Fed will be Forced to Punish the Dollar-Gregory Mannarino

4Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Trader and financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “I think things are looking very bad in the immediate future here.  Just this month, the ECB is going to start their Japan style quantitative easing, and that is going to make the U.S. equity market look a little less desirable . . . . I think we are going to see some cash leave the U.S. stock market.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “What’s even scarier . . . I think these games we have seen in the dollar could take off parabolic from here, and that is not good. . . . The digits cannot keep up with how fast the Federal Reserve is printing cash out of thin air, right at this moment, to try to combat this deflationary environment. . . .  The Federal Reserve did not see this dollar strength coming and how it would affect Wall Street.  You can expect the Federal Reserve to be forced to act to punish the dollar at some point, and that is going to hurt the Federal Reserve’s credibility. . . . When a world central bank becomes so desperate that it has to engage in this type of behavior, you know things are very, very bad.”

Mannarino points out a recent comment by a former Fed Chief that back up his claim the global economy is in deep trouble.  Mannarino says, “Even Alan Greenspan came out last week talking about how the global economy is extraordinarily weak, despite what we are hearing from the mainstream media that everything is good, and that they got everything under control.  The fact of the matter is this, nothing is real. . . . Central banks are taking the debt and manipulating it, and it distorts every asset class across the spectrum.  So, there are no price discovery mechanisms anywhere.  There is going to be a terrible price to pay for this.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “This is not just a financial problem.  This is a resource issue, and when this debt bubble bursts, basic necessities that people need to sustain their lives are not going to be available.  This is a resource issue on a global scale.  This entire fake system will continue to fall apart, and it is falling apart right in front of our eyes.  People are going to be rioting in the streets of every nation on earth when this comes apart.  There is no doubt about it, and there is no way out of it.”

On inflation, Mannarino says, “A lot of people say I’ve been hearing this for a long time.  The reason why we haven’t seen massive inflation already . . . there is a tremendous lag effect being created.  All this cash that is being printed out of thin air already, and continues to be, is not making its way over to the consumer side of the monetary base yet because the money velocity is so low–at historic lows.  This lag effect is not going to continue.  At some point, we are going to see the money velocity to pick up.  It is a simple mathematical equation.  When you have all of these extra printed dollars chasing the same amount of goods, what do you get?  You get inflation. . . . The Fed is exacerbating the problem, which we are all going to face down the line.”

Mannarino contends, “We are staring down the barrel of the worst financial cataclysm that has ever been seen, witnessed or even heard of in human history.  There is no way out of this.  As hard as I think about this, I cannot envision a scenario that there is no way this will not turn into a financial disaster of epic proportions for every human being on this earth.”

For the people that say the economy looks good to them, Mannarino says, “This is the calm before the storm.  The Federal Reserve has flooded the system to the point of ridiculousness.  They re-inflated an equity market bubble.  They are trying as hard as they can to re-inflate a credit bubble.  So, people are living on nothing but borrowed time.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Gregory Mannarino is the creator of TradersChoice.net, and the site is free and open to the public.  You can also find and download his free book from TradersChoice.net.

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  1. allen ols

    According to billionaire resource investor Carlo Civelli there is likely no way out for central banks which have spent the last several years printing money hand over fist. Over his decades’ long career Civelli has either managed or financed over 20 companies, many of which now have market capitalizations in the billions of dollars, so he knows a thing or two about investing during boom times, as well as busts.

    In his most recent interview with Future Money Trends he warns of an endgame scenario that is nothing short of a total collapse. And here’s the scary part: Civelli says that even gold may not be a safe haven should the worst case scenario play out:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Allen. This clearly backs up Mannarino’s premise of total collapse and no way out of it.

      • allen ols

        greg, jerry sig, wd;

        lol, i knew the part about gold may not be a safe haven would bring a few responses. 🙂 thanks for your input, as I rely on smart people/commenters like u selves. al

    • Jerry

      Allen its coming my friend.

    • Silence is Golden

      Good post Allen,
      This man deserves a lot of respect.
      He makes the point about there being no way out for the CB’s and with his credentials he should know what he’s talking about. Whilst I see & understand the narrative, I know full well that there is one piece of ammunition that lies hidden in the fortress…. Only to be used as a last resort.
      He also mentions that even Gold will not be safe (from the clutches of the central planners). I don’t quite understand the logic there given the lack of awareness and participation /holding in Gold by the public at large nor it being part of the monetary system. If Gold is attractive in a melt down/collapse situation, then why wouldn’t food, water, mineral resources, shelter, guns, ammo, housing……be too ? Everything of a material/physical nature (necessities for survival) becomes more relevant and valuable. Besides aren’t they doing everything in their power to ensure Gold remains a barbarous relic ? Yes I know the truth behind the suppression game…but it still doesn’t justify another round of confiscation… esp. since they pretty much have sold out the entire US Gold hoard. No amount of confiscation will rectify the loss of more than 8100 ton of Gold.

      • aussie jeff

        Silence is Golden …you make some excellent points!!

        I have been a spasmodic prepper since 2002, in that time I have come across many other preppers on forums etc and have found their are 2 quite obvious and distinct kinds of individuals who see the outcome of
        world affairs very differently, this
        then translates into how they prep for what they see is coming.

        Many of those who buy and stack physical gold or silver often have the vision that while their will be a financial collapse and fiat currencies will be worthless, the holding of physical minerals will be able to be used as a currency in the short term to get what they need, and also in the long term when the new powers to be will base a currency on gold and silver and so those who “stacked” will hopefully come out of it virtually unscathed and move forward with their wealth still in tact!!

        The other kind of prepper will hold some physical gold and silver generally not in large quantities,their emphasis is on guns,food, water,bugouts etc,these individuals more likely than not base their prepping on their christian outlook,bible believing folk,I stress not all, however the vast majority I have dealt with are “believers,” keeping that in mind,they believe that the world is being drawn into what is called in the bible the “time of Great sorrows” a period of world distress that has never been seen on planet earth before nor will ever be seen again once it has passed.
        These folk see prepping as prudent rather than life saving,no amount of prepping gives a guarentee of survival,and at the end of the day it will be God’s mighty powers that will be on display to save those that call upon him.
        For those who think that the” God link” in all of this is nothing more than fairies down in the back garden, all I ask is that before you debunk such views why not see for yourself how much the bible does say about the times we are now facing and how it all ends,it just might surprise you!
        A parting scripture to give some thought to……

        “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.”
        Ezekiel 7:19

        • allen ols

          aussie J.

          beautifully written!!! I agree!!

          • aussie jeff

            Thanks Allen Ols,
            their are 5 or so contributors on this website that I follow very closely, your one of them.
            Keep up the good work my friend.

        • Jeff L

          S+G Since the executive orders are in place they will probably confiscate the gold mines first………. Aussie Jeff….. I think we both understand that this ( throwing your gold in the street) is referring to way down the time line when you won’t be able to find food or ? and thus silver/gold will be useless. In the meantime, I’ll take my chances……. Really, is holding paper dollars an option ? So you have to ask yourself, what do all these prognosticators ( like Armstrong) suggest ? I’ll take my chances with silver/gold and of course not leave out the everyday essentials……… Again, what exactly do they suggest ? Dollars ? Bonds ? Yuan ?

