China & Globalists at War with America – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has been reporting on the nightmare of the CV19 mRNA nanoparticle vax.  Kingston has not had to correct or retract a single statement in nearly 3 years and 19 interviews on—NOT ONE.  Now, she is taking her research and analysis up to a new level by warning America the Chinese are engaged in high level warfare against the US to take the country down.  The Chinese have teamed up with the globalists and treasonous Americans in high places from the state house to the White House and to the board room.  Also, let’s not forget the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Group who met this weekend in Spain.  There is no place in America China has not infiltrated.  Kingston goes on to say, “I have written a number of articles on the nearly 600 page 2020 US/China Economic and security document, which very clearly articulates that China’s goal is to not just have countries around the world adopt their authoritarian regime, that people do not have individual human rights and your rights come from the authoritarian regime. . . . They (CCP) not only want us to accept that, but they want us to embrace it.  What does it mean not to have individual human rights?  It means you are dispensable.”

It gets worse.  There was a new national security law enacted this past March in China.  Kingston explains, “Now, Xi Jinping says China’s laws are international laws.  If you say anything that could harm Xi Jinping and the CCP’s ultimate rise to power, China has the authority to come get you.  You are not safe anywhere.  This was repeated by a former Chinese national, who is now a US citizen along with another colleague from Hong Kong . . . They gave testimony (in Congress) in the CCP House Committee in May.  They said nobody is safe from China’s regime.  The government will put out bounties on activists’ heads . . . . You can be subject to kidnappings, attacks. . . . What Xi Jinping did was he decided to become the mob boss.  There were articles just last week on the Mexican drug cartels.  China is now the preferred country and is their business partner when it comes to laundering their money as well as for the fentanyl and cocaine supplies.  China became the mob boss.”

Kingston says America is under attack from China in ways never seen before.  CV19 got so-called “Gain of Function” (to make it more deadly) accomplished in China.  The CV19 vax was largely manufactured in China and more than a dozen locations.  The CV19 vax is responsible for millions of deaths and injuries and is, in fact, a bioweapon.  The Chinese had partners around the world in the form of CEOs, heads of state and heads of state government.  These deaths and injuries are not decreasing.  It is just the opposite.  Kingston says, “The CCP is very clear about what they want to do.  They want to genetically edit and digitize all life forms, including human beings for the ‘sustainable development of human beings.’  That’s eugenics.  So, the ‘sustainable development of human beings’ means we are going to deploy genetically edited food, air, water supply, products, supplements and injections.  So, some human beings are going to live and they are going to be modified, and some are going to be exterminated.  That’s what sustainable development is.  I have been reading the China Daily News, The Global Times and a number of Chinese newspapers since 2021, and they do not make any mistake about being at war with America.  The Pentagon and Secretary of State Blinken says their defense strategy or military strategy against China is ‘invest, align, compete.’  That’s not a military strategy, that’s an investment strategy. . . . These people are working on behalf of China to destroy America because they believe humanity does not deserve democracy and does not deserve human rights. . . . This is the belief of Xi Jinping, and that is the belief of certain individuals who are leading our intelligence community. . . .”

Kingston says the 34 count Trump felony convictions that happened this past week will help dramatically wake people up to the fact we are at war and should be fighting for our freedoms before it is too late.   In closing, Kingston says, “We should be fighting this tooth and nail. . . . Xi Jinping has declared war on America and most of humanity.  He says it in his documents.  It is very, very clear.”

There is more in the 1-hour and 1-minute in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives groundbreaking analysis on the 5th generation warfare by China and their globalist partners against America for 6.1.24.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Glory to God in the highest,
    and peace to His people on earth.
    Lord God, heavenly King,
    Almighty God and Father,
    we worship You, we give You thanks,
    we praise You for Your glory.
    Lord Jesus Christ,
    only Son of the Father,
    Lord God, Lamb of God,
    You take away the sin of the world:
    have mercy on us;
    You are seated at the right hand of the Father:
    receive our prayer.
    For You alone are the Holy One,
    You alone are the Lord,
    You alone are the Most High,
    Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit,
    in the glory of the Father.


    • Galaxy 500

      Thank you, nice prayer

      • Dewey DeMarco

        It looks to be the Gloria in Excelsis Deo said at every Mass of the Holy Catholic Church…the same Church that pre exists the Bible who then wrote your Bible.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yeah, Was a Great Church when Paul ran it 2,000 years ago.
          Tell me Dewey, Satan is running the Vatican. Are you going to fit it or move on?
          I know several devout Christian, former Catholic all, that left Pedo Pope’s organization.

          • Dewey DeMarco

            Several Catholic Marian prophesies (Fatima, Garbandal, etc) have already predicted that Rome (Vatican) would lose the Faith and fall. They did not say the Faith of the Church would fall.

            Our Church was not founded by Pastor Abbott, Pastor Costello, Pastor(s) Simon and Garfunkel, nor any ex used car salesman.

            The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and the Paraclete and is eternal and without blemish. No cutting and running for the Remnant.

            I feel sorry for the people you know that are no longer Catholic. The Church was too strong in Faith and needed to be taken down. Hence the infiltration and along with it, Vatican II.

            Did you know the Pope authorized a Vatican stamp of Martin Luther? Seems like the enemies of the Church are lining up.

            What you see today as the Catholic Church is definitely not the Catholic Church of the Ages.

            Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.

            • Galaxy 500

              Yes, Martin Luther was a great man of YHWH

              • Dewey DeMarco

                Could you please reconcile Martin Luther’s comments with your beliefs that he is, “.. a great man of YHWH”?

                – “If men believe enough in Christ, they can commit adultery and murder a thousand times a day without periling their salvation.”

                – “Christ committed adultery first of all with the women…(t)hus even, Christ who was so righteous, must have been guilty of fornication before he died.”

                – “To kill a peasant is not murder…Crush them! Cut their throats…mercy be damned.”

                • Citizen1988

                  These quotes from Martin Luther are taken out of context. It is disingenuous to portray them this way, and is a poor reflection on your character, either by ignorance, or malice.

                  Secondly, for others who read these comments, the “Catholic” claim of being the true church obfuscates the truth.

                  The roman catholic church claims to be the only true church.

                  This is a deception. The definition of the word “catholic” is universal.

                  There is in fact, one universal church, made up of all true believers in Christ. So every truly regenerate believer is in fact, a part of the “catholic” church. However, being a part of the universal church of Christ may have nothing to do with the roman catholic church, which is apostate (even though there are some true believers in the denomination known as roman catholic)

                  Martin Luther also stated, in spite of the many false teachings of the Roman Catholic church, there is still just enough light for people to discover the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course he said that 500 years ago, so its debatable today 😛 Cheers.

                  • Dewey DeMarco

                    Martin Luther’s quotes taken out of context? Like the one urging that the peasants throats be slit? Please explain…or are you not being serious?
                    Lucky, he is not alive today. Stuff like genocide, mass murder, and crimes against humanity come to mind.
                    Better yet, no need to respond. I’ll say a prayer for the soul of Martin Luther and you instead.

    • Anthony Australia

      This is what politicians all around the world should be doing. Our fellow citizens have died and been harmed, and our politicians remain silent and continue to allow our babies to be injected with mRNA. Justice is coming, you shall see.

      • Anthony Australia

        Harry Houdini is known as an escape artist. Few knew he challenged the Spirtualist community of occultists and Elite Theosophists who had operations in the White House and in Britain. He also exposed a Child Trafficking ring. This led to the time of his death when a mysterious student took five sucker punches to his abdomen rupturing it.

        • Glenn A. Whittington

          I am in Beihai, China right now.
          From where I sit, it doesn’t appear China is at war with anybody, unlike the psychopaths in Washington who take one step closer everyday to having the world destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Can’t DC just be happy with having destroyed America? Do they have to see the destruction of all humanity?

          Pray for world peace, and may God see fit to save humankind.

          • Greg Hunter

            You must sit where there is nothing to read. Kingston used one China source after another to make her point.

            • Bernie Miltenberger

              Greg, Karen Kingston’s revelations on Trump’s Pfizer contract should be the mechanism to open a large class action lawsuit against them! Am I correct in this assumption?

            • Paul

              China follows communist manifesto, including putting their political opposition in jail or whereabouts.

              Paul from arkansas

          • Ray

            Hi Glenn,
            Thanks for your interesting comment re China and war.
            Here is an article I read last week ( that compares China and the USA, as we barrel toward a totally avoidable war.
            I wonder how many Americans quite understand what the US is facing in its aggressive confrontation with China. Washington clearly prepares the public for another unnecessary war. Given America’s routine defeat in war and catastrophic miscalculations in fighting small powers, picking a fight with what, increasingly, is again becoming the Middle Kingdom seems less than bright. Yet within the Beltway there is the usual smug complacency, the unshakable arrogance that appears to think the China is just a big Norway or Guatemala that needs to be put in its place.

            A quick glance at China:

            China easily leads the world in civil engineering, building roads, bridges, ports, rail lines, long-distance high-voltage transmission lines, and digital infrastructure. People returning from China, including yours truly, discribe it as being like coming back from a more-advanced planet.

            Everyone talks about the high-speed trains, with good reason: 180 miles per hour, quiet, comfortable, huge windows, with very short stops at villages between major cities, giving rural populations the speed of air travel without the nuisance. by contrast, American rail looks like something out of 1955.

            The importance of civil engineering is more thans symbolic. Infrastructure facilitates commerce. China is of course the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. By contrast, America simply ignores infrastructure, spending instead on the military and long since having largely abandoned manufacturing.

            China leads the world in ship-building, with South Korea being another major player in this game. America has almost no ship-building except for military, and this has been criticized by the Government Accounting Office for primitivism and slowness. Ship-building obviously is important for commerce, and also for military purposes–China now having the world’s largest navy.

            China leads the world in Five G, in patents, technology, manufacturing capacity, installed base. this is not always well understood. Five G allows the transmission of large amounts of data with short response times–high throughput, low latency, as we say. Huawei now has what it calls Five.five G, an improved version. Five G is important for controlling factories, smart cities, and so on. Beijing takes it seriously, China now having around 3.6 million installed base stations versus something like 100,000 pseudo-Five G base stations in the US.

            China finds its brightest students by rigorous testing, and then sends them at government expense to its excellent universities. The US deliberately enstupidates its schools at all levels to make minorities look smarter than they are. How is this going to work?

            China dominates the planet in electric vehicles. Its lead over the US is so great as to be insuperable in technology, batteries, price, and productive capacity. If you follow tech news, you see things like a Chinese ev battery that charges in ten minutes. As many have pointed out, BYD’s sub-ten thousand dollar car will find an almost unlimited market in the Global South. No other country is even close. Biden’s high tariffs on Chinese evs will sserve only to allow American companies to continue selling wildly over-priced behicles to Americans who will have no choice.

            China, Russia, and perhaps Iran have developed hypersonic missiles, of which America doesn’t have any. This is interesting. Americans have always assumed technological superiority over Russia and China. Judging by the poor performance of Western weaponry in the Ukraine, this seems questionable.

