Dem Convention Disaster, Goodyear Chokes, Buffett Buys Gold

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 445 8.21.2020)

The Democrat convention to nominate Joe Biden for president was a disaster. Who are the Democrats kidding? They know full well that Joe Biden is not well mentally and is deficient. He thinks Arizona is a city, for goodness’ sake. It seems every time Joe is interviewed, it gets interrupted so his handlers can save his bacon from saying incoherent and stupid things. It now looks like Jill Biden is doing most of the public appearances. I’ll be shocked if Joe actually debates President Trump. Total disaster, and the Dems know it. This is why they want “cheat by mail.”

The president of Goodyear had to walk back the company’s support of Black Lives Matter and telling its workers NOT to wear MAGA hats in support of President Trump. Trump responded by tweeting out to his 85 million followers NOT to BUY Goodyear. The stock price was off 6% in a single day, and CEO Rich Kramer took it all back.

Warren Buffett buys a large stake in Barrick Gold, the second largest gold miner in the world. Buffett says he’s buying 20 million shares because of the copper mining in the company. No way, I say. You don’t buy the second biggest gold miner in the world for the copper it digs up. So, where do you think Buffett thinks gold prices are going?

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Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report,” is the guest for the Saturday Night Post. She will be talking about currencies and why you need gold and other tangible assets now.

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  1. Gaby Hays

    The Greatest Movie, to GRACE the SCREEN!
    That Saved the World from_ Ourselves!
    On the Beach 1959 1080p
    •Aug 12, 2020

    Trump To Pardon Edward Snowden?

    Aunt Nancy; “Eat your heart out Donald, I love you my boy!”
    Trumpster; “Yes I know Aunt Nancy, With a razor and a prayer!”

    Ken Starr: ‘This is one of the sorriest chapters in the FBI’s history’
    •Aug 17, 2020
    Check out the comments, theyt’re hilariouse

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and thank God for the farmers who are producing our food.
    Truly,GOD BLESS AMERICA and her GOD fearing people.
    The satanist Bolsheviks have smelled blood and it is the blood of you,your family and your GOD.The ghost of Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich follows us all worldwide daily.Some say,”not in China”,the Bolsheviks are out to destroy even the China government and strip mine her as well.The Kaganovich monsters are embedded in our bureaucracy,unions,medicine,oil,farming anything where God would have blessed us all,there lurks the blood lust of the Bolsheviks who murdered Gen.Paton on American soil.If Mr Trump is re-elected you have less than four years to destroy Bolshevism if not,prepare for the military to turn up and do what the allies did to Germans after the war(this is why Paton died).
    Here in the UK the Bolsheviks are out in full glory,intimidating,arresting,harassing and so much more.Meanwhile stockpiles of explosives from rock quarries have disappeared and guns are freely available on the street.Yes,this will end well as it did in Northern Ireland where police to this day check their cars each morning with a mirror on a stick,which are a big seller on Amazon here.
    Still our economy still sucks and the deceit of Covid-19 abounds and science is being destroyed and our buffoons in parliament run around like priapic Baboons.

  3. Charles Turner

    Why are the media, including Chris Wallace gushing over Biden’s speech and saying it is the speech of his lifetime? He comes across a competent reader of an autocue, not a great speaker. His eyes are fixed on the autocue and his shoulders remain in the same position. Maybe American listeners are different to British, but this was not an inspiring speech, this was not a ‘I have a dream speech’. It was a carefully crafted speech, which probably had many speechwriters on it, that he had rehearsed for many weeks and he read it out. This does not prove that he is competent. all it proves is that if he is well-rehearsed, he can still read out a speech from an autocue.

    • Robert

      Who knows how many takes it took for Biden to get a coherent video?

    • eddiemd

      It was a deepfake. Watch his blinking.

      • William Stanley

        What a fascinating hypothesis! Thanks for offering it.

  4. Self Exiled

    Comment to K. Wayne: concerning “He must be someones asset,”. Now it is an open ended assumption. He cold be God’s asset? He could be Mossad’s asset? He could be the deep state’s asset? This comment to Greg would hold the assumption of Trump being God’s asset. For me I don’t know, I guess so far I put Trump in God’s corner not ruling out the other two. I’m on the fence; to carry the narrative’s affect of an ongoing inquisitive observation I needed to leave it open and not state such. Thank You for being observant. Communication is a fine art I’m still trying to grasp.

    • JC

      Self Exiled,
      Strange what is happening with comments, a few of us have mentioned it, so Greg should be aware of it, but so far he hasn’t said anything about it.
      I replied to Mr. Miller today, and the comment stayed in place with the usual statement “Your comment is awaiting moderation” but another comment that I did vanished.

      • Self Exiled

        I noticed that when I click on reply it again took me back to the comments at the end of the posts. So if go back to your comment and click again it then it brings the comment posting to your comment. Double the work, two clicks instead of one. Also this morning USA Watch Dog was no longer in my favorites : gone, it was still in my history tho. Seems like a hack or an attack to me.

      • Self Exiled

        Also my posts still do not appear until Greg approves with his moderation posts. I post and nothing appears, this will discourage any or all new posters and is double the work for us who understand what is going on.

