Putin, Tucker & Truth, Scotus Smashes Insurrection, Debt Surge

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 620 2.9.24)

Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin, and the Deep State melted down.  They called him a “Mouthpiece for Putin,” a “traitor” and threatened to sanction Carlson.  Why?  The truth is a powerful thing, and the Deep State wants you to think the lies they are telling you about the Ukraine war are true.  This against a backdrop of the US Senate sending another $60 billion for a war that has already cost the lives of 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers.  Putin says he is ready to stop the war and negotiate a peace deal.  It is dangerous for you to hear that blasphemy when so much money and kickbacks are being made off a war that was lost long ago.  Way to go, Tucker!

The Left and RINO Republicans think that Trump can win in 2024; otherwise, they would not be trying everything they can to stop him.  When the lawsuits looked like a bust, they started trying to take Trump off the ballot state by state for the so-called insurrection on January 6th.  The case of the Colorado removal of Trump off their ballots in November was heard by the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) today.  The lawyers for Colorado trying to keep Trump off the ballot were destroyed and so was the “insurrection” narrative.  It looks like a win from SCOTUS is coming for Trump and “We the People.”

If you think the Biden economy is good, you are in the tiny minority.  According to the Federal Reserve, credit card debt hit a record $1.13 trillion, and delinquencies surged 50%.  That is not the sign of a healthy economy, but a very sick consumer living paycheck to paycheck and stretching it all out by maxing out their credit cards.  It is only going to get worse as layoffs surge, while the government labor statistics tell us that unemployment is going down when the opposite is true.  Remember, this is an election year, and the lies are going to be big.

There is much more in the 48-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 2.9.24.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Dane Wigington, founder of GeoEngineeringwatch.org will come on and explain all the crazy weather being made worse by climate engineering.

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  1. Jones

    Geoengineering is the biggest threat to humanity at present. Look forward to the interview. Barely had a blue sky in the UK for 6 months. The brain dead zombies won’t look up.

    • Ken

      Love Dane, I tend to feel so frustrated and angry and helpless to stop the spraying though after his interviews. I try to tell people in person and on line and I’m considered a nut job I guess. Even after sending pictures explaining how our blue skies were turned grey. The look up let’s say but they don’t have eyes to see.

  2. LoriQ

    Not so long ago, journalists would have been competing to interview Vladimir Putin! There may have been a Barbara Walter’s Special or a 60 Minutes Interview with Mike Wallace. The general public would have had easy access to said interview; the journalist who scored the interview would have the proverbial feather in their cap!

    These days true journalists are kicked out of the mainstream media and forced to build a career through alternative means and platforms. Interviews of importance are blocked out, the truth omitted and obfuscated, the American people purposely left in the dark to fend for themselves.

    I appreciate and respect all journalists seeking the truth to report to anyone who will listen. Unfortunately, one day, I believe sites like Greg Hunter’s will be no longer. America will have it’s very own version of Pravda.

    • Rodney

      One would think Pravda is here now.

    • Chris

      The West already has its very own Pravda imitators. Pravda means “truth” in Russian. In the USSR they had two propaganda outlets masquerading as news media, employing propagandists masquerading as journalists- Pravda and Izvestia. Izvestia mean “news”. The Soviet peoples used to say there is no “truth” in Pravda and no (real) “news” in Isvestia. MSM in the West is just the same as the old Soviet media system. In other words, 90% BS when it comes to geopolitics. Sadly, many people in the West are so brain washed and propagandized that they actually believe the media there is “free” Sadly, by the time they wake up – if they ever do – they will be in chains or meeting their maker wondering what happened.

      • Lora

        Keep hearing from both sides of the aisle how terrible Putin is, but not too much about China’s XI Jinping, who obviously has a nefarious agenda for America (with assistance from our current infiltrated Regime).
        All the Biden Regime has done is to
        bleed the backs of US Citizen’s tax dollars to fund a pack of Nazi criminals in Ukraine, along with filtering money to terrorists, screwing the US dollar, and encouraging a closer relationship between Russia and China!
        And on both sides of Congress, our Representatives continue with their undercover shady deals to enrich themselves, insisting that we need to continue sending billions of US dollars to Ukraine while our own borders and economy are destroyed (doesn’t make sense for anyone with half a brain…not helping US Citizens in any manner…all so sickening).
        So glad that a very brave Tucker Carlson is exposing all these lying, satanic, traitorous weasels.

  3. sam

    Mr. Hunter……3:04 AM EST……….Crickets……..”Lets get this Show on the Road”!

    • Greg Hunter

      Video is processing.

    • Marie Joy

      Greg, Believe it or not, this is a compliment in that we are anxiously waiting for anything you have to say.

      • sam

        Marie Joy,
        It Certainly IS a COMPLIMENT….Thanks for pointing that Out.

  4. Andrew Sue

    I found the following information in the link below to be alarming and thought you may find it useful.

    Butler County, Ohio sheriff addresses what he learned at conference

    I first saw the post on X (Twitter), but I wasn’t able to find it again, though I think I was browsing Laura Looner’s X (Twitter) page.

    I’m sending this just for your information. Please DO NOT post my comments in any of the comments section. Thanks.

    Thanks for all you do. Stay safe.

    • Jerry

      Thank you for the link, all of our contacts need to view this!!!

  5. Robert Dziok

    February and NO snow in Rochester NY area where I live. Temperature in 40’s next few days. Lived in upstate NY all my life except for time in Army drafted Vietnam War Era. Decades ago and back to when a kid always got tons of snow where would start by November and not see grass again till mid April. Temperature this time of year would be single digits or below zero. Earth goes through cycles and different parts of the solar system as now doing and getting hit by new types of energy from.

  6. Nick Leddy

    Just finnished watching the Tucker Carlson/Vladermir Putin interview.
    Without going on a long diatribe, President Putin was very forthwright
    in his historical refferneces regarding what has led to the War.
    The U.S. neocons have wanted to takeover Russia for it’s vast natural
    resources. It showed the world that the U.S. is the aggressor based on
    Russia’s attempt at a peacefull resolution.
    Looks like President Putin is the adult in the room.

    • Greg Hunter

      He is also waring about the fate of the US dollar, and Putin is saying HE did not cause its fall. It is our leaders who are causing its fall. Pay close attention to this message.

