CV19 Vax & Economy Narratives Collapse in 2022

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 510 12.31.21)

The CV19 vax narrative continues to crumble, and it will be breaking apart at a much higher rate in 2022. The big unreported story of the week came from the mouth of Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers who took Ivermectin, among other treatments, a few weeks ago to beat a covid infection. Rodgers spilled the beans on the “fully vaxed” NFL by saying “behind the scenes, there are many teams who are recommending the same treatments that I got for their players.” Yes, the same as in the Nobel Prize winning drug Ivermectin that has been scientifically shown to be very effective in curing CV19. I guess even the NFL is waking up to the facts that the CV19 injections just don’t work, and this is yet another example of the CV19 narrative crumbling going into 2022.

It is clear that the economy has been propped up since the 2008-2009 financial meltdown. The Fed wants to stop the easy money policies and “taper” the $120 billion it is pumping into the repo market each and every month. Is the patient well? Can it survive the Fed pulling the plug? The answer is a resounding NO on both counts, and all we need is a little recession to prove it. Inflation is now out of control, and the Fed cannot afford to tame it, especially if a recession comes. People like Elon Musk and many others are saying a downturn is coming in 2022. With the amount of astronomical debt and derivatives out there now, even a small correction could cause a full-on meltdown. Buckle up people, the Fed is flying blind.

The one other story that gets honorable mention for 2022 is the election fraud story and fixing the voting system. The mainstream media and Democrat globalists wanted this narrative to vanish in early 2021, but forget it. There are plenty of people still fighting to stop voter fraud, and the issue will boil over in 2022 just in time for the midterms. I am not saying the Democrats won’t cheat. With Biden’s record low poll numbers, they are going to be forced to cheat. I am saying it is going to be much harder because there will be no lockdowns and massive ballots printed and sent to everyone like what happened in 2020. This is one of the positive outcomes of the vax narrative imploding in 2022.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.31.21.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Greg Hunter will be taking a few more days off but will be back with a full schedule of programming by the end of next week. Happy New Year!!

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  1. Gene

    Cliff High has a very interesting take on Trump’s continued backing for the Wuhan Virus vaccines: (1) He started Operation Warp Speed to forestall a ruinous 10-year lockdown with an estimated 100 million Americans dying as a consequence, (2) He continues to speak approvingly of the vaccines to gauge the awareness of his base to the apocalyptic war being prosecuted against them by the Globalists and the CCP using the Virus and the vaccines as weapons. Trump knows that his supporters would not get the shots just because he speaks approvingly of them, nor would those who oppose him get the shots because he approved them.

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Nice post Gene.

      • Gene

        Thank you, Reverend
        And thank you, Mr. Hunter, for maintaining a site where God’s people can speak freely.
        Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

      • John Shepherd

        Cliff High is a very smart man indeed but just as unwise as he is smart. Trump is a very savvy man and just as unwise as he is savvy. The only alternative is that either or both of these men are playing us. I don’t believe that is the case with High, however I’m not so sure of Trump. Playing these supposed three D chess games is not how you lead. How many millions are going to die before we realize that our problem as well as Trump’s and High’s is spiritual rather than political. We will never cure America’s cancer at the ballot box. When the GOP take back control all we will get is more endless and useless investigations while the globalist continue to tighten the noose. Cliff High keeps missing on the big calls because his underling philosophy is flawed. Egotistical Trump is either blinded by that flaw or he is maniacally disingenuous. He clearly does not understand what it will take to make America great again. At the present, neither do God’s people because we keep falling for the same lies endlessly.

        • Socrates

          You might be right. I say pray, prepare and press on. We’ll find out who’s right soon enough. And it won’t really matter.

        • Stan Tuttle

          You are right John, I think that’s a good call. Watch Israel

          • Laura McDonough

            Stan: Israel just mandated covid passes for even take outs (McDonalds) I assume they will mandate it for all shopping. Covidian cult members are programmed to evenmore A.I. control w/ each jab. They are more transhuman w/ each booster. Best to cut ties w/ these losers folks. Their left brain is not functioning. They are not your friends now.

        • proof in da puddin

          In John 5 Jesus said to the jewish leaders: …42but I know you, that you do not have the love of God within you. 43I have come in My Father’s name, and you have not received Me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will receive him. 44How can you believe if you accept glory from one another, yet do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?…
          Question: who in the world today do we observe has “come in his own name” to the leaders of Israel and has been thusly “accepted” ?

        • wildbad

          It would have been hard to find a stronger supporter of Trump than myself until January 6th and its aftermath. I was gobsmacked to see Trump do NOTHING in support of his supporters being jailed and tortured nevermind his absolute inaction on Pence’s stance.
          Trump was a better alternative to the standard globalist policies but for a dealmaker he closed no deals. He had power, he had a platform, he had all of the tools to turn the ship around but when push came to shove, our elected hero warrior turned tail and shut up.
          He is still silent on the political torturing of his supporters. He ran away from Julian Assange. He hired VERY bad people and his Sorry gave him a pass or say he’s playing 5D chess. BULL. Hw had his chance and blew it with empty bluster. We are at war, yes with demons and principalities but even at the worldly level Trump failed me, us and my children. The vaccines are evil and Trump is calling them a miracle. In what possible universe, governed by God’s laws is that acceptable?
          No. Never. Sorry. He has burned hisbridge to me, one of his most active and loyal supporters.

          • Bill Dalby

            Thank you Wildbad. My thoughts as well. BUT I do hope we are missing Something.
            I do hope Trump will pull us through. Although I am having the same doubts as you. Who can we trust anyone in this time of deception?
            Discernment is a collective knowledge from God and we all must seek it.

        • Mike R

          Thanks for the garbled word salad and reverse psychology, reversed.

          I’ll bet you are so proud of your ‘genius.’

          And lack of any brains.

    • mike w

      A stretch in my opinion. People are getting sick and dying with Trump’s advice.

      • Juli Barbato

        If you sycophantically take the advice of another person–any person–about something so important, you have ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME! Don’t idolize any human! Perform your own research and due diligence. Conservatives love to quote Reagan–“Trust but verify”–but then go right ahead and ignore that warning (which should be common sense, for the love of God!).

      • Charles H.

        I have to stay with the Duck Rule… if it quacks like a duck, walks, wags tail…

      • John

        Agree, tired of the deception no matter where it comes from. Satan is the author of deception and it is so destructive. He hates mankind and wants to destroy us. He will utilize any useful idiot that will go along with his plans. The useful idiots at the top think they are better than the ones at the bottom; however, there is no difference because if they don’t repent their future is horrible. It is depicted clearly in Revelations .

      • Mary

        Totally agree Mike. Trump made a huge fatal mistake pimping these kill shots. Clif High is way off the mark on this one. Many more deaths to come from the shots. Dr. Bhakti:

        • Laura McDonough

          Mary, Juli B. : those that followed Trump, then later Biden taking the shots chose to follow their friends,social media, mainline news sows, and doctor without investigating online that the shots were experimental, not fda approved and still aren’t. If they later die (some related to me) or former friends I dropped for being stupid, I won’t be attending their funerals. I have moved on to likeminded associates that know these shots destroy the immune system and have nano particals and cause people to become transhuman. here are several sites on basic info others can pass on to friends: theStewPeters tvshow on rumble, and newpatriot on brighteon. I sent these out to people but they got the shots anyway. So I dropped them after that as I have no time for losers. I have no respect for Trump since he didn’t do things while in office he should have done, mentioned in comments from this article..John F Kennedy jr’s site is also informative

      • Chris Cantrell

        Very good points Mike.

    • David K

      Exactly Gene !
      If President Trump had not produced a counter-narrative (vaccines) we would have been screwed by the globalist.
      The fact the President Trump baited the marxist globalists with the HCQ statement tells us everything … they NEVER wanted that out there.
      A. Rodgers in my opinion will help wake up the sheeple.
      In the end President Trump will be the truth sayer,

      • Ken

        What people?
        Those stupid enough to take an unproven EUA vaxxx that no one knows what’s in it?
        We have too many stupid people as it is. I won’t shed a tear for the sheeple who don’t bother to think for themselves.

        • cc

          I have used HCQ for the last year to keep from getting sick and for when I am near the vaccinated. This “drug” really does work as a vaccine. Just like Fauci admitted in 2005.
          Thanks for telling us Pres. Trump.

          • Mike R

            I am not vaxxed, nor have taken any such garbage. 2 years of covid free, and flu free. I have daily exposure to many people in a retail setting. I am risk, due to their being vaxxed, and shedding spike proteins, and spreading OMG Omicron. (otherwise known as the common flu).

            Folks, the plandemic has failed and was over long ago.

            Anyone who buys this BS CV 19 narrative being spewed on nightly news deserves to end up in the hospital or a mental ward.

        • Guy Azbell

          Hi Ken some of us idiots did not have a choice because when morons need a kidney and liver transplant they require covid shots period no religious exemption no excuse all they tell you is you can’t get transplants without the shots but I’m sure you were aware of this little moronic fact.

        • Laura McDonough

          waaay too many stupid people, even in my retirement community, that is why in last two years, I dropped the stupid ones and chose to be a social recluse. I have a small circle I swap info with now. Seldom see anyone anymore. When I run errands I don’t socialize or chit chat. Best folks to drop these losers, and “act busy” do not reply to phone or text, email either. If parents comply, just have less to do w/ them. I cut ties w/cousins and both siblings. They, like most are compliant to gov. This says it all:

          • Mike R

            I have done the same Laura. I was able to save my youngest son from being vaxxed. Smart kid, as he researched all on his own, and made the decision without parental influence. I simply gave him reassurance he was making the best decision for himself. He is a confident young man, and wise beyond his years, just as I was at that age. He has learned deep resilience from my actions over the years, and self reliance. My other two kids and wife, not so much. It’s their problem, not mine. I hope the vaxx does not wipe out their immune systems.

            This whole vaxx crap scene has fractured the US beyond repair. Its fractured families, friendships, businesses, business relationships, the political sector, the health care sector, and worse. Its basically brought on by Satan. And everyone is now learning who is a worshipper of Satan. So you are learning who can be trusted, and who is following God and firmly believes in God.

            There is one Archbishop (Vigano) that IS following God, and has it all 100% correct. (much to the chagrin of the current anti-pope).

            We need people of real strength, and real courage, and belief in God and Jesus. Those are the people who will come out on the other side of this blasphemy. And it all is blasphemy against God the father, because criminals like Fauci are pretending to be ‘God’, and pretending to be ‘all knowing’ when the reality is they are fake and weak and just like Satan. Never in any period in history has Satan been this obvious, and his followers so compromised and exposed. They will be crushed in the end.


            The people who have chosen (or acquiesed to) the vaxx, have chosen their destiny.

        • susan

          Ken, but what about the science! I believe we are living in “Science Fiction”. Thank goodness we know the end of the story. Praise God!

      • John Shepherd


      • Ed Mustafo

        Yes David, I guess everyone forgot what happened when Trump told the world about Hydroxychloroquine being the cure. Cliff High is correct and Gene posted it well. The only way out of lockdowns was with a vaccine. Without it we would still be in lockdowns and then everyone would be systematically forced to get the jabs. This way we had the power to make our own decisions while the economy is open etc. So which way was better? You have a choice. Don’t get the jab.

    • g

      Most people don’t understand Sun Tzu.
      DJT does.

      • Rob Lindeman

        Great point Julia. One must also remember what the the deep state’s strategy has always been in how they deal with their opposition : “They Run It”.

      • Charles H.


        Man cannot use evil in order to obtain good. Evil in any form, and at any juncture RUINS whatever good man may seek. Stated plainly: only God Himself alone can use evil for a good purpose – because He is God. Anyone or anything else trying to do the same is playing God. And though you may not see consequences in doing so, in the short term of this life – there will come a time and occasion when such behavior WILL BE judged by the One Who will fully execute recompense for it; at such a steep price it will seem absurd to have even been considered, let alone indulged in.

        • g

          told ya
          most people don’t understand Sun Tzu
          spouting GOD when Sun Tzu didn’t know your GOD?
          he wasn’t invented yet, Sun Tsu is older than jc and from a far different culture
          you lack 2 things djt has
          intelligence and intelligence
          you think you are as “intelligent” as djt?
          there’s book smart and think smart
          present your bona fides
          do you have intelligence as in information not available to all, as djt does?
          present again
          tag, yourit

          • Greg Hunter

            I understand dangerous lies like the “Vax is safe” and I am not going to stand by and keep quiet while people are led to the slaughter.

            • Donald

              It would be great if you could get Clif High on to explain his position re: Trump & the KillShots.

              I really don’t like the talking point being thrown out by Trumpers about him approving the faux-vaccines in order to “avoid a 10-year globalist lockdown”.

              I’m sick of the excuses/lies/baseless conjectures that essentially amount to saying “Trump had no choice but to [fill in blank].”

              I also loath it when his supporters blame Trump’s failings on “bad advisors”, “the media”, “the Left”, and “DS threats against him & his family”.

              If these rationalizations can be applied to Trump they can also be applied to Biden.

            • Hannah Loveanna

              Go Greg! We love your tenacity! I got an e-mail from my congresswoman who stated that we can never go back to normal until EVERYONE is vaxed. My medical establishment keeps sending message pushing it as well.

              • Greg Hunter

                Vaxed with an experimental injection. You Congressman is an idiot corrupt or both.

            • john lance

              Mr. Hunter , I just read an article , at Biblicism Institute , that Betty White was in relatively good health up until Dec. 28 . That is when Dr. Death gave her a booster shot . She died ,as you know , on Jan. 1 st. So sad . Mother Nature was taking good care of her up until The Death Squad decided to take her out.

              • Greg Hunter

                Sure sounds interesting. Her agent is denying this, but adding, she would not want her death politicized.

          • Steve Bice

            “Sun Tsu is older than jc”

            No one is “older” than “JC”…

            “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
            The same was in the beginning with God.
            All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
            In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
            And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”
            And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

            Darkness cannot comprehend him…

    • Mike Foley

      It’s a stinking bio-weapon.

    • Coal Burner

      I am ot buying that story, yet, anyway! It reminds me of all the parallel world Q anon crap most of us never heard about because we don’t read that fantasy crap where Trump was coming back after the criminals got jailed. Well, they were not jailed and Trump never came back. I fear what Clif said is a made up dream. Not sure about him now!!!!!!!?

      • LizaCA

        Trump, Flynn and Flynn’s family were supporters of Q. Trump with the hand gestures, Twitter word games, photos from AF1 and saying they were nice people. He knew. Flynn is believed to have been Q and the strong support from his family supports that theory. Which leads a person to conclude that if Q was a psy op, either the “white hats” lost or the so called white hats were Deep State all along.

    • LizaCA

      Millions of Americans will die from this vaccine. It is the second phase of the bioweapon. There is no scenario where the vaccine is a good thing. I know many Trump supporters who took it BECAUSE Trump told them to take it. They otherwise would not.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        Flynn himself said Q was a psyop! You must have missed that memo?

        • LizaCA


      • Laura McDonough

        LizaCA: I had a talkw/ several last week, and we wonder if people will start dying off while in shopping centers, restaurants, churches, stores and other businesses in public places from these shots esp. since the first booster just given out. Politicians need to shut up, they are not qualified to push anytype shots or give medical advice. Gullible people will believe anything drs say- again blind trust in drs and politicians is for non thinking people. crticial thinkers check things out. the second booster soon and even more problems.

    • Gene

      If High is right, the alternative is 100 million dead Americans.
      Frankly, I don’t know whether he is. I’m only suggesting that we haven’t seen all the evidence and wish to keep an open mind until we learn more.
      However, I do agree with everyone who regards the “vaccines” with the greatest skepticism, and I have not, in fact, received any of these shots myself. It is easy enough to see that no one should take them based on the evidence presently available.
      Those who, without coercion, got them, did so at the urging of their doctors, and not because Donald Trump said so. (As an aside, doctors are herd animals who do whatever they think they must to avoid liability; I suspect they push the shots for this reason alone.)
      The greatest tragedy is that so many Americans have been forced to accept these injections, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, something that President Trump himself opposes. When the communist/Democrats and communist/RINO’s are out, then the prosecutions can begin; there’s no statute of limitations for murder.
      And I would not wish to accept the grave responsibility that Trump as President had shouldered. If the Globalists and CCP have been plotting to kill a third of our population, then President Trump was forced to decide how he might best prevent that, whether he should win a second term or not. That was a terrible responsibility, and based on my limited knowledge presently, I’m not prepared at this time to condemn him for his actions.
      Frankly, I don’t know why he continues to regard the “vaccines” favorably, but I seriously doubt that anyone in his/her right mind would take the shots simply because President Trump says they’re a good thing. Time will tell. In the meantime, I neither praise nor condemn him for it; I’m waiting for more evidence.

