Drought, Famine & Vax = Depopulation – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says America is under attack from many sides.  One is in our face, and many do not realize how dire the situation is in the western U.S.  Quayle says the so-called 1,200 year Megadrought is being manufactured with geoengineering.  The globalists are cutting off the water, and that means cutting food supplies.   Quayle explains, “We have got record low water levels that are being broken.  We have absolute power issues coming up. . . . I am trying to tell people this:  the days of taking water for granted are over.”

Quayle has a new film coming out at the end of September called “Megadrought: Vanishing Water.”  The water shortage and extreme drought is all fitting into the Great Reset.  Quayle explains, “He who controls the head waters controls life.  This is why you are going to begin to see water wars.  In this film, we are dealing with global shortages of water and not just the U.S.  The U.S. is the most pronounced drought. . . . This issue is seen globally and I believe part of the Great Reset . . . It’s about trying to get people controlled down to 1,500 calories a day.  Isn’t it interesting, the UN eats filet mignon, and they are telling you and me to get used to eating insect protein.  The idea is controlling the food, and if you control food, you control life. . . . I am being told that when the water crisis gets acute enough on the West Coast, California, Washington, and Nevada will have border lockdowns.  What is a border lockdown?  Any state that has water does not want to be rushed with 20 or 40 million people, and that’s what they are talking about.”

Quayle says, “The big reservoirs in the western U.S. are down more than 60%  . . . and there is no way to fill them back up quickly.”

It’s not just the USA conducting weather warfare.  Quayle says, “It’s not just the U.S. Airforce.  The Russians are doing it.  The Chinese are doing it. . . . These are weather wars.  Everybody is manipulating weather against everybody.  Look at the rains in China.”

Quayle says the Megadrought will all end up as a food shortage or worse.  Quayle says, “Drought them out or starve them out.  Drought equals famine.”  Quayle predicts, “We are going to have the biggest mass migration out of the western U.S. that we have ever seen.”

When will the public wake up to how bad the Megadrought situation really is?  Quayle says, “My sources are telling me the drought problems are going to get so acute by November of 2021, there will be no denial. . . .This is warfare against the American people. . . . drought, famine, ‘vax-sassination’ all add up to depopulation. . . . John Deagel predicted there would be only 100 million people in the USA by 2025. . . . We are undergoing an attempted communist takeover and take down.  When Stalin came to power, he starved the Ukrainians . . . and five million people died.  So, starvation is a weapon of the globalists and elitists of the New World Order.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to radio host, filmmaker and top selling author Steve Quayle as he talks about his upcoming film “Megadrought: Vanishing Water.”  9/1/21  (There is much more in the 58 minute interview.)

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After the Interview:

There is free information on SteveQuayle.com.

To see the “Megadrought: Vanishing Water” trailer, click here.

Keep checking for the release of this dynamic new film at GenSix.com or SteveQuayle.com.

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  1. Scott

    Looks like the drought map from 1921, odd how these events seem to repeat.

    • Aimee

      Primarywater.org. There is no shortage of water..

      • Greg Hunter

        Troll Aimee,
        Not what this map says: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/ Worst drought in 1,200 years!!!

        • Dean Backer

          We can move petroleum through pipe lines across continents why can’t we do the same for water here in the United States pump from the east back up to Lake Powell and Shasta

          • Marie

            Becuz the people living near the Great Lakes don’t want others taking our water to suck it dry by the millions who live in the middle of the desert.

        • Diane

          She’s talking about what Deborah Tavares says! You can drill for primary water like Gaddafi did! Very few people in America knows anything about it! Go to: stopthecrime.net and watch her videos about water! We desperately need water drillers that can learn this technique! This would save lives!

      • Doodles

        Correct! No water shortage. Thank you for posting this, people need to know the truth!

        • JC

          No water shortage in NYC.

          ‘Central Park observed 3.15 inches of rain in one hour, from 8:51 pm to 9:51 pm. That would make it the wettest hour in New York City record-keeping, dating back to 1870. It smashed a record set just last month, on the night of Aug. 21, when between 10 and 11 p.m., Central Park saw 1.94 inches.’


          • Robert James

            OK, but NYC’s drinking water comes into town in a big pipe from the hills.

      • Diane

        Agreed, I hope the People come to this understanding soon.

        • Helen H.

          JC & Diane, Have you not heard of climate engineering? These deluges are CREATED when moisture that SHOULD BE falling in one region is MIGRATED somewhere else through cloud seeding with nano particulates and manipulating the jetstream with the HAARP frequencies. This was a great interview with Steve Quayle, one of his best yet, imo… also see geoengineeringwatch.org to further study the climate engineering crimes being waged against planet Earth and ALL of its life forms… MUST BE STOPPED ASAP!! Looking forward to Steve’s new Water Wars video. GREAT WORK once again Greg and your guests.

      • Enoch

        YOUR evidence?

      • Martin


    • Paul ...

      If you don’t live near an ocean where you can collect sea water to be distilled by God’s Sun (in a homemade distilling set up) … then add a few rain barrels to your prep list … that you can put under your rain gutters (dedicate a few silver coins for each rain barrel to “pre-kill any bird viruses” the rain water may pick up … also … save a few clear soda bottles (per person) for a day’s worth of drinking water (that you can put into the Sun to be disinfected by the Sun’s ultra-violet rays … of course first filter your stored rain water before putting into the soda bottles for ultra-violet treatment (you can use an activated carbon filter if you want to remove the aluminum and other toxins from the globalists “chem-trails” … in an emergency simply a cheese cloth) … the clear soda bottles should be left in the full Sun for at least 5 hours “to sterilize the water with ultra-violet rays” … then if you have sufficient wood available you can then boil the water for 15 minuets (with another silver coin in the pot) … and drink … you can add tea leaves, ginger or lemon for flavor!!
      Note: Or if fuel is a problem and you don’t have carbon filters or copper pipes and never got around to buying a virus killing silver coin … you can simply distill your rain water with a home made distilling unit made from two clear soda bottles that uses God the Father’s Sun “alone” … and it will make you “Fukushima radiation free and chem-trail aluminum free” … 100% pure drinkable water … in just minutes … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF9yYGwPcNwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF9yYGwPcNw

      • Rooster

        Or get a Big Berkey…..

    • Dawn

      I’m sorry I’m ALL for world depopulation. It’s the one thing I fully support 100% and then some.

      There will be :
      No poverty
      No pollution
      Plenty of food and water
      Everyone will have a job
      Everyone will be a productive person
      Everyone will care about what’s going on around them
      Everyone will care about the planet
      Everyone will get happier

      Law and order will be in place that most everyone will agree upon – no serial killers / rapists / pedos etc
      Animals will be safe and loved and not killed to satisfy scum humans
      And yes most of the human race is pure scum.

      • Greg Hunter

        If you support depopulation so much, why don’t you show us how it’s done and start depopulating yourself? If you write this stuff and thin k this way, it is you who are “pure scum.”


        • Stupordave

          I’m a truck driver (among other things) and I pass by Oroville, Meade, Powell, and numerous other reservoirs every week. The most astonishingly quick depletion I’ve seen is the San Louis Obispo reservoir – it is effectively empty. I have many pictures. Besides the H2O crises, the power crises is going to become evident very soon. I believe a huge number (millions) of people are going to have to be evacuated from California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada (very soon). They are about to become refugees, and as they pour out of these states for points east chaos is going to erupt over the rapidly depleting resources. The amount of acreage in the Central Valley that is fallow this year is astonishing. I believe a good bit of the California reservoirs are being intentionally run off into the Pacific Ocean to hasten the depopulation of the West Coast. The Chinese will then invade.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks for the street reporting Dave!

          • Elle

            Can you find a place to post those images for us Stupordave? We need REAL visuals here. Boats sitting on rock bottoms and such. If you find a place to post them, please return and let us know where. I’m VERY interested. I’ll also search the internet for images but it’s best to get them from someone who has had firsthand experience, no profiteering and no propaganda postings. thx.

          • Robert Dziok

            Gee, I wonder how that will work out for the Chinese with our Space Force/Space Weapons and hundreds of millions of armed Patriotic Americans defending their America? Don’t forget from Greg’s recent interview with Cliff High that Cliff noted President Trump remained Commander-In-Chief of the Military and it is the Military that is in control aside from some rouge infiltrators like Austin who will be and are being dealt with.

        • Jerry

          Why are you being so mean to dawn? She’s just repeating what she’s been programed to say by her globalist puppet masters. She’s merely a byproduct our dysfunctional educational system.

          • Robert Dziok

            “Garbage in Garbage out” as the saying goes. Also, anyone that is 100% for depopulation but does not see/want it applying to themselves first is GARBAGE!

        • Jeff Kindley

          You are correct Greg! Keep up the good work

        • Bob

          Dawn This may shock you, but the Vast Najority of Human Beings Were Peaceful and cooperative up until roughly 5,000 BC, and still are. What happened around 5,000 BC you ask ? Well all around the World At about the same time, Psychopaths showed up, a d they have been involved in getting us to fight Wars with Each Other, Worship False gods, e gage in Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, and all ma ner of other Barbaric and Degenerate practices. Their aim is to Destroy All !ife on Our Planet, and not just Human Beings. But they sure want us Hating each other, and Hating Everything, and they appear to have you in their grip. Your “Utopia” in reality, is going to be a Barren Lifeless Planet Like Mars if the were to Win. But they are Not Goinh to Win here. Our Calvary is on its Way to Save Us, and we can Evict All The Psychopaths. Luckily they have a very Distinct Genetic Market, and it is easy, fast, cheap, and accurate to test for, snf filter them Out. zso Chin Up, Start thinking Positive, Our Planet, and humanity will end up with things very different, and very nice, and it isn’t going to be a Fake “Utopia” that is impossible achieve. Hate isn’t the answer, Love is, and the Psychopath Scum don’t even know what Love is. Keep Well, and Start being Positive instead of Negative. Bob. 👍🙂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

        • lorijohns

          There are a lot of things I have learned from your programs. I think there are pieces of the puzzle that many are overlooking. Katherine Hudes, was on your program some time ago telling you who were the worst bankers that she encountered at the world bank. She warned of them taking down the financial system. Now, you have Rome based systems coming into the summit for food security and hand-picking who is in charge of the new food system they are setting up– please read article — here’s a quote ” It was unclear who would organize the Summit, where it would be held, or where the call for the Summit had originated. However, the Secretary-General did provide a few clues to identify the key partners of the Summit—the Rome-Based Agencies of the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF).”] (https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fsufs.2021.661552/full)
          You also already have Rome based organizations putting together Climate change agenda with a rest day for the earth — Sunday — which Rome has chosen. In summary, there are a lot more guests on your show who have mentioned these powers behind the curtain, but they have gone unnoticed by most. All of the Protestant founding fathers new who the beast was of Daniel and Revelation. It received a deadly wound in 1798 with Napoleon taking away the power of the state from the Papacy (papacy = state power + church power) — the church by itself is a religious organization with no power to enforce at all. But soon you will see who is in charge when the papacy returns as they get back the power of the state. Persecution will happen again!

      • Professor

        Oh Dawn, what is happening? Did you have a bad day, week, month, year, or decade? I can relate, trust me. Don’t feel special in that regard, it’s a rough road for everyone.

        First of all, in your “everybody will have” list, you left one out – “everybody will have a jab (injection)”.

        Well, may God bless you Dawn. Remember, it’s not too late to change the road you are on.

        • Enoch


        • by Victor

          And even you left one out! Everyone will have nothing and will be happy!!!

      • Warren B.

        You envisage a UTOPIA.
        That is highly unlikely given the infestation of the Globe with the Satan Worshippers.
        The DEPOPULATION Agenda is not manifested by choice amongst GOD’s children. So you must assume that the driving forces are not from this Earth – they are inhuman and moreover they are not selective.
        Ultimately to achieve your desired wish list – those who sit atop the pinnacle of the Pyramid will prevail and thus by deduction – you are not in a beneficial situation. More than likely – your world will be by design with no choices, no independence and your mind-body-soul will be controlled entirely.
        Time is short – best spend it wisely.

      • Toni

        Dawn are you counting on who will be left to create this paradise that you describe? Because the way things are going it seems that only the Chinese and Muslims will be left. If you truly care about animals they will be slaughtered and treated horribly. The white population seems to be the target of most of the depopulation, and the white Christian population mostly love and care for the planet and animals. So unless you get to choose who lives or dies, I think your scenario is going to be different than reality.