        • Self Exiled

          Now in the middle of my posting it appears to back to normal at 9:48 PM Central standard time USA. Philippines 10:48 AM.

      • Self Exiled

        NOW 9:53 nothing working again, back to same. Also this appears at top of comment section.,Reply to JCJC

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      Well epstein was lost on Trumps watch. Fed up of waiting for this guy to deliver. If he really was out to get the deep state would he not have made damned sure epstein survive AG Barrs prison?

    • K. Wayne

      Your point is well noted. You wish for Trump to be God’s asset – doing his work on Earth.
      You did state “someone’s asset” in your comment nonetheless, which drew my attention.
      That I construed to imply a person/group of persons/entity, which is the correct interpretation.
      God is conceived as the Supreme Being …… we cannot commingle the lesser beings of this planet with God.

  5. Self Exiled

    K. Wayne under: the present posting situation I can not reread my post or post to my last edit. Sounds like you may have knowledge of Jared Kushners connection to the Chabad Lubavitch. I did not want to include Trump as Jared’s asset but thought about it, his family tie to Trump senior can not be underestimated. As Trump will bend even as I do to daughters happiness by keeping my mouth shut, or helping to provide for them especially with grand children present. Also with a non confrontational attitude to a daughters husband when family unity is necessary. Please post information/ sites if viable.

    • K. Wayne

      I did not state any connection with Kushner and Trump. You have inferred that.
      Did you pick the anomaly with Kushner marrying Ivanka?
      What is Hidden from the public eye…stays hidden…unless you have an inquisitive mind.
      What does it matter if Trump is someone’s asset? Are you simply curious or are you disturbed at how that may affect you (if at all possible !!) ?
      His family’s history (especially Fred Snr.) and that of his daughter’s husband’s family are well known in inner circles. Selecting partners for marriage is critical, particularly amongst the wealthy and influential. Essential to stay within the confines of your religious order.
      I cannot offer you any reference points. But do persist. There is a world of secrets to uncover.
      I sense that you are on the cusp of realizing (after having recognized)…that we are all being fooled.

  6. Paul ...

    Sleepy Joe Biden falls asleep in the middle of his campaign speech as he was telling us how he needs to raise taxes and tax our gold before we sell it!! …

    • Paul ...

      Yet I’m afraid Biden may still beat Trump … why? … “because (as Clinton said) it’s the economy, stupid” … Trump has put himself out of touch with his base by “naively listening to Fauci” and shutting down the economy putting mom and pop businesses into bankruptcy … producing high unemployment along with inflation of the money supply by embracing exponential (free MMT) money printing … Trump has killed the economy, produced monetary inflation, slowed growth with thousands of bankruptcies and is now promoting a mandatory vaccine “right before an election”?? … whether it is naivety or stupidity matters not … Americans usually rid themselves of leaders like Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George H.W. Bush “who were deemed not up to the task” … Trumps base wanted a leader who could do more then just recognizing deceit and corruption (they wanted Hillary locked up) … and being unable to decipher between good and evil people (like Fauci) who are able to manipulate him (by politicizing science for monetary gain) is a grave flaw … problem is … electing Biden simply multiplies the evil that continues to plague our world!!

  7. JC

    Greg, regarding Catharine Austin-Fitts and the Saturday Night Post, her Solari Report of Jan 2019 was titled ‘Mega Cities’ and it was about heavy urbanization in the future. I’m hoping she will give us an update.

    Today, we have this by Martin Armstrong, ‘Panic in Real Estate.’

    “There is a massive exodus from California and New York in particular. Even in North New Jersey, houses are selling in just days and over asking prices for cash. People are bailing out of New York City in herds. Here in Florida, condos are selling as fast as they can get them up in St Petersbourg. These lockdowns and COVID restrictions that are insane in the major cities have set in motion a massive exodus that these authoritarians never anticipated. As they flex their muscles to try to make this so draconian over nothing, they are complete the cycle which has been pointing to the collapse of urbanization, and the rich will flee.”

  8. R J Wolf Jr

    Thanks Greg, for another great commentary, very well done, sir! I’d like to share something with the “USAWATCHDOG “community. This came from the Huntington Beach, Ca. Eagle Forum meeting 8-9-2020. It’s on YouTube as “ Trevor Louden at Eagle Forum OC 8-9-20.” It’s about an hour long but Trevor Louden lays it out pretty comprehensively. I hope everyone enjoys it!!

  9. Bruce

    Greg Do the democrats even want to win ?? I am thinking they would just as soon do 4 more years of resisting like the last 4. If they were serious in winning why pick a ticket of Biden/ Harris unless thats the best they have

    • Self Exiled

      I think you are correct and that is why Trump has to disintegrate the opposition to the best of his ability second term. There pick also tells us that the only thing they are serious about is disruption to destruction.

  10. David

    I got nothing from the democrats in terms of their solutions for the very real problems facing this country. All I heard was negative comments about Trump and that racism is a systemic problem in the U.S., which I don’t believe. Not a word from the democrats about urban violence from BLM and ANTIFA. They offered nothing for voters who are undecided. A lost opportunity, but no surprise, and no cigar.