      • Patti

        Very well said; totally agree…. Trump has been doing everything for this country and has always said that the power should go back to the people (not the government). So people should start taking the initiative to think for themselves….

    • Diana

      I agree and I think Cliff is correct. I think what is happening is way bigger than we imagined and the truth will be revealed.

    • Rob Lindeman

      Good point Julia. We must also remember that the deep states strategy for dealing with their opposition has always been “To Run It”.

    • John Birch

      Because most suffer from cognitive dissonance and fail to listen to alternate news and study Bible prophecy they have no idea that the next big event will be the rapture of the Church followed by the Russian-Chinese nuclear attack of the U.S.. Russia faces a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis with CIA plans to plant “NATO” IBMs 5 minutes travel time from Moscow in Eastern Ukraine. China has a military alliance with Russia and faces a similar threat with Western countries fortification of Taiwan. Put yourself in Russia’s shoes. Roles have been reversed and now America is the irresponsible bad guy and Russia is being reasonable. Listening to FOX news doesn’t make one well informed. Does anyone think God is pleased with America?

    • Ed

      Exactly, its genius!!!

    • Donald

      Why couldn’t Trump simply have refused to go along with the Plandemic at all & simply called BS on it from the beginning?

      Stop making dumb excuses & just admit that Trump betrayed you for crying out Loud!

      • Catherine

        Donald. So true. I said that from the beginning. If Trump was worthy of being re elected he would have been. Therefore his deception with possibly being complicit seems to have God the Creator of everything decide to hand it over to the left.
        So as a result many died and will suffer or die in the future due to the jab.
        The left though has now shown its hand (been outed) and like any poker game if people know your hand, you loose.
        So God seems to have used Trump in a way that led to good but not in the way we could imagine
        It’s BECAUSE Trump made a huge error by not sticking to the truth about this plandemic God let the WORLD know the truth about the level of evil being so diabolical that it’s stunning!
        Yes the entire world is waking up to the FACT that we have been deceived at least since the sixties and led down that path of death long long before this catastrophic death shot.
        God does work in mysterious ways. To know His ways is all that matters. He will lead the faithful to a good world after He cleanses it and destroys death.

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      Duly noted. I love Cliff High as well, but it still is reckless of Trump. Yes, most of his followers are smart. Most of his followers are hip to what’s going on. But there’s a percentage that will do whatever he says, including jump off a bridge, and that’s just unconscionable to tell them to go vaxx their children, 4-d chess or no. Happy New Year, at any rate🎆🙏🏻.

    • Brian Klug

      Unfortunately, it has now come out in the Daily Mail that according to the flight logs, Trump flew on the Lolita Express, Jeffery Epstein’s 727, six times. I think he may be compromised at this point and may have been blackmailed after the FBI raided Epstein’s NY townhouse in 2019, and confiscated all of the videos of influential people having sex with underage girls (and boys). Trump may well be in those videos. Speculation on my part, but Trump signed an executive order in 2019, before any Covid 19 pandemic, to basically authorize Operation Warp Speed mRNA vaccines.

      • Greg Hunter

        At least some of those flights Trump was on were from Florida to NYC. Careful.

      • Robert Dziok

        Sorry, but who in their right mind would ever think it was President Trumps moral character to ever have sex with underage girls/boys. President Trump who agreed to run for President when asked and knew he put his and his family’s lives at risk. President Trump who was vetted beforehand in every way shape and form. President Trump who has had numerous attempts to assassinate him by Satanic Globalists/Deep State. President Trump who initiated Executive Order that included crimes of Human/Child trafficking. Really trust the FBI about what they say/do after all that’s been revealed? Watching too much of those propaganda FBI shows on TV now? Would the FBI (e.g. Comey and underlings) have lied or currently lie to suit DS etc.? Yes, Comey was executed via Military Tribunal earlier this year RRN reported for Treason etc.

    • Derek Sinclair

      Wishful thinking on steroids or 10,000 D chess. The “vaccine” isn’t a vaccine (scientific fact) and far from saving lives it’s now being shown to destroy the immune system resulting in more deaths (over and above the innumerable initial adverse reactions, including death). Trump’s lack of concern for those arrested after Jan 6 (his supporters) should have woken everyone up before this.

    • Jeffrey

      … yes Gene , nice post ; thank you !

    • Robert Dziok

      Clif High also noted in his recent podcast that 468 million deaths worldwide were expected from the 10 year lockdown which was to be followed right after by the Covid “Jabs”. He notes that this is what President Trump is referring to when he says Americans saved tens of millions of lives by doing what they did and to not let “them” take that away from us. Clif’s take is that hundreds of millions of lives worldwide were actually saved. He notes President Trump is very careful in his choice of words and intent (not always made aware to us) so have to be careful how we see/interpret as may see differently later on as more is made known/revealed. Clif also notes that President Trump is one part of a worldwide operation/endeavor against Global Evil (e.g. human/child trafficking) and does/plays his important part of but is not always the deciding factor.

    • David Brown

      The problem is Greg that regardless of all the crimes going on who is going to enforce the law . The legal system is also corrupt
      A belief that a so called group called the white hats will come to the rescue is just childish nonsense . And with Trump now showing his true colours the chances of anyone doing anything about the corruption and the move to fascism is zero
      America is in a state of collapse and nothing can stop what’s coming . I think Q said . About the only thing he got right

  2. Ted

    happy new year Greg always appreciate you taking the time to do what you do

  3. Daniel

    Happy New Year to you as well and everybody else…….. May all of us overcome the fear of evil things and their doings, bumps in the road or down the road, and troubles in good spirit with the help and trust and love of our Heavenly Father in 2022….

    Have a wonderful day

  4. AL

    You got to be better at this ***video will be up shortly*** thing.
    It’s been 3 hours since you wrote that.
    I’m a patient man and I enjoy what you do for FREE for us (the public) and the country….
    …. but, perhaps a better timing…..
    Again, you are a patriot and I apreciate what you do for FREE and because you love this COUNTRY.
    Not complaining – just a suggestion.
    Happy Chrismats and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!!!
    Be well,

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s free Al. You are welcome.

      • Brooklyn


        We were so very surprised and pleased that you posted your Friday, USAW Weekly Wrap Up, and it was a great way for you to close out one shit-filled-year, with HOPE for our future.

        One of he hardest things we have found with friends and grandchildren, (which we care about 10 fold over what our friends think) is for them to stop and realize that:
        A.) Their own government no longer has their best interests in mind
        B.) The media, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals (Dr. Kory – stay out!) right down to their own doctors have all been corrupted by fear, coercion or greed
        C.) Covid was a scam, which is thankfully failing, and the evil people who did this must face justice, be it in a court of law, or on the street; but either way, the Great Awakening is at hand. Bring it!

        Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum…


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Brooklyn!

    • Juli Barbato

      Don’t ever look a gifthorse in the mouth! Furthermore, is everyone also going to Rumble and rumbling UP Greg’s videos? Maybe he’d get a few bucks if the viewers here would also get themselves over to Greg’s Rumble channel and hit that plus sign.

      • Kluce6

        Amen Juli!!!!


      Stop complaining Al. What more do you want, the man is giving his knowledge and wisdom free of charge and you’re having a tantrum because you have to wait a few hours to receive something your not paying for. Don’t wait till 2022 to be grateful, try being grateful now.

    • steve

      Donate and learn some patience

  5. Greg Godschall Johnson

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your efforts. I am in Aus and have watched your videos since Trump appeared on the scene and usually enjoy them as you give a down-to-earth, on-the-farm flavour to your presentations.
    There often seems to be – even doctors opposing the covid narrative make the error – of giving its existence some credibility.
    Arron Rodgers should be said to not have covid but the Joe Biden flu.
    All the best
    Greg Godschall Johnson

  6. Greg Godschall Johnson

    PS: Greg!, sorry, forgot to wish Happy New Year – just a few hours away in Aus.
    “We got no Covid here, boy, just the deadly, stuck in our arm Joe Biden flu!”

  7. Robert Coleman

    WATCH THIS – – BE PREPARED for CHAOS in 2022 – – China Is Panic Buying For The Coming Famine, But The U.S. Is Taking A Completely Different Approach

  8. Mark Brown

    The ivermectin saved me I thought I was gone I was in Show Low Arizona when covid hit me and I missed diagnosed it but it was strep throat so I took ampicillin 3 Or 4 days which put me behind the eight ball anyway by the time I got on the ivermectin I was pretty bad off in 24 hours on the ivermectin I could feel the tide turn luckily I had gotten ivermectin through some people that have gone to Mexico

  9. Mark Brown

    Oh I am fully unvaccinated and going to stay that way

  10. JC

    PCR test is invalid, and there is a…

    Deadly Ingredient In Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test Kit

    • Greg Godschall Johnson

      I have suggested to several boutique breweries in Australia, that they produce a new line of beer called “Covid Vaccine” but they don’t seem to warm to the idea.
      Happy New Year.

      • Socrates

        Lots of my coworkers in the medical field say “yes, I’m vaccinated “ because years ago they had SOME type of vaccine. People assume they are saying they took the clot shot. They do this to avoid being harassed. I don’t. Bring it on. I might get my butt kicked but it will be while I’m on the ground NOT because I’m running away from a fight.

        • Mike R

          Thats a great way to keep speaking the truth. ‘Yes I am vaccinated.’ That is all that needs to be said.

        • Craig Carmichael

          I found my 1967 vaccination record book, needed for international travel.
          One entry: smallpox. I was vaccinated for other things when I was [even] younger, and for tetanus much more recently. I put it in the car. I haven’t had occasion yet to drag it out if “poof of vaccination” is demanded!

    • Earth Angel

      JC, They must be hoping for several thousands more ‘bonus deaths’ from people mishandling the at home tests.. What else could it be?!.. Happy New Year everybody and best of good fortune and blessings in 2022! ; )

  11. Robert Coleman

    Appreciated all of your efforts in presenting the FACTS on all subjects. As a Fellow St. Louis Missourian our Motto has always been ” SHOW ME” you have done just that and am happy to have been a contributor to some of the news stories you have presented in 2021. Life here in Guangzhou, China where I have lived these past 18 years has dramatically turned. Housing is at an all time high here – even where I live when you could buy an apartment for about US$580-600 per square meter back in 2003 to now US$5,600 – 7,000 for that same square meter of an apartment. Shanghai & Beijing prices are outrageous – up to US$35,000 per square meter for an apartment depending on exact location. Needless to say in 2021 over 400 housing developers like EVERGRANDE have already filed Bankruptcy and are out of business. Due to this COVID Crisis and Lockdowns – over 2 million businesses have gone out of business here in China. Thank you for your service in providing accurate news informing the populaces of the world. Have a Safe 2022 to you, your family and all who listen to USA Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert.

    • Judith

      KUDOS Robert. Well said.

  12. JC

    G.A. STEWART: Donald J. Trump is going to help sell the lie that it is the Unvaccinated’s fault that COVID-19 and its mutations are spreading. He does this despite the mountain of glaring evidence that the so-called “Vaccine” does not prevent catching nor spreading COVID-19.

    Trump’s freedom of choice red herring is the honey with the poison. Thank God he has finally shown himself to be the true buffoon that I thought he was.

    F**k your sterile platitudes Trump. Tis the season to tell it like it is before The Age of Desolation gets very real. It is time for Trump to answer some very hard questions, because he is starting to sound as senile as Joe Biden, and I am not good with the Alternative Media’s hands-off approach.

    No more softball questions; it is time for some answers on Trump’s performance on January 6th, 2021, and his lack of performance in the aftermath of January 6th, 2021. Who exactly are you working for?

    • JC

      The link dropped out the comment. Here it is.

      (This is Greg Hunter. No, it did not drop. I cut it out. Please stop using USAW as your promotional platform. I do not have time to vet your site and the content links you post. If you want to comment be my guest. If you want promotion for a website, please get it someplace else.)

      • JC

        It’s not my site and there is nothing to promote. It’s a free site and there are no ads.
        I thought I have been providing relevant information regarding Trump, Covid, and war, but I guess I was wrong.

        • Greg Hunter

          I thought it was your site. If not post what you think is important, but I want to hear from you not the site.

          • Kate

            Hi Greg, JC denies that it is his site anytime he is challenged about it while it is obvious that it is due to his relentless spruking of this site, detailed knowledge about the site owner and the sudden appearance of the site owner Stuart on your page when JC has been queried by others about his ownership of the site here in past posts. He gets very nasty to your guests who enquire about this. I can’t believe that he just lied to you so readily.

            • Greg Hunter

              JC is gone and will not be allowed back. Thank you for your analysis and support!!


        • Mark Maples


          I am a longtime reader of this site but an infrequent poster

          I appreciate your posts and have gone to the Desolation site

          Just wanted you to know that someone is reading the content

          • Ray

            Add me to that sentiment as well.
            I have always found JC’s comments full of good information, and the links he shares to The Age Of Desolation site provide me with another useful prism with which to contemplate world events.
            I hope Greg and JC might put this behind them, and we will again see comments from JC.
            Of course, this site is 100% Greg’s’ and he calls the shots.
            If you are reading this JC, take care mate…….my respect and best wishes be with you always.
            Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Greg Godschall Johnson

      JC, you have twisted the facts in your first paragraph. I don’t believe Trump ever suggested the unvaxed were ever responsible for anything.
      Trump knew better and before you and I, that CV-19 never existed outside of the globalist instructed MSM.
      May God guide you to clear thinking.
      Happy New Year

    • Chip

      Bingo! Chip

  13. Lady Au Stackers United

    I did something extraordinarily charitable this December of 2021. An acquaintance and her son lost their home to a fire. Everything gone. They are good Christians and refuse the poison injection of course. They had only a few days left at the motel, courtesy of Red Cross. And they were facing homelessness in a winter Northwest. So while I was in the comfort of the dry Mohave Desert, I bought them a used minivan of their choice with auto sales funding homeless shelters and food banks in their area. Just paying it forward.

    And with hyperinflated prices in the used car market, I had no choice but to fork out more than normal price. But that’s okay because I prevented a good woman and her son from becoming homeless on the street.

    Let’s hope all of us gold & silver Stackers come ahead during the new year hedging against those hyperinflated Federal Reserve Dollars. Happy New Year 🥳

    • Greg Godschall Johnson

      God bless you.
      This is money in the bank – karma – what goes around comes around.
      Happy New Year.

    • Judith

      1 Corinthians 13:13

      “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

    • Judith

      “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

    • Jeff

      I hate to mention to you and the other commenters, but the Word specifically states if you receive man’s approval (for mentioning it) then you lost your heavenly blessing for it.

      • Nancy York

        Not fishing for a heavenly blessing. The message is for more folks to become charitable especially during our nation’s many natural disaster crises of recent. God already blessed me many times in my past and recently protected me from epic floodwaters.

        It’s called Paying it Forward.

        The other message relates to Mr Hunter’s excerpt re what folks like me face -massive inflation.

        • Laura McDonough

          Nancy York: We help several group homes in area and donate periodically. We are retired on fixed income, also others have given me items to pass on to these homes. With inflation and a lousy SS raise it will be bad for many retirees and working younger families. We watch the sales and live simple lives. When younger we did lots of travelling. I never tell others exactly what we donate but ask them to donate this or that.

  14. Mark Brown

    Michael Yates might have just told you why the borders are open, could it be bringing all kinds of infectious diseases

  15. Greg Godschall Johnson

    Hi Greg,
    You need to have another interview with Clif High and debate Trump’s comments re CV vax.
    Would be most interesting.
    CH is on the ascendant at the moment.
    God bless

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Agree Greg. People are deluded if they seriously think Trump ain’t still with the good guys.
      Happy New Year y’all.

  16. Vincent

    Greg, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a Great and Happy New Year and I hope continued success in 2022,God bless you and all your listeners. Vince in London.

  17. Jane Reynolds

    A huge thanks Greg for all you do. You are a must see channel. God bless you and your family. Here’s to a destruction of the Democrats in 2022. The truth will out. You are a hero. God bless all patriots worldwide. Love from France.

  18. Marie Joy

    We can, all, talk until we’re blue in the face but it, still, comes down to one thing. GENOCIDE

  19. Laura

    Hi Greg, Happy New Year! I wonder since anything that has come out of Trump’s mouth the crazies in media are all up and tearing it down like they did with HCQ and Ivermectin and so on. Anyone who is paying attention and doing the research would see right thru this. Watch what happens. Optics in play. Pray. God bless.

