Dem Civil War, Deep State Reveals All, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 420 2.21.2020)

The Democrat Party looks like it is having an all-out war—with itself. This Democrat civil war is unlike any in modern history. You have a party that has turned communist/socialist fighting with elite members such as billionaire Michael Bloomberg. This battle for the party of theft and death is just beginning and won’t end well.

The Democrats and Deep State overlords are getting desperate. They are revealing themselves like never before. It was not that long ago that if you mentioned the so-called Deep State, people would think you were a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut. Not any longer. It seems all of the nuts are being revealed in the Deep State. This includes revelations of human trafficking that, according to President Trump, is 70% women and children. Thank you Prince Andrew, Jeffery Epstein for all the stories about global human trafficking and sex slaves getting out to the general public.

The China virus news seems it is going from bad to worse every week. No one believes the official stories coming out of China. China’s domestic production of goods has ground to a halt, and now Wall Street is waking up to the fact the money printing at central banks is NOT going to fix the coming global economic disaster hatched in communist China.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Dr. Chris Martenson, co-founder of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Martenson is an expert on the economy and is also an expert on infectious disease. He is going to tell us how bad the China virus will get and what to do to prepare.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Well done!
    And thanks in advance for scheduling Chris Martenson for Sunday.

  2. K. Wayne

    This COVID 19 (Coronavirus) is troubling me in more ways than you can imagine.
    First off ….I don’t like coincidences.
    Second …. The lack of media attention along with the fake news (when there is any), is the key ….that they are intentionally controlling the narrative.
    Third ……the responses by the CCP and the WHO are deficient on many levels.

    To put some perspective to the conclusion that I have …….that this Corona Virus is a DELIBERATE ACT of a nefarious Government/Agency/Group …lets call them Globalists……and to support such I have reconstructed a timeline of events that are critical to the claim.

    Q1 2018 – Trump instigates (US) Phase 1 far-reaching Trade Tariffs on China…based on the IP loss to our technology companies and the associated billions in lost revenue. In essence a Tech-War…. for world domination…something which the Chinese had demonstrated they were winning (it was causing angst among Western Globalists) and because it had ascended to throne and posed a threat to the ruling Elite.

    Q2 2019 We see Phase 2 of the Tariffs being implemented because of the lack of action by China. China retaliates with their own tariffs and sanctions on American produce.
    Trump’s call is to maintain the mantra of “MAGA ….. bring back manufacturing” …!!!
    Impossible we say….they sold us out long time…..its never comin back…..the Globalists offshored everything except Fracking.

    This is where it gets real interesting………

    • K. Wayne

      We have some FED speak after some normalisation attempts (proved to be futile)…and then Monetary stimulus in the form of rate cuts.

      Come the middle of September ’19 we see a spike in the overnight rate and the FED engaging in outright QE/not QE REPO Operations. I have no doubt that there was an implosion in the financial system because of the “liquidity” issue…and that Banks were incapable of lending surplus funds via normal channels. Did the Banks in fact react to the financial stress or were they acting in preparation of another “tactic” about to be unleashed on the Globe ??

      To this point we are still not any wiser about the state of the Global Economy but clearly the tariffs were impacting trade both at home and abroad. Germany went into a manufacturing recession and here at home we experienced a Retail apocalypse. Global GDP had been deteriorating for some time. Numbers were being manufactured and distorted to keep appearances of all is good. It was being carefully managed and hidden. We were in fact in a Global recession. The World was trapped with unrepayable Debt levels.
      The Masters of Evil had to devise a plan to cover for the fading Global Economy and for system that was beyond any realm of hope and was soon to collapse under its own servicing requirements. They had failed and the system was failing. The plan had to dovetail into their Master Plan of World Control with centralization at the core.

      • William Stanley

        We know it’s true. But, man, who can wrap their head around THIS level of evil?

        • K. Wayne

          Someone has to attempt to make some iota of sense about the evil acts….and their ultimate agenda. After all we can’t believe or trust anything they say or do. They will not care for us….that is proven.
          I agree it is mind boggling ….the lengths they will go to… achieve their goals.

      • K. Wayne

        China, not to be outdone (whilst continuing to pursue its One Belt One Road initiative), signed a $400 Billion trade deal/ contract with IRAN circa September 18 2019. This was in complete contravention of the US Trade Sanctions imposed on IRAN.

        What follows next is to me….. the outlier……

        Meantime on the 18 October 2019 in NYC, The John Hopkins Centre for Health Security hosted an “Event 201” in partnership with the World Economic Forum – a high-level pandemic exercise focused on a Coronavirus outbreak ….in every respect a simulation of exactly what we see unfolding right now……with all supporting guests including Bill and Melinda Gates & reps from Johnson & Johnson.
        Fascinating and absolutely stunning that such an event took place about 6 weeks prior to the first case of illness from the COVID 19 but wait for it…..
        ….. Bill and Melinda Foundation just so happen to fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus and are already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis……hmmmmm !!!!

        • Freebrezer

          K- If I were to pan an epidemic it would be the jump of one of the 400 + known corona virus jumping species … What you put above only says that gees these scientist believe that the most likely virus to jump and cause an epidemic might be the corona virus. Ya think? … it is the virus behind the common cold ( – many, many different strains of the corona virus exist and exist in a hell of a lot mammals. Above say nothing but inflaming people to believe conspiracies!!! The corona virus is what mutated and started the SARS epidemic; The corona virus is what mutated/jumped (guessing from camels) and caused the MERS epidemic. Here is a link explaining it with links to the scientific papers:

      • K. Wayne

        December 19 we see the first cases from the infection.
        The CCP and WHO are too slow to respond.
        Subsequent censoring of data (actual hard facts)…… leaving only the official narrative of the CCP with some external interpretation of REAL infections/deaths. We aren’t privy to the real details until they become more widespread and known in late January 2020.
        But something extraordinary happens in early January 20. Soleimani (IRANIAN General) is assassinated by a US drone strike whilst in Iraq under orders of POTUS….supposedly in retaliation for strikes on the US Embassy. Was it a payback for the China/Iran Deal ??

        Spread of infections now reaches 20 something countries. Rate of infection is well above quoted numbers (with r 4-5-6) …is contagious and virulent.
        Martial Law in effect in China with some 600 Mln citizens in lockdown.
        Impact on manufacturing is evident in China with factories closed for business….and is having downstream effects on supply chains across the globe.
        The FED promises action in the form of FULL QE …if it is satisfied that the economy will suffer (waiting 14 days for the economic effects to present themselves).
        The population of America has intentionally been kept in the dark about the true nature of this virus and its effects.
        Supply chain Interruption is a given and is witnessed through forward guidance from American Corporates. Expect reduced economic activity, mass corporate lay-off/ defaults in the months ahead. That overlooks the health and wellbeing of American citizens which should be the No. 1 priority for the CDC and Trump.

