Biggest Bubbles in History-Stocks, Bonds, Dollar-Paul Craig Roberts

1By Greg Hunter’s 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “I think we have three of the biggest bubbles in history.  The bond market, stock market and the U.S. dollar . . . and something is going to go.”  Roberts thinks, “This is possibly one of the riskiest years in Western civilization.”  When it comes to recent revelations about the extensive use of drones to kill terrorists, both foreign and domestic, Dr. Roberts says, “It’s not just unconstitutional, murder is illegal.”  When it comes to drone strikes on U.S. citizens suspected of terror, everyone should be concerned.  Roberts says, “Now, the principle is if the government says you are guilty, you are—period.  No evidence is needed for your termination.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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  1. Paul


    Your video cuts off just when Craig Roberts discusses the three bubbles. I was eager to hear it. Can you upload it to your site?

    • Greg

      So sorry, it was fine when I looked at it.

  2. Rebecca

    Powerful interview. Mr. Roberts’ boldness to “speak the truth” will hopefully help to embolden the rest of us to speak out. His credibility and status elevate the truth (that our government is metamorphosing into a Police State led by a dictatorial executive branch) above the conspiracy label stamped on it by MSM.

    It would seem this metamorphosis has been happening under the past three presidents, howbeit, at such a slow pace that it was not noticeable until George W. Bush. Under Obama the pace has quickened to the point that one is astounded at the speed at which the Constitution is being made powerless – and the people with it.

    It would be helpful, Greg, if you could find someone to interview who has the Constitutional expertise to advise your listeners on how we can stand up to what is happening. Have we any recourse?

    Or, has the state of affairs degenerated to such a point that We the People are left with only two options: Lay down and be trampled over; or, Fight back and die? It is an overused adage, but it true: Freedom is not free.

    We the People have relinquished our rights for security.
    Our Congressional leaders have done the same.
    They still have Power. The people’s power is being stripped day by day, but Congress still has a little power yet. Why do they not use it?
    Is it a case of, Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?
    And, sadly, none is without sin?

    It would seem clear that this is the door the United States stands knocking at:
    “When they say, ‘Peace and security,’
    then sudden destruction comes on them,
    like labor pains come on a pregnant woman –
    and they will not escape.” 1 Thessalonian 5:3

    • Rebecca

      If we will not stand up for our own cause,
      let us have courage to stand up and fight for the sake of our children and grandchildren. May we not sell them into bondage.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and support.


    Greetings Greg & Patrons Of et al:

    My first initial introduction to Dr. Roberts was through The American FREE Press, as a contributor of articles to their message of concerns about OUR country. Patrons might like to look them up on the internet & subscribe. They too are a non partison, patriotic organization needing OUR support.
    Thanks Greg for working hard to support everyone’s concerns to recapture OUR country which would free US from being the Dispossed Majority as we now find outselves under the Police State policies dictating OUR lives. We apprecite having OUR condition more refinely defined by your efforts to interview such notable persons as Dr. Roberts etc.


    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  4. Peter Nak

    The issues Dr. Roberts brings up are extremely serious and concerning; it is difficult to acknowledge that the gift of American Liberty has truly been usurped by depraved, evil and deceptive men and women. Sobering.

    Greg, much thanks for slapping us upside the head to remind us of the bitter reality of our situation – nothing will change unless enough people are educated and subsequently committed to action. I fear we have gone past the tipping point although I’d prefer to believe otherwise. Then again, with most of the population being spoon fed trivial matters such as celebrity fashion along with lies about legal and economic issues I have to be realistic with my hope. Most have been trained to believe any promulgation from the “authorities” without question. The aware and awake will be demonized and persecuted by the obedient and ignorant masses led by the psychopaths in charge.

    I’m trying to maintain some hope for a brighter future but it’s getting harder each day. Still, as Patrick Henry once said “Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in here.

  5. therooster

    We don’t have a monetary problem in so much as we have a marketing challenge. Implementation and rate of change to the monetary system must be governed by the market, bottom-up and organically for the sake of rate-of-change. This process is invisible to most but may shed some light on the current elite role of “carrying the stick” of inflation. Classical debt-free store of value has now been “married” with instant global liquidity … in REAL-TIME. The FIXED dollar-gold peg ($35/oz) had to be severed to reintroduce gold as a fully liquid currency with real-time valuations. REAL-TIME applications now “carry some WEIGHT”.

  6. Jim


    Nice interview with Dr. Robers. When you have people like this on, could you ask them what if anything we can do to protect ourselves and to help us through the tough times they see coming?

    Thanks for all you effort.


    • Greg

      The short answer is gold, silver, food and lead.

    • m

      Stock up on food, drink and supplies when they go on sale. If you find a Buy One, Get One Free Sale, buy 20 instead of one. Hide it from thieves and the food police.

      There is no such thing as too much food.

  7. AndyB

    Greg: another excellent truth teller but, for a majority of the population, his labelling of Obama as a dictator (whether de facto or de jure matters little), will fail to resonate. Eventually when the music stops, the have-nots will revolt against the haves, and not the government, the true provider of all the pain and suffering that will occur. We are all being purposely set up for this outcome; “actual” class warfare. Meanwhile, the elites and the political class will be safely esconced in fortified bunkers (like the city under the new Denver Airport) if they can get out of Dodge fast enough.

    • Greg

      Andy B,
      I hope the doors in the underground city are welded shut for ever.

  8. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Dr Roberts and Greg Hunter, another great interview from a perspective that we don’t hear on the MSM…. Greg, one question that keeps entering my mind is …”What is the government preparing for?” It seems that they know something is coming but will not tell the American people. I wonder if it is the economic collapse and WW3 in one package to keep the people occupied and united. I have been thinking and this is the only way to unite the American people as austerity hits the proverbial fan.

    • Greg

      Mitch Bupp,
      They have to know what we on this site know. There is no way they do not.

  9. art barnes

    I understand the argument of the good doctor as to American citizens, but in some defense of the policy aren’t the victims sworn enemies who have publicly announced that they are at war with the United States? If so, isn’t it just to kill sworn enemies who you are at war with? I don’t remember giving Hitler’s troops trial before attacking them on the battle field. I’m sure I may be missing the point, but clearly Bin Laden and his gang of brothers don’t need trial in order to be targeted do they? Maybe what the United States needs to do is have Congress pass a Declaration of War against those groups at large, would that make it legal, ethical, or constitutional in your mind Greg?

