Dangerous Housing Market-Manipulated Ponzi Style Boom-Fabian Calvo

Fabian Calvo: Boom Bust Housing Crisis ComingBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Real Estate expert Fabian Calvo says boom bust housing crisis is on the way.  Calvo explains, “There are a lot of outlier indicators that show the run-up to another big boom in housing prices.  If you look back and consider my theory of the ‘pump and dump’ in March of 2012, when I said housing prices would shoot through the roof, housing prices are up over 26%.

We are entering one of the most dangerous periods of the housing market with the manipulated, Ponzi style booms similar to what we say in Dow Jones and the stock market.” Calvo goes on to say, “I am often surprised that the real estate market is not talked about more.  It is a central key component of the overall Wall Street Ponzi scheme that they are running in the West, and really globally, when it comes to propping up the dollar and propping up financial markets.” Calvo contends there are signs the power players are getting ready to dump real estate.  Calvo says, “John Paulson, we know he made billions of dollars betting against subprime; he knew the handwriting was on the wall.   What’s he betting on now?  He just put in a half billion dollars to buy a big company called Realogy.

Realogy happens to own Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, Sotheby’s; so you see what he’s doing.  We also know Warren Buffett bought Prudential. They are buying up these real estate brokerage houses because they know this new wave of real estate is going to be anyone who can fog up a mirror will be able to get a loan, including the millions of illegal aliens that are flowing over the border.  They are going to be giving loans to them as well to buy up these homes.” Calvo, whose company buys and sells $100 million worth of real estate annually, also points out, “You have these housing companies who own millions of properties, and they are already starting to sell mortgage-backed securities and securitizing these bundles.”  Calvo thinks it’s deja vu all over again, and what will happen?  Calvo says, “Soon enough, the same thing that crashed the market in 2007 and 2008.

That is such an incredible development in the housing markets, and the greater ramifications in the housing markets are huge.”  Calvo also says, “This is really being done to mask the systemic problems we have in the economy.  It’s kind of this idea of bread and circuses.  If you have people getting money, basically free no money down loans where people can buy homes and buy cars, they’re not thinking how bad this economy really is.  It is such a symbolic end-of-the-road type of indicator for me.”  Calvo adds, “I would say the U.S. dollar is wounded.

The criminal bankers on Wall Street are cornered, and that’s why they need to get people’s minds off of things by blowing up this economy again to the upside before a big letdown.” On the strength of the U.S. dollar, Calvo claims, “I absolutely believe there is going to be a crisis or collapse.  I have it on pretty good word that, in the next six months, there is going to be some kind of shock to the U.S. economy.  But it will be spun that it is going to be a good thing.  People need to understand, that this time around, it’s not just going to be housing.  It is going to be this multi-bubble collapse that is going to take the bond market down, the dollar down, and the stock market down.  They are all going to collectively implode.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Fabian Calvo, founder of TheNoteHouse.us.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Calvo is will soon release his new book titled “Global Economic Reset:  The day America loses the world reserve currency.”  If you would like to pre-order the book, please click here.  Calvo also has a very popular website called Fabian4Liberty.com.

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  1. Collateral Damage

    I have been studying. This is what I have found:
    As of 2014; the men, women and children living in the Gaza Strip numbered around 1.82 million. The Gaza strip is a sliver of land 25 miles long by 3 to 7 miles wide bordered by Israel on two sides, Egypt on the third and the Mediterranean sea on the fourth. Israel and Egypt have imposed a strict economic blockade on the people living in this tiny strip of land via all land and water routes since 2007. For the past 7 years, the people cannot leave and their economic livelihood has been severely restricted.
    In December 2009, Egypt started, with help from the US, the building of an Egypt–Gaza barrier along the Gaza border, consisting of a steel wall. On 5 July 2013, in the wake of Islamist attacks on security forces in the Sinai following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, the border crossing was closed for several days by the Egyptian Army. It was later reopened for four hours each day. After the August 14th clashes, the border crossing was closed ‘indefinitely’. The blockade of the Gaza Strip refers to a land, air, and sea blockade on the Gaza Strip by Egypt and Israel from 2007 to present (July 2014).
    As reported by Deutsche Welle Journal today, “On Tuesday, July 29th Israel unleashed it’s heaviest bombardment yet in the three week offensive… Yesterday there was one single power plant in Gaza which produced just enough power for only three hours of electricity per day. Today the power plant was consumed in flames. The water supply in Gaza was secured by this power plant since the water was provided via pumps which ran/run on electricity.” This power plant supplied electricity for hospitals, schools, retirement homes and potable water supply. Gaza is positioned in an arid climate, with dry h0t summers subject to drought. People need water to survive, and they cannot drink sea water.
    I am tired of the blame game! “There but for the Grace of God, Go I.” Remember, any one of us (or you) could have been shafted with the bad luck to have been born onto that tiny strip of land. We weren’t born here, in the U.S., because we were better then them, we just got lucky.
    We are witnessing, and are party to (through our own inaction), the creation and perpetuation of a veritable ‘hell on earth’. And all we can seem to do is argue over who’s fault it is.
    I see you, us, on this Forum, as well meaning, decent, and thoughtful people; but when all WE can do is Argue about who is to blame, I really wonder why God wasted his time with us anyway.

    • Greg Hunter

      Several years ago the people of Gaza voted for Hamas to lead them. You left that out. They chose wrong and these are the results of that decision. I feel sorry for the people in Gaza. They have leaders that are willing to let them die for a photo op to gain global sympathy. Hamas shot some people who were protesting tis and blamed Israel. Very sad.

      • Collateral Damage

        “And so these men of Indostan 
Disputed loud and long, 

        Each in his own opinion
 Exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right,
And all were in the wrong!”

        And the band played on on the Titanic, as the Captain reshuffled the deck chairs.

        Maybe we are not focusing on the elephant in the room?


        • Galaxy 500

          Collateral Damage
          I applaud your support of evil. Like the other dishonest intellectuals before you, you attempt to apply moral equivalence to Israel defending itself against an enemy whose sole goal is the destruction of Israel and the death of every Jew. You cover the border blockade but you seem to lack understanding that Hamas was using them to bring in weapons. Israel allowed the UN to supervise concrete and look at all the terror tunnels leading in to not military areas but civilian ones. And lets not forget the missile in UN facilities and the boobytrapped terror tunnel in the basement of a UN facility. I.am.truly.sorry that Hamas is holding the Palestinians hostage and I believe the best way to handle it is to destroy Hamas. What else can you do with an organization that teaches children to.hate.jews from.birth. Hamas make the Hitler Youth look like amateurs at inculcation.

      • Anne Historian

        Atta boy, Greg! You tell him. Hamas bad, Israel just defending itself.
        And I DARE you to not delete this. The sad truth is there’s plenty of blame on both sides. Glad you had Fabian on again. I shudder to think of what the next collapse will look like.

      • rick

        Let’s not forget that Hamas illegally overthrew the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. As part of any resolution and restoration of his conflict, the PA needs to be reinstated in place of Hamas. Hamas is not in power because of the will of the Palestinian authority. When Hamas learn to love their children more than hate Jews in Israel, they will have a place at the table.
        Hamas = Muslim Brotherhood
        Hamas = ISIS
        Hamas = Islamic Jihad
        Hamas = Boka Haram
        All a culture of death and radical Islamic intolerance (that is not a statement against Islam)

      • teri

        You are blaming the Palestinians for voting for Hamas? I’d say that they were getting pretty desperate at that point, what with their legally allotted lands being constantly chipped away at and the decades of blockades which keep them from getting food and medicine. All that aside, however, I most respectfully ask that you consider what you just wrote in your comment. You wrote that in electing Hamas “they chose wrong and these are the results of that decision”. Greg, they had an election. They chose some awful leaders. That certainly cannot justify collective and unrelenting punishment on the people walled in within Gaza. Here in the US, we chose, through majority vote of the people in democratic elections George W. Bush, who started several wars based on false allegations. Then we voted for, using the same democratic methods, Barack Obama, who has enjoined the US in acts of war, acts of naked imperial conquest, all over the globe. Most other countries hate the US now, thanks to the actions of these two men, and consider us the biggest threat to world peace in existence. Are you suggesting that if another country decided to punish America as a whole for electing these men, including killing women, children, and non-military civilians, bombing schools, hospitals, and power plants, playing tricks like calling a cease-fire and then killing the Americans who were stupid enough to rush out to find water and food during the that fake cease-fire, all based on the notion that Americans had “made the wrong choice” and deserved it, they would be justified?

