Frankenstein Debt Monster Has Peaked-Gregory Mannarino

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Stock trader Gregory Mannarino says Greece is the tip of the debt iceberg.  Mannarino explains, “Never in history have we been so overwhelmed and buried underneath a mountain of debt.  I believe we are at a top in regard to the debt.  What does this mean?  We could see a domino effect where all this starts cascading down and correct to fair market value.  It will, whether it’s today, tomorrow or next week.  There is no way out of it, and that is what people need to keep in mind.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “I think people are being distracted by the mainstream media saying this is just a Greek problem or this is just a Puerto Rico problem.  This is a global problem.  It is insurmountable.  It can never be paid back in any possible way.  It’s too huge.  It’s the mechanism of the system that simply demands the relentless acquisition of debt in perpetuity.  Once we admit we can’t borrow anymore, we have a debt crisis.  That is what we are seeing here.  How are they trying to fix it?  The same old way by fueling it with debt.  All this is doing is growing the Frankenstein, the monster of debt even larger.”

The take away here from Mannarino is the days of ever expanding debt are numbered.  Mannarino contends, “The system is ending, and we are going to see a massive correction in bond yields.  Debt is going to reprice itself to fair market value, and that is going to change the spectrum of every asset class because every asset class is based off of the bond market. . . . The bond market is going to light up. . . . What do I mean by that?  We are going to see a spike in bond yields.  The entire system is based on the premise that it will function on confidence.  It’s a belief that the system will work.  Once that confidence is shaken, then it’s party over, that’s it.  So, we have confidence in the financial system now being shaken.  We have the credibility of central banks being put on the line by the central bank of central bankers.  Once the confidence is lost, it is party over and that is really what the issue is here with Greece.”

Think the US is in good shape?  Mannarino says, “The US is in debt beyond the point of beyond.  We are all going to be facing this issue here.  This is a global problem that has no solution.  There is no way you can continue to inflate the debt and the problem be fixed.  Again, it is the mechanism of the system that is being called into question, and I believe we have to be close. . . . Just look at the writing on the wall everywhere.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Everything Gregory Mannarino does on is totally free and open to the public.  This includes a free download of his book “Ultimate Guide to Money and the Markets.”   


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  1. Paul

    When you think about it. It’s just a matter of time when a debt based monetary system based upon usury ( interest ) collapses. It’s arithmetic. You had a good run America. A 100 years. Now the point that Greg and Greg make that a new monetary system will have to be put into place is already happening. It’s called the BRICS and the SCO and the AIIB. The Banksters are picking the crumbs from the table and moving the ponzi scheme to the East. So they can set up the next 100 years of “USURY” Finance. Just like the Babylonians, Florentinians, Venicians, Dutch, British, Americans… sorry for the spelling but do you get the picture. Scorched earth. And we we’re dumb enough to believe it in the first place. Sorry Charlie…. Why are the Chinese and the Russians buying Gold & Silver ? To look at it ? Just like at the end of WWII the USA had 23,000 tons of Gold and were able to make the rules. Now the Gold is gone. And the new rulers are moving in. Meet the new boss…same as the old boss….

    • Prophetic Songs

      I agree we are on the slippery slope to diabolical change.
      Change where the evil people get all the assets and get away free and clear and the rest of the people are left to play a hunger games style existence.
      I wrote this last year and many people said it was pessimistic. It is looking pretty accurate now. “The Hammers Coming Down”
      Thinking of you all in the USA, it’s not going to be pretty for anyone.

  2. paul

    And when the bond market collapses … interest rate rise … destroying the housing market … strengthening the US dollar … destroying domestic industry … etc. … etc… the end will be here in spades as Mannarino says … so the Fed is going to do everything under the Sun to try and prevent it from happening … thus they will print and print and print QE4, QE5, etc. … until “all debt” gets paid with quadrillions of watered down dollars … only a hyper-inflationary expansion of the money supply will succeed in keeping the system afloat … … and they will do it if need be … as it is the only option they have left … and this is why we Watchdogers who see the writing on the wall own gold and silver!

  3. . Berkshire enterprises's

    The Debt Bomb!
    2011 July-August
    Dexter B. Wakefie

    Comment on this article

    The United States is facing a danger more devastating than the most powerful nuclear weapon. If the “debt bomb” explodes, it will ravage the economy not only of the U.S. but of the whole world. Are you prepared for what is coming?

    the world financial situation about to “go nuclear”?

    The calm of the New Mexico desert was shattered on July 16, 1945 when the United States tested the first atomic bomb, code-named “Trinity.” This fission bomb released the equivalent of 18 kilotons of TNT (about 36 million pounds) and began the nuclear age. Seven years later, on November 1, 1952, technicians at the U.S. Pacific Proving Grounds detonated the first hydrogen bomb—”Ivy Mike.” Its massive fusion reaction released a blast estimated as the equal of up to 12 megatons of TNT—up to 24 billion pounds—about 600 times greater than the first fusion bomb. Its fireball alone was 3.25 miles wide. Nuclear terror indeed! – See more at:

    – See more at:

  4. mike


    • Greg Hunter

      Mike the problem is not going to be the companies but the brokerage. Many will hypothecate your funds and go bankrupt. Think MF Global. Please do not try to trade what is coming with all of your funds. “Fear Not” and prepare at a physical level.


      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, every now and then, the veil parts and you tell what you really know. When will you tear the veil open completely and let it all out? Many thanks and best always. PM

      • Doug Morris

        I like Greg Mannarino because he explains big problems with simple words.

