Destructive “Chemtrails” Finally Coming to Light – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s 

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says it looks like the destructive climate engineering operation that has been going on for decades is finally coming to the attention of the public with new legislation happening in states like Tennessee.  Terms like “chemtrails” are used to hide the massive harm being done to the climate.  Tennessee is taking action because the harm being done to the “public welfare” with everything from heavy metals, aluminum and nanoparticles being sprayed on everyone to manipulate the climate.  Of course, there is no public discussion, let alone public approval, of this evil weather warfare that is well established climate Engineering science since just after WWII.  With the Tennessee legislation, we may finally be getting enough public awareness to STOP spraying, poisoning and climate damage being done without public knowledge or permission.  Is the Tennessee climate engineering “ban” good news?  Wigington explains, “This is extremely good news.  The key point here is this raising awareness and credibility for this issue.  Clearly, whatever one state passes over its airspace is not going to stop the fallout coming from upwind.  You would have to ban this over the whole planet to stop theses toxic particulate matter from saturating all of us.  That said, this is extremely important in raising awareness.  The Senate bill is 2691 and the House bill is 2063, and it’s being voted on tomorrow (Wednesday 3/27/24 in Tennessee) . . . . The interesting thing is all who are voting for this are Republicans, but this should not be a political issue.  The reason why the Democrats are not voting for this is they believe anyone trying to bring attention to the climate engineering issue is somehow trying to dodge the fact that the climate is damaged.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  What we are saying at is how can there be any legitimate discussion about climate anything without addressing this issue first and foremost. . . .On the current course, no one gets out alive.  I know that is an incredibly hard  pill to swallow, but it is the fact of the matter. . . . What does that mean for all of us?  Do we sit down and do nothing?  No.  We try to bring this issue (Geoengineering) to light, which is, at this moment in time, the single most destructive factor of all human activity.  It is the single most destructive problem we face short of nuclear cataclysm.  If together we can expose this and stop it and allow the planet to respond to the damage done with whatever life support systems that are left . . . people need to wake up while we can still make a difference.  We are running out of time.”

Wigington says climate engineering is criminal, and people at the top know what is happening.  Wigington says, “These people are like pirates trying to fill their pockets with loot on the deck of a sinking ship.”

On top of that, the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) are out in force trying to minimize what this Tennessee legislation means to exposing these climate engineering destructive policies.  One of the latest acts of destruction is baseball size hail that destroyed thousands of acres of solar panels this past weekend in Texas.  Wigington says this type of extreme weather is one of many problems caused by climate engineering.  You will not hear how dire the situation is because of the propaganda by the LLM that hide the dire situation we face that is made exponentially worse by so-called “Chemtrails.”

There is much more in the 41-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of, with an update on the calamity geoengineering is causing and legislation in Tennessee to ban it for 3.26.24.

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  1. Rolf Lagerquist

    We are all One with each other and Creator. Everything is a vibration energy change. We are occupied against our free will. It starts with you to free yourself “against all oppressors”, then pass it on, until The Fibonacci Sequence reaches a threshold, then higher vibrations will bathe earth driving our occupiers off planet.

  2. Steve Lowery
    Bible codes .

    The gematria is nuts as well .

    Greg it’s showtime , I’m not telling you to lock down.
    But it’s time to lock down. Passover is Always 15 days from equinox, April 3 to April 8 . They’ve covered up all truth . Crash any day now , two weeks tops. < Maybe 2 , probably sooner . Gas up . Be safe.

    • Steve Bice

      Might be worth getting Ed Dowd back on…this time to talk about the implications of the Yen being in free-fall.

      If the $/JPY carry trade unwinds in masse as investors flee the trade, investment capital will dry up.

      If so, both stock and bond market crashes could be imminent…and coincide with the dates above.