        And let us not forget that a lot of people did NOT vote for Bush or for Obama and even among those that did, many came later to regret their votes and felt that these Presidents did not act in the best interests of the US; I am sure quite a number of Palestinians likewise did not vote for Hamas . Yet the entire society must accept their due punishment now and die?

        I would also like to point out that there is evidence that Israel was instrumental in the formation of Hamas. Ron Paul has recently stated this as fact, as have many Jewish scholars, and there are numerous articles on the politics that went on behind the scenes in the forming of this group. Here is but one example, from the Wall Street Journal: “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas”

        Furthermore, in the past day or two, the Israeli police have admitted that they knew within 24 hours that the 3 Israeli youths who were kidnapped and killed (the event that supposedly started all this) were killed not by Hamas, but by a small group of individuals who Hamas itself considered dangerous criminals and was seeking to arrest. It is most unfortunate that the Israelis decided to blame the whole thing on Hamas and withhold this information until now, when it is too late.


        • Galaxy 500

          How would you resolve the crisis of terrorist in Gaza? Would Israel’s surrender be enough for you? Yes, Isreal set up.Hamas just like we worked and supported Stalin…sometimes in war you make bad decisions…ones that bite you in the ass.
          Do you somehow believe that this mistake negates Isreal’s right to defend its people against terrorist. If your family was under siege against rocket attacks daily I’d love to see how your opinion it would be morph into mine.

      • henry

        Several years ago the people of the United States voted for Obama to lead them. How many Americans will die because of that decision? Who will be blamed for the economic, moral, and medical catastrophe? What can we do to restore the Constitution?

        When the US goes into chaos, will the middle east conflict get better or worse?

      • allen ols

        greg; this is a video about obama, and Israel,


    • chet james

      Collateral D – so you would have a SuperPower intervene to stop all war and let people live in peace? You think that’s the way the world works – some kindly gov’t will see the carnage and stop it all? You think someone outside yourself has the power, and if you can just twist words as chairs on the Titanic, then someone might ‘wake-up’ and put an end to this?
      We are all powerless in international affairs, and yet powerful within ourself and with our neighbor. What are you doing in your neighborhood, to relieve the suffering of those closest to you? If you know what that is, then focus your efforts there.
      Arjuna inquired of Krisna on the battlefield, why he must kill these opposing forces, some which were his kin. He was told that, in past lives, all had been on both sides, & that this was simply how it was to be in this lifetime. This is not a cop-out, but merely another perspective – how else to make sense of why God ‘wasted’ her time with us anyway.

      • allen ols

        chet James;

        “HIS time” masculin. not her time.

      • bernie

        Well, Chet, the USA has been intervening for decades pretending to be an honest broker.
        Additionally, they have been supplying the Israelis with modern weapons. And although they claim to want the cease fire, the Congress just okayed MORE arms to Israel in spite of Israels resistance to a cease fire. And in spite of Israels mass destruction of these helpless people.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Bernie,
          Hamas is “helpless” firing 2,000 rockets towards Israel. It takes two to have war and that is what is going on.

    • allen ols


      “whatsoever a man sowes, so shall he reap.” these arabs are reaping what they have sowed, MISERY!!!!!

      Islam is a miserable religion!!!, the results of Islam is MISERY!!

      U forgot that part in your analysis.

    • Jerry

      Collateral Damage
      It has nothing to do with God wasting his time on us. It has to so with idiotic men who think more of a religious ideal, than the lives of their own children. Any man that would use an innocent child as a defense shield, in my book is a gutless maggot. Hamas took it upon themselves to start the latest conflict when they decided to burn three Jewish teenagers alive. The solution is simple. Have Saudi Arabia give them a piece of land for a homeland. Like you said it would be 1000 times better than where they are now.

      • Galaxy 500

        Saudis wont take these guys, they are the wrong branch of Islam but their kindly Iranian benefactor could.
        I have a prediction for you:
        This winter, Russia will spike gas prices to Europe to teach them about sanctions. Puerto Rico will declare bankruptcy. Putin will.cut off gas to Ukraine until pass due bill is paid. Republicans will take 10 or more of the seats that are up of election in the Senate. Democrats will wonder what hit them as people revolt againt their compassionate amnesty plan that hurts black Americans more than anyone else. Bet 2) Cities and counties will be bankrupted by illegal immigration in 2015 to the point that legislation will.be passed tp round them up and send them back as armed bands of citizen take the laws that Obama ignores into their own hands.
        Ten bucks to Greg from loser…that is unless you think I am right

      • Anne Elliott

        Totally agree with you, and that is an awesome idea, Jerry!! 🙂

    • John


    • Ugly


      If you are tired of the blame game, then quit blaming yourself. Sounds like you have already passed judgement….

    • Old Dog


      Yes, Israel is not perfect.
      I would take Israel over Hamas.
      I listened to a Palestinian man talk. He said he preferred to be ruled by Israel than Hamas.
      He said that Israel gives all Palestinians a free college education.
      That Israel gives them freedom of speech — just freedom — that they do not have under Hamas.
      We can all listen to MSM and AM (Alternative Media) and get a ton of information.
      Perhaps think we are educating ourselves.
      In actuality, we are only filling our heads with someone else’s ideas and opinions and their “biased” fact-finding.
      Someone who really wants to know the truth, should go to Israel and walk the streets to find out the truth for yourself.
      My best friend went there two years ago.
      DJ took a wrong turn on the high and ended up in Palestinian territory and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
      A Palestinian man came up to DJ and said, You should not be here and do not get out of your car. Follow me. He got in his car and led DJ out of Palestinian territory. DJ was most appreciative.
      I would say NO ONE, except God, knows the truth in regard to this.
      Greg says it all the time: There is blame enough on both sides.
      That said, I would rather live under Israel than Hamas.
      Americans might be surprised that perhaps many Palestinians feel the same but are too scared to speak out.
      Or equally as bad, have been “educated” into seeing Israel as a “bad guy” to the extent that there will NEVER be true peace there because of the learned animosity.
      The hatred is learned.
      Don’t be naive to think it isn’t.

      • Galaxy 500

        100% on the money. I remember talking as a child to a neighbor, a WWII vet who was a paratrooper on D-day. He was an alcoholic and would talk about the war when he was drunk. He was a kindly drunk at that. He told me he had compassion for the people he shot, wounded and killed. Being a child, I asked why he did it if he regretted it…he said because they were trying to kill me and they killed many of my friends. When we went to war, it wasnt about territory, it was about freedom, just like the Israel. They have the right to defend themselves against evil and tyranny. As a child in Sunday school, I was taught love…the poor Palestinians are taught hate. People behind the lines of war and unaffected can have all the compassion they can afford, people under the threat of violence cant quite afford as much…if they seek to survive

  2. Silence is Golden

    The Greater Fool theory is alive and well.
    How do we know that ?
    If Buffett and Paulson are playing the game still….then there is money to be made.
    Lots of contradictions and unreconciled items in this interview however.
    Pump and Dump, 26 % growth, further 2 yrs plus of double digit growth, managed economy, the charade goes on and on and on …..!!!!