    As to Dr. Roberts bubble statements he is right on as usual. Jobless recovery on the dollar, bonds, & Wall Street can’t be sustained. “Eventually something has to go” is an understatement. I also agree that spending cuts won’t change the outcome, that statement is profound. I’m beginning to see the the cliff now and, yes, 2013 is going to be tumultuous. Thanks for the interview.

    • Greg

      Art Barnes,
      Attacking troops on a battlefield in a country you have a declared war is something totally different than attacking countries where we are not at war. I also think drone strikes create a thousand new terrorists for every one that is killed. It is very bad policy. Remember this is done in secret by presidential order with zero oversight. At the very least we should not target U.S. citizens without due process. You cannot cherry pick the Constitution in my mind. Thank you for weighing in here.

      • Chip

        Couldn’t agree more Greg. And the collateral damage that occurs with drone strikes in a country we are not at war with? Innocent civilians in harms way. Obama has replaced water boarding with assassination…

      • art barnes

        My question was not answered in my mind, what if Congress declared war on the terrorist groups, without war on the country they are in because that country has not granted then sanctuary, would that be enough in your mind to provide due process to target the terrorist, it certainly would put them on notice to cease the war and sue for peace. In my mind that is what is needed, the terrorist have declared Holy War on us, why not formally declare war on them and then go get them where ever they are. Seems logical, ethical, and a real debate since only Congress can declare war. I do agree with you that the present policy could and probably does make more of the terrorist with each strike, but come on, terrorist groups can’t have their cake and eat it too, declare war and hide out in a foreign country waiting to strike again without repercussions. I wonder what our founding fathers would say about such tactics.

        • Heather

          Art – with all due respect you should read John Perkin’s book “Confessions on an Economic Hit Man.” Many of the “terrorists” you speak about are created by design by those that want to take over other countries who have resources we need i.e., oil, minerals, water, gold, etc. The reason we’re in Mali now is for the gold, not for the “humanitarian” reasons.

          Everyone should read this book or search for John’s interviews online. Our government and mainstream media are lying to us about who most of the “terrorists” are.

    • Wayne

      Art……thanks to great sites like this we’re all in the process of trying to piece this puzzle together and if you check into ‘Senate Report 93-549, The Trading With the Enemies Act & the significance of March 9, 1933 you’ll find info that’ll help you answer your own questions.

  10. ncdirtdigger


    Where to run, where to hide? Where does one turn when the lights have gone out in the shining city on the hill?

  11. LGC

    Dr. Roberts speaks plain english and is easily understood. What is disturbing is the total lack of responce to a real conundrum when it comes to public outrage about the government operating outside the law. The only question remaining is when will the general populace become totally lawless. Another great interview Greg.

    • Greg

      I think I saw tears coming from the face of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor. Sad state we find our great nation in today.

  12. Rod

    Greg, This was the best of the best! Dr. Roberts is intelligent, well spoken and most of all truthful about the state of America. Everyone needs to see this video. Our country is burning while Washington fiddles. Thanks

    • Greg

      Thank you Rod. Feel free to pass along a link or embed it on Facebook.

  13. hbeachrealist

    When these bubbles burst, get ready for the new bubble: GOLD and SILVER! It is obvious! Google headman Eric Schmidt is selling his stock. I bet he is getting his gold and silver!

  14. Chip

    Great interview again Greg. PCR is a very smart man. Thanks for asking him for the economic thumbnail sketch. Very telling answers.

    OT, did you used to be a reporter with one of the networks?

    • Greg

      Yes, for ABC and CNN. I did investigative work. Here’s more if you are interested:

      • Chip

        Read it thanks. Keep up the good work…

  15. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    My only observation is – when a man of the stature of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts assigns the term “Obama regime” ; and likens the president to prominent, notorious dictators: you can’t write-off the importance of such statements. Apart from being a part of a Republican administration – this is not simply a lashing-out at the ‘other side’ as some will surely claim: this is a watershed expression from a patriot who can no longer hold back from the abuses that are being seen. Clearly, this fine man has been pushed beyond giving advice – to standing on principle and delivering a stern warning. God bless him. And God help all those who turn a deaf ear toward his sure voice. And our thanks to you too, Greg.

    • Greg

      Charles H.
      Thank you for your comment.

  16. Troy

    God Bless America, they hate us for our freedom. Don’t let them win, go out and shop ;)!

    Paul Craig Roberts, seems to be a rational intelligent think person to me.
    Thank You Greg for having him on.

    Economic Collapse

  17. rich

    We the People, are currently embroiled in an emotionally charged debate with respect to a citizen’s right to bear arms. The Second Amendment to the Constitution provides that right. Both Mr. Wright and I have diligently sought to educate ourselves with respect to the background, intent and purpose of the Second Amendment. Our research has yet to find any mention in the historical accounts of our founding fathers wherein anything other than protection of life and property is identified. That is to say, there is no mention whatsoever of a citizen’s right to bear arms for the purpose of hunting.

    In the Bill of Rights, taken as the prime rights of our citizenry, the Third Amendment is significantly overlooked as an antiquated inclusion to the Constitution which has no bearing in our post-revolutionary society. Read the subheading above once again. Now consider we are living in a time of advanced technological capabilities. We have a government which has been involved with selling guns to criminals at or across our border. The Fast and Furious fiasco has never been adequately explained and is relegated to the darkened confines of political chicanery.

    We now learn that our government has somehow found the legal wherewithal to justify the killing of humans by means of drone armament, to include the killing of United States citizens. If this does not scare the hell out of you, I shudder to think what scenario would get your attention.

    You may think that it will never happen whereby government officials and/or military personnel will kick in your front door, rampage your property and incarcerate you and your family. You may say there must be a legally obtained warrant. I assure you the ostrich would make a great pet for you. Is it possible to be incarcerated without due process? You damn right it is! As it stands right now the government, using they nonspecific criteria, can murder you using drones.

    • jc

      Rich: Great, Great, Great, posting. Thank you.

  18. carlosdewolfe

    Great Interview Greg! Dr Roberts is a credentialed expert and when all he can do is laugh/chortle at the Obama dictatorship, you have to realize it is game over. The police state is here and I am thankful for every post and interview you have on here as I think the days of “freedom” on the internet are numbered. I think the real issue is that NO ONE has really any idea what to expect at this stage of the game and you just can’t prepare enough or have enough contingencies. What’s really frightening is that ALL of the experts you interview on this site are pretty much in agreement! The sky is falling chicken little.

