Dem Desperation, Were They Vaxed, Biden Inflation

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 535 6.24.22)

The economy is so bad, and inflation is so high, that the Democrat National Committee (DNC) is worrying more about retaining Democrats than cultivation of new voters for the mid-terms this fall.  A new poll shows a majority of Democrats say Biden is responsible for the inflation we are seeing.   There are record high gasoline prices, rising food prices and just about everything else costing more—much more.  Not a good time to ride the Biden coat tails.

So many young people are dying unexpectedly that the government has a new name for this phenomenon.  It’s called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”  Someone young dies with no apparent cause of death and everyone is baffled.  Of course, this strange phenomenon after millions were coerced or psyched into taking a so-called CV19 vaccine.  Maybe we should be asking, “Were they vaxed?”

Gasoline is near record high, and inflation is running at levels not seen in 40 years.  Has it peaked or is there more pain to come?  Looks like it has leveled off for now, but many think the economy will tank and more inflation is on the way.  They call this stagflation, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 6.24.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned radio legend and filmmaker Steve Quayle will join us for the Saturday Night  Post.  Quayle has astounding proof our history in North America is not what you were taught in school.


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  1. Roger Hubbard

    Hello Greg I just wanted to be the first one to comment!
    Thanks for all you do! You are the watchman for us. It’s a big job and your doing a fantastic job.

    Hey bring back the money board I sent last year, I think it’s getting more appropriate every day!

    Your friend
    Roger Hubbard

    • Blacktalk

      No such thing as sudden adult death syndrome, more bullshit from the facists!

      • Roy

        There is a sudden covid adult death syndrome otherwise known as
        and satanic covid infant death syndrome known as SCIDS

    • Harry Lanpher


    • Raymond Woods

      He Sure Is, Greg Has Change My Life Enourmously . i Listen To Him All The Time Because He Speaks The Truth And Ends With A Spiritual Qoute. My God Bless Him And His Family Always.

      • Shirl

        Excellent…and on another good note, President Trump’s picks for the conservative Supremes just squashed The Abortion Death Cult dreams by kicking it back to the states where many are outlawing killing babies both unborn and born aka both in and out of the womb….I don’t know about the rest of you but, I’m Not tired Of WINNING yet. The Marxists DemonRat and RINO Establishment making up the tiny DEATH CULT want all of us dead (BILLIONS of US) including YOU, DEAD.
        Stand Up Speak On FIGHT PEACEFULLY….do not crawl under a rock or quit. God Almighty Loves you and so do I.

    • Craig from VA


      I wanted to share with you a thought that I had yesterday regarding the “Roe vs. Wade” decision.

      If someone is willing on killing the most innocent, what would prevent them from killing seniors.

      We know that social security and pensions are woefully underfunded. Seniors need a lot of medical care, won’t be able to a countries’ productivity and are a drain on resources.

      If you use the argument that a single woman “can’t take care of a child”, then you can make the same argument for the care of Seniors.

      “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

      ― Voltaire

  2. Not So Free

    Early bird WNW this week. Now I can watch it before I go to bed.
    LOL Not usually the first commenter.

    • Monica Warren

      Is it just me or did anyone else have a hard time hearing??This is my favorite show and this one is important.

      • tim mcgraw

        Monica: I agree. The sound level is low in the video.

      • Shirl

        Monica Warren,
        Greg is heard Perfectly Clear through any and all of my personal high tech devices from the iPhone, Tablets, Laptop, Desktop and even the microchipped TeeVee that I have used on occasion to catch one of his releases for convenience….on a side note, I especially like that he doesn’t add dramatic music in the background that would interfere and NOT enhance the message – and that’s AWESOME – no kooky intros or hyped up enhancements either – just straight to the bullet points with reasoned commentary and always with a reassuring Good Book ending. I read here some complain of the quality from time to time and have yet to experience it. Try resetting your device and or debugging it. His work is Par Excellence bar none.

      • Savanna

        Me too

  3. Johnny Cool

    There’s going to be another pandemic. “We have to think ahead,” the president mumbled. A SECOND PANDEMIC?

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: The politicians supporting the New World Order are declining in popularity and will do anything to gain votes. So, what exactly is the “second pandemic?” Perhaps we will find out closer to the next election.

    • Jan, from Budapest

      Joe Biden mumbled that they needed more money, because there was another pandemic coming. How can he be mumbleing about it? They already know it’s coming. They planned it!

      The only other person I ever heard speaking about two pandemics, is late Prophet John Paul Jackson. When I heard him speaking about the perfect storm in 2008-2012, I dismissed him. I didn’t believe what he said.

      Now, we better start believe what he said, because we live in the perfect stom he described. It will only get worse until God’s People cry out to God.

      Jackson said, there will be two pandemics. One of little concern. The second one will be serious. It will get worse, whatever they will release into the population, it doesen’t bode well for us.

      It’s not only US. I’m sitting in Europe, and we have a war next door in Ukraine, and now it seems like TPTB is trying to provoke Putin even more with the denial of transfer of goods betwen mainland Russia and Kalingrad. A transfer by rail going over Lituanian soil. Kalingrad is Russias military home for their Baltic fleet.

      It’s too stupid to be stupid. It’s intensional! And we sit in the middle, as usual…

      We the people who is called by the name of the Lord, must humble ourselves on a grand scale, and cry out to God to intervene.

      • Marie Joy

        God helps those who help themselves and he gives us free will to make those fight or flight decisions.

        • Doug C

          Exactly Marie Joy. NO ONE is going to change this but the Citizens of the World. Everyone needs to get off their knees or couch and stand together against this Evil Cabal that is running us all into the ground. They tell us they want to reduce the population and have YOU own nothing. What do you think that means? It means they want to steal everything through bankrupting us, starving us and forcing some to take a death shot. Another Plan-Demic will erupt over the next couple months. Will YOU Citizen Play THEIR game again or will you fight back? The answer to this IS that easy………fight or die.

          • Laura McDonough

            Doug C.: We need able bodied patritots in this country to org. in their communities to resist tyranny and criminals coming in to commit crimes as inflation progresses. We must not comply to any shot mandates the gov. pushes. We are not livestock like the 2/3 people that lined up for covid shots. Will patriots be old men who can barely get around? Most people are self obsessed and involved in trivial activities. Very few today we interact with (we are retirees) so many dumbed down adults all ages who trust gov. and mainstream news sites. So few w/ crticial thinking skills.

      • Charles H

        Of the Bible – there shall be wars, and rumours of wars – this is the beginning of sorrows. The irony is that man is treating his fellow man like beasts to be slaughtered. If ‘education’ has brought man to this: then both the lesson and the teacher should be expelled.

        • IIG

          Why is every Demon rat so upset about someone who kills kids in a school when every Demon rat wants the right to kill kids in the womb??

          • IIG

            And what is the difference between the “election protesters” on Jan 6 – and the “Roe v. Wade protesters” on June 25 – simple – the election protesters are lock away in solitary confinement “without trial” (except for the phony show Trial on TV) for trying to do a legal citizens arrest of the “Traitors in Congress” – while the Roe v. Wade protesters “were effectively encouraged” by Chuck Schumer to go out and murder our Supreme Court Judges (which has backfired on Schumer – as the Supreme Court in revenge told NY State their “all their Gun Laws were Unconstitutional” and that “Every New Yorker” has the right to carry a gun)!!

    • Hilly.

      Yes.. Biden confirmed it several days ago.

    • Laura McDonough

      J. Cool: This so called next time pandamic the smart people will ignore mandates, not comply w/ anything like perpetual mask wearing, social distancing, shutting down businesses, etc. Also refuse these new DNA changing shots incl flu shots.