    Keep in mind that the supply from the Fed of new credit is UNLIMITED.
    They (Fed) have proved that they don’t need willing sovereign participants to play their Ponzi game. Interest rates can for all intents be kept lower for longer than most can stay solvent. Asset price inflation (housing) is solely due to credit creation. Nothing “fundamental” to that dynamic stemming from economic conditions.
    Why wonder about 20 somethings driving around in the latest BMW’s ….they are the smart ones. Enjoy life while you can (whether you can afford it or not). Serious consideration needs to be made about the state of the USA (Insolvent) and the world for that matter , Banks (Insolvent)…..and where this all leads to. What example does the USA Government and the FED present to the youth….when they cannot even control their own budgets and own credit expansion policies designed to blow up the monetary system.
    The baby boomers may be well informed and some asset rich and are playing the Frugal card to ensure some protection down the road. Kudos for trying. The youth may give appearances of being incapable of affording the luxury of having such quality , but isn’t that synonymous with the culture that has existed in America for decades. Living beyond ones means….living on credit…..every household….every state….the NATION.
    Soon we will all arrive at the world where the Middle Class does not exist. That is by design. You will have the Elite and then you will have their servants. There will be no room for anything in between. If you cannot see yourself fitting into either one of those categories then better make some plans to move to another planet. You will become superfluous. Society is being designed to encourage socialism on a grand scale. That is the way they want it. Everyone on the bottom rung who do not possess any form of power and control, will be equal. Those receiving benefits will be the ones who are rewarded with an existence. If you present as being leftist and unwilling to cooperate and participate, you will starve or suffer from one of the myriad of death causing diseases that will infiltrate the population.
    This is the way I see it.
    Perhaps its akin to “The Breakaway Economy/Civilization” commonly espoused by CAF.
    “Keep moving” …nothing to see here.

  3. allen ols


    6 MONTHS, wow, lol,

    I’m ready, been ready, no fear, or worry.

    I talked to my neighbor across the street, about, you, willie, celente, mannirino, kirby, and more. He is buying a small camper soon to secure his life when it melts. While chatting, a lady next door, who’s mother just bought her the house, next to this guy, I was talking too, came over, and got in the discussion, and knew alot. I told her, to start prepping with food stocks, etc. She basically said her and her boyfriend just didnt have the disposable income to prep. for a collapse of the dollar. I said alot of people will be caught off guard, and she walked away quickly with frustration, and slight panic. Before she left she jokingly said, well , “I will come stay with you”. (I get that alot). I told her why did she feel I should feed and take care of her? no answer. I said, you saw this comming, why havent u prepped, so I can come stay with you. lol. Thats when she left.

    • Jerry

      People who can’t cut themselves loose from the system, will become the first victims of it.

      • allen ols


        I talked to 2 persons today, had them write down USAWD, and willie, greyerz, kirby, etc. and I could read their body language as I left, they will do no research, and could care less. one was ww grainger rep. phone, and wwgrainger desk P/u. He asked me how much we owed china. Ha, I knew the answer and his buddies were surprised. i told him they owned 30% o manhattan, jpmorgan chase building and vault, and hay farms in 7 western states. They will ignore the info for sure, and do nothing.

      • Jeff

        My mother legally immigrated from Europe in the early 1950s, and lived through WII. She actual saw the dog fights and bombers from her parent’s apartment roof top (she and her sister used to sneak up to watch). The one item she keeps stressing (!!!!) to have plenty of, and is often over looked, is toilet paper. (I’ll not go in to details but suffice it to say most other items can leave you very sore). She all so keeps a huge amount of long lasting food … she just recently opened up about her life during the war … we Americans have no concept of what hunger is.

        • allen ols

          THE germans, connected a 1/4 in. copper tubing to the supply line and ran the tube under the seat in back; and formed it to the inner lip of the bowl, and loop it upwards and would turn it on for a complete tush spray, because TP was not in the budget.

        • Anne Elliott

          My parents gre up during the Great Depression, and both families almost lost everything. They both said “you just make do with what you gave. My Dad’s family had potato sandwiches for lunch and my Mom’s family had tomato sandwiches. The problem with today’s society is that they are non-agrarian and don’t have much if any gardening skills. Is grocery stores come up empty, 90% of regular folks will have about a week until they start feeling the pain… Maybe less. They certainly won’t be able to make it for the decades long duration of a Greater Depression.

          • Anne Elliott

            “You just make due with what you HAVE”. Stupid smart phone.

    • Roger

      ‘She basically said SHE and her boyfriend….’


    Every event occurring in the world at this time is planned,
    there are no coincidences. The entire production has one objective
    and that is the beginning of depopulation thru eugenics. Take a
    read of the attached link and after reading decide for yourself
    if the explanations for multiple wars, current threat of pandemic
    and dwindling resources don’t make logical sense.


  5. Jim G

    So after recently wrecking the US economy and bringing it to near collapse with millions of home loans people couldn’t afford and shouldn’t have been given, Calvo thinks they are about to do it again? Get real.

    The reason the first mortgage scam worked was because the crooks were able to package junk loans and get triple A ratings on them making it easy to sell to unsuspecting buyers in the US and around the world. Who exactly is going to be dumb enough to fall for this ruse a second time? My answer – no one.

    No doubt the US is on its way out and something big is about to happen but it won’t be another mortgage loan debacle that causes it. Instead look for a war with Russia/China, a pandemic (created from within or imported via infected illegal aliens) that brings in martial law or an EMP hit from sources unknown. I would also put the time line either 2014 or 2015 based on how fast things are progressing.

    P.S. I don’t know where Calvo came up with his double digit home appreciation numbers for the next 12 to 24 months as all reports I have seen show a slowing and even reversal in pricing.

    Also, if the goal is to get more people into homes/loans wouldn’t rising home prices be a drawback keeping more people from qualifying even with subprime lending?

  6. Doo

    Great Video, But Fabo did not make sense. Fabia keeps saying the housing market will keep going up and up. Makes you think he invested millions of dollars of bad real estate deals. Greg you noticed everytime you mentioned the Black Swan Fabia would gloss over it and keep talking about how real estate will keep rising. Greg you know and i know the Black Swan is the middle east and its matter of days or weeks before it crashes US Dollar. We both know only security against a bad goverment is Gold and Silver. Fabia, i will be buying your overpriced real estate housing with my Gold and Siver for nothing.

  7. Jerry

    Greg I do real estate deals all the time. Fabian is absolutely right about the “pump and dump scheme” going on in the real estate market. A few months ago when I sold a house, I was shocked to find out at closing that the buyer not only got a loan from the USDA to buy the house with, but that he was a recent immigrant from Thailand who couldn’t speak a word of English. We had to use an interpreter in order to do the closing. Don’t get me wrong. I was happy I sold the house, and that he was able to buy it. I guess my question is, would a Bank make a loan like that? Most of the time they won’t even give you a whiff unless you have a credit score of over 700. It makes me suspicious of what our government will do with these illegal’s spilling across our borders. I can see Fanny Mae signing loans over to them right now. The Federal Government spends money like there’s is no tomorrow.

    As far as Fabians 6 month time frame for reset. I think that’s about right. According to my sources it will depend on how fast the new currency system is set up and ready to go by the cartel at the City of London Corp. I think even they are surprised at how fast the Chinese and the BRIC nations have moved towards completion. Germany coming on board is the final piece to the puzzle in my opinion. According to GW and others that’s already happened, so we’re moving at breakneck speed toward the reset.

