CV19 Vaxed and Unvaxed Need Treatment Now – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Betsy Eads warned about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax since the beginning of Covid from infection to injection.  She warned about AIDS, infertility, turbo cancers, heart disease, blood clots and many other problems caused by the CV19 bioweapon injection.  Dr. Eads was right every single time.  Now, Dr. Eads is saying everyone needs treatment whether you are CV19 vaxed or unvaxed.  Dr. Eads explains, “We are getting transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed.  We are getting chemtrails.  They are putting the mRNA in our food.  People have to understand, people need to detox and protect yourself whether you are vaxed or not.  I contend everybody should be taking some Ivermectin.”

What about the so-called “Long Covid” that people are experiencing in the last few years?  Dr. Eads says, “My definition of ‘Long Covid’ is vax injury and/or transmission from the spike protein . . . injured.  I think that term has evolved, and Dr. Kory is also including that definition with his vaccine injured patients.  He is treating not only vaccine injured patients but patients that have been injured by transmission from the CV19 vaxed.  We know transmission (from the CV19 vaxed) is a real thing.”

A little more than a year ago on, Dr. Eads predicted “At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon.” We have already eclipsed that number, and there is no end in sight with new and skyrocketing death and injury numbers.  Dr. Eads says, “Ed Dowd’s numbers, actuary numbers and looking at UK numbers finds 2.2 billion people permanently injured or killed by the CV19 vax.  If you look at the Deagel Report, we may see some huge population losses by 2025.  The Deagel predictions show the US falling from 330 million to 89 million people.  In the UK, Deagel predicts population will fall from 67 million to 15 million people as a direct result of the Covid 19 bioweapons.”

When does the death and disability peak?  Dr. Eads says, “On a previous interview here, I said we would get our peak in five years.  We are seeing huge numbers in the DMED data.  That’s the military data, and it is more accurate than VAERS data.  97% of our military was CV19 vaxed.  In that data, which is very accurate, cancers have increased across the board 1,000%.  We do have some treatments to handle the spike protein from the CV19 shots. . . . but we don’t have any treatment to shut down the mRNA that produces the spike protein. . . .So, these numbers may go up exponentially until we have treatments.”

One way to lessen the disabilities and deaths from the CV19 vax is to use Ivermectin.  Dr. Eads says it is one of the best and safest treatments out there now to treat CV19 for the vaxed or unvaxed being shed on by the vaxed.  The FDA just settled a lawsuit from Dr. Pierre Kory and other doctors.  Dr. Eads says, “Breaking news that has just come out is the FDA loses the war on Ivermectin.  The FDA has to retract . . . anything that was negative about Ivermectin.”

So, it looks like Ivermectin will be getting easier to get a prescription with the FDA doing an about face on Ivermectin, which is arguably the safest and most effective drug ever invented.

There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, exposing the lies that Big Pharma, CDC, FDA and NIH are telling the public.  Dr. Eads continues to highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 bioweapons..

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FLCCC.NET : I-RECOVER: post vaccine treatment Recovery Protocol bundle
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Dr Eads protocols:

Acute Symtoms: Ivermectin/HCQ
Humic/fulvic minerals
Bioactive immune support
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Budesonide inhaler
Hydrogen peroxide nasal wash or
Nanonist nasal/mouth spray

Detox Bioweapon: HCQ/IVM-
Interferon spray-
Iodine 12.5 mg
Chlorine dioxide-
Ener [email protected]
Humic/fulvic minerals
IV chelation therapy
Infrared sauna
Turn off 5G/block –
Clean nutrition
Clean water, no GMO
Do not treat fever with advil/tylenol

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  1. Robert says no

    Sounds like we’ll have to take ivermectin forever if people will keep getting exposed from the vaxed though shedding.

    Have you all seen Amazing Polly ‘s expose’ on The Wellness Company? Apparently some deep staters have been brought into it as investors.

    • Christian

      You need to see Whitney Webb’s research. That is the source.

      • Greg Hunter

        She does not believe in Christ.

        • Point Of Know Return

          TWC is not a good company, regardless of who reports it. Dr. Jane Ruby exposed them a while back and she’s definitely a Believer.

        • B James

          You don’t have to believe in Christ to have an opinion and be right about things. That’s where religion becomes bonkers.

          • Greg Hunter

            We are talking Jehovah and Jesus NOT religion. Read Romans 1:21-22. It was written for you.

            • Brian Blommer

              I have to be blunt on this one: If you are not speaking out on the genocide in Gaza, and calling out our politicians (like Trump) for remaining pro-Israel, you are not a true believer in Christ.

              • Greg Hunter

                Hamas is causing the genocide in Gaza because they fight with their women and children at their feet. They want a high body count for PR reasons and stupid people like you. If Hamas wants to stop the Genocide, they can step out in front of their civilian population and meat the IDF head on. Hamas had no problem doing this on October 7th.

            • Payl

              Despite the constant negative
              Onslaughts in present day media, your site despite its awful truths, always seems a harbor of calmness.

              Paul from arkansas

              • Greg Hunter

                Thanks Paul!

        • Twilight

          How am I supposed to get in contact with any Independent news.No email contact for you, Greg.None for info wars none from Mike Flynn.None for Tucker cousin, I have transponder video showing the cargo ship made 2 course corrections to hit the post. Of the bridge in Baltimore. But I can’t get it to nobody.What the hell

    • Russ 2

      Not forever. Eventually the shedders will pass and many of us will miss them and grieve, but that should be the end of the ongoing shedding. Hopefully someone with clout will end the chem-trail issue. That’s affecting all of us even without close contact with the vaxxed.

      • Coalburner

        Here in New Mexico, the chem-trails are reduced substantially too not restrict the maximum production of power from solar panel fields that are huge and growing. Hundreds too thousands of acres covered by the panels off I-25 south of Albuquerque.

    • Ken Yu

      Why don’t Church Leaders put Ivermectin in the Holy Communion Hosts “to protect their parishioners from dying” and thus prevent the evil eugenicists from destroying the foundation of the Church by killing off the billions of people who believe in Jesus (so they can then bring in their Godless Borg Society where people eat bugs at the Alter of Satan)!!!

    • Diana

      Amazing Polly isn’t who you think she is. Go back to 2019-2021, inconsistency is prevalent.

      • Sally

        Tell me more…I’ve been donating.

    • Trinacria

      Robert, do you mean the Wellness Company that Dr. Peter McCullough as well as Karen Kingston are associated with….how can that be? Can you give names? How can that be proven?
      Greg: this is potentially huge, so many infiltrators and traitors, what are your thoughts and do you have any data on this?
      Good grief. I am starting to fear this thing is going “mad max”, especially with all these invaders and our own government breaking the law. This is NOT immigration. What kind of future are we looking at???

  2. Ken Yu

    With the US population being reduced from 330 million to 89 million Trump has to eventually take notice that his claims for the safety of the VAX is completely flawed (and then he should go after Pfizer, Moderna and the rest of the Big Pharma Murderers)!! BUT “until Trump wakes up” we common people need to continue boycotting these Pharmaceutical Companies products (and Sell Their Stock) to put them out of the business of killing humans (just in case Trump never wakes up). We must do to Pfizer and Moderna what we did to Budweiser (for pushing their Queer Agenda upon the American people)!! The only good thing about the American population being reduced by the Big Pharma Eugenicists is that there will be fewer American boys left alive to sent into combat in the Ukraine to die for the Globalists (and why it is so necessary to bring in non-American “illegals” to do the dying for the Globalists and achieve their Master Plan “NUCLEAR WORLD WAR III”)!!!

    • Christian

      Trump is not who you think he is.

      • little bo peep

        the Antichrist is said to be one who gets mortally injured, but miraculously survives to the astonishment of the masses who, along with those captivated by technology (instead of Christianity), will bow down and worship him.

        newage seer jsnip4 — who is now notorious, among the crypto cult, for rebuffing Clif High’s yoke and taking profit on Bitcoin — is saying look for a downing of Trump’s jetliner. An ostensible death, yet he survives. The king is dead. Long live the king.

        …. Since jsnip4 is a pagan, he does not grasp the biblical significance and that perhaps it is not a faux downing, but a real one but the maestro has miraculous powers of resurrection similar to how Pharaoh’s magicians could do almost everything Moses did.

        Mormon bible guru Lt Col Roy Potter has long been on record as claiming Trump a candidate for being the Antichrist.

        One thing for sure, if there is a big deal in the works, Trump wants to be part of it. Recently Trump managed to merchandise designer sneakers all the while he is battling multiple egregious court cases and running for Office.

        incidentally, here is jsnip4 discussing an experience with Fendbendazole vs. pancreatic cncr

        • Ken Yu

          What I don’t like is Trumps son-in-law (Jared Kushner) is openly enmeshing himself into the expropriation of Palestinian Beach Front Property. Just like the Demon-rats want to expropriate Trumps Beach Front Property. Seems people have have degraded to the point where everyone has lost any sense of moral values!!!

      • Elizabeth Eads

        He is Druze

        • David Bagley

          Trump knows … unless he’s a zombie..

          • Greg Hunter

            Do you think the mandate crazy Biden who bribed the medical community to give 700 million CV19 bioweapon injections knows?
            Trump was not in office for a single injection and would not have mandated it and bribed people to force this bioweapon.

      • Point Of Know Return

        Agreed. He’s a NYC Democrat who co-opted the Republican Party. Lock her up never happened. Fauci ran the country. BLM was never listed as a terrorist organization. His fourth year showed his true colors. Biden was allowed to stay in office, even with all the voter fraud. Biden and Trump, I keep saying, is like choosing between poop and vomit. WWE rhetoric is alive in the red blue paradigm. The uniparty loves that we are divided and fighting. It means the deep state is still in control. If you doubt this, look at the budget Congress just passed.

        • Felix

          You are absolutely correct, the world is a stage

        • Earth Angel

          That’s why I really like Kennedy. He certainly is talking about all the right issues- geoengineering, the covid scandal, world PEACE- not war, ways to help the independent small farmers and the middle class, and many other things. He has the right message and that’s why LLM is barely mentioning his campaign and the Dem’s surely couldn’t have him as their nominee! I know he’s not in cahoots with the scumbags who murdered his father and uncle. I really think he’s the best and most genuine man and would bring a refreshing change for us all- too bad he’s been forced to run as independent. A 3 horse race usually ends up just being a spoiler. I don’t remember Ross Perot ever having to get signatures in all 50 states to get on the ballot when he ran as independent against crime syndicate candidates big daddy Bush & Clinton in the 90’s. Please correct me on this point if I am wrong. Why has this become a qualification rule now? I couldn’t stand either Bush or Clinton so in the last few months I threw my support to Perot and in the end he was forced out (as later happened with Herman Cain in his 2012 bid for the WH). It seems every election is rigged anyway. What’s the old truism; ‘Politics is a dirty business’. Point of Know Return I like your analysis: the choice is usually poop or vomit.