    • wd


      Yes he does say that about collapse. But he is not big on gold because it is not a big moneymaker for people like him. He is about equities and investments most of these people see gold as “lacking fire”. Furthermore, for I agree with people like Mannarino, Celente etc…the coming collapse will take down all govts….no on there to “collect” your gold.

      Kind of beware of people like this…not enough “opportunity” in gold…

    • rick

      So Gold goes to zero?

    • Jeff L

      Too bad those that swore to “protect and serve” police and military alike will be our greatest threat……. [ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-03/caught-tape-lapd-guns-down-homeless-man-broad-daylight ]

      • Greg Hunter

        Jeff L,
        I don’t think this is entirely fair. You can hear what I think is a police officer say three times “drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun” before shots are heard. Let’s wait for an investigation before we convict the cops.

        • Jeff L

          9 cops betting the shit out of him and one retard cop THINKS he sees a gun. So 9 cops can’t drop him down and handcuff him ? Before you pass judgment take a moment to count ALL the cops and cop cars there confronting a few homeless. Looks to me like someone was LOOKING for trouble……. Furthermore, to justify my original statement, I could literally show you 1000’s of identical actions by our “honorable” protectors of justice……… Fear not, because unless we stop this madness they will come after each one of us……. They (police) are being trained and armed by our military to act exactly this way. With no consequences, above the law. $1000 bet to anyone here, this cop walks ( with pay/retirement). Amerika, fear not.

          • Greg Hunter

            In the video I saw, I could see a homeless man wildly resisting arrest. I really don’t know what happened and neither do you. This is why I say let’s wait for the investigation. It won’t take long.

  2. MACL

    Putin has called John Kerry a liar and only last week Kerry said that Putin has ” lied to my face and to others on numerous occasions”. Diplomats whose respective nations are at peace don’t talk like that in public. No one is telling the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct and when each side is accusing the other of not telling the truth peace is far away and war is near. Hope I am wrong.

      • David

        The United States will have boots on the ground
        in Ukraine by the end of this week. This is not
        looking good for anyone. Story attached.


      • paul

        America better wake up before their own wake!
        The Cabal wants a nuclear war because the gravy train they have been riding (manipulating and front running markets) is being shut down … and they need to make money a new way … by providing massive war loans to Governments (for war supplies and weapons) .
        It has been just reported that by the “end of this week” there will be “American boots on the ground” in the Ukraine … despite dire warnings from Russia not to enter what it considers “sacred ground.”
        A full battalion (comprised of six United States companies) will be on the ground inside Ukraine training their forces for a big fight in just a few days … Britain has confirmed it will also be sending in military personal to help out in the combat training.

        With a steady and determined voice Moscow says … “we will take all measures to neutralize any threat from the US or NATO” … strategic nuclear bombers are flying near US and English shores … their nuclear submarines and intercontinental missile are ready to go! … and wouldn’t you know it … with a “nuclear” World War III just days away on the horizon … gold and silver are down today? … just who do the Cabal think they are fooling by their shenanigans?

  3. Iona Laundramat

    I appreciate hearing Gregory’s view, but I’ve recently been far more inclined to the slow burn view of Catherine Austin Fitts. Andrew Hoffman’s recent interview stated the same thing. There is still a tremendous inertia for the global economy to keep using dollars since the dollar has been the reserve currency for so long.

    At the same time one black swan event and the FFM hits the ATG (Foul Fecal Matter and Air Turbulence Generator, respectively). Have your metaphorical Hazmat suit on when that happens. And guys, the name is Eye-ona with a capital I. Enough said.

    • Greg Hunter

      The slow burn works until is does not. In my experience of investigating frauds for the networks, frauds end quickly. Our economy is floating on a sea of fraud.

      • Iona Laundramat

        True, Greg. But fraud being perpetrated by the US government with its vast network of resources can still make this go on longer than anyone would think possible. The extend and pretend ain’t over until it’s over. When will it crash? I have no idea but I believe it will go on longer than Mannarino implies.

        • Greg Hunter

          Frauds end quickly, ask Bernie Madoff. One weekend he went and spent a lovely weekend at his South Hampton home on Long Island, and on Monday by noon he was arrested–never to get out of jail again. I would not bet on this lasting a long time after the speech Netanyahu just gave to Congress.

          • Iona Laundramat

            We’ll see, won’t we?

          • JC Davis

            I did not here the speech live so I watched it on youtube. It was a powerful speech. http://youtu.be/magIuMBx3x0

            • Greg Hunter

              Now I know why the Obama Administration did not want Netanyahu to talk to Congress. You would have thought Netanyahu was the Commander in Chief.

              • allen ols

                I saw that too

              • Paul from Indiana

                Greg, he exposed Obama just as I said he would. How many standing ovations did Netanyahu receive? The Congress of the United States, whom Netanyahu called the most important political body in the world, is a proxy for the American people. So, you had the American people giving standing ovations to Netanyahu, effectively censuring Obama. Your prediction of Democrat support deserting Obama is going to come true. Best always. PM

              • Mike

                He is the Commander in Chief to our AIPAC bought and paid for Congress.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Lots of groups make campaign contributions including Muslim groups. Have you not heard of Citizens United?

                  • Mohammad

                    Netanyahu said, something like that:
                    “In a Persian bazar they bluff, you call the bluff” and here I say to Mr Obama and am sure he knows it, this weasel is bluffing, Mr Obama call the bluff and lets see if he will do any thing on his own, he is too coward to do such that, rather he wants to drag US in IRAN and we know what will happen next.
                    I said before he will kick the chess board, but i did not say how.
                    He will kick it with a false flag that his mossads are masters at, may be that is why they were getting their German made top of the art submarines to do something in the gulf and blame it on Iran. I hope our administration is on the alert for this dangerous man because he is cornered.


  4. allen ols

    Egon von Greyerz: “Eric, it’s now totally clear to me that the hyperinflation I’ve been expecting is becoming more persistent and is now engulfing country after country. We are already seeing it in the periphery but it’s on its way to engulfing the developed countries of the world….

    Continue reading the Egon von Greyerz interview below…


  5. Dan

    Would like to make another donation, but can’t find link to do so (via paypal). Appreciate it that you don’t overdo requests like some sites, but think you should make it a little easier to locate on your site. Would probably increase your deserved revenue. Always look forward to your interviews – keep up the good work! Dan

    • Greg Hunter

      The link is at the top on the right side of the page in a black band that says “Donations.” Donations help me but I don’t want to beat people over the head with it. I don’t want them to feel pressured or guilty. If someone can give, great. If not, then make sure you spend some money preparing to help friends and family. If you do nothing else, just store food and water–it will never be cheaper and it is cheap insurance. Here’s the link which has PayPal and snail mail options: https://usawatchdog.com/donations/ Thank you for your comment and support.

  6. eddielaidler

    Looking Clearly at what is hidden. I put my calculator to work and came up with this.
    1 What is the first image that comes to mind of The Great Depression?
    2 How much does WalMart make from EBT Cards?
    3 What if you could only buy 1 EBT meal per day at Wal Mart for $5
    4 How long would the line be queued?

    I’ll do the math

    1 People exclusively answer “Soup Lines” when I ask.
    2 WalMart made14 billion last year from EBT sales.
    3 1 meal @ $5 per meal. 14,000,000,000 / 5 = 2,800,000,000 Thats 2.8b meals yr
    2.8b / 4,177 locations = 670,000 meals per store / 365 days a year = 1836
    1,836 people in line every day at every store waiting to be fed

    Now here is what’s really shocking!