    If I could give one piece of advice to help your readers prepare for what’s coming, its this. Pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can. If you can’t, you may want to consider selling your house and moving outside the metropolitan areas, to a rural location. Same thing if you rent. You will find the cost of buying and renting is much cheaper outside the city limits, than it is inside, plus you will be much safer when all hell breaks loose. If you’re upside down on your loan, you may want to consider letting it go, because it will be even worth less later when the reset comes. I hope this helps. Thanks Greg for the outstanding information you deliver on a daily basis.

  8. Mitch Bupp

    The slow motion planned collapse of the USSA will continue unabated. The nation is being fundamentally changed using an immigrant population to displace and dis-empower the current citizens politically and economically. I believe that when the end of the dollar comes it will be a mushy landing for the world but a crash landing for the American people who will be rocked to the core by the economic betrayal.

    Those who grew up in an extreme 3rd world poverty will not understand how far the USA’s standard of living has fallen…….

    • art barnes


  9. allen ols


    Born in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, Van Kirk became an Army Air Forces cadet in 1941. He flew 58 missions in Europe and North Africa, The New York Times reports, and went to Utah in 1944 for training. At the time, he didn’t know he was preparing to drop an atomic bomb. In 2005, Van Kirk told Time that his colonel said to him, “‘We’re going to do something that I can’t tell you about right now, but if it works, it will end or significantly shorten the war.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, yeah, buddy, I’ve heard that before.'”

    During an interview with The New York Times, Van Kirk recalled flying over Hiroshima and the moment of impact. He said he felt “a sense of relief,” and upon returning to the base was greeted by “more generals and admirals than I had ever seen in one place in my life.”

    He retired in 1946 as a major, and received the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. Van Kirk went back to school and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bucknell University, eventually becoming a marketing executive with DuPont. He never shied away from the role he played in ending World War II, saying, “We were fighting an enemy that had a reputation for never surrendering, never accepting defeat.
    (Where was the morality in the bombing of Coventry, or the bombing of Dresden, or the Bataan Death March, or the Rape of Nanking, or the bombing of Pearl Harbor? I believe that when you’re in a war, a nation must have the courage to do what it must to win the war with a minimum loss of lives.” -) !!!!!

    • art barnes

      “\I believe that when you’re in a war, a nation must have the courage to do what it must to win the war with a minimum loss of lives ….’ that is the reason the U.S. can’t win a war again, It doesn’t believe in war only peace and is does not have the courage to win it! I enjoyed reading about the atomic solution to end WWII.

  10. Wake up

    He’s right. Look what the NY Fed has planned for you all.

    Leaked Federal Reserve Doc: Go from paper homeowner instruments to electronic. Foreclosure fraud? What fraud? http://tinyurl.com/nu4k57h

  11. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Fabian made a very good point. No one’s talking about the state of the housing market these days. I guess everyone thought that after the sub-prime mortgage crisis nearly brought the entire world down, the situation had been fixed. Nothing could be farther from the truth according to Fabian. After all, if criminals get away with it once, they’re going to do it again even if their m.o. changes slightly. Fabian really shed a lot of light on this subject and how that market is still being manipulated. Dr. Robert Schiller of the Case-Shiller Home Price Indices wo9uld be another good person to interview. There is no one in the country that knows more than he about US housing prices in every region of the country.

  12. vincentg

    There is a Auto Loan problem as we found out that they are securitizing Auto Loans much the same way as they did housing loans.
    And this may become a problem soon.

    But in no way do I see a housing boom as your guest describes!

    Based on current trends and market news I am sorry to say Fabian is way off base.
    Forecasts are supposed to be based on reality!

    JP Morgan pulls back is the news I see.
    Cutting employee count to 250 k – dropping FHA.

    With 35% of the people in credit files are behind in payments there are few people left to fuel a new housing bubble.
    There was talk that banks were looking at illegal aliens as good prospects.
    That doesn’t surprise me as there are fewer and fewer people in the country left that will repay a loan.

    35% is a bit more than one out of every three people!

    As to the moves you see in the housing sector these are to keep the banks from going bust.
    From the beginning everything that took place after the housing bust was to stabilize the housing market.
    This is because if they could not stabilize the housing market you would have a flood of banks going under.
    And since 1913 this country has made banks more important than everything else.

    The Fed did all it could to force higher rates of inflation.
    The idea being that if we push for inflation it will catch up with the inflated housing prices that this will solve the problem.

    I did find out that SEIU is the one that’s pushing for the $15 per hour minimum wage law in multiple states.
    I thought this was a strange number which seems to have come out of thin air.

    I think we will see a push to get this $15 per hour law passed in many states later this

    My viewpoint on this minimum wage push is mixed.
    I don’t like the government messing with the economy.
    But with the way things have been going income for most people has not kept up with inflation.
    As long as they allow the markets to be so distorted things will take place that should not happen to balance it.

    • Silence is Golden

      Maybe not a housing bubble…but a transition to a corporatized housing market where the middle class are precluded from owning a home. This makes even more sense in a world of ever increasing marginalisation of the middle class. It is a forced social engineering. Property and stocks were the vehicles to prosperity over the last century. What better way to achieve growth than have the population participate (untold leverage combined with credit expansion – potentially limitless). The party ended when the sub-prime OTC derivatives of Lehman exposed the sinister world of banking and the threat to the financial system that had been built up over decades. With the FED et all CB’s now printing ad-infinitum, the food chain of access to no cost money starts at the top. Those wealthy and connected enough will be the beneficiaries. The world then reverts to the landlord model….back to feudalism.

      • woody188

        I have to agree with you Silence. This is what I heard Mr. Calvo say:

        Consolidation – Those buying housing are buying in bulk whole blocks or even entire neighborhoods at a time. This isn’t the American Dream. This is the Euro-nightmare. Consolidation lowers competition and results in an increase in prices.

        Investors – Those buying are institutional and foreign investors that intend to hold and rent, not flip, the houses they purchase. This is the “ownership economy” Junior Bush was referring to back at the turn of the century. I keep seeing others using anecdotal evidence saying no one they know are buying homes. How many millionaire investors do they know?

        Lawlessness – Those that committed the massive fraud and inflated the bubble of ’07-’08 are behind the current moves in the housing market. Those able to commit crime and get away with it will do it again.

        All this adds up to much misery and sorrow for Joe Six Pack.

      • art barnes

        Yea, good blog, the middle class is closing in on “Serftom”, the master class, aka elite, can raise rents at will or have you to start packing. The military likes it too, because if your hungry you will join the arm services to eat and have a job, North Korea comes to mind on that point. So think about it folks, it is good for the master class, government & the military, sounds like a plan.

    • wd

      vincentg, the 1% of real estate markets are making prices go up, foreigners buying trillions of dollars worth in NY, SF, LA etc. Its not every day Joe buying this. I f you look at real estate outside those cities I think you would see the truth. Fabian deals with more statistics and numbers. Also there are millions of foreclosed properties that are bank owned that are being KEPT OUT OF THE MARKET!! If they were to release all of these properties it would further devastate this economy. There is much manipulation.

      As far as the minimum wage going up goes, I think retailers and fast food places will retaliate, by less employees and more automation. The far east has all kinds of automatic dispensers, no people needed. I go to a CVS near my house recently they added 4 self check-out areas, replacing 3 live cashier positions. The wave of the future.

      • woody188

        Pharmacy’s are about to go even further with the automated prescription machines. Your doctor will issue a barcoded prescription, or upload it directly to the pharmacy. The machine will scan your ID or license, check the new prescription against your others via a database, then dispense the new prescription in the dosage and quantity stated by the doctor. No humans required. These machines already exist. No more pharmacist or pharm tech jobs once they remove the regulations requiring their presence. If you need to speak to a pharmacist, they will be staffed at a contact center in India and you will Skype or teleconference with them via a screen/phone on the machine.