      • Galaxy 500

        Maybe not, but Biden IS who you think he is.
        Trump 2024
        Don’t be stupid.

    • Julia

      Yes. I watched the video. It was terrific! Highly recommend the video to all.

    • Lisa M Carman

      Hi Robert, do you have a link for Amazing Polly? Thanks

      • Lori McNeil

        Amazing Polly is found on BitChute and Rumble. Maybe X too, but I don’t have an account there.
        I’ve been listening to Polly for at least 5 years and trust her more than most others.

    • Fed up!

      F all politicians!

    • Jerry

      Trump has doubled down on his Operation Warpspeed. He was bragging last week how the mRNA is being introduced into cancer vaccines. We have two killers running for President.

      • Rudolph Carnap

        Clif High told us here that essentially Trump’s warped op release of the vax was a noble, strategic move, 5-D chess. And now Clif High is telling people to abandon Jesus, swallow Bitcoin and follow Clif High to sci-fi world.

        Is Clif High possessed by Marshall Applewhite? They say similar things, that technology and space will save your soul.

        initiation video

      • Elizabeth Eads

        Trumps vaccine was Ivermectin (true vax),
        Azithromicin and Regeneron and he is a war time president-he will have to announce that to the American people soon!

        • Elizabeth Eads

          Or HCQ

      • Stephen Ryals


      • Point Of Know Return

        Yep. Poop versus Vomit, unless you look beyond the uniparty.

  3. Lady Au Stackers United

    Could it be possible that Princess Kate of the Royal Family from the U.K. was Vaxxed? As a result she now has cancer?

    • Neville
      Please go to the link above and if you type in
      prince charles and priincess kate confirmed having had cv19 vaccinations
      into your search engine you will get all the details on the royal families stupidity in getting themselves vaxxwd.
      PS we are at the END OF THE AGE and a lot of people like politicians,royalty,drug manufacturers ,militia men etc etc etc WILL BE DONE AWAY WITH

      • Valerie

        Thanks for the link about the UK royals getting the vax! I wondered.

    • Kathryne Paine

      And it wasn’t just Kate and Charles. Sarah Ferguson got breast cancer last year, and just was diagnosed with skin cancer just recently. What is the likelihood all three have cancer at the exact same time?

    • john lance

      Kate and William did take the vax shot . Kate was a poster child for the vax . King Charles took the shots also . He now has prostate cancer .

      • Elizabeth Eads


        • David Gordon Dunne

          Dr. Eads, Why did the Elites along with so many others in say Hollywood take the kill jabs if they were in the know with the WEF/NWO so called Leaders as they all were pushing death and advertising this in many of their White Papers?
          I can see how billions got decieved but weren’t all of these Even Congress exempted themselves. I don’t understand now
          It might go in line where I live now in Thailand. The King’s daughter took em all and has been in a coma for over a year now and all quiet about the kill jabs.

      • Kimberly

        Prostate cancer has not been confirmed. In fact it’s denied. I’m betting on bladder cancer.

        • Coalburner

          Almost never heard of it. Till lately! It has definitely been going around to people that I know.

      • Earth Angel

        I have heard that the royals have long been promoters of eugenics. It is puzzling to me then that they would take the vaxx themselves. (not doubting that they did- if Dr. Eads and others in the medical field know have good evidence that they in fact did take shots & boosters) Did they think they were getting a placebo- but were double crossed by the pharmaceutical industrial cartel and given the bioweapon shots instead? Could they possibly have been left ‘out of the loop’ on this genocidal plan- given their connections to the WEF, Bilderberg society, WHO, UN and other world stage players? I find it hard to believe that they ‘hadn’t a clue’ as to what was taking place but I suppose anything & everything is possible in the crazy world we are living in now.

        • Greg Hunter

          When you get in league with Satan, do you think he will take care of you?

    • Paul from Indiana

      And the King, as well. It could be pure chance, but they were big proponents of the vax. Best always. PM

      Full disclosure: I took a shot, but not the mRNA version, the Janssen, traditional, killed-virus virus, and then a “booster” (same vaccine), roughly a year later. I got Covid, anyway (May 2022). I’m through with all of it. I have never taken so-called “flu” shots. Oh, and by the way, the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) k.v. vaccine is no longer in production. The non-mRNA vaccine is no longer an option. As Dion and the Belmonts sang, “I wonder why”. PM

      • sam

        Makes TOTAL sense to me now…I was wondering what was out of kilter with some Reply’s…The shots affect the brain too!

    • Richard Longacre

      Lady, Since the royals played such a huge part in this genocide plan through bioweapon injections, I suspect they are not injected and are lying about their cancer to make them look like victims (along with the rest of world experiencing turbo cancers from the bioweapon). They will fake their deaths and disappear into their DUMBs right before they unleash their demonically inspired plans of chaos and destruction against the world.

      Or maybe they do have cancer and were vaccinated and were lied to and are not as big of players in the deep state as they thought.

    • Bendy

      Most definitely vaxxed — images and stories on the internet. carries one.

    • Seer

      Friend said Kate video is a very well done AI recording. Can we trust what we see?
      Why the photo edit without wedding ring? Why the fake double walking on the street when she is supposed to be in recovery?

    • Elizabeth Eads

      She was vaxed

  4. Joe Wong

    This is the plan of the WEF to reduce the worlds population from approximately 8 billion down to a more manageable level of 3 billion people. This is called POPULATION CONTROL !!!

    • Christian

      And no one fights because they are cowards. Who are the first people thrown into the lake of fire at the final judgement? ……..Cowards.
      Rev 21:8
      “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

      God I pray thee…Please wake up the Christians and those on the “right”. Amen.

      • Daniel 9:27

        “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” That verse is simply stating that without Christ, NO ONE is worthy of entering to externity with God. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has told a lie, I have but his work made perfect my transgressions and by HIS stipes I am healed. Stay Blessed Christian.

    • More like depopulation…

  5. Don Doerr Sr.

    Given the Lab-Created Covid Herd-Thinning, follow-up Vaccine Poisoning, and the Fear-Mask Manipulation of the people, combined with the on-going Open-Border and Flown-in Criminal Illegal Alien Terrorist Invasion, how can the American people see those now in Power as the “Loyal Opposition” when such blatantly murderous Treason clearly reflects Abraham Lincoln’s “NOW WE ARE ENGAGED IN A GREAT CIVIL WAR” proclamation?

    • Christian

      Because they are all in on it.

  6. sam

    I watched and listened to every interview on with Dr. Betsy Eads and with all the information Dr. Betsy Eads gave us here in the USA.. I am Positive that Dr. Betsy Eads , and a few others along with Mr. Greg Hunter , will go down in History as the Bravest and Most PATRIOTIC Americans during this Communist Takeover of the Medical Cabal by these INSANE Satanists…. and…..Anybody with 2 neurons sparking together,…Dr. Betsy Eads, should Replace that Phony Surgeon General who is actually an insane male Satanist who Parades around in a Dress Pretending to be a Female Satanist…… There actually is HOPE for America with Dr. Betsy Eads given the lead in the Medical Management of this country.
    GOD Bless,Dr. Betsy Eads, and Mr. Greg [email protected]

  7. Bijaya K D Brian D Grover

    Wife died 12/27/23 adrenocarcenona force d to take pcr test daily by Napa State Hospital 2019 to retirement 5/2021

    Swollen lymph node 9/10/23 all good reports until 11/14/23 dead 12/27/23

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry for your loss. It was murder.

      • James Macareo

        Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
        Dr.Eads is a soilder of the Lord Jesus Christ!
        A victory for Dr. Cory and the world!
        Keep it coming and never conform to the evil that is wanting to kill us all!

      • Jamie

        Good to hear her updated info but my son is still dead.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have been warning NOT to take the shots from the beginning. I am so sorry the message did not reach your son.

    • Christian

      So are you ready to fight yet?

    • margaret moscater-golden

      Prayers for your wife and you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 It is horrific what you have been thru. We pray for your broken heart.
      My husband as well had to test daily at HHC under threat of being fired because of his religious exemption. Then took away his exemption & would be fired if he didn’t take
      the mRNA quadrivalent flu shot… then fired anyway.. sick ever since with swollen lymph nodes.
      Thank you to USA Watchdog & the dedication of Greg Hunter who tirelessly has kept us informed since Day 1
      God help us all in our fight for medical freedom.

    • Jerry

      This is so sad, I am sorry to hear this. We all have stories like this now, myself included!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      So sorry got your loss!
      I lost my dad to Moderna and mom to cancer
      From transmission in blood transfusions!!!!

      • Linda

        No need to post my question.
        Greg, do you think the ivermectin from is the real thing and not contaminated? Do you know anyone who has bought from the site?
        I am in Omaha and having difficulty finding an MD who will prescribe for a Medicare patient (Drs. don’t accept the low payments and will not take private pay. I think they just don’t want the liability).

        I thought maybe you and Dr. Eades discussed this issue.

        Thanks for your time and consideration.


        Now, let’s pray: Abba Father, we, your people, join together this day to praise and thank you for Your constant love, care, protection and guidance. Amen.

        • Greg Hunter


          Dr. Eads gets Ivermectin from and she recommends it.


  8. J

    UK population is increasing not decreasing, due to open immigration. I suspect its the same in the US. Goal is to replace those indigenous populations who have a high expectation of freedom and standard of living with those that accept a lower standard of welfare and rights.

    • Karen not a Karen

      Yep, it’s called the Kalergi plan and it is real, not a horror movie or book. Started in Europe and is extending to any country letting in muslims. With the UK excess deaths, muslims will take over England in just a couple years. Sick.

