CV19 Vax Deaths & Injuries are an Ignored Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says his clinic is seeing an explosion of people seeking treatment for CV19 vaccine sickness and injury.  Dr. Kory reports, “We just started seeing more and more vaccine injured, and they are really quite ill.  It’s a very complex illness.  We are working on treatments that work and understanding the path of physiology. . . . By the way, there is not a lot published on vaccine injury.  As you know, they don’t want to call attention to it.  The big high impact (medical) journals will not publish on it. . . . It’s hard to become an expert on vaccine injury when it’s a disease that is being ignored. . .. Nobody has a post vaccine injury clinic, and there are really no suggestions on how to treat it.”    

Dr. Kory is developing new treatment protocols for treating the vax injured.  Dr. Kory and his team at Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance ( have an “Updated Post-Vaccine Syndrome Protocol.”  Dr. Kory says it’s not a cure—yet, but it’s a good start.  Dr. Kory explains, “I think it is a good general guide, but we need to know a lot more.  I will tell you that what I was doing two months ago with these patients is a lot different than what I am doing now.”

Dr. Kory, who is writing a book called “The War on Ivermectin,” said early treatment for CV19 with medication such as Ivermectin could have saved nearly a million lives.  Now, Dr. Kory’s base medicine for the vax injured is also Ivermectin.  It’s a drug that won a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015 because it is safe and effective.  Dr. Kory says, “For different reasons, Ivermectin is my first go-to medicine.  There are a number of reasons for that.  Number one, it’s one of the most tightly binding medicines to the spike protein.  The vaccine injured are causing what I call a spike-opathy (or spike disease).  It’s the spike protein, which is triggering a bunch of pathologic mechanisms.  The lipid nanoparticles are also a problem . . . but for the spike protein, specifically, the Ivermectin seems to counter it.  Also, Ivermectin is a very potent anti-inflammatory.  It’s the medicine that works the best, but it does not work in everybody.”

Dr. Kory freely admits there is “a lot we don’t know about CV19 vaccine injury,” and, thus, a lot to learn to treat it.  What Dr. Kory is sure of is there are massive amounts of deaths and injuries from the CV19 injections that are being ignored by the government regulators, medical community and the mainstream media.  Dr. Kory contends, “This is a humanitarian catastrophe, and it has been ignored.  It has been suppressed.  It has been censored, but you cannot hide from this data when it’s in your face.  The system is going to have to address this in some way at some point. . . . We figured out how to treat Covid, and we did a good job . . . . Now, we have to try and do the same thing with the vaccine injured, and it’s a much different problem.”

In closing, Dr. Kory points out one big thing with all the CV19 vaccines, “It’s all experimental. That’s right, experimental.  We don’t have long-term safety data.  We don’t know the long-term consequences.  We don’t know the true rise in cancers and what it has to do with the immune system.  These are all worries and concerns. . . . There has been no approved vaccine used in America since the beginning of Covid. . . . it’s all experimental.”

There is much more in the nearly 57 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top Pulmonary and Covid Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin.”

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  1. John Forgione

    Last Monday on the Hagmann Report John More was on explaining that if you download the “find my bluetooth device” you can pick up a BT signal from a vaxxed person. I’ve tried it and it works.
    I’ve tested it twice.
    1. Had a hospital appointment; multiple hits. People walking by and it went off.
    2. Before 7am at a quiet Supermarket entrance this morning. I was alone and picking up a few signals. Then a woman came in and stood near me. The signal said within a metre. I asked her if she was vaxxed and with an ear to ear proud smile she said yes. I showed her my phone and told her that vaxxed people give off a bluetooth signal. She asked, being very surprised, where I learnt that and I said a program in the US. I said “this is what they’re doing to us”. She replied “it is a problem”.

  2. Jo S

    Today @my birthday party, my 6 yr old grandson told me his chest hurts—he says he often feels this. My daughter & son in law refuse to hear anything on these vaccines & trusts the CDC & their pediatricians. I am sick over this. I’ve tried everything within my power to help. Please remember him in your prayers

    • Greg Hunter

      Get the child Ivermectin and give it to him ASAP, 9 mgs per 100 pounds according to Dr. Kory. Nearly impossible to OD. This is why people are using horse paste i.87 Ivermectin. Doctors will not prescribe it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for posting this comment and important link!!

        • AJ

          at the beginning of the pandemic, I ordered the ivermectin from

          • Lissa Lefler

            Thank you AJ for this info. I just went to the website and checked. Lots of different dosages, but VERY expensive.

            • gian

              Just a note about Ivermectin : 4 pills of 6 mg each do not cost more than 22/28 Reais ( in Brazil ) which are 5 USD at the current exchange rate . Please refer to what dr. Pierre said about fasting . Very effective , in general .

      • Monica

        Michael H, I tried to find this link on Dr Kory’s website, as I would trust a link site from his website, but I could not find a link to ivermectin on his site. I saw he had a lot of information on ivermectin, though. Can you say where you found the link? Thank you.

        • Michael Honebrink

          I found the link on America’s Front Line Doctors several months back, but cannot find it anymore. It appears that they have changed some things around on their website.
          I don’t know if this was for legal issues or not. If you would prefer to order from the US, a friend of mine ordered ivermectin from this company called They are not cheap though. Hope this helps.

      • R.Patrick

        The chickens are coming home to roost!

        All hell will break out once the blind regain some “Insight.”

      • Astraea

        Michael, you can also get it in the USA – just recently – at I am about to order from them. I found their link on Gab.

      • Pam Simms

        Is it possible ivermectin would help the inflammation associated with arthritis, since it has so many uses? God bless this man for trying to help injured people.

        • Roxanne

          I am pretty sure ivermectin has for many years been prescribed to people with arthritis, as well as ms. Those people have taken it for years with no side effects.
          We have a family member whos’ naturalpath dr prescribes it in liquid form/under the tongue , rather than a pill….which would be perfect for a child imo.

          • Laura McDonough

            Roxanne: is this helping osteo- arthritis? or is it for R.A.? I know people w/ O.A.

      • Robert

        I ordered from India also. Indiamart is a website that comes up with numerous vendors that quote prices. I got mine in less than two weeks And the price was under 200 for almost 500 pills.

      • MT Watchdog

        I just checked Dr. Kory’s website. This website is NOT listed!
        Beware of fraudsters like the above. Do your own research. Also, it is illegal to order prescription drugs from other countries and ship them into the USA. You can be prosecuted and serve jail time.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks for the catch. I took that comment down.

          • Michael Honebrink

            Greg, my apologies on the link. The link that I originally gave was posted at the bottom of the interview page from a Dr. Kory interview back in January 8, 2022. The link was quoted by Dr. Kory during that interview was:
            This was the exact website that I found as my source for ivermectin. That company may no longer be on the list.

    • Nancy

      This breaks my heart! How can parents be so foolish to vaxx their children?! This just breaks my heart. I will pray for the child too.

      • Sir Mantelope

        Yes the doctor reckons most will escape harm from the vaccine. However, many people I know who have taken it suffer from subclinical conditions such as excessive tiredness, skin conditions, colds that last weeks go then come back again since being vaccinated. These conditions are not necessarily serious enough to be registered for people to report.

      • Jo S

        Thank you Nancy
        God bless you

      • Johnny Cool

        FDA and CDC Advisers Will Consider Covid Vaccines for Kids Under 5 This Week…

      • Laura McDonough

        Nancy: Because they are part of the 90% of people that lack left brain function and cannot think for themselves/use logic. These people would rather die than read online alt. news and get informed. I recently quit a small Bible prophecy study group because most in the group “just don’t get it”. I have cut ties w/ relatives and former friends who are the 90% self absorbed dimwits. Others are child abusers allowing shots.

    • Hotrod

      My nieces daughter spent 3 weeks at Egleston childrens hospital in Atlanta after being jabbed. They thought she might die. She is 8 and was perfectly healthy. She couldn’t go to school for a couple of months and is now having many different issues. I will NEVER understand WHY my niece took an 8 year old. She regrets it now.
      Further, my sister 63 and mother 92, both double jabbed have Covid right now and feel lousy. Both tested positive and are at home. They live together.

      • Laura McDonough

        I know several older adults who came down w/ covid after the shots maybe several mo. later. I am no longer friends w/ them, they just don’t “get it”.

    • James

      all my family has taken the shot and I noticed a change in there behavior towards me .I noticed that they no longer want anything to do with me and when I have approached them about it they shut me down. This Schwab tyrant has said in video clips that the shot changed you .What that means is they now have control over you

      • Charles H


        It is having swallowed the Lie – Pride and sovereign will does not allow an admission to the Truth. Lies engender bondage; when Truth does set one free. And it all begins whether they actually know God; or not: as words cannot obscure this condition. This spiritual polarity alone – impacts everything.

        • Patrick B

          Spot on truth ^

  3. IIG

    You know – I have a strong suspicion that the Covid-19 mRNA Spike Protein is excreted into the milk of breast feeding mothers (and therefore it may be necessary to give Ivermectin to new born babies as well) – what is the basis of my suspicion? – well – we all know the eugenicists gave us the “kill shot” to bring about “mass depopulation” (meaning they are out to kill as many new born babies they can) – and the evil treasonous Demon-rat politicians in our US Government “are in on the plot to kill us all” – so – to “make sure” millions of new born babies ingest the Spike Protein from the breast milk of their vaxed mothers – the immoral evil devious Demon-rats in Government “shut down all the infant formula manufacturing plants”!!

    • AJ

      There are women who took the shots and boosters during pregnancy; some also got sick with covid during pregnancy. The oldest of the children who lived are now 3-4 months old, having been exposed in utero at least twice. Now the FDA is getting ready to approve this for 6 month old babies. And they will then get exposed another 3 times within a year.

    • Johnny Cool


      Maybe it will cause the “men” of the future to be pregnant?

      ‘Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll’

      • IIG

        All the women supporting the LGBTQ+ DRAG Queen Pride Events across the Nation are a bunch of morons (they are supporting perverts who want to make humans into animals that have all kinds of perverted sex and with the genetic engineering that queer Horror-i is talking about – who knows men may one day actually be able to produce a clone of themselves – doing away with the need for any women existing at all in their Satanic New World Order)!!
        And what the hell is government doing supporting a Gay Satanic Religious Cult in our schools? – our Constitution demands a separation between Church and State – this Queer Satanic Cult “teaching perverted sex to children” should be done in “private schools” (funded by the Queer Perverts) – not in public schools funded with government taxpayer money!!

        • Johnny Cool

          “Have we nothing better on offer to occupy childrens’ minds, say, learning to bake bread or build a bird-house? Practical skills they will need when the economy of Western Civ completes its disorienting descent out of Modern Times into the New Medieval?”

        • IIG

          We know why the Corporations are on board with queer Horrori-i’s New World Satanic Mind Control Order – it is so they can hit us with an advertisement for their products whenever we have a random thought – like if you you say to yourself “maybe I’ll get some ice cream” – BOOM – “intermediately you will be hit” with mind control advertisements for Carvel, Dairy Cream, Byers, a McDonald Milk Shake, etc., etc., etc. – you may even have Sara Lee and John’s Cheese Cake jumping into your mind to do a Marie Antoinette on you and convince you “to eat cake instead” – do you people want to live “being continually bombarded in your mind with Corporate advertising thoughts and messages 24/7 (and not being able to turn them off like we so far can do with our TV and internet today)????

