Dem Marxism Exposed, Trump Coup Ending, Fed Folds

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 376 3.22.19)

The new blood that was elected in the Democrat party in 2018 are as far Left as you can get. Freshmen Congress women Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib have Marxist/communist ideas and want that repressive lifestyle for us all. Many say they have turned the Democrat party Left, but I say it was always Left. These people have just exposed Democrats for what they really are–freedom and American hating Marxists. Now, we know what we are really voting for when these folks campaign in the 2020 election.

The failed coup on President Trump is winding down and being exposed for what it really is. The Obama Administration DOJ and FBI made up a story of Russian collusion to try and blow Trump out of office. Team Trump is about to hit back but has had plenty to do in cleaning up the corruption in the swamp before he strikes.

The Federal Reserve has officially thrown in the towel on raising interest rates anymore in 2019. Fed Head Jay Powell made the announcement this week, but why now? Maybe the economy is not nearly as strong as you have been told.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Best-selling author James Rickards will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will tell us why the Fed is trapped, why gold will shine and why stocks could be in for a rough ride down in the not-so-distant future. He will also talk about his new upcoming book called “Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos.”

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  1. dabrake

    Described as an allegory by artist Jon McNaughton, “National Emergency” depicts the left’s attempt to stop President Trump from protecting the American people:

    • Greg Hunter

      This is Fantastic “dabrake,”!!! Thank you.

    • Justn Observer

      Dabrake, Nice link – thank you !
      part 2 =

  2. Mark James

    Wow! People really should watch this video from Mr Reagan that Greg References:

    These candidates, like AOC, were found via “Casting Calls” — NOT because they wanted to be in Congress!! They are ACTORS!!

    BTW Greg — I love that you keep the camera still when you do your interviews and WNWs. Man, that video was hard to watch with his constant cut-aways — but still the information is shocking and valuable to know.

    • Robert

      There’s now a part 2 that exposes more about whose behind her and the two other new Congress woman getting alot of attention these days. It discusses the plans of the string pullers to get DA sjw”s in place across the country and to run justice democrat people as republicans to further invade the status quo party players.

      The Justice Democrat movement isnt illegal but it is a pro socialist agenda and has the real ability to change our political system.

      There’s s definite racist anti white male element in the justice democrat movement leadership. A man named Shaun King, who parades around as a black activist but is biologically white, plays a big role in this movement. He doesn’t hide his contempt for white people.

      If white people are so bad, why do so many people of color want to migrate to white majority. Its now fashionable to demonize white people, in particular older white males and any white person who calls it out is automatically demonized and called a racist and white nationalist for not taking a submissive position.

      • Robert

        Correction – “If white people are so bad, why do so many people of color want to migrate to white majority nations.”

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,

  4. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, you are absolutely spot on about Universal Healthcare. We have it in the UK and our old people (who paid into the system all their lives) are treated like garbage while Africans and muslims (who paid and pay nothing into the system) are treated like Royalty. In many parts of the UK our old people can’t see a medic because these incomers (who we never voted to allow into our country) are virtually living in the medical centres and hospital waiting areas. We never voted for any of this and the politicians did it anyway.

  5. Mark James

    MSN / USA Today posted this garbage piece… “ICE sets record for arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record”

    “During Obama’s final month in office, 82 percent of people arrested by ICE had a criminal record, meaning just 18 percent of all arrests were of people who were *simply undocumented* and had committed no other crimes.”

    So 18% “were simply undocumented”… umm, last time I checked… THAT WAS A CRIME. How did we become a Nation without borders, sovereignty, and laws? How did these “undocumented” people get into the country? Are they using resources that could go to US Citizens? Why are they overstaying their VISAs? Are they paying taxes? If so, how? Are they operating under an illegal, stolen identity or SSN?

    I saw this and felt it needed shared. I don’t understand how people argue there isn’t a problem with our border — and news media (Greg excluded) “new-speak” to be the law enforcers as “the bad guys” and illegals as victims.

    Having a relative who married an immigrant, the process is long, complicated, expensive, and includes extensive medical and background checks. THOSE are the people I want coming to the USA. Not someone who is here illegally. That is AGAINST the law.

    Thank God for Trump and what he does. Thank you Greg for all you do for us!

  6. Jane Jones

     Solar storm heading to Earth is expected to bring northern lights

  7. TSI

    Greg Omar, in particular, has been courageous enough to state certain truths that other representatives in Congress are too corrupt or too scared to voice. Why are you scared of an alternative opinion? Shock horror! Someone in Congress voiced a different opinion than the majority. I don’t agree with Sharia law because that would invoke the same curbs on freedom of expression, but then again Trump is supporting Saudi Arabia (gentleman that he is) so I guess he has no issues with Sharia law.

    • TSI

      And no Greg, I don’t agree with Sharia courts in England as English law should apply in This Sceptred Isle.

      • TSI

        Erm… I mean British law. England is not, I repeat, not an island.

      • Greg Hunter

        Wow, you do have some neurons touching!

    • Greg Hunter

      You like truth? Let’s start by calling Omar what she is: an jew hating anti-Semite that is in bed with terrorists that hate America. Your hero is a terrorist sympathizer but what did I expect from someone who love Corbyn who is also an anti-Semite and communist.

      • TSI

        By the way Omar criticised President Obama’s drone strikes on civilizations, which is more than your sorry Republicans managed to do in opposition.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good (relevant) point. But My bet is Omar will only do that once. I did it many times in the past. Remember I called it the “Drone murder program”???

  8. paul ...

    Is it a mistake that the advocates of the welfare state like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, etc. want to give the common people Universal Basic Income (essentially a negative income tax) to reduce and eradicate poverty and give the working people a bail out the same way the rich banksters, the Wall Street Crowd and the Military /Industrial Complex have been getting bailouts? … what will this do to the operation of free markets? … don’t such government welfare programs benefit the bureaucracy by encouraging dependency? … what occurs when all this new money is printed out of thin air? … is your money going to be a stable measuring-rod of value like gold and silver? … or is it going to become worthless undependable paper? … though commies preach equality do we all have to be made broke to achieve it? … will the common people (unlike the banksters and the Military/Industrial Complex) have the moral fortitude to reject all the government welfare programs, free income and other benefits being offered to them by the commies to level the playing field?? … the question I can’t figure out is how Trump is going to offer more to the people then these commies … in order to win in 2020???

    • paul ...

      What can Trump do? … well instead of taking about cutting Social Security (to pay the Military to fight another war in the Middle East) perhaps Trump should declare the CPI to be as fake as the fake news media … and give everyone “a proper increase” in their Social Security and pay checks? … perhaps Trump can abolish all the regulations given to his Corporate buddies and special interest groups who bribe Congress to pass regulations that give them an unfair advantage over their competition … and allow an environment of unfettered competition where new strong firms will replace the old inefficient crooked ones who depend on regulations to stymie competition? … doesn’t it make sense to abolish regulations so that individuals can use their creative abilities to innovate freely and bring us “free zero point energy” … no longer suppressed new companies can produce new products … not only of higher quality but at lower prices … which will automatically “increase the standard of living of the common people” … rather then the people becoming commie slaves of inefficient corporations beholden to commie politicians for free handouts and getting paid with paper money that is as valueless as the Zimbabwe dollar??

