Fed Prints Money or the Whole Thing Blows Up-Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Financial writer, market analyst and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says the Fed has all but said it was going to delay the so-called “taper” of easy money policies–forever.  This is why gold and silver spiked as the dollar tanked on Friday.  Hemke contends, “The Chinese, four months in a row, have been net sellers of Treasuries. . . . They’re not buying them.  Well, somebody has got to buy.  Congress just announced this week that they came to a deal where they are going to spend $4.1 trillion on what is allegedly called infrastructure. . . . The money has got to come from somewhere. There is this notion that they are just going to raise taxes on rich people.  Rich people are just going to change how they spend and do their taxes.  Who is going to loan us money?  It’s not going to be the Chinese or other foreign countries because they don’t have confidence in us anymore.  So, the money is going to come from somewhere.  Of course, the Fed is going to keep monetizing the debt because if they don’t, interest rates have got to rise to a point people are willing to loan it to the U.S.  If interest rates go to 3% or 5%, the whole thing blows up.”

Hemke points out, “All we can do is prepare for a time when this finally implodes because it will.  Confidence will eventually collapse.  Confidence is like Hemmingway’s explanation of how he went bankrupt.  He was asked, ‘How did you go broke?’  He said, ‘At first slowly, and then, all at once.’  Confidence gets chipped away a little bit at a time like what you are seeing in Afghanistan, and then, all at once.  That is eventually what is going to happen.  You’ve got to be using this time to prepare for that. . . . Econ 101 teaches you if you are increasing supply (of dollars) and decreasing the demand, the price falls and the dollar collapses.  Inflation spins out of control.  Then, you have to do all these other things to try to keep interest rates from going up.  All the plates start to collapse that Fed Head Powell is trying to spin.”

Hemke says all this dollar printing and interest rate suppression is a good thing for precious metals and a very bad thing for the U.S. dollar.  Hemke explains, “You’ve got people saying I don’t want to use the dollar anymore.  These are all significant consequences to everything that led up to the last three weeks, but now, the events of the last three weeks are spinning it that much faster.”

Hemke is still expecting gold and silver to close much higher by the end of the year.  How much higher is anyone’s guess?  There are some things you can count on, and Hemke predicts, “Covid is not going away. Confidence in the U.S. monetary system continues to get chipped away.  The taper is impossible.  The Fed not monetizing the debt is impossible, they have to. . . . prices of gold and silver are going to soar.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke of the popular website TFMetalsReport.com 8.28.21.

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  1. Brooklyn


    You are ON FIRE!

    We checked in about 5:30pm (EDST) and nothing there yet. Then we checked back about 6:00pm and there was your interview with Greg Hemke. Damn, I hope he’s right about the PM’s. It has been a pretty rough ride this year – so far!

    We can’t believe the demonic dems with their $4.1 trillion dollar “infrastructure” payoff, I mean bill, that everyone knows never get paid back because “it’s all just funny-money today…” Does anyone have any idea, just how much money 4.1 trillion dollars is..??? Don’t answer that!

    Thanks again Greg. You are our Warrior for your Dedication to the TRUTH!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brooklyn for all your support of the site!

    • Danny L

      This guy thinks the Saudis did 9/11 lol.

      • Joe

        Here is a good place to start :


        • Peter Browning

          Building Seven,,,, anyone?

          • Bill


      • Mac

        There are some things the MSM has been able to process into the conservative consciousness. This is one of them.

        Functionally, this one comment does not undo the rationale he was presenting regarding the US/Saudi relationship.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg,
    Sooner or later it will end but The Fed and other Central banks will wipe its debt, everyone else in the world will suffer and have pay-up big time.
    Debt enslaved humans will be the new normal with no employment or entrepreneurial prosperity.
    Property prices in Australia are now rumoured to be doubling every four years and cost of living flying high.
    40 tears ago a single income could support the family; send the kids to University, holiday locally or abroad annually, a couple of cars, up-keep the home, a night out or two on the town weekly and pay off the mortgage many years before the retirement age off 55, now you can’t retire until dementia kicks in and the bank still has title on your property.
    Some of my colleagues haven’t taken annual leave for some four or five years now, choosing to have it paid out. We all know they are grinding us into the dirt rather painfully.

    • Paul from Indiana

      AA-welcome to the New Feudalism! Level ONE: serfs (the masses) and lords (managers for the elite), and LEVEL TWO: elite ruling class (you know who these scumbags are). The whole thing was enabled by fiat money/currency and Marxist ideology in the guise of “liberalism”. Best always. PM

      • JC

        Holy Cow – Australian Beef Prices Hit Record High As Food Inflation Concerns Persist


        • Paul ...

          JC … Raise the price of beef and the eugenicists “jab” will work even better “to kill people” (who can’t afford it) … meat contains Organo-Sulfur Compounds (OSCs) that have strong antioxidant activity … in addition OSC’s: 1) help prevent blood platelets from clotting, 2) are anti-ageing, 3) are anti-inflammatory, 4) are anti-microbial, 5) are anti-parasitic, 6) are anti-hypertensive, 7) anti-hyperlipidemic, 8) anti-atherosclerotic … and 9) are “anti-viral” … so Bill Gates “does not want people to eat meat (which contains OSC’s)” … the OSC’s contained in beef are beneficial in treating the various pathological conditions he and Fauci deliberately designed and put into their “jab” (like blood clotting disorders, neuro-degenerative disorders, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, HIV, Lassa, Polio, MERS, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever and Chikungunya, etc., etc. (which will express themselves over time “like a time-release pill”) … the people who have been “jabbed” should now begin to see the Polio-like symptoms designed into the “jab” by about “year-end 2021” … where as the cancer, neurological and mental disorders were designed to begin expressing themselves more by about 2027!!

          • JC


            There are some doctors warning not to take an MRI if you have been vaxxed. Graphene oxide? Magnetic stuff in your blood? MRI? What might happen?

  3. Lawrence G Carter

    Greg Hemke is predicting gold and silver to soar by the end of the Year. Bo Polny is
    predicting gold and silver to take off in November of this year. Hope this is a good year
    for us gold bugs.

    • Randol Lee Larson

      Hey Lawrence,
      You are correct! Also, beef exports hit rock bottom as well. The danger is if the Australian currency drops in value against other foreign currencies then exports will rise and the price will go even higher domestically. This is what happened in high inflation in South American countries.

    • Brick Stonehead

      I don’t want to rain on your parade, Lawrence G Carter, but the point of owning gold or silver is not speculating to become rich, it is to preserve your wealth and purchasing power during times of crisis and having something of value to trade that is easily transported and private. . Think World War II. How many families escaped the horrors that befell Europe because they had enough gold to emigrate out of Europe to America or other parts of the world. They survived the war when those without any gold perished due to the war, the death camps, or disease and starvation. That is the difference between owning gold and silver or not owning it.
      If you think that gold and silver will go up but everything else will be the same, you will be disappointed. You will sell your gold and silver too soon in hopes of being rich, long before the catastrophe happens when you truly need it.

  4. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Craig is my favorite guest you have on. He along with Eric Sprott know what they are talking about. I continue to buy Silver monthly along with Gold & Platinum. The Dollar is Doomed
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Thanks for having Craig on

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for all your support & for your service to our country!

  5. D

    It’s reported by Trump Jr. That Biden gave the Taliban a kill list of those left behind!
    This was/is NOT incompetence it was INTENTIONAL!
    The USA military is so corrupted that wouldn’t defend our Homeland if China invaded!
    1 to 2 billion dead by the murder vax within a year or 2.
    Bad news, every institution in the USA is ran by satan
    GOOD news is Jesus is returning, QUICKLY!
    Before you mock
    We have already seen the quasi mark of the beast
    The real mark of the beast can’t be far off!
    As for me and my house we are seeking God daily

    Ephesians 6:12

    PS so if I don’t have antibodies I have to take the satan juice?!?!
    Love Craig, but NO!!!!

    • Bill

      General Milley would probably Faint, if he saw the Chinese coming!

      • Paul ...

        All the crypto-bugs caught in the “money honey” digital fly trap … will also faint … when they eventually realize “they can’t move financially” … like General Mike Flynn … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/chase-bank-cancels-general-mike-flynns-credit-cards … the Banksters made a big mistake “showing their power” exactly at the time they and their Corporate are trying to pump the use of crypto … crypto-bugs will now probably understand … that their secure wallets “can be turned off” if they travel more then 5 miles from their home … the Globalists hate gold, silver and even cash as they can’t turn off the physical silver or gold coins or cash in your pocket … get it yet cypto-bugs??

        • Bill

          Yes, the Globalists Claim to hate Gold (Where’s Stan?) but that’s how every central bank in the World, settles their debts with other central banks in the underground facilities of the New York City Federal Reserve.
          In the floors, below ground there is a meeting hall about as big as a football field. Each Central bank has a banner above their heads, that says France, Germany, or China for example). In front of the banner, there are pallets of Gold Bars(Kilos). Gold Bars are heavy, so that is why Each Central Bank delivers the Gold bars on a Pallet to the Central Bank that is owed the Gold Bars. If the Central Bank of China owes $200,000 to the Central Bank of France, the accountant counts out 44 kilo bars of Gold onto a wood pallet. Then the Towmotor driver takes these gold bars to where the French Central Bank is located on the Football field. The French accountant looks at and counts the 44 Gold Kilo bars, to make sure the count is right. Then he places those Gold Bars onto the French Central Bank Pallet. This goes on every day in the basement of the New York City FED. You can go and witness the transactions if you want, however you have to wait about 10 months,to get tickets, because there is a Waiting list.

  6. Jerry

    I’m posting this information because people need to know that the government is preparing to send DHS and it’s various agencies into rural areas and force the unvaccinated into CDC isolation camps when the next lockdown comes. https://ruraltraining.org/course/mgt-433/

    This may not seem pertinent to your current subject matter, but it is. The globalist are going to use the next lockdown to collapse the current economic system, and force the reset. We may be weeks away from the next trigger event, so I would not delay making final preps. Let me be clear, the globalist will not let this opportunity pass no matter what. It’s all a matter of timing. Call it fear porn. Call it fear pumping. Call it whatever you want, but if you can’t see that all of this is planned I can’t help you. The same players who conducted Event 201, are the same players who made the so called vaccines. It’s all planned down to the detail. Cliff was right about the pushback. I’m watching it in real time with stadiums full of unmasked football fans. But guess what? The globalist are watching it to, and will soon use it to trigger the next lockdown. And then what? Ivermectin is getting next to impossible to find since the CDC released their crap report about its dangers just in time for the next wave of variants. How thoughtful? Greg they’re doing everything they can to close the exits before the next event. It’s coming. Please….warn your readers.

    • Jerry

      This reinforces my post about what the CDC said about ivermectin.

      More lies. No go ahead and inject yourself with a drug that’s never been used before, that hides behind a liability shield, and is buried in legal clauses in their official statement. Liars! Hypocrites! ALL!

      • Charles H


        I just watched a ‘hit piece’ on Ivermectin on Fox 13 Tampa this Sunday morning August 29th. (Hurricane Ida held me up from heading home) They ALLEDGED there was rash of overdoses of Ivermectin – but didn’t show anyone who was sick or any doctor who attended any overdoses: they just threw the lie out there, unsubstantiated. Then they segwayed to the physical pill used to prescribe to humans when prescribed for malaria; and put some male bozo up to a camera supposedly in front of a Supply Store who said people were showing up with pictures on their phones looking for the horse medication. He alleged that he took the product off the shelves and “hid” it from customers, ‘in the back’ – saying he ‘knew’ they weren’t using it for horses. So the cat is out of the bag – AND they are counteracting to deny this, another useful drug (just like Hydroxychloroquin) from the Public. Another commenter here warned this would happen – and it is, By the way – the 1.89% Ivermectin Paste used to deworm horses: contains nothing toxic to humans; and it is a drug confirmed and approved to use in humans. I’d bet big money there hasn’t been a single overdose. Seems the PTB will stop at nothing to leave the public helpless, while pressuring all to get ‘the jab’.

        • JC

          Jerry, Charles H,

          Administrator: The current all hands on deck campaign to discredit ivermectin is a sign of desperation, as they have only been able to coerce and scare just over 50% of the population to have this Big Pharma concoction injected into their bodies. With cases peaking at 155,000 per day, the desperation of Fauci and his acolytes is visible for all to see.