    The corn looks great!

  11. al

    I ignore the babbling babies called Dumb0craps and their stupid “convention” but THEY LOVE TO THREATEN DON’T THEY? “Vote for joe and the chaos will stop”???
    THAT’S AN ADMISSION OF GUILT! THEY ADMIT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHAOS because it stands to reason, if they can stop it then they started it.

    This banana republic tactic may have worked at other times but there is something called “the Internet”.

    True story:
    I have a Jamaican friend, yes, he’s black and happens to be my best friend for over 2 decades, yet he is a Democrat. I don’t care because friendship and politics should never mix.
    He holds on to Godly traditional Christian values. He has a beautiful and very smart Wife (PHD) and two boys who are respectful and very studious.
    This BLM BS and Marxist talk has got him rattled because his party is turning on his values. Yes, he’s a late bloomer so to speak, but at least he’s waking up.
    He recently admitted this to me. I asked him “how different is Marxism from Satanism?” … in short.. I think he’s going to vote for Trump. I don’t know but I get the hint.


    As for the market, it will crash but it will be a stealth crash compared to gold. So the Dow may hit 100,000 but gold will be at $50,000/ounce making it a 2:1 ratio.
    I look at the gold to Dow ratio which gives a clear view of stock market valuation.

    Here’s the link >>>>$indu:$gold
    SP500:Gold ratio chart looks exactly the same$spx:$gold

    As of today the ratio is around 14:1, as it moves down the Dow may hit new highs but gold will be much higher. That’s the real stock market chart I look at!
    It looks like the Dow topped back in Oct 2018.
    The Dow also crashed in late 2011 where the ratio was 6:1. That was a great time to buy stocks or a house.
    If the gold:Dow ratio was 6:1 today, gold would be around $4,700/ounce.
    The Dow has been declining in lockstep fashion since Oct 2018. If this keeps going on as the Dow keeps going up we will see gold at $5,000/ounce and beyond!

    Thank you Greg for your excellent WNW updates. You’re a gem and soon as the Marxist Enemy Media gets pushed aside, it’s people like you that will shine!!!

  12. Alan

    “You mean you want to rebuild the cities you destroyed?” What could possibly go wrong!

    I would add that Goodyear is the predictor of a very BAD year for the delusional SJW morons on the left


  13. Jerry

    I love your cartoon depiction. Politicians are truly puppets. Is there any question who truly runs the world?

    The great reset is in January 2021. I’m amazed how delusional people really are? Do they really think the globalist ( who are Lucifer’s errand boys ) will let this opportunity slip away without achieving their goals? They unleashed this pandemic for a reason, and it wasn’t to win friends and influence people.

    As I have been posting, it’s about total destruction of free agency and the creation of top down authoritative governance. The next three months are monumental. We are in the crosshairs of a three pronged attack by the globalist. September will be a month to remember. Right out of B.F. Skinners book, now that we’ve had our positive reinforcement by allowing us to have our summer vacations, it’s time for another round of conditioning with the second wave of the virus. The only thing missing is a ringing bell. Why? They want us to salivate for a vaccine. Don’t you get it? Once you roll up your sleeve you won’t care who’s President. It could be howdy doody and you wouldn’t care. All you’ll want is your life back, and that will be up to Charles Schwab and the boys at the world financial forum. As I’ve stated. Get your spiritual house in order. Time is short.

    • JC

      it’s not Charles Schwab, that’s a mutual fund guy, you meant to write Klaus Schwab.

      • Jerry

        I guess it was a subliminal slip. Here’s the backup to my point.

      • Robert

        Yes, Klaus let us know the fourth industrial revolution will be the merging of technology with biology. Its all so creepy and to think these globalist were able to put this agenda in full play by hyping the fear of an invisible cold virus monster by their buds in the mainstream media. Most people have no idea how much the world economic forum is playing in the demise of freedom as we knew it.

        I do look forward to CAF though. She’s my my favorite guest of Greg.

    • Jerry

      Here’s the globalist goal. Assent.
      But not to Heaven.

      • sk

        ascent (noun) the act of going upward ascend (verb) to go upward assent (noun) agreement and also (verb) to agree which do you think they mean? At any rate I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your head in the clouds! LOL

    • allen ols

      revival at Davidson, co./Wilson co. line, Greg Locke. pastor, we hold ralleys, in Spokane wa. mt. Juliet abortion clinics. FACE BOOK Greg Locke on face book. al ols

      • allen ols

        jerry Nashville Tennessee

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “January 2021”. Whew! Finally, we know when.
      And this time, THIS time, … .

  14. GVB

    Word is out that JS is coming on on Wednesday interview, have you heard anything about that? Word in the halls is that he will not hold anything back. Just stretching some time here.

    • K. Wayne

      That would be very fortuitous. I would like to see some confirmation of that.

  15. al

    My favorite scripture is Mark 8:32 “the truth will set you free”

  16. allen ols

    Greg. We are having a great revival on Davidson and Wilson county line with tent revival, people coming from all over to be under the tent. Greg was a keynote speaker at mer a lago invited by trump administration., go to on facebook, or greg lock on face book. Franklin Graham led roger stone to Christ.

