Evil Attacking the Air -Weston Warren

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Scientist and inventor Weston Warren says evil powers have plans to continue attacking the air you breathe.  The Deep State came up with this decades ago.  To combat, these evil plans, Warren invented his germ killing and air purifying bipolar ionization technology.  As evil scientists made plans to poison humanity through the air, good scientists, such as Warren, perfected his air scrubbing technology that works to combat all airborne contaminants.  Warren explains, “You need information to come up with a strategy for you and your family.  If you think someone else, ‘white hats,’ a government agency, if you think someone else is going to protect you and your family, I think you are sorely mistaken.”

What is coming down the road are vaccines that you can inhale, according to Bill Gates.  Warren says, “This is exactly what he is talking about.  You have these dried vaccines that can be dispersed in the air.  You have long shelf life and no refrigeration. . . . You don’t need any medical staff.  You don’t need syringes and needles. . . .  You can deliver technology without people’s permission.”

Before we get to the next vaccine, Warren says we will have the next pandemic, and that will also travel in the air.  Warren says, “If I was thinking of a military strategy, I would want to weaken a population first.  I would make sure I would decimate and damage your immune system.  If I was successful in ruining the immune system, that would be the time to release a second or third engineered pathogen.  . . . That’s what I think is the potential attack coming next.”

The bipolar ion technology invented by Warren is the perfect way to combat this threat.  Warren has everything from the small, but powerful, CarryiOn to big industrial units that can give you thousands of square feet of clean air and surfaces.  This is one example, and this is another.  You also have the 1500, 2700 standalone units and a bipolar HVAC probe you can install in your heating and air-conditioning duct work for home or business.  Warren says, “They have very low energy consumption, and, boy, do they work on any kind of contaminant.   It works on an engineered virus, it works on bacteria, mold, mildew or anything.  You name it. . . .These bipolar ions act as scrubbing bubbles.  When the ion clusters touch the surface of a contaminant, bacterium or virus . . . it instantly neutralizes or kills that contaminant.  If it is a VOC (volatile organic compound), it will neutralize it. . . . The earth is able to produce these energized ion clusters, and that is how the air and surfaces are cleaned.  If that process did not happen, there would be no life on earth.  So, all we are doing with this technology is duplicating nature.  This is a thunderstorm without the rain.”

There is much more in the 45-minute interview.  Deals at Weston Scientific were supposed to end on February 1, and prices were supposed to go up with inflation.  Warren is keeping the deals on and not going up on the prices for the next week or so.  Warren says this will give everyone a second chance to get this life saving technology that can fight back against attacks on your air.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Weston Warren, scientist and inventor of the “CarryiOn” air purifier and many other bipolar ion air purification products for 2.13.24.

After the Interview: 

For more information on any of the products Weston Scientific sells, feel free to call the company by phone at 573-469-5013.

To shop Weston Scientific bipolar products and deals, click here.

There is also free research and information on WestonScientificLLC.com.

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  1. Frank Cooper

    Tucker Carlson February 13, 2024 Palyaço 1,983,451 views
    Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA COVID vax and change your DNA — and humanity itself — forever? Sounds nutty. It’s not. “Absolutely that could happen,” says Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida. A shocking conversation.

  2. James

    How can I living here in CA buy his product?

    • Greg Hunter

      Get someone in another state to buy it and have a private individual send it to you.

    • Sally

      We are all chipped..they know everything we think and do. You might want to listen to Sabrina at nonvaxer420 who worked at all the labs producing all the nanos to do this intrusion into our bodies. I bought the carry on. It’s quiet. I seam to have less dust in the room.

    • Angie

      What Greg said… I live in CA too and have two.

    • Rae

      I purchased it and had it delivered to family in AZ and they then fedexed it to me in CA.

  3. Sheryl

    What a lovely person. I wish he had a donation page

  4. Catherine T Grate

    What is the good of providing “power to the people” with machines to filter the air we breathe – if the globalists can “turn off the power” that operates these machines?? The globalists are now shutting down our coal plants and shutting down our natural gas pipelines so we we better “also have” some alternate way to power our air filtration and other critical machines!!