    Wal Mart only captures 18% of all EBT sales so include about 4 more locations near each WalMart doing the same thing each and every day.

    Let’s get scarier and ask Is poverty a big business?

    The Earnings. In 2004, 18 out of the 24 states contracting with JP Morgan Chase paid $560,492,596.02 to administer their SNAP EBT programs. New York’s contract with JP Morgan Chase alone was worth $126,394,917.

    I would rather see it than ignore it and I think when a problem gets hidden then it goes unnoticed and that is sweeping it under the rug. Do we really want to sweep humans under the rug. Maybe it’s the politcians that need to be swept aside.

    Proudly done with my own calculator and brain.
    Please share.

    • Collateral Damage

      Great Work EL!

      Thanks for the lucid and clear calculations.


  7. James Hastings

    Enjoy listening to Gregory. There is too much money being passed out for the masses to wake up. Social Security, Pensions, Welfare, Food stamps, endless unemployment, Disability, Stocks rising(manipulation). They have drugged society. When the money stops, society explodes. “Do as the ant”……


  8. Anne Elliott

    T. Rowe Price last month sent people enrolled in the State of Illinois’ Deferred Compensation program (to put pre-tax monies in certain select stock market funds) a letter saying that the Feds were “alarmed at” the percentage weight of investments into some of the more riskier funds, and so… “If you don’t reply by (a certain date), we will reallocate your stock portfolio into a less riskier fund for you”. As soon as I saw this, I thought “US Treasuries” – they’re going to dump them into Treasuries!! I wonder how many participants aren’t going to understand the problem, and let them do that? This is a fund that most people use to supplement their pension once they have retired, and if it goes down the tubes, like Greggory says, their pain will be immense.
    Thanks for having Greggory on, Greg. He is a smart guy with a big heart, and I applaud you both for trying to warn the innocents out there who can’t imagine someone manipulating the financial world to this extent. God bless you both!!
    I have a question; if the US does default in the future; will people who bought US Treasuries be held “more” liable for the US debt, than just a US taxpayer?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why do I hear the words “Run Forest Run” in my mind when I read this.

    • Mohammad

      US will not default.
      It will break the whole world and brings down to its knees before it defaults, if it get thus far, there would be no taxpayer to worry about, nor bond holder.


      • Silence is Golden

        “US wont Default “….?
        Too late….. says China and Russia……it already has.
        Debasement of currency /debt….. IS defaulting….. by a more convenient means (rather than outright). Reckless and careless is not synonymous with prudence and sustainability when running a country….. let alone printing money.
        The part about breaking the world is working a treat though I might add. It is intentional after all.
        The US started it (debasement) and has forced every other nation to follow suit. That is a pre-requisite for wealth extraction.
        IT IS STEALING FROM THE GLOBE….while it still has the power to.
        In the process it is bankrupting sovereign nations…….this, you should be awfully familiar with.

        • Desert Rose

          Jim Willie says the US defaulted 2 years ago. The Chinese own interest in the Fed.

      • Winston Churchill

        Why not exactly ?
        The USA is not far behind Greece in its number of defaults.
        What cannot be paid, will not.
        The only other way out now is WWIII, and this year before the BRICTS get any further disconnecting from the dollar.
        War certainly seems to be the route TPTB have chosen, and
        in their madness, they truly believe they can survive a nuclear

        • Mohammad

          US defaulted already in 1913, and military kept it “SOLVENT” since then.
          Greece once had it in history, but now it does not have a fraction of US military, irrelevant comparison.


          • Winston Churchill

            And 1934 and 1971.Looks like around every 30/40 or so years.Overdue.

            • Mohammad

              You are missing the point.
              US is been “solvent” through out those dates, and will remain as long as the military strong.


  9. Paul from Indiana

    Thank you, Gregory Mannarino, a figurative Daniel for us captives in Babylon. And thus we have come to see the writing on the wall (Daniel 5:5). Many thanks and best always. PM

  10. Mohammad


    Deflation despite the inflation in money supply…Why?
    Am surprised that most guests are either missing it or concealing it.
    It has been said here before over and over.
    As long as there are CONTROLLED wars, there will not be a collapse in the dollar.
    As long as there is a systematic well planned (although it is evil) harvesting of countries one after another there will never be a collapse of the dollar and the game is a float.
    One box of Remington 9 mm is 15 dollars roughly, and this is the sissy round, how many rounds do you think has been fired in Ukraine, Libya, Yemen , Syria, Lebanon…..?
    How many rockets, missiles, sorties, ….etc?
    Just think about what is been fired so far in ONE COUNTRY AFTER ANOTHER IN A VERY VERY CONTROLLED sequence, and then you will understand why the game is so afloat and the bubble did not bust.
    Simply that bubble has a pressure relief valve and that is what Condoleezza Rice talked about once:
    And I did not go to the stolen gold from those countries……..!

    • Art Barnes

      Well, finally after all this time of reading your post(s) I totally agree with you! You have finally hit the mark, as long as we have controlled wars on our rules, we stay on top, hence, the dollar stays reserve, frankly, its a good game plan. But as all plans of “mice & men” (American literature, you can read it sometime) they can go astray. Nice remarks, too bad I can’t say all the rest of your rants about Syria, Damascus, Israel, Jews, Jesus, isn’t as well understood, maybe Jesus is putting hooks in your jaw and bringing you along, art b

      • Mohammad

        Open your heart and you’ll understand my rants, they are not for the eyes nor for the ears.


      • Winston Churchill

        Scots prose my friend.Robbie Burns,

  11. gregd

    Hello Greg,
    I’m curious if he’s still thinks that we should be buying gold and silver, staying pat, or selling? Did he say anything in the pre interview?

    • Greg Hunter

      Greg thinks everyone should “be their own central bank” and hold gold and silver coins in their direct control. He has said this many times and I think He is still accumulating both metals. I know he is NOT selling them.

    • paul

      In Mannarino’s free e-book he states silver will eventually rise to $500 dollars per ounce!

  12. Mike

    One must think BIG PICTURE.

    As Mr. Mannarino seems to state clearly here. There are many problems out there and they are all connected in the sense that one must look at the sum as a whole.

    Everywhere we look we see major problems.

    Debt levels.
    Geopolitical problems.

    Too few haves and too many have nots.

    Once something breaks we will see a DOMINO effect like we have never seen before.

    Logical thing to do for the regular man is too sell some assets, pay off all your debt and move remaining assets into something safe like PMs.

    Now many of my friends and family think I am a wrong for taking this position but my response to their attacks. is simply….I GUESS WE WILL SEE.

    • Greg Hunter

      Math is clearly on your side and delusion is on theirs. At some point everyone will know what we now know. It ain’t going to be pretty and you can expect some real hate when you are proven correct.

  13. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Mannerino is always wringing his hands telling us the sky is falling, or about to fall. It’ll happen someday. Maybe next year Gregory…

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are a day late you will be sorry. You simply cannot prepare for what is coming in a day or a week. Ignore at your own peril.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Point taken, Greg. I have been preparing and am ready. Still the collapse could come next week, this Fall, or a couple of years from now. That was my point. My post should have been articulated better.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a good man Thaddeus.

  14. Jeff

    Great interview Greg. The last three minutes were outstanding. If that doesn’t get people to pull their heads out of the sand, I don’ know what will.