        The next part of the equation if the key element to this nefarious agenda…..
        There is increasing talk of resolving the interdependencies of the Globalisation…..via “Bring Manufacturing back home” ….!!!
        Wilbur Ross – Secretary of Trade…spells it out in clear fashion for us all….go to 5.18

        What isn’t perhaps as evident from all what is transpiring, is the need to move away from the current fiat system and into the Cashless (Controlled) Society…that these Communists so desire. It is after all about centralisation. China is leading the way with its actions and is the Blueprint for what follows for the rest of us. China has already started the narrative around eliminating cash…. a transmission mechanism for the Coronavirus.

        • K. Wayne

          As a final gesture I wanted to highlight a rather startling piece of evidence made by Chris Martenson.
          His most recent update on the COVID 19 highlights that you don’t want to catch the virus for a second time. The alarming issue being any antibodies that a infected victim’s system develops to ward off any future infection….have been proven to act against the body’s normal defence mechanisms. They supposedly act to assist the virus (in the second infection phase) in penetrating the body’s cells and thus leading to immediate /imminent death.
          The conclusion from this is that the Virus could infect the globes population at the 14-15 % infection rate with the expected deaths to be in the order of 4-5%. Those that survive the first bout are likely to come into contact for the secondary infection.
          I maintain that this is the deliberate act of a Nefarious group of Luciferians.

          • Freebrezer

            K – this is WRONG and not right to put this forth “antibodies that a infected victim’s system develops to ward off any future infection…. have been proven to act against …” again this is false, false narrative for the Cov-19 virus and should not be put forth! until you site or Chris sites an actual scientific paper showing this, it is wrong/evil to spread a false narrative!!!!!!!! It can be speculated that it might, which some viruses do. ….. see around the seven minute mark an actual MD and how he addresses this issue! … Note, this is the doctor that will see the actual corona -19 patients if their lungs crash if it hits the USA! Thus I give him a hell of lot more credence, and I pay attention to what he says! He is going to be on the front lines if it hits in the west!

            • K. Wayne

              Scientific r3search…yup.
              Chris has done the hard work….analysed the research…
              Go to 17.20 of his recent update…..bit technical….but the conclusions seem undeniable.
              I don’t believe I’ve misinterpreted his findings.

              • Freebrezer

                K – Chris does not site and actual scientific paper showing 2nd infection via cov-19. First – what are the false positives per the testing kits if you have cov-19? What are the false negatives rate? What is the P value in that the tests gave the wrong answer? the right answer? To even get a guess on these questions takes at least 4 to 6 months of closely controlled studies and at least 200 to 400 patients depending on the sensitivity of the tests … the disease has only been spreading rampant since Jan-2020. Plus at medcram ( 6 thru 12 not sure which one), he discusses the dengue fever – the virus has to mutate/change slightly to give the second infection. Chris say the same … but it is still speculation on the secondary infection part and he allures to such! That is why the CDC got those patients from Japan cruise ship – THEY WANT TO STUDY THEM!!!! and start getting answers!

                • K.Wayne

                  By all means wait for the Official science to play catch up.
                  How long did the world wait for the CCP to make an official announcement ?
                  How much of their data is incomplete?
                  How many carriers have passed through American airports ?
                  Are the medical professionals in our Major Hospitals and Clinics prepared for this Virus (trained in Virus isolation and containment, Epidemiology) ?

                  We already know that the WHO / CDC/ CCP have been deficient and negligent in their actions to date. There are too many facts supporting this statement.
                  The actions of Japanese Health authorities in regard to the infected Cruise Ship in the Port – being completely oblivious to required protocol?
                  To me there is sufficient evidence to support the urgency of the situation and that this is no ordinary Virus (Cold) and is a very real threat to every human.
                  What you haven’t considered in any of your remarks is an intentional agenda to obfuscate the truth by those who developed and own the Virus, responsible for its release and are working on a Vaccine. That in itself plays directly into their hands. Centralisation is the core of their Agenda. They will do all the thinking for everyone. You are trained to be compliant – just like the poor souls in China being restrained/suppressed like animals….until your master comes knocking on your door to take you out for a run in the grounds of the Death Camps.
                  That’s not in any way being alarmist…that is the Dystopian world that is being constructed for us whilst you continue to wait for the Science to provide the clarity you need.
                  Science (when it was required to) didn’t provide the clarity when Dupont was pushed to defend itself in the case of CR8 /PFOA poisoning….Science in fact supported Dupont….and yet all along they (Dupont) had hidden evidence/proof of the deadly side-effects. Decades later they decide to withdraw its use but still suffered enormous cost of losing class actions/payouts…but in the process have infected 99 % of the world’s population. Practically everyone is carrying this chemical in their system today. The case is ongoing.

            • William Stanley

              RE: “. . . it is wrong/evil to spread a false narrative!!!!!!!!”
              1. Surely you do not mean to imply the K has knowingly spread a false narrative OR that he is evil. You simply disagree. That doesn’t make you evil, either.
              2. I looked at your link (I had also previously come across it). What your MD discusses concerning antibodies was not specifically addressed to K’s issue about the Corona virus potentially being more deadly if caught a second time. Moreover, your MD actually didn’t cover a lot of information that Dr. Chris Martenson has covered (BTW, it’s my understanding that Dr. Martenson has PhD in closely fields and — IMO — may actually know quite a bit more about the actual biology of the present situation than your MD does).
              3. Waiting for “proof” can be even more irresponsible than urging action in the face of what now is clearly, at least IMO, a worldwide emergency.

              • Freebrezer

                WS – My point is when making a assertion that has big implications to health, give a link!!! … Just Like politics, science has been corrupted. Just because it is printed does not mean it is true. When a link is given, then us (the readers) can go to that site and make our own decision. Note I gave a link to a credentialed MD who said it was not proven! And yes, spreading speculation as facts is evil!

                • William Stanley

                  Dr. Martenson is also credentialed. And He never claimed it was proven that catching corona virus a second time has been proved to be even more dangerous that catching it the first time; Just that there is credible evidence supporting that hypothesis. Martenson’s site is at; he has covered this issue extensively there.

              • Freebrezer

                W – Per Chris PhD – 4 years of graduate school in science… This guy has 4 years of medical school. If you look at his MD credentials (links) you’ll note that he is in ICU pulmonary medicine – This requires Five years residency and another 4 years (fellowship) pulmonary ICU. That is Nine (9) years more training after getting an MD. 9 years more education vs. Chris in the exact field that this virus hits! Pulmonary = Lungs. Plus this is the guy that will be the front line if the corona virus hits the USA. He is a practicing physician (ICU/Pulmonary care!) and again is the fronts line … It is his job/responsibility to know what the hell this diseases is! If you get this cov-19 (god forbid) and your lungs crash, he and other trained like him in ICU/Pulmonary care are the ones between your life and death. His videos are for med students, thus everyone needs to decide for themselves.