        • Bob

          There’s An Accurate Description of the Dangers of Utopian Ambitions that I came across, that goes Something like this : Utopia, That Dextination You Have to Cross Oceans of Blood to Attempt To Reach, But Can Never Arrive At. Seems about right from what I’ve seen in my life. Utopia is pro ably the most dangerous Dream of All. Best Wishes to All . Not Long to Wait Now. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunitiom. 👍🙂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
          PS. Apologies in advance, for typos due to disability and touchscreen keyboard.

      • Jeff Kindley

        This is what happens when you take the vaccine. You become a complete buffoon

      • by Victor

        Then how about depopping DAWN, TAKE THE SHOTS DAWN

      • Tin foil hat

        Don’t be sorry, you are not the only one who feel that way. Rich and powerful elitists are working on that right now. They can cause a zombie apocalypse or create superhuman who won’t dead by using CRISPR genetic engineering.

        The technology already exist but the elitists believe it cannot be shared with folks like you and me. You should research Josiah Zayner, who calls himself a biohacker, and why he believes tools like CRISPR should be made accessible to all.

      • Poochiman

        I agree with your vision for the future. I simply wished the rulers would stay our of the way and allow humanity to prosper and make adjustments in an enlightened way. The world could transition peacefully, but the rulers want to keep their privilege and power. And as a result, even if they succeed in creating a new world, the problems will remain because of their greed.

      • Enoch

        I agree with Greg, volunteer.

  2. JC

    Dane Wigington Bikes Through The Bottom Of What Once Was Lake Shasta, reminds me of Mad Max roaming the wasteland.


    • Andrew de Berry

      Thanks JC. Harrowing.

      • eckbach

        Three winters ago the Sierra got 80-100 feet of snow. By July all the reservoirs in Cal were full to the brim. Remember when the Oroville dam blew out it’s spillway?
        That was enough water to serve everyone’s needs for 5-7 years. So what happened to all the water? The deep state “water managers” released it into the ocean. Can’t be having sufficient water when the goal is famine.

        • Paul ...

          Think about this … if the US Military will have complete control of the weather by 2025 … they can easily throw a hurricane at California and fill up all the lakes and reservoirs … and all the California farm land now being sold cheap to Bill Gates … will be worth a fortune!! … https://weathermodificationhistory.com/weather-as-force-multiplier-owning-the-weather-in-2025/

        • Paul ...

          Think about why …they released the fresh water into the oceans … seems this drought is contrived by man … likely to buy up California farm land cheap (as the big guys know they can’t trust holding their wealth in ever more worth-less Fed fiat paper dollar IOU’s) they want to exchange their worth-less paper “for something real” like farmland … which will be made to flourish once they get control of it … either by having the US Military send a hurricane over California to fill the lakes and reservoirs or by bringing in water from the snow covered mountains in Alaska or by pumping water out of the Great Lakes … the five Great Lakes (one of the world’s largest surface freshwater ecosystems) hold the largest system of fresh surface water on the entire planet and contains about 21% of the world supply of surface fresh water … so … with all this water waiting in reserve … this “drought” smacks of being “a manufactured geo-engineering calamity” … designed by criminals out to pull off a huge and unprecedented “land grab” … of the richest and best farmland in America … for pennies on the dollar!!

    • The Southerner

      Or dig wells. But speaking of vaxx … check this out Greg :


      • Matt Kaatz

        Real Raw News may not be credible.

        • Robert Dziok

          No Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or defense attorney has ever spoken out about reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high ranking military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to continue if false. Especially since it involves National Security. RRN (Michael Baxter) articles get hundreds of thousands of views. MB has stated numerous time his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and Military. MB says he stands by his sources and articles. MB has stated he only reports information he is given. MB’s character, credibility and integrity are established by his articles and own comments to. As Cliff High pointed out in his recent interview with Greg we are at war now (“Devolution” plan enacted 10/31/2020). Not a time to reveal names of sources or even likely legal to do so. Sources names are not normally revealed anyway. Your comment is nothing but an EMPTY assertion. Try doing some homework before making them.

    • Robert Dziok

      Thank you very much JC. Quite the Reality Check and heartbreaking to see/watch. So much is hidden from us by the corrupt MSM. Were it not for those like Greg Hunter we would remain in the dark.

  3. Poochiman

    I would like to suggest a strange possibility. There are many projections showing civilization will collapse by the end of the decade. I posit, the stakeholders are basically culling the population as to avoid absolute chaos. This proposition may sound as if the controllers are doing this out of mercy, but they are not. Sadly, instead of allowing civilization to prosper and overcome its current challenges, they would rather let everything collapse so can can stay in power.

    • Bill

      True! Bill Gates et al. warned us via the Georgia Guide Stones, that they are tired of Governing 7 Billion people. So, they going to have to Cull 6.5 Billion, to thin out the Herd! How are they going to do it? NuclearWars comes to mind. They also, like the idea of the Bubonic Plague, which killed 50 Million people in Europe in the 14th Century(?). I think there was only 100 Million people in Europe at the time. (?)

      • Warren B.

        Tired of Governing ….hmmmmm ?
        “Controlling” would be a more appropriate description for their efforts.
        Besides, I sense that it is more the realization that their totally artificial interconnected system is failing. Every piece that they created and control ….. is coming apart at the seams.
        I view the current psychological malaise (for want of numerous other descriptive nouns) as their desire to unwind the system before it self destructs.
        I will make it clear that I do not favor this outcome nor do I support it.

        • Paul ...

          This is “the real reason” politicians love the “jab” and want to promote it at Warp Speed and support Fauci and Gates in their efforts to exterminate as many old people as possible and drive the life span of the rest of us to under 65 … for the first time in 39 years Social Security payments made to retired Americans this year … and every year thereafter … will exceed the tax revenues collected to pay the Social Security checks of millions of retired Americans … the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted by the year 2034 … https://www.yahoo.com/gma/social-security-costs-exceed-revenue-193730002.html … so the corrupt politicians don’t have much time … they have only a few short years left to kill us off in the sufficient numbers necessary … so they don’t have to explain to the American people who stole all our retirement money that we put in … and should have been there for us!!

    • artie

      The Bellagio uses water from a private well beneath the property — the water source for the old Dunes golf course — and thus does not further strain the Colorado River, the primary source of water for the Las Vegas Valley.

    • Ray

      Your comment opens up a line of reasoning that I have long considered, and kept in the recesses of my mind. Thank you for bringing it up here.
      For the purposes of imagery, let’s visualise an apple and a person taking a single bite.
      Perhaps the following is how the globalists / elite / illuminati etc see the situation of life on our planet.
      If a bight….any bight (even after brushing ones’ teeth) is taken from the apple and then left on a table, the same thing will always occur. The bacteria, left over from the bite, will over days completely break down the apple……nothing can stop that process…..it is natural.
      Perhaps the globalists see Humaity as “the bacteria”, in that we live on the Earth (the apple), we multiply exponentially (like the bacteria in the apple), and we eventually consume every resource on the Earth (as do the bacteria in the apple).
      The resultant end is that the apple is totally depleted of every resource, and as that inevitable moment approaches, the bacteria will also die off, due to lack of resources within the depleted apple.
      Apple & bacteria both come to an end.
      If the illuminati do indeed see this kind of a situation, then perhaps they are looking to “halt the spread of bacteria within this apple”…….given that this “apple” (Earth) is the only piece of fruit that any of us “bacteria” can currently reside on.
      Yes……when this topic comes up, some speak of some form of “mercy” being applied by the Illuminati, as if being cruel to be kind is their modus operandi.
      I am not too sure about that. Being cruel is never kind in my book, and I reckon Jesus might agree with me on that.
      If the above analogy did indeed have some aspect of validity, I would have thought that Humanity, with all of its technological marvels, might have focussed their incredible potential upon finding ways to keep this apple from rotting away, not kill off the inhabitants thereof.
      Sadly……as history shows us…… time and again……Humanity is ever focussed on greed, lust for money, lust for power, lust for control, and lust for war.
      LUST…….such an interesting word is lust.
      An anagram of SLUT……and The Book Of Revelations talks a great deal about a certain Harlot and the destruction wrought upon the world via her unbridled activities.
      It’s an interesting image to ponder, this analogy of The Apple & The Bacteria, thats’ for sure.
      Perhaps that singular bite that Eve took was the beginning of The Rotting Of Humanity after all…….things have certainly been breaking down ever since.
      Best wishes be with you all.
      Canberra, Locked Down QR Code Nation.

  4. Richard

    See Revelation 9, this so called “Depopulation” is spoken of, and believe it or not, it comes from the Pope and the Catholic Church (which is the Whore on 7 Hills spoken of in Revelation), and the water supply will be the very next thing the Globalist will attack. The USA will literally crippled because the lack of water, and millions will die. The Great War will begin in around the Great River Euphrates in And around November 2022 (which the end of last 3 1/2 years of the 7 Peace Treaty), which “Global Thermo Nuclear War,” so in accordance to Acts 3: 19 – you better ask forgiveness of all of your sins from our Creator. YES, the End is very near.

    • Bill

      The Vatican is controlled by the Gobalists since 1960.

      • eddiemd

        Much earlier than that.

        They have certainly been under the control of demons since the beginning of the “church”.

        • Bible Reader

          There were eleven Apostles who walked with Jesus. Why don’t you find out which Churches they founded? Then tell me how many Sacraments they all have, these Apostolic Churches.

          • eddiemd

            Get to it and provide us with the information. You seem to know already.

          • eddiemd

            Please provide Bible references for your research so we can verify.

            The church of Rome is based on pagan foundations from the greek and roman empires. Repackaged pagan religious worship.

            Do not be deceived. You are called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ; not a disciple of the “catholic church”. Don’t be a Pharisee.

            • Paula Davis

              Yes, U “get to it,” references, please…In previous videos, U have trashed other religious beliefs that do not agree with your beliefs. Only arrogance or worse attacks other Christian religious beliefs. I have lived long enough to witness there will be a time when ignorance & arrogance will no longer serve you.

              • eddiemd

                What other christian beliefs? Catholic call themselves catholics, not christians.

                Again I repeat what I previously said; he apparently already knows all about the “churches” by the apostles, he can make us aware of what he knows. Let him tell us what he knows.

                We are commanded to call out the demonic heresies and pull people out of the fire. We have an obedience to the faith. That includes you. If you are a believer in false doctrines then you also are at risk.

                I repeat. Examine yourself in the light of the Gospel. Not in some false manmade doctrine. The days of ignorance are coming to an end. The coming catastrophes will be unlike anything ever seen in history.

                You must be born again.

                • Paula Davis

                  Which Bible do U recommend for cult worshipers to read for truth?
                  What church (denomination) is acceptable in your opinion?
                  Catholics are Christians & use the term catholic to identify themselves from protestants.
                  8/24 video U did attack other beliefs, “You need to get out from this heresy of Mary worship. The catholic cult is in the same boat as the mormons, JW’s, christian scientists, etc.” The “etc” includes all other beliefs other than eddiemd’s beliefs?
                  eddiemd your missionary zeal needs tempering / fine-tuning. How many souls have you won for Christ with the attack mode? Attacking others makes U feel superior?
                  1998 eddiemd was in the US Military giving orders…eddiemd this isn’t the military, your threats of loss of Heaven for not following eddiemd’s interpretation of scripture quite trite.
                  eddiemd you regurgitate beliefs of the Catholic Church written by haters like yourself.
                  Even though I hold beliefs that U attack, I have love for you in Christ Jesus & will pray special Rosary intentions for you.

                  • eddiemd

                    Well the truth comes out.

                    You are a catholic. A follower of Rome and the “Holy See”.

                    Examine yourself as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourself in light of the Bible. You will not be saved by works or following the doctrine of the Roman “church”. You are mistaken not knowing the Scriptures.

                    You must be born again. Take this issue up when you stand before the Judge.

                    We are called to be watchmen and sound the alarm. If you refuse to hear it then that is your problem.

          • Tin foil hat

            Ezharappallikal are the seven Churches or Christian communities of Saint Thomas Christians across Malabar Coast of India founded by Thomas the Apostle in the first century.

      • JC


        ‘Concurrent satanic rites reportedly took place in the U.S. and St. Paul’s Chapel in the Vatican on June 29, 1963, barely a week after the election of Paul VI.’



  5. Brick Stonehead

    When two or three members of Greg Hunter’s network of smart people agree on something as dire as global depopulation, and they all have different sources and methods of data collection, we had all better listen. Steve Quayle is one of them. Thanks, Greg. And don’t fool yourself, Greg, you are one of the smart people, otherwise you would not have attracted such a bright network of people around you. Believe it !