  9. Goober Peas

    Tucker: Did the president betray his country?
    Fox News Published on Mar 21, 2019
    “Cold hard evidence to collude, possibly?” huh?
    Covering her sweet rear end? Pelosi had to add the word possibly to avoid being confronted with direct smearing of Trump’s character without evidence that is a crime.

    Let me see if I can clarify the situation…..3 years, no evidence. No evidence, no crime.
    Impeachment in the absence of evidence will lead to civil war. As they lost in 1865, they will lose again.
    We don’t need to go to war over politics…. that’s just dumb.
    They’d lose harder now. Dems used to have guns.

    • Mikey

      What happened to that promise never to comment here again?

      • Mikey

        Sorry that was to (paul…)

        • paul ...

          Mikey … As I was getting too emotionally involved … I decided that instead of quitting cold turkey … I would try to mold my responses to “a question format” … I’ll see how it works out!!

  10. Andy

    Always look forward to your Friday wrap-up Greg, (and your on farm broadcasts are great!)
    … we (NZ) lost our access to plus 5 round removable magazine semi-auto rifles because a non citizen could get a NZ firearms licence, the response was to ban law abiding NZ citizens there semi-autos. The left leaning government saw the window of opportunity toward their eventual total gun ban agenda and took it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Praying for your Andy!! Evil is in your government and America’s too.

      • K. Wayne

        Did someone say….”False Flag”….??

  11. paul ...

    As we know Trump has Crimea under strict sanctions … but Salvini of Italy is interested in ending sanctions on Crimea and re-opening trade with Russia … so is this going to lead to another attempt at regime change by Trump’s neocons? … perhaps? … but what if the neocons don’t succeed (like what happened in Turkey)? … will Italy then join the Russia/China economic block and pull out of the EU?? … so Italy wanting to end sanctions on Crimea can have major implications for EU banks … will it affect banks over here in America as well?? … probably … so perhaps owning some gold is appropriate before things blow up? …

  12. Judith

    Greg, thanks for your thoughts. However, Marxism/Communism is NOT the the same as Democratic socialism. All of the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)) are Democratic Socialist, and all consistently rank highest in the world in measures of health, happiness and general wellbeing. By the way, regarding Socialism – public libraries, fire stations, local police forces, public roads and public schools are ALL “socialist” fixtures. Would you like to do without them? Not me….

    • Greg Hunter

      Bull crap. Try complaining in public about the crime of the radical Muslims in your countries. Try to comp[lain about all the rapes. You are now under top down control. Wait till the money runs out and see how your Democratic Socialism works for you. Wake up. You have been taken over and there is no “Democracy” unless you vote and think one way. You are toast and cannot smell the burning bread.

      • susan

        Not to mention that their populations are much smaller than the US. Tremendous difference, but still the socialism destroys the country for all.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are correct!! Also, they got away with is because the socialist countries let America defend them. This is what Trump is talking about with the low contributions to NATO. Nobody wanted to divert money away form the socialist everything is “free” wet dream.

          • paul ...

            Greg … It’s hard to fight against the latest generation of spoiled children (who have a natural tendency to become a commie) as they have be breed to be entitlement parasites!!

          • TSI

            Trump is trying to take the credit for defeating ISIS. That is bull crap. Everyone knows Putin eliminated ISIS from Syria.

            • Greg Hunter

              The facts say both shared in the victory but got kicked into high gear when Trump was sworn in.

      • Tin foil hat

        Sweden is not a socialist success and Finland socialist government is collapsing from its own “free” weight.

    • Frank D

      And your socialist governments have been able to provide all of that free cradle to grave stuff courtesy of the American taxpayer who largely funds your DEFENSE budgets. You wouldn’t be able to provide all the free stuff if you had to fund your own defense budgets (which Trump is working to make you do). Good luck! The gravy train is about to end for you all.

    • Ivan

      This is what free health care under socialism looks like in Venezuela .

    • Ivan

      Judith, Marxism/Communism are the same as Democratic socialism . The only difference is in democratic/socialism the dictator is voted into power democratically as opposed to seizing it by force ,and public libraries, fire stations, local police forces, public roads and public schools did not come from socialism. They were all paid for by our tax dollars ,and tax dollars come from capitalism .

    • Ivan

      Judith, stop believing in B.S. (Bernie Sanders) socialist fairy tales . Our republic form of government may not be perfect ,but it’s still the greatest thing the world has ever seen. We have the highest standard of living in the world ,and that’s why people from other nations want to come here .

  13. andyb

    Greg: There have been many articles written of late that explore the growing debt burden of deep blue cities and states; specifically cities in and the states of California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Ct. They are all insolvent. Doesn’t bode well for pensioners. The tipping point is coming soon and then all hell will break loose, unless the FED backstops the damage and prints for a fare-thee-well.
    I believe that the Dems know this and that this is the reason for the growing Marxist rhetoric. They must be hoping that the crash is imminent, and the American people will seek the utopia they are promising and vote accordingly. Let’s hope the American electorate is not that stupid.

    Re: McCain
    Although some may feel it is unseemly to bash a tortured former POW, I have nothing but disdain for McCain. Not only is there evidence that he sold out this country as the Hanoi “Canary”, but he fought, for many years, to deny funding to search for US POWs held by the North Vietnamese. and directly suppressed knowledge that we knew where they were being held. This is a matter of record. As a Vietnam Vet, I would piss on his grave.

    • iwitness02

      Me too!

    • Freebrezer

      A- Per McCain – 100% agree … Plus he got shot down because he flagrantly disobeyed orders per Navy regs flying over North V. Per his grave I wonder if a deuce is more appropriate?

  14. Jerry

    Lines are being drawn. The hammer will drop. Soon.

    We will either have justice or we will have civil war. In either case there is going to be civil unrest. As I have posted for the last several months, my sources in the military say the government has been planning for it. The coming out party by the communist in congress is just the beginning. One can only wonder just how deep the globalist reach is inside our government. Sanctuary cities are nothing more than globalist outpost. That’s a fact. In addition United Nations military personnel and equipment has been stationed all over this country for a reason? In fact some have even trained with our military according to my sources. For what purpose? That’s yet to be decided in the coming months based on where we go from here.

    • K. Wayne

      As a finishing touch…..Build the #$##@##$ Wall already. There will be no place left to hide or run to. The Wall has a different agenda. Just like your social credit score. Play naughty and you lose your privilege to Fly.
      ….And I thought the FED was trapped……hmmmmmmffffff…!!!!

