Criminals of DOJ & FBI, MSM Ignores Real News, Yield Curve Flattens

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 331 4.20.18)

Eleven members of the House GOP have given a criminal referral for the top people in the FBI, DOJ and State Department in the Obama Administration. James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Andrew McCabe were all accused of a variety of crimes, including obstruction of justice to perjury.  Hillary Clinton is being accused of getting “contributions and donations by foreign nationals.”  This has never happened in U.S. history to have so many top former U.S. officials accused of this many crimes.

Meanwhile, former renowned Federal prosecutor Joe diGenova continues to accuse Democrats of “framing” the Trump Administration with “fake evidence” in a grand conspiracy to remove a duly elected President. DiGenova also accuses President Obama to be part of the conspiracy.  The mainstream media (MSM) has, by and large, refused to cover the criminal referral of multiple high ranking Obama Administration officials and treats the fired FBI director as some sort of hero on his ongoing book tour.

Gregory Mannarino of is out with a warning about the flattening yield curve. Mannarino says a flattening yield curve always signals a coming recession, which will spell trouble for the markets.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(Correction:   I meant to say “Obama had a dinner party at the White House December of 2016”– NOT Trump.  also,  Correction:   I meant to say .19 basis points instead of .10.)

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Global financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts of will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” For the first time, Fitts says she is “worried” about the U.S dollar and the U.S. Treasury market.  Find out why in this powerful interview.


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  1. Dobie Gillis

    Haji would frequently boast that Imran’s position gave him political leverage, numerous Pakistani residents told TheDCNF. “My son own White House in D.C.,” he would say, according to Minhas. “I am kingmaker.”

    Imran Awan’s Father Transferred USB Drive To Ex-Head Of Pakistani Intel Age
    by Tyler Durden Thu, 04/19/2018 – 21:55

    The father of Imran Awan – a longtime IT aide from Pakistan who made “unauthorized access” to the House computer network – reportedly transferred a USB drive to the former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency, alleges the father’s ex-business partner, Rashid Minhas.

    • Paul ...

      Our US Government is run by spy’s … Saudi, Pakistani and Israeli (SPI) moles with “duel citizenship”!!!

  2. Dobie Gillis

    The US dollar hasn’t been backed by gold since 1971, but that might change soon.

    The Dollar’s 70-Year Dominance Slowly Coming To An End
    by Tyler Durden
    Thu, 04/19/2018

    Republican Congressman Alex Mooney is proposing that the US once again place value on the dollar by backing it with physical gold. The problem is, the Federal Reserve has been printing money with the abandon of a drunken copy machine, and the 147.3 million ounces of gold being held in Ft. Knox may not be enough to cover the out-of-control fiat currency currently in circulation.

    • Dobie Gillis

      Transparency will unleash the value as done manually after gold confiscation in the 30’s, this time to maybe 5 or 10 million dollars an ounce, to once again cover all debts public and private. I’m sure it wont happen overnight, maybe a month or year, but it will happen and the Russian or Chinaman or Anglo-American who owns the most gold will make the most rules. Because gold rules. No Aussie rules this time, mate!

    • Peter from the Netherlands

      Dobie, please can you tell where the ” American-gold” is ?

      Yes, the Yuan will be backed by gold!



      • Dobie Gillis

        Yes Peter,
        It’s here. It was protected by a Brit, who was a Scot, who was also a spook. Who a North Korean tried to kill, in order for a Swiss gold magnate to take it all, offline. Whether he eventually accomplished it nobody knows except a fellow named Fleming, Ian Fleming and he wont be back till kingdom come.
        We know it’s coming soon and where, we just don’t know when.
        So Peter this is were it’s at!

        • philipat

          A Gold standard would automatically impose discipline on spending non-existent money by politicians, which is why it is a great idea. And also why it will never happen!!

      • philipat

        Yes, the US Gold is mostly in China!!

    • Paul ...

      Without an audit by experts … all those gold bars at Fort Knox are most likely “just gold plated tungsten” … why else won’t the “honest” bankers at the Fed allow “a real audit” … if we can’t get a “real audit” because the Fed most likely has something to hide … then Trump should just sign an executive order to have all our Fort Knox gold melted down and recast into 0.9999 gold bars each year by a reputable smelter … instead of doing audits!!

      • Paul ...

        When China buys gold from the West … they don’t accept “old” gold bars (which could simply be gold plated tungsten) … but require that “the old bars be melted down” in Switzerland “and recast” into new bars of 0.999 purity!!

  3. a. bona, m.d.

    what a great weekly wrap-up. fascinating, informative and well done. just a thought, in addition to worrying about yield curve inversion, we now have stunningly high and skyrocketing 3 month libor rates, the rates banks charge other banks for the overnight loans and cash they need. zero hedge had a scary chart illustrating the ominous rise. with kind regards, tb.

    • Paul ...

      LIBOR rates are simply “made up numbers” out of the heads of 12 big banks … who can collude with one another about the “guesses” they will make about where “they think” inter-bank lending rates should be … LIBOR should be abolished … and a new system created that is “not prone to collusion” between evil banksters not noted for their honesty!!

  4. Paul ...

    Comey saying he is no longer Republican is as much a false flag as the staged chemical attack in Syria … Trump should use a Tomahawk to remove those Demon-rat horns from Comey’s head … and then impose sanctions on Russia … for we all know (without proof being required) that it was Putin’s undue contributions to Hillary’s Charity Fraud that made poor Hillary release classified documents on her unprotected servers … and so Comey had no choice but to absolve Hillary of all her Treasonous crimes … so there you have it folks … Comey is innocent … Hillary is innocent … the only guilty party is Russia … and the US should immediately begin WWIII to take out Putin (as all the peace loving neocons in the White House are telling Trump to do) along with the support of our UN Ambassador and our good NATO ally Terror-isa May who also knows “without proof” that Russia is the only guilty party who needs to be punished!!

    • Chip

      Russia, Russia, Russia!

      • philipat

        The problem is, as a result of a dumbed-down population and continuous indoctrination reinforced by the propoganda arm of Government (The MSM), the vast majority of people still believe what they are being told. Even ostensibly intelligent people seem to be incapable of critical thought and there certainly is none in the MSM. This despite the fact that the latest false flags, Skripal and Syria, are so egregiously ameteurish and lacking in any credibility.
        Welcome to dystopia (Takes red pill)

  5. Donald

    “Hillary Clinton is being accused of getting “contributions and donations by foreign nationals.””