    Pastor Greg Locke
    Sunday, August 30th at 10:30 am.
    Image may contain: 2 people, text that says ‘Pastor Greg Locke & Roger Stone are teaming up to deliver a powerful word and testimony Sunday, August 30th. 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.’
    Pastor Greg Locke


    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, have a great revival there but remember the old song, “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.” In my view, God helps those who help themselves. Best always. PM

      • allen ols

        I lost my flip phone 2ice, lost your phone number

      • Self Exiled

        You must be young, but I know what you mean by your comment. My age is not allowing me to help myself. What do we; we who can not?

  17. Nick de la Gaume

    If Karma la Ha ha harris wins the elerection then your only sane choice will be to leave the USA. She will be Bad Karma, big time.
    Trump-Bidet debate? Unlikely and will be painful to watch if one has any dignity as a human being. Mrs Bidet????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words fail me!
    I left Britain for the last time in’95 after my last winter there. What had once been such a pleasant country to live in had become ugly beyond my tolerance.

    Nobody says ‘let’s go and live in Belgium. We wound up here by the guidance and the grace of God. What a pleasant country it is, especially for families. The taxes are obscene, work in Luxembourg. On an ordinary wage they take about 20% in total, tax, health insurance, pension, which is exessive but almost reasonable.

    Love from La Belle Gaume,

    • Freebrezer

      Nick – there is even a worse scenario vs. Kamala becoming President … Try Nancy Pelosi … How , Well here it is – if the elections are in chaos and the courts can not determine a clear winner who has won by Jan 21st, the current speaker of the house (Nancy P.) becomes acting President, this until the elections are resolved. This is the law … Think of all the mail in ballots, fraud, USPS chaos, the Dems filing law suits through out multiple states, etc,. and this unfortunate scenario could play out … And do not discount that this could be the play. Pelosi is corrupt and is a power monger that gives even Satan a go for ‘most evil’!

  18. Paul C.


    Great WNW! I wanted to share with you something that I learned about a few days ago, SB 3571 The Banking for All Act. Scary stuff! I found it odd in the proposed legislature that the Post Offices would become ‘banking’ facilities to support the new electronic currency! I think the days of the FRN/Dollar are numbered, especially since this legislation demands implementation by January 1, 2021… In closing… is this another reason why the emergency funding for Post Offices?

    • MCasey

      Paul C. I had the same thought. Might be why the new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is suppose to be such a logistic expert. I heard the Post Office will support the rural areas for the digital banking. Maybe all the talk about mail-in voting and Amazon taking advantage is just cover for the changes.

  19. Chip

    “The president of Goodyear had to walk back the company’s support of Black Lives Matter and telling its workers NOT to wear MAGA hats in support of President Trump. Trump responded by tweeting out to his 85 million followers NOT to BUY Goodyear. The stock price was off 6% in a single day, and CEO Rich Kramer took it all back.”

    Priceless… Chip

  20. S W

    I don’t think the Joe and Kamala team are an accident. The planners for the Dems look out decades ahead. My thought is that they didn’t want a team that could win. If they won a traditional election they would have to take the time to bring about their final solution by governing. They don’t want to have to fight pushing legislation through the process. I think they would rather have an election that ends in disputed chaos. I would bet they are loading the trucks and gassing up the buses to move the useful idiots into position for the next phase of revolution. They have already war roomed how to remove Trump with military might. I think the revolution will move into the kinetic phase from here. They have the system already in place for a take over. Remember COG aka Continuity of Government and there base at Mount Weather, VA. General Terrence O’Shaughnessy a Canadian is reported to be the go to man when COG is implemented. They can move rapidly with an overthrow of Trump and roll out their utopian dream upon America. I hope I’m wrong but these are the only reasons I see the Dems putting up such a weak effort in the 2020 election. Joe’s handlers have adopted the Bernie platform and Kamala could only pull 3% support. That is a ticket that is running away from an election trying to lose.

  21. Tabitha Sloan

    Buffoon is a lying hypocrite! He’s been buying physical gold/silver for years for all we know. Greatest investor, yeah right. Anyone can do well if you’re a member of the club!

  22. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good to see the midwest farms are doing well this year, that ear of corn was beautiful — probably GMO, but still very nice to see.

    Chicago may be a great place if it weren’t for its non-existent governance , but at least now the mayor has her hypocrisy on display for the voters to witness first-hand… “I Have A Right To Make Sure That My Home Is Secure”: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defends Ban On Protesters On Her Block

    The rest of her city — Chicago — can burn down, but at least there will be one home still standing. How on Earth did she get elected?

  23. D. Havelock

    ‘Quiet Australians are still silent Australians but I suspect not for long’: Alan Jones
    •Aug 20, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The nation’s political leaders do not grasp the demoralisation and sense of despair currently being felt right across the community by Australians says Sky News host Alan Jones.

  24. Self Exiled

    COVID HUMILIATION: Service industry workers in Maine now have to wear DOG CONES because of coronavirus. Insane.