  5. . Berkshire enterprises's

    Nearly 60 years later, the U.S. has constructed another terrifying “bomb” of sorts, which may in its own way be just as explosive as these earlier instruments of destruction. We can call it the “Debt Bomb”—and its fuse is lit; the clock is ticking.
    Exploding Deficits

    According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the U.S. fiscal deficit in 2009—the difference between government revenues and expenditures—was $1.416 trillion, or 10.0 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2010, the deficit was $1.294 trillion—or 8.9 percent of GDP. These deficits, as a percentage of GDP, are the nation’s highest since World War II.

    Worse, the fiscal 2011 deficit is soaring even higher! As the CBO Monthly Budget Review reported: “The federal government incurred a budget deficit of $830 billion in the first six months of fiscal year 2011, CBO estimates—$113 billion more than the shortfall recorded in the same period last year” (April 7, 2011). Estimates suggest that the total federal budget deficit in 2011 will reach $1.6 trillion! Along with this sobering news, the International Monetary Fund projects that total U.S. debt will exceed the nation’s annual output of goods and services sometime in 2012!

    Herbert Stein, a noted economist who chaired the Council of Economic Advisors under U.S. Presidents Nixon and Ford, stated the obvious with what he called “Herbert Stein’s Law.” Put simply, he said, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” By that, he meant that extreme conditions that are unsustainable will cause their own demise. A good example of this would be the fiscal problems faced by the nation of Greece, which ran up huge deficits when there was easy access to money. Once creditors began to demand higher interest payments on loans, the nation was forced to attempt a severe austerity regimen in an attempt to avoid defaulting on its debt. This strained the Greek economy and led to riots and social unrest—even to deaths. To cope, the nation had to cede significant control over its fiscal policies to the European Union in exchange for a temporary bail-out.
    The Bond Market Disciplinarian
    – See more at:


    Another great interview!
    Thanks , again , Gregg for the timely info.
    WITH the Bond problem before us, could you try to get Martin Armstrong back on?
    His BIG BANG is all about the sovereign dept explosion in Late September ?

  7. . Berkshire enterprises's

    The Bond Market Will Be The Disciplinarian!
    – See more at:

  8. Matt

    Aloha Greg! Love your program, but I have a problem watching it sometimes. It says on the link “this video is unavailable in safety mode”. I wonder if any of your other viewers experience it too. It seems you have to sign in your YouTube account, but can’t because the link doesn’t allow me to sign in first. If you give us the IP address I can copy and paste it into my YouTube screen after I sign in? Idk, but again, you and your guests are on point. I’m wondering if you think there’s going to be a chance to get into the miners for a nice run before poo hits the fan. Also, do you happen to know if the miners will be regulated by the drought? Like, Nevada for example. Thoughts would be appreciated. Mahalo!!

  9. David

    “Could trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetimes” – Yahoo Finance

  10. Todd

    Greg,Mannarino is spot on.This whole system works on debt.Debt is maxed out.The lender wants his due. The due isn’t there. Its all a giant ponzi scheme. The whole game is in terminal stage. The dollar is about to be smashed. We live in a time when people will not even consider the truth. The truth will set us free. We are facing a crisis. If we do not turn back to our God and live in His truth we will destroy ourselves. He is our only hope. We need a miracle. All I have to say is prepare and pray. Food storage is a must! Food can become extremely important and valuable. We live in a place where we have not known hunger. If we are prepared we shall not fear. Sept 13 will bring huge changes. Let us put our hope in God. In the end He is our only hope. If we put our trust in Him our reward will be eternal and beyond our wildest dreams. He is our true source of liberty.Israel’s great day is very close. May God bless all those who put their trust in Him.

    • Diane D

      America use to have a 3 years supply of grain stored for emergency. We now have none. It is by design. Heed the words of Catherine Bertini, UN World Food Program Executive Director: “Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We do not apologize.” (confirmed at

      • Brewmaster

        Diane, when exactly did the US have a 3 year supply of grain? I think you have possibly been misinformed. Current wheat ending stocks are the 5th highest out of the last 25 years. The highest stocks/use ratio of the last 25 years was in 2009 at 48%. Thus we had about a year and a half of supply, nowhere near the 3 year supply you talk about.

  11. Terry

    There may be politicians and bankers decorating the telephone poles and bridges all around the world soon. People are sick of being lied to and stolen from.

    • paul

      We don’t have to go so far as to hang them from poles and bridges but we can round them all up and segregate the evil ones (the way God did to Satan and his cabal) … lets lock them away in those FEMA camps the Government is building all around the country! … of course there will be some blow back against “Christians” for thinking this way … but no pain … no gain!

    • dbcooper

      Terry, We second your sentiment… Unintended Consequences !! (John Ross, a must read) Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  12. Don

    Dear Greg, Mr. Mannarino and Mr. Williams make for a pretty good couple having one on after another while Mr. Williams gives us the true numbers Mr. Mannarino has market insight. Thanks for doing that. I wanted to bring something to the table about ISIS, and radical Islam in the middle east, and that’s the Islamic Mahadi is the bibles anti-Christ. A line for line description, if taken from scripture will perfectly match, what Islam expects as there savior. Look for in the days ahead, when extreme Islam gains control of much of the middle east, then the stag is set for their mahadi to come. He will come out of the eastern arm of the old Roman Empire, and will sign a seven year false peace accord with Israel, which will start the tribulation period. God is truly preparing the end time stag. They will have an extreme Islamic leader arise from their mist, and will be seen as their savior. I noticed the other day a Politian in Turkey had suppose to have healed a women listening to him speak. Think about it, a consolidation of the middle east and a new empire of extreme Islam and a leader which will unite Islam. Good job once again Greg

    • dbcooper

      Don, Careful with your use of the word ‘couple’ LOL !! DB

  13. eddielaidler

    Does anyone know if this is accurate? Seems to me that this would be a bombshell event. Sounds legit but I can’t track it to source.