  15. Tommy

    Just googled “failed coup”. Nothing concerning the most recent one. Then tried “failed coup of Trump presidency” and the only results that came up, (other than those from WaPo, etc. claiming it to be unfounded, conspiracy theory, etc.) were from Fox News, Real Clear Politics, and Washington Times. Nothing from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal. Not very broad coverage of such a monumental attempt at unconstitutionally overthrowing a sitting president and reversing an election. Criticism of Obama’s golf outings drew more attention.

  16. Dan Fruth

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. We are seeing an agenda that has been successfully used in the past, and history shows it as destructive to all EXCEPT those in control….The devil never changes……We must shout the truth to all who have ears to hear,,…Great report Greg.

  17. al

    O-Crazyo no-cortex is the best thing for the truth movement, so is Omar the burka wearing oppression loving Muslim along with the other snowflake SJW psychopath who I won’t even mention.
    The few democrats that I know are good people at heart, no brains, but good people none the less. I respect everyone’s views but when I occasionally speak to them and ask them about Cortez you hear crickets and see blank stares. You can tell they are waking up.
    These are the same Enemy Media watchers who thought they live in a free and fair Country, now they are starting to get it. The great awakening is here.
    O-Crazio and the gang of children are a gift!

    The same thing goes for Beto. You can’t ask for a better set of clowns to unmask the facade of “freedom loving democrats”. What a comedy fest! You couldn’t write such a sit-com and yet we are living it and I laugh my butt off every single day.
    Who needs Monty Python or Seinfeld when you have the sit-com called “the dumbokrauts”?

    On a serious note, if it’s not a bird flu virus affecting the eggs and permanently increasing their prices over 100% even after the virus is gone, it’s a flood.
    Once the flood is gone and everything gets back to normal by next year the food prices will stay high. That’s how they justify inflation.

    Thanks again Greg, as always, you are a pillar of journalism.

  18. BDS

    Great wrap up for the week! Thank you for all your dedicated hours of insight!

  19. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, the Democrats also elected 200 other far left closet congress members, Pelosi & her gang of at least 200 are clearly far left. Pocahontas, Sanders, 15 or 20 running for President are only the tip of the iceberg. The Democrat party is not the party of my father’s decades of life. So, my thesis is not far off from your wrap-up, just wanted to make sure your bloggers know that those three Congresspersons who came out of the closet you named are only the “tip” of the iceberg. That is why those 3 speak out as they have much closet support below the water not seen. Finally, that party has, in fact, changed to the socialist agenda; its not will become, its “has” become. I do believe that the silent majority and millions of average Joe Democrats still alive today may well pull the trigger for Trump in 2020. I am also glad that the 200 socialist in Congress have moved so far left as I believe its going to backfire on them next election once again.

  20. Joe Lalonde

    Hi Greg,
    In this economic downturn, Canada is going to be decimated.
    Our corrupted politicians have imposed many policies and laws that have crushed any type of business due to environmental and safety issues. We only import and assemble goods to ship out. We live in a cold country and now drive plastic cars…they disintegrate very well in crashes.
    Any excuse to add a tax or fee has been implemented.
    We have given our banks total control for taking all our money above 100,000 Canadian dollars when they will fail. Much of our current economic activity was house and condo building and importing immigrants on federal money programs.

    Not letting that scrap bother me and am enjoying what I can.
    Take care,
    Love your excellent shows.

    • Joe Lalonde

      All our problems come from monetary inflation of currency over this century…The Zimbabwe Effect over a longer period of time.

    • K. Wayne

      ******NEWS FLASH******
      Canada is not an exception. What you describe is a global phenomenon.
      Governments and Environmentalists exist to destroy Business and Capitalism. Those Elite Luciferians behind the numerous foundations, do not want to share the Earth’s abundance. They have an agenda to destroy any and all business and industry. They incrementally disadvantage small, medium and large multi nationals.
      Governments know better….or at least they think they can achieve better results. The Elite know all and are the masterminds.
      Freedoms in the NWO will only be referenced in history books, but only then they will only be discussed as fantasies.
      Your individual rights/privilege’s are being dismantled right before your eyes.
      Indeed …….enjoy what you can. That is what they wish for. A benign public response and acceptance of their rules.

  21. Mohammad


    You are totally off on Rep. Omar’s Hijab.

    You can argue her statements on dual support to Israel, you may have a point there and you may have not, however she did not question A RELIGIOUS PERSONAL issues here, she questioned POLITICS, wearing Hijab for muslim women IS NOT POLITICS, it is a personal choice, exactly like the jews wearing YAMAKA, I did not hear you rambling about Mr. Trump wearing YAMAKA when he visited Jerusalem and stood by the wall….!!! right?

    Hijab is part of muslim’s belief and it is protected under the laws of the land in US, otherwise none of the muslim women granted citizenship through out the years coming to US would be allowed in had they broken the laws of the land by wearing Hijab.

    With all due respect Greg, you are confusing those two distinct matters.


    • Greg Hunter

      Explain: Omar is in bed and collecting money from radical Muslim terrorists.

      • Mohammad


        You are missing the point, or dancing around it.
        No matter what the background of Rep. Omar that could easily be debated, Judge Jenine attacked all muslim women’s right to wear Hijab that is protected under US laws from the time the first muslim landed on the soil of US until now.
        That is the point Greg.
        Attacking belief and creating hatred.
        If it comes from the other side I condemn it, but I see your side endorsing it in a passive way by omission.


        • Greg Hunter

          No, the Judge did not attack a woman’s right to a hajib. The Judge turned the tables and asked if Omar could be loyal to the Constitution and America because of her religion, just like Omar did to the Jews. Turnabout is fair play, and you never answered my question about Omar raising money with groups linked to America hating terrorists groups: and here:

          • Mohammad


            Wearing Hijab is against the constitution? and all muslims’s loyalty is in question? That is hatred at its best.
            Where did you get that from?
            They know when they process our papers that our ladies wear hijab so that is not against the constitution and that does not question our loyalty…where did you get that from Greg?


            • Greg Hunter

              No Mohammad,
              Please watch all of what the Judge said. This was not hatred it was making the same claim against Omar she made against people of Jewish faith. What about Omar fund raising with Hamas and other groups linked to terror????

              • Mohammad

                No Greg,

                I heard what rep Omar said, she did not even get close to the jewish faith, she talked about double loyalties to Israel and US, Israel as an apartheid state has nothing to do with jewish faith actually it is AGAINST jewish faith according to most of the rabbis I quoted as you know on your blog before and no need to repeat it again, so Rep. Omar did not attack a faith, that is a fact, Judge Jinine attacked Hijab which is muslim’s faith of 3 billions allover the world, that is the distinction I am trying to draw your attention to.

                We can disagree Greg, I will leave it there and I will leave for you the last word.