            In other fields, America maintains a lead, or at least an important part lead, though usually not by competing but by strong-arming, sanctions, and tariffs. The greatest of these is semiconductors. The situation is curious. The Chinese have the brains, engineers,and savvy to design and make high-end chips, but Washington has a stranglehold on the equipment needed to manufacture them. However, China has a recent history of horrifying Washington by doing things it wasn’t supposed to be able to do, such as make chips in seven and five nanometer nodes and stay neck-and-neck with the US in supercomputers. But it has not been able to make the advanced lithography tools needed at the forefront of the chip business. If it does, it will be Katie bar the door, but it hasn’t.

            China leads the world inproduction of steel and aluminum. America can’t compete, so it imposes tariffs.

            It leads the world in solar panels, leads in technology, production capacity, and price. America can’t compete, so it imposes tariffs.

            China remains behind America, but not by much, in aspects of its space program. However, it has an extensive and robust launch capacity, a successful space station in some ways more advanced than the International Space Station, and moves rapidly toward reusable launch vehicles. Years back now, it sent a successful fully automated moon-sample return mission to our satellite, and, later, a combination Mars orbiter, lander, and rover, all functioning perfectly on the first try. NASA and Space X maintain a lead, but it isn’t a growth stock

            There are other fields in which America holds a lead. Jet engines, for example. My point is that Washington seems to suffer a recto cranial inversion, imagining a superiority it only barely has but probably, all things considered, doesn’t. China has four times the US population, the Han by agreement among psychometrists have a five or six point advantage in mean I.Q, and an intelligent government focused on increasing its commercial superiority.

            It is all the fashion in America to decry authoritarianism, but this allows Beijing to take decisions and then carry them out, over decades if need be. It also allows a noticeable system approach. In America, individual states or corporations undertake projects like high-speed rail or Five G. China tends to do things on a whole-country basis. The difference in results is clear.

            Washington, which subsidizes its own industries, complains that Beijing does the same–but the Chinese system works.

            {what China doesn’t have is a sprawling, over-extended, low-grade, incomprehensibly costly military draining funds desperately needed to bring America up to modern standards domestically. China is not an appendage of its military. It seems to have figured out that wars cost money and, if there is one thing the Chinese really really like, it’s money.

            Sez I, a little more realism in the Yankee Capital might be a good idea, a bit less huff and puff, more spending on America and less on a blood-sucking arms industry. But what do I know?


            Ray, Canberra, Australia

            • Susan R

              Ray, been wondering when you would surface again. Human history is amazing. The focus on tech, and military by humans brings what we now have. The split second of a human life spent in aggrandizement is cause of this. Our species is very flawed, and it is reflected back. What would it look like otherwise, honestly, I am hard put to describe. Jesus came into this world to direct consciousness to this point. He gave it his best, but it appears we have mostly failed, at least for most if success is measured by your statistics. I am an American and that is my true identity, not my deeds in this lifetime, my prayers sent out to fellow humans here and ascended, as well as animals. When we ascend how will we be received, by the society we come from based on industrial and technological strength? That focus is what causes all that we have descended into. Our capacity is thwarted by induction since childhood into these goals by who, who is steering this ship. How often does anyone dare to imagine humans living creatively with one another in total peace, focusing on how to provide and advance us without the ritual act of killing one another which is now openly being practiced without any cause except the decline of civilization. If continents fight continents, we will all disappear. War will be victorious. Winning for one is losing for another. How about no one losing but all helping each other. If there is anything that helps all, it is available to all without prejudice. Right now, “helping” is used as a false hand to harm. This is a treacherous world where any help is to be suspect. We have to either disappear or re-create from the beginning with souls who see. God willing, for myself, I want to ascend this level and never return. As an artist all my life, I have found great inspiration and acceptance in the art world, but the greater existence around me is diseased and so sad. My love for animals is consuming. All my dogs have been rescues and the videos of the state of dogs worldwide is a perfect example of where humans are too. It is too sad to express properly. What can all this success of advancement do to help all these animals and many, many humans living in the same state. Does the advancement of a country pardon all the sins?

              • Ray

                Your comment is welcomed and very much agreed with by me.
                It is from the heart, pure in its’ aim and razor sharp in its’ incisive view of how our world sits today.
                You sound like a lovely lady.
                If ever you’re over in Australia, look me up (Greg has my details).
                May the blessings of God be with you and yours Susan.
                Warm Regards,
                Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

            • Galaxy 500

              Hi Ray,
              Does it matter if the ships float?

              • Ray

                Hi Brother Galaxy,
                I hope you are well.
                I used to work on ships at one point in my life.
                All of them floated, thankfully!
                Take care mate.
                Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘😎

        • Katy Bar

          Harry Houdini the world renowned escape artist was a piker compared to Elon Musk who plans to have “a million people escape from Earth” (and its never ending wars promoted by neocon psychopaths) to develop a new civilization on Mars by 2030!! Trump will likely be on board with promoting such a move off planet “to further interstellar trade with other space civilizations” and get America’s economy moving again!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Press Conference from Japan: A Call for Global Solidarity: The Largest Global Protest Against WHO.

    • Anthony Australia

      Furious Malaysians Unite in Rage and Prayer Against WHO, Showing Solidarity with Victims of Genetic mRNA

    • Anthony Australia

      Japan’s Most Senior Oncologist, Prof. Fukushima Condemns mRNA Vaccines as ‘Evil Practices of Science’

    • Katy Bar

      I think we can safely say Jesus would be against Nuclear War and against inciting one, this is why we need Trump in the White House to prevent the incineration of 5 Billion people (in a few minutes of demented madness)!! When we have a President who can launch a nuclear war without asking permission from anyone else we better make sure that that President has “moral values, is not a sex pervert and does not have dementia” as the consequences for all the people of Earth can be catastrophic!!

  2. Galaxy 500

    Yay, Karen is up. Just opened a Leffe, time to wind down.
    Thanks DUDE!

    • F China

      What is Xi 4’9″ ?

  3. Katman

    Let’s NOT leave out Iran – the Mullahs have declared War the Great $atan.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are aligned with China.

      • Anthony Australia

        We are all one under God

        • Greg Hunter

          Some are more under God than others. XI has NO Jehovah or Jesus. Xi thinks he is god. Xi is a fool. Romans 1: 21-22 says so.

          • Anthony Australia

            Don’t blame the people that are suffering from the Government’s transgressions.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not. I am blaming the Deep State, globalist, treasonous members of government and China to name a few.

              • Anthony Australia

                I know Greg, thanks. I also blame corrupt politicians, evil greedy corporations and Satan above all this evil.

        • Galaxy 500

          “Many are called, few are chosen “
          Not sure what you mean under God. These people are under the god of State, not the One, True GOD, YHWH. Sure Chinese are children of YHWH and surely the Gates of Hell await most of them as they Worship Xi and not YHWH. They turn their back on Jesus.
          But don’t worry Anthony, a high % of Democrats in my land will be in the line with them.
          Many are called, but few are chosen

          • Chris

            Have you been to China, Galaxy? No one worships Xi Jinping in China, anymore than Americans worship Biden, Trump or George Washington (although Trump hagiography comes close). There are probably more Christians in China than in the whole US. They just keep their heads down. No one’s going to hell because they never heard of your god. Jesus said remove the beam from your own eye before you worry about the speck in your neighbor’s. In the case of China, the people have never had any say in what rules them. What’s America’s excuse?

            • Anthony Australia

              I have and yes most have Xi & Mao photos in their homes yet practice spirituality in private.
              Many Buddhist & Taoists there however Christianity is the fastest growing religion by far.

              • Glenn A. Whittington

                Tony, I live in China and know ten families very well and visit their homes. None of which have pics of Mao OR Xi. You are not truthful about having been to China, are you?

                • Anthony Australia

                  Yes I have. Might be different across regions.

              • Galaxy 500

                What has spirituality got to do with anything other than saying they are lost? They are not Christian.
                Simple binary gate…

              • Ken Yu

                China has one of the largest Christian populations in the world and Biden who is out to “Exterminate White Supremacist Terrorist Christians” needs a war with China to stop Christianity from becoming fully embodied in Chinese culture and society (before it provides a foundation for freedom – the way Christianity in the United States has helped shape the American experience). Over the last 40 years, Christianity has grown faster in China than any other place in the entire world!! It’s gone from approximately 1 million Christians to around 100 million Christians which is an incredible explosion!!!

            • Earth Angel

              From what I’ve learned in the past 15 odd years- it looks like we’ve been duped, lied to and manipulated here in America for the past 200 or so years just as badly! That’s our excuse Chris. But the truth IS finally coming out.

            • Galaxy 500

              Wow, more Christians in China than in America…
              Sure yeah that’s a thing
              I will give you that Both America and China have Satanic leaders
              But China not equal to anything remotely benevolent

              • Ken Yu

                There are about 200 million Christians in the U.S. and 100 million in China, but I would not be surprised to see China becoming “The Largest Christian Nation In The World” within a few short years!!!

        • Steve Bice

          Not according to the Bible…

          “His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”
          Matthew 3:12

          • Galaxy 500

            Great, tell me what that verse means…
            Is this where you pull 5 or 6 total unrelated verses to cobble together so vague thing to support something not in the Word?
            Please explain
            America isn’t the Great Satan and we aren’t Babylon either

            • Steve Bice

              I don’t know what you mean. This was a response to Anthony’s comment saying we are all one under God. That is not remotely biblical…and my post was just one verse directly related to his comment.

              I will refrain from posting on these matters in the future since they are not received in the spirit intended. That said, I am surprised you would take offense and lash out.

              Take care…

              • Steve Bice

                A final clarification regarding Anthony’s comment before we move to other things:
                If you meant we are all one in Christ, this is most assuredly true.
                Paul addresses this in Galatians 3:28-29:
                “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”
                So, if this is what you meant, my apologies.
                But outside of Christ, there are sheep and there are goats, and we are warned to work out our salvation with fear and trembling…the gate is narrow. It is dangerous doctrine in my view to suggest otherwise…hence the concern on my part.
                Be well…


        Greg why does Martin Armstrong keep telling us that China is great they are not a threat to the USA or the World he says it on your show constantly. I don’t trust Martin Armstrong he’s not a Christian so a person is on team Jesus Christ or the enemy the devil. Case closed. He’s rich so is Catherine, RFK jr and their buddies. Their all against Pres Donald John Trump because he’s standing against the enemy.

        • Jerry

          Linda, only Jesus knows the heart of these you speak of.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Jerry Lord Jesus Christ said you will know them by their fruits.Martin says he”s not a believer. Cathrien and JFK jr are DEMOCRATS who are for abortion . I would never trust a Demo or an Unbeliever . Lord Jesus Christ is TRUTH ,LIFE ,THE WAY. Linda

            • Jerry

              Linda, my statement is simple. The fruit you speak of IMO is “nearly” impossible to see, unless you know these individuals on a personal level. As for myself I view them on this show and on occasion their websites. As for Martin being an unbelieve; I do not recall him saying this but if true he will answer to this. With that being said he still has valuable info that we can all learn from. Do you discredit all unbelievers knowledge?