      • sam

        but the EURO is in even a worse state and 3rd world currencies too. So first the dollar will rise against other currencies. All countries in the world have borrowed too much and can’t pay back the govt debt anymore so the system will collapse everywhere , not just the USA. The USA will be the last to fall.

    • Johnny

      Correct Nick. Putin makes are so-called leaders look like stupid children

  7. Justn Observer

    Greg, just finished watching the Putin/Carlson interview ….can you imagine Biden or Harris giving such as in-depth, cogent historical, and analytical and serious assessment of facts for over 2 hours without bumbling or hysterical laughs? Also put to bed was Putin being irrational, or on the end of death, at least he did not seem ill or irrational…where people agree of his view for his shoes as to Russian interests and its preservation.
    Whether one agrees or not…it is obvious Biden is incapable of sitting across any table to discuss the situation and find any solutions. Clearly, Biden is a brain fogged puppet under the control of others. That reports about Putin wanting war and to invade Europe is fanciful fearmongering.
    That as reports that Russia was provoked, that the Minski agreement was from the start a sham, and along with the bio-labs put there in Ukraine, and the funding given, and the meddling by some nation’s covert actions, and the attempt to purge Ukraine of its religion, language etc… brought the situation to where it is.
    The fact also seems to be…Bric became a reality by entities weaponizing the World Reserve currency…much like what the weaponization of agencies today…to bully…and force compliance…and surrender not just nations sovereignty and rights but basic individual rights. Do not the U.S. citizens themselves feel they are being bullied by the same entities trying to push the CBDC upon them for social compliance and control over them? Why is it beyond imagination that nations see and feel the same as the Ccanadian truckers and chose, pushed toward the BRIC to get out form under the thumb of the Klaus Schwab’s and Kissingers of the world?
    If nothing else, it was at least positive to hear Putin can foresee the return of the journalist…=
    Little wonder the WH and others have come out against Tucker Carlson’s interview… all the cockroaches and rats on the run when someone turns on the lights!
    Putin’s views are very well aligned with John Mearsheimer in his interview by Lex Fridman… Sadly, if Mearsheimer’s would have been listened to by the NEC-CONS, some 400K people in Ukraine along with all the displaced people, the destruction, trafficking, and waste of U.S. taxpayer’s dollars might have been avoided….

    • Gloria Quintana

      God bless you for your service!🥰

    • Catherine T Grate

      The reason the Demonrats probably feel it is inappropriate for the American people and their children to hear “a Story Time session with Putin” is because it was not conducted by a fairy wearing horns or a clown outfit!!

  8. A Friend

    60 billion more for the military industrial complex, which then funnels most of that money back to the politicians who voted for the contracts. Everyone should look up the lyrics to the old Black Sabbath song from 1970, “War Pigs.” This includes you, Mitch McConnell, you piece of filth.

    As they say, karma is a b****.

    • Shiloh1

      Agreed. I love Greg Hunter’s voice impersonation of McConnell, like Foghorn Leghorn. I say, that’s a joke son!

  9. Blair Phillips

    Hi Greg,

    The Video stops at 29:12 into the recording for no reason that I can figure out. This has happened to me twice and I haven’t been able to get beyond that point.

    Thanks for all you do!


  10. sam

    This Putin Interview with Tucker Carlson……….BRILLIANT….Vice President move on his part!

  11. sam

    I am more frightened with the musloids here than the chinamen………musloids have perfected terror into the American Psych……..the chinese will merely Bankrupt us….the rest of the INVADERS just want our stuff for Free!

  12. Robert from Alabama

    IS IT TREASON?? I detest the RINO Republicans that voted against impeaching Secretary Mayorkas. They are just as bad as the Democrats whom are probably Marxists. I believe these people are traitors in the highest order. During the Vietnam War, Bobby Garwood was a teenage Marine that was captured and held as a P.O.W. Since he was a good small engine mechanic the North Vietnamese didn’t release him until 1979. Eventually he was recognized as an American by a foreign reporter and they had to release him. Our country wanted to try him for treason for helping the enemy.

    Secretary Mayorkas was seen and filmed in the Darien Gap by Correspondent Michael Yon. He and his team arrived in Blackhawk helicopters and were filmed talking to people that were invading our country. He was seen near the camp that contained Chinese and other nationalities. This is not treason according to these RINO’s and Commiecrats. I often wonder how many of these people have been to Epstein Island or similar places and are being blackmailed or are World Economic Forum attendees.

    If you figure the deaths from Fentanyl alone that would be enough people to man 50 Navy aircraft carriers and this is not treason? Right now the global elite and their “friends” in our nation are setting America up for the “kill”. They are caught doing their dastardly deeds and don’t really care. They don’t need to back Russia into a corner. Putin knows that he can’t defeat NATO on the battlefield so nuclear weapons are his only option. Why do the elite want to kill us?


      Robert from Alabama. Why do the E..te want to KILL us? 🥺 One day in 2021 I was at my Vet with one of my little cats another woman was doing the same at the time you couldn’t go in with your pet had to wait outs while waiting I said to this woman from Edgewater Park 08016
      ” This is terrible the monsters released a virus, demanded all the business to shut down, close the schools on the children and teachers, taught everyone to hate the others, demanding everyone had to get 💉💉💉 shots 💉💉 this is absolutely horrendous “. This woman said to me
      ” YES, WE should have let you little people have your little lives, your little houses, your little families it’s a mess now “. 😳 😲 WOW these murders live in neighborhoods around many of us their hiding in plan sight if you have a extremely wealthy neighborhood near you your probably going to the same VET. They despise us they think they are better than us because they have so much money and so called class but their all going to HELL with Saten for ever, for not accepting the Lord Jesus Christ and for murder 💰💰💰💰 than us “PRIDE” Lord Jesus Christ says PRIDE COMETH BEFORE THE FALL. “THEIR FALL IS COMING IN THE FALL.” 🙏 men Amen
      SO BE IT. My husband got 2 of the Madera shots it’s in 3 areas of his spine which they give 1-2 years. Lord 👑 Jesus Christ 🙏 said for those who have accepted Him to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord Jesus Christ 💓

  13. Mike

    Thanks Greg, We always appreciate all your shows and efforts.

  14. SJ

    I think the numbers of people being laid off by companies would be a lot higher if so many people weren’t quitting and/or dying from bioweapon injuries. Please do have Ed Dowd back on to talk about new numbers.

