Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S.-Dmitry Orlov

4Dmitry Orlov:  Ukraine Crisis, Russia and Crimea UpdateBy Greg Hunter’s 

Dmitry Orlov is a Russian blogger who writes about the parallel between the U.S and the USSR.  Orlov lived through the financial collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, and he thinks the U.S. is on the same trajectory.  Orlov contends, “The trajectory is defined by this sort of incompetent militarism where more and more money results in bigger and bigger military fiascos around the world and less and less of actual foreign policy that can be pursued or articulated.  There are massive levels of corruption.  The amount of money that is being stolen by the U.S. Government and its various appropriations processes is now in the trillions of dollars a year.  Runaway debt, the United States now has a level of debt that is un-repayable.  All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes.  There are also all types of other tendencies that point in the direction of collapse and systemic failure at all levels.” 

So, how close are we to collapse or system failure?  Orlov contends, “I am pretty sure that anyone who makes a prediction when the collapse will happen is wrong.  Nobody can say when it will happen.  It’s the same as saying a bridge that is structurally deficient; you don’t know when a truck is going to fall through into the river below. . . . You can be chronically sick for a long time, and then one day, you go into a coma or your heart stops.  You cannot predict what day that will happen.  Orlov does say, “The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch.  It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.” 

On the Ukraine crisis, Orlov thinks, “The Crimea referendum was the first legal way to find out what the people wanted to do.  The turnout was remarkable, and they voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia, to become part of Russia once again.  The interesting thing here is it was not just the Russians that voted to join Russia but the Ukrainians in Crimea, which makes a sizable part of the population voted to join Russia. . . Ukraine is composed of sort of a no man’s land in the West and then Russian territories in the East. . . .  If that trend holds, you are basically left with this insolvent nugget of nothingness, and it will be up to the international community to decide what to do with these people.  They are right now marching around Kiev with baseball bats and going into government offices and beating up members of local government and installing their own members.  They are basically running amok.  They don’t even have the support of the Ukrainian military at this point.  So, it will be a mop-up operation against these neo-fascists that are running amok.”  Orlov goes on to say, “In Washington, in the Obama Administration and in the Kerry State Department, we have absolutely breathtaking levels of incompetence.  These people really don’t know what they’re doing and are dangerous at any speed; and everywhere else, we have this follow the incompetent leader thing taking place, and it’s really, really frightening because the incompetents are leading the world to a really dangerous place.” 

Orlov goes on to say, “What are these people doing trash talking the Russians?  What would these people do without Russia?  How would they get out of earth’s orbit and visit the international space station?  Who would negotiate international deals with Syria and Iran because all they can do is blunder and lose face.”  Russia doesn’t need the United States for anything.  The United States is the most dispensable country on earth.” 

On possible war between Ukraine and Russia, Orlov contends, “They are not going to fight because the Ukraine military is part of the Russian military.  There really isn’t any opposition.  The Ukrainian military will decide what to do in a few days, and then they will inform the Russians, and after that, maybe they will inform their own government.  Maybe they will just go into the government offices and just round them up.  Last I heard, 60% of Ukrainian military accepted Russian passports already.  The remaining parts are being shipped out to the mainland.  That is happening peacefully.  So, there isn’t going to be any fight.  The really important point is the Ukrainian military all over Ukraine does not support the government in Kiev.  They are withholding support, and what they really want is to join the Russian military. . . . The best thing Russia can do is sit back and relax and let this work out.  I don’t think the government in Kiev has any legs.”   

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dmitry Orlov of coming from Central America.

(There is much more in the video interview.) 

After the Interview: 
Dmitry Orlov is currently working on a new book that will be out later this year.  Orlov says, “The new book is about communities and what makes them resistant to adverse events such as financial collapse.”  Orlov adds, “The U.S., as a whole, is not resistant to shocks, but some parts of America are.”  You can find Dmitry Orlov at 

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  1. Galaxy 500

    Wow Greg, what a coup!
    Damn powerful.
    It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.” 

    The United States is the most dispensable country on earth.” 
    Does anything else really need to be said?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

    • NoOne

      Yes quite the coup indeed. A Russian ex-pat blogger living in Central America explains the world to us. Maybe next time we’ll hear from one of the people who wear a Mickey Mouse costume at Disney Land. Surely one of them is a blogger and can fill us all in. Maybe go through the Coast to Coast guest list and get that big foot guy or the chupacabra blogger. Not saying the man is incorrect; just sayin’.

      Now excuse me as I have to wire the assistant treasurer of Swazzy Wazzy Land a few grand so he can release millions of bucks to me from an unused secret fund only he knows about. I can hardly wait. I saw it on the internet. Must be true.

      • Charles H.


        Ridicule is the resort of the weak – who have no real capacity for reasoning or rhetoric: mainly because they haven’t the stomach to be proven wrong. America is in it’s own Disney-World-ish delusion – whether you see it, or willing to see it or not.

        • Paul Becke

          No-One has spoken. What a let-down.

      • Galaxy 500

        Who cares? NoOne

        • Frank

          Most likely a paid troll IMHO! IGNORE!

      • JC Davis

        No one swallows a elephant and chokes on a fly ?

      • Justin King

        Other than being uninformed, snarky and wrong, your comment was a great assistance to us all.

        • Galaxy 500

          What you said Justin.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          Dear NoOne,
          To know one is to be one, NoOne, which makes you one, NoOne. To imply that just because it’s on the net, we thunk it must be true, just shows you ain’t, mate! NoOne, your the kind that could never be true. We give you guy’s every chance to be true, but it seems that’s to much for you’se.
          So my best advice sir, is to go back to school and get a real job, because you’ll never be James Bond. Even Maxwell Smart was smart enough not to be a phony. Right now your more like Siegfried, ” Vice President of Public relations And Terror for KAOS”
          See Get Smart (Episode #55: “How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying”) Watch it, you might learn how to be a real Spy, (Gin up, Always Frame Up,”the other guy of course”, Shape up or Ship Out). You just might make it me boy. NEVER GIVE UP! YOU CAN BE A SOMEBODY, N0ONE!

      • In Fairness

        … to NoOne, he made valid points.
        What are Mr. Orlov’s credentials?
        What is his education?
        Why should I care about his opinion?
        What makes his opinion better than another blogger of a varying opinion?
        What is his track record?

        Americans should be as patriotic to their country as Mr. Orlov is to his.

        He gave opinions.
        There are no facts, no substantiated facts … just his opinion.
        Perhaps he is right.
        Perhaps he is not.

        So here on USA Watchdog, someone cannot express an “opposing” opinion with being bashed and rebuked.
        That’s not the USA Watchdog I used to love.
        It has now become the USA Watchdog that I seldom comment on anymore. This is why.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          In Fairness,
          What are your credentials, In Fairness?

          • In Fairness

            I have no need for credentials.
            I am not blogging and doing commentary on an inflamed international situation.
            I am not speaking as one with authority/experience to address a situation. Mr Orlov does.

            I am an American.
            I believe in the Constitution of the United States.
            I speak by my country’s rights to “freedom of expression”.
            Even someone I may not agree with, has the right to speak his opinions.

            Mr. Orlov has the right to speak.
            So does NoOne.

            I am an American.
            A patriotic one.
            I need no other credentials to speak my opinion in this country.
            You have the same right.

            What are my credentials as a person?
            Thirty-nine years as a newspaper reporter who has always believed in balanced, truthful reporting.
            I do not care for “yellow journalism” in any of its many forms.

            An opinion is an opinion.
            A fact is a fact.
            There is nothing wrong with either.
            Today’s news has a proclivity to present opinion as fact.
            It will serve one well to remember they are not the same thing.

          • Galaxy 500

            Yellow journalism. At least you had some basic history in school. You know the term but like most, you dont really understand what it means, in all fairness to you, I wouldn’t expect you to. You are an American, so are we. I have seen you before I think. As I was skipping down the Yellow Brick road of Main Stream Media Yellow journalism, I think I passed you nailed to a pole singing something about getting a brain. Good luck comrade

          • Frank

            Just another troll.See the technique. Always attack the messenger. Don’t respond to the man’s points….attack him!
            Another paid gov troll IMHO!

        • Charles H.

          In Fairness,

          Using your own deduction – NoOne made valid s pointS?? Which were THEY (plural)??? Read the comment again. The ONLY observation was – “A Russian ex-pat blogger living in Central America explains the world to us.” From there on it is derogatory: there ARE no points, except derision; and a disclaimer.
          What are Mr. Orlov’s credentials? He was born and raised in Russia.
          What is his education? Personal, first-hand experience in the economic crash of the USSR.
          Why should I care about his opinion? He has pertinent, inside familiarity with the culture and history.
          What makes his opinion better than another blogger of a varying opinion? He is a Russian; and a published one at that.
          What is his track record? Independent sources concur with his statements over the space of years.
          “Americans should be as patriotic to their country as Mr.Orlov is to his.” No-one here could agree with you more – only you do not qualify what patriotism is! Let me give it to you. Faithful adherence to the principles and purposes set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America; without allowance to re-interpretation to it’s language or meaning. True patriotism holds to the founding creation – and if you KNEW this site: you’d realize THAT is what we mostly do here. Raising this issue after the tone of your twenty-questions: amounts to a veiled accusation – and an undeserved one.
          And like Mr. Orlov – YOU, yourself, are relegated to opinion.
          So when you attempt to lambaste those on this site for replying in – let us say – negative terms: it really amounts to “turn about fair play”. NoOne laid-into Mr. Orlov pretty hard – besides being the one who started it. IF you have something to contribute or say: you are more than welcome. If it is your purpose to throw-down on the site, and try to make us feel bad: don’t expect to be coddled.

          • JC Davis

            Charles H.
            My word that was a (great) comment.

          • In Fairness

            No coddling.

            “NoOne laid-into Mr. Orlov pretty hard – besides being the one who started it.”

            “He started it,” is not an excuse I will accept from my grandchildren. Every effort is made to instill in them sound reasoning and to rise above the provocation.

            I stand by my opinion: NoOne made valid points.
            Internet news is awash with sensationalism, untempered passion and erroneous “facts and figures.”

            He had a right to express his frustration.
            He would have done well to season it with self-control. That does not negate what was valid in his opinion.

            This truth sums up today well: II Timothy 4:3
            For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

          • pessimist

            Ignorance of the facts does not give one a right to make valid points out of non-valid points.

          • Deborah

            Charles, very good. I believe that there are three letter agency employees, people that get on the net and go around to integrative news sites such as Mr Hunter’s site, and they put in communist manifesto training comments. Look up the communist manifesto for full understanding. But insults, getting off topic, blaming others, acting very immature, that is the method of those with that mentality. The focus of Jesus was to have his followers be mature, honest, moral, hard working, and more. The goal of the communist leaders is to use others, in fact, communist ideals are the perfect satan worshiping government. All very selfish, me, me, me and take what you can, that is the communist method. The three letter agencies have many plants, and I suspect the insults, the off tract, are just hired guns from these agencies.

          • Galaxy 500

            Excellent. You know you’ve won when they pull out some Bible verse to attempt to make there hatefilled attack justified. Just like those Westbrook Baptist (it keeps me they co-opted Baptist) creeps. Much evil is done in the name of God

          • Paul Becke

            His quotation from a text of Scripture relating to adherence to the Christian faith, and applying it to geopolitics of all things, tells us all we need to know about the crassness of the man’s intellect. Not to speak of his Christian development.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          In Fairness
          Why don’t you Google Dmitry Orlov and find some answers to your questions. I did and it’s pretty impressive to say the least! After so many years you seem to have lost faith in Greg and his choice of guest’s. Why don’t you share with us whom you think might be a more fair and balanced guest , in all fairness, Fairness? You also claim Mr. Orlov is patriotic to his country, you must know more about Mr. Orlov than your letting on because he left his country to live in the US and became an American citizen, so which country do mean he’s patriotic too, his adopted or native? Fairness if you believe in what you have to say,
          no amount of rebukes should discourage you, especially if you really love your country and fellow man like the man who put this all together for us Greg Hunter!

        • Galaxy 500

          In all fairness, if I criticize my govt, does that make me unpatriotic?

          • Frank

            You are arguing with a troll! Ignore! When Uncle Scam runs outa dough(almost there)they will disappear!

          • Galaxy 500

            I was making fun of the troll….seems like it was a feeble attempt on my part

      • Troy

        LMAO! Why not interview him? NoOne afraid? I don’t believe everything this pro Russian guest has to say, but he doesn’t seem too far off.

        Mahalo Greg!!!

      • Anon Amous

        No One, because you are in middle school the rest of us in this discussion will forgive your child like understanding of the world around you. But please, the next time you decide to post on an adult site, please bring something to thetable other tthan Bigfoot. Now run along or you’ll miss your bus.

      • Robert

        I must agree with NoOne. I have been listening and watching Orlov for a long time and he used to be one of these peak oil guys. He was prophecying that peak oil would kill America and it was imminent. That whole school of thought just kinda went into the waste bin after Oil prices collapsed in 2008 but Orlov just kept on trucking with his predictions. He lived in the U.S. for a long time but never had much good to say about it except it is dead. Some of his analysis is spot on but the longer I listen to him the more he just sounds like another Kremlin propagandist. It is too bad the anti-globalist movement got so co-opted by the Russians. Unfortunately Americans know almost nothing about history. There is a reason so many of Russia’s neighbors broke away from the Soviet Union to go their own way and it wasn’t just the “Western Bankers”. I got some bad news, those same evil bankers run Russia behind the scenes too. Good riddens Orlov. I hope you like Central America better. With Honduras and its #1 murder rate in the world you’d think he’ll be missing good ol USA soon enough.

    • allen ols


      here from the HT small part on stuff.