          I submitted my strongly worded religious exemption to my employer this morning. I should know within a week whether they will buy it. If they deny it, the ball will be in their court, because I will never have that shit injected into my body. They can terminate me and I will be unbowed. They cannot force me to contaminate my body. I’m a free man and will not take the knee. I will not comply. Resistance is not futile. I hope enough of my countrymen will join me in choosing freedom over servitude.


          • Paul ...

            I hear your prayer JC … Jesus did the same thing to Satan … “Keep praying JC … for as in the “Lord’s Prayer” we pray that we will not be led into temptation” (Matthew 6:13) … prayer will help you JC to resist the temptation to “jab” yourself for the riches of this world … just like on that night Jesus was betrayed … he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:38) … where He effectively told Satan … “Go To Hell” !!

          • Jerry

            You are correct about desperation. Check this out.

            DOD playing nursemaid to a truckload of vaccine. I agree with Hal. What are they afraid of? Could it be they don’t want anyone to get their hands on it to analyze the true contents? As far as your employer, get the form off of KAF website at solari and use it. People need to lawyer up and go after these employers if they want to play hardball with their employees. There is more than one way to skin a globalist. Labor laws. Discrimination. Religious exemptions.

            • JC


              Thanks, that’s not about me though, it’s an excerpt by the administrator of the Burning Platform website.

              Hal Turner may be on to something, very suspicious.

              Listen, besides proper hydration that I mentioned regarding natural protection from viruses, eliminating sugar is another big one that I can attest to. Why do we eat it? As soon as we put it in our mouth it is rotting our teeth. So what is it doing after that? Anything good?

              “Got Covid? Maybe it’s because you don’t take care of yourself properly. Got a really bad case of Covid? Maybe you should stop eating so much sugar, GMOs, bleached foods, fluoridated water and microwave meals. Then, look into powerful, immune-building supplements like vitamin D, zinc, medicinal mushrooms, oil of oregano, licorice root, cinnamon, turmeric with curcumin, and garlic.”


  7. Paul ...

    Well Stan … there is still time to change from being a hard piece of wood with a growing nose (larger and larger gold short sale losses) … Craig Hemke is now predicting higher gold and silver prices by year end … there is still time to save yourself … but not by simply “knocking on wood”!!

    • Stan

      Pual: You think every Gold Bug is credible. I still have a huge short position in Gold. See you at $1200 by year end.

      • Ray

        I missed the opportunity last year to take &75K off you (and even after that, you refused to jump off the bridge as you promised everyone here). Apparently, according to your mythical friend “Theodore” you went instead to Las Vegas and broke down Steve Wynns’ casino…..to the point where he personally asked you to leave.
        Pfffft………..talk about a pipe dream!!!
        Calling you an imbecile is an insult to all imbeciles across the Galaxy.
        $1200 gold by year end you say?
        Apologies to all piss ants actually……you’re just a grub…..a money loving grub who snipes away at this site, NEVER adding anything of real worth……just $$$$$$ talk and ridiculous pipe dream scenarios.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Stan

          Ray: Why are you so angry? Have you lost money in Gold & Silver recently like Paul? Would you like to wager on my $1200 eoy Gold call?

          • Paul ...

            Hey Stan … just to set the record straight “I have not lost money” on Gold … remember … I was buying (and I told you to buy) Gold and Silver during the recent downturn and my recent purchases are “in the money” … you and your banking buddies have already lost hundreds of millions of dollars being on the wrong side of Gold and Silver … remember I’m trying to save you Stan … so I am going to tell you this “once again” (even though it will likely fall on deaf ears) … Gold will rise … and Silver will rise … both will be at “new all time highs” … By Year End … Gold will likely rise to between $2300 to 2400 dollars per ounce … and Silver will also push to new all time highs … likely between $70 to $100 dollars per ounce … By Year End … I hope you realize that that’s just “16 weeks from now”!! … so you don’t have very much time Stan to cover your short positions!!!

      • Paul ...

        You know Stan … with the Covid virus and its variants Fauci spread to the entire world you have probably stockpiled some “Zinc” (to kill the virus) … but you should also own some “Silver” … although Zinc has proven powerful in fighting off influenza and the common cold … Silver can also penetrate the core DNA and RNA of viruses “immobilizing them” … so at a minimum you should own at least ten(10) one ounce 0.999 silver coins … put one in your water filter tank to keep the filtered water purified and germ free … put one in the pot of chicken soup you make when fighting a cold … leave one in your stainless steel tea pot on the stove (as I know you probably sold the silver tea pot and silverware your grandmother left you) … with Silver being both an anti-microbial and anti-viral … you should buy some “for your health” (if not for its monetary value)!!

        • Stan

          Paul: Keep dreaming. By the way, I bought more Deutsche Bank today

          • Paul ...

            Stan … You always keep bashing me … because “silver is only half way to its old high” … and now you tell me you are buying DB … that is 10 times lower then its old high?? … your logic is amazingly inconsistent!!

  8. John Nordstrom

    Afghanistan – too stupid to be stupid.
    * US MIL hardware left in Afghanistan was no accident
    * Taliban Appoints Former Gitmo Detainee As Afghanistan’s New Defense Minister
    * CIA Director William J. Burns met secretly with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar
    * Gitmo is a CIA training facility
    Deep State is conditioning us to expect a loss to China after the US Military goes back in.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART: The 21st century United States military has become a Mercenary Force, dependent upon contractors who believe in the system and the promise that someone will get you out. Frankly, I have never believed in the system, and obviously that was justified by recent events in Afghanistan.


  9. Roger

    Are you ready for Jesus to return?


    • D

      Sadly judging from the comments Jesus isn’t even on their radar!
      We may not know the day or hour when Jesus returns but we are staring straight at the mark of the beast at least how it will be implemented!
      And we know this world ends QUICKLY after it appears!
      Jesus said this generation shall not pass, that sees Israel become a nation,
      A generation is 70 years, 80 with grace it has been 73 years
      That leaves 7 years for the tribulation people!
      Does God let 2 billion people die this fall OR JUST RETURN THIS September?!?
      Rosh Hashanah
      For the love of God think about it people!

      • Roger

        So far the pattern has been the Jewish holidays He was believed to be born on Sukkot; He died on Passover; He rose on First Fruits; He ascended during Pentecost. If the pattern continues the rapture would occur on Rosh Hashanah (feast of trumpets). The one coming up or another one down the road? It seems to be definitley getting close.

        • D

          Hey Roger, of course I don’t know, but I’m preparing everyday with prayer that his return is this Rosh Hashanah if not sooner!
          The USA is DONE!
          That means Israel is on her own and the pages of Revelation are now turning in real time!
          Jesus is humanities ONLY HOPE
          God bless you and yours

  10. Paul ...

    Bombshell hits UK … https://chriswaldburger.substack.com/p/bombshell-uk-data-destroys-entire … the politicians jab and jab and jab again … probably thinking … that if they keep getting “worse and worse results” it proves “they are not insane” (like the Israeli politicians who now see that 60% of hospitalization rates in Israel are from “fully vaccinated patients” … and yet … they want to give everyone a “third Jab”?? … you know … I don’t want to even believe what I’m thinking … but could these politicians be vaccinating their people against “a future bio-weapon” they are planning to drop on Iran or the other way around?? … its the only thing that seems to make sense out of this mad insane mess??? … lets outlaw all bio-weapons by treaty the way we did with chemical weapons and nuclear weapons NOW!!!

  11. Rodster

    Where I kind of disagree with Craig is that regardless, the whole thing will blow up either way, if The Fed stops printing money or continues printing money. Either way the figurative plane we are in is headed straight for the side of the mountain. That is why The Fed and the Gov’t have embraced MMT.

    We will never pay back the debt we have created and Martin Armstrong is correct that Covid 19 is being used to collapse the entire system to “Build Back Better”.

  12. Bob

    Greg, I always enjoy listening to C. Hemke. Really knows his stuff. Thanks for having him on again. Bob.

  13. Joseph V Minicucci

    Thank you so much Greg, one of my favored guest.

  14. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    00:45 a.m. here so I’ll listen to Craig Hemke over breakfast!
    In the meantime, to answer your rhetorical question, YES, I guess Eric Clapton is pissed!!!
    Re-post, with your kind permission, so everyone can review Clapton’s latest:

    AndrewB 08/28/2021 •
    Eric Clapton naively took both jabs and has talked about severe side-effects affecting his hands and guitar playing. Just heard his new (protest) song. Enjoy.

    Greg Hunter 08/28/2021 •
    Clapton got very sick after being vaxed. You think he’s pissed about being poisoned??

  15. Kevin Tatanka

    Of all the various “experts” you have on, Greg, I find Craig Hemke the most market-savvy credible. A man without guile.

  16. Richard

    Even if the Fed prints money the whole thing is going to blow up and the country will must likely split up.

  17. Nigel

    Thanks Greg, great content as always

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Nigel!

  18. steve

    I like Craig- but we do not want or need any cards

    • J.

      Steve, I agree with you. We MUST keep our eye on the ball, aka the real reason for all of this is CONTROL by the demonic globalist elite. We must do everything possible to STOP their demonic plans. You may be extremely wealthy, but if your God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are controlled by the demonic globalist elite, your wealth is really worth very little.

      • Paul ...

        When the “Medical Gestapo” stops you … and asks: “Let me see your “jab” papers” … take out a copy of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States … and point to the Section that states: Slavery and “involuntary servitude” was abolished (and ratified) by the States of the Union way back in 1865 … and then … Order the Gestapo goons to go back to Germany and give Claus Schwab a big kick in the ass for you … because you want to be happy!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … the Globalist “commie” eugenicists Made A Big Mistake not repealing the 13th Amendment before launching their plandemic!! … now it seems … they have been forced to the fallback position of declaring the entire US Constitution “an Illegal Document” made up by Terrorists … and the push is on by these evil commies … as the US Government (through FEMA) is teaching Law Enforcement personnel and Firefighters that America’s Founding Fathers were simply Terrorists … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oP1Ke70Mi8 … and therefore anyone holding up the Constitution (to their newly trained Gestapo Enforcement Personnel) explaining their rights … should be immediately dragged to the ground, hog tied and dragged off to prison … for being a “terrorist sympathizer”!!

  19. andyb

    We are being played on Afghanistan. The tell is that the USG had ethnic food rations for the hordes of people at the gates. In place days before the Taliban takeover. More muslim illegal aliens to join the hordes. 0ne Million perhaps. How many assistants or translators did each US soldier have? 1o0, 400, 1000? Another is the incredibly insane policy that resulted in an unmitigated disaster is part of the ever present globalist plan to create chaos. See the history of the Rothschilds and their financial positions on all sides in any major conflict. I”m sure that the clandestine meeting of the Taliban head and the CIA chief was to divvy up the opium profits and to determine which multinational corporation mega donor would obtain the rights to mine critical and strategically important minerals. That’s me but I”m a naturally born cynic.

    Speaking of naturally born, it is apparent that Biden is now toast, and will be 25th, suicided (call Hillary), impeached or resign for ill health. Cannot have Kamala, with an approval rating lower than 0, so the Dems will miraculously discover that she cannot be President because neither parent was a natural born citizen. The Constitution is clear on this issue. So in walks Pelosi as 3rd in line? LOCK AND LOAD; THE REVOLUTION BEGINS.

    • Brooklyn


      Always enjoy your posts here at USA Watchdog, as I am just a wee bit of a cynic myself. But, the truth be told, there is much going on here where neither camela or nancy will be POTUS. Go back to Clif High’s recent interview and listen to what he had to say about DEVOLUTION and the timing between jobama out and the inauguration of “whoever”. If you use Telegram, go to the Spitballers Chat and learn about the Nine (9) parts of Devolution. You will be glad after you have invested the time and come to realize that Trump did not simply – walk away.

  20. Matt Jaymes

    Greg: Your work is off the charts, especially this interview with Mr. Hemke.

    A small, but heartfelt confession: I have contributed to your site many times in the past. But for the 4th time in 3 years, I find myself without employment, thus I am unable to offer anything at this time. As soon as things change in that regard, I will put some $$$ in the collection plate.

    God bless you, and our troops that China Joe crapped on!


    • Greg Hunter

      You get a job and do not worry about me. Get ready and stay ready!!

  21. Kim

    You never fail to deliver the best analysis Greg. Mr. Hemke knows what’s going on.
    The timing sucks, but we get closer to reality every day.

