necessary to be a “scholar” to understand the Bible.
            Also – use of poetical Scripture more reveals the reflection of man’s view of death – and cannot be considered the defining context. Besides, this verse (Eccl.9:5) – what you quote is an embedded clause in the middle of the verse: and you take it out of context by stating it alone. It compares to what the verse states preceeding it: “the living know that they shall die”… This is ‘cherry-picking ‘ partial expressions. And again – your use of Luke 9:56 is totally out of context; or you quote an altered version.

            Jesus Christ said this: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28.
            “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever.” “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell gave up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.” Revelation 20: 10, 13,14.
            The doctrine of hell isn’t Biblical?!?? Go away.

            • Andre


              I never said the word Hell is not in the Bible. It is 36 or 37 time in KJV. It just means something different.
              1. Bile is not a man expression of his reflexions. It is a word of God and I believe should be taken literally.

              2. Eccl 9:5 in full version even better expresses my point of the verse
              Please notice: “For the memory of them is forgotten”;
              9:5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

              Hell mean grave in Hebrew.

              Take a look at Rev 21:8.
              They should be burned with fire which is described as “everlasting fire” or “hellfire” elsewhere. But this is the fire which is everlasting not the torment of the wicked. The wicked will be consumed. Read the last part of the verse below.

              Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

              The second death happens to the wicked after the second resurrection. The righteous are resurrected to eternal life and wicked to eternal damnation with is the second death. Please notice that death means lack of life so how someone can be alive in hell and dead at the same time?

              What does it do to the doctrine o immortality of the soul? This comes from Greek mythology and now is widely accepted in most churches.

              Besides, what hell doctrine does to the character of God? God will destroy sin and who clings to sin will be destroyed also. By no means God is vindictive if He is loving.

              • Andre

                The previous comment was for Charles H not Paul. I am sorry.

                Would like to add one more verse:

                Ezekiel 18:32 For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.

                God calls for repentance and everlasting life. Alternative is death and not life in hell. Again this is in conflict with the doctrine of immortality of soul because how would they die if they were immortal?

                • Charles H


                  The second death may mean separation from God – instead of lifelessness. The physical body dies; but the soul goes to hell in torments. As we have only in this life to realize Salvation: once in eternity – hell is before Judgment; the Lake of Fire, which is the Second Death is after. As the first death did not obliterate conscious life: the second will not either.
                  And I would AGAIN remind you that the Bible by Inspiration and Preservation is perfect in each language. You confuse meaning language to language when you look to a meaning in one language to superimpose it on another. And even commentaries inject human error.
                  I suggest that there is NO conflict toward the immortlity of the soul; and that you are stuck on defending the wrong meaning of a word.

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      Yes Paul SHOW me the gold. I mean the real gold and not some face bar!!! Because face stories is the way the USA is functioning!!!

  16. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Stunning interview. ‘One word of truth outweighs the whole world’ said Solzhenitsyn. Today’s interview provided a veritable cup spilling over with truth. THANK YOU!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rev!!

    • Pat G. Basile

      Jesus Christ himself taught us to eat his body and drink his blood in John 6. We are not to understand this as humans finite brains, but in the sense that God so loved the world that he gave His only son–sacrificial love. Peace

      • Paul ...

        Pat … the entire universe is made from God (call it his body if you will) … and to maintain physical form in this universe we consume bread and wine … but Christ did not imply that we “eat children” and “consume their blood” (as the ignorant finite human minds of pedophiles and warmongers have done to justify their murder and war “as sacrificial love”) … to love ones neighbor as our self does not mean we should kill them all and then commit suicide ourselves (of course the neocon warmongers with their “first strike nuclear policy” will do just that) … God gave to man the fruit of all the trees in the Garden “but one” (and eating our own children by constant war … drugs … poisons in the water and air is an obamanation that destroys the very foundation of life) … what Christ words was meant to convey to us … was to breathe in deeply … consume the fresh air … and drink in the pure water … in the light of the Sun that God has graciously provided to us (out of his own body if you will when he created our universe) … and to give thanks for this “physical life” God provided us “by creating more good in the world” … not more evil!!

      • Charles H

        Symbology. You DO know the word? A Symbol, a metaphor – a representation. To take this passage as literal: we would in Christ’s time be cannibals: an impossibility and incompatible to Old Testament doctrine. Beyond His time on earth – we would be stranded with no source to doso. And the Catholic Church has no hooks-pookus magic/miracle power or authority to perform such stunts. “Do this in rememberance of me” – pretty much sums it up as a simple reminder. Period.

