Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S.-Dmitry Orlov

4Dmitry Orlov:  Ukraine Crisis, Russia and Crimea UpdateBy Greg Hunter’s 

Dmitry Orlov is a Russian blogger who writes about the parallel between the U.S and the USSR.  Orlov lived through the financial collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s, and he thinks the U.S. is on the same trajectory.  Orlov contends, “The trajectory is defined by this sort of incompetent militarism where more and more money results in bigger and bigger military fiascos around the world and less and less of actual foreign policy that can be pursued or articulated.  There are massive levels of corruption.  The amount of money that is being stolen by the U.S. Government and its various appropriations processes is now in the trillions of dollars a year.  Runaway debt, the United States now has a level of debt that is un-repayable.  All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes.  There are also all types of other tendencies that point in the direction of collapse and systemic failure at all levels.” 

So, how close are we to collapse or system failure?  Orlov contends, “I am pretty sure that anyone who makes a prediction when the collapse will happen is wrong.  Nobody can say when it will happen.  It’s the same as saying a bridge that is structurally deficient; you don’t know when a truck is going to fall through into the river below. . . . You can be chronically sick for a long time, and then one day, you go into a coma or your heart stops.  You cannot predict what day that will happen.  Orlov does say, “The United States right now, from my point of view and the point of view from observers from around the world, is on suicide watch.  It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.” 

On the Ukraine crisis, Orlov thinks, “The Crimea referendum was the first legal way to find out what the people wanted to do.  The turnout was remarkable, and they voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia, to become part of Russia once again.  The interesting thing here is it was not just the Russians that voted to join Russia but the Ukrainians in Crimea, which makes a sizable part of the population voted to join Russia. . . Ukraine is composed of sort of a no man’s land in the West and then Russian territories in the East. . . .  If that trend holds, you are basically left with this insolvent nugget of nothingness, and it will be up to the international community to decide what to do with these people.  They are right now marching around Kiev with baseball bats and going into government offices and beating up members of local government and installing their own members.  They are basically running amok.  They don’t even have the support of the Ukrainian military at this point.  So, it will be a mop-up operation against these neo-fascists that are running amok.”  Orlov goes on to say, “In Washington, in the Obama Administration and in the Kerry State Department, we have absolutely breathtaking levels of incompetence.  These people really don’t know what they’re doing and are dangerous at any speed; and everywhere else, we have this follow the incompetent leader thing taking place, and it’s really, really frightening because the incompetents are leading the world to a really dangerous place.” 

Orlov goes on to say, “What are these people doing trash talking the Russians?  What would these people do without Russia?  How would they get out of earth’s orbit and visit the international space station?  Who would negotiate international deals with Syria and Iran because all they can do is blunder and lose face.”  Russia doesn’t need the United States for anything.  The United States is the most dispensable country on earth.” 

On possible war between Ukraine and Russia, Orlov contends, “They are not going to fight because the Ukraine military is part of the Russian military.  There really isn’t any opposition.  The Ukrainian military will decide what to do in a few days, and then they will inform the Russians, and after that, maybe they will inform their own government.  Maybe they will just go into the government offices and just round them up.  Last I heard, 60% of Ukrainian military accepted Russian passports already.  The remaining parts are being shipped out to the mainland.  That is happening peacefully.  So, there isn’t going to be any fight.  The really important point is the Ukrainian military all over Ukraine does not support the government in Kiev.  They are withholding support, and what they really want is to join the Russian military. . . . The best thing Russia can do is sit back and relax and let this work out.  I don’t think the government in Kiev has any legs.”   

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dmitry Orlov of coming from Central America.

(There is much more in the video interview.) 

After the Interview: 
Dmitry Orlov is currently working on a new book that will be out later this year.  Orlov says, “The new book is about communities and what makes them resistant to adverse events such as financial collapse.”  Orlov adds, “The U.S., as a whole, is not resistant to shocks, but some parts of America are.”  You can find Dmitry Orlov at 

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  1. Galaxy 500

    Wow Greg, what a coup!
    Damn powerful.
    It’s a country that is going to self-destruct at some point in the near future.” 

    The United States is the most dispensable country on earth.” 
    Does anything else really need to be said?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500!

    • NoOne

      Yes quite the coup indeed. A Russian ex-pat blogger living in Central America explains the world to us. Maybe next time we’ll hear from one of the people who wear a Mickey Mouse costume at Disney Land. Surely one of them is a blogger and can fill us all in. Maybe go through the Coast to Coast guest list and get that big foot guy or the chupacabra blogger. Not saying the man is incorrect; just sayin’.

      Now excuse me as I have to wire the assistant treasurer of Swazzy Wazzy Land a few grand so he can release millions of bucks to me from an unused secret fund only he knows about. I can hardly wait. I saw it on the internet. Must be true.

      • Charles H.


        Ridicule is the resort of the weak – who have no real capacity for reasoning or rhetoric: mainly because they haven’t the stomach to be proven wrong. America is in it’s own Disney-World-ish delusion – whether you see it, or willing to see it or not.

        • Paul Becke

          No-One has spoken. What a let-down.

      • Galaxy 500

        Who cares? NoOne

        • Frank

          Most likely a paid troll IMHO! IGNORE!

      • JC Davis

        No one swallows a elephant and chokes on a fly ?