      • Steve Bice

        Correction: “en masse”, “in mass” or a whole bunch of people; pick one. Sorry…

  3. EH Foundation

    Winter Weather Whiplash Weather Warfare It is freezing Showing Grey Toxic Chemtrail Skys Spraying U$ with everything Toxic Bioterrorism Depopulation Holododor This in NE AZ No Sun No sunshine No Warmth We The Earth Being Attacked Full Force DIE

    • Ken Yu

      The Globalists now realize there is NO WAY we can abandon fossil fuels and replace them with windmills and solar panels. It is now clear to the Globalists that abandoning fossil fuels is impossible. So they have now “altered their plans” (to reduce the world population by 50%) which is what they figure it will take to make a solar powered grid and electric cars feasible. Imagine if you can “half the people living on your block being dead in three years”. Martin Armstrong’s Socrates computer has forecast that the Globalists will bring about Nuclear World War III in the 2026/2027 time period to cut the world population in half. So get prepared folks to meet your maker in just three years (with your flimsy excuses to God the Father as to why you did nothing to stop the Evil Demonic Globalist’s “Induced Rapture of Humanity”!!!

  4. Geena Gador

    If Dane Wigington could slow down to half speed in his delivery, I could listen to him. But after 20 minutes or so, I simply have to click off. It is too much for my little brain. His voice sounds like a fire hose.

    Conversely, that is why I love listening to Betsy Eads. She speaks slowly enough for the average listener to understand what she is saying, even when she is delivering technical material.

    Greg, could you please coach Dane Wigington to SLOW DOWN?

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch it twice.

      • Steve Carter

        Please Understand Dane is an engineer. He is also trying to raise awareness.

      • gregsabourin

        You can slow the video down by going to the icon that looks like a little gear on the bottom of the screen and selecting a speed that works for you.

    • Agnes

      You have your own power to push the pause button anytime you need to. It’s the 2-line symbol on the bottom left of the screen. Push that spot again to continue viewing. That’s a perfect, low energy solution, and you don’t need to involve anyone else.

    • Tommy

      You can adjust the speed by clicking on settings. You can select 75%, 50% or 25%. Try 75%.

    • Chris

      Geena, how about if someone asked you to speed up or slow down when you speak on a serious topic that you are well versed in. You are probably going to think “what’s wrong with this person?” And rightly so. The speaker is assuming his listeners have the mental capacity to deal with the information. If it was a lecture hall, he’d give a handout summarizing the talk, just in case. You have the capacity to pause and rewind as many times as you need to on whatever technology device you’re using. Please use it.

    • Jeff M

      Go to “settings” on Rumble browser. Click on it. There are two settings there. The top one is “speed.” Click on that to adjust video speed. 0.75x will slow down the video speed so the talk is slower.

    • Jjule

      Play at 1/2 speed.
      Dane has a huge amount of information to get out in a short time

  5. Shirley Thompson

    You both missed these other state bills.
    TN. HB 2063.
    SB0134 IL.
    BILL 215 SD.
    BILL 302 CT

  6. Prydd

    So glad you are covering this. Don’t stop!

  7. Ken Yu

    Seems we will all now have to buy lexon “hail shields” to protect our solar panels from destruction by the Globalist weather modifiers.
    Or just do away with solar panels altogether and just buy two(2) Lithium Ion batteries. Keep one Lithium battery in the car charging as we drive back and forth to work (to be brought in at night to replace the one in the house running the lights and appliances during the day!! Of course this option will only be available to us if we own “a gasoline powered car” which the Globalists are intent on eliminating completely so we will not have our own private electrical generators (gasoline powered cars) at our disposal to live off grid!!!

    • Earth Angel

      I know its bad to have our things like cars, crops, plants, solar panels, roofs & homes damaged and destroyed by the maniacs who are running these weather warfare programs- but what about all the birds, livestock, wild animals, insects and pets (possibly humans too) getting clobbered and killed by baseball size hail and also the raging fires burning tens of thousands of acres because of these insane operations? These are rarely ever mentioned as collateral damage and the losses here must be staggering. Think about how horrible it is for cattle, sheep, horses- or anything- out in a field without shelter taking a beating from baseball sized hail or people or wildlife with nowhere to run being burned alive in fires. Thank God this issue is finally coming to light, far too many lives have been lost already to these evil operations. Great gratitude to Dane, Greg and all those who have persevered for many years in bringing this very important issue to the forefront in spite of insurmountable odds against them. Congratulations and a Blessed and Happy Easter to all.