  22. Shirley Thompson

    Taiwan Semiconductor is relocating to AZ

    • Self Exiled


  23. MC

    “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it . . . ”
    ― Ernest Hemingway, ‘A Farewell to Arms’ (1929)

    “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Verily, verily, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” – Jesus (Jn 12:24)

    Mr. Hemke probably long ago got his heart broken by the sexiest babe in the village who left him for a traditional-Catholic man. But that’s okay because it resulted in him stronger at the broken places, and he is now able to perceive just how bad is the cabal who runs the fiat debt slavery system. . . . By contrast Dr. Martenson is still a tenderfoot and does not perceive that the vax is an intended, systematic depopulation program.

  24. Shirley Thompson

    Craig needs to worry about China gaining access and ultimately controlling rare earth mineral mines along Afghanistan/China border. All nuclear development depends on rare earth minerals. Also the world’s largest Lithium deposits are in the same area. Lithium is essential for EVs, computers, cell phones, TVs, loads of electronics not to mention batteries.
    So China would control 90% of rare earth minerals – Russia through Uranium One deal controls the other 10% via leases of US mines. the US does not mine these minerals. China would also control all production of Lithium batteries and elemental lithium used in starter pharmaceuticals for depression/bi-polar disease.

  25. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, Craig will be right on this, it’s just a matter of when (not if) the current system implodes.

    Meanwhile, Eric Clapton has another [protest song out, this one aimed the Covid lockdowns. Recall the Clapton had a negative reaction the the vaxx and for a while wondered if he’d ever play again.
    [B]“Eric Clapton – This Has Gotta Stop (Official Music Video)” [B/]

    This has gotta stop, enough is enough
    I can’t take this BS any longer
    It’s gone far enough, you wanna claim my soul
    You’ll have to come and break down this door.”

    • Ms Understood

      there’s a kind of unique anti-vax protest one here: http://mountaincreeksongs.com/vax.htm

      It’s Not A Vaccine
      lyric to be spoken

      roll up your sleeve give us your arm
      uncle sam means you no harm
      like agent orange in viet nam
      and chemtrails in between

      they feed you fear and falsify
      their GA guide stones tell you why
      we’re only cattle in their eye
      and here’s their spike protein

      do you want to work and shop today
      you’ll take our jab without delay
      or we’ll lock you down if you
      want it that way
      you say but it’s graphene

      they lie about immunity
      they think we’re all to dumb to see
      they say it is to you and me
      but it’s not a vaccine

      do you want to fly see your kids get to play
      do you want the masks to go away
      we’ll lock you down if you
      want it that way
      you say but it’s graphene

      they lie about immunity
      they lie about it all you see
      they say it is to you and me
      but it’s not a vaccine

      it’s graphene with a spike protein it’s not a vaccine it’s not a vaccine

  26. Ray Stanley

    How can a person get Ivermectin? My doctor will not give me a prescription.

    • Greg Hunter

      First think fire that Nazi coward called a “doctor” who is willing to let you die instead of giving you a cure. Yes it is a cure: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4930160/user-clip-dr-pierre-kory-senate-hearing-ivermectin-100-cure-covid-19 It’s 10 mins long. Dr. Kory is one of the top lung doctors in the country–I kid you not. Some people are telling me to go to Tractor Supply and buy horse wormer.

      • J.

        Greg, I don’t know how many veterinarians would sell Ivermectin to the public, but just in case someone reading this may be helped. I have a close friend who purchased a bottle of clear liquid Ivermectin from a Veterinarian in North Florida, about two weeks ago.

      • Spur

        Greg…many dog antiparasite pills have Ivermectin in them! Go see a vet and tell them your favorite pet has parasites!

        • Beligerant

          Forget that Ivermectin which is difficult to obtain and must be ingested orally. There are several nasal sprays which have proven to kill 95% of Covid within 24 hours and 99% within 48 hours if treated during initial stage before it invades the lungs.

          Xclear is widely available for about $10

          Also Nitric Oxide nasal sprays are very effective against Covid and probably the best available if you can find them.

      • Bill

        I have read Tractor Supply’s Invermectin has a 1.6% Ivermectin in it . So, 98.4% is Fillers!

      • susan

        Greg, if they are in the middle of nowhere like I am; sometimes Amazon is the only option. They sell Ivermectin like at Tractor Supply.

        • Greg Hunter


    • Barbara Cathcart

      Go to Americas Frontline Doctors to get Ivermectin

      • Greg Hunter

        Have you used them? If so, what was your experience like? You might try these folks too: https://myfreedoctor.com/

        • Chip

          I’ve used them Greg. $90 online consultation fee. They will call you if you want to actually talk to a doctor but you can also decline that option. They write a script and send it to a participating pharmacy near you that will call you when they have the script from the doctor. You call the pharmacy back, give them your info, credit card information, and then they mail the prescription to you. We’ve done it twice, once for HCQ, and once for Ivermectin. Got refills done for both too. Ivermectin was a bit pricey. $250 for 50 x 3mg tablets and $250 more for a refill (which we did about two weeks after getting the original prescription). Instructions on the box are to take 6 tablets daily for 5 days at onset of symptoms and 6 tablets every two weeks as long as symptoms remain. Front Line Docs also have a MASK+ protocol on their website for combining this with vitamin D, C, Quercetin, zinc, and melatonin. We haven’t had to use any of them yet but we take D, C, Quercetin, zinc, and magnesium daily. In our early 60’s, both active and healthy. Spend lots of time outdoors in the sun as well… Chip

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks Chip!!

          • Beligerant

            Need something that is cheap and easily accessible just get one of these nasal sprays. They have shown to wipe out Covid during initial nasal infection before it reaches deeper into the body. Xclear is available on sites like Amazon for $10 plus probably in a nearby pharmacy:


            Don’t expect to find this information on mainstream media which maintains nothing but a jab can save humanity. Also, new reports says Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray will kill 95% of Covid within 24 hours and 99% within 48 hours.


            • Paul ...

              B … I bet if you put a few drops of “colloidal silver” into this saline solution … it would probably kill the virus “10 times faster” then the 15 minutes it took the salt water alone to do it!!

              • A. Anthanovich


                You are spot on. I had a serious nasal infection and continuous mucus formation in my throat for most of 2020. I tried several rounds of antibiotics only to have the symptoms return. Then I tried adding Colloidal Silver drops to Dane Wigington’s nasal spray recipe which consists of 2 OZ distilled water, saline packet, 2 drops tea tree oil, and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. I also flush my nasal passages with NeilMed Sinus Rinse (basically a plastic bottle filled with with distilled or R/O water and a saline packet) and add a dropper full of Colloidal Silver 500 ppm. After a few days I was back to normal, breathing freely again and no mucus formation.

                Here is the link to Dane’s recipe…scroll down to the section Prevention of Respiratory Infections


              • A. Anthanovich

                You are spot on. I had a serious nasal infection and continuous mucus formation in my throat for most of 2020. I tried several rounds of antibiotics only to have the symptoms return. Then I tried adding Colloidal Silver drops to Dane Wigington’s nasal spray recipe which consists of 2 OZ distilled water, saline packet, 2 drops tea tree oil, and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. I also flush my nasal passages with NeilMed Sinus Rinse (basically a plastic bottle filled with with distilled or R/O water and a saline packet) and add a dropper full of Colloidal Silver 500 ppm. After a few days I was back to normal, breathing freely again and no mucus formation.

                Here is the link to Dane’s recipe…scroll down to the section Prevention of Respiratory Infections


        • Henry

          Early this year I used MyFreeDoctor. Had a telemed session with the nurse and the doctor sent a prescription for IVM to my local pharmacy, Walmart (prices way too expensive). MyFreeDoctor asked for a donation and I gave them $50 which seemed to be okay. The only problem was the script had no refills, so a couple of months later I was stuck. WM submitted a request for refill and never got a response, and I couldn’t get back in touch with MFD. So, a local doctor prescribed (pharmacy can tell you docs who are), and got filled at Walgreens at a much better price with GoodRx coupon. Check with pharmacy first though to see if they are even filling for IVM, some aren’t.

        • Steve Bice

          Greg and others: Time magazine just did a hit piece on them by interviewing a few dissatisfied customers. My experience was good. I think any problems are due to them being swamped.

          You fill out a basic medical form and schedule a “visit” with a doctor. It costs $90 for the telephone consultation. The call comes within a day or two, and the pharmacy will call and confirm within a week thereafter. (It was much quicker the first time I used them, but demand is now off the charts.)

          We have used them five times. Once each for me and my wife, and again for “refills” for each of us. Plus some HCQ for a relative. The follow-up “visit” (we opted out of an actual call, as an established patient) was $59. We have both HCQ and Ivermectin.

          The drugs are not cheap, but they are pharmaceuticals formulated and packaged for human use. The HCQ was $50 for 20 pills, but the Ivermectin is $6 per pill…or $360 for 60 pills. They let me do a partial fill of 15, and then I filled 15 more which are now on their way. Today, I said, oh what the heck and asked them to fill the other 30. They also charge $10 to ship, but I received them in a day out of Durham, NC.

          I don’t know how long this mechanism can withstand the regulatory onslaught, but for us, it allowed us to prepare for every eventuality. I probably have $1000 invested in “visits”, prescriptions and supplements…Quercetin has gotten more expensive too. But one hospital stay avoided, will be worth a lot more than that.

          So, I hope that is helpful to you and your readers. AFLDS gave us an alternative when the whole medical establishment is working against our freedom of choice for health care. I am very grateful for the service they provided.

          • Steve Bice

            P.S. We do what Chip (above) is doing. We use supplements (Lysine, D3, Quercetin and Zinc) for prophylaxis, and will use the prescriptions if one of us gets sick. As Chip suggested there are a number of protocols out there: FLCCC, the Zelenko protocol are two of them. Everyone should do their own due diligence and decide what is best for their particular circumstances. I am in no position to offer medical advice to anyone. But of, course, neither is Fauci or the CDC, the difference being my motives are not suspect…

        • TB

          Greg – I have used America’s Frontline Doctors as well. It was $90.00 for the consult and $170.00 for the Ivermectin. It’s prescribed by weight. I have enough pills for 1 week. It took about 2 weeks – they are prioritizing those with active symptoms vs. those getting it in case. It’s pretty pricey if you have several family members. In another group I’m on some people are buying the horse medicine. Instead of taking it internally, they are putting in on the bottom of their feet like lotion. They said it works. I haven’t used that and don’t know. You can get the horse Ivermectin at Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply and on Amazon. This is an inexpensive drug if our medical system would just allow people to use it.

          • TB

            I wanted to thank you for all you do Greg. We appreciate you and the great guests and information you share with everyone. God Bless!

      • Skip Havely

        My wife and I used American Frontline Doctors, as well. They were excellent. Highly recommend this organization.

      • Paul ...

        BC … You can use Quercetin found in red and yellow onions (in place of Ivermectin) to get zinc into your cells … add them to Chicken Soup with a few cloves of garlic (another anti-viral) along with root vegetables and celery … chicken breast contains minerals like zinc, protein dipeptides (such as carnosine and anserine) along with polypeptides, trace elements, and multiple amino acids all of which can help in the battle to fight off Flu type viruses!

    • Gary C

      I got mine from Costa Rica , it’s over the counter there.
      In Canada doctors are not allowed to prescribe it for Covid,
      if they do their license gets pulled.

  27. Robin Adair

    Greg, Thanks for having Craig Hemke back on. He is one of my favorite guests because (a) he is very market savvy and (b) he is so easy to listen to and (c) he explains things so well. Your Brother in Christ, Robin

  28. Elias Andrinopoulos

    It’s very sobering to see how many are still lost in the quagmire of price action and short term movement. What an awesome interview, thank you, Greg, you are a wonderful journalist and a legit amazing news source!

  29. Shawn Brown

    Hi Greg,
    Probably beginning to sound like I’m only critical of your guests but feels like it’s my job to call out guys who are disingenuous and Hemke is on par with Martenson regarding his actions over the last several years and here’s why…(btw, I invite a response from Craig, himself). Craig Hemke has relentlessly promoted a Canadian Mutual Fund, PSLV as an alternative to Physical SILVER. It almost seems like he is being compensated by Eric Sprott and/or Virtu Financial in what could soon be disclosed as one of the largest grifts in precious metals market history. PSLV is the exact same as Barclays iShares product, SLV with one exception. The holder of PSLV can take delivery IF the shareholder has the equivalent of 10,000 ounces or roughly 30,000 shares (~$250k). The shareholder will also have to pay additional fees of approx 5% for what is essentially shipping and handling. It should be also be noted that if Mr. Hemke does respond, he will almost certainly say that PSLV is much different because Sprott’s Mutual Fund actually has the silver where SLV probably doesn’t but who actually has $250k invested in silver ETF shares in the first place? Craig, how about full disclosure. Have you or any of your affiliates been compensated directly or indirectly by Sprott or any authorized participant for promoting PSLV? Bet ya 10,000 ounces, I already know the answer. This should not be construed as investment advice as some investors don’t have the option to allocate qualified money to physical bullion.