    Seems like a lot is about to “come out in the wash”. What has been going on for decades is stranger than fiction. But it would seem all this corruption is going to be exposed and eliminated. And this is going to be a world wide effort – according to Qanon (who has been very right about a number of things so far – likely Military Intelligence). Seems like Trump has the DOD, Marines and Military Intelligence backing him, plus other countries as well. Likely a lot of people will be going to prison, perhaps even some executions? Also looks like some big media companies will be affected as well. What will be exposed is going to be stunning – and hard to believe.

    • Paul ...

      You have to hand it to God the Father … he played it superbly … allowing the Deep State to develop all their spy apparatus (i.e. Facebook, Google, NSA chips in our dishwashers, TV’s, etc., etc.) … then he puts Trump into office who takes control of all the spy apparatus they developed to spy on us … and uses it against them … finding all the traitors, crooks, pedophiles, etc. to write up indictments against … and bring 27,000 of them to justice this year alone … and all those FEMA Camps the Deep State built to hold us Christians (for be-heading by guillotine) are now going to be used instead by Trump to hold all the Deep State criminals as they wait for trial by Military Tribunals … hows that for karma and what goes around comes around!!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Here in the UK some of our academics have even awoke,Prof John Hobson at Hallam University has pointed to the history of the flattening yield curve,whilst Prof Niall at Stanford has so much to get agitated about.
    These two were early to 2007/8,perhaps a chiming again.
    The kleptocracy of the AltState are repeating their lessons from Russia,according to Mr Pollock,will the American people use the tools at their fingertips to stop this?
    Mr Karl Denninger,has succinctly guided a technique for collecting information,real information,in fact actionable information.So much so that the police here in the UK are taking note,particularly the Police Service of Northern Ireland who are again recommending mirrors on sticks.A number of police here in London are even using the same techniques.

    “Nobody seems to care about all the data scamming that is going on.

    No prosecutions, no FTC actions, no fines, no mass-exodus from Facebook, no mass-destruction of Android or IOS phones, no tossing Zuckerpig in prison, nothing.

    I’ll tell you when someone will care.

    It wouldn’t be hard at all to pervert “ad targeting” to collect a database of people who are extremely likely to be, say, military members.

    Or their families.

    Or cops.

    Or virtually any other tightly-correlated group of people.

    You can get very precise given the volume of data and tools today.

    So you set up a company that allegedly wants to “advertise” to said people, you buy ads with that targeting and those who “click” or otherwise “interact” you now have pinpointed. In a short while you can correlate them through other sources and now you know who they are in real life, not just as numbers in a machine.

    You know exactly where they work, where they live (down to the actual street address), where they worship (if they worship), where their children go to school and where they shop.

    That little device in your teen’s pocket, never mind yours, delivers your location on an exact basis, within tens of feet, 24×7 every single day.

    The problem is that the bad guy isn’t a company trying to sell laundry detergent or timeshares.

    They’re jihadists. Or Antifas. Or any other group — or individual — with motive and money — and these days, not all that much money either. A few million is more than enough.

    Still think all this tracking is no big deal, eh?

    As soon as the wrong entity decides to do this sort of thing if you’re in the group they choose to target you’re going to be dead wrong.”
    Many of our universities are peppered by idealistic and knowledgeable people,supposedly,perhaps instead of a few million a Doctoral student at Oxford or Cambridge could set out to write a generic program to target specific groups or individuals with Amazon echoes at home,imagine the embarrassment!Imagine the market for such a program.However I am sure there are few Doctoral students from countries who are our enemies at Oxford/Cambridge/Harvard/Stanford and willing to set out such a program for personal gain,perhaps they are at Tel Aviv,St Petersburg or more likely a back bedroom in Bootle(UK).
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks and we wonder agape at the display of wealth by oligarchs from around the world here in London.We also expect Mr Khan,the mayor of London,to enact a wealth tax targeted at these oligarchs then bullseye on us plebs.
    The war drums are beating loudly here and our military are gearing up to die for a lie,such bravery.

    • Marcus

      FBI is the modern day Mafia, your Military just got tested and exposed, Syria destroyed 71% of missiles with out even requiring Russian defence units……Lots of money made shooting their masturbating missiles 243 million blown up in the sky. The 3 Amigos war drums have been tested and failed as they are little boys when it comes to POWER OF GOOD, LIGHT and the future of humanity,

      • Paul ...

        Lucky for us the ships (i.e.USS Donald Cook, etc.) and planes (i.e. F35, etc.) they build “don’t work” … God moves in mysterious ways … likely to pay back those “who would simply stand down anyway” when America is under attack (like on 9-11)!!

        • Paul ...

          Not only was precious taxpayer money wasted we can’t afford to squander … but our “latest technology” can now be “reverse engineered” to find the weak points in our smartest weapons … nice going Trump … why don’t you begin to use the brains God gave you Trump … and think before you act!!! … what was the big rush to retaliate before knowing exactly who murdered women and children??? … did you think Assad needed to kill some innocent civilians (unarmed women and children) when his war against ISIS was won?? … and you were ready to pull our US troops out because even you knew he won and the war was over?? …

      • Mohammad


        Do not read it wrong.
        US is testing Russian’s system in Syria.
        If any downed missiles, it will give an invaluable data to US in prepping for Iran.
        Syria unfortunately has turned into arm’s testing ground.


        • Paul ...

          Mohammad … Putin was too smart … not a single S400 was fired during the Trump raid … so the US didn’t gain any knowledge about the Russian S400 system or their S500 system … however Russia has some very advanced US Tomahawks in their hands that they can now reverse engineer!!!

          • Mohammad

            Actually wrong.
            There was a hack to the Assad/Russian system gave them false alarm and their surface air missiles fired, they were attacked electronically by US/Israel:


            When it comes to technology, Russians are INFERIOR.


            • William Stanley

              Mohammad: Did the Post article actually address the S400 and S500 systems?

              • Mohammad

                The electronic attack indicates that good info was collected from the strike. Obviously neither any of us know for sure what took place.

                Time will tell


      • Hilarious George

        You know you’ve been brainwashed by Fox News and Donald Trump when the FBI are the bad guys and the Russians are the good guys!

  7. Sue Robinson

    Another great wrapup. And this was before the IG referral on McCabe was revealed. Greg is right: we need to hang on here and support President Trump. Remember, the ‘other side’ wants to divide us and discourage us. Don’t let them do it.