  6. JC

    Elvis sings Viva Las Vegas! Sadly, the good old days are gone…


    • Bill

      You can’t show Elvis’s Swivel Hips on TV. It’s too sexy!

  7. Marie+Joy

    Wanting to kill a few Billion is psychotic.

    • Bill

      Does Bill Gates and Zuckerberg look psycotic to you? When I see Zuckerberg, I think of a Space Alien!

    • Warren B.

      I tell you what is psychotic is the treatment the Health system is handing out to those “Infected” souls who present with symptoms.
      This is something that needs to be shared and quickly.
      Its a 1st hand account of the MEDICAL PROTOCOL that is KILLING PATIENTS.
      The response / direction to any Doctor or Nurse that attempts to VENTILATE is :
      Doctors and Nurses are following CDC /NIH mandated protocols that are not suitable / deadly.

      *****SHARE THIS VIDEO*****

  8. barsoom43

    In the end, who controls the rain? God the Almighty.. And so the US was the richest, most powerful nation in the history of the world and what have we been doing with all that privilege? Slaughtering 66M babies.. We have replaced Baal and Molech with the gods of Choice, Convenience, Feminism.. There is scripture that says the people have defiled the land and it will vomit them out.. Just my take on all this drought..

    • Jim B

      Correct, America to be cleansed.

    • eddiemd

      Judgment on the wicked.

      Psalm 107:33-34
      33 He turns rivers into a wilderness,
      And the watersprings into dry ground;
      34 A fruitful land into barrenness,
      For the wickedness of those who dwell in it.

      We are here.

  9. Roy madison

    I live in the arid southwest, house hold water is readily available for $20 for three thousand gallons per month. If you use more the price per thousand gallons goes up and up. The town (13,000 people) are told 3000 gallons per household is plenty. This has been the norm for 12 years now. There has been talk of building moritoriums to stop people from moving and building here. However it keeps growing. The talk of a 2 billion dollar pipe line from lake Powell to the general area has been going on for over 20 years. With lake Powell drying up ,it won’t happen.

  10. MC

    2 Chronicles 7:13-14

    • eddiemd

      Very true.

      The government is reprobate. Given over to delusions. And many people also.

      Judgment has already begun. Repentance as a nation may be too late. Not so for the individual.

      Biblical prophesy of the end time is accelerating rapidly.

  11. FreeMpg

    Lake Mead is ten miles from Las Vegas and 300 miles from Los Angeles. When S hits the fan “possession is nine-tenths of the law” will apply. Granted, there won’t be Bellagio fountains or tourism considered but food production. Nevada controls most of Colorado River water and will assert eminent domain and pipe water to California’s San Juaquin Valley in exchange for food.

    • Dave

      If possession is key I propose that Colorado has the high ground over Nevada.

  12. FMG


    Our Personal Experiences

    Depopulation By Any Means: Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

    • Keith Kasprzak

      Unless Colorado decided to build it’s own huge reservoir and save ‘their’ Lake Powell water before sending excess downstream.

    • AndrewB

      Hi FMG,
      The second link you post should, IMHO, be watched by everyone. Dr Bryan Aldis reveals that the US hospitals were mandated to use a deadly protocol when ‘treating’ Covid patients (anyone turning up with a bad case of flu or other respiratory disease – sic). In short, according to Dr Aldis, patients presenting with symptoms of respiratory disease were sent home, without treatment, and instructed to return to hospital ONLY if they became debilitated. Thus, only very sick patients were admitted to hospital where they were prescribed Remdesivir. According to Dr Aldis, Remdesivir is an unapproved drug which proved deadly in the two principal trials referred to by Fauci, to the extent that the trials had to be halted. Apparently, Remdesivir stops kidney function, causing a build up of fluid in the body and particularly in the lungs. For patients presenting with respiratory problems, Remdesivir is a death sentence. Thus ‘deaths from Covid’ were deliberately exaggerated – spreading fear among the general population, and demands for a ‘vaccine’. I hope I have got this right – it’s from memory, having listened to the interview several days ago. These people are mass murderers and they have coerced hospitals to become their accomplices!

      • AndrewB

        Correction: Dr Ardis

  13. Andrew Cox

    Greg – Weather warfare (not just modification) is taking lace across the planet. Unfortunately, most people can’t understand that our Governments (especialy the USA Government) are carrying out a programme to create drought, famines and destroy many parts of the environment – to kill US!!!

  14. W.G.

    All of the actions of the worlds governments are designed to kill , and oe enslave the entire population of the planet. Trump is part of this, he will not save us. Put your faith in no man. Only Jesus Christ can save your soul. We are in the end times, repent and ask forgivness while you still can. The Kill shot is the mark of the beast. Do not walk into the vaccine showers, you will loose more than your life.

    • W.G.

      The Bean field collapse was in Nebraska.

  15. Saeed

    Peace Greg, Thank you for hosting Steve Quayle. He is a credible believers. We (Muslims) have prophecies from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that before the return of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him and his blessed Mother, Maryam) there will be droughts. The year that Anti-Christ will appear there will be no rain, no vegetation and animals will die. Signs will start appearing 3 years before the Anti-Christ’s appearance..there will be 1/3rd less rain and 1/3rd less vegetation….two years before Anti-Christ’s appearance there will be 2/3rd less rain and 2/3rd less vegetation. So this is not just a 1,200 year drought, rather it will be a human civilizational event…once in a human civilisation event. US Airforce said in 1996 that by 2025 they will have complete control over the weather. These are the forces of Anti-Christ.

  16. Anthony Australia

    Don’t forget isolation, mental health issues and intimidation.
    Getting worse here by the day.
    Permission to cross promote Greg.


    • JC


      They can only break the people’s balls for so long, and then there will be payback.

    • Paul ...

      AA … And don’t forget … the lymphoma cancer (the “jab” gives you) … is not cancer !! …
      Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD explains it all (how the evil devious psychopath Fauci combined the three(3) most deadly plagues in human history HIV, SARs and XMRV into the Covid-19 “jab” Kill Shot for everyone in the world to take … listen at the 1:30 mark … https://rumble.com/vlxlxx-emergency-global-broadcast-japan-halts-all-moderna-shots-full-show-83121.html

      • Warren B.

        And when each one of those DEADLY AGENTS is expressed through the SPIKE PROTEIN generation (thanks to the mRNA Jabs) …… we have a ticking time bomb in every Vaxxed person who didn’t receive a placebo. Not only that but the KNOWN Immune Escape (ADE) along with the KNOWN Shedding of said SPIKE PROTEINS – will have a devastating effect on the human race. It is really a matter of time now before we see the utter disaster.

        GOD BLESS JUDY MIKOVITS – she is the premier Authority on this scheme and especially on the mechanism and identification of these toxins. In my view she should be appointed the Chief Prosecutor for when the fraudster FAUCI (and everyone other person complicit in this agenda) is held accountable in the Nuremburg 2 Trials.

    • Paul ...

      To hold them accountable … professionals in the medical and scientific community must speak out forcefully (and many are) … and then legal charges must be filed against all those who are doing unethical experimentation on human subjects on a worldwide scale … … but the “key driver” of any reform will be “Public Outrage” … numerous such experiments were performed throughout American history on human subjects that were unethical even before this Killer Clot “jab” (that causes cancer, etc.) … and they were done illegally without the knowledge or informed consent of the test subjects … the experiments included the exposure of human test subjects to many chemical and biological weapons (including HIV, SARS, XMRV and Ebola viruses which are deadly or debilitating … they got away with doing human radiation experiments, surgical experiments, mind-altering experiments and even torture experiments … and many of these tests were performed on children or the mentally disabled under the guise of it being “medical treatment” … to end this plandemic … the public must first “STOP TAKING THE JAB” … then … we can begin setting up new Nuremberg Trials … to bring the Evil Satanic Demons who designed this Corona Spike Protein bi0-weapon (with HIV, SARS, XMRV and other viruses in it) to justice (for purposely releasing upon humanity a deadly plague they hoped would reduce Earths population by 99% … at trial it should be very easy to show that these bio-weapons released upon humanity violated US and International Law and were intentionally sponsored by rogue elements within our very government agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the FDA, elements of the United States Military, the CIA and Private Corporations like Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc., etc. … every one of them must be held accountable! for their Evil Immoral Satanic Crime of Fostering a Deadly Plague Upon All of Humanity!

      • Warren B.

        I sense that the whole world is dependent on America to show the way. The free world looks to us for direction. It needs to start here. We need to set the example to prove that Democracy doesn’t die sleeping. We need to be the impetus that the world needs to bring the demonic forces to their knees….and to stop this medical rape and tyranny. We are the last bastion of hope for the preservation of Freedom and Liberty.

        • Paul ...

          WB … But are there any men left among us in the US? … we have so easily been turned into “experimental rats” by the Demons … where 50% of the Demon-rats in America won’t do a thing to save themselves or their wives or their children … and the world is depending upon us? … to save them?? … if the real men in America in our Police and our Military are just going to “follow orders” (given to them by psychopathic Demons) … we don’t have a chance in Hell of turning these Demon snowflakes (into snowballs to be thrown at Satan) … looks to me like our Police will continue act like Gestapo Nazi’s and simply follow orders to break into peoples homes … grab their 4 year old children and forcibly give them the “jab” … as ordered by Fauci … https://tennesseestar.com/2021/05/25/medical-experts-raise-alarm-over-safety-of-covid-19-vaccines-in-children-pregnant-women-and-those-who-already-have-antibodies/ … as for the Military men coming to their senses … I have little hope … they too will likely also do nothing (like on 9-11 when they did not scramble their jets to go after airliners “that were in the air for hours” before hitting the Twin Towers) … seems the America we once knew is destined to go out with a whimper (like slowly boiling frogs) … rather then with a “bang” heard round the world (by lighting up the Georgia Guide-stones and blasting them to pieces)!!

          • Paul ...

            Let me repeat (and get this clearly in mind folks) … Anthony Fauci (Biden’s chief medical advisor and director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) is now recommending that children “As Young As 4-Years-Old” receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccines … and has set his personal goal “To Come For Our Children and Kill Them” before the end of this year (2021) … so we need to act fast and set our personal goals “to remove Fauci before year end and bring him to trial before Nuremberg II Judges … who will quickly dispatch him … “before he comes for our children and kills them”!!

            • Warren B.

              As I have already suggested – IMHO Dr Judy Mikovits needs to be appointed the Chief Prosecutor for those Trials. She is the most QUALIFIED PERSON on the PLANET and has all the data to support it.
              FAUCI’s head (along with BIRX, REDFIELD, GALLOW, BARIC) needs to find the bottom of the guillotine bucket….then placed on a metal spike outside the offices of the NIH – as a reminder to all those who have stepped over the line and created these Frankenstein monster Jabs…..poisoning/killing humans for a very long time.

          • Warren B.

            This will take a monumental effort I understand that and I have alluded to that numerous times ( a nation built on the importance of entertainment – we a literally killing ourselves) . Remember it only takes 1 snowflake to cause an avalanche. Its the momentum that is required. A spark from the least expected place.
            Your opinion of how complacent we have all become is true to a certain degree but there are still enough of us to start the process and fight for our god given rights – regardless of the threat of thuggery/theft/harm.
            I take the view that its My Body = My Sovereignty. Its worth fighting for. We stand together – we preserve our freedoms – our bodies – our lives. Yes we must do that not only for ourselves and our country – in turn this will be the precedent for what the world needs…..and by that virtue it will only strengthen our position. It will set the stage for the great awakening.
            You are correct – those in Police / Armed Forces will do as they are instructed – but remember they are still American citizens too – they all have families that live in the neighborhoods that we all live in – we can all play the part in the psychological warfare as well – against those who perpetrate evil. Social visits to family members/ spouses of those Officers/ Service Men/Women – bringing messages to them indirectly (without any threat) in a friendly environment. We have numbers on our side too. A great advantage still. Freedom from Tyranny will require extreme measures – it wont come easy. It starts as you have suggested – small groups boycotting the BIG PHARMA – boycotting those Businesses that perpetuate the deceit – creating businesses that only serve the interests of the unvaxxed – the list is endless.
            I will not succumb to their diabolical scheme.

  17. Anthony Australia

    @Ray Canberra

    Hang in there bloke!