  20. Bronson

    Honest, accurate news reporting. This is why I watch Greg Hunter news. Thank-You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bronson!!

  21. nathan dunning

    I totally agree about Donald Trump. I was a huge fan of his but I’ve also been shown some things which make me think he is the Antichrist. If he is reelected in 2024 look out Greg and all my American brothers. We all know the Antichrist will be loved by the Israeli’s and they will call the Antichrist, the Messiah. I believe if Trump is reelected he will rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem and then he will declare himself King of Kings and God in the flesh. Watch this space. What was he doing on Epstein Island all those times? Gillaine Maxwell won’t see 2023. Happy New Year Greg and stay strong brother. May we endure to the End and be saved.

  22. wayne reeves

    Greg: Is there someone who can explain about viability of the spike protein outside of the body?? For example: How does it remain viable at certain temperatures and how does it remain viable on surfaces??

  23. david wilson

    brother greg,
    Thank You for all you do.
    Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    watch Dr. Bhakdi’s latest video on Brighteon.

  24. John Klafin

    You and the health ranger seem to miss what seems to be obvious to me about Trump. I think he has been compromised. Just like Judge Roberts re Nobamacare. If Trump were offered the 24 presidency in exchange for several in his family not be taken away, my guess is he would take the offer. His first duty to confirm his ‘loyalty’? Support the death shots. I want no credit for this, it is all yours to use if you see fit. I just wamt my privacy. Thanks.

  25. nathan dunning

    Cliff High has been wrong many times he’s only Human too. He was in tears in 2020 saying we were all going to Die. He was convinced that Covid was a super Bioweapon and that there was no hope for Humanity and that 90% of the population would be wiped out. That is a Huge miscalculation and he is a big Trump fan like many of us have been. However he is an atheist and believes in Aliens and he is fallible like the rest of us. But we have Jesus Yeshua and the hope of ever lasting life once we slip into the Heavenly dimension or we leave after the 1000 year reign. Nothing personal I’d love everything Cliff says to be true but after 2020 I can’t take it seriously.

    • Greg Hunter

      To be fair, Clif High never said to me that 90% would be wiped out. He said the evil Deep State Globalists want 90% of the population wiped out. His number was 1.24 billion would die from this bioweapon. Bio tech analyst Karen Kingston and many other call this vax a “bioweapon” because the science and data says that is actually what it is. Clif has made many correct calls in 2020 and in 2021 on USAW by the way. Thanks for your comment.

    • Jerry

      I just listened to Cliffs lumpy woo. It all makes perfect sense now:)
      Unfortunately my brain is stuck in the 60s and I kept thinking about lumpy Rutherford from leave it to beaver.

    • J

      The Indiana Insurance Company big company saying DEATH has increased
      40% proves what Cliff high was talking about. A huge die off. Three guests mentioned. it.
      Cliff is on the mark pretty amazing guest. Wishing every one a blessed New Year.
      Greg you have done an outstanding job this year and saved many lives.

      • Greg Hunter

        Remember this was data from 2021. Clif was predicting a big die-off in the first half of 2022.

  26. David Showers

    Greg, thanks for reporting the truth. The MSM has become practically worthless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David. Everybody should turn off the propaganda. A top NFL quarter back says the NFL is doing something contrary to stated public policy (handing out Ivermectin for covid) for their league and not s single “news organization” follows up on that huge story??? That’s a sure sign we do not have a functioning news media. The story cannot be done because it goes contrary to the vax narrative and propaganda they want to push.

      • Lynne Reville

        Hi Greg,

        I wasn’t surprised to see this tidbit sneak out about the NFL players. Everyone on MSM vilified Aaron. Typical. The NFL has to keep going. It’s all about money & the narrative cannot be broken that the jab is “safe & effective”. I truly reminds me of the Roman Empire. Bread & circuses literally. Take the gov’t money & watch TV. Those that do so fail to recognize that all throughout history, empires collapse. Rome made sure their soldiers were paid in gold because the silver currency continuously debased & the soldiers didn’t want it. So, the NFL players get “gold”. They must distract the masses in the arena. Thank you for all you do. I admire your candid honesty & commitment to the truth. May God bless you & yours with a very Happy New Year.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Lynne with your analysis!!

      • Paul

        I am thankful the media is not talking about the NFL and ivermectin. If they did, Fauci and his gang would work even harder to get rid of it for everyone. I have a doctor friend who is on the team staff for two major sports leagues. He is also the medical director for another minor league. They are under tremendous pressure to do as the government wants. He is very careful what he says, even when we talk privately. He has been using ivermectin with patients for a year and a half now, but does so quietly. But, unfortunately he does give out the vaxx to people who want it. These experimental shots also violate the Hippocratic oath which forbids a doctor from forcing any type of treatment on a patient. What people don’t know is that doctors for the last 30 years are not taking the Hippocratic oath. The ones that do, take a watered down altered version of it or other oaths of conduct that allow for abortion and other things that the original Hippocratic oath does not. It is hard to even obtain a copy of the original Hippocratic oath. I have one. I got it from an organization that has a special banquet every year so that graduating medical students can take the real Hippocratic oath. Which blew my mind when I found out about that.

  27. Marie Joy

    Who will count the votes in 2022?

  28. peter tomkins

    werstern democratic govts have been hijacked by the cult free masonery, these free mason warlocks take an oath to serve lucifer and there god has ordered this de population agenda and these warlocks dare not say no to satan, jesus said to take no oaths and call no man master,, members of a secret cult should not be allowed to be in govt period

    • Earth Angel

      Totally agree. They(the masonic cult members) know it too and that’s why the cowards must hide in shame and darkness to advance their evil agenda. If they allowed it to be known the majority population would NOT have them.. stinking wolves in sheep’s clothing!

  29. Sylvia Sires

    1976 Swine Flu fraud, – CBS 60 minutes, 11 minute video

  30. Sylvia Sires

    1976 Swine Flu Fraud – CBS 60 minutes

  31. Astra Penny

    Greg, I know you admire Cliff High – but I do not and have not for quite a long time – for reasons of my own. His attempt to defend that ridiculous fool and incredibly dishonest Trump is too much.
    HOW CAN HE ? Trump’s remarks may cause very great harm to people who believe in him – STILL!
    It is all just so slippery. Both Trump and Cliff High are both very slippery characters.

  32. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    All our problems are created by, us. Selfishness and greed.

    Satan is destroying America, so the European beast can pick up the pieces.

    The overwhelming majority are focused on humanistic pursuits.

    God has written. It won’t change. Nobodies early. It’s on schedule.

    Thank you for your …”Tip of the spear”, broadcasts.


  33. Russ D

    Why do the Amish not get infected with the Fake virus Covid?

    Because they have no TVs or Computers.

  34. Fritz

    Dear Greg, you like many other Americans are hoping things get better after the 2022 elections. I am sure, no, they will not! Because it is impossible. You can’t reform a (political-)mob. One can only throw them into prison after checking all their known bank accounts in the U.S. and outside the U.S.. A court trial with lawyers is superfluous in that cases. (As far as I know the imperial China didn’t know lawyers, it was expected of the accused to simply tell the truth, so the court could sentence him fairly) The politicians are mostly criminal and self-serving worldwide.
    The only nation president I would trust somewhat currently, is Bolzenaro from Brazil, best prove he is a good worker for “we the people”, is that the majority of the Brazilian Media is at war against him.
    The only way out of the practically one party system worldwide, is one new party only for each nation. In these parties, “we the people” need to delegate their most trusted people who have proven that they can lead people responsibly. Have never been grabby for power and are willing to make all their financial dealings public, without exception. If someone is willing to work for “we the People” I can’t imagine that could be a problem for anyone. And, of course, must be willing to give his life for “we the people”.
    When that is done, all the top appointed bureaucrats need to be replaced, and as well any bureaucrats who have shown political bias in their bureaucratic line of work.
    The voting has to be done with pen and paper only. The votes must be counted by “we the people” and not by some party member. Before I watched your last presidential election, I didn’t know that it could be possible that only people of one party are allowed to handle the votes. That is totally insane! It leads straight to a messed up corrupt election as has been proven.
    Every citizen should have an ID card like it is customary in most countries worldwide. The ID card is a good protection against identity theft, by the way.

    A very good source for political & economic news from China are the YouTube channels China Insights & China Observer. Their clips last about 15 Min 2/3 times a week. This year 640,000 companies closed down, and the unemployment could reach more than 300Million workers. Everybody, that is the nation, provinces, companies and the people are over burdened with debt. The satanic communist CCP leadership failed the people, but that was to be expected.

    There I doubt 2022 will be a happy year,
    I wish you a secure New Year for You and Your family!

    • Jeff

      From Fritz ” The only nation president I would trust somewhat currently, is Bolzenaro from Brazil, best prove he is a good worker for “we the people”, is that the majority of the Brazilian Media is at war against him.” And that, my friend, is the best argument for Trump being on our side. Why would the press and everyone tied to the evil side utterly hate him and ridicule him daily for 4+ years?

  35. Nick

    I agree on your summing up of Trump and Clif High. The jabbed are in denial and will only wake up when reality slaps them in the face. The covid narrative had almost run its course from the cabals perspective. I think the next phase will involve 5G and mobile phones and towers to activate mind control or death or what ever it does and be sure to blame it on the unvaxed. You have covered this before but can you go deeper into this in 2022. Best wishes to you for 2022.

    • Nick

      How do you debunk mind controlled voting?

  36. Buddy Lee

    Way to finish out the year strong Greg . Shooting from the hip like a true Missourian . Thanks to all the fan’s who contributed towards the upgrade of equipment , that was nice to hear the behind the scenes actions . We appreciate your work Greg Hunter . Onward & upward , God bless you & your family & every bean on the farm , Amen .

  37. Julie Sadler

    YOU are the Man Greg. I listen to a lot of informed individuals but you hit it out of the park every time.
    Cannot thank you enough for all your brilliant investigative work.
    Take care. God bless and Happy New Year to you & your family.

  38. Tommy

    Thanks so much Greg for your yeoman work on shining the light on what is really going on. You really do separate the wheat from the chaff. It has become very clear that those who push the lies and refuse to answer questions are making money off the lies and those that actually give us the truth not only aren’t making money, they are suffering by losing jobs and being ostracized by their peers. We learn more by what the press doesn’t cover than what it does cover. Like you said about A. Rodgers commenting on the NFL teams treating players with ivermectin; that is one big beach ball he teed up and no one wants to take a swing at it. It’s amazing how the press, en masse, can cover up anything by not reporting.
    Thanks again.

  39. John Pick

    About two weeks ago I saw Bill Gates admit that “the Covid 19 “Vaccines” have not performed as we had hoped”, of course he predicted a Small Pox Outbreak.
    To me that signaled the begining of the end of the CovaHoax Narrative ?

    Thank you Greg for all your Hard Work in our behalf


  40. Don

    Your absolutely right on each subject, my friend. I told you a couple of post ago, how a friend took Ivermetin and it healed him. As for the economy, I believe this is the year that Fed. policy and their tricks, will be exposed. The mask will come off some time this year, when the 350% increase in M1 money supply increase in a years time will bring a reality check to the public. Inflation is just beginning, and its either default or print, with both hands this year. The interest rate increases promised, is a mire head fake, and as the collapse of the markets begin, so to the derivatives and treasuries market will begin to unravel. By far, the two largest of all markets, will force a default or unhindered printing into hyper-inflation status. I’m sure they believe they can get their political servants to make their digital currency, legal tender by legislation, and as soon as its ready, they’ll collapse the markets and reset the system. I have written my reps for years in Oklahoma, to remove the Fed. and legalize other currencies and gold and silver in a broad based, nation wide effort. Its a weight and see, but hopefully our liberties will be preserved and central planners will be looking for a job. God knows. God Bless

    • John Geis

      Not enough have died!

  41. Mark Maples

    I am not trying to be a contrarian Greg, but you state that the “economy can’t handle a taper”

    Well, as I have said before, if you would have known the massive amount of money printing that was coming, based on this “virus “ and all the economic policies that have been implemented, we would have said our economic system would have collapsed.

    We all understand that the math doesn’t work. Economy should have already collapsed

    I say that to say this. Perhaps we keep rolling along for another 50 years?

    I have to admit at this point, I simply don’t know

    I have come to the conclusion that this system will continue as long as the dollar is the world reserve currency

    We have our gold, silver, cash as well as about 70pct equity in our home and no other debt

    That being said, anyone who has left this market over the last 10 to 15 years has taken a haircut

    I agree with your assessment of our system, but I think we must acknowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know

    This grifting ponzi should have already collapsed

    We simply don’t know

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Mark,
      We do know and the Fed is telling us this. The sad fact is the Fed is damned if they do and damned if they don’t fight inflation. The real inflation is 15% not 6%. 2022 is the year it breaks.

      • Joseph M

        Why can’t I leave a Comment on your web site, I try every week. Thank you.

      • Mark Maples

        I believe our fiat economic system is terminally ill.

        I am simply stating that the system has stayed on the tracks for much longer than I thought it would

        I remember the “national debt clock” on tv in the 80s

        I remember when republicans and talking heads used to bemoan our national debt. It was nothing compared to what it is now, and yet on we limp

        I have taken your advice to a degree, we are debt free other than small mortgage (working in it)

        I have some metal as well

        Regardless of what happens, staying out of debt is always a good idea

        I appreciate your website and content

        • Warren B.

          …”I am simply stating that the system has stayed on the tracks for much longer than I thought it would”…..
          You must remember that the system is a construct of those in Power – they pull the levers and controls in any given direction to suit their desired outcome(s). Markets are the perfect indicator for how far we have come – in terms of removal from the definition of “Market”…to more closely align with what is more correctly termed a Fabrication – so far removed from reality ….and only surviving on the fumes of oxygen provided them by those in control of the Money Supply. Distortion – is inadequate when used to describe the overblown nature of everything that fictitiously purports to represent a price.
          We do live in the world that is very close to what is portrayed in the movie the Truman Show. A closed system – with limitations.

      • Ivan Petrov

        The real inflation is far above 15%. John Williams is providing an old data.

  42. John

    Greg thank you for your hard work. Stay low tech. Best wishes. John

  43. Chip

    Was listening to the radio yesterday. Michael Bury (Houston Conservative Radio Host) is subbing for the Rush Limbaugh spot this week. He was interviewing the CEO of Goya foods and they were talking about his increased labor, material, and production costs.

    Michael asked him to quantify what he thought their price increases would be in 2022. He said “over 40%” !!! If Goya is experiencing that, you know that all the other food producers are. We’re not being told the truth about inflation, more lies by omission from our main stream media (what’s new)… Happy New Year all… Chip

  44. cheryl

    if the govt cannot legally mandate the vax then i dont see how an employer can. who is responsible for vax injuries? if big pharma isnt then is the fed govt and employers and grocery stores that may require it int he future in order to buy?

  45. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Keep up the great work.
    I look forward to watching your excellent video reports in 2022.

  46. Gary Mooney

    Greg. Excellent, concise analysis of our current dismal condition. When all hope seemed to have vanished, I watched your video this morning. I have spent the past five years trying to awaken people to the truth. Yet few, including my family, would listen, but rather vilified me, calling me crazy. It is nice to have someone like you telling the same narrative. The most important thing you said was, “Jesus is real”! Unfortunately, too many supposed Christians, don’t know the REAL JESUS CHRIST, or they would not have been falling over themselves, lining up for the JAB! Why? Because the Good Shepherd warned, only sheep know my voice and will follow none other!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Gary!! Jesus is real!!!!!

  47. Rock

    Greg, the Deagel Report said the US population in 2025 is 270 million less than it is right now. This just so happens to coincide with the numbers of people who have had the jab.
    All test animals have expired that were used in the jab’s development. Connect the dots.
    The wackcine has outed Don T now.
    Better get right with God folks. He is coming.

  48. Ralph Kenniston

    Welcome back Greg. Glad you took some time off!
    Looking forward to your input during 2022! Many of God’s blessings on you and your wife. I pray for your protection!

  49. John Mills

    Great Wrap Up for the Yearend Greg !
    Just the Facts/ & the Truth !
    Let’s all Hope and Pray for a Happy New Year in 2022 !