  4. jon

    My wife and I are 68 and 67. We both had omicron earlier this year. We never take any vax’s. We follow Dr. Zelenko protocol, NAC, c60, vit c, d etc. It was gone in 2 days. Oddest thing. There one day and then bang… gone. Is it possible the elderly that were vax’d, then got omicron were the one’s getting damage?

    • Dan Reynolds

      Jon, I too am in my 60’s and came down with Omicron. I am vaccine free and will never let “them” get near me with one of those evil needles! On the other hand I have seen Omicron do some good things. For one I had a case of Candida. Omicron wiped it out, I do believe! The other good thing is that Omicron which is an upper raspatory illness, as you mentioned is a fast moving illness. It helps to warrant off Covid 19.

      • Russ D

        How did you know it was Omicron? Some STUPID doctor tell you? Hospitals and clinics DO NOT have the means to test for a virus………NONE!!!!!

        There are ONLY a few labs in the US that have a Gene Sequencing machine to test for virus variants

        ALL things Covid are a LIE………………100% of it!

    • Russ D

      Jon, it was the flu……….PERIOD!!!! There are only a few labs in the United States that can perform the genomic testing needed to find a variant. The PCR testing for regular Sars-Cov-2 also requires an additional genomic sequencing that most labs cannot perform and have not perform for the past two years.

      On top of that most labs are highly inexperienced in PCR but forced to run it due to the massive demand for hundreds of millions of Covid tests.

      The only real way to test for any variant is in a lab with a Gene Sequencing machine, there are no tests for specific variants in a clinic or hospital……..NONE!!!!!!!

      ALL THINGS COVID ARE A LIE……………..100% of it

  5. J.Rowden

    Great interview, Greg. Thanks.
    I think the people that seem to have “escaped” the toxicity may have received placebos. Big pharma wouldn’t have wanted everyone to die at once. Even the second shot may have been a placebo for some. But the booster was probably the real thing.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so. The drummer for the Foo Fighters was doing great more than a year after his last CV19 shot and then he died suddenly form a heart attack. I keep hearing this placebo theory, and it’s wishful thinking. Bio-tech analyst Karen Kingston says these shots were programmed to go off at different times.

      • Anthony Australia

        Lots here too Greg, the only ones we hear about are celebrities and sports persons.

        Absolutely great video which stiles at the heart of truth, so thanks Greg.

        They played and messed with Human DNA!

        Dolores Cahill: The Vaccinated Will Die in 3 to 5 Years, One Jab Is Enough

        • Tim


          Thanks for the info. Dr Cahill is very sharp.


        • Steve Bice

          That is one frightening video…

          • Steve Bice

            The one by Dolores Cahill…scroll down to the 7th video. Scary…

            • Tim


              I totally agree.


      • Sir Mantelope

        Apparently the jab inhibits the cells ability to repair DNA damage. If true this could take years or decades to show. This bioweapon would have been designed so that most effects would play out over a long time so that not too many people connect the dots.

      • Sean

        I believe you are correct Greg. Thank you for all your great questions, patience to let the guests talk and for your love of Jesus.

      • Tim


        Some of these shots have timed death delay.

        Thanks for the great investigating journalism.


        • Greg Hunter

          I agree and that is exactly what Karen Kingston says too. She is a top biotech analyst.

          • Tim

            Karen Kingston is a genius and a hero.

            Thanks for responding.


            • Greg Hunter

              I agree and she got punished financially for it.

  6. John Forgione

    No one ever brings up blood transfusions???

    • stanley skrzypek

      I thought the same thing….getting blood from some libtard that took the inoculation TWICE and the kill shot Boosters….is kinda scary………and from what I’m hearing…MILLIONS of Sheeple embraced the CORRUPT CRIMINAL Medical Club and welcomed the Poison……..Now……..can all this POISON be filtered out by the “Blood Banks” across America who PAY the libtards for their POISONED BLOOD? ……are More people going to DIE even though they didn’t take the jab, but received a blood transfusion full of spike proteins?…..

    • eddiemd

      Here is a good summary of processing donated blood for components and PRBCs.

      Plasma contains the immunoglobulins. It is separated by centrifuge. There may be some minimal residual but most is separated.

      The problem is further separating the PRBC from the buffy coat which contains WBCs. This can be done in two ways. It is done to reduce transfusion related complications such as fever and other reactions.

      Back in my 4th year of medical school I did an elective month in pathology with a week in the blood bank learning about how these processes were done. I am sure that the technology is now further advanced. Certainly they have the ability to screen PRBCs for the presence of contaminants, different RBC surface Ag, and even the presence of B-cells and/or other WBC sensitized to Covid/Covid modulated Ab producing capabilities.

      There will be a risk associated with PRBC transfusion. Perhaps there is someone/pathologist on USAWD who can give further details.

      When you show up unconscious and bleeding out in the trauma room, they are going to transfuse you PRBCs. You won’t have a say in it.

  7. James Burris

    As with so many other things. They will ignore it until they can’t. Then…

  8. Eddy Nevarez

    Yet again another awesome interview with the real information! Thank you and bless you Greg.

  9. James Barrett

    Dr David Martin is reporting that there is no covid only people suffering from then vax. He says Dr’s that talk about the virus are misleading people.

    • Mary

      Totally agree with you. No virus has been isolated. It was a computer generated genome uploaded from the Chinese. David Martin goes through all the patents. Drs. Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey, and Lanka combed through all the methods sections of virus isolation papers. No virus isolated ever. No control experiments. Going back to 1954, John Enders, paper on measles isolation was not isolated.

    • Pete

      I agree. Fortifying the existence of the virus while controlling all the narrative that follows is the major Psyop. As in war, there’s more money in playing both sides.

    • Steve Bice

      Help me understand James. Computer code doesn’t “infect” people and spread from person to person as far as we know. What sickened millions from March 2020 to December 2020 before the first vaccines were administered? Has David addressed this? If he has, I haven’t seen it. I suppose the CDC could have spoofed the public by relabeling all seasonal flu cases (since flu all but disappeared in 2020) as Covid to spread fear and create a pathway to mass vaccination. Is it that simple?

      • IIG

        What about Computer “crypto” Code infecting people Steve – seems it is going to kill dead a lot of people financially – and what does it mean to be dead physically or financially? [you own nothing]!! – exactly the way the Eugenicists look upon us Steve (as useless eaters who deserve to be dead) – why look to defend the vaccines these murderers administered as not being the true cause of all the deaths we are seeing by trying to blame it on the flu??

        • Steve Bice

          It’s brutal in crypto for sure…and not over yet.

          Not sure why or how you see me defending vaccines. They are an abomination in my view. I am seeking to understand the early “illness” before there were vaccines if Sars-Cov II is not an actual virus. How did they establish the pathway for the following vaccine carnage? PNG and Warren have speculated on this question, and have some good ideas. But, I still think there are missing pieces…

  10. Really Awake

    I’ve been using fasting all of my teenage and adult life for getting well – and, more importantly, staying well… Fasting, in and by itself, has a long, long history of improving health of both mind and body…. So, it doesn’t surprise me that doctors are discovering that fasting is part of a comprehensive recovery plan….

    The important thing to remember about fasting is to start out slow – especially if you have blood sugar problems. Everybody (not just vaxx victims) should find a doctor who believes in fasting, natural diet, good sleep habits, clean water and air, exercise and stress management. All those aforementioned factors form the foundation for good health.

    Finally, draw close to God. Keep on praying for guidance. Don’t just pray once. Keep on asking, and not just selfish requests. Read the Bible daily and learn how to say a meaningful prayer from the examples given therein. For what is ahead of us we all need God’s help. Kingdom come is the one and only long-term solution to all of mankind’s problems. Until then it’s going to be a very wicked, wicked world that only gets more so until Almighty God intervenes and puts a stop to it.

    • Andrew

      Fasting is one of the oldest cures of humanity. It came to them naturally. Think of the hardship of survival since the Paleolithic times: humans have ‘fasted’ because of lack of food and the metabolosm has adapted and integrated fasting into wellbeing.
      However, great care needs to be taken to DO IT RIGHT. You should NOT just stop eating if it s longer than a day. One needs to go into a fast by clearing out one’s bowls. Follow advice available online. On top of that BREAKING a fast is equally important to do it right. Breaking the fast in the proper way is more difficult than to start.

      • IIG

        I used to “Breakfast” every morning with two eggs (over lite) with some toast and coffee (before Biden shut down the poultry companies, burnt down the wheat processing centers, damaged the coffee supply lines and closed down the natural gas companies) – so now – I won’t be able to get any eggs, or buy bread, or coffee, or cook on my natural gas stove) – so sooner then anyone thinks “Breakfast” will have a new meaning for Americans (as Biden’s “induced famine” takes hold in America) – which incidentally is not being done to “cure humanity” of disease (but to end humanity “with every disease in the book” he and his eugenicists buddies can throw at us) – Biden is well on the way to making us Americans “own nothing” (look at the raising gasoline prices in America) – and this is when America has 100 years of oil in the ground – but “evil” Demon-rat Biden “under full Globalist control” won’t open the oil and gas spigots)!!

        • Johnny Cool


          Look at what is currently “unavailable” at Amazon.

          Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon | Freeze Dried

          • IIG

            Imagine a New World Satanic Order where the only way you can have peace and quiet in your mind – is by not thinking a single thought – and then I bet some Corporate advertiser will “tune into your mind” with an advertisement for nootropic Choline Supplements (to boost your brain function and mental energy levels so as to activate your neurotransmitters by increasing Dopamine levels) and thus improve “your concentration on their advertisements” and also “motivate you to get off the couch” and hurry out to buy their products!!!

          • IIG

            Just heard the eugenicists burnt down a pork processing center – no bacon – no eggs – no nothing – and we are all supposed to be happy??

            • IIG

              I’ve been warning people for their own children´s sake – to set up chicken coops in every community – so at least we (who avoided the killer “jab”) will have eggs to eat – because the evil perverted queer Demonrats we stupidly elected to represent us – want to starve all us intelligent survivors (who avoided their “jab”) to death – “without mercy”!!

    • Kim

      I totally agree with you.

  11. leo

    I have a friend 72 years old who had 2 shots and the booster. He had a heart attack was rushed to the hospital and they dragged a clot from his vein about 10 inches near his heart. The doctor told him this was the result of the booster shot and he was very blessed to survive, he turned his life to Jesus. This gives me hope to pray for my children and others to pray for God’s mercy who have taken these absurd shots.

    • Kim

      Greg, Thank you for all that you do to bring truth and facts to We the people. I for one cannot thank you enough. Been watching USA watchdog for years and you are heaven sent. It is because of people like you that the world is changing for the better

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Kim. I am just doing what I am told. All the Glory goes to Jesus!!