                • Freebrezer

                  Note: corona virus should read cov-19.

                • K.Wayne

                  I would consider that Epidemiology would be the highest priority at present.
                  We want to avoid it at all costs. We especially don’t want a second phase of infection to pass through the population either.
                  Care and understanding of this Virus is obviously paramount for those infected. But the efforts in ensuring the Virus is kept out of America have in my opinion been deficient.
                  Prevention is the ultimate cure.

          • paul ...

            Also … a good way to deny that this deadly thing … … even exists in the US … is simply “not to test for it” … the CDC is stridently warning that only three states (California, Nevada and Illinois) have any testing capacity ability … which is critically needed to seriously confront and contain a Corona Virus outbreak in the US!!!

            • K. Wayne

              The CDC is our front line for containment….and yet they are stating that…”We warned you”…
              That tells us everything about how we can expect the virus to take hold here…..because it is vastly unmanageable.

            • William Stanley

              Paul …,
              I have a friend who knows a nurse who works in a California hospital. As of a few days ago she told him that her hospital hasn’t even brought the staff up to speed concerning the corona virus, much less implemented actions designed to deal with its ramifications.

          • Brook

            K Wayne, I don’t know where that report came from, but let’s not forget the first cases of this occurred in Dec and none outside of China until Jan, so I’m wondering how any researcher would know this much about the virus right now? There haven’t been enough cases and people re-infected to know this. That said, if it’s a lab virus that has been tested for years, they would know this. I am skeptical of all the “expert” info coming out right now about a virus so new. Spreading fear is as useful to the cabal as the real virus, so there is plenty of that going around.

            • K.Wayne

              Brook & FB,
              You have as much right to be skeptical about the “research” as I am about the “New” Virus.
              What I have learned over the years is to never accept occurrences at face value…….. I especially don’t accept Official Narratives – including those emanating out of the Government of a Communist Nation.
              My opening comment /claim is that this COVID-19 is a deliberate work of Evil. There are many supporting factors on both sides of the equation…. but I am ever mindful of the coincidences. I try to keep an open mind with this….especially when we have incongruent data. I am certainly not intentionally spreading nor presenting false data or false narratives. We have a platform here to openly present and discuss ideas, thoughts and facts.
              That is my view. You are entitled to yours and to question mine.
              Ultimately it will be up to us individually to determine the veracity of Virus induced Fear.
              I remain vigilant in my resolve notwithstanding. Trying to put the pieces together and connecting all of the dots is a time consuming exercise.
              My health and safety( and that of my family and close friends) is my first priority.

    • Charles Casaburi

      There were several videos I tried to access from people inside the hot zone in China. They were all dropped from utube. All these tech geeks who run amazon, goggle, Facebook ect know each other well. Jeff Bezos hopped on his private jet for New Zealand. Watch what they do not what they say.

  3. paul ...

    Wall Street currently believes a rebound in global economic growth will occur justifying rising stock prices (because of the synchronized expansion of fiat paper by the Fed and other Central Banks in China, Japan and Europe, etc.) … and Stan and his bankster buddies believe that all this fiat money printing worldwide (that is driving the Stock Market higher will diminish safe-haven demand for both gold and silver) so they are shorting the precious metals … what Stan and his bankster buddies don’t understand is that all the massive fiat money printing the Central Bankers are doing all around the world “will devalue all paper currencies relative to precious metals” … thus making gold and silver rise not fall … and even if a recovery in the global economy should occur (due to all the money printing) … Stan and his buddies ignore the fact that a rebound in global growth “increases industrial demand for precious metals” … so reviewing Stan’s logic … he is is selling precious metals short (based upon a hoped for pick-up in global growth) that will supposedly diminish safe-haven demand for gold and silver … while completely ignoring the fact that when fiat is printed exponentially “it becomes more and more worthless relative to gold” … and even if Stan is right about exponential money printing creating a pick-up in global growth … he is selling gold and silver short into an increase in industrial demand for both metals (as a strong business cycle fueled by exponentially printed fiat will likely do) … there is only one way for gold (and silver) to go … UP … to it’s old high of $11,253 !! … … which is where Shadow Stats calculates gold must go … just to get even with the CPI (as it was in 1980)!!!

    • paul ...

      The naive optimism we see on Wall Street (and in Stan’s actions) … reveals a misplaced blind faith in Fed banksters “being gods” … oblivious to the fact that in reality Banksters are simply “very stupid men” who only know one thing … how to print money in the face of adversity … Gold and Silver investors have their number … as seen here … … and here …

      • paul ...

        The Banksters may believe they are God’s (or that they are doing God’s work) … but the Fed’s exponential printing of fiat money does “absolutely nothing” (even at the margin) to improve global supply chains (that are now shutting down in Japan) … nor does it send people out into the streets to shop and increase consumption of things (that can’t even be made)!!

    • Freebrezer

      P – good chart … kind of says it all. Interesting in that most all of us look at the gold high in 1980’s (~ $800.00) in todays money value. the chart gives a better perspective. As to Stan, those shorts he bragged about at $1475.00 gotta, gotta hurt given that gold is at $1640.00.

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … Running extreme leverage “of up to 30 times” in the futures/options markets (the way Stan does) means he is bearing very extreme risks … a mere 3.3% gold move against his bets would wipe out 100% of his gambling capital (and gold has moved up 11.2% from the $1475 price he shorted gold at) … there aren’t many traders brave (or crazy enough) to live on such a razor’s edge like Stan does … but then again … his bankster buddies probably just print up more cash for him to play with out of thin air!!

        • paul ...

          Stan’s problem is that he thinks he is playing against “other futures players” who are taking the bullish side of the bet … thinking their collective gold-futures bullish bets are finite … and that once these bullish futures players have bought all the gold futures they can … their capital firepower will be exhausted … and then gold’s upward momentum will cease … and he will clean up as the gold price falls … what Stan doesn’t realize … is he is playing against mom and pop investors “who don’t actively trade gold” … they “buy and hold” … and such mom and pop Asian investment buying has exploded with the onset of the COVID-19 plague … sometimes very evident … when most of gold’s daily gains happen overnight in the US (when Asian markets are open) … I’ve seen many of gold’s recent sizable daily rallies “have indeed come during those hours when the Asian markets are open” by looking at the 24 hour gold chart … … so Stan is fighting against windmills … trying “to trade” against people who “buy and hold” (and who won’t ever let gold significantly correct downward) because the capital of these millions of small investors is not limited the way gold futures players capital is limited!!