  4. stanley skrzypek

    Boy-o-boy Greg Hunter…………you are GOOD….dis-agree with you on some very little things……but…….all I can deduce is that pure Journalism courses through your veins like water flows south in the Mississippi River….lets compare you to……lets say, Heraldo Rivera….Oh Oh, NO Comparison…..Rachel Maddow……Oh Oh, NO Comparison…..shall I go on?….that Wallace guy…….Oh Oh, NO Comparison……you will be Rewarded later

  5. Warren B.

    “Gasoline is near record high, and inflation is running at levels not seen in 40 years. Has it peaked or is there more pain to come? Looks like it has leveled off for now, but many think the economy will tank and more inflation is on the way”.
    I recently came across this Contrarian Macro Strategist – David Hunter….someone with 49 years experience on Wall Street.
    He has a view that we are close to a turnaround in the Markets…lower USD, lower rates, lower Inflation and a MELT-UP in Stocks…..for the next 3-6 months….then he calls for a GLOBAL BUST starting later this year and into late 2023…..worse than the Great Depression ….accompanied by the Largest Financial Crisis in History. His message is that the near term is sufficient to cause the FED to Pause after July’s meeting and expected hike (what he refers to as a PIVOT). The Market is already reading this and acting accordingly (psychology). Oil will play a large part of this adjustment especially if what he predicts (Oil sub-$100/barrel and Gasoline rolling over) comes true. What he forecasts for the DOW, S & P, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 will blow your socks off. He calls this the last stage of the 40 year secular bull cycle. Next year will see a Global Bust accompanied by an 80% Bear Market….the Biggest since the Great Depression. He believes OIL will find its way to $20/Barrel next year….welcome relief for most Americans.
    What does he think Gold and the PM’s miners will do…well the forecast for the remainder of this decade is mind blowingly simple. UP and in a VERY BIG WAY.
    I would highly recommend to get this gentleman on for an Interview. He has the ability to look at the BIG picture with amazing clarity and perfect reasoning. …and give precise forecasts of what he thinks will play out…with timeframes. More importantly he can provide some reassurances around the misplaced FEAR about the Economy …all generated through the FED’s 12 month’s worth of rhetoric. He has a great deal of honest data which he doesnt hide nor disregard. His contrarian viewpoint is refreshing at time when everything is doom and gloom.
    go here…..
    Good luck….. certainly worth considering his POV’s.

  6. David

    Hey Greg

    You continue to be on game. You cut the BS and give us a balanced report. So many suffer a form Stockholm Syndrome at the hands of MSM and their Nazi Germany style propaganda. Please keep going strong. America needs truth…. not lies of Cooper, Muir, the morons from the view, etc!

  7. Bob the Blessed

    Thank and bless you for your tireless work for God, truth, and freedom Mr. Greg Hunter!!!

  8. Conrad Smack

    placeholder Money Talks News 3 hours ago
    Putin Declares the ‘End of the Unipolar World’ in Combative Speech.. See more
    Putin Declares the ‘End of the Unipolar World’, in Combative Speech . Russia’s president made the comments during the St. Pet.

    Whom do you think should win in Ukraine; Vlad the Impaler Putin or old sore arse Soros, who loves Hillary. Two National Socialist, prigs in a poke? Or the ex KGB and former future young leader of Klaus Schwab’s future world infiltrator’s, of world governments governance?
    We do know who lost, Beijing Biden & son, Paul Pelosi & Ma and RHINO Romney & son, lost any self respect, ravaging Ukraine. “THE UKRAINE YOUN’S lost and still losing!”
    All since Victoria Nulands 5 Billion for the 2014, coup d’é·tat extravaganza de propaganda.
    [ˌko͞o dāyˈtä] tata. To enrich, but now to the chagrin, of baiting US. oil, who instead of supplying cheap oil from Ukraine. Are instead handcuffed, starving US. motorists and freezing Europe up, despite our oil reserves and natural gas and the culling of Slav against Slav! A pyric victory, Vicky Victoria? How one can sleep at night, is one step beyond? You better start praying for divine intervention, or Alien invasion, to save us from ourselves in nuclear annihilation. Tecumseh Sherman said it best, “WAR IS HELL!”
    So you see war-mongers, were not for Any side, but peace and not the taking of a piece of the ass of innocents, so others can get even fatter ass’s. You should all be ashamed!
    The Story Behind ONE STEP BEYOND’S Most Controversial Episode
    The Day the World Wept.

    Billionaire George Soros Says Society , ‘May Not Survive’ War in Ukraine. CNN reports Soros says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine… See more

    Oval Office Address on the Cuban Missile Crisis – John F. Kennedy – Oct. 22, 1962
    A week after Kennedy had been presented with evidence of the Soviet deployment of ‘offensive’ missiles in Cuba, at 7:00PM ET on October 22, 1962, the President delivered a nationwide televised address on all of the major networks announcing the discovery of the missiles.

    Kim Iversen: Biden’s SHOTS FOR TOTS Rollout FAILS As Parents Don’t Show To Sites
    207,124 views Jun 23, 2022

    Gravitas Plus: The dark side of Electric Vehicles
    Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights …

  9. MCasey

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is the new buzzword!

    • Daniel Sawler

      Inflation is a result of printing money – so you cannot blame just Biden – this was coming for a long time.

      We should also ask if the was any fentanyl in their sytstem.

      • Judith

        Obozo tell Biden when to inhale and when to exhale. Biden can’t find it with both hands a roadmap and a flashlight !!!

        • Laura McDonough

          Obama is in his third term, Biden is the puppet told what to do. Maybe what brand of toothpaste, soap and shampoo to use.

    • IIG

      It’s election time – and the Demoncrats are out kissing “jabbed” babies (who are getting “Sudden Baby Death Syndrome”) – now all we need to figure out is if the babies dying of the kiss or the “jab”??

      • Earth Angel

        I’m now wondering if SIDS (sudden intfant death syndrome) which suddenly surfaced some 35-40 yrs. ago was caused from vaccines back then? Or could it have been something in the manufactured baby formula’s? We know autism spectrum disorder can be attributed to some of the shots in some of the kids. Once a deception and a lie surface then everything becomes suspect and all bets are off. I’m wondering how do we trust a medical industrial complex that did this to us ever again? As of yet, I have no answer.

  10. David Gordon Dunne

    Thank you Greg. I value all of your real news and information so very much.

  11. MCasey

    This is the last word on the 2020 Election Coup that overturned the Constitutional Republic of the United States on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

    It is not complicated.

    The Dominion Voter User Manual does not read: “This is How You Cheat in an Election”.

    Instead, it reads, “Through creatively tweaking the oval coverage threshold settings, it should be possible to set thresholds in such a way that a non-trivial amount of ballots are marked “problem ballots” and sent to the “NotCastImages” folder. It is possible for an administrator of the ImageCast Central work station to view all images of scanned ballots which were deemed “problem ballots”……..and delete any individual ballot scans from the “NotCastImages” folder…”

    TRANSLATION: Through “creatively tweaking” (aka cheating), “it should be possible” to set the error threshold “in such a way” so as to reject a mark for Trump as a random smudge. Thus, a “non-trivial” (aka HUGE) amount of ballots can be rejected as “problem ballots” and kicked to an error folder where an administrator (aka Democrat) will delete them.

    Again, the Dominion Voter User Manual does not read: “This Is How You Cheat”. Instead, it uses the phrases, “in such a way” and “it is possible to”; three (3) times in fact for any idiot that may not be able to ‘read between the lines’.