    • Greg Hunter


    • Denise Hopkins

      We’ve bought 2 of the Carryion’s to travel inside airports, jets, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals, etc. So far we have NEVER been sick or disappointed with its performance. We also purchased 2 of his HVAC units for our home. Mr. Warren personally answers his phone and walked us through all the options available to ensure the health of our family and specifically what units to purchase to achieve our goals of an allergy free home.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks, Denise, for posting the positive experience you have had with the CarryiOn!!

  5. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Mr Warren is a genius Greg, I did ask about buying a couple of these smaller devices of him but it was expensive to ship to the UK, however I’m going to be in your next of the woods at the end of March this year and hopefully he can ship them to me either in New Orleans or in Memphis or Nashville as I’ll be in the States for two weeks. As ever Greg God Bless you and look after yourself, Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      Weston has expedited shipping you can buy with UPS. Weston can set this up.

  6. Anita

    What I found most interesting is his timeline. 2025 + 8 yrs = 2033. Falls right in line with the time frame I have been saying to others, we got 10 – 15 yrs at best before the end of this age. If this man is correct we have less then 10 yrs as the rapture will come 1st leaving 1-3 yrs for all prophecy’s to be fulfilled.

  7. Wayne Evans

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Would it be possible to name, the people behind these evil plans?

    Who’s paying for it all?

    Do they think that they are immune?

    When will the citizens, wake up??

    I have two members of my family, that are vax injured, they didn’t believe me when I warned them, not to get the jab, they do now.

    God bless you Grag, from the UK London

  8. Roger Stamper

    I wish i have one. Tks Weston. Greg

  9. Jim


    Thanks for another great interview with Weston Warren. We have the carryiOn and the 150o. I can say that his products are incredible. I have year round allergies living in Missouri and within a week after purchasing, I was getting much relief from allergies as well as better sleep!

    Thank you Weston for your dedication and exceptional products!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jim, for the good feedback.

    • Jim1a

      Gotta think this might be a good idea for people who are using a CPAP machine to have one of these running where it would affect me room atmosphere..

  10. Gisela

    I’m in west coast central Florida. Used to love watching storms roll in almost daily in summer. Haven’t heard thunder or lightning in years. Now I know why. Thank you

  11. Cynthia Conry

    I have the 2700 unit. Weston was very kind to let me make payments until it was paid in full. The website didn’t have that ability, so I called & he set it up for me to do that. Thank God & Weston! It has made a huge difference in the quality of air in my 200+ year old home. I haven’t had any respitory illinesses since! If I had the financial ability, I’d buy another unit like the Hvac system to cleanse the whole house through the hot air system.
    Fight like your life depends on it, because it really does!

  12. Linda

    What about human tissue such as mucus membranes, eyes etc?

  13. Steve jones

    God bless this man. He is what a hero looks like. Unfortunately we are facing the leader of evil, Satan. And only Jehovah God can save us. Hopefully the second coming of Jesus is soon. Otherwise we are facing Mt 24 ;21,22.

  14. Dave

    The FDA has recently decided informed consent is no longer required. Not a law, a regulation or rule. We are buried under an avalanche of regulations from every department and agency of the “government” . These regulations are enforced as law. Congress (both houses) has abrogated its Constitutional duties. The District of Criminals appears to only be interested in foreign “aid” (kick backs), ideology and keeping what’s left of the American population divided and under the thumb for future assimilation into the new world communist order. The covid 19 psyop was enough to convince me these psychopaths want us dead. The advertising for disease x is revealing. They don’t know when, they don’t know what they don’t know how but they assure us it’s 20 times more deadly than covid. What a joke! Obviously ratcheting up the fear factor to drive the live stock down the desired chute for slaughter. FEAR NOT! I have a CarryIon and a WS1500. Upon activation I noticed an unpleasant odor which, after a few hours went away leaving a fresh air scent. I think the foul odor was the destruction of harmful biologics in my home. I do sleep better and have the psychological advantage of knowing I’m in a safe zone. Thank you Weston for your products and thank you Greg for the information. Carry (I)on Bravely.