    • Ray

      Hi Anthony,
      Will do my brother, will do.
      I made myself a splendid new face mask yesterday, using an iron on transfer pack (available at Spotlight stores) and some easy editing of JPEG images on my computer.
      It features our new Australian flag…….where the union jack is, I have placed an arm being jabbed (union jack still visible).
      Where the Southern Cross is, I have placed a swastika.
      Where the Star Of Federation is, I have placed a single eye that is shedding tears.
      Mate……you should see the looks I get when I go shopping!
      I am considering selling these!!!
      We should get in touch mate. I am going to send Greg a letter, with my contact details on it. Perhaps if you send him one also, he will post them back to both of us, and we would then have contact established…….we have to get organised mate, someones’ got to start the real resistance in this once great country, and soon.
      From Little Things, Big Things Grow.
      All Australians know and love this song……..it is a battle anthem of hope.
      For our overseas brothers and sisters, I encourage you to have a listen…….it will fill you a sense of renewed power in these times of struggle. The ending of the song, after the children’s voice cease and the band comes back in NEVER ceases to uplift and inspire me.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  18. A. Anthanovich

    A virus that’s not a virus.

    A test that’s not a test.

    A pandemic that’s not a pandemic.

    A vaccine that’s not a vaccine.

    A vaccine promoted as safe and effective that’s not safe or effective.

    An FDA approval that’s not an approval.

    And yet, we have the mainstream media, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, sport figures, and other popular pundits aggressively promoting these vaccines 24/7. We even have Morgan Freeman saying, “I trust science and I got the vaccine.” “If you trust me, you’ll get the vaccine.” Maybe his role as God in Evan Almighty qualifies him as an expert?

    How can we hold these people accountable for their extreme complicity in promoting dangerous inoculations that are causing numerous serious side effects and death and potentially much more unknown damage in the longer term?

    Are there any legal scholars on this forum who can comment on this?

    Can We the People serve them with a Cease and Desist order?

    Remind them of the Nuremberg Code?

      • Enoch

        I never met Morgan Freeman and I do NOT trust him.

    • JC


      If I may add to the list…

      A president that’s not a president.

    • The Ogs

      Great comment Anthanovich, thanks.
      What the weasels call Plausible Deniability… at some point in the near future (we’re not there yet) when the truth becomes too apparent and impossible to overlook, they’ll say “OMG – who could have possibly known? A terrible tragedy.”
      They will all just play stupid.

      • A. Anthanovich

        Thanks Ogs!!

        You are absolutely correct…plausible deniability appears to be a most useful tool for the globalist’s minions; however, the globalists orchestrating the genocide are so well insulated and far removed we don’t even know exactly who THEY are…but all massive crimes lead back to the creators of the fiat currencies.

        Like most freedom lovers on this forum, I am so infuriated by the atrocities being inflicted on us…I’m grasping at straws trying to think of ways to stop them before it’s too late.

        This time, the magnitude of their crimes is beyond anything we have experienced before…so hopefully We the People will rise up and remove them from power and use their own laws, i.e. asset forfeiture to strip them of everything they have stolen from us over many decades.

    • Ray

      Great comment A…….
      Trust Morgan Freeman??
      Wasn’t he accused of some form of incest a decade or so back?
      Whilst I enjoy his acting (and he portrays characters cut from a high moral cloth), he is ONLY AN ACTOR!!!!
      AN ACTOR.
      Let’s go there then.
      Perhaps Eddie MD can help me here………
      Is there is a verse in The Bible that says something to the effect of…..
      “In the end days, even The Elect will be deceived”.
      Is that right Ed?
      If it is, then even “The Elect” cannot be trusted, let alone a Hollywood actor.
      I certainly do not place ANY trust in politicians, celebrities or talking heads.
      Things are accelerating all over the world. I feel a quickening of the vibrations all around.
      Look for the light / strength / truth that is inside you……go to it, feel and embrace it, and put your trust in that, for there surely resides God in you, forever & ever.
      Canberra, Locked Down QR Code Nation.

  19. Jerry

    Here is the next bioweapon being rolled out.

    I’m no scientist, but according to Japanese researchers many of their people are getting sick from EMF energy being released from 5G towers. There seems to be a direct link to DNA and energy waves. Tesla was ahead of time. These psychopaths are just beginning.

  20. Jerry

    Here is an addendum to my last post.

    This is a direct connection to the DNA shots that just got approved. Now that the sheep have been conditioned to getting the booster, it will not be hard to slip in the DNA Mickey. Dr. Yeadon was right about avoiding the top off.

  21. Jerry

    Just in case you missed it, the mRNA vaccines were approved in 2012
    by the Supreme Court.

    It’s all rigged folks.

  22. A+Jones

    Let me give just one example about how fragile the water situation is and has always been. I live in Virginia and know the geography well. I used to drive from Roanoke in the west through Charlottesville central Virginia to Norfolk on the east at the Atlantic and wonder why all the big cities in Virginia have rivers going through them. These cities have spent a fortune on bridges over these rivers that run through the cities. I was raised in Danville which has about 9 major bridges over the Dan River just for cars not to mention the rail roads with a population of around 40,000. As I drove through central Virginia, I wondered why with all that beautiful rolling land people chose to build cities on rivers. Just imagine I reasoned how much more efficient the cities would be with no rivers dividing them. Then I learned the answer. About 25 years ago we had a drought that was severe for us. Normally we get around 60 inches of rain a year and I believe that year be got like 28 inches. That is still is a lot of rain, but the problem is, it is not enough to sustain live in Virginia and that is why all Virginia cities are on rivers. I remember hearing a state Senator on TV at the time say that if we don’t get some rain in the nest few weeks Virginia is going to be in serous trouble. In summary, Virginia is marginal in the water department in the best of times, and it will not take much to make life on the present scale impossible. All that beautiful rolling land cannot sustain more than a very rural lifestyle. Here is the real kicker I learned. If it were not for hurricanes every year the South East Southern states could not sustain life any where near the present level. The next city down the Dan River from Danville is South Boston. There use to be a joke on the radio during dry periods. The announcer would ask people in Danville to flush their toilets because South Boston needed the water.

    • A+Jones

      Six hours after posting the above post I went to the post office and picked up my mail. I had a copy of the Virginia Tech Alumni magazine. The title of the issue is “Water Matters.” I haven’t had time to read the whole article, but I scanned a few lines, and it talks about the problem of urban storm drain pollution, the drainage from landscaping, global warming, the general dangers of our water supply etc. The timing of all this sounds a little contrived to me. All of a sudden we are overly concerned with the water. First Covid and we are moving on to the water. Maybe Greg should get up a pool and we can bet on what comes next.

  23. andyb

    Time to rehash some facts. Remember the invasion of Libya and the killing of Ghadaffi? Supposedly under R2P (responsibilty to protect). But in reality to engender chaos throughout Northern Africa, have control over Libya’s oil deposits, steal many tons of gold for the banking cartel, enable Libyan weapons to enter a ratline for distribution to ISIS in Syria (what Benghazi was all about), and to prevent Ghaddaffi from instituting a gold backed Dinar as a new currency for Africa, replacing the USD and the French Franc. Another little known reason was that Libya contains Africa’s largest fresh water aquifer and Ghaddaffi was planning to pipe water throughout Africa’s drought stricken regions. I wonder if the water was the primary reason to invade.
    Now take the above with the fact that the Bush crime family controls all the land surrounding the largest fresh water aquifer in South America.
    Now recollect the onerous restrictions Obama placed on water rights. It became a felony to store rainwater or create ponds on your property. you could not irrigate from a stream on your property. Trump, thankfully, removed all of these restrictions.
    Everyone now should be a prepper. A must have is a good water filter. I have a Berkey and the means to collect rain water. Thankfully I live in Florida with lots of rain and numerous canals.
    Water is the new oil and perhaps more important. You can go without food for a week but you will last only a few days without water.

    Quayle’s comments should be a wake-up call

  24. ron martin

    We that follow you regularly are among the best people in America. But, many still assume that our constitution, laws, moral history and Nuremberg Code are operational. They are not. We are now a country with no moral compass and no accountability. One of many examples is the CDC ignoring the ruling of the supreme court. Greg and many others daily report the mass psychoses of the deviants among us which is soon forgotten and replaced by another even more shocking. We are in an accelerating nosedive into the abyss for which no human can save us. Greg’s wrap-up contains the only solution. Rejoice, smile and endure because our Heavenly Father and His Son are firmly in control.

  25. l

    LGBTPQ, WOKE, OPIOIDS, WARS …. are also planned Depopulation.

  26. JOHN WHITE, M.D.

    I have looked everywhere for the Chris Martin interview on the TF Metals home page to no avail. With your passion for Corona Virus perhaps an interview with him would be helpful for your audience.

  27. Adam Munyard

    Did anyone pick up on the water dam levels being 33% ?? Luciferian agenda from government anyone ?

    • JC

      Adam M,


      “We will go back, My child, in history, a short history, and remember well what had happened in Rome to John, Pope John, whose reign lasted 33 days. O My child, it is history now, but it is placed in the book that lists the disasters in mankind. He received the horror and martyrdom by drinking from a glass. It was a champagne glass given to him by a now deceased member of the clergy and the Secretariat of the State [Cardinal Villot (right)].”



  28. Sue Patterson

    Greg, thanks for another valiant attempt to keep SQ on topic. He does make good movies.
    The highlight of the interview, at least for me, was at about 55 minutes, when the kitty meowed. I’ve got cats, I know that sound, it made my day! Speaking of cats, for viewers who have pets, encourage them to stockpile pet food, too. Higher quality food is getting harder to buy; my local pet food store is having difficulty keeping some better brands in stock. I recently discovered a youtube that discussed pets during hyperinflation.
    This guy lived through hyperinflation in Romania. He might make an interesting interview guest.

    • Katie

      Chewy.com might be a good source for your pet food.
      Take care,

  29. Willard Ferch

    Your site plays a hugely important role in these last days, and I continually refer folks to it. But those who mention weather modification never enlighten us as to who manipulated
    the mega-drought 1200 years ago that lasted around 85 years. Please ask them to address this. Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless you and your message.
    This present Grand Solar Minimum and the insane weather it’s creating will wax worse as the years go by, and there may be little food for anyone. Yours in Christ, Fiddlin

  30. Fred Mann

    How many people in America are likely to be at a life risk given the water and food events that are imminently about to overtake the country?

    • Paul ...

      FM … Get this … the criminal politicians in California have a solution “for bring down the out of control murder rate” … they know “they” personally will do anything for money … so they simply used their Satan infested brains and figured out that … all they have to do is offer money to criminals “to not shoot each other” (like offering money made people take the “jab”) … figuring that the simple lust for money will surely bring down the murder rate … and a lower murder rate will be a powerful tool for getting them “re-elected” in 2022!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cash-criminals-san-francisco-will-start-paying-people-not-shoot-each-other

  31. Stone

    I can say for a fact that in Western Colorado we have had a very wet summer, and in Tucson Arizona for instance, they had a record amount of rain this summer. So take everything with a grain of salt, no matter who says it.

  32. Mark

    Steve Quayle was absolutely right on the weather. HAARP was developed by Raytheon in the 60s. Texas Instruments developed the most powerful computer of the time, the ASC (Advanced Scientific Computer) to interface the data for weather control in the 70s. I know, I was there.

  33. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Water and Silver the most Undervalued Assets on the Planet 🌎
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for all your support of the site!

    • Chozzy

      Planet? You’re under a spell if you think every department in government has lied in the past, but just not NASA. Break free and do you’re own research, it doesn’t take long to realize they fudged the radius
      (3,959 mi), which means every equation involving that metric is invalid. They lied, and continue to do so every day.

  34. Brian

    Thank you for having Steve Quayle on to help spread the word about the dangers that are especially concerning about half the United States in regard to the droughts and other issues. There is already a claim of the US Government over all rivers and all sources of water, so that in a crisis, there can be not just arrests, but shoot to kill orders. Likely, many of these shoot to kill will be by drones and farmed out in that way.
    Secondly, there are now active Chinese AND Russian troops in Mexico, with mechanized divisions training Mexicans for para-military and military operations. Illegals are reporting this, and are in great fear and distress over what it might mean for themselves here and their families there. Likely, the states to be invaded would first have the water cut off for 10 days or more, and an invasion would be sent in as if to assist or alleviate or under that guise, but really invade to take over. If you know your World War 2 Bitkrieg tactics on cutting off communications etc., this will be Blitzkrieg 2.0 where the water and food and other issues are also cut off ahead of an invasion. Logistics Stockpiles of food and fuel will be available through franchise C-Store Gas Stations and Supermarkets owned by Chinese and Middle Easterners, and additional munitions likely at locations in retired military bases, storage locker facilities and even active US Military bases. We have to rethink the entire Mega-Drought in a way that DC is readying to give up and abandon the entire West of the Mississippi River United States. To do so, Ho Chi Minh Harris will likely be installed as the President figure-head as this all unravels. But it seems to me that all of this invasion planning is not yet, because Scripture gives us a 1290 day Tribulation period wait in which the Two Witnesses (by means of what physically appears to be teleportation nation to nation) and the 144,000 virgin men Israelites of 12 tribes must evangelize the world. The 2 witnesses will appear at Day 26 1/2 into it at Sunrise Jerusalem time, and on Day 1290-1291, the US is nuked by the Anti-Christ European alliance despite being invaded some time before that, perhaps less than 6 months before the nuclear devastation end. After the nuclear strike at night our time, the Earth wobbles off its axis, and every valley fills up, every mountain is flattened and all islands disappear and those who are left have 1335 days or so to the return of Christ Jesus from heaven , when all but some many thousands of humanity are eliminated. That’s the future. Since Christ was crucified in 30 A.D., the “after 2 days he will raise us up” Scripture tells us that the Trib start has 2 years yet to happen UNLESS our Calendars are that screwed up, which is very possible.