            • Tin foil hat

              Perhaps the Judge watched these video on Youtube:
              Btw, do you believe sharia supersedes the Constitution?

    • Arthur L Barnes

      Mohammad, why don’t you take you religion of peace and go sell it somewhere else, as we are not buy your ocean front property in Arizona any longer.

      • Mohammad


        Ocean front property in Arizona?
        It may turn out that way once the fault line splits California in the ocean taking with it neighboring states so IT MAY BE WORTH BUYING MY OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN ARIZONA….!!!


  22. Russ

    Great wrap-up Greg. For those who have not yet seen the video Greg mentioned”…
    There it is.

    • Russ

      The youtube can be found at:
      The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

      • paul ...

        Lets “use” the Justice Democrats to destroy and remove from office the “corrupt” Democrats … and lets also start up a Justice Republican branch of the Republican Party to destroy and remove from office the corrupt Republicans … once we “divide” the two major corrupt Parties … it will be easier to “conquer over” the smaller splinter groups … could it be this you tube guy “so afraid” of the Justice Democrats … is really in the pocket of the current morally corrupt and crooked demon-rats? … dividing the Democrats “is to our advantage” … does this guy want us to keep “No Wall” Schumer” and “Baby Killing” Cuomo in office????

        • paul ...

          We should “be loving” the Justice Democrats for helping us clean up the swamp … then when they are through doing their job removing the ingrained old crooks … we can “more easily” vote out the new “politically inexperienced” commies!!

          • paul ...

            Removing the “politically inexperienced commies” should be very easy when they start raising taxes on us Americans (the way Macon has on the unarmed French people)!! … macron-to-deploy-french-army-against-yellow-vest-protests-this-is-the-first-time-since-the-1954-1962-algerian-war-that-the-army-is-to-be-mobilized-in-policing-opera/

  23. Tin foil hat

    UK Denies Asylum To Christian Convert From Iran Because “Christianity Is Not Peaceful”!!

  24. Mohammad


    Golan heights IS A SYRIAN LAND under occupation, No one has the right to give it away to any one, what strikes me is the utter hypocrisy by POTUS when he screams foul when Russia annexes Crimea, yet he is doing the same crap annexing Golan Heights to give it to Israel, but what is new ?

    Any way Time Will Tell who will have the upper hand there, the more Israel gets stronger and expands, the more I firmly believe in my religion seeing what the prophet Mohammad had spoken about 1500 years ago and prophesied then, which is just materializing now and will in the future.

    Time Will Tell


    • Greg Hunter

      Not any more, Syria was involved in starting two wars against Israel and Syria lost the “Golan” in battle. You don’t get your stuff back when you start war and lose.

      • Arthur L Barnes

        To the victors goes the spoils!

        • Greg Hunter

          And the strategic high ground so the loser cannot attack again!!

          • paul ...

            Why give the enemies of Israel a legal excuse to claim all of Israel is “strategic high ground”?? … like not so many years ago when Israel was conquered … the 12 tribes scattered … “and their land not given back” by the armies that conquered it … it was “only fair” to give Israel back its land in 1946 (after being kept as “spoils of war” for hundreds of years) … bottom line “it was given back” … because it was “their home land” to begin with … and losing it in a war did not take away Israel’s right to ownership of that land!!

            • paul ...

              Remember the six day war was fought because Arabs believed Israel did not have the right to exist … because that land was conquered “fair and square” by Arabs and others years ago … and they did not believe it should be given back to the Jews because it was a rightful “spoil of war” for them to keep forever!!

          • TSI

            Greg these are European colonialists. And worse they are apartheid. You know Netanyhu has declared Israel a state for Jewish people only don’t you. This is racism pure and simple. Act of God indeed!!!

            • Tin foil hat

              I’m surprised you don’t know Jews, like Muslims, is not a race.

          • Justn Observer

            Morn’n Greg…Great wrap up! So over the target for sooo long now on so many things geo,pol,economic ! Trifecta!
            and ya =
            Capture the Flag originated on the battlefield of some of the most deadly wars in history. In fact, that was exactly how all the soldiers knew when a battle was over – once the enemy’s flag was captured, both sides considered the skirmish settled. But now we live in the time of illusion and fantasy where ‘everyone’ gets a trophy and the whiners always want a repeat until they win? lol Not sure…thinking it started when ‘someone’ decided they would be the ‘deciders’ of what Christ said…and started speaking for HIM? Those being the ‘real’ dividers of the House of the Lord…and where there is such a House divided shall not stand

          • Mohammad

            I firmly believe my prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
            Whatever he said 1500 years ago is materializing now, there is no reason why I should not believe the rest of the chronological series of events that will unfold later on and he talked about and prophesied in the past, he proved truthful thus far and he will till end of time, the more Israel gets stronger and bigger THE HAPPIER I GET, because I know then JUSTICE IS COMING FROM HEAVENS NOT FROM BELOW…..!!!!!


            • Greg Hunter

              I believe just as strongly in Jesus Christ who walked the earth 2,000 years ago as the Son of God. Jesus was crucified, died and was buried and rose again on the 3rd day. Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead.

              • Mohammad

                Time Will Tell.


              • susan

                Greg, amen.

          • Infidel Nick in UK

            Unfortunately the cancer that is Islam attacks from within.
            I am sure the resident Jihaddi apologist commenter on this site – Mohammad – can explain why German police made a mistake here:-


      • Tin foil hat

        That’s war reparations.

      • TSI

        Israel started it when they stole the land in 1948. If this was an act of God why do all the criminals in Congress support Israel? These are Luciferians as you yourself have admitted. Is Saudi Arabia good based on the unconditional support it has in Congress as well? Think about it.

        • susan

          TSI, well what you say, put altogether makes no sense whatsoever. I sincerely hope no one here is paying any attention to what you are saying. That is the nicest way I can say that.

          • TSI

            Why? Joe Biden is a self confessed Zionist. When you see videos of him touching girls on YouTube do you really think this is a man of integrity that is supporting Israel because he is a moral upstanding citizen? If the Democrats are all evil, as is insinuated on this site, why do they virtually all support Israel?

          • TSI

            Susan, do my comments not make sense or do you just disagree with them? How do my comments not make any sense?

            • Tin foil hat

              Most of us have gotten it all wrong. We like to see the world as black vs. white and good vs. evil. However, we are not in heaven where there is absolute goodness, we are in pre-purgatory or dichotomy where everythings are grey or somewhere in between.

              I believe we are taking a test or going through a process which there is no absolute right and wrong answers. It’s kind of like the latest concept of teaching which the teacher wants to see the process you go through in detail rather than just the right answer. In other words, simply being on the right side or going to church every Sunday will not get you to heaven.

              I’m pretty sure the ISIS terrorists didn’t think they are evil as they raped the Yazidi girls via Misyar or temporary marriage and sold them as slaves. They believed they were righteous and merely following the Koran. I also believe any Muslim who rejects the immoral teaching in the Koran has a good chance of getting a place in heaven even though he has the wrong answer.

