Abortion at Center of Evil Control Over USA – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has made many spot-on predictions, but none as critical to America’s future as the overturning of the historic abortion Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade.  Polny has made a series of predictions on USAWatchdog.com since 2020 concerning the overturning of the landmark case as seen here in this 2 minute video that proves it.  Now, Polny is back to explain what it all means for the future of America.  Polny says, “Probably the biggest thing in the history of this world that we are witnessing right now is Roe v. Wade.  This is Biblical, historic and the most powerful thing on this planet right now.  Mark my words, and I have not waivered, Roe v. Wade is overturned. . . . You are going to watch these things unfold this year. . . . this is all about abortion because abortion is what got us here.  Roe v. Wade is what got us here today with this insanity upon us. . . . This is what ancient Israel was doing, they were killing their children.  We are doing the exact same thing.  Evil tried to take control of the United States. . . .  We are founded under God.  A third of the Constitution is out of the Bible.  We were founded under God—period.  So, what have they tried to do this entire time?  Dismantle the Constitution.  . . . They can’t proceed until they dismantle the Constitution, and it’s happening right before your eyes. . . . When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade in 1973 (The case made it to the High Court in late 1971),  God turned his back on the United States.  What has happened in the last 50 years?  The rise of this satanic system.  If you want to reference this Biblically, it’s the rise of the Harlot.  The Harlot has been able to control everything. . . . They are in complete control right now.  How did this all happen?  Because of abortion—because of abortion.  We allowed this to happen, and God turned his back on the United States and, thus, we got what we got.”

Polny is also predicting financial fireworks this year as well, and it’s not going to go well for the evil ones attacking “We the People.”  Polny explains, “Roe v. Wade has confirmed what comes next.  What comes next is the greatest wealth transfer in human history is about to happen.  For these people who have done what they have done, Proverbs states, ‘The wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.’  So, what’s about to happen is the greatest financial event in human history.”

Polny says this is the year everything breaks in the financial world.  Polny says, “The bonds will be broken.  The bonds will break.  That will break the financial system.  That will break the mortgages.  That will break the housing market.  All of this is going to break, break, break and mark my words, it’s all going to break this year.”

Polny has also predicted that Trump would be put back in office, although he is not sure how God will do this.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of Gold2020Forecast.com for 5.14.22.  (There is much more in the 1 hour and 4 minute interview.)

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After the Interview: 

Watch Bo Polny make a series of predictions in the last two years on USAWatchdog.com that led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  The video is 2 minutes long below:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the great interview Greg. Opening my heart here, I can honestly say that abortion is something I committed decades ago and it has haunted me ever since. Karma has got me back when we lost a baby but sufficed to say that I won’t be obtaining enlightenment in this lifetime.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is where Jesus comes in. Turn your life over to Jesus and do it sincerely. Then pray and ask for forgiveness. Jesus is real and well documented. Jesus is enlightenment. Read the Bible and start with Matthew. Read a page or two a night and let it sink in. It’s almost entirely the words of Jesus. Most Bibles show the words of Jesus in red letters.

      • Dr. Bruce Bauer

        Great interview Greg! You are a talented interviewer. I think that Bo was referring to David and Goliath but misspoke and said Daniel.

      • Paul in oz

        Great advice Greg, AA, in your faith you are justified, believe in the Lord with all your heart and your grievous sin will be wiped clean!

        • Anthony Australia

          Thanks Pauly, you are a wonderful person.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thank you Greg,

        I have and will not hide from my responsibility and Karma.

        I’ve dedicated the last 25 years to the practice of Buddha.

        The Noble Eightfold Path are Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.

        • Greg Hunter

          Budda can’t forgive you, but Jesus can. Read the book “The Case for Christ,” by Lee Strobel. Jesus is the best documented supernatural series of events in all history.


          • Anthony Australia

            I’m not out for forgiveness Greg, cause and effect that say.
            I’m here to serve the world in the best way possible what ever may come.

            We are all ONE under God, not matter if we follow Buddha, Jesus, Joshua, Krishna or Muhammad.

            No one is certain what is the truth and reality.

            Death is our greatest teacher.

            • Charles H

              A A,

              You labor under a false doctrine – that of a multiplicity of Divine apparitions. There can be no authority, no final true between many. You wield this falsity as a justification to chose whatever one wants; as it functions as a”that works for me’: but it doesn’t work for God the Creator. You take responsibilty and the buck stops with you; but you won’t ascribe the same for God?
              Christianity IS a “know so” belief system or faith. Those who are truly ‘in’, or converted have the witness within themselves. You can make the claim that no one can be certain what is the truth: but that isn’t true. Your disbelief does not make our faith and conscious confirmation invalid. You can disclaim our witness: but you cannot avoid the consequences of disclaiming our witness – God Himself will prove all but Jesus Christ as false. WHAT one believes matters; not the sincerity with which believes something.

              • Anthony Australia

                Chuck you have no right to day what is real and false? I am one with the universe and we are all connected beings. That’s what’s always bothers me growing up under the banner of the Catholic Church. We are right and everyone else is wrong, because it is written in a book, the word of God. It also bothers me that two nations on the this planet seem superior to everyone else.

                • Tad Lincolnton

                  Anthony, the Anglo-sphere. Is where it’s at. For better or worse.
                  The Anglo-American dual world super power and all governing bodies will have to give up they’re sovereignty sooner or later. Daniel 2:44 says it all. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth as in heaven.
                  Hang on to your hat Tony, were in for one wild ride!

                • Charles H


                  Real Christianity obliges those that believe to convey the kernal of the Gospel and the body of the Truth to the world. I didn’t make the Truth – I came across it. The feature of God the Holy Sprit inhabiting the Believer confirms and reassures throughout life the accuracies of scriptures. We are to warn and teach every man the doctrine of Jesus Christ – Who will judge the world: not according to ‘Karma’; but Sin. We only relay the message of the Almighty. The object and terms of Faith is His. The risk of missing those terms is certainly no do-over: it is eternal damnation. When has warning someone of a terrible consequence become a bad thing?

                • Beverly

                  Growing up in the Catholic Church, explains a lot. What the Devil does, is use a Christian Church as a way to confuse people and make them not believe in God anymore because they see evil in a Church with Christ’s name in it. It’s just confusion being used against us.

                • Tin foil hat

                  I believe Christianity and Buddhism are likely from the same realm – I don’t know Hinduism but I know Islam is not from wherever that place is. Buddhism explains quantum entanglement. Christianity explains quantum leap. The movie “Interstellar” is a lot more than an ordinary Sci-Fi movie which I watched twice back to back.

                  The illusion of time and space, opening to trust in spirit/quantum physics, and the healing power of Forgiveness and Love.

                  • Tin foil hat

                    I think I just figure out that Islam has to be from whatever that place is too. The yin and yang in Toaism demonstrates that without hell, there is no heaven. Without hate, there is no love.

                    If nobody is going to hell then nobody can go to heaven. Perhaps that is my destiny.

                    Hence, whatever religion one believes in or practice probably doesn’t really matter. A Muslim could have Christ in his heart or a Christian could have Muhammad in his without knowing so. I’d like to be a true Christian but I know that I behave more like a Muslim who follows the sharia, lol.

            • Jim N.

              I like Bo Polyn, he is a good Christian and has a few good calls. But I have to disagree with his claim that God is coming back to establish his church. The Bible clearly says Jesus established His Church just before His Passion which is the Catholic Church. Greg, you should really look into coming back to Catholicism

              • Charles H

                You mean Mariology, don’t you, Jim? The worship of Mary ALONE, takes the Catholic church off the Christian slate.

                • Jim M

                  Charles , Our Blessed Mother Mary is highly venerated. You should venerate her also She is the mother of God.

          • Baregil de Gomçesval

            The Budha Sutras do not claim that Budha was a sin forgiver; the Evangelion claim that Jesus forgave sin.
            A series of supernatural events are well documented (narrated) in the Evangelion.
            A much longer series of supernatural events are well documented (narrated) in the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Mahabaratha, The Puranas and in the Bhagavad Gita.

            • Greg Hunter

              There is only one Jesus and one savior. You don’t have that in your religion. And the documentation I speak of is only 2,000 years old which is relevant to the age we live in today. You are right, your religion does not forgive sin–only Jesus does.

              • Anthony Australia

                Aboriginal elders I have spoken to here say otherwise Greg. Why can’t we all believe what we like and be happy?

                • Occasnltrvlr

                  You can believe anything you like, and be happy as a clam.

                  That is, until you stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

                • Steve Bice

                  Sad. The fallacy in the argument that there are many ways to salvation lies in the words of Jesus himself. He tells us no one comes to the Father except by him. He can’t be “a way” and a liar. So it’s either Jesus or the “other” ways and the second death according to the Bible. Fulfilled prophesy testifies to the truth claims of the Bible. No one is pressuring anyone here…they are just concerned about the final destiny of others. You can be “happy” and lose eternity. That’s a scary trade…

                  • John

                    Thank you Steve. Well said. God’s Word does not return void.

            • Mike

              AA , Thank you for your honesty and please know that we all need forgiveness , “ for all have sinned and fallen short of the of the glory of God and are justified freely by His Grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus”. Romans 3:24-25

              “ Jesus is “ the way , the truth and the life. “
              John 14:6

              Those who earnestly seek the truth with an open heart and mind will find that truth in Jesus Christ , blessings to you

              • Anthony Australia

                Jesus is about love and I’m all for love and kindness which I am sending you Mikey.

                • Paul in Oz

                  although I believe that Jesus is “the way” and the only way, I remind all of my Christian brethren that “judge not lest ye be judges” … the gospel was designed to be spread throughout humanity and I am so glad I am secure in my relationship with Jesus. That said how God deals with the multitude of generations that did not hear the gospel and the innocent righteous people is way out of my pay grade. Yes Jesus is the way, but the bible is the divinely inspired word of God! The synoptics gospels stand in stark contrast to the book of John, but Mark which scholars consider to be a source along with Q (thought to be found in the dead sea scrolls) are the sources for Matthew and Luke. Matthew’s audience was primarily the Jews and Lukes’s primarily the gentiles … Go through each account of the sermon on the mount/plain … 10 beatitudes vs a lesser number. Stand firm in your faith trust in Jesus and above all else love one another!

                  • Charles H


                    God the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment – how? Not mainly through human words of witness: but by His Divine Word. Witnessing is not judging.

                • Paul in oz

                  although I believe that Jesus is “the way” and the only way, I remind all of my Christian brethren that “judge not lest ye be judged” … the gospel was designed to be spread throughout humanity and I am so glad I am secure in my relationship with Jesus. That said how God deals with the multitude of generations that did not hear the gospel and the innocent righteous people is way out of my pay grade. Yes Jesus is the way, but the bible is the divinely inspired word of God! The synoptics gospels stand in stark contrast to the book of John, but Mark which scholars consider to be a source along with Q (thought to be found in the dead sea scrolls) are the sources for Matthew and Luke. Matthew’s audience was primarily the Jews and Lukes’s primarily the gentiles … Go through each account of the sermon on the mount/plain … 10 beatitudes vs a lesser number. Stand firm in your faith trust in Jesus and above all else love one another!

                  • Paul in oz

                    REPLY TO CHARLES … his divine word was written by men who were inspired. but not divine … the trinity is never in contradiction and thus perfect … there is no perfection in the divinely inspired.

          • Prays before eating

            Thanks for the great interview, Greg. I recommend we all get used to the term “force majeure”. We’re going to be hearing it a lot the next few months.

          • Maureen Cox

            Thanks for the reminder on the book “The Case for Christ.” I meant to purchase that a while ago. I will buy it as I think you always make great suggestions!

        • The Seer

          Armstrong AI 100% accurate no
          Conflicts in forecasting. Shows WW 2023-2028.
          No interventions as humans must make choices with free will.
          Putin standing for right up against major opposition and it will take longer than 2022. Conversion to metal will also be very slow by those in control if ever. Much wishful projection and perception here again.
          Follow your own inner communications and stand in that right is best, imo.

      • Jeff Robbins

        Anthony- For a long time i couldn’t get past the idea of how do I forgive myself for an abortion when i was much younger. Here is the answer- It’s not for me to forgive me, it is for the King to forgive whom He will. For all you out there not thinking you can forgive some hurt in the past- you’re wrong because in a kingdom the King makes the laws, He has the final say, He decides to whom mercy is shown and that is anyone who accepts the King, King Jesus.— always enjoy your guests, Greg.

        • Anthony Australia

          Not as simple as that Jeff. We can’t be like the Mafia and shoot someone dead whilst doing the ‘sign of the cross’, attending confession and all is forgiven.
          I’m grateful you have overcome your loss, pain and shame. Wish you well.

          • Beverly

            I believe what you say here is right. There is no forgiveness for certain sins/crimes. King David knew he had committed an unforgiveable sin when he had the husband of his lover put on the front row of the battle field. But, Christ has made it so that IF we are repentant and sorrowful of our sins, then we will have to pay a price in the life hereafter. We don’t know what that price will be yet. If we are willing to pay the price for our terrible sins/crime, then I believe we can move on. There are certain sins that WE will have to pay the price on. Murder is one of those. But, Christ is real and He has paid the price for as many of our sins as we will repent of. But you have to believe that He is the Son of God and our Savior to begin with.

      • Baregil de Gomçesval

        May the Holy Ghost send you His bliss and His sanctifying grace, dear Greg.

      • RanLar

        Greg, your instructions to Anthony is 100% right on. Matthew is a great place to start before reading the entire Bible, which I believe we all should. Another way to start is to read all of the words of Jesus Christ first. Don’t believe what revision historians tell you, Thomas Jefferson was a Christian so much so he had a Bible created from the King James version that contained all and only Christ’s words and teachings. This Bible has been given to all new members of Congress, and even to this day. Jefferson hoped that the words of Jesus Christ would guide elected officials in their decisions. The Bible is inexpensive and can be purchased in numerous stores and online. Even at Walmart.

      • Lee

        Hi Mr. Hunter ,I would like to know how is the church seeing the third Seal open ,as Bo Polny says we are ,AN the church is raptured in the 3rd chapter of the Bible. So how is the third Seal opened ,when the Third seal is opened in the 5th chapter? The church is not MENTIONED AGAIN AFTER THE THIRD CHAPTER IN REVELATION.

      • Dawn

        Greg and Bo,
        I have to say that the USA will NOT be the beacon of light you make it out to be nor will they lead the world. This applies to Trump too with all his lies of the past and let’s not forgets the nepotism when he was in the White House. Trump is NO angel with his Let’s Make America Great (Britain) again bs. However I do believe there was much fraud in Biden getting into the WH and I believe Obama and possibly the Clintons have major roles behind the scenes.

        You mentioned the military and that the US has the strongest military but you forget what about ALL the liar wars that this country has undertaken over the last three plus decades?

        What about the $30 Trillion debt too and that excludes unfunded liabilities? The wonderful life America has had since WWII is mainly because that drunken liar Churchill handing over the British Empire to the USA on a silver platter after the war.

        It IS also because the so called wonderful American life is also based for the most part on nothing but pure debt. This country has more debt than ALL other countries combined.

        This country has been at war more years than any other country of the centuries gone by too, costing trillions and trillions of dollars and murdering million and millions of people.

        I’m still trying to figure out who the real enemy is and who/what has this country got to be safe from, other than its own Government?

        What/who in God’s name needs to be protected so much that is costs so much frigging money and kills so many people and animals too? Can you please let me know?

        This country was NEVER meant to be a super power/empire – call it what you want. What IS also happening is history correcting itself, this is why the USA WILL fall.

        Truth be told, in the schools of the future and history, this country being a super power will barely be a blimp on the radar compared to ALL other superpowers/empires of centuries gone by.

        Please also know and understand, that ALL empires before were far greater for their day than this country ever was or ever will be.

        What is going on too it NOT only about this country or affects only this country like so many make it out to be– it affects literally every single country and person on the planet. No ONE country is supposed to be better/ greater over another.

        WE only have this one planet – we are probably several generations away from reaching on Mars, yet alone living there (Sorry Elon) – but God help Mars, that’s all I can say.
        But for now WE must ALL work together for the greater good.
        So let’s STOP with the USA BS that this is the greatest nation – because it is NOT. There is NO other country that has the dying need to blow its own trumpet or has such a false sense of patriotism and self glory than this country and Americans wonder why they are so hated. I can assure you it’s NOT because of the way of life. The Aussies and Kiwis also have a nice way of life as do many other countries.