  12. Dan

    I knew COVID was a scam from day one and defied everything they sad to do. I never wore a mask even once, shook hands with over 100 strangers in 2020, never locked down, get plenty of sunshine (vitamin D). I have never had a flu shot in life, I tell people every vaccine ever created is toxic to the immune system. At 67 I am healthy, ride my Harley on sunny days, and sometimes just a short ride if I can avoid the rain. People have been brainwash by TV, I killed mine 25 years ago, but heard the lies over 50 years ago and knew they were lies then. People have lost the ability to think, and are paying the price, many have died, many more will.

    • Sandra

      God Bless All Of You On Here And Greg…Two of my friends had all shots and boosters and both now have Covid? One even got the new pill lol…So Crazy…PTL…GOD gave me Wisdom from day one to NOT take these vaccines…I used to get Flu shots but have not had any since 2003…PTL…

  13. Mike S

    Greg as you and Dr Kory know families are being separated over this.
    At some point I may have to take Dr. Kory’s preferred protocol whatever it would be because I will have to visit many vaxxed people in family.

    Last October I hugged a lady I hadn’t seen for 2 years due to the plamdemic. 48 hours later a (superficial) clot came about in my calf area. It was scary. The hug was a natural reaction to someone I had missed. But I knew afterwards what happened. Better now thank God!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families!

  14. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for your informative interviews with Truth Tellers who are opening the minds of dumb-down society.

  15. Booklet

    Check this 9 episode documentary by Jonathan Otto. Mind blowing information. It has Dr.Kory in it. It has information solutions for Covid vaccine injury. He mention something about snake venom in the Covid-19’s. Ivermectin is not the only solution for Covid-19’s and Covid vaccine injury.

    P.S. as of June 4 the replay episode is only good for this weekend. Catch while you can or purchase it which is on sale while the replay is free.

  16. Sunny Bunch

    Sunlight: Optimize Health and Immunity (Light Therapy and Melatonin)
    2,437,409 viewsPremiered Jan 21, 2022
    MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY
    Sunlight provides so much more than just Vitamin D: learn from Dr. Seheult of about the myriad of benefits from optimizing our exposure to light.
    Go slow, don’t burn! 21st. is peak sunlight activity.
    Burning causes cancer. New to sun, Ten minutes front, back sides. Day off, day two 13 minutes , day off. Slowly increase. 10am to 3pm best wavelength. A tan enables you to get the beifits of sun without the burn but always don’t overdue! Know your limits! God speed!

  17. Ed Mustafo

    The whole western medical system got hijacked decades ago. The curriculum was compromised and doctors were taught to worship Big Pharma. That’s why most doctors treat the symptom instead of the patient by prescribing one medication after another after another and many get financial kickbacks from the drug companies for doing so. Now the dirty players and the system in general is being exposed for what it really is. A disgrace to humanity.

    • Wordsworth III

      Yes. Research “Rockefeller medicine.”

  18. Raffaele

    Sorry but I can’t agree with the statement that who does not show symptoms of toxicity now are safe from long term effects .

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and Dr. Kory basically said the same when I pressed him on the Foo Fighters drummer who had his last shot a year earlier and died suddenly of a heart attack.

    • Mary

      Totally agree. People may have subclinical disease and may succumb to the kill shot many months to years later. As you stated Greg, we do not know and glad you pressed Dr. Kory. Although this sounds extreme, Prof. Delores Cahill states anyone who has received 1 injection will be dead in 3-5 years. I don’t necessarily agree with this dire prediction but many more deaths will come. Many predictions by Drs. Tenpenny, Mikovits and others seemed extreme but have proven true.

    • Sir Mantelope

      Also lots of vaccinated are showing with sub clinical symptoms that they haven’t visited the doctor for like skin rashes, chronic tiredness etc. Such things would not be picked up on by the medical authorities but could be signs of underlying damage.

  19. Dr. T

    I find it quite disgusting that this MD is trying to profit from a terrible infliction cast upon the public by the PTB. Instead of doing the right thing and providing the basic information at no cost, he would rather turn this appalling event into a profit center by putting out a book and charging $26.99 for it.

    IMHO, anyone who takes advantage of a tragedy and tries to profit from it needs to be ostracized and not given a forum like this profiteer is getting. Shamesful, just shameful.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr T.
      What I think is Shameful is you not knowing what you are talking about and shooting you righteous mouth off. What the hell do you think this is: FREE INFORMATION JACK ASS!!!!!

      • wayne hardin

        Everybody has a opinion and like i have said many times thank you for looking to God for your supply .
        But i would have to agree with T as far as charging for info that will save peoples life .
        It is getting to the point that a lot of people cant afford to pay although they would love to .
        Why don’t the others do it for the love of humanity and look to God for the supply .
        I guess that makes me A jack ass to .
        But what ever that is my opinion .

        But thank you for having people on that START to open peoples eyes .

        Wayne Hardin

        • wayne hardin

          But the ones that say they have a word from God and charge for it the word shameful does not come close .

          They have a payday coming that will blow their minds .
          Unless they repent .

          Wayne Hardin

        • Cmoore

          Morning Greg. Thank you so much for what you do. I have enjoyed all your interviews. I haven’t taken any of the shots, but I did get Covid last December. I took the antibody treatments before somebody outlawed them. It seemed to work good. Although I’m still tired, might be from tge shedding process. I am around a lot of people who have taken tge shot. I would like to take ivermectin, but have no idea where to get it, can you advise?

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        Spot on Greg.

      • Don Wohlers

        Greg, you surprise me by even putting his comment on your list. But since you did, you really gave an excellent answer. I could not have said it better.

      • Shayne Zutavern

        Greg, Righteous Indignation. LOVE IT!!

      • Valerie

        Bravo, Greg! Well said!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        ‘We the people’ need to be super-vigilant. TPTB have perfected the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’. The awake community is in a minority and we all need to stay united. The small anti-scamdemic group, of which I am a member here in Northern Ireland, is in danger of splintering over insignificant differences. Larger groups are arguing over the relative validity of ‘germ theory’ vs ‘terrain theory’! All these schisms are irrelevant. The one thing we can ALL agree on; there is a malevolent force intent of killing and enslaving us – of creating a dystopian neo-feudal society for our children and grandchild children to endure. A hideous ‘Thousand-year Reich’. Seig-Heil!!!
        I digress. The point is we all need to be super-vigilant, to be wary of those who seek to divide us. Unlike me to quote scripture Greg but this passage comes to mind, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25.

      • Gary Horton


      • Ken

        Thanks for all you do Greg. Especially your courage to shine the light of truth. God bless you and keep you and your family safe!

    • stanley skrzypek

      Dr T….don’t feel bad….Mr. Hunter took me to the “Woodshed” too……and…. I think he was justified…at least in your case….

    • Hubert

      I am sorry Greg but you can not call people name because they express their opinion. You may disagree with your readers’ opinion but by calling them names you are not different from the media, twitter… who are shutting down freedom of speech.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes, I can!!! They got their say and I get mine. After all, I am the one paying for the site so trolls and idiots can comment and thought shape people for free.


    • eddiemd

      Mr. T,

      Because writing a book is so easy…

      “I pity the fool”

      Troll alert.

    • Jerry

      Dr. T,
      What is shameful is how you’ve been duped by the globalist.
      Do your research before you post this dribble. I had one son die
      from covid19 because he couldn’t get ivermectin. In due time heads are going to roll. Just make sure yours isn’t one of them.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Jerry, as brother longterm Watchdoggers, I value you, but are you sure “heads are going to roll”? You likely know something I don’t, but I’m over here in solidly “red” southern IN, and I see NO INDICATION whatsoever that the whole of traditional-values America isn’t just going to roll over. We’re being warned about rolling blackouts now, and I think it’s all just part of the plan. That should get people royally pissed, like the Covid scam, but I don’t see people getting fighting mad. Blessings to you and yours. Best always. PM

    • Won Witness

      DR T,
      I think you are not aware of the sacrafices made by those who have been demonized by the liars still trying to control the narrative.
      Any body who speaks out at the cost of their careers, and possible thier medical licence against this evil mrna experiment should not be maligned for documenting for posterity via a book, these true crimes against humanity.
      I thank God for the Good Doctors who are speaking out.

    • Rodster

      And if you are a Doctor, then shame on you and you should lose your license to practice medicine. The facts are in and so is the data. These experimental drugs at the very least cause serious side effects and at worst create a “Fun Factory” inside the human body.

      I will side with Chris Martenson who has done extensive research and analysis as well as Dr. Kory, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole and Robert Malone which are just a few who have warned us repeatedly to, stay the HELL AWAY from these Covid vaccines.

    • Rodster

      What’s even more shameful is Tony Fauci profiting from the Big Pharma kickbacks or Bill Gates investing in BioNTech (Pfizer) just before the outbreak of of the Wuhan virus. That is what I call truly disgusting.

      The other disgusting thing is relying on Tony Fauci who many question has never practiced medicine a day in his life and became a government bureaucrat but poses as a Doctor. The same Tony Fauci who funded inhumane animal experiments such as watching sand flies biting the noses and faces off defenseless Beagle puppies locked in a cage and surgically removing their vocal cords so those who performed those cruel experiments couldn’t hear those poor animals crying in agony.

      That’s the two sides we are faced with. In one corner we have Klaus Schwab, The WHO, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma wreaking havoc on the human population. In the other corner we have credible people Greg Hunter has interviewed and I have yet been to a Doctor who has not profited from my visit.

      Greg, was right to call you a Jack Ass.

    • Nick Reynolds

      Dr T. Does the “Dr” stand for “Doctor” or something more appropriate, like “drivel?” You’re just a troll, and we know it. Who’s making the money are the drug companies, the real drug lords.

  20. Naomi

    Hello Greg,
    thanks for the great interview. I live in Israel and there is silence regarding the injuries over here. My dentist is the only dentist I have met in Israel who asks his patients for their medical history. I also know that I have to inform him of any changes in my health status. The last time I went to my dentist, a few months ago, he asked me if there were any changes in my health. That is a question he hasn’t asked me for years. His assistant told me they have been seeing many people with vax injuries.

  21. Anthony Australia

    Bravo Greg! Outstanding to have a trifecta of medical professionals exposing this for what it is…GENOCIDE.

  22. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for another eye opening interview.

    A guiding light is this maxim of Roman jurisprudence on what we are seeing. “Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere cuique suum tribuere” – To live honestly, to harm no other, to render to each his own (or translated differently: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to give every one his due).- Justinian Institutes 1.3

    What we are seeing in recent times is what happens if people are living contrary to this maxim. People might not want to believe it, but it is what it is. You and your guests have covered the medical harm and also the economical harm extensively.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  23. Christopher

    Hi Greg. I’ve been waiting for you to bring up Dr. Pierre Kory. Doc. K is a realist as you and your audience is well aware of the massive disinformation, for this will not bode well for the Bourlas, (Ceo of Pfiser), Bill Gates (wanted in several countries for, mass murder),Kissinger’s boy or prodogy; Klaus Schaub and his boy Harari! It just go’s on. Perhaps this won’t be dealt with until Shiloh comes.In any event, it takes the vocal likes of strong willed populists such as your self and likeminded friends:alexjonescom, ,and most importantly, spiritually speaking: May Eternal God and His own dear Son have mercy on us for not acting when we still had time the and the chance reminding me of Soltzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago 2

  24. Frank Cooper

    War of words over Taiwan: ‘We do not support Taiwan independence,’ says US | WION Fineprint
    251,649 views Jun 11, 2022 The American and Chinese defense ministers have held their first face-to-face talks in Singapore. Beijing has said that it will not hesitate to start a war if Taiwan declares independence. Now, US said, we do not support Taiwan independence. For more perspective on this, we’re joined by Edward P. Joseph, faculty of Johns Hopkins School.