  17. Hoser

    Dr. Dave Janda & Gregg Hunter ROCK!
    Thanx for the Podcast.

  18. Roger D

    Finally at least one step toward peace. Pray that Trump can overcome the massive inevitable resistance to peace.

  19. Mr. Walkker

    There are many, nightly, and early morning Prayer sessions taking place across the United States, with the intention and purpose of calling for Devin Intervention and assistance to stop the Lawlessness, to hold them accountable, to have them arrested, to have them prosecuted, to have them sentenced and to have them sever Justice. The world at large is getting fed up with these high ranking fools abusing and nullify the Rule of Law. It has to come to an end at least for the future of the children. We salute you Greg Hunter. Keep keeping on Brother, The world is at your feet at the people are awakening.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Mr. Walker!!!!

  20. Paul Anthony

    This is a great interview and great information. I hope all of it comes to fruition. I am praying for this country, The President Trump, and an awakening everyday. Thank you for all you do Greg and God Bless you!

    I am fairly quiet on the comments as of late but still watch every interview and this one gave me goose bumps!


  21. ivan anaconda

    Greg, I am disappointed by your omission of facts on trade and the undiplomatic behavior of Donald Trump at the G7 meeting. In particular the comment of one of his trade reps concerning the prime minister of a friendly nation :
    “There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door.”
    What a disgrace for the United States !!! Further, Trump is under the impression that he can “win” a trade war, the man has apparently no clue of the supply chains developed over the years and the economies of scale involved in international trade

    • Greg Hunter

      “undiplomatic behavior of Donald Trump”???? Why?? because he stopping the lopsided trade deals that screw the U.S. ? because Trump is exposing the Fraud of the Iran nuke deal???? It is Trudeau who should be embarrassed for what he did for the New World Order against “We the People” of the world.

    • Paul ...

      Ivan … by Iran going along with the money laundering “deal” … they were morally wrong!! … they may have figured they were “only killing Western children” by providing a drug pipeline for Afghanistan heroin … this is unacceptable … children of “every nation” in this world need to be protected … they are our human heritage … all are God’s children and of “one race” … the human race … and whether it’s drug or weapon running by Hillary or Obama or Ayatollah, etc., etc., to make a profit from killing children … it is morally wrong!!

      • Paul ...

        By Iran not putting their signature to such a deal (to facilitate the killing of children) may have been a way for them never to be blamed for it … similarly Trump won’t sign a trade deal (that facilitates the hurting of American children) to facilitate international trade … it was the morally right thing for Trump to do!

        • Greg Hunter

          No country signed the Iran nuke deal–not a single country.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Trump! He is looking out for America & putting America first, I guess you just can get your little mind around that! Why don’t you just admit it, you are a Hillary, Obama, give away American hater and probably sucking off the system while the rest of us pulls the wagon.

  22. Frederick

    I didn’t think Ross Perot was crazy In fact I voted for him because of what he said

    • Arthur Barnes

      I pulled the lever for him too, NAFTA was the reason!

    • Rich M

      I liked Ronald Reagan, Ross Perot, Ron Paul. And Donald J. Trump. Finally we got someone in again… i feel more optimistic than ever… almost as I did when I was an 18 year HS Senior in 1980…. seeing Reagan elected….. and having just turned 18 that October I got to vote for him.

      • Jodyp

        Rich, Jimmy Carter persuaded me to vote for Reagan! Best thing that Dem accomplished!

  23. Frederick

    Speaking of the marine environment I just got back from a beautiful beach on the Godiva Gulf In SW Turkey I was aghast to see the amount of plastic rubbish that was washing ashore Cleaned up maybe 400 lbs in an hour At least a few marine creatures might stand a chance Just had to do something it was such a beautiful spot otherwise

  24. Doug!! Smith

    313 prosecutors seems like an odd number. The deep state goons seem to like numerology so ! looked that up. 313 is an Angel Number. It means positive change is coming and making the world a better place. Guardian angels are watching over us and Trump. Just like the 59 missiles Trump sent to the abandoned air base in Syria he is sending a message to the globalists that Angels will conquer demons.

  25. Chip

    Wow, great interview you two… Chip

  26. Country Codger

    Great interview, great guest.
    Labor Day – 3 days
    Columbus Day – 3 days
    Christmas – 4 Days
    New Years – 4 days

    When is the period of LEAST activity in the market?
    Lo Iyrah, Greg.