      • Elizabeth Eads

        Yes-and here in the USA with illegals crossing in the millions to hide our depopulation numbers!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, specifically whites. The goal is universal feudalism and misery, with the elites in charge. The world will enter another centuries-long period of darkness, characterized by severe restrictions and deprivation, both necessary to create dependence of the masses on the ruling class. It’s no accident that these forces are in place and moving now, just when the white, conservative, traditional-values population is too old to fight back. Best always. PM

      • Jane Doe Nutter

        It was the way of life in the Old Country too, the Dark Ages! Before Magna Carta and the Deceleration of Independence, in the Old and New World. When it was recognized that all men are created equal and all have the right, to free speech and the pursuit of happiness!
        Yet the Globalist neo-con men and woman, want to do away with it all!
        They have penetrated the very core of our dear military and now in a Paul Revere moment we must save our country, new and old world! With what men like Robin Hood, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Lincoln have given us and 250 years of lives laid down, for freedom.
        Safeguarded by duty, honor, country, Army values, the very dear values of the US. military, spoken by General Douglas MacArthur.
        Are we to go backwards, to a third world dark age banana republic dictatership. Not!
        The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth, you have Gary Cooper’s word on it!
        The Darkness of American Democracy
        This film “lacks finality,” as well as the rosy confidence of Capra’s other films. Did the John Doe movement ever really stand a chance, or was it a suckers’ game from the start? With this film, no one, including Capra, seems convinced either way.
        That just may be answered in this tumultuous year of 1984, err 2024.
        ____A Free Press Means A Free People
        Stop worrying and start praying, leaving it in the hands of the man that stilled the waters!

  9. Geir

    Personely i dondt buy UK Royality sickness yet!
    O we got sick to.
    We also figthing diseses like you and your love ones.
    We can do this together as a nation. The world is watcing.

    Propaganda maybee?
    Lies maybee?
    I dondt know!

    GOD gave us paranoia as ouer inbuilt Radar so we could detect danger in this backstabbing world. Its a gift. Thank you daddy!
    Peace & love to all

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes-but the mainstream media is reporting the link
      Between cancer and vax now! Weather psyop or not
      We have to push the super cancer narrative!

      • Ken Yu

        Trump must realize that all these turbo-cancers are the result of the m-RNA jab but he still promotes a new m-RNA jab “to fight the turbo-cancers”?? Trump still thinks somewhat like the Demon-rat he used to be before becoming a MAGA Republican. But, we still must vote for this “half-breed Republican” because he is against an open border and against WWIII and at least only “somewhat against” Americans owning guns!!!

    • Marti Baker Girl

      Agree with you.

  10. sam

    Is there ANYONE out there with some Knowledge on How to get in touch with President Trump about Hiring Mr. Greg Hunter for his PRESS SECRETARY?…..any one with two Brain neurons touching knows that Mr. Greg Hunter is totally unscathed by any Corruption, Extremely Knowledgeable in the Journalistic Realm, a Seasoned Reporter with a Great Work Record and Resume, and would be a LOYAL Soldier…not only to President Trump…..BUT…Loyal to the Constitution and the AMERICAN Citizen….makes sense to any body out there?….America has Already “Kicked the Tires” and find him to be a “Great Addition” to Team Trump!…..

    • Christian

      Greg isn’t part of the club.

    • Jerry

      I would never suggest that Greg take up the position of Press Sec. He is in my humble opinion much more valuable right were he is.

    • Paul from Indiana

      You ran this by Greg Hunter already, right? Best always. PM

      • sam

        So What?…whats it to ya?… a Problem with that?….it’s called, salesmanship…

      • sam

        AND…..I WILL DO IT AGAIN….and AGAIN….just to see your stupid comment…

    • Elizabeth Eads

      We can get him a press pass
      I have contacts!

      • Ken Yu

        Greg would ask some serious questions if he gets a press pass to the White House. Greg putting the heat on Bribe’n is what we damn well need “Right Now” before the Nukes fly and Covid 2.0 is launched!!!

  11. sam

    The Cross Necklace Dr. Betsy Eads Proudly wears around her neck, touches my Proves her Love for Humanity….She is Headed for a “Big Heavenly Payday”…..words cant tell how much she is appreciated by anyone who has ears to hear….There IS HOPE for America….and we owe Dr. Eads our THANKS and Gratitude… Amazing Woman!

    • Ken Yu

      When both your Father and Mother were killed by the immoral actions of Evil Globalists it makes you a super strong opponent against these Murdering Demonic Eugenicists (and their payday is coming very soon)!!!

  12. Peter E


    Thank you and Dr Eads Very much for. putting. this. story out..

    This is the king of News I can Act on and is. much. appreciated.

    I’m really. PO ed. that I have to resort to. the Internet Stores for Horse Dewormer. with Confusing. Dosage Convewrsion. Still Don’t have Certainty of how much to measure out per day. Very PO ed. That Harvard Med School. Has Helped Make my life Worse by. Withholding. Safe. Med and. Presuring me to get something that was Very Dangerius .and even fatal for many. It is an Ongiong Nightmare. in the City ( Elevators- close quarters ) etc. I do 10,000. units if D w/ k and K2 , Tons of C and Zink, Raw Green Juice, Sun when I can get it. I hope I can get Ibermecton pills Soon but iur Gov. is Full if Dangerous Hacks and Drs want to keep on the Side of Corrupt Regulators. They don’t want to be unpopular or loose a few months paychecks to the Hospital System.

    • Christian

      Go to for dosage……or……1 mil per 110 lbs for liquid Ivermectin. Drink it, don’t inject it. If sick then 3 mil per 110 lbs. has good prices.
      Basically, your weight divided by 110 equals how many milliliters to drink. Or three times your weight divided by 110. Very simple. 220 lbs / 110 = 2. So drink 2 mils. If sick multiply by 2 or 3, so 4 or 6 mils you take once a day. Paste is the same calculation.

      • Peter E

        Thanks my friend. 1. mil. per. 110. pounds is all. i needed — want the dose for H – Paste. so, still not. sure. like paste vs. liquid ? Same for the paste ?

    • Christian

      Not Autocorrect is so stupid.

      • Peter E

        Thanks Jan. — Hope you are well in beautifull Budapest

    • Johnny Nobody

      Peter E
      Get Ivermectin here at less than $0.10 per 12mg tablet!

      • Greg Hunter

        This seems too good to be true.

        • Johnny Nobody

          I have made three purchases to date and know of others who have used this source. You need to pay by bank transfer which puts doubters off, so start with a small order. My first order was for $42 including $20 shipping. I got confirmation of payment within three days and consignment was shipped within one week. Received notification of India Post tracking number and was able to track progress on line. Package arrived about three / four weeks after payment. Communication is excellent via e-mail. All questions answered within 24 hours. It only seems ‘too good to be true’ because nearly every other source is ripping people off.

          • SJ

            I too have ordered meds from India many times. I choose and have never had any complaints. Quick communication and my stuff always arrives on time. Very cheap compared to USA because the meds are made in India.

            • Sally

              Do you get ivermectin?

  13. Ed Mustafo

    The Kate Middleton video looks pretty warm and green for March in England. Looks prerecorded to me along with the fake photos and the body double, I’m thinking she probably passed away already awhile ago.

    • Mel

      My chiropractor recommended that I take a product called arteminisin emulsion to detox. She said it acts like ivermectin. You can get it in health food store or online. I think it was around thirty dollars.

      • Elizabeth Eads

        But ivermectin /fenbendazol cure cancer and parasites!!!!!

      • Pistol Pete

        Oregano oil works too! At the Health Food store.

    • Christian

      It’s all Jerry Springer nonsense. Use your time more wisely.

    • J

      I live next to the Jab centre that KM went and got her shot. Was the Science Museum, near Kensington Palace. When they were jabbing I used to regularly stand there and argue with the idiot staff outside that were encouraging people to come in for the jab, and I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince people not to go in. I must have missed KM’s visit.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If so, this is a sad development, but if so, a sad commentary on our collective situation going forward. Nothing personal intended, but I hope you are wrong in this conjecture. Best always. PM

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes-but they are putting the vax cancer relationship
      In mainstream media now-that’s the point!

    • Johnny Nobody

      As a caller to the ‘Mother Of All Talkshows’ pointed out this evening, Kate would never appear alone, without William by her side, to inform the public about suffering a life-threatening illness. This alone inclines me to believe Kate has already passed, and not necessarily from illness.

      P.S. Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton’s former fiancé, financier Mark Kingston, 45, died recently from gunshot wound to the head.

    • Marti Baker Girl

      This is interesting. I had heard nothing about the rumors of her possibly being dead until a few days ago. If she is, was this a Princess Di type demise (don’t mean literal car wreck) and if that be the case, does William have his own Camilla waiting in the wings?

  14. geo

    Here in the UK i saw a slight increase in deaths in 2021, then a massive increase in deaths in 2022. 2022 is interesting in that everyone i spoke to was going to funerals constantly, so my own estimate of deaths in the UK for that year is 3.5 million. At the start of 2023 the normal background noise had reduced and stayed low until lots of immigrants filled the houses near me. In my opinion they let in the migrants to fill the empty spaces so people didn’t notice the genocide. In 2023 the deaths went back to normal but the people with terminal illnesses rocked, and this year (2024) they have started to die. If global deaths are like my estimate for the UK then i would suggest that over 500 million have died from the covid vaccine so far.

    • Ken Yu

      Here in the US it is has now become public policy to legally allow “illegal” immigrants to fill and take possession of any empty houses – so the American people won’t notice that it was the m-RNA genocide that was responsible for produced those empty houses either by death or having homeowners move to nursing homes due to disabilities!!

  15. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    If I am not mistaken, prince Philip – the current king’s father was all for eugenics. If it is true that the royal family took the shots, it would be an irony.

  16. Tim

    I went to and the website doesn’t seem to be active. I was wondering if anyone could provide more info on this website.

    • Carol

      Hi Tim,

      I just purchased from it is active. -Carol

    • chris

      It’s — adding ‘protection’ after ‘safespace’ will get you there

    • Elizabeth Eads

      • A Friend

        and B17 is available at:


      • Jamie paya

        I noticed on the list it mentioned another company for 5g protection. I ordered from that company because I thought it was what she was referring to the one in the list . Should I return and order from this company? Or do you think they are comparable!

  17. Jill Conroy

    Can you post the site Dr Eads was referring to about 5G blockers? I couldn’t quite catch what she spoke. Thank you.

  18. tinku

    USA deep state real terrorist group before Pakistan. USA done terrorist attack in Russia.