  25. Marie Joy

    Are autopsies free?

  26. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Kory.
    The sacrifices both of you make for carrying the truth is immense.

  27. Nick

    So what if Trump gets reinstated as president?
    How does a warp speed president turn things around? He may prevent ww3 by calming down
    Russian retaliation by not provoking them. Elite lead and backed western governments have psy-opped the majority of the world population and people will be needing psychological help, especially the young to get over this.

    Those left with clear thought and understanding will have our work cut out putting this back together. I am not convinced we are winning yet either, but giving up is not an option. Their narrative falls apart the longer it goes on and their desperation will cause a decisive outcome, one way or another.

    Thanks Greg, and your guests for helping turn this around.

    • Rivard Pfc RANGER

      Nick never give up!
      The Great Raid

      In the epic tradition of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE GREAT RAID is an inspirational true story of the most triumphant rescue mission in U.S. military history! As World War II rages, the elite 6th Ranger Battalion is given a mission of heroic proportions: push 30 miles behind enemy lines and liberate over 500 American prisoners of war. Under the command of Lt. Col. Henry Mucci (Benjamin Bratt — TRAFFIC), the men of the 6th will face the unthinkable by attempting the impossible! Also featuring James Franco (SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2), Connie Nielsen (GLADIATOR), and Joseph Fiennes (SHAKESPEAKE IN LOVE), this gripping big- screen hit captures a moment in time when men of honor became soldiers of destiny!

  28. Daniel R Myshrall

    In the Psychology of Previous Investment, people will ignore minor… even major detrimental changes, in their health… even the society around them, if it protects their entrenched beliefs and opinions. Love the Vax?… ignore the aches and pains… the dizzy spells, and that time you almost passed out driving. Love Biden?… the economy is fine and Whites are the problem. Jeesh… what a species!

  29. James Hall

    Greg, please ask these doctors about raw milk from grass fed cows and goats. This is the most complete food on the planet. Same a mothers milk and can be used as baby formula as well. I turned so many people on to it and they are very happy and thankful. This will also help detox the body and will give the right amount of vitamins and minerals body needs.

  30. Marie Joy

    WE, all, need to be in better shape for what’s coming.

  31. Nicole

    Hi Greg,
    I do believe that the shedding of spike proteins is a problem. Every Sunday, I spend most of the day with my 90-year-old father and 82-year-old mother. Both of them are double-vaxxed and boosted, because their doctor told them to do it. I typically feel great all week, but I always feel crappy on Mondays – fatigued and just overall not well. I have my own business and work whatever hours I want, so it can’t be attributed to the feeling that a typical 8-5 worker has after a weekend off. By Tuesday, I’m back to normal. I can’t help but wonder if my Monday “blah” feeling is from spending time with my parents the day before, but what choice do I have? Their health is deteriorating rapidly, and I don’t think they will be around much longer.

    May God Bless you and Dr. Kory. Thank you for spreading the word and doing everything that you can to help people.

  32. Martin Coombs

    God alone . Numbers 21 it is written? Behold ( look) repeat numbers ,, 2020 vision ? (21) yr. moonth. ( verse 8. ?) (8) serve . No man is going to ( alter) the direction of the time ( the Time Lord) & that isn’t ( Dr WHO) has shown revealed/ revelation! The writing is on the wall & IN HIS WORD , your only ( S Word) of defence. John chap 3, serve ( verse) 11 (2) 22 . Praise the Lord trust in what Christ did on the cross on ye shall be saved . The false one with who , is coming with all signs & deception to lift up all looking to him (ac) . Have an ear to hear , & eyes to see . God bless all in Jesus mighty name 🙏


    Greg: You must get a top notch lawyer on your show. We are way past the time of knowing the evils that have been done. Time for court!

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on that!!

      • Bill Hughes

        Please get Sidney Powell

      • Nick Reynolds

        How about Robert Barnes of VivaBarnes?

      • Jesus Rivera

        I 2nd the suggestion Greg. It is abundantly clear that these jabs are not only ineffective but downright dangerous.

        Legal info regarding how to handle employers who are trying to coerce their employees into taking the jab, how to pursue damages for vax injuries sustained from coerced jabs, and how to pursue damages in the case of being fired for refusing the jab would be extremely helpful.

  34. Astraea

    I so hope everybody here gets to read this. Gary Barnet explains it all so very well. And we had better wake up fast. If I had young children now I would be mad with ansiety. It HAS TO BE STOPPED.

  35. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    God bless you and Dr Kory!
    I have not been vaxxed, but I can personally attest to ill effects from exposure to vaxxed relatives/friends.
    I have watched vaxxed relatives dying in extreme suffering unlike anything that I have ever witnessed!
    Many are suffering tremendously with no hope of remedy!
    Lord…have mercy on us!

  36. Rock

    As our great American philosopher Mark Twain said, ” It is easier to fool people, than to convince people that they have been fooled.”

  37. Jim Miller

    Dr Koury’s persistent search for medical truth is so rare among today’s doctors.
    Dr Koury continues to pay an enormous price, just to practice sound medicine.

    The USA and many other countries, continue to pay an enormous price for the failure of a corrupted and politically manipulated medical establishment.

    Just one such price? Dr Koury pointed out the massive spike deaths among soccer players. Elite athletes, performing at the peak of health and fitness from every country.

    Edward Dowd put out a staggering insurance statistic which helps to put a perspective on this.
    Deaths among the young and most productive workers in American society have died at the rate of approximately 61,000 above normal in one year. By way of comparison, deaths from the Vietnam war were over 55,000. But that loss was over ten years.
    As Edward Dowd stated, in just one year, the USA lost more healthy and productive people than were lost in ten years of an unpopular war.

    Bottom line, Covid vaccines are already killing young and healthy persons at a rate that is 10 times higher than were killed in Vietnam. Imagine, a rate of death that is 10 times the rate of the entire damage of the Vietnam war.

    Only a thoroughly corrupt medical establishment could produce such a tragic loss. And try to get away with it.

    So, what will the next phony pox, monkey pox, or Klaus Schwab pox, or Bill Gates produced pox bring us?
    Greg, thank you for so well informing and preparing us to defend ourselves against whatever the next stage of this unimaginable and evil war on humanity shall bring.

  38. Valerie

    Thank you so much Greg for interviewing Truth Tellers like Dr. Kory! The people of the USA and the world are in desperate need of the TRUTH! All we get from the MSM and our government agencies are LIES and propaganda! I hope and pray that they face severe consequences and swift justice SOON! May God bless and protect you, Greg, as well as the brave professionals you have interviewed who are trying to get the truth to the public!

  39. Don Conrad

    Greg. Thank you for standing up to Dr. T in regards to Dr. Kory. I agree with you. Kory has provided us with free and studied info on Covid and the shots. He has suffered professionally and financially because of his stance. He is a leader in this arena and should be thanked and applauded. Some people like their info in easy to access books (me). Books I can highlight, tab, and make notes in the margins. And at $27, his profit is minimal. I know because I wrote a book and profit is small. Lastly, if a $27 dollar book that sits on your shelve saves even 1 doctor visit, it is ALWAYS worth it.

    To Dr. T: This site is for learning, support, and the search for truth. We may not all agree but we are working together. If you have a complaint, call CNN.

    Don Conrad

  40. Jim Miller

    Dr Koury states, over the past 20 years, the combined pharmaceutical companies have paid $15,000,000,000 in civil penalties.
    And, another $9,000,000,000 to $15,000,000,000 in criminal penalties.
    That is an average of $1,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000 per year in penalties!

    Per year, the pharmaceutical companies may pay more in fines than the financial banksters?
    Both industries are also the most corrupt in our a society.

    Imagine, if they can afford to pay off those fines and still push their agendas without remorse.
    Then, what are these two industries paying our politicians to change our laws and regulations of their industries?
    This type of corruption can only be achieved with the blessings from the most corrupt politicians in American history.

  41. Sean

    Greg, what we all want to know at this point and you tried to get at it is does anything happen to the people who took vaccinations who did not experience an adverse event in weeks following. We need to somehow gauge longer term effects. Those people who were vaccinated but no major adverse event occurred soon after. Are doctors, your friends, family seeing adverse events months or even a year plus later? I know triple vacinated people at work who appear to be requiring more doctor and hospital visits as of late.

  42. Frank D2

    Another victim of the Covid clot shot:

  43. stacy

    The whole problem is getting these medications recommended to have on hand…mainly hydroqloriquine (sp)……no one will prescribe it and i’ve yet to see it anywhere without a prescription so the advice is great but not practical for most.

  44. Dan

    Something that people might want to consider as a possible treatment, if they can afford the cost, is a Far-Infrared Home Sauna, which helps with detox without any drugs. I bought a portable lay-down version from Amazon for $1600, with tax came to $1800.

  45. Heidi Greenlee

    Hello Greg my Name is Heidi G. sorry it took me awhile to thank you for your wonderful help.
    I was looking for a Person i can trust to buying Gold &Silver. Just wanted to let you know that i bought them by Melody Cedarstrom -Discount Gold + Silver Trading. She is the right Person , she is very knowledgeable, friendly and the most important for me she is trustworthy.
    I have to bother you with another Question: I am planning to flying to Germany in September/October of this Year and staying for one Month. Should i buy Ivermectin to take it with me, just in Case?? I have to make the Test before i fly. Thanks in advance.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, but DO NOT GET VAXED. You should be taking it on a routine before you get on the plane. It is preemptive according to Dr. Kory. It will also bind to spike proteins and remove them that many will be shedding who are vaxed, also according to Dr. Kory. If you are forced to get vaxed DO NOT GO.

  46. Susan

    Thanks Greg for having awesome folks to interview about this nightmare! I have been listening to all your interviews about this.

  47. Erik

    It’s going to be amusing watching Trumpers try to sweep his vax-crimes under the rug in 2024…

    Donnie pridefully demanded all credit for the “Trumpcine” …l think we should honor his desire…

    TRUMP 2024: Make Medical Tyranny Great Again!

  48. Felix

    Love dr. cory another champion of love and honesty for his fellow hiuman beings.So many champions on top of the hill fighting for us against evil but our health is up to us because the sick care system is all about money.Its rockefeller medicine the eugenist

  49. Cheryl

    Yes to systematic study of re-purposed drugs. …and therapies other than pharma. Antiseptic Mouthwash Recipe with Virucidal Action (AMRVA): 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 1 part water. Gargle and hold for 30 seconds. Side effects: whitens teeth and reduces probability of developing cavities.

  50. Don

    RE: Spike Protein

    If the ingredients of these vaccines cannot be published for 75 years, how could anyone be aware of the spike protein that is, supposedly, in these vaccines ?