    • DB Cooper

      CC, Don’t forget the 4th of July. DB

  27. Fatima message

    Another fantastic interview, thank you, thank you!
    Something – another item going on in the back ground, an item you should acknowledge – is the GSM(Grand Solar Minimum) now taking place. Scientists have named it the Eddy GSM. In your research, please pay attention to the worldwide crop failures taking place and intensifying. A major meeting of insurance actuators in 2013 that took place at Sidney outlined in great scientific detail the facts and results of this current GSM. A week or so ago, the insurance industry announced they would not sell hail insurance to US Farmers. Report available if you’re interested.
    Remember Trump put heavy tariffs on exports of agriculture products to China. China implied they would go to South America producers. But they guickly backed down. Dubyne of YouTube channel “adapt 2030” has done extensive study on worldwide crop failures. DuByne has a presentation on why China and North Korea has backed down, turned tail on nuclear production. The North Koreans are starving and China is very worried also.
    BTW. I have written an article discussing the miracle at Fatima on October 13th, 1917 an how it ties into and symbolizes the sun’s not “normal” operation now taking place in this Eddy minimum. At Fatima, the sun could be viewed with the naked eye symbolizing the lower irradiance the sun is now producing. The sun then appeared to plug towards the earth symbolizing killing all the people. The crop failures now occurring worldwide, the enhanced volcanic activity, and increase in earthquakes these solar minimums produce WILL kill millions if not trillions very soon. Have you heard of any advanced preparations taking place? DuByne explains how China is very aware of GSMs as he lives in China. Fatima was a warning to all mankind, a wake-up call! The children at Fatima told the people there to “watch the sun.” God’s warning to us all!
    Thank you, Greg

    • William Stanley

      Fatima: “Remember Trump put heavy tariffs on exports of agriculture products to China.”
      That’s not the way I remember it. I think you need to check your facts.

    • Andre

      China will only benefit from tariffs on agriculture in the long term. Main product is GM Soy beans which is toxic and causes horrendous health problems including cancers, shorten life span and infertility in 3 generation as demonstrated on rats. Chinese only use this soy beans to feet animal stocks, I guess not realizing that eventually the glyphosate (Roundup) will end on their tables anyway. Still better than Americans who volunteer to snack on it every day. China right now is investing in their own production of Soy non-GMO and soon will not need US soy. Most China is poorly populated land with subtropical or tropical climate well suited for farms.
      US destroys food supplies not only in USA but entire world by selling cheep subsidized GMO food here and abroad bankrupting third world local farmers who commit suicides by mass because they lose livelihood. This make counties dependent on US food. It is total fraud. Going on for years.
      I have doubt that the GSM will cause any problems – we already went though this in 70s-80s when NYC was supposed to freeze. Surely Christ is coming sooner and we all should get ready for Him.

      Regarding “Queen of Heaven” I could quote one verse form Jeremiah:
      This is God speaking:
      Jer 7:8 The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.

      The only time Bible talks about Queen of Heaven is when it rebukes false warship.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Your error is equating Ishtar to Theotokos.

  28. Kerry

    Mr. Hunter, it is always a great interview with Dave Janda. I was fortunate to work for Mr. Perot’s EDS, what a great time to be in Information Systems! He is a wonderful man and I enjoyed that time of my career the most. As of our current time, I believe we are about to see some mind blowing news events and revelations. There is going to be massive arrests, restructuring of segments of our government and continuous trials for months probably years. I believe some will be arrested for treason and there will be executions. As the Beatles song goes “Let It Be”.

  29. H. Craig Bradley

    Yawn, Its always been that way. So what. Money makes the World Go Round.
    Someone has to do it.

    • Paul ...

      Craig … “Someone has to do it” … sounds like the words Soros would use to justify great evil … we who abhor evil “will not take blood money” and the world “will still go around and round” … evil ones try to “bribe us to be bad” with offers of great wealth … but look to what Jesus did in the Garden … he did not take Satan’s offer of great wealth and power to rule the world (and he was murdered for not being “bad”) … just as so many people we know today who have stood up to evil and have been murdered for trying to be “good” (i.e. JFK, MLK, etc., etc.) … but we who fall in trying to make the world “a better place” are honored … by good people who will do the same … Yawn?? … isn’t “making the world a better place” the sacred goal every one of us should be striving to achieve?!!!

      • Paul ...

        The sacred goal of the the demon rats is the exact opposite of making the world a “better place for our children to live”!!

  30. K in Maryland

    Greg – amazing interview! If even half of what was talked about comes to pass, America is truly on the road to being great…. again. I’m more hopeful after listening… thank you.