      The full title of the document is “Collateral Damage: US Covert Operations & the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001” which offers extreme details. The document is fiery and loaded, describing who was involved, the motive for the attack, and how the cover-up was executed. This is not a sideshow or hack job. The document was written by the US Office of Naval Intelligence, therefore not just another report quickly dismissed. The rejection of hard data by mindless critics is an abomination, and a poor reflection of American intelligence levels. They even conjured an ugly name of Truthers, in disparaging tone. It is as though those who pursue the truth are enemies of the sprawling fascist state. The naval intell document attempts to put the complex pieces together, indicative of a major rift within the Defense Intelligence Network. The Jackass has previously pointed out a schism between the Pentagon and NSA in recent months. See the Scribd article (CLICK HERE). Also, a new exposure has been floating around the USCongress. It is an unredacted version (no black magic marker blots) that accidentally was circulated. Some important and powerful parties are carefully releasing information in order to enable the bankster security press pharma cabal to be exposed. For two years, the Jackass has reported a deep division within the USGovt security agencies led by the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Department. The naval intel group is the most prestigious.

      A couple Congressmen are horrified by what the document reveals, with ample evidence. It is not clear how or why these two men were selected. They had better not stand next to 50th story windows or hold rope next to chandeliers. They had better distribute the document far and wide, even to intrepid non-syndicated press reporters. The AE1000 group of architects and engineers has provided ample counter evidence in rebuttal of the official nonsensical whitewash reports. This new document on Collateral Damage outline in some detail the execution of events. The document paints a picture, where the alleged central nest for the design of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon is the Bush-Cheney gang with two key allies.

    • Jim Eagle Feather

      Yes, a Russian lived through a period when the international banks cut all funding to the old Soviet Union. Wow. And then in the early 2000s I recall being on net forums and chat and seeing Arabs and third-worlders going on how the Euro was going to crush the dollar and how European Union was going to re[lace the USA as a word leader. I laughed at their hopeful ignorance then and laugh even harder NOW. You make me giggle too, almost as much as Rusky-Rense does. So many of you Putinfiles love saying the Two wrongs made a right (the way Putin does) in that if BushCo could do it then its right for Putin to. How you guys call him a freedom beacon when he is known to have had many news editors murdered who posted bad news about Putin, is beyond me. Mayhaps some of you guys have Swiss accounts dull of RUBLES. Nyet?

    • Me

      Wierd. Is anyone else noticing these formerly well thought out and salient ethnic Russian commentarians are falling all over themselves to point out the correctness of Putin’s policies? Personally I really liked Ortlov when he was on the peak oil train, but I think he jumped the shark when he lept off that train onto the vw diesel microbus of ‘climate change’ liberal insanity….

  2. Agent P

    “All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes.”

    Although Mr. Orlov’s sentiment regarding the 3% ‘Maginot line’ of the all-important 10-year bond is shared by many – and would be quite true in a ‘normal’ environment, unfortunately, as one Mr. Rob Kirby has accurately pointed out and is easily witnessed and verifiable as we speak, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve in concert with each other, have effectively ‘captured’ the interest rate market – now, and until such time as no one yet knows.


    As I am certain Mr. Orlov would agree, a comeuppance for the fiscal and monetary profligacy of the United States, not to mention its foreign policy antics around the globe, is likely not to come from within, but from outside. And it will take a great many by surprise – up to and including holders of high office and high finance. Much like the credit crisis of 6 years ago, this ~may~ start out as a rather innocuous event or series of events, but it will rapidly cascade into a situation that escapes the grip of even our most vaunted ‘handlers’ and expert technicians of politics and finance.

    This is a ~highly~ volatile time we live in, and most in America don’t even know it. In some respects, ignorance is bliss in this regard, because if the American public knew just how rotten the floorboards upon which our nation currently rests were, panic for the exits would completely overwhelm they system. Somehow, I think many governmental agencies are already aware of this and are in the (rapid) process of preparing for ‘2.0’ when it finally arrives.

    The recent ‘history’ we are currently living through as witnessed in Ukraine, is what I would term: ‘The end of the beginning’ –

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Agent P. for adding your perspective and analysis to this post!

    • Dan

      More like the beginning of the end!

    • Galaxy 500

      Well reasoned analysis. Your posts are always thought provoking and on the money (gold and silver money…not fiat)

    • pessimist

      However, as Dr. Roberts, Willie, and others have pointed out, the ESF/Fed/Treasury trio can only save the dollar or the banks — but not both.

      So yes they can control interest rate market but only at the expense of massive USD printing.

    • JP727

      One of you best interviews, Greg. Great stuff.

  3. Justin King

    Firstly, congrats to Greg for perfect timing on bringing in Orlov.
    The guy is an oracle when it comes to US – Russia relations.
    His book Reinventing Collapse should be read BEFORE any of his other works.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Justin for the comment and some more info on Mr. Orlov.

      • irina

        Interesting that just a few days ago i picked up this book at a discount table at our local used book store and just started reading it last night. Very nice synchronicity with this article !

        Have been studying the Soviet Union and post-Communist Russia for some time now and am in the camp which thinks the United States is headed for an economic collapse, like the S.U. it is too big but not too big to (eventually) fail. Fortunately, we have stronger “state’s rights” and in an ideal scenario, the states would become more independent without major confrontation. (Living in Alaska,
        i am quite familiar with the concept of increasing state’s rights . . .)

    • Galaxy 500

      thanks for the heads up. I just ordered off of Amazon and its on sale

    • pessimist

      And very entertaining for those who enjoy sarcastic Russian humor.

      • pessimist

        Also, don’t forget to search out his many presentation videos on the net.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks, I went to his website after I offered the book.

  4. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Wonderful choice of yours to interview Dmitry Orlov. You are doing a HUGE service in presenting views not found in the mainstream. Is it possible to donate with silver? I’m serious about that. But if not some green pieces of paper will be coming your way. Thanks for all you do!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Taddeus!

    • Galaxy 500

      T3 (3)
      Greg has a severe allergy to silver. Please send it to me and I will tell him how pretty it looks. Beck, I’ll even a nd you a thank you card and forge Greg’s name

      • Galaxy 500

        D#$@ nasty spell correct/suggest. …
        Beck does a few good songs thou

  5. Fraser

    Great interview Greg – they just keep getting better and better! You are becoming a true master of your craft Sir!
    I am also delighted that you chose to interview some-one outside your country and Dmitry in particular. The fact that an American can talk so freely and openly with a Russian only strengthens my conviction that the whole world could get along, if only our stupid Governments could stop threatening each other!
    The absolute best news is that both the Ukraine and Russian military have no interest in fighting each other! This also explains why that absolute a-hole John McCain wants to send arms to the Ukraine Government – because without them there is no fight and this whole thing can be resolved democratically.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fraser. I am hoping peace will prevail.

  6. Gunny Hiway

    Hi Greg,
    So glad I found your page.
    Your concise and informative editorial is refreshing and most welcomed.
    This interview with Mr. Orlov is very informative and speaks clearly to the issues facing Americans in these troubled times.
    My only question is: Will these crazy, warmongering “representatives” be thrown out and replaced before it is too late?
    I think we are perilously close already and their nefarious plans have come to fruition around us.
    Best Regards,

  7. Web Guy Perth

    You have stacked up some really good interviews lately.
    Orlov ,Willie ,Craig-Roberts, Sinclair, Williams,Sprott, Mannarino,Schiff.
    Definitely the GO TO website for online info.
    I feel like I live outside of the matrix and all my friends don’t know or don’t care whats happening. Normalcy bias I suppose. This website keeps me sane.
    Keep up the good work.
    Can you try to get Andrew Maguire on if possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Web Guy,
      At some point everyone will know what we know. That point is moving much closer everyday. Thank you for your comment and support.

  8. Bill Sodomsky

    Good morning Greg;
    Thanks for bringing on Dmitry. I’m not sure if I was the only viewer to make the request, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that people in the west in particular, need to listen to the likes of an Orlov. The platform you have developed and strengthened through hard work, passion and integrity, is vital going forward as we continue towards systemic collapse. Yes, it’s important to listen to authorities on our current dilemmas and lament the fact, that all is not well, however, there comes a point where people need answers and hope. There is NO stopping the descent into Third World Status – US Style, but there are prepatory measures, which includes emotional strengthening, that people can learn as circumstances change. Visionaries such as Dmitry Orlov, James H. Kunstler, and John Michael Greer, have been on this for years. They have written prolifically on what now is upon us. I have researched and read extensively on finance, economics, history, geopolitics and philosophy. Most contributors are insightful and prescient in terms of what’ the problems are, but very few have meaninful reasonable solutions.
    I don’t mean to be pushy, but I heartily suggest you follow up on John Michael Greer (Archdruid Report). Greer is even more prolific a writer than Orlov, with an extensive knowledge of the energy piece, which by the way, is directly related to not only the Ukrainian fiasco, but the future of our planet. Greer like Orlov, is a visionary of vast proportions. They are level headed and solution-based. They are an island of calm amidst chaos.
    Finally, I truly consider you one of the good guys whose trying his best to make the world a better place. I, llike you, experienced the tremendous fraud and corruption that underpins our current western society. Unlike you and without your journalistic flair, have stayed on the sidelines doing what I can when I can, to inform those on what’s ahead. Through all of that, I came to place where I firmly believe it’s now time to focus on solutions, it’s time that people met the Orlov’s and the Greer’s, the true heroes of our time. Thanks to people like you Greg, a few individuals will stand a chance.
    Can’t wait see Greer and I hope this modest encouragement and thanks adds to the success of your meaningful endeavour.

    Best regards,
    Bill Sodomsky.

  9. William Betts

    Thank you very much for having Mr. Orlov on your news. There is a story in an international news source that says about the same thing that Orlov says about the USA. Obama is so far over his head in foreign policy that he could never dig himself out, and John Kerry is the biggest clown that has ever walked the halls of the State Dept. Doesn’t this make you really proud to be an American in the 21st century?????

    • R0Tten to the c0RE

      Yes we can be proud to be Americans where at least we know were free!
      _______________LEE GREENWOOD————————————

  10. Jerry

    Fascinating interview Greg.
    I think it is interesting how fast the Bank puppets in Washington backed off the red line talk in Ukraine when the Russians called their bluff. If that doesn’t send a message to the rest of the world as to how fragile our economic system is right now, destroying confidence in the dollar, I don’t know what will.? The problem is, we labor under the delusion that the rest of the world needs us, but that simply is not true according to this report.

    The Russians and Chinese have figured out what the Banking Cartel has been up to, and have been making plans for quite some time with the BRIC nations to replace the dollar and destroy the fiat paper scam. I would be really surprised if the Russians do not seize this opportunity to move their plan forward by dumping their Bonds. At this point the ball is in their court, not ours, and the Banking Cartel is living on borrowed time, and they know it.

    Thanks Greg for bringing Dmitry on. He brings a whole new approach to the subject.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think they are all going to accept other currencies sooner than later and this just put it into hyper-drive. Take cover–incoming!

    • pessimist

      Sorry, but that YouTube link was clearly bankster proaganda. Good eye candy nonetheless, she was very attractive.

      • Jerry

        You missed the point. The Russians and Chinese have been planning for quite some time to take down the Banking Cartel. They tried in 2008 only to have the government bail them out with TARP.

  11. IndianaJohn

    Greg Hunter, — you are an example of proper personal grooming.
    Thanks for posting these meaningful conversations. Even the bearded ones.

  12. G. Joseph Fondren

    Greg. Wow, your site just keeps getting better and better. I think the very least the incompetent fools who have seized power in DC expect from taunting Putin is to blame him for the already ongoing and inevitable collapse of the dollar. Most people I know are falling for the lies and distortions of the Glen Beck/Sean Hannity shillery (Is that a word?).

  13. Chu


    According to Mr. Rob Kirby and Dr. Jim Willie “the Exchang and Stabilization Fund can manipulate the long term interest rate forever by using interest rate swap.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Jim Willie and he absolutely has told me this does not go on “forever.” If this is your message it is totally incorrect and borders on disinformation.

      • smaulgld

        what is interesting is that through various devices- QE, exchange stabilization fund, media complicity, it has gone on far longer than most have expected. Would’nt be surprised to see the fed end QE- they have ended it before hence QE’s 1, 2, 3 etc and embark on US “developmental” loans that would fund also sorts of U.S. public and not so public infrastructure projects that would be in the “national interest”

  14. art barnes

    Greg, read your guest’s book, his first one, quite sometime ago; good read. Ukraine is lost to the East, that’s a given, just wait and watch now as Russia makes a full court press for other former provinces of Russia such as the Baltic’s. The Bear is back, out of hibernation and hungry, typically right on time in middle spring. The CIA involvement in Kiev during the Olympics ticked off the old KGB officer and this is payback. Frankly, another Obama Administration miscalculation & the law of unintended consequences in play. The sanctions were save face measures pure & simple, nothing more, the U.S. has folded its hand and given up the chips for the Ukraine pot. As more and more foreign policy debacles happen the loss of any credible counter threat gets further diluted. Russia may have well stopped playing and has decided to quit the game and count its money believing the U.S economic system has turned south, which is has. It took a community organizer 6 years to bring the cold war back, but you must give him credit as he succeeded in the end. The economic collapse has already started, there is cracks everywhere if only one looks. Indispensable country or not, we are declining and no one is at the helm to turn it around.

  15. Galaxy 500

    Pres. Obama has said guns should be outlawed if there is a chance to save ONE CHILD YET WHEN THE POWER TO SAVE ONE CHILD IS IN HIS HAND, HE DOES NOTHING!

    At any given point of time, there are thousands of patients like Jack Fowler who need a drug based on a clear mechanism of action that has a clean safety trial prior to a pivotal trial. Jack’s parents have declared that they would do what any decent parents would do, and they would sign a waiver of liability that would shield Shire from any lawsuit. A hospital ethics review board would have to review Jack’s particular case and determine that it is ethical for Jack’s doctor to prescribe the drug for him. If those things happen, there is a real chance Jack will live. If those things don’t happen, it is all but certain that Jack will die what all constitutional lawyers would consider a “cruel and unusual” death.

    President Obama should end this standoff right now. First, he needs to call FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg and make sure that there are no facts outside of the public domain that would make Jack Fowler a poor risk for a compassionate use exemption. Second, assuming that conversation goes as it most probably will, President Obama should ask Commissioner Hamburg to pick up the phone and call Shire’s new CEO, Dr. Flemming Ornskov, and tell him that whatever his nervous regulatory executives are telling him is untrue, and that the FDA would genuinely welcome their support of a compassionate use application for Jack Fowler.