  51. Stephen Haskell

    The Government, the media, and social media lied to us and hid the benefits Ivermectin.
    They were willing to kill millions of people. Has anyone asked why?
    These same entities lied to us about Hunter’s laptop, the Steele dossier, FISA court, the Jan 6 setup, Ray Epps, Roger Stone and a thousand other things.
    We are at war. They control the information and flow of communication. Every form of our communication is being illegally monitored. From this collection of data they will detect and mitigate any threat. The law enforcement agencies are being used for this purpose, as is our justice system. Roger Stone V Sussmen.
    This is how the war is being fought. They now control our employment. Our financial security and our speech.
    I think this blog is one of the few uncensored protected means of communication. I am surprised they have not shut it down like they did Parlor.

    Did this speaker mention the brand new prion disease associated with the vaccine? This might answer my first question above.

  52. Kathy

    Thanks again for another great interview! I would venture to say that Dr. Kory and others like him, as well as you, Greg, did save millions of lives with the warnings and information given out about the shots, HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. My husband and I thank you. I have 2 sisters-in-law in their 80’s who thank us every time we see them for this information which also saved their lives. You are heroes on the front line.

  53. Brent Dallas

    Thank you for having the fortitude and integrity to strike out on your own. It’s been a true blessing to all your viewers.

    For two years now, everyone has ignored coronavirus IS radiation poison.

    It’s 5G.

    Glutathione treats it. Asparagus, NAC.
    I’d love an opportunity to explain further, but no one will hear. Ain’t been sick in years. NAC… look it up on NIH site. Treats radiation poisoning (coronavirus).

  54. Healing Angel

    Thank you for all you bring to light with your guests, Greg. I have been on an intense and eye opening healing journey. I am not a doctor and have been navigating through this nightmare through trial and error. One of the issues I believe anyone faces is the fact we don’t know what we have necessarily been exposed to, but we feel sick, very sick. When I first started going to doctors, they ran blood tests and said everything looked ok. But, I wasn’t ok. I felt sick, so sick like I just wanted to die rather than take this suffering.

    I began to work with physicians who worked with a much more homeopathic approach. My first step was with a chiropractor who did muscle testing. She was able to point her compass for me as to what organs and what toxins were affecting me. Then I found a doctor who was able to do specific testing for these toxins via the urine, hair and blood. We addressed organs that are being affected and then through acupuncture, organ massage, supplements and as needed prescriptions we began to see improvements. This is a multi prong approach where multiple therapies to excrete the toxins have proven to be very helpful. In addition to the therapies and supplements; infared & rock sauna, cold plunge therapy, fasting, juicing and a gentle diet for the digestive system along with exercise were all part of what I incorporated to get me on the right track. Additionally, colon water therapy and a unique massage method for the lymphatic system that gently pumps the system also helped push the toxins along and out of the body made a difference. (The lymphatic system is one that I think is often overlooked, yet extremely important to address). There was severe pain in joint and muscle areas too, however while doing these therapies I also was able to work with a physical therapist who understood very well how to address where toxins may have settled in and how to loosen them up and push them out.

    Ivermectin is a wonderful tool and for me was an excellent source when I became ill with COVID and still use it on an ongoing basis, helping to reduce inflammation. Another tool I have discovered with my doctors that has helped immensely with inflammation was “Wobenzym PS”.

    Mind you, this is not a one day deal. Healing is s slow process. It takes time. It takes patience to carefully listen to your body and give it the tools to help heal itself. God created the body and it is a miracle. Once we begin to understand how we can remove the toxins, I believe the miraculous body can work more freely to repair itself. We just need the right tools in order for the repair to begin. It begins with hope and I have hope now.

    I believe once you open yourself up to understanding and giving yourself the opportunities for your body to heal, you will exhale with relief. As a close friend of mine said, “there are solutions”, she is right. We must have hope, pray for guidance and protection.

    Now is the time to work with those who sincerely want to help one another with solutions. There are talented people, unique sources and actions to take. Good health is possible for us. But we must explore beyond what we are told in order to provide solutions to heal the body. Sending you Love, Light and Protection, Greg.

  55. Jan

    People need to know if they travel to Mexico, walk can walk into any pharmacy and buy Ivermectin and HCQ off of the shelf. They will need the assistance translating the dosage instructions. A Mexican friend came to visit and brought me a years supply of both for my family. It cost me $60 for all of this. So, if your reader go to Mexico or know anyone that will they can purchase it and bring it through customs for personal use.

  56. Susan R

    Dr. Kory’s interview was riveting, and your questions were piercing. Audacity is prevalent in this war on humanity. The enemy has not publicly been recognized, aside from people like both of you. That we are here and where we are going will melt hearts. This is a call to gather all resources in the name of God that is recognition of who the enemy really is. I will not honor that question with an answer.

  57. FC

    X Files was one of my favorite shows. I guess we should of paid more attention to be better prepared.

  58. Stephen Haskell

    To add on to my previous comment. If John Durham had not indicted Sussman, he would not have been indicted. The DOJ is completely corrupt. Not to worry for Sussman. There was a protection in place. The justice system protected him, as was designed. Roger Stone had no such protection. The BLM rioters were afforded the protection. The Jan 6 protesters being ushered into the capital by our law enforcement, no protection.

    See where we are at in the war?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, and we’re losing big-time. Best always. PM

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think so Paul. The biggest problem for the Deep State is a lot of people waking up especially Democrats are going to be very pissed off when they figure out, they have been poisoned. People are waking up. There are too many bodies and too many sick and it will get much, much worse. This is not my wish. It is the science, and not the science fiction or the political science. It’s the straight up data and science, and it is grim. Do not fear.

        • Paul from Indiana

          I thank you for your response. You know of my high regard for you and your excellent news service, USA Watchdog. I believe there will be no major response to any of this (meaning our oppressive, out-of-control government, the COVID mess and “vaccinations” being merely a part), official or revolutionary; otherwise, in my view, it would have already happened. I am not afraid, nor do I fear. For 70 years on this earth, I have studied and observed and come to my own conclusions. My current conclusion, in the absence of further compelling evidence (aka action), is that the political situation in the USA must crash and be rebuilt, or scatter to the four winds. History is replete with analogous examples. Best always. PM

  59. Pam

    New Hampshire is very close to allowing Ivermectin to be sold over the counter….I believe it just needs the Governor’s signature. Let’s hope Sununu isn’t a scumbag and he’ll allow this to happen….
    I’m non-jabbed the rest of my immediate family is triple jabbed and my experience is…..shedding is real. I do Ivermectin with zinc….For me it makes an incredible difference.

  60. Mark

    They control the drug manufacturing. I’m sure by now ivermectin has been tainted or altered.
    The horse paste I purchased last year is different than the paste I purchased last week with the same label. I got a severe sideache from the new paste.

    • Jean Michele

      We have been taking Ivermectin for over a year now and were able to purchase a large supply from a Tractor Supply store in our community. When we ran low, I was unable to purchase at the same place. LI look to amazon and purchased there. The packaging was the same. This however was dispensed as a cream paste and not the gel paste. As an RN, I know this should not matter. I too felt sick after taking it on two seperate occasions. Like, Mark, I am suspicious. So, I have reordered and will get the same brand as last year and the gel instead of the cream. I will let you all know of my experience in the next week or so. Stay well. Blessings to you all.

    • Charles H


      I have the same suspicion. The beginning of the Horse Paste was the good, cheap “Horse Health” – made in the USA (labelled); but last purchase is the Durvet “paste”, which is actually gel. The old paste you could feel the medicine light-up your tongue; but this gel does not do the same (Bimeda-MTC, Canadian?) So I can believe that this gel doesn’t have the medicine. Also when the old paste was taken – there was a sense of medication in the body; with the gel – that isn’t happening. I thought to submit one of the gel to analysis, but haven’t yet. I wouldn’t put it past the drug industry to cut off this supply.

  61. IrwinW

    For Canadians who can’t get Ivermectin, Colloidal Silver might be a solution. I got mine from Amazon Canada. “Naka Platinum Pure Colloidal SILVER 10 ppm”

    • Self Exiled

      How does nano silver affect spike protein? Can’t find much data on the affects.

    • c

      I read somewhere to take NAC later to eliminate heavy metal.

      Also we need to purify our blood.

      • Self Exiled

        I have used nano silver of/ on for years. Probably to strong but it always worked. Used it for covid in 2020, March and again about 6 months latter to stay out of hospital. Worked along with doctor’s prescription of vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D. When I got to US 2021, I added ivermectin [horse paste] I tube till ran out and then occasionally. Also added NAC when I got to US. So far so good except for old age issues. Heart, spine, asthma: over lifting when young another; abuse issues in the work a day world.

        Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.
        1 Corinthians 16:13

      • Self Exiled

        Spike protein and nano silver still wonder their effect on each other.

        Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
        John 14:27

    • Self Exiled

      Interesting. Monkeypox virus (MPV) Polysaccharide-coated AgNPs and AgNPs Inhibition of virus-host cell attachment and entry.

  62. Carl William

    Greg, Many thanks for your honest reporting all these past months. After working 40 years for a company which does major business with pharmaceutical companies I can say that the problem in general with ALL firms now is that decisions are made not by specialists in those firms’ fields, but by FINANCIAL MANAGERS! Most financial managers ONLY care about their bonus, short term profits and finally stockholders (share price). They are NOT familiar with their firm’s customers, do NOT know their own employees and, in general, KNOW NOTHING about the end products or services of their own company. Not to speak of their lack of long term vision.
    They believe that everything can be determined by analyzing/manipulating an Excel spread sheet. In other words, they resemble today’s politicians living in their own world far removed from reality. Unfortunately everyone over the last 30 years has just bowed down to this class of criminals and saboteurs, thus the accompanying decay in the quality of services and products which we are witnessing today.

  63. tim mcgraw

    Fantastic interview! Dr. Kory is a wonderful guest with much knowledge to share. I learned a lot from Dr. Kory. The war on Ivermectin is a crime against humanity. Will there be an accounting of those responsible for this crime?

    • Paul from Indiana

      No, not with the current system in place. People somehow expect change and/or improvement without the hard work of revamping the system. Best always. PM

  64. jim

    thank you for the fantastic revealing interview. hats
    off to both of you authentic people!

  65. Diana Brown

    Thank you Gregg, and my thanks also to Dr. Kory for standing for truth in healthcare and being willing to risk prestige, comfortable employment, lifestyle for each and every one of us. While I know Dr. Kory will continue to have a good nights sleep because of his choices I hope the very opposite is the case for all who will be prosecuted for crimes agains humanity for their action.

  66. Jerry

    Don’t look now, but they’ve done a tabletop exercise with monkey pox just like they did with covid19 and “ Event 201 “.

    For anyone who is awake, that should send chills down your spine considering Biden has turned over all medical decisions to the WHO.
    It was almost a year ago I clustered screwed by these globalist with the Delta virus. I lost a son in Florida to the Delta Virus because he couldn’t get ivermectin. What was even worse was the MSM in Florida ran a disinformation campaign on ivermectin claiming people were getting sick after taking it, and going to hospital. If I had the time and money I would litigate these idiots into the stone age for such reckless reporting.