  31. Gina M Mancarella

    Hey Greg, Have you heard ? Cohen is now cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. Tons of fresh meat or roadkill if you prefer. How do you spell impeachment ? You still dont think the there there is there ?

    Looks like its going to be Hillary or Kamala or Oprah in 2020. Ladies ? Support your ladies !

    Plaudits to Robert De Niro for standing up for the American people ! We can unite our people and have the power to change the world !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a fact resistant dreamer/Marxist and somebody should tell De Niro that he is an actor who impersonates tough guys on film.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … and what kind of “ladies” are you calling on to support Hillary (heroine of the transgender sociopaths)??? … the ones that have already been “de-seeded” in abortion clinics? … or perhaps the ones who gladly send their 18 year old children to die in wars designed to make the globalists richer!!

      • Paul ...

        You remind me Gina of the fact resistant moronic scientists working at Monsanto … they figure they can stop all the killing of children and thus look good in God’s eyes by simply making all women infertile!

        • Paul ...

          And it seems they have now succeeded in creating a women without a brain who will buy their seedless grapes and watermelons!

    • William Stanley

      Gina: Putting aside Hillary’s inability to walk without falling down, one has to wonder how effectively she will be able to “run” when she’s hanging by the neck from a rope.

      • Paul ...

        Good one William … you are someone with my sense of humor!!

    • Bill

      Gina Anyone who stands before a microphone and needs to use gutter words that are offensive to many is not standing up for American people. Most of us have more morals than to do such a thing.

    • Diane

      You’re welcome to vote for any of those women, Gina. Youll lose again, because. the majority of us Deplorables will re elect our President Donald J Trump!

    • Frederick

      Gina Sorry to inject alittle reality into your dream world but the Hildebeast most probably won’t make it to 2020 from what I’ve been observing

    • Donald

      “Plaudits to Robert De Niro for standing up for the American people!”

      The ONLY ones who like Robert de Niro and agree with him are those who are like him. This says everything one needs to know about ‘Gina M Mancarella’. Personally, I have never cared for Robert de Niro’s movies or his “acting”. Virtually every part he has played is that of a psychopath. A cold blooded killer or a mentally and emotionally deranged person who is only interested in himself, his greatness or revenge. To me this isn’t acting but is Robert De Niro just being himself. All he did by his recent comments (and prior ones as well) is confirm what he is. And there are many more like him.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      So glad you made it plain! Your people deserve Oprah! Godspeed!

  32. Tony denBoef

    September 30, 1938: Neville Chamberlain states “Peace in our time!” after signing an agreement with Hitler. In less than a year, WWII starts.
    June 12, 2018: Donald Trump states; ‘There is No Limit To What North Korea Can Achieve” ==> USA has been conned again. (North Korea has outsmarted the USA again)

    On Trade with Canada: USA has a small net trade surplus with Canada. This has been confirmed by the USA Department of Commerce. Donald Trump does not have the facts!

    • Paul ...

      The warmongers will always believe they are being conned into not killing more and more and more women and children!!

  33. DBCooper

    Greg and Dr. Dave, How do you spell HUGH ?? When silver goes exponential and we are millionaires (!!) we intend to donate heavily to you Greg for all you have done and all that you do. Of course I expect that you will be a millionaire at that point also … !!
    Thanks again, yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Paul ...

      Yes DB … we may become a millionaire … but it will cost half a million dollars for a car and the other half million for gas, food and rent … so we have to own “enough gold and silver” to become multi-millionaires (or like the Zimbabwe’s who needed to be trillionairs to buy a quart of milk)!!

      • DB Cooper

        Paul, I do not doubt the possibility of your post … but please let a pauper have his dream!! DB.

        • Paul ...

          Can’t help it DB … if I see the King without clothes on taking drugs and touching little children … I’m going to say something about it … even if my elders tell me to shut up and let the King have his dream!!

        • William Stanley

          DB: LOL!
          BTW, DB, there is every reason to believe that an oz. of silver will actually buy more stuff in the future than it does now.

    • Mike Lee

      Gee DB, I think you spell it HUGE.

      • DB Cooper

        Mike, My mistake and my apology. I will endeavor to never … ever … do that again !! Thanks, DB

        • William Stanley

          DB: Reminds me of the time I called someone “hair”brained rather than “hare”brained.