  15. Al Hall

    Greg: Greg M. is always informative. He is spot on- everything is a lie, we are in fantasy land- “nothing” is real. Not just in the economy or finance, “everything” is fake!! Government is nothing buy a big LIE! Most of your listeners know this- but the sheeple will never get it- until it’s to late.
    As I have told you many time- in 2008 I was told the elite banksters would raise the stock market once more -slowly- to new highs. Then at a time of their choosing- collapse it again, and steal trillions of the people’s money. It is a planned event, and it is coming as Greg M says.
    People- “get out of the banksters system” while you can!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good advice Al! Get out now.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, the Government must control the internet in order to continue their Pravda type spin on our economy & all the rest of the news, that my friend we may both live to see in the very near future.

        • Mike

          YES….they must be preparing to shut our voices down soon.

          You will know the time is upon us when they begin to silence voices like Greg and others.

          The truth for them must remain hidden.

          I fully anticipate a takeover of the internet soon.

          Sounds like a conspiracy theory but when you apply common sense it is the next step.

      • Smaulgld

        Interesting that GM still plays the stock market
        Certainly with amounts he can afford to lose

    • Art Barnes

      The collapse will also be a planned event, why do you think even the Dept of Agriculture & the US Post office, among all the others, is issuing guns & ammo by the millions; you can bet its not because they thinks its not coming, its because its coming they want to control it by their plans.

      • Desert Rose

        Maybe they all plan to suicide themselves when their entitlements can’t be paid.

        After all, if the govt goes broke, who pays the bureaucrats?

        • Charles H.

          But, but, but… the government is NEVER broke! It is broken.

  16. Larry

    Gregory tells it like it is, not the way the banksters want us to think. You can tell a lie until people begin to believe it, but you can’t tell a lie forever without the truth coming to the surface. I can see the lies breaking the surface and the citizens will begin to care about their lives and their families lives. Gregory is a true hero just like you are Greg. May you continue to do God’s work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for the support and kind words.

  17. Jerry

    Greg, GM absolutely nailed it with this interview. The charts absolutely do not lie.
    – Money Velocity
    – Baltic Dry Index
    We have reached the proverbial snowflake moment. Greg I fully believe that we will have a false flag event SOON that will be used as a cover-up for the collapse. And as you and I both know the banking cabal will never take ownership of what they’ve done to this country. Why would they, when they have willing accomplice’s in the media to help them cover it up?

    My pick is ISIS .Its seems the media is grooming these guys hard and heavy for the part. Heck even SNL did a skit mocking them on Saturday night. Don’t think for a minute that these guys don’t pay attention to the media. They’re even went after Twitter for taking down their account. If the four star general was right, we may see a biological attack in major city soon, killing millions of people. And of course ISIS would catch the blame, the dollar would collapse and no one would be the wiser. Perfect escape scenario for a banker! Sounds crazy? Let me ask you question. What was Ebola, if it wasn’t a beta test for the real thing?

    • Jerry

      O.K. folks. For those of you who ignored Jerry’s last statement about biological weapons, you need to feast your eyes on this link.
      If you study it closely, you will notice that this information is being put out by FEMA. You should know by now, that the government never creates any program without the intent of not using it. Make out of it what you want, but I am being told from law enforcement personnel I know, that they are being trained with the national guard for biological attacks.

    • wd


      A couple of notes:

      – I went to Kinkos and Office Depot the past few weeks for some basic but a lot of different little things. I noticed 2 thinks, 1) all the workers were 55 and older. 2) Both stores were ghost towns every time I went…. I have never seen those stores like that ever, and I have gone to them quite frequently.

      Also I know some one that sells bottles, bottle caps, smaller containers to food supply companies. He has been doing this for 25 years.

      He told me that his sales were done a lot in last 3 quarters.

      Jerry-its these real world scenarios that show me what is really happening.

      They are still trying to get Putin ha ha!

      • Jerry

        They have to have a false flag to cover up the biggest banking scandal in history. I wish I could tell you this was something new, my uncle did a lot of covert looting for the cabal during WWII. The man never had a job and always had new homes and new cars.

        • paul

          Weren’t all the counterfeit Treasury Bills backing up the Cabals derivative trades in building 7!

  18. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you VERY MUCH for the interview. Liked to meet Gregory Mannarino again. Enjoying a clear view. Been in Las Vegas a couple of times, a day while drifting around, loved it. In 2008, I remembered a couple of experiences in America some 25 years ago, as I could see the blueprint of the networks, nice memories, quite some tales, as the old Indian claims they were there as from I was a little boy. I never knew, but looking back I can believe that old Indian in that one. Can’t verify though.

    For quite some years I am prepared for The Big Financial Calamity.
    ‘Money velocity will pick up’, he said. That happening, it’s game over in a short time. Confidence evaporating, it’s game over. But however much Sleep Alert there is on the internet, the masses keep on being hypnotized/asleep, until they see, but probably going to feel in their wallets, as then hopefully they will turn to Independent Alternative Media to find out what happened, I AM, as you are. ‘Sleep Alert Sheep Asleep Wake Up’. Megaphones through the cities.

    I wonder if theoretically Central Banks can just provide all the liquidity the banks they need, as with zero interest that would be no problem. It will spoil over, making more billionaires, but maybe Central Banks theoretically could arrange a gradual implosion, unless people waking up, velocity of money picking up, or something.

    I don’t need to fear, as this 1 minute music clip shows how I will survive the coming calamities. Under the bus after a minute of happiness about surviving less promising though; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50nJ0-C8Bjs
    You can’t have it all……

    Feeling down about all the misery around, humour does the trick, look on the bright side; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep9Vzb6R_58
    May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  19. dbcooper

    Greg, Thanks for having Gregory Mannarino back on … I cannot disagree with most of what he says although I believe it is incumbent upon us all to not sell short the smarts of Lucifer’s minions… Think of an onion with think tanks overseeing think tanks… if something looks weird or stupid take a step back and find a/the scenario that makes sense… the goal is to take down the USA… Greg is right though in that the average American has like three days of food on the shelf and we are a truck to shelf society today and when the trucks stop running there will be blood in the streets and at that point it will be too late to get yourself into a safe place…personally, we are GOTS and we pray … figure that’s about the most we can do!! Oh, I also keep my powder dry!!

    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • paul

      The average American has about three days of food stored on the shelf … studies show that after a few weeks without food … people begin to turn cannibalistic … and will kill to eat other humans for food!

      • allen ols


        I will fry JC Davis, as i am fattening him up part of my food storage. I fed him pizza and beer yestarday

  20. brian

    How exactly are we to prepare for what is coming other than to try to prevent it from happening? I mean how does anybody prepare for the collapse of their society and the police state that inevitably comes out of the ruination. Are we to somehow believe that this will be some battle of attrition, whereby we crouch in hiding and wait for unchecked tyranny and lawlessness to magically wear itself out? And what about the environmental effects of a global war, what does that look like?

    Nah, unless this coming thing is stopped those of us who survive its coming will wish to God we did not. You want to prepare, then do whatever you can to convince as many people as possible to get a grip on reality and find the courage to do whatever desperate measures are required at this late stage to stop what is going on here from progressing any further.