    The above article (not included) states that if you are a member of Congress or their family that the FDA approves immediately. This is how it was in the Soviet Union, if you were a high powered Party member, you got the best medical care and everything else; if you were not you got a heart specialist on the fifth floor of a building with no elevator.
    Why do we allow Congress to exempt themselves from laws or allocate special treatment or benefits that the citizens cant get?
    In NOV, VOTE THESE DEMONCRAT OUT! Yes, I know the Republican stink but they are not socialist/communist and we have to start somewhere.

  16. ConcernedAmericanDad

    thanks for another great interview Greg and a fresh perspective. Yes, the 3% flashpoint has also faded as we watch the 10yr rate hold (or should we szy-be held-like a bouncy-ball under water, I suppose) below 2.7 for some time now. Then there was Gold at 1250 and even closing at 1270 and again nothing………back down to 1245 again today.”They” are in complete control and yes ignorance is bliss for most. It’s not doing much good to point out that the sky is falling- it’d be much easier to get a conversation started posting some selfless or something like that……….

  17. Felicia

    Great interview timing! Great interview! The incompetence, lack of leadership and runaway egos of those in government needs to be eliminated. Sadly I have to agree with Mr. Orlov on how the U.S. is viewed. But the behaviors in Washington are a reflection of U.S. society as a whole. We need people of integrity and honor and high moral fiber in all areas of society pushing back against the this “spirit” of licentiousness. I thank God for you, Greg, and for the truths you are getting out there as a means to push against this destructive spirit.

  18. Marcus West

    Just like always Greg you have very informative people I watch your show every day you have a post. Just wish you had a post dailey. Thanks for the information

    • Greg Hunter

      Someday Marcus, but all that takes money and I want to grow the site and keep it free of charge at the same time.

  19. Mr. Stacker

    This week has been stellar, not to undermine others.
    I have to run now,…halfway through packing the sea container (seacan).
    Yes, I’m taking this seriously.
    keep stacking

    • allen ols

      M stacker

      from JW, be careful traveling;

      Apparently 20 employees of Freestyle Semiconductors were on board the Malaysian commercial Flight 370. They develop smart meters, among other things. They are also involved in smart energy concepts. The Texas-based company Freescale Semiconductor (high-tech ecology friendly firm) has confirmed that 20 of its employees were passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Twelve are from Malaysia and eight are from China. It is all speculation for a motive to kill the staff for the latest vile project, or possibly to force them into a different employment situation. The smart meter involvement is known far more than the cloaking technology (a full generation ahead of stealth). The company might have been involved in off-grid projects. It could be that the project took a page from the Kill the Engineers defense mechanism. The Smart Meters are designed to inhibit human brain function with interference by means of certain electro-magnetic waves. Such devices will be required by law on all American homes in the near future, despite objections. To remove them means ending electricity service. Just another genocide device. See the FreeScale article (CLICK HERE).

      Other evidence and theories are floating around. There is a suggestion that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plane was cloaked (i.e. hiding with high-tech electronic devices). It was then guided to a hidden location, where action was taken on the engineers.

      • Galaxy 500

        There’s also talk about the supernatural, a quantum singularity (a black hole), a fire, hijacking, terrorists. .. all just speculation
        I pray for the souls of the lost and pray that the talking heads on TV get struck down for making up Shiite.

  20. Calgirl

    MSM…take note…..this is how is should be done!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Calgirl for the kind words of support. I have friends at the MSM still and they watch. They fear for their jobs and do not say anything off script. Sad.

  21. Arizona

    WELL I have to good an education to make very many spelling errors,BUT america has lost its edge,and THAT was its down fall,turning the children into drug addicted ,dumbed down girlymen,WAS A BIG MISTAKE,the BIBLE warned about it,jeremiah,51:30,no one ever gave any thought to the day america might have a WAR come their way,BUT all the BELLS are ringing and every ones so worried about their money,they have YET to look up,and see the incompetent IDIOTS running america, have ran it into the ground,WHEN PUTIN SAID HE’LL TURN AMERICA INTO ASH,he wasn’t kidding,UNLIKE the morons who run america they won’t even see it coming,ALL THE PROPHETS have been warning everyone,YET they don’t give a dam,THIS IS THE FINAL DAYS OF AMERICA,I really hope your close to the LORD GREG,cause an awful lot of americans are about to die……………

    • Greg Hunter

      I am close to the Lord. I pray God gives us his Grace and Devine protection. America is still worth saving!!!

      • Gabe

        No, you are deluded. People who are close to the Lord do not slander authorities like you do.

        • Greg Hunter

          What? How did I “slander authorities”?

          • Galaxy 500

            Another droll TROLL making unsupported baseless accusations

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes sir 500!

          • allen ols


            You had better not stand next to 50th story window or hold rope next to a chandelier. 🙂

        • Galaxy 500

          I mean damn! DOD would have sued Greg over his depleted uranium expose if he slandered authorities. Always remember that its not slander if its true.

  22. Diogenese

    Add Jim Sinclair and Dimitri’s interviews together and what do you have ? The west is ruled by the Keystone Cops , incompetence to the power 1000 , Western heirachy seems to believe that the US $ is bulletproof and body armour , and the Kiev governments legitimacy comes from street demonstrations the barrel of a snipers rifle , try that in Washington !
    The western powers have lost all common sense I am afraid we will all pay the cost of their arrogance..
    The worlds energy producers have the upper hand not wall street /fiat currencies .

  23. AL. Hall

    Greg: Near perfect timing for this quest. A few American know the story, but the rest of the world knows the USA is in deep crap. All of your guests-week after week- tell the same story. I hope your readers/viewer all send your interview out to their friends and family- spread the word. People need to wake up out there. Your viewers are awake and care for this once great nation. Have K. Hughes back on for update on saving the country and the globe from the elite’s and the IMF!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Al Hall,
      At some point, everyone will know what we here now know. Peace Brother!!

  24. Galaxy 500

    Meredith Whitney (sp) , Dr Black, Case Shiller, Dr Doom
    Just a few ideas…really want to hear from Meredith after the hatchet job they did on her over her analysis of the dire straits of municipalities.
    Keep the real news coming

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

  25. Arizona

    LET me throw this in there,EVERY time I go to walmart,I see russian special forces soldiers,THEIR always escorted by three or more sheriffs,and they laugh in their face,THE RUSSIANS can’t believe what morons americans are,THE SHERIFFS PROVIDE THEM WITH PROTECTION???,then it gets worse,I talk to these russians and they BRAG about what their plans are,I was told they plan to take every vehicle,piece of construction equipment,air plane,car ,truck ,bus,IF ITS MADE OF METAL their taking it,AND THEY WILL,I live in trinidad,co….THE PEOPLE here think their joking,oh no their just training here,don’t worry their not going to do anything wrong,WE’VE HAD IT,this country will go down like a rock….I’ve gave up on the adults,now I yell at the KIDS,at least they’ll listen,AND ARE PAYING a little attention……………..

    • Greg Hunter

      Where do you live?

      • AL. Hall

        Greg: he is correct– There are a lot of Russian spec. forces here training. I believe what he says. I’ve heard there are many abandoned military bases crammed full of China and Russian vehicles etc. Really- the average person is so stupid-totally out of touch with reality. To much sports and beer, American idol, the voice., etc etc. No idea what the constitution says, what their right are(were). We are going to pay big time – can you says” FEMA camps for everyone”.

        • JC Davis

          Greg s weekly wrap from two years back this week.

        • Robert

          Yep I’ve been hearing the stories on the internet for 2 years now. My co-worker who went onto Fort Hood, TX last week verified they are here. They were all over Fort Hood – in the commissary, in the PX etc etc. Big guys abut 6′ 1″ solid muscle. They look like NFL linebackers. I had been taking it with a grain of salt. Now I’m not and I question the motives of every Ruskie here. Am I hater? No I am not. In more ways than I can say I don’t hate them or any group of people on earth. However, I loathe their government just as much as ours and it is a pity they’ve managed their PR so well as to now be the “good guys”. They ARE here. We’ll know soon enough about their purpose. It can’t be good.

          • Robert

            Although I have already made clear my feelings about Orlov and not being terribly fond of him – (mainly because I distrust his motives), I can say one BIG compliment about the interview. He stated that Ukraine is part of Russia – period. That is a fact and Bravo for his honesty! The implications of that are immense. Setting aside the “moral” arguments and “siding with the underdog” that dominates so much of the sophomoric discussions on Geopolitics these days, let’s look more to the pragmatic. Ukraine is Russia’s. So how does that mesh with the narrative being repeated over and over again ad nauseum on the internet about the “Western Bankers” instigated the coup? Well the fact of the matter is that 90+% of the evidence points to the fact that the Kremlin and Putin instigated the Coup as a justification for a military option in the Crimea and ultimately in all of Ukraine. We should not fail to entertain the seemingly
            fantastical idea that the fascists and other goose stepping and heil hitler parroting idiot extremists in Ukraine are actually working for the Kremlin to serve as a justification for what comes next. The west has no serious military options in Ukraine, so we must ask, why all the militant attitudes over there by the anti-Russian forces? They have nobody in their corner – especially with you know who in the white house. So all of this is just political theatre for what comes next – chapter 47 (or is it 470?) of Russian expansionism – something that has been going on since Ivan the Terrible and even long before. When the smoke clears people will see clearly who the underdog really was and believe you me, it wasn’t Putin. The only forces on earth who can put Putin in his place are the Chinese (and of course God), but the Chinese will shrewdly wait until the smoke clears after the seemingly imminent USA-Russia showdown before they make their move against Russia. False Flag ops were invented long before America was a twinkle in Francis Bacon’s and Queen Elizabeth I’s eye. The U.S. Govt does not have a monopoly on such activities. In fact, they are the new kids on the block in a very very old and cynical game.

      • Ugly

        He posted his residence at Trinidad, Colorado. When I saw some of the photos after Boston, there were many faces of the special forces that did not look American to me. Just my opinion….

        • Galaxy 500

          I have read MSM stories about them training here but none of the stories had an important angle. The why

          • lastmanstanding

            For what it’s worth (to get your why?) check out Dave Hodges interview with Steve Qualye last Sunday night. Just blow thru all the 3-5 minute commercials and you can get thru the just of it in an hour.

            While I can only take it as a grain of salt, I still have to consider the possibilities in preparation.

            I would hate to think that these 2 men spend as much time as they do sharing what they share for money. I do think that they would prefer to be doing something else with their time.

          • Galaxy 500


  26. WD Deni

    Greg, Thank you for bringing him on, he is such a nexus on this issue. Almost like the mortar between the bricks. I was glad I could help out by getting you his contact information. This interview means a lot to me. I also will make a donation!

    Thank you for brining him on!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WD!

  27. pessimist

    Great that you finally got Dmitry Orlov on your site.

    I have been following him for about 3 years now when I first woke up from the American Dream.

    • Greg Hunter

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Rise and shine!!

    • Seen Too Much

      I say don’t give up on the American Dream just yet. I had the distinct pleasure several years ago of working with a man to spoke 6 languages and had worked in multiple countries around the world. As ‘messed up’ as he observed our experience to be, he indicated that overseas in many countries it is incomparably worse. Another good friend of mine grew up in a foreign country. The observation made in comparing ours to their native land was that again; in the native country, there was significantly less reason the hope for a decent future.

      Our country undoubtedly has severe problems and challenges, there are many individuals with their heads in the sand and many who have become fat and entitled off of the wealth of the land; but, based upon the testimony of these individuals whom I have known and respect, if there is indeed still hope for mankind, then that optimism could very well be embodied in this country that I have held dear all of my life.

      I have read, “When Money Dies”, and I believe I have a clear understanding of the hardships that are before us. But the German civilization survived the Weimar Republic. Their civilization even survived what followed the collapse of their currency. We have the chance of surviving it too.

      Heck I just learned yesterday that Pearl S. Buck survived the ‘rape of Nanking’, beautiful literature emerging from the rubble of that city!

      There can be a phenix that rises from the ashes, there just have to be people around who are solid and committed enough to help usher it through.

      And look on the bright side, if we don’t make it through as a race, we only have ourselves to blame. We really are a ‘pretty sorry lot’ who haven’t outgrown the impulses and desires of our hunter gatherer forbearers.

      It is only through hardship that true character is forged. We have one hell of a learning opportunity before us. 🙂

      • Galaxy 500

        The Japanese deny the “Rape of Banking” to this day. Interesting and terrifying part of history. Nice post. We can survive but its going to be tough.

      • pessimist

        I suppose most do not understand what I mean by the “American Dream”.

        It was a dream when anyone could be and do whatever they wanted so long as it did not interfere with the right of others to pursue the same …. liberty and justice for ALL.

        I woke up and realized that the dream had turned into a nightmare. We live in a police state whether we want to admit it or not. We live in a debt consumption based economy whether we want to believe it or not. We live in a period of “peak resources” whether we want to understand it or not.

        The future of the modern industrial civilization that we have all taken for granted as always being here for us is gone. Every civilization in human history has risen only to collapse …. it’s a natural cycle in the evolution of human history — the technology of empires lead to unsustainability and then to feudal dark ages followed by a rebirth of technology and so on. We just happen to be living at the inflection point of that cycle.

        • WD Deni

          Perfectly put pessimist! The right to be what we are and what we are meant to be. It does not include supurfulous spending and more and more debt.

          It has nothing to do with what you can buy or have.

          Great definition…

      • R0Tten to the c0RE

        Good on ya, bub!

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          That was for– Seen To Much!

  28. Greatful

    What a great interview! Thank you Greg!

  29. Max

    Greg –

    Nice to get a clear outside view of things here.
    I enjoyed the interview.