        A lot of people don’t realize that the information age is ushering in the complex machine age where most jobs, even service jobs, will no longer be performed by human beings.

    • Eddie Laidler

      Appreciation in housing should be expected to track inflation.
      It takes more depreciated dollars to purchase any given item.
      Hidden inflation is running close to 20% IMO so that would track well with real estate in desirable markets.
      It simply takes more dollars to purchase any given item and those deflated dollars really indicate stagnation.
      The only good thing is an already established mortgage where you are paying down the nut with a 30 yr fixed based on yesterdays dollars.
      I find it amazing how we ignore the real inflation in this country.
      Food is the biggest driver of inflation and energy in conjunction with higher minimum wage will blow it wide open in the future.

  13. Brian Stemmerman

    For those who are watching the market today should wonder. GDP comes in at 4% and the low for the DOW was -80 on a 7% increase. Everyone knows the government will revise lower. Market is scared that the government is giving the fed an out. Yellan has not spoken yet. Good news for the economy is negative for the market. Bad news is positive. What a joke the world must think. Capitalism at its best.

  14. Jerry

    Whoa ….The U.S. economy bounces back !
    Lets have a party! I guess we can all send Janet Yellen an email and tell her to shut the printing press off. I smell that familiar smell, of someone cooking the books. How about you Greg?

    • J. C. Davis

      Jerry. from the article.
      Despite the pickup, growth in the first half of the year badly lagged the economy’s estimated 2 percent to 2.5 percent potential, a reminder that the nation’s recovery from the worst recession since the 1930s remains the slowest on record.
      Yet, no one will count the price of food and gas.

  15. smaulgld

    Interesting that the housing market has stopped dead in its tracks and the Fed seems to brush off that issue- even though they were on record saying that housing would drive the economy- as if people moving in and out of used homes is some how productive economic activity.
    Then again Yellen ignores inflation signs as “noise”.

    The housing “recovery” like the overall economic recovery has been over before the media invented it. Here is a full review of why the housing recovery is a farce:

  16. Agent P

    Reality dawns on the United States when geopolitical isolation comes as a result of our needless meddling in the affairs of other nations. That could happen slowly over time assuming a steady decline or, it could happen within weeks/months, if tensions abroad stoked by the U.S. reach a point where immediate measures are taken to isolate us. I would suggest the rate at which the U.S. is stoking global tensions abroad (not to mention our continual ‘spying’ escapades on nations/individuals both friend and foe), that the latter of two aforementioned outcomes has the advantage.

  17. art barnes

    Greg, real estate is already in another bubble looking for a pin out here on the Western Front, poor wages can only support so much monthly payment sub-prime no down or otherwise, no exceptions. The Central Valley is fully employed at part time $9.00 to $14.00 per hour, you do the math, and yes real estate has risen 26 % or more the last 3 years while wages have not kept up; so its only a matter of time once again. The wealthy & the elite, as always, will clean up once again foreclosing on the middle class; they seem to love to give them the boot and have them start packing, every 10 years or so.

  18. Arizona

    GREG,you can’t save a nation who insist on being the most blood thristy depraved nation on the planet,AND AMERICA would rather live in their cars,OR be dead then STOP,its a lost cause,HERES a good piece of advice,FIND a place of safety for your family and friends and get ready to defend it,CAUSE what your about to see will blow your mind if you ain’t ready…………….

  19. Arizona

    ONE OTHER THING,no matter how prepeared you are ,YOU WON’T make it without the HELP OF THE LORD,so when it looks like its all over ,CALL ON HIS NAME for help,or you’ll die anyway…AND DO NOT,take the coin card,the rfid chip,or the mark of the beast,they all lead to hell……………

    • Joshua

      Barcodes and RFID’s have nothing to do with the mark of the beast.
      Go and read some history and firstly work out who the beast is. Start in Daniel.2 & Daniel 7 for context before you get to Revelation. You will learn that it is the Roman power, that became Christianized in the 4th Century, that subsequently brutalized the world and all opposition for the next 1200 years. Then you may begin to understand.
      The ‘futurist’ interpretation you are sprouting, that is common in Evangelical circles, was first advocated by the Jesuit Ribera, who sought to divert attention away from the commonly held Protestant accusations, that the Catholic Church was the Woman riding on the Beast of Rev.17. Stop listening to your teachers and start listening to Christ’s warning (Rev.1:1-3)

      • Charles H.


        Still testing your powers of confrontation? You know, those who handle money – bills, or printed stuff – get to know the real from the counterfeit by the feel of it, because they are so familiar handling it. Spiritually speaking – how would you know what is true or false based upon Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to read or accept literature from any other source but the Watchtower. All you can handle is THAT (corrupt) source: so how do you know these other sources? Is there some new echelon of JWs allowed to scale the walls of Protestant Theology in battle? Or are you going rogue?
        You challenge established teachings as wrong: but you don’t come out and state what is right. This is purely casting dispersions; or in another way of saying – planting doubts. But you provide no answers; just let people stew in these contradictions. Then you point to the Bible in a generic fashion. How nice that Janet Garcia just below gives a link to the Jehovah’s Witness Bible. I hear they have a new one out. So how many changes (editions) does this make?
        And why come-down on the Catholic Church: when the Jehovah’s Witnesses do essentially the same. Both include and depend on a “Works Salvation” where it is necessary to DO things – whether it’s canvassing or observing ordinances: it is removed from “by Grace through Faith” alone. (Which distinguished true Christianity from ALL other beliefs.)
        But you got my interest peaked. If barcodes and the RFID chip has nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast: what does? What is going to stop people from buying and selling; let alone incur the wrath and judgment of God, that seals their fate? Answer please?

        • Joshua

          JW’s are wrong on some fronts but not all.
          The worst is how they interpret Matt.24:45 “Who then is a wise and faithful, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season”. They attribute this reference to the ‘Watchtower Organisation’, so that no matter what one may discover in the Bible, it is of no value unless it comes from that office. This is their major crime, and the reason it is difficult for them to see beyond their limiting paradigm.

          As for the rest, you really need to get a grip on history. All the major protestant leaders and theologians of the reformation clearly and correctly identified the RC Church and the Papacy, this way. They saw the mark as the ancient brand of slavery, which identified ownership and service. Historically, no person who held contrary opinions could prosper or live in such a system. They were either destroyed in warfare, or had to leave the dominion. That continued until the reformation.

          As for the ‘Trinity’, I abandoned that idea long ago. Try getting a copy of “The Doctrine of the Trinity” by Buzzard (from Amazon), or better still, Kermit Zarley’s scholarly work “The Restitution of Jesus Christ” Both excellent and fair expositions of the Bible and of history.

          As for my position, it is based only on what I read and understand, and certainly not what I inherited.

          • Charles H.