    • Donald

      “Syria destroyed 71% of missiles”

      Where is the proof that even one missile was intercepted? LOL… the answer… there is no proof. How come? Simple. Not one missile was shot down. I wonder how many noticed the supposed Russian supplied videos of a so-called interception of a Tomahawk cruise missile. How high was the supposed interception? And how high do Tomahawk cruise missiles fly at? Was it truly an interception or was the intercepting missile made to self destruct once at altitude? The gullibility of people never ceases to amaze. They trust everything the media puts out as gospel – except the truth. So if no missiles were shot down then where did they go? The answer – only a small amount of missiles were launched and they all hit their designated targets…. the big number given was simply for bravado….

    • Paul ...

      If want to support Trump … we better figure a way not to let him get angrier and angrier … because the Demon-rats will probably hire Clif High to do an analysis of Trumps use of “anger words” and use it as a means to impeach him … because no one want “a crazy mans” hand on the Tomahawk or Red Button trigger!! …

  8. AA

    Have a nice weekend Greg

    This helped me understand the perils in the US and who Trump is up against.

  9. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, you called Paul Ryan Eddie Munster?! Excuse me? You owe Eddie Munster an apology for that. The Munsters were cool. Other than that, great wrap-up. I remember when CNN and CNN Headline News started. It’s shameful what CNN has devolved to. I think the downward spiral came after Ted Turner sold them.

    • Frederick

      Wonder if Paul Ryan has a pet dragon ?

      • Paul ...

        Frederick … People would be very surprised just how much money the Chinese pay to “our representatives” to do things that are “not in the interest of the American people”!!

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW.

    You provided a ‘ka-ching’ moment when you talked about the possibility of Russia (et al) retaliating against US/UK/France’s (unjustified- my word not yours) attack on Syria by ‘standing for delivery’ on silver and gold at the COMEX & LBMA. I thought I was awake but, when I heard you posit the possibility of this type of asymmetrical retaliation, I realised how ASLeeeeeeeeeep I really am. Like many others, I expected a military response ( to unjustified bombing of Syria) but Russia knows how close to outright nuclear conflict such a knee-jerk reaction would bring us. Since China has come out from behind the ‘diplomatic curtain’ to condemn the Syria strikes by the coalition forces – and specifically, to condemn the “inappropriate’ insults being directed toward Putin by western leaders – there is every possibility they could inify with Russia and stand for deliver of silver and gold. A rapid and significant rise in the price of gold would show the lie that is the ‘strength’ of the US$. If the US$ – correction – if the Federal Reserve Note goes down, so too does funding for the MIC. Game over!

    • AndrewB

      ‘Correction to above post:
      ‘there is every poossibility they could UNIFY with Russia . . . .’

      • Paul ...

        And all the more reason we should take our Fed paper (US dollars) and buy some gold and silver while it still has some value … remember the Fed has been “re-setting” our money since 1913 … and have been applying negative interest rates since 1913 … the Fed simply calls negative interest rates by another name (inflation) and they program in about a 2% decline in purchasing power each year … so since 1913 our dollar has gone from 100 cents to 2 cents using their “negative interest rate” inflation of our currency … and they have “already re-set our dollar” to 2% of what it was worth in 1913 … any further re-set to come will likely bring the value of our paper dollar down to 0.001 cent … so even if the gold price stays constant at $1350 per ounce … with a US dollar re-set to 0.001 cent … it is going to take $1,350,000 “re-set dollars” to buy one ounce of gold!!! … keep in mind what price gold goes to when a currency is re-set (think Venezuela and Zimbabwe) … so all of us must act “before” the re-set takes place!!

        • Paul ...

          And suppose Harry Dent is taken to heart and people drive the price of gold to $700 per ounce before the re-set … after the dollar re-set (to just 0.001 cent) … gold will sell for $700,000 per ounce and any paper cash you put under your mattress is going to become essentially “worthless”!!

  11. J

    You were in ‘news’ since the 70’s? I was a paper boy too. Boston Globe 😉
    God Bless,

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s when the news was actually the news.

    • William Stanley

      J: Were you complementing Greg for his youthful appearance . . . or just reflecting on your last honest labor?

      • DB Cooper

        Mr. Stanley, Thank you for your kind words in regard to our UBG rigs!! We also drive Subaru’s … mine is a ’76 w/ a gazillion miles on it and my wife rebuilt the engine a few years ago. I call it my “ranch rig” because it is usually partially full of used baling twine from feeding the stock!! We spent the weekend cutting and wrapping a three year old Highland bull that we slaughtered last week. My son recently visited and left an older Remington 700 in .308 caliber and whooey … is it a nice shooter; good round to reach out and touch someone … ( I don’t think it will reach as far as Turkey though !!) !!
        Life in our little world, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

        • Charles H

          I have always wanted a .308. Congrats!

  12. Tad

    Bill Holter’s, “Show me the gold” comments seems irrelevant in light of a mad rush to purchase what isn’t readily available in preferred amounts. I hope it might have an effect in stalling neocon hegemonic intentions.

    R-oh R-oh!

  13. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, hopefully, one of them will come clean and point the finger at the head of the snake, Obama. But for Lynch, let her go because she just waited on a 115 degree tarmac for Bill Clinton to discuss grand babies LOL.

    • Paul ...

      Obama is not the head of the snake … the banksters are … they have been wrapping their slimy bodies around our monetary system since even before 1913 … and their latest plan is to give us digital electronic nothings (Bitcoins) for “all our real assets” held in their DTCC (Seed Co.) … using mind control techniques like “greed” to make people desperately want to own a Bitcoin (that is just as real as a Unicorn) … where both Bitcoins and Unicorns exist simply as electronic flashes in our minds … called our vivid imagination!! … we must resist the evil snake as Jesus did in the Garden … not like our ancestors of times past (Adam and Eve) who failed to resist … we today should be wiser … reject the digital money the banksters want to impose on mankind to enslave us … while all our physical assets are taken by them and put in their private DTCC lockbox!!!

  14. Jerry

    It’s happening now.

    This story seems like a smokescreen to me.
    While I have no way of verifying it, I have been hearing for months that the United Ststes has privately signed an agreement to return to the gold standard as the rest of the world transitions away from the petrodollar. It makes perfect sense why the deep state is trying so hard to take down President Trump when you consider how vested they are in the petrodollar and the theft of middle eastern oil. Think about the private meetings President Trump has been having at key largo with presidents of the BRICS alliance . Coincidence? I don’t think so. They all know that the world economy is collapsing under the weight of fiat debt, and banker theft.