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Jerry I forgot every time Greg asked Martin what should COMMON people do and Martin would say oh they should buy a few extra cans of food when they go to the food store then the last time Greg asked him Martin said You better have two years. When did Martin figure that out I thought Martins COMPUTER is the smartest computer in the world.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Jerry, Martin is not a Christian by his own mouth which means he can’t know the whole truth because Lord Jesus Christ IS TRUTH. As for Ms Fitts and JFK jr and their buddies the DEMON-crats who put money money money before Father Gods creation babies, children. Lord Jesus Christ is Truth, Life, The Way. Lord Jesus Christ said you will know a person by their fruit. I’m looking at their fruit.

            • Katy Bar

              Jesus said: “You will know a person by their fruit”. You will also know a Country by it’s fruit. Compared to the U.S. how many wars has China started in the last 100 years?? Compared to the U.S. (who had the Fed print untold amounts of money to fight many unnecessary wars destroying the purchasing power of our U.S. Dollar ) China is the better fruit (who incidentally is now telling its people to buy silver)!!

              • Galaxy 500

                China is the better fruit… were you able to type that without tears of laughter staining the keyboard?
                Slavery, War against Christians, forced organ harvesting…
                Yes, America has made a lot of mistakes.
                But a nation is people not government. We are on average a good kind people.
                Sorry you live in a country that you hate.
                The pendulum is swinging toward removing evil from our midst. People who are denied justice at some point will rebel and seek their own justice.
                It the natural order of things

                • Katy Bar

                  I love my country G500 (the moral American people) not the corrupt globalist traitors who have captured the “war making” Congress and White House!!

        • Glenn A. Whittington

          Chins, Russia, Iran, North Korea…not the enemy. We share the same enemy, and that address is: Deep State, Washington DC.

      • Robert Will

        Hi Greg

        You left out the City, State, Zip Code from Karen’s mail donation address

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Robert! I have fixed it and here it is again:
          miFight Inc.
          960 Postal Way #307
          Vista, CA 92085

      • Ollie


        Thank you so much for your excellent news programs that keep us all well informed. I so appreciate your efforts and those of the great guests you have on like Karen, who knowingly have put themselves in the crosshairs of our enemy. All of this crap we see going everyday would bother me immensely if I didn’t have the knowledge that I’m going to live to see the return of Christ. There is nothing the Globalist can do to change that. These evil creatures creating all this chaos are too spiritually blind to know that Jehovah sees everything they do. He has already won the battle. His Son Jesus is King of this earth, and He told us seven times in Revelation 2-3 that He would protect those who keep His commands and overcome, and that is exactly what He will do. So everyone should prepare themselves physically the best they can for the coming days, because we don’t know the day or hour, only the season of His return, and by all means understand that we are in a spiritual war, and the only safe place is under the wing of the Lord.

    • Lesley

      What have Iran done ?
      Except stand up to the USA?
      Better start getting used to it bc very soon many many many countries will be standing up to America and NOT with America.
      Oh the American hypocrisy is just mind blowing at best!!!’

      • Greg Hunter

        Iran has multiple based in Syria and western Iraq. Iran funds terrorism in Hezbollah, Houthis and Hamas. Cut the “poor widow” Iran crap.

        • Lesley

          And what the USA doesn’t have bases all over the world ?

          The problem is the USA always likes to make out she’s a victim or a hero and doesn’t have the balls to admit to her own hypocrisy which is often mind blowing to me.

          • Greg Hunter

            Do You just hate America? Where do you live? Are you vaxed? If you answer these three questions we will all get a better idea of who you are.

            -Oh, I love America (but still report news critical about USA policies)
            -I am NOT vaxed.
            -and I live in Missouri


            • Lesley

              I’m not vaxxed either and I live in California

              But it’s just the truth

              You hate anyone who speaks out against what the USA does and continues to do — wars based on pure lies for example

              I don’t hate America
              I don’t hate any country bc it’s NOT about saving one country over another or thinking one country is better over another – it’s not.

              WE need to care about the whole planet but most Americans can’t or won’t see that bc this country likes to blow its own trumpet and Pat herself on the back🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

              Planet Earth is out home regardless of where one a person lives.

              America is NOT the greatest nation either
              In fact this country WILL be the most short lived empire ever.
              Barely a blimp on the radar in the history books.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are not going to make it. Don’t comment here anymore.

        • Davis

          Hey Greg,

          You support facts or you support propaganda? The CIA/MI6 team overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1953 …. and adding insult to injury …. they installed a dictator.

          (This is Greg Hunter. I don’t debate anonymous trolls. What is your full name “Davis”?)

  4. Joe Wong

    Again – its all about the $$$’s.

    GREED at its best ath BIG PHARMA, MIC, Education Industrial complex, Big Tech, and most importantly Wall Street bankers and gamblers. WEF’s Gates, Bezos, Schwab, Rothchilds, and etc.

    The DEMOCROOKS wants to turn this nation into a DICTATORSHIP as well.

    • Curtis

      This is the most accurate statement I’ve seen on this message board. I completely agree. We as humans need to stop waiting for help from others and help ourselves. That’s the only way this stops.

    • Ken Yu

      Instead of poking China “to get a new war started” how about we Make America Great Again!!

  5. Greg

    Greg you might find this article interesting on why Communist China is our enemy.

    • Galaxy 500

      Good read

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks 500!!

  6. War Monger

    Speaking of war…

    „Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has admitted to problems in the army. There is a lack of men, and morale needs to be improved, said Zelenskyy. A new mobilization law is intended to remedy this situation.“

    That’s what it sounded like on May 18 in the 8:00 a.m. news on SRF1. On the same May 18, this new, stricter law on nationwide mobilization came into force. However, the SRF completely fails to mention the merciless measures and punishments for refusal and what new possibilities the law opens up for the military. SRF is thus complicit in the crimes committed by the Ukrainian government against its own people. Take notice of this cry for help from Ukraine, that reached Kla.TV on the same day, May 18, 2024.


    The war in Ukraine has been very strange for a long time. Everything is happening like a scenario from Orwell’s dystopia. [Narrative in the future, on the terrifying social order] The war has become a pretext to completely deprive people of their civil rights and freedoms. It looks like a huge cruel experiment on humans. We have already experienced the same during the Corona period, but what is now happening to human rights in Ukraine far exceeds the crimes against humanity that took place in the past. It is frightening to realize that the same scenario could be in the pipeline for the entire world, plunging us all into a world war.

    Now let us see how deep this once prosperous and free country has sunk. Men of military age are no longer allowed to leave the country. Tens of thousands of men are trying to flee the country illegally across mountains and rivers. The bodies of drowned people are pulled out of the river neighboring Romania almost every day. The scale of this absconder is enormous. The remaining men in the country obliged to join the military, i.e. those aged between 18 and 60, are picked up on the streets of the city, beaten and forced to the front. The extent of these atrocities cannot be estimated; they are taking place in all parts of Ukraine. There are roadblocks on the streets where a man can be forcibly taken from his car straight to the front line, even though his wife and children remain in the car.

    The military commissars have also announced that the new mobilization law gives them the right to carry out home visits with the possibility of intrusion. Not only ordinary men are forcibly recruited but – also members of parliament and young people who are barely 18 years old. Cases of men dying in the recruitment centers after severe beatings are increasing. Neither the president nor the government are responding to the lawlessness of the police and the personnel of the recruitment centers. Not only the Constitution and European values are being violated, but also basic human rights and morals. People find no protection in the courts.

    The following footage is not for the faint-hearted.

    The Ukrainian government has transformed itself from servants of the people into a government that is disposing of its people at the expense of its European partners and the United States.

    Permanent representatives of the European Union such as the OSCE, UNICEF and others pretend not to notice these human rights violations and are thus complicit in the mass extermination of Ukrainian citizens. As even military generals both in the world and in Ukraine itself realize that it is impossible to defeat Russia militarily, this ongoing war definitely has other goals and that is the physical destruction of people and the destruction of human rights. It is a fact that the whole story must be a calculation, a calculated thing. After all, when Ukraine once again asked the USA and its European partners for support by an arms shipment months ago in order to be able to withstand the Russians, nothing happened for a very long time. However when the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada [Supreme Council, legislative body] passed a new law to intensify mobilization on May 18, 2024, the US Congress voted in favor of handing over a new weapons package.

    Minister Kuleba [Ukrainian Foreign Minister] said unequivocally: “They provide the weapons, we provide the people.” It clearly looks as if they do not want a quick victory against the Russians, but rather keep this war going for as long as possible. We are being fleeced as a country; weapons are only given in exchange for people who are sent to the front, and money is only given in exchange for parts of the economy and for land and raw materials. Not only is it the government itself that mistreats people, but it’s always citizens who blindly follow its orders and humiliate their fellow citizens. The “people catchers” for the front who carry out the forced recruitment are also Ukrainians who can avoid the front themselves in this way and are highly motivated as they get paid in dollars.

    So the government is destroying its own people by pitting one against the other and stirring up hatred through the corrupt media. When the war will eventually be over and the war crimes tribunals begin, often the wrong people are in the dock. The true criminals have so far been very good at staying in the background. People, don’t be so stupid as to humiliate and restrict your own people! The real puppet masters just want people to bash each other’s heads with blind rage so they themselves can act without disturbance. But the wind is increasingly turning worldwide. Peoples are on the move, and very soon the real criminals in all countries will be in the dock, and the people will pronounce judgment.

    • Katy Bar

      Speaking of War it looks like WWIII will start in Poland just like WWII started in Poland. According to Alex Jones (who will be taken down by the Globalists in about 10 days) Russia is preparing to wipe-out NATO”s military staging areas inside Poland with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!

    • Ken Yu

      Speaking of war .. perhaps the Globalists desperately need a Worldwide Nuclear War “to euthanize all the humans who were infected with the Covid m-RNA shot (just like hundreds of thousands of chickens and ducks have to be euthanized after the outbreak of a Bird Flu)!!!

  7. Poochiwoo

    Always on target.

  8. Tom C.

    Greg, we’re facing the greatest tragedy in world history. Only Divine Intervention will save us. We must trust in God.

    • Galaxy 500

      Tom, no offense but pull out the Rule Book…
      Maybe I am wrong but it seems you are going to just sit around and wait to be saved.
      YHWH expects us to participate and actively resist.
      “Seek and ye shall find” “Ask and ye shall receive” “Knock and the door shall be open”
      Jesus tells us to ASK and Pray to YHWH for all things, great and small.
      What doesn’t this mean? Vote… “rend unto Cesar “
      Prepare for the coming storm…

  9. Vicent John Harackiewicz

    Karen Kingston is a hero, may God bless her again and again!