  8. Ken Yu

    Bribe’n has brought a record number of foreign-born people into the United States – now close to 49.5 million (or 15% of the total population). And all these “illegals” will be voting for the Demon-rats who are now promising them the Social Security checks of those they have killed off with their Clot Shots. This “voter engineering” is on a grand scale almost as encompassing as the geo-engineering program they have already put into place!!

  9. Ken Yu

    Despite spending $4.5 Trillion dollars annually “to our health care providers” (pimping for the Big Pharma Drug Companies) America is now suffering a “Lower Life Expectancy” than third world nations. They have done such a good job that now the average American will not live to see 80-years of age any longer. Bill Gates and the Globalists have succeeded in their plans to kill us off early, but it is “young Americans” they are really targeting. Young people are now dying off so rapidly that Mortality is now 26 percent higher among 35-to-44-year-olds. But, that is not good enough for the eugenicists they are really out to get the 25-to-34-year-olds (who are now seeing a 19 percent higher Mortality rate) and as the Pfizer/Moderna Death Spike continues “our brain dead politicians” continue to go around promoting the m-RNA Kill Shot at every political rally as being SAFE and EFFECTIVE!!

  10. Gordon

    Our tax dollars are being used to bribe, cover up, and troll the truths of what is really going on behind the wizards “curtain”.
    You know our dollar is on a slide into worthlessness. Once it is destroyed, then how will the coverups of the many corrupt avenues ongoing in our society be paid for?
    Will those who were earlier paid (bribed) come forward and fess up?

    • Ken Yu

      Bribe’n will never fess up – nor will Trump (regarding the safety of the Kill Shots) but we still have to vote for the MAGA “former Demon-rat” Trump (hoping to God that Trump will be the lesser of two evils)!!

  11. Bud

    Dane would get a lot more information out if he’d just speak S-L-O-W-E-R!!!

  12. Tommy

    Interesting about the Texas hail storm and the solar farm. Googled it and only a few stories by local (TX) sources and a Newsweek story. No alphabet news or big time newspapers. Seems like this should be a big story for more than one reason. But I guess it’s just the “all the news that fits”.

  13. JOL

    Thank you for this great interview. We here on the Oregon Coast have noticed a change in weather as well and no bees any longer even though our yard and deck is full of flowers. Last summer we had very little sun. Nothing bloomed normal. Am thinking all along this was intentional.

  14. Dave

    Hi Greg,

    Brigid Kelly from Cincinnati died recently. Since you keep up with the vax deaths, just wanted to let you know the details.

  15. Praise Jah YouPeople

    (Geoengineering) which is, at this moment in time, the single most destructive factor of all human activity. It is the single most destructive problem we face short of nuclear cataclysm.
    Yes Dane, it’s called Armageddon and it is Biblical;
    Only Ends in ARMAGEDDON” Annie Jacobsen On Putin And Nuclear War
    Piers Morgan Uncensored 39,493 views 4 hours ago
    Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by American investigative journalist, author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist Annie Jacobsen for a fascinating discussion on the latest attack in Russia and just how likely it is that Vladimir Putin will start a nuclear war
    Annie goes into the survival-ability, of nuclear war and its aftermath nuclear winter and the myth of limited tactical use, of nuclear weapons.
    Not to take away from the deliberate, so called do gooder’s. Always taking it upon themselves to deliberately tweak mother nature, for what they feel is for our own dam good. Whether Geoengineering, in the form of chem-trails. Or Bio-engineering, in the form of the bio-weapon, cv-19. The s0 called virus and the so called protective vaccine, being the poisonous clot shot.
    Together, yes we can expose these so called do gooders like Bill Gates and Big Pharma, to stop them . . . We do need to wake people up! While we can still make a difference, till Kingdom come.

  16. Agnes

    The Deagel Report, as mentioned by Dr. Elizabeth Eads:

    It really does look like someone/something is planning to kill a lot of us.