  30. Anne Elliott

    Love his comment about Kerry being “dangerous at any speed”! Didn’t agree with the economy being on suicide watch, tho – I think the patient is clinically dead due to mal-practice, and the doctors are just keeping him behind the curtain on life support without telling the friends and family the real condition. It reminds me of the Saudi king Abdullah who was kept on life support so long due to fear of changing the ruling system… Truth is the person is already gone, but people’s perceptions just haven’t caught up with reality yet, so the system remains the same until the curtain is finally drawn back.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote
      ” I think the patient is clinically dead due to mal-practice, and the doctors are just keeping him behind the curtain on life support without telling the friends and family the real condition. It reminds me of the Saudi king Abdullah who was kept on life support so long due to fear of changing the ruling system…”
      Excellent observations

  31. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Some very interesting DJIA stock market statistics and a possible 7 year cycle that’s developing:

    1/14/2000 ~ market high ~ 11,723

    4437 point drop in 999 days or 2.7 years

    10/9/2002 ~ market low ~ 7,286

    6879 point gain in 1826 days or 5 years

    10/9/2007 ~ market high ~ 14,165

    7618 point drop in 517 days or 1.4 years

    3/9/2009 ~ market low ~ 6,547

    9906 point gain in 1824 days or 5 years

    3/7/2014 ~ market top? ~ 16,453

    Notice the market low in 2002 and the market high in 2007 happened on the exact same day in each year.

    The market low in 2009 and the possible market high in 2014 would happen on the same day but 3/9/14 is a Sunday and therefore the possible high on Friday 3/7/14 carries through Sunday 3/9/14 until Monday morning.

    Market high to market high duration:

    1/14/2000 to 10/9/2007 produced a 2442 point gain in 2825 days or 7 years 8 months 25 days

    10/9/2007 to 3/7/2014 produced a 2288 point gains in 2341days or 6 years 4 months 26 days

    1/14/2000 to 3/7/2014 produced a 4730 point gain in 5166 days or 14 years 1 month 21 days or exactly 738 weeks.

    For those that believe occult numerology is adhered to by those who attempt to control the markets:
    5166 is (5+1)66 = 6 ~ 6 ~ 6
    738 is 7 + 3 + 8 = 18 = 6 + 6 + 6

    We know our Lord has specific meanings for numbers and satan and his servants love to copy our Lord in a sinister way of coarse.

    2000 to 2007 is 7 years

    2007 to 2014 is 7 years

    2000 ~ market top
    2001 ~ 9/11
    2002 ~ Patriot act

    2007 ~ market top
    2008 ~ Tarp
    2009 ~ Quantitative Easing to Infinity

    2014 ~ market top?
    2015 ~ Daniel 9:27 covenant that starts the tribulation?
    2015 ~ 2021 ~ 7 years of Tribulation

    2022 ~ The day the Lord / Year of the Redeemed

    Just some interesting thoughts to conjecture knowing the troubles in the world today:

    Jeremiah 30:6-7 Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? (7) Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.

    In CHRIST! Rob

    • Galaxy 500

      So you believe that the market cycles every seven years based on the Bible and some numerology. Good luck Dude
      sounds like an poor way to invest in a highly manipulated market. When your broker is MF Global, prayer is basically all that’s left of your investments.

    • Galaxy 500

      And your name links to an end of the world website…
      check please

      • JC Davis

        500. I like the post from Rob because a lot of thought went into it. Sure numbers may be coincidental, but its worth looking at.

        • Galaxy 500

          when I see people using the name and words of the ONE TRUE GOD to dupe and lead the ignorant astray I get angry. These people prey on the weak minded and there’s a special place in Hell for them.
          He wrote
          5166 is (5+1)66 = 6 ~ 6 ~ 6
          738 is 7 + 3 + 8 = 18 = 6 + 6 + 6
          here my take 3474=18….oh…mark of beast, oh wait its only 18 but wait you can kind of make 666 if you scam it
          882…oh, my…its the beast again
          JC, I have met people that believe this and have seen them lose everything trying to devine the signs. Its so arbitrary you can make anything out of anything. Like Nostradamus, I dont buy that either.
          I respect you. We will just have to disagree on this one.

        • Galaxy 500

          JC did you miss how he has the Lord returning in 2022. Hahaha
          That tells you all you need to know. If God didn’t tell his only Son, Jesus Christ he ain’t telling Rob

          • JC Davis

            500. The lord told me when he would return…..
            At the time we think not. I agree with you more then you know.

  32. Keith R. Starkey

    Great stuff, Greg. Thanks very much.

    • Yupp

      Whether Rob’s analysis is accurate or not, it shouldn’t just be dismissed because it’s based on occult numerology. Clearly, lots of thought went into it.

      I think that the events that we are all present for and witnessing are beyond any logic or stretch of the imagination. It doesn’t even seem that money or power is the end game, and that the goals of the PTB may just be complete control.
      In that situation, it seems that anything is possible, or rather, that nothing is impossible. In matters such as this, occult science or math may be a crack through which light might shine on these subjects.

      Greg- wonderful work. If there is any hope for US, it is through sources like this on open-source-media (contrast to cable-tv) – which are rapidly becoming extinct.

      I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but it may be the dying light of democratic values:
      Global Commission on Internet Governance – established at World Economic Forum 2014,24PB9,BISBJ0,7OXC1,1
      US to relinquish control of internet

      Mainstream websites are already practicing ad-hoc censorship techniques and doing away with comments altogether so the switch can happen with minimal blowback.
      I am thankful for your efforts and applaud your work, that of your guests and forum policy as well.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is nothing short of a side stepping out the U.S. Constitution and Freedom of Speech. I’ll stay up as long as I can.

  33. Joe Gee

    Good day Greg….You did it again, great take on situation in UKAINE. Dimitry Oriov is a breath of fresh air, to listen too. Greg this is why I listen to USA You have the best guests on your show at the right time in history! Keep on Keeping on Greg…..Joe Gee and God Bless you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the blessings Joe.

  34. Larry Carter

    Greg, Demitri is a real gem and makes the bluff our govenrment is pushing on the public very meaninless. Before any entity trys to tell another entity what to do, like the US telling Russia you need to get your facts straight. Russia is not dealing from a postion of weakness, we are. No wonder in a poll conducted recently Putin is more respected for his leadership qualities than O is. This interview was a real eye opener.

    • Greg Hunter

      If USA is bluffing, then no problem. If they are stupid enough to follow through with the threats, then big problem. Thank you for the comment. Our leaders just might be stupid enough to follow through. I think the EU will abandon the U.S. at that point. Lots of business ties between EU/UK and Russia–lots.

      • smaulgld

        So far the sanctions on the 8 members of Putin’s cabinet (but not him) are nothing for the Russian’s to get worked up over- no need to what Sinclair calls the nuclear option. Perhaps the US realizes they can’t push sanctions too far. The EU knows they cant as they get most of their oil from Russia.
        Perhaps the US will just let Russia have Crimea (while not recognizing it-big deal) because they don’t have the power to stop it via sanctions that would back fire if Russia retaliated.

        • allen ols


          As I see it, We, the USA has invaded 20 countries in 22 yrs, and russia takes the cremia, is hypocritical , wouldnt u say.

          • R0Tten to the c0RE

            Don’t ferget the Monroe Doctrine and I don’t mean Marilyn!

  35. JimPrep

    Outstanding interview – Dmitry really nails it.

  36. Albert Tesla

    Sigh….this again?

    Nothing is (especially the US) is going to “Collapse”.

    I hate when people cry about the military industrial complex and “corruption”… War and being sneaky is what PUTS YOU AHEAD OF THE GAME…the world ain’t cookies and rainbows…stop being a hippy…welcome to reality.

    This man claims America is going to “self destruct”. Foolish statement. America (irregardless of our political issues at the moment) is the leader when it comes to military dominance. The US can never fully fail.

    Black budget….advanced weaponry….i said it before and i’ll say it again, if America wanted to take over the world tomorrow they more then likely could. God only knows what’s in the arsenal of weaponry in the depths secrecy.

    Things are simply evolving. Its not a collapse, its a transition into a new means of nation building. We are moving into a Technocracy .

    Who gives a shit if we are in debt. All we have to do is point our big guns and say, what debt?

    As for Ukraine/Russia, Google the Holodomor (Ukrainian genocide). I don’t care about all this talk about fascist and Nazi’s running rampant in the ukraine. The bottom line is you reap what you sow.

    Russia deserves to face conflict from the Ukrainians. Russians treat Ukrainians as sub human. I’m surprised…this man is Russian and believes Ukrainians are going to consent to Russian rule? I think your a little disconnected from reality bud, perhaps you should venture out into the real world away from your bungalow.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sigh–I pray to God you are correct.

      • Mr.Lee

        Wow Mr. Hunter I have to repond:

        We can not even get that damn F-35 off the ground and the Russians are flying around in SU-34 and Mig 35s. Debt does not count really, that is why we are into QE ?????. China is buying up vast amounts gold, and our infrastructure is crumbling beneath us…..ever ventured in Kansas City or Baltimore latley… need a new front end. Our boarders are porous and good 30% is at or below the poverty line………How do you suppose we will conquor the world sir?

        • Greg Hunter

          Mr. Lee,
          I think you are responding to the wrong person. The U.S. is in trouble and I am not talking about conquering any one.

        • Galaxy 500

          I THINK Mr Lee is rebutting Alberto

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          Lots of bubblegum and nylons, never fails, Lee!

    • AL. Hall

      Greg: albert is smoking something?? No collapse- almost every guest/expert you have on says yes to the collapse. Greg- you know Mr. w my CIA insider- he said 7 years ago they were working on the collapse- that the USA has already planned to never pay it’s national debt. China knows this – that’s why they are buying up all the gold, except mine and yours. The only question about the collapse is– When?/ Only the elite’s know this- but when it happens- it will be swift, and the unprepared will be gone. My friend said ” don’t not ever get in an Army truck or bus to be taken to a safe area- you’ll never be seen again. He told me to just have them shoot you at home. Seems crazy talk, but he was serious then and now!!

    • Charles H.

      Albert Tesla,

      Might does NOT make right. The “God only knows” remark reveals that weapons technology is not determined. And who is to say that the Russians don’t have better stuff than we do. Their Onyx missiles are better.
      I don’t buy into the “evolution” thing either – because the changes cannot be simply explained away or softened by some ideological transition. The consequences of actions will not be ameliorated by philosophy.
      And the unfeeling idea of “who gives a shit if we are in debt” only works when the gun is pointing AWAY from you. Do you think you’d be cool with the deal if the gun was pointed at YOU?!?? I don’t think so. You are WAY behind the curve here.

    • Jerry

      Let me get this straight. All the economic pundits Greg has had on this site are wrong, and you’re right? Nothing is going to happen? Wow…. for a moment there, I thought I was in real trouble. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that our Military loves us so much that they would be willing to fight for free. Because if the dollar collapses, that’s exactly what they will be doing. FYI I have relatives in the military who can barely make ends meet now. Some of them are on their 4th and 5th tours.

    • Galaxy 500

      we have weapons but can feed the troops are buy the gas to get them there. You do realize we are broke right?

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “As for Ukraine/Russia, Google the Holodomor (Ukrainian genocide). I don’t care about all this talk about fascist and Nazi’s running rampant in the ukraine. The bottom line is you reap what you sow.”
      Dude, based on this we are so screwed because we have done some wicked things. After the Vietnamese helped us defeat the Japanese, we reintroduced the yoke of slavery believe allowing the French to claim Vietnam as a colony. Didnt that work at well for us?

      • Galaxy 500

        “we reintroduced the yoke of slavery believe allowing the French to claim Vietnam as a colony. Didnt that work at well for us?”
        JC, I swear I was sober…
        we reintroduced the yoke of slavery BY allowing the French to claim Vietnam as a colony. Didnt that work at well for us?
        I need to go back to a laptop

    • pessimist

      Some sheep prefer to count themsleves in the American Dream and prefer not to wake up.

    • allen ols


      They cannot manage the exit without causing an extremely rapid collapse, and they knew it. That is exactly what they learned from the failed Taper Talk trial balloon, conveniently forgotten with political motive. Fisher has captured the essence of the trapped corner. Systemic breakdown and failure lie in the future path. If no QE tapering is done, the world will reject the USDollar, causing implosion from external forces (the Weimar outcome). If tapering of bond purchases is done, the United States will implode from within as the bond market will fail, or else force a hyper-drive in derivatives applied (the Weimar nightmare).

      Yellen originally supported the bond purchase program from its beginning. The irony is thick, since her urgent warnings were ignored several years earlier when given to the arrogant odd couple Greenspan and Dudley. She has no options at her disposal, none, which raises questions as to why she accepted the job. She must have been promised a $1 billion Vatican account, like Obama. Yellen periodically floats trial balloons, only to see the rigged market and dead brain trust shoot them down. The QE programs have resulted in an intractable USFed balance sheet of more than $4 trillion and obscene reserves at banks. The big bank loss reserves have been transferred to the USFed in order to prevent the image of central bank insolvency. Their release could fuel future price inflation. But the valid pressing threat for price inflation comes from the global rejection of the USDollar, not monetary avenues. Price inflation will finally arrive, from imported doorways. See the Money News article (CLICK HERE).


      In a brilliant admonition, Grant Williams warned “Take a long hard look, Janet [Yellen], the landscape over which you cast your eyes when you accepted the (poisoned chalice) prestigious role of Fed Chair changed last week.” THE HAT TRICK, JW

    • Dmitry

      I get this reaction a lot, and it comes from the sort of willful ignorance that is unfortunately so dominant in the US. The simple fact is, the US doesn’t know how to win wars. They just know how to waste money on weapons systems and use them to kill lots of bystanders and to blow things up. But they can’t win the peace; not in Somalia, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Libya, or Syria, or even Detroit. Giving credit where credit is due, their only independent outright victory is the invasion of Grenada under Reagan.

      • ROTin to the c0RE

        The Monroe doctrine gave us the right to go into Grenada.

      • Galaxy 500

        I for one thank you for being on the WatchDog.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank YOU 500!

      • Galaxy 500

        Just started your book,”reinventing collapse”. Wow, thanks for writing it. I hope you’ll do another interview with Greg, providing we still have an internet

  37. zino

    Mr Hunter
    This Interview with Dymitry orlov, It is the most accurate assessment of Ukraine situation. I heard so far… Brilliant from You and orlov!!
    Great Job 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Zino and Charles H. !!

    • 02144pomroy

      Albert! Albert! Wake up! Time to go to work!