    • NC Gal

      Since the information is coming from Stansberry Research, it’s probably a “hook”/sales pitch for some of their publications and programs. The date given (October 20) is when the IMF is supposed to make an announcement about the new SDR “basket of currencies.” The SDR is NOT a “reserve currency.” It is something used between countries doing trade with each other. It is not printed by any bank or country, which is the case with the current “reserve currency,” the US dollar. I would ignore the article AND the source as being credible.

      • Brother Rice

        NC Gal, I’ve tried their hook and it works because it cost me a pittance and I even have 90 days to get even that back. Use your brain and you wont be taken and the information is priceless, because our lives are involved in this. Those people and Ron Paul didn’t get us in this mess, but stupid selfish scoundrels wrapped in the flag did! I have a family that need info like this, ” Rick, whats his names book, who worked with the CIA, Greg interviewed him and it’s free! So don’t complain till you know what your talking about! _ Rick Rule?

        • NC Gal

          When I became aware of the Stansberry investment “advice,” he was touting getting into a piece of the action for the forthcoming liquified natural gas trade that was going to export LNG to Europe and make a killing. Obviously that prediction never bore fruit. I suggest you do a search on “Stansberry research scam” and look over the results. Here’s one link to get you started:

          If it works for you, don’t knock it, but it sounds fishy to me.

    • Sven

      SDR’s are well covered in articles on this site. From what I’ve read for SDR’s to replace the dollar and provide an outlet for this debt mountain, the Chinese RMB (and possibly Gold) would need to be included in the basket. So as convincing as the arguments are on the POM site, my personal belief if they’re not taking certain other factors into account.

  14. MAL

    A European nation hopelessly In debt to it’s European neighbors beyond any hope of ever being able to repay. In large part that nation is in this predicament because of it’s own horrendously bad decisions. It is now surrounded by the nations it owes and they are intransigent and demanding their 11 million pounds of flesh. This week an EU official , in so many words, called for a receiver to be put in charge It seems to me this happened once before and not so long ago. Is there a “messiah ” standing in the shadows waiting to ride to the rescue? There was the last time.

    • Brother Rice

      And he’s chomping at the bit! MAL. Just waiting on his orders!

    • susan

      This is what happens when you run out of other people’s money. Coming to a country near you.

  15. . Berkshire enterprises's

    China rolls out emergency measures to prevent stock market crash
    Reuters Reuters
    By Pete Sweeney and Samuel Shen

    China’s stock markets face a make-or-break week after officials rolled out an unprecedented series of steps over the weekend to prevent a full-blown stock market crash that would threaten the world’s second-largest economy.

    The government is anxiously awaiting the market opening on Monday to see if the new measures will halt a 30 percent plunge in the last three weeks, or if panicky investors who borrowed heavily to speculate on stocks will continue to sell. MORE BELOW;

  16. Jim Taylor

    Manarino is the man. Tanking to Begin soon!!

  17. . Berkshire enterprises's

    Helium Leaking from Earth in Southern California
    LiveScience LiveScience
    Stephanie Pappas
    10 hrs ago

    Scientists have found high levels of helium-3 in oil wells up to 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) deep in Orange County, along a 30-mile (48 kilometers) stretch from Los Angeles’ Westside to Newport Beach. Helium-3 comes only from the Earth’s mantle, the semisolid rock layer beneath the crust.

    • paul

      Now this likely explains why the California State Government and Federal Government is doing absolutely nothing to counteract the drought … Helium-3 is the perfect fuel needed for nuclear fusion power plants … but to accumulate this Helium-3 resource cheaply the residents of California who happen to reside on this valuable land must be forced out … so we won’t have to go to the Moon (the only other place it is found) to collect this very very valuable Helium-3 !

  18. mark

    God bless you Greg. You are the man for having Greg Mannarino on, early Sunday release no less. I pray for you and for the health and well being of your family. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Greg, for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and of power and of a sound mind. (2Tim 1:7 ). And thank you watch dog posters for your regular contributions. I am very thankful for you all and pray Father continue to bless, encourage, enlighten and enable all to understand, articulate and respond in love to the darkness which seems to be enveloping this globe. But we know that according to Scripture that “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it” (John 1:5). So to all who come here to read and post I say ‘the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim 1:7).

    • Brother Rice

      W O W ! Mark, looking forward to shaking your hand in God’s kingdom and new world. Thank you very much sir!

  19. paul

    Contemplating what will be (a bond market collapse, total chaos) must “also include thoughts” as to how to prevent or mitigate what we imagine will be (because we are part of a Divine Plan and were taught by God that we can think our way to light) … we should never look deterministically upon total chaos and darkness as the only possibility … we must think “let there be light” … in this world created by God “our thoughts become reality” (and this includes our worst nightmares) … but the possibilities of future dark events (that can become our present reality) are only thoughts in our mind right now … so fear not … we must create “alternative thoughts” to these dark possibilities … and hence bring order and light out of the darkness.