  17. K.Lane

    Exclusive: Full Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin
    NBC News 17M views 2 years ago
    In an NBC News worldwide exclusive, senior international correspondent Keir Simmons sits down with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow for a one-on-one interview, just days ahead of a critical summit with President Biden.
    65,694 Comments out of 17M views, find out why someone needed to say something!

    ‘Don’t Need Your Assistance’: Putin Aide Loses Cool; Blasts U.S. Over Anti-Terror Cooperation / Hindustan Times 192,523 views 8 hours ago Russia reacted to U.S’ comment on cooperation against terrorism. Moscow’s Ambassador to the U.S. said that Russia “won’t run after” U.S. for security cooperation. Russia also said that U.S. can’t tackle terrorism on its own.

  18. SB

    Greg, I’ve been following you for a long time and appreciate what you do. But I have lots of questions about the Geoengineering.
    Who’s planes are being used to spray? Military? Civilian?
    What airfields are being used ?
    Who is manufacturing the nanoparticles?
    How are the nanoparticles being transported to the airfield?
    With this information it is much easier for people to comprehend the concept of Geoengineering.
    Thanks again for what you do.

  19. John E

    I still have maple leaves lying on the ground from last fall. They aren’t decomposing. Usually they crumble to dust when you crush them in your hand but now they are like plastic. Funny that nobody even notices this. It’s the same everywhere around where I live.

  20. Joe ThePlumber

    _________Is Bidenomics Working? Rhetoric vs. Reality
    NOW! A website that challenges President Biden’s claims of a strong economy and exposes the negative impacts of his policies. Read stories from Americans, fact checks, and a petition to hold the selected, most not elected, puppets and masters to account!

  21. Carol Jones

    I agree that Dane talked too fast this time and I suggest people listen to the last interview with Greg, . It was recent, from 2/10/24. It was wonderful and conversational, covering many specific topics and problems caused by geoengineering.
    I also recommend his weekly Global Alert News broadcasts, available at on the right side column, under RECENT . Every week he reads headlines from large mainstream sources and technical publications and “connects the dots” for us. They are well planned and very clear to me, but I’ve been listening a while. He often tells other videos to watch or what sections to search for more information,.

    • Christina

      I think there’s a greater sense of urgency following the recent update Dane got from the former NASA contract engineering that’s been metering UV radiation for GeoengineeringWatch, regarding the collapsing ozone layer. He mentioned it in the interview, referring to the NASA contract engineer as being “almost in a catatonic state” from the latest data.. ozone layer is near functional collapse.

  22. Julie Juliet

    for the sake of the children, moral Kiwis are putting an end to the sodomic rainbow cult which has infected the nation.

    25-sec clip, Trump says people delight in him dancing to the Gay National Anthem I.e., all those Evangelicals cheering in the audience enjoy Trump’s mockery of Genesis 9:13-16

  23. Nina

    This YouTube channel, Monkey Werx US tracks air traffic. He tracks the US fed contractors and NOOA flights which do the weather modification.

  24. 'a' simple horseman

    Thank you Greg for again hosting Dane Wigington. I am forever in awe of the dignity he exemplifies while delivering the single hardest news of all life on this planet. The accuracy and composer he utilizes while delivering information about Geo engineering is a model for us all to follow and emulate.
    To roll in with what Dane closed with is the question of: “what do ‘you’ want to be caught doing when its time to go meet your maker?” Myself, I live each day with those thoughts in mind. Jesus said the truth will set us free. So aren’t we supposed to seek truths? Why so many avoid truth and in turn avoid freedom is beyond my understanding. Personally, when I go meet my maker, I will have WAY more questions than things to answer for, just sayin.
    “What does the Deagel report say about 2030?” It doesn’t matter, we won’t be here.
    Love and strength to ALL

    • Irene

      Nice to see your name here. We’ve missed your regular comments and updates on Dane’s site. Hope you’re doing well.

  25. Brian Morales

    BREAKING: Globalist Insider Exposes New World Order Plan To Kill 7 Billion People
    Sean Miller | Infowars March 25th 2024
    The central bankers at the top of the global power structure seek a depopulation endgame.
    “It’s going to be worse than ’29,” former investment banker George Green said in regards to the upcoming financial cataclysm.