        On a last note how about people start to get-together to FREE the hero Julian Assange who told the world the true ulterior motives of the US Government and military? Only a war monger would disagree with helping get JA free.

        ALL militaries should be dismantled or let’s have them go to war on world drugs and exotic animal poachers so there is NO endangerment list etc., instead and use a military to better this world than to destroy it.

        God I could write a novel of this stuff but for now, can WE please STOP with this America the great BS?

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t confuse the evil leading America with “We the people” of America. Don’t count USA out. Where is your home country, by the way?

          • Dawn

            I have lived 32 years in the UK and 28 years in the US (SoCal). So you’re preaching to the choir. Been there, done that decades to centuries ago.

            But either-way the US prefers to blow her own trumpet and that’s a fact. I have found this country too likes to make out she is either a victim or a hero, so manipulates situations to fit whatever is going on.

            I am still trying to figure out what this country is supposed to be protec6ted from and safe against? Who’s the enemy other than those in the WH regardless of party aka the two headed snake that reports to the shadow Government; and this does include the Trump admin with all his nepotism etc. The enemy is certainly not China or Russia.

            All I hear too is that the US has to contain Chins – why does it? I sincerely think it WILL be the other way around and rightly so.

            As Gerald Celente so eloquently puts it – The business of China is business – I think the same applies to Russia. The business of the USA is war.

            War IS the only way out for the USA, but she WILL lose this war. Fate and the Grace of God will not allow this country to win.

            And while we’re on the subject of better countries over another – please know the red white and blue colors in fact belongs to Great Britain and France first and foremost. The US needs to choose her own colors and not take from others.

            • Charles H


              I did not know that countries had a patent on color! Silly me, I thought color was around long before – let’s say…. Europe?
              And, YES – China has ideology leading to governance of the world. No other nation has stolen technology as China has: and for what? Bad actors in the world is not limited to the USA.

            • i: a man; travis moss

              That red,white, and blue flag that you see flying everywhere, at businesses, at homes and even in the back of 4×4s is a battle flag; the flag i fly is the civil peace flag

        • Brian Dougan

          Dawn: You wrote: “This country was NEVER meant to be a super power/empire – call it what you want.” On what grounds can you be so certain? I say otherwise–From scripture. “Oh; but the USA is not in Bible prophecy!” So they say; repeatedly. This is true. The USA is not identified as the USA. However; that only proves that the term “USA” is not found in the Bible. Circular reasoning. Be a Berean–Search the scripture; it’s high time to wake from slumber–The (latter day) descendants of Jacob’s twelve sons are all characterized in Genesis 49; beginning at verse one. God has led a “remnant” of the tribe of Judah (the Jews) into in their ancient land. (Zephaniah 2.) If you are not aware; Judah is totally distinct from the ten tribes of (biblical) Israel. Israel; not Judah. Greg Hunter is not Bo Polny; neither is Israel to be confused with the tribe of Judah. With one qualification to the Greg and Bo example; the descendants of all twelve tribes are filially related–with the exception of Jewish proselytes from Ethiopia/China; etc.

          As I have often said: A (biblical) Judahite–Or Jew–Is someone descended from the man Judah. Period. Add the suffix “ite” to the remaining tribes. A Danite–From the tribe of Dan–Is a Danite. Not a Judahite. Therefore; not a Jew. To state otherwise contradicts logic, genetics, and the Bible. Let the Bible speak for itself.

          Returning to the latter day tribes (“Latter day;” from Gen. 48:1). One would predict that the dispersed tribes would–more or less–Remain together. The exiled ten tribes were removed from their Northern Kingdom over one-hundred years prior to Judah’s Babylonian captivity. We are told that the king who captured the ten tribes ALSO took captive large numbers of the of several Judahite cities. Ezra informs us that only about “49,000” Judahites (post Babylon) returned to rebuild their homeland. Where did the rest go?? A huge number of Judahites never returned. One would have expected them to follow the path the ten tribes–and their Judahite brothers–had previously taken. Kin band together.

          Continuing: Joseph’s two sons received the birthright blessings, and the promise/prophecy that their descendants would form a “[Great] Nation, and company/commonwealth of nations.” This promise was for their physical (pre-Millennial; latter day) descendants. They would be a multitude of people–Desecndants of Joseph’s two; non-Judahite sons.

          After their exile (Hosea) God promised that the house of Israel–The ten; non-Judahite tribes–would be a multitude of people. They were NOT to be “permanently rejected”–as some falsely teach. That would break God’s specific promises/prophecies concerning them. Throughout the intervening centuries; The ten tribes underwent many name changes. They lost the name of Isra-el (“rulers with God”) when they became the “not [God’s] people.” (Hosea.) Their descendants were drawn back to God–Under the New Covenant. Two of the New Testament writers refer to them; quoting the fulfillment of Hosea’s prophecies. The exiled people (ten tribes) who were divorced by their Husband–Called “Not my people/no mercy/Strangers; Without God in the world”–Have “found mercy, and are no longer strangers to the Covenant. Proper exegesis identifies these people. They were not/are not as commonly assumed–Future; non-Israelite Christians. The people who fulfilled this promise of restoration were the descendants of the “not my people/no mercy” ten tribes. NOT a recently invented “spiritual Israel.” The Bible knows of no such thing. There is no “spiritual Judah;” or “spiritual Moses”/etc. Such an unbiblical teaching dishonors the God of Israel/Judah.

          Judah was not rejected. They retained their identity; as they have to this present day. So–Where are the multitudes of the house of Israel’s descendants? Which countries comprise the “Nation, and commonwealth of Nations”? They have to be blood related. They were prophesied to be highly blessed. Possessors of great wealth. Powerful militaries. Envied and hated by many non-(Israelite) nations. Blessed with choice countries/abundant fruit & agriculture/many navigable rivers/geographically isolated from their enemies (oceans on their extreme borders.) “Treasures beneath the hills” (Oil/mineral wealth.) “Treasures beneath the sea.” They would “possess the gates of those who hate them.” (They would control world-wide military strategic chokepoints.) They would have “God’s Spirit.” They would possess his written Word. These people would be heard “singing the praises of their God.” They would be God’s “Servant People.” They would serve as God’s “battle ax.” (Defenders/”police force.”)

          They would bless other less privileged nations with their God-given/inspired achievements. Give this some thought. Which latter day Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations–Have given the world so many life saving/labor saving discoveries/inventions? Let’s start with anesthesia/anesthetics? (Surgery–esp. major surgery–without anesthesia?) Shudder. Drugs & antibiotics? (Penicillin; insulin; etc.) The telephone. The radio. TV. The automobile (internal combustion engine.) Diesel. The Wright Brothers–Gave us the first airplane. Jet engines. Steam engines. The discovery of electricity. Edison–electric light bulbs. The X-ray. MRI. Electron microscope. Universities. Common Law. Classical music. Classical hymns. Classical literature. “The Masters”–World-renowned paintings. Architecture. Hospice. Animal welfare. Veterinary medicine/veterinary surgeries. The printing press–Giving rise to Bible Societies–Distributing the Bible throughout the world; in most known languages–At no charge. Missionaries–Dedicating their lives to spreading the Gospel. The cell phone. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Which “Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations” have been God’s Servant People? Not Judah. They are not a missionary people; they rejected the Messiah.

          The latter day; non-Judahite descendants of the ten tribes were prophesied to be found in great numbers, and richly blessed. They would not be known as Israel. Ephraim and Manasseh’s descendants would form the aforementioned nations. The eldest brother would form a singular nation; comprised of a “great” people. “He also shall be a great people.” Manasseh’s younger brother would be the first to come to prominence; much to Joseph’s consternation. (The eldest was supposed to receive the first blessing. However; their grandfather Jacob inexplicably crossed his arms–blessing the youngest first. According to the Holy Spirit’s leading.) Which (relatively) modern nation exploded into prominence? Hint: This tiny Great nation once ruled over one-quarter of the earth. The genesis of the British Commonwealth. Upon her sunset as a world superpower; one of her own set sail for a New World. From a small beginning; that tiny band of brave people founded what would quickly expand into the mightiest nation on earth–Unrivalled. A Christian nation; like her Mother England.

          No other nation fits all of the biblical/historical criteria. Above all; without Britain (UK) and her Commonwealth countries–And no America–The Gospel would not have been spread around the world. and–The other nations would not have benefitted from their God-given discoveries/inventions.

          Some of the (blood related) Western nations have erected literal statues to Baal. They have been engaged in progressive godlessness since the 1960’s. We have enjoyed our (inherited/prophesied/promised) physical & spiritual blessings. God makes it clear that only his two families–Israel; ten tribes…And Judah; would have his Laws/Promises. No other nations on earth. Moreover; Only Judah, and Israel; were EVER known as his sheep. No other people groups. Search the scripture.

          Like our Israelite ancestors; we have become Baal worshippers. We have forgotten the God of the fathers. We defy our God. We blaspheme him. We reject him, and deny him. We rob him of his glory. We don’t recognize our true identity, and therefore don’t recognize that our multiple; unique blessings are a fulfillment of God’s latter day fruition of Joseph’s inheritable birthright blessings. We celebrate Thanksgiving; without being aware of its TRUE meaning.

          God said that flesh and blood Israel, and her physical sister Judah would remain estranged–until Messiah returns. And then; the two families would be reunited; again one nation–Under our King, and David as co-regent. (See Ezekiel; “two sticks.”)

          The prophesied great and mighty nation has fallen. God’s curse is now our Western lot–The USA–The Commonwealth nations of the UK/France/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa, and the Scandinavian nations. (Finland; Sweden; Iceland; Norway.) We are all descended from a common ancestor. This has been proven; contrary to earlier; popular belief. The Caucasian people. Same “skin color”; languages derived from a common tongue. All at home in each others’ countries. As one would expect. Who protects sister Judah? The USA. Who played an instrumental role in establishing the Judahite (Israeli nation) in the mid-1040’s; under General Allenby? Sister Britain. Where do the majority of Judahites live? In the USA. The Jews are….White. One father. Four different mothers. Jacob–his twelve sons, and their modern day descendants. By now; the reasons for the physical similarities should be obvious. Consistent with prophecy. This also explains the uncanny parallels between ancient Israel, and her modern “Nation, and Commonwealth of Nations. (*The Harbinger*.) Same family–different (final?) generation. Same idolatries; only worse. As we have sowed; so we now reap. The “light to the nations” nations have become thoroughly corrupt, and wicked.

          • Dawn

            This country was NEVER meant to be a super power/empire – call it what you want.” On what grounds can you be so certain?

            What do you mean how am I certain? I am certain because:
            • ALL empires/super powers of centuries gone by were around for 100’s / 1000’s of years by comparison
            • None were in so much debt as this country in such a short amount of time
            • Most Americans do not know where a certain country is on a map unless it’s at war with it

            The USA is not identified as the USA. – Lol – I’d need to work on this one.

            I also believe the majority of today’s Jews have no relevance to the Jews of 2K years ago and don’t get me started on what the Jews of today are doing to Palestine except I will say ** *free Palestine from Israeli occupation***

            They would bless other less privileged nations with their God-given/inspired achievements
            • The only reason we have less privileged nations is because the west have exploited them – The continent of Africa being the perfect example.
            • There should be no lesser privileged country in this day and age. As said WE ALL should be working together for the greater good to improve everyone lives as well as the lives of ALL animals. Instead of using them for the most cruel and heartless experiments and to eat all for the most undeserving human race.
            o Shame on the human race.
            • The one thing I would really like to see ASAP is to get the world population down to under four billion and keep it under 4B. Because of the population explosion of the last 80 years – too much whoring around – it’s no wonder the world has all these social issues and so much more.

            The Wright Brothers–Gave us the first airplane. Jet engines. Steam engines –
            • Well actually rumor has it that someone from Argentina was the first person to fly, But of course the Wright brothers took all the credit with no thanks to propaganda and the US being fortunate enough to have access to the beginnings of the telephone. The radio. TV as you put it whereas Argentina most likely did not.

            I could probably refute almost all of what you have written, but I have to go to bed now because I get up at 5:30AM and I’d be here into the night otherwise. Goodnight.

        • Beverly

          The Constitution was created as an example for all other countries. So, it IS important to see what happened here in the U.S. But, God is no respecter of persons. And, I believe you are right when you say the U.S. will fall. They will fall because they have rejected the fullness of the Gospel and have let terrible things happen in this country. They have loved the world and idols more than God. So, God, will destroy the wicked. It will not be a pretty sight here in the U.S. I believe Bo is wrong about much of what he says. Yes, we are in the beginnings of labor pains and a setting in order will start to happen. But, this is going to take several years to happen. It will be an ugly process to set the world in order. Satan is going to throw a total tantrum and evil will show it’s face outright before it’s just smashed. But, it is up to the people on the planet to disallow the evil that Satan wants. Just kick that evil all to hell. That’s where it belongs.

          • Dawn

            The Constitution was created as an example for all other countries.

            Beverly – But who said the Constitution was created as an example for all other countries? This is exactly my point in that this country thinks it’s so great over others – It’s NOT. Other countries have their OWN versions of their Constitution, so they do NOT need this country’s version unless they choose/prefer to,

            On a different note – I don’t want it to take several years, I need/want sht to happen now. It’s just taking too long for me

      • Kurt Lent

        I’ll leave this right here.

      • Maine mindset

        Sadly my comment was removed despite my attempt to keep it clean, constructive, and honest. Guess the thoughtful opinions of loyal listeners who voice criticism of Mr. Polny get cancelled. Good by USA watchdog. I thought you weren’t like the others.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have no idea what you posted. This is the only comment from you I have seen.

    • J. Rowden

      Don’t worry about enlightenment/reincarnation, etc. Come to Jesus Christ. A Christian passes from the Law of Karma into the Law of Grace. Your sins are forgiven, which means your karma is removed. (According to the mystic, Edgar Cayce, Jesus Christ is the Lord of karma.)
      Accept any suffering in your future as a balancing of any karmic debt you might have had. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” He will handle it all for you.

      • Anthony Australia

        I’ll face the creator one day and let them judge what’s in my Karma Bank.best wishes Mate with kindest and love.

        • wayne hardin

          I read in Gods word that ALL have come short .
          There is no little or big short in Gods eyes just ours .
          You have showed your sorry for what you done and were man enough to say it to the world .
          So let Jesus come to you now and take the quilt away .
          And he will remember it no more . AMEN .

          Wayne Hardin .

          • Paul from Indiana

            Preach on, Brother! Best always. PM

        • Dwight Branson

          Just pray now that you will not hear the words of the One True Creator tell you, “depart from me, for I never knew you Anthony”.
          Yes, it IS possible to know that you know the Living GOD through His Living Word, the Bible.

          • regaleagle

            Today is Sunday May 15th…..the LORD’s Day. And guess what? Tonight there was a sign in the sky for His People…….a full Lunar Eclipse. You might shrug it off as a normal cycle……but God uses signs in the heavens to foretell events soon to come to pass. I’m not shrugging it off.

      • IIG

        You know forgiveness is a great virtue – but I don’t forgive Obama and our evil politicians in Congress for outlawing that America have “a strategic grain reserve” (just like we have a strategic oil reserve) – Joseph in the Bible put aside 7 years worth of grain to prevent a famine – yet our evil demonrat politicians in Washington AC/DC actually work “to deliberately hurt the people” – they “want to create famines” – they “want to starve and abort our babies” – they “want to start nuclear war”!!!

    • Mark Maples


      Thank you for the post. I am 55 years old. I grew up in California. My wife and I have 5 grown children.

      When we were younger, we knew a few women that opted for abortion for various reasons.

      Without exception, as they aged, and ultimately had families, they carried immense guilt for that decision as years went by.

      I have always believed that the emotional damage done by choosing to abort as women age, is not discussed enough

      God bless you and yours

      Jesus will forgive and heal you.

      You simply have to ask

      • Anthony w

        Thanks for for the kind worlds Mark. I agree that this should be discussed more. I have heat so many stories from Ireland and The Phillipines were so many young girls are either forced to or abort under duress. Not enough support is given and the mental toll and burden can be overwhelming at times. We must live in the present , learn from our transgressions and do the best we can.