      • allen ols

        I have to giggle and chuckle, funny 🙂

  38. Charles H.


    Interview with Dmitri Orlov was just about as “real world” perspective, that is, an accurate assessment of the Ukraine anyone is likely to hear. Unfortunately his assessment of the government in Washington agrees with many others. It is very sad to accept that America has become such an International Buffoon: but those people are so smart now; and how are you to tell them anything? America as terminally ill – it’s hard to think of it.

  39. Paul from Indiana

    When a debtor owes $17+trillion in ACKNOWLEDGED debt, the thing comes apart when the creditor(s) want it to come apart. Left to its own devices, the situation would have already collapased. Since the collapse itself is not in doubt, the only thing left to see is the process that unfolds in our becoming whatever it is we are eventually to be. Rome collapsed; that is true, but an entity known as Italy is there today. The sun did set on the British Empire, with relatively little problem. What could emerge here in the North American sphere could be the dawn of a new golden age, and the transition might be relatively benign. As Greg often says the world has never seen anything like this before, but, given the circumstances and the players, the injustices that have been and are being perpetrated, the sellout of a once great nation and of a one-time free people, largely by those given domain and charge, I would expect otherwise.

    • Galaxy 500

      I pray for a new reborn America pulled out of the ashes by real Americans. …if any of the youngsters have character and morality to pull thru harsh times.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Galaxy 500 (with a 390 Thunderbird V-8, I hope!): I pray for the outcome you describe also, but I would prefer that we could find a way to re-form a constitutional democratic republic (with the Constitution in modern, clear English) peacefully NOW, and let the Lefties go off and fail on their own. Best always to you and yours. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          I like the he Constitution just the way it is. You see, language evolves. We can write it very clear today and in a hundred years, they will be arguing over the meaning. The govt is attempting to steal our liberty by redefining the words…a trick that the liberals excels at.

        • Galaxy 500

          1962 Dark blue

  40. danL

    Yes, the US is on a downward trajectory. But then what comes after the collapse? Also, it’s unrealistic to assume that Russia is immune. Nobody is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point, but the USA has much further to fall.

    • Galaxy 500

      According to McRino, Russia has something we dont….a gas station

  41. Dwain

    Great interview greg,
    will be interesting to see how western sociopaths and lap dog propagandist go forward, especially since they spent so much on the coup and went to such great lengths to falsely demonize Russia. It must really irk them to see all that effort backfire and go to waste.

    Still think they will concoct some crisis to divert attention, blame and provide cover for manufactured dollar collapse. Ukraine appears to be a last straw desperate attempt that failed.

    Makes you wonder about the missing jetliner.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am nervous about that missing 777 jet. It is a huge aircraft and can hold a lot. It also has a long rage.

      • allen ols

        GREG again;


        The full title of the document is “Collateral Damage: US Covert Operations & the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001″ which offers extreme details. The document is fiery and loaded, describing who was involved, the motive for the attack, and how the cover-up was executed. This is not a sideshow or hack job. The document was written by the US Office of Naval Intelligence, therefore not just another report quickly dismissed. The rejection of hard data by mindless critics is an abomination, and a poor reflection of American intelligence levels. They even conjured an ugly name of Truthers, in disparaging tone. It is as though those who pursue the truth are enemies of the sprawling fascist state. The naval intell document attempts to put the complex pieces together, indicative of a major rift within the Defense Intelligence Network. The Jackass has previously pointed out a schism between the Pentagon and NSA in recent months. See the Scribd article (CLICK HERE). Also, a new exposure has been floating around the USCongress. It is an unredacted version (no black magic marker blots) that accidentally was circulated. Some important and powerful parties are carefully releasing information in order to enable the bankster security press pharma cabal to be exposed. For two years, the Jackass has reported a deep division within the USGovt security agencies led by the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Department. The naval intel group is the most prestigious.

        A couple Congressmen are horrified by what the document reveals, with ample evidence. It is not clear how or why these two men were selected. They had better not stand next to 50th story windows or hold rope next to chandeliers. They had better distribute the document far and wide, even to intrepid non-syndicated press reporters. The AE1000 group of architects and engineers has provided ample counter evidence in rebuttal of the official nonsensical whitewash reports. This new document on Collateral Damage outline in some detail the execution of events. The document paints a picture, where the alleged central nest for the design of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon is the Bush-Cheney gang with two key allies.

  42. Diane Ryan

    Greg, another outstanding interview and a perspective that the MSM stopped pursuing long ago. USAWatchdog is putting all of them to shame.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane but I think they are putting themselves (MSM) to shame. What I am doing is really not that difficult especially for a network with staff, such as, bookers, producers and tech support. They just DO NOT wart to do it. Sad for America.

  43. Mike Wismer

    Great article from a good perspective, thank you.

    I do agree with the above comment above about interest rate “capture” in the United States. Instead of an interest rate increase being the next trigger for crisis in the United States, I believe a much more likely cause will come from Russia itself.

    If the USA pushes too hard to “punish” Russia for the annexation of the Crimea, Russia could retaliate by selling oil and gas in currency other than the USD. This could collapse the USD overnight…

  44. Michael Rothschild

    Greg, this is another great interview as were the ones with Jim Sinclair and Paul Craig Roberts. These people all seem to be trying to tell us something yet so few are listening unfortunately. Please keep bringing on people who will also tell the truth like David Stockman, David Walker, and others who are mainstream guys that can convey the message more articulately than most. Thank you for all that you do and I now consider your site a must visit every day.

  45. Tim B.

    Great interview! The U.S. could learn alot from eastern European immigrants.

  46. Chip

    Dmitry is one sharp cookie! Great interview Greg…. I think he’s right about the way things will play out in Ukraine. He’s also 100% correct in his assessment of the incompetence of our White House and State Department…

  47. 8Ball

    As always, what you hear in the “news” is much different from what is really going on. DO makes some good points about the internal situation in Ukraine and the external situation regarding the US and Russia. I am not sure whether or not the no-nothings in DC actually thought Putin would fold and walk away. My guess is they figured that he would not and this was just a test of Russian resolve. As DO said: “the people in the US state department are incredibly incompetent”. I agree, they are in way over their head with this one and I predict that the US will eventually back down.

    Message to US and Euro Brain Trust: You no longer have any credibility, you have fooled the world too many times with your “spreading democracy” rhetoric and they are not going to let you run around and effect “regime change” just on your say-so any longer.

    A cornered animal is at its most dangerous when it sees no options for escape.

    • 8Ball

      typo: should be know-nothings

      • R0Tten to the c0RE

        Mr. NoOne, 8Ball!

  48. Galaxy 500

    Why is the USA so fixated about watching the boarders of Crimea and the Ukraine and doesn’t give a damn about watching ours? Things that make you go hmmmm

  49. Mr. Lucky

    The US is becoming what Russia once was (communist) and Russia is becoming what the US once was (capitalist). One is on the way up, one is on the way down.

    • R0Tten to the c0RE

      Mr. Lucky Luciano,
      They have a Dictatorship of the Law, D.C. has a ‘dictatorship of executive orders” and were all left with Mickie D, orders, it just ain’t fair, Fairness!

  50. Galaxy 500

    ATF raids store against judges order.
    Anyone who buys a firearms at a gunfire and doesn’t think that the government is compiling a list are the same people that believe the NSA isn’t recording all phone calls

    • Galaxy 500

      Gunfire=gun shop
      going to castrate spell check

      • allen ols


        funny me too 🙂

  51. andrew

    Great interview. An important perspective to consider. I hope it works out the way Orlov predicts. He is a clear thinker.

    On the other hand, Dave Hodges has a credible view posted today – Putin will not wait around for a growing Western led taliban nazi-thug type of organization to gain a foothold. He doesn’t want an Afghanistan in his back yard. Check it out. We will soon know which of these two observers is correct. Anybody taking bets?

  52. Chris

    You are my absolute go to when it comes to getting a good healthy perspective as to the goings on economically and geopolitically. Thank you for another fantastic interview!

  53. Galaxy 500

    ATF should be a convenience store not a government agency!

  54. Jerry

    Can anybody else see how manipulated the market is? Janet Yellen mentions continuing QE into the fall and the dollar goes from 79.40 to 80.5 in a matter of minutes. The sad part is nobody else in the world is buying this smoke and mirror show except us. What a scam!

  55. mushroom


    Let me simply expand on my previous comment days ago.

    You simply have the best available interviews and guests-one after the other like true-reality battering rams slamming repeatedly against the extant deceptions.

    Thank you.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mushroom. The MSM has their message and I have mine–the truth.

  56. Mr.Lee

    Mr. Orlov is correct in his assertions. Mr. Sinclair also alluded to this along with many of your guests. US military hegemony is propagated by US dollar hegemony. Everything flows for this. For the settlements of internation trade, to the exporting of inflationary policies (QE) to the projection of military ventures.
    The issue with this is that the world is truing on the US dollar as the sole global reserve currency. Once this come to an end, so will the military adventures, so will 800 plus bases, so will out dated military hardware. Perhaps even a breakup of the republic, just as the Soviet Union broke up, is also in the cards

  57. John

    “These people really don’t know what they’re doing and are dangerous at any speed; and everywhere else, we have this follow the incompetent leader thing taking place, and it’s really, really frightening because the incompetents are leading the world to a really dangerous place.”

    I see a lot of writers using the incompetent stance to explain whats going on, and I wish they would stop using it. The politicians of both parties are following a well laid out plan.

    This is their third attempt at drawing Russia into war: Georgia, Syria & now Ukraine.

    The Plunge Protection Team & the 24/7 printing of money has been the only thing to give the illusion that the economy has come back since 2008.

    USAwatchdog is the only site you can hear knowledgeable experts who aren’t connected with the government or media.

  58. Jura

    Well.. I can see that ppl who are not enchanted by the US politics (neither am I) they take words of those who critisize it pretty unciticaly.
    Do some research- please- before U become devoted followers of some party. yes I know it takes time… but ..if one needs to know the truth…
    I’ ve followed the Orlovs blog & I may assure U (as a one whohave lived behind the iron curtain) and who is profoundly into the region geopolitics – Mr Orlovs is wrong as to the UA affair & USA.
    It seems he spreads russian propaganda (not even allowing any contradictory comment on his blog.) & is probably being paid for that.
    To make sure try to question him on his blog about the issue of “historically russian Crimea” as he name it. (which is not a mere overstatment but simply mandacious one)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jura for adding your perspective.

      • Jura

        Thank you for not having banned my comments.
        The debate should be led based on facts not emotions.

        • Greg Hunter

          You we’re respectful and insightful and I have no problem with opposing views. I am trying to get to the truth and give Americans as many sides as possible of what is happening.

          • Jura

            Thank U so much for nice words.
            I ‘m also trying to get balanced point of view.
            And I’m scared of any extremizm. Unfortunately in hard times the extreeme parties gathers most of publicity. I’m lucky enough to be able to read russian media & I’m scared by the level of propaganda (10 x higher than in the FOX.) Gosh! It 100% resembles the soviet way of propaganda.
            I realize that there is less & less ppl who are propaganda resistant and may read inbeetween the lines – a virtue gained and developed in totalitarian systems.
            btw. were I an US citizen I’d feel touched by the Orlovs words of “overfed americans” .

    • Dmitry

      Actually, the US-sponsored propaganda and disinformation is all on Kiev’s side. Ferreting out the other side of the story (the truth, that is) is quite a challenge because Western media won’t touch it while the Kremlin is afraid of stoking extremism. I’ve been fighting off comments from paid pro-Kiev trolls for a while now… Add to that the fact that some fraction of Russians are rabidly anti-Putin and have a knee-jerk pro-Western reaction whenever there is a conflict…

      • Jura

        Dear Dimitriy.

        I’m not a Kiev troll.
        I’m a private person who is just close to the events and have first hand info & by posting my comment I wanted to undermine your false statement and totaly Russian propaganda influenced opinion.
        U dissallowed me to do so which clearly shows who is on the paid propaganda side.

        I know many USA citizens may not be familiar with eastern Europe history.
        but acting as an critical side with quite some publicity it is unfair to present a misleading opinions not allowing opponents to publish contradictory facts.

        As I wrote @ Ur blog (which has not of course been published):
        Your words of ” historically Russian territory of Crimea” show how deeply propagandistic side U represent & disqualify U as an potential interlocutor.

        As I said: it was easily verifiable.
        Everyone can do it just by looking into an history book.
        The bandit Stalin has murdered 50 000 Tatars & 200 000 have been brutally & evicted from their mothersland. (not counting those died of hunger )
        Crimea is not a Russians territory! They have been OCCUPANTS there ever since.

        For an marvelous example of Russian barbarity is the murder of population of villages near Arbat which have been (somehow forgotten during the eviction action) & imprisoned afterwards. When it turned out it was to late to sent them to Kazakhstan by order of Kobulov they were taken away offshore and sank down while NKVD guarded there was no survivors.
        If U think it is just a past U r wrong. look what russians do in Osetia, Georgia, Crimea, and now it starts in Transnistria.
        The model of mentality works & thrives among contemporay FSB.
        I have had a chance to live under the Soviet governance & may assure those who are fed up with pax americana… pray to God not to get under pax sovetica (& bear in mind the words of Putin who said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest misfortune of XX century )
        Friend of mine who have died on the barricades of Kiev was of an opposite opinion.
        he preferred to die than live under Russian occupation. and believe me or not he was not paid by the USA.
        I beg U all: be more critical to opinion found in the net. try to verifier them.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for posting your opposing perspective.

        • Galaxy 500

          Nice post but after looking at the facts I am going with Dmitry

          • Jura

            Which fact made u go with Dimitriy? With what regards? The only thing I wanted to say by my entry is how wicky the Russian propaganda is & It is the russian army who is an occupant in Crimea.
            Shame on Yanukowich who extended the stay of the russian troyan horse (navy port )in the penisula .

          • pessimist

            I think the fact that the Tartars supported Hitler during WWII is the main reason that Stalin treated them as he did. Of course many say that Stalin was a psychopath too … but what difference does that make with today’s issue? Hitler is dead and gone and so to is Stalin. It is quite obvious that the people of Crimea want to be part of the Russian Federation. That is the facts.