  25. foggygoggles

    Fox has always been controlled opposition.

  26. Mohammad


    Although every one on this blog called Karen Hudes cuckoo I maintained she was saying the truth when she was talking about the Philippine gold of Marcus hidden in one of the Pacific Islands, and the more I hear about fighting over the china sea influence and the contested islands there the more I think she is accurate, lately this:

    Is US working on STEALING the gold there?


    • K. Wayne

      If …..I repeat “IF” there was Gold to be taken from the Philippines…..then there would have already been a false flag event….like a Philippine Militant group shooting down a Boeing carrying 280 passengers with some unnamed US Diplomat being on board resulting in the US military invasion, a Puppet government figurehead implanted and midnight flights of loaded Bullion being witnessed over the ensuing days.
      GOLD ?????…..there isn’t any.
      It’s all about the Location, Location, Location.
      Islands are a scarce commodity in that part of the world…. they don’t seem to be making them anymore (except for the Chinese that is).
      Venezuela …..and the Citibank Gold (collateral) heist ….well that’s a different story.

      • Mohammad

        One of the Islands HAS THE GOLD that Karen Hudes talked about.
        This is the reason why Obama was all along saying their national interest is in the China sea, so he is on the same page as POTUS though every one here says he was a puppet of China, so how can yo square off that??????

        I firmly agree with Karen Hudes, the gold in one of those Islands is in possession of all the Babylonian families stored in this secure place they agreed on, someone is going rouge now and is trying to steal it, the sequence of events will reveal that hidden truth.

        Gold Baer bonds issued and then mocked to be a hoax is REAL.
        It was caught with Japanese traveling through Italy and when media smelled the news it was hush hush.

        Those bonds are logically issued against the Island’s gold.

        FAKE MY FOOT.

        And someone desperate is hell bent on STEALING IT NOW…..!!!!


        • Greg Hunter

          Can this be sourced and proven?

          • Mohammad

            That is why Greg I have been screaming about having Karen Hudes on your show when a lot voted her down as Cuckoo. She had maintained this premise, that this gold in the islands of china sea is large and protected. Please keep in mind that a lot of those “TINY islands” ARE ARTIFICIAL and not natural…hmmmm:


            Can we say those artificial “islands” ARE VAULTS FOR STORING GOLD??????????

            What is a better way to store gold away from ACCOUNTING TO IMF and away from eyes of reporters other than an isolated “artificial” protected islands?

            Think about it Greg,
            A war is about to be started OVER FEW ISLANDS?
            Common Greg, where is your investigative instinct?
            And now with the zero hedge article the US is training to HIT AN ISLAND AND RUN?????

            What for?


            Time Will Tell.


            • Justn Observer

              There is some historic evidence of buried gold in caves …and some time ago I posted some links to old bonds and stories about Wilfred Harmon being used to cash that has led to problems for him and a cover up and oddities concerning Colorado AG, AIG Horowitz and others to keep the truth buried…and throws shade on the ‘truthfulness’ of AGI Horowitz concerning his trutstworthyness now as to a possible cover up for CIA/Clintons /Comey etc? You all decide?

              • Justn Observer

                Fast forward now…to George Webb and Mcduff reporting, elites, Gibson Island, etc , idustrialists, drugs, gold, weapons (DOGS) and secret funding needs by ‘some entity’ ,the Mitsubishi Bank of Toyko etc…and now the Christchurch ordeal in that very town? Clinton, Podesta and Clapper having just been reported there? That said…those ‘islands’ China has been building are deterrants for U.S. Naval keeping open sea lanes…and create ‘kill zones’ bottle necks for aircraft carries/cruisers etc to their ability to ‘stand off’ ability. Much like what the canal and bottle necks in the ME Gulf zones. Does not stop anything but increases the ‘risks’ for sure for rapid deployment and for maritime free travel during ‘tense’ times?

          • Mohammad



            • Greg Hunter

              I have no idea who wrote this or if it is legit but I will post it.

              • Mohammad

                Dr. Farrell who is prolific writer and documentary astute historian talked about it long time ago, not this particular article but the gold Bear bonds.
                He maintained that the issuance of the bonds meant to be ambiguous as far as authenticity goes so if it falls in the wrong hands it would be called “fake” , in the right hands it is redeemable.
                I will gather as much documents that are public about it and I will post it on Jim’s interview since it is about gold.
                I wish Greg if you interview Dr. Farrell , CAF has almost periodical interviews with him every now and then, he is trust worthy and I am tuned to his site.


  27. Diane

    I sure hope your analysis is correct, Greg.

  28. Rock

    Greg, my gut says the Isis and Al-Quaeda bunch that McCain was so cozy with was an alphabet backed and run operation. Dirty as the day is long on many levels. Johnny was a part of that cabal.

  29. iwitness02

    I hear the vile spewing from the left, and I think my gosh, these people have an audience. Somewhere, there is people nodding their heads in agreement. Current affairs today remind me of music in a movie where it starts to build up and you know the good guy is about to be attacked by some hideous criminal monster. I keep getting the sense that we are drawing near to some huge calamity. More than the likely, it will be cascading calamities. It is comforting to be here with a lot like minded folks. I would hate to be the only one that sees trouble on the horizon.
    I got an email that landed in my inbox, Greg, concerning discount gold and silver. My first one, but it does work. (a few days ago)

    • iwitness02

      Big news day. Turn up the music.
      Off the beaten path………
      And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish/fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
      Fill the earth. Perhaps that preordained number is nearly upon us. If that is the case, then a lot of prophecy is about to unfold. Gods’ Plan for the human race may be getting ready to accelerate. Just thinking out loud.
      Genesis 2: 28

  30. Fatima message

    People please prepare!
    Flooding, crop failures, earthquakes, volcano eruptions! All part of “Grand Solar Minimum” that our sun has entered into. Check out John Casey. Watch his speeches on the internet. Read his books: Upheaval, Cold Winter. On YouTube check out channels: adapt 2030, or openheimer ranch project.
    Don’t take my word for this! Do your own due diligence. Grand Solar Minimum!
    Please take care!

    • K. Wayne

      Reminds me of the end of the Mayan calendar circa 2012…. the end of the 5126 year long cycle count. Gosh!!! How did we survive?

      • Freebrezer

        K – The grand solar minimum is a cyclic event that comes about every 400 yrs … scientific fact! Basically the sun goes quite and the earth cools a little bit. A cooler earth equates to massive crop failures and more extreme weather. Most major civilization collapses throughout history can be correlated to it … plentiful food IS the foundation of a thriving society. here is a chart of the suns last five cycles … it is quite obvious that the sun’s activity is waning … the big question is what will the next cycle be? If it is lower, rest assured history will repeat … food shortages, hunger, bad, bad famines in places, and major disease outbreak (starving people have weakened immune systems). And yes the strong and prepared will survive.