            I am surprised and pleased with your civil answer. Very good.
            I would suggest that, from my standpoint – that being partially right is not a justification for a great many important points and issues that are wrong. You could say that gambling at a casino is good for a few; but detrimental for a vast majority – so that the whole in the balance is a “losing proposition”. And though sinful man will never be perfect in any endeavor: the issue when approaching the Sacred is to keep as humanly close to the Truth as possible. And there is a LOT of documented history that the JWs are way skewed-off.
            And may I suggest that you are still behind the curve, within your consideration of history. History is partially written: in part; and with partiality. Much of viewpoint and stance depends upon who one reads and who one takes as authoritative. And there is enough material out there to establish any kind of supposition. Human writers have to be taken “with a grain of salt”.
            I suggest that assuming that the RC Church and Protestantism represents Christianity is wrong to begin with: titles are indications of identification – not certification. True Christianity is a thread, sometimes a pattern that runs-through many, but not all of the commonly held organizations which are considered “Christian”. ‘Not every one that sayeth unto me Lord, Lord’ will enter into the kingdom of Heaven’. And the Two Gates of Matthew Ch. 7 :13, 14 – are termed as “many” and “few”. And verses 21-23 warns of not whether we have knowledge of God: but whether He has knowledge of us. Thus, True Christianity is removed to a domain where God Himself determines who he knows; or doesn’t. Your problem then, because you reject God as Triune – or the Trinity – means that Jesus Christ is not that Supreme God: and whatever doorway or focus of faith HE represents is “something else”, and that is the danger.
            A common and fatal error that is prevalent is derived from “Higher Criticism” – which basic states that man, by means of his sinful and limited intelligence: is allowed to analyze and interpret God’s Word – and arrive at an understanding of God in our own terms. But unless we as men conform our understanding to the Bible (totally), instead of the other way around: we are left basically to slosh-around in our own skulls – thinking we know the mind of God. Not so. The Bible ( the Right one in each language) is self-defining and self-explanitory. IF you proportion the respect in approaching it, over any human authority (including your own) then God can work with that in matters of inspiration, leading to correct understanding. But as long as man thinks he can correct or define or interpret God’s Word: he is bereft of the very spiritual input of the Author Himself. No God inspired understanding; no agreement with God: no possible entrance into true, born-again spiritual family, Who God Himself approves – therefore there are many who claim Christianity: but not many who God recognizes as His own.
            God the Father ordained; God the Son Jesus Christ, redeemed; God the Holy Spirit re-births: if this isn’t true – then you are not a Christian.
            This is NOT a denominational hand-me-down; despite my formal background and subsequent readings. My advice: don’t make a claim on God saying that ‘you believe’. Get a good Bible; read it and take it like it came straight from Heaven through the clouds: and get saved. Avail yourself of that born-again Salvation only available from and approved by God Himself. I am one of the Few, I know the reality. You look at it from the outside looking in: and you’re missing it. We deal in relative terms: when God is an Absolute. You still need to change your thinking – because you are not there yet.

        • Joshua

          RE: the Mark of the Beast in their foreheads. Consider contextually where the name of God is written, as opposed the mark of the beast. The question is, to whom does one really belong….
          Rev.14:1 ‘having his Father’s name written in their foreheads’ Rev.22:14 ‘and his name shall be in their foreheads’
          Consider how the hand and head was used and spoken of in the Law. Head for thinking, hand for works. I’ll leave the rest for those who really seek Matt.13:13-15.

          Just maybe those who claim to understand are really blind leaders of the blind, and the theology they are feeding you is tainted, i.e. from the same source -> for the woman in Rev.17:5 has many daughters.


    Hi Greg
    Here is the truth. Since Adam and Eve chose to rule themselves, Jehovah God has allowed mankind to see what they can do. They have had over 6,000 yrs to experiment with every form of government. How has that gone? At this point, mankind, left to their own devise, will wipe out the earth and all life on it.
    Jehovah set a date to take back his ruler ship of the earth, making his son Jesus the king in heaven. Jesus cleansed the heaven in 1914 (result, WW1, WW11, disease, earthquakes, food shortages) tossing out Satan and his demons. They came down to the earth. It says, “woe to the earth”. Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth, but not much longer. Our king, Jesus, and all of the anointed 144,000, and his angels will soon begin to cleanse the earth as he did in heaven. All wicked people, false religions and mankind’s governments, will be destroyed.
    Satan is working hard to distract people from the truth so they won’t see it coming.
    Greg, you and all your listeners, are inside the box. Get out of the box and look inside.
    All the truth about our future is already written and told. We have to be on the winning side of this up coming war of God Almighty, the war of Armageddon. The road is wide and spacious leading off to destruction, and many are on it. The road is narrow and cramped leading off to salvation, and few are on it. BE THE FEW.
    READ THE BIBLE. Save yourselves and your loved ones. The bible is available to everyone. Get it at http://www.jw.org. or download the app at jw.library. Study all you can. It is free.
    Be well and live for the truth.

    • Galaxy 500

      Last time I looked, JW’s believe there were only 14,400 places in heaven and then they bumped it up to 144,000…any group deluded enough to put limits on God deserve to be laughed at. My question is have you raised the number again?

      • Galaxy 500

        From your post, it appears not, ….only 144,000 places in heaven…
        Hahahhah…best be good and cut the self-righteousness, God.doesnt like that and you got a lot of competition

    • Joshua

      Janet, that’s mostly JW propaganda and not sound exposition. Please, if you can ignore your organisations ban for a moment, and as you say, read your Bible, please consider these references -> Zech.12:9-14 (John.14:37) & Zech.14. Please read the whole references, and grasp Israel’s future recognition of Jesus as the Christ of God, and their national repentance. Then hear what Paul says on these things in Rom.11:25-29. God keeps his promises (Deut.9:5-6). Forget how the Watchtower tells you to either ignore or misread these references. But consider this, your own organisation read these references reasonable well from Russell’s time, till Rutherford changed it when he took the reigns and established a ‘theocracy’ .

  21. Frank

    “Israel Is Stealing and Murdering Its Way Through Palestine — Paul Craig Roberts”

    I think it’s about time to try to get these honest guests to boycott your site. Especially as you encouraged Israel to invade Gaza.

    • Greg Hunter

      Boycott the speech you don’t like. How democratic of you. Why don’t you start us off and do not come here any more?

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow…Greg encouraged Isreal to invade Gaza. DUDE, take your meds already

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not encourage it I predicted it would happen, and sadly, it did.

    • Ugly

      With all the turmoil in the world the last 8 years, why is the Israel defending itself getting so many phonies riled up? We need to look at ourselves as the worlds leading strife makers. Israel is no bigger than New Jersey, thus they have no where to go. Saudi Arabia alone occupies an area equal to USA. Thus, get real….

    • Ugly


      Don’t need to boycott–just leave. Adios Amigos….

      • allen ols


        The Big Blackout: Why I’m Going Low-Tech to Prep for an EMP

        by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

        This might be stating the obvious, but in the event of an EMP, things will not be the same, no matter how great your generator is.

        Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media wrote an excellent article about the extreme likelihood of a catastrophic event that could take out our power grid:

        Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is warning investors – and more broadly, lawmakers and leaders – about the potential destructive power of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, which could be triggered by solar events or artificially, via blasts in the atmosphere.

        Read More @ TheOrganicPrepper.com

    • allen ols


      u have been misled, watch this video.


  22. tsuki

    I enjoy listening to Mr. Calvo. I worked construction for years until my retirement.

    In the early 2000’s, land and houses were appreciating rapidly. I remember in 2006, the rate was almost 6% a month. Buyers were like sharks among the chum. I thought that it could not possibly continue and I had my exit route.

    When the crash came, everyone was so surprised. No one could see it coming, but me? That was a little hard to believe.

    My question for Mr. Calvo would be…What do you think the politicians know? I know there are a lot of stupid ones out there, but does the elite politicians really have the knowledge or interest to be aware of what is happening?

    • wd

      I worked in Wholesale lending for 7 years I sold “money programs” to mortgage brokers. I worked for Countrywide, Ameriquest(Argent), Novastar, and Aegis (1998-2006). Both Prime and subpime. I saw the same thing you did in 2005, I saw 1200 s/q/f house, ranch style, built in mid 60’s no updates selling for $ 200/s/q/f in the mid south ( not even a huge real estate market).

      They could not give enough money away. And in my profession, we had the ability to CHANGE CREDIT REPORTS to make them more favorable. All the borrower had to do was sign to the truth of the statement.

      Greed blinds all that it lets in. It is amazing to me that some of the best investors got brutally burned. It was more-more-more-more.
      I knew of investors that would schedule a multiple closing within a 3-day period, They would get financed for five 4 plexes and then close all within three days. This way did not hit credit reports.