          • paul ...

            Look at the gold chart above and notice that during the time the Hong Kong market was open gold “rose steadily” from $1620 to $1635!

            • paul ...

              Now look at what New York was doing to spot gold in the magnified chart below the main chart … every time gold advanced Stan and his buddies took it down (they shorted it 4 times during the trading day (trying to quell and limit the advance) but still couldn’t stop gold from rising $10 bucks on the day!!

    • AndrewB

      I agree with many of your comments – but you are wrong to give any credence to ‘Stan’ by rebutting ‘his’ declared intention to sell gold and to buy DB (Deutsche Bank – sic). He, she, or it (down on the troll farm) only post such nonsense to disrupt libertarian platforms hosting truth seekers. Do not be deflected by Stan et al, ignore. Trolls wither and die when you don’t acknowledge them!

  4. wondering

    Good talk Greg,

    Very animated. Cracked my shit up a couple times.

    The whole world is batshit crazy. Goldman Sachs warned today that there was a possibility of imminent downturn in the stock market due to the corona virus and yet the white house is considering tax breaks for people to invest in the stock market. We are getting so many mixed signals that nothing seems like the truth.

    Your talks ground me.

    • JC

      wondering, regarding Goldman Sachs, check out George at Urban Survival.

      CNN put it out Thursday: “Goldman Sachs warns of stock market correction.”

      See the pattern here? From my February 11th column, I called your attention to this:

      “MarketWatch had a real interesting story cross Monday: “Goldman Sachs says impact of coronavirus will be ‘limited,’ and these are the stocks to buy if it’s right .”

      I also told you:

      “That left my consigliere and me wondering by late Monday afternoon if someone wasn’t “talking their book” – a technique where major players sometimes say one thing (we’re heading higher ahead) while unloading (distribution) stock holdings to remaining “greater fools.” No conclusions, but we do have serious suspicions.”

      Apparently this last little run-up in the market was a satisfactory distribution to the “weak hands” of the public – at least based on the run-around on Goldman’s assessment of COVD-19 impacts.

  5. Bob Roof

    Greg. My fear has somehow abated for now, but sometimes, like after your WNR tonight, I think my head might explode! Love your delivery! Let me know if you end up needing a prescription for Lithium..I’ll surely come through….hahaha! Bob in Iowa

  6. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; I enjoyed it! Yes, I fear Corona Virus breaking out in the US. It is very hard to stop even as hard as we have tried. If you have studied it you will see it tends to kill the old, weak , smokers, people with lung problems and the very young. But no one is really safe! Our medical treatment system can up your odds but any country can lose control, like China has when the medical systems are overwhelmed and out of treatment supplies. Most medical supplies and drugs are made in china and I mean everyday drugs that we all use. A lot of the medical Profession are very afraid the Corona will break out here. We will know more plenty in another two weeks. But even if not now it may be we just delay it two or three months while it runs on around the world until it finds a crack in our armor.

  7. R.Wolf

    Thanks Greg for another outstanding report. Knowledge is power and every week you give people (your listeners) the power to make smart decisions. You really should have your own news network. I love your passion, honesty, credibility and integrity. It just doesn’t get any better than USA WATCHDOG.COM and that’s saying a lot. Thanks again!!!

  8. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Epstein didn’t just reveal a global pedophile network. What happened to him made it abundantly clear that the deep state /Washington/Wall Street establishment couldn’t care less what the public thinks. We no longer matter. All the Democratic candidates are proving that they are of like mind with Hillary in the way they view us. We are all DEPLORABLES !! Bloomberg’s recent insults directed at farmers, machinists, blacks, etc. are indicative of his true feelings. The recent Washington post column arguing that “elites” should have more control over elections and the attacks on the first and second amendments are rooted in their contempt for us. Remember back during the 2008 campaign when Obama described white rural Americans as people who “…watched the jobs disappear 25 years ago and now cling to their guns and religion with antipathy toward anyone not like themselves”. That might have been his only truly honest moment in his campaign. In a recent broadcast CNN talking head Don Lemon and his guests made complete fools of themselves mocking and stereotyping millions of Americans as ignorant and stupid while Lemon laughed giggled and squirmed like a 2nd grader with ADHD and an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Ordinary Americans are despised by that self anointed elite and they have an Orwellian future in mind for us.

  9. Candurglar

    Yet, Trump keeps appointing people like Barr, Rosenstein, et al, who do nothing to effect real justice against the treasonous & seditious. That tells me Trump really doesn’t want to drain the Swamp and make our Republic free again. When the elite are above the rule of law, there is no freedom in our country.

    • RTW

      It’s not that Trump doesn’t want to drain the swamp. I still believe that he does but he’s only one person who has been tip toeing through a mine field since the day he took office. The fact that virtually everyone have been lying their collective asses off along with some of the most outrageous charges leveled at him, shows that they are all scared that his campaign promise will be fulfilled and they will stop at nothing to see that that doesn’t happen. Because of that, I don’t hold much hope that either Barr or Durham will ever bring anyone to trial. Trump probabley had a little better understanding of what DC was like, than us, but even he couldn’t imagine just how bad it really is until he was given “the talk”.

  10. Peter Westberg Sr

    Well done ,
    Still have a different view
    Democrats with brokered convention
    Hillary on ticket
    Virus is assault on the family of man and woman

  11. JC

    Good stuff, Greg.

    Regarding Barack Obama, he is without a doubt Nostrdamus’ Black King and third antiChrist.

  12. Justn Observer

    Greg, As to the summation of Roger Stone trial…. and the purported video =PROOF he was set up? Proof Bannon and Gates committed perjury?…. Exculpatory evidence exists and witnesses ready to present what the court did not allow to get to jury?
    Is it not interesting that the ‘MSM’ ns ‘Fox’ narrative has not changed…and apparently NO attempt to get a copy of those video’s to air as news? No mention or interview with those that had those videos…or questioning of the witnesses as to their ‘testimony’ before Congress as compared to what they ‘testified to’ in court about Roger Stone?
    Which ‘testimony’ is the right one? or Which testimony might they have ‘lied’ about to? Congress? or to the Judge in the trial? Perjury? Why would lying an potentially sending an innocent man to prison not be seen as rather over the top…or is it just usual business for ‘someone’ to squeeze someone to —as Dershowitz says….’compose’ to get their own sentence reduced? Smells rather like the case of innocent people going to jail in those old Boston – Bulger cases ? Or is it more like the Rove/Scooter Libby escapade with Judith Miller ‘mis-remembering’ about the Valerie Plame ordeal on the yellow cake? Or will Roger Stone now just go the way of Jeff Epstein…and the case therein dies with his death…the ‘tainted testimony’ goes mute…and POTUS Trump’s admin stained with the implications of Russia Russia Russia back in the public meme?
    What a Banana Republic the U.S. has become!