    • Russ McMeans

      Dear Anthony: depending on our choice, Jesus Christ will either be our Judge or defense attorney on the day of judgment/ final recogning. It’s an act of faith to recognize that all our sum total of our lives is
      Insufficient to make up for our sins/ crimes.
      Please read one of the four gospels/ eye witness accounts of Jesus’s ministry and the only thing that really impressed Him was when people had a little faith. He put a very high value on that quality we so lack. Jesus said if we just had faith the size of a mustard seed we could move mountains. Pretty cool. I’m definitely lacking that much obviously.

    • Joseph Bruce Volz

      Jesus will forgive your sins. He did mine! If you do those lost children will be in heaven waiting for you with open arms. They will understand everything and never hold that against you. Jesus has created a place that is completely different than this world. Read John 3:16. Accept Jesus as your Lord, Repent of your sins, be baptized and live a Godly life as best as you can. The reward is great and Jesus wants to reward you!

    • Clint D Young

      Abortion is an abomination. Yet, if one has a repentant heart, they will be forgiven by the Lord. Repentace is the only way that one can obtain eternal life. This is the great goal that any can obtain in this life.

      Babylon USA is the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. Soon she will be nuked by the Russian bear (Daniel 7:5). I think this will happen around July 4, 2022. This will not happen until Russia takes the Donbas area of Eastern Ukraine. That mobilization of Russia may not be many weeks away. After that Babylon USA could be nuked any time. It will not be worth living within the borders of the USA after she is nuked. Read Jeremiah 50 if you think you will even survive within the USA after she is attacked.

    • Trinacria

      Anthony, I think you are very brave to publicly admit that and please know that I will pray for you. From my perspective, Greg’s advice is absolutely sound and right on. I just want to add one expression that I pray you will take to heart and, that is the following:
      I wish you many blessings in this lifetime.

    • susan

      Anthony, I enjoy reading your comments always. I have come to feel you are a compatriot. With all my heart I pray you will understand that Jesus is the only way to God the father of all, everything period. Only He can save you from death.. Buddha was a very good man, but not God.

  2. i: a man; travis moss

    Man! I Like That Horse!
    Published: Thursday, May 12, 2022
    Download free computerized mp3 audio file of this column

    (To subscribe to my columns at no cost, click here.)

    Growing up and into young adulthood, I was a sports junkie. I started playing organized championship sports in the fifth grade. I was born and raised in Indiana where people eat, breathe and sleep basketball. Every elementary school—not to mention junior high and high school—has its own gymnasium. The movie Hoosiers (which is based on another thrilling true underdog story about a high school basketball team from a small town in Indiana during the 1950s—before there were divisions in high school athletics) is an accurate depiction of the place basketball plays in the hearts of the people of Indiana.

    I was on the La Porte Park School basketball team during my fifth and sixth grade years. In our fifth grade season we were undefeated and won the city championship. In our sixth grade season, we lost two games to Riley School, but Riley was beaten in the playoffs, and we won our second city championship.

    Again, I’m talking elementary school.

    Through the rest of my school days—including my first two years of college—I participated in a variety of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, track, wrestling and boxing. When I was a young adult, I still had the same sports craze in my bloodstream. I watched just about every sporting event on television that I could.

    I rooted for the Chicago Cubs when Ferguson Jenkins, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Glenn Beckert, Don Kessinger and Billy Williams were playing on an unlit Wrigley Field. I rooted for the Boston Celtics when Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson were on the parquet floor.

    I was a Green Bay Packers fan from grade school, watching Vince Lombardi’s star-studded players: Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Boyd Dowler, Elijah Pitts, Carroll Dale, Marv Fleming, Jerry Kramer, Bill Curry, Ray Nitschke, Herb Adderley, Bob Jeter, Willie Wood, et al. And, of course, I watched plenty of Bob Knight’s Indiana Hoosier’s games. I’ll never forget Steve Alford’s seven 3-pointers and the game-winning 3-point shot from the corner at the buzzer by Keith Smart to win the national championship in 1987.

    I tried to watch the big prizefights featuring the likes of Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Cassius Clay, Floyd Patterson, et al. I liked to watch Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus play golf. I even liked to watch Earl Anthony roll that bowling ball down the alley. I tried to watch the big races like the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and the Kentucky Derby.

    Through the years, however, not only did I find much more important things to do than watch sports on TV, but all of the corruption, cheating, political correctness and, finally, the Covid tyranny took the enthusiasm for sports totally out of me, to the point I now watch none of it—and haven’t for several years. Plus, I have come to the conclusion that sports—especially football—is being used by the ruling class to keep fighting-age men distracted from what the elites are doing to enslave them.

    But here I am writing about the 2022 Kentucky Derby that took place last Saturday at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Please bear with me and hear me out.

    On Monday, my wife showed me a video of Saturday’s race and said I had to watch it. Now, my wife is the total opposite of me when it comes to sports. She has never followed any of it. None. Zero. Zilch. She is a total non-sports person.

    But she was all excited and said I had to watch that race. So I did. What a race! I’ve probably watched it twenty times by now. In all of my long life, I have NEVER seen a race like it. In fact, nobody living today has seen a race like it. You would have to have been alive in 1913 to have seen a race like this.

    Many devoted horse racing fans are saying this was the greatest race in history. I know it’s the greatest race I’ve ever seen; and you don’t have to argue much to convince me that it IS the greatest race of all time.

    Here is one newspaper account of the race—including a video of the race.

    The winning horse, Rich Strike, was the last horse added to the starting gate—only moments before the deadline—due to horse number 20 being scratched at the last minute. His odds to win were 80 – 1. Horse, jockey, trainer, groomer and owner were no-names. Rich Strike was purchased for $30,000. He was racing against million-dollar thoroughbreds.

    Today Rich Strike is the most popular name in sports.

    For as long as I can remember, racing experts have said that no horse can win the big races—and the Kentucky Derby is the biggest—unless the horse is near the front going into the stretch. Rich Strike was in 17th place (out of 20) going into the stretch.

    And he beat the biggest names in racing—Epicenter, Messier, Zandon, et al.—in the most spectacular finish perhaps in racing history.

    Here is an aerial view of Rich Strike’s remarkable win.

    Okay. You can read all of that in a hundred newspapers. Why is Chuck Baldwin using his weekly syndicated column to write about a horse race?

    This race shocked the racing world. Thousands of people lost a lot of money. All of the experts were left red-faced and dumbfounded. This no-name horse beat the millionaire racing machines and know-it-all pundits and sports writers—and he did it on horse racing’s biggest stage.

    And I might add, Rich Strike did it in STYLE. The look he gave Epicenter when he flew by him at the wire is absolutely priceless.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this race illustrated to my heart what can happen in an instant.

    The Kentucky Derby is called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports.” Indeed it is, especially on May 7, 2022.

    Two minutes. Those two minutes last Saturday doubtless changed horse racing for many years to come.

    I believe this year’s Kentucky Derby is illustrative of where we are in America. Let’s face it: It doesn’t look good for the United States—or the free world. To put it in racing terms, the odds of America overcoming the billionaire machines that are orchestrating the collapse of freedom, limited government, foundational moral principles and sound economics is about the same as those of Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.

    But as I said in my Mother’s Day message last Sunday: “For with God nothing shall be impossible,” quoting Luke 1:37.

    I am confident that the ruling class is smugly convinced they are on the verge of total conquest. First the Covid tyranny and now war and economic chaos. It is a one-two punch that has America staggering against the ropes—and ALL the signs are that it will only get worse.

    Furthermore, the vast majority of Americans—both conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats—are being sheepishly led around by the nose by the U.S. propaganda machine. And most evangelical churches are part of the propaganda machine.

    When the Old Testament prophet Elijah was being hunted by Queen Jezebel, he cried to God from inside a cave and complained that he was the only prophet resisting Ahab’s tyranny. God reminded him that there were yet 7,000 prophets who had not bowed the knee to Baal.

    As I look around at the political, civil and religious landscapes, it is easy to start feeling the loneliness and helplessness that Elijah felt. When 80% of evangelicals are a major promoter of the Covid tyranny and war propaganda, any kind of recovery seems as likely as Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.

    But when you watch that race, you will see something in that horse that is unmistakable. That horse ran with confidence, courage and HEART. There was something inside that horse last Saturday that would not let him accept defeat. He looked the top millionaire horse in the eye and said, “Not today!” He didn’t know that he was supposed to lose.

    Even after the race, the horse was still in a fighting mood. Man! I like that horse!

    Rich Strike should be all of us. Forget the odds. Forget the wannabe tyrant billionaires. Forget the corrupt millionaire politicians. Forget the lying propaganda media. Forget the pantywaist preachers.

    When God Almighty is ready for His courageous, indefatigable, “Not today!” Remnant to change the race, He can do it in two minutes.

    But we must have what that race horse had last Saturday. We must have the courage, stamina, strength and determination to put our whole heart in this race for Truth and Liberty. And, as with Rich Strike, we must be unwilling to accept defeat.

    Man! I like that horse!

    © Chuck Baldwin

    • Astraea

      I never ever watch any sport – but I watched this and I was so exited I was on the edge of my chair and breathless – and delighted when Rich Strike gave one of his rivals a nip on the neck when the race had ended.
      I have never seen anything so exiting!

      • Earth Angel

        The horse I believe you are referring to wasn’t one of his rivals; it was a horse used to ‘pony’ him after the race, to get him calmed down and on his way to the winner’s circle. Rich Strike had such an adrenaline rush going from running that race! I have never seen anything like that happen after a race- and I’ve been a horse junkie all my life. I heard the trainer say in a later interview how grateful he was to the man riding that pony horse (which both horse & rider took abuse) because had Rich Strike thrown his jockey he could have gotten hurt running around loose. He said the man took some pretty bad bites to his arm & leg from the colt. The man was a real hero to hang on until he and a second horse & rider could get control of Rich Strike. It truly was an amazing race and I like the parallel being drawn to the circumstances we are ALL facing now. If we just show the courage and determination of Rich Strike and his jockey we can pull an upset- and share in a GREAT VICTORY over the evil we are currently staring down… Let’s DO IT !!!

    • IIG

      Excellent Analogy Travis – Yes all the Commie Demonrat horses in the “Georgia Extermination Derby” believe they have everything tied up (from their shut down of our supply lines for energy and food to their purposeful killings with their “jab” and calls for “nuclear war” to sap our energy in this Greatest Race of All – “The Extermination of the Human Race” – the Commie Demonrat Globalists think this race is in the bag for their touted horse “Eugenicist Schwab” (ES) – and that at the 2030 finish line ES will win the Ultimate Trophy (for the killing of seven (7) Billion people) Planet Earth – but wait – only moments ago a new horse was added to the race “to replace Roe v. Wade” – a “Rich Strike” for us (who don’t believe in exterminating humans) – although we are right now in 17th place in this “Georgia Extermination Derby” – if we have the courage, stamina, strength and determination – and put our whole heart into this race for Truth, Justice, Liberty and the American Way (which is not to be purposeful killers of humanity) – when this race ends – we will cross the 2030 Finish line “First and Victorious” (over the Forces of Evil)!!

      • IGG

        Here is a video of Rich Strike’s astounding move in the Kentucky Derby Race – and shows how we Patriots must move (with single minded determination) to defeat the evil Globalists in the upcoming Georgia Guidestone “Extinction of the Human Race” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8DcIxZrxH0

    • Thomas Wigand

      Thank you for that post – it made my day. My wife and I just watched the videos online (hadn’t seen the race before).

      As I read this, and then watched, another famous line from the world of sports came to mind: “Do you believe in miracles? YES!”

      Then too, we were mired in what seemed like irreversible decline (the Carter malaise years). We didn’t know that we were on the cusp of renewal, Reagan and “morning in America.”

      Yes, if we do our part, God has the power to hear us, and to again bring restoration to our land.

    • Patysue

      Travis, man, I am with you about this year’s KD! What a “miracle win”! And I love that he was still fighting mad after the race with an attitude of, “bring ‘‘em on, I’m not done yet!” Hopefully, the patriots of the US would learn something from Rich Strike’s attitude.

      Our GOD is an awesome GOD❣️

    • i: a man; travis moss

      Liberty Fellowship: our message of truth and liberty is reaching across the world
      a sermon by the man: chuck baldwin; the kind of preacher you will not hear on the radio

  3. JLS


    Someone posted this on the net. I’m not sure what it means and intentions are.

    Thank you for your excellent work.

  4. jls


    Someone posted this on the net. I’m not sure what is means and intentions are.


    Thank you for your excellent website.

    • Anthony Australia

      Completely out of whack.

    • IIG

      What it means is (if you want to live) is you have to move to Lebanon or some other “positive country” that won’t be losing population – like Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil which would be good choices in our hemisphere!!

  5. Charles Demastus

    Greg, my Microsoft Edge web browser blocked the Bo Polney video. Had to go to my Opera browser to watch it.

  6. eric

    Greg, Can you reach to Catherine Austine Fitts, or anyone other contact you have, who can help this poor guy. He is being held hostage in Tonka, unless he gets the jab.


  7. Ed Hill

    Roe vs Wade happened in 1973, not 1971 as stated by Bo.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was argued at the Supreme Court in late 1971 and that is Bo’s starting point. You are correct the decision was handed down in Jan of 1973.

      • Hannah

        Mark Taylor prophesied R v. W.

  8. Benjamin Golan

    My body my decision unless it’s one of the COVID vaccines. As for abortions, the democrat party’s highest sacrament, will continue in all the blue states and likely in some red states. The damage is done and a price will be paid.

  9. Dr. Bruce Bauer

    Great interview Greg! You are a talented interviewer. I think that Bo was referring to David and Goliath but misspoke and said Daniel.

  10. Eddy Nevarez

    Greg, you never fail to bring some of the finest guests on your show. Than you so much! This has got to be one of your best interviews this year. May the Lord keep you in his hands, always . . .

  11. Fred Daake

    I agree with you that true churches of Jesus should not enroll in the IRS 501(c)(3) program.

    First of all, in a for-profit, when expenses equal or exceed income, there are zero taxes – you do not need a 501c3 for that. What is the purpose of a church that wants to make make enough surplus profits to build up huge piles of assets? Secondly, if they really want to build huge piles of surplus assets, why not just pay the taxes and keep ownership of those assets rather than give the IRS a claim on those assets in the case of a 501(c)(3) alleged violation? Third, why would anyone want to volunteer their time and money to work with a church that is forced to restrict its activities and teachings to those approved by the IRS (such as the Johnson Amendment)? Finally, some church members like to deduct their charitable contributions from their personal income taxes. If that is their motive for giving, maybe they should not be giving anything until they understand the purpose of “assembly”. It is up to the church to teach that and not cover it up to go along with the IRS.

    The only problem is that it is very difficult to find independent for-profit churches. I’ve had several people ask me for referrals and I have not had any local suggestions for them. The only ones that I know about would require several hours of driving round trip.

  12. al

    I was riveted. The 2 Minute video below was EPIC! But what blew me away was the Madoff analogy.
    I’m stunned. As I write this the Super Blood Moon will occur tomorrow and I plan to be outside at 10:30AM to watch this celestial spectacle.

    I kind of wish Bo would mention this phenomenon in his dissertation but no need, his prognostications say it all. He’s not a prophet, but he is spot on.

    God Bless you Greg, you truly are Elijah

  13. Mark


    please set your microphone to more equal your guest’s sound level. We need most of the time to turn up our volume to hear the guest, then your sound blows out our ears

  14. joie

    Yes, it is “your body”. We only disagree on when and where you are supposed to make this decision. Humans are more than animals. We have judgement, the gift of intelligent thinking along with free will. Using these “gifts” is our true choice and the measure of our person. Yes, it is often inconvenient to make the responsible choice, just as is coming to a full “Stop” at a rail road crossing when the stop sign has dropped. There are times in life when we must choose to “stop” before we make a train wreck of our life.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who decides for the baby which is a separate human?