  15. Philip Quinn

    Thanks and God bless

  16. Philip Quinn

    Thanks and God bless Greg

  17. lester johnson

    Many thanks Greg and Tucker, 2 of several truth tellers. I burned my tv on a pile of brush 15 years ago. The only reason That I kept it that long was for the weather forcast , and knew even they were going to lie to me about the weather!

  18. Tommy

    Remembering when Russia and Putin were good…Uranium One, Hillary’s Reset Button, Skolkovo Innovation Center, Bill getting $500K to give speech in Moscow, using fake Russian dossier to harass Trump for his entire presidency. Yes, old times, good times.

    You know that things are getting pretty bad when you agree with Al Sharpton. Also, Stephen A. Smith went on a rant about what’s going on with the invasion and the waste of money going to Ukraine and predicted Trump victory.

  19. David Lynch

    Thanks again, Greg Hunter for your courage in reporting the real world news ! You , having a background in corporate controlled media must be happy to see Tucker let loose !
    I’ll bet the Globalists that run Fox News wish they had kept him on his short leash, now he is a threat to them for exposing the B. S. narrative used to keep the masses in a lie induced stupor. Maybe you and Tucker could have a sit down some day and interview each other , that would be epic !
    Thanks so much for all you do for those with ears to hear ……..

  20. James Hall

    Bo was right on the crash, look at the layoffs, they covered it up. I go to UPS depot near me a few times a week and seeing more trucks sitting there at 4 pm. I wrote 15 years ago States need to take 1/2 of 1 percent of their daily sales tax and buy Gold and silver to build their reserves. Also they could take a tiny part of credit card transaction fee’s to add to it. Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders tried to get a Wall Street transaction tax. These are easy and painless, but the communist don’t want us to have stabililty.

    • George K

      James – Bo is probably “to early” on his timing of the coming Crash because the Demonrats are not going to “let a good Crash go to waste” and will hold it off by all means possible (until Trump gets in) … then they will pull out all their stops and force the Crash to happen on Trumps watch!!!

  21. Robert from Alabama

    Could you please interview War Correspondent Michael Yon? He has pertinent info on the situation at the southern border that all Americans must hear. Maybe more people will contact their elected representatives.

  22. Robert

    The interview was a big nothing burger!
    Where was the questions of why 450,000 young men have been killed, and countless more injured.
    What about the bio labs, nothing!
    What about the child trafficing, nothing!
    What about the money laundering, nothing!

    • Greg Hunter

      All good questions. That said, pay close attention to what Putin said about the US dollar. It is a warning of what is to come from a world leader in the know.

    • Prospector

      The Biggest Questions Were Not Asked , Tis True !

      Greg , Robert and readers , please look at this and think about what it means not only for draftees in Ukraine , but ask yourself – ” WOULD THEY DO IT HERE ? ” I think we know.
      Page One ; Conservative Treehouse – Tucker Carlson Interview

      This is insane, the US State Dept forced all Ukrainians to tie their financial assets to their smartphones by developing the DIIA “State-In-Smartphone” app for Ukraine, and now Ukrainians who try not to die will have all their assets seized.

      Ukraine intends on drafting 500k+ more citizens.

      Kiev’s parliament, which now outlaws opposition parties, will soon allow for bank account seizures as a punishment for noncompliance. Ukrainians abroad will have their assets frozen.
      More bodies for the meat grinder, coming soon.

      REUTERS – Feb 7. – Ukrainian bill intended to draft more soldiers passes first reading

      Ukraine suffering heavy losses because Russia has turned its ” dumb ” bombs into GPS guided smart bombs , now devastatingly accurate.- Moon Of Alabama blog.

  23. tibor

    Greg seriously..Im 65 ,its plain old obvious that its not the real Biden thats the real story,
    USA is captured by the CCP and all of congress is bought out.plain and simple.
    when is the movie gonna end?

    • Greg Hunter

      Give me a source for this and use a real verifiable name when you do.

  24. Jim Umble

    I think it’s totally a kickback.

  25. J.P.Madoff

    Hamas’ Gaza Chief Untraceable? Yahya Sinwar ‘Not in Touch’ With Leaders Amid IDF Offensive | Hindustan Times 4,893 views 59 min ago
    Speculation is mounting over the whereabouts of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. Sinwar reportedly lost touch with other leaders “weeks ago” and was not involved in Hamas’ response to the latest truce proposal. IDF believes that Sinwar and other Hamas leaders are hiding in Khan Younis.

    China Is Back What Americans don’t understand about CHINA!! US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor iChongqing 36K views 2 days ago CHINA

  26. Sue Cook

    Rising: CNN Shake-Up as Erin Burnett WHINES at Tucker’s Moscow Visit, Advancing ‘MAGA’ Agenda/The Hill 192K views 2 days ago
    Erin’s officially joined Hillary & Toria as part of the three stooges for WW3, sad. Hopefully she’ll take down her company with her, before than?
    Or were all going down.

  27. Mark in OKC

    Great weekly wrap up Greg, thank you. More amazing is the Tucker-Putin interview backs up everything your interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts brought to light just a week or two after Russia started the liberation of the Donbas region from the Ukranian Nazi forces.
    Watch “No Shooting War in Ukraine – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts” (2/22/2022)

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. PCR is a smart guy.

  28. Simple girl

    I can not feel sorry for that Australian doctor. He deserves it. How many people did he kill. He is responsible for harming every person that took the shot. It would be better if he was executed as a war criminal. But this is the next best thing.

  29. Susan R

    I do pray, every day. Greg, your point about those promoting war will ride it out in deep underground bunkers does not hide them from God. I am overwhelmed by the numbers of those who think these few years lived on this planet are worth destroying one’s soul for the rest of eternity. I now can look back on my life at people I have known and see them in a totally different light, the light of God. Their imperial presence cannot act as a coverup anymore when one can see with divine light. This invasion of our country will most likely become catastrophic for US but most important is to know is who we are and that our Father will take us and care for us. This life is so short and temporary. We live forever.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sister Susan,
      Thanks for the analysis and comment.
      Brother Greg

  30. J.P. Madoff CHASE'Bank

    People have had it CNN, CLINTON NEWS NETWORK!
    They’re Fighting Back & NOT Giving in To the World Economic Forum!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 138K views 1 day ago
    We’re not gonna take it ANYMO!