  13. Joe Lalonde

    We come from a time of life time contracts which the deep state imposes and loves.
    It ties everyone globally together.
    What President Trump is doing is changing that where he adds term limits or adds clauses to re-open these so not to be permently locked into these agreements.
    Most of our society is locked to bad contracts where banks are allowed to steal our wealth through added fees or adjusting interest rates.

  14. DanielSong39

    Chris Martenson! The perfect guest at the perfect time! Thank you, Greg!

  15. Jerry

    One to keep an eye on.

    If it reaches 100 there will be fireworks in the markets.

  16. Papa Randy

    Americans on both sides are largely made up of good hard working people. Trying to raise a family and prepare for retirement ? They are largely concerned with jobs, homes, education, and health care. They don’t want free stuff so much as a place at the table. Any political party ignoring these people will pay a price at the polls. As they should !

  17. Tommy

    And people say, “how can a Christian vote for Trump?”. And I say as opposed to Hillary? As opposed to Bernie or any of the other Dems? And I tell them that the only time in my life that I prayed for the outcome of an election was in 2016. My reason? Well, there were two. First that Trump could come in and drain the swamp. Second, that if the swamp was just undrainable that at least the evil would be exposed and only the blind would not see. And this would reveal the truth to many, and confirm what we already believed or suspected to many. And it would be a sign that we need to get right with God because this might be our last chance. I never imagined how deep the evil would be embedded not only in our country but in the rest of the world too. Further proof that there is something going on is that the enemy is completely disheveled and breaking down. But they will not give up so it will be a struggle that will continue.

    • paul ...

      Fighting evil is a full time job … yet sometimes … you get unexpected help from “the completely insane” … remember Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity [“Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting a Different Outcome”] … well … now I’m hearing the Demon-rats plan “another impeachment” this year (probably figuring a new impeachment this summer and a trial in August would be just in time for the Demons to garner “extra votes” in the 2020 election) … but what these Demons can’t seem to figure out is … “the outcome” such a new impeachment will produce … like perhaps ordinary people (who once considered themselves Democrats) thinking … “this Demon-ratic Party of unconstitutional thieves, pedophiles, murderers and commies … have simply gone insane”!!!

  18. Patt Hill

    Once again, another great WNW!
    I watched the Nevada Dem debate, what I believe is taking place is a takeover by Bloomberg of the DNC just as you mentioned. The other candidates know this and are mad as hell Bloomberg will be the Democrat Party Presidential nominee when the convention is held. The other candidates will be told to get in line and take it with a smile.
    Bloomberg ads feature him with Obama and the blessing has been given by the godless podium propogandist.
    Thanks for all your hard work, you are a breath of fresh air.


  19. Country Codger

    Excellent, Greg!
    Please don’t worry about going “long”. The info and analysis is spot on and we enjoy it.
    Lo Iyrah!

  20. al

    Greg… AWESOME WNW and no, it’s never too long. You’re Gold in the real news business, bringing pertinent topics to view in a professional and refreshingly funny manner.

    At the Feb 20 Rally in Colorado Trump basically announced OPEN SEASON on PANTI-fa (antifa). OPEN SEASON!
    When a demented socialist libtard tried to disrupt the latest Colorado Rally Trump said “you know… this is becoming a dangerous activity for them”.. meaning.. soon … OPEN SEASON ON ANTIFA! and rightfully so.

    Local Observations NE Florida:

    Real Estate is not moving at all! Prices are starting to drop. No activity.

    At the store we sell some toys made in ContraVirusLand .. well, we’ve been waiting for a shipment since January. That’s about 15% of our revenue, nothing to sneeze at. We may not get a new shipment in months.
    Some of our products are made in either Taiwan, Vietnam or the Ukraine, most are from the USA, we did that on purpose two years ago and glad we did or we’d be totally out of inventory.

    A MAGA hat wearing group of young men around 20 came in the store, I asked them if they saw the rally and they looked at me a bit confused. I said “the Trump Rally, you’re wearing a MAGA hat”. They said “but we’re Canadians”. CANADIAN YOUTH LOVING TRUMP!
    We had a conversation that lasted 1/2 hour, what a delightful bunch of INTELLIGENT young Men! AND THEY’RE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!
    I actually have conversations with people from outside the US and most are very aware of the NWO and Deep State and fully agree with Trump.
    One kid did say that Trump sometimes acts like an “a-hole”. I laughed and said, “what boss do you know that doesn’t?” TRUMP IS A BOSS! HE SAYS IT LIKE IT IS! The kid got it right away.

    It’s over.. Your observations are SPOT ON! and they are not Democrats, they are Communist Socialist Globalist Criminals… or in short “Socialists”


    • Auntie Seize

      Regarding “A MAGA hat wearing group of young men around 20 came in the store…”, you should have asked them if they went to public school.

      • al

        LOL. They were Canadian, I don’t know enough about that to ask them but good question.

    • Auntie Seize

      Regarding “… they are not Democrats, they are Communist Socialist Globalist Criminals…”, they are the party of the criminally insane. Every one should be locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane, straight jacketed, shackled, muzzled with a spit-proof face mask, strapped down into an appliance dolly, etc. Tulsi excepted. She should only be locked up in a regular asylum as she is the least evil of all the other extreme evils.

      • al

        All I know is that the penalty for Treason is Death, that’s been the going mantra for two centuries! What happened? All you need is one big name hanging by a rope, the rest will cave and scurry like weasels.

  21. JC

    Hey Gina M Mancarella, what happened, a few days ago you commented
    “When the NY opens tomorrow morning, our guys will administer a blistering short fuck to the gold bugs ! Those gold bugs will feel as if a freight train just ran through their a@@@@@@@@ !”

    Strange, seeing that gold has been going up a lot for the last few days, “your guys” must have lost their shirts with those shorts..

    Hey Gina, is Stan one of “your guys?”

    • Keith wilson

      Gold moving around 1650 per ounce. Silver around 18 per ounce. If you go back to Febuary 2013 gold was around 1664 and silver was between 29 and 32 per ounce. So if gold can move above 1665 next week expect silver to start a good run to catch up to where it was in 2013 . If silver hits 32 I expect a run on the banks and a long weekend holiday in which I expect the ATM machines will be not working. Time to get Bill Holter on Greg before the SHTF.

    • AndrewB

      IMHO, better not to give ‘Gina’ et al the oxygen of publicity. Let ‘her’ comments shrivel on the poisonous vine. Trolls can’t bear it when they are ignored.