    And, it uses words like “non-trivial” amount, instead of “significantly massive” amounts. “Creatively tweaking” instead of cheating. And, “problem ballots” instead of ‘not the guy you want to win”.

    IN ADDITION, setting the error thresholds “in such a way” is not standard operating procedure and is counter to the objectives of a data capture system. But great if you intend to cheat an election.

    And, here it is in the instructions for the Dominion voting machines.

    • Earth Angel

      WOW! Great find MCasey. Thank you for showing this to the public. More DAMNING PROOF of MASSIVE FRAUD. Now if we could just get the paid liars and propagandists at the legacy media to do the same and the crooked bought and paid for judges in the corrupt court systems to admit the EVIDENCE of THIS FRAUD. Good Luck with that one! Thank you again; great super sleuth work friend.

  12. Jerry

    I’ve been told to prepare for rioting in all the major cities when
    this decision is handed down on Friday .

    If I were your readers I would make a trip to the store now unless you have your own food storage.

    • regaleagle

      I live in Texas….and therefore we Texans are not alarmed, but will celebrate the striking down of Roe vs Wade. The dissenters only represent a small minority (mainly liberal women) of the populations in many pro-life states like Texas. Now the abortion issues will be determined at the state level……where it should have been all along.

  13. MJ Quinn

    Not “illegitimate government” – he should be charged with “extensive and inclusive” treason. He knows the result of the election was illegitimate, he knowingly occupies the office of President.

    Lock him up !

  14. MCasey

    The bear and the 3 ribs in the bear’s mouth in Daniel 7:5 may be Russia (the bear) and the 3 Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (the 3 ribs).

    The bear rises up on one side to reach and devour them. These 3 nations are on the western outside edge of Russia like ribs are on the “outside edge”.

    With the current conflict with Lithuania, this may the fulfillment of Daniel 7:5: “And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.”

  15. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter, enjoying the landscape of the USA.
    Americans must be the most placid people on Earth enduring the ghastly Satanists that have taken over the country using an elderly fool as their front guy , not even a hiccup from the ordinary folk. Totally different when it comes to the Stalinists all over you like a rash if you so much as doubt their agenda.They will be the reason for the next conflict both internally and externally. The external conflict ,like here in Europe, will be used to camouflage their destruction of the economy via ESF and the Green agenda so that the new serfdom and the predatory elite may take all that is yours.
    Recipes for “eating the rich” are now common in Europe just preparing the ingredients
    rather like China 1971, whilst Mussolini necklaces will be most attractive amongst the D.A.V.O.S. class.
    Still our economy here in the UK and the “let them eat cake” class are tone deaf and their security is really beyond belief now.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I’d add that perhaps we are mostly busy with our individual lives. Most are aware of some big picture things and most are gun owners. These things that are happening will seem unchallenged until folks in some parts have had enough and at some point the shooting starts. There was real genius with the founding of our country, most of these big picture issues are insulated from from the ordinary person- by state and county governance. I think if there are any fireworks it would be if people can’t feed their families. Maybe the best thing about America are the farms and food facilities that are spread all around the country, local officials are elected locally, hope of upward mobility, and private property, and just enough Christian presence to be salt.

  16. Shirl

    Excellent Wrap up summation Greg!!!

    The DemonRat/RINO Establishment are insanely trying to do everything possible to maintain a seat of power over WeThePeople that another Pandemic, let slip by Xiden, or by keep poking the BEAR into a Nuke involved WW3 under a False Flag provocation…Stand Up Speak Out to Expose the devils at every opportunity.

    Transparency with Free Speech and protected by the 2nd Amendment are key, besides God Almighty of course, BUT Legal Peaceful yet Firm Citizen Action is required. No time to Give Up or to Hide Away.

  17. Marie Joy

    The long term intent is worldwide genocide

  18. William T

    Great rant as always, Greg. You are one of the few who call out the truth that Fauci vaxxxes are a genocide injection, that the illegitimate biden regime are literally Nazis, and the Democrats and deep state have done a coup on Americans, and the CIA and FBI are the worst criminal organizations in the world. God bless you for fighting evil.

    • Johnny Cool

      The drumbeat morphs … the vaccines will end the pandemic … the vaccines will protect you and stop transmission … you still have to wear a mask even if you are vaxxed … you can still transmit Covid even if you are vaxxed … you can still die of Covid even if you are vaxxed … trust the science … the unvaxxed are at fault (for the vaccines not working) … this variant is even more contagious than chickenpox … a booster is amazingly effective and will solve everything … your infection may be less severe if you are up to date with all your shots … new variants are coming and they will be more contagious … a second booster is amazingly effective and will solve everything … you don’t want long Covid, do you?

      At what point does the narrative completely crumble?

  19. eddiemd

    That synchronized swimmer was probably injected with the mRNA poison. There were other reasons for her blackout.

    She probably experienced shallow water blackout. It is a well-known event in military swimmers. I had a roommate in the Army in 1990 down in San Antonio when I was in the Special Forces medic course. He was an ex-USMC Force Recon who transferred into the Army after beating up an officer on shore leave in Thailand. I used to go to the pool to swim with him. He told me all about his experiences with this SWB.

  20. R Williams

    I’m Pretty Sure CLIF HIGH Post on SubStack,, Open Letters..

  21. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Cliff High’s term “Vaccidents ” could apply to more than just auto accidents.

  22. Stephen Haskell

    All these deaths and they are still pushing the Vax? What the Hell!

  23. Jeff Kindley

    I am having a problem hearing this video. Is your mike working??

  24. Darren

    Greg….Nice weekly wrap up. Thanks..I was going through some of your much older interviews and I have quick question……What ever happened to Bix Weir and the Road to Roota?…Thanks and have a good weekend…

  25. Bryce DeBorde

    For some reason I’m no longer getting emails, for the new show postings. But that doesn’t stop me from knowing your schedule and never missing your shows.
    Keep up the great work, we love you, the truth, and keep praying for our great republic to be restored to justice for all, liberty for all.
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Please check your SPAM box as this is what we’re hearing from a lot of people. Thank you Bryce for your support!

      • Todd

        Respectfully, your email alerts are key to letting me know when you upload the next video.

        I track it religiously.

        There was NO alert for 6-24-22 WNW.

        The last email recieved was for Catherine Austin Fitts on 6-18-22.

        Greg, check your system.

  26. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, I believe things will exasperate when China invades Taiwan. This will start a new round of sanctions. Walmart will loose big and profits drop, the oil prices and natural gas will surge because the Sleepy Joe admin will send more oil and natural gas to Europe which they re doing now, but will increase. The good news dem’s lose big in November, but patriots need to vote in record numbers.

  27. rich devine

    It is very convenience for Clif to go dark when the world is going to hell in a hand basket. We need is input but no he is nowhere to be find.

  28. Robert D’Amato

    Greg, I have been listening to and watching you for several years. I love your commentary and guests. You cannot find better information anywhere in America.

    Regarding gun laws, your home state Missouri has one of the best laws in the land. The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) protects Missouri citizens from federal government overreach and actually holds law enforcement accountable for breaching citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights with a fine for every violation of our rights.

    I’m not sure you are aware of this. It would be nice if you could acknowledge this important law in your news cast one of these weeks.

    Best regards, keep up the good work. You are one of very few standing up to the corrupt media and government.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert!

  29. Really Awake

    All of the integrity has been squeezed out of the FBI. All of the truth has been squeezed out of the mainstream media. All of the truth has been squeezed out of the executive branch of the federal government. The CIA, NSA and DoD are all part of the corrupt Deep State.