  19. No Thanks

    All of this is GREAT but in reality way too little, too late. NOTHING will change and nothing will come of it. The average American is way too busy sitting on their asses eating McDonald’s, drinking booze, smoking that vile dope, watching children’s games – sports and on and on and on. We are truly under attack, actually we have been taken over and not 1 sticking shot had to be fired. I mean look at us seriously. We are beyond WEAk and sad.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Never too late to detox

  20. Abraham Robles

    In AMERICA half the population has been vaccinated. So, presumably (the powers that be) have already accomplished the GOAL of depopulating. What happens now after drawing back on the medical establishment misbehavior. Trust in government is irreparable. We are at a 1776 moment.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      1/3 took at least 1 shot!
      Medbeds will heal the rest!

  21. Well, Greg, as I perhaps have said before, this looks to have the potential of the 4th horseman of revelation, causing 25% of mankind to die. That’s about horrifying 2-2,5 billion… people … Humans.
    And, yes, is intentional and it is EVIL.

    • Ken Yu

      If each Horseman kills 2 Billion people the Globalist will “Get Us All” by using Four(4) Horsemen (the VAX Horseman, Famine Horseman, Transgender Horseman and Nuclear War Horseman)!!

  22. Abraham Robles

    If this vaccine is a bioweapon created in the lab it could be viable that a vaccine against the same has been created and sidelined especially for the believed to be MASTERSS OF THE UNIVERSE. Do not ever UNDERESTIMATE!

  23. Erick

    The chinese in 2020 killed and put many children in wheel chairs. I have 3 photos still by friend near HK/Wuhan on what they did it was genocide towards muslims/christians to exterminate them and stop HK protests. I am blocked still on your rumble not sure why.

    We are in a miligram experiment surrounded by what the nazis called collective punishment.

  24. Mark Goff

    Wondering… Does Fenbendazole do the same thing as ivermectin? It is recommended for cancer treatment with the Ketosis fasting. It seems, like Ivermectin, there is little negative side effects. Both drugs are used as animal dewormers. Any input? I have been taking it for cancer treatment for a month now. From what I understand is Ivermectin is to equines as Fenbenzadole is to canines. Both are similar and appear to fight cancer.

    • Bendy

      Both ivm and fbn are used across multiple species, from livestock to pet animals. Ivm is also prescribed for kids to treat headlice. Safer than acetaminophen overall.

    • Stacia Amante

      Ivermectin and Fenbendazole — take tocotrienol supplement (which is related to vitamin E). Tocotrienol, esp delta, potentiates chemotherapeutic agents.

      Do not take as a vitamin E complex or with vitamin E, because tocopherols and tocotrienols compete for absorption. Get something like this: “A.C. Grace Company, Unique E Tocotrienol, Tocopherol-Free”

    • Elizabeth Eads


      • Ken Yu

        Elizabeth – If both ivermectin and fenbendazol “kill parasites” – then is it “the parasites” that are giving us cancer????

        • Ken Yu

          Since cancer can be caused by “constant irritation” to one part of the body then I think it is very likely that parasites “eating away at our bodies” (causing constant irritation) can be the cause of all these turbo-cancers we are seeing with the VAXX!!

    • Seer

      My regenerative med docs use both as most cancers are viral and patients want pills.
      Some are not.
      However, my docs prefer the black salve available online first.
      Look it up. Can buy in USA. They ship internationally, too.

  25. Wayne


    I am requesting you to look into a man named Mike Gill, has to do with the pandoras box that President Trump mentions from time to time, very important.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Stay away from Mike Gill story- they have plenty of whistleblowers testifying and have all of Mike Gill ‘s evidence already! Per Juan o Savin!! NSA has it all!

  26. Deb

    Great interview Gregg. Love Betsy.

  27. Freedom-4-All

    Dr. Eads is great. My wife is a chaplain in a hospital and constantly tells me about so many people who go from start to finish with cancer in brief months. Most treatments aren’t helping. and we notice, often times more than in the family is suffering from something at the same time. She is unvaxed and takes Ivermectin daily.
    18 months ago, I was sitting on the couch and suddenly had severe pain in my lungs. I am very healthy 62, taking no medications and trust faith, diet, exercise, etc. to keep me healthy. I even healed my prostate cancer 6 years ago completely naturally. I have no proof, but I feel I was shedded on to aquire this injury. It is 18 months and I feel I am close to healed. I will never know the thruth, but my knowledge and gut instinct support my claim, at least mentally.
    I bring this up so people know you can fight back, but it will be tough. hang in there and keep fighting.

    • Ken Yu

      Freedom-4-All – Did you use iodine to kill your prostate cancer??? I heard a lack of iodine causes prostate cancer and that “essential iodine” was put into salt (that the doctors tell you not to eat)!!

  28. A Friend




    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you

      • A Friend

        My pleasure Betsy… I know you are up at all hours of the night and day saving lives every day and you are tired; a simple clarification was all that was needed here… just want your readers to know the website, and thank you for saving my father.

  29. Virginia

    Greg, As always, thank you! I’m almost afraid to say it, but how much worse can it get when we can’t believe in our medical and court systems? So there is talk of a black swan event. I’m thinking of a natural disaster. That would be new for them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your support and Do NOT Fear: New King James Version Matt 24:21
      For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

  30. Susan R

    The plunge in the population from 330 to 89 million will be supplemented by the migrant population pouring over our borders and given time completely change our constitutional
    backbone. Those who get to witness this will be horrified. I suspect most of these migrants are and will not be vaxed providing them with long health lives.

  31. Arnold Jeanminette

    Hi Greg my thoughts are the Vax deaths are linked to the mass imagination of the 3 world when the citizens start to turn against the deep state they will kill off the legally born population and replace them with a 3 world slave class .

  32. David Gordon Dunne

    Can someone answer this for me please. If the same high profile people and Royals take the kill jabs, ok so yes, but aren’t they the ones who are at the top of the food chain and are involved in creating the kill jabs so why would they take them ever? I know Congress waived themselves from having to take it but something does not make sense to me but in this stupid time we live, everything is nonsensical to me.

    • Ken Yu

      With all the intrigue that goes on in the Royal House in England I would not be surprised that the Kill Shot VAXX was used “to murder off” those that they “wanted to get out of the way”!!

  33. Jerimiah Johnson

    1 killed, 1 injured in mountain lion attack in Northern California
    Story by Katherine Itoh • 5h •
    Viral video shows cougar stalking Utah hiker in terrifying 6-minute encounter
    Mountain Lion hit by car, migrant tries to remove off road!
    Big Cat’s Run Amoke!

    • Ken Yu

      Interesting – the Globalists take away our guns and then put mountain lions in the woods so we can’t peacefully live in the woods off grid!!

  34. James

    David Walker was the Comptroller General of the US in the early 2000’s, who desperately tried to sound the alarm about the chronic underfunding of Social Security by corporations and no one would listen to him. Here we are a quarter of a century later and it’s becoming obvious major corporations weren’t being irresponsible back then. It looks like they just knew there weren’t going to be very many retirees around by 2025 to collect a pension.

    • Ken Yu

      In fact the Bribe’n Demon-rats probably knew that so many VAX-ed people would be dead by 2025 that they could easily put all the “illegal immigrants” on Social Security (who would all then vote Demon-ratic forever)!!!

  35. Charlene

    Trump says the CV vax was/is “safe and effective” and that they saved 100’s of millions of lives—heck he even said they’re useful in treating cancer!

    Is he lying and if so…why?

    If he isn’t lying how can he possibly be SO misinformed about the vax?

    Either way he has proven himself unfit for political office of ANY kind, let alone the Presidency!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      His vaccine -Ivermectin-Azithromicin-Regeneron
      Saved lives and ivermectin cures cancer!!!!

      • Ken Yu

        Elizabeth – If what you are saying is correct I think Trump should clarify what he means by “taking the shot” – if he means taking Ivermectin-Azithromicin-Regeneron and “not the m-RNA Kill Shot” he should make this very clear to the public (otherwise we get the mistaken impression that Trump is part of the Globalist’s Extermination Plans)!!!

        • Johnny Nobody

          Who knows what DJT is thinking? He is a law unto himself, but he is not stupid. Perhaps he knows what this audience does not fully take into account . . . that the majority of the electorate have NOT awoken to the realisation that the ‘CV-19 vaccines’ were/are poison, and that their mandated use to kill was deliberate. Trump may calculate that a large proportion of the electorate will not have awoken to the horrible truth before November. If Trump came out now as a ‘vaccine denier’ the anti-Trump movement would have a field day! He would have handed his opponents with a very big stick to beat him with.

          The above is speculation only, but it is a possible explanation as to why Trump does not come out against the vaxx.

      • Truth Seeker

        Betsy, can you PLEASE explain/elaborate on this a little more?
        When you say His Vaccine, do you mean Trump had a vaccine manufactured by another entity other than from the Big 3 Pharm companies, that were all producing mRNA shots?
        Did he believe people were taking something different other than what they were being given?
        This has never been publicly addressed to my knowledge…please explain.

        • Elizabeth Eads

          The true definition of vaccine! HCQ is a vaccine for malaria! A bioweapon is not a vaccine!

    • Stephen Ryals


  36. Rich

    I purchased ivermectin from India online a couple years ago when it was nearly impossible to get here in the states and have been taking a dose weekly. The tablets are like chalk and have no taste, whereas the ivermectin “horse paste” has a distinct taste. I’m wondering if the stuff sold online is counterfeit. Greg, are you aware of any ivermectin scams? Not sure if what I purchased is real or not and will probably start buying the horse paste again!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      The paste or get it from a compounding pharmacy!

    • Johnny Nobody

      Ivermectin is NOT apple flavoured. It has no taste, like most tablets. Horse paste is apple flavoured to make it easier to dose horses. Ivermectin is off patent and is inexpensive to make. I believe it was Dr Simone Gold who mentioned that, ‘Ivermectin is taken routinely by people in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian sub-continent as an anti-parasitic. And the average income of people in these areas is low and the cost of an Ivermectin tablet is as low as $0.02 per 12mg.’ Given this is the case, Indian suppliers advertising prices as low as $0.10 / 12mg tablet are making a HUGE profit on the genuine article and have NO incentive to make and package fake Ivermectin. If you visit this site you will notice multiple brands of Ivermectin on offer. If you are going to make a fake, why go to the expense of making multiple fakes of the same thing, especially given the cost and complexity of all the different packaging???

      • Greg Hunter

        1.87% Ivermectin Horse paste can be apple flavored. Durvet 1.87% is at Tractor Supply and elsewhere.