  22. Foot in the Forest

    Good job on the wrap up Greg. I do not know who or how the Democrats were fed truth serum but it is sure fun to watch. Maybe now all the sleeping sheep will start to pay attention and LEARN what is going on in this country. Being a resident of Colorado I have to say that John Hickenlooper is just as moderate as Bloomberg and the rest of the democrats. [He got a smaller dose of the serum is all] SHTF is here folks and for those who have not been following Dr. Martenson I would suggest you pay very close attention to the Sunday report. DON”T PANIC but it is time to step up your preps, the first is offer a prayer and then comes the rest. Good luck to all we are going to need all the help we can get. FOOT

  23. Jim G.

    I have been a listener since 2009, and I can say with complete assurity that you have officially fallen victim to contemporary propaganda. No politician or president on either side has done anything noteworthy in regards to foreign, economic or domestic policy that is true to Americas constitutional or christian values and beneficial to its citizens. That paradigm is dead in America and the west in general. It’s time for Evolution, not Revolution. And that begins with recognizing that fact; we need an entirely different direction: one that is upward in nature and spirit — not merely left or right.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Jim G., it is the system we have now isn’t it. You think we all would have been the exact same as we are now with Hillary as President????? Go and give up someplace else and stay out of the way.

      • Jim G.

        Below is a snippet of our current leadership. Take a look then think of who is REALLY in the way. We have a minimum age for office, it would make sense to have a maximum age for office too. As far as “It is the system we have now”, wasn’t that the same argument for the colonial era Loyalists? Had they had their way there would not be an American System. May God Bless you and thank you for your work.

        Donald Trump – 73 years old
        Hillary Clinton – 72 years old
        Bernie Sanders – 78 years old
        Joe Biden – 77 years old
        Michael Bloomberg – 78 years old
        Nancy Pelosi – 79 years old

    • Jerry

      Jim G.
      What would entail. Opening a pot farm?

    • Paul in Oz

      What you say is completely incoherent … I am assuming you are saying certainty when using assurity which really is not much of a word (it is not assurance it is not certainty, its is colloquial at best ) it seems like a Bunkerism to me… in any case … You can’t not KNOW what Greg really thinks … Further to suggest no president has ever done anything that has been true to the country’s constitutional values is a slam to the entire country’s history of nearly 250 years … it is hyperbolic to a level of absurdity that is worthy of Rachel Maddow. What exactly is the evolutionary process by which the country can realistically be taken in a new “upward direction”. Enlighten us as opposed to confounding us.

      • Jim G.

        For certainty you speak semantics, and I certainly typed CONTEMPORARY as in “belonging to or occurring in the present”. Furthermore, it is no hyperbolism that you would not be be able to bear an explanation.

    • Self Exiled

      Jim; do not be discouraged by the posted comments: people are now very focused on left or right. Had we been this way [focused] 50 years ago, as we should have been: there would not be abortion or LGBT issues and I would still be in my country estate. I believe America will never be great again unless these two sins are eliminated. I have watched Trump sense he was 19. He has “learned ” to be astute in business but not politics [deception]. I see him as a simple man who speaks his mind, I agree “upward in nature and spirit”. “I assure you most solemnly, I tell you, the person whose ears are open to my words [who listens to my message] and believes and trust in and clings to and relies on HIM WHO sent ME has[possesses now]eternal life. And he does not come into judgement [does not incur sentence of judgement, will not come under condemnation] but he has already passed over out of death into life.

      • Jim G.

        Thank you for your kind words. May God bless you even as your soul prospers.

  24. Mike

    Gold’s starting its major run now. $1646, onto $1850 very soon. We are getting to the point, where we will likely soon start seeing $50 and even $100 up days. Gold exited a major triangle formation after a prior run up that was a minor pre-cursor in time and price. Stan must be in severe pain on his short. Only a pure novice would consider shorting gold right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s all give Bo Polny some credit for saying a few weeks ago that gold, bitcoin and silver would start going higher and the stock market would come under downward pressure. He was right.

      • Gary C

        Greg, for those who are purchasing precious metals I would strongly suggest that they get used to the sell side, if they have not yet.
        Example: Bought Gold and Silver from a bullion dealer, then wanted
        to sell some, was asked to provide proof of ownership, and proof of purchase, or no deal.
        Gold Bars: have to be assayed , that takes time.
        You do not get cash, cheque or wire transfer which is recorded, and records kept for Tax purposes, but usually a cheque.

        Establish a relationship with several bullion dealers , so they know you, as a customer, and never, Ever, buy from a bank, especially
        a gold certificate, they will not have the metal to back it, happened to a guy in Edmonton with 400K worth of silver, the bank offered cash, they had to fly in the silver from Hong Kong, at the time Scotia Mocatta could not deliver and they were a subsidiary of a large bank.

      • D70inilm

        I understand your need to give Polny credit for a correct prediction. Your reputation is on the line. Polny “prediction” skills are the same as street corner preachers predicting the end of the world will occur tomorrow; eventually they will be right.

        • Greg Hunter

          My reputation is in tact and NOT on the line. Bo Polny has been right more than wrong and I am being objective. I am familiar with Bo Polny’s actual record some of which was on You should try being objective sometime. You hater opinion is NOT a fact it’s your opinion and you can hate Polny all you want. It’s a free country, But PLEASE don’t insert you OPINION as a FACT. It is NOT. Got it???

          • T-Train

            There is more venom in your rebuttal than there was in the original comment! Maybe you should take your own advice and be objective?

            • Greg Hunter

              Start your own site and use a real name. The world needs you.

    • Brook

      And we don’t forget March is generally the seasonal low for gold/silver. I’m usually looking for the bottom to buy this time of year, but everythings upside down. We may also not see the seasonal spike in oil during the spring months this year as the virus is going to keep oil prices under pressure. I still bought some at $ 50, so making money on the trade, but it’s going to be hard to get above $ 55 with all this bad news and the dollar rising.

  25. iwitness02

    For all of us who have the spirit of a sound mind, it is hard to witness all the insanity.
    The fact that we are seeing all the insanity being revealed, makes me think that Jesus is influencing earths affairs, even though we don’t see Him. As He says: “The truth will set you free.” We are seeing more truth come out than any other time that I can remember.
    Judging from what the Scriptures teach, I would assume that the pace for international events will pick up noticeably. Local event too. I hate what we are seeing, but I am grateful that we are seeing it. Gives me hope.

    • Self Exiled

      I too; on an international level things are escalating, also on a local community level in other countries. Local news in other countries is very revealing. “Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look: and ask for the eternal paths , where the good, old way is: then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk in it. Jeremiah 6:16

  26. Southern Girl

    I’m tickled to death about gold….I have my whole nest age in gold and paid off..only have car payment..still buying silver…
    Greg, your delivery makes my Fridays…love,love,love your explainations.
    Have a Blessed weekend!