      • Justin King

        Other than being uninformed, snarky and wrong, your comment was a great assistance to us all.

        • Galaxy 500

          What you said Justin.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          Dear NoOne,
          To know one is to be one, NoOne, which makes you one, NoOne. To imply that just because it’s on the net, we thunk it must be true, just shows you ain’t, mate! NoOne, your the kind that could never be true. We give you guy’s every chance to be true, but it seems that’s to much for you’se.
          So my best advice sir, is to go back to school and get a real job, because you’ll never be James Bond. Even Maxwell Smart was smart enough not to be a phony. Right now your more like Siegfried, ” Vice President of Public relations And Terror for KAOS”
          See Get Smart (Episode #55: “How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying”) Watch it, you might learn how to be a real Spy, (Gin up, Always Frame Up,”the other guy of course”, Shape up or Ship Out). You just might make it me boy. NEVER GIVE UP! YOU CAN BE A SOMEBODY, N0ONE!

      • In Fairness

        … to NoOne, he made valid points.
        What are Mr. Orlov’s credentials?
        What is his education?
        Why should I care about his opinion?
        What makes his opinion better than another blogger of a varying opinion?
        What is his track record?

        Americans should be as patriotic to their country as Mr. Orlov is to his.

        He gave opinions.
        There are no facts, no substantiated facts … just his opinion.
        Perhaps he is right.
        Perhaps he is not.

        So here on USA Watchdog, someone cannot express an “opposing” opinion with being bashed and rebuked.
        That’s not the USA Watchdog I used to love.
        It has now become the USA Watchdog that I seldom comment on anymore. This is why.

        • R0Tten to the c0RE

          In Fairness,
          What are your credentials, In Fairness?

          • In Fairness

            I have no need for credentials.
            I am not blogging and doing commentary on an inflamed international situation.
            I am not speaking as one with authority/experience to address a situation. Mr Orlov does.

            I am an American.
            I believe in the Constitution of the United States.
            I speak by my country’s rights to “freedom of expression”.
            Even someone I may not agree with, has the right to speak his opinions.

            Mr. Orlov has the right to speak.
            So does NoOne.

            I am an American.
            A patriotic one.
            I need no other credentials to speak my opinion in this country.
            You have the same right.

            What are my credentials as a person?
            Thirty-nine years as a newspaper reporter who has always believed in balanced, truthful reporting.
            I do not care for “yellow journalism” in any of its many forms.

            An opinion is an opinion.
            A fact is a fact.
            There is nothing wrong with either.
            Today’s news has a proclivity to present opinion as fact.
            It will serve one well to remember they are not the same thing.

          • Galaxy 500

            Yellow journalism. At least you had some basic history in school. You know the term but like most, you dont really understand what it means, in all fairness to you, I wouldn’t expect you to. You are an American, so are we. I have seen you before I think. As I was skipping down the Yellow Brick road of Main Stream Media Yellow journalism, I think I passed you nailed to a pole singing something about getting a brain. Good luck comrade

          • Frank

            Just another troll.See the technique. Always attack the messenger. Don’t respond to the man’s points….attack him!
            Another paid gov troll IMHO!

        • Charles H.

          In Fairness,

          Using your own deduction – NoOne made valid s pointS?? Which were THEY (plural)??? Read the comment again. The ONLY observation was – “A Russian ex-pat blogger living in Central America explains the world to us.” From there on it is derogatory: there ARE no points, except derision; and a disclaimer.
          What are Mr. Orlov’s credentials? He was born and raised in Russia.
          What is his education? Personal, first-hand experience in the economic crash of the USSR.
          Why should I care about his opinion? He has pertinent, inside familiarity with the culture and history.
          What makes his opinion better than another blogger of a varying opinion? He is a Russian; and a published one at that.
          What is his track record? Independent sources concur with his statements over the space of years.
          “Americans should be as patriotic to their country as Mr.Orlov is to his.” No-one here could agree with you more – only you do not qualify what patriotism is! Let me give it to you. Faithful adherence to the principles and purposes set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America; without allowance to re-interpretation to it’s language or meaning. True patriotism holds to the founding creation – and if you KNEW this site: you’d realize THAT is what we mostly do here. Raising this issue after the tone of your twenty-questions: amounts to a veiled accusation – and an undeserved one.
          And like Mr. Orlov – YOU, yourself, are relegated to opinion.
          So when you attempt to lambaste those on this site for replying in – let us say – negative terms: it really amounts to “turn about fair play”. NoOne laid-into Mr. Orlov pretty hard – besides being the one who started it. IF you have something to contribute or say: you are more than welcome. If it is your purpose to throw-down on the site, and try to make us feel bad: don’t expect to be coddled.

          • JC Davis

            Charles H.
            My word that was a (great) comment.

          • In Fairness

            No coddling.

            “NoOne laid-into Mr. Orlov pretty hard – besides being the one who started it.”

            “He started it,” is not an excuse I will accept from my grandchildren. Every effort is made to instill in them sound reasoning and to rise above the provocation.

            I stand by my opinion: NoOne made valid points.
            Internet news is awash with sensationalism, untempered passion and erroneous “facts and figures.”

            He had a right to express his frustration.
            He would have done well to season it with self-control. That does not negate what was valid in his opinion.

            This truth sums up today well: II Timothy 4:3
            For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.