  37. Jonathan Rudinsky

    My sense is the Royals and any other VIPs did not take the vax. They are part of the Global Elite and know the vax is deadly. If they say they have cancer and/or are dying of something, they are either lying to get us used to hearing about people dying, or they are dying of something unrelated. Unfortunately, everything you hear on the news today has to be doubted until proven true.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think your “sense” is meeting Royal turbo cancer caused by the CV19 bioweapon Vax.

  38. Tim K

    Thanks Greg and Dr Eads.

    Dr Eads you rock!!!!! You are my favorite. Always look forward to seeing you on USA Watchdog. You are about the only one who tells it like it is.

    I hope the Deagle report does not come true, but if it is only 10% correct, that would mean 24 million deaths just in the US.

    God bless you both and keep walking with Christ.


  39. Marie Joy

    The Royal Family was on Youtube with Camilla crying, hard, in the background.
    Kate is holding back tears.
    Get grow lights and grow your food, inside, as organicly, as possible.
    Dirty Electricity??? See minute 33:33.
    “Migrants” will be shedd on and otherwise infected.
    I’ll be very surprised if charges are brought against traitors.
    My long dead cousin was one of them and he wanted everyone and everything dead.

  40. ThinkTanks

    Jim Rogers: China Will Dominate Again
    Nomad Capitalist 167K views 13 days ago

    We must avoid conflict with China” | Is The British Military in Crisis?
    TalkTV 66K views 11 days ago
    The state of the Britain’s armed forces has come under serious scrutiny after a series of embarrassing mishaps, raising concerns about whether they’re in crisis.

  41. Mark Laffrenzen

    I’m going to hold Trump to the same standards that you hold DeSantis to. Come out against the poisonous jab or you are done politically!! Operation warp speed provided all the funding for this propaganda. I never thought I’d vote for a Kennedy. Clock is ticking.

    • Greg Hunter

      How about Biden? Are you going to hold him to any standard? Biden Admin was behind the massive campaign to trash Ivermectin and HCQ. We would not have needed the shot if we had Ivermectin and HCQ.
      By the way, the CV19 bioweapon vax did not come out until one month after Trump lost (the stolen) the 2020 election. Biden imposed the mandates and CV19 propaganda campaign. Oh yeah, and the LOCKDOWNS, SOCIAL DISTANCIND AND THE MASKS.. ARE YOU GOING TO HOLD BRIBEN TO THE SAME STANDARDS???? TROLL!!!!


      • Peter E

        Thasts Exactly The ProblemI have with These Sickoes. —We would not have needed the shot if we had Ivermectin and HCQ. Still a big drag out Fight to get Safe. Harmless. Ibermectum.. pills. . An Over the cointer Safe Drug. In many. Countries. and. HCQ..
        The Medical Schools and Hospital System Failed the 330. Millin Americans. No Push Back. against the Corrupt Gov. and Media

  42. Duke Newkcomb

    BREAKING: Massive Terror Attack Against Moscow Shopping Mall Could Be The Trigger For WWIII

  43. Tom Grier

    What about what is said, that mRNA cannot exist above -80 ° F?

    • Greg Hunter

      How many lies are told to us all. What is mRNA?

    • Richard Longacre

      Tom, Dr. Anna Mihalcea has confirmed multiple times by testing vials of all the different CV-19 injections that there is no “biological mRNA” in any of them. It is a “Synthetic mRNA” along with hydrogel, graphene Oxide, quantum dot AI Technology devices, etc. The -80 degree F claim was a lie to throw everyone off because that would be true if it were biological mRNA but not true for this synthetic mRNA. It was all a distraction to get us all looking in the wrong direction and to divide us into groups (mRNA or no mRNA, etc.).

    • Elizabeth Eads

      When it is wrapped in lipid and quantum dot technology it can👍

  44. Layne Blanchard

    Hi Greg,

    I hope you remember me. I am one of the very fortunate now with a true pioneer MD, Dr. Ana Mihalcea. She took my blood sample, put it on a slide, and we observed luminescent nano particles in my sample, and I AM NOT vaxxed. I’ve been getting treatment with EDTA, Natto, IVM, and a variety of other supplements. No big Pharma crap.
    She has observed from samples that these nanoparticles are in many things, including dental novocaine. These particles are self replicating, and self assembling, so once infected, pretty much everyone has been given a death sentence.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes- but medbeds are ready to go!

      • Ken Yu

        Elizabeth – Do these med-beds include taking vitamin C that is known to remove toxins from the body??

        • Ken Yu

          It is reported that vitamin C “can dissolve” those long “tape worm looking clots” in our blood vessels!!!

    • TerryTowelette

      dear Layne,
      along the lines of what you are already doing, please have Dr Ana M review this article on Sodium Citrate detox of nano-trash

      then report back to us here. It’s author advises this is experimental and not to be attempted by general public. Caution.

  45. James

    What has not been talked about is possible Vax shedding, and what is put into our air & food into non humans (animals).
    As for my own doctor, the doctor’s group insists another with laptop to take down the dialog between the doc & myself (privacy lost). But THEY make sure she does not say anything THEY don’t want her to say.

  46. Susan R

    All this disclosure tears the face off the assault but who is behind it all?

  47. Kirk Bradley

    My dad took the covid vax one time and has a foot long bloodclot in this leg and Esovageal cancer in the last two years. The people who did this will reap what they have sown.

    • Seer

      EDTA crème and high dose vitamin C by IV at naturopath MD dissolves the rubbery clots in days.
      Follow Dr Eads protocol.

      • Elizabeth Eads

        U used that with my mom!

  48. Dean

    Hi Greg,
    I had the shortest waking dream yesterday. I saw a black man waiting for the teller at a bank. He was wearing RED. He had on head phones, cell phone, electronic stuff. I heard one word, “BANKS!” Might be a good time to have some cash on hand.

  49. Andy

    Great guest Greg. Appreciate your tireless effort in informing others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy!

  50. Seer

    Again the protocol we use for unjabbed and jabbed-
    *EDTA to remove nano graphene and accumulated heavy metals
    * NAC, nattokinase, zinc with quercetin, vitamin C, Vitamin D3 with K2 or not
    * NicNac Mints non tobacco nicotine with Xylitol to neutralize the venoms in the shot for jabbed. Also getting tinnitus relief in 3+ days and may resolve MS and other indications
    * Abstaining from exhaled air, skin touch, and body fluids ( saliva, nasal and sexual) with jabbed person(s)
    * Organic verified animal products in diet
    * Dental anesthetics that do not have the mod/mrna in them. Find an holistic dentist who mixes own up. Heard cosmetic fillers and insulin have also been adulterated.
    We are still learning about the shedding. Be smart and careful.
    Daily holy spirit ( seen as golden light) bestowal of divine energy into the physical body and ethereal body creates a safe force field perimeter for those who know how to receive the inflow. Be safe and educate others – keep planting seeds of awareness.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Not everyone can use nicotine-contraindicated in vascular disease , hypertension and heart disease!
      Do not recommend protocals without a physician/ naturopathic doctor following!

  51. Stacia Amante

    1. for the shedding problem – since December 2023, Adrographis herb has been mentioned a few times here in Comments at USAW. First by a doctor from Austria going by “Einstein”. Then a testimony two times by a commenter going by “Keith”. Have not looked to see if being discussed elsewhere on the web.

    2. Matrine is an alkaloid extract of different plant. Even Wikipedia says it has anti-cancer effects; probably because nobody visits the page much so it has yet been censored — Matrine is relatively unknown.

    Don’t exceed dose or else you will experience hallucinations. Though its main effect is anti-cancer, it also is an agonist of the opioid receptor, which is why people use it also for anxiety. It does not give a sense of euphoria, however.

    This page provides hyperlinks to scientific articles to match the claims.
    scroll to: “4. Destroys Cancer”

    Liftmode sells at low price; and their product comes with a lab test of purity. The dose scoop is quite small. It is acidic and must be placed in a mouth that has water; or mix in a drink. Don’t take by itself.

    We are finding Matrine helpful for treating Hashimoto’s hypo-thyroid. (along with Inositol & Selenium, for the T4 to T3 conversion, there’s a sci study) . It might be similar in one way how low dose Naltrexone is used for auto-immunity. …

    *** The above is not medical advice, but information to begin to research. Do your own diligence. Different people are different. Check for conflicts with your medications/supplements and health history, etc. Pray for discernment. Talk with other people. Always start with smallest dose to determine effect. ***

    • Stacia Amante

      ps. typically with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, you have be be careful with iodine supplementation and food sources. It seems to aggravate the condition. This has also been personal experience. Cf. Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm D. Also Wikipedia entry “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis”.

  52. little bo peep

    anyone else wondered the significance of recently Trump having mentioned bloodbath in a speech — then the media going wildly crazy about the word — then days later the bloodbath happened in Russia on Friday? And then on weekend, a web-viral photo of one of the terrorist perps who had been hit on the head and had a bloodbath out his ear.

    it’s not a coincidence. What is the msg: that stockmarket crash is imminent? What is it??

  53. Tyrone E X.

    West Point axed ‘duty, honor, country’ from its mission statement. Conservatives fumed
    MARCH 14, 2024 Becky Sullivan
    Duty, Honor, Country: Not terror against civilians, Mike Morell cut-throats!
    Explore the principles that have guided America’s foreign policy.
    __________________See the LGBQ+ Connection?
    Ron Paul WAS RIGHT: Fmr Congressman SLAMS Victoria Nuland On Tucker Carlson Show / The Hill 60,099 views Premiered Mar 20, 2024
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the conversation Tucker Carlson’s interview with Ron Paul.

    • Ken Yu

      West Point – home of our Fort Knox Gold Reserves also had its Mission Statement (to hold Regular Gold Audits) “AXED”)!! And now with a gold rush being started by the Fed Chief Powell with his talk of interest rate cuts it is more imperative then ever to know that we still have Our Nations Gold Safe and Secure!! Of-course Stan still believes Gold will fall when Powell begins to lower rates to help elect Bribe’n!!

  54. Anita

    Thank you both & for the links to protocols, huge help.

  55. TerryTowelette

    now see pro-vax Trump dancing to YMCA while he has a daffodil clenched in his teeth

    “Cancer organisations around the world use the daffodil as a symbol”

    ps. they are going to use fears of cancer and flesh eating bacteria as ways to increase compliance with taking vax.