  15. Bennet Cecil

    The US Army admitted spraying American citizens 239 times over a ten year period. Don’t you think they sprayed SARS-2?

    Weekly all cause deaths in the US are still above the 2019 trend because of the twin bioweapons, COVID and the lethal injections. More than 1.8 million Americans have been murdered since March 2020. The public thinks COVID was a one and done event and have not noticed the deaths and disabilities from the jabs.

    The Satanic Cabal have multiple pathogens and nano-weapons. They control the military and the politicians. The Cabal were behind 911, Lahaina, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the California wildfires and the Palestine toxin derailment. They are directing the foreign invasion of our Nation.

    We are in Biblical times.

  16. Dirk Kirk

    Tucker Carlson February 14, 2024 Palyaço 147786 views Feb 14, 2024
    “If a fish tank is dirty, you clean the tank. You don’t drug the fish.” Calley Means makes the case against Ozempic AND BIGGER PHARMA.
    Were Goin Down Under and I Don’t Mean Australia!🦘

  17. Proton

    Does the CarryiOn have a water purification system? If not, how hard would it be to get one in production? Water filtration and purification will also be important, in addition to the clean air.

  18. D'Agostino

    UFC Dana White inexplicably ups and walks-out of interview within its first minute. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/02/ufc-chief-dana-white-abruptly-walks-howie-mandels/

    Undoubtedly, DW is the worldwide leader of manly men. DW has now spoken through action that manly men comprehend. If you are a male and don’t realize the significance of DW’s action, you had better get your testosterone checked.

    Eschatologically, this is a signal-grace that we are the brink of something huge — like the time for talk is over. The era of the Trump circus (faux crises by the Dems/RINOs and future promises by the YMCA dancing bear) is over.

    Ft Sumter, April 12, 1861. On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible along a narrow track stretching from Texas to Maine.

  19. Jerry

    Its is getting real out there, take a listen to this. Butler Co. sheriff

    • Paul from Indiana

      Thanks for this link. I have forwarded the link to this video to our local sheriff, requesting that he listen. I don’t know whether he attended the conference on which Sheriff Jones here is reporting. For those who don’t know, Butler County is northern-metro Cincinnati, the first county north of I-275. He says, over and over, “We are on defense.” Anybody listening? Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        Paul, I am concerned for the well being of fellow man. It seems that the writing is on the wall and many or just to busy to stop, read and prepare. They are already here and it is simply a matter of time and I am afraid the time is very short.

  20. harold cloud

    Wednesday LIVE: Bret Weinstein Joins Alex Jones to Take on The New World Order in Exclusive Interview! February 14th 2024
    https://www.infowars.com/posts/the-american-journal-biden-border-chief-mayorkas-impeached/ START yore ENGINES!

  21. Ed Siceloff

    If the WHO wants control over all things that are pandemic, why do they not take control over all the technologies that weaponize the bacteria and viruses. Include in that the use of chemicals that destroy health, including the processes of distributing all of the above.

  22. J.P.Madoff Chasing

    Obama CIA asked foreign agencies to illegally spy on Trump & associates: Report Fox News 124,760 views Feb 14, 2024
    Joe Concha discusses reports that the Obama CIA asked foreign agencies to illegally spy on Trump associates and Biden’s refusal to take questions during a White House address. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXLdJ5_F48A _From the first comments;
    @17forever64 4 hours ago
    Is it just me or has everything that Trump said been proven true! Everything!
    @sawhite27 4 hours ago
    I don’t care if soy-boys & girls [like Brennan & Clapper?] don’t like what he says or how he says it – I’m just glad he speaks the truth. Trump 2024.
    @ronaldhellmann5395 4 hours ago
    Anyone against Donald J Trump shows their true colors this man has been the best president in my 72 years on this planet!
    He’s catching up!!!!!!!!