  31. Akdave

    Ok I’ll try again. I didn’t learn ANYTHING from Putin that I didn’t already hear from Dr Paul Craig Roberts. Someone prove me wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hearing it from Putin is not the same as hearing it from Dr. PCR. (I really like Dr. PCR by the way.) Can Dr. PCR say he’s ready to talk peace with authority to do so? NO. Also, the Deep State did NOT want this sort of message and information, to get out and that is also instructional.

      • Akdave

        What I meant was, I believe the facts Putin stated are true: the coup in Ukraine etc. PCR has written about that, the attacks on the dobass etc for years. The fake media calling Putin a liar even before the interview took place just shows their lack of credibility. Of course I don’t totally trust any politician but I think Putin really does want peace, and like you said above he’s telling us the dollar is toast. It would be foolish to dismiss everything he said. I think we agree.

  32. Felix

    I don’t care who you are when you see any politician out in public,you heckle these scumbags until they slither back in their holes.They are all traitors to the motherland.Alot of them are pedophiles,homos,crossdressers,psychopaths,socialpaths.They are the scum of the earth.I would rather be poor with integrity than be a scumbag politician.They should all be hung for treason

    • sam

      YES….succinctly said!

  33. Vince

    I can’t get enough of Greg. There’s a few folks we can trust to not sell out. Greg is one of them. Maybe a few different guests than the magnificent 3: Steve, Catherine, Martin? Micheal flynn, Rand Paul, Franklin Graham, Jay Sekulow, others? Isn’t it amazing how the deep state revealing is increasing and accelerating? As well as the throwing of Joe under the Bus. Lot’s of things are happening. As you say and I paraphrase, when fraud is exposed, it happens fast. I’m in Denver, and I prayed hard against Vajena Griswold as I call her on her Facebook page. I troll her every day.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Vince!

  34. Southern Girl/Older Lady Now

    May God bless you for all of us to keep informed. I want to especially thank you for mentioning the Christian Healthcare Ministries. The guy who has cut my hair for about 20 years just lost his health insurance. Said he could not afford it. I think it ran about $500.00 a month. He nor his wife have health insurance. I will see him next week and will give him the information. I wish I had known about it. Before I got on Medicare I was paying $868.00 a month single policy. Dang, that is like a house payment.

  35. Gav Whitmore

    Putin about to drop a BOMBSHELL on Hillary Clinton in Tucker Carlson interview? | 248,991 views 17 hours ago
    Was H.Clinton Running Scared? Was She Right?

  36. Aron Courson

    Friday LIVE: Alex Jones & David Icke Debate Elon Musk, Transhumanism, and the NWO as well as Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview!
    The Alex Jones Show February 9th & Saturday Repeat 2024
    Roger Stone’s prediction comes true: Deep State sabotages Biden with late night senility speech ahead of DNC! Stone joins today’s broadcast to break the latest! https://www.infowars.com/posts/the-american-journal-world-reacts-to-putin-tucker-as-scotus-decides-trump-election-fate/

  37. Jeffrobbins

    Another great news wrap up. Thanks. -a thought to share- In the Bible, or more so Hebrew, there’s a lot of substance to a persons name. It’s not something we normally think about, and i don’t pretend to understand it all. But, Trump has been referenced as a trumpet. Trumpets always herald something else. As much as he is very capable, there are a lot evil forces aligned, and we should be sure there are plans upon plans to neutralize a Trump presidency- and the subversion of the Christian values that made our country. It’s very plausible that a second Trump term is a herald for something as terrible as what came with the first term- I’m speaking of covid and the vax. We should all be thinking and making moves to have some ‘high ground’. It could be a more secure job, paid off debt, a few raised bed gardens, backyard chickens, -we’re all in different places.
    As for finance, and i have read a lot- also made lots of money and lost lots of money. In our thinking, we need to separate cash flow and assets. And we also need to figure that either way- high inflation or a depression, a lot of people won’t have money enough for food and shelter. Which ever way the system goes, the end is basically the same- there will be a few very rich and masses of very poor. I think the play book is some version of what Joseph did in Egypt. In the end Pharoah owned most all the land, and most of the people were gathered into the cities, and the Hebrews were in Goshen. We aren’t told how long it took for the Hebrews to become outright slaves.

  38. Bob from Amsterdam

    Rename your site to more appropriate name – ziоnwatchdog .
    When you will cover tunnels in New York story ?

    • Greg Hunter

      “Boob”, (Yeah, I meant Boob.)
      Please comment in the future as “godless Jew hating bastard.”

    • Trader Vick

      There is a peculiar relationship between those bearing the star of Rephan and Evangelicals:

      Pastor John Hagee – “Israel: God’s Gateway to Blessing”

  39. Prospector

    Unconfirmed , but just another signal that war is to continue.

    The fix is in ???

    SCOOP: I just received word that Schumer has a CODEL (Congressional Delegation) to Kiev planned for two weeks from now to celebrate his and McConnell’s Ukraine funding win.

    These trips take weeks of advanced planning to pull off. If this is all true, then it’s almost certain Schumer knew that even if the border deal failed, McConnell would always help him give Biden his war money without getting anything in return.

    8:29 PM · Feb 7, 2024

  40. catherine serra

    Thank You Greg, As Always, I Much Appreciate Your Devotion.

  41. Clif Ho

    Trump should dance to the other Village People song, “In The Navy”, in order to boost morale among the mostly gay US Navy, which is having its butt handed to it by Ye-men.


  42. Jim G

    The sheep took the advice of the government Now they pay the price. Get your affairs in order sheep.


      Jim G Yes people trusted their governments the people didn’t know how much their government hated them and what liers they are and they are paying a price for trusting them but the liers are responsible for the lies, injuries and deaths, And Yes we all have to get our affairs in order we may be the first to go but they have plans for you too and their plans won’t get any better look at the water, air, food ,” The Gangs Of New York” movie has taken on a whole new meaning their on every street corner and al speak a different language the police are being told to stand down or they’ll #@*# them up then it will make the city LOOK BAD what a joke what are they going to do to regular people? So have your affairs in order too because who knows who’s next they have been planning this for over a hundred years. England has been saving viruses to use on humanity for 130 years Rhodes scholarship ? Rhodesia Africa ? “American Intelligence Media”has lots of information on Charles and England and Rhoades himself 🙏 🙏 🇺🇸 be watchful.

  43. Lady Au Stackers United

    The EU could initiate a travel ban on TC?
    Then travel by way of Japan and completely bypass Europe for the next interview.