    When I think of what must be done to fix the economic mess we are in … it seems like (in short term) we must kick the can down the road with QE4, QE5, etc. … but the final analysis demands we get back to a “gold like standard” that puts “tight limits “on the ability to create unlimited amounts of debt.

    • paul

      We must think of every possibility to prevent an economic collapse … every possibility to prevent nuclear war … etc. … etc. … and then make conscious decisions to “only observe” the pathways to light to bring humanity out of the darkness … out of chaos … to a world “God intended” for us and our children!

      Humanity must face the fact that our minds “live in the future” (and our thoughts that exist in future is what becomes reality in the present) … to change “the present” for the better … we must “think good thoughts” (i.e. stop killing women and children) and it will be so!

      If we desire no nuclear war! … no economic collapse! … humanity must focus and think of every and all alternative thoughts and the various possibilities to prevent such dark things from occurring in the present! … Let there be light!

      • paul

        To prevent “the dark thoughts” of others from affecting our “present reality” (like a Clinton and Rubin thinking on how to destroy our our banking system) … and to prevent “the dark thoughts” of others on how to start more wars (like Bush with 9/11) … we must choose “alternative” pathways to light … if we reject darkness … there will be light!

      • Joni

        Yes, Paul, exactly! — THE LAW OF ONE

    • Brother Rice

      Paul I agree with all you ever, say;

      When I think of what must be done to fix the economic mess we are in … it seems like (in short term) we must kick the can down the road with QE4, QE5, etc. … but the final analysis demands we get back to a “gold like standard” that puts “tight limits “on the ability to create unlimited amounts of debt. . . And sir Paul might I add, and may heaven kick some dupa!

      For as he thinks in his heart, so is he: ◄ Proverbs 23:7 ►


      THIS little volume (the result of meditation and experience)is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written-upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that

      “They themselves are makers of themselves.”
      by virtue of the thoughts, which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness. JAMES ALLEN.

  20. William Bett

    Planet X/Nibiru is in our solar system. The gov’t has known about this since about 1983. Reagon put a topsecret on it and NASA has told the public nothing. We are approaching the time where there is going to be terrible problems. I’m not going to tell you all I know about this mini solar system in our system, but if you research on google and you tube you can educate yourself about what is going on and tell your readers. It is time that the gov’t should warn the people, but these clowns running this gov’t are worthless……Betts

  21. Anne Elliott

    Great interview, Greg! To Gregory – since you are in Healthcare – I wish I could pick your brain on homeopathic aids and herbal remedies to health problems. Do you believe they are of any value? If things really do totally collapse as they could/will, what home-healthcare solutions would be best afterwards?

    A different question – to both Greg and Gregory – do you think that the China market fall is a cyber attack from our country in retaliation for their supposed hack into Fed Gov employee data?

  22. rob

    So, if Joe is worth 1 million dollars but doesn’t have the value of the 1 million in hand (ie gold/silver), for Joe to collect, say 95% of his “supposed value” someone or some institution on the other side of the equation must fork over that “supposed value” to him on demand.

    One man’s value to be held in hand is born out of a second man’s debt to be successfully paid. Is this the point where we realize that all wealth is based on debt that can’t be paid?

    A man’s lively-hood/revenue stream comes from another man’s- paying down the debt to which he is enslaved.

    Everyone is enslaved- daisy chained by contract to the slave in front and behind himself. But each thinks his wealth to be boundless.

    Could a man’s wealth on this earth is denominated in the number of bound slaves?

    High though his titles, proud his name,
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
    Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
    The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonor’d, and unsung.
    –Sir Walter Scott

  23. A. Hall

    Greg: Greg M. is correct- and he matches what Lindsey Williams has reported. I sent this to you this past weekend. This is the debt problem coming to an end- exactly what the global elite want and planned for decades. All one has to do is hear John Perkins and/or read his book – “the life of an Economic Hitman” He worked for the elite’s in creating the world “debt” so the banksters control everything/ own everything.
    Lindsey said in his latest update the date for the collapse has been set. NO turning back now. Lindsey warned everyone to get gold and silver and not to sell it for any reason.
    That deflation will happen in everything- except food prices which will explode higher, higher than already being seen at the supermarkets. If you don’t by gold or silver now you’ll not be able to get it when the collapse happens.

    So the date is set- will let you know as soon as Lindsey puts the date out for all to know,
    he was just told Saturday. People have now idea how bad this will be. As Lindsey has always said- Get out of anything paper or related to paper assets. These will be worthless over night. Gold and silver will be all that will be valuable- this is the elite’s money.


  24. dchayden

    Just listened to you as a guest on Rick Wiles radio show !! Was a pleasant surprise ! Great show again today Greg ! Thank you 🙂


  25. Jerry

    I have a question for you or GM.
    It is becoming increasingly apparent that the BRIC nations are moving to decouple themselves from the dollar whether the IMF grants China SDR drawing rights are not.
    My question is, how long can the Fed continue its buy back program, if the BRIC nations increase the amount of bonds they are dumping into the market?

    At some point, the Fed (who is essentially the City of London Corporation) has to cut its loses and stop?

    • Jerry

      Greg I wagering that the price of admission into the BRICS bank was Greece flipping the bird to the EU with a solid “NO” vote.

      Its hilarious watching the EU trying to scratch out a new deal in order to save itself from massive loses. The taking heads on Wall Street can act like this is no big deal, but at the end of the day, this is the dollars swan song. Even Jim Rogers says so.

      • WD


        I love it and Putin swoops in for the kill. I see why Obama hates this guy so much…he keeps running rings around him.