  23. Robin Sassman

    I just ordered one. It had me convinced years ago, but I couldn’t afford it. But since my daughter and her husband is moving in and he has had the shot…well it has changed my mind. He does not believe me when I tell him that he sheds particles off. Well I have to protect myself. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for passing on the information about the shedding. Because I am not going to put myself through that horrible mess. Thanks again.

  24. Tommy

    Cal Washington has deep insights into how the commercial/legal system works and has had impressive success fighting against things like 5G, vaccines, etc.

    If Greg could get him on the show it would blow minds.



  25. Endtimes Eddie

    situation in Kansas City is out of control

    ” When the Lamb opened the second seal, “Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.” – Rev ch. 6

  26. Elton Tepsich

    WE HAVE more evidence than ever before that we are living at the end of the last days of this wicked system of things. Soon, God and son Jesus Christ will destroy all governments that oppose thy Kingdom come. Before that event occurs, the king of the north and the king of the south will continue their conflict with each other and with God’s people.
    “A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place.”​—REV. 1:1.
    THE prophecies of Daniel and John correspond in ways that allow us to understand the meaning of many present and future world events. What can we learn by comparing John’s vision of the wild beast, Daniel’s account of the fearsome beast that had ten horns, and Daniel’s interpretation of the immense image? And what should a clear understanding of those prophecies move us to do?
    As you can see, I can’t go into detail here. But let us address some of John’s vision of the wild beast pertinent to us now as we can clearly see Satan’s rulership falling apart. (Rev., chap. 13)
    The first six heads of the beast represent Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. All of those expressed hatred for the seed of the woman. (Gen. 3:15) Rome, the sixth head, remained a dominant political force for centuries after John wrote down his vision. Eventually, the seventh head would take the place of Rome. Which political world power did that prove to be, and how would it treat the seed of the woman, us peons? BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES RISE TO POWER
    We can identify the seventh head of the wild beast of Revelation chapter 13 by comparing John’s vision with Daniel’s vision of the frightening ten-horned beast. (Read Daniel 7:7, 8, 23, 24.) The beast that Daniel saw represented the Roman World Power. In the fifth century C.E., the Roman Empire began to fragment. The ten horns sprouting from the head of that fearsome beast represent kingdoms that grew out of that empire.
    Four of the horns, or kingdoms, that sprouted from the head of the ferocious beast receive special mention. Three are plucked out by another horn, “a small one.” This was fulfilled when Britain, a former outpost of the Roman Empire, grew to prominence. Until the 17th century, Britain was a relatively insignificant power. Three other regions of the old Roman Empire​—Spain, the Netherlands, and France—​were far more influential. But not for long! Britain plucked those powers out one by one, removing them from their positions of prestige. By the mid-18th century, Britain was on its way to become the dominant power on the world scene. But it had not yet become the seventh head of the wild beast.
    Though Britain gained dominance, colonies in North America broke away. Even so, the United States was allowed to grow mighty, protected by British naval power. By the time the Lord’s Day began, this last generation of the great first world war of 1914, Britain had built up the largest empire in history and the United States had become the greatest industrial power on earth. During World War I, the United States forged a special 💕🌈🗽partnership with Britain. Mum and oldest son, together again! The seventh head of the beast had now emerged as the Anglo-American World Superpower.
    THE ANGLO-AMERICAN WORLD POWER WITH FEET OF IRON AND CLAY. What is the relationship between the seventh head of the wild beast and the immense image? Britain​—and by extension, the United States—​grew out of the Roman Empire. What, though, about the feet of the image? They are described as an amalgam of iron and clay. (Read Daniel 2:41-43.) This description coincides with the time when the seventh head​—the Anglo-American World Power—​would come to prominence. Just as an iron structure mixed with clay is weaker than solid iron, so too the Anglo-American World Power is weaker than the power from which it emerged. How?
    At times, the seventh head of the beast has displayed ironlike characteristics. For example, it proved its power by winning World War I. During World War II, the ironlike power of the seventh head was also evident. After that war, the seventh head at times still displayed ironlike characteristics. However, from early on, that iron has been mixed with clay. Liberalism with other people’s money, not real true liberalism, from the heart!
    God’s servants have long sought to understand the symbolic meaning of the feet of the image. Daniel 2:41 describes the mixture of iron and clay as one “kingdom,” not many. The clay, therefore, represents elements within the sphere of influence of the Anglo-American World Power, elements that make it weaker than the solid iron of the Roman Empire. The clay is referred to as “the offspring of mankind,” or the common people. (Dan. 2:43) In the Anglo-American World Power, people have risen up to claim their rights through civil rights campaigns, labor unions, and independence movements. The common people undermine the ability of the Anglo-American World Power to act with ironlike strength. Also, opposing ideologies and close election results that do not end up in a clear majority have weakened the power base of even popular leaders, so that they have no clear mandate to implement their policies. Daniel foretold: “The kingdom will partly prove to be strong and will partly prove to be fragile.”​—Dan. 2:42; 2 Tim. 3:1-3. A partial, failure?
    In the 21st century, Britain and the United States have continued their special partnership, often acting together in world affairs. The prophecies about the immense image and the wild beast confirm that the Anglo-American World Super Duper Power will not be replaced by some future world power. This last world power may be weaker than that represented by the legs of iron, but it will not disintegrate on its own. 🤔?
    Does the number of toes of the image have special meaning? Consider: In other visions, Daniel mentions specific numbers​—for example, the number of horns on the heads of various beasts. Those numbers are significant. However, when describing the image, Daniel does not mention the number of toes. Therefore, the number seems no more significant than the fact that the image had multiple arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet. Daniel does specifically mention that the toes would be made of iron and clay. From his description, we can conclude that the Anglo-American World Power is the one that will be dominating when the “stone” representing God’s Kingdom hits the feet of the image.​—Dan. 2:45. To Be Continued. . . .
    Here on USAWatchdog.com