          • Galaxy 500

            We were caught red handed participating in the destabilizing of an elected govt. There are phone calls released verifying. Opinions can be debated but facts are facts. The Crimeans voted to join Russia. Do they not have the right to leave? After all, Crimea was given to the Ukraine in 1954. I could go on and on but I think that’s enough.

          • Jura

            Well.. try to imagine how bloody oppresive the russian occupation was that Tatars preffered Hitlers to Russians helpiung hand :-).

            U know… my grandfather used to tell me that the German occupation was a horrible thing, but the process of “freeing” my country by Russian was 100 times more painfull. & believe me the ~50 years after the ww II under the Soviet boot of which I have lived throug & experienced myself was not much of pleasure.
            so …I choose the lessser evil.

            BTW. If one believes in what russian call refferendum it clearly shows how naive he is.
            One shall live in Russia for some time to understand how things works there.
            As to Crimea voting: of course all the Sevastopol city voted for russian as they are native russians & they love living in Crimea. The paid city gangstas called “titushlas” guarded the voting posts so as not anyone of “unsure opinion” could vote. This is how the Rusian democracy looks like.
            Nothing excuses invading other country territory or if we accept such thing it will the end of the world as we know it.

          • Galaxy 500

            I believe in the Crimean referendum as much as I did on the Kosovo one. Most of the Crimeans speak Russian and identity with Russia. Let the Crimeans go.
            But to be honest, we shouldn’t have been meddling in Ukraine. We did so great in Libya and Syria you’d think we would learn.
            I appreciate your information and I wish you well. I just dont think we should be involved.

        • ROTin to the c0RE

          I’m sorry about your friend, but please Google Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister Urmas Paet’s leaked phone call where he tells EU Foreign Affairs chief, Catherin Ashton, that it was not Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who was behind the shootings, “but it was somebody from the new coalition”. You can actually listen to the phone call on youtube, where the Estonian official goes on to say, it discredits from the very beginning,” the new U.S. backed Ukrainian government, you can also hear Ashton suggest the scandal should be kept under wraps!
          Jura, there’s a lot of skullduggery going on and unfortunately your friend and the common man were and are, caught in the middle. It’s all about money and more money. In the US. the common man cant figure out why we cant build the Keystone pipeline, yet we can try to put thru pipelines in other countries and start wars for it, while warren Buffett can make millions transporting the oil on his railroads, so he can be the richest man in the graveyard. Were all going to pay in the end, unless you work for Chevron, of course!

          • Jura

            @ROTin to the c0RE
            I know there is a high level games going on.
            As I said I was still choosing a lesser evil.

            Those who do not know Russians way of acting they can hardly understand what is going on.
            I’m horryfied when I hear that ppl from Maydan are called facist thay just fighted & died for not falling under russian rules again & for way of life the ppl in the west EU take as granted.
            …of course there was the extreme right wing sector. And their action as the organized one (afgnanistan war combatans in their rows ) cought media attention which was used by Moscow propaganda. Belive me or not but the real facist and rasist were on the opposite side.
            The majority of uneducated russians support the idea of Russia for Russians only. Look @ the past events. The death of Politkovska who just proved who stands behind the Bieslan masacre & othere secret FSB action.
            HAve U heard of para military camps organized in Crimea for russian teenagers where Russian so called Kozakhs tought them how to kill Tatars. this is bringing up an future outbraek of evil .

            and the propaganda calls the maydam pppl “facist” . this is really russian way of turning an affair upside down.
            Have a read of Russia Today. And then read an ukrainian newspapers and watch espresotv to SEE in live transmition what is really going on.
            I do have many russian friends and believe or not all of them support independent Ukraine with crimea penisula. Unfortunately they are minority in the society.
            On a daily basis I do promoote sustainability, resilience and alternative way of living out of the box of mere consumerizm but I’m not findig “pax Sovietica” as any kind of alternative to the western life style.
            We need evolution not revolution. No more totalitarian regimes but we need to take trenchant actions to calm down those who want to use its military power to revive the evil empire.

      • allen ols



        The following are Escobar’s thoughts, summarized with my edits. The United States once more demonstrates its exceptionalism, but in crime, deceit, and thefts. The USGovt backed a fascist regime again, yet the American public cannot seem to comprehend its track record on fascist regime support elsewhere or its own fascist leadership for decades. The 1997 Ukraine-Russia partition treaty specifically allows Russian troops in Crimea. So the USGovt objections are loaded with hypocrisy. The Western-led coup was largely directed by UNA-UNSO, a shady, ultra-right wing, crack para-military force tied closely to NATO using Ukraine as base, as exposed by William Engdahl. Again, neo-con means fascist nazi. The Svoboda Freedom party political council member Yury Noyevy admitted openly that using EU integration as a pretext was a means to break relations with Russia.

        The servile Western corporate media glosses over the Nazi element. It always skips over how Svoboda and the Right Sector fascists follow in the steps of the infamous Galician fascist terrorist Stepan Bandera, a notorious asset at the avail of Western security agencies. Svoboda has managed to install six important players in the new Kiev regime. The Western press, while focusing upon the battle against kleptocracy, continues to overlook the kleptocrat oligarchs in the imporant provinces, despite the Maidan Regime working to displace the pro-Russian oligarchs. For a good perspective on Ukraine by Engdahl, see the Bewusst article (CLICK HERE). The Ukraine Govt is now headed by fascists and Neo-Nazis. See the Alternet article (CLICK HERE).

        Follow the money to see removal of large tracts of cash from Kiev to Western Europe, and big loans to Western banks. The linchpin might be Germany, which opposes sanctions, and tolerates the sacrosanct American exceptionalist mantra (as Pepe describes). Russia is a plush market for German industry. The City of London does not want sanctions either, lusting for the Russian flow of funds from their politico oligarchs, even if a couple are found murdered in London. The West’s threat to expel Russia from the Group of Eight is an utter loud joke, widely seen as such, except to the clownish ministers in WashingtonDC. The G-8, which excludes China and only invites them as observers, does not decide anything relevant anymore. The G-20 does, a main point by the Jackass for two years. The irony is that most of Ukraine’s people do not want to be part of the European Union or NATO. Moreover, most Europeans do not want the Ukraine to be included within the EU. The Ukraine nation will be cast into the arms of the bloodsucking Intl Monetary Fund. Ukraine creeps toward federalization.

        Escobar drives home a critical point on political subterfuge. Review the recent history of the Bush II Admin and the Obama Admin on forming alliances with the terrorist groups. Sooner or later the sleepy dopey apathetic gullible (Jackass descriptors, not from Pepe) American public will awaken to the face that the Neo-Con wings of the American Eagle that have occupied the White House are those of fascists, also known as Nazis. They characteristically display many flags at press conferences, defend the borders with hostility, and engage in aggressive wars in a purely predatory fashion. The USGovt actively supported the Swoboda Right Sector fascists who brandished swastikas openly, the group in power which toppled the Ukraine Govt. As Escobar points out, the United States is responsible for a long list of violations in the last 20 years. Yet the Obama mouthpiece talks of international law. Escobar wrote, “This is just the latest instance in the serial rape of International Law. The rap sheet is humongous, including; NATO bombing Serbia for 78 days in 1999 to allow Kosovo to secede; the 2003 US invasion and subsequent trillion-dollar occupation and civil war creation in Iraq; the NATO/ AFRICOM bombing of Libya in 2011 invoking R2P (Responsibility to Protect) as a cover to provoking regime change; US investment in the secession of oil wealthy South Sudan, so China has to deal with an extra geopolitical headache; and US investment in perennial civil war in Syria.” Pepe left out the NATO Treaty violation with Russia, whereby the US placed numerous non-defensive nuclear missiles in Eastern European nations on the Russian border between 2002 and 2004, despite strident objections by Putin.

        Escobar goes on to describe the pathetic Good Nazi. He wrote, “Everyone remembers the ‘Good Taliban’, with which the US could negotiate in Afghanistan. Then came the ‘Good al-Qaeda’, jihadis the US could support in Syria. Now come the ‘Good Neo-Nazis’, with which the West can do business in Kiev. Soon there will be ‘the Good Jihadis supporting Neo-Nazis’, who may be deployed to advance US/NATO and anti-Russian designs in Crimea and beyond. After all, Obama mentor Dr Zbigniew (The Grand Chessboard) Brzezinski is the godfather of good jihadis, fully weaponized to fight the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. As facts on the ground go, Neo-Nazis are definitely back as [the painted] good guys. For the first time since the end of World War II, fascists and neo-nazis are at the helm of a European nation, although Ukraine most of all should be characterized as the key swing nation in Eurasia. Few in the West seem to have noticed it.” Pepe concluded with a simple explanation of the extreme natural gas dependence by Western Europe on Russia supply. See the Pepe Escobar essays in Asia Times (CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE). The first of the articles is especially meaty, the third touches on the politics of nazis. Pepe Escobar is a breath of fresh air, loaded with a keen perspective, offering rich details. He easily brushes aside the pervasive propaganda.

  59. Coalburner9

    Orlov makes it clear our politicians are all about theater. Even FOX news is taken in completely. Neither Russia nor China want to fight with us or economicially crash us because they are too smart. No one wants a wounded dragon thrashing around by its own self inflicted wounds. They are much too dangerous. I do not know why we are training their troops but if they need the sheriff’s department to guard them , I am not worried. Sheriff’s Departments around the country are the best police force, they live with the people, their faces uncovered like men and women not ashamed of what they do, and they do not do Constitutional violations like the FEDS. They are guarding them so our civilians don’t hurt them and cause an international incident. Sure they spill a little BS. Why doesn’t Obama just remind us all we need a safe exit route to get our troops out of Afganistan? Obama doesn’t want to admit he has turned this into a tale between our legs exit nor as Orlov says , it would turn into a rout “bloody rout” in my opinion, leaving through Pakaistan taliban!
    Really great job you are doing Greg!

    • Galaxy 500

      Great post Coal. Why bomb a country you own?

  60. Richard Slevin

    Great interview, Greg. I want to recommend Orlov’s book The Five Stages of Collapse, 2013. I read it several months ago and found it very informative.

  61. Ann

    Excellent interview. Dmitry Orlov is brilliant, as always. However, it seems unlikely that the whole country of the Ukraine is going to just peacefully and gradually go back to be a part of Russia. It also seems unlikely that the USA, however incompetent, will be outsmarted so fully and completely. They would rather create some kind of a natural disaster, as a distraction, or as revenge, than allow public defeat. Unfortunately, I believe that there will be harm experienced by both sides and unpredictable or unintended consequences are sure to occur.

    My view is that things like these don’t just stop. We are going to see several more situations of this type, and not only in Russia, and this could change the situation in the world affairs very dramatically. Don’t want to say it could lead to WW3 because no one has money to engage in world wars thankfully, but all economies are broke, and all countries are facing the ultimate conundrum of the uncontrolled population growth vis-a-vis finite nonrenewable natural resources, particularly fossil fuels. Hoping that alternative energy sources will be capable of replacing fossil fuels is naive – at best. Most governments are concerned with keeping their own population calm and under control, preoccupied with something else, and most governments are preparing for the times when this will no longer be possible and things will begin to collapse – Mr. Orlov is absolutely right on the money.

    Excellent site, we need more sites and interviews of this type. People need to wake up.

  62. Brad

    Two great interviews in a row, so take a bow Mr. Hunter. When someone, in this case Dimitri Olov, makes logical sense in their analysis the listener should sit up a pay attention. Olov has his finger on the pulse of both camps in this debacle and some very pertinent information to back up his his opinions. Thanks Greg Hunter for having Mr. Olov on your show to inform us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brad. It’s hard to feel good about this because the U.S. is in deep financial trouble and I love America.

  63. Brad

    Two great interviews in a row, so take a bow Mr. Hunter. When someone, in this case Dimitri Olov, makes logical sense in their analysis the listener should sit up a pay attention. Olov has his finger on the pulse of both camps in this debacle and some very pertinent information to back up his his opinions. Thanks Greg Hunter for having Mr. Olov on your show to inform us all. “The U.S. is the most dispensable country in the world” is quite the takeaway….

  64. 02144pomroy

    Hello fellow “Watchdogs” I have a question. If Orlov believes that US will collapse does he see the possibility that the country will fragment as the old Soviet Union did? Does anyone see this as a possibility?

    • Charles H.


      I can’t speak for Mr. Orlov – but my thought is Federal government will enforce solidarity over the States. States Rights and autonomy isn’t in their playbook.

  65. Sal

    Greg, one or two things I might add to this discussion are the following (and much like a certain other political/economic analyst, I am utterly agnostic in terms of expressed US/EU politics, primarily because they are utterly meaningless): One should check out this book before making any other judgments. Anatoliy Golitsyn was the author of this book, and another, which is in free pdf format
    While I do not endorse all of the blogspot author’s ideas, especially the metaphysical ones, he has done a wonderful job of concentrating serious primary sources on his website. I do endorse his theory that Russia, with a KGB President/Prime Minister/President since Putin, has followed the long strategy planned in the 1950s
    to dupe the West into thinking that the era of the Soviet Union was over, and that logically, so was Communism. The playing of the Internationale after Putin’s big speech this weekend, to my mind, at least, put an end to that.

  66. Rodster

    The Zero Hedge just posted 2 articles:

    1) The Chinese Real Estate Bubble may have popped

    2) The Yuan is on collapse mode with some possible nefarious doings behind the scenes.

    Hmm, is the Economic War heating up between East and West?

  67. Gabe

    Greg, another great interview. I am telling anyone who will listen to get over to USAWatchdog when they are ready for the truth. Thank you again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gabe for the promotion!