  50. Del

    The state of Oregon has ordered 12 million at home Covid test. Besides the economic gain and more ways to perhaps raise the case numbers. Why would I or any other person trust them. They are knowingly killing people now with the vaccine. Maybe this is another way to get spiked proteins into your system. Isn’t this a sad state of affairs? If I feel sick, I will just take ivermectin and be done with it.

  51. Mark

    Happy New year.

    Please try to get Robert Kennedy Jr. on to interview him about his book and his knowledge on Fauci and covid. His book is The Real Anthony Fauci”

    Nobody does interviews as well as you.

    It would be a great feather in your cap if you could get him on.

  52. Linda

    As a nurse, I would never take part in the genocide. People will hang. You think people aren’t going to know nurses took part in euthanizing their loved ones? You know what you are, giving these killer vaccines? Nazi nurses, may God intervene in your lives to save the innocents you feel virtuous about vaccinating. I hope you find Jesus before your demise. Look up Nazi executions after Nuremberg trials. That’s your future.

  53. john

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,,,,

  54. Genesis

    Great Health and Prosperity to You and your Family for years to come

    Love and Gratitude

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Genesis and back at you too!!


    Happy New Year, Greg. Thank you to you and your family for your patriotism, dedicated reporting and sharing of God’s Word. You are the backbone of the patriot channels that started when Trump came down the elevator. At some point in the future when we have unbiased main stream media (if that is possible), I hope to see you front and center, using the same format you use now. The paradigm for free speech and reporting must change.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mary Ann.

  56. al

    PLEASE STOP.. PLEASE… Ponder on these words Greg, PLEASE


    If Trump, at any time, said not to take the jab because it’s dangerous the lying media whore would spin that statement hard, fast and often, REGARDLESS of what they said in the Past! Fauci and others like him would plead innocent somehow.


    People have a short term memory and they tend to believe what is repeated over and over again. NBC BREAKING NEWS !
    “TRUMP IS A KILLER, JAN 6TH PROVED IT and he just pleaded guilty by saying he’s a known mass murderer .. THE JAB HE CREATED WAS DEADLY AND HE KNEW IT !!! HE SHOULD BE HUNG !”…

    That BS would overtake every news cycle for YEARS!

    The fact of the matter is he was given bad advice, and knowing that IT WOULD BITE HIM IN THE FUTURE he keeps up this lie and takes on your arrows thrown at him even though he lightened the future burden on the people.
    Think of the alternative, no vaccines would have us locked down for years ! Please think about that.

    He simply said he took it, “likes it”, and recommends it if no therapeutics can be found.
    THE MAN HAS DONE SO MUCH! HE WOKE UP THE WORLD and you fault him for this?

    Trump just got booed at a rally recently for saying he liked the jab. Normal thinking people will not follow that mindset based on his word, anyone that does deserves the Jab (survival of the fittest). They are blind followers.
    Critical thinkers are not blind followers and a very high percentage of Trump Supporters are Critical Thinkers.
    You, me, everyone here, or they wouldn’t be here.

    Sometimes you have to lie for the good.

    Happy New Year, I feel 2022 will be a very good one for all of us here, especially you Greg, you’re a gem.

    • Mark Maples

      I prefer to judge people on behavior, not talk.

      “Lock her up”

      Trump greatly increased national debt, signed bloated pork deals

      Candidate Trump “stick market is a ponzi bubble”

      President Trump “Greatest stock market ever”


      January 6 Trump supporters are rotting in prison

      At this point, you have to perform significant mental gymnastics to think Trump is a good guy

      His actions indicate otherwise, and have for years

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Well said al. True our Greg H is a reporter and a brilliant one at that, but he ain’t a military strategist. That’s not a criticism just a fact.

  57. Stan

    2022 will be a wonderful year. Nothing to fear folks. I had some great talks with my friends from the NY Fed and JPM at our excursion to St Maarten the past few days. Inflation fears will subside, the Dollar will gain strength and market share, equities and certain derivative contracts will be strong, the yacht market will be strong and more. Cheers!

  58. Reginald

    Trump needs to stop listening to his advisors like Mark Meadows. Tout suite

  59. Ralph Kenniston

    A message to those who regularly comment: put your money with your opinions. Greg needs as many monthly financial supporters as possible. A monthly support of $10 from many would go along way in helping him combat corruption and deception. If you can give more do it! If you cannot financially support, support him with your encouragement and prayers. Yes, praying does work. Become a part of his work, get involved financially and personally! And yes, I am! Are you combat ready? Are you prepared to take on the enemies of Liberty and justice by supporting a defender of truth?

  60. Statistical Engineer

    Greg’s right about Trump.

    Don’t be surprised about Trump treachery especially if you don’t know what Smith-Mundt is. (legal domestic propaganda)

    PS: Cliff High is wrong / poor data. Linguistics mining is void in censorship.

    PS2: Thanks, Greg!

  61. Country Codger

    One word, FANTASTIC!!!
    Lo Iyrah!

  62. John Geis

    Greg, Many tens of thousands owe you a debt of gratitude. Have you noticed the flood of celebrities who have suddenly died? Have you noticed they give no cause of death? Then there are all the athletes like Robbie Roper … And he didn’t kill himself. I want to make sure that’s clear. But even at the hospital, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him,” he said. The report said Robbie Roper got sick while he visited family in St. Augustine, Florida. The paper said there was no autopsy… Note the coach lied and said it was from surgery! Now when a healthy young man dies from unknown causes autopsies are MANDATORY yet none are being done because they know they would show it was the clot shot! You are unvaxxed, have ivermectin, and a place of safety in the country so your song, like mine, is “Don’t worry, be happy.
    God Bless!

  63. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all you do. I hope you enjoyed a few hours of the holidays.

    Before Christmas, I was working with an unvaxxed friend. he is generally in extreme good health but was feeling under the weather that day. Since he was flying to Texas right after Christmas, he took a covid test so he didn’t travel to O’Hara just to be turned away from his flight. He tested positive. But what he wanted me to know was how they tested. at the inprov testing site 2 guys working a room wearing cheap masks, helping people use their phones to mandatory register for both the 20 minute and 2 day results. (twice the positive results per infected using a sloppy, inaccurate test). These ‘doctors’ assisting and administering the test wore no gloves at all (none visible), no wiping stations between patients ( again, no spray or wipes visible), and no social distancing. A protocol my friend deemed totally unsanitary for a ‘pandemic’ crisis.

    Christmas day I woke very tired, congested, and a sore throat. I figured a common cold like those in the past. By day 2 I realized it was one of my worst cold in a few years (I usually get 1 every couple of years). I increased my zinc, C, D, health oils and rubs, and Ivermectin. Better in 4 days. Isolated but never got tested. I see no reason adding to false figures based on symptoms I have lived with in the passed without a second thought. 2 more in the family now are sick. Following the same procedure including isolation and no testing.

    I guess the take away is this. My personal experience was the same as it was 10 years ago when I would get sick, with the exception I almost feel like a criminal for not being sucked into the narrative.

    Folks, it is one hell of a rabbit hole. But USAwatchdog, thehighwire, RK jr, and hundreds of others exposing the fraud are spot on. We must stay the course and stand tall. Our children, grandchildren, and future need us.


  64. Steve

    Greg, Happy New Year !! I voted NO to vote for Donald Trump in your survey !! I voted for him in the past, but I still see the geoengineering of the climate going on here in New England to this day. What about all the weather related incidents over the past 4 years ?? See Dane Wiggington !! I know you have to pick your battles in any leadership role, but if they don’t kill us with the vaccines, they’ll get us with the chemicals. Bill Gates hired the guy who admittedly can attach a virus to particles !! I wonder how these variants get around the world so fast ?? I can’t vote for someone who hasn’t done anything on this score !! Best Steve

  65. Fred Engel

    Fear not Vaxx not! Jesus is real. Thank you Greg for your work, have a great and prosperous New Year!

  66. Rick

    I respect Clif High. He makes a lot of sense on many things. I do not know about Trump. I do know I do not like his public stance on the “quackcines”. He may or may not clear up his public stance before 2024, it remains to be seen. The problem is we cannot stomach another four years of Democrats (communists) and the influence of the CCP.


    Happy New Year Greg! I look forward to every one of your broadcasts. Your reporting is so refreshing because it is truth which is becoming harder and harder to find these days. Like yourself and many others, Trump’s position on the “vaccine” bothers me to no end. I hope that Clif High is correct in his analysis. Other than that issue, Trump is the greatest President America has had since JFK.

  68. Keith

    I went to see my mom before Christmas, asked her if she got the booster. She said she won’t get it after the 2nd shot made her feel “like she was dying”. I tried to share some relevant information regarding the VAERS and other tidbits of truth- and she emailed me later to say that she finds “my way of thinking to be extreme, and we all need to find ways to compromise”.

    Unfortunately, there are those who will never come around to waking up. They’re just too far gone. I have other members of my family that I just can’t reach- they’re “educated” and therefore “smarter than I am”. I’m just a whackadoodle conspiracy theorist.

    I’ve done all that I can. Now turning my energies to those closest to me that I can help.

  69. Juli Barbato

    First and foremost: God bless you, Greg. I thank you for your integrity–as a reporter and as a human being–and for your courage. I wish you and Betty and your family perfect wealth, perfect health, perfect love, and perfect self-expression/freedom in 2022 and always.

    As to Trump, I will not throw out the orange baby with the bathwater despite the following items that irk me about him:
    1. The shoulder stab. Just stop hawking it, already! However, I give credence to both Clif High and Dave at X22 Report. We are not privy to all information.
    2. His lack of support–moral and financial–for the J6 prisoners. Shameful! I hope we find out that he is anonymously paying attorneys to help them and is helping their families. I don’t care about optics. HELP THEM! Not holding my breath.
    3. His failure to pardon Julian Assange, who did not STEAL anything. We know who gave him the info. If it hadn’t been for Julian, I doubt Trump would’ve been able to beat the Dem cheating. Again, SHAMEFUL, imo.
    4. His failure to pardon Snowden or to look into the matter deeply and transparently. Whistle blowers MUST be protected, not punished.

    At the end of the proverbial day, Trump won the 2020 election and should be seated for a second term. Maybe he is still in charge and the denouement is about to occur. Again, not holding my breath.

    Thank you for allowing me to express myself.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Juli!!

    • Mike R

      Trump’s not in charge. Behind the scenes or otherwise. That was a total hoax.
      It’s called What You See is What You Get. WYSWYG.
      And we are stuck with Biden.

      Folks need to get off this whole Trump thing. He’s gone. He’s in private life now, and has no desire to go back to the swamp. He does have SS protection, so that’s pretty much all he needs, that he didn’t have before. Now he gets to play armchair quarterback, and deride all the imposters, but at the end of the day, there is no one else out there any of us can count on, when it comes to someone going into the Swamp, and coming out ‘alive’ while having any meaningful impact.

      The country has been changed, and it will continue to change. Personally, I think the government as we know it today, must be abolished, and it cannot be allowed to be replaced with socialism, marxism, communism, as those are all failed ideologies. Today’s definition of ‘capitalism’ is basically damaged goods too, so we can forget about that.

      We need to go toward a more entrepreneurial society, where small businesses can thrive, and large corporations have severe limits, including not being allowed any lobbyists, or any type of campaign contributions. Google, FB, Apple, Microsoft, all need to be broken up. They are defacto monopolies in their respective areas, completely protected by the current government from any real competition. The larger the corporation, the higher the tax rates, so as to limit company size. Nobody and no CEO needs to be a multi-billionaire. Small businesses are more heavily taxed than large corporations, and that has to stop. But large corporations effectively OWN, the folks in DC, so there is no way under the current form of government that small businesses have a chance.
      The business environment and regulatory environment HAS to be changed. Or our society will most certainly die off into oblivion. No different than what happened to the Roman Empire. A massive market crash and 90% drop would be the start of that cleansing process. Lets hope that starts in 2022, and is relentless. Then the dollar can be reset, or basically destroyed, and then a new gold backed currency can be installed. But first all of the bloated stocks need to be imploded.

      • London Center

        To get to all that Mike, the CIA must be brought back under civilian control and our government in the shadows eliminated for representative government as per the deep state creation of the Dulles brothers. Plausible deniability is the downfall of our republic for which it stands. Life, liberty and the pursuit of the treasonous traitorous assassins and they’re black op operation funding, of this fake government in hiding. Do you hear us, our house of representative cowards of deep shit and not we the people, fought and won, from the crown, for this?

        Arrests in Stuttgart as activists attempt anti-Covid protest | AFP
        92,651 views Jan 1, 2022
        AFP News Agency
        About 100 activists attempt to gather for an unauthorised protest against Covid vaccines and restrictions despite police presence and some arrests in Stuttgart, southern Germany

        Protests in Europe: Police in Amsterdam clash with anti-lockdown protesters
        478,725 views Jan 2, 2022 Daily Mail
        Riot police tried to break up thousands of Dutch protesters as crowds gathered in Amsterdam to protest Covid lockdown and vaccination measures in the Netherlands today. Demonstrators, most of whom didn’t wear masks and ignored social distancing guidelines, defied the local government’s outlawing of the protest due to fears some demonstrators might be planning to attend ‘prepared for violence’. Videos on social media showed one man escaping a police dog biting his hand, and, in other clips, showed chaos unfolding as crowds ran around the city. Some could also be seen being hit with batons as authorities tried to break up the march.
        Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema issued an emergency ordinance, empowering police to clear the central Museum Square, after the protesters violated a ban on holding public gatherings during the latest wave of coronavirus infections. As crowds marched, they played music and held yellow umbrellas in a sign of opposition to the government measures before being pushed away from Amsterdam’s Museum Square as riot police marched across the grass to clear the area, sending the demonstrators into nearby streets after the municipality later issued an emergency order for people to leave.

        A Conversation with Tova Friedman – Holocaust Survivor
        1,541,327 views Sep 9, 2016 EdisonBOE
        Tova Friedman gives a detailed account of her experience during WWII. Including her time in Poland and the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

        • Coal Burner

          We need to bomb Brussels first!

  70. Jerry

    Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

    When Biden announced they’d put together the largest consortium of voter fraud ever, he was doing so in accordance with Amos 3:7. Satan is held to the same standard that The Most High holds to.

    Perhaps it would be nice to hear from Paul Craig Roberts on Taiwan, Ukraine and Iran/Israel?

  71. Ralph Kenniston

    If you have to lie for the good, better rethink your definition of good!

  72. Jennifer

    Hi Greg!
    To You and Yours Have a Very Happy New Year, Filled With Love and Joy!

    To add to your predictions for 2022, I will say that Gold is bottoming here and now and will be moving higher over the course of 2022.

    Many pundits like to look to the bond market for an indication for breakage in the market, but realize that the bond market is a broken market. Interest rates effectively “soared” when the bond market broke, i.e., when the Fed became the buyer of last resort in this market a number of years ago. Since the bond market is a paper market, the Fed can and will make purchases in this market “to infinity”. They can, therefore, keep rates down until they usher in a new system.
    Because Gold is real money (NOT bitcoin), and because the physical gold market is NOT a paper market, the real indicator to watch is not the bond market, but the physical gold market. It is the real competitor to fiat and the financial system.
    My work is indicating that Gold is under both strong physical and technical accumulation, and that the market will begin to rise now and resolve to the upside, making new highs in 2022!
    All the Best! Cheers!

    • Jennifer

      Just to be clear, what I mean by “effectively soared” is that interest rates would have soared and would be well about 10% now had the Fed not become the buyer of last resort in this market.

  73. Jerry

    8000 Mayo employees are getting ready to loose their jobs on January 3, 2022 for not taking the jab.

    Look for the globalist to ramp up the mandates in the face of the Omericon virus in 2022. If Cliff High is right about Trumps plan to kill millions of people to save this country, he can kiss my ass. I’ve lost a son and several good friends, and almost my wife and myself because of this bioweapon attack, and medical martial law we are living under. Death by a thousand injections is no plan. It’s sheer evil.
    I’m not sure what happened to Donald Trump, but he’s not the same Person I voted for back in 2016. Anyone who supports a globalist agenda like Agenda 203o and the reset under The World Economic Forum is a traitor pure and simple. I’d rather believe that he is misled
    because according to my son who is running for congress, his base is still very large. The Democrats will make a move soon to remove Biden and replace him with a harder liner because he’s losing control of the narrative. It’s apparent everywhere you look. I say vote for the globalist in 2022. Why change hands in the middle of a good screw?

  74. Aaron Mathew Laforest

    Thank you Greg for a year of refreshing honesty and hard work you have done for all of us. Have a great New Year to you and your family. Happy New Year everyone else!

  75. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, nice wrapup to 2021 — Happy New Year… hopefully.