    • Mario Felix

      I.r.o. Brians comment
      I live south of the border in Mexico City, I was surprised by your comment that there a Russians and Chinese troops in Mexico, as I have heard from 7 different sources that indeed they jave been here for quite some time and that your are spot on.
      These troops are stationed in the northern part of Mexico. What surprises me the most is that the US is not doing anything about this, rumor has it that they will invade the US, apparently they are being joined by Afghans who have arrived a few days ago here in Mexico. Word has it that the Russian and Chinese bases are in the Mexican State of Chihuahua and elsewhere.

  35. IanD

    Employers can demand workers be vaccinated.
    Schools can send children home if they are not wearing masks or who are not inoculated against designated infections.
    Airlines can refuse travel if you don’t comply with their conditions of service.
    Social media and internet providers can also deny service.
    Shops can refuse entry.
    Medical practices can do the same.
    The list can be expanded…
    Legally: You either comply or stay at home!

    • Greg Hunter

      Religious exemption. They got to give it top you. All the vax has fetal tissue in them and you do not believe is murder of the born or unborn.

    • Ray

      Your comment is cut directly from Nazi cloth.
      Your mind has been lost to an unmittigated paralysed fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).
      From there, you issue dictates to your fellow human beings, based on your fear of death.
      There is a very old saying, of which I will remind you Ian…….look close and consider at length my next sentence.
      “To overcome ones’ fears, one must first face up to and experience them…..then the fear will be overcome”
      If you are so afraid of death……go and experience it.
      DO NOT EVER seek to take away MY FREEDOMS or those of any other based on YOUR False Evidence Appearing Real to you.
      Now here is a warning for you and those of your ilk……so verily I suggest you listen up.
      Try to take away our liberty, and that which you fear, YOU WILL EXPERIENCE FASTER THAN YOU MIGHT EVER HAVE IMAGINED.
      And That Right Soon.
      Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  36. Jan

    Greg, those of us who have followed you a while and other sources have seen and heard many signs we are living in a special time.

    We have heard from medical doctors, among them Peter McCulloch, to treat with Ivermectin and solid doses of nutritious vitamins. That has been a success saving many thousands. In India it probably saved millions. Still that protocol has been abandoned and forbidden to use by the Government.

    From Dr. Tenpenny, we heard that the vaccines was not the gift of God, as it has been touted to be by Governments and their operatives. It was rather an injection which would make people very sick if they would not die from it.

    Warning shots have been heard from several professionals who have been working in the vaccine industry for years.
    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, ex. Moderna, came out and warned that the vaccines would create super spreaders.

    Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex VP of Pfizer, came out with a final warning to mankind, denouncing the vaccines and spoke of depopulation.

    Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines, telling us this will kill people.

    Dr. Zev Zelenko, says the pandemic is an international genocidal scam which will kill 75–90% of those vaccinated.

    There are many more in several countries saying the same things. Why do they do that? These people have had long careers within the industry. They have good reputation. They have been successful. Probably they have earned good money in their time. Why do they throw all that under the bus and come forth with warnings about the vaccines?

    According to statistics, about 2 billion people are vaccinated, and more added by the day.

    We are indeed living in perilous times. If those professionals warning about the vaccine are right. Add up all these things, 2 billion+ have got the jab. Add to that, drought and famine. What result does that give us?

    We get something that looks like what St. John wrote in Revelation:
    Revelation 6:7–8 (WEB) When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see!” 8 And behold, a pale horse, and the name of he who sat on it was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him.

    That is the only thing in history, that has been authorised to kill a quarter of the Earths population.

    What does that tell us?

    I don’t like it more than anyone else, but Jesus told what to look for…

    • technologist.live

      Most of those people mentioned, are still drinking the coolaid. They know some truth but are still promoting a false narrative.

      Spend a few minutes of your time to learn the details of the deception and how deep it goes.

      In this video, the Health Ranger is awakened to the fraud by Drs Cowan and Kaufman. But who awakened Cowan?

      In this video Dr Cowan is awakened to the fraud.


  37. Jim

    Thanks for Warpspeed, Trump!

    • Dave

      Yes. If Greg and his guests are correct about the vax Trump has a lot of explaining to do. Starting with why he is helping with PSA’s touting the vax? Playing on, among others, conservative talk radio stations. And also why Trump touts the vaccine at his rallies?

      One reason may be politics. The mainstream media has scared most Americans into being pro-mask and pro-vax. That percentage seems to be increasing. In California Newsom is headed for a big win based on his anti-Elder ads showcasing Elder as anti-vax and anti-mask. In Virginia the Democrat are set to win the governorship and make gains in the State Assembly by running uniform campaigns touting the vaccine and masks. Sadly, the pro-vax and pro-mask position is a political winner now and Trump sees that. How else to explain his actions?

      • Arlene

        Read Robert F. Kennedy Jr. new book on “Fauci” . Kennedy was originally asked by Trump to research Vaccines and the harm on children. After Mr. Kennedy accepted …Pres. Trump was given $1 million dollars for his campaign fund by Pfizer Drug Co. Trump then denied access to the vault of Vaccine Safety Reports…that would have proved how Big Pharma is just making money and causing thousands of illnesses.
        You can also get info at Childrens Health Defense.Org

        • Warren B.

          Whilst TRUMP was in Office – he funded BIG PHARMA for the deadly poisons being injected into people in America and around the world. He was corrupted and was knowledgeable. The narrative around him being impotent or shielded from the truth or being misled by his Administration ….. are FALSE.
          If TRUMP were for the good of the citizens – if that’s what he truly stands for – then he needs to speak out now and tell the TRUTH about the deadly VAX that is KILLING AMERICANS. His silence on the matter is deafening until that occurs.

  38. Jeff Robbins

    Here in eastern Washington, the soil was as dry in the spring as normally would be in the summer. Lot of dry land wheat outside of irrigated areas, can’t imagine the spring wheat harvest was anything to brag about. A few years of this will cause some farmers to not plant.

  39. truthseeker

    Two Great Watchmen: Thank you Greg and Steve for ALL you both do. Blessings to you both!

    If this video is legitimate, our government is also deliberately having farmers destroy
    their crops:

    What more evidence do people need!!!!!

  40. Nancy McDaniel

    The seven mountains being destroyed by the demon possessed satanists are government, religion, media, entertainment, medicine, business/capitalism and family. Revelation 17:9 And here is the mind that has wisdom (flees from evil). The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman (sitting on the beast mother of harlots and abominations) sitteth. Thanks for crying in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Maranatha!

  41. Roger

    Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele Is Dead—Who did it & Why?

    “Not only did his doctors not provide any alternative treatments which he REQUESTED, they ensured his untimely death by using harmful protocols that have even been proven to cause geriatric genocide wherever they’re used throughout the American Healthcare System.”

    “As for who really did it and why? The SYSTEM did it. The now notorious BEAST SYSTEM, that is! Of which the American Healthcare System is a major organ as it has morphed into a full-blown Covid death factory. Just like Nazi Germany where the doctors and scientists were given free rein to experiment and murder at will in the name of ‘scientific progress’, the American people have permitted a similar type of medical tyranny to take over. Otherwise why would RDS ever have been administered such a toxic pharmaceutical drug such as Remedivir?! See: Why in the world was Robert David Steele given a dangerous drug like Remdesivir?!”

  42. Da Yooper

    Greg an old saying from the beginning of HAARP

    “Angles dont play this harp”

    Lake Superior – the great lakes

    salt & shark ………free

    Greg dont rush your interview …..take your time to flush out the facts. An hour or more does not matter information does.

  43. Southern Girl

    Greg and all other watchdogers,
    One of my siblings texted that her three granchildren have a form of what she says is Covid. The Dad has it also BUT he has ben vaxxed. She asked for prayers which we will all do. I and another sibling have not got the jab. Then she texted that since these famous people are dying it might just encourage more to get the jab. Well, that was it. I texted how could she text something so horrible. She, her husband just got their 3rd shot. I texted her that people who get the jab will shed the virus for a period of time around those who are not vaxxed. For all I know they the parents and grandparents could have given it to the grandchildren.

    We are now in a texting war. They just live in lala land. I told her to research what is really going on and that the vaxxed are now in the hospital. No, they said that can’t be real that is not what the MSM is saying. GEEZZ!! I told then to take the red pill and find out what is really going on. I said get online and research. Their comeback is I spend too much time on the computer.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s so sad. Some people you just can’t help.

    • Arlene

      Stand your ground…and be Strong in the Lord Jesus. Jesus has told his Watchmen here on Earth…that the “Jab” is part of the Beast System…and Christians are NOT to be taking the fake Vax…no matter what. I also have 3 sisters that have taken the jab…and their minds are closed to truth or research. My cousin’s girlfriend died just 2 hours after her 2nd shot, and she was healthy. THAT IS REAL TRUTH! My neighbor’s son has not felt well since he took the jab…and recently spent 1 week in hospital. Warning…for anyone who is un-vaxed…..if you think you have the covid…get the “good meds” immediately.
      I am hearing from nurses that they are telling un-vaxed to stay home unless they can not breath…then go to hospital. You are put on Ventilator and most will die!

  44. eddiemd

    The antichrist in Rome.


    Interesting how this den of vipers and demons in Rome will preach to the world forgetting the millions in the Americas and elsewhere they have murdered over the centuries. They never repented of their murder and corruption and never will. They have the blood of many believers on their hands.

    “”It’s necessary to stop the irresponsible policy of enforcing its own values on others and attempts to build democracy in other countries based on outside models without taking into account historic, ethnic and religious issues and fully ignoring other people’s traditions,”

    This cult enforced its own values on the peoples of the Americas. Murdered millions of native americans in north and south america and forced them into slavery to mine gold and silver in Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia. The legacy can be seen all over the Americas.

    Learn your history of what this “church” has done over the course of time.

    Come out of this cult while there is still time. Do not be deceived. Examine yourself in the light of the Scriptures. Not in the heresy darkness of the false doctrine of Rome.

    • eddiemd

      The den of vipers and demons that is the “church” of Rome clergy. They support the mRNA poison. Get on line.


      Don’t ever forget the Inquisition action by the “church” of Rome. These demons tortured and murdered many faithful believers over centuries. They have never repented and they will do it again during the tribulation.


      The heresy is the “church” of Rome. Come out from this demonic cult while there is time.

      You must be born again. Examine yourself in the light of the Scripture. Seek the Truth for yourself.

      • eddiemd

        The “Holy See”. Blasphemy. The antichrist leader of this “church” of Satan is a demon. He is Beelzebub.

        There is only One Holy. And He does not sit in Rome.

        Do not be deceived by this antichrist in Rome.

      • MC

        Were not for the papal armies of the Catholic Church, you would have been born muslim. And there would be no understanding that Jesus has both a fully human and divine nature. Nor would there be understanding of the Trinity. These believes commons to most all Christian den0minations were solidified because the Catholic Church stamped out heresies. And there would not be a Bible as we have now. Nor would there be any Christian churches. Nor would there have been tremendous scientific advancement or the artistic Renaissance—as much of the learning in Europe was founded upon the monastery system. And the pope financially funded many scientists such as Copernicus. Nor would there have been a United States of America. Nor would there be Tennessee whiskey and rock & roll music.

        As far as the ongoing pedo problem. That also has been a huge problem in Protestant denominations and public schools. Anyone can do a search to see what has gone on in Southern Baptists, for example, in this regard. By always pointing your finger at Rome, you are actually providing a lot of cover for the pedos active in your church and other churches that are not Roman Catholic. May the Lord rebuke you for helping the pedos by causing people to look only at Rome and ignore what is happening near to them and their children.