  56. Kinsey Kardash

    even the LED lights are toxic
    1-min clip

    EMF readings thru the charts

    • Elizabeth Eads


  57. Richard Longacre

    Great interview Greg and Dr. Eads.
    I was so glad to hear her explain how 5G is a major part of this genocide and how 5G activates the self-assembling and self-replicating graphene oxide, hydrogel, and quantum dot AI Nano-technology devices in the bioweapon injections. Far too many people are missing this very important connection.

    The 5G antennas that were installed during the COVID lockdowns in my area (NE Oklahoma near Grand Lake) were not transmitting any signals until a few months ago. I confirmed this because I carry around an RF/EMF meter in my car that also measures the 5G frequencies. Literally nothing until a few months ago. My Tinnitus started getting real bad all of a sudden so I drove around and measured the 5G towers again and they all were now transmitting (and still are) at a power level about 10dB (10 times) higher than the 4G towers.

    The power levels of the 5G towers at 2 miles was about the same as being in a room with Internet WiFi turned on. At about 100 yards from the tower it is the same as sticking your head right next to your transmitting Internet router. Have you noticed how so many of these 5G towers are placed right outside hospitals and schools?

    Now all of a sudden it seems that everyone in our area has a friend or loved one with late stage (inoperable) turbo cancers (that just popped up in the last few months). Impossible to get anyone to even consider that this is being caused by the bioweapon injections and 5G.

    So glad to hear Dr. Eads discuss some of her cancer therapies (including Chlorine Dioxide – which she does not prescribe because the AMA and FDA has demonized it as dangerous bleach). I believe nicotine patches also will help in this area if Dr. Ardis is correct about the snake venom connection to the “non-vaccine vaccines”.

    I did a huge research paper (small book) on the similarities between 5G radiation poisoning symptoms, COVID symptoms, Long COVID symptoms, and CV-19 vaccine damage symptoms and Dr. Eads is correct. The symptoms are almost identical for all (including flu symptoms). Makes me very suspicious of 5G knowing that RF/EMF poisoning symptoms are indistinguishable from all things COVID and most flues, illnesses and diseases. We are focusing on stopping mRNA vaccines (bioweapons) while all they have to do is increase the power levels and frequencies of 5G on the towers, the tens of thousands of LEO satellites, and our phones and instantly we have a global plandemic with millions dead and the sick seeking the new bioweapon injection savior provided by big pharma, the CDC, AMA, WHO, and our government.

    Beware people. Massive deception heading our way. Is this what General Flynn was talking about as the Black Swan event before the election?

    • Jerry

      Richard, can you send a link to the EMF reader you use?

  58. Nick Leddy

    More proof that Greg Hunter and his esteemed guests
    have been right all along. We all live in a very twisted

  59. EH Foundation

    Great Interviews with Dr Eads and Karen Kingston Give all the Good Doctors Fighting Good Causes a Platform to reach people

  60. Valerie

    Oh no! CV vax stuff is in Novocaine now!?!? I heard it at min. mark 36:40! I need to have some dental work done, but I’m putting it off until things change, or I can figure out a safe alternative! I did NOT get the cv jab, so I don’t want to get it from a numbing injection at the dentist’s office!!!! This is so EVIL!!! God help us!
    Fortunately, I’m not in any dental pain yet! I pray I can hold on!
    Thanks, Greg and thanks, Dr. Eads!

  61. Sandra Korn

    Mr. Hunter, after watching this video I was prompted to suggest that you get the book, listed below from Amazon, written by a friend I have known for many years, watched her grow up and go through a lot to get where she is today. Dr. Jennifer Claire. She has a second book coming out that I just ordered from Amazon. Everyone who has cancer needs to read at least the first book, “You Can Stop Cancer”.

    You CAN stop cancer: How we beat cancer and an abundance of supernatural events with MIRACLE UPON MIRACLE, UPON MIRACLE! Paperback – December 18, 2023
    by Jennifer Claire (Author)
    5.0 out of 5 stars 4
    See all formats and editions
    Diagnosed with cancer? Don’t know what to do or where to start? Let me help you!

    In 2022, Jennifer’s best friend of 40 years was diagnosed with cancer, and through extensive study and research, her best friend was 100% cancer free in 6 months. Read about our journey! NO Chemo, and NO radiation! YOU HAVE OPTIONS!! This book will tell you where to start and what to do!
    Jennifer Claire DD(H), ML, MPH, MSHS, BS, BA. Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner and Patient Advocate is a Professor of Health Sciences by day and enjoys writing by night.
    Report an issue with this product or seller
    Print length

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, this is interesting as to the ‘inside’ testimony most is not reported by MSM and FOX…that would show just how corrupt and infiltrated the courts really are. Cohen admits in testimony he perjured his testimony and lied to the judges in the cases DJT is being set up in. AND that the Judge in NYC /James case let him be a ‘star witness’ against DJT anyway?
    So, is he lying to one judge in one case, to both Judges in both cases to hopefully get is sentence lessened-dropped for ‘helping get Trump’? =

  63. Mandie

    Awesome interview. Thank you, Greg, and Dr. Betsy Eads. I didn’t know about the contaminated Novacaine. That could explain why I was so sick for 3 days after my dental procedure last year. I still haven’t quite recovered.

    • Greg Hunter



      FLCCC.NET : I-RECOVER: post vaccine treatment Recovery Protocol bundle
      Detox Bundle- Ener DMG liquid 60 (dimethylglycine)

      Dr Eads protocols:

      Acute Symtoms: Ivermectin/HCQ
      Humic/fulvic minerals
      Bioactive immune support
      Vitamin D3
      Vitamin C
      Budesonide inhaler
      Hydrogen peroxide nasal wash or
      Nanonist nasal/mouth spray

      Detox Bioweapon: HCQ/IVM-
      Interferon spray-
      Iodine 12.5 mg
      Chlorine dioxide-
      Ener [email protected]
      Humic/fulvic minerals
      IV chelation therapy
      Infrared sauna
      Turn off 5G/block –
      Clean nutrition
      Clean water, no GMO
      Do not treat fever with advil/tylenol

  64. Scott H

    Great update! Is it the flccc website to get her protocal for us unvaxxed? I wasnt sure which link to follow. Thanks

    • dod

      do you know the cost of all these products ? i don’t think you do
      the average citizen in usa or europe can’t buy them ,too expansive !!!

  65. Daniel

    It’s hard to believe that people are so blinded by truth. You, Dr. Eads and so many other guests are invaluable. Please don’t be President Trump’s Press Secretary. Your truth is too bright a light.

  66. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, I take Berberine and it is really helping my gut health, it also has anti parasitic properties. I continue to see in my jabbed co workers and patients, immune system decimation and all that comes down stream with that. Sadly, my main stream RN peers are still all for big pharma, most have had 5 jabs now. The open borders is absolutely their plan to mask the die off and replace those of us who expect a certain standard of living. But as you always say, Fear not, Our savior has a plan and is coming back. Thank you for all you do. I use EMF Sol products and can vouch the energy in my home is smoother, calmer. Dr Carrie Madej recommends them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lisa (RN) thanks for any information you can give. Keep doing it here.

  67. Hugh Battenburg

    BREAKING🔥 Fani Willis DISQUALIFICATION Saga – Trump Lawyer ‘the Pit Bull’ Sadow on Developments / US Immigration Mar 24, 2024
    Fani Willis Faces New Motion From Trump Lawyer ‘the Pit Bull’ Sadow.
    Fani Willis did everything a prosecutor shouldn’t do🔥Judge reaches FINAL disqualification decision
    Fani Willis’ Possible Disqualification 🔥 Judge Gives a Deadline for Decision
    A Georgia judge will decide Friday whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis can remain on the prosecution team in the election interference case against President Donald Trump.
    Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee had previously set a self-imposed two-week deadline, which will expire Friday. He emphasized his mandate regarding the Willis hearings, stating in an interview with WSB-TV that his focus will solely be on the law, not politics.
    “The message I want to convey is no ruling of mine is ever going to be based on politics. I’m going to be following the law the best I understand,” he told the news outlet.

  68. Lisa Mooney

    Dr Eads, as a RN of 30 years I can count on 1 hand the number of ethical/moral MDs I have worked with. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for being a MD for CHRIST at great personal cost. I am a OBGYN/NICU RN and I can confirm Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infertility rates are way up since the Jab roll out.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is so nice to hear Lisa especially from someone in the medical community. We all know the nurses are the glue that hold the system together.

    • Jerry

      This is interesting, prior to the rollout of the Op Speed death jab I had a coworker who’s wife worked in the hospital. I am not sure of the position she held but I recall him telling me on many occasions the number of misarrange had increased tremendously. She said it was not normal at all and that the staff was very concerned. Take this into consideration, this was between the start of co vid and the jab rollout.

    • A Friend

      As a physician, I can back up all you said Lisa. God Bless…

  69. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Hey Greg
    Great interview and thanks to Dr. Eads.
    After 3 years of trying to get some close family members to listen to me, now a couple of them are.
    There question is where do we find the information on how the shots change ones DNA?
    I cannot remember where to find this info. Is it on Karen Kingston’s site?

    • Greg Hunter

      Just go back to the mainstream media and get them information to lie to your family some more. Like this huge LIE now proven as the FDA retreats in shame:
      Let them come on USAW and other sites that were right from the beginning and DO SOME READING!!!!!

      Biotech analyst Karen Screen shot the patents and talked extensively about the gene editing tech that is mRNA

      I am not wasting my time convincing people now, when I have been doing it from the beginning.

      Unfortunately, your family is not going to live long. They need treatment NOW.


    • yolanda burl

      Greg and Michael,
      I saw a video linked here on USAW a few years ago where Bill Gates using scissors on a model of a DNA strand , shows how the so called vax can cut and paste. So its out there some-wheres. Ive no time to search in a deep dive. Any volunteers?

  70. K.Lane

    Duty, Honor, Country (Story of West Point – 1952)

  71. Nicolas

    “We are getting transmission from the vaxed to the unvaxed.” “They are putting the mRNA in our food.”

    What are her proofs ??
    (Can’t see the interview, Rumble is off in France)

  72. Marti Baker Girl

    Darren, I have some of the same questions as you do. Thought it was just me!

    • Greg Hunter

      Ed Dowd was the source for the 2 billion number deaths and injury. 2.2 billion.

  73. Lili

    Impeccable, Godly Dr Eads. Thank you for all you do!
    Thank you Greg for providing us information and tools to help in this battle.