  19. yugosno


  20. Herb

    I expected a repeat of the doom and gloom economic prognostications that characterize many of your interviews. And I got it. But I didn’t expect Dr. Robert’s comments on the “police state.”

    Those of us who catch every one of your interviews know that we can expect social upheaval when the inflation/dollar bomb hits. That’s bad enough. But to have police state policies in place to deal with the coming crisis is chilling indeed.

  21. robert heartland

    What I have wanted to know is will America survive this horror of a financial collapse and find our way back to sanity or will we descend into a dictatorship/police state with the heavy hand of corporate control? Is it a done deal? Have our congress and senate completely sold us out? I think Obama has. Where do the congress and senate plan on living from here on out? Where will they be safe? Or are they only concerned about their money and political future? Are they that pathetic and narrow minded? Will the military turn on us? Then they had better bring plenty of body bags. Both for the American people and themselves. When they are killed they will be without a country that cares about them or for them. Their bodies will be spat upon and urinated upon and put in mass unmarked graves and forgotten. Do or will they understand what they do? One thing I’m certain of. The crash is coming and the Gates of Hell will open wide. This is how civilizations die,in madness and a sea of blood. I do see others who understand what is coming but they are not well organized and are few in number and are probably on a list to be picked up early on by the government and taken to where they can be neutralized without the public noticing what is going on. This is why we are all being spied upon in America. WE THE PEOPLE are now WE THE ENEMY. Truth is lies and lies are truth. Truth will be what the government says it is,or else.

  22. Rebecca

    Greg, as a professional and seasoned reporter, maybe you are the one qualified to answer this question:

    Corrupt deeds in past administrations have, at some point in future time, been revealed through the news media. It may take decades for the truth to come to the surface and be known, but eventually it has become known. Will truth about these days and what the government has/is doing, ever surface?

    Or will truth be tied to a cement block and dropped to bottom of the “sea of forgetfulness”?

    Does not knowledge (of liberty and freedom and rights) have to be erased in order for future generations living under tyranny to be content and live orderly lives?

    Isn’t – wasn’t that the USA’s beacon to the world — Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, where opportunity can be found, and freedom enjoyed? That knowledge drew immigrants here to escape oppression in the Old Country.

    As America’s Freedom dims, doesn’t government have to get rid of the evidence (history) that there was used to be freedom? Is that why the history books are being rewritten? Will the news media ever reveal the truth about these dark days?

    When the collapse comes, when the Police State shows itself for what it truly is — will MSM be a propaganda tool for the government — or will they finally wake up themselves and be a light for truth?

    • Greg

      You asked, “Will truth about these days and what the government has/is doing, ever surface?” Much will be written about this time because this is the set up for a major paradigm change that only comes along every 3n or 4 hundred years. The changes will be profound and disastrous for most on the planet. The money printing and debt in unparalleled in human history. You mist always choose the light. Everything good dies in darkness.

      • Rebecca

        Profound, indeed, Greg.
        “Everything good dies in darkness.”

        That is the truth.

  23. Nichole

    It seems to those of us bright enough to see the crisis should just get on the boat like our ancestors did in search of a new land to explore? Why sit around worrying about what will happen next year or the year after? Perhaps, we could spend our energy planning our lives somewhere else? Somewhere we are not forced to pledge allegiance to some villainous dictator handing out psychotics to the free loader society. You know the ones that are just stupid enough to smile as they give up their rights while the swat teams line them up for the long train ride. Oh I know maybe those drones will come in handy here on our own soil one day? It is pretty clear to me what the USA has in store for me if I stay.

    There is simply no reason to protest against a rogue government that can “ethically” beat you and imprison you.

    Millennial Perspective 2013

  24. Ed

    We have only one option left……we need to DU!P EACH and EVERY incumbent inning for reelection in 2014. We also need to become EXTREMELY active at a grass roots level to get REGULR citizens elected…….NO MORE attorneys……no more career politicians. This is OUR country and we MUDT TAKE IT BACKNOW!!!!!!!!!!
    We have no time to spare.

  25. Lewis Forro

    Re: Mr. Roberts’s quote regarding drone killings of terroritsts: “It’s not just unconstitutional, murder is illegal” is mostly nonsense. For a better understanding of the president’s authority to kill terrorists, including Americans helping terrorists read this article Andrew McCarthy who knows far more about the laws of war than Mr. Roberts:

    If your to busy read this all you really need to know is this quote from the article:

    “When hostilities rage, “our values” include the laws of war. Under them, enemy combatants may lawfully be killed, captured, and detained without trial, or tried by military commission.
    That goes for American enemy combatants, too — continued foot-stamping to the contrary from progressives and libertarians notwithstanding. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that American citizens who fight for the enemy may be treated like the enemy.”

    Lewis Forro
    Virginia Beach, VA

    • Greg

      Last I checked we were not at war in Yemen or Pakistan. Murder by drone is completely unconstitutional and there is now way to get around that unless we declare war in every corner in the world. Hey, what’s the difference between killing by drone or sniper? Range. I read this from and it is a great quote.

  26. NorCar Survivor

    Christopher Dorner is destined to die by drone because of the information he has on the LAPD. First opportunity for Obama to show how serious he is about killing with drones those marked as terrorist by the government.

    • Greg

      To be fair Dorner gunned down two police officers NOT from the LAPD sitting in their car. You cannot think that is right.

      • NorCar Survivor

        Oh no. Dorner is a criminal and deserves to be apprehended and prosecuted, according to the law, but the reward offered for his information seems high for what he has done. The reward for the DC sniper never got above $500,000 and they were killing civilians and were loose for a long time. I’m just saying that there seems to be more to this than is being reported. I thought the drone involvement was an interesting side bar to this story.

        • Greg

          Happy we agree NC! You are probably right there is more to the story.


  27. NorCar Survivor

    please like my post at
    I re-post your stuff all the time.

  28. justin king

    I left Sausalito for Australia in 1987 to escape./// Ronald Reagan was being “RUN” by Donald Regan (ex-CEO, Merrill-Lynch)from 1981-87. Now I get to play-out the movie “ON THE BEACH”.- Wonderful.// There’s just no escaping greed and stupidity in this modern, overpopulated world.

  29. Ken Chiarella

    Fantastic interview, Greg! I would add that The Fed has also succeeded in inflating the real estate bubble. There is only one way out of this mess and that is to inflate away the debt. The government can’t tax us enough to right this sinking ship. At a minimum we are looking at major inflation coming soon. Unfortunately I think it will be much worse than this.