      • Self Exiled

        Gods defense of our will to choose amazes me: His efforts to protect the independence of this Gift is absolutely profound. I suspect being made in His Image is part of our inheritance of responsibility of that capacity. It also seems like [as He extends many gifts in that inheritance] we should and will have to accept the responsibility of that God Likness we inherit. To choose Good or evil is part of that inheritance. What each of us do with this Gift has eternal consequences. ”Who decides for the baby” interestingly enough God protects that child from the evil designs of others with His Sovereign Will: as I believe that this aborted child will inherit eternal life. When I was 6 years old, I asked my grandmother what heaven was like, her reply was “oh it is full of babies and gardens I will go to help care for them”

    • Chuck Ken

      Joie, That sounds like selfishness to me…The baby shouldn’t be punished…(murdered) because of an irresponsible choice…Once you’ve make that choice, the baby is no longer part of your body…It is Gods baby….(I have spoken)…let it be written…and so it is.

      • Laura Ann

        Women (harlots) that sleep around for fun or money, are unfit to parent because of gross immorality, (many are using illegal narcotics) also, repeated abortions are used for birth control. These floozies should opt for sterilization (paid by insurance) . Medical abortions: rape victims go to hosp. get DNA rape kit, police rpt. given drugs to prevent a possible pregnancy. other reasons: Medical abortions are done by private drs for medical reason only like the mother’s medical emergency.

  15. Melinda Henson

    The end is NOT yet! We must understand that, yes, the Harlot will be destroyed…the Harlot being the present SYSTEM of control! However, out of the ashes, the Phoenix will rise, which is the beast (Anti-Christ) KINGDOM! The beast is given a 42 month reign, and then Jesus Christ will return! Bo Polly leaves out a huge gap in time, and that is the reign of the beast! Blessings, Greg and all those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, who will return as King of kings and Lord of lords!

    • Beverly

      Exactly! There will be a 4 year famine and there will be 3 years recovering after that. We are going to see 7 years of tribulation. That 42 months is 3 1/2 years of the 7 years. I believe we are in the first year of the famine THIS year. It will only get worse each year now, for another 3 years. That has been prophesied.

  16. Dr. G

    I thought Roe v Wade was decided on January 22nd 1973 (not 1971). What am I missing here. If I’m right, then we’re in the 49th year, and next year is the JUBILEE, fifty years after Roe v Wade was decided.

    Dr. G.

  17. William Glaser

    Sorry, but I do not beleive sunny days are ahead for us. If Trump returns to power, he is the Anti Christ. Jesus said that if he did not intervien no flesh would live. We are started into that period of Famine, war and diease, as well as climate changes- not caused by cars and trucks, but by Geo engering. The air, water and food are poisned. After the trubliation, when Christ sets up his milenial Kingdom, everything will be rosy, but not untill then.

    • M

      A look at the etymology of the word ‘trump’: https://www.etymonline.com/word/trump
      Lifted from there: In the 1520’2 it was an alteration of the word “triumph” which was also the name of a game of cards ..
      …One definition of the verb “trump” is “fabricate, devise”…
      ….from Old French “to deceive, cheat”…
      …from de tromper de (to mock) ….
      …Brucher explains this as “to play the horn”, alluding to quacks and mountebanks who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying…
      …trumped up. “false, concocted…
      …trompe l’oeil’, in art: to deceive the eye

      Lots of things are in plain sight.

    • Charles H


      I’ll agree – things will only get worse. And I have to double-down… I will believe Trump back in Office; and Roe vs Wade overturned when I see it.

      • IIG

        The way to beat the Globalists “is to change our politicians continually” – we can throw them out after one term (we don’t need “them” to pass a law to do it) – give the evil Globalists some work to do bribing, threatening and blackmailing all the new people we keep throwing at them – Trump is already ground meat – lets throw in Desantis next (one term only) – then someone new!!

      • Mark Maples

        I hope Roe is overturned

        It should be implemented at the state level

        Most of our laws should be implemented at the state level

        This is what the Founders envisioned

        The moral pulse is quite different in Tuscaloosa, Alabama than Berkeley, California

        The laws should reflect the community on the state level

        Let people vote with their feet

        Certain rights and by connection, laws, are addressed in the Constitution. Anything that is not directly addressed, should be handled on a state by state basis

    • Dwight Branson

      William, I agree with you. In my limited understanding of the Bible, I believe that the birth pains are becoming more intense and closer together. I also agree with Bo that the seals of Revelation are now being opened…a rough road ahead until the return of our Lord and Savior.

  18. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Polny another daring interview.

    We,poor people as we are, are up against the works of the evil one. Here we have George Soros and his billons of dollars that are poisoning our very politics and society,this is a man who stood and watched and aided the death and destruction of his fellow Jews whilst pretending to warn them.In early 2010s this bellicose old man and his horrid spawn funding Mother Jones,Think Progress, and Alter Net, proceeded to target MSM who refused o tow his line of “Open Society”,so open that Soros and his ilk become the new aristocracy.The American billionaire class and their political chihuahuas have all signed up via the WEF
    We are like the Israelites,we have no where to go and we need God on our side and we need His goodness to destroy these new pharaohs .

    • regaleagle

      A few factoids to consider: Klaus Schwab(German Nazi) is now 84. George Soros(Hungarian Nazi) is now 91. Both are past their “appointed time under the sun” according to scriptures in God’s Holy Word. I do not think it would be a sin to pray for the demise of these two octogenarians……just my opinion.

  19. Ira Elliott

    On biblical cycles I have seen something disturbing with coincides with the Noah cycle. If you see the research done by Jet Blake there is currently an astronomical object in between the earth and Mars currently. This objects electromagnetic pull will wreak some serious havoc on the earth. If you see flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions or a combination of the above on May 18th that is why. Next year on May 18th it will be significantly worse. Noah level flooding is what I’m talking about. The world’s elite are expecting this. This object in our solar system is sitting between the earth and Mars currently and is expected there until 2027. If the sky is clear May 18th you might be able to see it block out Mars as Mars is extremely close. It will seem like a void in space as it blocks out Mars as it is big. If you think the catastrophe Dane Wiggington is bad this event is worse. You need to check out Jet Blake soon before it is to late.

  20. Hoakin Guzman

    I live on Poland. An anti abortion law has been passed here about 2 years ago.
    Baby killers went crazy. “Women” dressed in black were protesting on the streets etc.
    After a few months they seemed lacking energy, and everything calmed down. The law is in effect.

    Best Regards.

    • IIG

      Putin says he will soon De-nazify the baby murderers – lets see how they like being aborted!!

      • IGG

        Wonder how the Plunge Protection Team will be able to hold the price of Gold down – if Putin invades Poland!!

  21. Naomi

    Hello Greg,
    Interesting program. I must say though that I am disappointed that Binyamin Netanyahu was mentioned as a positive person. I live in Israel and as I wrote in the past, he is evil. He introduced the clot shots to Israel. He also got Pfizer to conduct experiments on the Israeli Population. He is despicable. In Israel, I and many others hope he rots in prison for many years. I am sorry if what I write here, does not suit what you think you know. I felt I needed to say something.

    • Self Exiled

      Thank You Naomi: Do you know any people that have been affected by the inoculations. If so; the extent of their injuries. Here in my state in South Dakota I have been told the online stats show about 70% inoculated. My personal questioning shows that to be possibly high. I know no one who has been hospitalized but about half I ask have been inoculated and about 10 % possibly negative effects. The rest no affects.

  22. DAV

    I believe that too; that sports is a distraction to what is most important in our country. Escapism to help some people maintain their sanity…I understand that, but to many people, sports is their god and they do put many overpaid sports ‘heros’ on a pedestal. Some people are obsessed with sports and they push their kids to ‘be like Tiger Woods’. And they HAVE to wear company logos. Sports is big business. To me, it is the equivalent of cheering on McDonalds. Go, McDonalds, go ! ‘Beat’ (insert company here).
    What if we cared more for COOPERATION instead of COMPETITION ?!

    • John Shepherd

      You are right Naomi to shed the light about Netanyahu. Anyone pushing these shots are miserable, blind and naked leaders of the blind. That goes for Trump and all the so called conservatives that wish for his return. I love Greg Hunter and I also like to listen to men like Cliff High in spite of his Christ rejecting worldview, but men like Polny and Taylor are giving a false hope regardless of the fact that they get it right betimes. It WILL NOT play out like they say even if Trump were to get back in. At best Trump’s ego blinds him to what really matters and at worst……. well I hate to contemplate that. We are a nation under judgement even if Row v Wade gets overturned which I pray becomes a reality. At least maybe we can obey the first law of holes: when in one, stop digging.

  23. Paula D.

    hey Greg,

    Clif High mentioned a few dates in May 2022. He mentioned 5/9/2022, which was the lesser date and perhaps a catalyst for the next dates, 5/19 or 5/20/2022. I guess we should see what his next date will bring forth. What I recall him saying is that the second set of dates would bring a release of energy (?) that would be ongoing for many, many months.

    Next week may be key.

    • IIG

      Could 5/19 – 5/20 (just 4 days from now) bring “a release of energy” into the Gold and Silver market? – looking at this chart (Stan you don’t need to look at this chart) – http://www.321gold.com/editorials/chan/chan051622/8.png – it seems Gold is just about ready to “pop” UP!!

  24. Kew

    God seems to be reemphasizing His “[Watch and see what I will do]” statement of awesomeness regarding how He intends to save His people in America from complete invasion following civil war using volcanic ash and magma flows. Meanwhile, His people were protected supernaturally in areas of safety.

    Such a striking prophecy and something to consider, perhaps.

  25. Neville

    Hi Greg & Brother Bo,
    Thanks for your update on things to come. Bo, I have been studying the Bible for many years and as a keen historian the sector dealing with the Prophets is overwhelmingly interesting as so many of their prophecies have come to to pass.
    In the Book of Daniel which you dealt with regarding the statue that appeared in the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar ,Daniel specifically told the king that he dreamt of something that was going to happen in the future.
    His description if one can use ones imagination was that of the statue of liberty which would be hit by a large stone that came off a mountain…….probably they didn’t know about meteorites,in any event that’s what I think will be the case.Then also described the base of statue as having Feet of Clay and was made up of clay and Iron which would suggest that the country where that statue was to be found was a country heavily devided which fits AAcrime to a tee.
    On the day that this would happen anywhere between 3-5 million americans will perish
    and on forex markets the dollar will open up OFFERS NO BIDS .
    Then the following taken from The Book Of Revelations is in one hour Babylon was destroyed and the ships at see could see the smoke coming up from the land which they big trading partners and that the whore of Babylon is no more.
    No covenants exist between GOD and AAcrime as at this moment , one need look at the atrocities committed by the americans ,namely 60million abortions, numerous wars all started on a pack of lies (breaking the 8th commandment )Money creation out of thin air anywhere between 150-200 TRILLION dollars, zero interest rates Proverbs says GOD HATES THOSE WHO USE DISHNEST WEIGHTS AND MEASURES…….

    I leave it there for now sufficed as to say yet another cracker from Greg and thanks for all your hard work
    Kindest Regards


    • Chris

      Everyone is entitle to their own opinion, that is what makes freedom great! My opinion is the bible has been rewritten multiple time. History is written by the victor. The old testament is a bunch of garbage that proclaims a single race as Gods chosen people. Really? LOL!!!!! I believe there could have been great value in the new testament but it was stripped out by the Roman empire in 325 AD. As for abortion, my grandmother protested in front of clinics when she was 88yrs old. She didn’t create the Federal Reserve and believed war was evil. The media and election process has been rigged for many decades. Do you believe that God will rain fire on the people who were captive to a corrupt globalist (Not just the US) financial empire? Switzerland is the home of the Bank of International Settlements, World Economic Forum, Davos Group etc The head of the snake. And the German Queen of England still claims most of the world are her subjects. I wont even get into discussing the Pope and his sorted history in South America, I known hideout for past WWII Nazis 🙁

      • Charles H

        How refreshing! The God that stretched the heaven out and created all life – just can’t keep it together when it comes to His Holy Word?!? You look for the error, and so forfeit the genuine. Pity.

        • Chris

          Your point has some merit.

          The New Testament does in fact provide great value even if some of it is likely missing or purposefully altered.

          I do believe God is far greater than words can express and prayer is the most important concept to understand. Thankfully that concept has not been lost.

          Most organized religion is made to exalt a hierarchy of men using God as its selling point and they do what they can to keep it that way.

          Evil is alive and well in this earthly realm and God allows it to be that way because that’s what free will in this existence is about.

          • Charles H

            One small point, Chris. “Preservation” – the language specific and nuanced correctness of God insuring His Divine counsel through language translations and time – pairs with Inspiration.
            My question is: If God Almighty has not absolutely insured His Word is perfect and Holy in at least one version of all the published languages: what do we have to believe in? Divine Authority needs to repose somewhere in the human realm; and if God has not manifest that – then the very basis of Faith is corrupted. It is hard to deal in Absolutes, as a finite creature.

      • Dwight Branson

        The Dead Sea Scrolls prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Bible has not been “rewritten Multiple time.” God is God and He can choose any people He wants. You LOL at God to your own detriment.

        • Chris

          The dead sea scrolls are a perfect example of the missing pieces. There more detailed accounts of Jesus’s thoughts and meanings which disclose that texts were altered or removed because they contradicted the Roman empires control in 325AD After Constantine went from being Emperor of Roman to Pope and Emperor of Rome the counsel burned 8 out of 10 writings. They even got top billing “The Roman Catholic Church”

          As for God choosing a specific race as chosen. Old Testament hogwash! Totally absurd! A complete contradiction to everything Jesus tried to relay in his life. Salvation is available to all that believe and ask for it. Blind fundamentalism is the reason people use to justify killing others in the name of their God. God gave everyone a brain, free will and reasoning. I doubt that design would have been created if He didn’t desire you to use it.

          • Chris

            My bad while the dead sea scrolls do refer to the crucifixion of Jesus, it is the removed gospels of Thomas that provide additional detail in the meaning of his teachings.

  26. Marie Joy

    Be ready for anything.

  27. john geis

    After Biden PROMISED Xi that we would not change the one China policy the State department removed everything from the website saying the US recognized the One China. China is livid! They are adding Finland to NATO to force Putin into nuclear war. They are doing everything to force China to attack Taiwan. Then we have the Coverstone distracted dream where at the end instead of invading Taiwan China fires an EMP bomb over the center of the country. That wipes out all the computers and all the electronic money!! They have eliminated fuel and food to insure they will not escape the cities. Babylon, America, is gong to fall. The blood moon on Sunday night is a Biblical sign of JUDGEMENT!

    • IIG

      The “Blood Moon” also proves the Earth “is not flat” (as Trump and others believe) – the curvature of Earth’s shadow’s will be clearly visible – and the apparent rotation of the Moon’s disk is due to the “round Earth’s” rotation!!

  28. Chris Clements

    Greg, I love your show and your financial guests are awesome! In the end times beware of false profits who make open ended predictions, claim to know Gods will and who proclaim wicked man made nations (Israel) and their criminal leaders to possess some special blessing from God. These people are one step away from Joel Olsteen the pinnacle of snake oil salesman scumbags. Couldn’t even finish the Jonathan Cahn interview. Bo throws things at the wall and hopes something sticks. He does seem to get lucky once and a while, so do I. Its called research and analysis. 🙂 Either way I do love your show. Please keep up the great work!

  29. Ken Barnett

    Some very big and specific predictions here. I guess we’ll see in a few months if Mr. Polny is correct.

    • Charles H

      Yup! But a close-call is as good as a bullseye, to some.

  30. J in Europe

    Thanks Greg,

    I’ve followed for a long time and watched man’s inhumanity to man with dismay. NATO has just moved to the Russian border this morning. No more buffers – open conflict moved a lot closer. Let’s pray it doesn’t escalate.


    Peace be with you and all your readers.

    J in Europe

    • IIG

      Putin has warned NATO “numerous times” – to “abide by their word and promise” – “not to move one inch closer to Russia” – but NATO “won’t listen” (because their Globalist Agenda is “Human Extermination”) – and what better way to accomplish it – then by “Nuclear War”!!