    There is still some good left in the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government – but very little, e.g., Rand Paul is somewhat of a good man. Once in a while, what’s left of freedom prevails, e.g., a Second Amendment win, but for the most part freedom is continually restricted by all branches of government.

    Both the medical and pharmaceutical industrial complex are mostly corrupt. All the ethics have been squeezed out of the CDC and FDA and AMA. There are a few good men left in the medical profession, but that’s it. We can no longer trust the medical profession as a whole to have our best interests at heart as their number one priority. Their core values have been poisoned.

    We all know Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are totally fraudulent. It’s one big racket. Period. The entire global economy is based on phoney currency, credit and contracts.

    The giant transnational companies in cahoots with the government have destroyed the middle class by offshoing good paying jobs to slave-labor Maxist countries… The independent mom&pop small businesses are going extinct. And now the Federal Reserve is openly asserting that the unemployment rate must rise in order to contol the inflationary mess that government and central banks created. In other words they have destroy the economy and jobs in order to kill inflation. That’s typical of a collectivist government: burn down the barn in order to kill the rat.

    And just look at what the military has become. Personally, I have no respect for anybody who enlists in the military. Why? Because you won’t be fighting for America. You will be fighting for Washington. Learn the difference. The last thing we need is a bunch of young low-voltage thinkers joining the military… In case it has escaped your notice Washington wants to start WW3… Is that really what you young peoole want to join up for?

    The wise people are seperating themselves from the corrupt system as much as they passably can. It isn’t going to be an easy task to insulate yourself from the evil persons who run the system. But the more you can, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Great commentary. ‘Really Awake’ monicker suits!

  30. Gerald Rowell

    Love you Greg! You are the only news person I trust anymore. All the others have an antiTrump agenda! Also love you using your platform for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gerald for all your support!

  31. Susan R

    The Georgia Guide Stones state the population numbers that will be maintained. That is the one warning that came out quite a few years ago, with many more since. All these deaths are a continuance of that and show “they” mean business. I have seen warnings that the last generations are walking this earth now. My own thought on that is what Human would want this? Follow the train of thought and it says this is a takeover by non-humans.

  32. Tim

    Greg great job!!!

    Sure hope Cliff High is right that the 19 of 20 Democrats took the jabs. Hopefully they will know the truth soon.


    • tim mcgraw

      Tim: At least 80% of the population (Democrats) in our small town and county of Sonoma, CA have taken several jabs. I haven’t seen them falling dead yet. But then again, I don’t get out much.

      • Laura McDonough

        Tim: I thought by now I would see people dropping dead in shopping centers, grocery stores and parking lots, etc. People that go to the city parks some play tennis or biking, haven’t seen it either.

  33. RTW

    SCOTUS finally grew a pair and did the right thing (no pun intended). Overturning the unconstitutional Roe v Wade has been long overdue. Now we just need law enforcement to step up and shut down any violence that these unhinged lunatics promised.

  34. Kevin24

    I am surprised the Cabal have not blamed S.A.D.S. on white supremacist, what a joke this new term is in the media. Let’s see a medical definition. Next we’ll have gang bangers shooting people and they die of S.A.D.S. vs gun shots.
    Great news on the crops, if it weren’t for Greg and Les Nesman I wouldn’t get much farm info.

  35. Richard Longacre

    Senate passed gun control law last night with help of RINOs. “The bipartisan safer communities act”. Senate bill S 2938:

    It was disguised as an act to rename a courthouse in Tallahassee Florida as the Joseph Woodrow Hatchett US Courthouse and Federal Building. There is two pages describing the name change and 80 pages about tyrannical gun control and Red Flag laws.

    War has been declared on patriots and freedom loving Constitutionalists.
    1) Forced DNA altering non-vaccine vaccines that are deadly, dangerous and don’t work while banning the cure (Ivermectin) and mandating pure tyranny.
    2) Destroyed our supply chain systems to include food, oil, LNG, diesel, imported electronics, materials and equipment.
    3) Destroyed our economy and financial system by printing counterfeit currency to infinity while inflating the stock market, bond, market, real estate, futures markets, Commodities Exchanges (COMEX) (for everything except silver), etc.
    4) And now they want to remove due process for lawful gun owners through Red Flag laws where anyone, anywhere, can make a claim that you have guns and they are afraid you are unstable and police will dangerously raid your house with no warning (SWAT style) , confiscate your weapons and ammunition, and then you spend years and your life savings trying to prove you are innocent and not a terrorist. You will never get your guns back and it will cost you a fortune trying to prove your innocence. You will not be allowed to even know who your accuser is because the person that makes the false claims needs protection, but you will not be given any protection of your rights (2nd Amendment (right to bear arms shall not be infringed), 4th Amendment (Illegal search and seizure), 1st Amendment freedom of speech, etc.) while you attempt to prove your innocence. People will just use concealed carry permit public open access lists and just go down the list claiming you must be a domestic terrorist if you carry a weapon.

    This is the Deep State’s final desperate act to disarm us before they kill us. We have been betrayed.

  36. Jeffrobbins

    The ‘field ‘ reporting is really nice- great broadcast. Like Cliff High, i too am making some preparations at least until i can’t- there’s always something we can do for our families or our neighbors.

  37. walter johnson

    This symbol of Ukrainian patriots who fought both Germany and Russia in the 1940’s is about as racist as white Americans. To slander the Ukrainian people as national socialist is stupid. If you are unable to see Russian propaganda for what it is then God help us. The millions of Ukrainian mothers and their children were not burning books before becoming refugees. Next week I will have family arriving as refugees and they all speak Russian and have family in Russia.

  38. Dwight Branson

    Praise GOD! Trump’s greatest success: Putting in place three Supreme Court Justices with the fortitude to overturn Roe v Wade and the Federally sanctioned slaughter of innocent babies! Now it is the State’s turn to do the right thing.

  39. Nancy Burwash

    The old new buzz, “get Trump” before he comes back, because he gonna tear out our old and corrupt backsides: Criminal Politicians!
    Tell that to your old buddy Franklin Rains, Eric the RED!
    Eric Holder @EricHolder
    Trump – “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen”. This is the smoking gun. Coupled with other testimony demonstrates both Trump’s substantive involvement and corrupt intent, requisite state of mind.
    Eric I say your corrupt and millions of other Americans, try and prosecution us for saying that. we the sheeple!

    America Is Growing Apart, Possibly for Good
    Opinion by Ronald Brownstein – 4h ago
    It may be time to stop talking about “red” and “blue” America. That’s the provocative conclusion of Michael Podhorzer, a longtime political strategist for labor unions and the chair of the Analyst Institute, a collaborative of progressive groups that studies elections. In a private newsletter that he writes for a small group of activists, Podhorzer recently laid out a detailed case for thinking of the two blocs as fundamentally different nations uneasily sharing the same geographic space.
    We know which one is massively bigger and will win in the end. Not the loud mouth operation Mockingbird main stream media!
    They can’t fool all the people all the time! Abe Lincoln

    ‘The whole market is in danger of collapsing’: Germany warns of a ‘Lehman moment’ if Russia cuts off natural gas to Europe
    Tristan Bove – Yesterday 5:43 PM
    Germany is one step closer to having to ration its gas usage as supply from Russia starts to dry up, and the country’s top economic affairs official is warning that it could lead to an even larger economic spillover effect.