    What can we do? The government isn’t listening and there aren’t enough voices speaking for the people who can clearly see what’s going on. Try talking to the average person on the street about what’s going on. They may agree that something isn’t right but they just don’t seem to grasp the severity of what is upon us. I don’t know if it is denial, fear or stupidity. Stock up!

    • Greg

      In the area where my mom is bankers are buying farm ground. What does that tell you. If Federal reserve Notes were such a great investment why wouldn’t a banker hold them instead of land? I think you know why. Thank you for your comment.

  30. frosty


    This is a good interview with Paul Roberts. It is somewhat puzzling to know that there are other good men like him still serving in government, yet nothing changes and we continue to accelerate down the slippery slope into tyranny.

    For things to change, we need to do more than make observations and provide comments on how current affairs are so drastically changing our nation. This is analogous to watching our house burn down while simply commenting on the noise of the roof caving in or on the color and intensity of the burning flames.

    What we people need to realize is that the fire burning through our nation has been intentionally set by a power elite who believe they have the divine right to commandeer total control of earth’s humanity and all of its resources. A religious (Lucifarian) agenda is being implemented to establish a worldwide system that combines the most extreme aspects of communism and fascism supported through a control mechanism of nightmarish Qrwellian technocracy.

    Our American system of individual liberty, freedom and justice stands directly opposed to this global agenda so and must be completely destroyed. But our demise is not set in stone and we can choose to reverse it. When, or if, the American people begin to understand they are under constant and active attack and that the hunger, suffering, brutality, horror and genocide that has plagued the third world is coming to our shores, then their survival mechanism will kick in and they will be stirred from their apathy.

    So, who are the power elite orchestrating this agenda we see manifesting itself in modern day developments? The list is large and includes the UN, the EU, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome and others. The point is not how many organizations are involved but that these institutions all operate under a unified agenda and commonly utilize the Hegelian Dialect to implement it. This is not just some “conspiracy theory” but a fact supported by published comments made by many of those individuals involved.

    I understand that you report primarily on current developments and sometimes offer forecasts related them but do not delve into the motives behind them. I offer this comment not to suggest you look behind the veil but as additional food for thought because I feel that prudence, and our survival as a nation, dictates that we need to study and more fully understand the true source of our national problems. Through study it becomes increasingly clear that the current developments are not random or accidental but are designed and implemented to destroy our nation…with treason and injustice for all who seek light in darkness.

  31. Chris

    He forgot to mention the student loan bubble, that’s the biggest one of all

  32. MIke

    There is also underway an attempt to re-inflate the recently deflated housing bubble. I am told that if you are breathing you can obtain a home loan or re-finance an existing one with everything being “guaranteed” by our benevolent government. The current size of this bubble is probably much smaller than that of the ones Dr. Roberts mentioned but the mere attempt to re-inflate is a misallocation of resources at the very least.

    • Greg

      Spot on Mike. Thank You.

  33. sue


    The video is no longer embedded… (?) Unless the problem is on my end.

    • Greg

      It playsed fine on my side on the site.

  34. Derrick Michael Reid

    yeah yeah yeah,

    Not one cintilla of justification.
    3K dead in NY not big deal, either.

    We have a borderless geopolitical enemy, the throat slitters, and all means are available.


    just saying ….

  35. Derrick Michael Reid

    As far as the traitors go, that join the throat slitters, to wage declared war on the US, to impose their brand of civility, until THE WAR is over, perhaps we should take out bora bora, leveled it completely, to make sure the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne and the SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland are eliminated forthwith.

    The Author is simply an appeaser, offering no solutions, other than showing his peace credentials, which are admittedly admirable, though solutionless and thus ultimately encouraging the very same he protests against. His spineless point of view is counter-productive to his own aims. Yeah, …. I to wish we could all get along.

    As far as the constitution is concerned, it was aborgated by the US, in 1913-16, when the FED was created with fiat money contrary to the constitutional gold and silver money, so as to be able to create FEDERAL social programs, funded or not, contrary to states rights and a republic of state, with a federal government of LIMITED enumerated powers.

    I was watching Hanity last night, though not a favorite, but he had on this guy last night, and he goes THE REPUBLICANS need to regroup and fight the IMPERIAL PRESIDENT tooth and nail and SLOW HIM DOWN.

    I have been claiming for years that the republican party is simply DEM-LIGHT, they slow but to not stop the ever increasing enslavement of Americans, as tax mules or dependents, as they do not promote REPUBLICANISM, which is, a limited federal government. THEY ARE COWARDS to put the house back right, after 110 years of leftist political pandering.

    The reason the Republicans cant not restore the republic, is because, Americans have been pandered (vote for me and I will give you the goodies) from self-reliance into gov-reliance. When was the last time the republican platform sought the abolishment of all federal social programs and return them to the states? 110 years of leftist pandering has turned a proud self-reliant people into tax mules and dependents. No amount of Mexo-Cubo-Latino-Rubio swage yappin will change that any time soon. The Republicans, after decades of caving to the TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASICTS PIGS in DC, of which the Republican are now true members, THE ONLY solution is implosion and reboot, and from the phoenix, our freedoms from government may possibly be restored.

    As neither political party stands for a REPUBLIC of STATES, nor the constitutional freedoms FROM GOVERNMENT, we Americans are screwed as government become more and more totalitarian, socialistic, and fascist in its control over the people, all enslaved, as tax mules are dependents.

    TAX and SPEND
    TAKE and GIVE
    VOTE EM or TAKE EM OUT, (for a free lunch).