  31. PersonaNonGrata

    Very, very interesting!
    In 1994, G Edward Griffin exposed the Federal Reserve System, the method of creating currency out of nothing and charging interest on it (AKA ‘Babylonian Money Magik’), the creation of Federal Income Tax to pay the interest, and the creation of the IRS to enforce collection of the tax on behalf of the dynastic banking families who conceived and own the Fed. All this well sourced info is included in his best selling book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’.
    Slowly but surely, the huge con thatbis fiat ‘money’ is being revealed to the masses. Now we have Bo Polny describing the ‘Babylonian system’ as, “The control system run by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, all these people that bow down . . . . . ‘to the Devil'”. And he elaborates, “Babylon the Great is not the United States, it’s the control system of the world, taking you from China, Germany, the United States, the papacy . . . .”
    Yes, yes! ‘We the people’ need to know our enemy. We are continually distracted to consider our enemies to be; foreign nations, national presidents depicted by the MSM as wantonly despotic, Democrats and/or Republicans – and to thereby overlook our ultimate enemy, the enemy pulling all the strings, the enemy conducting the global Kabuki theatre, the central banks and the dynastic families that control them. Listen again to Bo from 26:00 into the interview.

  32. JB

    Hi, Greg: Not sure you’ll see this comment on Rumble, so I’m writing it here. I know Bo is a Californian, so I’m going to ask him to consider candidate–“I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am a Californian”–Reinette Senum for governor. I believe she is the best hope to turn California around because she will appeal to moderate Dems who are freaked by what’s happening in the country. I heard her interview w/Naomi Wolf, in which she answered EVERY question asked in the chat, including by MAGA-ists. Here’s the link to the interview. Would love to see her interviewed by YOU! Thank you. God bless us all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb_Pj77H9jU&t=2813s

  33. Catherine Cronin

    Great interview! The current events are telling us that God is in charge of everything and our choices are if we DO something or NOT DO something with regard to : if we FOLLOW GOD laws OR IF WE DONT FOLLOW GODs laws. First strike against us was changing americas law to sanctify child killing and it will be the first law to be struck down. Eventually the homosexuals will loose their ability to sanctify their way of profound sexual abomination in Gods eyes.
    As below so above. If we choose God laws then miracles will happen. He will turn back totally and all the evil we are experiencing will end.
    Bo is correct. God turned His back when the law of the land sanctified unmitigated abortions.
    When Abortion is no longer the law of the land just watch the current events. A miracle will occur and we, those who did chose God, will see and know that God is turned toward AMERICA again. Those who didn’t chose God will never see.
    But when the homosexual marriages are overturned then we will see the true strength of America again. God will come back to America in an open way. All will see God and know He is real!
    As light continues to grow and destroy the darkness we will begin to see the Majesty of The Creator of all. It will be miraculous.
    It has begun now and the quicker these laws are overturned the quicker we will see the return of righteousness. We are on that path now and don’t let ANY distraction like economic disaster or war or shortages distract you. Nothing can stop God. It’s a cleansing process that must happen. Keep the Lord in the forefront of your life.
    When God becomes visible our souls must be cleansed and be strong enough to withstand that kind of intensity It will be profound and glorious.

    • Dav

      Hello catherine i have not any hope i m suffering since i was borned i m bi polar what could expect from god . all that i want is dying ans escape from this horrible planet.
      Best regards and god protect you.
      Dav. From france

      • Catherine Cronin

        Dav. In this life you were born because there was something your soul only could do. So remember God doesn’t make mistakes. You are a very important part of His creation. As we all alive are.
        Since you are still alive take heart. Even if you were to get help for yourself that might be a way to fix an aspect that you may not have had in another life. So keep on living until God decides it time to take you home. God knows you are suffering and He will acknowledge it. Be brave and know you are very important to help make this world a better place.
        Ask God and He will help you find your personal mission.

        • Greg Hunter

          Sister Catherine,
          Nice words. Thanks for saying them here!
          Brother Greg

          • Ray

            100% agree……
            Beautifully said Catherine.
            Ray, Canberra, LDN

        • susan

          Catherine, I have a daughter that is also bi-polar. I appreciate your comment. Her life has been extremely difficult for her and her family. She knows Jesus and knows the Bible. She loves Jesus and I believe He will take her to be with Him.

  34. Nicole

    Hi Greg,

    I think Bo is spot on about the food shortage and inflation (among other things.) If you really pay attention, not all foods have gone up in price. Most of our food has – especially processed food from big corporations. However, items from small companies who are not complicite in the “big plan” are still the same price, and the packages are the same size. They are all good quality and mostly organic, but the price hasn’t changed in over two years, even though they could do it without being questioned. I can give you four examples, but don’t want to draw attention to them, for obvious reasons. Thank you for all that you do!

    May God bless you, your family and Bo Polny,


  35. Mike king

    What about all of the countries signing up to the W H O to give them overall control if there is another “pandemic”. They will be able to lock us down again without even asking the government’s permission. Unelected suits should never have this much power. I don’t consent to this and Boris Johnson should be charged with treason. Read Animal Farm,, it’s all in there. It’s very frightening and to think my children and grandchildren are going to have to deal with this makes me shudder.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mike,
      ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ were both written by George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair). He worked in the propaganda department of MI6 during WWII so he knows how TPTB work and the callous evil they are capable of. In ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ the job of the principal character, Winston Smith, is to edit archived news articles to fit ‘Big Brother’s’ current narrative. Also worthy of note, in ‘1984’, there is The Ministry Of Truth (lol!), and a daily ‘seven minutes of hate’ where all must participate and be seen to scream abuse at the enemy de jour – think Putin!!!
      By being aware, ‘we the people’ are immunised against such obvious nonsense.

  36. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    Love your work, thank you. Love to listen to a passionate Bo Polny. A fan from Holland.

  37. Arlene Kiscaden

    Thank you for having Bo as your guest and for all the guests you have had on over the last month. You are knocking it out if the park!! I purchased a purse from Happy Hollow Farms and wanted to let you know that it’s beautiful!! God Bless You Greg.

  38. Martin Coombs

    Tickling of ears always opposite to the truth, revelation is revealing WHO? & what’s been going on in the dark for generations , God doesn’t speak to me ? But reveals in his Word . Good interview but bo po isn’t scipturally accurate, it’s all being deconstructed to bbb, & the ac rises up ( exhalts ) himself as a saviour this will be a false revival & the masses will believe in him. As the twin towers ( 2 became one ) 2 parties as bo states become 1 is not improvement , it’s just closer to the oneness of it all. It’s FALLing apart from all angles to which for them is FALLing in to place , God is in control but mene mene tekel upharsen (Peres the kingdom is devided) and will not stand , it’s all underway ( his WAY , The Way . Sorry for being opposite to what was spoken of here, it sounded parallel but the RULER draws the ONE straight line. God bless y’all . Prayers from England

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, Expect more to come from TRUE THE VOTE as to identifying the who and the money behind voter fraud…

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg, Madoff died in prison (or so they say?) or maybe he and Jeffrey Epstein are bumping wine glasses laughing it off somewhere?
    Employer Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (founder)
    Known for Being the chairman of NASDAQ and the Madoff investment scandal
    Criminal status Died in prison

    • IIG

      When Gates, Hillary and Soros die in prison – lets make sure the security cameras are on – so they can’t “plant a double” and then go join Epstein and Madoff in Tahiti drinking Mint Juleps on the beach as they collect 20% investment returns on their stolen money!!

  41. Dave Scrimshaw

    Well, it is absolutely correct that abortion is a massive child sacrifice to the enemy. BTW, it is entirely possible that Nixon lost his position for listening to Kissinger, who wants the world’s population reduced by any means possible. I think the enemy believes if he can somehow stop God’s prophecies from coming true, he can avoid the lake of fire.

  42. Jerry

    It just keeps getting better. Disinformation czar?

    Last night event 201 was scrubbed from the web. I asked seri what event 201 was and she would not answer the question. In months past as a method of entertainment for my friends who didn’t believe the pandemic was planned, I always used this device to support the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation sponsored this mock exercise in October of
    2019 leading up to the real thing. I can now say without a shadow of doubt, that everything is lie. The only difference now is, if you push the issue to much you could be cut off from your bank account? American has
    spiraled down from a banana republic, to a full blown criminal state, with a sock puppet for president. Baby’s starving to death from lack of formula while billions of dollars are sent to the criminal cartels in Ukraine. It’s insane! Roe vs Wade is nothing more than a dog and pony show to divert attention away from the real theft that is going to take place on the 22nd of May when our sovereignty will be handed over to the WHO by Biden. I’m sorry but this is going to end very badly should the midterm elections get derailed by the globalist. Mid American conservatives have reached a boiling point about how much they are willing to take from these lunatics that have stolen our country. I pray I’m wrong, but stealing money from a persons bank account, especially during these inflationary times may be just enough to push them over.

    • Charles H

      Good will does have a limit.

  43. Queenie Dragovich

    71,857 viewsMay 13, 2022 Black Conservative Patriot
    Fuel crises ahead, diverting our precious oil reserves to Europe. As we keep trying to strangle Russia. Regime change can be a bitch!
    Look at Syria and ISUS, Libya, Iran and the ad nauseum CIA shenanigans of the Trump coup, thank you George sore arse son and minion John Brennan and his sock puppet third term regime pretender to the throne, Barrack Insane the Obomber in drag!

  44. Carol Stopps

    Spot silver might be $22 ish …. premium is over $6 per oz for 90% coins … STILL A GREAT PRICE


    The war in Iraq, Afghanistan, ,Covid, Now Ukraine, were all designed to do one thing, and that is, DRAIN THE UNITED STATES TREASURY, FORCING IT TO BORROW MORE MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (NOT OUR BANK) . And god only knows who is getting paid behind the scenes. The American people are getting ripped
    BIG TIME!!!! And the ignorant masses just go along with anything they throw at us, mostly because they think there is nothing they can do about it. Hell half of you dont even vote. WE DESERVE THE GOVERNMENT WE GET.

  46. Kevin Osborne

    We passed first trimester abortion then second then third now in several states you can let a newborn die No apparent concern from the medical community, politicians or media. This is leading us into euthanasia where first the sick and old then the poor then any political opponents of the elite monsters are starved or killed in other ways. A love and appreciation of life does not begin at birth. But it sure can end there.

    • IIG

      Exactly Kevin – Abortion was just the first step to setting up “the 10 Euthanasia Centers” across our country – for the day when the Government claims “the right to choose” (who gets aborted and at what age) – Obama has already bought all the black coffins, guillotines and plenty of extra blades (now stored at the 10 FEMA Euthanasia Centers located in each region of our Nation) – https://www.fema.gov/about/organization/regions

  47. D.T.R.

    Very dangerous point’: Former British Commander makes chilling WWIII claim
    200,748 views May 15, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Former British Commander Richard Kemp says “we’re probably closer to World War Three than we’ve ever been”.
    “Probably including the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962,” Colonel Kemp told Sky News Australia.
    “I think we are at a very, very dangerous point now.”
    Steve Turner 4 hours ago
    Enough will never be enough for people. That’s our downfall. We made leaders and now they are leading us to the end.
    THE JUKE 3 hours ago
    With all due respect to Sky News Aus which I watch on a regular basis and I like but I have to disagree with the British commander as to the intentions of Russia. Putin has been warning about this for years and telling the west to resolved it or else but was ignored. His motives are not to restore the Russian empire, he is defending his borders from NATO expansion. I saw this coming since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

    Are We Rolling Down Hill After Hill Like a Snowball heading for HELL, in an Obomber Hell in a handbasket?!

  48. Matt

    Bo was awesome to watch. I agree with most of what he says! The stuff I don’t agree with is trivial….I like how he speaks of God and not the other! The take down of religions and churches is so true yet most of the planet still believes in their Satanic Religions! One question I have for the Religious Fanatic Fundamentalist is if your God is so kind and forgiving why would he require a Sacrifice and Death with the drinking of blood and eating of the body? Is this not Satanic in iteself? All the religions thru the help of the evil Popes and rewriters of the bible are worshipping Satan! Period! They have no clue in what they do…..

    • Occasnltrvlr

      What do you propose as a just remedy for virtually universal, willful embrace of grievous sin and death?

    • Charles H

      In REMEBRANCE, Matt. It was a cup of juice, and some bread, remember? Symbolical – it is a symbol to identify by.

  49. Robin

    A guy from Utah carefully invented the goldback which can be found at goldback.com ~ theyre paper money with gold in them. He made sure he didn’t make any of the mistakes the (think it was) liberty dollar made that allowed the federal government to dismantle it as currency. He didn’t use the word dollar or buck etc as they got the liberty dollar for using the word dollar. He followed all kinds of rules set by the Gov to create a currency in which he added gold into it. One of them is selling for $3.78 atm and has been that or around that for a long while. So besides coinage one can use to pay w silver and gold as if u talk to the owners of the establishment many times they will take the coinage etc … there is now paper gold. Now to get it further into the system … so digital etc is gold that will begin to happen especially as the demand spikes. Just wanted to let u know there is gold paper. No need to respond as I usually don’t come back to my comments but if u want to add to the conversation please feel free to do so.
    Great stuff as always Greg TY

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, Other pertinent tidbits and facts people might find interesting =




    on the weather front =
    When things occur in cycles beyond one’s own life cycle, and they tend not to read, or do research or bother to listen…they diminish their own chances of survival .this is especially true if lessons were lost, records are purposely lost, hard to interpet or the manuscripts are hidden away in vaults of such cycles so distant in time = ie 400 years, 1200 years or occur to be seeming only explained away as a ‘biblical’ explaination to deceive = knowledge if powerful as is information used to effect an agenda of the powers that be?

    Historical 400 weather cycle patterns =
    use of them for ‘agenda driven political and financia gain policies? =
    ” As well as Soros, other backers include Adair Turner, David King, Nicholas Stern, all in the SYSTEMIQ lineup.
    Note this bit:
    “Decarbonisation and dematerialisation of wealthy economies will have profound effects in other regions, requiring Europe to reimagine most of its trade relationships and create more equal partnerships.”
    “I don’t recall the public ever being asked if they wanted global communism.

  51. IIG

    We don’t have to be all amazed hearing living Prophets or the Prophets in Bible tell us how – “The End Is Near” – all we need to do “is listen with our own ears” to the words of our US Senators – “Lets Nuke Russia in a Nuclear First Strike” – then listen to Putin’s response – “I’m Going To De-Nazify Poland next” – or listen to Schwab in Europe tell us – “You Will Own Nothing” – or listen to Bill Gates telling us in glee as he rubs his hands – “A More Deadly Virus Will Soon Be Released” – listen to Horror-e tell us – “God Is All In Your Imagination” – “Humans Have No Free Will” – “We Will Hack Your Mind” – and “Soon Turn You All Into Robots” – listen to the Dictator at the WHO tell us – “We Need To Break Into Peoples Homes” – and “Remove All Those Who Refuse To Follow My Orders” – then we have the Queers and Lesbians in all our American School Systems saying – “They Are Coming for our Children” (to confuse their minds so as to castrate them mentally) – and then listen to the enraged Demons “rant in rage” (when four Judges on the Supreme Court dare try to stop them from killing defenseless unborn children) stating – “My Body My Choice”!! – yet these same evil people will act like Possessed Psychopathic Demons and “immediately fire you from your job to hurt you and your family” if “you dare say” – “My Body My Choice” (when Satanic eugenicists want to “Jab” you with a DNA modifying “vaccine” that creates heart attacks, neurological shaking, cancer, dementia, HIV, AID’s a weakened immune system and eventually certain Death!!!

  52. Patsy Danovsky

    I listened to the Reveal Report with Kim and she said Trump is dead from cancer. The person now is a double or clone and they won’t reveal the truth I think becuz the republican party is gaining from his popularity.

  53. Michael Janket

    I don’t appear with the main premise of Polny’s discourse. The biggest problem we face is the total onslaught of Illuminati perdition to a theater nearby. If, according to Deagel.com we are largely going to be genocided down to 65 million by ’25, why are we worrying about Roe vs. Wade now? 90% of us will be genocided and not having babies, most assuredly. Or,am I just barking up the wrong tree?

  54. Robert F

    There will be no quick turn around sorry people, thats as delusional of thinking as the left…

    Whats gonna happen is already in your bible, yet we listen to man.

    Mother of harlots is destroyed, then the beast which scarlet was riding on top, rises out the ashes of the destroyed scarlet.

    Its all in the bible

  55. Greg Morrissey

    From Gods word
    No Confidence in the Flesh
    3 Further, my brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord! It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you. 2 Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh. 3 For it is we who are the circumcision, we who serve God by his Spirit, who boast in Christ Jesus, and who put no confidence in the flesh— 4 though I myself have reasons for such confidence.