  21. Klemens

    I just found this:
    you have to scroll down!
    This is a page from catholics, but it looks more like more of protestant christian.
    Maybe it is interesting for some, to have got all those dates.
    Of cause the catholic church will get the most important part on the last days, that`s sure. But with all those dates, I do have got problems to belief this. Only the God Father knows the date, even not the son!
    But it looks like, that we will get many things together, at very short time level.
    I did read the german translation book of “The Harbinger” from Jonathan Cahn.
    Greg, thank you very much for the great interview with Jonathan Cahn!

  22. mushroom

    Marvelous interview. Truthful basics presented in simple terms.

    It doesn’t get any better than this.


  23. Rock

    Great interview Greg. He is always enlightening on current events and spot on. The money printing has gotten completely out of hand, since they are not even bothering to actually print the money. They are now just “clicking money” into existence on their computers. My take is that this will expedite the end. Lots of folks looking at September of this year for the big collapse.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  24. Mr.Lee

    Mr. Hunter:

    Despite the criticism of Mr. Mannarino by some on this forum, this fellow is my favorite guest you have. He is to the point and gives the whole 360 degree picture of the economic system. His example of Greece being the microcosm for what awaits us is spot on.
    A point to ponder is this, the debt paradigm over the last 50 years has also seen the greatest increase of human population on the planet. This growth may be curtailed when the paradigm shifts, in fact there may be a tragic amount of loss of life.
    May God have mercy on us all Mr.Hunter

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Lee,
      Thank you and his prediction that the Fed will be forced to act to drive down the USD I think is very probable. Even Catherine Austin Fitts thinks this will very well be the case in the not to distant future. She said so at the end of her last interview done here on USAW.

      • Mohammad

        But before they do that they have to get a carry trade ready, remember the swiss franc…..????
        So they will load it up again when they expand the M supply to dump it later in the euro and back it goes.
        They are all in cahoot like what Karen Hudes said……!
        The more i see things unfolding the more i make sense out of what she was saying all along.


  25. VShook

    I am afraid there are many, many more things that can be done to kick this can down the road — a road longer in years than most may have left in their lives, or their children’s lives. For example, lets just take the common current example of taking the liabilities of insolvent banks and using them to create a new “bad” bank. This has been done many times in the past. Next, consider the possibility of the IMF using new SDR’s to create a new “bad bank” for central banks. Then the world’s central banks could begin the process of buying bad debts from their insolvent banks all over again. In the meantime, anyone trying to protect themselves from financial collapse today, tomorrow or in the not too distant future may be right in doing so (some day), but could be dead right for a long, long time. Add to that the recently revealed fact (one I wish I knew years ago) that the fed and its collaborators are allowed to fix the precious metals markets (and others) — by law. This has got to be news to most of us and I wonder why years ago none of the sources we have all relied upon for direction in this financial crisis were forthcoming with this information. As the calls to purchase gold and silver continue from those in a position to sell precious metals (and information on same) for profit, seeking justice, protection and a truthful resolution of the world’s current financial circumstances for us as individuals may be a fool’s game. I fear we have been played by many that we relied upon. Another example: I emailed PCR several weeks ago, asking why no one has ever successfully sued over the blatant price manipulation in the precious metals market. His reply – he had “no idea.” Considering his past position in the treasury, how could he have not known? Considering all the professional precious metal advocates out there, how could they not have known? Be careful my friends.

  26. Luke Starbuck

    My wife and I are considering buying a home and going 400k in debt for it. We both have good jobs and can afford the payments, but I’m very concerned about the future. I need some advice. Should we move forward on a home loan?

    • Greg Hunter

      Borrowing money is a risk because if you don’t make the payments you lose the house. I have no idea what your income is but what happens if one of you loses his or her job? Can you make the payments? What happens if in the news few years, heaven forbid you both lose your jobs or have to take a pay cut in a declining economy? Is there anyway you can buy a smaller house and hold the title at closing? I would try to cut down on the risk, and that means a smaller home and smaller loan. When rates go up, and they will, you will be taking one heck of a hit to the equity of that property. Rates for 30-year money are at around 3.5% if rates just went back to more normal rates like 6% or 7% you will be trapped in that house. These are a few things to think about. Please consider future negative possibilities and act accordingly.

      • Allen Starr

        Just a comment from an American living in Russia. When the Ruble went from 32 t0 70 when attacked by the US, the purchasing power for each Ruble didn’t change if you purchased domestic products but you lost about 50% of the value of your home or apartment. You may get screwed just as badly in the US when the $ is devalued. We see the Ruble getting much stronger in the future as its at 60 now and will get closer to 32 again as the price of oil returns. You could be walking into a mine field if you buy before the SHTF. If the US finally provokes Putin to the point of starting a nuclear War, none of this will matter anyway.

        • allen ols

          Allen Star;

          Keep the info coming

          al ols

      • Luke Starbuck

        Thank you for your reply. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

        • Jeff L

          Luke I’m in the same situation but have the opposite advice. I would cash your 401 in and buy gold and every item you’ll need for years. I would then get a 5 yr adj @ 2.8%. Forget the 30 yr as it really won’t matter 5 yrs down the road OR (this is what I believe) you will pay your house off with gold valued at $5000+……… jmho

    • Mohammad

      I say if you can get a fixed rate 30 years, go for it, you will pay with cheap dollars, the alternative is rent, if you cannot afford the payment of a mortgage, fixed rate you will ABSOLUTELY be unable to afford the RENT.
      If your job will be compromised your rental is compromised too, and your mortgage payment will be much less than your rent for the same size of a house.
      And if hell broke loose …. who cares then about the rent or the mortgage payment?


      • Greg Hunter

        As long it is not a callable loan and you do not lose your job.

        • Mohammad

          If you lose your jobs yo cannot afford the rent either, which is higher by the way.


          • Greg Hunter

            For some buying may be a very good idea. For others a disaster. Moving is disruptive and expensive.

            • Paul from Indiana

              Greg, in a true SHtF scenario, millions will be squatting. It’s only after the dust finally settles there will be a true reckoning, and if the deal is bad enough, chaos will rule for the rest of our time. Everything in this world is a gamble, a calculated risk. Do we really need all we have? There’s a reason we come in and go out with nothing. Best always. PM

              • Greg Hunter

                In the scenario you talk about you need all the Pb you can get.

        • Jeff L

          Greg Renting IS NOT a secure position. You could be kicked out for numerous reasons……… Mohammad …. if you believe as you do then a 30 yr loan is illogical…….5 yr adj lowers your payment significantly. Further, even after the 5 year adjustment, it would take another 5 yrs to equal what you overpaid for a 30 yr……..

          • Greg Hunter

            Jeff L,
            Buying a home has many variables not the least of which is the title problem at MERS. That 5 year not you are talking about could re-price upwards or 2% a year, if rates rise and at some point they will.

          • Mohammad


            It is logical for one good reason, we are reaching some pivotal point that is nearing fast, you do not want to put too much cash in your house and you will be better off directing that money to something more vital. If you lower your monthly payment with 30 year fixed rate you have a chance at surviving calamities and keeping the house, if things get nasty you can have your family members joining you in a big house chipping in the cost and helping you out, things you cannot do in a FREAKING APARTMENT. And when all dust styles then you can look at the options then if we survive it, but now do not throw your cash on things that are not vital, we should switch to survival mode not investment nor trade.


    • allen ols

      Have a 40′ cheap backup camper, to move into.

      • Paul from Indiana

        And some canned bacon…. Best always. PM

        • allen ols

          and makers mark, and tobacco

    • paul

      Ever consider moving into that new house right now as a renter? … Wait for interest rates to rise (pushing that $400,000 house down to $200,000 dollars) … then buying at half the price and half the mortgage payments?