  15. Chip

    I asked about the yield curve two weeks ago. Scary… Chip

    04/06/2018 •

    Greg, ask Greg M what he thinks about the treasury yield curve. Two tenths difference between each 5, 10, and 30 year bonds…

    30Y T-Bond Yld 30.73
    10Y T-Bond Yld 28.32
    5Y T-Bond Yld 26.40


  16. Da Yooper

    Great rap up Greg

    Have you considered interviewing Sean Hannity ???

  17. Roger D

    In the short-term America might see financial chaos, or more wars for Zionists. But grandparents of today will see the end. The ‘houses’ in this nation has been skillfully lead to irreconcilable differences. Absolute hatred on one side; demand for revenge on the other; a total absence of the rule of law.

    “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Matthew 12:25 (KJV)

  18. Bill

    GREG or Somebody;
    What exactly is a criminal referral
    As i understand, it means it, an investigation is started to see if a crime has been commited ??
    Dont we already know that?

    • Paul ...

      Don’t worry Bill … referring someone for criminal charges implicitly assumes the party is guilty (although their lawyers will always tell them to plead innocent before the judge and jury at trial)!!

  19. Robert Lykens

    Russia/Syria are denying access to Douma, one of the sites of the US attack on a chemical weapons site:

    Also on Thursday, the State Department said the United States has credible information that Russia and Syria are trying to “sanitize” the site of the Douma chemical weapons attack while denying access to the area by international inspectors.
    Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the team of inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons had not been given access to the site of the attack.
    “We have credible information that indicates that Russian officials are working with the Syrian regime to deny and to delay these inspectors from gaining access to Douma,” Nauert told a news briefing.

    What do Russia/Syria have to hide? Why would they not want inspectors at that site?

    • This sceptred Isle

      give them access to plant evidence?

      • William Stanley

        TSI: Pretty wry.
        Are you willing to contemplate the possibility that there are more than two sides involved here?

      • Robert Lykens

        That doesn’t even matter. Whether the US carried out the chemical attack or Syria did, the evidence is already there.
        Russia is hiding the evidence. Why would they do that?

        • This sceptred Isle

          Because if any evidence of a chemical attack is found the automatic assumption will be that the Syrian authorities are behind it. I refer you to the links I posted below which suggest the Syrian rebels have the capability to launch chemical attacks.

    • Robert Lykens

      Three Belgian companies – AAE Chemie, Danmar Logistics, and Anex Customs – exported chemicals to the Syrian regime which included isopropanol, a chemical that can be used in the manufacturing of sarin nerve gas.

      The case for a “false flag” by the United States is getting thinner and thinner.

      • Frederick

        Give it up Lykens Everyone with half a brain knows the truth Just ask your hero John MCCain He knows

      • William Stanley

        Robert: Are the Belgians involved, too? When do we start bombing them?

      • Paul ...

        No Robert … the case for a false flag is very strong … simply based upon the number of people killed … you don’t use a weapon of mass destruction on a couple of women and children … chemical weapons are used on large concentrations of enemy forces that are about to overwhelm your forces … 70 women and children were not an existential threat to the Syrian Army … therefore it is very highly unlikely any military in the world would ever resort to using such an “overwhelmingly deadly chemical weapon of mass destruction” on a few old women and kids … what is Trump (an idiot savant)?? … believing that a military who has essentially won their war against ISIS would then resort to using such a weapon of mass destruction to kill a few unarmed people?? … and in the process … not only wasting millions of dollars of our precious taxpayer money to fire off 100 Tomahawk missiles … but almost getting the world into a nuclear war on a global scale???

        • Paul ...

          Simply think back to the Iran – Iraq war … Saddam’s forces were in a tenuous position … massive Iranian armies were massing very near Iraq’s border … Saddam was on the verge of military defeat … so the CIA gave Saddam the OK to use chemical weapons and the coordinates as to where the Iranian troops were located … and Saddam “gassed them all” to a horrible death … to turn defeat into victory … in the current situation ISIS is the one on the verge of defeat … it doesn’t take an IQ of 155 to figure out that the forces on the verge of defeat would be the ones most likely to use chemical weapons to turn their defeat into victory!! … and that crazy women Terror-isa May is as dumb as Trump not to figure this out … but her hatred for Russia is so great logic does not enter the equation … blinded by hate and stupidity a couple of morons almost got the world into a nuclear war!!

      • William Stanley

        Robert: I’ve got some isopropanol (otherwise known as isopropyl alcohol) in my medicine cabinet; I’ll bet you do too. I know I’m not making any sarin nerve gas. How about you?

        • Paul ...

          Good one William … you beat me to it … I was thinking the same thing … wonder if Trump uses alcohol swabs to clean his Red Button? … perhaps Trump can get his base back … by saying he was simply spraying some isopropanol around his office and it accidentally created a short circuit that sent off 100 Tomahawk missiles toward Syria? … but who in their right mind would believe that? … except Terror-isa May (that animal)!!!

      • Robert Lykens

        Again: can anyone answer why Russia will not allow inspectors in at the site where civilians were gassed? Looks like they’d want the world to see the atrocities America committed…
        …unless they’re trying to hide something.
        Reason and logic, folks, reason and logic.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Robert, if you examine the Salisbury incident in the UK it is obvious that the UK was desperate to frame the Russian state for the ‘poisoning’. Allegedly, a deadly nerve agent was used that we were told had no antidote. However, once exposed the alleged victim and his daughter managed to go shopping and have lunch over the course of a few hours before becoming incapacitated on a park bench.
          Nevertheless, the park bench was NOT removed for a couple of days. Neither were key locations in the drama sealed off until a few days/weeks later.
          The alleged victims were also treated in a public hospital by doctors that must have had specialised knowledge of nerve agents. The nerve agent must have been identified very quickly and antidote (which we were told didn’t exist) would have been administered after a delay of a few hours at best.
          Unprotected officers were also photographed standing by the door in question.

        • William Stanley

          It’s really simple, Robert: The Russians are covering up for the Belgians.

          • This sceptred Isle


    • Occasnltrvlr

      This Heather lass, hardly a neutral source, claims she has “credible information”. Such as what? Facebook posts?

      How about objectively-verifiable evidence?

      Propaganda is propaganda. The USA and Israel are clearly, among foreign nations, the aggressors in Syria, and hence, have more reason to employ propaganda.

      Is this not obvious?