    If someone else thinks they have reasons to put confidence in the flesh, I have more: 5 circumcised on the eighth day, of the people of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; in regard to the law, a Pharisee; 6 as for zeal, persecuting the church; as for righteousness based on the law, faultless.

    7 But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. 8 What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in[a] Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. 10 I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, 11 and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.

    12 Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. 13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

    Following Paul’s Example
    15 All of us, then, who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you. 16 Only let us live up to what we have already attained.

    17 Join together in following my example, brothers and sisters, and just as you have us as a model, keep your eyes on those who live as we do. 18 For, as I have often told you before and now tell you again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. 19 Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. 20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like

  56. George

    Good show I listen to it Sunday

  57. Clyde Cates Jr

    Vaccine drug pushing Trump leading us? Get real, God forbid!!!

    • IIG

      God will forbid the election of the man who allowed the “jab” to happen!!

  58. David

    Bo Polny, Greg Hunter, or no one else should be talking about Roe v. Wade, because it has NOT BEEN OVERTURNED yet. The only thing that has happened is that the deep state leaked information that supposedly the supreme court is working on a DRAFT that MIGHT result in an overturning of Roe v. Wade. That’s it.

    I happen to be against abortion, but why isn’t Bo Polny talking about the real issue – something more important and damaging, per this article:


    This “leak” issue and our FEDERAL government ENCOURAGING people to protest in front of Supreme Court justice’s homes means our entire society has disintegrated. Bo Polny or anyone else on Greg’s program hasn’t said anything about that.

    And as for the economy, inflation, etc., etc., nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong at all if DOZENS of people can protest in front of Supreme Court justice’s homes, and dozens more are protesting all over the country – people protesting on BOTH SIDES of the issue. All these people obviously have lots of free time and lots of money – they don’t need a job, aren’t looking for one, and have lots of money to spend to have signs made up, and travel. They also have nothing productive to do with their time other than travel to different places and protest. No, inflation, the economy, gas prices, etc. are not hurting them one bit.

    • virginia clark

      Most of the protestors have become professional shills/protestors for the big corporate interests. That IS their job.

  59. Self Exiled

    ”The supply chain is so broken” I quote you and this supports your thoughts internationally, seem to support also that coved was the catalyst that accelerated the problem.


  60. Don Wohlers

    After scanning though the comments and what Bo Polny had to say, I have some comments. I agree that we see a lot happening today like NEVER BEFORE. But the Bible tells us about these things in the book of Revelation. I would like you to read about the first four seals as they are opened. You see those things TODAY. NOT NEXT CENTURY. We need to be in His word today and every day. Yes, people tell me that we don’t know when the last seven years will start. The Bible reads that we will NOT know the DAY nor the HOUR. But as believers we will KNOW THE SEASON. The season is coming quickly and many of us are seeing it including Pastor David Jeremiah.
    But President Trump will NOT be President again as the Council on Foreign Relations is in control of this nation and will NOT allow anyone to be President again except one of their members and then we will see Him coming in the middle of the Tribulation for us. We need to know him and the sooner the better.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  61. Russ McMeans

    Greg; it might be my terrible internet connection. But 2 Rumble players on the screen. 2nd one works but only plays for a bit then loops back to the beginning. I’m running latest os on an iPhone 13. I’ll try my laptop and do it somewhere else with better internet. Alas Google kicked you off uTube because they refuse to recognize that Biden is an imposter faux pas president. He shut down our XL pipeline and I spent $850 on gasoline for the month of April. Sob jerk. If I could I would rob everyone at gunpoint that voted for Biden. And that includes half my family!

  62. Carol Hudak

    ”Roe vs. Wade” is being moved from Supreme Court control,
    to Individual State Control! “Roe vs. Wade” is not being
    obliterated, unfortunately. EACH STATE will decide the fate
    of “Roe vs. Wade.”
    The One World Gov’t’s goal is population destruction;
    men, women, children. U.N. Agenda 2030 states:
    “90% of human population is dead; no more children;
    10% of people left will be 1/2 human and 1/2 A.I. called
    Cyborgs. This is why the non-vac sterilizes anyone who takes it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Carol, but no more federal right to have an abortion. This is 50 years in the making.

      • Dav

        We can”t. Win against evil is too strong only god will win thé war .but now we are Alone in thé darkness.
        Best regards greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry for you Dav of little faith. We are NOT alone.

          • Dav

            I try to believe but my life is very harmfull i m loosing everything is t s vert hard .greg

            • Self Exiled

              Trust [rely on and have confidence] in the LORD and do good.
              Dwell in the land and feed [securely] on His faithfulness.
              Delight yourself in the LORD,
              And He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.
              Commit your way to the LORD.
              Trust in Him also and He will do it.
              He will make your righteousness [your pursuit of right standing with God] like the light,
              And your judgment like [the shining of] the noonday [sun].
              Be still before the LORD; wait patiently for Him and entrust yourself to Him.
              Do not fret (whine, agonize) because of him who prospers in his way,
              Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. Psalm 37:3 I know.

            • susan

              Dav, hang in there. I understand what you are saying. Please remember that if all you can say is the name, Jesus, then He will help you. It may not be wonderful, but He will get you through whatever you are going through. If you are beyond praying, just know Jesus’ name has power.

        • Mark

          Lower case g indicates satan the enemy. Anyone with the slightest reverence for the Father God will capitalize.

    • Charles H


      What was the word? Oh!, yes… “OVERTURNED”. This doesn’t sound like being overturned to me.

  63. Gaylene Muir

    Imagine how a real world government could benefit mankind. Today many people suffer because they are so poor, while others are very rich. But a compassionate world government could make sure that all have what they need. Do you think us inhuman humans, will ever create such a government?​—Read Jeremiah 10:23.
    Throughout history, governments have failed in many ways to care for their subjects, especially the poor. Some governments are cruel. (Ecclesiastes 4:1; 8:9) But Almighty God has promised to provide a government that will replace all others. Its Ruler will really take care of people.​—Read Isaiah 11:4; Daniel 2:44.
    God has chosen an ideal world Ruler​—his Son, Jesus. (Luke 1:31-33) As a man on earth, Jesus was interested in helping people. As King, he will unite people of all nations and relieve people of all suffering.​—Read Psalm 72:8, 12-14.
    Will everyone accept Jesus as Ruler? No. But God our father is patient. (2 Peter 3:9) He is giving people the opportunity to accept Jesus as Ruler. Soon, Jesus will rid the earth of all the bad people and will establish peace and security worldwide.​—Read Micah 4:3, 4.
    How do I know? Because the Bible says it’s so!

  64. Jerry

    Strange timing on this (still just a rumor btw).

    Do TPTB want to overturn RvW to pave the way for forced vaccination?

    Do they not need medical abortion because they have more effective pill & injection methods now?

    Has the Trumpcine sterilized a sufficient number of people that abortion is unnecessary now?

    Is this being used to distract from data dumps concerning the terrible effects of the Trumpcine?

    Is this meant to energize the Left for the upcoming midterms?

    There is NO WAY that RvW would be overturned w/o it somehow serving the agenda of The Evil ones…

    • IIg

      You could be right Jerry – the Demonrats have already strategically bused and planted “military aged” border crossing terrorist operatives in all our major cities – so now “right before the election” – the Demonrats can order their terrorist operatives “to create riots” based upon Roe v. Wade – that will require Bribe’n “to declare Marshall Law” – and hence require all voting in the upcoming election be done with “paper ballots” only (which have already been printed up) and which will result in a clean sweep where Demonrats get to control both houses of Congress!!

    • Mark Maples


      IMO, it was leaked so the media can sell “energized left” for the midterms, which they will now steal, under cover of energized left

      The sheep will buy that narrative

  65. Jody Paul

    Hi Greg. Always like the interviews with Bo. There is one question though that I would love to hear Bo answer. He talks about the arks of safety and how in the coming time of blessings the major wealth transfer happens and that is our time to prepare for Revelation. It’s almost as though he is eluding to the possibility that those that prepare may be able to be separated from or some how not get caught up in Revelation with the beast system. Could this be true and if so, how?


  66. darin

    2 kings 24:3-4: “Surely at the commandment of the LORD came this upon Judah, to remove them out of his sight, for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he did;

    4 And also for the innocent blood that he shed: for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; which the LORD would not pardon.”

    does 60 million+ make us too late for pardon?

  67. Bob Brinker

    WHAT’S the greatest gift you ever received, Anthony? Anybody?
    Well a gift does not have to be expensive to be important. After all, the true value of a gift is not necessarily measured in terms of money. Rather, when a gift brings you happiness or fills a real need in your life, it has great value to you personally.
    And of the many gifts you could ever hope to receive, there is one that stands out above all others. It is a gift from God to mankind and that means woman and children too. God has given us many things, but his greatest gift to us is the ransom sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. (Read Matthew 20:28.) As you’ll will see in this chapter, the ransom is the most valuable gift you could possibly receive, for it can bring you untold happiness and can fill your most important needs. The ransom is really the greatest expression of God’s love for you.
    Put simply, the ransom is God the father’s means to deliver, or save, human’s from sin and death. (Ephesians 1:7) To grasp the meaning of this Bible teaching, we need to think back to what happened in the garden of Eden. Only if we understand what Adam lost when he sinned can we appreciate why the ransom is such a valuable gift to us.
    When he created Adam, God gave him something truly precious​—perfect human life. Consider what that meant for Adam. Made with a perfect body and mind, he would never get sick, grow old, or die. As a perfect human, he had a special relationship with his heavenly father God. The Bible says that Adam was a “son of God.” (Luke 3:38) So Adam enjoyed a close relationship with God, like that of a son with a loving father. God communicated with his earthly son, giving Adam satisfying assignments of work and letting him know what was expected of him.​—Genesis 1:28-30; 2:16, 17.
    Adam was made “in God’s image.” (Genesis 1:27) That did not mean that Adam resembled God in appearance. As you may realize, God is an invisible Spirit. (John 4:24) So God doesn’t have a body of flesh and blood. Being made in God’s image meant that Adam was created with qualities like those of God, including love, wisdom, justice, and power. Adam was like his Father in another important way in that he possessed free will. Hence, Adam was not like a machine that can perform only what it is designed or programmed to do. Instead, he could make personal decisions, choosing between right and wrong. If he had chosen to obey God, he would have lived forever in Paradise.
    Clearly, then, when Adam disobeyed God and was condemned to death, he paid a very high price. His sin cost him his perfect human life with all its blessings. (Genesis 3:17-19) Sadly, Adam lost this precious life not only for himself but also for his future offspring. God’s Word says: “Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned.” (Romans 5:12) Yes, all of us have inherited sin from Adam. Hence, the Bible says that he “sold” himself and his offspring into slavery to sin and death. (Romans 7:14) There was no hope for Adam or Eve because they willfully chose to disobey God. But what about their offspring, including us?
    God came to mankind’s rescue by means of the ransom. What is a ransom? The idea of a ransom basically involves two things. First, a ransom is the price paid to bring about a release or to buy something back. It might be compared to the price paid for the release of a prisoner of war. Second, a ransom is the price that covers, or pays, the cost of something. It is similar to the price paid to cover the damages caused by an injury. For example, if a person causes an accident, he would have to pay an amount that fully corresponds to, or equals, the value of what was damaged.
    How would it be possible to cover the enormous loss that Adam inflicted on all of us and to release us from slavery to sin and death? Let’s consider the ransom that God provided and what this can mean for you. Later. . . . .

  68. Art Simpson

    Aloha Greg & Bo,
    The 3rd seal is famine. The 4th seal is war. Is war what turns the U.S. (and Euriope) around? 1/4th the earth is killed in the 4th seal. Ez 38:10ff says Israel and (what is described) the U.S. are taken out at the “same time”. How will the U.S. be a safe place during the 4th seal.

  69. tim

    Bitcoin is NOT PART OF GODS MONEY IT IS MAN MADE and part of the Antichrist system..

  70. Marie Joy

    At the rate things are going, Deagel looks accurate.

  71. Lee

    Hi Mr. Hunter ,I would like to know how is the church seeing the third Seal open ,as Bo Polny says we are ,AN the church is raptured in the 3rd chapter of the Bible. So how is the third Seal opened ,when the Third seal is opened in the 5th chapter? The church is not MENTIONED AGAIN AFTER THE THIRD CHAPTER IN REVELATION.

  72. MC

    Dr Zelenko has posted onTelegram the US patents for linking cryptos to nanotech in Trump’s vaccines. Catherine Austin Fitz has said many times that cryptos are the mark of the beast.

    The other day the IDF attacked a Catholic Arab funeral procession in Israel. These police even beat the men carrying the casket.

    USAWatchdog is a den of iniquity, lies and false prophets.

  73. wayne hardin

    A 2 minute video only feeds the ones that haven’t seen the whole movie .

    Wayne Hardin .

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just a heads up that may help those trying to procure baby formula I ran accross =
    Forwarded from
    @ssg_q please echo this
    TO ALL THE MOMS THAT CANT FIND BABY FORMULA….go to amazon…go to the bottom…change from US to Canada. You can get all the formula you need. They are not having a shortage just the US is. Have it shipped right to your front door.

    A few more tidbits or what its worth =





  75. evans

    every word that the Lors specks or writes is Law and he has set up a natural process for enforcing that law.

  76. Daryl Este

    How about a spoon full of social norms.

    Or a cup full of world norms.

    Lord, Help !


  77. Daryl Este

    God’s Time
    God’s Standard

    The Speed of TRUST
    ” The One Thing That Changes Everything ”

  78. Wayne Scott

    On my Dad’s side, Scotts got here in 1616. Stacks of books
    of the generations for proof. That lands on 2016, a very different
    year also.
    Christians aren’t merely created in God’s image like humanity
    (that’s all ever heard). They are born of the Holy Spirit_John 3:8.
    Also they are born from above_these are the words of Y’shua.
    Ol’Neb is the one who mentions “born again”, which could only
    define as spiritually regenerated_far cry from being
    born of the Holy Spirit.
    Y’shua also mentions the “days of vengeance” elsewhere. Luke 21
    Wish I had learned about reaping and sowing when a kid.
    Would have been free to do whatever, while the wealth keeps coming, and the economic cares of the world would be of none affect to the wealth_goes right past the thieves o a worldly economy.

  79. Dan

    Sunday night into early Monday morning (May 15-16) is supposed to be a blood red moon over America. Another sign?

  80. Judith

    Greg, Trump IS POTUS !!! He has been since 10:30 pm TX time Nov 3rd, 2020.

  81. Todd Murphy

    We are not in the time of “SEALS” as in Revelation. The seals, trumpets, and bowls will be “poured out” during the tribulation. The tribulation does not start until Jesus takes His “Church” home to heaven. The seals are the first part of the tribulation. I think Bo just has this wrong. He has a lot of good points and I do not want to discard him over this but it is a big deal that he is stating incorrectly. Thanks, Greg! God bless you.

    • Charles H

      Correct Biblical eschatology – good going Todd!

  82. Judith

    The Barry Soetoro was also a rigged election, just like the entity currently occupying the people’s house.

  83. Judith

    Greg, the Barry Soetoro occupation of the people’s house was also a rigged election. Every tittle and jot that he penned should be eliminated from the registry.

  84. Nick Reynolds

    1971 was also the year that some Congressional Reorganization Act occurred, signed by Nixon, in which votes in Congress switched from being secret to public. Votes used to be secret in Congress, and there weren’t too many lobbyists in the swamp then. Voting should be secret. We all want that; it avoids the pitfalls of bribery and blackmail. Then why not for our representatives, as well? Now all Congressional votes are public. So now, any Congressperson who votes their conscience, and not the way the lobbyists and big money contributors want, risks losing their seat. We get exactly what big money wants. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Democrat or Republican. The best thing we could do to restore some semblance of democracy would be to go back to secret ballots in Congress. It’d be so easy, and you’d think the Congress itself would prefer secret ballots.

    • Robert schanke

      Greg, Bo is leaving out too many end time events identified in the Bible. For example the rapture, when does the gold get thrown in the streets because it has no value, the martyrdom of tribulation saints and the spiritual condition of Israel. And the return of Trump to fix everything is blasphemy. Had to turn off his ramblings but I will vote for trump in 2024 if he runs.