  34. Russ

    Awesome information Greg. Your discussion with Dave Janda was info I’ve been hearing/reading in pieces for a while now, but you tied it together so now it makes sense — an hour+16 minutes was totally justified. We’ve all been waiting for this supposed reset so long I was beginning to think it was just a myth, but your comment toward the end of the interview that the corruption & fraud needed to be cleaned up before the reset makes the long wait make sense. The reset could never have happened in a fraudulent system; what would be the point? President Trump needed to clean house first and reestablish the rule-of-law. Thanks again, great info.

  35. iwitness02

    Very encouraging interview. Hope springs eternal in the heart of man. It also helps to have some good news. Like being on the path to restoring the rule of law.
    The interview was perfectly timed. It couldn’t be any shorter.
    I hope Justin T. from Canada isn’t watching. Justin would have a bad case of eye brow envy. Greg has the goods in that department.
    Great interview Greg, and Dave.

  36. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg

    You need to do a show exposing the heads of the Globalist Satanic Snake the Rockefeller’s & Rothschild’s

  37. Jodyp

    The most important interview you’ve ever put on here, Greg. Just, WOW!

  38. foggygoggles

    Why hasn’t Iran revealed the names of those involved in the “no deal” deal?

  39. Roger P. Carpenter

    Take Rothschild s, Rockefellers and Soros families to Gitmo. Dispatch Obamas and Clinton’s to Gitmo also for extended stay, say 50 years, they can all sing bye bye miss American pie!

    • Roger D

      No argument from me. They are all traitors and/or evil enemies. But first we need to declare our independence. By doing so we must put OUR ‘skin in the game’. The Republican’s NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. What did we do. Jack! Sadly so-called ‘patriots’ are content with Trump putting his skin (and his loved ones) in the game and sitting at their keyboards preaching false hope in a political solution.

      And interview with Matt Bracken could bring that alternate view .

  40. Lake M


    In your discussion with Dr Janda on regarding the Benghazi incident, I remember
    back after Quadaffi was killed, anarchy spread throughout Libya and government
    weapon caches were looted and that the US was trying to buy up stolen weaponry, especially the manpad missiles that can be used to shoot at airliners, fearing they would end up in the hands of terrorists. I think the reward was $20,000 for each. Perhaps this was the cover story When Chris Stevens was killed, I remember thinking he was covertly involved in the weapons purchasing. He was just another expendable to Hillary. Then later, it came out that Deep State agents were buying up equipment to equip ISIS groups in Syria, our supposed enemy.

    Regarding the twin suicides this past week. The Clinton/Weinstein connection discussed by Dr Janda brings new light into what may have happened. No punishment is too great
    for the Clintons. The manifestation of evil within this group of elites is so deplorable. I think many Americans have a hard time believing this level of pedophilia is a reality.
    Looks like it is.

  41. Mike

    So canada exports tons of vehicles to the usa.. bs. I’m in canada and my truck bought in canada was built in Mexico!

    • William Stanley

      Mike: As soon as Canada’s wages fall to or below Mexican levels that will change. Just hang on.

  42. John

    Maybe Trey Gowdy is trying to stay off of the trail of body’s that are somehow left behind the Clinton ‘s

  43. Rapid

    The financial RESET , beginning this Thursday or Friday ?

  44. andyb

    The exposure of, and prosecutions for FBI-gate, the Clintons and numerous other deep state folks rests on one man getting the ball rolling; Jeff Sessions. If it is true that 100s of prosecutors have been hired, then I’m hopeful. The question remains: will some just be scapegoated (McCabe, Comey) and actually serve time, or will there just be slaps on the wrist (loss of pension and law license)? Over the past 50 years, there have been too many issues swept under the proverbial rug such that it now resembles a cloaked dinosaur. We have been lied to and manipulated for so long, beginning with the Kennedy and King assassinations to the faked moon landing to the numerous terrorism false flags OKC, 9/11, and gun control ops (Sandy Hook, Pulse, and most recently Mandalay Bay).
    Hopefully the Rule of Law will return, but it may take a total financial and social reset, including a truly free press and internet providers. Until then, cross your fingers.

  45. Julia

    Thank you from letting this interview run longer than normal. I have read several places that President Trump has recovered some stolen gold and approx 21 trillion $ stolen from the people. That he is going to end the Federal Reserve (which I hope happens), IMF and another institution. I like you am disappointed in Trey Gowdy.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia and me too on Gowdy.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, Trey Gowdy sure let me down, frankly I think someone got to the prior prosecutor of the law. The question remains if so, who got to him and what leverage did they use? I think we know the why!

    • Paul ...

      Gowdy turned out to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing!!

      • William Stanley

        Well said, Paul.

    • Charles H


      I heard that from Dr. Jim Willie – but no confirmation to this yet.