  20. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great report. It has been awhile since you have been that emotionally attached to a report. I like Bo as well, I just get frustrated that he doesn’t recognize YHVH’s cycles in his calculations. He used Johnathon Cahn’s calculations and Pastor Cahn uses the Jewish calendar and not the Father’s calendar.
    Don’t forget, we have a super cycle coming June 1st and ending Sept. 14th with the peak being @July 20th. Also, we are in the second year of the 7-year war cycle and 2020 will be the “midst of the week”. So, what the heck could go wrong? LOL.
    Looking forward to Ms. Fitts interview. When will we hear from Charles Nenner again? I am looking forward to his forecast for the summer and fall.
    Lo eerah!

  21. Gregory Mannarino

    The yield curve is on the cusp of an inversion. The last 2 times this happened resulted in the Dot Com Bubble bursting and the 2008 stock market crash. The last time(s) we had an inversion, a stock market meltdown followed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the help on the yield curve. I am so sorry I got the math wrong. It was .19 Basis Points not .10. My bad, but your point was well taken and well made on the yield vurve my good friend!!!!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, basis points are 1/100 of a full interest point. Therefore 19 basis points = .19 percent. .19 basis point (.0019) is insignificant, a fifth of a 100th of a percent. My advice is to express it as 19 basis points or 0.19 percent. I know; it’s confusing. Best always. PM

    • Frederick

      The ten year hit 2.961 today Even flatter still

    • Paul ...

      And let’s not also forget that corporate insiders are currently selling hundreds of thousands of shares in their own companies for every share John Q. Public is now buying!!!

  22. Jodyp

    Greg, never shy away from what we are. We ARE preppers. Holders of a much needed ‘ insurance’. We believe in God, we love our country and we look out for our families. We speak English, not baaaah-ish.

    • William Stanley

      Jodyp: LOL

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jodyp, So long as we are not shying away from what we are, let’s admit this deal has to run its course. It was war correspondent Peter Arnett in his reporting on 7 February 1968 that he (Arnett) heard an unnamed major say, “It became necessary to destroy the town (Ben Tre) in order to save it.” In my view, that sums up our current situation. The only way to fix it is to tear it up/let it fail and start over. Best always. PM

      • William Stanley

        Paul from Indiana: Any chance that “we” could just leave and stay gone?

    • Mike Lee

      Paul from Indiana, now you are confused, but don’t feel bad. 19 basis points is about a fifth of ONE percent, not a fifth of 100th of a percent. You slipped 2 decimals, just like Greg did, HAHAHA.

      • Paul from Indiana

        I said it was tricky! Open mouth, insert foot. The story of my life. Thanks for the laugh. Best always. PM

  23. Oracle 911

    2 things:
    -Russia and China won’t pull the pin overtly or covertly. They just providing a honest alternative before the whole thing collapses under own weight.
    -The whole Syrian attack was a theater and the biggest causality is the reputation of warmongering neocons and their errand-boys like Macron.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Paul ...

      Yes … the reputations of non-thinking warmongering neocons like (Macron, May, Trump and Netanyahu) have been severely damaged by their illogical actions attacking Syria for something ISIS (under Deep State control) did to 70 “non-military” civilian women and children … when 10,000 innocent women and children (killed by the Saudi’s in Yemen) did not elicit “even one” Tomahawk missile against Saudi Arabia !!

  24. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Wonderful job!
    Of course, we finally got some terrifically good news and signs of major progress with the criminal referrals. And, yes, I’m now suspicious that the Syrian operations (at least where America’s participation is concerned) may be far more convoluted and productive than it appears to be and, perhaps, a major blow to the whole network of traitors and their allies.
    I’m so jazzed that I’m dreaming about a takedown of Obama; a takedown of Holder (and with him the Banksters and the Federal Reserve whom he protected); the dismantling of CIA; breaking free from the pernicious US intelligence networks’ colusion with their counterparts in the UK, France/Rothschilds and with the globalists/pedophiles generally; a correction of the trade deficit with the world (especially China); and (though many will view this with extreme skepticism) a new era of cooperation with Russia (our natural allies against the globalists/neocons, who are the most dangerous enemies of the American people).
    As for the economy and financial system: many of those who listen to you and your guests may actually come out of the impending catastrophe in sounder shape than they were before: as Taleb would put it, they will be shown to have had an “anti-fragile” portfolio. Yes, I’m talking about PMs.
    A time of extreme danger; but also a time of extreme hope and, even, opportunity.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a good man!! Thank you for supporting USAW brother William!

    • AndrewB

      I sincerely hope your prognosis is correct. However, I fear that the Rothschilds clan which has profited from strife and war for many decades – and has amassed wealth beyond avarice with which to buy political influence across the globe – will not go quietly. At some point the ‘America First’ movement, of which Trump is merely the public figurehead, needs to awaken citizens to reality. This must come through prosecutions of those in high (very high) places who have criminally failed to uphold their oaths of office – to defend the Constitution. President Trump’s Executive Order of 21st December 2017 may hold the key. If and when the America First movement ‘pulls the trigger’ by issuing arrest warrants, your utopian dreams may have some hope of being realised.

      • Paul ...

        Our dreams can be realized by simply willing it into existence … the way we can take an idea in our mind and make it a reality … the same way God the Father willed this universe into existence … God gave us “his power within us” when he created us … so our minds can defeat evil (whenever we have a determined mind to do so) … we all must say it out aloud … so all can hear … and it will be so … just as God said “Let There Be Light” … and there was light … and evil fled the light … only to reside in dark shadows!!!

  25. Robert

    My wife just came back from the supermarket not 15 minutes ago. She said all the “popular items” she generally buys have gone up about $0.20 on the average since her last trip just a week ago. I expect this to continue, since the Fed’s been digging the dollar’s grave for some years now. But I’m sure the Chinese petro yuan will speed it up a lot. I’m watching the top tech stocks struggle with reasons to stay where they are, and notice gold and mining stocks creep up with each round of bad news. Looks like we’re in the second half of the 8th inning. Thanks Greg for all the great folks you bring on. Thanks to you I’ve become involved with the group pushing public banking (Ellen Brown and crew). Looks like NJ may go for it next. It can’t be soon enough.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Robert, inflation has been there all along. Officials are just admitting it now, is all. Tax cuts are getting the money out of the elitist 1% QE corral and into Main Street. Some refer to this development as “QE IV”, and although it is a form of stimulus, the nature of the stimulus has changed from monetary to fiscal. There is a huge difference in the implications, one of which is obvious inflation (more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, the SYMPTOM of which is the rise of prices). The point of QE was to enable the 1%, the elites and their insider cronies to exchange paper for real assets. Now, the little guy is beginning to get some crumbs thrown his way, and he will consume them. Best always. PM

    • Joe G.