  74. Doke Spokes

    15-Year-Old Schoolboy Saves Over 100 Lives From Terrorists At Concert Hall
    Moscow Attack / Times Of India 247,893 views Mar 24, 2024
    In a moment of terror, a 15-year-old schoolboy emerged as a hero, saving hundreds of lives when violence struck Moscow. As a part-time cloakroom attendant at the Crocus City Hall, Islam calmly guided crowds through narrow passageways to emergency exits as gunfire erupted and terrorists set the building ablaze. His brave actions saved over 100 people from slaughter, a remarkable act of quick-thinking and courage. Islam’s heroic deed spread widely on social media, showcasing his selfless act amid chaos. Meanwhile, Russian forces successfully apprehended 11 terrorists, including the four gunmen responsible for the attack. President Putin vowed to punish all perpetrators and declared March 24 as a national day of mourning in Russia. The Crocus City Hall, hosting a concert by Russian rock band ‘Picnic,’ became a scene of tragedy as at least 133 lives were lost in the indiscriminate shooting and fire set by the terrorists.

  75. doug martens

    what, our government actively attempted and succeeded in killing and maiming a huge percentage of us? what? what?

    no, the question should be why! why is it so hard for you to believe that people who steal all kinds of your wealth every day, people who advocate for the murder of the preborn, medically assisted suicide and war, all the time, have any interest whatsoever in keeping you alive!!

  76. Eric Lemaitre

    What is the dose of ivermectin (? stromectol ?) in mg one adult needs to prevent covid-19 shedding, and how often (once a month ?)?

  77. TerryTowelette

    “we are living in Biblical times” ~ Bo Polny

    pagan seer JSNIP4 has dream that food prices are to skyrocket like Revelation 6:6 said so:

    Evangelical watchwoman65 reports that the X (i.e., the spot) where is the crossing of this coming April 8th eclipse and the one couple yrs ago, happens right over a tiny town named, “Rapture”.
    (elsewhere it has been noted that the Feast Day of the Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary of the Incarnation, which is commonly celebrated on March 25 has been moved to April 8 because Easter was late on the calendar this yr)

    demonic manifestation of woman attending conference on Spiritual Warfare in Los Angeles metropolitan area last week. You won’t see the woman, but hear the demon voice emitting through her. This is not an official exorcism, but providing spiritual relief. (The young priest who speaks at the conclusion has a speaking impediment like Moses. Fr Gino gives his testimony elsewhere on youtube.)

    elsewhere last week in California, demonic cannibal snacking on human leg:

    According to conservative Catholic Cardinal Burke (who is anti-deepstate & anti-deepchurch like Cardinal Vigano) we are soon at the 500 anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico which was an enormously significant event where millions became Christian in days all the while in Europe things were in crisis, a lot like now, in the Church. Also, we are within a decade of the 2000 anniversary of Calvary.

    in Clif High’s recent audio vlog, “Normie Krazie” on substack, he says public outrage of the
    Co-vax damage will begin ratcheting up this April, along with other turmoil in banks and society.

  78. Led Skeletor

    In the beginning people would steal fruit off their neighbors trees. Sometimes getting justifiably pelted by buckshot.

    In the 1960’s there was shoplifting a 10 cent candy bar. Kid got busted, parents notified, kid sent to juvie.

    Then there was the $999 limit on retail theft. That made all the libtards happy!! Especially the police desk sergeants and court system, gave them plenty of make-up time to play pretend sexuality. Finally social justice, eat the rich, make “the man” pay.

    Now there isn’t any stopping of any amount of theft. Retail theft to exceed $500 billion in 2024.

    And now there is a way where anyone can steal an unoccupied house. You can’t remove the bastards and it may take two years to get the fat assed purple rainbow haired court to evict, if you are lucky not to piss off the judge by expecting the eviction to actually occur, there is a good chance you the owner might lose your case!

    It looks like property rights are no longer a right.

    The value of life is nearly nothing, but the value of the criminals rights is all that matters. Many are truly getting away with murder based on the color of their skin and who they kill.

    The value of being a legal working taxpaying citizen with assets is less than the illegal alien that is totally dependent on the American taxpayer.

    Being a legal working taxpaying citizen with assets that doesn’t support Big Brother’s totalitarian superstate makes you this governments #1 target. Just ask DJT.

    How much longer before the entire lawful civilized society collapses and one must travel in large heavily armed “shopping parties” in order to survive? TIP: always leave a few family members at home heavily armed, this is Joe Biden’s 2024 America, and you just don’t have any rights if you were born here and earned your living.

  79. Ken Yu

    Like we don’t have enough on the table It’s Now Official – “We Are Now At War With Russia” – and yet only two or three months ago this was unthinkable!! Thank Bribe’n, his Demon-rats and the Neocon Republicans for opening the Gates to Hell and Nuclear Incineration!!

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg. a few months old but these seem to have been on target so for those that have not considered what is ahead economically in ‘their’ game…might be worth re-listening to for some cohesive insight as to where he DXY and PM are headed?

    • Justn Observer

      Greg, how they keep the public stupified and unaware of the real financial crisis with the banks…whole thing if people have time…
      but @ 32:00 explains a lot most are missing =

  81. Ron

    Dr Eads,
    A relative of mine may have recently developed breast cancer. If Fenbendazole is unavailable in my country, how safe is the dog/cat dewormer “Helmintazole 500mg/capsule” (which contains Fenbendazole as its primary ingredient) for human use? My internet searches so far have indicated that it is toxic to the kidneys.

  82. Mark

    Pay attention to the fuzzy patterns. Things arent always what they seem to be. I’m sure their is a way.

    • Kathy

      It seems like you can get fenbendazol at I was wondering if it can be used for skin cancer? Do you, Dr. Eads, have any info on that? Thank you for all you are doing!

    • Ken Yu

      Just as we should have gotten a fuzzy feeling when we heard Bribe’n tell the illegals to “Surge the Border” – we should now also be getting another fuzzy feeling hearing Fed Chief Powell tell us how he will be lowering interest rates “Thus Making Gold Surge” so as to help his Bankster Buddy’s (who own tons of Gold) from going Bankrupt and help Bribe’n get re-elected as our US dollar is massively re-inflated!!!

  83. Juan Valdezovichski

    SEE WHERE YOUNG MEN AND BOY’S, RAISED WITHOUT “REAL” FATHERS, WIND UP IN /El Salvador, sorry momma. . . . . . .

    Inside the New Mega Prison in El Salvador: Explores the America’s Largest Detention Facility of Honor, Duty, Country! Protecting the masses. The Enemy Within!
    Testigo Directo 11,642,474 views Feb 6, 2023
    A Mega Prison was inaugurated in El Salvador, which has been declared the largest in our continent… Listen well: it is the size of 7 soccer stadiums and the capacity to house 40,000 dangerous gang members, most of the more than 63,000 who have been captured during the last 11 months of emergency regime… As reported by the authorities, the dangerous gang members will not be able to leave their cells, not even to see sunlight as punishment for their actions that have caused so much pain to Salvadoran families… Our correspondent Daniel Hernández has the details for us… In Direct Witness

  84. J.V.

    Turn on your CC, for English translation, closed caption.

  85. Scott

    Thanks for staying on this subject so faithfully, Greg – your channel is a fantastic source of helpful information, and I don’t know where I’d be without it. The NAC alone resolved an allergy/sinus issue that has tortured me for decades. NEVER would have known about NAC if it was’t for you and Ms. Kingston.

    Your health and wellness content is invaluable, it’s impossible to overstate it. Please keep it up!

  86. Justn Observer

    Greg, and of course he is right !, He’s not vaxed and does not believe in them and probably does not want to sit next to someone who is? But then again, maybe he is better off being around masked people if they are shedders? = Maybe it is time for airlines to separate the vaxed from the unvaxed…or treated from untreated so more are NOT at risk from ‘the shedders’? Brings a whole new definition to ‘SHED HUNTING’ in the spring!

  87. Lgbqrst+Times @ WW3

    Terrorist Attack on Russia Has USA Fingerprints All Over It
    Greg Reese March 25th 2024, 11:09 am
    Al-Qaeda was created by Western intelligence to fight the Russians, and has been used as a catalyst for illegal wars and tyrannical laws ever since.
    MIKE MORELL PREY ON RUSSKI’S! Not us, your own people, but Pray for your people, not on! No shenanigans please, on US. soil? No Way Jose! Comprendae?
    Will the Un-Intell idiots do a Moscow type Terror Attack on the US. UK. during Eclipse?
    Is CIA, MI5&6 Unleashing the Useful Idiots on the US too? Will, WE TOO PAY? Da Price?
    For what? To stop Trump? Take the chance of unCivilWar? WW3. Am I mad, or YOU?
    Where’s John McCain when we need him, Lindsey? SAY NO to TERRORISM!
    DUTY:HONOR:COUNTRY, It’s Judgment Day/Where are the MEN?

    Larry Johnson: Was MI-6 or CIA Behind Moscow Terror?
    39,123 views Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 3 hours ago
    Larry Johnson: Was MI-6 or CIA Behind Moscow Terror?

  88. Johnny Nobody

    The Thud Heard Around The World:

    • Greg Hunter

      Note to self: Don’t Mock Jesus!!

  89. brian hambleton

    C’mon, we aren’t going to be told what kills any of the royals, any more than we have been told what happened to Dianna.

  90. rod shonts

    Only Ends in ARMAGEDDON” Annie Jacobsen On Putin And Nuclear War
    Piers Morgan Uncensored 39,493 views 4 hours ago
    Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by American investigative journalist, author and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist Annie Jacobsen for a fascinating discussion on the latest attack in Russia and just how likely it is that Vladimir Putin will start a nuclear war Hiroshima type Atom bomb as fuse for Thermo nuclear!

  91. TerryTowelette

    Barack Obama is the Thunder of Satan (Luke 10:18 Jesus said: “I saw Satan ‘fall like lightning.’ ) The Hebrew translation is “baraq o bamah.”

    USAW should have an emergency pre-April 8 show how to prepare your house and car in case of an EMP attack on USA. Steve Quayle & Clif High could address this topic.

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, per your Eco-flows, ran across this vid about using one’s Iphone to set charging time to save the life of the batteries? Wonder if you had any better info, or if ALL sizes of eco-flows have that feature for the one’s you advertise?
    ECO-FLOW uses i phone to set charging speed to save life of battery?

