Dollar Rejection is Why America Ramped Up Oil and Gas Production – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby thinks the dollar shortage and liquidity crisis has something to do with the booming oil and natural gas industry. Kirby points out, “America is producing an awful lot of energy, but they are not making money doing it. What is it that would make them want to do that? That’s when I started thinking about the rest of the world or the rest of the story. The rest of the story goes something like this: Venezuela used to sell all of its oil in dollars. Russia used to sell all of its oil in dollars. Iran used to sell all of its oil in dollars. Iraq used to sell all of its oil in dollars, and up until very recently, Saudi Arabia used to sell all of its crude oil in dollars, but I believe they are now selling some of their oil in currency other than dollars. So, we have many millions of barrels of oil that were formerly transacted in dollars, and these barrels of oil are now being priced in other currencies.  The dollars that used to buy that oil are now looking for a home, and they didn’t have a home. So, America had to create a home for those dollars, which is why America has ramped up their crude oil production. In the 2004 time period, America’s oil production bottomed out at 4 million barrels a day, and now it is producing 12 1/2 million barrels a day making it the world’s largest producer of crude oil. These barrels America is producing are all being sold for dollars. They needed a place or a home for those dollars. Let’s just say the dollars that were left over when Venezuela, Iran and Russia stopped selling their oil for dollars created a spill on the floor, and they needed a sponge to soak them up. That’s why American crude oil has gone up dramatically, and that’s why American oil production is forecasted to grow even though they are taking losses on every barrel they are producing.

Kirby goes on to say, “Global dollar rejection is why America had to ramp up American oil production to begin with and global dollar rejection is accelerating. This is not going to stop. So, America is going to need to produce more and more dollars to soak more oil priced in dollars that America will produce at a loss. . . . Creating all this extra oil and pricing it in dollars makes the dollar look strong. Nobody producing these incremental barrels are making a penny. They are all hemorrhaging cash. The fact that all these dollars that are going into something that is hemorrhaging cash and losing money is the real reason why there has been no inflation. All these unwanted dollars are financing money losing operations. If these dollars were going into things that made money, the returns would be invested and would be causing observable inflation. The opposite is occurring, and the dollars are disappearing.”

Kirby predicts, “There will come a day when foreigners will collectively say no more dollars in trade. The day is coming.”

In closing, Kirby also says that President Trump is surrounded by people who do not tell him the truth. Kirby contends, “I don’t believe President Trump is informed. I do not believe the people around him would dare inform him with the truth because they would be afraid of what he might do in reaction. So, information is being withheld from the President, and he has a bunch of treasonous dirt bags basically surrounding him. . . . America is not in a good spot right now nor is the world by extension. . . . I don’t see many bright lights on the horizon, and I think where we are headed is a pretty dark place.”

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  1. Joe Avg

    I think Rob is generally right regarding the Oil problems … the drone assault on the Saudi oil facilities have barely moved the oil prices … this tells me the global economy is very very weak … and oil prices may soon be headed lower.

    • uncommon sense

      I suppose Stan has gone long oil, specifically shale oil lol.

      • paul ...

        Actually Stan might do better going long oil then going short gold … because so much “smart money” is currently short gold … right now the “smart money” commercials are short 345,145 gold futures, which means that they are short 34.5 million ounces of gold … at today’s price of gold the notional value of these “short” futures contracts is about $51 Billion dollars [$51,000,000,000 dollars is a lot of money that Stan and others will need to cover if Trump succeeds in getting the US dollar down to help the oil shale industry get the higher price for oil they need to survive and keep the US energy independent]!!

        • paul ...

          What Stan does not realize is that weak oil … … is a “National Security Issue” … and the fact that it continues to be so weak indicates the world economy is not doing as well as Stan is trying to tell us it is … since we don’t have a strong economy … a dollar devaluation is needed to raise the price of oil (so the US shale industry does not shut down … which will threaten US National Security) … with other Nations “printing fiat like crazy” the US would have to “go Zimbabwe” to make the dollar weaker … but there is another option … Trump could do a worldwide deal whereby the US dollar is re-set 50% lower … the consequences of which “will easily double the price of gold” (i.e Jim Rickard’s says a re-set will likely drive gold 5 times higher)!!

    • K.Wayne

      In the not-so-distant past OPEC conspired to lower the price of OIL to ensure the American frackers hemorrhaged. The implicit consequence was destruction of Oil producing competition as well as Bankruptcy … not only of the Frackers but also the Bankers who funded the Industry with untold Billions $. Fast forward to 2019 and we see the FED conducting REPO on an unlimited basis. Whilst we haven’t exactly witnessed a Bankruptcy with the associated defaults, systemic blockage and market turmoil, what we have (without it being known to anyone but the insiders) is a financial failure somewhere in the system. Whether that is Manufacturing, Oil/Gas, Domestic or International…. it is entirely covert. What is clear although is that there is a cash shortage/credit issue. That cash shortage has been the result of building stockpiles that cant be cleared to replenish the cash. Most at risk are the Banksters and the financial system in which they breed and spread their virus. Their collective exposures to the sub prime Debt/Junk Bonds in many industries (including Oil/Gas) combined with the OTC Derivatives leads one to conclude that a default/collapse of Biblical proportions has /is being avoided. For how long……??

      Fear gripping the market at this point would send the Globe into a downward spiral from which there would be no escape (the new FED rule of keeping the narrative consistent is categorically employed). Nothing could prevent the Next Great Depression. No amount of REPO (aka QE) will save the Markets or US !!
      I sincerely hope that we are spared this catastrophe.
      But I sense that the incompetent fools in charge will not be able to avert this disaster.

      The Dollar rejection has been a work in progress, initially resulting in a stronger Dollar. In the goodness of time it will be the undoing of the American economy and our standard of living will deteriorate dramatically. Our false economy (built on Debt expansion) will be exposed as a fraud (not unlike many global major players who use fiat as a currency and money). Our Dollar will become worth…less. I would argue that it already has achieved the status of having Zero value. It is a promissory note … offering payment of some value in the future. We have been conned by those who have control of the printing press.
      We are indeed headed to a very dark place and it may come sooner than most anticipate.

      • paul ...

        K … the world economy is so weak that even bombing Saudi oil infrastructure can not increased demand for oil sufficiently to keep the oil price up … the only solution I see is what Trump sees we need … “to crash the US dollar” … as Eric has noted “cut the dollar in half and the price of oil doubles” … so … what the “smart money” shorting gold to the tune of $51 Billion dollars are not considering is that when the US dollar is cut in half … “the price of gold will double”!!!