      FWIW my wife noticed the same thing, the honey container went up a few dollars. It only seems to go one direction. Gas in California getting sky high again too

  26. Mike R

    The epic implosion of the entire demoncratic party, continues unabated….

    They are assuring they will go the way of the very temporary ‘Whig party’ (circa the 1800’s) into total oblivion. The blow out in the next mid terms, ironically will probably lead to a Bernie Sanders too little, too late, led ‘new whig party’ formed from the deep disgust and disenfranchisement due to the Clinton hostage-like hold on the DNC, that they all revolt against and go Republican out of spite to their own party.

    In other news, Trump keeps winning, winning, and winning some more.

  27. Marcus

    The Muell-er leader of the deep state and Mafia.
    First time in 15 years 3 top Russian Ambassadors meeting with National Security Adviser John Bolton team in Washington…Muller indictment for murder.
    Seems the Fbi is connected to Italian Mafia Patriaca Crime Family and the Winter Hill Gang, Mueller is top DOG.
    Greg if their is a God he dose not wear the American flag, has America just conceded to Russia as the Russian forces played cards, 3 Amigos shoot blanks at Syrian defence system 71% stoped….. Threatening to sanction and then back stepping as they the Russians would show the world they do not need Swift anymore, this is what is tacking place right now under your noses…. can you not see what has gone down, The deep state is toast, America is broke a very large population of your people are zombies, and Good always sheds light into the darkest rooms ……Russia is the light in this war.

  28. Jamie-Dimon

    Hello Greg,
    I love your insights and passion for justice. However, I beleive this fight is lost before it really began. Look, I am from Germany, where the globalist have full controll over literally evrything and its gettong worse day by day. Propaganda around the clock, unstoppable repetition of lies and false accusation against everyone who stands in their way. Masses have been brainwashed (much more than under the Nazis) since early 2000, fully supporting the socialist fashist Merkel regime and the criminal EU dictatorship. I personally surrendered, resigned from my job today, will lave Germany shortly and move to Thailand.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you believe the “fight is lost,” then please stay out of the way and pray for us who fight on against evil!! Matthew 28:18!!

  29. Sylvia Sterling

    Hi Greg. Don’t know why my comments are never posted.
    But here goes: You commented that we had better be careful or we would lose our Republic. It’s late for that warning, As Warren Pollock said: we are now a Kleptocracy.
    Anyone who has ever been to court knows how corrupt this government really is.
    They don’t even follow their own laws. If Christ was in charge, there wouldn’t be
    the mess we are in now. I think He is leaving us alone until we see the error of our ways.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree but thank you for commenting on USAW!!

    • JC Davis

      Sylvia Sterling .
      You are not alone. As I see it there are 2 sets of laws. 1st the law of a Republic for we the people. 2nd is the law of the sea for those over our Republic. They have Oligarchy rules.
      We have been controlled by oligarchy law all of our lives. Eyes wide open. Hope in Jesus only.

  30. iwitness02

    An epic wrap up, Greg. Thank you so much.

  31. Debbie Mook, St. Clair Shores, MI

    Earth Quakes Detroit

    The earthquake struck around 8:01 p.m. local time, with a depth of 7.8 km, according to the USGS.

    No injuries or damage were reported. The epicenter Amherstburg is located near the mouth of the Detroit River in Essex County.

    Resident’s said that the quake felt “like an underground explosion.”

    What Is Happening?
    Upgraded to 4.1 Earthquack hits Detroit!

    Tonya Spears said in Harper Woods she was watching TV when it hit.
    “I was startled, the floors started shaking, it sounded like a train or I thought my furnace was about to blow up,” she wrote in an email. “Then dogs next door started barking like crazy – then it was gone.”

    Viewer Bill Tsikaris wrote in saying the rumble was strong in Dearborn and Downriver.

    “All Downriver communities just felt a large band and rumble that lasted for 15 seconds or so, stretching from Grosse Ille to Dearborn,” he wrote in an email.

    Debbie Whittal of Amherstburg thought the initial shaking was possibly from a nearby collision.

    “I heard a big bang like an explosion and we live close to a corner, so I thought maybe there was a car accident out front because it sounded like a big impact,” she told The Weather Network. “But then everything just shook, the house shook, you knew something was wrong. We all went outside, all of the neighbours were out on their front porches saying, ‘what the heck was that.'”

    13 hours ago
    Ever heard of the New Madrid earthquake of 1811? The faultline runs right up through Lake Ontario. Devastating quake in the 8.0-8.3 area of strength. Supposed to repeat every 200 years or so. Do the math.
    Strange Story Of Native American Tecumseh’s Comet, Black Sun Prophecy And New Madrid Earthquakes – The Biggest Earthquakes In American History
    MessageToEagle | May 13, 2017 |
    Cynthia McKanzie – – In 1811, a great bright comet appeared in the skies. It was visible the naked eye for around 260 days. In USA, the comet was named Tecumseh’s Comet and the Europeans called it “Napoleon’s Comet”.
    The prophecy of the Black Sun was followed by devastating earthquakes. These events still make many wonder whether the Native American Prophet predicted the future., or if it was all just a coincidence.
    MAP of entire EARTHQUACK AREA;

  32. Randy Mook

    7 By faith Noah, when he was warned about things not yet seen, with reverent regard constructed an ark for the deliverance of his family. Through faith he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.​—Heb. 11:7.
    Without doubt, Noah’s neighbors must have asked him why he was building such a colossal structure. Did Noah keep quiet or tell them to mind their own business? By no means jelly bean! His faith moved him to witness boldly and to warn his contemporaries of God’s coming judgment. Quite likely, Noah repeated to the people the exact words that Jehovah had spoken to him: “I have decided to put an end to all flesh, because the earth is full of violence on account of them . . . I am going to bring floodwaters upon the earth to destroy from under the heavens all flesh that has the breath of life. Everything on the earth will perish.” Also, Noah no doubt explained to the people the only means of escape, repeating God’s command: “You must go into the ark.” Thus, Noah further exercised his faith by being “a preacher of righteousness.”​—Gen. 6:13, 17, 18; 2 Pet. 2:5.
    Time is short, don’t short change yourself. As Greg say’s prices are rising but compared to whats coming it’s still all on sale. But soon there will be no buying or selling. Because it will be everyone, men, woman and children for themselves. Build your ark of salvation now, of family & friends before the proverbial jig is up. Fear not, a glorious future awaits you.
    I heard that laugh.
    Those who laugh last will laugh the loudest!