  44. prambo

    First, thanks for your reporting and the great guests you have on.

    Second, as far as browsers not playing your program goes, I’d advise everyone to migrate to the Brave browser. I’ve never had a problem with it, it easily migrates your favorites and the tracker/ad blocking is air tight. I’m approaching 1 Million ads/trackers blocked in less than 2 years.

    All the best

  45. Scott

    Greg your great. Loved the show, really fun today. Check out my book “Paranormal Beagle” It is a fun book that teaches the value of precious metals investment among other American values.

  46. Thomas

    The further away you send the money, the easier it is to launder it.

  47. Rk


    Please try to have Tucker as a guest on your program.

  48. Tonya Morris

    Hi Greg – You are my fellow North Carolinian and I love ya! I follow you all the time & agree with you 95% of the time….
    Do you follow Chuck Holton? I know you are a Christian and wondered if you watch CBN and ever follow war correspondant – Chuck Holton ? He is one of my favorites but he surprised me today with his take on the Putin/Tucker interview. It would probably be of interest to you to hear his perspective.

    (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off your link. My only question for the CBN “War correspondent” is how do you not report that Hamas is conducting military operations in dense civilian areas while they admit they want a high civilian body count to garner sympathy? This is a widely reported fact–period. If Hamas wants to cut down on the civilian casualties, (and they don’t) they should get out of their tunnels under schools and hospitals, and put their civilian population safely at their backs and meet the IDF head on out in the open land that surrounds GAZA. You can see all the open land on Google maps. You don’t see the IDF brining their women and children with them to use them as a human shields, do you???

    I am a reporter and I do not ignore huge facts like this.


  49. Ron

    Greg, please seek an interview with Dr John Campbell and the Funeral Director John O’Looney regarding the white rubbery clots, as in this interview today Friday 9th February 2024

  50. Joanne Brown

    We did get a good Russian and Ukraine history lesson. Putin did tekk]]ll the truth about the NAZI-oriented Ukraine government and military. He truthfully stated the U.S. backed coup in Ukraine in 2014. One disappointment is when Tucker asked Putin, if the U.S. presidents don’t make the big decisions, who really does. He didn’t answer and diverted to U.S. elections. Nothing about the Elites, the One World Order Cabal. What was achieved is the truth about the U.S. being the bully over any country that has desirable resources to steal. A Putin an Trump collaberation just might save this world.

  51. dlc


    This puts the visual to Putin’s words in the interview.

    It is very easy for the West to sit on their comfortable behinds and make judgements based upon the lies of our self-serving politicians. My entire time on this earth I’ve been boogie manned, as Putin says, to fear Russia. Nothing changes and a good chunk of the world is fed up with it all.

  52. Rick

    I just want to thank you for recommending the Carry Ion air purifier. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and I already notice a huge difference!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rick. I sleep better with it on. I bought them and have them in almost every room in my house.


        Jim G Yes people trusted their governments the people didn’t know how much their government hated them and what liers they are and they are paying a price for trusting them but the liers are responsible for the lies, injuries and deaths, And Yes we all have to get our affairs in order we may be the first to go but they have plans for you too and their plans won’t get any better look at the water, air, food ,” The Gangs Of New York” movie has taken on a whole new meaning their on every street corner and al speak a different language the police are being told to stand down or they’ll #@*# them up then it will make the city LOOK BAD what a joke what are they going to do to regular people? So have your affairs in order too because who knows who’s next they have been planning this for over a hundred years. England has been saving viruses to use on humanity for 130 years Rhodes scholarship ? Rhodesia Africa ? “American Intelligence Media”has lots of information on Charles and England and Rhoades himself 🙏 🙏 🇺🇸 be watchful.

  53. Bill

    I heard several Reporters, shouting 25th Amendment today! The next 2 months are going to be very interesting! Bring out the Classified Documents!

    • Shiloh1

      I heard that too. Including by the shrieking female reporters at Biden thing yesterday. It’s staged, don’t take the bait –


      Let that demented criminal degenerate twist in the wind along with the whole of the DNC.

  54. Mark

    I don’t believe for a minute that “we” as in we the people started this nonsense in Ukraine. The real “We” who did start this, along with every other war for the past 60 years, is comprised of three words: Military. Industrial. Complex… along with the corrupt sleezebags in D.C. This is no longer a constitutional republic, nor a democracy. It’s a corporate fascist state run by mega corporations.