        Checkmate Putin, day after vote Tsiras is in Moscow

      • Sven

        Keep posting them posts, Jerry. You’re a good man!

  26. NC Gal

    Great interview! I think Mannarino is right on every point except two: “The free market will win” and “the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.” The only ones who will win in this game are the elites, and the alternative is exactly what they have planned and prepared for. It will APPEAR that market forces are causing the collapse, but that is just the elites opportunism in action. Problem, reaction, solution. Create the problem, step back for the predictable reaction to take place, and then step forward with the solution you had prepared in the first place. It would have been rejected, but now with this (predictable) reaction, it will be welcomed. The riots have been prepared for, too.

    Mannarino is absolutely correct in calling the system malignant. I have seen living cancer cells in a Petri dish and they self-destruct through the breakdown of internal controls. He is absolutely correct is describing the nature of the debt-creation system and the unsustainability of supporting the world population. However, that has been prepared for, too. Jade Helm, the TPP, TPA, and TisA are all final steps in that preparation.

    As I posted on the WNW thread last week, two quantum computer program systems (JADE 2 and GeoINT) are going to be tested live in Jade Helm 15, starting just 9 days from now. Once those tests are complete (and corrections made?), the elites will allow/cause the system to crash, chaos to erupt and persist for awhile, then move forward with their prepared controls and depopulation responses. These computer systems will enable them to identify and eliminate everyone who is not going to be compatible with their plans for totalitarian global control. These systems can be used to KILL people — through directing drones, through preventing access to resources, etc.— ALL without the “chip” that has been anticipated for so long.

    The move to eliminate cash as currency is part of the longer-term plan. That is being presented in Congress now. Mannarino is correct about the time being short. The collapse could come at any time, but my expectation is that it won’t happen until the Jade Helm testing of the systems is complete. I have heard from two sources that it may end on September 11, instead of the announced end date of September 15. September 11 is a Friday — a perfect day for a bank holiday to begin — but either way, I totally agree with Mannarino’s assessment, other than the points about the free markets and the alternative being too terrible to contemplate. The elites are pulling the strings on all of this, and the collapse will come when they want it to. They are almost ready for it now, and they have been “contemplating” it for a very long time.

    • Sven

      “The elites are pulling the strings on all of this, and the collapse will come when they want it to.”

      The Shemitah jubilee, maybe?

      • NC Gal

        I don’t think the elites are observant Jews, governed by the laws in the Bible, or planning on giving anybody any debt relief. Just the opposite. They have been systematically transferring wealth and gaining control over everything for a very long time and now they are just going to make the next steps necessary for them to control it all. If you didn’t listen to that interview (, I suggest you do so now, and then watch this one ( in which she shows how this technology was part of this year’s Bilderberger conference agenda.

  27. Art Barnes

    Greg, watching CNBC this morning prior to opening the smug American experts were yawning about Greece. Basically, it will be fixed by the European Central Bankers, etc, small business matter, just look at the Shanghai market its up 3 percent, won’t really cross the pond, etc, etc. CNBC is even finding buy signals in the Greece event as well. Can’t remember when such arrogance dominated the media, maybe 1928 or early 1929. I suspect the FED is buying into this market incognito to keep the DOW from going to far down thereby giving it a sense of just a minor issue which will be fixed in time; no reason to panic. Obviously, the FED and the Central Bankers of the world have studied the crash of 29 and know how to keep the people in the theaters and not heading for the exits – that is before they see and smell the smoke.

  28. Russ

    Thanks Greg, very timely discussion with Greg Mannarino, great perspective. In the post Greek “No” vote, it is even more relevant.
    Has GM ever discussed the possibility of a Debt Jubilee? It seems we’re getting to a point when a lot of the debt that exists in the world will not be repaid (not just Greece), maybe formalizing that by just wiping the debt through a Jubilee would be a way to reboot.
    Since 100% debt/GDP seems to be a point of no return, maybe have a rule that says no nation can take on more debt than their GDP.
    We can’t continue down the path we are on. Obviously those entities with a major stake in the continuance of the current debt system will not be in favor, but what does GM think. Is that the Mad Max scenario?

  29. FormerFederale


    Could you ask your guests to outline the “Reset” with regard to personal and corporate debt? Does my mortgage company go under, get nationalized? Is debt completely written off or will there be wide-scale displacements of people who loose their homes?


    • Greg Hunter

      According to Jim Sinclair all the debt will eventually be re-priced and payable in a new currency. Good luck getting it.

    • paul

      They will likely deflate the value of the dollar so much that they will have to do a 10 for one reverse split in any reset … where one “new” paper dollar will be worth ten old paper dollars … and one silver dollar coin worth 16 “new” paper dollars (or $160 dollars in the “old” currency) … buy silver now and you can pay off your old debt for ten cents on the dollar!

  30. Mr. Lee

    I agree with Mr. Mannarino on all points accept one. They do have an option in the form of bail ins and account seizures. Bank accounts, tax free savings accounts, retirement savings accounts. How many trillions of dollars reside in any or all of these accounts. The same felons which brought us this system of chaos will, in my opinion, seize some if not most of these sort of accounts.


  31. Galaxy 500

    I am in shock. Char-Lie Gasparino on Fox just said that Greece lied to get into the EU and Wall Street helped. Well damn, maybe it it’s the ends times after all, him finally telling the truth and all.