    • Jerry

      More evidence they’re preparing for thenext virus.

      • Self Exiled

        Man’s brilliance usually leads to some form of destruction. Got it all planed out.

        ”Move 2 (January 10, 2023) occurs six months later, at which point the virus has spread to 83 countries with
        70 million reported cases, causing more than 1.3 million fatalities”

        What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
        Romans 8:31

  67. WD

    So so so GLAD I did not get this poison injected into me!!!!

    • Nika

      Give thanks to Greg! He kept warning us not to!

      • Greg Hunter

        Give thanks to Jesus. He told me to warn you.

  68. z

    Justin Beiber’s PARALYZED face ‘Ramsay Hunt Syndrome’

  69. joseph

    Trump’s TruthSocial not allowing Sherri Tenpenny to express herself is a bridge too far. I don’t think it’s Trump’s advisors anymore that are sabotaging him. It looks like him.

    • Greg Hunter

      (Update on Dr. Tenpenny and her Truth Social account 6/10/22. Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth Social account was suspended, but according to Dr Tenpenny, it was reinstated a few days ago. She said on Truth Social “Just another Mystery” and posted a winking emoji.)

  70. Craig

    People like Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole and many more docs and news people like yourself should be nominated for sainthood. You people DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    • Greg Hunter

      All the glory goes to Jesus. I am just doing what I am told.

  71. Bible Reader

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Covid Vaccine Injuries resembles Behcet’s Disease.

    Behcet’s disease

    Behcet’s (beh-CHETS) disease, also called Behcet’s syndrome, is a rare disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation throughout your body.

    The disease can lead to numerous signs and symptoms that can seem unrelated at first. They can include mouth sores, eye inflammation, skin rashes and lesions, and genital sores.

    Treatment involves medications to reduce the signs and symptoms of Behcet’s disease and to prevent serious complications, such as blindness.

    Behcet’s disease symptoms vary from person to person, can come and go or become less severe over time. Signs and symptoms depend on which parts of your body are affected.

    Areas commonly affected by Behcet’s disease include:

    Mouth. Painful mouth sores that look similar to canker sores are the most common sign of Behcet’s disease. They begin as raised, round lesions in the mouth that quickly turn into painful ulcers. The sores usually heal in one to three weeks, though they do recur.

    Skin. Some people develop acnelike sores on their bodies. Others develop red, raised and tender nodules on their skin, especially on the lower legs.

    Genitals. Red, open sores can occur on the scrotum or the vulva. The sores are usually painful and can leave scars.

    Eyes. Inflammation in the eye (uveitis) causes redness, pain and blurred vision, typically in both eyes. In people with Behcet’s disease, the condition can come and go.

    Joints. Joint swelling and pain often affect the knees in people with Behcet’s disease.

    The ankles, elbows or wrists also might be involved. Signs and symptoms can last one to three weeks and go away on their own.

    Blood vessels. Inflammation in veins and arteries can cause redness, pain, and swelling in the arms or legs when a blood clot results. Inflammation in the large arteries can lead to complications, such as aneurysms and narrowing or blockage of the vessel.

    Digestive system. A variety of signs and symptoms can affect the digestive system, including abdominal pain, diarrhea and bleeding.

    Brain. Inflammation in the brain and nervous system can cause headache, fever, disorientation, poor balance or stroke.

  72. JB

    Two points of note, please:
    1. Re the new poll: Thoughtful Floridians want Gov. DeSantis to serve at least two terms. He/we need to be sure there are at least two proper successors (considering how people are croaking, we need at least two choices). If he leaves in mid-second-term, you can be sure that sleazebag Charlie Crist will cheat us back into a blue state. God forbid!
    2. I haven’t listened to the vid yet, but before I forget, I want to make the doctor, and everyone, aware of how the jabbed are delusionally thinking that they have something they’ve termed Long COVID rather than vaccine damage. Either they are blithely unaware or neurotically overlooking the poison shoulder stab as the cause of their array of symptoms that sound a lot like the ones that have been documented by and about those who have suffered post-poison-stick.

  73. Linda

    Well, my dear people, what makes you think that they won’t approve this demonic thing and them mandate it. They’ll probably give a special waiver from liability.

  74. Nika

    I don’t hear anymore reports of fighting in Ukraine. So, for all intents and purposes, is the Ukraine over with? On May 11 (?) 2022, Congress voted to send $40 Billion to Ukraine to continue the War, now that the War is seemingly over, in 30 days! I, for one, would like to know Who pocketed the Taxpayers’ $40 Billion dollars? Where are the Oversighters, to protect the American Taxpayers against Fraud?

    • Andrew

      THEY are all in it. Why do you think the Ukraine laundromat had to be saved? They didn’t give a **** about the war in Ukraine during the last 8 years and 14000 dead in Donbas.

  75. Robert says no

    Why is this article written in such a way that it gives legitimacy to those COVID mRNA vaccines? The results of vaccination are exactly the intent. COVID-19 was never about the disease it was about the vaccines and getting as many people jabbed as soon as possible before people know they’ve been……..

    • Tad Lincolnton

      Had! Snokered! Lied to! Betrayed! Double crossed!
      Poisoned! Killed, dead walking! Out-maneuvered! Stabed in the back,”arm!” Forsaken? Retakin? Mistaken?
      Did I miss anything?
      WAYLAID!__________FILL IN THE BLANK.

  76. Andrew

    THIS will make your day. There are not only sheeple in New Zealand.

  77. Andrew

    THIS will make your day. There are not only sheeple in New Zealand:

  78. Carol Hudak

    “The pharmaceutical industry has to be understood as
    a criminal enterprise.” Dr. Kory
    Bravo, Dr. Kory!!
    CV is a population destruction tool.
    Satan must be very proud.
    (and with only 3 years left of the
    Ozone Layer, the End is almost here.)
    Come Soon, Lord Jesus. Please.

  79. Mark

    It’s possible the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry have harmed themselves beyond repair. For those that already know, they have lost the people’s trust. For those that will know later, or their loved ones who survived them will lose their trust as well. It also represents a loss of trust in any groups that supported the vaccine narrative, like the MSM, social media, politicians, FDA, CDC, WHO, NIH, the UN, governments worldwide, the WEF, celebrities, etc.. Noone will believe anything they have to say anymore…

    • Charles H

      ‘Skin for skin… all will a man give for his life.’ And who is to say that those harmed by the ‘vax’ won’t continue to believe lies from the same bunch they trusted before? It looks like the medical industry will ‘milk’ the sick all the way out to the cemetary.

  80. Lisa Stahl

    Dr. Kory is a ROCK STAR!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!Thank you Dr. Kory & Greg. God Bless. God speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Lisa.

  81. tom russell

    greg could you ask dr pierre kory how much ivermectin i take for a 275 lb man . i have 3mg ,6mg 12mg pills. but do not know the amount of the drugs i need per,lb.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Kory has said in the past that the standard dose on Ivermectin is 9mg per 100 pounds. That is your normal. For covid or beginning vax treatment it is double that for 5 days and then twice a week at a standard 9mg peer 100 pounds. Again, this is according to Dr. Kory.

    • Justn Observer

      we might be only months away from stopping ‘their’ agenda if ‘their’ going after the children is not stopped !
      ALSO views of what they are pulling from the veins of those with ‘side-effects’ =
      ‘Thus, only independent scientists, labs and journalists will dare tell the truth about these clots.

      In conclusion, they are not “blood” clots. They are structures in the blood. They are “structural clots” or “fibrous clots” that are extremely large and are being constructed inside the body over time.

      My grave concern is that every person who has been injected with mRNA instructions may be constructing these fibrous structures inside their bodies at this very minute, and that it’s only a matter of time before they block major arteries or cause heart attacks, strokes or other acute causes of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS).’
      = from

      At this point the clock is running down and out of time if we do not stop this and protect/save the children and God’s creations, human and animal at all costs from these psychopaths and ‘their’ mad experiments.

      • IIG

        Yes – it is “a grave concern” that every person who has been injected with the mRNA spike protein may be slowly constructing fibrous structures inside their veins and arteries at this very minute (just as the eugenicists wanted) – and that it may only be a matter of time before the major veins and arteries of the jabbed are blocked – causing the heart attacks and strokes known to us as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)” – what is of “further grave concern” is that Trump actually succeeded in his goal “to make 300 million doses of the kill shot” available to the American people under his “Operation Warp Speed” injection program (thus successfully implementing for the eugenicists at Big Pharma “the jabbing of 68% of the American people”)!! – what a profound tragedy – how can anyone ever live with that on their conscience – the mental anguish and feelings of guilt would be too profound to ever admit to doing something so horribly wrong – but – it is the only way to ever “be forgiven”!!

        • Justn Observer

          IIG, Best to focus on what to do and fix the problem the people were led/coerced/sold on by those ‘experts’ relied on for such matters, who were mostly those at the head of such agencies for years before Trump ever won office. My recollection is DJT put Pence in charge of heading up the response since Pence was more in tune to such which he added BIRKS, FAUCI, and REDFIELD. Yes, it did happen on DJT watch so along with that and his ‘taking credit’ for operation WARP SPEED.
          He gets that credit. BUT that it is ‘proven’ he KNEW medically all there was to know about it, that the end results might be what they have turned out to be, I cannot conclude that, but do agree there is sufficent data now that he should have stopped promoting jabs and pushed the alarm button to stop them by now.
          AGAIN, the focus is fixing the problems, and stopping the jabs especially of the children and the elderly who have no ability to comprehend and give informed consent of what they are being prodded/coerced to do!
          Given the lack of loyalty of some in his admin. and the unelected SES types in gov’t DJT might have been stupid to have relied on them, but unless someone shows HE KNEW what they were up to…although some clearly did…the criminality of it will have to play itself out!

          • IIG

            If there is to be forgiveness – at the rate things are going – who will be around to forgive Trump??

            • IIG

              If it is even in our power to forgive the deaths of others – for what right do we have to assume that the dead want us to forgive the ones who killed them??

              • Greg Hunter


                “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us.”


  82. Tabitha Sloan

    I have a question. Anyone please chime in with their knowledge. My husband and I are pure bloods. He works at a joint where 95% of the office employees are vaxxed. I am retired and am not around vaxxed people but twice a week running errands etc. In your opinion, should I take Ivermectin twice a week since I don’t feel the same since getting a bad flu twice (Jan. 2020 and Jan. 2022)??? Thanks for any responses!!! Tabitha

    • Greg Hunter

      Shedding is real and what is shed is Spike proteins. Watch the videos of Dr’ Kory and Dr. Mike Yeadon for more explanation. You husband should be taking Ivermectin at least twice a week if he is around shedders all the time. He is bringing it home. You know who else believes shedding of spike protein is real? The CDC. Watch and read:


  83. Jh

    Time to get Karl Denninger back on

  84. dlc

    What are the odds that the cancer industry will give up their hold on your pocketbook and actually offer a resolution finally to an ailment that spooks us all? Do you see the oncologists giving up on the use of rat poison shoved in you veins which destroys your immune system when there is profit to be had? Cancer treatment is most lucrative, right up there with cardiology.