    “Fauci Goes There: Finally Admits Kids Not Being Hospitalized From COVID”

  76. Da Yooper

    Bravo Greg what a way to end 2020 & start 2021 GOOD JOB

    • Brooklyn


      I’ll have whatever it is that you are drinking….;)

      Ah, you only missed the target by an entire year as the clock just turned to – 2020….!!!

      Code word for this new year is “UNEVENTFUL”….Enjoy…!

  77. Daniel Goodacre

    Thanks for another year of giving us the Real Stories! I knew in March 2020 when Trump touted HCQ and everyone from MSM to the CDC/FDA and Fauci shot it down… Just get the Vaxx and Horse Paste will Kill You I knew that your guests on USA were right!
    Thanks for the last 10 years I’ve been watching USA Watchdog and pray that we get another 10+ years of the Truth!

  78. Sylvia in WA

    Greg Thanks for interrupting your short break to bring us an update. It is appreciated.

    Could anyone out there give an update on these Nuremberg II trials that are supposedly going on in Europe? If so, thanks.

    • Bill'sStilled!

      Washington state, Western Australia, or both?

  79. Steve

    Boots and braces approach to COVID

    If I have to take a test to see if I have COVID

    I probably do not have COVID

    Hey fauci ya despicable little homunculus , some down to earth advice
    stop testing the asymptomatic , if these tests were not free COVID would almost disappear

    get an accurate COVID test that doesn’t lie

  80. Clyde Cates

    When I tried to click on your video today all i got was a dark screen & the saying your video has been blocked. Then all of a sudden your video started playing. No problem after that…

  81. William Westenberger

    Why can’t we declare the Pharmaceutical companies as Enemys of the State and commence to seize their assets? We could also declare George Soros an Outlaw to be arrested and/or shot on sight for his collusion with known enemies (China is one)! I believe if we put them to the test these deep state liars will run and hide rather than fight to maintain their position!

  82. matt Brinck

    Greg, This is a military operation. Trump is talking of the Vaxx as against the real virus the Evil Deep State Players. The head of the hydra has been cut off but they are cleaning up the minions! Have to act as nothing has changed and every thing is still in control by the evil rat bastards! Thus still see chemtrails but are not toxic and 107 states. Know that everything is code talk and the white hats are in control. The Julianne Calendar XSMS Jan 6th is going to be nice per Trump! I look forward to this! Trump is in control with our Military! Quit fretting yourself! Love you Greg!

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes matt!

    • Robert K

      This sounds like “Trust the plan” and Q Anon group think. We’d all love for things to be 180 degrees different, the past two years to be a really bad dream we all wake up from. But we also have to face reality and the facts at hand. Nothing short of Christ’s return will we see dynamic change and fall of evil that has taken hold.

      • Robert Dziok

        “Trust the Plan” and QAnon Group Think? Some 5000 posts by Q (Military Intelligence operation/group during the time President Trump was in the White House) are Group Think? Clif High in a recent podcast of his referred to them (Q) as part of what he refers to as the SOC (Self Organizing Collective) and responsible for releasing that info via the posts. The SOC (Consists of Civilian and Military in US but worldwide also Clif has noted) is what is now taking on the Satanic Globalist/DS Evil (e.g. Human/Child trafficking). President Trump is part of this and remains Commander-In-Chief Clif High has pointed out in podcasts and interview with Greg.

        Q has posted there is no such thing as QAnon. Q posted there is Q and Anons but NO QAnon. QAnon was a fabrication of the Corrupt MSM/DS to try to associate Q with SOME Anons who posted intentionally misleading/deceptive posts. Q’s purpose was during the time President Trump was in the White House. The Military now gets information out of another type and other way (e.g. RRN – as the War has progressed to different stages now.

        Yes Q has posted a number of times to “Trust the Plan”. Clif High in interview with Greg has mentioned the Military’s plan called “Devolution” conceived in 1947 with updates over the years for such a time as this and went into effect 10/31/2020. RRN reports some results of that plan such as Military Tribunals now going on. I have posted in other comment in this WNW rationale for why RRN articles are true.

    • Occasnltrvlr


  83. Rod Brumley, Lt. Col USMC (ret.)

    Happy New Year my Friend
    In God I Trust
    Bitcoin Crashes in 2022
    Inflation will be rampant in 2022
    Money printing destroys the Currency

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that LtC Brumley!!!

    • Robert Dziok

      Thank you for your service and welcome home Sir! I served in the Army Vietnam War Era. My brother Joe USMC Danang Vietnam and brother John US Navy Mekong River area Vietnam (and elsewhere throughout the world). My Mom prayed for her sons every day and they all came home from Military service. My Dad was US Navy WW II.

  84. Tim Parsoneault

    Thanks Greg for all you do.
    God bless and Happy New Year!

  85. Al Day

    At 17:40, Greg, your video hit one of the biggest points in this fear mongering episode. This video is one of the most important one’s you’ve done to date on this subject. So concise with regards to the truth. Cut to the chase journalism, so to speak. Thank you so very much Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Al!!

  86. John

    Thanks for another awesome show, I can’t believe Trump got the Vax. I’m sure it was a vitamin or saline. My policy is to never watch anything from anyone who pushes this poison on the public. Now Gates is talking about canceling social security for anyone who refuses the jab.

  87. Peggy

    Not sure about Trump. I’ve had mixed emotions about whether he was sincere or part of the takedown to identify patriots. Remember, in the very beginning of his new administration he wanted to nominate Robert Kennedy Jr as a major medical advisor (I forget which position) and was nixed. Also, remember that he advocated HCQ and was ridiculed. He also purchased hundreds of millions of doses of HCQ to distribute in the beginninng of the pandemic, and that was quietly brushed under the rug. Also, he was disentanglinig us from WHO, NATO and UN. Were these all part of his cover or was he serious? I don’t pretend to know, and I don’t think I trust any of these public figures at this point. I will propose this, however, whether intentional or an unintended consequence, I think that his very controversial advocacy for the jabberwocky could spark a very lively public discussion about its safety and bring all the silenced voices out of the woodwork in an attempt by his critics to discredit him. Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?

  88. Pam

    Invite Clif High back on and have him explain why he thinks Trump is doing what he is doing regarding the support of the injection……..
    Whatever the reasoning is regarding Trump’s support of the vax……..It’s shameful…….
    Two of my family members are fully vaxxed and there was no convincing them otherwise………So there is no discussion. At this point they have had on adverse reactions. I pray it stays that way.
    I only know of one friend, 85 in age, fully vacinated, hospitalized with an enlarged heart. She is back at home……..Fingers crossed for her………And she is not linking her problem with anything to do with the injections………
    I don’t try and convince anyone not to get the vax anymore……….What will be will be. My main concern is to keep myself safe. I am in NY and I don’t need to be throwen into an isolation camp, which is where NY is going with a bill coming up in January. Something needs to change here in this screwed up world I am watching….It seems as though something should crash starting the house of cards to come down. Everyday it’s the same shit like “Grounghog Day” only on steroids.

  89. Julie A Cohick

    Twitter locked me out of my account the other night for posting the report that CDC Admitted that the PCR Tests were faulty & showing False Positives. Twitter sited WHO in telling me that I was posting misinformation. To get my account unlocked I had to delete the posts, which I did. But what really galled me is that very report from the CDC was then on TV the very next day, right after I had to delete the posts in Twitter. The more truth we try & give people the more the Devil whispers in peoples ears to knock that truthteller down & make them disappear which is what GOD meant when HE said, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour (to make disappear or of no effect).” 1st.Peter 5:8

  90. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great report as usual…Blessings and best wishes for you and yours this coming new year!
    Normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport ? Odd ? But this past year why might it be so?
    Go ahead take a SHOT at the answer?
    339 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 193 Dead, After COVID Shot (

    393 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 230 Dead, After COVID Shot – Real Science (

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point J O!!

  91. The Rev

    God-fearing people of the world, it is time to DECLARE WAR against our enemies starting January 1, 2022. You keep asking, what can little ole me do? Let me show you the BEST way to defeat them and with VICTORY guaranteed!!!
    Something UNBELIEVABLE just happened to me! I officiated at a friend’s funeral two weeks ago and God’s Spirit moved on me like NEVER before. It was my wake up call, that God wanted to do something BIG through His people. I used Hebrews 12:1 as my text, “We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.” Let that sink in, my Christian Family. You are NOT alone. I told the family and friends attending this funeral that those witnesses include Noah, Moses, David, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Billy Graham, ALL the saints who have ever lived, and now your loved ones also. Here are only two of the many comments as proof that God was moving in that service. I received a Christmas card that said, “That was one of the Best funerals I have ever been to. You did AWESOME.” The grieving family sent a thank you card that said, “Thank you for Mom’s beautiful service. It could not have been better. Hands down, the BEST EVER!”
    God moved on me, and now HE WILL MOVE ON YOU as well. Acts 2:17 says, “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Not sure where I fit in because I am neither young or old. This is a heads up. Get ready, because I expect God’s spirit to also MOVE IN MIGHTY WAYS UPON YOU, His chosen ones. Wow, this is AWESOME! God is helping me write these words just like He did for that funeral message. I am sooooo EXCITED!!!!
    Now, there is a part of me that wants to attack and destroy these liars and murderers in the CDC, WHO, politicians, media, Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates, Soros, Schwab, etc. Then it hit me, that’s God ‘s job. Hey, you godless globalist communist snakes controlled by the devil, this is your prophetic warning. Repent and give your heart to Christ or you will suffer terribly at the hands of God. Our Lord will be VICTORIOUS!! Revelation 20:11-15
    Is 2022 the year that Acts 2:17 is fulfilled? I believe it has already begun. So, I declare in Christ’s name, a WAR against this evil that is trying to destroy the free world, starting today, January 1, 2022. Ephesians 6:10-12 says to, “Put on the full armor of God.” We believe in prayer! You are God’s warriors. We will be VICTORIOUS. Let’s defeat them through corporate prayer worldwide, on our knees. So let it be written, so let it be done. That is the battle cry, to your knees. This is something we can all do, which is the MOST effective way to win this war against the filth and evil in the world.
    This Declaration of War goes out to ALL prayer warriors, ALL Christians. Spread the word to the ends of the earth. We are counting on each other. Let’s not let our fellow soldiers in Christ down. Pray for God’s spirit TO MOVE ON ALL OF HIS CHURCH in UNBELIEVABLE ways in visions, dreams, and through prophesy. Pray every day in this New Year 2022 and watch what God will do because of our faithfulness.
    My prayer will be against the mandates, for people not to lose their jobs, and that these people will repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord or their family, business, and finances will be destroyed.
    Our theme song will be the two choruses in the song, “In the Hands of God” by the Newsboys. Folks, when we are in the hands of God, we will be VICTORIOUS!! God Bless and Happy New Year.

  92. EJ Cayton

    HAPPY NEW YEARS GREG!! You are definitely one of the (“OG’s”) Originals who helped open my eyes to the Truth Community, and helped bring me over from the “dark side”! Almost a decade ago I started watching your vids! You are one of the driving forces that has helped me accept Jesus back in my life and ask God for forgiveness everyday now! I was a very evil man and I also voted for Obummer TWICE, (I say with true shame!) so I’d say you’ve brought me a looooong way back to the LIGHT since then!

  93. Dave

    I agree with others about Clif High. I was always dubious and am more so than ever. He is wrong on too much. Still, he has a way about him that is engaging. The alien stuff is BS. He, IMO, is doing a form of “conjuring” which Scripture condemns.

    Gerald Celente is the most reliable/prescient guest. He didn’t call for a crash in 2021 as many guests did. The market is hitting all-time highs and the surge of crypto predicted for the EOY did not happen.

    Bring Wigginton back soon. The weather has been wild in NorCal this winter. Consider getting Dr. Michael Savage. A true Renaissance man who can tell you a tale about conservative talk radio and Limbaugh. David Limbaugh that is and how he blocked independent, non-neo-con radio hosts from going national. Limbaugh did this by controlling where the advertising dollars went. He could make and break you at the national level. Savage was one of few to break through the Limbaugh wall – his programs had a totally different set of advertisers than did Rush/Hannity/Levin. ers. Savage had to build his own advertising base – IIRC Lindell didn’t advertise on Savage’s program.

    BBB is not dead. Schumer the Dems and Manchin have been talking over the holidays. Manchin just came out for a repeal of Trump’s corporate tax cuts. Many think that tying this into BBB makes the BBB price tag drop by a trillion or more and would allow Manchin to vote for it. The same with HR1. Rumor is the repeal of the Lois Lerner rule could be removed from bill which is one thing that kept Manchin from supporting it. Biden still has a shot at getting one or both of these bills through in January.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High has made many correct predictions and spotted many trends here on USAW. Nobody is 100%.

  94. Wanda Grubbs

    Greg you are right, about Trump So many ppl wouldnt have taken the shots if he hadn’t been supportive of it from the get go. With his operation warp speed. Then again, people who follow blindly are mentioned in the Bible all the time. IF people believe they do not need Gods word so be it, upon them, Psalm 115:5 “They have mouths, but cannot speak; they have eyes, but cannot see; they have ears, but cannot hear; they have noses, but cannot smell.
    Why do so many blindly follow another Human being, I will never understand. There is so much evidence and proof that each one of us has a spark of the divine in each one of us, and when bad things happen to ppl being born or getting sick as a child, or when ever bad things happen to some ones health, most of the time it can be traced to mans interference/chemical use, and so on. If they would only open their mind and their eyes and see, the truth thats right there. I was on the fence with Trump when he did the law on bump stocks and then when he did the red flag laws OMG that was the final nail in the coffin of Trump support as far as I am concerned. They need to open a Bible, to any page, and ask the Lord to show them what they need to know. I do this often, when faced with issues. He always answers me. My favorite picture on the wall was one my Mother had on hers, Christ knocking at the door. Ask and ye shall be given. Thank you Greg for sharing the truth of what is, your words just confirm my own answers, and its so good to hear another repeat the truth as I see it, and know it, in my heart. I would have loved to be able to send you some money, you offer priceless information. Its just so hard to find any extra, my Husbands regular medicine keeps us living from pay check to paycheck. I am praying this next time I can find the money to buy the Ivermectin which is so important for us to have. I know he will provide. God bless you and yours!

  95. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, Happy NewYear , despite all that’s going on, I think like you the tide is turning . Let’s keep praying !

  96. iwitness02

    Thank you Greg for another year of honest reporting.
    Standing by for what may be the most interesting
    New Year of my lifetime.
    The world stage is filled with tension.
    The people who recognize the lies are getting tired of them,
    and tired of the people who are telling the lies. Especially in government.
    The elite scumbags have revolted against the people. Soon the people will
    revolt against the scumbags.
    My view of the future.

  97. Edward Huitt

    Hey Greg – I just discovered that I could scroll way down and leave a comment! I tried leaving a comment on Twitter but I’m not a member of Twitter ! I’ve been listening to you for months since you were kicked off youtube. My comment now is: THANK YOU GREG FOR YOUR WORK ON USA WATCHDOG, YOU ARE MY MOST RELIABLE NEWS SOURCE ON A WEEKLY BASIS. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY – and let’s pray that 2022 will be a lot better than this past year. – Edward Huitt , an American listener in Switzerland

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Edward for commenting from beautiful Switzerland!!

  98. FreeMpg

    Not sure why Cliff didn’t consider the Demons may be setting up Trump to take the blame.

  99. Elya

    In January Gates has said there will be another pandemic that will be ten times worse. He should know, he’s planning it.
    “Bill Gates He warned that an upcoming pandemic could be 10 times worse and that humanity is not prepared for it. He also insisted that people must learn the lesson that COVID-19 is giving us, according to a quote from the RT portal to an interview with the tycoon for a German media .
    According to the billionaire, “we are not prepared for the next pandemic,” in the same way he hopes that this situation will change in a couple of years and indicated the axes of opportunity such as drugs, tests, vaccines, epidemiology, and follow-up.
    “This pandemic is bad, but a future pandemic could be 10 times more serious,” said the magnate, who urged governments to protect their citizens against possible new diseases.
    You may be interested: Bill Gates predicts what 2021 will be like, alerts us to our immediate future.
    On the other hand, the philanthropist said that if this pandemic had developed five years ago, the world would not have had a vaccine in such a short time, while congratulating scientists for achieving such rapid progress in the development of the injection . He also called on the rulers to avoid vaccination nationalism and to distribute the vaccine fairly.