  10. geo

    I’m probably wrong but i am now getting the impression that the plan is to weaken America, Europe and Russia with war then send in the UN peace keeping troops. The peace keeping troops being chinese, arabs and africans. Then both America and Russia will be split up and shared between China and the banking families controlling the UN.

    • Michael Janket

      America is being gutted as we speak. Lucky us, we get to pay for our demise!

    • Coal Burner

      A good line of thought! Los of tings fall into place that was.

  11. John Woodhead

    It’s a war yes that is true and the war is on most of the population but it’s not China v USA that’s ridiculous, Washington doesn’t represent the population of America, neither does the Chinese government represent the population of China, at best they both represent themselves and nothing else, at worst though they could represent some more nefarious groupings, who really do look like they want to completely rule the world

    • Chris

      That’s a good summary, John. The CCP represents the CCP. Not the “Chinese”; same as the US “government” represents the “Americans”. Not at all. It’s a comical notion in 2024. And if I understood correctly Karen did say that the CCP and the US military industrial espionage pharma complex have the same basic world view and objectives. So, I don’t see any moral high ground or basic difference between the two sets of bastards (if you want to take out the villain you have to take them both out). Frankly, I don’t see any difference in the policies of either China or the US in terms of “national security” – from the documents she read out. Try being a whistle blower in the US or being a business executive deemed a threat to national interest and you might end up being summarily jailed or “suicided” (Boeing is part of the complex to use an example). Look at Trump’s death of a thousand cuts. Pure, dumb assed totalitarianism, worthy of Romania’s Ceausescu in the 90s. Look what happened to him and his demented wife. These days, both political machines are intimidating and aggressive bullies, domestically and internationally. The US uses proxies like Ukraine to fight and die for it and dopey satellites like Australia to spy on China in its own backyard and take the heat for it. China is mostly concerned with its neighborhood and pushing back against the US navy and its allies patrolling the Taiwan Straits (with at least some justification if we imagine the US’s reaction to the Chinese and Russian navies patrolling the seas off the west coast near Puerto Rico and east coasts near Baja California). Both are into control, digital IDs, AI and transhumanism, and elite privilege. The CCP, like the Bolsheviks, has always been a totalitarian, criminal clique so why did the US government and big business ship its industries there? Greed; and a basic Fascist love of “public private partnerships”. The CCP was on the brink of falling in 1989 and the US propped it up under Deng Xiaoping. Why? It was good for business. Israel can do no wrong but does tech transfers with the CCP, including military technology, but has never been sanctioned by Congress. Why? Now, we have to ask who are the nefarious groupings behind the curtain, because what we usually see are the monkeys and not the organ grinder, no matter how high they appear on the ladder of infamy. There are many books out there purporting to pinpoint the “big Brother” syndicate, but it’s a bit complex because they aren’t all on the same page all of the time apparently. One thing’s for sure though. Singling out China is exactly what the CIA (and their 5 Eyes satellites) wants right now, even though the CIA (through Fauci, Gates and the virology industry) was in bed with China (Wuhan lab) and their biowarfare experiments for decades. It was a joint venture! If Xi is now the boogyman, why did he lock down his own country longer and more brutally than any other regime. Did he goof up? Go off script? If so, he can’t really be the evil genius after all because he created just as much economic destruction for his people as the western monkeys did. Too convenient by half now the cat’s out of the bag to cry “Yellow Peril”! China has overtaken the US in just about every economic indicator you can point to except the dollar (and that’s on the way down). The US is bankrupt and thinks it can save it’s corrupt financial Ponzi by having a war in Europe against Russia and a war in Asia against China. This is the lunacy of end of empire.
      I live in the Asia Pacific region and I can tell you no one is buying the US as the innocent, benevolent “free world” leader anymore. Those days are over and countries are either temporarily intimidated or jumping ship. Only the controlled colonies (Australia, Japan and the Philippines) are rusted on politically, if not popularly, and that will end in due course. That’s what’s changed.
      The problem is, there are no “good guys” anymore. That silly notion is past its use-by date. The idea that the US is somehow more “god ordained” than any other country is absurd and a relic of a bygone era. Especially since 1945. Karen is a great medical industrial complex analyst but some of the geopolitical stuff doesn’t quite sound right to me.

      • Greg Hunter

        WE CARE THE GOOD GUYS!!!! Get off your butt and do something.

      • Johnny Nobody

        Thank you for your commentary.
        I have always valued Karen Kingston’s medical patents expert analyses, but I felt compelled to discontinue listening to her political prognostications half way through the interview. I have almost zero faith in any government, China’s being no exception, but for any Anglo-American to call out the sins of China above those of the ‘western alliance’ must be the height of hypocrisy! China fought alongside the US and the UK during WWII (as did Russia) but since the end of WWII, both China and Russia have been vilified as the ‘axis of evil’. In contrast, US and U.K. deadly enemies during WWII, Japan and Germany, can do no wrong. Hmmm.
        Iran sought to profit from its own oil resources (the audacity!) with the democratic election of Prime Minister Mossaddegh in 1951 but he was overthrown by a CIA sponsored coup and installation of the Wall Street friendly Shah in 1953. Since this Anglo-American instigated regime change was so cost-effective, democratically elected governments around the globe have been routinely usurped – the latest being the democratically elected, Russia friendly, Ukrainian government in 2014. In light of this, to call out China as the axis of what troubles the world today is, IMHO, not only jingoistic, but vacuous.

  12. Thomas Malthaus

    I’ll assume China has similar designs for Europe, excluding Russia.

    The Russian-China relationship may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Moscow isn’t going to give away their intellectual property or compromise the Orthodox Church.

    The world’s last freedom bastion.

  13. Galaxy 500

    Wow, just damn. Wow

  14. Michael Janket

    America is being gutted as we speak. Lucky us, we get to pay for our demise!

  15. Galaxy 500

    Brother Greg,
    Thank you. Third time listening this thru. Last night over a beer. Twice this morning, while on the back deck with really good coffee.
    What is the best way to support USAWatchdog and also Karen? Is a subscription better than a direct donation? I support your advertisers and they are good people. How can I help? How can I put my money where my “mouth” is?
    Then I searched real news looking …
    China owns Beijing Biden. Only the intellectually dishonest would disagree. They have spies in all agencies and they steal our resources and research plus they make sure we go down blind avenues…
    They rob and are sending special forces skipping across the Southern border…
    The Principalities of Power are arrayed against us.
    While some will sit in ashes and beg to be saved, I honestly don’t think that is what YHWH. His Word instructs us to actively resist evil.

  16. Galaxy 500

    “It’s a man, Baby”
    Melinda Gates, faux Christian biggest donator for Baby Murder

  17. James Hall

    Rand Paul is a phoney. He stated the vaccine was good for seniors and unhealthly people.
    Try and get Ivan Raiklin on, he’s part of Military Accoutability exposing the vaccine.

  18. Marie Joy

    They’re trying to shut down AJ on Rumble.
    Infowars – BANNED video

  19. Don W.

    Greg, I have been writing about the ONE WORLD GOV. since 1980/82, when five of us studied what was happening in the world back in those days. We could see it coming. NOW IT IS COMING SOON. The Bible is very clear that we will have a ONE WORLD GOV. when the Lord comes for us and it is happening soon. I may not see it, but my children and grand children and great grand children should.
    Yes, China has been buying Farm and Ranch ground in the US for a number of years now and they have a lot of it today and a lot of it are near our Military bases and the silos. They are the ones that will join, what we now call the WEF that runs this nation, and then we have seen them with Putin that will join in and then even a number of Europeans are talking about it, so WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT BIG MOVE.
    The generation of people now born and raised in the US and are between 25 and 45, have a totally different view on working and learning to get out of there families home and work. They are living at home and off of Mom and Dad. Or maybe just Mom. The have NO Military training, like most of us do, of my generation.
    Also the WEF was shocked that they lost to Trump the first time and that is why they are doing all they can to keep him out again. The cheating is really going to be a lot, this time. And we may see a war before this election.
    Blessings to you and all you do to get some of the best people on your program.

  20. Stephen Ryals

    Why not just get another canadate for president. Ben Carson,. Walk on the all this insanity. Trump is one man. He isn’t important. The Bible doesn’t say MAGA. It says we are destroyed for our sin. Your fighting for your version of sin. Stop paying for it if your so self-righteous. Repeat for paying to muder 80 million babies. No u still paying for it. We are not of this world, let them have it. It’s a short time and Jesus steps in. What’s the fight for? If your really saved u don’t fight for the world u want. The Bible says to not be caught up by the cares of the world. Trump could be the antichrist u don’t know. How u going to explain that one to GOD. U better tread lightly.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure about that? What happens if you allow these bastards to kill millions more, and then they cannot turn to Christ????? We have to fight to keep them alive to turn as many as we can to Jesus before they kill them or try to kill them. On the other side, EVIL DEMONS want to kill as many as they can, as fast as they can, to stop people from turning to Christ. How are you going to explain your cowardice to Jesus? You have done nothing to stop anything. You just sit in pompous judgment of us here and YOU are not the judge. Don’t write back, you are done here.

  21. Marie Joy

    I hope the AJ shutdown is a stunt. IF it isn’t, a lot of great people are in danger.

    • Randy Best

      Ammo up!

  22. Mike

    We are not at war with China. We are at war with the globalist Cabal and their minions. The Chinese Communist Party is a construct of the globalist Cabal. The Iran Revolutionary Guard is a construct of the globalist Cabal. The Biden administration is a construct of the globalist Cabal.

  23. Galaxy 500

    Sure, China knows this, Iran knows this, everyone knows this, even the cretinous traitors in charge… and they are helping the terrorist do it…
    And so is water, power, etc etc etc

  24. G Eddleston

    Greg: If we go to war with China, where am I going to get my shoes? Oh that’s right I won’t need any because our government is ready to start WWIII! Maybe we should focus on our own neocons.

  25. Blumhagen

    Most of us never knew.
    We have attacked China before and occupied Taiwan since the 1950’s.

    During the Korean War conflict, the Americans crossed over the Korean border with China and attacked China at Lake Changjin.
    The Chinese kicked our asses so badly the Americans had to flee and retreat.

    The americans are seen as total aggressors and all business when it comes to fighting, as seen in this Expensive to make, Chinese made war movie.

    General MacArthur is seen as an overly aggressive, mole faced, short leader.
    Here is the compelling movie.

  26. Blumhagen

    American R. Blumhagen

    I worked for a Chinese design firm in Laguna Nigel, Ca. then in New York City.

    I was fired for letting an American company’s leaders understand the Chinese had no interest in buying his company, they only wanted to lead him onto thinking they wanted to buy his business. In reality, the Chinese wanted to know how his business cut stone. They wanted the intellectual information to COPY his work in the fountain business.
    I designed fountains. Working in China, I was told, “look at all these artists, all of them as good as you or better”. While I go pee in a hole in the floor. With sewers running in the gutters in the streets. Had to have employees taste my food, so I did not eat dog at the restaurants.

    They cheat, lie and manipulate just as well as the Americans.