  27. Angie

    I have one and gave one to each of my children. I can tell you that I do sleep better with it and wake up more refreshed. I had moved some furniture around and unplugged it so I was sleeping with it off for a few days. Not feeling my best and then I noticed it was not on. Turned it on and when I woke up no cough in the morning and I felt well rested. My daughter-in-law said the same thing! They also have two indoor cats and says it helps a lot with the litter box smell. Here in CA there is always something in the air to tickle your nose or throat and the Carryon Ion nullifies it. I don’t know why I sleep better with it but I do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Angie.
      I bought one and treat the air in almost every room in my house. It works!!!

  28. Frank Cooper

    ANGLO-AMERICA AND THE TWO-HORNED WILD BEAST The two-horned wild beast represents what, and what does it do?
    Though the Anglo-American World Power is a mixture of iron and clay, the visions that Jesus gave to John show that this power would continue to play a key role during the last days. How so? John saw a vision of a two-horned wild beast that spoke like a dragon. What does this strange beast represent? It has two horns, so it is a dual power. John is again seeing the Anglo-American World Power but in a special role.​—Read Revelation 13:11-15.
    This wild beast promotes the making of an image of the wild beast. John wrote that the image of the beast would appear, disappear, and then rise again. That is exactly what happened to an organization promoted by Britain and the United States, one that was intended to unite and represent the world’s kingdoms. This organization appeared after World War I and was known as the League of Nations. It disappeared with the onset of World War II. During that war, God’s people declared that according to the prophecy in Revelation, the image of the wild beast would ascend again. And rise it did​—as the United Nations.​—Rev. 17:8.
    John described the image of the beast as “an eighth king.” In what sense? It is not depicted as an eighth head on the original wild beast. It is only an image of that beast. Any power it has comes from its member nations, especially from its key backer, the Anglo-American World Power. (Rev. 17:10, 11) But it does receive authority to act as a king to carry out a specific task, one that triggers a chain of events that will change history.
    THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST DEVOURS THE HARLOT That prostitute symbolizes what, and what has happened to her support?