        The best thing USAWD ever did was have Mark Taylor on the show because he obviously has taken Luke 9:50 to heart and therefore has a level head when discussing other denominations than his own. Furthermore, he understands that at this moment in history men of similar beliefs had best band together to fight a common enemy. Because if they do not now, there won’t be a second chance.

        Rome has been infiltrated, notoriously since 1964. Recently Cardinal Vigano–who should be a USAWD guest—has written to Trump at least twice about the deep-church, and deep-state and medical tyranny. Traditional Catholics like Dr. Taylor Marshall talk about this all the time. And even fallen away Catholics know there the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter is not a Catholic, but something from the same swamp as Obama and Biden. . . . Bridges can be built between Evangelicals, Protestants and Catholic peoples.

        • eddiemd

          Who said anything about the pedophilia in the “church” in Rome? This is certainly a distraction especially in latin america where they are getting away with it. The heresies of Rome have been going on for centuries. Back to the beginning.

          They never stamped out heresies. They stamped out truth and those who exposed the heresy in this den of demons.

          Read your Bible for yourself. Do not be led astray.

    • eddiemd

      Knights Templar. Another demonic offshoot of the “church” of Rome. Followed by the “freemasons”. All part of the demonic organization under the umbrella of the “church” of Rome. All linked together.

      The “vatican” has been hiding this from the people for centuries. The antichrist seated in Rome is going to lead the flock to destruction.

      Come out now while there is still time.

      Know what the Scriptures say. Get rid of the “liturgy”, demonic doctrines, and false teachings of the antichrist “popes”. It is all the teachings of the den of vipers and demons.


      The knights templar were never “christian”. They were part of Rome mercenaries. Murderers and thieves.

      The goals of the “vatican” and popery has been to withhold the Truth, to persecute the Hebrew peoples, to corrupt the Scripture, to brainwash the people, to present false gods and idols. They are jealous of God’s chosen people.


    • JC

      “Commissioned by Pope Paul VI in 1963, the Papal Audience Hall in Vatican City was inaugurated in 1971. But it doesn’t take you long to realize the whole thing, inside and outside, is a giant reptile. When the pope stands and addresses his audience, he speaks from the snake’s mouth. How is that for symbolism?”



    • eddiemd

      Knights Templar, vatican, and the illuminati. These organizations are one and the same. All hidden in the darkness

      Skip to minute 22:28. Otherwise watch from the beginning to the end.


      • Warren B.

        Clif High calls them collectively the “BUG”
        Well worth watching this video presentation (circa 1:08:00) …. lots to take in but the journey is worth every minute. A plethora of answers unfolds instantly.

  45. Southern Girl

    I want to thank you personally. Last year you posted where we could order HCQ, just answer a couple of questions. I did and it came in April of last year 60 tablets. Not sure how many to take if I do get the (influenza A or B) Covid but I’m prepared. My own doctor asked me when we had our bi-yearly visit over the phone if I was going to get the jab. My reply, no, I will not take an experimental jab, which is not even a vaccine into my body. All the animals in the trials for this jab died. His response the same, “Now you know you would be safer with the jab.” bla, bla, bla. Does he get a cut if his patients take take jab? I’ve told him over and over I will NOT take anything that comes from aborted babies. He is NOT listening. Cannot see him face to face because I refuse to wear a face diaper. Almost got thrown out the last time I went to give have blood work not wearing a mask. Appt. in December may not get blood work done if they have the same dumb polisy.

    • eddiemd


      I don’t recall the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) ordering information but I do remember posting numerous times research that was published years ago demonstrating that HCQ was effective against SARS and MERS. This was well known.

      I have not seen any research on using HCQ for influenza A/B. Tamiflu has shown to be effective against influenza if taken early in the disease. It may reduce the severity of the influenza when taken within 72 hours of onset. I used it on the Navajo rez back in 2016 with some success.

      I have posted several home remedies here over the past 18 months. I had the coronavirus in June 2020 and it nearly took me out. Last week the Israelis published a study that natural immunity is better than any immunity to be found in the mRNA injections. Here in Phoenix you can go to a clinic (Healthwaves, $95) and get antibody titers (IgG) to determine if you have immunity. You need an order from a physician or any other provider. Just walkin and fill out the order yourself. The CDC is discrediting these antibody titer labs. They don’t fit their agendas.



      Perhaps they have a similar organization in your neighborhood. Anyone over 18 can walkin and get various labs done with reasonable self pay cost.


      As posted previously, the VA refuses to draw labs for antibodies. Just take the jab. It is now obvious that this coronavirus was a bioweapon. The mRNA injection is the real stealth bioweapon. One precedes the other. I suspect that they will use a third “variant” that will not be a variant but a new bioweapon such as a lab engineered hantavirus. This was the virus of choice back in the 90s when I was in the DOD lab in Lima Peru. Coronavirus was chosen because they knew that it was a causative agent of the common cold (therefore the number of “positive” cases) and the RNA of the virus itself was large and easily manipulated therefore allowing for the insertion of more virulence.

      People who have taken the injection will be more susceptible to whatever their next choice of bioweapon will be. Those with natural immunity will do much better not having their immune systems damaged by these poisonous injections.

      Think about this. This coronavirus bioweapon has the ability to take out two of your five senses (smell and taste). What else have they in their labs that can destroy your senses of sight and hearing. Don’t be mistaken. They have been working on a virus to destroy your senses.

      • eddiemd

        You don’t need an order…to get the labwork done here in Arizona through Healthwaves.

  46. Blake Walley

    Don’t forget about the farms! They are actually paying farmers to destroy our own food supply! Straight out of the Communist/Fascist Playbook:
    Thanks Greg and Steve!

  47. david brownallen

    The Grand Solar Minimum is out as an excuse, or so it appears.

    Aside from millions of legal residents and illegal residents moving into the Moutain West and Southwest, aside from geoengineering, how often does the government cloudseed?
    Have the cloud formations not been that prevalent for years?
    I’ll agree that higher than normal massive rain and snow falls within months aren’t likely to significantly mitigate this disaster.

    Significant water depletion that coincides with fossil fuel supply shortfalls makes life and property nearly worthless. I can understand those who want to Midwest and beyond locations.

    Staying with the conspiracy theory or fact, why would the Midwest and the eastern seaboard be exempt from the government’s geoengineering efforts? Does a scientific reason exist that they lie behind in desertification?

  48. Todd

    The field was in Polk co. Minnesota it dropped 25 – 30 feet.

  49. Martin

    End times Ezekiel 38, 39 Jesus is coming soon

    • Bill

      Bo Polny sez 2032! I hope, I can live long enough, to see Jesus!

  50. Forearmed

    HAARP is old technology and has been around for decades now. We do believe that our military services do have something similar to HAARP, but in a reduced form and much more directable. Steve is correct, many countries now also have HAARP type technologies and unless we bomb them out of commission it will so destroy our weather it may be decades before things get mother earth back to normal, let along getting our society back together.
    Tactical Nucs can do the trick while taking out the fewest humans and still get the job done. The sad part is that what we are experiencing is “PAY-BACK”, because you can bet your bottom dollar that it was the USA and our HAARP is what was used to cause rain to fall so torrentially in China that the Three Gorges Dam was in jeopardy !!!
    America is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination.


    The drought map you held up Greg looks like the map that I saw in 1992 when the U.N. released the original AGENDA 21 Proposed Wildlands Map. They are following the plans that they have threatened us with in their writings for years.
    The Time to Reconcile with God is now ?
    Thank you Greg and Steve

  52. Marie+Joy

    Maefoogel News on YouTube says HR5123 puts balloons in the sky.

    • Marie+Joy

      Marfoogle News says balloons are needed because the grid/internet is going down soon

  53. Marie+Joy

    WE need to be in better shape.
    I’m having trouble posting.

  54. Tom

    I really don’t get what you are all talking about. Crop production this year is at all time highs. No danger of running out of food for the next 12 months in this country. Who knows what next year will bring.

    • Bill

      What city and State are you in?

      • Tom

        It doesn’t matter where I am, and I don’t deny that areas are having severe droughts. Just saying that the major crops of the US, corn and soybeans, are near or at record levels of production. The bigger problem is, our country has passed the line into a socialist state.

  55. Southern Girl

    Can anyone repost the link to order HCQ??? A friend of mine called and wanted to order some and I don’t remember the site.

  56. artie

    The Bellagio uses water from a private well beneath the property — the water source for the old Dunes golf course — and thus does not further strain the Colorado River, the primary source of water for the Las Vegas Valley.


  57. eddiemd

    It makes you wonder what Israel is doing with the mRNA injections. Triple doses for everyone.

    Perhaps in the coming Ezekiel war there will be a compromised IDF and then the glory of the Almighty God will be recognized as the defense of His people. He will never forsake them.

    One day they will see the pierced One and weep. Pray for Israel.


  58. technologist.live

    People don’t want to work because they’ve had a chance to pause and understand life isn’t really about money, at all.

    No matter what Your situation, understanding this will put you in the correct frame of mind.

    Your creator, created you directly. This transcends all else. You were born here in this realm directly.


    The constitution states all people are created equal. It recognizes the above structure MUST be real. You were created here, that’s the proof.

    The constitution recognizes you were endowed with inalienable (not able to be alienated from your person) rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Wake to this in your mind. Learn you have a direct connection to your creator, a connection that transcends religion. It transcends government. It transcends your work and money. It transcends all.

    Who are you?

  59. Healthcare IT Employee

    We we’re told last week that we need to get the vax, because management “cares about our health”.

    They had a QA session where we had a doctor lie about its effects and safety, “totally safe for pregnant women”.

    I tried to ask a hardball question but it did not make it past the thought police.

    In our Human Resources portal…Oracle…we now have a place to upload proof of vaccination. They said remote workers (I’m remote) have until June 23, 2022 to get it.

    After this was announced many people have quit or are now looking aggressively.

    My younger sister now legally blind after the moderna, shes been in and out of hospital, has a drain in her eye. On disability now.

    Was told can try to do a religious exemption.

    So going to be unemployed in the near future.

    Been listening to Steve Quayle for must be over ten years now. He’s been frightfully correct predicting world events.

    In my heart of hearts I cannot nor my immediate family take this horrific jab, sister-in-law was told by rich dr neighbor to take, has pneumonia since 1st phizer, brother-in-law has a heart problem now after jab. Both still refuse to acknowledge they made a huge mistake, think I am a conspiracy theorist.

    Not a religious person or expert, but it appears as though some people can’t see truth or have any logical thought process. Deceived. No matter what you show them or tell them, no dice, they would rather die than see the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Give yourself to Jesus and you become born again in an instant. That is in the Bible. YOu can get a religious exemption and a legit one at that. Seek Christ.

    • arlene

      Please stay strong and NEVER take the evil jab. You see first hand how your family was made sick. I have noticed some people after taking the jab…do think and react different. They do not deal with reality. My own cousin’s girlfriend died just 2 hours after the 2nd Shot. Know that while you may seem alone…you have millions of people out here somewhere…that are with you and refuse to be deceived by the people who promote the jab. I am strong Christian and believe in Jesus as our only Savior. Please pick up your Bible and read John 3:16 and Psalm 91. I pray you accept Jesus. In our new life and world…we will have peace. Heaven is very beautiful and full of Music. Know that some people who promote the Jab…are no longer Human. Do not give in.

  60. Frank D2

    If California is Facing a Rare Mega-Drought, Why is the State Releasing Water from Reservoirs


  61. Sophie Rizzo

    This man is NO expert on Revelation. No-one is at this point of history. If he cares to read the most definitive book on the Book of Revelation here is one of the best.
    The book is entitled “The Book of Destiny” by The Reverend Bernard Kramer. It was published in 1955 by this man who was born in 1884. ISBN 0-89555-046-6
    Library of Congress #75-13556 This author was NOT influenced by the Hollywood interpretations we see nowadays.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was about water shortages and geoengineering. Quayle has never said he is and expert in Revelation.
      Get a grip and head the warning.

  62. Bill

    Representative Jim Banks said: Joe Biden is the Taliban’s best friend, because he has given them so much!

  63. Marius

    Hi Greg, thank you for another great interview.

    Steve does cover a lot of ground.

    In Cape Town, South Africa our city was close to running out of tap water. The citizens were rationed to about 50 liters or about 13 gallons of water per person per day. People installed rain water collection tanks for domestic use and people came up with lots of inventive ideas to use water as sparingly as possible. We have had lots of rain this winter and our dam levels are 102% full – https://www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/residential-utility-services/residential-water-and-sanitation-services/this-weeks-dam-levels – God has blessed us with rain here at Southernmost tip of Africa, with a cooler than normal winter this year.