  27. Justn Observer

    “Judge admits politics led to selective prosecution! “In a lengthy speech before imposing the penalty, Jackson seemed to take aim at Trump, saying Stone “was not prosecuted for standing up for the president; he was prosecuted for covering up for the president.”-WaPo today. Oops!
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Another great show coming today on McDuff at 10 AM. We will be introducing the secret team files, and never seen before back notes from the top planners in the secret history of America
    Video showing Credico saying HE is the guy ‘between’ STONE and wikileaks… So how did they convict Stone? Might that not exonerate Roger Stone or at least give ‘reasonable doubt’ if the jury was allowed to hear it?=

  28. Walton

    Thank You Greg.
    You are a light in the darkness.
    As to the Coronavirus…..
    We “Know” almost nothing….all information is managed/doctored.
    This link is to an article that is at least managed by different folk than the usual…Could be true…at least food for thought:

  29. Mike R

    Just like no one believes the data out of China (nor should they as its all lies) on the virus and number of cases or deaths, they have been faked newsed into buying the dollar, and also stocks, driven to massive bubbles in both. Gold can no longer be suppressed as too many RICH people recognize the coming collapse, so their buying of gold is over whelming the central banks efforts to suppress it. Gold is telling the truth here about the virus, the world economy, and the dollar’s pending beat down. The Fed asked for this and they got it. In spades. Its ridiculous that the dow is trading anywhere close to 29,000, and also that the dollar is near 99 in its index of currencies. The dollar is going to 70 at a minimum, and the dow is going down with it to trade below 10,000. Its only a matter of time, not if. Debasing the dollar will not help, as they have been actually doing that for 20 years, especially with QE and repo’s. But because the dollar is part of an index that is a basket of even weaker currencies (many extremely manipulated as well), that index is meaningless in terms of trying to witness the debasement of the dollar in real time. Its heavily disguised.

  30. Mike R

    Here is the clearest warning you will ever get that the market is about to go belly up:
    The Fed’s balance sheet.

    Its been basically ‘frozen’ since the end of December.
    12/25/19 $4.165 trillion
    1/1/20 $4.173 trillion
    1/8/20 $4.149 trillion
    1/15/20 $4.175 trillion
    1/22/20 $4.145 trillion
    1/29/20 $4.151 trillion
    2/5/20 $4.166 trillion
    2/12/20 $4.182 trillion
    2/19/20 $4.171 trillion

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what that means next. The FED is completely out of ammo. They realize QE, and repo injections have failed. They realize its been akin to setting dumpsters of cash on fire, and watching it burn. The balance sheet is now going nowhere. They are done. In fact, I would say everyone, including China, Japan, the EU, and the US is going to use the Corona Virus as the blame for the cause of this collapse. The political expediency of this should not be lost on anyone, including especially Trump, since he plans to get re-elected during the market collapse. He now has an excuse. No other recent President has had this level of an excuse, with a virus so virulent, and uncontainable, a major country like China cannot even handle the number of body’s needed to be dealt with. A real global pandemic, where even now the CDC is saying they ‘warned’ everyone (when you know they have not), and finger pointing has started before it really engulfs our country.

  31. Paul in Oz

    When is someone going to ask little Mike what he is going to do with his business interests if he was to become president … will an impeachment be necessary because as president he would make news and sell more papers and ads on his media empire?

  32. Addison Libby

    This from Zero Hedge sounds ominous……the Feds reins tightening around our most basic freedom…..economic freedom….freedom from the most intrusive invasion ….

  33. Edward Quince

    Nice Job today, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks EQ!

  34. Joe

    Greg, where are we with the missing 21 trillion? Any chance of ever getting any of that back?

    • Greg Hunter

      It has been made a national security issue with FASAB rule 56 and I don’t thinks so.

  35. Merry Piper

    Greg: This is the best weekly news wrap-ups that I have ever watched. Holy macaroni. “The revealing of this evil is good news”. No one can top your heroic reporting. Thank you once again, and God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Merry and I like your “Holy macaroni” phrase.

  36. MCasey

    If I were a “Conspiracy Theorist”: A KILLER VIRUS is the perfect storm….
    – Cover for the economic collapse.
    – Cover to force a cashless society… digital money…those dollar bills carry nasty germs!
    – Cover for Agenda 21 and 2030 objectives as people are herded into the cities…(aka
    Treatment Centers).
    – And their property and wealth confiscated by the State.
    – People will beg for martial law….(aka quarantine).
    – And beg to be injected with a vaccine!
    – Factories closed…shipping at a standstill…no wages paid…no food, medicine or gas
    produced…shortage of everything….rationing at the mercy of the government…
    – And the Government currently has the “right” (aka Executive Order) to confiscate
    – 2nd Amendment? You can’t shoot a virus. Or a government who’s only working for your survival.
    – And don’t forget depopulation! No more “Boomers” draining Social Security….well. no
    more SSA anyway.
    – And those who do survive will wake up in the New Socialist Republic of America.

    • MCasey

      CoronaVirus Coincidence:

      Coincidence: Pictured upon a “white horse”, Kim Jong Un, North Korea warns U.S. to prepare for a ‘Christmas gift’.

      Coincidence: Just 6 weeks before the coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic simulation exercise, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

      Coincidence: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund the group who owns the patent to the deadly coronavirus.

      Coincidence: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund the group which is already working on a vaccine to solve the current crisis.

      Coincidence: Recent articles suggesting an outbreak could occur in Wuhan, China as a result of an escaped virus from a newly constructed biosafety-level-4 (BSL-4) lab in Wuhan. Ground Zero, thought to be a fish market, is 20 miles from the lab.

      Coincidence: Netflix quietly released a new six-episode docuseries called “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak” on Tuesday (1/21/2020) — right in time for the alarming spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

      Coincidence: The Netflix docuseries, “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak”, which is really just one big commercial for a ‘universal vaccine’, stated the vaccine is nearing readiness for ‘human testing’….human Guinea pigs needed.

      Primary topics at the Event 201:
      – Control and censure ‘social media’ to prevent ‘misinformation’; with the UN making the decision on what information to dissimulate.
      – Martial Law is necessary as we would be on a ‘war footing’. And Governments must be willing to act in ways out of their historical perspective.


      • paul ...

        MC … It’s called vertical integration … you create the pandemic and then supply the vaccines to fight it … the sane with the military industrial complex … they create the wars and then supply the weapons to fight it … etc., etc., etc.

  37. David Wilson

    Great Job, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks David!

  38. eddiemd

    SARS nanoparticle vaccine.

    The use of MRI technology with nanoparticles in cancer treatment.