  27. Jeffrobbins

    I have wondered if Musk bought twitter so that he could have a ‘seat at the table’. Power is supposed to be the ultimate desire?
    —-Side note: Johnathon Cahn makes the case in his writings that New York City is the spiritual birthplace of the nation. The corruption of the justice system there should be seen as a ‘harbinger’. Pun intended.

  28. Justn Observer

    Greg, another exceptional interview with Ms. Kingston. Truth shines through. One knows it when they hear it…especially with data, facts to back it up as you indicated. YET – many do still/will not allow themselves to accept it.
    Chris Cuomo is still un-apologetic for his prior reporting…but…was almost forced to admit it in his appearance on VALUETAINMENT as shown in this zerohedge article =
    Ms Kingston and your other guest interviews on the topic and your courage to advance the truth…has been/is a gift for the lives of many.

  29. Prospector

    BITS – BYTES AND BOMBS …… Now are all the same. ( Next generation warfare.)

    NATO’s Article 5: Cyber Attacks Now Considered Acts of War

    “At the Singapore defense summit, Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer, chair of the NATO Military Committee, declared that NATO has agreed a significant cyber attack on a member state could trigger Article 5, potentially drawing the alliance into war. Bauer emphasized that if a cyber attack disrupts essential societal services to the point of societal dysfunction, it is akin to a physical attack and warrants a similar response.”

    Singapore Defense Summit – just held.
    Key Takeaways
    NATO declares significant cyber attacks can trigger Article 5, potentially leading to war.
    Russia’s recent actions, including cyber attacks and sabotage, have heightened tensions with NATO.
    US and Germany approve strikes inside Russia, prompting Moscow to warn of potential war with NATO.
    Ukraine bolsters defenses with long-term security agreements with NATO members.
    NATO’s decision marks a landmark moment in its approach to collective defense in the digital age.
    Source – June 1 , 2024

    ( Now , if that is not enough , a ” simulation ” Cyber-attack-event , is scheduled for September 10 + 11 , by the same WEF gang that did Event-201 pandemic simulation just before COVID hit. How about that for timing. !?! )

    ” Our overlords ran Event 201 in October 2019 to condition us for their fake global pandemic a few months later. They now have a Cyber Attack simulation scheduled for September 10-11, as they plan to bring down the internet when they choose to do so. Picking September 11 is not an accident. They are rubbing our noses in how much control they think they have. The next several months look to be chaotic and dangerous. ”
    Source : The Burning Platform . com , June 2, 2024.

    Our overlords ran Event 201 in October 2019 to condition us for their fake global pandemic a few months later. They now have a Cyber Attack simulation scheduled for September 10-11, as they plan to bring down the internet when they choose to do so. Picking September 11 is not an accident. They are rubbing our noses in how much control they think they have. The next several months look to be chaotic and dangerous.

  30. Susan R

    Fabulous interview with Karen Kingston, every time dives deeper. My mind went way out swimming in the coastal waters where I encountered almost more than I can take in. I put quite a lot more together than ever before. The threat that is coming at us is biblical. It is imperative for those who can know God, Jesus, Jehovah, to be ready to keep that light lit till reunification.

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, yes the war is multi-faceted? MORE dots that need connecting?

  32. Galaxy 500

    Wow, Boeing, a once mighty company that fired American programmers and hired Indians who had no background… DEI or in the case of aircraft DIE has stuffs either failing the to launch or parts fall off as they sit on the runway

    • Bill Holder

      In the case of Boeing you have to look back and deeper. Blame the McDonnell Corp for all the crap.

      Long story short…. McDonnell merged with Douglas because Douglas was in financial trouble and they need it a commercial product line. Later, McDonnell Douglas executives were also in the Boeing board. Let us say, with Boeing’s cash MD bought Boeing, ditched their name and kept their logo.

      MD was having a bad reputation with quality on their DC10 and MD11 line. However, after the merge they new corp moved their HQ from Seattle to Chicago. The $$$ trumps Quality mentality migrated to Boeing.

      If you look carefuly, all the Boeing quality issues started at the end of the 90s and the start of the 2000’s.

      Keep in mind, McDonnell was a pure Military Industrial Complex corp, was ran and still run by the same mentality of stock pricing fixing the swamp loves so much.

  33. Prospector

    This was mentioned on LT. Col. Steven Murray’s last podcast. – LTC Steven Murray 5-29-2024.

    Is H5N1 ‘ Bird Flu ‘ being spread on purpose ? He said there are reports of trespassers on farms. I found the following saying it is a possibility.

    State investigation finds activists may have spread avian flu in Sonoma County last year

    ( NOTE : Murray and his guests put out great information just like USAWatchdog )
    Thoughts and analysis of current events by a former Information Warfare Officer and Cyber Defense Battalion Commander.

    Alternate :

  34. chloe

    Trump was “chosen” for a time such as this. Esther 4:14. He is perhaps the only man with the mental agility and ability to multitask to fulfill this prophecy.

  35. Thomas Wigand

    Lest anyone believe that Ms. Kingston is bloviating, may I draw your attention to TWO credible pieces of verification:

    1) The CHILLING 2005 speech of the then PRC/CCP Minister of Defense – particularly since we know have the benefit of being “exposed” to the Wuhan lab and its products;

    2) Epoch Times’ documentary “The Final War”:

    Anyone who absorbs those must then realize the EXTREME danger posed by the CCP’s “elite capture” of the current occupant of the White House, several in Congress, academia and corporations.

    Tom Wigand (“American Discerner” on Substack)

  36. Donna

    Hey, Greg, Karen’s address after the interview isn’t complete. Please fix! Thanks!

    Great interview. You are both heroes on the right side of history. Keep the truth coming!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the backstop. How did I miss this?? Thanks for helping Karen Kingston!!!!

      miFight Inc.
      960 Postal Way #307
      Vista, CA 92085


  37. Galaxy 500

    Is everyone single one of these elites a deviant?
    It’s told that Ole George Soros sold fellow Jews to the Nazis for a %. And yet he is liberal hero. How is he not ostracized by fellow Jews and Christians and anyone that is 50.00001% moral? Would you trust someone who had sold people out for money to the Nazis? And this POS’s satanic son is really pushing that deviant vid, just like big daddy

  38. Steve

    It’s seems to me that the entire world has an elite that are ruling Shaking hands in back room deals. Nations, states, provinces, no longer seem to matter. Can they all be corrupt? Are they being blackmailed?

  39. Mike

    I wrote a historical fiction book to give people a sense of what a war against the Cabal would look like. Divine intervention would be good, but military intervention works in this scenario.

  40. Daniel

    So glad Dr. Tenpenny has her license back. She was the first Dr. I heard to say no to the shots. We listened. Thanks to alt media like you Greg! So many guests you’ve had are helpful including major players like Karen.

  41. Slide

    According to Benjaminfulford ( we are at war with China just like Karen says in this interview.
    Our treasonous unelected Canadian prime minister Justin Castrudeau (he stole his elections using Alex Soros’ rigged voting machines) says,” he admires China.When the population has no rights, freedoms or a Constitution you can really get things done. Democracy prevents “getting things done.””
    So it looks like both our countries are at war with a megalomaniacal dictator with world domination on his mind? Is it time to form militias and hunt down these Chinese bounty hunters? What about their treasonous minions that have weaponised most governments against we the people like Obama, O’Biden, Castrudeau, the Clintons, Gates and Fauci? Are there going to be bounties for the traitors doing china’s bidding?

  42. Earth Angel

    WOW- Another barnburner interview! God Bless Karen for her commitment to warning America and the world to the dangers we are all facing. Terrifying stuff really. Her research is iron clad and her bravery and intelligence level are amazing. Thank you Greg for always bringing us the best & brightest guests in their respective fields. You too are TOPS in your field! As overwhelming as all of this is we must join in speaking out with Karen on these topics. As she points out silence and complicity in all of this will surely lead only to a bad endgame. there is at least a chance of a better outcome to be won by resistance, non compliance and non consent to these shockingly immoral plans for humanity by the ccp demons and their globalist cronies. Thank God more and more people are standing up and speaking out the TRUTH. Evil must be met with courage, there is no other alternative.

  43. Robert

    How is it possible for your papers-research to be edited by anyone other than you? This is sinister. Can sub-stack not be trusted anymore?

    You should start, if you haven’t do so already, move clean copies to vaults elsewhere.

  44. Diana

    Rand Paul is shady and Rep Comer will not send a subpoena to Merchan’s daughter who is collecting millions for the Dems? Just an another slush fund for corruption. We are going to lose the country if we don’t demand accountability and justice.

  45. Nina

    The plan to control the “virus” sounds like the “virus” is US.

  46. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Karen Kingston back on. Dear God in heaven, thank you for protecting this woman.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Merry!

  47. CA Rebel

    Polluted country creates polluted thinking. Self identifying as some god thing? Keep that trash behind your walls. It is not welcome anywhere else.

  48. Adam

    Hi Greg Just a quick question. During these interviews are you writing constantly with a sharpie? Because you can hear it through the speakers and it’s a little distracting to say the least… Cheers

    • Greg Hunter

      1-hour and 11minute free interview and this is what you are concerned about???” Really??? You are not going to make it—and You are welcome. The words “ungrateful simpleton jackass” come to mind here. Don’t write back. You are done here troll “Adam.”

      • Dewey DeMarco

        It’s moments like these that I realize how great you are! Thanks for the awesome job always.
        Keep up the great work!

      • RueBourbon76

        I didn’t hear any writing on my speakers. We can’t expect these interviewers to be frozen like statues during the duration of their interviews.

  49. Prospector

    Greg , please ask Dr. Sheri Tenpenny ( or others ) about aerosolized vaccines. What do the people need to know ? What to investigate themselves ?

    I posted this under the Feb. 5 2023 interview with another great guest , Dr. Betsy Eads.

    ” Do you all remember seeing pictures out of China where men in suits with backpacks , truck sprayers and even drones were spraying ” Stuff ” all over the cities ?
    Most assumed is was a disinfectant, maybe it was, but maybe not. ”

    Some whistleblowers looking at the EcoHealth Alliance / N.I.H. / Wuhan Lab breadcrumbs found this….They are talking about testing of Aerosolized VAXXINE !!!
    ” developed novel microparticle delivery systems and dry powders for aerosol release”

    Has a link to this study : ” Electrospray for generation of drug delivery and VACCINE paryicles ”

    ( It was reported that this would be used to spray bats in caves , but of course it could be used to spray humans as well , Dr. Eads commented back that she thought it possible. )

    Elizabeth Eads 02/05/2023 •
    This is how they started the fake pandemic— a bioweapon attack then turned on 5 G so people would die and they could push the vax!!!

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, another DJT record? =
    BOOM ! that should keep Joe AND little Bobbie deNiro up tonight?

  51. Not So Free

    Good interview as usual.
    I wish she would wear a mic. It would be so much easier on these old ears.
    That goes for some others, too.
    I don’t have any trouble hearing and understanding you, though.