      Politicians are ego-maniacs, they strive for approval ( like actors). They live by the emotional quest to get more. Put no faith in any career politicians…no matter who they are.

      Its all the same. When your value keeps going up an up when do you stop? It takes the utmost discipline. Try telling that to some one now whose 401k keeps going up. They will laugh at you.

      Remember, its always the rats that no one the ship is sinking, way before anyone else. Its always the foot soldier that knows the war is lost before the generals ever think of it.

      You were smart and got out based on your cognitive reason and not based on the emotion of greed to get more.

  23. woody188

    Was sitting in the local ice cream parlor when I over heard two young women talking about college.

    Brunette, “College is great! I got my loan direct deposited to my account. That paid for tuition and books, and I spent what was leftover on clothes and other things I wanted.”

    Blonde, “You had money left over?”

    Brunette, “Oh sure, they give everyone more than than need.”

    I just kept my mouth shut and shook my head. These kids obviously have no idea that they have sold themselves into debt slavery for a mediocre education and a shopping spree.

    • allen ols


  24. John Manfred

    It is amazing how so many people cannot change their perceptions of the world from the fear of what has once happened happening again. But, history does not repeat itself. It just runs in cycles. This Calvo fellow is fighting the last war. There will be NO new housing price crash… not in terms of nominal dollar value that is. It simply will not be allowed to happen. The Federal Reserve will print whatever amount of money is needed to stop it. Houses will plummet in real terms, after the true inflation, but in nominal terms, and in terms of the doctored “CPI” inflation rate issued by the government, prices will stay the same, rise, or if they fall, will fall only ever so slightly.

    What will happen, however, is many more years of the kind of very high inflation we have right now. The kind that will be denied by the government and which a lot of Wall Street denizens also deny inflation, but it is everywhere you look in virtually every store. For example, I just sold a car, one year after purchase, for what I paid for it. It did not depreciate even one penny! But, it should have depreciated at least 9-10%. The true inflation rate is obviously high enough to offset the depreciation. The dollar has depreciated big-time, but other currencies are no better. It is a race to the bottom.

    Again, there will be no repeat of 2008. We will, instead, suffer 10-20%, or 50% or 100% per year inflation for as long as is needed to prevent that. Yes, the government will naturally lie about it and continue to report low official numbers. A lot of the population will believe the lies, but those who do not will buy precious metals and other real things to shelter their assets. The rest will lose virtually the entire value of their savings, just like what happened to the citizens in former communist nations after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  25. NC

    Hi Greg,
    Since last fall I have been renting homes for Invitation Homes (Blackstone) .
    They are not buying homes in NC or few at best. They hit the brakes earlier this year.
    Laying off people and transitioning to property management.

  26. Ciga hotrod

    Just sold my house south of Atlanta for 409,000. Purchaser got a VA approved loan for the total with NOTHING down at closing. So for what it is worth my experience suggests that plenty of people getting easy money. Closed on June 27th. Pricing in my area still not like late 07 early 08 but within 10% of it. I think whether it is cars or houses or other large expenditures if someone wants to buy loans will be made.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ciga!! good real world info and reporting.

    • woody188

      Wow, VA making loans just shy of jumbo status, while others die waiting to see a doctor. That is crazy!

  27. Brad

    Greg, Love your stuff. Here is what I think is being done. 27 million illegals over past 10 years. 30 million more expected over next ten. Extrapolate birth rates and you will have added nearly 100 million people to the US in just 20 years. I live in a city of 185K. The country would have to add 540 cities that size to accommodate. That is 10 per state. 100 million new consumers changing the culture and face of our nation. There is your answer. They will need houses, schools, hospitals, ect. Subprime real estate is truly the next boom.

    • Ugly

      There is no money to pay for any of it. It is a deliberate massive debt building followed fastly by confiscation of wealth such as homes, land, 401k, SS, etc. This will lead to civil unrest….America is lost and gone forever. Best to do is just prepare spiritually, mentally, financially, and prepperly (probably not a real word)….

    • art barnes

      Brad, living in an “illegal” area, I can tell you there is no upside for the invasion. Schools overrun, hospital & clinics going broke, food charities without a more food, crime rampant, both major and minor crimes, they work under the table and go for all the entitlements above the table, they think free before anything else, clearly understand it will change your understanding of the term “non-documented” refugee/worker. Oh, and if you like that I could tell you how much it cost to buy them interpreters so that they can fill out the “free” forms and get the kids an education as well. You just can’t believe the onslaught unless you live under the invasion at ground zero.

      • Galaxy 500

        Youd be surprised the amount of people in rural NC area with gang tats and no English.
        When did it become a God given right to come to my country, America and the laws be damned?

      • Charles H.


        The cultural differences are WAY more than people imagine. I live in Mexico. “Touching” government, or anybody, for stuff they know won’t be paid back is practically universal. Even friends who swear that they will repay – forget obligations over the now new needs of the moment. Then you become the villain for requesting or demanding repayment. To do so means that you are guaranteed to lose a friend. America will become a Third-World country.

  28. Gary Burk

    Greg….considering all of your comments and their shallowness, I have to say that you need not worry about employment…CNN will hire you back in a heart beat due to your dedication. Also, I have a new name for your website….USAPuppydog.com. Being an ex-Missouri boy, I recognize the behavior and where it comes from.

    • Charles H.

      Oh, yeah! And just where are you from, Gary? Let me guess! Cheap-shot, California?

    • Galaxy 500

      Gary Burk…is that short for burka? Dude, start your own site. Are you angry Greg wont let you spew hateful rhetoric to your little hearts content? Dude, take your puppy Chihuahua with the pretty pink bow and go away…dont go.away mad, just go away

    • Ugly

      Nobody cares what you think. So who cares what you think. Can you add any value, such as should we invest in silver, or buy some water filters. I would appreciate any uneducated assumption that you have. Thanks dude, and good luck….PS. Please have some conservative friends because you will need to leach from somebody….

  29. wd


    I just saw a posting by , Gregory Mannarino. He talked about US Military secretly building up in Ukraine, readying themselves. He also said this was a huge lose-lose for the US and they reek with desperation. He also said that his sources have told him Putin has planned for this well in advanced. ” Putin is laughing at this country”

    He also said this economy is dead( cited numbers), but they report consumer confidence is up. Said all these reports are lies

    Short but excellent talk…he echoed what Willie said about Germany going to BRICS.

  30. ofa

    Blind Men and the Elephant
    poem by John Godfrey Saxe (1816–1887)

    It was six men of Indostan
    To learning much inclined,
    Who went to see the Elephant(Though all of them were blind),
    That each by observation
    Might satisfy his mind
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Elephant
    The First approached the Elephant,
    And happening to fall
    Against his broad and sturdy side,
    At once began to bawl:
    “God bless me! but the ElephantIs very like a wall!”
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Wall
    The Second, feeling of the tusk,
    Cried, “Ho! what have we here
    So very round and smooth and sharp?
    To me ’tis mighty clear
    This wonder of an Elephant
    Is very like a spear!”
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Spear
    The Third approached the animal,
    And happening to take
    The squirming trunk within his hands,
    Thus boldly up and spake:
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a snake!
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Snake The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
    And felt about the knee.
    “What most this wondrous beast is like
    Is mighty plain,” quoth he;
    ” ‘Tis clear enough the Elephant Is very like a tree!”
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Tree
    The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
    Said: “E’en the blindest man
    Can tell what this resembles most;
    Deny the fact who can
    This marvel of an Elephant
    Is very like a fan!”
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Fan
    The Sixth no sooner had begun
    About the beast to grope,
    Than, seizing on the swinging tail
    That fell within his scope,
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a rope!”
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Rope
    And so these men of Indostan
    Disputed loud and long,
    Each in his own opinion
    Exceeding stiff and strong,
    Though each was partly in the right,
    And all were in the wrong!
    Blind Men and the Elephant – Wrong
    So oft in theologic wars,
    The disputants, I ween,
    Rail on in utter ignorance
    Of what each other mean,
    And prate about an Elephant
    Not one of them has seen!