        • K. Wayne

          Facts and Prophecies don’t mix.
          Melting Ice caps, Shifting Artic Vortex, Increased Volcanic activity, Famine, Drought, Floods ….Climate Change are not new phenomenon.
          Talk of collapsing civilization is more prophetic than reality.

          • Greg Hunter

            In your opinion, and your opinion is not a fact.

          • Freebrezer

            K – the solar cycle is a fact … the results are theories (i.e pretty good correlations) … per a collapse in food production this is the very worst outcome! not enough food for a society equates to revolution … a starving person has nothing to lose. Why did the French revolution come about? The masses were starving and the elite where gorging themselves … die storming the walls of Bastille or starve. Interesting in that the French Revolution started at the start of the Dalton minimum.

            • K. Wayne

              Civilization collapse vs Revolution ??
              One extreme too many. Don’t use them in the same context when describing the effects of the sun’s cycle. Societal collapse would be a more suitable term to describe what you as referring to …AND that is something I already agree on….with or without the sun’s influence.

  31. Diane

    Martin just added New York City to its list of economic DISASTERS

    • K. Wayne

      State Bankruptcy is the stepping stone to Global Bankruptcy.
      That is the MO of the Banksters.
      Those with Open Eyes and a functioning brain can see this clearly.
      The solution is a Reset with a One World (Electronic) Currency. Forget Fiat. Forget Gold. The rise in rhetoric spewing from the “mouths and mouthpieces” about MMT and UBI are all foundations of what is to come. It is centralised control of your ability to earn, live and spend. The race to Equality and Grand Scale Socialism is well and truly on. The Elite don’t participate in Socialism….they have no need…other than to control.
      The suppression of PM’s will be ongoing until the implementation of their plan is complete. That is notwithstanding the BIS – Basel III 03/29/19 rule changes.
      Gold just becomes another asset which can be leveraged to whatever degree they wish. Fractional Banking at its best.

    • Justn Observer

      Greg and his interview wth Rubino called that long ago? (NYC= -$100B)

  32. Seeing Clearly

    Socialism has many flaws but one of the easiest ways to put is is this: Socialism is social re-engineering through economic enslavement. They use the economy to socially engineer the population, that’s what socialism has always been about. Thank you for allowing me to post this comment, God bless you all in the fight against evil.

    • Freebrezer

      S – My take on socialism … A group of elites that want to take control of a society by promising the general populace freebee’s (i.e. utopia living)… and once achieved, it empowers them to live the life of royalty … i.e parasites that feed off the productivity of all of us! What a great gig if you can get it. Make no bones about socialism, it is all about power … that is all it’s about!!!!! … the ability to be supreme ruler/s and to force other people to produce for them why they live the high life!

      • iwitness02

        You can see how hungry some of the new crop of freshmen congress woman are. They want to get plugged into the tax payer gravy train and ride it for all it’s worth, on their way to ever more power, or so they hope. This is the way it appears to me. Biden’s potential running mate seems to have this same hunger. Stacey somebody. I don’t see a desire to serve the people and work for a better life for the American citizens. I can only see greed, corruption, and a self serving nature. I hope everyone’s patience are wearing thin with all the criminals in our government.

  33. paul ...

    Well it’s now official … the yield curve has inverted … remember how everyone was saying Trump did the wrong thing stopping the Fed rate hikes? … well he was right wasn’t he? … the Fed has a history of never seeing a recession coming until it is too late … will anyone thank Trump for being smarter then the Fed??? …

    • K. Wayne

      It’s all about the curve my friend. I made a lot of noise about this for almost 18 months. The recession is already in play and has been for 3 Qtrs.
      Keep in mind the FED is not there to protect your interests nor that of the public at large.
      Why are so many blind to this ??

      • Justn Observer

        hmmm? Am thinking Greg and Pento and Williams and and and et…have been on that longer? lol geeeeeezzzz or da ya mean those not visiting usawatchdog?

        • K. Wayne

          An often forgotten economic indicator predicting the onset of a Recession (Inversion of the Yield Curve) which all and sundry had overlooked ……until I posted it here on USA Watchdog. I see an element of recency bias in your comment….but that’s ok…its normal and expected.
          Don’t worry JO I don’t need you to keep an eye on what/when it is said/quoted ….I am very apt at keeping score. Historically it hasn’t taken long for those in the media, financial arena to “re-quote” OR take ownership of what they read on USAWD. I have witnessed this on many occasions. I’m ok with that too because education is important to those that need it and this is the perfect platform to achieve that goal. Information is channelled to a wider audience ……very quickly. That’s a fantastic outcome.

          • Greg Hunter

            I and Greg Mannarino have been talking about a flattening yield curve for months because it was headed for inversion.

  34. Jerry

    We’re about to find out how the cow ate the cabbage.

    Either debt matters or it doesn’t. If it doesnt the central banks should just bend over and take their medicine and leave the rest of us alone. But you and I know better. The last time they pulled a scheme like this, it was the subprime mortgage scheme. This time it’s stock buckbacks. But who wants to tie up their money for ten years and
    not make any money? More importantly who’s going to bail them out this time? My guess. Nobody. At least not willingly. More than likely we are headed for some type of reset as the central banks scrabble to cover their liquidity losses. First stop. Our supposed FDIC insured bank accounts in some type of lockdown. Wouldn’t you know it. For the first time in five years, I have more money in the concrete and brick bank, than The Bank of Jerry. Oh well?

    • K. Wayne

      FDIC…sure .
      But getting access to your money is another thing.
      Limitations on daily withdrawals as well as potential loss of right to access for weeks on end are all realities we should accept.

      • paul ...

        Better to have two silver bits in your pocket (then a million bits in a computer wallet that gets shut down) … one of the most important aspects of “money” never talked about “is access to it” when it is needed the most!!

  35. Doug McDowell

    John Kaisch governor of Ohio stated after John McCain’s death that McCain was “put to death.” If true McCain was arrested and tried in a military court for treason and sedition and sentenced to death.If he fought this the information would be released to the American people destroying his reputation,legacy and his family. If he did not fight this he would be given a state funeral and be remembered as a hero. My thoughts for what they are worth.

    • William Stanley

      It IS hard to interpret Kaisch’s words as a slip of the tongue. I’ve tried . . . but I just can’t convince myself.

  36. Don Barlow

    Trump To Fox News: Stop Being Politically Correct, ‘Bring Back’ Jeanine Pirro

  37. Tim McGraw

    “Tighter restrictions soon began to be placed on Japanese residents. They were no longer allowed to bear arms and were limited in their travel.” Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project. FDR took away the 2nd Amendment rights of Japanese-Americans in WWII. What happened to the Japanese-Americans on the West Coast was despicable.
    I also saw the Mr. Reagan video about the Justice Democrats. Those guys are creepy.