    But over a span of decades what has happened to the people and to our beloved country is in short a living nightmare on a lot of levels, but the spirit of the people remain strong and are rather suspicious of the government and officials due to high levels of corruption, which floods the local media daily.

    We have experienced high inflation levels, gas (LPG) and petroleum, diesel, and food prices are rising and living costs keeping increasing and with this a lot of hardship.

    With the nation’s unemployment rate at 34.4% and meager COVID-19 relief plan from government of ZAR350 (about $25) per person per month make matters desperate for lots of people. Here the fear of poverty and crime is a reality, which touch all our lives. You have seen in the news coverage of the violence in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng Province during July, which is still fresh in our minds.

    Thank you for your hard work and honest in depth reporting giving a different perspective on current events.

  64. eddiemd

    Apple with backdoor access to the iPhone already.

    Now your digital ID arrives.


    Soon you will not be able to buy, sell, or work without your digital ID.


    Step right up and get your stamp. Right hand or even more convenient…on your forehead. That way we can track and control you.

    Now bow down to the beast.

    • JC

      Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You…


      • eddiemd

        Use Faraday cages…

        • Ray

          Yes……go to Blockit Pocket and buy a Faraday case for your phone.
          Canberra, Locked Down QR Code nation

  65. Diane

    So, are you saying there is no such thing as primary water? We keep hearing that this is what Gaddafi did! He supplied water to his people using primary water in the dessert!


    I loved Steve for like 15 years. Own 5 o his books. Today he is only available for people who pay him and I cant afford that. Lost most of my respect. Not that there is anything wrong with making money but if your message is so pure and needed for Gods people then you would make sure its available. I cant pay him so God tells me I don’t need him any further.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really? Quayle is “only available for people who pay”????? You just got nearly an hour with Steve Quayle and there is a beautiful and original 6 min trailer to watch that Quayle supplied to USAW for your to view for FREE!!!!! Have you paid anything for this info from Quayle????? Go away Trill or free-tard.

    • W H

      If you have a BIBLE you didn’t need any other books to start with .

    • W H

      You said but if your message is so pure and needed for Gods people then you would make sure its available. WHAT FOR FREE .
      Sounds biblical to me .

    • Robert Dziok

      Steve Quayle’s website has all kinds of free information and has for many years. Great links/articles to recent events also. Don’t know what Reality you’re living in.

      • W H

        The Reality he is living in is he and many more would like to hear what people have to say and when he had the money he had no problem paying for 5 books .
        But now he has no money he cant see what he could if he had money that is the Reality .
        Reality sucks right now do you agree ????????
        If not wake up .

  67. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Yes, I saw the storm off of the west coast of California dissipate about a week ago. It looked like the dark clouds were going to rain on us. We got a few drops in Healdsburg, CA and then the clouds melted away.
    Water trucks are everywhere in our town (pop. 12k). The zillionaires next door fill up their 1500 gallon water tank every five days or so to keep their pool filled and irrigate the landscaping.
    Our town is on water restrictions of 84 gal/day/person.
    Rainfall last winter was 1/3 of normal (but then it’s almost ever normal. We get lots of water or very little.)
    The California Water Board emptied the reservoirs last winter for “fish”. It’s a conspiracy.

  68. Craig Skillicorn

    Good afternoon Greg, I have listened to and appreciate the excellence you do in all of your interviews and your Weekly Wrap up. As far as business stress my wife and I own and operate a Third Party Logistics (3PL) based in Arizona. Our business is forty years old and we are seeing extreme stress in the transportation market. Specifically in rail and truck. Our freight rates are up 35-50% since the first of the year.

    On another subject this might be a question for Clif High or Bo Polney. I have taught and hosted a Men’s Bible Study for over 25 years. In my prayer time this came up. Israel by percentage is the highest percentage of injected people, If what Clif thinks is true with a death rate this is frightening. With the pullout of Afghanistan and leaving all the armament behind for enemies of Israel are either Clif or Bo getting anything on this. We just armed an enemy of Israel. Truly all the best to you and your wife. Great Work. Craig Skillicorn

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting Craig and the Biblical analysis!!

  69. Robert

    Saw an earlier comment about a website called ‘primary water’. Reading the page, it does make sense. There is water. What I see as the problem, is that this science was paid little attention to when our water supply system was built out. During John F. Kennedy’s administration there were plans in place for future water in the west. It was all scrapped when Lyndon Johnson took office. It would take many years to revamp all the piping and supply systems to get water where it is to where it needs to be. So yes, the drought is affecting our present water system, while water abounds in other places. So now what?

  70. George+Eddleston

    NEWAPA on U- Tube solves the problem and puts people to work!

  71. Jerry

    Well, well, well, Greg.
    I knew the globalist would eventually get around to the second amendment. Here is their backdoor approach through the CDC.

    It’s clever how they use medical tyranny to choke the life out of every aspect of our lives. Now it’s firearms. Little do they know they’ve crossed the line, and have crossed over to the sacred ground of Americana. It won’t end well for them.

  72. George+Eddleston

    Greg: NEWAPA North American Water and Power Alliance on U -Tube by LaRouche

  73. W H

    If the dollar isn’t worth the paper it is written on why do so many people SEEK after it .

  74. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show brother, Greg. Just real quick regarding Steve Quayle nailing water as the most needed commodity; I had to post.

    I ‘ve been a water investor since start of the century. Anything I buy in water securities goes up or get bought out. Nalco purchased at premium by local, ECL/Ecolab years ago for example. I have a holding (purchased many shares during last March sell -off of all securities under the radar) in AQUA, purchased in low teens/single digits.
    Water is the most undervalued commodity in USSA. And to all those assholes screaming about more infrastructure; I have bad news for you.
    The more highways you build (with Uber, Lyft, AMZN delivery booming and growing) the more water tables and wildlife you destroy. There’s a reason you see bears in downtown Greasboro, N.C.
    Always have water securities or a water etf in your 401K or Roth accounts.

    Last, knowing cattle farmers around Meat Camp/Boone, N.C., due to labor shortage (inflation due to government welfare) the fall prices for beef at your super markets are going much higher. It will not be due to the rain, feed, etc. – the labor.
    Not enough labor to meet the demand equals a lower surplus which equals higher bidders for the prices. It will be like buying any meat last March/April 2020 in a way (Covid shutdown) as people will see.
    But remember, FOMC says this all “transitory” inflation due to demand! I say it is too much welfare.
    God bless USAWatchdog.com

  75. Professor


    I’m a huge alt-news fan. I can not stand the MSM. It is great to come to 0your site

    Mr. Quayle is very knowledgeable about what topics he delves into; very interesting

    I think the one point you made, or alluded to, near the tail end of the interview, was very good. That is, it is now getting to the point that prominent people in the alt-medua realm are all saying basically in unison that the end is near. Bu that I mean many are saying millions, or billions, will die in the next year or so for the vaccine. And many others are saying that the financial system will collapse as well, I think in that same time frame. And here Mr. Quayle is saying that no water is going to be the norm soon across large swaths of the world.

    I am certainly preparing as best I can, but really, I may only be able to hold out for a month or two before I’ll need to resupply. I’m guessing the evil people are planning for an extended period of strife so people like me won’t make it. But, I hope I do because it will be good to see all these predictions validated here in the coming days. It will hopefully push alt-media into the forefront once and for all.

    I keep track of all predictions so I monitor if they come true or not.

    Well, keep up the great work!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the second person commenting here making the same sort of point. I guess everybody is reaching a consensus. When everybody knows, that’s when it falls apart.

    • Ray

      If you have put aside a month or two of food & water, you have a better than 50% chance of surviving what is coming.
      Because the average unprepared person will last two weeks at the most.
      That’s 85% of the population.
      There will be plenty left for people who have prepared.
      That said…..once that point arrives, another even bigger challenge will be upon us.
      Removing…..ROOT & BRANCH……the pure evil that allowed all this to happen.
      Stand with us with your trusty pruning shears Professor, and keep them sharp.
      Canberra, Locked Down, QR Code Nation.

  76. jon

    Hi Greg, thank you for your interviews. Just wanted to mention. For well over a decade Las Vegas has been warned of too much population growth will not be sustained by the Lake Mead water supply. Yet they keep building and building and building and building……… This is a failure of politicians and city planners, not the natural weather cycles. I am in Mesquite, Las Vegas has threatened to divert our water to their irresponsible growth.

  77. Country Codger

    Great interview Greg and Steve. In the early 1980’s during the early Reagan administration and the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) USAF teams went across western Nevada, and other states but it is Nevada I want to concentrate on. It was Tooele and several of the Top secret bomb ranges, including Groom Lake. that had numerous deep wells drilled into the land to see if western Nevada was ideal for the SDI program and buried/movable silos. Many, many of the wells. that were drilled to test the soil produce over a million gallons in less than 24 hours, free flowing, and were therefore deemed unsuitable for missile silos and were then capped and abandoned. Why? The Mojave River and Reese River and others disappear beneath the desert floor never to be seen again. These drills bored right into the subterranean channel of these rivers and were hidden from the public. You will have to search the newspapers from Las Vegas in the early 80’s to confirm what I am telling you but it did happen.

    Lo Iyrah!!

  78. Bible Reader

    Highlights: The plandemic planned at the highest levels like the U.N. and Bill Gates. He found the documents. Plus, more facts.


    Kristi Leigh

    Exclusive! Doctor Exposes The Spearhead Of Totalitarianism

    Dr. Peter Breggin has discovered a new document that outlines the plans of the globalists. It’s just one part of his extensive research on Covid-19 since it first emerged.

    To order his book, “COVID-19 AND THE GLOBAL PREDATORS: WE ARE THE PREY” head to https://breggin.com

  79. tim mcgraw

    I’m 69 years old. The world I grew up in is dead. I don’t want to live in this new world order. I don’t like my neighbors. I hate the city, county, state, and federal government employees and politicians.
    Screw it.

    • JC


      The world you grew up in was certainly different.
      The only time you saw a lady with tattoos, was at a circus side show.

  80. Zach

    People argue this? Is it a coincidence that China has so much water their dams are bursting?

    • Bill

      I saw a Documentary on China’s (Monster) 3 Gorge Dam. When they constucted it 20 years, they are afraid that they didn’t construct it correctly. So, they are worried that it suddenly might crumble and a large area in China would be Flooded!

    • Marie+Joy

      Genocide, any, and all, ways possible. Too much water. Too little water. Same result.

  81. David

    the end thereof shall be with a flood, and even unto the end shall be war; desolations are determined. Daniel 9:26
    Hmmm… the end –with a flood. [Weather wars?] What does it say? “unto the end shall be war.” Desolations determined…

  82. Jordan

    The mega drought is unfolding but Hurricane Ida is a freak storm, with a once in 500 year flood in northeast and tornadoes occurring with Ida, its a major extreme climate event for that area

  83. Paul ...

    Well … it has now come to America … police are breaking into peoples homes in Michigan “to take our children” (even if they are not sick) and are dragging them off (likely to safe FEMA camps) … what kind of people are these police officers????? … reincarnated SS Nazi Storm Troopers ??????? … https://rumble.com/vlz9oa-breaking-democrats-announce-plan-to-forcibly-take-children-full-show-9121.html

  84. Catherine

    Most people on this forum are God fearing indeed. What we are now encountering in our country is a world without God. A world controlled by godless people. A world that is dark and foreboding. The world of hope and trust in Gods goodness is vanishing fast. God has turned His back on us precisely because we no longer enforced Gods rules. In fact laws of the country have been made to disconnects from Gods laws.
    So here we sit on our internet connection and not in church or temple and depend on humans for everything. How can we find our way back to God the creator of all. Not until humanity suffers enough to appeal to God to save us in His infinite kindness. Rush Hashanah is next week. God reviews His connection to all His creations and will decide which will be written in the book or life.
    The appeal on behalf of our very existence is on the line now. Pray that the coming year will be less harsh. Pray that God will hear your confession and know that in your hearts and mind and souls is crying out for His kindness and blessings. He will hear your sincerity and love for Him and He will turn back toward us and we will be saved. Pray and ask God on Rosh Hashanah. And after a week of begging God for help Yom Kippur will be our final chance to make sure we and our country will be judged with kindness and not be lost forever
    Pray hard

    • Paul ...

      Catherine … The Jews will soon be celebrating a “Rush a Horror” (Rush Hashanah) alright … imposed upon over 80% of the Jewish people by the Satanist Globalists who control and have most likely paid off the current Israeli politicians (and Bibi before them) to kill off the Jews (at Warp Speed) … and I think they have already succeeded (in exterminating 80% the Jews) except for the more intelligent Orthodox Jews who refused the “jab”!!