  33. Jerry.

    With this but of news I’m sure the deep state will launch a counter attack sooner than later.

    For anyone who doubts it, let me clarify it for you. We are in a full blown civil war between the patriots and the deep state. Before they are taken down they WILL collapse the economic system and blame it on a false flag event . Count on it. Thank God for the second amendment!

    As I previously posted I have first hand information that military units are now being trained for urban warfare. While my first reaction was to think that it might be directed toward the patriots, I now believe it will be used in an all out purge against the deep state and elements of the military who are loyal to them. This could culminate in the arrest of 25,000 to 30,000 people. Do I know this for a fact? No. But it does align with other information I have direct access to. Pray that President Trump is successful or we could be under martial law and UN occupation.

  34. John

    No arrests yet. Sessions still resting comfortably. Democrats are responsible to investigate whether Hillary, Comey, etc. have committed any crimes. I already know the results.

  35. Tad

    Some would deem this a laughable request. Certainly not an order.

    Perhaps if those affected had a big picture view like Mr. Putin, they would realize the global financial collapse is months away–at minimum. When one considers sanctions and the closing of Russian consulates and the potential of nuclear war, well. . .wouldn’t you want your citizens, children back home in a safe, secure Russia.

    They could sound either like propaganda or Mr. Putin is extremely confident in a nuclear exchange. Preserving the species; the home country’s intellectual capital; whatever one chooses to.

    Fortunately, Russia doesn’t have an AIPAC controlling MSM and internet media sites.

    • Paul ...

      Putin: “All Russian students living in Britain … return home immediately” … sounds like Terror-isa May is going to get England nuked!! … well … at least we get rid of LIBOR … and the fake interest rate the banksters dream up and use to rip us off on our debt cards, mortgages and car loans, etc. !!!

  36. Paul Anthony


    I think you interviewing Dan Bongino would be a great interview. Just a thought and an opinion. Thanks for all you do.


    Paul Anthony

  37. Bradley

    Thanks Greg…never miss a program. Just a comment that you say Trump has a huge problem with debt. He is spending like a school boy in a cap gun store. Sometimes I think his plan is to spend the crap out of what left the fiat note dollar will buy as he knows it is all coming down soon. This is a theory I heard before of the monetary system design in general. The system was designed to have a failure in the end where a new system would have to be brought out. Of course who cared about the endgame back in 1913 or 1933 for that matter. The plan was a slow defrauding of the Citizens. Slow is the key here to success of the plan. Like inflation and the boiling frog idea. The system is finished either way. The reset will be the solution whatever that is…most likely solidified by gold as all trust will be lost for a generation…well maybe less as the memory of most now days is less than 10 years. 2008 is ancient history. I remember it well…that was the end of my participation in the system.

  38. Tim McGraw

    Good Weekly Wrap Up Report. I think your math was a little off on the bond spreads. LOL. No worries. The point is well taken. The system, or whatever it is; is headed for a reset or collapse or something new.
    Peter Schiff said today “Enjoy the calm before the storm.” Yes, we all must prepare.
    Donald Trump can’t save us. Hell, he couldn’t even save Flynn. That was a big mistake.
    No matter. The math will not be denied. The debt is HUGE!
    Yes, we all must prepare. Silver is a good place to store wealth. I agree with Pollock to “get small” and pick your battles carefully. Avoid the state at all costs. Avoid the hospitals, too.
    Calling the police is risky.
    “Get small.”

  39. susan

    Greg, so many of your commenters give amazingly true analyses of what is going on after you have perfectly gave your analysis of what is going on. WOW! I thank God for bringing me to your site.

  40. john duffy

    New World Order Pope and Soros:

    • Paul ...

      Two birds of a feather who don’t believe there is a Hell (where their souls will be punished for the evil they do here on Earth)!!
      Hey loony birds … our minds “are weapons” provided to us by God the Father and we will use that weapon to reject your New World Order (no matter how much fluoride you put in our drinking water)!!

  41. oneno

    Read about the covert plans, since 1996, for depopulation…

  42. oneno

    Criminals operating for profit exend into agriculture where pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides are employed that not only destroy the insect population but also the bird population, both of which are needed for polinating plants. This has serious implications toward famine for human populations!

    “Now could be made cognizable in accordance
    with newest investigations, that in the course of the
    last years and up to the today’s point in time in the
    European area already about 55 percent of the
    birdlife and 75 percent of the insect world was

    • Paul ...

      There were many mass bird deaths people could not understand … until they realized these flocks of birds were dropping from the sky after flying through chem-trails!! … the evil people responsible will be brought to justice!!!

  43. Mike Town

    The hardening of Pharos’ heart to chase after Moses is what has been happening with the Democrat party. The harder they pursue, it seems the more is being exposed and uncovered….the wheels are falling off their chariots and this great sea of “Red” debt is about to drown the horse and the rider.
    So appreciate your honesty and straight reporting Greg.

    • susan

      Very thoughtful comparison. I hope others here relay your thoughts to others they know.

  44. zteve.0

    Everybody has done it, Nixon got caught – end of story. Inter party war has been ongoing since 1776.
    People complaining that “Trump said he would drain the swamp – waa waa waa” can now enjoy the strategy of waiting, gather all the evidence and bide your time …until the mid-terms!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Now we will see how dis-loyal the Republicans are when the still RINO Trump going forward.
    The game just turned a corner and things look good for the American People

  45. Mike Dull

    I have been following your stuff for 5 years now and am grateful for your insight. I must caution you on Donald Trump though. I too voted for him and want, like you, for him to succeed. The “mulligan” that the evangelical community is giving him on moral issues is very alarming and indicative of the low level of discernment among Christians. His moral failings do not disqualify him from serving as president but demand caution from discerning believers. For over thirty years I have believed that the Man of Sin when he arrives will call himself a Christian and be largely accepted by Christians. This is the end times deception Paul was writing about in 2 Thess. Though I support Trump I also believe he could easily become the end times Man of Sin who is also known as Antichrist. Please think outside the box on this point.
    I am 66 and have been a Christian since I was 18. I started studying prophecy at 18 and think I have some insight. I also served as a missionary in Africa for 15 years, 5 years in Zimbabwe and 10 in Tanzania doing evangelism to Muslims in villages. I say this as credentials not in boasting.
    Thanks and keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Sunday show with KA Fitts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please refer to King David and Saul/Paul. They had big sin but still did the Lords work.