  38. Independent


    OAC is an actress The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    • paul ...

      You know … if we were smart … we would elect OAC “Governor of NY” (to get rid of “baby killer” Cuomo and “no Wall” Schumer) … then … simply vote “the commie” out (when she raises NY State taxes to 75%) … right now she is catching a lot of flack because she is over the “enemy target” … so why help our enemies shoot her down? … when she can be used to destroy our “ingrained enemies” in the swamp … then … we can easily get rid of “a commie” who raises our taxes and creates a massive inflation that is not compensated for in the CPI and pushes up the price of gold for us!!

      • paul ...

        But … we must keep our guns for this plan to work!!!

  39. craig remaley

    probably a good time to have clif high on
    to talk about the latest in whats happening
    in the world of weather and why.

  40. Seeing Clearly

    AOC is an idiot

    • Not So Free

      No kidding?

  41. Anthony Australia

    John Adams on the Reluctant Preppers

  42. Diane

    Good report Independent

  43. John M.

    I’m hearing that Midwest farmers were suffering very high bankruptcy problems before these recent floods. So financial conditions will get worse for them.
    In the Far West, California, we are continuing to get non-stop moisture which may be too much of a good thing. Our reservoirs are finally getting full, but over here we are contending with a socialist state government that does not want farmers to get normal flows of water because of “protecting fish” and “environment”. So rain and snow is a marginal improvement. The unrelenting storms might delay normal plantings of many crops, and our biggest cash crop of all, King Almond, might have serious damage because bees did not have good weather to pollinate trees and there may be some mold/mildew/rot issues.
    I think basic commodity prices have been in a downward and sideways trajectory for at least 10 years, which hurts farm gross income very badly. Just check out a 25-year CRB index for confirmation. Farm costs keep marching up regardless, especially in CA.
    I think all farmers need some massive increases in food prices in order to survive and the sooner the better.
    But for most Americans this will hurt them badly, especially as inflation and recession has already been biting them since at least 2008, despite what the authorities say. And then when the real monetary inflation comes we will be shifting from 1st gear to 4th or 5th gear real fast. Maybe like in Star Wars, we go straight into “hyperspace”.

  44. Not So Free

    Waiting for Jim on Sunday. I’m sure he will talk about gold, etc.
    Since Maduro can’t get ‘his’ gold, where does that leave everyone else. I’d like to see if he has any updated information on the story that Texas can’t get its bullion from New York, or wherever it’s currently being held. One story was they weren’t members of COMEX. What does that even mean? It’s their physical bullion, not paper.

  45. Gina M Mancarella

    (This is Greg Hunter. For those wondering where “Gina” went, well she (/he/it/troll) never went away. Gina is constantly trying to comment on USAW and I constantly simply delete the comments mostlyh without reading them. Today, I have decided to post “Gina’s” comment below, just to let you all know how the far left/Marxists/communist/socialists/justice Democrats think. I tried to clean up the nasty language. Oh, and “Gina” you were wrong again, just like you prediction of “Hillary will be President”–NOT. NO COLUSION WITH RUSSIA BY TRUMP but Hillary is another story. Enjoy “Gina” below!!)

    Greg, I promise you ! I so mother****ing promise you that the prosecution of Trumps crimes is not over ! He is a deceive a divider and a hater ! He is a white mother****ing supremacist !

    Nadler and Schiff are going to push it so far up Trumps a$$#@^#%, he will be squealing months after the 2020 election is over as he awaits prison or execution by firing squad. This mother****er is getting indicted one way or another. If Mueller wont do it, CONGRESS WILL ! And just remember Greg, that we have the mother****ing House !
    This is a mother****ing, **** sucking, outrage. I promise you Greg, the $#!t is going to come down until hell wont have it again !

    • Mark James

      Wow! What a post!! I don’t really “get” Gina’s message maybe because all the $+++$$*&*&!!!*** profanity… Best to just delete garbage and move on. It is fine to have people who don’t agree… but this isn’t respectful to you, Greg, or commentators on your site. Thanks for not posting her garbage. Sometime Mark Dice has people on from CNN for 3-5 minutes. That is enough brain damage for me each day. 🙂

      Your e-blast came through on Jim R! Looking forward to it! Last e-blast to Outlook went to Spam… this time it went to e-mail! I left your offer in my inbox (moved from Spam). So maybe MS Live is learning I *want* your e-mails…

      Greg, Thanks for all you do!

    • Ian Flaming

      She sounds like the mud to me!

    • Jerry

      Be sure and come visit my neighborhood when the SHTF. It’s time to put your guts where your filthy mouth is.

  46. Andrew Butterworth

    Hi Greg & friends.
    A bit of topic here, but would love to hear from you and others on this because I have never heard any of the gold bugs interviewed by anyone rase this point.
    The talk is that Russia and China have increased gold reserves dramatically over the last few years and dumped US treasuries over the last two years.
    There is no way the powers to be in the USA will allow gold to have a dramatic rise in price and risk the debt free Russian economy surging while the debt laden US economy moves down, this would be a shift in power that I feel the US will try to stop at all costs, paper gold has been and will be the method to keep gold suppressed so the US stays on top. The politics is way more important than the charts these days, central banks and the powers that are can overload the comex with sell orders any time they like to keep gold down specifically for geopolitical reasons.
    Starting to think M. Armstrong could be right in thinking the Dow could go to 40,000 while gold goes down, this would keep the Ruskies in struggle street, exactly where the US needs them to be. Scary stuff. How can our gold go up when dealing with this geopolitical nightmare that occasionally does keep me up at night.

  47. Mike R

    Now that Mueller is ‘done’, Trump needs to move very fast, to get those indictments underway, of Comey, Hillary, Rosenstein, Podesta, McCabe, Strock, Obama, and everyone else involved in the coup, and make Americans understand what these criminals tried to do, and how they have gravely harmed America byt notonly trying to oust Trump, but engaging in a massive fraud to prevent Trump to get into office, and then fraud to try to oust him, and specifically for treason against the nation. All the things that Dr. Janda talks about needs to happen very fast, and well before the 2020 election. It needs to be shock and awe style, where these people are literally arrested at their homes, SWAT style, handcuffed and immediately taken away like they did to Roger Stone. America needs to understand the utter crap the Dems have pulled, especially by Hillary and Obama, where their rotten deeds began well before Obama left office, taking every avenue possible to undermine Trump before the election, and then continuing after. What these criminals did, makes Watergate look like petty dime store theft, and the DEMS need to be put in their place, pronto. They remain entirely out of control, and will damage this country even more in the upcoming campaigning season, the pre-quel to 2020.

    Trump truly needs to go on the offensive now, since they put him on defense for 2 disgusting years. Dems and the mainstream media have divided this country. Not Trump. Left to their dastardly schemes & devices, they’ll destroy it before 2020.