  30. Robert Olin

    Come on Craig. What was your brothers vitamin D blood level? And if you aren’t supplementing to get it over 50 then YOU are crazy!

    • D

      I was on vitamin D3 and zinc, along with 5 other people, as 16 people around us died from the fauci bioweapon!
      NONE of us even caught a sniffle!

      • Bill

        Vitamin D3, creates Killer cells in your body within 10-12 minutes. Those Killer Cells will destroy any Cold, Flu germs that come into your body. The Cold, Flu and maybe the Covid germs attacked my body and made me cough, or sneeze several times. I would take 1,000 I.U’s of Vitamin D3. Within 15 minutes, the Cold, Flu or Covid would be history. Due to that , I have not had a Full Blown Cold, Flu or Covid within last 20 months. So, my plan only works Only, if you take the Vitamin D3, within “1 hour” after you first started coughing several times(or choking on mucous in your throat) or sneezing several times. If you wait too long, if you give the Cold, Flu or Covid too much time to take over your body. Then the Cold. Flu or Covid “Owns You” for the Full Duration!

        • Paul ...

          Correct Bill … at the first sign of a leaky nose … hit the virus immediately with Vit D, zinc and vit C pills … while cooking up the nuclear weapon in your arsenal against the virus … chicken soup with root vegetables, onions, garlic and celery … plus add in anti-viral herbs (parsley, oregano, basil, sage leaves, etc., etc.)!!

          • Paul ...

            And throw a one ounce 0.999 silver coin into the chicken soup pot ( as you make a wish to get well) … you know many people today have wishing wells in their backyard … and wonder why they don’t work … it’s because they are using those “imitation money” clad coins … as for me … I only use “real money” in my chicken soup (I even throw a 0.999 pure gold coin in the pot) to enliven and rejuvenate the cells of my body and cure the multitude of viral diseases the Fauci’s of the world have developed to kill us … God’s “science” (gold) was used by the ancients to restore youth and perfect health … https://www.womenfitness.net/benefits_gold.htm … the Globalist Big Pharma eugenicists will have you believe gold is simply “a useless relic” that should be sold short (the way Stan does) … every home should have a few 0.999 silver and gold coins in their medicine cabinet (even if you are not a gold or silver bug)!!

            • Paul ...

              Talk about intrinsic value … can paper currency or crypto kill viruses?… what value should people be placing on their very lives?? … is what God created (in his own image) valueless??? … that’s what the Banksters want you to believe … look at where gold was at the start of the plandemic in 2019 … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/gold10year140619.jpg .. seems like people bought enough Gold “to Wish themselves Well” (and add to their chicken soup) … and as the Fauci “Time Release” Clot Shot “jab” develops new variants … we will begin to see people coming down with new ailments (other then blood clots , strokes and heart attacks) … likely we will begin seeing Polio and HIV (by year end) … then people will get MERS (by early next year) , then Lassa, then NIPAH, then Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and finally very serious neurological disorders like Bells Palsy, MS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Alzheimer’s (by about 2027)!!

  31. Mike Foley

    My son used this protocol to get over covid: https://niacincurescovid.com/
    I take this too and have remained unaffected.

  32. CarolAnne Tucker

    Yeah…It’s a real thing alright. It’s the Influenza A & B. COVID is the acronym made up by the WHO for (corona virus disease of 2019).

    • Mac

      You got that right! UCLA tested 100 samples from Covid positive people and all they found was Influenza A and B. Disbelieving their own results, they sent the samples to Stanford and Stanford got the exact same results. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the CDC stopped reporting flu statistics when all this started? The USA usually experienced around 56,000 deaths annually from the flu. Surprisingly, no one is dying of the flu any more. Hmmm.

  33. Steve Starr

    Just for the record, it wasn’t just the Saudis who were involved in 9-11.
    See the videos by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, start with this one: https://vimeo.com/28023241
    then check this out: https://www.ae911truth.org/evidence/videos/category/25-9-11-experts-speak-out-individual-chapters
    Also look at the Italian movie that includes a Nobel Prize winner as narrator, Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwk2bpgGLKw. part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l13uwBbxbg.
    It is important to understand that 9/11 goes far beyond what you have been told by MSM.

    • Paul ...

      SS … Because we allowed the criminals who planned 9-11 to get away with murder (killing over 3,000 Americans) … they have now given us their plandemic (that is on its way to nurdering multiple times as many Americans)!! … allow them to get away with this plandemic genocide … and their next plan will have “no survivors to question anything” … as they have already purchased from Mexico 16,000 extra blades for their guillotines (to replace the blades that wear out) and have purchased many barrels of hydrogen cyanide … everything is now stored along with the black coffins they have purchased at their many FEMA POW Camps (for the un-vaccinated) set up around our entire Nation by the globalist eugenicists!!

  34. Marilyn Guinnane

    Good grief; the Saudis didn’t fly aircraft into bldgs. at all. I didn’t think that there was anyone left who still bought the ‘official story’. NO aircraft hit the WTC. The whole thing was done with holograms, insofar as the airplane scenario went. The bldgs. were brought down by controlled demolition in addition to DEWs. Your guest lost me with that inane comment, Greg.

    • Mac

      Marilyn, not everyone has seen that research. Though it is the most credible explanation for what happened on 9-11, it is also the explanation most likely to induce cognitive dissonance because one has to be willing to disbelieve the visual presentation. Most Americans have no clue about the holographic technology our government has had for the past few decades. Of course, one does not have to know that in order to be curious about how an aircraft’s nose can penetrate a steel reinforced, hurricane-safe building and exit the other side still intact, when the same nose cone would be crushed if a plane simply taxied into a wood fence.

    • Mac

      Marilyn, not many have actually seen that study; and very few Americans are aware of the magnitude of existing holography. Though what you said is the only really viable explanation to what happened on 9/11, cognitive dissonance is going to be the primary response to it. People have to be willing to accept a truth that violates what they have seen.

      Regardless of cognitive dissonance, one has to be extraordinarily gullible to believe the nose of the plane entered a steel-reinforced, hurricane-safe building and exited intact on the other side of the building. If the same plane simply taxied into a wood fence, it would not emerge intact on the other side.

    • Donna M Gilio

      you are so right. I like Craig hemke, apparently he drank the coolaid that it was Saudis who brought down the towers.
      my guess he hasnt watched AE911for truth. He is a smart guy but I dont think he has done his homework on 911 and how it really went down.

        • Paul ...

          The criminals who did 9-11 “made up their own science” … effectively telling us: “that when we cook … the steel grills on our kitchen stoves melt and get soft … whenever the gas flame touches them” … and these lying asses simply didn’t care that we knew they were outright lying!! … today we have the same or a similar bunch of criminals making up their own science once again with regard to the “jab” … “it is completely safe” for your children they say: “ignore the fact that people are dropping like fly’s with blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, etc., etc. … these lying asses simply don’t care … that we know they are lying!! … it is time we bring them all to justice this coming 9-11 !!

  35. Faith

    This is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Watching that, on CNN, was the day I became a prepper.

    The level of mass conformity and mass insanity is over the top.

    God bless you Mr. Hunter!

  36. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  37. Glenn

    Go to worldometers.info/coronavirus/ for data sources.

    Want to know how serious this scam is?

    18.5M people said to be currently infected DIVIDED INTO 7.8B people in the world = 0.23% or 99.7% of everyone on the planet is NOT sick with CV.

    Of those 0.3% that are said to be sick, a whopping total of 113,387 (0.6% of all those said to be sick) are called serious/critical condition. So 99.4% of all those said to have CV are NOT in serious condition. Interpret that to mean most have no symptoms (thus are not sick), and the rest have sniffles and a cough. And, 113,387 DIVIDED INTO 7.8B people = 0.001%

    Over the past 20 mths supposedly 4.5M people in the world have died from CV DIVIDED INTO 7.8B people = 0.05% The annualized (not cumulative) rate is 0.034%
    Impossible to call this a pandemic, an epidemic, or anything more than a not serious flu-like or flu respiratory virus.

    Go do this 3rd grade level math with the USSA numbers and you’ll find them higher than the worldwide averages yet USSA population is only 4.2% of world population.
    How can the stats be higher in the USSA? MONEY paid to the medical establishment to label as many deaths from other causes as CV – highly inaccurate to the high side testing data, “assumed to have died from” automatically called CV death.
    In other words – FRAUD.

    The the take away numbers are 99.7% of the world doesn’t have CV and the annual death rate is a tiny 0.034%

  38. tim mcgraw

    I like Craig Hempke. Thanks for having him on your channel again.

  39. JC

    I used to get the flu often back in the 80’s. I came to realize that it coincided with when I was dehydrated. When I got in the routine of drinking a lot of water every day, I stopped getting the flu.

    “A healthy and well hydrated body is one of your first lines of defense when it comes to fighting off illnesses, including viruses like the Corona virus.”

    “Drinking enough water throughout the day means that you are properly hydrated, and your body can function in the most efficient and effective way possible and, of course, this includes your immune system and its ability to function at an ideal level.”


    • Jerry

      That’s good advice. Thanks.

  40. tim mcgraw

    The House of Saud is rotten to the core. Saudi Arabia is an oil rich kingdom ripe for conquest. The Saudis couldn’t even beat the Yemenis.
    Saudi oil fields are up for grabs. Who gets them?

      • Greg Hunter

        Bye, bye petro dollar.

        • AndrewB

          Exactly, and it’s being brought down at an ever accelerating rate by the very non-governmental entity that is purportedly in existence to support it – the Federal Reserve!

        • Warren B.

          China has plans to introduce there Electronic Yuan….backed by Gold in February 2022 at the Winter Olympics. This will turn the table very quickly. It effectively removes all need to deal in USD for trade for them and any other nation trading with them.
          Bye bye USD hegemony.

  41. JC

    G.A. STEWART: I have been watching events in Afghanistan because I served in the Persian Gulf. Clearly, Joe Biden’s massive incompetence portends his early departure as the phony President of the United States.

    Barbarian [Islamic] Empire usurped by the third [Antichrist] connects the dots on why Joe Biden is going to be the fall guy for a limited nuclear war, and why we will most likely see the return of both Nostradamus’ Black King, Barack Obama, and his Sabine King, Donald J. Trump. That is why it is called Civil War.


  42. tim mcgraw

    Craig is wrong to mention 1991 at the 17:50 mark as the year when interest rates went up to fight inflation. It was 1981. I was there in Seattle as a 29 year old sea plane mechanic at Kenmore Air Harbor. Interest rates went to 18%. Paul Volcker of the Fed was determined to end Nixon’s inflation. It killed the housing market and business.
    That winter at KAH there was NO WORK! None. No one had any money. I was borrowing Presto Logs from the local Safeway to keep my wife and two little kids warm using the cast iron Franklin Stove in our rental house.
    Jim Grant is right about allowing interest rates to rise to fix the inflation problem, but the politicians can’t handle the heat. There will be riots in the street.

    • Bill

      We had 13% inflation rate in 1980. People were scared, so Paul Volcker kept on hitting the 13% inflation rate with the 20% borrowing rate! The 13% inflation rate was finally knocked down for good.
      S0, why can’t the FED raise the interest rate(20%) again and knock down the 14% inflation(according to Shadowstats.com). that we have now.

      Greg, please ask that question of John Williams, when he comes on again. Why couldn’t the FED Raise interest rates to 20%, like they did in the 1980’s to kill the 14% inflation rate that we have now?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Bill, it’s simple. Back in the Volcker days, our national debt (in the billions) was insignificant compared to today. If we had to raise interest rates now, we could not afford the interest payments on our soon-to-be $30 trillion debt, nor could we borrow to monetize our deficits. We would be BANKRUPT. This way, we can keep on pretending yet for a little while. It will all end soon enough. Best always. PM

        • Bill

          Thanks, Paul.

  43. JC

    August 27, 2019
    Kabulshit while the Markets Line Up Suckers


    G.A. STEWART: The reality is that I have seen this kind of shit for over forty-years; you can see it in the faces of those poor Vietnamese refugees on my helicopter a generation ago. We learn nothing. This is not an opinion piece. I am a witness to the history. It is why I detest bullshit and posers.