    • Justn Observer

      Mark, agree to a point…. but ‘we the people’, sheeple have allowed ‘them’ to do so. Where are the anti-war protests? Where are the people sending campaign contributions to those politicians that ARE anti-war? How long have we known about, been warned of the MIC, the debt based currency, the rigged markets, the fake news and ‘missing trillions’ and done squat about it? the aware and unaware alike…are complicit when we know and do nothing but complain… Like abortion, how long will HE watch this nation and continue to bless it and the many people who basically spit in his eye.
      One has to ask say, how on earth does a state like KY, ‘elect/select’ a Sen. Rand Paul and at the same time Sen. Mitch McConnell?
      How do people wonder about how great a ‘stock picker’ Nancy Pelosi is? without seeing who Nancy’s ‘took a hammer to the head’ husbands brother is and his historical connections to the stock market?
      How do people not see how the Rep Jake AUCHISCLOSS family is so deeply tied to Skull and Bones, and married to the mother of Jackie Kennedy’s mother? at the same time the other Bundy side was so opposed to and JFK and working against him as JFK hoped to break up the CIA that were running covert ops beyond it scope and congressional mandate to ‘gather intelligence’ NOT to be running MIC ops, some of which not only Congress but the Presidents themselves was unaware of?
      Am NOT pointing to this as to claim any are BAD ACTORS or that they did anything …but when one would bother to look at just this one family, their bloodline ties, and marriages that were tied at the hip of Central Intelligence, Dupont, Rutherford, Kennedys, Bundy, that were at the head of weapons/explsoives, Standard Oil, running investment houses in Hong Kong, the Skull and Bones…the Sanger family, with a lines of ambassadors, all that switched politican parties at whim…it makes it clear the thought of and reality that a UNI-PARTY is not in play…should be more obvious or at least suspect?
      In the end, Jackie Kennedy did not say, ‘someone killed Jack’, she said, ‘they’ killed Jack’… as if she knew who might have.
      What had JFK become increasing concerned with that might have caused some to decide he needed to go? Trying to return to silver coinage and silver certificates? getting rid of the oil depletion allowance, putting an end to covert CIA ops in foreign countries? Attempting to break up the internal hegemony of the intel, CIA? Planning to bring light to the ROSSA bonds and ESF being used off book? Withdrawal for the use of overt use of military support/ use of USAF in Cuba, and planning to do same in Vietnam.?
      When one considers some of the summer gathering points of the wealthy elite and their private islands and yacht clubs, say Gibson Island where some many congregated for generations, one can see how so few wealthy familys became so entwined and intermarried and in control of so much of industry and resources.
      Compared to the 320 million in the U.S., when as few as a couple thousand families are at the core of the above…
      In 2006, he joined the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as the principal deputy director.[
      In January 2023, Auchincloss succeeded Anthony Fauci as the acting NIAID director.
      Through his mother, Bundy grew up with the other Boston Brahmin families, and throughout his life he was well connected with American elites.
      The Bundys were close to Henry L. Stimson. As Secretary of State under Herbert Hoover, in 1931 Stimson appointed Harvey Bundy as his Assistant Secretary of State. Later Bundy served again under Stimson as Secretary of War, acting as Special Assistant on Atomic Matters,[3] and serving as liaison between Stimson and the director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Vannevar Bush.[4] William and McGeorge grew up knowing Stimson as a family friend and colleague of their father.[5] The senior Bundy also helped implement the Marshall Plan.
      as a senior was awarded the Alpheus Henry Snow Prize. Like his father, he was inducted into the Skull and Bones secret society, where he was nicknamed “Odin.” [8] He remained in contact with his fellow Bonesmen for decades afterward.
      One of Kennedy’s “wise men,” Bundy played a crucial role in all of the major foreign policy and defense decisions of the Kennedy administration and was retained by Lyndon B. Johnson for part of his tenure. Bundy was involved in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Vietnam War. At the first meeting of the National Security Council under Kennedy, Bundy was told the four areas of worry were Cuba, the Congo, Laos, and Vietnam.[25] From 1964 to 1966, he was also chair of the 303 Committee, responsible for coordinating government covert operations.
      she married her second husband, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss Jr., an attorney and Standard Oil heir

      Regardless, one gets the point…the elite and heirs are a large part of who donate, sponsor, contribute to the Political class to advance, protect ‘their’ interests. So why are the people so SHOCKED to see rigged elections…and ‘their’ interests rather than ‘the deplorables’ taking center focus?

      About all comes down to = QUE BONO, the ‘deplorables be damned’ !


        Justin, Thank you. 🙏

  55. Anita

    Putin was very well spoken. But I hope people do not miss the point he is still a NWO globalist.


    Great report Greg.

  57. Graham Leadbeatter

    Country Music star Toby Keith also died of stomach cancer. Was he vaxed? Probably.

    • Greg Hunter

      NO, Toby Keith was NOT vaxed.

      • michael kelly

        Toby Keith was vaxed!….and boosted…turbo cancer….suck big time Sooner….

        • Greg Hunter

          Michael, my sources and (that includes a top doctor) say Keith was not vaxed.

        • michael kelly

          Well sources are wrong… reported here on the sports animal ,WWLS…98.1 IN OKC…that he was and that the vaccine was the cause…..look @ the frame … he jumped in like most others … 3 yrs… later hes dead…

  58. Brianroy

    Putin was exceptional in the 1st half hour. Tucker failed to be able to level up to that appreciation and respond more accordingly as Putin went over the history of Russia from 862 A.D. and incorporated Ukraine and what it was all about. Also that Kiev was for many centuries part of southern Russia.
    Secondly, Putin revealed that both CIA and the Department of State has for the longest time been acting in an autonomous way apart from the Office of President. POTUS is supposed to be the Executive head of the Executive Branch of Government, and yet, Putin says, how they told him what THEY decided independently as CIA and Dept of State, was all that mattered in dealing with the Caucasus Separatists and their violent resistance to Russia. The CIA and the Department of State are responsible ONLY to themselves in matters of Foreign Policy and Foreign Support and Foreign Causes?
    Thirdly, Putin stated and/or implied that Russian Orthodox was family centered as opposed to Western Christianity that is now “me” centered, and this is why Russian society is more stable than the West. The gist of his argument in that context was to the effect that THEY are about FAMILY, and we in the West have mostly lost that as a Society as we more and more abandon traditional Christianity.
    Putin’s body language was that he was way wide open to be honest and accurate on this interview, and that he had nothing to lose, nor inhibitions. Look at his left leg and foot wide open etc. Great interview in the first hour that became difficult to focus as we went into the second hour, but some of the reveals of how our own Government has gone rogue and the CIA and Department of State telling him that they are responsible for actions and that the POTUS has no authority to deter them, and Putin must deal with CIA and Department of State, not POTUS to stop this or that Foreign Action that they engage in against Russia? Holy Mackeral! Did you also hear how many years and administrations back that this has been going on? No wonder Congress & the Deep State flipped out on Tucker!

  59. cOLE hARDICH

    Nuclear missile with damaging range of 300m found in garage of dead man’s home
    Story by Claire Anderson • 22h

    TRUMP/RFK for Prez? RFK Jr. REVEALS Trump Reached Out About VP Slot, While He MULLS Libertarian Run
    The Hill 1 hour ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s mull over a Libertarian Party run.

  60. Susan R

    Greg, I just listened to a post by Alex Newman in a short interview with ALIPAC Chief Willaim Gheen. It is about a bill Biden plans to push through starting this Monday the 12th about making it legal for him to continue allowing migrants to pass through our borders. As Alex says here, this will “my words” cement the border invasion as legal. Alex advises all who know this to contact their representatives. It sounds to me like this cannot be stopped but I am contacting you, my representative, as one who has more power than my measly voice.

  61. Blazing Satellites

    Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died, but the Israelites were exceedingly fruitful….
    Exodus 1:6,7

    Look, Araon: Pharaonic Irish pink list Nazis!!!!

  62. War Monger

    Two hours of truth and reality you won’t hear in Western mainstream media…


  63. Waylon Jesse

    USAW should interview Pastor Dana Coverstone who three years ago was the only one to publicly reveal prophetic dreams forecasting Covid-plandemic before it exploded onto the scene.

    there were other videos of his before this one:

    Many of us remember Dana’s haunting “brace yourselves” warning. …. It was the reason why we knew Clif High was missing the big picture at that time, as Covid broke out.