  48. Mike R

    Trump also should sue everyone of these cretins named above, for defamation, as their complete character assassination, was the most egregious ever done to an innocent President. His lawyers should make them hemorrage money attempting to defend themselves, both in the defamation suits, which no doubt damaged his many businesses, and not only his Presidency, and then make them spend more money trying to get out of all their indictments for treason, the failed coup, and multiple untold other frauds. (i.e Clinton Fraud Foundation, Pizzagate, Epstein Island, Benghazi, much more). There need to be laws instated against this sort of garbage they have done to a sitting President, and would be President. Members of the FBI, DOJ (Rosenstein in particular), probably people in NSA and in Homeland Security also need to be in these indictments, and in the defamation suits that Trump should surely file.

  49. paul ...

    Silence is “our immoral complicity” in the crimes (past and present) orchestrated by evil neocons … will America remain silent??? … let’s pray not!! …

    • paul ...

      Genetic engineering is a two way sword … it can be used to dumb down the population as easily as it can be used to make us smarter … now what way do you think the “commies” will use this new tool? … before you know it … we will be working as slaves (like we did for the Annunaki) and being paid with feathers!!

      • paul ...

        You know … free speech is like heroin for me … I’m addicted … too bad Trump won’t burn down the poppy fields in Afghanistan the way Google, You Tube, etc. are burning down “free speech” right here in the heartland of America!!

  50. Anthony Australia

    I am shocked to see how a few gun related tragic incidents in the last few years, well acts of terrorim , have attracted so much media attention and public ourcry, when the first 10 minutes of this video I’m sure will scar me for life.

    • iwitness02

      It was to sad for me. I had to bail.

  51. dr.

    Thanks Greg for the news,
    Just signed up and email was in spam folder as you said.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dr. for the feedback and support!

  52. War-What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothin!

    New International Version
    He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire.
    Psalm 46:9

    Isaiah 2:4
    He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

    Isaiah 9:5
    Every warrior’s boot used in battle and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire.

    Isaiah 11:9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD…

    Isaiah 60:18 Violence shall no more be heard in your land, wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls

    Micah 4:3,4 And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares…

    • iwitness02

      A lot of prophecy about to unfold…….a lot of good examples right here.

  53. iwitness02

    Mr. Reagan: The brains behind AOC part 2 on youtube.
    Kick butt video

  54. paul ...

    Hey … how about we design our computers so that they automatically call in an FBI Swat Team whenever they think we did an “unapproved” Google search?? …

  55. Lake M

    John M,

    You stated:
    “when the real monetary inflation comes we will be shifting from 1st gear to 4th or 5th gear real fast”

    Just like the farmer who said the levee broke and we were rapidly surrounded by 7ft of water. We could see rapid hyper inflation if the FED choses to flood the economy
    with excess fiat to cover the failed pensions, municipalities and US excess debt.
    When one listens to Congress on fiscal responsibility and cutting the amount of “baksheesh” they extract from all of us each year, all one hears are crickets chirping. Nary a word on any kind of economic discipline by these idiots. Deficits Forever is their motto.

    A currency can collapse very quickly as we just witnessed in Venezuela. The FED
    must inflate to survive. I doubt they will chose death over self preservation. Watch how
    quickly we would turn in to a third world society if this massive money printing occurs.
    Some say a solution would be eliminating the FED and let the Treasury print the money it needs to operate and the global market will determine the value of the dollar. Based
    on sound money principles, the dollar would likely take a huge hit.

    The global elite seem hell bent on continuing their attempt to eliminate the 2nd amendment, control free speech guaranteed by the first amendment and to digitize the currency, giving them back door control of all money.

    China seems one step away from harnessing hi tech to monitor social behavior of the masses and issue punishments for those deviating from the rules. Current experiments surveilled a region and issued social scores for each individual. Those with low scores had their travel freedoms taken away with up to 25million losing the right to travel on hi speed train or air. Will the US attempt to implement this type of system combined with a new digital currency? If deployed it’s GAME OVER… BANG and the door slams shut… welcome to the new America, a third world fascist totalitarian society, controlled by wack-a-doodle ( one of Greg’s popular words) Dems and others, but really just puppets of the global elite.

    Will Trump survive and choose to do battle in 2020 with the forces that so oppose him?
    Stay tuned folks… there’s a lot more to loose than what most realize. There are so many parallels to the last days of Rome. Unfortunately it may be the end of America as empire.
    Historical fate unless we change our modus operandi? That is the path we seem to be on.

  56. Jimmy Carter


  57. Russ McMeans

    Beyond good report Greg! Will share. Got your email re McGuire- in the inbox at Yahoo Mail. I dumped Gmail and their Chrome Browser a year ago. Safer now. (For now). Saving money to try and purchase gold but truck repair is first. Your retort about “you cannot have the people armed if you’re going to rob them”. That was great. I’m going to do a custom bumper sticker 22”x 24” with a list of radio and websites- all the best conservative ones. You will be between Drudge Report and Zero Hedge, in green or blue. The giant vinyl sign will begin with radio stars and Rush will be first since he’s The Godfather. I’ve got to include Victor Davis Hanson and Dan Bongino.
    You’re the best news anchor equal to Bill O’Reily.
    Thank you for your service. Praying for our farmers.
    We will have to blame our quiet sun for these horrific winters. Bummer.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ for your comment and your kind words!!

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lots of breaking news being covered up, important aspects not being reported!

  59. Coalburner

    Thanks for bringing the photo back of McCAin and the ISIS and AL Qaidua. No one ever explained that! Second, I believe McCain is dirty for other reasons. If it ever comes out why the Trump really dislikes McCain it will be more damning than when we get an explanation for that photo. Remember when Trump was at a total loss for words, the one and only time!!! When he came out after the meeting with Putin. Putin told him something about the CIA and FBI and I bet McCain was involved. That meeting much maligned by the news morons was not about what they thought. It was about something very important and we still do not know!!!

    Speaking of the Volcano 43 miles from Mexico City>>>>>>>>>> BUILD THE WALL NOW!

  60. Diane

    Great interview
    Roseanne and anomaly

  61. Eins

    Did anything really change in the Trump presidency?
    Sure all this drama about deep state this and that.
    Bottom line its all drama.
    Nothings changed.
    My vote really didn’t count and still doesn’t.
    Just voting either side of the same two-sided coin..,

    • Greg Hunter

      You are so wrong Eins.

  62. Robert

    What about the FISA judges who gave the approval for this witch hunt. What about their incurious belief of the farcical evidence used to begin this probe? Doesnt that reflect on them and their inability to make sound judgements? When do their impeachment proceedings begin?

  63. Robert

    I want justice for President Trump? When will the hearings against those who tried to destroy Trump’s presidency, through a poorly but effectively orchestrated coup, be charged accordingly? Take away the passports of all involved immediately.

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