  52. Gabe Zendar

    On memorial day weekend I met a guy who joined the army cause he lost a good amount of his family including his newborn child recently. I guess he felt dieing in a war is better than suicide. I tried talking to him about starting over with his ex but he was hell bent and was getting ready for boot camp gone thru MEPS. He mentioned that the marines where filling up their boot camps with the military aged men migrants from south America. In which makes one think that this is all about depopulation…..feeding the demons….and reducing the NWOs liability to a uncontrollable world population that could rise up and defend itself from the future ruthlessness they will impose once they take full control. If the numbers were off on the death count with the covid bioweapon
    …they gotta make it up right? The bible says 2/3 people bite it in the end so…..may God and his son be with all of us.

  53. Felix

    Love Karen Kingston very intelligent woman mau our HEAVENLY FATHER whatcha over her.She needs our prayers thanks Greg for the work you do

  54. Oliver

    She knows the communistic leaning in California and in many parts of the USA including Utah, Idaho, Texas, Kentucky, etc…
    The FIRST state to lockdown in the USA, of course was CALIFORNIA, specifically San Francisco. When you ride the bart (train in the San Francisco Bat Area), there are three Chinese dialects to cater to the INCREASE Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Thai/Lao/Hmong population and any Chinese/Mongol extracts.
    The Mayor of San Francisco is Black married to a Chinese and the mayor of Oakland is Hmong (Chinese ethnic) from Laos (a communist country).
    The majority of the White and Hispanic/Latin population in California didn’t push back against the lockdown and they were neither against the Mexican border being opened. They completely embrace the Chinese or communist way…and many of them moved to Florida, Texas, and other parts of the USA bringing with them this communistic acceptance.
    Communism is Satanism.

  55. Lenora

    California has a large population of Hispanic/Latina from communist leaning countries in Central and South America. It’s no wonder why they accepted China’s way/lockdown. And many of the White population are mixed with that DNA as well, not to mention the illegals working under the table for many American owned businesses.

    When the average American hires an illegal for cheap labour, they are putting out the legal small business owners who are obeying the laws. The ones who are suffering are the law abiding citizens. What’s the purpose of having laws when corrupt judges favor the illegals or let the criminals get away? What does it say about how much people respect for the law there is when there is an OPEN BORDER, aka invasion and cops/border controls are helping them?

  56. Marie Joy

    They are trying to goad us into doing something stupid and that will let them do whatever they want to do to us.

    • Randy Best

      Ammo up!

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, as to my post above about connecting dots…this just was brought up…Gov’t looking to ‘buyout’ ranchers and farmers to the tune of 500 MILLION?
    United States Senate wants $500 MILLION TO BUYOUT US FARMS =
    as regulators and State’s push mandate after mandate to drive small ranchers and farmers out of business while China and Bill Gates are buying up large tracts?
    Sounds so much like ‘them’ closing small stores and restaurants while leaving the large chains and food suppliers open. Anyone smell a rat? as in ‘taking control over the food production and processing while cutting off food sovereignty just like in Europe?

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, these charts and data are hard to ignore as to the depth of the world economic situation=
    Greatest Financial Crisis And Housing Market Crash In History (2024 -) With Mike Maloney
    It is hard to believe that the world economy will not implode if correct. Rather dismal to say the least. And can now see too, that with the working-class people tapped out…and the downturn of GDP AND purchasing as a result of that and advancing un-employment/layoffs…that will also affect China’s economy with it’s largest importer’s order declining abruptly.
    So, with that said, is it hard to understand WHY China is buying up and attempting to seize so much control over U.S. farms and ranches and the production and processing of U.S. food supply and exports. It appears that soon, along with the U.S. not making anything, it really will not be growing much either. And why is it the U.S. Congress and POTUS does not seem bothered to watch so much of those profits also go the way of China? Not only have the outsourced so much of the industrial base, now the agriculture too?

  59. Desiree D Effner

    Greg, someone on the server you use, maybe the internet itself, has embedded noise on your videos. Today it’s the sound of someone pouring water. It doesn’t seem like that’s happening on your end or Karen’s. They’re trying to ruin your videos.

    • Greg Hunter

      I was me “D”. Sorry.

  60. Galaxy 500

    Vax induced turbo cancer? Average life after diagnosis is about 18 months.

    “My doctors have confirmed my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I am currently undergoing treatment to battle this disease that impacts tens of thousands of Americans every year.”

    • Earth Angel

      Our neighbor was 76. He and his wife both took at least 3 or 4 of the jabs, despite my begging them not to take them. He did have some mild health issues and had had prostate cancer several years prior, however he had surgery and treatment and had been cancer free according to his doctors. After taking the shots he became ill in August 2022 and passed away by October- only 2 months later- diagnosed with cancer throughout his whole body including the brain. Thankfully his elderly wife is still going, despite her health issues but the emotional shock and toll of everything happening so fast has been difficult for her to say the least. And the congressional hearing with Fauci appears to be nothing more than another ‘Warren Commission’ window dressing inquiry. One idiot democrat actually apologized to Fauci. It seemed the only one asking any real questions was our hero, MTG! When does the puppet show end- and we get a REAL investigation by politicians with some teeth in it?! I guess they’re gonna let that b@st*rd WALK… anyone surprised?

      • Every knee will bow before God/Jesus/Holy Spirit

        It is an absolute clown show only. Fauci said the un-vaccinated made the vaccinated sick. He spews nothing but lies. How many dead people is he responsible for? He will never be held responsible by this corrupt congress. He has three permanent body guards. They can protect him while here on earth. Shortly he will pass away. They will not be able to protect him from where he will spend eternity.

  61. Prospector


    DR. Tenpenny — June 3 , 2024

    Climate vaccine developer #ArkeaBio has raised $26.5 million in Series A funding, the company announced last week. ArkeaBio aims to fight climate change by vaccinating livestock.
    A vaccine being developed by the company is designed to prevent animals from releasing methane emissions. Once vaccinated with the AkreaBio shot, an animal’s immune system is supposed to create antibodies that will target methane-producing microbes.
    The Boston-based startup secured its first major investment in late 2022 from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, an investment fund founded by billionaire Bill Gates.
    “Our vaccination-based approach allows for much-needed decarbonization of global meat and dairy products across multiple geographies, supporting greater sustainability in agriculture,” the company explains on its website.”

    One Health : Climate vaccines are coming for the cattle , then for humans.

    • Earth Angel

      Hello there, Your comment about Fauci’s bodyguards spurred me to think what kind of morally bankrupt individuals would accept $$$$$$ to protect such scum. No doubt there are plenty low enough to take the job- just look at the secret service, who they continue to protect for the ‘big bucks’ and also how the s.s. betrayed JFK on that fateful day when some of them were told to stand down and vacate their position at the back of the car prior to the assassination. I watched a report some time ago which looked into this and showed how what was done that day with the motorcade was a total departure from normal the protocol. As a christian person, it repulses me to advocate any violence or departure from the 10 commandments- but is sure would be refreshing to see these bodyguards grow a pair and take justice into their own hands.. but then I guess evil rarely if ever bites the hand that feeds it. You are right- one day Fauci WILL face the ultimate Judge of his crimes- even if he escapes the proper justice here.

  62. Prospector

    YOU are the carbon they want to reduce !

    There was no methane emission problem or climate scam change back when millions of bison roamed the central plains.

    “One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.” | Psychologist Barbara Marx Hubbard

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” | Mikhail Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

  63. Coventry

    DR. ANGUS DALGLEISH says the Chinese are responsible. He is seeing an unprecedented number of cancer cases.

    Have you seen how many CHINESE ETHNICS— Vietnamese, Koreans, Thai/Lao/Hmong, Taiwanese, etc.. work at the NIH or CDC? I hear the Vietnamese own much of the pharmacy/medical American businesses thanks to American communist sympathizers.

    It’s making sense why in American history, Americans made unto law the banning of Chinese immigration and why we fought at the Alamo. The Fentanyl crisis is occurring because we have many traitor Americans giving free reign to the Chinese ethnics and Hispanic/Latinas from Mexico.

    They must be gloating at the willful destruction of the West by people in the West, giving them jobs, money, power, technology, and everything they need to control the world. Never. In history have these horde risen to dominant every tine else without lifting a finger.

    (PS— happy to be old)

  64. PJ in Georgia


    Another thing I have noticed while traveling last couple of months is all the new manufacturing plants with foreign names located near highways. I know in Georgia we were giving land and tax breaks to bring business here. Also I noticed the huge container ships now coming into the port in Savannah. Ruining the look of the river with all the commercial buildings now located there plus the ships. I work for a manufacturer….we sure do not get those tax breaks or land deals. Our tax dollars are paying for the takeover from other countries. How many American companies would love to have the same deal. Hwashin groundbreaking Hwashin broke ground in Dublin-Laurens County in March 2024… example. I think this is a huge part of the story as well.

  65. brimstone

    these vax deaths will be summarily ignored by USAW because Philippines is not considered a Jew & Evangelical nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure about that?

    • Galaxy 500

      Interesting name there…
      By who? Who claims Philippines is not a Christian nation?

  66. Galaxy 500

    Fauci will get his in the next life if not in this one.

  67. The Rev

    FEAR! What causes fear for the devil and his demons? Prayers! They don’t want us praying. They took prayer out of our schools and have arrested people who were praying outside of abortion clinics The Bible says in II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Your prayers and my prayers-that’s what is going to move these mountains of corruption and lies. People keep asking, “What can little ole me do to stop all this evil around the world?” Pray! Next, pray some more. It is hard; it is work; but it is VERY effective. You think God isn’t listening? Come on. He has got your back!!!!

    So, pray for Greg and those he interviews. Pray for our leaders. Pray for your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Pray for me.

    Oh, and stop bickering and arguing. Makes you look weak. We are WINNERS! We are conquerors because of us praying together. Finally, STOP acting like you know everything. I don’t and you don’t. Only God does. Bottom line, keep praying with one another. It really is making a BIG difference. Look what has been exposed already. The devil, his demons, and their pawns are confused and afraid, and see the tide is turning against them. Watch them scatter and run for their lives. In the end, they lose and we win. Praise God!

    • Prospector

      REV : I wish there was a ” Like ” button 🙂

      I’ll simply add , our UNITY , being united , also terrifies the enemy.

      When enough people say – NO , you’re not doing that here ! NO , we don’t consent to any restrictions or mandates ! They lose, period.

      Pray for UNITY.

    • Greg Hunter

      J O,
      Weird stuff going on in the markets today too. Temporarily stopping trading and Berkshire Hathaway at one point was listed for $0 for a short while.

  68. Justn Observer

    NOR do these reports from:

    Col MacGregor

    Ritter = We are on the brink, Russia just deployed nuclear weapons !

    • G.T. Hood

      Apparently, both videos have been taken down by u-tube already….

  69. Bluntman

    5 Simple Tips for Talking With Your Doctor
    1. The Lord’s Prayer
    2. Read your whole Bible
    3. When you pray, don’t babble on and on like pagans….
    4. God already knows what you need: anointing oil
    5. An apple a day keeps the “doctor” away

    • G.T. Hood

      Apparently, both videos have been taken down by u-tube already….