      • Julia

        That is where I heard it, Time will tell.

  46. Bob Canada

    Wow. Over the top with this one.

    Like a giant game of connect the dots. Can’t find this anywhere else in the media.

    Your northern neighbors watch with great interest and prayers.

    Thank you Greg

  47. Ray Price

    Greg, One of the best interviews I have heard, Dr Janda is truly a national treasure with guts and the same goes for you. I kept thinking that finally the truth is coming out about the treason these people have committed. I just hope they pay dearly for all the destruction they have caused.

  48. Dan

    JFK was exposing the corruption of the CIA and Federal Reserve. The deep state aka warren commission did the biggest cover up.. Now President Trump is on the same crusade will they attempt to remove him ?

    • Paul ...

      They are attempting … but Trump is on his guard and learned a valuable lesson from the treason committed with the JFK murder!!

  49. Jerry

    I love all these positive vibes concerning a global curreny reset.

    The reset is coming for sure. Whether Dr. Dave and Greg are right about a positive outcome, or whether it will be a total gut punch is open for debate. I cant speak for Greg, but historically it’s always been every man for himself when nutt cutting time comes. Outside of Christian values most people are to selfish to share anything.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Ah yes, the GCR. Coming just before or after the Global Coastal Event.

      “Positive vibes”, indeed.

  50. James Brown

    Greg, thank you for another great interview. You guys talked about the “missing” $20 trillion (or whatever it is). That money is somewhere and whoever has it will spend it when they need to spend it (that might cause the inflation that Peter Schiff talks about). When the people holding dollars lose confidence in those dollars, or, when they are broke and they need to spend those dollars, all those dollars, from all over the world, will come back to our shores. The word “tsunami” just came to mind. God bless you brother.

    • Bill

      James Brown;
      There are those who say the trillions have already been spent by the deepstate, buying guns, ammo, and fighters. Given to them by Obama and brennen

      • Paul ...

        Spent or unspent Trump is going to “claw back” the $21 Trillion from the crooks that stole it “using the RICO laws” … and then pay off our National Debt with the money!!

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Now,THAT’S funny!

  51. This sceptred Isle

    Congratulations on being awarded the Football World Cup North America!

    • William Stanley

      TSI: Yes, quite an insult from the Globalists. “Soccer” isn’t even a proper American game. The USA is now left with no option but to annex Canada and Mexico for the duration of the games (and to make Canada and Mexico pay for it all).

      • This sceptred Isle

        I did wonder if it was a precursor for a North American state.

      • Paul ...

        Yes William … and once we bring back our troops from N. Korea to put on our southern border … and bring back our troops from Germany to put on on northern border … the annexation will be an easy matter “if they don’t pay up”! LOL!!

        • Paul ...

          Hope the globalists don’t take my tongue in cheek humor seriously … I bet they would just love to get their hands on Mexican silver and Canadian oil resources!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Thank you, no, hardly any honor in 90 minutes of foreplay.

  52. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I think rocket man got the message, disarm or get bombed. He chose the right path & I am sure in 5 hours of talks Trump made it clear that he better start moving some elbows and assholes in his promise of disarming his nukes.

  53. Chet

    That was absolutely amazing (grace).
    Thank you

  54. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Trump will now turn his attention to the unsigned & bribery Iran deal, Trump made a comment that Iran is already backing down on many things and that a new “deal” will probably take effect; we can only hope. To Iran: You owe us the money back, you owe us for the taking of our hostages in 1979, you owe Israel for the killing of thousands through you host Hamas, you owe and owe and owe. Hopefully, out President is starting the collection process!

  55. John P Haydu

    The agreement said ‘they want to FORGET the past & build a new FUTURE!’
    They may not see the need to have an armistice agreement right away.
    Let the two cultures have a chance to get use to each other before trying to finalize anything like that,imo. FREE

  56. Mike R

    With all the victories Trump is having, our (us small people in the US as honest citizens) biggest concern should now be the Deep State, or Globalists, inducing Trump into a trigger for World War III.

    In otherwords, they’ll want to create a false flag, that is so horrible, he will have no choice but to launch military strikes, that will be provocative enough to induce an enemy to strike back against us.

    So then they can paint Trump as having caused the POTENTIAL of WWIII, and thusly have congress impeach him.

    If Janda is right, about all these sources, and their info., then my view is that its pretty much a given that the Deep State (or Globalists) will stop at nothing to get him out of office.