  100. john forgione

    Greg, use a Samsung 4TB external hard drive then when it crashes you dont lose files; also multiple pcs you can use it on each.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John. Thanks for the tip!!

  101. James j

    God bless, Greg, the world is a better place for haveing you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James!!

  102. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Thank you Greg! Your message every week and speakers coming on are my lifeline during this difficult time! Thank you for giving me hope. Happy New Year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy USAW helped you. Thanks for posting this here.

  103. Marie Joy

    2022, Brace for impact

  104. Carol

    Dear Greg,

    Happy New Year! Thank you for always reporting with your heart and soul….it shows.

    I wanted you to know, your weekly reminders about getting prepared prompted me to ask about my tires when I was getting my oil changed. My car is 6 years old and I have only driven 30,000 miles so I would look at the tread and it always looked good to me. However, tires can get “rot” even just sitting there, I an told. I live in Illinois and my car is left in the elements year round. Turns out, I needed four new tires, they were considered “at risk” dangerous to drive on and one also had a nail. I had them show me the “rot” and wow, it was everywhere. I would not have done so without your prompting. THANK YOU!
    All the best for 2022,
    C. Joyce

  105. Marie Joy

    Long, strong, weight-bearing, rope.

  106. ken

    Happy New Year USAWATCHDOG!!!

  107. Pam

    Tractor Supply was selling the horse paste for around $10 several months ago when I was looking for it but the stuff was out of stock in all their stores near me. I went to Amazon— they were selling it for close to $40. I bought some and will use it w/o hesitation if I get the Covid.

  108. Madi

    Dear Greg and all those who posted on your websites : thank you.
    To many people are uniformed or misinformed…Greg you are one hell of a journalist. The best !
    Healthy and Blessed 2022 to Greg and all USWatchdog family.
    Remember :” Condemnation without through investigation is the higher level of ignorance”
    Fear Not

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you.

  109. Alan Van Cleave

    Great commentary Greg,
    Look up what George Orwell’s view on football was and who it figured into civilization’s decline.
    God Bless

  110. Elias Andrinopoulos

    At our restaurant, I overheard my dad talking to a doctor from NY about how the “hospitals are overrun with people with heart conditions bc they didn’t take care of themselves during the pandemic (plandemic),” and a bunch of other nonsense, including that the vaccines are safe!

    That night he decides to have a heart to heart with me, and tells me he’s worried I’m going to die if I don’t take the stabbies. Lol. These things are really doing a number on people’s heads!

    Ps, I’m not taking the shots under any circumstances. I don’t even wear a mask. If a customer asks (which they don’t, people love our food), I am going to tell them I have a health exemption (in other words, I would wear the mask, excempt I want to stay healthy). 😂

    Happy New Year, Greg! God Bless you!! ☦️🙏🏻😊🎊🎆👍🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      You will be proven correct in 2022. Tell you dad that you are taking what the NFL is taking secretly and that is Iveremectin. The NFL is giving it because it works–period.

  111. Frank Stiles

    I think Trump can be trusted. Sure, when he mentions ‘getting the shot’ there’s a smattering of boos. That’s a few ‘non-deep thinkers’ among 1000s there who do understand. If you found yourself in 1940s occupied Germany, wouldn’t spouting a few “pro-Adolf” phrases help keep the heat off you till you could complete your mission? Trump has to maintain his cover. He can’t talk freely to his base right now. Let’s just wait and see how this all plays out.

    • Greg Hunter

      You better check the poll on the site. The boos are deafening. almost 100,000 votes and 93% are booing Trump on the Vax issue. Frankly I am shocked it is this lopsided.

      • Gary C

        Greg, even the Trump supporters in Canada are cry foul especially after the interview
        with Candice Owen’s.
        We looked at Trump as someone to streamline government, sure he made mistakes
        got bad advice from the Deep State, and Neocons.

        He has to come clean ASAP re the Vaccine, his refusal to not pardon Snowden & Assange
        indicates he is subservient to the MIC.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Gary!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Frank Stiles; right is right and wrong is nobody. A lie is a lie. Trump is history.

  112. Mike Scirocco

    Consider Trump’s Accomplishments:
    – didn’t stop domestic terrorist (blm/antifa) rioting for months
    – didn’t complete wall, didn’t have Mexico pay for it (unenforceable)
    – didn’t stop completely ineffective, illegal, economy & life-killing lockdowns
    – didn’t drain one drop of the swamp
    – didn’t fire Barr & clean up the DoJ, when we all knew Barr was a rat traitor
    – didn’t go after the Bidens when he had the laptop proving Hunter a pedo and Joe illegally colluded with China – making him unelectable ! REALLY ? He didn’t wan to “Hurt Afamily”. He hurt the whole country and handed us over to the Marxists with their trans “rights” ‘and CRT in schools, that’s okay right Trump? Don’t hurt this one family but you’ll hurt the whole country?
    Trump was a very ineffective politician, he sold hopium to the right (as oBombu did to the left), DESANTIS OR PAUL WOULD BE FAR MORE EFFECTIVE.
    * * * Trump booed for saying he wouldn’t investigate Hunter Biden: ‘I don’t want to hurt a family’ * * *

    clif high is very intelligent, but he’s been wrong, very wrong, many times, do your own research, trusting smart people just because they’re smart is not a good policy. clif repeats things a multicolored alien told him while he was doing hallucinogens, that clif did not independentally confirm were true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump did some good things too and that is why they cheated so huge and made sure Trump was not allowed his second term.

    • Dave

      Trump never was fiscally conservative. He used cheap borrowed money to build his empire. He refused to reign in sending and pushed a massive tax break to corporations and Silicon Valley. Hence the biggest deficits to date in his first 2 years. He could have vetoed the spending bills, but he didn’t. Sure, Congress would have overridden him, but it was a perfect opportunity to force GOP Senators to show their bona-fides as to being fiscal conservatives. To expose the RINOS.

      Trump quietly increased HB1 visas which is an attack on the American worker. Dr. Michael Savage railed against Trump over this bit conservative inc? Crickets.

      It’s rich to hear Biden being blamed for the sudden inflation by the likes of Hannity. Please. This was coming for a decade plus because of out-of-control spending. Including massive spending by Trump and his GOP controlled Congress.

      Trump was ineffective in the office. Whether intentionally or not. Another Trump Administration would be no different.

  113. r.v.

    Trump sold out his country to pharmia, better know as drug dealers from the begging. Traitor, Austin current Secretary of Defense decimated the entire military establishment over CV19. Do not believe Trump is ignorant at all.

    recommend Comodo Firewall it is free you can setup rules for ports 443 etc. I Try not to use win os at all unless using Daemon Tools to de-bloat APK files from phones and read occasional emails via service provider.

    Mr. Hunter Happy New Year!

  114. Ira Elliott

    Happy new year Greg! Been watching you for many years. Pfizer’s profit for 2021 is projected to be 33.5 billion. In Japan they have gotten rid of Covid because they allowed Ivermectin in August

    • Greg Hunter

      May the company and its employees rot in hell for the millions of murders and life destroying injuries they have caused. Not one whistle blower has come forward from Pfizer and that say it all.

      • The Seer

        You don’t have to post this.
        Someone at the top of Pfizer quit and is speaking out. Can’t remember the name.
        You can have this person on if you find him.
        Isn’t Kingston firmer Pfizer?

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you talking about Dr. Michael Yeadon? He quite 11 years ago.

  115. Gary Horn

    Well Greg,
    I hope you don’t mind my engagement style of questions, which I present most of the time when I comment. I listen to many hundreds of hours of expert testimony myself and so manage to form some opinions of my own which I feel compelled at times two share. I do appreciate your work though, even if I failed to mention that each time.
    Happy New Year Greg, and thanks for all you do for the community!

  116. Not So Free

    Happy New Year to all.
    As I write this, it’s already 2022.
    It’s go to be better than 2021, RIGHT?

  117. jack mathers

    I got kicked off of FaceBook not for what I posted my page BUT for a link I seat in ” messenger ”
    let your friends on FB know that messenger is censored

  118. Bill's Stilled!

    Media reaction to CDC guidance demonstrates global ‘madness’: Author
    257,265 views Dec 30, 2021
    Author Douglas Murray comments on the media’s panic over new CDC quarantine guidance.

  119. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for the WNW. A friend of mine tried ordering t-shirts saying, “If you can’t question the science, it is propaganda” Aaron Rodgers. The t-shirt company wrote back and said, “Great! We will fill your order” but then 5 hours later my friend got a notice saying that the t-shirt design was against “company guidelines”. Probably the NFL complained. The NFL owns those players like slaves. Funny that 75% or more of the Negro Football League is black.
    Slavery never really left America. It just morphed into different forms.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the info Tim!!

    • Ivan Petrov

      These black people are making a ton of money. I, personally couldn’t care less about NFL as I am European and am not interested in this sport. But I know that this is the most favorite sport in your country. So, these guys are making shit loads of money. Otherwise, I agree that they are slaves, albeit rich ones. Every closed league in the world is a slave plantation.

      • tim mcgraw

        I agree Ivan Petrov. A rich slave is still a slave.

  120. Robert Dziok

    In the 12/24/2021 article RRN ( reports that at GITMO, Dr. Francis Collins blames Covid lies on Dr. Fauci. Collins was Fauci’s boss and former NIH Director. In the 12/21/2021 article RRN reported Collins was just arrested by the Military and charged with Fraud, Treason and Murder.

    • Marie Joy

      I just went to RRN and I hope everything they say is true but I doubt it.
      Did Killary swing at GITMO? Probably not.
      I think she’s hiding out because she has several illnesses that modern medicine cannot identify.

      • Robert Dziok

        For the benefit of those not aware I will point this out again: NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or Defense Attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high level Military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to continue if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN articles get hundreds of thousands of views. MB has stated his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and the Military. MB has stated he stands by his articles and sources and any disclaimer is only on the advice of legal for protection. MB has pointed out that CGI and Deep Fakes have very advanced technology. He also just noted in a comment response in one of his recent articles that it is his understanding there is a “mechanism” now to expose all of that. There are also the use of “Doubles” and advanced mask technology. MB and his site have been under attack from day one by the DS, Traitor Trolls, etc. spewing propaganda, lies and deception while increasing the volume and devious means of attack (e.g. Feigning support to gain false credibility and later withdraw such and attack.).

    • Robert Dziok

      Also, seems a bit “coincidental” the statement of Dr. Mike Yeadon (Former Vice-President of Pfizer) that Greg refers to in this WNW on the negative effects of “The Jab” with regard to destruction of immune surveillance system causing millions of deaths (e.g. cancer, viruses, bacteria, etc.) came out (12/30/2021) just a few days after former NIH Director Collin’s arrest by the Military. Maybe Yeadon is more concerned about his own possible Military arrest because of high level connections to Pfizer.

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Yeadon left Pfizer more than 10 years ago. He stared his own pharma company and sold it. He became a competitor. By the qway Dr Yeadon was one of the first to speak out on the dangers of these injections.

  121. Marie Joy

    Has anyone seen Hillary or Bill Gates? Is there ANY evidence of their arrest as reported in realrawnews,com

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary was just our asking for donations to the Clinton (Rip-off) Foundation!Q

  122. Mark

    I am puzzled by what I see as a big point. I thought placebos were used only in the trial period of a drug for establishing a reference for comparison. But after the drug is approved, only the drug is used and placebos go away. How can it be that there are still placebos floating around in hospitals being given to people who think they are setting the real drug? Isn’t that a serious deception? I looked up the first batches of the manufacturers statements on the quantities produced and they show an incredible high quantity of placebo in the distributed shipments. Who is deciding to give someone the placebo in lieu of the real vaccine in public consumption?

    • Greg Hunter

      All good questions too bad we don’t have any federal agencies looking out after the public.

    • Dave

      That significant amounts of placebos are being shipped is perplexing. But it may expalin why some areas – the Bay Area where I live – that are 80% vaccinated and about 50% boosted are not seeing even hints of a die-off as Clif High.

      I know or know of several hundred folks who have gotten the vaccine. I volunteer at a support group for the elderly. Virtually all of them vax’d. Yet, I am seeing no indication of any die off or even serious side effects. I always ask folks I speak with about it. Have to be careful as in I’ll say “oh, great. You got the vax and boost. Any side-effects?” Almost to a person the answer is no – apart from there arm being sore and having felt a little sniffly for a few days after the vax.

      There are placebos being sent out. Could it be they are being targeted? Maybe to progressive areas like the Bay Area to protect the woke population here? Or more importantly – to protect the Silicon Valley? Gas the places where placebos were sent been identified. Did they go to mostly blue states? Or was it random?

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s all speculation Dave. I am hearing form people all over the country (including wo0ketard states and cities) and they are sick and the booster is the one thing that is turbocharging it all.

    • Warren B.

      What DRUGS are you referring to as being “APPROVED”?
      Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AZ, J & J all have EUA – they are NOT APPROVED DRUGS.
      We are still in the testing/experimental phase – that is made very clear in the PATENTS and FDA EUA.
      So the use of Placebos is real, prevalent and expected. The ratio of placebos to actual clot shots is the million dollar question.

  123. Jerry

    Well friends,
    January 5th is the date you want to mark down as the date the NWO starts to tinker with their new 5G toy. Are there any concerns?

    Anything is possible. Just like operation warp speed, we’ll be told it’s good for us, while we can’t explain why people will suddenly be getting sick. Genocide on steroids? Maybe? We’ll be told Don’t-worry, there’s nothing to see here, move along. The problem for me is everywhere I look, people are disappearing. First my son. And now close friends. There’s plenty to see, if you’re awake. Don’t be caught sleeping in 2022.

  124. Dusty Dude

    Tractor supply seems to have plenty of the ivermectin paste. And they will deliver it for a small fee. I have 6 tubes and have been taking it weekly. The dose is the same btwn horse and human in terms of mg/kg body weight. I take enough for a 150 lb horse…
    I also have human grade 6mg ivermectin which I recently received from Indiamart (nice phone app). I found a supplier that accepted PayPal. It took a month to arrive. I plan to keep taking the paste saving pills for family and friends.
    I also discovered that to a liberal ivermectin is about the same a a red MAGA hat. The sight of it invokes rage….

  125. Mike+G

    Medical malpractice and genocide. This covid malpractice by our medical practitioners will keep me away from these quacks for as long as I can. Car accidents, gunshot wounds, I’ll go, but pharma pushed pilliary, forget it.

  126. Ron

    The people who are pushing the reset want population reduction. People taking experimental drugs may accomplish that. The use of fear to control people/make profits off them and kill them is just evil. The future will show us if I am right.
    whatever the Government says the opposite is more likely to be true. What happened to people having a healthy dose of skepticism?

  127. Jerry

    I have confirmation of what is going on and what might be planned. I just talked to my son in Arizona who had the Moderna vaccine. The past few days he’s been sick with the virus. He said his oxygen levels were falling below 80 so he went and got the booster. Do you see the dependency working into the plan? Now factor in this.

    Someone is playing with small pox and Ebola? For what purpose?
    It’s clear that once the boosters are complete they will release the next wave of disease onto the population to complete the kill shot. If Trump really has a secret plan, he’d better be playing it or there will be no one left to support him. This is serious , as Bill Gates has already dropped a hint that small pox could possibly be the next challenge.

  128. Paul ANthony

    Everyone has their own correct opinion and thoughts and everyone else’s opion and thoughts are wrong. I scubbed my facebook account becuase everybody was demanded that they were right and everyone else was wrong .. what a bummer that the comments in here now feel like FB but without the censorship – Sad

    Happy New year everyone. Tis the season ehhh ? 🙁

    All the best in 2022,

    In HIM

    Paul Anthony Dodo

  129. Greg Morrissey

    Bible versus for our future please read and pass them on to all your Family
    Daniel 12:2 Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.
    Hosea 5:4 “Their deeds do not permit them
    to return to their God.
    A spirit of prostitution is in their heart;
    they do not acknowledge the Lord.
    Hosea 13:4 “But I have been the Lord your God
    ever since you came out of Egypt.
    You shall acknowledge no God but me,
    no Savior except me.
    Joel 2:12 “Even now,” declares the Lord,
    “return to me with all your heart,
    with fasting and weeping and mourning.”
    Amos 3:7Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing
    without revealing his plan
    to his servants the prophets.
    Amos 5:8 He who made the Pleiades and Orion,
    who turns midnight into dawn
    and darkens day into night,
    who calls for the waters of the sea
    and pours them out over the face of the land—
    the Lord is his name.
    Micah 6:8 He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
    To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly[a] with your God.
    Haggai 2:6,7 “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. 7 I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the Lord Almighty
    Zechariah 8:7,8 7 This is what the Lord Almighty says: “I will save my people from the countries of the east and the west. 8 I will bring them back to live in Jerusalem; they will be my people, and I will be faithful and righteous to them as their God.”
    Second Peter 3 :8,9,10 8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

    10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a]
    First John 4 : 17,18 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. 18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

  130. Don Audia

    Greg, Happy New Year! Can you share your resources? You provide such insightful information, it would be good to download and archive your resources so I can share with the uninformed!