  85. Marie+Joy

    Who are the people that lead this genocide?

    • Bill

      Same old cast of characters: Bill Gates, George Soros, Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos(owns Amazon.com and the Washington Post) Ford Foundation, Bill Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Family, etc. etc.

  86. Marie+Joy

    We have some of the smartest commenters, here.

  87. Marie+Joy

    Nestle is buying water rights. The state owns lakes. Some states have passed laws saying rainwater belongs to the state.

    • Bill

      I heard that 2-3 years. Nestle’s is buying 100’s of thousands of gallons cheap! 10 cents per gallon?

  88. Marie+Joy

    My favorite Watchdog interview of all time. The only thing missing is the who of it.

    • Lord Nasdaq

      Great idea from Bill and Marie+Joy. Yes Nestle and others like BUD have to have water sources for their products.
      But Nestle is a foreign stock like one of my old ones – VEOEY – a “sleep me share” holding now – is more complicated.
      I’d suggest regional in my area PRMW (founder was of Blue Rhino purchased by FGPR) bottled 5 gallon water containers for businesses, governments, and homes. PRMW, the symbol, was bought out in 2020 by the Cott Corperation. Also check out AQUA for wastewater treatment as well as ECL.
      But only buy during downtrend/major sell-off 1/4 of amount your willing to invest on full 100% allocation toward the water security. Pick your prices buy going by the lines of resistance on the 1 and 3 year charts for example.
      God bless USAWatchdog.com

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, hmmm LIQUID GOLD in the future = water = go figure ? = could Operation Condor have been about water in the future?

    • Justn Observer

      More breaking journalism last several hours =

      George Webb – Investigative Journalist
      Piketon Charrette wrapping up

      Malone looks like he is into drug deliver with protein coronas with nanoparticles. Now we are getting somewhere.

      Malone like Bavari has that triple threat combination of HIV, Ebola, and Zika that Birx, Redfield, Fauci and Virginia Benassi have. Oh yeah, Ft Derrick’s Bob Gallo too.

  90. Sara

    Hi Greg, thank you for your work! I am posting–for Last night, there was a public Parental Meeting, that is going to change the dynamics of having Antifa Teachers, (actually a whole group of them recruiting students into Antifa) and I could only say–Good for the Parents who are protecting their children! This video is a public display, of the angst that Parents are experiencing! And the whole Nation is watching! link: https://natomasusd.new.swagit.com/videos/136348

  91. Marie+Joy

    While we’re buying from gates and china, they plan to kill us. Should I laugh or cry?

    • oneno

      Delete MS Windows OS from your computers and start using free Linux!!!

  92. Steve Bice

    From Zerohedge article today: “Pfizer Doses First Patient In Phase 2/3 Trial For Daily COVID Pill”

    Key Quote: “Pfizer revealed on Wednesday that it had finally dosed its first patient participating in the Phase 2/3 study examining the efficacy of PF-07321332, an orally administered protease inhibitor antiviral designed to combat COVID-19.”

    Looks like they are trying to recreate Ivermectin with enough changes to put it under patent.

    Here is Ivermectin’s mode of action: “Ivermectin was found as a blocker of viral replicase, protease and human TMPRSS2, which could be the biophysical basis behind its antiviral efficiency. ”
    I have no words to express my disdain…

  93. eddiemd

    Posted over on Doximity website today with information about work done in the virology lab in Lima Peru in 1996. Bioweapon development involving hantavirus, Mayaro, and Machupo virus.

    All censored and removed quickly.

    The chat and comments at this website reveal how deceived the medical “professionals” really are here in the USA. You non medical people are up against fascists physicians, PAs, and NPs on a grand scale. All controlled by state medical boards and Big Pharma.

    It is clown world. These medical “scientists” forgot all the basic science they learned in medical school. I suspect that they are watching too much MSM and social media.

    The deception is here. Full on control of the other MIC (medical industrial complex). Very sad. The brainwashing of the medical establishment is nearly complete.

  94. Robert Coleman

    THE THREE 3’s
    3 weeks no food
    3 days no water
    3 minutes no air

    We as Humans WILL DIE

  95. Paul ...

    Wow!! … doesn’t this hit anyone in the head as being strange?? … when about two(2) deaths in electric vehicles occur (over 12 month period) … it results in a formal investigation … and a call for a sweeping investigation … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/nhtsa-adds-12th-crash-tesla-investigation-requesting-exhaustive-and-sweeping-amount … yet … when about two(2) thousand deaths result from the “jab” (over a one week period) … Fauci takes that as reason to go ahead and mandate … that all our four(4) year old children be forcibly removed from their homes (by the Gestapo Medical Police) and “jabbed” with his Killer Clot Shot!!

  96. Bill

    West Virginia Governor: We have seen a rise of 25% Deaths, during the last 8 weeks of vaccinated people!

  97. Paul ...

    Breaking Overnight News … Bribe’n “blasts the Supreme Court” for their unprecedented insane psychopathic ruling … claiming it is an assault upon a woman’s Constitutional Right under Roe v. Wade “to kill their own children if she wants to” … because it has always been “well recognized Satanic law” … from the time of the human sacrifices to Baal (who ate “donated” roasted babies), to the human sacrifices of the Inca’s (who ate living “beating” hearts) , to the present day human sacrifices of Planned Parenthood (who sell live baby organs to Tony Fauci for laboratory experimentation and for the addition of fetal tissue into his “jabs” … to be injected into the blood of every American and every human on planet Earth)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/supreme-court-leaves-texas-abortion-bill-intact-after-5-4-vote

    • Paul ...

      Every parent better think seriously about this … doesn’t voluntarily accepting a murdered baby’s fetal body part to be “jabbed” into your 4 year old child’s arm (by the mass murderer Toni Fauci) … make you just as much an accomplice to murder … as knowingly hiding the mass murderer Jeffery Dahmer’s murder victim (by voluntarily burying the murdered body down your basement)!! … “Don’t become an Accomplice to Murder” … two(2) world renowned virus experts at the FDA “just quit their jobs in protest” … telling parents: “Do not “jab” your Children” … “The “experimental vaccines” do not work” !!!

  98. eddiemd

    Arizona’s CAP canal from the Colorado River.

    Main supplier of water for 80% of the states population.

    Certainly a target for cyberwarfare.


  99. oneno

    The droughts and torrential rains will be a feature of life until population levels drop below 529 Million.

    What is so special about this number?

    That number just happens to be the service capacity for the planet Earth.

    Jmmanuel himself warned against over-population in his time.

    See Talmud Jmmanuel the real teaching of the man after whom the name “Jesus Christ” was created to start and “organized religion”.

    Read Talmud Jmmanuel if for nothing but to compare with the New Testament so as to then use one’s reason to consider the possibility that the former is the real teaching of Jmmanuel.

    See The Goblet of the Truth page LXIX.

    “To be fruitful and multiply” was never taught by Jmmanuel.

    Making preparations to store food or re-locate near water will only push-back reality for a little time. And keep in mind, “there is no grass on this Earth that remains green forever“.

    Where there are seas now, can become new land. And where there is land now can find itself under water. These natural process have been accelerated 1000-fold with the demands of the over-population.

    It is important to recognize that the spirit enters the body on the 21st day after conception.

    It is important to recognize the need for a Global multi-year cycling birth-stop followed by a year where births are allowed until population levels stabilize below the planet’s service limit of 529 Million.

  100. Bernd

    The industrial age is not sustainable and can only be of short historical duration because it is built on the principle of exponential growth and limited special resources on a finite planet. Overshoot and decline is therefore our predicament. We knew this for many decades but failed to invent a wiser civilization. We did not develop the technology to reach out for resources on other planets but we polluted the air, the oceans and the soil of our home planet with outdated technology instead.

    Our generation has failed to anticipate the long term repeating cycles in nature, that the Earth is a planet with repeating long Ice-ages and short Warm ages (Interglacials). A special alignment of the 4 gas planets in October 2024 and 2034 will cool down the sun via magnetic coupling to the extend of a little Ice age of at least 30 years length (Gleisberg-Cycle) beginning around the year 2026. A new 90 thousand year long Ice age is coming because the Interglacial we live in is overdue to end after 12500 years. A Galactic super wave has entered our solar system in the 1800s and will very likely lead to a magnetic reversal on our planet with global deluge and the beginning of a new Ice age around the year 2046.

  101. Bill

    WV Gov. Justice reports significant increases in fully vaccinated residents getting COVID, being hospitalized and “dying”
    CORONAVIRUS https://www.wvpublic.org/government/2021-08-23/w-va-officials-say-breakthrough-covid-cases-on-the-rise

    Posted: Aug 23, 2021 / 12:00 PM EDT / Updated: Aug 24, 2021 / 09:54 AM EDT

  102. Lois Petersen

    Hey Greg, any chance of getting another interview with Mark Taylor? He seems to have disappeared.

  103. oneno


    AND REMEMBER: You are not “vaxxed” until 14 days after the shot, so all those deaths are counted as COVID. If the shot kills you while you walk away from the jab center, or kills you in bed that night, or makes you have a vaxxident 3 days later, or causes you to collapse into a deep fryer 10 days later, YOU NEVER GOT THE SHOT, you died of Covid!!!

  104. oneno

    Botswana doctors press release on Ivermectin.

  105. oneno

    Those making the decision to vaccinate based on high relative risk reduction are being misled into believing there is significant benefit when the absolute risk reduction is less than 1%.

  106. oneno

    The Israeli Ministry of Health’s distortion methods are exposed and confirm the appalling picture of the “vaccinated”

  107. Marie+Joy

    Become a poll monitor.

  108. razer

    No SD water shortage: until 2045 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/no-water-shortages-expected-in-san-diego-until-at-least-2045/ar-AALhMfm

    Central Valley News June 21: 15% of Farmer Workforce Let Go. https://www.kcra.com/article/6600-central-valley-farmers-potential-water-cutoff/36757155

    Besides the US has left me so Mexico is the best bet according the D’s Report Mexico will only lose roughly one million souls not bad compared to the western speaking States.
    When buying land make sure there is well on it, sound advice.

  109. James Hall

    Look up primary water, there is no real shortage

  110. Elle

    Who, 1200-yrs ago, was collecting weather/water information that would be a valid measure of our current experience? Who coined the word ‘megadrought’–legacy media? Are we talking about ice core samples as the sole presenting evidence that no drought has been as bad as the current one in the last 1200-yrs ago? If not, what evidence is being used to state the drought is the worst in the last 1200-yr cycle? The especially low percentages stated for Lakes Mead and Powell are more than concerning. It’s clearly desperate. However, I’m concerned about how anyone arrived at the number of 1200-yrs? I’ve searched for a good explanation without the usual FakeSM hedging. I do not use YT (propaganda/profit site not to be believed). I find no info on the 1200-yr statement but, to be fair, there is not much info outside the FakeSM.

    Here are a couple of links:
    Good visual representation of the Lake Mead with charts: https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-CLIMATE/DROUGHT/dwpkrgbqovm/

    Energy Production discussion with charts:

  111. Robin

    Jake, its Chinatown…

  112. Ted Montana

    Location: Central Ohio
    Stores: Fully stocked
    Food Prices: Climbing
    Gas Prices: ~ $3.10 for regular
    Lockdowns: No masks or vaccines required, but are pushed.
    Travel: No restrictions on road travel, but seeing more police on roads.

    Water 100% recycles. The problem is management of the water. Population increases means they need more water but they are trying to take it from the same resources, so that’s the reason Lake Mead is going down.

    California is on the ocean and they need to desalinate. I can design a desalination system that will operate with nearly zero fosil fuels or even electricity. and California could be the great water provider to the surrounding states.

  113. Raymond Jensen

    Recall that the movie Soylent Green was situated in 2022.

  114. Black Watch

    I can see how the weather modification ppl are funneling fleeing CA ppl into Texas and other states so when the population is concentrated enough then they can start some other type of genocide in those areas.
    If they start the drought scenario in Texas then maybe we can get some solar energy source and put some dehumidifiers so as draw water out of the air. IF that starts here in Texas from these monsters from the Deep State.
    We had extreme wet weather this last spring. It was wonderful because we are usually so dry. But I have lived here long enough to see all types of weather. Droughts, floods, tornadoes, killing hail, all here at one time another. Now I know why we see past civilizations that went under ground to survive.

  115. m kleier

    Debrah Travaris says there is a wealth of primal water, deeper underground.

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