    The stock market is poised for a strong 2nd half of 2022 as the US economy avoids a recession and inflation gets cut in half, JPMorgan says
    [email protected] (Matthew Fox) – Yesterday 10:24 AM

    What to do if a worst-case nuclear scenario actually happens
    Stars Insider – Yesterday 8:30 PM

    Vladimir Putin warns new ‘Satan’ nuclear missile could be deployed by end of year
    Ali Postma – Yesterday 5:44 AM 46 Comments
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened this week that Moscow would deploy its newest intercontinental ballistic missile, dubbed ‘Satan-2’ by NATO, by the end of the year.

    Russia gets ridiculous again
    By Mauricio Luque -June 23, 2023
    Russia threatens the world that it could have a stealth strategic bomber by 2025
    RM (Aeronautical Engineer) June 24, 2022 At 08:03
    It is not propaganda: Russia is broke and impoverished.
    I am going to explain it to you without going into technical details, in a way that will be easy for you to understand.
    If you are a top aeronautical engineer, what do you prefer?
    – to earn 3.000.000 rubles a year in Russia
    – earn 400,000 euros a year in Europe
    – earn 500,000 dollars a year in the U.S.
    Here’s a hint: a ruble is only worth a couple of cents.

    RM; Here’s reality and it’s real, really virtual. The west is broke, busted and disgusted. Looking to kill off half it’s population of useless eaters and replacing with third world slaves, which will be most thankful in a so-culled great reset!
    Facing reality a gas station in todays world doesn’t look so bad, eh?

    From biorobots to babies: The 5 most surprising, disturbing ‘Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes’ takeaways
    Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY – Yesterday 7:00 PM 5 Comments

    IN THE CROSSHAIRS Russia must strike LONDON first when World War Three erupts, says Putin ally who reveals Kremlin plan to conquer Europe
    Will Stewart Felix Allen 24 Jun 2022
    A CLOSE Putin ally and reservist general has called for London to be nuked first when World War Three breaks out.

    • Johnny Cool

      Alois Irlmaier, Freislassing, Bavaria. Predicted his own death in July 1959.

      The Third Great War comes, when three high-ranking men will be killed. Then comes a single aircraft from the East. It throws a “neutralizer” in the great water by England. Then the water lifts in one single piece as high as a tower and falls back down. It makes an earthquake and a giant wave and everything will be over flooded. Almost all of England and the European coast to Berlin will sink except for a few mountain peaks.

      “The “Great City” of the United States will be destroyed by rockets, and the West Coast will be invaded by Asians, but they will be beaten back…

      The Third World War will come, but I cannot predict the year. It will be preceded by signs in the skies, which will be seen by millions of people. War will begin on a rainy night, shortly before harvest time, when the ears are full. War will begin after the assassination of an eminent politician in Czechoslovakia or in Yugoslavia. An invasion from the East will follow…

  40. Charles H


    I have to disagree with you on the point of the Liberals ‘waking-up about the vax’. Their mindset is so shallow, so delicate – that even though they understand the shot DID hurt them, and caused their friends to die: they will NEVER publicly admit the facts. After losing everything with the shot: they know if they denounce the shot – they will be blasted, brow-beaten, and shunned by even their inner-circle of friends, which is all they have left. No – they will hold on to whatever is left to them, at the price of being silent.
    The First Rule of Life to learn is the word-issue of “NO”; the basis of self-discipline. The Second Rule closely follows – to admit a mistake. But even admitting the clot shot mistake: there is no turning back – no making things better by facing it and admitting the mistake. Like the Media they subscribe to – they will cover it up. True Sheeple.

    • Tim

      Hi Charles

      You are probably right. However, these people will not be around much longer to support the deep state. It is ironic that the very people who support them will not be around much longer to support them. Therefore most of the people still around in the near future will be like us.


    • Diane Shear

      Right again Charles !

    • Smoky un-jabbed Bear

      I beg to differ C. H. on the first rule in life. NEVER VOLUNTEER! That’s a prerequisite!
      I feel for the volunteer state. How so many load mouth sheeple could volunteer to take an experimental jab, for a world threatening experiment 🔬 in transhumance of the human race? Big pharma has gotten much to big for it’s britches. Of all the worry the left has of the Trumpster, they so willingly drank the Kool-Aid. Do they really believe their dear leaders drank. I doubt they did, when the house of un- representatives, congress and the Senate, were excused to not get shot with the shot and the FBI, postal workers. 🙄 Duh? They didn’t want them going postal, I guess and the mail must go, rain sleet, or snowjob jab-ersize in futility!

  41. iwitness02

    I like the farm reports. This is a great way to do the WNW.
    Not that it’s anything new, it’s just that I like these.
    I see Roe vs Wade has been overturned. I sure hope they begin to streamline the adoption process. I’m hoping that adoption replaces abortion. Of course the money mad abortion industry is going to be a little snippy about this. However, it is time to let the love of life win out over the love of money.

    • Nancy York

      Confession: when I was a very young and immature girl, albeit a woman, but emotionally still just a girl, I became pregnant. I was too unprepared for this lifelong responsibility and so was the father. My parents urged me to consider adoption. Abortion was not an option. Besides that, I did not reveal my pregnancy until I was almost at 2nd trimester. Well, that secret for which I do not reveal on a regular basis is now water under the bridge for me. I am sure that baby boy who is about 40 something now has had a good life.
      Life! Life! Life! A good life!
      No regrets.
      And my new sister-in-law was an adopted child herself. And she has no regrets for that awareness.
      I cannot understand why young women protest in the streets for “reproductive rights” or “it’s my body therefore…”. We are highly intelligent mammals with God-given Spiritual gifts and we do not have the right or privilege to kill one of our own. Killing a sentient being who happens to be receiving nourishment from its mother’s body does not give the woman the right to kill the growing infant just because the pregnancy is an emotional and physical inconvenience. Adoption is a good decision for some and the new life is a blessed life deserving life, liberty, and happiness just like the distressed mother.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Nancy for sharing.

  42. Pat - Arizona

    When C-19 started, I got a job at Wal-Mart because I knew it was a scam, and they raised the wage to $20 which for my small town is a lot.

    I have stocked shelves for 2 years now.

    1/3 of the staff originally got tricked into getting the Vax, it wasn’t mandatory, but both the New Store Manager and HR pushed everyone to get it.

    We have a stupidly high turn over rate. So now all the Vaxinated work for us anymore. How sad, to get a shot for a job that you dont even have anymore.

    Out of the Vaxed, one or so shots, they are mostly tired like you say.

    We have others, in their 50s, who took all shots 1, 2 and the Booster. These people are burning through their sick time, and taking leaves of absence.

    One has his skin peeling off, and has had constant lung inflammation, infections ect.

    Others have had heart attacks.

    Some are constantly sick with the flu.

    While these people are dying, they are still on payroll technically, which stops wal-mart from hiring people to cover the massive call outs.

    I stock overnight, the frozen department, and Deli.

    Some nights with the high call out volume, we have so much freight that we barely get it on the shelves, sometimes it sits in the back room a day or two longer than it should.

    One thing we rarely do now, is rotate the Dairy, Meats, frozen area, or Deli!!! We dont have the man hours.

    So you have a choice, I put un-rotated food on the shelves, hoping you as a customer will figure out what the due by date is, or I dont have time to put it out! and you get nothing.

    Thats how bad its gotten.

    The managers are mostly oblivious, buying new cars and other junk, right as we slide into a recession.

    In addition, my wal-mart would get trailers in the winter for X-mas mechanise, because we gave so much, it cant all be stored in the store. Maybe 1-4 containers.

    We now have containers in the Summer, up to 7 because the recession has given us so much Chinese crap, electronics, sporting goods, furniture we just cant sell!!