    The Deep state plays dirty, they live dirty, they want to retain power, and retain their wealth, and Trump is a massive threat to that. Knowledge and truth of their dirty doings is a massive threat to them.

    Watch for a number of Trump’s internal allies, suddenly getting put off to the way side in dirty fashion beyond Kudlow’s heart attack (i.e. Sessions has ‘cancer’ and needs to depart for health reasons. Guiliani, suddenly has ‘respiratory issues’, and on and on.) They are going to go after his ‘team.’ (and already have been through Mueller – i.e. Cohen). But escalate that even more after June 14th. They are going to make it ‘personal’ and go after Ivanka somehow, Melania perhaps, maybe even dare say Baron.

    That is my biggest fear. It should be all of ours. Pray for Trump !

    • flattop

      Mike R
      You might be right one some things, but I can assure you that if you attack Trumps children or his wife, you got big problems on your hands. There will not be immediate response of such things, but rest assured they will pay.. Keep your eye on Samantha B in the next few months

  57. Mike R

    Speaking of ‘money laundering’….
    Bitcoin has plumbed new lows for the year. And barely anyone in the news has noticed.

    Too funny. This piece of crap is not even making news anymore, good or bad. $5000 is next stop, on to $4000, then $3000 and so on.

    The chart of Bitcoin is classic head and shoulders, about to become the worthless pig its always been.

  58. al

    Dr. Janda is fearless and courageous and so are you.

    A reset was talked about by the IMF on Jan 2014, it hasn’t happened yet, why? It was assumed at the time that the elite were fearful of its repercussions. It has been 4 years and all they do is throw money at any financial hiccup. Apparently as long as they can print and the World accepts their fiat trash, this charade will keep going on for years more.
    I’m looking for key people to be publicly tried and jailed. I’m looking for the lame stream media to be eradicated.
    Look at what happened today, the CFTC found precious metal manipulation… YET AGAIN.. but no one goes to jail.
    When you see key people in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs, that’s when the reset will occur, anything before that is a pipe dream. Sorry.

    Thank you for having Dr. Janda on again, he’s a powerhouse.

    PS: As far as De Niro goes, he’s a hack. Put him in a room with a real man (not the TV pansies) and he will literally cry like a baby. As an Italian I say he’s a disgrace to Italians. “F’k De Niro!” and “Fk the MSM”

    • Paul ...

      And Fk all the demons of Satan … these diabolical monsters are after our children … and want to rape and kill them every chance they get!! … to make it easier for these monsters to cope with their evil deeds after they die … they put out a warning to all mothers after 10 PM … “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” !! … and that makes the evil pedophiles sleep better at night with your child in their bed!!

  59. tom

    Get ready. In order for there to be widespread arrests involving the Clintons, Obamas and their underlings; we must first suffer riots. These evil people will not go down without a fight. Their allies on the View and the MSM will tell the people lies to rile them to a frenzy. Trumps actions will be portrayed as Nazi acts. It could get way out of control to the point of civil war. Unfortunately we have no choice but to go thru this. I am just saying to be ready. Be prepared. You may not be able to leave your house for extended periods of time.

  60. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Great interview. No need to apologize for the length. About that confrontational photo from G7, it appears to have been overplayed by the media to mislead. There’s a second photo getting a little attention on Twitter that was apparently taken moments later that looks much friendlier. Hopefully you can see both for comparison at this link.

  61. susan

    Thank you for this most informative interview! I pray everyday this all comes to fruition. However, I still have doubts about Sessions. He doesn’t seem to be protecting our president as he should. Hopefully, that will all get cleared up.

  62. Peter from the Netherlands

    Please Greg: you said: People are going to jail.

    There is no RULE OF LAW in the USA. Sorry fake: there is a so called rule of law for 90% of the Americans and especial for the black people.
    No you must be ashamed!!!

    Put at first these people in jail: Powell, Clintons, Obama and many, many more.

    • Greg Hunter

      You must consider that black people are way over represented in crime becausen they commit mo0re crime according to FBI statiscicts.


      • Charles H

        This Peter guy is just slinging as much mud as he can dig up. Problem is – he is wrong in about 95% of it. And to try to point-out problems in other people’s lives, without fixing your own: is hypocrisy – and that shoots-down even the author.

  63. Solomon

    Silly Willy and the Hildabeast will have an accident, be Arkancided, be claimed to be medically incompetent before they are brought before the bar, dressed in orange suits and chains as they are prep walked up tall stair of a high gallows. Most of the their crimes will never be on public display for “the common good”.