  44. Poochiman

    They cannot crash the markets until full spectrum dominance / enslavement is achieved. The markets are kept alive to keep the administrator class and the upper classes happy while to collaborate. Nazi Germany is a template to what is happening today. So, the markets will be going upwards for many months to come.

  45. AndrewB

    Coincidentally (???) following on from the elitists’ Cyber Polygon simulation – think Event 201, immediately followed by the plandemic – there is a just released video entitled, ‘Massive Solar Tsunami Shock Wave to Hit Earth’. My oh my, what a surprise!
    Here are a few quotes from the video. “The Carrington Event in 1859 severely damaged the electrical and communications systems that existed at that time.” “If a similar solar event were to occur today the economic effects would be unprecedented.” “When sun spot 2859 exploded on August 26th (2021 – sic) the shortwave radios on the daylight side of the Earth erupted with static.” ” Scientists are working diligently to determine the magnitude of the geo-storm that is expected to impact Earth before the end of this month.”

    ‘They’ always seem to have a compunction to tell us what they are going to do before they do it. For example, here is an early warning from none other than the President of the WEF (World Economic Forum):
    “We all know, but still pay insufficient attention to, the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole” — Klaus Schwab, WEF, 2020.
    Also, this is pre-programming everyone to blame Mother Nature and not an orbital EMP device.

    Greg, if you will allow, here are three links that stitch together what – IMHO – is going on:
    ‘Massive Solar Tsunami Shock Wave to Hit Earth’
    ‘Cyber Polygon Drill’
    ‘EMP Event – Be Prepared for an EMP Attack’

    I genuinely hope that the above does NOT prove to be helpful in the days ahead, i.e., that this ‘sun spot tsunami’ is merely fear porn – in which case I offer my apologies in advance. If it’s genuine, then get your preps in good order without delay!

  46. Eric

    Saudi Arabia and Nigeria (opec members) both signed a bilateral agreement with Russia.

  47. AndrewB

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    If you were trying to sign the petition to reinstate Doctor Anne McCloskey – who got fired for speaking truth about serious C19 ‘vaccine’ side effects – TPTB managed to crowd out access to the third party petitions site between about 01:00 a.m. and 07:00 a.m. GMT.
    If you wish to register your support please try this new link. By the way there is no cost involved:
    Thank you.

  48. Matt Marlowe

    Another excellent interview. You continue to be one of my main sources for the truth about what is going on in this crazy world. People have no clue what is around the bend…

    Thank you and God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt!

  49. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. Can’t believe I’m the first commenter. Never miss an episode. Hemke always has valuable info. You in NC and me in N GA mountains both suffer sell-out governors. Won’t bore you with my 78 years of adventures but my view of the future is more dystopian than most. But, blessed to have my wife of 45 years and the comfort of knowing Jehovah/Yahweh and His Son Jesus/Jeshua will ultimately clean up this manmade mess makes me a happy, busy, super-prepared, active old fart.

  50. John

    When are you going to call these guys out for their bad predictions? Silver is down 50% since 2012. 10 years of the “dollar is crashing”. I guess the dollar could crash in the next year or two and you’ll say we heard it here (about 200 times). How about an uplifting guest every now and then?

    For years you’ve been saying we should pay off everything we own. With our wacky socialist government, I could make the opposite case and recommend owing as much as possible as all debts are wiped out. Or, how about if home ownership taxes went up 500% because of a dollar crash or reset, you wouldn’t be able to give your home away.

    • Donna M Gilio

      amen brotha! I am waiting for his return

  51. Jerry

    Well friends,
    If you’ve decided to take the vaccine, you might as well strap an IV bag to your ass because now they’re talking about having you take booster shots every six months.

    What? Say it ain’t so Joe? You said the vaccine was safe and 95% effective back in March. What changed? Oh I get it. It’s still a trial isn’t it? What’s next, a vaccine for every new virus strain the globalist decide to release on us?

    Friends I’m being told by my sources, that a new virus strain is getting ready to be released by the globalist this fall, and no I’m not talking about the delta virus. How will your natural immune system react to it when it’s been programed to respond to the covid-19 strain with the mRNA vaccine? The truth is no one really knows, because it’s never been done before on this scale. The only real test that has been done before, was done on animals, and they all died. Oh well. That’s why they call it, practicing medicine.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … Americans (now being limited in their movements by Covid protocols) are in effect “quarantined” to their militarized FEMA districts … they have in effect become a population ripe for tyrannical control … the “commies” in charge are using tactics like virus fear-mongering, job loss-terrorism, police state-monitoring, martial law, race war, arrests, internment, food control-to-produce-hunger and overbearing Police State oppression and violence against peaceful protestors … these are the new terms by which Americans are now defining their existence … as the evil eugenicist “doctors” … stock up on “guillotine scalpels” … https://www.twistedtruth.net/fema-orders-16000-guillotine-blades-from-mexico/… and “cyanide gas” to do their “genocidal operations” on the American people … https://amg-news.com/archives/2396 !!

      • JC

        Now hear this…

        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: This is an unbelievable story of a rogue Judge James A. Shapiro who has just proven it is UNQUALIFIED to be a judge and should be removed from the bench FORTHWITH!!!! In a stunningly illegal decision that is 100% against the Constitution and everything the United States stood for, this crazy judge, Sua sponte (Latin for “of one’s own accord; voluntarily”), in the most unprecedented legal decision I have ever heard, stripped a mother of all parental rights over her sone because she was NOT vaccinated.


        • Paul ...

          JC … If we allow these “commies” to strip a Mother of her child … and then throw this mother (labeled a terrorist sympathizer) into a FEMA POW Camp for.protesting such action as a violation of the US Constitution (these “commies” have deemed a worthless piece of paper written by a group of terrorists) … then I guess we will all just sit back and also allow these “commies” to then strip her of her head too!!

    • A. Anthanovich


      Check out this video featuring former Senior HHS Trump Covid Advisor.


    • Warren B.

      They are following the same protocol that is occurring in Israel. I referenced this last week.
      As I understand it….the desired regimen is 7-8 jabs over the course of 2-3years. Slow kill.
      Some school of thought that says that these are tolerance jabs….to see how much the human body can take. Ultimately the Graphene oxide will have its desired effect. We know as well as they do…That it is a toxic substance. There is absolutely no mistaking this agenda.

  52. Neville

    Thanks for this crime update of current events happening in AAcrime .It amazes me
    that which ever site I go to looking for information on financial matters all the reports I read ghave a criminal element about them. That goes for anything to do with american virus C19 .The latest events in Afghanistan which was fraudulently invaded after 9/11 don’t surprise anyone.AAcrime never has a plan “B” when doing anything ,invade countries wreck the crap out of them or bomb them back to the stone ages which really brings on enmity against the country.Anyhow the Afghans got robbed of their poppies and gold .
    Now as per this interview all we do is jump from one sting/dishonest deal to the next.
    What we all must understand about the carry on in AAcrime is that just about all the precedents mentioned in The Bible have just about been met and when the day of Judgement comes and come it will be sure that you are RIGHT WITH THE LORD and that your house is Spiritually in order.
    So many crimes to pay for ,so much so that the laws of Karma will act in a very deft manner in putting the score board right.
    Greg you are truly like the Elliot Ness of modern journalism,keep it up and may the Grace and protection of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you and your family always

  53. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    I found Jeffrey Epstein.

    He’s buried in the Star of David cemetery. ( if there’s really a body in there). I didn’t know he was Jewish? I thought he was a follower of Lucifer? He had an owl statue ( like the bohemian grove) on pedophile island.

    • Warren B.

      Epstein’s no more dead than George Floyd….the guy that gave birth to the Race riots / woke nation/ BLM last year. He was disappeared ….whilst Floyd is off doing what he likes with the big payday reward.
      These FAKE deaths are commonplace in this world of theatre. Ever get the feeling we are playing a bit part in the Truman Show ?

  54. Marie+Joy

    “Everybody has to buy a rifle, damn it.” Bolsonaro (Brazil)

  55. Charles H


    I just tried to to post: and it didn’t take or appear. They are intecepting traffic on the fly BEFORE it gets to you. I will try again.

    They just had a hit piece on Ivermectin on Fox Tampa Bay 13. They alleged there were a slew of overdoses: but showed no people, or doctors, or hospital administrators to confirm – only put out the words. Then they showed the pill used to prescribe to people for malaria. Some bozo came on and gave this schpeel about people showing up with pictures on their phones – so he took the product for horses off the shelves and hid it in the back: because he ‘knew’ it wasn’t going to used for horses. By the way – there isn’t anything harmful in the 1.89% Ivermectin Paste for horses; someone already researched we eat the paste in our foods and snacks. So the word is out – and they are marching to deny ANOTHER useful drug against the CV.

  56. Roger Stamper

    print money forever look like! tks for post

  57. WK Swanson

    VERY good interview, Greg…very timely. Craig’s explanations are down to earth and reasonable. As for the dollar, Jim Rickards as written that the dollar will be around for a long time, it’s just that it will have a status similar to the Mexican Peso or some other emerging market currency. It will be at this time we will see who, as Warren Buffett (not one of my favorite people by a long shot) said, has been swimming naked…meaning who has not prepared in a multiple of ways -not the least of which will be with gold and silver.
    Another person that you might consider interviewing is Michael Oliver of Momentum Structural Analysis. I’ve been following his work, and been a subscriber, for several years now, and it is his work that has kept me in gold and silver through all of these machinations in the market. His work is not based on price movements, but rather a proprietary formula. Check out his work…you won’t be disappointed. Other than that, I sincerely appreciate your work.

  58. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Absolutely agree Natural Immunity is the Best!!! My Daughter who is a Nurse Practitioner and her whole family had Covid – She might lose her job because she refuses to take the Vaccine. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  59. Neil Currie

    Love listening to ol’ “We live in a fantasy world” Hemke…he is one of the best connectors of the dots out there, imparting more usable knowledge per minute than just about anybody.

  60. Charles Whitlatch

    I wish you had asked him whether his brother on the ventilator had or had not taken anything like Ivermectin instead of assuming he had.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not ask because if he had, Hemke would have said so. I assumed he did not. Off camera he said he did not take ivermectin.

  61. Elijah Mohamed Jones

    ________Has Science Discovered God In The Age of Covid Morbidity?
    Einstein didn’t believe it was possible.
    Stephen Hawking said it might be the greatest scientific discovery of all time.
    What discovery has baffled the greatest scientific minds of the past century, and why has it caused them to rethink the origin of our universe? New, more powerful, telescopes and microscopes have revealed mysteries about our universe and inerverse that have raised new questions about the origin of life.
    The coding behind DNA reveals such intelligence that it staggers the imagination. A mere pinhead of DNA contains information equivalent to a stack of paperback books that would encircle the earth 5,000 times. And DNA operates like a language with its own extremely complex software code. DNA manipulator and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says, that the software of DNA is “far, far more complex than any software we have ever developed. [Or will ever genetically modify!]
    Has science discovered God, Reuben James?

  62. You know

    I had the “Rona” back in February of ‘21 and I had a headache for 2 days in which it really hurt to move my eyes around, lost my taste/smell, never had one sniffle, no cough and never had a fever. I am up to my playing weight of 141lbs so maybe that’s why it wasn’t so bad I’m not totally sure why.

  63. DanKnight

    Love Craig, and the interview, but he’s wrong about Covid-1984.

    I’m sure his brother was very sick, and with 5 co-morbidities, he was fortunate to survive his illness.

    … But who told him that he had Covid?

    What’s the basis of that? A fever? A headache? A so-called test?

    Don’t tell me they sequenced the virus because you don’t know that. Here in Texas it’s not required, and if any test is done it’s merely an RT-PCR run to God knows how many cycles. No sequence testing is required.

    More likely Craig’s brother had a much more serious upper respiratory virus that went UNTREATED because ‘Covid’ allegedly has no treatment.

    That’s what they’re doing in our hospitals here – and it’s criminal negligence on the part of the doctors and hospital staff in charge. It’s outright criminal on the part of CDC and Austin to force everyone to pretend every upper respiratory infection is ‘Covid.’

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it: You cannot trust the tests and the data reporting. Those in charge are liars, and the staff they have are NOT competent enough to know whether or not the test they’re performing actually makes the determination that they’re claiming the test makes. They’re just trained monkeys.