      • Mike Dull

        You reinforce my point by invoking David and Paul. They both repented clearly of their sinful behavior in contrast to President Trump’s admission that he has not asked God to forgive him. Many evangelicals are accepting the President as one of their own without expecting to see the fruit of a repentant life. This is why I urge caution .

        • Greg Hunter

          So you are the judge? “Let those without sin throw the first stone.” Do you have a different Bible than me?

          • Mike Dull

            No, the same I’m sure. 1 Cor 5 tells us that we are to judge the behavior of those that claim to be believers. The Lord also teaches that in Matt 18. Judge not lest you be judged in Matt 5-7 is only a warning by the Lord to not judge hypocritically, to get the sin out of our own lives so that we can judge others justly. That teaching is incredibly misused and cannot be allowed to contradict the other scriptures that call for judgment among those claiming to be believers. Our President claims to be a Christian and thus falls under the scrutiny of the body of Christ that he claims to belong to. Thanks for the debate, keeps us sharp.

    • Jodyp

      Mike, I proceed with caution also. Fear no man, bow to no man.

      • Mike Dull

        God for you, Jody. I think Greg is thinking I am being too hard on the President but the same applies to all who call themselves Christians. We must be cautious in accepting anyone as a fellow Christian by his words only. As the Lord said, we will know a tree by its fruit. At the same time , we must examine ourselves to see if we also are bearing good fruit.

      • Mike Dull

        I meant good for you but God is also for you. I’ll work on my typing.

  46. Flattop

    The z3 news site has an article by a Dr Dwight Lundell. Very interesting what happens when you tell the truth.

  47. Flattop

    GREG: Good news
    Sessions claims he will resign if Rosenstein is fired. Thats whats called, killing 2 birds with one stone. Go Trump Go.

  48. Tad

    Like man consumers, I understand President Trump’ s disappointment with rising fuel prices. That could be attributed to an economy escaping the event horizon. The increase might undoubtedly be related to oil- yuan transactions and oil companies heavily in debt.

    If I were an economist, I would consider how to stem US aggregate demand, as well as how to substantially reduce the $100 plus billion dollars per year leaving the US by way of legal and illegal immigrants.

    If you’re an American and had a job taken by an illegal, you may be less or more inclined to drive an efficient car; to not drive at all and commute.

    My explanation doesn’t seem reasonable or plausible, but none of what is reported is real either.

    Fair, balanced, and real may return next paradigm.

  49. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Some brilliants points made Greg, especially re the need for our total support of President Trump: Somehow says it all when we think of a 70 year old man, non-salaried in his vastly important role, fighting enemies on every front. David v Goliath springs to mind so do indeed need to fear not.

  50. Tracy Welborn

    Man Greg, that was an awesome wrap up. I’m forwarding links to this one to everyone I know. Seriously. This is important stuff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tracy!!

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg… Hope you get to interview Larry Klayman at some point…need him for special prosecutor !
    Also this interview shows the matrix and anatomy that the F.B. I. uses to infiltrate alternative news sites using PAID trolls to diffuse such sites cohesion… Bring anyone to mind? lol This was documented and admitted that the F.B.I. does have and pay over 1000 such trolls !

  52. Sylvia Sterling

    JCDavis……. Yes, We are under the law of the Sea…… Admiralty Law. The gold fringed flag tells us that. We are no longer a Republic, but rather an Oligarchy under Admiralty Law. When Christ comes back, these liars, crooks pedifiles, and law breakers will be out of here. Meanwhile, we should all become ‘State citizens’, instead of ‘Federal citizens.’ Personally I don’t believe Christ is in charge of all of this corruption. We have been left to our own devices and look what a mess we’ve made. I don’t put the blame on Christ.

  53. Mohammad


    It is getting clearer that US will pull out of the “no signed deal?” deal with Iran.
    If that materializes it will indicate that US wants to clear itself from any legal fiasco to pave the road towards some kind of military option towards Iran (lawyers and law makers work on wars before the helmets of the military).
    Lets say N.K. takes the carrot that Trumps throws and the guarantor is China and that file is set aside for some time to concentrate on the hot file ….. Iran.
    N.K. already indicated that they will stop all their nuclear and missile testing which is a positive sign, it may also indicates that my line of thoughts could be correct and they may pull away from Iran because that will be one of the prices Trump will ask N.K. to pay.

    After those two events crystallize then comes the third indicator of the coming war when US pulls its troops from Syria so they are out of harm ways when the fuse is lit.

    Who will benefit from the war?
    It will definitely unite the US in a crucial time (2018 elections)…Hmmmm.
    That will take off the heat from Trump for sure. and it will foil any attempt to impeach him if the congress turns democrats.
    Military industrial complex is itching their palm and salivating over this war (Gen. Clark said that years back):

    Israel will get their wish by dragging US to fight its war Netanyahu is still the PM and I still remember vividly the cartoon he presented in UN assembly in 2012:

    The market in Wall Street is salivating for this war, don’t they say when bombs drop the index soars?

    All the indicators are pointing to this coming war and this year, unless some cool heads slam the brakes.
    I think not this time around.


  54. Mario

    I live in Canada. I received my bill from Mastercard of National Bank of Canada. At the end of my bill there is a note that says:

    Mastercard will make changes on conversions methods for foreign currencies other than US dollar. Before, foreign currency bills were converted into US dollar and then into Canadian dollar. From now on, certain currencies will be directly converted into Canadian dollar bypassing the US dollar.

    I am wondering if the Canadian banks are moving to abandon the US dollar.

    • Greg Hunter


    • Tad

      Thanks would sense if true. What didn’t make sense a few years ago was Canada reportedly selling its federal stores of gold. I hope that’s false.

  55. Tad

    Two more North Korea-related articles I’ve read and reread this week. Foreign nation’s distrust of US policies and words, goes without saying.

    Secondly, Obama’s deployment of the THAAD system doesn’t engender any confidence amongst the Russians and Chinese. Wouldn’t expect Mr. Trump to change a strategic weapon deployment policy.

    So Mr. Kim has announced a stoppage or ban on further missile testing and closure of test sites. I’m of an opinion we’re in a no man’s land regarding the US-North Korea relationship. It would be hasty to draw any conclusions if I were a neocon military analyst.

    Taken with a recent story that North Korea wants to sign a peace treaty with South Korea, obviating a need to address an unsigned armistice by the three major actors, and one could be forgiven if thinking genuine peace is verging at breakneck speed.

    If hope were to mean anything, a US- instigated false flag should be avoided.

  56. Jennifer Ohman

    Good Morning Greg,
    Very good. Nice strong ending.

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