    • JC

      Se, at some point people are going to snap… when, I don’t know.

      • Self Exiled

        I did and left in 2013. Enough is enough and I was prepared. Wasting my life always waiting. I resumed living. No regrets. Right Rachel.

      • al

        yeah, they have no clue what will happen to them once we snap but that’s what the dark side wants. A smart snap is needed. Become the virus, be the enemy within, use their tactics against them.

  25. Paul ...

    Seeing as how the CIA “Deep State” is trying to destroy our Republic and bring us a Marxist Commie Government Joseph Kennedy was right … we have allowed the CIA free reign for far to long …

    • JC

      Paul… doom is here.

      G. A. STEWART:
      I think my 2019 book, Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III is the last major book on prophecy peering into the dark.

      Doom is here now; in the dark of that tunnel looking into the future Doom’s light has appeared, and like a train speeding toward us that light is getting bigger every day.

      I specifically warned readers about what was coming in 2019, and I made all of my interpretations prior to COVID-19. Today, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see how all of this is going to play out.

      Frankly, I just have not seen any worthy Nostradamus Experts out there, and so I have tried to sell my spin these last thirteen-years.

      Maybe I am a legend in my own mind, but my spin on Nostradamus has worked for me in the age of COVID-19. I wrote about Nostradamus’ Plague of 2020 in 2010. I have had quite a successful run in the Nostradamus’ Interpretation Business, all of it is documented, and I have been freely posting large excerpts of those interpretations here for the last decade.

  26. Paul ...

    Buffett buys “copper” (the metal of war) … and what happens to gold and silver prices during a war (they go up) … so its “a double win” for the weasel from Omaha (to buy Barrick) … guess he feels “all else has failed” and he now sees war on the horizon!!!

  27. Dan

    God bless Trump.

  28. D. Havelock

    Russia Has A Message For China and Morell. It’s nuclear!
    The western globalist cabal is much closer ideologically to China than Russia. And it is the cabal that controls the US. The cabal destroyed Czarist Russia and gave it communism. A resurgent capitalist and so called Christian Russia that cannot be controlled by the cabal. is then the Mike Morell enemy. The Chinese state is a model for the New World Order cabal. But who knows how things will unfold over the next year! Things are changing dramatically. It looks like the US is dying a slow painful operation Mockingbird brained media death, of a thousand cut’s!. And beware a dying Wal-Mart China empire in its death throes and seeing a collapse along with the US., so watch out here too! Two huge countries — empires (yeah, Tibet as part of Chinese Empire) collapsing, egads, perfect for war, or just plain old stagflation, degeneration.
    Which death is better. A Soros/Morell/ Obomba induced coma, Or another Trump triumph?

    • Sid"Cookie"Heylin

      WOW! Haslock, will travel? You said a mouthful! Tells me, with all these psychopaths trying to rule the roost,”ARMAGETTON”outta here mate💨!

  29. Stan

    President Biden will ensure that the Federal Reserve has the powers it needs to keep the monetary system running without issue. He will also put a stop to the reckless speculation in the Gold market.

    • Greg Hunter

      Says the man that shorted gold at $1,200 per ounce.

      • Ray

        In reality, he didn’t short any gold whatsoever.
        The only thing he is attempting to short is the intelligence of your audience.
        It’s all an internalised mental mirage…….his substantial wealth, his contacts in high places, his fleet of Bentleys and his rides in Lear jets to exotic locales.
        In reality, he is probably a burger flipper or traffic light windshield washer……….nothing more.
        He comes to your site so he can elicit reactions……… seeking some modicum, the very smallest morsels of self gratification that he can conjure, by spraying ridiculous comments toward the overwhelmingly intelligent WatchDog Community.
        It is likely that sans his keyboard, he is unable to attract the attention of anyone with an IQ of over 75.
        I don’t know why you put up with it.
        I believe it may be that he is a very lonely, deluded and troubled individual.
        It’s all very sad to ponder that there are indeed people in this world who fallen into the depths of such a shallow, shallow existence.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • William Stanley

          I, too, am fascinated with “Stan.”
          One interesting facet of Stan is that he offers us the opportunity to respond either kindly or unkindly. I think the author of “Stan” is testing us, especially our capacity for love. In some ways it’s a cruel test and he expects many to fail. However, I believe that he would rather have us succeed.

          • Ray

            I hear you William and your counsel is indeed wise (as always).
            Hope all is well with you and yours.

        • Stan

          Ray: Why are you so angry?

          • Ray

            Stan: “Oh Alex……..I’ll take ‘Why do people oppose an honest financial system?’ for $500”

            • William Stanley

              Well played!

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Stand up comedy, Stan. That’s your future, not investing!

    • William Stanley

      Yes, Biden would put an end to the pretense of “open market” operations and give the Fed the power to exercise direct action on the economy. And, yes, gold’s store-of-value function stands in the way. Hence, gold “must” be destroyed by means more direct than mere market manipulations. Biden’s masters would change the rules themselves. Direct force will be required to achieve that. New Zealand and Australia are showing us how it’s done, beginning with, but not ending with, concentration camps for Coved “deniers.”