    • Galaxy 500

      So whats your point? Are you blind? Do you hate elephants?.I know you wasted our time

      • woody188

        It’s about the absurdity of waging wars and killing each other over our individual perceptions (the blind men) of a supreme being (the elephant) when should such a supreme being actually exist that we are all really talking about and warring over the same entity or lack thereof.

        I found it funny and enlightening.

  31. dan

    and many expect John’throw my medal away’ Kerry to broker peace to a region that has hated their own people and non believers for thousands of years….wtf

    • Silence is Golden

      John Kerry (as Secretary of State) does not exist to broker “Peace” for peace sake.
      Look no further than his employer and how they involve themselves in foreign matters to understand the logic of his position.
      He, as with all predecessors, are there to espouse and propagate the one world paradigm / government. He is there to undermine rather than protect or encourage Sovereignty. Proof lies in the lack of success in achieving long term peace.
      He may be portrayed as the “fool” but his work is tireless.
      The only solution in their eyes is a New World government where Laws are synonymous across the globe (UN) and are upheld and enforced by global police (NATO).

      • woody188

        Again spot on Silence. In business it’s referred to as the Global Harmonized System (GHS) and it’s being implemented across the board right now in all industries with mandatory deadlines set for 2015. It’s supposed to ease trade restrictions across the globe by making all hazardous and safety information on products conform to a single standard.

        One need look no further than Kerry’s signing of the UN Arms Trade Treaty to know he is a traitor to his sworn oath of office.

  32. fred

    used to like you Greg but lately your biased view of the genocide against the Palestinian people is gotten to me

    • Greg Hunter

      This is war pure and simple. Hamas is conducting war from a heavily populated area. If the leadership in Gaza was worried about the death of women and children they would move their military hardware to the border and put their women and children behind them. I think the bloodshed is awful.

  33. Agent P

    Greg –

    Does Mr. Calvo have time constraints for these interviews? Given another 20 minutes or so would perhaps allow him to expand on a few issues in more detail. I for one would enjoy him being on for an extended interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      No constraints. I just cut it when I think they are finished. Point taken. Mr. Calvo is a very smart guy!

  34. Jerry

    I’m still waiting for important updates from my source for what’s about to go down in Ukraine. If you remember back in Mid May he said there would be a military confrontation between NATO and Russia in Mid July that would lead to a price spike in Silver in Mid August.

    It looks like the timing is off, but don’t be fooled, the event is still coming forth soon, as reports continue to come in concerning troop buildups between NATO and Russia. See this report.
    Why is this event significant? Because once it happens, it will begin the rapid exit from the dollar into the new currency system that has been set up by the globalist. If you have been following the reports by Jim Willie, John Williams, Rob Kirby and others, you know that this has been an ongoing project by the globalist for quite sometime. The question has always been, When? This is the event ( that was supposed to happen in July “7”) ) that Christine Laguard of the IMF was talking about in her coded message in January. It will literally lead to the beginning of the NWO that the globalist have been dreaming of. Stay tuned. More information forthcoming.

  35. J. C. Davis

    Greg Fabian is right, but one thing to point out is things in the middle are getting super tight. Seems people are only spending money on the 1st, and 15th of the month. The separation between the haves and have not’s has become the great gulf between heaven and hell. When the bombs fall the haves will simply pack there gold, and leave the country.

  36. art barnes

    Greg, your site will continue to grow, I’ve been around a while and have seen the change all good in my mind. I personally want to thank you for standing up to G Celente on Hamas, you are the only one out there to do it. The same goes for Palestinian people as the American people, we got the Government we elected and must live with it.

  37. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Watchdog America provides a crucial service in trying to wake people up to what is coming and prepare those who are aware.

    I enjoyed your interview with Mr. Celente. I like some fireworks once in awhile. I’m glad you did not back down from your position. Mr. Celente is not use to being challenged. He usually has free reign during interviews. You were very gracious to him at the end.

    I found it troubling that he mentioned the Ashkenazi Jews. Especially the comment about them being European colonizers. Does he believe the myth about European Jews being the descendants of the gentile Khazars? Of course Israel is not exempt from criticism. I do find Mr. Celente’s viewpoint on the Middle East situation troubling. When Israel presumably lost against Hezbollah in Lebanon it put Israel in even greater danger. It showed they can be defeated.

    Thanks for the forum.

  38. John Allen

    Fabian has a sharp mind and is a great interview.
    As far as the Gerald interview, I think you have been outed, if you had chidren and
    lived in Gaza you would whistle a different tune. You gave your self away, when
    you called one of your readers an anti semite. Remember, the people of Gaza were
    thrown off their land by the Balfour Declaration. Also, Keep in mind, Bibi Netanyahu
    is a product of Chetenham, Pennsylvania. You can be sure, there is more than meets
    the eye here and will be told in due time. Greg, I am very dissappointed with your treatment of Gerald and you owe him an apology!
    Don’t get me wrong, I read / watch your website on a regular basis, you are very intelligent and so are your guests and readership. As you say, good men can disagree!
    I close by saying, you know what is going on in America, what makes you think it is any different in Israel?

  39. John

    A bunch of fear mongering. I had no problem selling two of my houses last month. Both were cash buys. People in the upper 20% are doing fine. The houses at the bottom of the pyramid will be used for Section 8 and to house illegals. The middle class people who occupied those houses will move in with relatives or their car. There will be no housing crash. The government and banks will sweep in and take control of those houses. Non-story. Move on.

    • J. C. Davis

      JOHN. Sad , but I think you are right.

      • John

        J.C., it is what it is. I am playing the cards that I was given. I am in survival of the fittest mode. I don’t have time to sit around and feel sorry for everyone. I am busy trying to protect myself and my family. Both of the houses that I sold were on the market since late-May. They sold relatively quickly. One of them of was to an engineer and the other one was to a Russian whose daughter goes to school in the US. Also don’t forget there are a lot of wealthy individuals from other countries snatching properties in the US; most of them haven’t even seen the houses they bought. Like I said, it is what it is. The system is corrupt, but I have to keep on moving.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Housing values in rural eastern nc are stagnant to declining

  41. Galaxy 500

    What a day. DOW down 300, IRS working with atheist group promises to go after churches, Christians in the middle east are being killed and no MSM covers it but Fox, Hamas kills own people and MSM blames it on Israel and doesnt retract when evidence shows it was Hamas rockets, Hamas gun downs collaborators and says Israel killed “civilians”, CIA admits hacked congressional oversight computers, IMF’s Lagarde says enegry should be taxes world wide

  42. Ken Russell

    Just sold our house in Plano, TX so that we could get ready to buy some rural property in east Texas or southeast Oklahoma, build a little house and get the heck away from civilization. After buying and selling seven homes in five states over 35 years of marriage and taking absolute baths on all but one, we sold in our first ever seller’s market in 36 hours and closed in three weeks. It was a feeding frenzy bidding war with four offers 8% above list price; two offers stayed in when we countered that they had to close at their offer price regardless of appraisal. The young kids with twins who bought our house did an FHA 10% loan and came to the table with an extra 18K to close at the offer price. And yes, they drove a brand new Lexus and a brand new 72K done-to-the-nines pickup while both our cars are paid for (mine is 11 years old). How they qualified is beyond me not to mention how in the world they’ll make the mortgage payments on top of their car payments. I wish them well but, yikes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the real world reporting Ken.

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