    Have you noticed there is no interest in preventive applications, seldom a solution to your illnesses, no curiosity whatsoever as to how you got that way? Don’t know how effective monoclonal antibodies will be, but it sure beats hell out of the brutality they call chemo.

    My neighbor was offered immunotherapy, only after 3 years of chemo, then she got stupid and took the jab. Her care wiped out everything she and her husband worked for all their lives. She told her husband: “You’ll be living in the street when I’m dead.”

    This is health care? No, this is big business and we’re their bucket of gold. Progressives think that Medicare For All is the answer. Why provide “coverage for all” from a corrupt entity? I just want the kind of care my mother got before the structure became so greedy. Mom had 9 children and outlived all her doctors. We’ll be lucky to not be sterile and living a half life.

    I’m waiting to see how all those nice people involved in health care demonize a departure from the standard chemo protocols Money and the loss of it is all that matters to them..

    • The Seer

      The ignorant don’t know that Medicare is not free! A monthly premium of $188+ is automatically deducted from your social security check. Only covers about 60% of any physical therapy!
      Re cancer eating large amounts of saurecraut, Kim her and kombucha has healed people – no sugars and low protein diet, organic food, wheatgrass juice, massage, acupuncture and spending time in nature, etc. destress!
      Read a man ate rotten meat and cured his cancer – the bacteria eats the cancer cells. My Westie dog is 18 years old perfect blood test healthy – she had a bacteria infection that was hard to cure for two years. I believe the bacteria has extended her life – no cancer.

      • The Seer

        Kimchee not her- spelling.

  85. Shellany Cushner

    Thanks Greg, God Bless You! I lost my job, because I just wouldn’t stay long enough to be tested. I am very lucky none-of-family got the vaxxx. But I saw the elderly, dying from the vaxxx very earlier on. I take my strength from God one day at a time. Please have Clif High on one more time.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did the right thing.


    Paul Hogan’s America (1991)
    96,208 views Nov 16, 2021
    We are tomorrows past. 3 days ago
    What a gem. First time seeing Paul doing stand up.
    Timeless comedy. Thanks for uploading this.
    Made my day.

    ‘We Are Out of Ammo’: Ukraine Awaits Aid as Russian Artillery Bears Down
    Thomas Kika – Yesterday 6:42 PM

    Russia prepared ‘to neutralise potential threats’ from NATO on the border
    Robert Dex – Yesterday 3:55 AM
    The Russian government has warned it is ready to “neautralise potential threats” from NATO on the border, in a veiled threat to the security alliance.
    Ukrainian officials on Saturday stressed the continued importance of foreign military aid as its forces struggle with shortages amid continued Russian aggression.

    Ukrainians left with one way out of Sievierodonetsk as fierce fighting rages
    By Natalia Zinets and Maria Starkova – Yesterday 11:20 PM

    Putin makes his imperial pretensions clear
    Ishaan Tharoor – 5h ago
    Yet as this article stipulates they’re pretentions of the west too, while never talking about the millions of Russians in eastern Ukraine, that like the Albanians in Kosovo, were facing ethnic cleansing by fake Churchill Zelenski, “Soros puppet”, with his 30 million estate in Miami awaiting his return!

    You can only fool all of the people some of the time and that seems long enough for these shyster so called journalist, “propagandists”, to make a quick buck!💲💱

  87. Russ D

    Beg to differ with this doctor……..Covid-19 DOES NOT EXIST….IT IS ALL A LIE!! The entire PLANdemic was based on positive PCR tests and the PCR tests are a LIE!!!

    Does COVID Exist?

    “SARS-CoV-2, the specific virus, does not exist. Viruses, including coronaviruses and all other manner of viruses, occur cyclically in the population and are a result of man’s environmental pollution of all types. I implore you to look up the available statistics, and you will see this up and down yearly fluctuation. But even these are fraudulent in one major way: the death rate of flu is much lower than they claim. COVID was propagated and used as a weapon to usher in world government, period. This is its main purpose. That agenda takes many forms, and the so-called pandemic just so happens to accomplish almost every agenda they have and then some. How coincidental. It would be just as simple for them to pick out a particular flu virus, and play upon it in the same way to accomplish their goal.”

  88. K.Cook jr.

    Vietnam, Contra’s, the Cuban Project, also known as Operation Mongoose
    Future for the Russian Front ?

    Trouble in the Ukraine Camp
    Ukraine hits back at Biden’s ‘absurd’ remark that Zelensky ‘didn’t want to hear’ US intel on Russia/ Stuti Mishra – 2h ago

  89. wayne hardin

    I guess you could say this is off subject .

    People seem to have forgotten what God said .
    He said his word was true and has told what will happen to not be deceived by all the liars that will try to change his word .
    It can not be changed .
    It would seem people want to change Gods word instead of letting it change them .
    Just as sure as being a man and saying they are a woman / or being white and saying they are black isn’t true .
    Believing you can change Gods word isn’t true .
    And anybody that believes that evil will leave before Jesus returns is believing a lie .
    He plainly said if HE didn’t come back no flesh would remain end of the story .
    So please quit telling people something other than what has been spoken in his word .

    Some times it is hard to believe that people read the bible / when you hear what say say it says .
    But his word tells all about people that will TRY to change his truth into a lie .
    Come Lord Jesus is my prayer .

    Wayne Hardin

  90. Laura

    Right on the nih website:

  91. Amanda

    Not vaccinated but I got covid last November. I felt like crap for 2 weeks but got over it on my own. I ordered ivermectin from Dr. Kory’s website but by the time I got the pills I was recovered and I didn’t take any pills – just stuck them in the cupboard. About a month later I started noticing my hair starting to fall out – especially taking showers I was pulling out gobs of hair when I would wash it. I normally have pretty thick hair so I wasn’t worried at first but then it kept getting worse and I was getting worried if it kept up I could start getting bald spot. Then I had an idea to get the ivermectin out of my cupboard and try taking it and see what happens – so I did. Next day I immediately noticed a difference. It stopped happening. No more gobs of hair falling out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, Amanda!!

  92. Self Exiled

    ”The international system for governing dual-use biological research
    is neither prepared to meet today’s security requirements, nor is it ready for significantly expanded challenges in the future. There are risk reduction needs throughout the bioscience research and development life cycle.” from Jerry’s article above. Of course not: the industrial medical complex is controlled by the pharmaceutical industrial complex. You can write all the fancy studies you want but who uses this reach ——– and exploits it to their own end[profits].

    I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
    From whence comes my help?
    My help comes from the Lord,
    Who made heaven and earth.
    Psalm 121:1-2

  93. Rod LaJoie

    Get Dr. Judy Mikovits she knows the science of pathways of the disease that is Covid

  94. Nick Reynolds

    Great interview, Greg. Thank you again. You can get Ivermectin in Mexico without a prescription in most drugstores. Very inexpensive. A real opportunity for “smuggling.”

  95. Rio

    Greg, thank you for this video.

    My partner and I listen to your broadcast weekly and we appreciate your voice and your dedication to the truth.

    We have watched over and over and over family members become sick and die. (after they got jabbed)
    My 52 year old brother got the jabs/after the first he was nearly dead, then what happened, after he survived that )barely) they gave him another. He then all of sudden developed blood clots in his fingers and had to have them amputated. He died on February 28th this year. We jus had his celebration of life. I know what killed him.
    My guy’s father died in his bed and hemorrhaged out. We KNOW what killed him. These are our loved ones. There are many others that we know and others that know people that we know. My partner’s sister turned her back on him because she was so angry and convinced that getting the vax was the only way to stop the pandemic, and was very mad at him that he wouldn’t. She has been sick ever since and yet, she got her little 10 year old vaxxed and now he has some strange mental health issues. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

  96. Bob Dobalina

    Trump =’s controlled opposition.
    He’s proven, done nothing.
    He placates the people by going around the US saying empty words.
    Durham and Barr are still delaying.
    Historically it’s the people who are the changers

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you got this wrong otherwise they would not have cheated so big to get rid of him in 2020. It was massive cheating like we have never seen before.

      • J. Loughran

        Take a listen this interview before admonishing Bob… . Thank you for your diligence in pronouncing “t”ruth, but I pray you will return to the Church… Christ is about saving souls and He will not give up but He will not step on your free will either… So things may look upside down especially when we as a society are nearly completely (constitutionally) estranged from our King.

  97. Mort

    Y’all seem to have a corner on the market for information about the jab. It’s good someone is studying the interactions and how to nullify any bad effects. In my last trip to theVA hospital for my checkup, they practically begged me to get a booster, but after getting Covid twice after getting vax Ed how can I trust them after the vaccine has proven in my case not to be effective. Maybe it’s not safe either ? And “rare breakthrough case”. My foot!

  98. z
    The Hidden Game of World War 3

    black rocks alladin buying up single family homes
    accounts for 70% of trade on wall street by a robot

    • z

      black rock and biden WH

      first 5 min

  99. Foley San

    “UGH’ GROSS”EXCLUSIVE: Experts Raise Alarm Over Surge of “Blood Clot” Anomalies During LIVE Microscopy Analysis – Alex Jones Show June 13th 2022
    Guest host Mike Adams is joined by multiple medical experts including Dr. Jane Ruby to deliver vital & startling revelations in REAL-TIME to keep Americans informed in these volatile times!

  100. Jerry

    Here we go. Lie after lie, after lie.

    Now the press is busy trying to bury this story. I am beginning to lose my patience. In my industry if I lie there are consequences such as loss of a license, jail time, and fines, and maybe all three. But somehow the media is given a free pass? These news organizations need to be shut down and fined for the obvious coverups that are taking place.

    • IIG

      Russia”s response to former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski’s suggestion of providing nuclear weapons to Ukraine for use against Russia in the Ukraine war – is that – such a move will most likely create a nuclear conflict “that will destroy the entire European continent” –

      • IIG

        US still considers itself “An Empire of Exceptional Queers and Perverts” – and our Demonratic leaders expect the world to bow down (and wiggle worship) in a Horror-i fetish for the great advances they are providing to mankind – which in addition to their Drag Queen Story Time Parades they are marching the world into Inflation, Famine, Clot Shots and a Nuclear War – and the soon to be dead LGBTQ+ people couldn’t be happier or gay about it!!

        • IIG

          Perhaps Klaus Schwab’s “real meaning” to his often quoted remark is that when he takes over – “You will own nothing – and you will be Gay”!!

  101. J. Kimble Allen

    Hi Greg, thank you so much for all you have done, are doing, and will do, for humankind.

    Would you please do us yet another favor?

    Since you are in the unique position of having direct access to numerous famous medical, and other experts, would you please email each and every expert, and ask them to provide to you … any and all material, relevant, factual evidence, that proves the existence of COVID-19?


  102. Stan

    You silver bugs better pray $12.65 is not breached on this down leg.

    • IIG

      Stan – Remember how the price of oil went to zero – it did not shake out true energy investors (they actually bought more) – now look where the price of oil is (at new highs) – so even “if” the price of sliver is manipulated “down to zero” – it is not going to shake out the true precious metal investors (they will simply buy more and happily average down their positions) as they know with complete certainty that inflation (along with people losing faith in the value of unbacked fiat currencies – because of excess money creation by Central Banks) will drive silver to new highs!!