  32. dave

    Hi Greg
    Please ..enough of marinara sauce …I know he is your friend ,but he is on way too much>if you want a new twist .WITH FACTS,you should have me on!I come with real peer reviewed journals and eye witness testimony’s and it is shocking to say the least.Lets Skype and i’ll show you what would be a land slide show.You have my email and i hope to hear from you


    • Greg Hunter

      Who are you Dave? Full name please and who you work for to get your information.

      • dave

        Hi Greg

        My Name is Dave Roselle and I’am a retired Vet.Just your every day Joe. I’ve just done extensive research. The answers are available providing you just look. Once again , what i have is shocking and your viewers should be informed .In addition the information is based on FACTS ,not theory’s . Science, testimony’s .Peer reviewed journals .and declassified documents.This is real evidence that you and your viewers should know.Lets Skype and you decide.You wont be disappointed .I look forward to hearing from you .Just email me

        Thanks Dave

        • Greg Hunter

          Post a few of your bullet points here with a link or two.

          • dave

            Hi Greg
            I will send you some links in an email.Just send me an email to reply to.I will then send you some links

            Thanks Dave

  33. Thomas

    He stated this was a resource issue, can someone please elaborate. His last statement seemed to be the death blow, that it was gonna be Baltimore all over the country and the loss of life will be staggering. Not sure if I agree with the last statement, but a change is coming and it’s not for the better. Prepare accordingly, the future is unknown.

  34. Buck

    Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market

    Could someone explain this? Is this because the Shanghai Gold Exchange is expected to list bullion? What are some other possible explanations?

    • paul

      What this means is that TPTB are losing control of the silver market … they now must sell short 10 to 20 times what they use to sell to dive the price of silver down by a dollar … when they finally throw in the towel and must cover their exposed ass … we are going to see the silver price explode upward … I’m looking for $75 to $120 dollars per ounce as the first stop!

  35. brian

    If we think we are just going to passively watch the monetary system currently in place collapse and be replaced by a free market we are dangerously deluded and are essentially expecting water to just flow up hill on its own accord. The system we have now is fully known to be run by an unsavory assortment of people who if they share anything in common it is that they are ego maniacal, grossly irrational, criminal and despotic. How is it we would expect these same people, who have gained so much from the current system to allow it to simply be replaced by a free and fair market?

    What we will see as this system collapses is restrictions of every kind and on everything. We will see capital controls, we will see resource inventorying, seizure and control, we will see more limits placed on our freedom, we will see population controls; its the only thing one can rationally expect given the history of this problem we have.

    Get ready for hard and long decline to a rock bottom standard of living. As at this point I seriously doubt there is anything that can be done to even abate much less avert the imminent and dire consequences of no less than a full century of total neglect on the part of all of us to so much as lift even a finger in the maintenance and good standing of our liberty, our prosperity and our fear of God.

    • M. Dundee

      B r i a n

      New Living Translation
      For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again.
      In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones. ◄ Matthew 24:21-22 ►

      Cross References

      New Living Translation
      “At that time Michael, the archangel who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued. ◄ Daniel 12:1 ►

      New Living Translation
      It is a day of darkness and gloom, a day of thick clouds and deep blackness. Suddenly, like dawn spreading across the mountains, a great and mighty army appears. Nothing like it has been seen before or will ever be seen again. ◄ Joel 2:2 ►

      New Living Translation
      And pray that your flight will not be in winter or on the Sabbath ►Matthew 24:20 ►

      Matthew 24:29
      “Immediately after the distress of those days “‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

      Revelation 7:14
      I answered, “Sir, you know.” And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    • aussie jeff

      excellent post Brian …… said it all!

  36. J C Davis

    Greg I have a tip on how the next collapse will be reported. Funny video humor.

    • anni

      That was priceless, when the debt bomb goes off I think a lot of people will experience what that girl did.

  37. Bob Lamb

    If eveyone owes someone something, lets just call it all even and cancel all the debt and walk away from it. Who would be hurt the most? Retirees I would imagine.

    • Grafique

      Some of us have money owed to them and are unwilling to cancel those debts.
      I worked hard for the money that’s owed to me and I want it.

    • paul

      People like to know they were paid … so let’s print up 100 quadrillion dollars … hand it out … to the bankers first of course … and let everyone pay each other off … “Who would be hurt the most? … Retirees I would imagine”.

    • J C Davis

      Good point Bob Lamb. However dreaming. A man works 50 years with the promise of a retirement is not going down to a young age to reset his life. My simple thoughts is let the banks fail, and sell. There will be others to replace them. Protect the general population first, and let the rich suffer great loss. Restructure the banking system. Better then putting the loss on the small man. I too am dreaming.

      • susan

        JC your are absolutely correct. Let the banks go. There will always be new banks to take their place. I’m sure that there are those waiting in the wings to start up banking services.

  38. Gold Trail


    There is actually a solution in the works called Freegold. This entails the upward revaluation of gold bullion to tens of thousands of dollars and decoupling of it from the paper derivatives market that currently sets the price. Fiat currencies will still exist after the transition, but they will float against one another, not against gold. Gold will become the wealth reserve asset par excellence with its value set firmly by the Bank for International Settlements. People will save in gold, as it will be the only asset that maintains its value against all others.

    The basis for this system was gradually set in the 1990s as both Europe (i.e., the Euro) and the eastern/middle eastern nations implemented currencies/policies that marked their gold to market. For instance, China marks to market its gold. This means that gold can be whatever price the BIS sets it and those currencies are not affected. Not so for the USD, which on the books of the U.S. Treasury continues to set the official price of gold at $42+, the price it was when the USD defaulted on its gold obligations in the early 1970s.