    • Ken Yu

      The Fed will continue to raise interest rates so as to create the financial cataclysm necessary to wipe out the 186 Regional Banks in the US – leaving only six big banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, etc., etc.) to scoop them up “Using The Gold They Are Now Purchasing Hand Over Fist” which will skyrocket in price and keep them solvent as the Fed declares an “Emergency Rate Cut” (to quote “save” the failing banks)!!! Don’t be fooled (like Stan) thinking Gold will go down – the Fed will definitely lower interest rates “to drive Gold upward (a lot)” so as to generate all the capital necessary for the six(6) big banks to buy up the 186 Regional Banks and then these six “private banks” (not the Government) will implement their “digital fiat” or CBDC’s!!!

  26. Jeff M

    Last year the same exact thing happened in Nebraska. Thousands of solar panels destroyed by giant hail. What should happen MAYBE once in a lifetime, is happening EVERY year. Drought is an overall hoax. If weather was left alone, droughts would be less intense and shorter.
    These psychopaths are destroying our air, water, and food with this nonsense. NOAA, NASA, and REAL climatologists are saying that there will be NO sunspots from 2031 to 2040. That means global cooling, friends and neighbors. It will be hard to grow food in the Northern Hemisphere. But, with the march towards nuclear war, most of us will not be around to see it anyway.

  27. TerryTowelette

    spiritual warfare – Jedi Evangelical

    Why are demons repelled by Gregorian Chant and chanting Psalms of the Bible? – Fr Ripperger

    The fact that chanting Scripture repels demons serves as a rebuke upon Clif High’s theory of the Bible.

  28. Doke Spokes

    CDC Redacts 148 PAGES Of Myocarditis Report!
    26,702 3 hours ago The Jimmy Dore Show
    Big Pharma, please tell us what misinformation?

  29. Jackie Pollock

    All who have not yet listened to what Dane Wigington says need to do so and Fast.
    As he said “we are in the fight for our lives.” Thank God people are getting more and more informed to the real truth in what geoengineering is doing to our planet and what its real objectives are.
    Dane is a real life Paul Revere – this is most serious stuff and everyone needs to hear it and become informed with the alarming truth. Thank you Greg and Dane.
    -Jackie from Texas

  30. War Monger

    Another Washington Post mainstream hack, Shannon Osaka, is completely full of shit and a damn pathetic liar as she tries to ‘debunk’ the chemtrail conspiracy theory.

    ‘Why Tennessee lawmakers are pushing a bill to keep government from spraying the sky’

  31. Marie Joy

    So, will we die is 2024 or 2025?

    • Greg Hunter

      Be the “Elect” Jesus said He would “cut the days short” for.

      • Ken Yu

        All those supposedly “elected” Demon-ratic politicians and Demon-rhinos should have their days cut short by ousting each and every one of them from office this November!!!

    • Anita

      LOL Marie you could die tomorrow or even today. We have no promise of tomorrow. That is why it is written, “TODAY” if you hear His voice do not harden your heart” , repentant & turn to Him with ALL your heart. Then get in His word daily seeking to know Him.

  32. Anita

    Thank you both. As God has stated in His word, He is going to reck this place/earth. The earth is Satan’s dominion where his kingdom is/has been being built. God is going to allow iniquity to run to its full & then bring it all down – the end of this age. We are in & coming into in increasing measure the end of this age. Even those born again in Christ should know & understand these things, but the majority do not. They do not know the times in which they live, they are as God calls them, foolish children who know Him not.

  33. Don W.

    When I was a kid on the farm in NW Nebraska and we had a hail storm with soft ball size hail and a lot of it so we had NO crops that year. We had to buy hay etc for our cows and oats for our chickens. It broke tree limbs off that were good size. We were Blessed that only a few of those fell onto our buildings so we had very little damage but several of our neighbors really got hit.

    • Ken Yu

      It is a good thing we build all God’s Houses of Worship “with very nice steeply pointed roofs” (so as to repel the Evil Globalist’s manufactured hail storms)!!