  131. fritz

    Happy New Year, Greg! Thanks for all you do to bring the truth to light! Blessing to you and yours! ~deplorable fritz

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you fritz. Happy New Year to you also!

  132. tim mcgraw

    RE: Clif High and Trump playing 4D chess; Bullshit! Daniel McAdams was asked what was the Dr. Ron Paul Doctrine. Daniel answered, “To tell the truth.”
    Greg, you tell the truth. This is why I support you and consider you a brother.
    Keep telling the truth.
    Happy New Year!

  133. Nancy Kelly

    Hi Mr. Hunter,
    Your broadcasts are so informative and thorough. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into your research and convey it well.
    Thanks for all you do.

  134. Robert Holmstead

    Missiles On The Doorstep And Impending Nuclear Winter
    Just when you thought you were safe with Omicron and it’s mild symptoms.
    Look at the bright side, at least we won’t smell the burning flesh! Hopeful? Not our own, ouch!

  135. Gregg R Shepherd

    Yá’át’ééh Greg – Greetings from The Navajo Nation!

    Thank you for your truly courageous investigational reporting! I recently watched most of the “Covid Revealed” series, which included a multitude of great interviews, but I was most impressed with the conversations with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Since you are both so passionate regarding this tremendously important Covid issue, I would highly recommend him as a guest on your outstanding “USA Watch Dog” program. [BTW, you might consider viewing RFK’s “Covid Revealed” interviews beforehand, since it would likely give you ideas of some incredible talking points you might want to query him about – mindblowing issues that you and your viewers may not have been have already been exposed to.] My prayers are with you and yours!
    In Deep Gratitude, Gregg Shepherd
    A simple guy from “The Rez,” who at least knows how to spell his first name correctly:)

  136. Jeff robbins

    Thanks for all you do Greg. You are a trusted news source for me and my family is counting on me for at least being an example. I spent a lot of time thinking about the inflation puzzle. It’s going to be a big story for years to come. Good question for all to ask is ‘will price controls come in vogue?’ You better believe there will be floater stories put out to test the waters and condition the people- change the narrative. Personally we’re making preparations for a family fish pond- about 1/2 acre. It’ll round out a preparedness plan, not just for protein, but also as a water reserve. The grand version is to have picnics and special events like baptisms. By the way we have a tube of the ivermectin horse paste in reserve, it was less than $8. Thanks again.

  137. jon

    Happy New Years Greg, My wife and I have “Near” Natural Immunity against. Viruses, Crime Victim, Accident Victim, Poor acute health problems, Over Analysis overload. Our Natural Immunity is called “Common Sense”

  138. jon

    Hi Greg, Sorry about your need to upgrade with new computers. I spent my career in IT Mgt. at a large University Tech support. Rule of thumb is systems have built in obsolescence. They will typically be operational for 3-5 years and will have hardware compatibility with Two Evolutions of New Operating Systems. This is because computers, software and especially network/server/web services are upgraded constantly. Your computer can only upgrade so much to stay compatible with those network services and application upgrades, before they are too privative to communicate effectively. That is why they need replacement, regardless of how new they look.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jon,
      For this reason, I buy fast computers and usually the fastest they have.

  139. Roger Stamper

    tks for post happy new year

  140. Maria das Santos

    Thanks again Mr Hunter and a Happy and Blessed New Year.
    The truth you and we all seek is hidden and so much of what you do is indeed brave.
    Our economy here in the UK is truly awful for us plebs and its truly awful in the Euro zone,which is a currency in collapse thanks to Mario Draghi,Christine Lagarde and the European Commission along with the Davos set.
    Whilst the USA has problems compared to the rest of the world its the cleanest shirt that will be standing.

  141. Robert K

    Greg & Watchdoggers,

    T-Mobile is blocking links from TheGatewayPundit sent via text message. I tried it with my wife this morning. Sure enough, it’s true, and we both have T-Mobile. I tried sending two links: the link about T-Mobile blocking links via text and the link about MTG being suspended by twitter and both links showed on my wife’s phone as three dots, like I’m still typing, even though I had already sent the links, and my phobe has thr tine stanl when it was sent. Suppression knows no bounds.

    • Robert K

      *** Apparently, my phone auto corrected and misspelled words at the bottom. *** Fixed it.

      T-Mobile is blocking links from TheGatewayPundit sent via text message. I tried it with my wife this morning. Sure enough, it’s true, and we both have T-Mobile. I tried sending two links: the link about T-Mobile blocking links via text and the link about MTG being suspended by twitter and both links showed on my wife’s phone as three dots, like I’m still typing, even though I had already sent the links, and my ***phone has the ***time stamps when it was sent. Suppression knows no bounds.

  142. Justn Observer

    Greg, From Dr, Lynn Fynn’s = If there isn’t a crazy number of deaths in Boston reflective of this “case chart”, I’ll officially call this fearporn overblown BS.
    what a heck of a markup Fauci? a jab manufactured for $10 and patients charged what? = $3210 after the gov’t give them $70 million to develop it. Nice scam if you can get in on it?
    Dr. Lynn Fynn’s Science Enlightenment Channel & Stuff – Telegram

    and so many more little reported tidbits =
    Dr. Lynn Fynn (Fan Account) (@fynn_fan) | nitter (

  143. oneno

    Dr. S. BHAKDI is warning on “Disease Enhancement” that will affect thousands of millions all over the Earth

    Already a woman is suffering from this new tuberculosis.

    All those who are vaccinated and have dormant viruses and bacteria for diseases of the past, kept under control by killer lymphocytes, are at risk of disease enhancement. And of course, this will pose a danger to the unvaccinated as well via contagion.


    On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination

    Another article referenced in the video:

    Shots and Shingles: What Do They Tell Us?

    “Lymphocytes, the lifelong sentinels of the immune system, are responsible for keeping latent infections and tumors under control.”

    The covid vaccines that teach the body to produce the spike protein in vital organs attract the killer lymphocytes to destroy those vital organs.

    The vaccines also reach the lymph node cells that are also going to produce the spike protein that will attract the killer lymphocytes and kill those lymph node cells.

    The lymphocytes and the cells responsible for immune control over your body will die.

    Viruses and bacteria already in your body that are normally kept under control will explode!

    • Warren B.

      Good info. Thanks 👍

  144. Patysue

    Hearing so many different opinions today from our so-called “betters” in the government and society, I’m so glad to see your link posted every week in my inbox. Greg, you are a light in our dark world, and I thank God for you and your clear-headed thinking. Wish you could clone yourself! LOL

    I’m so concerned that most of our born-again Christian friends have taken the clot shot. They think my hubby and I are crazy for not taking it. They are very fearful, and I am putting all my faith in my GOD-given immune system and have some ivermectin on order if we do get sick. Also taking my supplements and taking a walk every day.

    Bottom line, our hope is in the LORD and no one else. Voted for DJT twice and he, too, has let us down. We are on our own now, but GOD! He is the resurrection and the life. I pray for peace in our hearts for 2022, as we know there will be none in our world until the LORD returns!

    Keep up the good work, Greg!

  145. Edmunde Burke

    Here’s a list of various doctors trying to bring you the truth at great cost to themselves. Search for them on uncensored search engines and platforms such as Duck Duck Go, Telegram, Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee.

    There are two Nobel Peace Prize winners and one nominee on this list.

    Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP)
    Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA inventor)
    Dr. Peter McCullough (most published on CV)
    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel PP Nominee)
    Dr. Kary Mullis (PCR inventor/Nobel PP winner)
    Dr. Rima Laibow
    Dr. Naomi Wolf
    Dr. David Martin
    Dr. Luc Montainger
    Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
    Dr. Judy Mitkovitz
    Dr. Carrie Madej
    Dr. Vernon Coleman
    Dr. Ben Tapper
    Dr. Michael Lake
    Dr. Christiane Northrop
    Dr. Simone Gold
    Dr. Sean Brooks
    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai
    Dr. Jane Ruby
    Dr. Ryan Cole
    Dr. Kevin Stillwagon
    Dr. Afzal Niaz
    Dr. Rashid A.Buttar
    Dr. Paul Thomas
    Dr. Vanessa Passov
    Dr. Jessica Rose
    Dr. Christopher Rake
    Dr. Charles Hoffe
    Dr. Mark Mcdonald
    Dr. Jeff Barke
    Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    Dr. Manuel Alonso
    Dr. Amir Shahar
    Dr. Patrick Phillips
    Dr. Bryan Ardis
    Dr. Franc Zalewski
    Dr. Daniel Griffin
    Dr. Zandra Botha
    Dr. Rochagné Kilian
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
    Dr. Henry Ealy
    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
    Dr. Michael Palmer
    Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD
    Dr. Harvey Risch
    Dr. Steven Hotze
    Dr. Dan Stock
    Dr. Sam Duby
    Dr. Francis Christian
    Dr. Chris Milburn
    Dr. John Carpay
    Dr. Richard Fleming
    Dr. Gina Gold
    Dr. Kevin Corbett
    Dr. Michael Mcdowell
    Dr. John Witcher
    Dr. Jim Meehan
    Dr. Chris Shaw
    Dr. Anne McCloskey
    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
    Dr. Christiana Parks
    Dr. Robert Young
    Dr. Amandha Vollmer
    Dr. Judy Wilyman
    Dr. Michael McConville
    Dr. Stella Immanuel
    Dr. James Nellenschwander
    Dr. Julie Ponesse
    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
    Dr. Paul Cottrell
    Dr. Lee Merritt
    Dr. Rochagne Killian
    Dr. Larry Palevsky
    Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo
    Dr. Hilde de Smet
    Dr. Elizabeth Evans
    Dr. Brian Hooker
    Dr. Joel Hirschhorn
    Dr. R. Zac Cox
    Dr. Mohammed Adil
    Dr. Ralph ER Sundberg
    Dr. Johan Denis
    Dr. Daniel Cullum
    Dr. Anne Fierlafijin
    Dr. Kevin Corbett
    Dr. Pior Rubis
    Dr. Pascal Sacre
    Dr. Nicole Delepine
    Dr. Lorraine Day
    Dr. Yoav Yehezkelli
    Dr. Nour De San
    Dr. Kelly Brogan
    Dr. Hervé Seligmann
    Dr. Annie Bukacek
    Dr. Mark Brody
    Dr. Steven LaTulippe
    Dr. Mark Trozzi
    Dr. Scott Jensen
    Dr. Byram W. Bridle
    Dr. Andrew Wakefield
    Dr. Larry Palevsky
    Dr. Dan Erickson
    Dr. James Todaro
    Dr. Joe Lapado
    Dr. Richard Bartlett
    Dr. Ben Edwards
    Dr. Pierre Kory
    Dr. Heather Gessling
    Dr. Bryan Tyson
    Dr. Richard Urso
    Dr. John Littell
    Dr. Scott Jensen
    Dr. Ben Carson
    Dr. Peter Schirmacher
    Dr. Zandra Botha
    Dr. Pamela Popper
    Dr. Theresa Long
    Dr. Nancy Burks
    Dr. Russel Blaylock
    Dr. Shiv Chopra
    Dr. Suzanne Humphries
    Dr. Tori Bark
    Dr. Meryl Nass
    Dr. Raymond Obamsawin
    Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot
    Dr. Robert Rowen
    Dr. David Ayoub
    Dr. Boyd Hailey
    Dr. Roby Mitchell
    Dr. Ken Stoller
    Dr. Mayer Eiesenstien
    Dr. Frank Engley
    Dr. David Davis
    Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych
    Dr. Harold Butram
    Dr. Kelly Brogan
    Dr. RC Tent
    Dr. Rebecca Carley
    Dr. Andrew Moulden
    Dr. Jack Wolfson
    Dr. Michael Elice
    Dr. Terry Wahls
    Dr. Paul Thomas
    Dr. Stephanie Seneff
    Dr. Richard Moskowitz
    Dr. Jane Orient
    Dr. Richard Deth
    Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic
    Dr. Chris Shaw
    Dr. Susan McCreadie
    Dr. May Ann Block
    Dr. David Brownstein
    Dr. Jayne Donegan
    Dr. Troy Ross
    Dr. Phillip Incao
    Dr. Robert Mendelson
    Dr. Theressa Deisher
    Dr. Sam Eggertsen
    Dr. Peter Doshi
    Dr. Shankara Chetty
    Dr. Elizabeth Eads
    Dr. Kurt Malhom
    Dr. Carolyn Bosack
    Dr. Heiko Shoning
    Prof. Retsif Levi
    Dr. Aseem Malhotra
    Dr. Patricia Lee
    Dr. Daniel Nagase
    Dr. Mobeen Syed
    Dr. Bruce Patterson
    Dr. Randi Juanta
    Dr. Phillip McMillan
    Dr. Peter Gotzche
    Dr. Kurt Malholm
    Dr. Sam Sigoloff
    Dr. Suzanne Humphries
    Dr. Ariyana Love
    Dr. Pierre Gilbert
    Dr. Nathan Thompson
    Dr. Scott Youngblood
    Dr. Peterson Pierre
    Dr. Darell Wolfe
    Dr. Mary Tally Bowden
    Dr. Thomas Ynges
    Dr. Guido Hofmann
    Dr. Anne Mcclosky
    Dr. James Grundvig
    Dr. Amanda Vollmer
    Dr. Kevin Stillwagon
    Dr. Luis Miguel de Benito
    Dr. Bruce Boros
    Dr. Steven Gundry
    Dr. Ray Page
    Dr. Tess Lawrie
    Dr. Andreas Noack
    Dr. Mark Hobart
    Dr. Peter Campbell
    Dr. Peter Johnston

    Not my work…. it was compiled and asked to be shared by the Conspiracy Music Guru

    • Jr

      also check BRIGHTEON.COM as there are interviews with many of these doctors there_ also this is the latest from: (Natural News) There are nearly 100,000 excess deaths happening per month in the USA right now, according to life insurance companies that are sounding the alarm over what Dr. Robert Malone calls a “mass casualty event” that’s unfolding due to covid vaccines.

      This is a red alert situation unfolding right in front of us. The human race is being slaughtered through the injection of “clot shots” that are deliberately designed to reduce global population through death and infertility. All the politicians, scientists, regulators and journalists who are in on this are committing genocidal crimes against humanity, and they are even targeting children.

      An article published by The Center Square (Indiana) reveals how Scott Davison, CEO of OneAmerica (a life insurance company) is sounding the alarm over a 40% increase in total deaths among Americans aged 18 to 64 (i.e. working-aged Americans):

      “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.”

      Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

      “And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.

      “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”

      There are several critical points to understand here:

      The data being quoted by CEO Scott Davison are third quarter data from 2021. The numbers will be far worse in the fourth quarter because vaccine immune system damage worsens over time.
      These deaths are not being classified as covid-19 deaths. They are deaths from other causes, according to medical records: Cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart attacks, strokes, etc. These are largely adverse reactions from covid vaccines, of course, as the FDA has long known. (See page 16 of this FDA document from 2020, where it lists all the suspected side effects of covid vaccines, including death.)
      If a 10% increase in deaths is a three-sigma event, a 40% increase is something higher than a twelve-sigma event (it’s not a linear relationship)… meaning this is not mere coincidence. There is a common cause behind these deaths. That cause, of course, is covid vaccines, which we have concluded are depopulation bioweapons.
      Life insurance companies are facing financial collapse as this trend continues (which it will). They will soon need a government bailout, and life insurance rates being charged to employees will skyrocket.

    • Mike R

      The normal amount of deaths per year in those age groups is about 11 million out of a population of 330 million. from year to year that might vary by 1 or 2%. If it went up 40%, YoY that means over 4.4 million people ADDITIONAL (beyond the normal causes like car crashes, accidents, illnesses, homicides, etc.) have died in the 18 to 64 age group.

      FOLKS This HAS TO be attributed mostly to the vaccines folks, not covid, because the ENTIRE ‘covid’ death count in the US is 862,000 for 2021.

      The insurers would not be screaming or yelling much about this if it were only 40,000 extra or even 400,000 extra.