    The price of gold is currently kept low through paper contracts to enable the transfer to and accumulation of gold in China. Why? Because that is where the powers that be wish the new economic power of the world to reside. This is also why the Chinese government advises its populace to buy gold – because it knows what’s coming and knows that with a revaluation its people will be the wealthiest in the world. Who do you think will be living in all those brand-new cities currently called “ghost” cities?

    So, don’t fear. Buy gold. 🙂

  39. Calgirl

    Convention of States Live Broadcast tonight….re: Fighting Judicial Tyranny

    ………”you have an opportunity to learn about it tonight during a special LIVE broadcast entitled Convention of States LIVE with Michael Farris: Fighting Judicial Tyranny.”


  40. John N

    Be the smartest person on the block.
    Prepare while you still have time.
    Stock up on FOOD ( 3 to 6 months ), Portable WATER FILTER, FIRST AID KIT, SLEEPING BAGS, CAMP GEAR and GUNS & AMMO to protect your family.
    If you do this, you will be better off then 90% of Americans when SHTF or TEOTWAWKI comes!!!

    • susan

      I have 3 years of food for 8 people plus a clean water source, am able to grow/raise vegetables, meat, wheat, etc. for the future. I have some gold and silver and cash. I’m still very nervous.

  41. dee garmon

    You certainly have good choice of friends, Greg.
    He is straight to the point in layman’s language
    like that of ” Planet Ponzi” whom I would love
    to see on USA Watchdog.

  42. frank jeffries

    There are no “free Markets”. The Heroine injected into the global financial bloodstream will only reach saturation when we the stupid Americans wake up. In the mean time I will continue to raise my prices to insane levels as I must. Zimbobwa here we come, all created by the criminal politicians(congress) and their banking buddies. When disaster finally hits. our idiot leaders will blame it on a handgun or some insane crap like that. Wake up people and thanks Greg and Greg.

  43. NC Gal

    As a follow-on to Mannarino’s comments regarding the debt bubble, I just saw the following on Zerohedge (

    “Greece is not the real issue for Europe. The entire Greek debt market is about €345 billion in size. So we’re not talking about a massive amount of collateral… though the turmoil this country has caused in the last three years gives a sense of the importance of the issue.

    Spain has over $1.0 trillion in debt outstanding… and Italy has €2.6 trillion. These bonds are backstopping tens of trillions of Euros’ worth of derivatives trades. A haircut on them would trigger systemic failure in Europe.

    And this is just the beginning.

    Globally the bond bubble is over $100 trillion in size. The derivatives based on this bubble exceed $555 trillion. So when sovereign debt restructurings begins the real crisis (the one to which 2008 was just the warm up) will begin.

    Greece will be first, followed by the rest of the PIIGS in Europe. Japan is also on the block as will be the UK and ultimately the US.”

    I am expecting the US to fall this fall, after Jade Helm completes and those Wal-Mart store conversions are also complete, which would be anytime between mid-September to mid-October.

  44. Rick

    I was asked to make this web link available to those who wish to know the truth about America, and why no one has been brought to justice over the underhanded dealings that have gone on for well over a century, since 1863 under Lincoln
    Thanks Greg

    • Donna S

      What do you think those Wal-Marts are being converted too???? I know Wal-Mart does not close for plumbing issues and 5 stores at the same time…..I worked for them for 8 years, they are greedy and NOT family oriented as they claim. They were when Sam Walton was alive. The day after his death benefits started being taken from employees. I think the market will crash, Jade Helm 15 will lead to martial law and Wal-Mart has a part in this as well.

    • Donna S

      What do you think those Wal-Marts are being converted too???? I know Wal-Mart does not close for plumbing issues and 5 stores at the same time…..I worked for them for 8 years, they are greedy and NOT family oriented as they claim. They were when Sam Walton was alive. The day after his death benefits started being taken from employees. I think the market will crash, Jade Helm 15 will lead to martial law and Wal-Mart has a part in this as well.

      • Charles H.

        Donna – It makes sense because of food and goods distribution. Sort of a monopoly for hard-times.

        • aussie jeff

          control the food …………..control the people!!

      • WD


        I have told Jerry please don’t gve these people so much credit. They have no concrete plan. They are running scared trying to control what they can.

        They got greedy and this is the result of there greed a dying Ponzi scheme.

        Walmart has closed more stores that are not profitable and not wanting to pay people higher wages.

        Dont be fooled!

  45. Art Barnes

    Greg, Wall Street pulled it off again, convincing the public all is well with the Greece default. You know what Greg, I’m beginning to believe I am in a very small club of people with sight. Maybe I should be more like Brian Williams who see bodies floating on dry land, however, I choose to continue to think for myself. It is, however, no wonder Americans are stupid as they been fed by the Williams type and other associated media for 40 to 50 years now – brainwashing works, even the media still believe they are relevant.

  46. Collateral Damage

    He may be ‘Minister No More’ but I think he may be worth following if you want to hear the inside view of what is going on in Greece as this thing moves forward.

    Interesting web page…

  47. Calgirl

    Greg, Just my opinion but, if you want to save yourself some time, instead of re-interviewing GM, just replay any one of his past interviews. Always the same stuff with no new facts or new information…….I think we all know that the system is unsustainable.

  48. red

    Well there maybe some elites that think they have this in control. But I’ve been hearing the opposite that they are in panic. So i think mr Mannarino is in the ball park here. This whole
    fairy tale could go critical and fast.

    • susan

      I hope so.