  93. Justn Observer

    Watch: Huge Bridge In Baltimore Collapses After Container Ship Strike =

    OSINTdefender on X: “The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland which crosses the Patapsco River has reportedly Collapsed within the last few minutes after being Struck by a Large Container Ship; a Mass Casualty Incident has been Declared with over a Dozen Cars and many Individuals said to…” / X (

    So..another SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUE to deal with? hmmm

    Do wonder IF-WHEN the PANAMA CANAL BECOMES INOPERABLE…via drought? OR maybe gang or terrorist attacks?
    just,,, HOW DEPENDENT on MEXICO the U.S. shipping and supply chain MIGHT become? =

    Just as the silk road and the new BRIC+ NORTHERN sea routes are being set up and the SUEZ CANAL/ Red Sea blockages are going into effect?
    and then there is the Thailand-CHINA canal for their string of pearls project =
    * ‘ According to US and Indian analysts, a Thai Canal could potentially improve China’s naval presence and opportunity in the Indian Ocean. From a military viewpoint, they speculate that a Thai Canal will be an important step for China to strengthen what they call China’s “String of Pearls”, =

    a series of Chinese alliances and naval bases, including deepwater seaports in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The analysts fear that a Thai Canal, in combination with the String of Pearls, will encircle India militarily in the ongoing China-India conflict.’

  94. JuiceMan Jay Kordich

    Ray McGovern: What Happened in Moscow?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom Streamed live 10 hours ago
    WOW! Ray’s, commentators put together in a post last Friday, Nuland and her head of Ukraine’s intell, Budonov. With they’re nasty surprises warning to Putin,. Thus Hillary’s Nuland, inadvertently implicated herself in the Moscow teen hangout and concert massacre and if it weren’t so silly stupid. You could not make this Shiite cover, up! Where do they get these misfits from anyways, Kazantzakis? They better give up smokin that pipe dream and start smokin the peace pipe! They couldn’t even pull off a simple black op’s falsie flag and where does Nuland and buddy, sleepy eyed Budanov. Get off showing they’re cards beforehand, because they are losing so humiliatingly? Drunk on other peoples money, sweat and blood. NATO is responsible for baiting the Russian bear in their complicity in force feeding the flower of Ukraine youth at the ethnic Russian speaking border meat grinder, bringing the west into stagflation, bankruptcy and oblivion. By being woke, pot smoked broke, busted and LGBQR+ disgusted! America and it’s foreign policy, has gone to pot! It’s bad enough
    back home, they turned our flower of youth to pot and we can’t even make safe airplanes anymore or shoot off a hyper-sonic missile, were so doped up. Russia is in the cat bird seat and eating our lunch and Trump will grab them all by the scruff of the neck, both sides and show them the door to peace and prosperity. Hopefully not on a recently built Boeing nightmare of a pipe Dreamliner, with faulty door and spent joints. At 37 thousand feet!

  95. Jeff Budge

    Moscow Attack: ISIS Gunmen Visited This NATO Nation Before Russia Mall Rampage
    Hindustan Times Mar 26, 2024 1 hr. ago
    A NATO nation has confirmed that the Islamic State gunmen who killed more than 140 people in Russian capital visited the country before the horrific attack. A Turkish security official told Reuters that the gunmen had visited the country to extend Russian permits, but they were not radicalised there.

    First 25 of 211 comments, you can learn a lot from the comments fer sure!

    Russia is supporting the Palestinian efforts in Gaza. It’s nonsensical to think that any Muslim would do something to spite Russia.

    This is the isis branch of the

    Who created iSsi , tell the world about the Attack and now US & N’ATO so eagerly jump out to clarification.

    They are not ISIS
    Because- they are alive.

    Who offered them 5000$$$ for the carnage

    Russia China India South America Islamic world Asia all must stand up and Boycott Iphone s Starbuck Cocacola any American product so that the economy will collapse We dont have to fight

    On holiday in Turkey were they? So where were they on holiday from? And who paid their hotel bill?

    Funded by The US State Department

    When has ISIS attacked during Ramada

    life is cheap, 500,000 Russian Ruble =7,300.00 Canadian Dollar… [Whats that in US. FUNDED tax dollars?]
    The way turkey is defending themselves so much, just shows you the seriousness level Russia is taking this case at . Us even defended themselves even before investigations begun

    The gunmen weren’t ideological, just guns for hire who did it for money. So who hired them ?

    The question is moscow so strict in behalfs of security why they easily entered that city..

    I was feel watching ” Hotel Mumbai ” Movie . exact same scenario different country .

    These guys were contracted to do a job. They stated they had been paid half before the job and half after. They received money.
    So of course it leads to many obvious questions- who paid them, who supplied weapons, who is she? The masterminded that is, who was to give them refugee status afterwards? Will Russians will work it out.

    War is war and may the strongest and smartest win.

    Spreading peace in the name of Islam, 🤩

  96. FDA stint

    The carnage will never stop insofar we have commies in powerful positions. Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas is representative of the communists and pro depopulation/harming people working in the US govt. The FDA has a lot of employees from communist countries— Cuba, Central/S. America, China, Vietnam, Korea, etc… with business partnerships with communist countries. They want to destroy the West.

  97. Zenon Murtovara

    Through the eyes of Streamed live 11 hours ago

  98. yolanda burl

    Plastic chemicals are inescapable—and they’re messing with our hormones
    Researchers say the U.N.’s global plastics treaty must reduce production and protect public health. By Joseph Winters / Grist | Published Mar 25, 2024

  99. joyce Derske

    Keith Olbermann Faces Backlash After Suggesting “Hope” for Trump’s Assassination in X Post By Feyisayo March 25, 2024

    • Greg Hunter

      Olbermann should be under arrest by the Secret Service. Can you imagine someone saying this about Obama????? Wrong on BOTH counts!!!

  100. Jeffrobbins

    Good interview and information. Lots of comments about the royals; and i have the idea that there are a multitude of groups of people that want to rule the world, or at least carve out their own piece of it. The royals are just one small group in the mix. It will be interesting to see if the shots were far enough below the belt to have the ‘bigs’ take each other out. That might be the only good to come out of this. Will Bill Gates’s plane suffer a major failure?

  101. Future Boy

    1/6/25 With blue cities burning and the national guard helping the thugs under the orders of Joe Biden, the House has selected Donald Trump as the winner of the 2024 election. The Senate has selected RFK jr as VP. The Biden’s and much of his cabinet staff will leave the USA in the dead of night a few days prior 20 January 2025 , the Biden government will be in exile in France to evade prosecution and war crime charges.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      It’s not sars spike it’s a synthetic bioweapon!
      There wa never a virus!!!!

  102. Ed from Memphis

    Hi Greg

    It would be good if you would acknowledge Trump’s role in the development of the clot-shot and also his subsequent endorsement of it.

    Trump is at fault too. He never apologised nor admitted he was wrong to this very day.

    We don’t have to make apologies for Trump’s faults or play the “what about-ism game.” We are all sinners in the eyes of Our Father”

    • Greg Hunter

      I have, And it would be good if you would acknowledge Biden’s role in lying about Ivermectin and HCQ, Mandating the shots for everyone including ALL of our military, giving $1 billion to HHS to push the lie that the CV19 bioweapon vax was “safe and effective,” and still having his administration after 3 YEARS still pushing these shots for babies to seniors. Please also acknowledge All the phony research that his administration did on approving these shots. Please also acknowledge all the shots and components that were made in CHINA where BIDEN got his bribes in the Billions of dollars. Please acknowledge all the lockdowns that destroyed small business that BIDEN approved of. That’s just a few of the things I wish you would acknowledge. Finally, you do realize the CV19 shots did not come out until December of 2020. One full month after Trump was cheated OUT of office. I agree, We are sinners in the eye of Jehovah and some of us are lying one sided trolls.

  103. Mary Ann Saluri

    Dr Eads, Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in fighting evil to protect our lives. In this video you mentioned the EMF adapter by Safe Space
    I am interested in buying it so I went to the website for more info. I had some questions so I tried calling them numerous times during normal working hours with no one answering and no automated message. I sent them an email with my question; it has been 3 days with no response. The unit is $320 and I am hesitant to purchase it if they have little or no support, etc. Just wondered what your experience was when you made your purchase.

  104. Stanley

    Hi Greg. Regarding The Exposé and the Deagel Report.

    I read The Exposé and in fact, a few months ago, they published an article of mine, but I do post on their Deagel articles disputing some of the things they say about it.

    I am talking about the version of the Deagel Report that is available from the links that The Exposé has in its articles to the Web Archive \ Wayback Machine.

    They say “by 2025”. I don’t think the Deagel Report says “by”, it just says “2025”, and so we don’t know if it refers to January, 2025 or December 2025.

    Also, I read the footnote at the bottom of the Deagel Report and it does not say that the huge falls in populations will be due to death. Emigration is a factor. The report predicts that in the UK, economic conditions will be so bad that people will emigrate.

  105. Stanley

    Hi Greg, regarding that bloke Charles and his daughter in law having cancer. (I’m British and can’t stand The Great Reset King or any of his parasitic, aristocratic [rude nouns go here].)

    Do you think they really took the vaxx?

    I doubt it. I believe that the global elite were tipped off not to, and when we saw them supposedly getting the vaxx, they were actually injected with saline solution.

    Charles wants to see the masses get decimated, he is part of the plot so he was never going to take the vaxx. Don’t forget that his father said that after he dies he would like to come back as a virus and kill off lots of the population – and he did say that.

    The news of the them having cancer is bluff intended to be a morale booster to the masses who are getting cancer. It says “Even the royals [spits in disgust at that word] get turbo cancer, see how we are just like you common people. We are all in this together so keep your chin up”. It is a psyop to placate the masses who are becoming aware of the growing number of cases of cancer.

    All my opinion and I could be wrong, but I won’t believe they have cancer unless they die quite soon.

  106. Stanley

    The Daily Mail has this about supplements –

    “REVEALED: The common supplements experts say you should avoid – including one that’s now linked to BRAIN CANCER…”

    One on Dr Eads’ list gets a mention – “Taking too much Vitamin E has been associated with an earlier death overall and prostate cancer, according to Mayo Clinic”

    “And studies suggest beta carotene, a supplement that is naturally found in vegetables, may increase your risk for developing lung cancer if you were previously a smoker” – so carrots are dangerous.

    I suspect that this could be the start of a campaign against supplements, possibly even banning them. They don’t want us to have the protection they offer against the spike protein.

    Even though there are some prestigious institutions mentioned, I am suspicious of those studies – the timing is suspicious – they suddenly discover this harm just when cases of cancer, and particularly glioblastoma, are rising. Too much of a coincidence for me.

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