  30. Tim


    Great report. China’s farms are decimated. Floods in the central and south, droughts in the north and a lot of what is left is being eaten by locust. The farmers can sell to China for a good price. China was going to ban US agricultural imports, but they have no choice now but to buy from us.

  31. JC

    Mr. Miller,
    I refer you to…
    The Twilight Zone – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
    Five minute summary.

  32. Joe

    The destruction and violence in Portland, Seattle and other DemoNRat cities has gone on for months! When will it end? Why doesn’t it end? It’s because these DemoNRats want it to continue. They want to destroy you and your way of life. The want you to be a new world/one world order serf.

    And here are their shock troops. These BLM demons couldn’t find one of us to attack so they attacked a helpless racoon. If you think these demons won’t eventually come for you then you are clueless.

  33. Joe

    Antifa for Biden…anyone who doesn’t understand that the Antifa and BLM demons are the Demorat shock troops is clueless.

  34. Country Codger

    Great report Greg,
    We are currently in Hamilton Illinois and our trip here from Texas, through La., Ark. and Missouri was very enjoyable. Louisiana and Arkansas had great harvests on going of rice. Lots of 200+ bushels/acre of corn in all states. From Kingdom City, Mo. to Keokuk, Iowa was just beautiful fields of beans, milo and corn. Awesome!

    We’ll be visiting with Amish farmers in Mo. and Io. next week and do a little business with them as well. Grace can be defined by this period of time that our Creator has given us to get prepared for the hard times to come.
    Lo Iyrah!

  35. Craig Bradley


    OH, V.P. Kamila Harris said at the Democratic Convention she “walks by faith and not by sight”. Really? Nice sounding but not authentic at all. Furthermore, she claims America taught her values. Well, for one thing, Kamila Harris was mentored in the ways of a Liberal, seasoned Calif. Politician named Willie Brown.

    Not only that, she had an affair with Willie Brown and “learned the ropes on her back”, so to speak. Kamila Harris is a political opportunist who will say or do anything to further her agenda and personal ambitions. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is “Brain Dead” suffering from Alzheimer’s Dementia.

    Romans 1:28-32 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a DEPRAVED MIND, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

    If Joe Biden and Kamila Harris win, we are doomed. In that case, there is no escape.

  36. Tom Small

    Greg, You have a good point about home and commercial property insurance becoming unavailable in riot areas. Now take it one step further: If your home is uninsurable, you can’t have a mortgage on it either. –Tom Small

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Tom!!

  37. Rick Derby

    Greg, I visited Manhattan the past couple of weekends. We too are leaving our apartment on the upper west side, but to move into my wife’s father’s cheaper and bigger apartment. While we are currently working remotely in Western Massachusetts, we are not vacating NYC. I am writing because what I experienced on these two trips was a vibrant city. Restaurants have been given a lane of the avenue and the tables are occupied. We walked out dog in Central Park. It too was bustling. What I also noticed was that nearly all wore masks and kept a safe distance apart. The description of NYC as a dystopian abandoned city is simply not accurate. In fact, we encountered two small groups of people being show potential apartments to rent by brokers. We’ll be back this weekend. If it is any different, I’ll post again. This comment is not fake news, but rather a first person account. From what I saw, New York City ain’t goin’ anywhere.

  38. Clare Doll

    I think this is all a psyop. The Democrats and Republicans are one and the same evil. Trump was chosen to take the US through bankruptcy and the agenda has not changed. If what the Democrats are doing is too stupid to be stupid then IT HAS BEEN PLANNED. If enough Democratic voters are not turned off by these stupid antics it will be as Trump has PROJECTED onto the Democratic Party. It is the Republicans who will be the ones to cheat this time (it is their turn) because Trump’s mission has not been completed. He will serve a second term by hook or crook.

    We are being played.

    • Julia

      Clare, I absolutely agree with you.

    • K. Wayne

      YES….we are being played. Thank you for noticing. Honesty and Truth is the best cure for this FAKE world.

    • Tim Hang

      As an immigrant of over 30 years and having lived under a different government, it has been somewhat obvious (in my gut) that we were/are being played, Christians especially. All the talk about 4th/5th gen warfare being waged agaunst the left was actually aimed at us true patriots. I understand how good Americans like Greg and many conservatives have reacted up to this point as the plan was always to deceive the best of us. Part of me still (truly) wishes that it is not the case, and that America will always be a beacon of Chrustian hope.

      • Tim Hang

        Greg, please forgive my spelling errors. Feel free to correct for me. Thanks

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I agree with you, almost completely, but I am not convinced of any actual U.S. “bankruptcy”. Default, perhaps, but not a literal bankruptcy.

      But I second your notion, Trump will win. It may be by either a landslide or by a staged, psy-op cliffhanger, but nevertheless, Trump will win.

  39. Mr. Mung Bean

    Just ask Airhead Burnett! LOL!
    Investigation: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific? | 60 Minutes Australia;

    Because China’s got America’s dough and we even owe mor4e than that! Were screwed, Money talks and BS, walks!
    The Golden rule, those that own the gold, rule!!!!!!Hear that Airhead?