    Suspect nanoparticle vaccination combined with 5G technology. In Wuhan? The Chinese were testing nanoparticle vaccinations and 5G. All scrubbed from internet search engines, google in particular.


    Dr. Gregory Glenn, MD— Gregory Glenn, M.D., President of Research and Development of Novavax — previously at Ft Detrick bioweapons development

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, Stars aligning? A snowball now made and set a rolling down towards Washington… myths should be smashed, truths revealed…as will what has been behind much of the ‘endless’ wars…

  40. paul ...

    You know … we send American boys all around the globe to fight other peoples wars … we send our boys to sail the China Sea, to trek through Middle East desserts, to blockade Venezuela, and guard and protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan, etc., etc., etc. … yet our US Military we spend Billions and Billions of dollars on each year “To Defend Us” … simply looks the other way when we have Mexican Drug Cartels “inflicting death every day upon our American children right here in the USA” … and they are storing weapons, armored vehicles, and other combat materials right across our border to defend their evil criminal drug enterprise … what I want to know is … when are our American boys going to be used “To Defend the American People” from those who are currently killing American children on American soil???

  41. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Best ever WNW – thank you.
    When posting the video made by the Japanese professor of infectious diseases who had visited the Diamond Princess, I commented that I was tempted to consider if the cruise ship had been used as an incubator for a pandemic. An outrageous thought – however I invite your audience to put their most cynical hat on when reading the linked-to article from zerohedge. Includes such ‘jems’ as, ‘no cases of Coved-19 detected in Hawaii because they have no testing kits’ (!!!) And, ‘the CDC were totally opposed to the State Dept’s decision to repatriate infected passengers on the Diamond Princess’. If so, why was it done? Schools closed, carnivals cancelled, church services banned, population warned to stay at home in Lombardy region of ITALY! IMO, Gerald Celente made his worse forecast ever when he dismissed the emerging coronavirus disease based on a few hundred deaths compared to a China population of 1.4 billion. The spread of Covid-19 is being facilitated. Short of kinetic war, the developing pandemic provides a perfect ‘cover story’ for the implosion of the central banks’ monetary debt system.

    • AndrewB

      For those who missed it – report of visit to Diamond Princess by Japanese professor of infectious diseases at Kobe University Hospital. In an advanced country, such as modern-day Japan, can this level of incompetence be believed, or is it deliberate?

      A cynical viewpoint, based on what’s actually taken place: China, population lock-down BUT, circa 2000 passengers and crew confined on a ship with known infection aboard. No containment between ‘green’ (uncontaminated) areas and ‘red’ (contaminated areas) – according to the professor – guaranteeing spread of Covid-19. Passengers then disembarked (including some newly diagnosed with the infection) to return to their home countries across the globe. Hmmm – seems like a plan to me . . .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew.

  42. john

    Wow! you are on fire today! Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you!

  43. Jay

    I just find it rather interesting that this virus became an issue 2 weeks after gun owners in Virginia stood up to the tyrants and then the Impeachment of President Trump failed. It’s like the New World Order finally figured out that Americans weren’t just going to lay down their arms just because some communists made it into high offices and demanded them to put down their weapons. So next thing you know, the deep state has a meeting and says to themselves, “You know what? These Americans don’t quit as easy as we had planned on. They have no intention of being our slaves even after all these years of propaganda, political corruption and restructuring of education. I guess we’re gonna have to go to plan B and turn this Wuhan virus loose instead.” I think I’m beginning to understand what Christine Legarde meant when she was answering questions as an international panel member when she was asked what will happen to the various nations of the world and especially America. Her reply was, “We have other plans for America that we can’t talk about right now.”

  44. jed

    its only ok for the big banks to get socialism, not us little folks

    • Dan


      forget the labels….

      the BIG BANKS OWN the government, and after all, since 1913, it’s been…


  45. Mike R

    The last time gold was around $1650 was back in early 2013 (Jan). The dollar index was trading ONLY around $80. Now the dollar is trading around $99, yet here is gold at $1650 !!! So this time around, when the dollar drops back down to $80, you can probably figure gold will be up as high as $3250.

    This is very simply reflecting how much more worthless the dollar is today. And will be even more worthless when gold hits $3250.

    For example, back in 2003, the dollar was around $100, and gold was only trading around $350. When the dollar proceeded to head downward from $100 in 2003, to its low point of $72 in 2008, gold basically went up 2.5x during that period to trade at $970. As the dollar got stronger relative to other currencies, gold then corrected for awhile and consolidated. Gold bottomed around $770, then shot up to $1800 in late 2011.
    At that time, the dollar was still only around $77. The key is all during this time, all currencies were being debased just like the dollar was. We all know the story of how gold then corrected, and consolidated over the following years until it bottomed around $1060 in 2016. Basically the dollar went up to as high as $100 again. Then topped a bit.

    But throughout this entire time, the value of the dollar was still falling due to currency debasement by the Fed printing/QE etc, and even though its now back up at $100, its measure at $100, is against a basket of currencies that have also debased even more. So that same $100 now is actually worth less than the $100 as measured on the index was in 2016, and worth A LOT less than its $100 index measure in 2003.

    So gold will likely go up another 2.5x from when the dollar was last at $80, and gold was trading around $1300. $1300 x 2.5 gives you $3250. Of course this is just an approximation, and currencies all fluctuate in value both against themselves, and relative to other currencies.

    The dollar wont drop in a straight line to $80, and gold wont jump in a straight line to $3250. But gold’s trend now is long term up, and intermediate term up, and the dollar’s trend is now long term going to head down as a result of all the monstrous QE, and heavy debt loads incurred by the US. I do think gold will spike to as high as $2500 by sometime in 2021. And it’ll correct downward probably back to around $1900 before then heading back towards $3200 sometime in 2022 to 2023. I suspect Stan will still be holding his gold short if his position is not entirely wiped out, when gold reaches $2000 and then $2500. 😉 Lol.

  46. Dan

    You really are a BLOCK HEAD….and/or…you think all the rest of us out here are.

    You babble on about the democrats and how the socialists will take away your guns and your free speech and your money….but you fail to mention that your FREE SPEECH rights are already under tremendous assault…as YOU yourself have said incessantly now for several years as the TECH GIANTS throw you and all the other ALT-RIGHT media off of YouTube and Facebook, etc.

    And what about the fact that almost ALL of your congress elected representatives are owned and operated by the corporations and rich and powerful who can BUY them LEGALLY thru use of PACS and other various PAYOFF schemes ? And by extension, buy the judges sitting in the Supreme Court.

    The entire federal government is corrupt, and the stench of TREASON is suffocating the entire country.

    To hell with YOU and your republicans, and to hell with the Democrats.

    The only party worth belonging to is the one George Washington and the founders fought for….FREEDOM.

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