    The Solution:
    Abolish fiat money and all federal social programs, and return those powers to the states, for cost-effective social services.
    Federal taxes should be based only on a PAY-AND-FORGET national sales tax, and get the IRS thugs out of our daily lives. All states taxes limited to state property taxes, thus, two NON-OVER LAPPING NON-INVASIVE revenue streams. 🙂

    By the way, some may think this tricky:
    RM Nixon, 24kt GOLD
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Friday, September 28, 2012 6:56:12 AM
    Richard Nixon in 1971 closed the gold window in that foreign countries could no longer exchange their paper dollars (FRNs) for gold. US had 20,000 tons of gold by the end of WWII and the US sat alone atop the global economic and financial pyramid. Of course, FDR stole the peoples gold and made it illegal to own the stuff, in one of the earliest examples of government Financial Repression. WE ALL GET THAT

    A purported conservative, why would TrickyDick take the US off the gold standard, moving the US to a floating paper currency, (that aint worth a continental) exporting inflation at abroad and at home leading to the inflation rise of the 1970s that was terminated in 1980 with draconian super high interest rates? The US purports to currently have about 8,000 tons left, and realizing the drain of THE ULTIMATE STORE OF WEALTH, and the ULTIMATE EXTINGUISHER OF DEBT, perhaps TrickyDick was simply just afraid of the US losing its last financial treasure. We just don’t know, or at least I don’t. But we can have fun with speculation. He may have been just that, TrickyDick. Lets run it down. Here it goes …

    Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, of GATA, the Gold Anti-trust Action Committee claims that 2/3 of the US gold reserve has been sold, leased, loaned out, through accounting trickery, as part of the US government attempt to keep the dollar appearing strong, and yet, Rep Ron Paul, TX can not force an audit of the US gold reserves. GATA seek freedom of information, but gets stiffed by the Federalies all the time. That audit wont happen, less panic set in immediately, and in these days of Management of Perspective Economics, both political parties wont go there and be honest with the people. But for the sake of discussion, let just buy it, that the US actually does have 8000 tons of gold.

    The US nation debt was growing then as now, and is on the exponential curve up. With recent QE to insanity, the fiscal cliff, the insatiable deficits, the path to economic collapse has been laid. Don’t fight the FED, they are bent on destroying the last 1% left of value of the US dollar since the creation of the FED. They target inflation, so as to reduce the real value of debt, a fool’s errant when the deficit grow each year by leaps and bounds.

    I am habitually amused by all these scardy cats saying that we have left this debt to our grandchildren to pay. The folly there is that it suggests that the national debt will ever be paid back. It aint going to happen, the national debt will never be paid off, so stop the blather. The national debt is used by the banksters to keep the Nation enslaved, just like the 30 year mortgage that we all are so eager to refi. The politicians, both REP and DEM, will see to it that deficits are maintained as part of the federalies’ power grab, to tax and spend, take and give, inflate and rob, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. It wont stop either, in our totalitarian democracy, where plenary power is concentrated in DC.

    At TF Metals, Turd Ferguson operates a precious metal blog, and has a great following. I posted this yesterday: on September 26, 2012 – 2:24pm.

    “==QE3 has to be one of the most irresponsible things I have ever witnessed in my life!! Why gold is not at $2,000 is beyond me! I think we will be there by end of year and $3,000 next year. Our future generations have just been sold out!!===

    NOT SO FAST. We all know where QE to insanity will take us all. Implosion

    Sure, many flunk history, get an F, and have to repeat, and but that does not mean we give up on the whole, to re-learn the lessons of

    1) Limited Federal Government,
    2) Gold and Silver Legal Tender
    3) A republic of sovereign states
    4) Free markets, etc etc

    When past the point of no return, be done with it, already. Have faith, my new friends, that the US government will continue to do the same wrong stupid things, enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, for the phoenix WILL RISE to right wrongs of 110 years of leftist political pandering, judicial corruption, and legislative impracticalities. The system needs flushing. Sorry turds, but hanging in there expecting a different result from minor 4 years presidential adjustments, is near insanity. Im just more realistic than most and want to accelerate the rise from the ashes, and will surely vote BHO to get us back to the promise land just a tad quicker.

    We can wipe out the national debt TOMORROW, and regain freedom from government.
    We can repeal all social programs at the Federal level, TOMORROW, and restore the republic.
    We can abolish the FED bank and fiat paper money, TOMORROW, and restore honest money.

    We CAN do these things overnight. We collectively simply lack the political will to do so, and just need a huge kick in the pants. Human nature, our individual greedy devils and compassionate angels, and market forces will regressively return us all to the day of our past glory where the republic and self reliant hearts were strong. Have Faith. I thought phoenix would come by 2035, but now believe this decade may see long sought after changes. Keep the faith.”

    I for one, want my freedom back from the federalies, but realize the cementing of totalitarian rule in DC, through 110 years of leftist political pandering in the US, vote for me and I’ll give you goodies, that change will not occur, until an implosion requires us all to rethink the folly of centralize government control, again. Unless there is an monstrous economic implosion, and one is now certain, to where the US pumps out worthless paper money to the 47% on the government take, the system is locked. That is the simple truth and plain reality of our day, as we live in lock down by the federalies, enslaved as tax mules or dependents.

    But we can and WILL rise from the ashes. Just have faith that the US Government will continue its insanity until the phoenix rises again, and we all can be free again, free again, praise GOD Almighty, we all will be free again.

    Eliminating the National Debt is easy to do, but beware, the Banksters, enabling the fascist lock on DC politics will oppose it, until riots erupt, and many of them are simply hanged in the street as the selfish pigs they, and their Wall Street goons, GoldmanSucks and JPManipulators truly are.

    Back to Nixon. The national debt can be wiped out tomorrow.,_can_be_wiped_out_tomorrow.thtml

    By retaining a gold hoard, and inflating the paper dollar away, the US can become back on top. China knows this. If GATA is correct that the US does not have all the gold it claims, then James G Rickards may not be correct, that US will be financial rulers based upon its gold hoard, China and the US will be on par, with papa bear peddling to catch up as fast as he can.

    “In the event of an intentional or unintentional collapse of fiat moneys, the USA and her Anglo sisters would certainly survive a global fiat collapse better than most. While wars are often used to place an aggressor nation above others in power, control, influence, and wealth, the current progress of human cultural evolution is to avoid wars were possible and cooperate together for the common good. It seems then, that an alternative to war has been found, this time around, as the Anglo world could do the same by placing itself as the financial rulers of the world in a globalized world economy, in a war free global community, without firing a shot, by simply collapsing the FRN through uncontrolled fiat money printing while retaining backup real gold and silver coinage sustained production.”

    As hot wars and paper money transit to trade wars and gold, in this century, a viable gold hoard is mandatory, to rise from the ashes of leftist pandering, to regain our freedom from government, with a viable hoard of gold to back new gold/silver certificates and bullion, and a return to honest money, and the fiscal discipline it imposes on government. Nixon, nor any Republican, cant defeat the current US mind set, of socialism at the federal level. Nixon may have admitted this to himself, and in a grand act, of national preservation, from itself, preserved the last of the US gold hoard, being 24kt gold, and by 2025, may be deemed by some, as a GOD SEND for just being himself, TrickyDick.