      BUT 4.4 million extra deaths well exceeds their actuarial tables that they make their entire living and base their profits on, so as to determine what the cost of the life insurance should be, so that is a LOT OF COIN (FINANCIAL LOSSES THEY WERE NOT PLANNING ON) that they had to pay out to the beneficiaries. Folks, this is just the US alone.

      These VAX deaths are 4 times worse than the Holocaust !!! No wonder Pfizer, Moderna, J&J all wanted immunity and no liability from wrongful death lawsuits.

      This is mass genocide folks.

      Look at how Biden backed way off the mandates last month. You bet your bottom dollar that he and his administration have HEARD all about these numbers from the insurers as this is BIG bucks industry, and they have massive lobbying power.

      Governors wont want to touch this now with a 1000 foot pole. Vaxx Mandates are all but over, now that this has been leaked out. Game.Set.Match. Now its time to torch Big Pharma for these crimes against all of humanity.

  146. MC

    During the 1980s and early 1990s there were several end-times movies.

    One of the signs they gave for the end times was snow in the middle east. That is now happening.

    The other sign was a dream muslims and pagans were having. The dream was of Jesus. The dream caused conversions on a massive scale. However, given the claims (and then excuses for global genocide) made by false prophets regarding the father of the vax, we need to be careful with the numbers at which this may be happening.

    The Rapture (1991 film) – “did you have the dream?”

  147. Robert Holmstead

    F-22 Raptor: China Says Can Shoot-Down World’s Top Stealth Jet ‘Within Seconds’ With New Heat-Seeking Hypersonic Missile
    By Sakshi Tiwari- January 2, 2022
    Clinton donor was allwod to sell his pin point missle tech to China. Lorel?

  148. helot

    I noticed the jail time the Jan. 6th people are getting. Seems quite excessive to me. Thing is, has Trump ever said anything about them, I mean, acted like he gave a rats ass about them at all, or anything?
    If not, that’s very telling about the guy.

    Also, I’ve read some financial types say, ~ “Get out of all debt, …except for a mortgage”

    I wonder why there’s an exception for mortgages? Especially in light of so many financial types saying the mother-of-all-bubbles is about to pop, which includes real estate.

    …Just some stuff I think about from time to time.

    • Jeff

      helot It has been said that in the “Reset” to come all banks will go under and the magnitude of debt will not be able to be covered like in ’08. So, the banks will go under, and they own the debt (mortgage). There’s a very good chance you mortgage will be history (forgiven, debt jubilee, or whatever).

      • helot

        RE: “There’s a very good chance you mortgage will be history (forgiven, debt jubilee, or whatever).”

        That seems like – The – Fattest Chance in just about All the world.

        …I suppose, one Can dream.
        It’s perhaps a nice dream, except to those on the other end of the stick, i.e. retirement funds & so forth which will not collect.
        A.k.a. there’s no free ride? Someone’s gotta pay.
        Idk. Argentina in the 1990’s, when they revalued their currency, the mortgage holders, they did Not fair well. I’m looking for reasons why that’s not the template for America.

        • Warren B.

          IT can happen….
          If the DEBT is extinguished and the Assets are repossessed.
          ….”You will have nothing and you will be HAPPY” ….!!

  149. DanKnight

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    We appreciate you so much, and God bless you for all you do!

    Took the poll – we will support President Trump, but we definitely want him to find new advisors on the jab and the Covid-1984. I’m certain he does not understand this in the way we do – and not at all in the way I do – or he would not have any of it. But I know – as a former engineer and patent attorney – that most folks really have no understanding of this high-tech stuff – and if they have a slick liar at their side – they cannot engage their logic circuits. … But …

    Fear not … Jesus is in charge!

  150. Josie

    My daughter and I both took the horse paste Ivermectin and got along O.K.. We took it as soon as We tested positive and had no side effects. Bought it from a farm supply store, the red and white box. Hate to think we would not have been able to get it.

  151. Terri Iverson

    Trump never took any vaccine & he knows all about it. No longer trustworthy.

  152. James Cortright

    Here is a story that is not being covered very well and could be very important as soon as this week. The Russian government has given some ultimatums to the west. This is a long video discussing how serious they are about their demands. Cuban missile crisis serious.
    Your new equipment really made your latest broadcast look real sharp.

    Thanks for all you do

  153. Christine Bloom

    The “dumbing down” of people globally, of all ages, has been ongoing for decades. Attachment to the NWO Order nipple for nourishment of propaganda has reached the stage of little to no return to a healthy and happy existence. Perhaps humanity has never really experienced a deeper caring for each other that so called RESPECT. Respect gives birth to different levels of love. Humanity should release itself from this pacifier as we’ve had nothing but pain and shame that a ‘fake nipple” offers. Honestly, a rubber nipple introduced and used to quiet humanity….. Use the “nipple” or the “Jab” it’s one in the same for temporary or permanent damage to our reaching out to each other. Communication isn’t allowed. So the nipple or the jab? Which is it going to be? Is there another choice?

  154. Marie Joy

    Today’s ZeroHedge says LIFE INSURANCE CEO SAYS DEATHS UP 40% AMONG THOSE AGED 16 – 64 and, yes, I’m screaming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Remember that collapsing narrative I was predicting?

  155. Lord Richard of Blairadam

    Hey Greg
    Your integrity is amazing!! I’ve been watching your show for years and you always go out of your way to get it right. I remember back in 2016 when Hilary was running against trump. And she actually did something good. And you reported on it.
    You always ignore your own bias to bring us the truth.
    You have a great show!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lord Richard!!

  156. John massey

    From the CEO of One America…Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.

    “And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.

    “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.”


    Greg: My money is on at bad power supply. Now, based on your description, it could’ve taken out some power capacitors on the mother board. That’s good news, bc the data on your hard-drive should b fine. My rule, make a physical backup (USB, Ext drive) & backup online (Onedrive is cheap).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dan,
      I back it all up 24 7

  158. Heinrich

    Nothing can stop the collapse.

  159. Pam

    This gives you info on vax lot #’s and how toxic they are. Info came through the Stew Peters Show.
    Pure Evil………….

    • Pam

      Greg………..This should happy up your day. It did mine……….Karen Kington on Steel Truth. You should have Karen back with her update………….The two ladies are both smiling at the end of this 10 minute podcast. We are winning!
      My thoughts about Trump promoting the jab. If Killery had been elected, there would be far bigger numbers of casualities than what is happening in real time now. Sometimes you have to go along to get along. How Trump survived the four years in office, still doing some absolutely brilliant running of this country, the man was the perfect genius for the job. I think some of the things he signed are still playing out now…….

      • Greg Hunter

        I think this was done a while ago. Comirnaty was approved months ago.

        • Pam

          You’re right found the interview……….Dated August 2021……….Didn’t vet it…………The other thing I don’t understand is………If corporations consider themselves a person, then why can’t they be sued under law. Sue the individual person or group of persons belonging to the corporation rather than going after the Pfizer Corporation namesake itself……….
          I don’t know if you have listen to the “ToreSays” podcast. She is filing lawsuits against OSHA and Dominion. If you would take the time to listen to this, it would be much appreciated and I would love to hear your feedback…….Tore worked with Brennan back in 1990’s maybe through early 2000’s.
          She talks about her lawsuit filings starting at 1.1o.58 time post. There is some hope here.

          Thank you

  160. London Center

    David Stockman On The Prospect Of World War III
    Are these people so abysmally ignorant of history, geography, economics and the wherewithal of a true national security threat that they think the map below is worth WWIII?

  161. Steve Starr

    Please get Cliff High and Paul Craig Roberts on for interviews again. Dr. Roberts doesn’t seem to give many interviews these days, which is a shame, since he is so eloquent.
    Cliff High is an amazing person . . . to be honest, I was highly skeptical of him for some time, but he has accurately predicted the horrendous number of deaths and injuries from the mRNA injections . . . it is unbelievable what has happened, these evil people have massacred so many innocent people who trusted their doctors and the government. And it seems that it this is just the beginning. PCR wrote about it today All the people mentioned in the article by Kirsch have seen the same thing . . . the massive increase in deaths in the 18-64 age group is being caused by the mandated “vaccines”.

  162. Buba Gump

    The young don’t want to work at all, causing the old to work until 105 to pay for the inflation the young have caused getting $5 trillion of freebies. Why work, why pay your debts, why not break all the laws, become a professional victim sexualy-ambiguous freak show, social destruction warrior!! UBI, welfare, democratism, and the liberal court system. Bring back penalties and end all freebies, you eat after you work.

  163. Craig Carmichael

    Thanks Greg!

    It’s great to hear you and your quotes of highly credible sources and remember that all the people telling me I’m pushing a conspiracy theory are wrong.

  164. turiya

    Hey Greg Hunter, take a good look at what Lt. General Michael Flynn is saying about the COVID19 Clot Shot(s). In short, this is exactly how Flynn references these experimental vaccines. Remember Flynn was Trump’s initial pick for his National Security Advisor.

    Please consider having Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on as a guest.
    Thank you in advance.

  165. Dan Gowin

    Greg the below is the basis for lawsuits up in Canada on the vaccines. The vaccines do more harm than good.

  166. Paul ANthony

    My take

    Were ina spirtual war. if your confused on Donald Trump Fauci Comments and delusions and fighting with each other on the internet then its because your supposed to be confused and not see clearly whats going on – Mission accomplished


    Satan (father of lies chaos and confusion)

    Remember above all God is in control and Satan at present is still the father of lies until he gets thrown into the pit of fire. We are in a spiritual war as I type remember that this is what this is! We cant not fix it God will fix it! look up not at cliff High Greg Hunter mom and dad or your friends and family. Please look up and pray daily – Thats the cure and the fix – Returning to Godly ways and not our ways and wants.

  167. Phil Zieber

    It bothers me that Trump seems to value the opinion of Bill O’Reilly over people like Dr’s. Malone, McCollough, Yeadon and the well-researched Frontline Doc’s. At a time (given what’s happened), that he should be trusting nearly nobody, he goes right to the charlatan. Losing my warm & fuzzy’s about a 2nd term, even if we beat the algorithms.

  168. Saaya

    Greg – Please do not have Clif High on anymore. He is doing videos now telling people that the politicians are being remotely mind controlled by aliens instead of naming the exact person/people who are doing evil. Also, Clif High is doing a Qanon type of larp play by telling people that Trump is behind the scenes trying to “clean the swamp”. Trump is very much a part of the swamp as vaxxed people die and the unvaxxed lose their jobs. Clif is insane and gross.

    • oneno

      Please look here.

      Not sure if telenotic suggestion is employed against the politicians and elite as the Giza Intelligencies were deported in 1978.

      However, that technology can be used against the masses by the elite. Some have suggested the covid injections will facilitate this.

      • Greg Hunter

        What the heck is this? Nutty.

  169. London Center

    Australia cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa over COVID-19 vaccine policy
    This is no Joke O’ Vich! No vax’s, or no Novak? That is the $64,000 question⁉🛃
    He could show up for the tennis special Olympics, in China♿ and donate his winning’s to the Wuhan Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates institute of depopulation and experimental wipe-out of poverty,’ of all the poor people’ who get the free jab.
    Any volunteers? Nobody from the volunteer state?
    Novak sure looks like a good ole boy! There’s a lot of big hills where he’s from!
    The first thing they teach you in the US. military is never volunteer and never forget to, never volunteer. Any volunteers? NO!

  170. London Center

    Australia cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa over COVID-19 vaccine policy
    This is no Joke O’ Vich! No vax’s, or no Novak? That is the $64,000 question⁉🛃
    He could show up for the tennis special Olympics, in China♿ and donate his winnings to the Wuhan Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates institute of depopulation and experimental wipe-out of poverty,’ of all the poor people’ who get the free jab.
    Any volunteers? Nobody from the volunteer state?
    Novak sure looks like a good ole boy! There’s a lot of big hills where he’s from!
    The first thing they teach you in the US. military is never volunteer and never forget to, never volunteer. Any volunteers? NO!

  171. helot

    Could you imagine Trump trying to visit the Jan. 6th Unitedstate political prisoners as Jesus hoped good people everywhere would do for all those in jails everywhere?

    I know I’ve failed on that account. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between him & I, in spite of him being a leader & all. I don’t have TDS. I just don’t understand people who keep seeing Trump as some kind of special guy. Has he said or done anything for those who rot in jail as a result of following his lead?
    Much like all the RINO’s in the District of Tyranny, I suppose, zilch. Idk.

    There may be a few human beings who have made a ruckus, hats off to them.

    This is so very wrong:

    I saw a headline today, “Jan. 6 Detainee At Risk Of Dying From Lack Of Medical Care, Attorney Says” […] “They’re starving the guy out,” .

    Does anybody care what time it is?

    • F.T.Canavan

      helot, as a result of following his lead? I don’t think so!

      • helot

        Perhaps I didn’t phrase it correctly.

        I didn’t mean DT caused anyone to go inside, rather it’s obvious the protesters didn’t decide all by themselves to be in town that day.

        Doesn’t matter anyway, it seems.

      • helot

        Following his lead:

        “Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy…And after this, we’re going to walk down – and I’ll be there with you – we’re going to walk down … to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women.”

        “try and give our Republicans, the weak ones … the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

        I dunno, this thing kind of reminds me of how many POW’s were left behind in Vietnam, forgotten by many.

  172. Bible Reader

    Microtechnology in Pfizer’s vaccine
    JANUARY 02, 2022

    La Quinta Columna has issued a new communiqué of special importance. This time, denouncing the presence of microtechnology in a Pfizer vial.

    The observation of the objects detected in this vial to date has been carried out under optical microscopy throughout the most recent programs of the Spanish team.

    Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado Martín has asked people all over the world to contact him to testify before a legal body about the content of the vaccine.

    Orwell City brings the words of the founder of La Quinta Columna into English.

  173. Bible Reader

    Haunted for Years by Demonic Childhood
    Jan 5, 2022

    The 700 Club
    Jennifer’s parents introduced her to the occult when she was a young girl, resulting in years of substance abuse. Miraculously, it was the kindness of a stranger that paved the way for a life of total freedom.

  174. Bible Reader

    I put some up years ago. I immediately noticed that it became peaceful in here like in a church. Demonic attacks are very rare now, too. I also wear a silver cross on a necklace all the time: Bonus protection from werewolves and vampires. Ha!

    From the TLDM Archives:
    These Last Days News – May 25, 2017

    Lives and Homes Saved from Fires, Riots, Terrorism, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc. with Heaven’s Home Protection Packet…

    “For the Lord will pass through striking the Egyptians: and when he shall see the blood on the transom, and on both the posts, he will pass over the door of the house, and not suffer the destroyer to come into your houses and to hurt you.” (Exodus 12:23 DRB)

    Saved like the passing of the lamb…
    Jesus – “All who place the (wooden) crucifix upon their front doors shall be saved like the passing of the lamb.” (6-18-84)

    “I must reveal, My children, to the world again, that you are to keep a crucifix on your front door and your back door. All entrances to your home must be guarded by the crucifix. There has not been one home on Long island that had a crucifix on its door that did fall to any evil [Hurricane Gloria].” – Jesus, October 5, 1985

    One Apartment Out of 30 was Saved from a Fiery Destruction. Why?
    March 26, 1996

  175. James Cortright

    I came across this and it ties into what Socrates and Cliff High are indicating

  176. oneno

    Canceling the Spike Protein
    Striking Visual Evidence
    Editorial by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

    • Warren B.

      Very good. Thank you. 👌👌👌

  177. Justin Wolf


    If so I pray for everyone

  178. helot

    So much bizarre stuff going on. That Anonymous vid above, I hope it’s fake. It’s creepy, if true. I’ll stick with door number three which says, there are no viri. However; there are bacteria & chemicals, so, who knows?

    A minor in comparison thing I noticed with this last snowfall (much like last year!) there was a follow-up of ice which fell on it. The odd part is, the ice layer cut the pads on the paws of my husky when we walked on it. I’ve taken that dog out into all kinds of snow & ice – & ice covered snow – & never once had even a nick.
    Another dog owner had the exact same experience with a different breed and said the same thing, “never had this happen before”.
    Is there something different about this ice?

    That caused me to think: would a trillionaire evil mastermind trying to fend off so-called ‘global warming’ try to put a blanket of artificial snow on the ground and then cover it with artificial ice so it stayed all Winter long, in order to keep things cooler worldwide? Hmm. Idk.

    The snow never melted away last year until Spring – All due to the thick ice layer on top – it’s looking a bit similar this year, too. Probably just nothing, but in light of everything else taking place,…

  179. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

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