    • Gaby Hays

      Wish 60 minutes US., would show the bought off Hollywood studios/press/intell, ad nauseum! The house of our non-representatives? Yes, they don’t represent us anymore, but the golden ruler’s. God’s speed president Trump! Drain That stinkin Swamp!

  40. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg. Thanks for the very good report. Looking forward to the CAF interview. So glad there is some good crop news! Hurray!
    They are harvesting the grape crop here in Sonoma County under smoky skies and sometimes in evacuation zones. The cops let the workers through the checkpoints for the harvest. Don’t know how the smoke will affect the wines.
    Firebombers fly right over our house every day all day long. Sometimes as low as 300 feet. Quite an air show.

  41. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, great report. Such good news about the US crops. Hurray! They are harvesting the grapes here in Sonoma County, CA sometimes even in fire evacuation zones. The cops let the workers through the checkpoints for the harvest.
    We are having fire bombers fly over our house every day all day sometimes as low as 300 feet. Quite a show. Cheers.

  42. tim mcgraw

    Sorry to repeat myself. Computer troubles at my end.

  43. Sharon

    Thanks for the news wrap up. Facts with a large dose of hope right in a USA cornfield!

  44. Tommy

    So glad that Joe read a teleprompter with aplomb. With all the hoopla over his masterpiece speech of a lifetime there will be no excuse for Biden not to debate President Trump or take questions from an audience. We’ll see how much go is in Joe.

    • eddiemd

      Very true. They made an error in pumping up the speech.

      We will see in a few weeks.

  45. Henry Ford

    Debate Trump? Why would I do that? Are you an addict? C’mon, man.

  46. K. Wayne

    ….”after it hit the Iceberg”…..that made me laugh so much I am crying tears.

  47. donna s.

    Great wrap up as always. Thank you
    My son sent me this called the Plandemic and it is awesome. everyone should see it.

  48. Mike

    If you want to help the people of this country maybe you should make known. Much as I like Trump and what he is doing I have had all the corporate Washington D.C crap I can handle . The D.C crowd is currently in chapter 11 bankruptcy. Isn’t everyone fed up yet? If not —- then it’s time you woke up and I don’t mean violence,I mean turn off the stupid tube and learn history! Maybe the act of 1871 will help, learn the difference between a u.s.(corporate)citizen and an actual American. I wish you all well – I believe the answer is above – have a nice day

  49. Mike

    Times are hard MR. Hunter So just maybe you will take a little time to look at yourself. I put the address in wrong it’ Not .net Greg you do a good job and are appreciated . I thank you for what you do . Mike hunter

  50. Lord Nasdaq

    Great (as always) weekly wrap -up. Thank you and USAWatchdog for watching DNC convention. God knows many of us couldn’t stomach more than five minutes of that b.s.
    Insurance costs going to kick all of us in asses in years ahead due to rioting. I said on email to investors last night, you’re home insurance will be like a second mortgage payment by 2030 – hope I’m wrong. Thanks BLM, ANTIFA, and supporters!
    Good Year Tire sucks. Cooper Tires or others are much better.
    Markets overvalued but same old story – you want a 5 year c.d., buy metals now?

    If Buffett buys GOLD (now he’s a fan of precious metals?), maybe the time to hold (not buy) at least. He’s wrong 50% of the time since 2008. Buy the way in 2011ish (Euro Crises) he was taking a shower and decided to buy shares of BAC in $7.00’s. See people like me were selling from $3.00’s purchased in October 2008 through March of 2009 at $7.00’s or higher in 2011 if not before! This (being short) was nothing other than an emergency bailout for BAC in 2011 and it worked for Buffet and me. We were more focused on BX and URE in 2008 – 2009. Then in 2010-2012 we focused on more BX, more water, and few, other equities – not BAC. Look at GE. So stock price around $17.00’s in October 2008 and Buffet telling people to buy then before $6.00’s in March 2009, and so much more. He gets paid regardless – 10% divys. on shares purchased or reaches into BRK.A pocket book to maybe, perhaps buy a railroad (BNSF in 2009) company with same deal and incredible, absurd financing. Yet, what does he pay back to shareholders? Schwarzman and BX in decades ahead a much better pick. Not sure I’d buy any mining stock or any equity before November, still on vacation. So thanks again USAWatchdog!

    I agree significantly with crop report around 15:50. In our county, the soy is as high as your knees. Anywhere: tomatoes, squash, peanuts in sandy Va./N.C border, look great. Yeah Chinese trying to hid virus (imo) by flooding out Wuhan district and more. Funny how all those dams (and in Triad we have had significant rain and flooding) can fail in June- currently. Hell we had 5.2 earthquake in Surry County – no dam collapsed in that area. I’m sorry for the Chinese citizens without food, livestock, and housing, especially in months ahead.