      • Mohammad

        It will not go down to 200 000 never, when all the dollars dumped in the world come home you may as well add a zero that the arabs invented to the number you quoted.
        You will be better off if the dust settles and you survived, taking the fixed rate; at least if some order is maintained you have a legal document to give you a chance on your fixed 30 year payments argument in any courts left then.


  27. Craig

    Thanks for your website Greg. Very helpful and informative. Don’t know if you planned it but I thought Greg M. and last weeks Johnathon C. complimented each other nicely, synchronizing the secular with the religious to say the same thing: a great shaking is coming to America and thus the world. Can’t say you you haven’t tried to warn people but of course there will always be scoffers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Craig. When this blows it will blow quickly and will be global.

  28. Jerry

    Greg the use of this Credit Card may very well expedite the collapse of the dollar.
    The Chinese are planning on making this card widely available in May with decisively lower interest rates. This is like sending a financial torpedo right into the side of the dollar. Most if not all US banks build their liquidity on Visa and MasterCard transactions. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Desert Rose

      Great comment—-I’ll be applying for Union Pay ASAP and ditch Capital One.
      For the record, I’ll change over immediately to Chinese commerce vehicles. I’m 100% over with using cabal commerce. Like the rest of the planet, I am completely done with abusive, torturous financial instruments of terror. I keep seeing dollar bills here in town that have the eye over the pyramid poked black. LOL

      Looking forward to the change. In my town, there are many Chinese; they are welcome.
      Wish there were Russians too.

      • allen ols

        desert r.


  29. Is it time to jump out of the stock market? G.M. (up to now at least) has been saying to stay in. What should we do with our 401k?

    Thankyou for waking us up!

    • Mohammad

      Get a core position in gold and silver in your hand, do not overload.
      Get some real estate that gives you a cash flow, if you do not have enough to do so, then , keep it where it is.


    • wd


      GM is an options man, he does not hold stock. He has said this

  30. Randall

    The Fed knows exactly what they are doing, and furthermore they probably have done countless mathematical calculus studies of casual factors or stimuli in the financial world and the resultant effects on the market and economies, so their financial science is honed to sharp edge.

    It is hard to escape the growing conclusion that all the debt explosion is a deliberate act, designed to do a global reset, and to enforce a class split: a small hypertechnical oligarchy and a huge 21st century serf class, kept in bondage by limited education and resources. Futhermore it is becoming obvious that the end goal is also population reduction, optimally at 95%.

    Everyone, it seems, is saying the same thing “doom, woe, destruction, war, famine, death” Isn’t it about time for another story?

    • mark

      The “other story” you refer to is what I believe to be the “real story” which is the good news of Jesus as the Christ, “crucified for our offenses, raised for our justification” and the portion of Scripture which comes to mind regarding such a hope in Him is found in Peter’s first letter chapter one where we read “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who according to His great mercy has regenerated us unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from among the dead unto an inheritance that is incorruptible and undefiled and unfading kept in the heavens for you, who are being guarded by the power of God through faith unto a salvation ready to be revealed at the last time; in which you exult , though for a little time at present you have been made sorrowful by various trials, so that the proving of your faith, much more precious than of gold which perishes, though it is proved by fire, may be found unto praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ; Whom having not seen, you love; into whom though not seeing Him at present , yet believing you rejoice with joy that is unspeakable and full of glory receiving the end of your faith the salvation of your souls. (1 Peter 1: 3-9).

      • mark

        Greg, being that I was blocked with my first attempt to post my response to Randall, I am now breaking up my response into two portions and was able to successfully post the first portion– now to finish what I had originally intended to write.. So now Randall reading further down in the first chapter of Peter’s first letter we read the following and I quote from the Wuest expanded translation, that “not by means of perishable things, little coins of silver and gold, were you set free once for all by the payment of ransom money, out of and away from your futile manner of life handed down from generation to generation, but with costly blood, highly honored, blood as of a lamb that is without blemish and spotless, the blood of Christ, who indeed was foreordained before the foundation of the universe was laid, but was visibly manifested at the closing years of the times for your sake who through Him are believers in God , the One who raised Him out from among those who are dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope might be in God” (1 Peter 1:18-21,Wuest Expanded Translation of the NT). So that is why Randall I say to you and to Greg and to all who come here to read and post, the GRACE and PEACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BE RICHLY WITH YOUR SPIRIT! (2 Tim 4:22, Gal. 6:18). For grace is just the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as the Last Adam having become in resurrection a life giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45b) so that for as many and all who would believe on Him and receive the reconciliation God has offered to us through His death and resurrection, calling on His Name, they would receive Him as the Spirit in their spirit and be “born again, or literally born from above” into that relationship in life which the Son Himself enjoys in the bosom of the Father from before the foundation of the world, having secured for us an inheritance in glory forevermore as the many brothers of Him Who is the Firstborn and of whom He is not ashamed!! For indeed Christ in us

        • mark

          For indeed CHRIST IN US IS THE HOPE OF GLORY!!! sorry, mistakenly miskeyed and posted before finishing. Thanks Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          There are some security issues happening in the back end of the site. I am not blocking you but shorter comments are better for the site.
          Thank you for your support.

          • mark

            Thank you Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit! Yeah, it was kind of strange to click on the “post comment” button and immediately see a screen with a red circle having an X in the middle appear with the words “you have been blocked” and then some notes about what it meant and what to do about it. However, as I said, I reposted as best as I could recall the comment and after the first part posted then I finished and yes I take your reminder to heart to shorten comments. Thanks again Greg.

            • Greg Hunter

              Don’t stop posting.

    • Ed Martin

      Rothchild…Give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws.

  31. Terry

    Randall, I am confident that any mess can be corrected. It may not be easy but it can be done. First you must demand that all of the oath takers honor their oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic” and be prepared to legally remove them from office if they do not. If this were followed, America and the world would be forever at peace and prosperity. Second, get involved and do something to improve conditions where you are. Third, put your faith in God. Just because you or the “experts” can see no possible solution doesn’t mean there isn’t one or that God can’t fix it. He can. Prepare for battle in an obvious way. It is the best way to avoid battle.

    • Charles H.

      Si vis pacem, parabellum. If you seek peace, prepare for war. (I hope I wrote that right.)

  32. Rich

    Hi Greg,

    GM is awesome and one of my favorites. Question I have is why can’t the US, similar to Japan, keep this charade up for another 25 years?

    UNLV is my Alma Mater so Vegas is one of my favorite places.

    Always enjoy Greg’s professionalism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Japan is or was a nation of savers. It was able to play this game with its own citizens money to finance Japan. That is over which is why Abe is printing like crazy now. We (the U.S.) are NOT a nation of savers and we just printed the money from the beginning. This is why the world wants and is moving away from the USD. In order for it to go on, the world would have to keep on accepting our dollars and therefore keep accepting our money printing. They want to be paid with something real or a currency that can’t be printed to infinity. That is the short simple answer to a complicated question. I know I am leaving much out but as I said this is the short simple answer.

      • Rich

        Thanks Greg for the reply. I actually understand now. Sometimes I just need a little nugget to tie out the loose ends. And this did it for me. Thanks again for taking time to reply.


  33. mac

    pass the vodka!