    *** G0d bless everyone here. And God help us.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Dan,
      I share your frustration. Even so-called awake people, who have been informed over and over that the PCR test at a high cycle count returns circa 97% FALSE positives, persist in talking about ‘so and so’ got Covid! How do they know? Because, they mindlessly say, they took a (totally discredited) PCR test. It’s impossible for me to get my head around this disconnect. Why can’t people take it in?! The high cycle PCR test is bogus. Even Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the test, is on video telling people the test should NOT be used for diagnosis at anything over 20 cycles and in the absence of clinical symptoms – ‘asymptomatic spreaders’ anyone? Perhaps people are numerically dyslexic and simply don’t understand that 97% false positives means IT DOES NOT WORK!

      [Sorry for all the exclamation points – bad grammar I know – but who can blame me. Before this scamdemic I used to think most people were smart. How stupid does that make me? Doh!!!]

  64. Jerry

    You can file this under oops.

    Safe and effective? Effective at what?

  65. Sgt. Conrad Gordonoffski

    Russian fighter jets have attacked Bashar al-Assad’s troops.
    76,944 viewsAug 28, 2021 SECRET FILES 333

    Afghanistan: US says drone strike killed IS-K planner.
    38,386 views Aug 28, 2021 SECRET FILES 333 176,175 views Aug 27, 2021
    The US military says it believes it has killed a planner for the Afghan ISIS branch of the Islamic State.

    Joe Beijing Biden’s Obomber failing tests from America’s enemies: Chris Kenny
    Aug 27, 2021 Sky News Australia

    • Bill

      I think the “Big Guy” took his lessons from his Mentor, Obamer on to Withdraw from a Country! When Obamer left IRAQ! I think I remember Obamer left $Millions$ and $Millions$ of Tanks, M16’s, Missiles, Bullets for ISIS. I remember Obamer called ISIS, the “JV Team”(to downgrade them).

    • Bill

      Wow! what a big mistake by Russia? I wonder, if they (Syria+ Russia) will continue to work together? Any idea on how many Syrians died?

  66. technologist.live

    Cold and flu are your body detoxing.

    A virus is cultured, then centrifuged to purify, then examined. A control experiment is when no infection is introduced to the culture, and different results happen.

    In virology this never happens. The control experiment is never done. Why? Because the results are indistinguishable from the infected culture. Enders research, the seminal research paper, admitted this. Pasteur’s diary, fully released only 100 years after his death, admitted his research was fraud.

    All virology, including aids, is fraud. All of it. People died from AZT and lifestyle detriment, not aids.

    If you want to learn the details of how this fraud is carried out watch this discussion with a virologist and a doctor.


    There is much deception going on in this world. But at least you can learn to be no longer deceived about virology and vaccines. All quackery.

    • technologist.live

      Here’s a follow-up interview on the same subject, with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who only this week is awakening to the fraud of virology. Also Drs. Cowan and Kaufman

      This is only for those who want the details.


      I’d recommend starting with the link in my first post above. You can speed playback up, so watching both will take 90 minutes or so. You’ll then be among the very few, the .001 percent aware of how deep the fraud goes. And understand the details to be able to clearly explain to others. You’ll be able to see through all the deceit easily.

      These aren’t propoganda videos to persuade and deceive, but simple fact finding discussions.

      Good luck, the war has surrounded us.

  67. Dale Owsley

    Hi Greg, do you know of any doctors who would subscride Ivermectin over the phone.
    I’m plodding through the cycle. But wish I could get something to speed up the process.

    • AndrewB

      Have you tried America’s Frontline Doctors on aflds.com ?

  68. vie venard

    ‘Unanimous’ condemnation of Biden among British MPs
    205,581 views Aug 29, 2021 Sky News Australia
    There is “unanimous” condemnation of US President Joe Biden
    “Biden is viewed as an absolutely clueless leader.”

  69. Marge Barlow

    Baklykov. Live
    Jazz Accordeon. NEWZETTE Band at ROOF PLACE in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE!
    Started streaming 10 minutes ago 83 watching now
    The Newzette collective performs instrumental music in the styles of new musette, tango nuevo, contemporary jazz.
    The main feature of the band is the accordion and violin, which play the main roles in performance! This gives the music a particularly bright and recognizable sound!
    The concert will feature original arrangements of famous jazz standards, music of the peoples of the world in jazz sound, Astor Piazzolla’s tangos, Richard Galliano’s waltzes, and, of course, author’s music!

  70. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you for this timely interview. Graig Haneke is so straightforward.

  71. Robert J Marcin

    I hate to break it to all you end-of-the-worlders, but my plan for a global, coordinated debt jubilee can forestall/eliminate the debt doomsday scenario. Central banks buy 1-2x’s gdp in debt and forgive for structural reforms causing large deficits such as entitlements. education, health care and term limits. We also normalize interest rates. We do this with other CBs to avoid currency complications and in tranches over time to avoid large inflation problems. Since we are debasing value of money vs stuff, inflation will happen, precious metals included. But crushing deflationary debt restructuring and depression avoided.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sounds overly optimistic to me.

      • Robert J Marcin

        the global part may be optimistic. but we can always so something like this unilaterally.
        the point being, it’s a viable option about which no one is talking.
        look at Japan. they are doing this essentially with current monetary policy, except they make no changes and monetize more an more of their govt deficit.
        i say acknowledge the situation. do the jubilee, but get reform for it in order to reduce deficits going forward.
        it’s win-win.

  72. Nathan Martin

    “Immunity cards” are okay? Pleaaasseee – don’t sell out humanity’s freedoms for such BS FRAUD. No, No, and NO! Seek security and have NEITHER security nor freedom. F that.

  73. The Seer

    The natural Ivermectin is Quercetin to take with your zinc. I sent in a list of remedies and waiting for them to be posted to save lives and build immunity.
    Everyday counts to protect everyone.

  74. Dave

    Despite the Afghanistan debacle Biden won’t resign. Yet. His goal – be in charge when the reconciliation bill passes 50/50 with Harris voting yea. Manchin has all but caved on key items. Medicare coverage for dental work and eyeglasses. forgiveness of student loans, free two years of college and free day care. The Democrats are setting up to guarantee seniors, women and young families vote for them in 2022. And these new freebies will never be taken away. Biden’s legacy, over time, will rival that of FDR because of the massive expansion of the social safety net he ushered in.

    This is problematic for the GOP in 2022. Cheating or not. Are GOP candidates for the House and Senate going to run on removing dental coverage from Medicare? On reinstituting your student loan or that of your chidden? Taking away free college? They might but the Dems know they will lose as people vote their pocketbooks in the end. Afghanistan will be way down on the list for voters in 2022.

    These changes effectively throw the GOP primaries into a loop. Moderate GOP candidates will presumably run on retaining the new entitlements for the middle class whereas classical conservative candidates won’t. Guess who wins the primary – the GOP moderates.

    Some conservative commentators are calling the new benefits in the reconciliation bill a bribe to voters. That is true and these same commentators are worried that the changes could guarantee Democratic retention of the House and Senate in 2022. Already in Virginia the Democrat is pulling ahead in the governor’s race as he is promising new goodies for the state’s resident. The GOP candidate in not but, in the end, voters will choose the candidate who promises to give them “stuff”.

    Biden will likely resign after reconciliation is done. Harris as President and Pelosi as VP. Maybe on the Pelosi. There is speculation the Democrats will finesse the line of succession with Pelosi temporarily giving up the Speakership to a progressive Hispanic Congressman out of Texas. That person becomes VP and the Democrats have a strong presidential candidate in 2024. The implication being that Harris will be dumped if she proves too ineffective with the young dynamic Hispanic out of Texas stepping in and possibly insuring the Democrats win Texas’s electoral votes in 2024.

  75. Agent P

    Point of clarification – and it is important here; Words, phrases and their context are vitally important. Abuse them and they lose their meaning.

    President Nixon had about as much to do with ending the $USD convertibility to gold as I did… President Nixon was merely the easily recognizable (and blame-able) ‘face’ of this monumental policy decision.

    Distinction without a difference? Au contraire… Pinning decisions of policy on (1) political leader is ~precisely~ what key people in the shadows want. The international banking/finance/Davos community want you to believe that (1) man is responsible for – you name it; the economy, healthcare, disease outbreaks, war hither & yon, domestic strife, ad-infinitum.

    Believing this myth makes it all the more easy for globalist command & control policies to be implemented. The ‘President’ then ends his term, a ‘library’ is dedicated to him and off in the sunset he rides, replaced by the next political cycle and controversies of the day, while globalist policies march onward.

    And no folks, former President Obama is not calling the tunes either, sorry to burst that myth as well. Oh – he has a ‘PR’ directive make no mistake, but the ones who have 10 ways ’till Sunday to get you (hat tip, Charles Schumer), are the ones who tap shoulders, and do the bidding for the WEF, Davos, WHO crowd.

    It should be painfully obvious by now – covid hoax-cum-bioweapon attack on humanity, Afghanistan train-wreck, BLM, Antifa, etc., and the near paralysis of our elected political leaders to address them, that someone else is pulling the strings and calling the tune. And it isn’t hard with a little bit of historical digging, to verify this. If egotistical blowhards like Alex Jones can do it, so can you. And I do indeed give Alex Jones much credit for bringing these issues to the fore —

  76. Jr

    fake election/fake injection/fake inspection ’21
    ……it just keeps piling up

    • Roger

      Might be the best and most appropriate quote I’ve heard in a while.

    • Paul ...

      You know … to achieve such purpose … the Globalists have sent most of their guillotines to FEMA regions 6, 7 and 8 … https://www.fema.gov/sites/default/files/2020-06/1400px-Fema_regions_map.png … “the heartland” of America (where strong patriotic individuals who love our country live) … the “unthinking commies” in New York and California “are not of that much concern” to the Commie/Fascist One World Globalist Order!!

  77. jj

    First of all the FED has no mandate to create money out of thin air but many believe this. In this debt based system only commercial banks can create money by lending even swiping your credit card and this creates an asset for the bank. Go listen to Dr Lacy Hunt which worked at the FED at one time and when Powell and other FED heads have stated that then create digital dollars he calls it irresponsible as they cannot but they want the public to believe the FED is all powerful. In reality they are a clearing house and lender of last resort. QE is designed to lower long term rates so the public will borrow, banks will lend, create new liquidity with the hope the velocity of money is increased and sustained creating demand inflation. The quantity of money in the system is meaningless but velocity is. When this increases the whole supply chain sees that there is enough demand to raise prices then demand inflation. Today we have cost-push inflation caused by gov lockdowns destroying whole supply chains with shortages and pricing rising. The is not caused by the FED. They are responsible for financial asset inflation with low rates especially markets as margin lending is at all time highs. The velocity of money is falling, at below Great Depression levels and below all time lows of 1946 as with prices rising again cost-push, not demand inflation. This will take years for supply chains to be rebuilt and raising rates would only delay this and cause more shortages with prices rising even higher. The FED raising rates would collapse the economy, raise servicing debt for the US gov much more which would collapse.
    Another function of QE is to lower rates to lower serving costs of the government, they monetize debt indirectly as the FED cannot buy treasuries at auctions but only from banks. How they do this is they swap “reserve assets” which they create out of thin air which are unit of account or ledger entries or IOUs credited to banks accounts at the FED which stays in the banking system as they are not money as again the FED cannot create money out of thin air. These are not to be confused with reserve assets that banks hold like cash, treasuries, loans as assets, etc. and lend to the FED. The FED receives the income streams from treasuries, MBS, other gov backed agency debt, etc. with QE swapping these IOUs. On the FED can destroy these reserve assets or IOUs. QT is when the FED takes the reserve asset from banks accounts at the FED, destroys it and gives banks a similar debt instrument back like they swapped originally to the FED.
    Now because of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency there is always a shortage even though there is 75% of all created outside the US. In Europe as Lagarde gets ready to implement the Great Reset, ban cash, in Germany alone 40% of all cash is being hoarded and it is also in dollars. There are dollar shortages here in the real economy as QE causes huge amounts of liquidity to be stuck in the banking system with banks flush with cash and also a shortages outside the US. The FED two weeks ago opened the repo window to international banks, institutions, etc, who ever needed dollars in exchange for treasuries as collateral. In the US there is a collateral shortage of treasuries caused by QE as banks, flush with cash cannot get enough of treasuries which they must hold to meet Basel rules hence reverse repo lending cash to the FED at 5 bp and receiving treasuries to meet Basel overnight reaching over $1 trillion. To take pressure off and force banks to buy longer term treasuries the FED announced along with repo international a revised repo. Banks will use depositors funds to buy 5, 7 and 10 yr treasuries, when they need cash they borrow from the FED at 25 bp, 5 yr pays around 60 bp making 45 basis pts longer term. Banks meet Basel, make money, and the FED has forced banks to buy the longer tern treasuries.
    He like most have it all wrong! Long bonds are going higher in price as yield fall again as the dollar gains strength pushing metals down as it is all unfolding now.