    Just heads up to audience in N.C.: A disaster of a career council member from Ardmore, Dan Besse, Winston-Salem, N.C. is running for state house seat in district 74. Those of you in that district (74) look at charts of crime only. It is through the ceiling in the West side of Ardmore since he was first elected almost two decades ago!
    Sad thing is the pro Sanctuary City council member in 2017 (no other democrat in Winston city council asked for more foreign citizens in their neighborhoods!) brought a lot of the current and future problems yet to come to his district. Of course he is being supported financially by P.A.C.’s over 3 to 1 to his Republican candidate – Jeff Zinger.
    So be careful 74th district and good luck if Dan Besse does win. And that damn sure goes for progressives or conservative democrats – you’re &^%$*^ if you elect Besse.

    Corn looks great, Greg. Take care, sir.

  51. Mike R

    Dems will no doubt concoct some very sleazy way to keep Biden out of any debates.

    Just when you think they cannot possibly stoop any lower, they find a way to dig further into the gutter.

  52. regaleagle

    One thing is for sure…….America is starting to pay attention again. Let’s hope it is for the better, Huh?

  53. regaleagle

    One thing is for sure…….the silent majority of good American citizens will not idly stand by and let these socialists have their way……..that’s just not gonna happen.

  54. Keith Wilson

    Well if Biden becomes President you know you are living in a complete lunatic asylum called the United States of America.. President Joe Biden would make a good character called the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland. America has completely fallen down the rabbit hole with wanting a clown and a moron like Joe biden. Personally I would not give him a job feeding my pidgeons never mind been President of the USA. When Joe comes over to Europe to visit the queen and starts touching her up and calling her Jill and runs his filthy hands all over her breasts and butt you can expect the shit to hit the fan big time ?

  55. Mr. Mung Bean

    How one tiny Indian island in Indian Ocean is making China super jittery
    •Aug 22, 2020

  56. Self Exiled


    • JC

      We are being dehumanized. People are making less and less eye contact.
      Are we all “just another brick in the wall?” (Pink Floyd).

  57. al

    I don’t get it, why doesn’t our side use the same tactics they are using? THE HELL WITH THE MARXIST MEDIA! Who cares what they say? Let them cry and whimper while we take them out one by one.
    Pantifa? We can fight too!! I don’t care if they are weak babies, an eye for an eye…

    If the Marxist Enemy Media says anything throw them out of the White House then increase media taxes! WTF is wrong with that? Hit them where it hurts!!!

    • al

      75% MEDIA TAX! Every dollar they make we take 75%. Let the babies cry.

  58. JC

    Dave Hodges:
    The only way that this country is saved is that you will have fight for it. You are going to die anyway. All firewalls that used to protect you are gone! There is a two step approach that could save the country, possibly.

    1. Unelect most Democrats. Re-elect Trump. If Trump could gain numerical superiority in Congress and appoint 2 more Supreme Court Justices and if he would arrest Obama-appointed judges under the Insurrection Act, Trump could gain back control of the government.

    2. The Left will never give up and we will be living in 1992 Bosnia. A Civil War will commence and America will have to reclaim the country the old-fashioned way, we will have to fight like its 1776. I am not advocating for civil war, the Left will not give us a choice. Are there any men with backbones left in the country? No more face masks, no more acquiescence to illegitimate authority. Open all businesses, regardless of what your mayor or governor say. Bodies are not dropping in the street. What does it say when you have to take a test to determine if you had the virus.

    With all of your rights, not to mention your soon-to-be confiscated guns gone, who will protect from this Leftist takeover? Please remember that history shows that following every communist overthrow of a government, a purge follows. First the Constitutiona goes extinct, then Christians and conservatives are next.

    Where has all the testerone gone?

    • paul jr.

      Dave Hodges says “no more face masks”. Nonsense. Face masks should still be mandatory when you are around older and more vulnerable people like those in nursing homes, retirement communities, or when going to the doctor’s and dentist office, etc… He says, “Open all businesses, regardless of what your mayor or governor say”. Obviously Dave Hodges does not own a business and has to be worried about the consequences that a business owner has to face.

      • JC

        paul jr,
        You are missing the point because you are obsessed with face masks.

        • paul jr.

          I am not obsessed with face masks. I am obsessed with truth. Even if it is small matter.

        • paul jr.

          Oh, and I did not miss the point. I have been hearing the same thing for years.

  59. regaleagle

    But I do believe he is correct on Americans banding together and fighting back against these sociopathic politicians that have infiltrated every fabric of the American heritage to destroy it and us with it. They are filled with lust and greed……let Our Father lead us to redemption and arm us with His Mighty Swords of Justice. Amen.

  60. Hamilton Boozer

    China Rising: The challenges for Australia as China and the US struggle for supremacy in Asia
    ABC News In-depth

  61. Mme X

    Only an idiot President would encourage Americans to “not buy” the products of a U.S.-based, unionized company with nearly 60,000 employees (Goodyear), simply because they hurt his feelings.
    Grow up, people, and recognize how much this man is damaging America!

    • Greg Hunter

      Only an idiot company would push a Marxist anti-American platform with a stock proice already down 40% for the year with a President who’s slogan is Make America Great Again with 85 million Twitter followers. The CEO should be fired for stock performance alome.

  62. regaleagle

    Touche’ Greg………it’s all there for everyone to see…….if they have eyes to see and ears to hear. And half a brain to think straight!

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