  64. To BigTo Fall?

    Russia, largest country, 11 time zones massive! Got hard enough time keeping the whole Enchilada together. Gonna take over Ukraine or Europe? Crazy. Heck they sold us Alaska, like the Injins sold us Manhattan! Both for a pittance! WE SHOULD BE TANK’FULL! I’LL TAKE MANHATTEN ANYDAY! TANKS NATIVE AMERICANO’S!

    U.S in Panic Selling of $10 TRILLION in Treasuries Now or We FALL
    ThisisJohnWilliams 95,109 views Feb 6, 2024
    💥 Forget Ukraine, America Has Never Been in This Much Trouble 💥


    Ted Nugent issues stern warning: ‘Our government is totally out of control’
    272,157 22 hours ago FoxNews
    Musician and lifelong outdoorsman Ted Nugent joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Treasury Sec. Yellen’s refusal to answer questions on the administration’s surveillance of Americans’ bank transactions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D0JghXJjSA
    Ya, were being targeted, paying this freaking HUMONGOUS inflation BIL!

    🔴 BANK CONTAGION: Janet Yellen Admits MAJOR Risk For Banks As Commercial Real Estate Crisis Unfolds
    Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax 62K views 1 day ago

  65. Petir Hussein

    you know the global financial system is in huge trouble when those who own it begin downgrading one another:


  66. anti-coagulant

    According to Wikipedia:
    “Foods and food supplements with blood-thinning effects include nattokinase, lumbrokinase, [highly inflammatory?] beer, bilberry, celery, cranberries, fish oil, garlic, ginger, ginkgo, ginseng, green tea, horse chestnut, licorice, niacin, onion, papaya, pomegranate, red clover, [highly estrogenic?] soybean, St. John’s wort, turmeric, wheatgrass, and willow bark. Many herbal supplements have blood-thinning properties, such as danshen and feverfew. Multivitamins that do not interact with clotting are available for patients on anticoagulants.

    However, some foods and supplements encourage clotting. These include alfalfa, avocado, cat’s claw, coenzyme Q10, and dark leafy greens such as spinach. Excessive intake of aforementioned food should be avoided whilst taking anticoagulants or, if coagulability is being monitored, their intake should be kept approximately constant so that anticoagulant dosage can be maintained at a level high enough to counteract this effect without fluctuations in coagulability.”


    A 70-year-old drug may be the answer to treating COVID-19


    New treatment demonstrated for people with vaccine clots



  67. Hello Sunny Austin

    Gutfeld: Sunny Hostin surprised her ancestors owned slaves
    FoxNews 95,207 3 hours ago
    ‘Gutfeld!’ reacts to ‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin being stunned to learn her ancestor was a slaveholder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGnaacWtSfM

  68. Dave Musso

    Aloha Greg!
    STL Dave reporting from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Getting ready for the Superbowl Kickoff, as Congress prepares $60 Billion Fake USD for KICKBACKS! Greg I’m going to follow Bo and I’m placing a bet on K.C. Please tell me who are the NAZI transplants, leftover from Hitlers old guard living on the Southern tip of Argentina that have beckoned a complete group of Obama’s cronies, serving them with marching orders to create chaos and civil war in the United States and elsewhere. Plus, a John Kerry follow up and visit, again to the southern tip of Argentina? Is that the undisclosed Global HQ? for Human Depopulation and control?

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those still thinking chemtrails and weather modification is ‘conspiricy’ or fear mongering.

    Chemtrails? Don’t “believe in them”…? Here’s a little news for you…not only are they real, but they’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

    And it’s a proven fact…even if you don’t like it. Look up these patent#s yourself!

    Even if you can’t see it in the skies, every day, all over the earth as most of us do.

    Chemtrails and weather modification are a fact of life.

    Weather Modification Patents


    1891 – US462795A – method of producing rain-fall

    1914 – US1103490A – rain maker (balloon images)

    1917 – US1225521A – protection from poisonous gas in warfare

    1920 – US1338343A – process and apparatus for the production of intense artificial clouds, fogs, or mists

    1924 – US1512783A – composition for dispelling fogs

    1927 – US1619183A – process of producing smoke clouds from moving aircraft

    1928 – US1665267A – process of producing artificial fogs

    1932 – US1892132A – atomizing attachment for airplane engine exhausts

    1933 – US1928963A – electrical system and method (for spraying chemtrails)

    1934 – US1957075A – airplane spray equipment

    1936 – US2045865A – skywriting apparatus

    1936 – US2052626A – method of dispelling fog (mit)

    1937 – US2068987A – process of dissipating fog

    1939 – US2160900A – method for vapor clearing

    1941 – US2232728A – method and composition for dispelling vapors

    1941 – US2257360A – desensitized pentaerythritol tetranitrate explosive

    1946 – US2395827A – airplane spray unit (us. dept. of agriculture)

    1946 – US2409201A – smoke-producing mixture

    1949 – US2476171A – smoke screen generator

    1949 – US2480967A – aerial discharge device

    1950 – US2527230A – method of crystal formation and precipitation

    1951 – US2550324A – process for controlling weather

    1951 – US2570867A – method of crystal formation and precipitation (general electric)

    1952 – US2582678A – material disseminating apparatus for aeroplanes

    1952 – US2591988A – production of tio2 pigments (DuPont)

    1952 – US2614083A – metal chloride screening smoke mixture

    1953 – US2633455A – smoke generator

    1954 – US2688069A – steam generator

    1955 – US2721495A – method and apparatus for detecting minute crystal forming particles suspended in a gaseous atmosphere (general electric)

    1956 – US2730402A – controllable dispersal device

    1957 – US2801322A – decomposition chamber for monopropellant fuel

    1958 – US2835530A – process for the condensation of atmospheric humidity and dissolution of fog

    1959 – US2881335A – generation of electrical fields (haarp – for re-charging clouds!)