  36. chris1

    thanks for posting this vid

  37. Stanley Crawford

    As the “Father of Reaganomics”, Paul Craig Roberts is responsible for nearly tripling the deficit having nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R., while raising taxes 7 out of the 8 years and taking the country from being the #1 creditor nation in the world to the #1 debtor one in less than 8 years.

    The entire alleged Reagan “Recovery” was based on a massive debt bubble your progeny will only be paying a fraction upon its compounded interest. How’s that “trickle down” working out for you and your family now.

    Every article Paul Craig Roberts has written these past few years run contrary to his actions of 30 plus years ago; and actions speak much louder than words.

    • Greg

      Stanely Crawford,
      I appreciate you comment, but that doesn’t make Dr. Roberts wrong now. We are well beyond the phony Left/Right paradigm. Holding on to that will not help you to make the right decisions to protect you and your family. I hope you are soing so. Thank you for your comment and for your support.

      • Stanley Crawford

        I didn’t say Paul Craig Roberts is right or wrong,just the facts that what he writes about today run contrary to his actions of the past. I have maintained my convictions since an adolescent, unlike P.C.R. who as an old man is trying desperately to re-write his history with the articles he bloviates of late. I foresaw at 20 (1980)what was going to happen to the country and chose not to have children who would have been forced to inherit what the Reagan administration and successive ones have wrought upon the country.

        I find it hypocritical that P.C.R. says “Reagan deficits didn’t matter,” while deficits of Bu$h Jr and Obama do. It was the Reagan deficit spending that took the U.S.A. from being the #1 creditor nation in the world to the #1 debtor one in less than 8 years. The compounding interest upon this debt, plus the additional debt spending of successive administrations (along with Congress) is what has brought the country to the conundrum it now faces.

        The Reagan “recovery” was based on massive debt spending, how can it be claimed a recovery? Since China now possesses over 1 trillion $’s in U.S. Treasury Bonds it can be said that both Reagan and P.C.R. actually admire the C.C.P. form of government. Along with the firing of the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers that began the off-shoring and out sourcing of American manufacturing to China,allowed it to become the powerhouse it is today.

        Russia today is far more a threat to the U.S.A. than the former U.S.S.R. was 30 years ago.

        Former Reagan “Freedom Fighters” who were given billions of $’s in weapons are now relabeled “Terrorists” costing the country trillions of $’s and tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers killed, maimed and committing suicide.

        It was championing deregulation that spawned the S&L bailouts, that P.C.R. recently said the financial industry “needs to be regulated”. A 180 degree turnaround upon his actions as the “Father of Reaganomics.” The lax enforcement of Anti-Trust laws under Reagan allowed the “Too Big to Fail” corporations to exist.

        If the Carter Energy Policy had been followed through on, then the U.S. would not need foreign oil (M.E., Central/South American or Canadian; and would lead the world in the desirable “green” technology jobs and not China.

        Many of the problems facing the U.S. today are circumstances that were created under the Reagan administration. The most convicted Felons to operate the White House, with no accountability or punishment for its malfeasance. Of fomenting Treason with the Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal.

        People who praise P.C.R. today have not researched his actions of the past to see the hypocrite he truly is.

        • Greg

          Stanley Crawford,
          Point taken but you can’t blame Dr. Roberts for all the ills of the country. Lots of sin to go around. What happened in Roberts time is tame compared to what has happened in the last ten years or so. If I waited for someone to interview without sin I would have a blank site.

  38. Derrick Michael Reid

    Mr Roberts is rational, cogent, with an informed perspective, he stands behind. That was clear. HE IS A STAND UP GUY for offering his perspective, which even rattalouie can appreciate, wanting to fully taste all good things and perspectives worth listening to.

  39. josh

    i’m not defending the administration’s drone activities but covert undeclared wars are hardly unique to our time. mr. roberts seems to have a severe case of amnesia. let’s not forget that mr. roberts was a memeber of an administration that illegally killed thousands of central american citizens. the most famous of these acts was when reagan authorized oliver north to circumvent congress and fund an illegal war against the democratically elected government of nicaragua. mr. roberts doesn’t seem to recall the american nuns who were killed ecudor by a government that the reagan government propped up to protect american corporate interests. let’s not forget that nixon and kissinger carpet bombed laos and cambodia without informing congress. virtually every country that has anti-american terrorists has at one time or another had their govenment overthrown secretly by the united state. so let’s not protect this is something new. only the drone technology is new. in mr. roberts time, we just used hired thugs to do the same thing.

    really greg, you are taking it way to easy on this guy.

    • Greg

      Who decided who get to live or die? This is a very slippery slope and it is without question against the U.S. Constitution when it comes to U.S. citizens. Good men can disagree. Thank you for your comment.

  40. Derrick Michael Reid

    Who decided who get to live or die?

    Gee Greg, that’s a tuffy ….. NOT!!! About, the US guy who buys the plane ticket, and a few RPGs, shows up W Pakistan, in the hills, with like minded brothers, with a towel on head, and parades around black and green flags, shreakin, death to America, with his throat slitting implement, close in pocket at hand? I would take that guy out, WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS whatsoever, as you see Greg, Iam not so STUPIDITY affixed to some theoretical notion, that I cant identify an enemy and traitor. The problem is congress failing to declare war, and thus the uncertainty. Cowards are everywhere.

    You dont need some lame excuse to shoot some sap in the distance hills, as they mark themselves. We have plenty of traitors right here at home, who actually deserve the treatment, much much more. As the DEMs are the root of all evil, and changing their leftist-lininist leaning is impossible, so, I would start with the republican leadership, Boehner and McConnel for selling us out, with debt limit raises, tax increases, more totalitarian control, and destroying the election process, giving us no choice at all, by caving into totalitarians and thus they to engineer our DOMESTIC FORCED-LABOR CAMP society where all are enslaved as tax mules or dependents.

    What is so FARCICAL about this whole thing, is that, the hue&cry surrounding a lone TRAITOR in the hills, and his purported constitutional rights, yet the US repealled our constitution in 1913-16, to enslave us all under corrupt socialism, using paper money and unlimited government.

    As I have NO CONTSTITUTITION RIGHTS of any import, that I have to pay for others, so, why should some sap 3000 mi away in the hills, shooting Americans, get a better deal than I, with some kind of constitutional protection?

    We should be shooting FEDERAL JUDGES and POLITICIANS for the REAL CRIMES, (they do not uphold, but destroy the constitution, and its plain meanings), and the REAL damage done to the freedoms of all of us Americans, and that is, hoisting upon us, centralized totalitarian corrupting socialism contrary to the plain language of our constitution.