      • IIG

        How do I know this Stan? – simple – in any crash where the paper price of things fall – “a real asset still exists” – for instance the gasoline in your fuel tank will still get you where you want to go – but your short gold and silver derivative contracts “which are simply pieces of paper or electronic entries” and the fake fiat paper currency the Fed produces (are not real physical assets “that hold intrinsic value”) and thus – “won’t get you to where you want” in any crash to come!!

    • IIG

      Stan – Instead of looking at “real physical assets” that don’t ever lose their intrinsic value – look at the “non-physical assets” such as Bit-con and the other 10,000 variations of Clipto-currencies which are now crashing already losing $2 trillion in paper valuation (and working on losing the last $980 billion) – soon people like you will begin to realize that things like Tether (is a 100% fraud) and things like the US dollar (is a 100% fraud) – and while the market for these “imaginary products” will evaporate – “real physical assets” (like gold, silver, oil, copper, etc., etc.) always retained their worth when governments fell throughout recorded history!!

      • Stan

        Best trade right now is short Gold & long the US Dollar. Also, certain derivative contracts are very attractive.

    • Robert F

      Crypto is getting hammered, so are the markete and peoples 401ks

      what do you suggest people do Mr. Stan Wannabe Rothschild?

      Lol wealth is consolidating again under your command Mr. R

      what does yhr common man do? LOL

      You people are sick and deluded, you need to be hung.

  103. eddiemd

    Israel’s war plans.

    Turkey will be dragged into the war. Ezekiel 38/39

    Who knows what else? This may be the opportunity for the Chinese and Russians to attack the USA.

    Everything blows up overnight.

    I wonder if it will go nuclear in Central Europe.

    Churches are on vacation at the moment. Time to go camping, hanging out on the beach, ….schools out and so are the churches. Eating and drinking…

    • IIG

      Poland wants to give Nuclear weapons to Ukraine!!! –

      • IIG

        Wonder why when the Nazi’s in the Ukraine are about to get nuclear weapons Israel doesn’t say it will bomb the country to prevent it (seeing as how it was the Nazi’s who killed 6 million Jews (it was not the Iranians who did the Holocaust) – something is screwed up if the Israeli’s allow the Nazi’s who killed millions of Jews to have nukes – they should be helping Russia to de-Nazify Ukraine!!

    • eddiemd

      Are you the same person who uses all the different names? The JW?

      • Greg Hunter

        If this person is JW please tell me. I did not think so but These folks fool me.

      • Manny

        I heard God the father has many names, ive taked to jw’s i think they might have mentioned that or J. Vernon McGee talks about the God of many names, but I only one. Were you once a JW? . They used to come around. I don’t know what happened to them. They say they don’t believe in Christmas. Sounds bad, but then they say they celebrate all year! Somethings different. I wish theyed say something here. I know you think everybody is a Jw, but I never see their teachings hear. I’m surprised they use electricity they don’t allow a lot of things. My sisters first husband a Jehovah went to jail for not serving in the draft and I was just a kid when they divorced and when I ask her anything she feaks out her kids will find out she was married before! She freaks out a lot. I have used a different name before when saying something the five eye’s might pick up on. Somebody mentioned they must have a reason they let Greg stay on. I think is there portal to know what the average Joe knows. Very invaluable if you ask me. When USAwatchdog goes down it will be over and time to batten down the hatches. Semper fi eddiemd.

  104. z

    roe vs wad wed to take the narrative
    100bps hike will be covered by roe vs wade
    We the people at Belmont
    We the people at the Great Awakening !!!!

  105. Fred Daake

    Mike Adams is working with Dr. Jane Ruby to try to discover the nature of the clogging substance that builds up in the blood. So far, they do not appear to be typical blood clots. Instead, they seem to be some sort of engineered protein that forms and grows in the blood, even after the blood is separated from the patient and put in the refrigerator. Apparently, this unknown substance continues to grow until it kills the patient. They are now trying to learn more about the nature of this substance and will come out with updated material soon. You can follow Mike Adams on Brighteon Social, where he posts various links, photos and videos often:

  106. wxtwxtr

    We have to talk about this as “business as usual”.
    When those who have been death jabbed discover that insurance companies won’t / can’t pay life or disability claims because “they knowingly took an experimental medicine”, how soon do they cancel their policies? How soon does rumor crash the ins co portfolio?
    This is one facet of Sixth Generation War.

  107. Sara

    Hi Greg, This is a little different, but it’s pertinent!

  108. Roger Crowell

    Laura06/13/2022 •
    Right on the nih website:

    J. Kimble Allen06/13/2022 •
    Laura, thank you!

    It is hard to believe they have allowed this information on website.

    I immediately downloaded the PDF, and saved it.

    I can’t imagine them leaving this on the official website for very long.

    COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
    Russell L. Blaylock
    Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer
    Retired Neurosurgeon, Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States.
    Russell L. Blaylock: moc.liamg@7036yalB
    *Corresponding author: Russell L. Blaylock, Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States. moc.liamg@7036yalB

    Greg, this doctor is a walking encyclopedia! He just might be a great guest, that I haven’t seen anywhere else and I’m sure he’d be an easy guest, because he would do all the talking. Just look what he has on NIH! He covers everything and I mean everything. I’m a voracious reader and I couldn’t read it all and all cutting edge! He doesn’t leave any stone unturned!
    Just like you in the comments, if somebody is on a roll you let them roll. Apparently NIH let him roll on and it’s still up. We will be hearing I’m sure much more from this man.

  109. mack

    I have ask this before but have not got an answer.
    Human ivermectin dossage?
    *9mgs per 100lbs is always mentioned……However,……..
    *Is this taken once daily or once weekly?
    Thank you
    Mack 14/06/22

    • Steve Bice

      Mack…It’s not that simple. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are preventative doses, early treatment doses, hospital protocols, long covid protocols and vaccine injury protocols. To convert your weight in pounds to weight in Kg, just divide by 2.2, and apply the appropriate formula to get the recommended dosage in milligrams.

      Go to the FLCCC website ( and select the dose and protocol that meets your needs and matches your situation.

  110. chloe

    Justin Bieber, and his wife, apparently got a bad shot. Though I never was a fan, still praying for him and his family. I believe Trump was threatened/pressured into all of it. I think, in the midst of it, he realized he “bit off more than he could chew” — as the old folks would say. This is not really about him though. This is about God. Stay Focused. Stay in prayer.

    • Self Exiled


      Our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.
      —Philippians 3:20

  111. Marie Joy

    Both Trump AND DeSantis are pro jab. Why does everyone give DeSantis a pass?

    • IIG

      If DeSantis is pro jab – then I won’t vote for him or Trump or Biden – we need to vote in some “common people with common sense” who will volunteer their time to help save America from a Highly Evil Cabal of Murderers “out to reduce the population of our planet by every means possible” (even to the growing of long stringy clots in our veins and arteries to kill us dead with strokes and heart attacks)!!

    • Robert K

      Stolen election & primaries, open borders, poison shots, mass psyops, “pandemics”, censorship at all levels, tanked economy, disarming civilians & pushing anti 2nd Amendment “Red Flag” agendas, soaring & unaffordable fuel, geoengineering, attacking our food supply & burning food depots, hyperinflation, manufactured supply chain issues, malicious main stream media lying 24/7, false flags, CRT, the push for trans boys and girls, J6 witch-hunt, and the list goes on and on.

      What’s next? Their latest bullshit “pandemic”? monkeypox? Which is just shingles, for those that took the poison covid shots…But don’t worry, Trader Joe is pushing more and more “monkeypox vaccines” and fear porn…

      We are seeing what evil is… When can we wake up from this f’ing nightmare?

  112. Paul from Indiana

    Must be the hair. Mr. Trump has that awful dye-job and comb-over, and Mr. DeSantis goes the toupe/full-helmet route. Anybody who can’t face his-male pattern baldness will try to hide other things as well. Just my opinion. Best always. PM

  113. Michael Bottos

    Take the time to read it, the BS is ending

  114. Stavka Noyonich

    Zelensky vows to retake Donbass and Crimea
    by RT June 14th 2022, 5:02 am
    The Ukrainian president was speaking after his military bombarded civilian areas in Donetsk
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to “liberate” the Russian territory of Crimea and the independent republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR). He was speaking just hours after reports of the Ukrainian military shelling residential buildings, a marketplace and a maternity hospital in the center of Donetsk.

    Putin’s troops ‘seizing territory in north-east Ukraine for the first time in weeks’ says UK /Nicholas Cecil – 12h ago

    Warehouses in China and U.S. show global economy struggling to adjust
    David J. Lynch – 6h ago

    Russia made nearly $100B from fuel exports in war’s first 100 days, report says
    Bryan Pietsch, Ellen Francis – 7h ago
    Before the plandemic takedown of the west. The west made fun of Russia, as just a backwater Geechee, gas station. I wouldn’t mind owning a gas station! Even in the backwater.
    Being Gullah or Geechee

  115. The Murray Franklin Show

    Since 1990, America has a negative birth replacement rate of the legally born citizen population.

    Since 2000, America has increased by 51 million people. How can this be when lazy professional sports supporting millennial gen-X entitlement handout “Joe Six-Pack Buttocks” who is afraid of his shadow has a sperm count lower than the woman he can only dream to talk to?

    If you want to cut $1.2 trillion off the national budget/debt each year and cut American’s portion of CO2 global warming gases by 15% …. forcefully deport the 51,000,000 that are here illegally including their anchor babies and mistakes.

    Make Paul Pelosi pick his own ufkcing grapes.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Any society that gets in the habit of not doing its own dirty work has sown the seeds of its own destruction, and those seeds have sprouted, grown, and are now ready for harvest. As Liberace used to say, “You like it? You paid for it!” Best always. PM

  116. Charles

    On Yahoo (Canada) an AD for Comirnaty popped up and I clicked on it. Pfizer was advertising the Comirnaty vaccine for anyone over 5. Stating it’s the name of the Pfizer/BioNTech covid-19 vaccine, although it’s not actually available, as Mr.Hunter said. This is horrific. Is there no legal system anywhere in this world anymore?

  117. Warren Mace

    Mexican political adviser burned alive in public lynching
    Daniel Picazo was killed by an angry mob which wrongly identified the 31-year-old as a child abductor
    Sue, talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time!

  118. eddiemd

    The “Kingdom” of the JWs?

    • Greg Hunter

      I deleted “Sue.” Please no JW doctrine on USAW!!

  119. Robert Dutton-Jones

    I saw an interview with a Dr. from India, Dr. Deepak Golwalkar, that was very interesting concerning the use of Methylene Blue in the treatment of covid amongst many other ailments. Here is a link,

  120. Curt

    Listen very carefully to this very knowledgeable vaccinologist…. This back in Dec. of 2021!!!

  121. Robin Shoemaker

    Has Dr. Kory considered that the spike protein challenges the immune system and allows HSV-1 to reactivate?

    I struggle with an HSV-1 infection that never goes dormant and some of my symptoms are very similar to the vaccine injured: fatigue, malaise, shortness of breath, and brain fog.

    Dr. William Pridgen has put me on an antiviral/anti-inflammatory protocol that has given me my life back.

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