  85. pbd

    Fyi – Biblical significance or otherwise you may want to look-up tonight to witness the first if of two twin sister (balanced) super-blood-moons that will occur this year – that have not occurred together for 430 years. Just some thoughts – witnessing will be a rare privilege for a few. The geoengineers will not be able to obscure presumably ALL of the night sky tonight – some will be able to “see” (witness). In general witnessing does not have to be concurrent with understanding, which can come later, perhaps. If around and through peak-totality you are consciously witnessing, you will be at the same time in the line of roughly apposing significant gravitational fields (between the moon and sun). Speculation: Is it possible that during this alignment of gravitational forces – there could be a coupling effect that creates a momentary local micro-environment in the space/time/zero point energy field – that further couples with your concurrent real time physiochemical mental state (i.e. brain chemistry of witnessing) that harmonizes, organizes, enlightens, opens, etc. spirit, consciousness, connection, understanding? Not sure why I wrote this. Could be just BS or wishful thinking.
    Best of luck all.

  86. pbd

    Greg, Thanks for another excellent interview – I really enjoy listening to Bo Polny’s analysis and perspective – I confess I do not understand a lot of the logic of it – and sometimes it comes across as a different form of “hopium” that we have been exposed to for the last few years. “The Day of the Lord’s Vengeance” or inevitable apocalyptic collapse of fiat systems may play out differently from what many prophesize or expect. Human nature particularly collectively (Satanically or otherwise) is to “kick-the-can-down-the-road” and mortgage the future in many different ways – fiat money is just one aspect of this that will collapse. Many sound-money folks are blind to the other aspects by which the human race has mortgaged the future, i.e. pollution, energy dependence, technology, complex systems, human population growth etc. – which will also collapse presumably concomitantly on the Day of the Lords Vengeance (I think) that will expose and arrest and reverse the kicking-the-can-down-the-road processes.

    Best of luck all.

  87. pbd

    [kicking the can down the road continued] . . . I believe in sound-money monetary policy. I also believe in sound energy policy – i.e. that does not mortgage the future by continually building more and more nuclear power plants that can fail (Fukushima/Chernobyl) and/or create stock piles of nuclear waste that poison the environment catastrophically – and/or mortgage the future by using fiat paper money to “drill-baby-drill” to get diminishing ultimately finite fossil fuel reserves that are not being replenished by human activity. The later point is not a CO2 global warming argument masquerading as something else. As I have commented before human CO2 activity is irrelevant at this point relative to the potential triggered problem of runaway methane release from methane-hydrate in permafrost and deep ocean stores – the CO2 blame game is a complete farse.
    Best of luck all.

  88. pbd

    . . . I do not understand how sound-money, anti-CO2 global-warming, anti-pollution advocates each can be blind to and ignore the other forms of mortgaging the future (kicking the can down the road) – and selectively demonize/dehumanize others in order to cling to their ideologies. The Day of Gods Vengeance will not pick winners and losers (I think) as between the fiat-money system, fiat-energy, fiat-based environmental pollution, reckless fiat-based population growth etc. – when the jig-is-up the human kicking-the-can-down the road WILL STOP – regardless of what color-coded righteous team each of us is playing for (red, blue, black, white, green, purple, rainbow . . .).

    Best of luck all.

  89. pbd

    . . . “earthquakes” and “volcanoes” are not going to just take down the fiat-money system . . . the nuclear power plants, the energy grid and other fiat base infrastructure systems that cheat, lie and borrow from the future will probably collapse also.
    Sorry but blaming everything on “Roe v. Wade” might feel good to some – but does not cut it for me (with all due respect) and is perhaps another dangerous aspect of “controlled opposition” strategy that plays to the powers-at-be that want to cling to power and enslave the little people.
    Best of luck all.

  90. Joe Serino

    I have a simple question. If the evil of this earth are hoarding gold and silver, is it removed from them by law and tribunal? Banks and nations have been hoarding gold. What of them? I don’t see that some kind of jubilee hands out the spoils of justice to the masses. There are may who have not prepared with gold or silver or even food. What of these people? What of Trump? As a leader, is he not responsible for the “Warp Speed” roll out of the death shots and the destruction of the middle class by declaring a medical emergency and arbitrary shutdowns?

    • IIG

      It is only fair to hand out all the Gold the Globalists stole “from the people” – “back to the people” – the people in debt can then use that Gold to pay off their debt obligations (A Jubilee) – while those without debt can just store their Gold away for a rainy day!! – if the 8000 tons of Gold at Fort Knox is shared out to the 340 million American people – we would all each get 3/4 of an ounce each (only enough to pay off about $1350 in debt (with Gold at $1825 per ounce) – but if gold is 15,000 dollars per ounce (as Rickards says it should be) each person could pay off $11,250 of their debt – better yet – if Gold is at $50,000 dollars per ounce (as Jim Sinclair says it should be) each debtor could pay off $37,500 dollars worth of loans!!

  91. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    There are still a few minor things that I disagree with Bo about but overall it is a great interview and I love the energy that Bo brings to the table. That said, I sure do miss Rob Kirby. I know you do.
    A very tired, Lo Iyrah!

    • Charles H

      Rob Kirby was a treasure – we never got enough of.

  92. Clint D Young

    Abortion is just one of many abominations that “Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” (Revelation 17:5) promotes. This last day’s Babylon is the USA. It soon will be completely destroyed (Jeremiah 50). Get out of the USA before she goes down. This could happen anytime after Russia takes the Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. I figure this last day’s Babylon only has around 49 days left. My best guess when she will go down is July 4, 2022.

  93. Tim


    How does the death jab fit into all of this.


  94. David Bagley

    I believe the cabal wants the chaos from overturning roe vs wade.. the supreme court justices are placed by the cabal..

  95. Brian Dougan

    Sorry Bo–We were not created “above the angels.” ” For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:5. NKJV).

  96. David Bagley

    The tribulation is coming soon

  97. Ms. Venezia

    There are two things that you (Greg) said during this interview where FINALLY someone else has agreed with me on. The most significant one is regarding the murder of the unborn child. When women say, “It’s my body.” I’ve always said, yes, it is your body, but we oppose you killing the life “INSIDE” your body, which is another life. I always wished I had a platform to make that common sense point that no pro-life people ever seem to make, but you made it for me.

    The other thing, is regarding the 501(c)(3) when you said, for pastors or whoever is running the finances of the church to JUST PAY YOUR TAXES! I always say that! I listened to your recent interview with Jonathan Kahn. He makes incredible connections as does Bo Polny regarding the number of days between things occurring in the world and how it corresponds to God’s Word in the Bible and other Biblical events. But regarding Jonathan Kahn, I used to attend Beth Israel frequently where Jonathan was the pastor. He also baptized me and I’ve spoken to him on the phone very briefly once where he was asking me to try to talk to (I believe) his sister to try to get her to follow Jesus or believe in Jesus. When he was on your show recently and you asked him what he would tell people about the vaccine? (I’m paraphrasing). Did you notice he wouldn’t speak against it? He said he’ll let them make up their own mind and it’s between them and God. (Paraphrasing again). Really Jonathan? Would you also tell someone to talk to God about an incoming Hurricane you know of that they don’t? During Trump’s run, I never heard him speak out for voting for Trump. I believe it’s because he can’t! He’s locked in with the 501(c)(3). I looked the church up and it’s a 501(c)(3). So if Jonathan has the information that indisputably shows the harm of the injection, which I believe he’s smart enough to have found out about, then to withhold that information from the congregation I find despicable, especially for a pastor. So I guess for him, a tax-deduction (money) prevents him from warning people of the dangers of the injection as well as preventing him from encouraging people to vote for a man who was trying to bring God back into America, who stood for Israel and tried to make us self-sufficient and a “great” country.

    I wrote him a letter once when I was on the verge of eviction asking for financial help. He never called me or wrote me back, but had some other man call me and basically turn me down. Not only did the man turn me down, but he kept making these suggestions as to what I should do to get money (I had a low paying job). When every suggestion he had was countered with my saying basically, “Been there, done that and to no avail,” the man seemed to get more frustrated it seemed because he ran out of excuses not to help me. Yet Jonathan can take trips to China, South America, etc. on what I assume to be parishioner’s tithes to spread the good news, with probably no questions asked. But he let his sister in the Lord face homelessness. Therefore, I do as Jesus said to when he spoke of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees in Matthew 23:3: “So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.”

    All I’ve just said wasn’t to bash Jonathan, it’s just to do what you do on your show and all your guests do. It’s to make people aware of something that they didn’t know. And hopefully, they’ll not love or trust anyone more than Jesus; not children, parents, friends, husbands, wives, pastors, etc. As Jesus said, in Matthew 10:37:

    “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me;”

    And Jesus is the only One you can trust exclusively.

    • virginia clark

      Good comments. You are spot on. There are too many preacher hypocrites. I left the church because I don’t believe God is there. If you don’t have a personal relationship with God 24/7 then you won’t find him in church. Church I found was a great place for self righteous gossipers, clicks and “pay for play” type positions. No thank you.
      I’m sorry the church did not back you when you were in need, but I’m not surprised. My God keep and help you on you path.

  98. [email protected]

    How New Copyright Laws Threaten Privacy and Freedom of Speech
    Posted on Apr 28, 2022 by Glyn Moody

  99. Marie Joy

    What else would you expect in a planned demolition?

  100. Justn Observer

    Greg, For those sniffling, hacking, coughing along this spring wondering what it might be ? =
    COVID-19 vs. Flu vs. Cold: Which One Do You Have? (medicinenet.com)

    Long COVID Symptoms Linked to Effects on Vagus Nerve (medicinenet.com)

  101. The Ogs

    I believe it would be good if commenters could be more concise, and not post enormous book-length comments… And I suspect that Greg agrees (but is too polite to say so).

    • eddiemd

      I second that.

      Post links.

    • Jaun Valdez

      Not So Og’s Mate,
      A lot of the size of the comments, determine if I just scroll by. It’s the smallest that I pass by the most, because of the fact to say anything of significance take’s words and space. And I suspect that Greg does not agree with you Ogs, simply because he has always given generously to everybody to say their peace here and I’m sur Greg has nixed any rambling gobbledygook that some lamebrain tries to espouse, which I rarely see here. For the most part like I said, it’s the larger comments that contain the meat, the milk, for the children. The milk being the thank you Greg, praises for the guest or complaints about the comments friends here put some time and effort into and by the way Greg, you’re doing a terrific job! Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see the short, sweet comments and the compliments. But when Joe Blow from Finland has something to say, I listen, because I might learn something. I never even thought of and that what makes USAWatchdog.com, so GREAAT!
      Sorry ogs, hope I didn’t hold you up here to long, didn’t mean to take up this much space when I could have just accused you of being a troll!

      • eddiemd

        This is the person writing the long rambling essays on here for years. The same person always uses the mixed up, false names. They have been here for years. You are easily recognized by your writing style.

        I always skip on your long extended writings.

        You are a troll using different pseudo names.

        • JaunV.

          Thank you and your welcome eddiemd! I’ll pray for you and I’m sure you’ll pray for me and what a surprise if we meet each other on the other side, it’ll be a hoot! We can both thank Greg and USAWatchdog.com, no matter what or how anything turns out in this insane time of the end of the age of man’s rule and of course, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven. Don’t believe, then just wait and see the salvation of the LORD!
          O’ and please Eddie,
          New Living Translation
          Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.”
          ◄ Luke 21:36 ►

          • eddiemd

            Always famous last words….I’ll pray for you.

            I am on target again. The same writing style as the person who writes the long essays with the subtle JW doctrine interwoven. It is deception.

            Come out from the doctrine of men. There is still time.

            Be like a Berean. Read the Bible for yourself.

  102. Marie Joy

    IF you cannot breastfeed and formula is NOT available, what can you do and what did mothers do before formula?

    • The Seer

      I was raised on raw goat milk as allergic to dairy. Some feed carrot juice 50% with water as carrots are pretty complete food too. Artesian water for hydration. Or raw cow milk.
      Homogenization very bad to inject ruins the gut.

    • Justn Observer

      NOT get or be pushed in the schools to give their childern how many vaxs and shot causing so many of the current malaise?

    • susan

      please, Greg, understand Dav is in a place many people cannot understand. If people haven’t experienced mental problems, they cannot relate to those who are going through these days. Please be gentle and loving.

  103. Leslie H

    This is totally unrelated, but I am spreading the word that there is an upside down cross on the cover of this month’s better homes and gardens. PLEASE cancel your subscriptions and contact the advertisers in it! It is a desecration of all we hold dearest!!!

  104. eddiemd

    To Anthony Australia,

    I read your first post above.

    A lot of people get wrapped up in the abortion. I saw one done in 1995 when I was a medical student on an OB/GYN rotation at Boston City Hospital. It was very mechanical for the physician doing the procedure. I was a third year medical student. I did not participate, just watched. I knew I would never participate in this again.

    This I know to be true. For the believer someday you will know your son or daughter. As David said.


    You shall go to him or her. You will know your offspring. Your child waits for you.

    The Lord will restore what the locust has taken away. In His way.


    This is the message for all young men, young women, old men, and old women. The Lord’s arm is not shortened that it cannot save.

    • Nigel Brewster

      Wow, your the only one who handled it like I think Jesus would have, true love, not condemnation or any hint of superiority. You could have said a lot more, but I think your trust in God let you, water enough to let God make it grow. H. is mellowing out to, we all are as we see that fear inspiring day draw near. Makes me want to cry, but I won’t cause, arm ah gettin outa here!

  105. Marie Joy

    In lieu of formula, how about goat’s milk, alpaca milk, and llama milk? I know most do not have access to llamas and alpacas but, out in the sticks, goats are common. WE are coming to a time when our, and our children’s, survival will depend on our ability to think outside the box.
    Goats can be used as lawnmowers as long as you don’t have laurel in your lawn. Laurel is poisonous to goats.

  106. Marie Joy

    The handwriting is on the wall. They will find a reason to cancel elections because they know, if elections are held, they will lose power. They will hold power at any cost.

    • Vic L

      Marie Joy,
      I’ve never read a comment on this forum that I believe is as accurate as the one you just made. Absent divine intervention, as Bo Polny suggests is coming, the future of our country is bleak. We are facing a planned takedown that is proceeding slowly, step by slow step. They didn’t steal the 2020 Presidential election just to give it all away in the 2022 midterm elections. This is REALLY starting to get scary!!!!

      • Self Exiled

        ‘Do not tremble nor be afraid [of the violent upheavals to come];
        Have I not long ago proclaimed it to you and declared it?
        And you are My witnesses.
        Is there a God besides Me?
        There is no other Rock;
        I know of none.’” Isaiah 44:8

    • IIG

      To vote in the 2024 election – a voter will need to run the gauntlet – where the voter would first be stripped of his energy (natural gas and oil pipelines) and flogged with a cat-o’-nine-tails with extra knots (like a plandemic and food famine) – so that by the time the voter gets through the gauntlet – he will have forgotten even why he was voting – and will simply re-elect the Demonrats who will bring us to Nuclear War with Russia by sending $40 Billion in additional arms to the Ukraine and placing nuclear missiles in Poland!!

      • Conrad Smack

        It’s really 54 billion, with a b, for broke, busted and d, disgusted. It’s starting to feel like the Titanic 🚢around here, or the Moskva🛳. Don’t forget the three B’s, broke, busted and bathing suit! It’s the Bee’s knee’s!

  107. Jim

    Such an inspiring show,
    thank you Greg!!

  108. Conrad Smack

    McDonald’s Leaving Russia FOREVER But Will Get Back in June Under The New Name, Babushka’s! A name steeped in Slavic history! Lol!
    4,579 views May 16, 2022 Baklykov. Was Live; Only 10 minutes
    Today, at the 16th of March, 2022, McDonald’s announced that finally they are leaving Russia permanently. But the restaurants will get back to work in the middle of June, as they sell all of them with employees and menu. It will have a different name though.
    S. Koileken 14 hours ago
    I expect average Russian people’s health would improve after McDonald’s disappearance.
    Conrad Smack 2 minutes ago
    Don’t tell our deep state, Koily. They might by it for them and give it to them for free, at US. taxpayer expense!
    If they can send 54 billion through the Ukraine laundromat to buy US. oil reserves to save Europe from collapse, we certainly can help make the Russian ‘fat Slavic, babushka wearing’ woman even fatter and more diabetic! A twofer!
    Hey mates, they’re Europeons too after all, there on the new NATO border. It’ll be much harder for them to run when we cross over. But watch out for the woman, when you get to Siberian, they sure can chew the Walrus fat and spit it right back at ya! Bullseye!