  68. Scarborough

    I just have to comment that I presently live and work in the immediate Washington, D.C. metro. It’s very interesting to read these perspectives. I just have to say there is a vibe here where many people have been “hanging in there” for years with the free speech constraints, questionable elections, unraveling social fabric, moral ambiguity, endless wars, long recession, quantitative easing, collapsed housing market, extreme weather, painful debt levels, employment hurdles, plus the officially authorized ongoing defiance of Truth and the Rule of Law…. Many of these Americans seem worn out. I look around and think: we’re not ready for major trouble…that is, MORE major trouble.
    There still are idealistic people here who will not sell out, despite many cynical, defeated types… It’s been a long slog since Bush II … And an ill foreboding and lack of preparation does seem evident, even in the middle of the U.S. military industrial complex.
    That said, I think Americans are unusually exceptional with helping each out other during a crisis and they can call on some amazing courage when needed…Frankly, there temerity is only comparable to the Russians I’ve known, although we don’t need to bring a fight to prove this.
    Give Peace a chance!-

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “I think Americans are unusually exceptional with helping each out other during a crisis and they can call on some amazing courage when needed. . .” I 100% agree with you. By the way, your first name is not Joe is it?

      • allen ols


        I was wondering that;;;; lol

      • lastmanstanding

        My thoughts exactly by the end of his first sentence!

        Those of who want our country back are not worn out…we are just resting. The big test of who stays and who goes is beginning all over the world…one must pace themselves if they want to survive.

  69. Liquid Motion


    I keep running out of superlatives to describe these interviews. Superb will suffice.

    My observation, which is increasingly becoming more obvious, is that this world is now being run by a Ship of Ruling Class Political and Economic Fools. These so called wannabes live in some 4th dimension. A parallel world to the real one with the only relevant point being what they do and believe in, creates our reality.

    How many times have we seen the same story being played out on the political front. They dont change the actors just the scenery. Same plot and consclusion.

    This time around we have interference, followed by threats….after the interval we have a third act in the form of more uprisings and perhaps a coup of different sorts (dont discount a terrorist act/false flag). Something analagous to stabbing a knife into the unsuspecting hero but not mortally wounding him.

    The other side of the cesspool brings a date with economic collapse. Just the thought of rising interest rates (Yellen 03/19/14) makes me want to take a one way ticket to Mars. Sure fire way to save the dollar (short term) but in the medium term it will crash the world economy (stocks, bonds, real estate…all of them). The 5 year recession will become official before too long.
    That TNX breaching 3.00 % I’ve mentioned a few times, will tell all. Then, out of the blue we will have a retraction of tapering. At that point the dollar slides into oblivion.
    If it wasn’t already tough enough on the middle class, just wait for the side effects of monetary inflation. Its going to burn holes in paper asset values quicker than I can code my passcode into the nearest ATM to take out whatever cash I have left.

    Burning bridges in foreign countries to satiate the needs and desires of the Elitist Cabal will come back to haunt America. Damage is done. Permanently !!!!
    Yellen has written the next chapter of INflation in America (and the World) whilst Obama and his merry band of toothless misguided men still continue the mantra of stealing from the poor and aiding the rich whilst fighting unwinnable wars on foreign soil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you LM. You are very kind.

  70. Brynjar

    Frightening levels of incompetence? It’s downright petrifying. Someone described obama as playing Russian Roulette with a revolver that has all chambers loaded with 6 bullets.

  71. Richard Martin

    Really, I couldn’t watch the entire interview. He appears to be just as brainwashed by his own government’s propaganda as too many Americans are by their own. I find it intolerable that he tries to speak for the entire peoples of the Ukraine. He does not have his hand on the pulse of the Ukraine. Does he even live there?

    He speaks of the USA as being dispensable. I have bad news for him. Without the USA millions more would starve to death. Without the USA there would never have been a space race. Without the space race, many, many technologies that we enjoy today, would never have been developed.

    Without the USA, the whole of the world would very likely have been under the oppressive thumb of the Germans or the USSR. We may bumble and weave our way through the world stage from time to time, but the USA is still the one force in the world that keeps everything in line.

    The truth is that the USA is one country that the Russians would like to dispense with. I’m sorry Comrade Orlov, we’re not going anywhere.

    • Greg Hunter

      Richard Martin,
      Mr. Orlov is a U.S. citizen and has been for a few decades. Just an FYI.

      • theblamee

        Oops. Wrong box. Let’s try this again.
        Don’t be a dick, Greggy poo. The guy thinks Orlov is a Russian because his Soviet Era Commie Pinko DNA is showing . . . all the time. Get with the program. Maybe you and Orlov need to be turned over to the DHS and NSA as domestic terrorists.

        • Greg Hunter

          You said, “Maybe you and Orlov need to be turned over to the DHS and NSA as domestic terrorists.” Speaking out against government actions by using the 1st Amendment and you call me a domestic terrorist? Who’s the commie now? I am worried about the direction of the country, systemic collapse and nuclear war with a Super Power. Those are legitimate concerns. I put all views up (even yours) so people can digest it and think for themselves. Thank you for your comment.

    • Dmitry

      I believe that the USA was once a great country but now, as J.H.Kunstler puts it, it’s “a nation of over-fed clowns.” I even caught glimpses of that greatness when I first came here in the 1970s. Back then it could have been put back on track. But instead we had a decade of Reagan and Bush Senior and fakey-fake “morning in America” and so by the mid-1990s, when the time the USSR collapse had largely run its course, I concluded that the USA was headed the way of the USSR. I stand by my thesis, and more and more people agree with it every day.

      • OnThe Beach

        DMITRY, I remember those days too. Mother Earth news’s back then warned to start preparing physically and the Watchtower, spiritually, for what we see now, coming upon the earth. Living beyond one’s means, are a poor means, to an end. When money is tight, people want to fight and as Steve McQueen said in the Thomas Crown Affair, “money isn’t funny”!

      • pessimist

        I remember those days too as a child then as a teen in the mid-70’s. Even though I knew that it was time to change our way of life back then, I went to college to pursue the “dream” only to become an overfed clown.

        Now I’m ashamed of having wasted half my life contributing to the mess rather than leading the way out with a sustainable approach to living on this planet.

    • Diane Ryan

      Richard, it was not that long ago that I felt like you. But now I honestly believe the country you described no longer exists. We are basically dumb-down consumers who build nothing. Knowledge of our history is long lost. I know many Russians and honestly they are more knowledgeable about American history than we are today. Yes our $630 billion military appears strong but is getting its ass handed to them by an enemy equipped with donkeys and Toyota pickup trucks? That is nothing new since we haven’t won a war in 60 years.

      Think about this scenario: China gives Americans an ultimatum: No more gadgets and junk from China until you relinquish sovereignty and join China. I bet after going cold-turkey-no-mall-no-Wal-Mart for just 4 weeks Americans would be screaming for a vote to make the leap.

      Yes, there would be regions of significant Patriot resistance and hope for liberty. That is why we moved to the American Redoubt. Richard, you sound like the kind of fighter who would fit right in here. But the America we grew up in is long gone and not coming back.

      • Galaxy 500

        we lost when we allowed the liberals to educate our children.

    • R0Tten to the c0RE

      I agree Rich, but fact is the full faith and credit of the bank of China is in just as bad ah shape as the central banks of the west, so it looks unfortunately like if this thing falls apart, they’ll be left one King of the hill. I wonder who that king could be?

    • Galaxy 500

      The greatest generation is mostly dead. We did defeat evil. 60 years or so. The American people are being lead astray by the power drunk in Washington. Our founding fathers didn’t make a career out of politics. The politicians of today make nothing, consume everything

    • Liquid Motion

      That Ol Chestnut again!! America saving the World. Ahem……..

      WW II was a construct of the Illuminati. Its intention was to allow Nazism to isolate Jews from the West (drawing them together in preparation for something grander).
      America entering the War laid the foundation for Zionist colonisation of Palestine (the Middle East is clearly the strategic center of the World – does anyone doubt this ?). Roosevelt and Churchill effectivley accomplished their desires by allowing the building up of Communism and the creation of the Jewish State.
      The Fascist Nazis were pitted against Democracy and Communism. We do not have extinction of Communism (nor Nazism for that matter), in fact it is flourishing exactly as planned.
      World War III will be fought in the Middle East. Communism and the Political Zionist movement are working to bring about a social cataclysm which will follow the WWIII.
      Everything we see is obfuscated intentionally. Nothing is clear unless viewed in terms of decades or centuries. A Grand Scheme is not borne in years. It is a gradual process over many generations.
      A simple observation about where the real control in governments lie and therefore the conditions for successive and major crises being created and maintained. Who has the power to control and deal with these crises as they arise (directly or otherwise). It comes with a cost….the surrendering of power or sovereignty.

    • RussianMan

      I do not understand why you say about Russia? I live in this country and then complete chaos, but who is not when did not want to take over your life, or even another country what ever! U.S. satisfied with the war in the world, except you do not see, or do you support? Russia is the only country in the world that is willing to help everyone and always!

  72. Craig Z

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview, as usual! I have to agree with one of the comments above, you are really getting GOOD at this!!! You interviewing technique is blossoming!
    I was just going to add that with all the bluster about sanctions this last week and all the talk about ruined economies and war, if Russia doesn’t shape up, maybe next week the mighty United States of America will sanction ANOTHER dozen Russians! If you’ve ever thought that the U.S. looked WEAK, I’d say this one puts the cherry on top of the cake! Can it get any stupider?

    • OnThe Beach

      Craig, Maybe smarter if we don’t want, “The Bedford Incident”. Russia holds the cards.
      Despite most of the maimed steamed talk radio media push for war. Obama knows better than you, it’s best to survive to be able to fight another day. So Graig Z, the US. is looking strong because right now were not, money is not, no object, in the west, it’s the gorilla in the room.
      Craig, Get, rent, “The Bedford Incident,” Staring Sid Poitier–Rich Widmark—Martin Balsam–James MacArthur–Wally Cox—Colin Maitland—Donald Sutherland”
      Sounds like your a neo-con, so you will love it. The world is in a Bedford Incident. NATO is in a cat and mouse game with the Russki’s this time, not Soviets, but the game is being played the same today, as in the film. Sidney Poitier is (Munceford)a photo-journalist doing a story on captain Finlander, (Richard Widmark), a nationalistic neo-con, John McCain type, who is determined to force a Soviet sub to the surface that strays into NATO waters. Now time it’s Cri-mea riva, but the films premise is the same, Enjoy it, share it!
      You can see the trailer on youtube, Google;”THE BEDFORD INCIDENT” The movie Hollywood couldn’t make!

      • Galaxy 500

        Craig pointed out the sanctions are weak. That’s not opinion, its a fact. So how does stating a fact make Craig a neocon? Dude, step off the beach, you’ve had too much sun.

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you think Hitler was emboldened by Chamberlain or deterred by him?
        Weakness begs for aggression while strength deters it.

  73. X

    Ha…what a load of crap.

    I have been hearing idiots like the author screaming “The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!” for decades now.

    Not going to happen.

    Closest thing to any “collapse” was the recession, and it is over with.

    Nothing to see here folks.

    Just move along.

    • Jerry

      OMG Greg you flushed out another government troll. X- I’m so glad you found employment, that is if you can call what you do employment. I’ll play along. Explain to me in what way we can avoid a collapse when we owe 125 Trillion in unfunded liabilities annually taking in roughly 2.5 Trillion in taxes ? Oh that’s right print money like a banana republic. Brilliant!

    • Galaxy 500

      Just wait…boy are you going to have an AFGE…Another f~^(ing growth experience

  74. roubledisinfo

    Dmitry Orlov knows more about Russian Vodka than economics. I bet he thinks the US Dollar will be replaced as the world currency by the Rouble or the Yuan too. or how about the Euro which is closer to breakup than unity.
    Drink up comrade.

  75. OhioRiver

    Now this sums it up for all of us. The economic collapse is going to happen, but no one knows when but it’s close.

    I agree, but I continue to see the US$ rise in value on the world market, the DowJones continues to rise, the barrel of oil continues to hover around $100 so I just don’t understand except maybe when inflation finally engulfs us that the house of cards will tumble.

    Great Article!!

  76. Doc Lemm

    All republics fizzle out. It’s nature; human nature. The flags and names change, but never the dynamics. We’re living during the last dying gasps of the empire… What’s next will not be painless or easy and will head for it’s extinction as well… The important thing is to live the best life you can with awareness, forgiveness and love…

  77. Raven Rostov

    Orlov touched upon something more dangerous than an economic meltdown for the west. Incompetence at the highest levels of a superpower could be lethal to the world at large. Many are certain that the US is being run by amateurs at best, but noted individuals fear that in pragmatic reality America is being fully controlled by a handful of psycopathic mentalities interested in only their personal agendas. Let’s think for a moment; a trillion dollar military budget and no one bothered to study the demographic makeup of the Ukraine; like the Crimean Russians would bring the soap and bend over for the west. Sorry folks, morons at the top are lethal, only thing keeping us alive is the reality that even these morons will eat radioactive dirt when the SHTF.

    • Galaxy 500

      you ar correct. Having the three stooges in charge is a dangerous thing.

  78. Snooze

    Great Interview Mr Hunter. By the sounds of it, Dmitry Orlov sounds like he has his ears to the ground.

  79. theblamee

    Dmitry Orlov may be completely correct in his thesis regarding a coming systemic collapse here in the United States of America, however, I am dis-inclined to agree with or support anybody whose thesis if fed by a diet consisting of a basic contempt for his adopted country and its people. While claiming all the benefits of being an expatriate, Dmitry Orlov remains an out-spoken enemy of my country. Dmitry Orlov basically considers all Americans fat, obese, uneducated, ignorant, stupid and insane. When ideology is basically propaganda sold in books, where the author gets to freely advocate subversion and biting the hand of freedom that has fed him, just because he presents his hatred in the form of an argument for secular Armageddon (that anybody with a brain in their heads knows is going to happen someday), his thesis remains one offered by a Slavic holdover from the Soviet Era who needs to be taken to account. For a man who owns a boat, and whose citizenship is tied to this country by the slimmest threads (sorry, I meant “lines”), then people need to be warned. And don’t go trying to express your opinions on his blog “ClubOrlov.” Membership is restricted to only those who agree with him. Everybody else gets the good old fashioned Censorship or gets receives the insanity treatment that was so freely and uniformly practiced in his Russian homeland, and now by many American bloggers right here in America, where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stops with their “right” to make a buck off of U.S. suckers.