    • Paul ...

      JJ … The Fed has no mandate to create “money” out of thin air … but they use the banks they oversee to create “fiat paper” out of thin air … as for gold (the arch enemy of fiat paper) it is going to at least $2300 fiat paper dollars by year end … meaning the US dollar will be losing value in real terms (not getting stronger)!!

  78. Brick Stonehead

    According to “experts”, it would take 5 years to start manufacturing microchips again if the Chinese took over the Taiwanese chip factories. Imagine what would happen if we hand chips for 5 hears. And that is besides the most important issue- ABANDONING our allies and friends in Taiwan- a moral issue failure which would have even greater consequences.

  79. Brick Stonehead

    Correction- imagine what would happen if we HAD NO CHIPS for 5 years.

  80. Bill

    Science journalist Alex Berenson has been permanently suspended from Twitter, just one day after a viral series of tweets spotlighting an Israeli preprint study which showed that natural immunity from a prior Covid-19 infection is 13 times more effective than vaccines against the delta variant.

  81. oneno

    What happens if the Gov dispossess the masses with Covid and the coerced injections? Only the powerful will be able to hold PMs in quantity to trade amongst themselves.
    They can still control prices so there is no public bid.
    They are already buying-up all the land.
    Is this leading to civil war?
    The people cannot take on the US Army! Keep in mind, the US Army belongs to the FEDs!
    The State Militias are no match for the US Armed forces!

  82. oneno

    Listen to this US Army soldier:

    • Bill

      I have heard her 2-3 times in the last 3 days. They say, she is a truck Driver who delivers food to the Army Mess .halls. Sounds like, she follows Orders!

  83. James

    Great interview with two of my absolute favorites! A pity that Craig still thinks 9/11 was a Saudi operation. He should look up what Alan Sabroksy, former Director of Studies at the US Army War College had to say about the perpetrators. Of course, he’s one of those crazy guys willing to speak the truth about the attack on the USS Liberty.

    Short clip here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7xTsWsLbV4

    Admiral Moorer’s observations in Rep. Paul Findley’s They Dare to Speak Out are choice and very telling – http://www.hourofthetime.com/1-LF/TheyDareToSpeakOutPaulFindley.pdf

  84. Thomas Wigand

    Some years ago my lovely wife wanted to go see a movie called “Leaving Las Vegas” with Nicholas Cage (I hated it and couldn’t wait for it to end).

    Anyway, the storyline was that he was a raging alcoholic, and rather than clean up he decided to go to Las Vegas and drink himself to death.

    Methinks that this is not unlike the central bankers and politicians today; they can’t bear the thought of financial rehab, so they’re just going to monetarily party until R.I.P. (Reset In Peace).

  85. dlc


    I was first aware of this street-level reporter when he was covering the mask situation in Bisbee, Jerome and Tombstone, AZ. He was at that time a Canadian citizen and was confronted at the border when he attempted to return home. They placed him on 14-day quarantine with threat of imprisonment for 5 years if he so much as surfaced in his back yard. Along with imprisonment, there would have been a fine of, I believe, $5,000.

    He bolted and fled to Macedonia, then Amsterdam. Since then he has been filming on-the-ground restrictions and reactions to this 18-month flu. He has covered Egypt, Croatia, Italy, Mexico and will be in France shortly. I find it interesting to observe what the world-wide press attempts to suppress.

    All of these countries have had their fascist moments and are not anxious to ride that train again. Nothing like excitable Italians who still remember Mussolini and his brand of BS that gutted that country. Mussolini got his. Mengele died a natural death in S. America.

  86. rwmctrofholz

    Ive been a TF Metals subscriber for over 2 years now. Greg likes to use Zerohedge as the backdrop of many of his stories. In my view, ZH comment section is second to none. The comment section at TF Metals is right behind that.

  87. Marie+Joy

    localactivist.org is activist training for people, who are pro free speech and pro constitution.

  88. ken

    I don’t want to pop anyone’s bubble but how does one KNOW they have covid especially if you have no symptoms? Doc says so!

    Probably the PCR Test…. The same PCR test the CDC is dropping. The PCR does NOT identify any virus. It simply searches for a particular genome sequence.

    Since they have never isolated the virus to the virus itself that means they do not have the actual genome sequence. In fact the CDC states they have a insilico sequence…. insilico means computer generated.

    So without the ACTUAL viral sequence I ask again…. How do they know you have covid? Answer: They don’t. Like everything else in the last 18 months,,, it’s a lie.

    Another PCR limitation is it cannot distinguish between the alleged covid virus and the flu, common cold or any other virus. So all those alleged deaths with or from covid could easily have been a flu.

    The antibody test really is not that good. Anyone that has had a bad cold within the last ten or so years will show antibodies for the alleged covid.

    As for a bio weapon…. that’s the vaxx. I don’t suggest it. 35-40,000 known dead. 4-5 million adverse advents. Has more poisons in it than if you drank Lysol.

    Ivermectin, HCQ yes,,, In Florida the Governor has started opening many Monoclonal sites. Not sure but some say it works to eliminate whatever the illness is.


    • AndrewB

      Hi Ken
      I couldn’t agree more. And, as you correctly say, ” Since they have never isolated the virus”, I would like to ask how on Earth they can claim to identify variants?! Variants of what? A ‘genome’ that exists only as a computer simulation! And yet, despite all the obvious chicanery, the majority are taken in by it. Who would have thunk it?!

  89. Da Yooper


    Please look at this……wow

    Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines


    “Are There Parasites in the Pfizer “Vaccines”?

    A 50 micron elongated body, as seen in Figure 13 is a sharp mysterious presence in the Pfizer vaccine. It appears and is identified anatomically as a Trypanosoma cruzi parasite of which several variants are lethal and is one of many causes of acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS.[Atlas of Human Parasitology, 4th Edition, Lawrence Ash and Thomas Orithel, pages 174 to 178][9]”

    “The Janssen “Vaccine” Non-Disclosed Ingredients

    Figures 22 and 23 shows an organic-inorganic aggregate identified in the Janssen “vaccine”. The particles are composed of stainless steel and are glued together with a “Carbon-based glue” of reduced graphene oxide.[11] This aggregate is highly magnetic and can trigger pathological blood coagulation and “The Corona Effect” or “The Spike Protein Effect” creation from the degeneration of the cell membrane due to interactions with other dipoles”

  90. Michael Stafford

    This is what the VA is now doing when its time for your check-up. Link:


  91. Greg

    NO “IMMUNITY” PASSPORTS EITHER! I can’t believe you guys would fall for that. It still creates a two tier system of citizens-Denies the unvaxed and “never had Covid” freedoms that we are endowed by our creator to have and enjoy. So, we take our chances. I feel pretty good about mine. it is up to the individual. At the end of the day, we are either sovereign of our own bodies, or we are property of the state. Paying taxes is enough, but I’ll be damned if I allow someone else to demand of me to violate my conscience and do something against my own body that I know is evil. Especially Bill Gates and his little poison dwarf Fauchi.

  92. Keith wilson

    The British government are thinking about creating a regiment of ex Afghan soldiers. The British trained thousands of Afghan men to be commandos and special forces troops .With Afghanistan lost many of these men and there families have arrived in the uk. The government do not want these specialist men to become jobless. They are thinking about creating a elite unit within the British army made up of Afghan soldiers. Will they be used to arrest people who refused to get vaccinated ? Will they be used in the FEMA prisons to keep law and order and carry out executions ?

    • Bill

      Anything is possible!

  93. "Juan O'Eight"

    in video at https://www.bitchute.com/video/bucqcnvXTYvD/

    Clif High says there will be a three hour demonstration at the end of which there may be a planned takeover of government. He says the plans are public. He says this about minute 50 or 51 to 55.

    I have not seen any other reports on this yet and certainly you have contacts in Australia who can verify.

    • Paul ...

      As Rick Wiles “effectively stated” so eloquently: “We have one party in America … it is a Perpetual War, Perpetual Corruption, Perpetual Sleaze, Perpetual Pedophilia and Perpetual Eugenics Party … these Demon are running around like rats tearing at and pulling our country apart … they are an Evil Satanic Criminal Cult Cabal … and these Transgender Psychopathic Perverts are now coming to “jab” our children with a Clot Shot that will give our children Alzheimer (demon-ture) by the time they are 18 years old … these criminals and murderers (who have infiltrated both parties) stand before us as false gods trying to control our every thought and every action … they are in the News Media … they are in Hollywood … they are in the Banking system … they are in our Military … they are spread throughout our entire country like a swarm of heart worms (attacking the very heart of America) … they are no longer an invisible network of Satanists … they are Right Out in the Open … flaunting their control over us and our country … they are Evil Demons that hate God …they are Crazy Rats that hate Christians …they hate Everything and Anything that has to do with Morality”!!!

  94. Paul ...

    Hey you Marxist “commies” in New York and California … see what “commie-nism” is all about … “control” … “the limiting of your freedoms to choose what you want to do with your life” … now they can’t play video games for more then 3 hours a day … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/video-game-stocks-slide-beijing-imposes-new-restrictions-minors … soon they will limited people to “one Big Mac per year” … then … sex will be banned (to keep the world population at 500,000) … read the “commie ” Guidestones in Georgia (not the Georgia in Russia) … the Georgia in the USA (the land of the free) … I bet a day will soon come when a fed-up crazy freedom loving terrorist (who wants to eat more then “one” Big Mac per year … and wants to get married and have sex and children … is going to snap and fire a bazooka at those “commie” Guidestones!!

    • Marie+Joy

      The Guidestones are the least of our problems. Whoever fires at The Guidestones needs to be more selective.

      • Paul ...

        BUT Marie … It will be a shot “heard round the world” … it will mark the day of Mankind’s “full entry” into:.”The Final Drag Out Battle Against Satan’s Evil Demons” !!

  95. Bill

    Proud Boys Beat Up on ANTIFA Again! Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPk5_DrEe0Y

  96. travis moss

    Check out thesovereignsway.com Take back your power with the law. i am not affiliated with the sovereigns way. Just trying to help my fellow wo/man

  97. eddiemd

    Dr. Killpatient.

    Jason Valentine, MD. A “physician” I actually knew in residency training 20+ years ago.

    He thought he knew it all back then. A danger to himself and his patients.


    He has an obligation to all people. Could you imagine a physician refusing care to an HIV patient? Never. What about refusing care to gender confused person? Never.

    He should be reprimanded by the Alabama medical board. Write the board.

  98. Bill

    U.S Drone kills 9 children in a car Kabul with a missile. Is this, one of the Drones, that the “Big Guy” said, was going hunt down the Terrorists? Whoever, this Drone operator is, he or she killed 9 children. They have cameras, on their Drones, they can see, who they are firing missiles at!
    In a Socialist Govt. no one is ever brought to justice. For example, the Capitol Hill policeman that killed Ashli Babbit(the ex-U.S Air Force Veteran.) during the January 6, 2021 protest. I heard Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t want this death investigated!
    Democrat Seth Rich was killed, the Democrats don’t want to investigate
    Hillary Clinton was never investigated for the 19 Spies, that were assigned inside China. Since Hillary Refused to Protect Govt. Top Secret information with a Govt. ISP, those 19 U.S Govt. Spies have not been heard from Again.
    Further, Hillary did not give Ambassador Stevens(about 4 U.S military personnel died with him) the back-up he needed and he died in Bengazi!

  99. J in Europe

    It’s simple
    Person picks up measles virus = develops measles, recovers = never gets it again
    Why ? Natural immunity
    Person picks up polio = develops polio, recovers = never gets second infection
    Why ? Natural immunity
    Covid 19 – exact same
    No need for vaccine in those who had Covid as the best immunity is the actual infection
    Finally, you’re earning 3,000 dollars per month
    Will I give you ?
    A) 3,000 transfer into your account
    B) 3,000 cash
    C) 100 ounces of pure silver
    For what it’s worth, I believe that only a very tiny group of people are deliberately pulling the wool over our eyes and they are well out of sight
    Keep up the good work
    J in Europe

    • Paul ...