    15 According to John, upon a scarlet-colored wild beast​—the image of the wild beast—​rides a symbolic Tart, dominating it. She bears the name “Babylon the Great.” (Rev. 17:1-6) This harlot tart, fittingly stands for all false religion, foremost of which are the churches of Christendom!😌😲Religious organizations have given their blessing to the image of the beast and have tried to exert influence over it.
    However, during the Lord’s Day, Babylon the Great has seen the waters, the people who support her, dry up dramatically. (Rev. 16:12; 17:15) For example, when the image of the beast first appeared, the churches of Christendom​—an influential part of Babylon the Great—​dominated the Western world. Today, the churches and their ministers have lost the respect and support of the masses. In fact, many people believe that religion contributes to or causes conflict. An increasingly vocal and militant group of Western intellectuals is calling for the end of religion’s dastardly influence on society.
    Faker, shaking religion, however, will not just fade away. The harlot will remain a potent force, attempting to bend kings to her will until God plants an idea in the hearts of those in power. 🤔? (Read Revelation 17:16, 17.) Soon God will cause the political elements of Satan’s system, as represented by the United Nations, to attack fake religion. They will destroy her influence and devastate her riches. Such an event may have seemed unlikely just a decade ago. Today, the harlot teeters on the back of the scarlet-colored beast. Even so, she will not slip slowly from her seat. Her tumble will be sudden and violent.​—Rev. 18:7, 8, 15-19.
    THE BEASTS COME TO THEIR END After fake religion is destroyed, the wild beast, Satan’s earthly political setup, will be goaded into an attack on God’s Kingdom. Unable to reach into the spiritual realm of heaven, the kings of the earth will vent their rage on those of earth who support God’s Kingdom. The result is inevitable. (Rev. 16:13-16; 17:12-14) Daniel describes one aspect of the final battle. (Read Daniel 2:44.) The wild beast mentioned at Revelation 13:1, its image, and the two-horned wild beast will be destroyed.
    Fortunately, we are living in the days of the seventh head. No more heads will appear on this beast before it is annihilated. The Anglo-American World Power will be the dominant world power when false religion is eradicated. The prophecies of Daniel and John have been fulfilled to the smallest detail. We can be confident that the destruction of false religion and the battle of Armageddon will soon come. God has revealed these details in advance. Will we pay attention to the prophetic warnings? (2 Pet. 1:19) Now is the time to take sides with Yahweh or the highway Jehovah and Son Christ Jesus, to support God’s Kingdom, incoming!​—Rev. 14:6, 7.

    How the United States Made Russia Stronger with Sanctions
    Cyrus Janssen 107,082 views Feb 12, 2024
    The economy is Russia grew faster in 2023 than all G7 countries, it’s also predicted to continue this trend throughout 2024. In today’s video we’ll examine how US sanctions against Russia have not deterred Putin’s invasion but instead switched Russia to a war time economy. The latest economic data from Russia gives us a much different insight than what Western media has told us about the Russia Ukraine War, let’s break it down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkVZF4pd7eY
    BRICS-East, South, the West,
    Biblical Russia North & US. King of the South?

  29. Margo

    He is such a genuine and kind man. We talked a while ago and he answered all my questions, making sure I got the right size unit for my older, New England home. We have multiple zones so I ended up getting the 1500 bundle instead of the one which attaches to a central heating unit. What owner of a company takes 15 minutes of his very limited time to make sure you are taken care of perfectly?

    I could hear the frustration and tiredness in his voice during this interview. Please pass along how valuable he and his work are! I took the advice of CAF and said to heck with the cut the credit card companies tag… We saved up and wrote him a check so he could get as much margin as humanly possible!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Margo, for posting your experience with Weston Warren.