  64. Monty's Python
    Alex Jones Apologizes To Dennis Rodman

  65. flattop

    This morning, 14 june, I heard a modern day prophet declare that the Republicans will gain 9 seats in the Senate, and will keep control of the House.
    Hope this guy was really hearing from God

  66. Andre

    Great interview with Dave Janda. Thank you.
    The gold of the world off limits and is probably in the City of London – the Inner City govern by the Crown – private corporation used to be owned by Knights Templars and now by Jesuit order. History go back to King Henry II when he was excommunicated and subsequently was forced to surrender all he had in a contract that England broke. They also own all Crown lands around the world including USA. They own Royal family as well. This is the only sovereign state in the world only subject to Vatican but can overrule Vatican. Jesuits are a military order run by the Superior General – now Father Adolfo Nicolás. The Black Pope.

  67. Andre

    Correction: the current Superior General is Arturo Sosa.
    One more link:
    To understand their tactic one needs to read “The Art of War” which was not authored by Sun Tzu but by a Jesuit advisor to Chinese emperor. I don’t remember his name at the moment. If you read the book carefully, you will see that the general described in the book cannot be actual military man but a spiritual general who will always remain unknown and in the shadows.
    Look also for Jesuit’s oath.

  68. Loren

    Dear Greg,
    I think Trey Gowdy’s behavior can be explained fairly logically. First of all, he is still a politician and they always look after themselves first. He is retiring and is clearly positioning himself for his next career, probably seeking a Director or Deputy Director of one of the Intelligence agencies, a high level Federal Prosecutor, or even a high level Judgeship. He is getting back to the middle at this point to not antagonize the inner people in these Organizations.
    His timing is what is confusing. I think there are three possibilities.
    First, he may be padding his position in case Trump does not get re-elected and he can look like a good, fair, middle ground guy.
    Second, he may think that Trump has everything well in hand, that the whole process of revealing the scandals in the Justice and Intelligence Departments now has a life of its own and that will proceed to fair completion, not needing his efforts anymore, and again getting back to middle ground to protect his ambitions for his next job.
    A third possibility is as Dr. Janda said, he may be dirty, and the recipient of numerous leaks from within the Intelligence agencies and might want to keep his antagonism at the lowest level possible so they won’t give him up when it all hits the fan.

  69. Mike R



    • Greg Hunter

      You do not know what you are talking about Mike.

  70. Mark

    Greg and Dave, thank you!
    Greg, I am so grateful for the fact that you went beyond your usual time constraint and settled into a very useful and informative back and forth exchange with Dave.
    As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with all who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified of His Son, (1 John 5:10-13) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7), and “Christ in us is the hope of glory Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full grown in Christ” (Col.1:27-28) because “Great is the mystery of godliness Who was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, believed on in the world and taken up in glory” (1Tim.3:16) and John 3:16 IS FOR 1Tim.3:16!!!!

  71. Dan Shalom

    Good interview Greg. I just hope these traitorous liberals are brought to justice. So good interview and I have only listened to the first 45 minutes

    • Greg Hunter

      Hate to tell you this Dan but there are Republicans selling out America too.

      • Dan Shalom

        Oh, I am aware of that. But I refer to “REAL” republicans, not democrats who run as republicans just because that is the only way they can get elected in their districts. And of course even once “good” people can fall prey to the lures of the swamp over time. It’s why I think Lott and his family were taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah when they were. They were already indifferent to the base degradation of morals and like the frog in boiling water, gotten used to it. The next step could have been joining in on it.

  72. Daniel Mueller

    Greg, This interview was the most leading edge, informative, best I think I ever saw. We need more of these from the both of you together especially in the coming months as events unfold. You are one of the good guys,stay safe and God Bless. Dan

  73. Danny

    Dave is your most interesting and cogent guest. But you both are dreaming if you think the establishment will ever prosecute members of its club. One trick pony Sessions hired prosecutors for immigration only. Huber is just for show. Sad but true.

  74. Mark Langston

    The various criminal globalist network that Janda describes in this interview actually sounds a lot like a modern-day version of SPECTRE, if it weren’t so incompetent that is. Of course, that only means that the real master network behind the layers of corruption being exposed is even further behind the scenes, and so well insulated that we will never see it rooted out until the end of the Tribulation. In the meantime, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Blofeld” (whoever that may be) order Hillary Clinton to be silenced and her carcass dumped in some landfill for stray dogs to feed upon.

  75. Dan

    If Dr. Janda thinks that corruption in our government is at an all time high, just what did he think was going on back in 1913 when the federal reserve act was rammed up our butts ?

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