    1959 – US2903188A – control of tropical cyclone formation

    1959 – US2908442A – method for dispersing natural atmospheric fogs and clouds

    1960 – US2962450A – fog dispelling composition (see references)

    1960 – US2963975A – cloud seeding carbon dioxide bullet

    1961 – US2986360A – aerial insecticide dusting device

    1962 – US3044911A – propellant system

    1962 – US3056556A – method of artificially influencing the weather

    1964 – US3120459A – composite incendiary powder containing metal coated oxidizing salts

    1964 – US3126155A – silver iodide cloud seeding generator (main commercial ingredient)

    1964 – US3127107A – generation of ice-nucleating crystals

    1964 – US3131131A – electrostatic mixing in microbial conversions

    1965 – US3174150A – self-focusing antenna system (haarp)

    1966 – US3257801A – pyrotechnic composition comprising solid oxidizer, boron and aluminium additive and binder

    1966 – US3234357A – electrically heated smoke producing device

    1966 – US3274035A – metallic composition for production of hygroscopic smoke

    1967 – US3300721A – means for communication through a layer of ionized gases (haarp)

    1967 – US3313487A – cloud seeding apparatus

    1967 – US3338476A – a heating device for use with aerosol containers

    1968 – US3410489A – automatically adjustable airfoil spray system with pump

    1969 – US3429507A – rainmaker

    1969 – US3430533A – aircraft dispenser pod having self-sealing ejection tubes

    1969 – US3432208A – fluidized particle dispenser (us air force)

    1969 – US3437502A – titanium dioxide pigment coated with silica and aluminium (DuPont)

    1969 – US3441214A – method and apparatus for seeding clouds

    2001 -US20030085296A1 – Hurricane and tornado control device

    • Greg Hunter

      “J O,”
      Please post this again with the Dan Wigington post. Thanks for doing this.

  70. Louis Blasioti

    This Ukraine war is truely the standard definition of insanity, i.e., expecting different results (victory).

  71. Giraldo A

    For those who are having problems with playing Greg’s video, use duckduckgo browser instead of Edge, Chrome or other browsers. reason is duckduckgo has its own video player which plays youtube videos in its own video player and it will not play annoying youtube ads at all. I have been using it to play youtube videos and got rid of annoying ads.
    Download duckduckgo browser from link below and click on download, make it default browser if you want or just open usawatchdog with this browser and save the website
    I never had issues playing usawatchdog videos with this browser.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can try this too:

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)


  72. Stephanie Cramer

    Greg, I have wanted to watch your entire program weekly for years & literally for years frequently in the middle of the program suddenly everything would propel to the very end. When I would attempt to pull the link back to the last minute I had heard, it always would propel to the end. Sometimes I could hear your program at Rumble. Sometimes the same thing would happen at Rumble. I believe I have learned lately that if I simply pull up your program & go elsewhere for a half an hour, when I return it seems to download the program so that it plays more normally. I cannot account for any of this & still believe someone is intending some type of interference. Would that you were discussing Taylor Swift and her football player–it would be on every channel in every “news”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this and let me know it it works: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your Cashe and that might help too. https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/719 All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)


  73. regaleagle

    The USA has been cursed by God Almighty and will be given over to its enemies. Those that belong to Christ will be supernaturally protected, but this type of scenario has been recorded as the end of countries many times in the Bible. As far as Russia goes……most Bible scholars agree that at some time in the future Russia will be the Magog written in the Bible and Gog will be the unifying person to lead that army against Israel. This could happen in the very near future……it is now very possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not all are cursed. Jehovah/Jesus elect are alive and “the days will be shortened” for them.

      • regaleagle

        I agree…..but these things must occur in the timeline of God Almighty for the redemption of mankind. Man was made in the image of God to live in peace, love, and without a sinful nature with God, but that nature was stolen in the Garden of Eden. God’s omnipotence and plan for salvation of humanity will come to pass……and evil will be extinguished from this planet. The Millennium will begin a new Earth Age and the Biblical calendar of time points to 6000 yrs since Adam. We are teetering on that timeline right now. Those that have eyes to see and knowledge of God’s Word understand and are looking upward.

  74. Coal Burner

    Greg: I have stayed on Ukraine thing since 2014. AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Obama, Vic Nuland with the UK and probably CIA started the trouble in 2014.
    The first night they overturned an elected Government in Ukraine the unmarked transport planes arrived middle of the night. They hauled out 140 tonnes of their gold. I was not sure if it was the US or Britain until they showed their cards a year plus later. The elected President of Ukraine got away to Russia. So that plane load of Dutch got shot down going on vacation to too Asia. Ukraine soldiers were filmed on site saying they XXXXed up. But shucks they were the Nazis , who cares! The CIA told them Putin was flying back too Russia but he turned north never following a flight plan as normal. So what, they killed 200 plus innocent Dutch. Then the Dutch Air Trans does the air safety investigation and finds out who really shot down the plane. Blame Russia or we tell the truth, but hey western world, we want our gold back that you hold and refuse too return. Few weeks go by then a report of UK shipping 100 tonnes of gold to the Dutch. Bingo, Russia shot the plane down………… duh! Not!!!!! Same as the US destroying the dollar, not Russia. Bidens/Obamas, are paid to deliver us too the WEF, UN, WHO, Europe, without our Constitution or our guns, or our Supreme Court. Why else would Schumer, Mad Maxine and a few other treasonists, try to get their Democrat insane to murder Justices. Schumer committed incitement to murder as plain as his evil demon self could show. I hope he pays his debt to the Constitution.

  75. Richard Longacre

    Biden funding a UN invasion Army using our tax dollars to fund it all and our federal agents and military to escort the invasion army to specified locations where they are paid monthly and armed.
    Pre-paid debit cards found littered on the ground on both sides of the border indicate that these recruits are being paid (by Biden) under the code UMMCA. This stands for Unspecified Minor Military Construction Army.

    WHO Treaty in May (Stealing national and personal body sovereignty).
    UN treaty in September (Stealing more national sovereignty).
    Expect a Plandemic, or some other “Declared Emergency”, and Marshall Law before the election resulting in this new invasion army being armed, given blue helmets and authorization to kill Americans if we refuse to surrender and be taken to FEMA quarantine (kill) camps.
    Pretty much sums up our very near future if we don’t stop this now

    Even if we get the border closed and the Biden (Ho Chi Minh) trail closed it will not matter. This is all just more political theater to distract us from the invasion and the “American final solution”. The CIA, DHS, ICE, military, and even commercial airlines are flying these invaders from Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, China, and the middle East directly into the heartland cities, completely bypassing all borders.
    And they call Tucker a traitor?

  76. EDDY

    Tucker Carlson/Putin is Fake Video(A.I)

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