  30. M.Haldane

    Are we opening up a vulnerable tit for tat governance gone wild?
    JUST NOW: White House CAUGHT Colluding with DOJ to GET TRUMP!
    Stephen Gardner 3,627 32 minutes ago

    • Shiloh1

      Thank you – very informative!

  31. Richard Talbot

    My brother and I are placing a big order with him for these air purifiers. Thank you so much Greg for all that you do to keep us informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Richard, you will not be sorry and Weston customer service is fantastic.

  32. Bill

    Some of your advertisers are scammers! Fuel Save Pro device being one of them….!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      NOT one of my advertiser’s you IDIOT!!!

  33. yancy yates

    516,638 views Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/14/24 :
    You think elected Republicans in Washington are craven frauds who’d sell your children for a steak dinner at the French Laundry? Actually, says Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s worse than that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygMkQpI88YM
    WOW, MTG Exposed! She’s One of Us, The Real Deal!

    • Earth Angel

      YES! LOVE MTG- She IS the real deal and as Alex Jones says- We need 400 more LIKE HER in Congress! Her district is near me and I call and tell them I WISH I was in her district. The guy we have appears to be a RINO. He ran as a conservative Republican but votes with Biden within 6 mos. of arriving at the district of criminals. He’s on some committee to the UN too, oh boy. I had hoped he would be more like MTG but have been sorely disappointed. Amazing how districts can be so close- and yet so FAR away.

  34. tom farley

    Ukr Collapse: Avdeyevka Defence Breaks, Troops Flee, Rus Missle Strikes, Syrsky Admits Rus Advances Alexander Mercouris 101,490 views 13 hours ago

  35. Ed Balfour

    Nikki Haley’s OWN WORDS Prove She’s A Corporate Stooge (Live from Two Roads Theater) Jimmy Door 80,602 13 hours ago

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump Tears into Nikki Haley, Biden at Campaign South Carolina Rally/Forbes Breaking News 18,199 views Feb 14, 2024

  36. Gaston Martinez

    NYC Illegal Who Attacked Police Arrested AGAIN, Caught Robbing Macy’s & Assaulting Security Guard/by Kelen McBreen February 14th 2024
    Group stole items from store and punched security who tried to stop theft, according to police. https://www.infowars.com/posts/nyc-illegal-who-attacked-police-arrested-again-caught-robbing-macys-assaulting-security-guard/

  37. Robert Hütwohl

    Thank you Greg for bringing Weston Warren front and center. May his products proliferate!

  38. Dragaslava Petrovich

    US Army Officers Were Declared Dead After a Russian Massive Missile Strike on UKRAINE /BORZZIKMAN 37,931 views Feb 8, 2024
    On the night of February 7, dozens of Russian Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, as well as supersonic Su-34 fighter bombers, launched more than a hundred cruise missiles at military facilities in Ukraine. Moreover, hundreds of cruise missiles were also launched by dozens of Russian warships from the waters of the Black and Caspian Seas. In addition, dozens of jet-powered Geranium kamikaze drones were also involved in this massive missile attack. Strategic important facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO were subjected to missile strikes in almost all regions of Ukraine……………….
    [ARE U.S. & EU., UK, MILITARY PERSONELL KILLED IN ACTION IN UKRAINE, THEN ACCIDENTS MADE UP THAT THEY DIDN’T DIE IN UKRAINE? Very interesting? But very stupid?] Who’s running this shit show?

    Insane Massacre: Russia Destroyed Ukrainian Reserves in
    Selidovo┃ Ukrainian Battalion Surrendered
    BORZZIKMAN 30,751 views Feb 13, 2024
    Insane Massacre: Russia Destroyed Ukrainian Reserves in
    Selidovo┃ Ukrainian Battalion Surrendered
    Meanwhile, it became known about the next Russian missile strikes on the places of deployment of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It became known that on the night of February 13, Russian ballistic missiles destroyed the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Selidovo and Kurakhovo. These destroyed reserves of the Ukrainian armed forces were preparing to be sent to Avdiivka………………