  80. theblamee

    Dmitry Orlov is a Putin supporter and a Russian sympathizer. As far as the Ukraine thing goes, blaming the takeover of another country on “neo-Nazis” and “Neo-Fascists” is nothing but propaganda by Putin and Russia. Putin should read his own history written in Russian blood. Nearly 10-million Russian lives extinguished in WWII. Nearly 30-million Russian lives erased from existence by Stalin’s purges. In Stalin’s pursuit of enemies real and imagined, if there were any “de-Nazi-fied Fascists” hiding out in Ukraine don’t you think he would have gotten rid of them first? And what, the feigned insanity about not being able to tolerate other countries bordering “Mother Russia” is any different today than its conquest of sovereign nations ever was? The whole world is supposed to believe “this time is different?” Mr. Dmitry Orlov, Mr. Putin: Give me a break.

    • Raven Rostov

      Typical, blaming the messenger, instead of the message.

    • Raven Rostov

      Your thought process is convoluted, plus your knowledge is veneer . Sadly you typify the mentality of most in your country, thus reaping the current situation and welcoming the demise of a once fruitful existence. The Russians have lived and survived what you are about to experience. Question is, will you and your good people make it through an agenda of which you have no idea.

    • Galaxy 500

      And who do you support

    • RussianMan

      Hey. I am from Russia. Not in Russia who does not like Putin. But he supported Ukraine and we are very Putin. He’s good. I do not understand why you Americans think that Putin did poorly? Crimea itself and was asked to accept a referendum in Russia, because in Ukraine that something terrible happening! Bandits came to power, these bandits. You might live in Ukraine, you would understand everything themselves … What a hanging noodles on your ears!

  81. Jerry

    I’m so glad there’s nothing to worry about. According to this article it won’t matter whether the Russians dump the dollar or not in retaliation to the Banks Puppets recent wrangling.

    Bets anyone? Take your number. I think this journalist should back his pen up with his pocketbook if he thinks he’s so right. But then again truth in journalism died a quite death along time ago,

    • Raven Rostov

      I support humanity and the good people of America, vs the evil empire that they have unwittingly inherited.

  82. lucho

    First, a bit sorry for a late reply. Having said that, good work! Even though I lean more toward Paul Craig Roberts’ and JSinclair’s viewpoints, Orlov brings some good food for thought.
    About the subject at hand, let me first ‘ set the stage’ I’m an expatriate american living in Brazil, and have lived in other countries as well. I cherish my american heritage (I’m a good ol’ boy from Texas; I only work in Brazil 😉 ), which is why I have a low opinion indeed of Washington. The USA is not the one I grew up in; just reading some of the trolls and sheeple (an ugly term, but frequently accurate) here and on other sites is disheartening. But anyway…
    I generally agree with Orlov, but I’m more inclined to think that PCR is correct: it’s not the sockpuppets in the White house, it’s the neocons with their hands inserted up to the shoulder and their plans for hegemony. The risk is not a blunder or misstep, the danger is the desire for war. Power at any cost

  83. Galaxy 500

    here is a very liberal blog that was pro-Obamacare because his his wife has MS.
    He learned that while Obamacare allows pre-existing conditions, it doesn’t necessarily pay for the meds used to treat them.

    Here’s a good strategy quote
    I also think all Republican candidates should be trained with shock collars and cattle prods to automatically respond, upon hearing some combination of the words “abortion,” “rape” and “incest”: “Yes, of course there should be exceptions in the case of rape or incest, and I also support giving rapists the death penalty, unlike my Democratic opponent, who wants to give rapists the right to vote. Now, back to what I was saying about Obamacare …”

  84. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Question: What will be the loudest thing heard in the halls of the Federal Reserve when the stock market crashes?

    Answer: Janet yellin’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thaddeus for the humor. We needed it after the week we have had.

  85. Noel

    Another well reasoned discourse that arrives at the same conclusion: collapse is inevitable. Thus far, all guests (based on my observation) point out potential black swan events that could trigger that collapse. The list grows longer. The debate and augmentation here in the comments is quite thought-provoking.

    May I add to the aggregate list of preparations? Assuming there is sufficient time before the black swan alights, I suggest cramming on the topic of nutrition. Not a bad idea in any event as we all fully expect more, and more aggressive, food inflation. I’ve put effort into self-education and changed my shopping habits in an attempt to achieve the best “bang for the buck”. Effective nutrition is essential to keeping the mind sharp, and a sharp mind and healthy body are going to be a first priority. So, in addition to taking steps to preserve wealth, attending to our spiritual health, having our transportation in good working order, informed choices that optimize our food choices just seems entirely prudent.

    This most recent guest delivers some “aha” moments. It had occurred to me asynchronously that the ISS would factor into the equations, the input from Dmitri that the military egress corridors in Afghanistan was an eye-opener.

    There does not seem to be any substantial moral hazard impeding Russia. Hence, I fully expect to see more advancements towards reconstituting the entire Russian federation. Similarly, I fully expect to see more ‘plausibly deniable’ black operations instigated by the sociopaths in DC. It’s distressing, to say the least, to grasp the nature of these characters, as we see videos of fascist thugs intimidating political and media types in the Ukraine.

    I wouldn’t overlook the possibility of a black swan event tipping the US into domestic turmoil. As more people take the Red Pill, and come to the realization that their government has gone rogue on the planet, I fear that absent any true political relief at home that lends hope that the constitutional republic will be restored to health, society is becoming less and less stable. A valid political channel to that restoration is the only hope I see that turmoil (to put it mildly) can be avoided. Are we not all longing for one, just one, political figure to speak words of truth into a microphone? Is there no political figure that has the stones to say it like it is? And wouldn’t this pent-up longing for genuine leadership result in an unprecedented following of such a leader?

    Your efforts to explore the ‘situation’ are commendable, Greg. I’m sure you’re looking hard for a contrarian that can articulate with recognizable facts and reasoned opinion that there is a way out of this mess. I hope you find one.

    • Galaxy 500

      Karen HUDES has a way out for us. We use 171,000 tons of gold that is in a secret location in the Philippines.
      Sorry, Noel, I couldn’t help but kid. The only way is to vote the Dems out and then get a third party that’s viable to get rid of the non TEA party republicans. We need people to take control but I dont see that happening. Too many people being paid to lay about. I see them come in the pharmacy on Medicare and leave in a new model Cadillac Escalaid. I am just trying to work, not getting any govt hand outs driving a 2000 model car that’s paid for.
      You are right. We need a way out but that would require a modicum of control…which we can only get by voting out the communist/socialist Demoncrat. While a Dem may lie on the election trail about being against Obamacare, they all Voted for it and can not be trusted.
      good post and right on the point

      • pessimist

        Although I do think she means well and probably does know a lot about the esoterics of the powers that be, she seems naive about the inertia behind systemic collapse. There is the issue of population overshoot and peak resources and climate change vectors creating the perfect storm to contend with …. we’ve run out of time to save modern industrial civilization.

        Hope I’m wrong but I’m not seeing the way out at this point.

      • pessimist

        Also. GOP or DEM, there is no NET difference — and over the last couple of decades, it has become quite obvious to me that the voting system is rigged and no third party will ever get a foot hold to make any changes.

        Even the Tea Party candidates are human and can easily be bought or persuaded to be manipulated by the powers that be. The only exceptions who come to mind are Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Bernie Sanders …. a very very very small number when compared to the remainder of our federal elected officials.

        • Galaxy 500

          I disagree. The GOP didnt lie to pass Obama care. Not a single one. You have to start somewhere and the GOP is less evil the the Dems. Or do you suggest we vote for the green party?

          • pessimist

            GOP doesn’t lie? LOL. They ALL LIE!

            Nonetheless, believe whatever you wish. I follow no religion — whether it be political or theologic.

            No point in continuing a debate in which fundamental premises are completely incompatible.

            Oh …. and communism, socialism, capitalism, and fascism — the end result (unsustainability leading to collapse) is always the same. Perhaps you will understand that after you’ve read some more Orlov.

          • Galaxy 500

            read the post if you are going to disagree. I said the republicans didnt lie to pass Obamacare, that’s not the same as saying they arent liars.

          • Galaxy 500

            I care not what you believe, I do care that you misrepresented or misunderstood what I wrote

        • Galaxy 500

          You list one libertarian with two communist/socialists. Has Dennis found were he double parked his space ship yet?

      • Shirley Jacobson

        Few in our government can be trusted. That goes for Democrats and Republicans! I believe the only way we can get a more representative government or elect any third party candidate is to change our voting system to – say – instant runoff voting (IRV) so that people are not afraid of “throwing their vote away”. Of course the power in both parties is vehemently against that. We worked on that in Washington several years ago. One city adopted it for their elections but I don’t know if they still use it. I understand San Francisco also adopted it for local elections. It would be a lot of work to educate people on how this system works and how valuable it would be to the process and outcome of elections. People don’t change easily.

  86. Galaxy 500

    it appears that the more views your site gets the more trolls seem to dis the guests. They offer nothing but anger and insults. Congratulations on making the big time

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500. I wish they would not come here. I have on problem with legit opposing views. That is healthy.

  87. X

    People have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years.

    The world is still here.

    • Galaxy 500

      There is a difference between the end of the world, which I note a few misguided Bible scammers are preaching here occasional, and the end of the USA’s economic status in the world.

  88. Doug Mc.

    Greg, I’m sorry to hear about the flak you received from the Dmitry Orlov interview. For some people the truth is too painful, especially if coming from a former “Soviet/Russian”. I truly hope the negative comments don’t discourage you. I thought about it this morning and can not think of anyone that is more of an honest journalist with journalistic integrity who doesn’t have some hidden agenda. If we could just clone you and put you in the anchor chair in every newsroom across the country, the world would be a much, much better place. Keep rockin’!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Doug Mc for the support. I am not going to stop, I just want folks to know I love this country and it is worth saving!


  89. rick thomas

    My only “opinion” is: It seems that Putin is not well-liked by the Rothchild type gang. The fact that he threw out the “Oligarchs” tends to make me think he is truly out of the box. We will find out depending on how long we survive. Every state is an armed gang ruling a territory. As far as the blog commentary, i don’t have a problem with the analysis of The United States GOVERNMENT being just more cannon fodder in history.

  90. Shirley Jacobson

    I thought that the deposed president of Ukraine was a Russian stooge, that the Ukranians got rid of him because they wanted an alliance with Europe (at least the western half of Ukraine, and in some reports also some of the eastern part). So how is it they are ready to go back under Russian rule?

  91. Dave

    A blind man can see the trajectory that we’re on is a dead end & will result in great destruction of wealth & much hardship for most.
    This is why theatrical creations like Sandy Hook were made so there would be fewer tools of defense for the liberty killing crack down that the feds have on the population once the music stops.
    Greg, you may not agree with calling Sandy Hook a hoax, but FL state trooper Wolfgang Halbig has come to that very conclusion after having his efforts stymied at every turn when investigating the “claims” of that “massacre” for enhancing his position as a school security chief.
    Never once have we be shown a single video grab of Lanza walking the halls of that school with its $300K video security system, nor have we been told why medevac helicopters were never ordered there (but TV choppers news were on site).
    Sandy Hook stinks & the bigger question is why they want us disarmed at this time…
    What do they see coming?

  92. LondonBoy

    The British tried to capture Afghanistan and shortly thereafter, their entire Empire collapsed! The Russians did the same and they collapsed shortly after. Now, the US has done the same and is due for a collapse any day soon! It cannot survive. The British have always been supportive of each other and survived the collapse. The Russian Communist (Read: common Unity) survived because they helped each other out. Unfortunately, people in the US are not very friendly to each other and find killing each other very easy! It might be more like an extermination!
    After killing people all over the World – they have become a despised nation – who in the world, will want to help them?

  93. shea

    They’ve been saying this for the last 10 years….”…this is the year of the economic collapse”….

    • Paul Becke

      What does that matter? If it happens within the next year or two, will you still sniff at their prediction – the precise time-line of which, would not have been stated? It was imminent enough to merit a warning. Who could have imagined the finagling of the politicians and their puppeteers would be so fantastic, they contrived to drag it out a little? For for the monied folk. For many, nevertheless, penury has already struck.

      It has simply given the better-off people more time to adjust to the idea somewhat, and possibly try to forfend against the worst for themselves and their families.

      • Rick

        Predictions, are just that. They mean nothing, if you know history.

  94. Paul Becke

    I have a suspicion that there would be enough wise heads in the CIA and FBI to value more than most, Dmitry Orlov’s analyses of all things Russian – and American, for that matter. Understanding is supposed to be their bread and butter, after all, even if their propaganda noise-machine is permanently busy peddling lies to the public.

  95. RussianMan

    Hello ! I live in Russia and accidentally came to your site. My posts may contain errors that could cause loss of meaning in the words. That I could no language barrier to communicate with you my dear American friends 🙂 Sorry my english is bad, but Google translator translates the phrase literally .
    Reading your comments I noticed that you are not very good about your president. All my life I wanted to move to your country, because in our country live in Hell. I thought my whole life that you have a different life. You beautifully . You live rich, but is here and you have a claim to the government 🙂 Reading your comments, I found a lot to do with our current situation. No one loved before Putin until he makes a patriotic act . He defended the Russian population from the Nazis. Honestly, I do not know what you see on television there , but judging because reacts USA and EU, it seems to us that you do not show the correct information. We do not want war , we were invited to the inhabitants of the Crimea to protect them from the new Ukrainian government. We live very close to the Ukraine and we see what is happening there . I can not say , but I guess that these revolutions U.S. sponsors . I’m afraid the U.S. soon gets up and we ( Russia ) . Anyone interested can tell us more , but I’m afraid that in my posts lost meaning. So I’m wondering the same as you my American friends are looking at this situation in the world .

  96. Rick

    I can’t stand DO. Another doomer, for profit. Yes, the planet has a lot of issues, but there will be no collapse, in my lifetime.

    • Greg Hunter

      We already had a collapse in your lifetime. What do you think 2008 was?

  97. Dina Strange

    Great interview, Greg. Overall, love your interviews, you pick people who talk and make sense. And Dima is right on pretty much everything he said. Dima, molodets…mne nravitsya eto interview, spasibo.

    I had lived in Russia so yeah…i believe American collapse will much be harder landing than in Russia. Or it will be slow bleed.

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