  34. Susan R

    I have listened to both of you now for at least a decade, so I am very aware. I started noticing chem trails about 1992 in Ct. where I live and knew they were not normal. It took till I first discovered Dane on his Saturday morning broadcasts to understand what they are, and I have tried to awaken people ever since to not much avail. One thing I have not gotten an answer to is who and why. It is obvious the control behind this evil has absolute authority, using commercial planes which I have seen the insides fitted out with the tanks of poison on Dane’s videos. The goal is stop all life on this planet, it is clear. I’m sure there are many humans who have been paid off, greed has no bounds. I suspect a race of not human origin is wanting our planet.

    • Tin foil hat

      Regarding a race of non human origin wanting our planet, I’d think you are a nut job 6-7 years ago. Now, I’m as deep in the rabbit hole as you are.

  35. michael burton

    Droughts have been around for centuries, they had droughts in the Old Testament and in the United States over 200 years and other parts of the world. But weather warfare makes it such much worse

    • Greg Hunter

      They did not have chemical ice nucleation or High-altitude aerosol radiation management in those days like we do now.

  36. Claud Brains

    What’s The Real Cause Of The Baltimore Bridge Disaster?
    The Jimmy Dore Show 44,363 views 3 hours ago

  37. Harley Spangler

    Watch: RFK Jr. Drops Covid Truth Bombs On Chris Cuomo Show
    by Kelen McBreen March 28th 2024, 1:22 pm
    Kennedy exposes U.S. government pandemic failures

  38. +Times @ WW3

    Coleman Hughes Calmly Destroys Sunny Hostin and “The View” About Race, with The Fifth Column Hosts Megyn Kelly Mar 28, 2024
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster, Matt Welch, Michael Moynihan, hosts of The Fifth Column podcast, to discuss the hostility against Coleman Hughes from Sunny Hostin and other “The View” hosts, Hughes calmly destroying Hostin’s arguments, the media falsely calling Coleman a conservative, and more.

  39. ILL ATES

    Whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household,
    but he who hates bribes will live.
    Proverbs 15:27

    Who Are the Controligarchs? Author EXPOSES Bill Gates’ Plot to OWN YOUR FOOD

    Joe Rogan TORCHES Bill Gates Over Climate Hypocrisy, Vaccine Mandates

    Is the world getting better?

  40. Robert

    Climate change is not what people think it is. Weather patterns are intimately connected to topography, and humans change topography, mostly via deforestation. Trees reflect infrared energy, aka heat, back into space. That’s why forest appears bright white in near-infrared photography. Trees also evaporate water to cool themselves in hot weather, and that process consumes an enormous amount of heat energy, but it doesn’t take a scientist to know it’s cooler in the shade. Most of the mature forest on earth is gone, look at Google Earth every forest is riddled with clear cuts. When forest is cleared and converted to pasture or agriculture, total energy heating surfaces which heat the air increases 200 to 400% and only 1/3 as much moisture enters the air. That’s a massive change, how could it NOT change the climate?

  41. Paula D.

    I was thinking about Dane Wiggington earlier today, while watching a series, entitled, “Antarctica, Sky Ice, (3rd in an ongoing series, currently of 5) by Terpsehore (Tore) Maras over on her Locals Channel. She has been covering a lot of what has been going on for a long time in science, specifically in what is being done, vis-a-vis transhumanism and the stuff being done today. So much of what she has been talking about is completely mind blowing and frightening in it’s import for the future of humanity.

    One of the things she presented in her film was that geo engineering has a dual purpose. Not only is it the desire of the “elites” to control us by starving us out, but they are also trying to establish a third strand of DNA into our genome, which will be able to link our digital self to our biological self and create a situation where we will never be able to escape their control. Part of what she presented, there is just so much in her series, is that we are being inundated by this DNA construct, via foods (GMO), by breathing it in through the spraying/ geo engineering and vaccines, etc. so we cannot escape it. Truly frightening. This is why I was thinking about Mr. Wiggington and his work. It is vital that the spraying stops because we are being set up for a digital prison through all that is being done, that is, if we can survive what these jack wagons are doing to us and the planet.

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