    NATO Insane with Anger! AZOV Militants Were Destroyed After a Repeated Russian Missile Strike! Is that why they then attack Russian civilians? Who gives the orders? LGBQRS+?
    BORZZIKMAN 27,490 views Feb 14, 2024
    As it turned out, on the night of February 14, Russia launched another massive missile attack on the places of the deployment of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is reported that in the dead of night, Ukrainian reserves were subjected to missile attacks in Pokrovsk, Pavlograd, and again in Selidovo……………

  39. D.P.

    Oop’s, I’m as mad as Hell,
    US Army Officers Were Declared Dead After a Russian Massive Missile Strike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYcQedVpiJc

  40. Led Skeletor

    Latest news from the WH:
    “America is apparently facing a national security threat from Russia that’s so terrifying, our own government said they couldn’t tell us what it is. ”

    Thanks Biden.

    Why the American legal citizen, working taxpayers haven’t
    “gone France 1783”
    on the entire elected liberal politicians
    in every blue city, blue state,
    is beyond belief.

    America needs a guillotine on every corner and some men with the balls to use them.
    America needs “work house insane asylum” in every city square mile for all the gold-brick entitlement people, all the repeat felons, along with the sexually confused and teachers that are anarchist Marxists socialists.

    Then, and only then, will America heal its societal cancers and be great again.
    Add that to the party platform.

  41. Lora

    Thank you Greg.
    The media isn’t talking about the aerosol issue of vaccine/disease transmission because those caring, aware folks are too busy/occupied/diverted with overwhelming issues on the ground.
    How can we address the aerosol problem, beyond buying products that Mr. Warren offers, without stopping those in charge, who are creating this mess? 2024 elections are the last stand to save our Republic. Vote, encourage family and friends to do so, speak out/call out truth, and pray for God’s intervention because our Country is now sustaining itself on borrowed time.

  42. Lora

    Thank you Greg.
    The media isn’t talking about the aerosol issue of vaccine/disease transmission because those caring, aware folks are too busy/occupied/diverted with overwhelming issues on the ground.
    How can we address the aerosol problem, beyond buying products that Mr. Warren offers, stopping those in charge, who are creating this mess? 2024 elections are the last stand to save our Republic. Vote, encourage family and friends to do so, speak out/call out truth, and pray for God’s intervention because our Country is now sustaining itself on borrowed time.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have all the answers, but I am trying to make people aware of what is coming.

  43. The Bakhmut Chihuahua

    American Psychological Association reminds you: hiring the most qualified people based purely on their merit and talent is unfair and hateful.

    Brought to you by The American Uneducated Uncivilized Minority He/She/It People, rewriting history since 2020.

  44. Steve R

    Hi Greg and Weston,
    I must tell you that I could feel the fatigue that exuded from Weston’s voice as he described what he has been through as he has placed his entire life’s savings into doing the right thing. It is exactly what many of us feel every day as we pound our heads against the wall but multiplied 1000-fold. I recently purchased the 1500 bundle package from Weston Scientific and I have noticed a definite improvement in my overnight sinus congestion. I have also noticed the improvement in the overall air quality in my home in the short time that I have deployed them. God Bless you both and keep up the good fight!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Steve. Save up and get at least one of these: https://www.westonscientificllc.com/product-page/bi-polar-ion-generator It can turn your 1500 into a 2700. Also, in a few years your unit will need some new parts if you let it run 24/7. It is a protection play and it is easy to install, and you do NOT need any tools. I notice the difference too with the Bipolar tech running in my home!!

  45. Anrae

    Hi Greg!
    Yep, you’re right! I sleep better, deep REM sleep, finally having lots of dreams that I remember. I bought the house one and the carry one. House one is in my bedroom. Love it!!! I take carry ion in public and at work. People think I’m carrying a portable heater. From my dreams, I now know the desires of my subconscious brain. GET BACK TOGETHER WITH THE EX?!!??
    It’s okay. He’s a WNW FAN. LOL

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Anrae, for the important feedback!!!

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