  43. Gene

    After the draft opinion in the Dobbs case (“abortion is not a right”) was leaked, SCOTUS had no choice but to adopt its holding in the end. If the Court had not held their ground, it would have lost its institutional integrity, demonstrating that the justices could then be intimidated to render decisions acceptable to the Left. satan’s minions made a big mistake by leaking the draft opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Gene!

      • Cry Me A Ruble

        Our savior Christ Jesus predicted this time in the world when he stated this to the weeping women on the road to his death, “But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. For behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the breasts that never gave suck.”

  44. Banjo Pat

    Remembering when some of us were real Democrats, not in these latter days. When things are much to serious, to be humorous.
    But, why not? Because when someone takes himself to seriously, is he a crook, or becoming one? I don’t know, you could ask Dick Nixon. He’ll be back soon, in the resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. That’s after Armageddon, for those of you humorless un-believers, who are just interested in treachery and other unpleasant things, like risking nuclear war.
    _______________________________Arma Gettin Outa here!

    John F. Kennedy’s Wit and Humor
    Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School
    Date: Wednesday, May 29, 1991 – 08:00PM
    More video info at
    A good laugh, he who laughs last laughs the loudest!

  45. Kay

    My husband and I have taken a lot of your advice to heart over the years. We recently moved out of a blue city in Florida to a Red city. My husband’s stress levels have dropped 25%. We have more mind space to prepare and to try to educate others to prepare. We love this new area and the people so far. Thanks for all your good advice and insights. I would encourage everyone to act on what you hear at USAWatchdog. We took baby steps over the years and it has helped us to get better prepared for what is coming.

    Thank you, Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kay for letting me know that USAW has helped you over the years. You’ve made my day!

  46. Judith

    Greg, both of your arms are all scratched up. Were you thrashing wheat? Good grief.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mowing the edges of the fields.

  47. A Day

    Greg, there aren’t going to be too many cops going to collect someone’s guns when someone makes a complaint. Especially after the first few get blown away trying to do so. It’s really down to the basic issue of who is going to do the gun collection on a door to door basis just wrapped differently. This could get very ugly. Or it could be just another red herring.

  48. David

    Not sure how to contact you Greg. The link for the satellite phone is not working.

  49. Arizona

    GREG,you might want to use a channel who Video’s will always play,RUMBLE is a garbage channel,they almost always fail to play or show the picture..

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Arizona,
      Greg’s videos always play for me . . . . .

    • Tory

      I have to turn off my XFINITY WIFI first to load his video, once it starts I can turn it back on. Either it’s just a APP conflict with Verizon vrs Xfinity or Comcast is running scripts to interfere with vender APPS they don’t like again (they have had to go to court over their throttling multiple times in the past). My phone is also running Android OS so that may play a role (Google is worse than Microsoft now!).

      I wouldn’t blame Rumble right off since there are bad actors out trying to curtail alternatives to their control on what we see and hear.

  50. Louis Gatto

    As always… The Real Stuff.

    P.S. Thanks also for your Farm Reports, very enlightening!

    Thank you Greg!

  51. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a great update on current events.

    We have at last seen the repeal of the Covid regulations in South Africa this week, for now, we do not know what the South African Government Officials will try next, here we can truly expect the unexpected.

    The local social media circulated photos of a leaked memo signed by the Minister of Health dated June 20, 2022 on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening it was broadcast on national television. The mask mandates and limits on the amount of people allowed at gatherings were repealed at last after about 900 days.

    We witnessed the most nonsensical regulations in the world, like a ban on tobacco and alcohol products, making it illegal to purchase or transport. Needless to say, people kept on buying the goods illicitly, at inflated prices. But the South African Supreme Court of Appeals, declared these regulations relating to tobacco products unconstitutional.

    The South African Supreme Court of Appeals also dismissed the The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority’s push to restrict access to peoples’ access to Vitamins C, D3, Zinc and immune supporting supplements The people are pushing back against the South African government using the legal means at our disposal.

    The South African Vax roll out was behind the rest of the world. The reporting received from other nations did inform the people in South Africa about the dangers and were are able to make an informed decision in this regard. However, the government did not like the majority of the people’s choice to decline their offer, and to stand on their Constitutional rights to refuse to give their consent, hence the probable long delay in repealing the regulations, to “punish” people.

    Thank you for reporting on the effects of the vax, which is seen here as well locally: A local Dr Rapiti in Cape Town discussing his findings: – He mentioned Geert Vanden Bossche, one of the guests on your show.

    A forewarning about the effects will help most of us to brace for the devastating effects of this situation on the people around us in the coming weeks and months.

    Thank you for your truthful and authentic reporting.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marius,
      “The South African Supreme Court of Appeals also dismissed the The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority’s push to restrict access to peoples’ access to Vitamins C, D3, Zinc and immune supporting supplements The people are pushing back against the South African government using the legal means at our disposal.”
      When a government tries to ban natural health supplements, you know it’s utterly corrupt. The WEF and its titular leader, ‘Dr Evil’ Schwab, has a long reach – witness the number of national governments that acted in LOCKSTEP during the scamdemic.

  52. Mike R

    ROEvWADE DOA. FINALLY ! After 50 years and over a billion babies murdered before they had a chance at life.
    God prevails, once again, against the evils of the left and demtards.

  53. stefan

    Let’s hope farmers, truckers and railroads can get enough diesel [and diesel engine oil] to stay in business. Mike Adams [Healthranger] explained what the O’biden/cabal Admin are doing in their attempts to rUN US into the groUNd…

  54. Joseph Wagner

    A front-loaded mortgage is truly outrageous! A $1,000 first payment applies roughly $997 to interest and $3 to principle. Next month $996 goes to interest and $4 goes to principle. Folks move on average every 5 yrs. Then the amortization schedule reboots to the incredibly usurious rate. So an advertised 5% home loan means NOTHING!!
    Paraphrasing here: “Slaves don’t have guns”. Classic Greg.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I am amused by my mortgage company constantly sending me promotions to refinance in some form or another.

  55. Mike Reid

    Great show, I like the “Frame-up Bureau of Instigation” because we will instigate what you do and frame you up for the crime we pushed you into. SADS sudden adult death syndrome great article. Love you Greg

  56. Randy

    Clif High’s Telegram group, he posts pretty much on a daily level:

  57. Stan

    Inflation will subside very soon. Anyone betting against the Dollar will get smoked.

    • Johnny Cool


      Rick Ackerman says a deflationary juggernaut is coming…

    • IIG

      Betting “against the Dollar” and buying physical Gold – is the only way to guarantee you will be able to continue to buy a good cigar Stan (the US Dollar is being abandoned by half the world) – and gold is being re-introduced to the global monetary system (in a major way by Russia – soon to be followed by China)!!

    • II

      Stan – If you don’t want to “smoke people” – you should instead be trying to raise their living standards – and you don’t do that “by taking buying power away from people the way the Fed is doing” (by raising interest rates) which only increases the amount of money that has to go toward paying off their debts (thus decreasing the amount of money available for spending) – by the Fed raising interest rates “they also lower spending in another way” – peoples stock market investments go lower (which further takes away peoples buying power) – so while the Fed tightens to reduce inflation (by taking away money from people) – “It Does Not Make Things Better” – all it accomplishes “Is To Make People Poorer” – what the Fed should be doing is backing our dollars with Gold which will make both lenders and borrowers wealthier as the Gold backed dollar serves to calm an inflationary environment!!