  70. Galaxy 500

    So is Maui a pedo hotspot? Did this guy block the road so kids couldn’t escape?
    Things thank make you go hmmm….

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, been popping around a bit…looking for some with an idea as to how/why this melt up boom is will be planned as like CAF called in the past – a slow burn…and then too, this might be more in Michael Pento’s wheelhouse, so wonder what he is seeing in the bond market that is apparently per his person, targeted for destruction…rather than the stock market. If this guy is right, then it might be inside investors are peeling off and slithering towards the back door to get ahead of the crowd, and and others selling stock to get a jump into PM and other commodities and like we hear Buffet ond Jamie Dimon, selling into cash to get ready for the flush?

    either way…charts are as you say , crazy these days…

    • Justn Observer

      that said, some invest and play the ‘market’ hoping to protect their nest egg …other trade to make currency to then use to buy real assets. It is not necessarily what one thinks to invest in…but what others think to invest in and use the ‘herding’ of others to make ‘money’ as in as I always laugh at Charles Payne or others ”’MAKING MONEY”’ which apparently he misses what ‘real’ money is?

      KEYES – anticipating the anticipation of others – bounded rationality, herd behavior theory.=
      as discussed by Real Capitalist, George Gammon, You Have To Know This Secret If You Want To Make Money Investing =

  72. Prospector

    MADNESS !!!

    Start To Prepare For The Unthinkable

    Ukraine has struck another early-warning (over-the-horizon) radar, this time in Orenburg region, near Orsk, some 1500 km from Ukraine. This radar did not even look at the direction of Ukraine, which makes the strike an act of madness, or something sinister.

    These strikes to the Russian early-warning system can serve only two aims:

    Ukrainian leadership is desperately trying to fully commit NATO to the war in Ukraine, or

    Strikes are a preparation for nuclear strikes to Russia by the U.S.

    Needless to say that the latter is extremely speculative. However, it is one of the two motives that can be established for the strikes. Alas, we have to acknowledge its existence……….cont.

    • Justn Observer

      Prospector, it does sound like Blinken and Sullivan and crew have orchestrated a now failing plan and pushed Biden to overreach or part of another plan for the U.S. to engage and lose…to make the U.S. accept the globalist multi-regional shared power plan as the ‘lead up to’ the New World One Government Order run by the plantation stakeholders of the Central Banking Cabal behind the UN. The ‘stakeholders’ are but those regional holders of the wealth/influence/power for which the symbols were like ‘totem poles’ stacks or rocks defining ‘their’ boundary. Not so unlike the POLL/ tax system of the more modern era. Dare asy, in the more modern times, of the Roman Empire as it evolved thieir ‘political’ power with a faux religious Hegelian cover, since the days Egypt deconstructed…with the last control of that area seens to have finally ended in the hands of the Nubians. Yet, the power struggle continued on, and the casting off of the WREATH of Caesar for a ‘papal crown’ to become ‘the HOLY Roman Empire’, it too has had its struggle with ‘power’ shifting thru bloodlines across EU and Russia, and many parts of the world such as Spain into the Phillipines etc. and the settling and push in the Americas long before the thoughts of the U.S. founding father’s attempt to ‘break away’ from those elements which now because of ‘internal’ infiltration and ‘lawfare’ sinve the days of King George signing the ‘peace treaty’ he constructed and was joined with other ‘powers’ at the Treaty of Paris.. One can argue that that same real Wreath of Power is that which embraces the world, and is the now symbol on the Flag of the UN.
      Those powers are in my opinion those behind the ANTI-MAGA attempt of DJT to retain the founding fathers dream of being ‘free and independent’ and to retain God’s given rights for its people …from those same shackles of the wealth/banking powers of ‘old’ world of sorts. Not unlike the old England, surrendering itself up to become a more Saxon controlled United Kingdom with its tentacles or Commonweaths and older trade corporations of India and into the U.S. etc. IF people look at such multi-national ‘corporations’, which of course were given ‘person like status’ as far a ‘legal’ ‘rights…to actually thru lobbies, and ‘interest groups’ even greater via wealth power over individual right of the peasants within ‘their’ constructed border which one needs to get a ‘port pass’ to enter or leave ‘their’ sphere of influence. much like stray cattle. Unless of course, ‘they’ thru agreements allow/push migration to more evenly spread .share ‘their’ human resources when required to keep a balance not unlike the Kissinger tetter-totter which give nations military power, but some more than others, depending on which side the ‘ruling class’ designs the outcome or resource grab.
      As this ‘system’ reaches it final goal, = fewer nations NOT in the game of thrones, its ‘pay to play’ world empire…it will be ‘those in the know’ (in the club as Carlin pointed out) and those stuck in the ‘lower chaste’ held in ‘compliance/slavery by guilds5/unions or peer pressure/shadow banning/ or outright suppression.
      So, the choice, at least here in the U.S. is …ARE We the people a Constitutional Republic or a Banana Republic? Apparently, most are just happy to hug and suck on the corner of their blanket of the not so safety NETS…they were walked into…as Sen. Reid used to say – rightly, agreed to when they applied and entered into a contract for ‘SOCIAL in-security. and allowed companies to rather that give them their pay, put their wages into a Pension Plan… all while they took the backing away of the money and entered into the insidious scheme of ‘debt’ and ‘inflation to further erode the lower caste buying and saving power and hopes of climbing the ladder to a higher level for the most part.
      And for those that have seen thru it…and have had some success…well , there is always ‘their’ ability to ‘change the rules’ and ‘ the laws’ and regulations when one nears any level of competition isn’t there. How dare anyone try to MAGA when the ‘plan’ is to do the opposite. So now We have, shut up and sit down, you ‘real’ Christian stop assembling, how dare you what privacy and if you persist, you need to be disarmed! And NO, ‘their’ will decide what your children are ALLOWED to know and learn, since knowledge is power, – we do not want ‘slaves to learn to read or know about maps and compasses! lol Out with education, and in with the Prussian entrainment and how to be a good productive worker. And of course, if you are bright enough to come up with something, well along with the above, ‘there are patent laws’ and like in 1812, those can be pilfered – right? Stand down now, you soon will have no ‘property rights’ or God given rights, you MAY required to check those for Government given ‘liberties’ = peermissions…dependent on just how compliant you are…yes, some Piggies DO have more ‘rights’ ie ‘liberties’ than others. Some ARE in the club…others are excluded.
      Are you’re politician and legislator…representing you, or do ‘they’ share a fiduciary obligation to a corporation and only ‘appear’ to be representing you?
      Time for the people of the world to wake up? ya think?

      All Aboard the Disease Xpress!!

  73. Prospector

    CORRECTION – This appears to be click bait , not an actual third strike.

    Source ZH uses is dated May , 30. Sorry.

  74. Shiloh1

    This is the Jeffrey Sachs interview that Karen Kingston mentioned-

  75. Galaxy 500

    Well, well, well…

    Biden says he will prevent Trump from being President. How is that possible? Insurrection and subjugation? Asking for a friend….

    Story time children, the teacher says. “Who can tell us about Beijing Biden and the Colour of Law Coup?”
    In Time, it will be acknowledged by all that Trump was elected 3 times and served twice. Beijing Biden’s family is ostracized and shamed after most being sentenced to 100 years in prison without parole except for those who were tried and received the death penalty.
    The name Biden goes down in the annals of
    History, synonymous with traitor and pedophile, joining the likes Benedict Arnold and Mudd.

  76. pap

    Hello Greg,

    A great interview with Karen Kingston. Thank you.
    Karen is a fearless national treasure and has a lot of class.

    I listened with ear buds, I have to say I could hear you writing, pouring a drink not once but twice while Karen was talking. It looked like Karen also heard this too. It just seemed odd to hear background noise, I was wondering if you were going to pop some pop corn next…. Keep up the great work.

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, little reported…or did Biden huggers just miss the memo on how high their taxes are planned to go up?

  78. Justn Observer

    Greg, as the internet bandwidth will soon dramatically increase? Maybe Bill Holter’s rural access problem will soon be solved via sattlite interface like the phones and bivy sticks? INTERNET BETA TEST LAUNCH IN 22 DAYS…

    Does one have to ‘share’ their personal computer? NO, think one can just buy another one to share it and keep your private computer private. Likely will see the tech shops selling those used computers off their shelves…or the more healed people…buy up another computers with and at to them all the sharing capacity they can to participate in the largess of the internet 3.0 ?

  79. Prospector

    This is from a mainstream outlet , so , it could be real or disinformation.
    You decide. The Col. Douglas Macgregor , @DougAMacgregor, youtube video posted above by Justin Observer lays out how Russia is looking at threats , and their potential responses. Very worthwhile listen.

    Now, Col. Macgregor posts the following….
    BREAKING: NATO now planning to get US troops to the front-line to fight RUSSIA..

    What are they thinking?

    NATO has disclosed its preparations to deploy American troops to the European frontlines in the event of a full-scale conflict with Russia.

    Innovative ‘land corridors’ are being established to expedite the movement of soldiers through central Europe, bypassing local bureaucratic hurdles.

    This strategic setup enables NATO forces to swiftly react should Putin’s aggressive actions in Ukraine extend westward.
    Reports suggest that these plans also encompass provisions for potential Russian attacks.
    In such scenarios, troops could mobilize through corridors in Italy, Greece, and Turkey to reach the Balkans, or alternatively, advance towards Russia’s northern border via Scandinavia.

    These details were shared by officials with The Telegraph.

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, situation in Middle East going south fast ?…alliances shifting according to Col. MacGregon and Ray McGovern =

    Ray McGovern: Rafah is on fire, All eyes on Israel – Russia’s new missile plan to NATO, Checkmate UK =

    MacGregor: Ukraine Flee & Scared of Russia War – Gaza War Is Eroding Egypt-Israel Relations =

  81. Justn Observer

    Greg, Scott Ritter’s passport seized and dis-allowed to travel to Russia on his planned peace seeking trip to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum !
    Scott Ritter : On My Way to Russia I Met Big Brother =

  82. Prospector

    Forum is June 5 – 8th.

    Scott Ritter: “It might be a good thing that you and I didnt go to Russia (To Judge Napolitano) because I’m very fearful that while the St. Petersberg economic forum is underway that a red line will be crossed, and Russia will respond, and we’ll be looking at an outbreak of war between NATO and Russia”

  83. Galaxy 500

    Senile old bastard thinks he’s in charge of these things…
    If SloJo gets what he deserves in this world it will be spectacular trial followed by the immediate execution of what ever the sentence he is given.

  84. Justn Observer

    Greg, Sen Kennedy LA, just busted Yellin – lol

  85. War Monger

    A Right to Warn about Advanced Artificial Intelligence:

    We are current and former employees at frontier AI companies, and we believe in the potential of AI technology to deliver unprecedented benefits to humanity.