    • Anne Elliott

      LOL!! I totally agree, except make mine a Long Island Ice Tea.

      • allen ols

        1/2 shot of makers mark a day keeps the blood pure.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Brother Al, you’re from Tennessee! You should be a JD man… Best always. PM

          • allen ols

            I can barely stomach makers mark, but of the 2 i guess JD tastes the worst. I drink it for medicinal purposes 😉

  34. David Morris

    Hi Greg
    Martin Armstrong’s model is very adamant the ‘day of reckoning’ for a global shift away from confidence in Government is 30th September /1st October 2015. I know everyone recommends Gold as a hedge against what’s comming but considering the risk of Government confiscation may be Silver is a better bet?

    • Greg Hunter

      I would hedge my bets with both if I could.

    • smaulgld

      So few americans own gold, its also not in any of the money of the US that it would not be worth bothering to confiscate. The confiscation of the 1930’s were merely the government asking for its coins back. There are no coins to give back. (unless you consider all those American silver eagles that have face values of just $1)
      The danger is a windfall profits tax not confiscation

      • Paul from Indiana

        Smaul–the recall in the Roosevelt administration was necessary for the devaluation of the currency that followed. Today, the “money” has already been devalued, and as you say, on a percentage basis in the overall population, gold is an aberration. Gold will be important after the reset, but few have enough to be “set” in the new system and bring forward significant wealth. Silver will get you through the chaotic interim. Cigarettes, booze, copper coins, aspirin, and even candy will be valuable as well. I love your site and appreciate your contributions here. Best always. PM

  35. Wim

    As I reread my posts on your Friday wrap up, and on this one Greg, the old Indian is confirming things I can’t really believe, but my heart would laugh it’s brains out when he is right after all. Reading the posts, a lot of flashbacks passed my mind. The two days Mary dream not the only UFO reflections last Summer, as loads of memories reentered my mind. For years, I intuitively wait to finish my book, as at only some moments I can’t get that. On one side I had/have my own things not to finish it, but on the other side that old Indian always halfway a book volume, as I love to write anyway, learning of the process at the same time, signals time not being ripe, or something, which clicks with my intuition.

    As from 2004, the networks show me their influence literally all over the place. Flashing a street light I pass, as the list is endless. During a Game Round in 2013, I was walking in some Dutch town, in the evening. Knowing they hear/see me 24/7, wherever I am, I asked them ‘are UFO’s real?’ I was at a traffic light, no traffic around, they started to blink the traffic light as confirmation. I asked again, as they played that traffic light again. But as stated before, they project facts, and dreamy things. For that moment, I very much felt, a moment of conviction, they were sincere, but afterwards I reckoned that would be wishful thinking of course.

    Very faintly the old Indian confirmed UFO’s back in 2008, but it didn’t land in my heart, very rarely I contemplated it. On the other hand, I can’t see the networks got triggered by only the story of the comeback of JC. I began to contemplate Malmstrom/UFO’s, as the networks seem too powerful for just a story, as they would have encouraged me to write it, or something. The Dutch level of the game does, but the international responsible networks for it all didn’t.

    The old Indian really makes me a tinfoil hat guy, as he starts to confirm UFO’s more clearly. Outside that two days Mary UFO dream, that old Indian regularly viewed me sitting in the command chair of an UFO, injecting the feeling with it. Letting me feel/see/and so on me that my hand on a pad checks my spiritual energy, which is supposed to be as unique like a fingerprint, the board computer by that verifying my identity. As far UFO’s are real, these people have open spiritual contact with the old Indian & Co, which is the way they could know where I am. With that chair feeling, he made me feel an UFO was in the vicinity, making me feel the craft. I flew a Piper Seneca for some 6000 hours, as I loved the in command of an UFO feeling. At the time it felt 100% real, afterwards I reckoned that old Indian energizing me, to keep me going.

    I take it he keeps me busy, maybe for a reason I don’t see, I should wait to write my story, which so far I do anyway, keeping me in a holding pattern. In the Summer of 2012, that old Indian claimed he executed significant Malmstrom like signals in Israeli, disabling a number of nuclear missiles. Nothing happened, so I took that old Indian for a peep/peep Clown in that one, keeping me back on jumping the gun to write my story, keeping me going, or something. Big things take time on the other side of the coin. Then March 2014, Putin annexed the Crimea, as the Malmstrom thing reentered my mind, but so far no breakthrough whatsoever.

    Shortly after my spiritual awakening PATIENCE was the big key word. I could never know how long my journey with it all would take. Now he starts ramping up confirmations of UFO’s. I am in a box with it. On one hand, I can’t believe it at all, on the other the hand, the impressive networks, and all, it seems so logical. But then, what is the waiting for? I do remember, I flew till 2000, that several times during night flights I got some feeling I flew before, before I ever got my pilot’s license. When I woke up spiritually, I thought ‘yeah you flew before, being a spirit’. Last Summer, I took for granted the real in command of an UFO feeling was from the old Indian completely. Now I wonder it felt that much real, as the memory of it must be in my spiritual memory, not confirming my questions ‘are they over here?, and if so do we engage that in my story?’.
    I don’t believe it till I see one taking me on board, as I don’t really believe it, but not surprised, going on board as I used to do, when one day they come to get me. If not true, I wonder why the old Indian focusses me somewhat on the topic.

    Let’s fly away in a DREAM Greg. I reckon an UFO can do a lot, but when that UFO MAYBE might be true after all, I would be honored if you would accept to be the broadcasting station for the happening. Prepare for a lot of singing in that one.
    I will regret this post at first, but I know the drill by now, it will subside.
    Please don’t take this one seriously, as I most of the time don’t, the old Indian being a peep/peep Clown for some reason. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep it shorter my friend.

  36. Wim

    After I launched that Tinfoil Hat Story onto your site Greg, rereading it, the old Indian kept confirming faintly. During that I remembered some ‘‘UFO’’ contemplations which faded away, going back to 2006. One time Medvedev of Russia stated UFO’s exist, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHCSpm2kepo saw that one two years ago, or something. When that’s true, there is more to it. In 2008, I got some movielike view. We, the old Indian & Co, our worlds, and so on, would never do what Medevdev stated, pretty much sure of that. As far I can see UFO’s involved, the following contemplation really is just rubbish, plot for a Thriller, or something. In 2008, I could see that we allowed some world (not completely dominated by Love) to have UFO craft, as long they, by far, couldn’t beat us. Before they get that far we would wipe them out. Why did we let people outside our Love Domination go that far? These UFO people have contact also with the spirit world, inspiring Bad Guys on this one world. They want to take control of all worlds, a Show Down on this one planet. If the networks are triggered by these kind of possible UFO’s, like Medvedev stated, they are in for a very big surprise, a very big one.

    If true, we let these UFO people in their imagination they possibly can defeat us. Why would we do that? The unravelling is targeted to tell the spiritual truth one day, while showing this one world what evil there is out there, down here, and beyond. If true, a Show Down is in the making, which we win in a second, but we always go slow, step by step. The Thriller side would take a book. To us, it’s only to arrange as many souls possible turn/live to our side, as multiplying Love, and the creativity going with it, is our business.

    I can see the networks knew me as from I was a little boy, I can see it got slightly injected by Hollywood, just like the old Indian confirms. Not being the following one by the way, I think. The first production about UFO’s was Star Trek with captain Kirk, a good show, as a little boy I was intrigued a trillion by it. Then Hollywood turned to conquering UFO stories, not our style. Only question I saw popping up, if that movielike hypothesis is true, why don’t the evil UFO people execute? Then I thought, well we keep them on the edge of believing they could beat us, till the day comes, or something.