    • Earth Angel

      We have the mid-term elections coming up soon in November. I think any improvement in the economy will be short-termed so that the demonrats can try and hold on to their illicitly gotten positions. (if election results can even be expected NOT to be fraudulent this time- which I highly suspect they WILL be once again, why would we think otherwise?!) That’s if ‘they’ don’t instigate some kind of CHAOS to prevent the election cycle from happening, which is certainly possible. The criminally insane in desperation have always DEMONstrated the use of the many nasty tricks up their sleeves, haven’t they?!

  58. Fernando Noronha

    FBI = Federal Bureau of Intimidation

    • Fernando Noronha

      FBI = Framing Bureau of Intimidation

  59. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, the first ten minutes are on elections. Oh my. That train has left the station. Elections mean nothing. The National Security State (CIA, Pentagon, Corporations, Bureaucracies) run the USA. Your votes are nothing to them.
    During covid, did you vote for those health officials that ruined the economy and your life?
    Voting is a waste of time and energy.
    Get together with like-minded individuals and families. Become food and energy independent.
    To hell with voting and the state.

    • Won Witness

      Because of mine and millions of other Votes, Trump got elected, was able to get some constitutionalists on the supreme court which overturned the death sentence for the totally inocent. (abortion). Unless you exercise your rights, Speech, armed citizenry, The Vote, etc. they will be weakened like unused muscles.
      When exersised by all of us, they grow stronger.
      The price payed by those at valley forge, to purchase your freedom
      was extreame.
      To not even bother to vote is an insult to our God given freedom.
      Of course working localy for self sustaining community with it’s economy, security, preping, and Local control of law via elected sheriff can take untold hours of work and is very importent but,
      how sparing a few minutes to vote ?

      • tim mcgraw

        Won Witness: You obviously do not live in a Democratic town, county, and state like I do (Healdsburg, Sonoma, California). Hillary, Obama, and Biden carried Sonoma County with over 80% of the vote. Getting rid of Fluoride in our town water lost 2:1.
        Voting for me in this location is a waste of my time and then every time I vote I get a jury duty notice.
        No more. I took my name off of the voter rolls in Sonoma County.
        If my wife and I were younger and in good health we would vote with our feet.

      • Paul

        Good comment won
        I am in your camp

        Paul from arkansas

  60. tim mcgraw

    Greg: Thanks for the farm report. Your farmer friend is right. They will just buy less or no fertilizer and sell the lower yields for higher prices. Thanks to the sanctions on Russia and the war in Ukraine; one of their biggest food competitors is out of the game.

  61. melanie

    Who knows, maybe I’ll motivate the FBI to work a more salient case, lol. 😉

  62. Nathan Ross

    Looking good in the sun Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Nathan!

  63. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Got to hand it to Bo Polny. Your interview 5-14-22 – and prior! – Bo confidently stated that Roe v Wade would be overturned. At the time I thought this was wishful thinking because TPTB espouse abortion. Bo was 100% correct. Good call!!
    Here’s the proof . . .

  64. swimfinz

    …we’re being played. “Trust Huber, Trust ray, Trust Durham.” All feints, all on the gov’t dole\, all nonsense. Trump will be doing NOTHING. Once you lose your house, no Q, no X22, no one will be coming to help you. Plan accordingly, we’re all on our own.

    • Paul


      We are on our own. I have been on my own a longtime. As opposition, as a group we must win. Many won’t go silently in the night. Fortify our existence.

      If don’t have land for food production, as an example, contact farms, and work to gain access to land. Same with any frailty going forward will require.

      Camp off grid two weeks will determine some weakness. Country boys will survive.
      Fortunately farmers, ranchers, truckers, ex-military, hardware and food store owners and many occupations are in our camp. They will need help and good people to know.

      Paul from arkansas

  65. Judy McCleary

    Greg, I need to make a correction to my previous comment. The shortage was for additives for diesel engine oil, not fuel. I think he referred to it as DEF, something I know nothing about. Sorry for the mixup.

  66. Aaron

    Get some more American History up ya folks.
    Durham report ….running out the clock. Zerohedge 6/24/22
    The Barr , how low can it go …it’s a carpet job. Ask the Clintons., they are laughing at America, the whole lot of them.
    Ukraine another defeat.
    Let’s all talk about 9/11 …buildings collapsing and still not one exceptional F18 intercepted launched. The last building collapsed with no plane at all. Funny that.
    The biggest clusterfuck in world history.

    One day you could be writing history, buy a typewriter the electric power system has gotta be the next thing, everything else has been done.
    Clinton wins by a assisted suicide, give the woman credit she deserves. The Democrats seem to have everything covered.
    Prediction : Biden wins mid terms and blue waves come crashing in for 2024.
    Everyone one the Middle East is voting for him, even Israel, the Jews will flip to Moscow, they know where the big money is going to be.

    I feel sorry for Trump, his heart was in the right place but the RINO’s where everywhere all the time and stayin close, he never stood a chance.
    Tony Soprano, “ the money goes up and the shit goes down”

  67. Tory

    Remember when they had “Gulf War Syndrom”? I got really sick after the Anthrax experimental Anthrax shot while in Saudi Arabia during that war and was later diagnosed with MS. Kept telling them it was the Vax. Always ignored. Six years later they declared it was all psychosomatic and then marginalized. All those in my group from that time are dead. I went Herbalist, Nutritionalist, and physical therapy after the supposed treatments nearly killed me twice. Vitamin D and Coconut Oil for the win. AMA is Corrupt $$$. So they been doing this to us for many many years while everyone was asleap. SAD indeed.

    • Marie Joy

      I have long suspected MS medications do more harm than good.

  68. matt brinck

    We need some Bo Pony again!!

  69. Jim W. Foley

    Joe Biden is ‘angry’ that Americans are ‘complaining’
    2,373,688 views Jun 20, 2022 US President Joe Biden is “angry” that Americans are complaining about not being able to afford gas and food, says Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    “Don’t they realise he’s changing lives?”
    Could you imagine if our intell agencies didn’t run they’re operation mockingbird on our propaganda media, that thinks its democratic.
    Thanks Sky News Australia, our cousins from the land down unda!

  70. Karel Schmidt

    Regarding the Jan 6 attempted takeover of our democracy. The videos I’ve seen, clearly shows the Capitol police opening the doors to the Capitol. Why haven’t they been charged with being complicit in the “takeover?” Also, who authorized them to open the doors? Isn’t Nancy Pelosi in charge of the Capitol police? Why hasn’t she been investigated and charged? Why is nobody asking that question? What am I missing?
    My sister just got back from Costa Rica. The Chinese are in the country and, according to the locals, the Chinese are sinking millions in infrastructure. They’re building roads and improving existing roads among other things. According to the locals, Costa Rica made a deal with the Chinese that the Chinese can immigrate to Costa Rica and will not have to pay taxes of any kind. Has anybody heard anything about this?

  71. Laura

    What time is it? Bo time!

    A 50 year curse has been lifted from our nation!