      The Big Pharma murderers screwed up … these Major Neurological Adverse Reactions “were not supposed to show up until 2027” … https://m.facebook.com/kalidass2018/videos/10157463749561956/?_rdrhttps://m.facebook.com/stephan.dahnke.7/videos/3904403592932890?_rdr!! … it is up to us Christians to say a prayer for these women … the Satanist Demons (who came from Hell) think it is hilariously funny to see innocent people suffering in torment!!

      • Paul ...

        Let us pray that these ladies hearts hold out … so that they may at least see (before they die) … that “we acted” against the evil Demons … who perpetrated this unspeakable crime upon them and humanity!!

      • Paul ...

        Now “I understand his words” … after seeing what these “commie” Demon-rats have done and what they are capable of … I can we now fully understand and comprehend what Jesus (God’s peacemaker) meant … when he effectively stated: “The Demons who are killing us and our children … and are not abiding by God the Father’s moral teachings (by continuing to press on with their evil plans to exterminate humanity) should be slain” (just like we did at Nuremberg) !! (Luke 19:27 ) … thus … according to Jesus’s “own words” it is upon our shoulders as Christians … to become “piece makers” … by tearing the commie Demons (coming for our children) to pieces … just as any lion or other animal in God’s Kingdom would … to protect their cubs!!

  100. jay

    Thanks so much for all your hard work Greg. You are such a blessing to the community for your insightful broadcast. One of the finest journalist to ever do it. We absolutely adore you.

  101. Paul ...

    Klaus Schwab tells us: “You will own nothing … and be happy about it” … seems he is right … the dumbed down people of the United States are happily accepting one of the most widespread direct attacks on their fundamental human rights since our Nation was founded 245 years ago … without any deliberation, debate, or checks and balances millions of Americans have accepted being denied basic God given and Constitutionally protected rights (i.e. to seek employment, to freely assemble, to engage in religious practices, etc., etc., etc.) … Americans have been ordered to wear masks, ordered to take an experimental “jab”, ordered to stay in their homes and ordered to close their businesses (their only source of income) … all done by “commies” with no legal authority other than “to simply issue dictatorial edicts” (from a handful of corrupt bribed, decrepit immoral baby killers and old people killers) … these evil politicians are holding positions as State Governors and City Mayors “through illegal/fraudulent elections” … what ever happened to our “Constitutionally guaranteed rights” … our rights to person liberties and our rights not to have our property confiscated “without due process of law” … there are no longer any checks and balances in our country now when run by petty “commie” dictators … stand up Americans … we live in a Republic don’t we? … so why are we not demanding our Constitutional Rights ?? … how did we allow Claus Schwab to become the “un-elected” Dictator over the criminally “un-elected” phony President of the United States of America??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/why-so-many-americans-reject-legal-due-process-age-covid

  102. Paul ...

    These School Board “commies” … who are Coming For Our Children! … better resign!! … before they find more then their tires slashed … they could find themselves dangling from flag poles “half masked gasping for air”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/school-board-members-quitting-over-toxic-parents-who-oppose-mask-mandates-vaccines-and

  103. Paul ...

    They did it … the “commies” did it … they destroyed our Constitution … and have called our founding Fathers “terrorists” … they have destroyed our Liberty …
    https://assets.zerohedge.com/s3fs-public/styles/teaser_desktop_2x/public/2021-08/Lady-Liberty-Speech.jpg?itok=b_Y1ULBc … and they are calling us (who protest their destruction of Liberty) terrorists!! … Now … “now we awaken” (with bright eyes) to find what planet we are really living on!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWphqA1Slrw

  104. KingSky

    Has Covid Science Debate Been SHUT DOWN?!!
    434,704 views Aug 29, 2021 Russell Brand
    Over a hundred doctors and health professionals have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister calling for an “open and proper scientific debate” about the pandemic policy arguing covid restrictions are based on flawed assumptions.
    #pandemic #covid #vaccine #lockdown

    Thought Big Pharma Couldn’t Get Any Scarier? THINK AGAIN!!!
    159,052 viewsAug 30, 2021 Russell Brand
    A judge is expected to certify Purdue Pharmaceutical’s bankruptcy plan more than two decades after it began aggressively marketing OxyContin and more than 500,000 people died in the US as a result. Owners, the Sackler family, would be immune to future litigation.

    Elites are taking over! Our only hope is to form our own. To learn more join my cartel here https://www.russellbrand.com/join and get weekly bulletins too incendiary for anything but your private inbox.
    *not a euphemisma public comment…Agent x Orange Agent 1 day ago
    When you silence a man, your not proving him a liar, your only telling the world you fear what he might say.

  105. Ralph Waldo Ivermexison

    ____Blinken Blinked!
    BECAUSE THE Abandoner
    Puppet IN CHIEF
    ___Beijing Biden Lied!
    ___AND so America died,
    Now permanent boosters
    ___and more vaccination lies!
    MUST We all DIE,
    My oh my, in the midst of all the fray, pray pray pray and may you USAWatchdogger be saved, in God almighty’s judgement day!😴

  106. Paul ...

    KS … As you say: “When you silence a man … you are not proving him a liar … you are only telling the world … you fear what he might say”!! … we have put up with these Evil Demons long enough!!!
    Strike One: Two thousand years ago they put a Crown into the head of Jesus … and “jabbed” him in the heart … falsely thinking it would destroy our God!!
    Strike Two: They put a Crown onto the head of Lady Liberty … and recently “jabbed” her in the Constitution … falsely thinking it would destroy our Freedom!!
    Strike Three: Now they are coming for our Children to put a “Corona” Crown into their heads … falsely thinking by “jabbing” them all … it will destroy our Progeny!!
    We Won’t Allow It To Happen!! …
    For in this unbelievably evil psychopathic game they are playing …
    That’s Three(3) Strikes!! … THEY ARE OUT!!!

  107. Paul ...

    This is a serious “Red Alert” for Janet Woodcock (head of the FDA) … two senior FDA Demon-rats are jumping ship!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/two-senior-fda-officials-stepping-down-over-reported-disagreements-white-house-over … Woodcock may still desperately try to come for our children … but we are now coming for her (before she achieves her goal of “jabbing” our children and making them into Alzheimer victims by the time they reach their 18th birthday)!!

    • Bill

      Sounds Like the White House is in Big Trouble! Sounds like, they are doing, what they always do. They always try to change their story, to make other people LIE for them, but it looks like the FDA crooks won’t go along with the White House narative. Sorta like Biden’s Generals, it is reported that they capitulated to Biden. Time will tell!

  108. Paul ...

    ALERT!! … The Globalists have had so much success using “the prevention of a Covid epidemic” to take away our Constitutional Rights to free speech and assembly … that they probably figured … hey, why not have the Center for Disease Control (CDC) declare a gun violence “epidemic” (where guns are now considered like “a virus”) … then … “to control the epidemic from spreading” … gun lock-downs would need to be imposed … based on “science” of course … that having less virus’ (guns) on peoples hands will stop the “gun violence epidemic” from spreading … and thus … the Globalists simply using their (Satan given) brains will achieve their long sort dream (of finally taking the guns away from the American people)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cdc-director-restart-gun-research-amid-spate-mass-shootings

  109. Bill

    I am Still Wondering where did Presdient Ghani(of Afghanistan) get $150 Million from? Was that U.S taxpayer money? Or maybe Joe Biden gave it to him?

  110. Paul ...

    GOOD!! … Finally with the CIA Drug Cartel out of Afghanistan … the Taliban can now burn down the poppy fields … don’t believe the criminals over there (who are so used to making blood money killing our children) when they claim that the “poor” farmers (who are probably all millionaires) … “will starve” … these farmers will simply have to become moral decent people once again … and begin growing food on their land “like normal people”!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/taliban-move-ban-opium-production-could-it-majorly-backfire

  111. eddiemd

    In response to this comment by “occasional trvl lvr”

    “Praying to statues, wooden idols, or paintings, or lighting candles to idols, is not, and has never been, doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. You are writing from a position of abject ignorance, and making yourself look foolish in doing so.

    “…[H]e hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” Good thing God’s not counting on you for that.

    Jesus did not write the Bible, He taught orally and by example. His disciples followed suit, doing exactly the same thing. To presume that all of the Liturgy, the doctrine, and the practices of faith of the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Apostles and prophets is to be found in the books of the New Testament is preposterous.

    The books of the New Testament were canonized (by the Church, mind you) precisely because the matched the traditions handed down by the Apostles. If you are turning your back on that very tradition, then by your own words you do not belong to the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Obviously another deceived follower of the roman catholic cult. Your “church” clergy of demons has the blood of million of saints on its hands. The day of judgment will reveal the atrocities that this cult has committed over the past centuries. The leadership has never repented and never will. It will continue to deceive people like yourself who have placed their trust in an institution rather than he Lord Jesus Christ. You must be born again. Take that issue up with the Judge when you face Him.

    Examine yourself in the light of the Scriptures; not in the demonic darkness of the the roman catholic cult doctrine. You are mistaken not knowing the Scriptures. It will be to your demise if you fail to investigate the Scriptures for yourself to include the Old Testament. Do not add to the Word of God to suit yourself and that includes the man made “liturgy”, “doctrine” and whatever corrupt decrees that the antichrist in Rome tells you to believe.

    You are deceived. Get out of this catholic cult while you still can. The “church” clergy of Rome is the den of vipers and demons. Their judgment is coming soon.

    • eddiemd

      Your “church” condones the worship of wooden idols, painting and the lighting of candles to statues. Take a trip to latin america someday and see the corruption, bribery, payoffs, and other demonic practices that occur daily in this day and age in your “church”. Look at the carnage and history throughout latin america and the world that the “church” has been responsible for. The leadership in Rome and clergy has never repented for the million of people it has killed over the centuries. Worse than the islamic jihadists throughout history.

      You are the ignorant and deceived one. The days of ignorance are coming to an end very soon. You will not be able to plead that you were a follower of the “church”. You will be responsible for yourself.

      Come out from the catholic “church”.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Provide citations and reply on point. Otherwise you’re a bloviating moron.

      • Steve Bice

        Not a very Christ-like response…better make that a “redeemed” bloviating moron…

      • eddiemd

        You are deceived. That is obvious. Even your original statement indicates that you do not not know the Scriptures but rely upon manmade doctrine.

        It is very sad that someday you will face the Judge and find out that you served a cult led by demons.

        Investigate the Bible for yourself. Don’t rely on the false doctrine of demons in your “church”. Get out while there is time.

      • eddiemd

        It will be your choice.

        Either you will hear…well done, good and faithful servant…or….depart from Me, I never knew you.

        Make sure you get it correct.

  112. Steve Bice

    @Eddie. Just in case : Sometimes a “too cryptic” style leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding. The above was a (too) veiled reference to Paul’s teaching that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. You take no prisoners in defending the gospel and you give no quarter. The rest of us (bloviating morons) should be so faithful…

  113. Chris in Arkansas

    Craig H. is one of my favorites guests. I just re-upped my subscription to TF Metals Report last night after letting it go years ago. I pay for 2-3 subscriptions a month and Craigs is now one of them. His comments are fact based and not a bunch of hype and hyperbole. Thanks for having him on. – Chris in Arkansas

  114. Coal Burner

    Greg: I don’t know if you read the late reviews. I just got out of the hospital and I picked you and Hemke. Absolutely great interview and some of the comments too. Hempke says people don’t want dollars anymore, no they want Bitcoin, Gold, Silver. They don’t sit in dollars. I accidentally caught the Russian signings w SAudi and Nigeria that you guys talked about. Hemke is really good.

    The hospital trip had a covid marker, I don’t want to tell it because it was a stain on a bunch of truly fine caring medical people and an organization for all them to save peoples lives, like me. Once I passed the global corner witch while literally dying, it was all save my life by those that knew nothing about my little visit with a devil dressed like ….., well I quit here. But these vax pushers are desperate to stick everyone even if they don’t meet the criteria and when they truly don’t know who has had the vax and who has not. The records have errors and I know that for a fact. Mostly people who took the vax early and never got recorded in mix ups. In addition I had covid twice, and wouldn’t have known the second time if I had not tested for camp volunteer (kids).

    That reminds me, the testing is absolutely worthless. My famile has tested ti several times and My conclusion is the tests are so unreliable they should stopped now. CDC, I believe has a drop dead on the tests the end of December.
    One more thing, I wrote high piles of government gobblety gook for a lifetime and I read their Approval garbage. They did not approve anything but idiots CNN AND MS NITWIT said they did so the pushers actually said it because a bunch of news idiots said it. LOL!!!! What a bunch of losers.

  115. Rahul



    It is an amazing blog



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