    Let the DRONES fly!!!! PA Ave would be a very good place to start.,_just_say_no!!.thtml

  41. Derrick Michael Reid

    America’s Corrupted Judiciary
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Saturday, July 09, 2011 2:34:54 PM

    USA’s Judiciary is corrupted by the aggregate affects from 200 years of political pandering, to such an extent, that they contend, as they teach in law school, that the constitution is a living breathing instrument subject to reinterpretation, meaning of course, that they can interpret it ANY WAY THEY WANT, through judicial fiat. Judges swear to uphold and defend the constitution, yet will inject their personal belief systems into their interpretations, to such an extent, that in the US, there is in really, no real rule of law, just whatever they want to make up.

    The constitution is not a breathing creature from the underworld. It is a piece of paper with plain language words written in permanent ink. Is it merely convenient that the judiciary grants unto itself the right to make up practically any law they want by new and novel interpretations. There is no rule of law in the USA.

    On the main, the constitution prescribed a limited federal government, as the founding fathers, from their respective states, “their own countries”, feared a TOTALITARIAN FASCIST CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT in DC denying the states their freedoms and innate sovereign rights. Federal power was not prescribed as plenary, which is made-up judicial code speak, for “totalitarian” as modernly practiced, but prescribed a limited federal government of enumerated powers. All powers not enumerated were reserved to the states, or so, it was suppose to be, by plain clear constitutional language.

    The constitution prescribed silver coinage in weights and the only lawful tender in the country, because of the experience during the revolutionary war, where the government kept printing more and more Continental Notes, to such an extent, that they became worthless, and hence, the saying then was, “it ain’t worth a continental. But in modern totalitarian socialistic fascist American, gold and silver coinage would in deed keep government honest, instead printing trillions and trillions of “Irredeemable Ponzi Coupon” facilitated by a private bank, the Federal reserve Bank, which issues federal reserve notes, the paper fiat dollar, which is IN FACT an irredeemable ponzi coupon, of which, more and more must printed to keep the federal socialistic ponzi scheme going, by kicking the can down the road, which ponzi scheme is the systematic fleecing of all holders of “federal reserve notes”, through the resulting inflation, which robs the middle class and poor most of all, every day of their lives. A note is a contract to pay, which must be redeemed at some point. Redeem means to pay in constitutional money, the silver dollar. To make this point clear, you can not go into a federal reserve bank, and “redeem” your note. Use of the term “note” of the US paper dollar, is of course a fraud, perpetrated by government upon holders of these modern “continentals”. The US Mint mints a silver coin, and on its face, it says ONE DOLLAR. The Federal Reserve Note, also uses the term “DOLLAR”. A piece of paper and a bullion coin are two totally different things, yet both are called a “dollar”, as clearly indicating, one is a fraud and the other is not. The judiciary, through its “interpretation” of the constitution have allowed soft-money Kensyians to rule with fiat and use fiat paper money, contrary to the constitution, to enslave us all.

    The constitution PROHIBITS, by its simple language of enumerated power, any kind of social program AT THE FEDERAL level, such as Social Security, for example, which was not “enumerated”, as those social service powers were reserved unto the many states. But the judiciary allowed the federal government to become TOTALITARIAN, Socialistic, and FASCIST by allowing the Federal Government to invade and pervade the social service area, to such an extent, that the country is now bankrupt, and now over 100 million American are dependents on some kind of federal assistance, the moral hazard.

    There are of course many examples where the judiciary reserves unto itself the power SANCTION ANY LAW it wants, or MAKE UP any law it wants, through convenient interpretations, regardless of the plain language Constitution, and slowly but surely, the judiciary is used to perfect the pandering political purposes of more government and control over the people, contrary to the constitution, to perfect TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASCISM, enslaving the people as either tax mules or dependents.

    While the Legal Bars and political branches have joined in the judicial conspiracy to enslave us all surreptitiously, the origins of it are not hard to find, as the laws created, like the irredeemable ponzi coupon, are increasing at an ever exponential rate, until, as always what happens to any PONZI scheme, they implode under the weight of their own absurdity, such as tax-penalizing all productive acts, and hand-out-rewarding all unproductive acts, to where the American strength is destroyed.

    The movement, or “progressivism” of judicial-political liberalization was slow in its progress during the 19th century, but really took off, with WW’s fiat paper money, income taxes, and the Federal Reserve Bank, to FDR’s raw deal and confiscation of private gold coins to rob the people and saddle Americans with yet more taxes and dependent assistance, in social engineering, to LBJ’s corrupt society feeding the moral hazards of reliance and dependency upon and enslavement by the Federal Government, to BHO’s bankster socialism and even enforced health care, to where Wall Street’s bad bets on their wild gambles are now effectively back-stopped by the American tax payer, under the “to-big-to-fail” doctrine, to where now, we are all effectively FORCED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to keep the 40 million dollar bonuses rolling into the bankster private hands, as they are just to big to fail.

    And these totalitarian socialistic fascists will not ever stop, as they seek more and more control, such as the recent BHO proposal to outlaw the national debt limit, so that they can enslave us all even more with their unlimited spending that now renders 45 million of my countrymen as enslaved as food-stamp welfare dependents through the moral hazard forced upon us Americans.

    The American Judiciary is a corrupt RICO crime organization used in conspiracy with the legal Bars and political branches to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents by the Federal Government, contrary to founding father principles, the plain language of the constitution, enabled by the judiciary, in violation of their EXPLICIT OATHs and plain language of the constitution. FEDERALISM is dead in the US. There are no real states’ rights. The US flag of fifty stars IS A FRAUD and A FARCE, as the fifty stars should be replaced with one big SOVIET RED STAR in the field of blue. Our corrupted and pandered Judiciary has destroyed our freedoms from the Federal Government.

    “Politicians, Judges and Lawyers should be shot dead in the streets as the dirty totalitarian socialistic fascist pigs they are, for destroying our belief and practice in our founding father principles.”

    One can expect members of that most despicable profession, having a licensed monopoly to dispute resolution, to exhibit self-centered greed, such as turning federal malpractice claims into a federal court lotto game, or pandering politicians who seek to cement political power through pandering of “vote for me and I will give you the goodies”, to enslave us all, but it was THE JUDICIARY that was suppose to protect us all from ourselves and from the over reaches of the Federal Government, and the judiciary has utterly failed to protect Americans from the excesses of the Federal Government, which was their primary role, and as such, the Judiciary’s trashing of the constitution and our freedom is the most dastardly of all public services.