  49. David B.

    I’d say we have less than a week before the dominoes fall, Greg.

  50. peter

    Dear Greg,

    So many times and many times they are talking about gold and silver this and that. The result is: again 18 down???

    Nobody and nobody can fight against the FED !!!

    Or…there is solution?

    Regards Peter

    • red

      When you destroy pricing, you destroy money, when you destroy money, you destroy the public contract for the law has no other metric by which to edjudicate. No need to fight the fed for they are taking on the universe(god if you please) They sow the seed of their own destruction.

      • susan

        red, you are thinking beyond what is overt in the news. Keep giving us your insight.

    • paul

      Use their power against them … when they advance and force gold down to scare you … Buy! … confound them as they increase their short positions … continue to snipe at them from the trees … they will eventually overextend themselves like the Germans did against the Russians … and we can break their ranks!

      • red

        Agree, but their ranks are already broken, smart ones are heading for the exits. But yes silver, tangible money and no other will be about your only weapon against the folly of fools.

  51. Grafique

    At noon Tuesday 7/7, stocks and commodities, including gold and silver, are tanking while US bond yields are in the low 2% range.

    This means that consumer confidence is bottoming – people are rushing to the Dollar for safety.

    While this is going on, metals will look bad. Don’t give up on them because they are the only true money. When the Dollar collapses, metals will skyrocket.

    Have faith in God and keep your powder dry.

    • susan

      Grafique, you are always spot on

  52. RTW

    Things are coming to fruition here and it’s not going to be pleasant. When you peel away all the chaff, offered up by the MSM, and pay attention to what is actually happening, you get a much different picture. Jade Helm is about to start rolling across the country, Boston citizens were under lockdown while military clad police searched their homes after the marathon bombing. New Yorkers were treated to the presence of battle-clad police walking the streets, ostensibly to protect them from a “perceived terrorist threat”. The analogy of the frog in the pot of water fits this to a tee. The heat is being turned up and we are being conditioned.

  53. Thomas harmon

    Good interview Greg but It seem like i’m living in bizarro world Greece has collapsed you can’t ever open a bank in Greece again they will go bankrupt in a day , and when all this is all going on Gold and silver get smashed I think someday I wake up i’m be living in the twilight zone

    • Grafique

      It’s because people are turning to the Dollar for safety instead of gold/silver.
      Once confidence in the Dollar is lost, gold/silver will be the greatest commodity in the history of the world.
      Right now – as Greg says – metals are on sale.

    • Greg Hunter

      The writer is wrong here because what he should be saying is some humans are “resistant” to phony made up “facts.” This is Nazism all over again. You don’t believe what we believe then there must be something wrong with you. Total BS Nazi propaganda.

    • Grafique

      Why would you think we get no other facts from any other source?
      Typical liberal who thinks he knows better than everyone else.

    • red

      non sequitur, junk post.

  54. WD

    Bill Holter answered a question on his blog that financial collapse will usher in chaos, not fed troops or jade helm etc etc.

  55. Brad

    I have a deep respect for both the Gregs here but will pick a bone with Greg Mannarino that there is “no solution”. There are at least two solutions and with Modern Monetary Theory possibly a third. A debt jubilee by whatever name resets the level of debt and we begin the march to debt saturation again. This is a temporary solution but still a kind of solution with just the same error and eventual result built in. The other fix is complete monetary reform to shift from the debt-money/fractional reserve system we now all slave under to one where money is created without debt and banks are put on full reserve . This could be done without inflation or deflation in a few short years while retiring the entire 18 trillion dollar national debt in the same length of time. To explain how this could be accomplished would require a lengthy article in its own right and too much of my time to make sure I got it down correctly. Instead I welcome the reader to visit the American Monetary Institute and investigate for yourself. I also would like to invite the other Greg (Hunter) to interview Steven Zarlanga or his designate to explain how a debt free money – full reserve system would work and what the transition would look like. This system I might add was championed by several very prominent economists under the “Chicago Plan” when FDR called for an inquiry as to the cause and cure of ‘the Great Depression” of the 1930s. FDR was said to have rescued the bankers when he chose the Glass Steagall solution instead. Well it seems the chance to get it right this time around will be upon us again in the not too distant future and even some top IMF economists are championing a resurrection of the “Chicago Plan” in the face of the economic catastrophe facing human kind.

  56. Mister Burns

    Merry Christmas

  57. Jessica P.

    Aloha Greg! Love your program, but I have a problem watching it sometimes. It says on the link “this video is unavailable in safety mode”. I wonder if any of your other viewers experience it too. It seems you have to sign in your YouTube account, but can’t because the link doesn’t allow me to sign in first. If you give us the IP address I can copy and paste it into my YouTube screen after I sign in? Idk, but again, you and your guests are on point. I’m wondering if you think there’s going to be a chance to get into the miners for a nice run before poo hits the fan. Also, do you happen to know if the miners will be regulated by the drought? Like, Nevada for example. Thoughts would be appreciated. Mahalo!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I would be concentrating in physical everything. The problem with the miners is not the miners, its the brokerages. In a severe meltdown, and I think one is coming, your real counter-party risk is your financial institution. Think MF Global, Lehman and AIG on steroids and many more all happening at the same time. If you have money you can totally lose or get tied up for years, sure, but concentrate on the physical world, and that includes storable food and water. Yes, I think it will get that bad for a period of time.

  58. Alex

    This is one of the great article and story I had ever read in the history of internet. I just love the deep words of this article and also very informative by reading this. I love to read it and also asked my friends to read it.

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