  72. john

    You nalied it Greg. Politiccs and power is their god and they will do WHATEVER it takes to serve that god. Watch the manipulation in the oil/gas and stock markets. They are gonna rig that with all they got to keep it more positive and voter friendly into the midterms

  73. Lynn

    This is the first contact I’ve had in a lot ng time. Thought you had gone off the air

  74. K.Cook Jr.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, officials in one country after another were accused of enriching themselves with funds intended to fight the so called pandemic. Such corruption prevented poor people of colour from getting the health care they needed, like cheap “for whites” vitamin D3, which lack of, contributed to untold suffering and death.
    The effects of government corruption are far-reaching. David Cameron, a former prime minister of the United Kingdom, put it this way: “Corruption is one big, tangled web—and all countries are caught up in it.”
    Its an evil club and be glad your not in it!
    We can be certain of one thing, that soon all government corruption will end. Why? Note what the Bible says God will do.
    The Bible records this statement by God: “For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.” (Isaiah 61:8)
    When people suffer from the corrupt acts of others, God is aware of it. (Proverbs 14:31) He promises: “Because the afflicted are oppressed, . . . I will rise up to act.”—Psalm 12:5.
    What will God do? Rather than reform existing governments, he will replace them with his own heavenly government, called “the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 1:14, 15; Matthew 6:10) The Bible says: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that . . . will crush and put an end to all these [other] kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever.” (Daniel 2:44) God will thus end the corruption we see today.
    A government free of corruption?
    How do we know that God’s Kingdom government will not become corrupt too, like the present administration and all others do and have, in the dust-bin of history!
    1.Power. The Kingdom receives its power from Almighty God.—Revelation 11:15.
    Why does this matter?: In order to function, human governments rely on their citizens for money. Often this creates opportunities for bribery, theft, and manipulation. However, this Kingdom is supported by Almighty God, so it will always be able to provide for the needs of its subjects.—Psalm 145:16.
    2.Ruler. God has his son Jesus Christ as Ruler of the Kingdom.—Daniel 7:13, 14.

    Why this matters: Even the best human rulers are vulnerable to improper influence. (Ecclesiastes 7:20) In contrast, Jesus has shown that he cannot be bribed. (Matthew 4:8-11) Further, he is always motivated by genuine love for his subjects and is truly interested in their welfare.—Psalm 72:12-14.

    3.Laws. The laws of God’s Kingdom are perfect, even refreshing.—Psalm 19:7, 8.

    Why this matters: Human laws are often complex, burdensome, or poorly enforced, creating opportunities for corruption. On the other hand, God’s laws are practical and beneficial. (Isaiah 48:17, 18) Further, these laws address not only actions but also motives. (Matthew 22:37, 39) Of course, God can read hearts and can ensure that such laws are enforced with compassion.—Jeremiah 17:10.

    I invite you to learn more about the Bible’s promise regarding a future free of government corruption. KEEP UP WITH and see the unfolding of God’s Kingdom, amidst all the corruption of a dying corpus, put out of it’s misery!

    • eddiemd

      You JWs never give. Didn’t Greg warn you to stop it with the JW propaganda?

      You still have time to come out from the false doctrine of the JW “kingdom”.

  75. Jacob

    Hi Greg,

    I know this will be in your next week’s Wrapup.

    The deaths are mounting up.

  76. Marie Joy

    Now that Roe v Wade is overturned, making it a states’ rights issue, the left will be looking for blood, revenge and God knows what else.

    Note that abortion can still happen but red states can outlaw it. Blue states, like NY and CA will probably make it legal to a point of abortion tourism.

  77. Marie Joy

    IF they get our guns, the genocide will speed up, considerably.

  78. Julie A Cohick

    Greg, Hi ! The last time I was able to buy a 1 lb. box of WHOLE WHEAT ELBOW MACARONI was December of last year. I paid $1 for a 1 lb. box, but I have not been able to find a single box of WHOLE WHEAT ELBOW MACARONI’s on 5 stores that I shop at each week ( Bravo, Wal-Mart, Publix, Aldi & B.J.’s). I did find a name brand on Amazon but you had to buy 6 boxes at $4 per 1 lb. box, so it was $25 for 6 lbs. of WHOLE WHEAT ELBOW MACARONI. What is really funny is that I can find lots of W.W. Spaghetti, Penne’, but NO ELBOWS for over 6 months. Can you tell my why ? People look at me as if I have 2 heads when I talk about this, but my hubby is diabetic so we always us WHOLE WHEAT pasta’s and it just seems strange that it is only the elbows that are completely gone ? ? ?

    • tim mcgraw

      Julie; That is odd. Is there any Whole Wheat Knee Macaroni? Seriously; have you thought of making your own pasta?

  79. Tabitha Sloan

    Has anyone ever had to sell their gold or silver? If so, where was the best on-line/off-line locations/options to get a fair price???? Thank you for any responses! Praise Jesus!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Every major city has at least one serious retail coin/bullion exchange location. Some cities have several. In Louisville, I recommend Numismatic Exchange on 3rd Street. Family owned and operated, very fair and always above board. They can assay (determine carat weight of silver and gold) bullion and jewelry on the spot. Their website quotes daily buy and sell prices. Also, let it be known in your circle of friends and acquaintances that you wish to buy and sell off grid. There is an active market for coins and bullion of all kinds, and it can be totally anonymous if you work it right. Be creative. Collectors and traders know other collectors and traders. Estate sales and auctions are also sources. Ask your friends and get referrals. You’ll be amazed at what is going on in the coin and bullion world. Best always. PM

  80. Peter Flynn

    hi Greg.I am up here in Canada home of traitors galore at the highest levels of leadership.Just wanted to say Id admire your tenacity and b.lls.You have had some truly great guests on your show.A lot of these truth tellers will go down in the history books when this sad chapter in world history is over.Just wondering if you have any plans inviting Clif High back on your show.Intellectually this man is a marvel.So far he has called the big picture spot on.Be great if you could get him back on for another interview.Thanks again Greg for your efforts in the Big Fight.

  81. Bailey

    Clif High has posted 2 new vids on his bitchute channel. Looked pretty good for a dead guy 😁

  82. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for yet another fantastic wrap-up! You are showing us from the Show Me State, “Belt high by the fourth of July”, “Beans to your knees”, “Lower yields, higher prices”….oh and KBV!!!

  83. Robin Adair

    Monica, I had trouble hearing him, too. Especially when he leaned back in his chair. I wish that he would purchase a lapel mic for use when he is away from his office.

    I have been listening to USA Watchdog for over 10 years now, I very rarely miss his WNW or any of his numerous interviews and the only times that I have trouble hearing him is when he is broadcasting remotely. Treetop

  84. Michele

    Great show Greg, as always be safe looking forward to the next show.

  85. Coal Burner

    Thanks for telling the truth about Ukraine being gun fodder for, Milley, Biden, Morons Inc. I don’t care of Russia Nukes Davos, EU, Brussels! They want power over the USA and will kill all of Europe to try to get it. Poor Ukrainians, nothing but gun fodder! May the players who caused this rot in hell, especially those in Washington, DC and Brussels!

  86. Robert

    You mentioned the refusal of courts to here anything on the election steal. So does the great dirge song ‘American Pie’; “When the King was looking down, the jester stole his thorny crown, the courtroom was adjourned, no verdict was returned.” To learn what that song is about, go to its last stanza where it says “I went down to the sacred store (church) where I heard the music (gospel) years before but the man there said the music wouldn’t play. (no more gospel). And in the street the children screamed,the lovers cried and the poets dreamed, but no WORD was spoken, the church bells all were broken. And the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, they caught the last train to the coast the day the music died.” Jesus said His people would never be left alone, and that is the Holy Ghost. Thus His people are no longer here. They are either ALL dead, or snatched out of here in the Harpazo/rapture event. Thus the church here is of no effect anymore. The gospel of salvation is finished. and the church bells are thus ‘broken’, and the ‘music’ of the gospel doesn’t play. Yea, I could see this dirge song being sung in the dark. (from stanza three).

  87. Dan Gowin

    Thank you for everything you do Greg. Trying to help the energy situation. The folks at the DOE are trapped as are the rest of us.
    # Stan and Dan the Energy Men – 06/28/2022

    We are NOT environmentalist. There is a larger truth. We have solutions. Stan and I are glad to be interviewed.

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