    Henry Kissinger: ‘We are now living in a totally new era’ | FT
    649,865 views May 12, 2022 Financial Times
    The FT’s US national editor, Edward Luce, talks to former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, about Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the spectre of nuclear war. Read more at https://on.ft.com/3P8hTKS
    Alan Martin 3 days ago
    the most surprising thing I have learned during this whole Ukraine thing is that Henry Kissinger is still alive.

    The end of a superpower – The collapse of the Soviet Union | DW Documentary
    7,373,974 views Mar 3, 2022 DW Documentary
    Russian President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.” This documentary from 2021 shows the path Russian foreign policy has followed under Putin.
    Interestingly we think of Russia as white and European but as you can see from this doc, it is maybe at most only 25%, Europe ends and Asia begins in Russia and at one time included Alaska and down to northern California, including San Francisco!

    You Were Right. . . . . . . . . . .🤐
    897,088 views May 15, 2022 Russell Brand
    A new investigation reports that Dr. Anthony Fraudci and the NIH received and hid $350 million of royalties from pharma companies.
    Would any sane man, in a insane world. Trust what this moron wants to jab you with?

    Kudlow: ‘We have to start taking emergency action’
    535,281 views May 12, 2022 Fox News
    Things are getting worse everywhere—not just here in the USA. I say that because the US has now joined the rest of the world with double-digit inflation, and although all nations fudge the numbers to fool people into thinking it’s not as bad as it is, inflation is a serious factor for any economy and has ruined whole countries. We have not yet reached this level in the US, because there are so many other levers of manipulation available to the financial Powers that Be, but in third world countries the effect is much more dramatic because they are limited in how many taxes they can wring out of their population. Tyranny is growing at an even pace with inflation. Even though Covid is disappearing, the emergency powers which the false pandemic spawned are ready to be employed again at the least provocation and tamp down on personal liberty. Nations around the world are turning more tyrannical and restrictive against all forms of personal liberties.

    Melania Trump on possible return to White House: ‘Never say never’
    1,297,212 views May 15, 2022 Fox News
    Former First Lady Melania Trump sat down with ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Pete Hegseth to discuss media scrutiny, the opioid crisis, and her initiative to help foster children through ‘Fostering the Future.’
    Yvonne Allan 17 hours ago
    “Leadership”- she stated all of our problems in one word and a twenty minute segment defining it to anyone who is not understanding, what we are ALL living through at this point. Nuf said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Way too long. Shorter next time please.

  109. eddiemd

    This same person or group are religious cult followers. JWs, mormons, 7th day adventists, or the like using USAWD as a place to spout their false ideology. They are deniers of the Gospel preferring their own doctrines of men. They are deceived in their minds. It is a pity that their eyes and hearts are blinded.

    The blind leading the blind. They are spiritually dead.

    • Con Smack

      Reply to eddiemd
      ? WHAT! ……..?…..?….?!
      Does anybody know what that was all about?
      I know your type eddie, any one claiming Christian, that accepts Christ but not with every jot and tittle of what you believe is condemned to hell and then your bad attitude doesn’t even allow them to get there, because your stumbling!! Yet a Jew, whom does not accept Jesus as the true messiah and is still waiting for messiah’s first appearance, is accepted with your love and kindness. Which is not wrong at all, but you should allow that love to extend to all and those that could possibly be your brothers and sisters? Just as your savior did and guides us even today. Let Jesus do the separating of the sheep and goats, that’s his job not yours, mate and the show isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Till then take a Q from the master, you catch more flies with honey, not just money!
      Mr.md, stick to soldiering. You make a lousy copper and I don’t mean snake!
      And if you don’t like it, like Greg say’s. START YOUR OWN SITE!
      Preach the good news, plant the seeds of the good news. Water with the Good news. Just like the front lawn. God and the solar sun, will make them grow, not you or me and my team of course, lol!
      Unlike George Carlin, your club is exclusive and your not letting anybody in, who isn’t exclusive enough as you. Christ didn’t or doesn’t belong to a Christian Clique. They’ll be those who have a fraction of the knowledge you or I have, that will enter into the kingdom of the heavens ahead of us because of their faith, maybe of just a mustered seed. That Christ died for them, not their doctrine! Don’t get me wrong, doctrines fine, but not a litmus test! Faith is what’s saving you, faith in Jesus sacrifice for our sins! How you can condemn large swathes of the worlds population makes me thankful you or not I are God.
      The end is not yet, there is still time. Jesus gave us a warning. That it would have been better to not have been born then to be a cause for stumbling, of one with little faith and be better to have a milestone placed around our neck and throne into the sea.
      See you there, wherever mate.
      P.S. Greg, I’ll try harder to keep em down, but as you can see I’m smokin!!!!!!

      • eddiemd

        My posting was not attached to the correct thread. That does not matter. From your response it was on the target nonetheless.

        Your demonic rant speaks volumes. The demon speaks for you.

        Examine yourself while there is time. Come out from the cult worship.

        • C.M.

          Man, I cannot believe you and I held you in such esteem. Wow, you want to stumble me too?! Would you like to see me burn in hell and you don’t even know me. I might even be a nice guy for all you know.
          I was with a friend once and a little old lady cut him off and he went after her giving her the finger and I had to scream at my friend, #^@*^&, WTF! That’s somebody’s grandma!
          Give her a break, mate! How’d you’d like somebody
          scaring your grandmaw!
          Watch your mouth eddie. There’s a lot of those with little faith and you don’t want to be a cause for their stumbling, do you?
          If your going to condemn anybody you have to take the time to help them. Be bold, but tactful. Show them the way. Not just hit and run. Isn’t Christ our exemplar. Look at Greg, he gets a lot of flak, yet I never heard him call somebody a demon and he can get a little hot under the collar.
          Ed, I respect you a lot. You make USAWatchdog very God dammed interesting! I mean we all know a lot about you and most here, we know very little personally about and your appreciated for it! I guess what I’m trying to say is, I looked up to a ball player when I was a kid and at the stadium I ran into my hero and he literally picked me up and shoved me aside moving on quickly. I was old enough not to cry but it hurt. Were all human, maybe your right, maybe I’m trying to get back at you, cause I’m starting to feel it!
          You see a few years back I got to talk to my hero on talk radio and we both had a good laugh about the incident.
          Now I feel condemned eddie, I hope I didn’t give you to much to handle. If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, I think I would run off like Peter. Because I went to far sir, and I’m sorry. You see I’m a nobody and I know it, which is supposed to be good, in Christ. You didn’t deserve the flak. I didn’t mean the dis-respect.
          I decided to send this anyways.

          • eddiemd

            Con man smack trying to fool people. Again.

            You are the same person who wrote the demonic rant above and now you write a second demonic essay.

            You are not fooling anyone. Come out from the false doctrines. You have multiple demons manifested by the multiple personalities you have displayed.

            There is still time to repent.

  110. Justn Observer

    Remember the ‘narrative’ on BERNIE SANDERS going to Russia for his honeymoon = being a ‘socialist’/’communist’ to disqualify his presidential run?

    SO…. why does FOX NEWS and MSM not mention that Pres. Joe and Jill ALSO went behind the IRON CURTAIN for their honeymoon? hmmmm
    HAS ‘old’ corn pop Joe and Jill ever really had ‘their’ ties and friendships to New England socialist/communist people or groups? Just say’n, MAYBE there is MORE to his big swing ‘LEFT’ that the people have been distracted from?
    Biden credits his second wife, teacher Jill Tracy Jacobs, with the renewal of his interest in politics and life;[62] they met in 1975 on a blind date[63] and were married at the United Nations chapel in New York on June 17, 1977.[64][65] They spent their honeymoon at Lake Balaton in the Hungarian People’s Republic, behind the Iron Curtain.[66]

    Telling = who MIGHT really pulling Biden puppet strings? = ‘Honeymoon in Hungary’: Joe and Jill Biden’s odd ‘70s post-marital Iron Curtain trip | Trib 247 | trib247.com
    ***** https://trib247.com/articles/honeymoon-in-hungary-joe-and-jill-biden-s-odd-70s-post-marital-iron-curtain-trip

    Joe Biden’s honeymoon in Hungary was full of secret meetings – Daily News Hungary

    Jill Biden’s ex-husband accuses her of having affair with Joe Biden (nypost.com)

    BBB advocate Bernie Sanders extolled the USSR in 1988, three years later the empire collapsed | Fox News

    • Justn Observer

      Just to be clear, there seems to a UKRAINE plan in the making from so many years ago…and with several puppet masters surrounding Biden who have been pulling Bidens strings for quite a time behind the scenes =
      Sounds “humorous” but is it really? Joe Biden traveled into the Soviet bloc during the Cold War at the command of Tom Lantos and “jokingly” referred to him as the real boss in his Senate office shortly thereafter.

      “In a city filled with hyperbole,” Biden added, “I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that Tom is really a part of my family.”

      How close were Soros and Lantos? From an April 1994 news account of the progressive globalist billionaire testifying at a House Banking Committee hearing on his sketchy speculating practices:

      The arrival of the Soros entourage in the cramped House Banking hearing room was immediately apparent. The Soros public relations people handed out an “executive summary” of Soros’ prepared remarks, sheathed in a clear, crisp plastic folder, along with two Soros essays on the future of NATO and of Europe. Soros even had a congressman along to introduce him. Rep. Tom Lantos, a friend who, like Soros, was born in Budapest, Hungary, lavishly praised the investor’s philanthropy. Contributions to Eastern European countries “run into hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Lantos, a California Democrat. This glowing introduction set the tone for the committee’s gentle questioning.

      And here is Lantos introducing Soros in 1994 congressional testimony on the “open society” in post-USSR Eastern Europe:

      Our first witness, Mr. George Soros, needs little introduction, but he will be introduced nonetheless. He is that rare combination of financier and philanthropist who is devoting his talents and his resources to advancing open societies in parts of the world that were formerly ruled by dictatorial regimes.

      With a network of some 24 foundations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, he has reshaped the character of the political, economic and cultural landscape. I will have to state for the record that his philanthropic contributions increased from approximately $3 million 10 years ago to $300 million last year. One only wishes that maior governments could function as creatively and as generously as nis organizations do.

      See page 108 of the pdf. Soros testimony:

      I have established a network of foundations whose aim is to help and promote the transition from a closed to an open society. Actually, I set up the foundation in 1979 and started the first local operation in my native Hungary in 1984, but my involvement increased as the collapse of the Soviet system accelerated. There are now foundations operating in 23 different countries, and my annual contributions have risen from $3 million in 1979 to $300 million in 1993….

      The nation-destroyer warns against individual sovereign countries:

      The breakdown of a closed society based on the universal dogma of communism has led to a widespread rejection of all universal ideas, and the countries which used to constitute the Soviet empire are trying to find an organizing principle in their own particular history. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. But the dominant theme which seems to be emerging is national or ethnic identity, rather than any universal concept such as democracy or human rights or the rule of law or open society.

      Fascinating – he even uses the term “New World Order”:

      The United States doesn’t have the capacity, nor the interest, to dominate the world the way Britain did in the 19th century. Britain derived enough benefit from free trade to justify maintaining a fleet in being. The United States, however, is no longer the main beneficiary of free trade and it can’t afford to be the policeman of the world. We must depend on collective action but we have no clear idea what the collective interest is….

      First, we need a strong European Union, capable of taking foreign policy decisions. That is missing today, as the quagmire in Bosnia has so sadly demonstrated. Second, the European Union needs to become more open, especially toward the East, and not turn into a fortress protecting itself against the turmoil outside its walls…. Third, NATO — which is essentially an alliance between North America and Europe — ought to serve as a mainstay of the new world order.

      Lantos praises Soros lavishly as he departs after giving his testimony:

      Lantos: And on behalf of all of us in Congress, Mr. Soros, I want to thank you both for your presentation and for your truly epic contributions for building open societies in so many countries, both in Europe and elsewhere; and we hope to have you back at another occasion. We thank you very much for your presence. Mr. Soros. Thank you. In an appendix (page 168), Lantos declares of Soros: His Open Society Fund is doing superb work in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

      The Soros-Lantos-Biden connection can be seen in action today. The Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives contains a Lantos 1994 letter to Biden highly endorsing Donald Blinken’s nomination to be Ambassador to Hungary. Yes, this is the same Donald Blinken who served for decades as an intimate associate of Soros and whose son, Antony, is currently the Secretary of State for the United States in the Biden administration.

      In Dec. 2018 the Lantos Foundation bestowed its highest award upon Biden:

      The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice’s 10th Anniversary Gala celebration was held at the Willard Hotel on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. In a room full of Members of Congress, human rights activists, dissidents, members of the media and supporters, the inaugural decennial Lantos Legacy Award was presented to Vice President Joe Biden. Again it was restated just how close Biden and Lantos were: Tom Lantos and Joe Biden were friends, colleagues and mentors for over three decades. Upon receiving the Lantos Legacy Award, Biden said: “We must be careful to avoid the temptation to rationalize… or excuse away, or turn a blind eye to any act that violates the humanity of any man, woman, or child in this earth. Remember Tom. Remember his example.”

      “There is simply no one else that my father would have wanted the first Tom Lantos Legacy Award to go to other than Joe Biden,” said Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett, President of the Lantos Foundation, “Their shared passion and commitment to human rights and justice cemented a memorable friendship and partnership during Tom’s lifetime, and continues to make Joe a towering figure on the international stage.”

      Tom Lantos died in 2008 at the age of 80. But his work lives on. There is a new generation of connected elitism. All doors are opened to the descendants of Tom Lantos.

      Tomicah Tillemann is Lantos’s grandson. From his bio at New America, where he formerly served as Executive Director of the Digital Impact and Governance Initiative:

      He worked in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, MIT, and governments around the world to develop a new generation of open source technology platforms to power the public sector…. He joined the State Department in 2009 as Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter and collaborated with her on over 200 speeches. Previously, he spent four years on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee working with Joe Biden, John Kerry and Barack Obama….

      Tillemann’s other professional experience includes work with the White House, five U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns, Reuters New Media, and the World Bank. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the United Nations World Food Program Innovation Advisory Council, the Lantos Foundation Board of Trustees, and the board of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

      Make of this what you will. But intelligent Americans understand that this nation just didn’t accidentally stumble to the precipice of destruction. It was pushed there in a slow and methodical process that lasted decades.

      A sitting United States senator made a mysterious trip to an Eastern Bloc country more than 40 years ago at the same time that the most notorious globalist meddler in the world today, who hailed from that same country, was just beginning to implement his corrosive plans for infiltrating and then bulldozing sovereign nations in order to craft a new collective “open society.” He did so at the behest of a close personal friend of that globalist meddler. And look where that senator is today… and how he got there.

      Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at WorldTribune.com and FreePressInternational.org.

  111. Justn Observer

    Greg. SO HOW DID THE U.S. taxpayer, going into a recession, food shortages and crippling energy/fuel costs get signed up to fund an UNLIMITED WAR OF UNLIMITED DURATION?

    NY Times Blasted For Writing Ukrainian Fighters “Evacuated”, Didn’t Surrender At Azovstal | ZeroHedge

    and when did the U.S. declare war and Congress give UNLIMITED financial assistance for unlimited time to UKRAINE? IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?

    NATO Pledges Open-Ended Military Support For Ukraine Ahead Of US Senate $40BN Aid Vote | ZeroHedge

    “Austin said last month from Poland, after entering Ukraine to meet with Zelensky that, “We want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” He described that this also means Moscow should “not have the capability to very quickly reproduce” the forces and equipment lost in Ukraine.”
    Erdogan Slam

    s Door On Approving Sweden, Finland NATO Bids: ‘Nesting Ground For Terrorist Orgs’ | ZeroHedge

  112. Ellie

    I hope Bo is right. Accept obama was not legit either. How did obama get in?

  113. Sheryl

    Great interview. Will just have to wait to see how it all plays out!!

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