    Bad Guys down here, when I would get hold of a simple craft, would prepare their intentions, take some actions on it, which exposes them to the good forces in The Grand Game. This mechanism is running for over a decade anyway, whatever the agendas are of these networks. Anyway a battle between Good and Bad. The waiting seems like ‘waiting & baiting’ in it all, somehow, or something.

    Till recently, I could see the UFO inspirations to get me in the sentiment of ‘You are the President of the World, how would you act?, to produce my analysis, to wrap it up in a book one day. But now, I don’t get why the old Indian prolongs it, somewhat intensifying it sometimes. First time ever that old Clown flubbercasts me, really transforming me into an HUGE walking tinfoil hat. One day, I will realize why he injected the UFO dreams.

    He knows, as long he is Tin Foil Hatting me, confirming Malmstrom and UFO’s, I will remain in the waiting mode. When I find out why he keeps me there, knowing him, I can figure by that time he used some reality dream to entertain me in the waiting room, not jumping the gun for some reason. On the other hand, the past 12 years seem to go beyond producing my book, as it became a sort of hard mental marine training, as I called myself in 2008 ‘a Mental Navy Seal’, the old Indian confirming. Some times during a Game Round seemingly a contact moment with Navy Seals. The past twelve years really became a training for some Grand Military Role in the first place. Ever needed? Good question!
    3rd Rock from the sun, I am the High Commander, when it would come to it.

    Please take it as a Bed Time Story, but something makes me to go on record as the biggest Tin Foil Hat ever. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

    • Terry

      Wim, Does that tin foil hat have beer can holders on each side and long tube drinking straws to keep the hands free for typing? You are obviously an intelligent writer. I would like to know what your “reality based” thoughts are on the subject at hand.
      For instance, I believe our president will keep up this monetary house of cards until a conservative nears the Whitehouse, then scuttle the ship. Conservatives will get the blame.
      I agree with Rush that obama HATES Israel and LOVES “palestine”. As a young commie agitator, he was clear on this. He wants Iran to get nukes so they can bully Israel into a palestinian state.

  37. Jerry

    Just in case anybody missed it, China laid its cards on the table. They support Russia.

    In about one month, we’re going to find out just how strong the dollar really is when Russia fires up its own swift currency system with China and the BRIC nations. I have already posted information about the expansion of Union Pay by China into our markets. China has already taken steps to lower its interest rates. What do you think will happen when people in this country see a lower interest rate for credit cards?

    • Paul from Indiana

      That’s the slickest play they could make. I never thought of it until I saw it here, but it is what my Dad would call a “natch” as credit cards are the Achilles Heel of the USA. As the old beer commercial said, “brilliant! positively brilliant!” Best always. PM

  38. Jerry

    Greg I wish you were here to do an investigative story on this case.
    I’m hearing from one of my sources that Tom Schweich uncovered over $850. Million dollars in stimulus money that was funneled to private parties in one of his audits. I find it interesting that he committed suicide two hours before he was to have a press conference with the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I smell a banking cabal hit squad. How about you?

  39. Chris Hamilton

    seems Gregory M is sincere and trying like all of us to make sense of this and has put together a narrative. Still, I disagree with some of Gregory’s conclusions.
    1- despite all CB’er efforts to print massive amounts of dollars, Yen, Euro’s, Pounds, Yuan…global credit growth is in very big trouble.

    From ’07 til year end ’14 – global credit grew $57 trillion ($21 trillion in China “private lending” primarily tied to their housing bubble (btw, China grew from $2 trillion in ’00 to $7 trillion in ’07 to $28 trillion in ’14…wow), $20 trillion advanced economy government debt, and $16 trillion the rest of the world (mostly “private” debt).

    China’s housing market is now beginning the 3rd great real estate collapse following Japan’s and the US’s. The Chinese housing market is going bust and so to their engine for global credit growth. This is happening just as “advanced economies” balance sheets and government stimulus is waning when compared to the ’09 to ’13 period…and the traditional engine for credit growth, US and other nations mortgage debt, continues declining.

    Without the growing credit and debt…all the false credit driven demand goes missing and all the false credit driven global over-capacity is laid bare. Oil, copper, lumber, shipping, retail, etc. etc. is in massive oversupply without the growing global credit creation. Prices have collapsed and will fall much further.

    And that’s not even discussing the demographic angle of this story in which US (and most advanced economy) working age 25-54 year old populations peaked in 2007 and have been declining since…while all population growth is in the 65+ population segment which is now in a 2 decade liquidation mode. This is why US mortgage debt peaked, US oil consumption peaked, US total miles driven peaked…all in ’07 and have fallen since. The 25-54 year old US population has fallen by 1 million and jobs in this group have fallen by 4 million (worse still, FT jobs have been replaced by PT jobs).

    Anyway, this is too long and if folks want to read more…I do my best to put it all in perspective in a book I wrote and posted:


    Keep up the good work

  40. Ed Martin

    It has been said if Russia survived Stalin, Germany Hitler, Mussolini Italy, Toto Japan, England the monarchy and Napoleon France; we can survive anything.
    Not so!!! Each of these countries afterwards and into today are only shells of a former powerful regime.
    That offered … can the USA survive Obama?

  41. dee garmon

    The question is ” When will the zombies wake up?”
    They will , indeed wake up, as Dave Kranzler puts i t
    when the dollar collapses ( By the way, Dave Kranzler
    would be a very good guest for your show).
    Thanks for bringing Gregory back, he probably explains it
    better than anybody for the layman.

  42. Derrick Michael Reid

    Your guest is great, and he see’s no way out it. That was a disappointment, because the solutions are clear, DMR libertarian, president 2016. I will fix it all real quick, but, hey, Im a nobody, so kiss your tails goodbye. 🙁

  43. Mohammad


    Speech went on in congress … Obama refuted Netanyahu talking about 10 year minimum halt……Then a kicker in the face came right away:



  44. r.j.

    gold going to zeeero ? i think the east indians the russians and chinese might have something to say about that unless it is about a total armageddon end of world scenario that we are talking about, then it doesnt matter does it . i will err on both sides of the equation God and gold.By the way all central banks are buying and or repatriating their gold so i guess they know something is coming and if you happen to live in the ukraine or greece look at their currencies compared to gold and ask them if they think gold is going to tank.

  45. gregd

    Great advice to luke. I had forgotten that the values of homes drop significantly when the interest rates go up and again when unemployment go up also. Everyone should keep in mind that when an employer lays off a full time position 2 or more people will lose there jobs.

  46. Margie

    Both Gregs, Thank you Soooo much for your dedication to informing people so they can prepare. Gregory M. You have a heart of gold, and that’s what makes you richer than any gold bars you stock, honest! The information you provide really really helps me plan. I don’t have a lot of money, so don’t invest in PM’s but I invest in other things so that I can live sustainably. Last month I finished the rabbit and Chicken pens, this month I buy the rabbits and chikkins. I am HOPING I have 3 more months before things go totally awry. I’m saying me prayers and crossing me fingers!!
    Greg H. I’m in Bulgaria and so there is a time difference – late Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights/ or early next mornings I am constantly on the lookout for your next issue!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Margie for your support and kind words.

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