    We also understand the serious risks posed by these technologies. These risks range from the further entrenchment of existing inequalities, to manipulation and misinformation, to the loss of control of autonomous AI systems potentially resulting in human extinction. AI companies themselves have acknowledged these risks as have governments across the world and other AI experts.

    We are hopeful that these risks can be adequately mitigated with sufficient guidance from the scientific community, policymakers, and the public. However, AI companies have strong financial incentives to avoid effective oversight, and we do not believe bespoke structures of corporate governance are sufficient to change this.

    AI companies possess substantial non-public information about the capabilities and limitations of their systems, the adequacy of their protective measures, and the risk levels of different kinds of harm. However, they currently have only weak obligations to share some of this information with governments, and none with civil society. We do not think they can all be relied upon to share it voluntarily.

    So long as there is no effective government oversight of these corporations, current and former employees are among the few people who can hold them accountable to the public. Yet broad confidentiality agreements block us from voicing our concerns, except to the very companies that may be failing to address these issues. Ordinary whistleblower protections are insufficient because they focus on illegal activity, whereas many of the risks we are concerned about are not yet regulated. Some of us reasonably fear various forms of retaliation, given the history of such cases across the industry. We are not the first to encounter or speak about these issues.

    We therefore call upon advanced AI companies to commit to these principles:

    That the company will not enter into or enforce any agreement that prohibits “disparagement” or criticism of the company for risk-related concerns, nor retaliate for risk-related criticism by hindering any vested economic benefit;
    That the company will facilitate a verifiably anonymous process for current and former employees to raise risk-related concerns to the company’s board, to regulators, and to an appropriate independent organization with relevant expertise;
    That the company will support a culture of open criticism and allow its current and former employees to raise risk-related concerns about its technologies to the public, to the company’s board, to regulators, or to an appropriate independent organization with relevant expertise, so long as trade secrets and other intellectual property interests are appropriately protected;
    That the company will not retaliate against current and former employees who publicly share risk-related confidential information after other processes have failed. We accept that any effort to report risk-related concerns should avoid releasing confidential information unnecessarily. Therefore, once an adequate process for anonymously raising concerns to the company’s board, to regulators, and to an appropriate independent organization with relevant expertise exists, we accept that concerns should be raised through such a process initially. However, as long as such a process does not exist, current and former employees should retain their freedom to report their concerns to the public.

    Signed by (alphabetical order):
    Jacob Hilton,
    formerly OpenAI
    Daniel Kokotajlo,
    formerly OpenAI
    Ramana Kumar,
    formerly Google DeepMind
    Neel Nanda,
    currently Google DeepMind, formerly Anthropic
    William Saunders,
    formerly OpenAI
    Carroll Wainwright,
    formerly OpenAI
    Daniel Ziegler,
    formerly OpenAI
    currently OpenAI
    currently OpenAI
    currently OpenAI
    currently OpenAI
    formerly OpenAI
    formerly OpenAI

    Endorsed by (alphabetical order):

    Yoshua Bengio
    Geoffrey Hinton
    Stuart Russell

    June 4th, 2024

    If you would like to get in touch with us, please reach out to: [email protected]

    For press inquiries, please reach out to: [email protected]

  86. Marie Joy

    My internet is on and off all day.
    And I’m having trouble posting here.

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, for all the ”’faux investigations”’and Fauci bashing currently…me thinks there are many questions going on…and at most they are to give ‘the appearance’ they are trying to get to the truth. Seems there is an effort to skirt who funded the research and how, and what ‘agencies’ were involved and know much more than is being let on?
    Hope the your medical guest can opine on some of this info…might help them also find some tips for ‘treatment’ as it appears…the cure will evade us for some time to come if ever!

  88. Igby MacDavitt


  89. Galaxy 500

    Everywhere these people say evil is good…
    Thank you, Wookie…

  90. Galaxy 500

    Joe “Beijing” Biden threatens jury…
    How can this be allowed to stand? The Entire Family is deviant central with the patriarch daughter admitting ole Joe showered with her.
    Joe shows up at a witness’ house 2 days before trial started… this is witness tampering

  91. Galaxy 500

    WNBA attacks best woman athlete in America.
    Refs are covering flagrant fouls. Katlin is being assaulted on the court by feral humans that hate “whitey”
    These deviants wanted to be relevant and when a player shows up that can assist, they attack Katlin.
    Gay feral humans attack normal…

  92. michael burton

    Psalm 37:9-11, 9 for evil men will be done away with, But those hoping in Jehovah will possess the earth. 10 Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, And they will not be there.11But the meek will possess the earth, And they will find delight in the abundance of peace

    Jehovah’s kingdom is coming
    Here is something that is far more important than making money or politics of the world. That is learning about almighty gods’ kingdom that is coming to the earth very soon. Wouldn’t you and your loved ones like to live to see your loved ones come back from the dead and a world without sickness, crime, war, corruption and wickedness? This is what almighty god Jehovah offers, by taking in his knowledge and the one he sent forth his son Jesus Christ.

  93. Silver63

    Here’s a solution; apply heavy American taxes/punishments to individuals, both in the public and private sector that does business or partners with communist countries, China, Vietnam, Thailand/Laos, Venezuela, Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

    I have ZERO sympathy for those in communist countries or those Americans that do business with them. They lie, steal, copy, and destroy legitimate and honest businesses. The Chinese Exclusion Act saved America from tyranny, however many Americans in 2024 subjected themselves to clot shots genetically sequenced by the same horde that started the Pandemic.

    America is at this point so demoralized that instead of fighting back, many caved in.

    Innocent people shouldn’t suffer because Americans want to offshore jobs and technology to Communistic countries for profit to the detriment of the American public.

    We are a Constitutional Republic where individualism matters not the collective model of those HMongol horde that invaded and killed innocent people of the Hellenica Empire and Khmer Empire. We see treacherous Americans supporting BLM, illegal immigration, and protecting the criminals. We must fight back against these traitors that want to pervert and corrupt the American systems.

    Why should we allow treacherous Americans in bed with communist countries to destroy our Constitutional Republic? We have many American commies/wokies (many called themselves conservatives) here at home, we need to deport along with the illegals ASAP. Why should we fund for our demise?

  94. Galaxy 500

    Who is this 304, LOL? Does she think we have forgotten her? Does she think we forgot all the previously made up “science”?
    Hard pass Brickhead

  95. Roger

    You knocked it out of the ballpark with this one Greg. Thanks!

    One of the things I have noticed over the past 6 months while visiting alt-news websites is people posting infrequent messages pretty much off-topic saying how great life in in China. They post things like China has pretty women, cheap beer, high speed trains, how the government leaves most people alone, yada, yada, yada. It smells like a poorly run boiler room operation.

    Please bring this lady back …..

  96. Marie Joy

    Please get involved in the voting process.

  97. Windy

    If you want to know who rules over you simply see who you dare not criticize, and it certainly isn’t China or Chinese organizations! Anyone who’s honest with themselves and is awake knows what that group is and has been for a very long time…a lot longer by the way then China had any power or even was communist for that matter. I don’t see duel citizen Chinese in high positions of power in our government and in strategically influencial corporations of power, but you certainly can’t say that about the obvious group that no one wants to mention because they are either too brainwashed to not go there, or simply out of fear of their lives being ruined or worse. When are people going to wake up??

  98. Marie Joy

    We deserve what we tolerate and we tolerate a whole lot of crap.
    Apathy kills.

  99. Prospector

    When I look at this two things come to mind. # 1 – They think everyone is stupid.
    # 2 – They do not care if this is believed as long as they have an excuse to destroy cattle , beef production. The insane leftist globalist have said many times that meat consumption is bad …. bad … bad , and only THEY are smart enough to ” FIX ” things to save the planet. Prepare. War On Food is real.
    The comments calling her out are inspiring, We’re not gonna take it !!
    @disclosetv ( One Minute Clip )
    NEW – Deborah Birx wants to test millions of cows in the U.S. weekly and test dairy workers for “asymptomatic” bird flu cases.

    Remember this admission in her book ?
    Dr. Deborah Birx saying her team overplayed vaccines during her time as Donald Trump’s White House …

    Dr. Deborah Birx says she ‘knew’ COVID vaccines would not ‘protect against infection’
    The former White House COVID response coordinator downplays vaccine efficacy
    By Fox News Staff Fox News

  100. Prospector

    This is a coordinated media / GOV – PSYOP.

    On the same day Dr. Birx is on CNN saying we need PCR testing of cattle , the WHO just happens to issue a ‘ Dire Warning ‘ .

    @DiscloseTV – June 5 , 2024
    JUST IN – WHO warns a “new strain” of bird flu “has jumped” to humans with “potential for high public health impact” – as man in Mexico, 59, tests positive before dying from it.

  101. Justn Observer

    Greg, Willie prnostications down right eye-poping =
    @4:43 =

    and earlier this did not sound encouraging either =

  102. Galaxy 500

    Why are We the People paying this turd’s salary?

  103. War Monger

    China & Globalists at War with America… says Karen.

    And France and the Globalists (America) is at war with Russia… and itself.

  104. Prospector

    Zerohedge : WHO Confirms Bird Flu Death In Mexico As ‘Trust The Science’ Experts Want To Test America’s 40 Million Cows

    The question arises: if human-to-human cases surge and it’s clear that the WHO’s focus for this pandemic is cows, what actions will the government be forced to take regarding these animals? However, don’t worry—if cows are culled to save the planet from bird flu, Bill Gates will be ready to offer cricket burgers and fake meat New York strips.

    WHO chief “scientist” says cows are the main issue in a new bird flu virus spreading.

    We know exactly what they’re planning 🐄 🦠

    They want to start ordering ranchers to cull millions of cattle so real meat prices skyrocket and nobody except Davos can afford to eat meat.

  105. Prospector

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood …….

    Russia deploying air and sea assets for military exercises in Caribbean, U.S. official says

    Russia is preparing to deploy aircraft and combat naval vessels to the Caribbean in the coming weeks to send a “message” to the United States, a senior administration official told McClatchy and the Miami Herald.
    ” ….its first exercises in the Western Hemisphere involving both air and sea activity in five years. ”
    JUNE 05, 2024 7:00 PM —

  106. Justn Observer

    Greg, the prior Willie link remembrance of Ron Kirby warnings =
    and Willie prognostications being downright eye-popping =
    @4:43 =
    encouraged me to spin up again one of the few last remaining Kirby enlightenments. Kirby’s now cut off interviews on WATCHDOG via the ‘shadow banning’ is such a loss.
    Mr. Kirby like a few others interviewed on WATCHDOG were/are way ahead of the curve and saw what is here, coming for a very long time = enjoy Mr. Kirby’s vocal warning of the near past and how ON POINT he was! Yes, we are very near his Wiley Coyote moment?

    Any of our Aussie brothers down under run into Santos Bonacci who’s reveals as to ‘old world’ transition from HRE to ‘ holy’ HRE vs the Vatican and was greeted with about as much enthusiasm as Julian Assange’s reveals. Tell him Hello as well, his work is missed!

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