    All social programs at the federal level should be abolished, and let the states recapture their sovereign constitutional rights.
    The Federal Reserve Bank should be abolished, with a return to constitutional sound honest real money silver coinage.
    All taxes at the federal level should be abolished save only a national consumption sales tax.
    All states taxes should be exclusively derived from in-rem property taxes.
    But have taken the paved road in 1913-16, and have been subjected to 110 years of leftist pandering, with our constitution abborgated, its time for a real change.

  42. Derrick Michael Reid

    Side Bar:

    It was Mark Levin, on Hannity, 2/13/13 who clearly said the Republicans are merely, a “slow drag” on the DEMs, as the REPs cave in again and again.

    And that is the basic problem. Traditionalists, libertarians, constitutionists, capitalists, etc etc., be damned,

    THE TOTALITARIANS are in control, with no real election choice, right out of the Soviet Politburo style of controls.

    Its interesting how the USSR went from to Communism to quasi-demo-capitalism, while the US, from the other end of the spectrum, went from democratic-constitutional law to totalitarian controls.

    WE MET IN THE MIDDLE, but I sure, our politicians, could do the soviets even better, and they will, you just watch.


    BHO Proposes New US National Flag!!!
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Sunday, August 01, 2010 3:11:45 PM

    President Ombama this day from the Red Room announced plans to introduce, by constitutional amendment, the adoption of a new national US flag. The new US national flag will replace the fifty stars in the field of blue with one very large star. The president was quoted as saying, “I promised hope and change, and in furtherance of national health care, and reflecting the modern times, it is appropriate to have a new national flag. Lets be honest, republicanism is a dying notion across the nation, as well as in the congress.” —(a noticeable grin was photo taken, and shall appear in this Sunday’s edition of the New York Times) —

    The president went on to say that, he did not get the idea from the Bonnie Blue Flag, though he loves the jingle when in public, but rather from the Soviet Battle Flag of the Red Armor Divisions at the Battle of Kharov, Ukraine, and how impressed he was with their glorious victory, during the great patriotic war. Kharov has long been designated a hero city by the soviet Politburo, and that, our nation deserved like honor and respect. The president further indicated he would be meeting with the NV land swindler and the CA medusa later in the day to present his proposed verbiage for the bill, to be swallowed by congress, lock, stock and barrow, in back-room dealings, rammed rod style, by his two comrades, the three collectively known as the three-headed Gadhora of Greek mythology in republican circles.

    The president indicated there is little difference between constitutional plenary power and totalitarian rule, and in this modern era of cow-towing to the KGB boys, now serving at the Kremlin, that it is a fitting and proper thing to do, to cement world peace and understanding under the exclusive rule of the UN. The two lap dogs, of course, seemed more than willing, and appeared joyous and besides themselves, panting hard, more than willing to do the deed, while presenting in public, their loyalty to the country, with a Zieg Heil to the chief.

    I personally have been to Kharkov, just after the fall of the soviet union, predicted by me two years in advance while the CIA was asleep at the switch, under Clinton’s watch, or unwatch, or whatever. And yes they do have many war monuments in that HERO CITY. I personally saw the glorious economic results of the totalitarian socialistic fascist rule of the politburo, also totting the extreme wonderful benefits of centralized control, and I can easily project the MONTEROUS gains in humanity here in the US. With the republic trashed by plenary power, and, the culmination in totalitarian socialistic fascist rule from DC these days, the president is absolutely left-on with his proposed change in the national banner. But he, of course did not go far enough. Perhaps the national anthem could be changed to “Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii”, as there is always the prospect of “Hope and Change”.

    I’m not sure I like that sound of the classic tune, parusski is a tongue twister, for sure, but Rosy ODonnel can give it go, if she likes. I think I will stick with The Star Spangle Banner, be it soon to have only one star, and of course, my personal banner of choice, the Bonnie Blue Flag, respecting states’ rights, as in AZ these days, how dare AZ defend itself without Federal Approval.

  43. katey

    No policy (ies) like this are ever contained to the original purpose of “keeping the citizenry safe from ” x, y, and z” where x y and z can be agreed upon by liberals and conservatives alike as “evil”. With time, the goal posts change, the “decider” changes, and by then, it can be applied for any political nuisance perceived by the “decider”. Our forefathers understood this in GREAT and subtle detail.

    The more peasntry we give amnesty to, the better for the Elite. These people, desperate to escape dictatorships and violent drug trading societies, these persons are happy to support a president “decider” such as Obama who they “trust”. Without any understanding the Constitution, they are easily convinced of its unimportance, and importance of endless drone war.

  44. Austin

    A testament to DR Paul Craig Roberts’ Predictions:
    The last part of this interview Dr Roberts gave some predictions on where the economy is headed. I have some personal experience with Dr Roberts relating to making predictions:
    In 1967-68 I was an economics student at Virginia Tech and took an elective course entitled “The Economics of the Soviet Union.” The professor was a young 25-year-old Paul Craig Roberts who had just received his PHD and recently returned from a stint at the University of Moscow. One of the most enlightened and informative classes I have ever taken.
    Now as to Dr Roberts’ predicting ability: He told us, a class of about 10 students, 1968, that the only thing keeping the Soviet Union from collapsing at that time was the aid it was receiving from Liberals in the west. He said that the Soviet Union would eventually collapse because their system of central planning could not allocate resources efficiently as a market economy does naturally. He predicted that the Soviet Union would last about 25 more years and fall apart in the 1990’s.
    I have never forgotten this statement Dr Roberts Made: “When the last bullet is fired into the head of the last Marxist on planet earth, the event will not take place is Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or South America, but it will take place in the United States of America most likely on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.”

    • Greg

      Thank you for the info and insight into Dr. Roberts!!!

  45. Dr Fun

    “the gift of American Liberty has truly been usurped by depraved, evil and deceptive men and women”

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is one of the principle “usurped, depraved and evil” architects; after “the father of Reaganomics” nearly tripled the deficit having nothing to do with the collapse of the former U.S.S.R., while raising taxes 7 out of the 8 years of the Reagan administration 2 terms of operating the White House.

    • Greg

      Dr Fun,
      So you are here to discredit Dr Roberts? His points in the here and now are not valid? They are! I have no problem with criticism of anyone here. I do have a problem with criticism coming anonymously from fictitious names like Dr.Fun. You want to comment again? Man up, and own what you say with a real name that can be verified.

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