Gigantic Wealth Transfer Coming – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

The IMF calls Deutsche Bank (DB) the most “systemically dangerous” financial instruction in the world. So, when a major announcement about DB cutting stock trading around the world happens over the weekend, some think danger is popping up in the global financial sector again. Greg Mannarino, founder of, thinks this announcement could be a “trigger” for another financial calamity. Mannarino explains, “There is a breaking news story in regard to Deutsche Bank (DB) pulling out of their global equities, sales and trading. To me, in this environment right now, this is tremendous. . . . Why would any investment bank be pulling out of the global equity market . . . in an environment where every central bank and every single world leader is doing the same thing? They are calling for currency devaluation, calling for suppressed interest rates, price controls, and all of this is going to force cash into the markets. The fact that DB is saying hold on a minute, we are getting out, that should raise alarm bells. . . . Markets are at all-time record highs. You’ve got to put this together. Why would DB be doing this unless they believe we are at a top here. . . . Can you imagine the amount of trading that will be lost when DB says we are not going to be buying or selling global equities?   I am not saying the markets are going to sell off next week, but if people are not looking at this as a possible red flag, and I mean a big one, then they are missing the big picture here.”

Mannarino thinks the next market correction will be a big one, and the Fed stopped the last market freefall in 2008. Mannarino explains, “We do know that the Fed stepped in and stopped the last market meltdown at 6,000. Was that the bottom, was it Dow 3,000 or was it Dow 2,000? All we know is we get this environment where we get larger and larger swings here. Is DB telling us this is a market top? Maybe they are. I do know the greater the high, the greater the fall. I would not be surprised in a total market meltdown to drop below 6,000 (Dow). You don’t know where the real bottom is.”

Mannarino says the only thing you can count on in this economy is more debt being created. Mannarino says, “World central banks’ power exists in one thing, and that is their ability to issue debt. The more debt they issue, the stronger they become. So, they are loving this.”

Mannarino says the end game is simple, and that is “a gigantic wealth transfer effect. . . . The global central banks are going to create a massive, massive problem, and then they are going to offer a solution. It’s the same scenario over and over again.”

Mannarino says central banks are signaling “this is the time to buy gold and silver because they are telling you they are going to create debt and devalue global currencies.” Mannarino says, “Get out of their system and become your own central bank by getting hard assets like physical gold and silver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Things are really starting to heat up. The Australian Government is really going all out to boost the economy. This worked in 08 as we avoided the GFC, no recession in 26 years, this time I’m not so sure.

    • Rob

      The FED has purposely been pushing back cutting rates until this fall when the markets enter the most volatile time of the year. They need all their ammo for the last year up to the reelection of Trump. Father is using Trump to bring to pass what He promised was coming 2 days/2000 years after He sent His firstborn Son Jesus:

      Revelation 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show unto his servants, even the things which must shortly come to pass: and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John;
      2 Peter 3:8 But forget not this one thing, beloved, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

      Father gave us a hidden timeline in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 that Peter was alluding to which proves we are in the morning of the 7th day when God will begin His rest but not until after the corporate body of lawlessness is exposed:

      And All Israel are grafted into His one olive tree:

    • paul ...

      Anthony … Australia has been selling their gold … recently selling 4.1 tons of it … perhaps like Canada they have been ordered to sell their gold in order to keep the price down … hopefully Australian retail investors have not being fooled by the manipulators … Australians should take note that the Central banksters “have been accumulating gold while its price was kept down below $1350 over the last six(6) years … but now it seems (looking at the chart below) the banksters have finally filled their coffers … and are now in a position “to allow gold to be unleashed”!! …×506.png

  2. Anthony Australia

    Wealth transfer or total annihilation of society. Wars drums beating loud for Iran,
    t really does look as though Israel is leading The US Government by their noses. *1984: West German intelligence sources claim that Iran’s production of a bomb “is entering its final stages.” US Senator Alan Cranston claims Iran is seven years away from making a weapon. 1992: Israeli parliamentarian Benjamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon. — 1995: The New York Times reports that US and Israeli officials fear “Iran is much closer to producing nuclear weapons than previously thought” – less than five years away. Netanyahu claims the time frame is three to five years. 1996: Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres claims Iran will have nuclear weapons in four years. — 1998: Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld claims Iran could build an ICBM capable of reaching the US within five years. — 1999: An Israeli military official claims that Iran will have a nuclear weapon within five years. — 2001: The Israeli Minister of Defence claims that Iran will be ready to launch a nuclear weapon in less than four years. — 2002: The CIA warns that the danger of nuclear weapons from Iran is higher than during the Cold War, because its missile capability has grown more quickly than expected since 2000 – putting it on par with North Korea. — 2003: A high-ranking Israeli military officer tells the Knesset that Iran will have the bomb by 2005 — 17 months away.

  3. DeciBel

    greg/gregory – many thanx for the comments…

  4. roberta

    hey greg, who do you believe, trump or greg m?

  5. Davina Marshall

    No one will ring a bell but I believe we are close to hitting the wall.
    Excellent presentation Gregs (plural).

    • paul jr.

      How many times have I heard that? Too many.

    • paul ...

      I think a bell is ringing loudly … as one-third (1/3) of the companies in the S&P 500 are currently “unprofitable” … but people won’t believe it … just like they won’t believe the Moon “rings like a bell” (and is just as “artificial” as the Stock Market)!!

  6. al

    No wonder you uploaded later on in the day. Today the DB news came out. WOW!
    All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you for this ground breaking interview Greg!

    I follow Mannarino and what he is saying is what he has been warning about.

    Again I see stupid moronic people around me who can’t put one sentence together make insane amounts of money on real estate flips, which reminds me of 2007-8 all over again!
    Whatever is bubbling now will burst very soon.

    Trump keeps pointing to Powell saying he doesn’t know what he is doing. Trump is setting the stage for the crash and will put the blame on the Fed.

    I never ever prayed for a President before in my life! I now often find myself praying for Trump’s health and security. He’s a good Man backed up by very powerful people. If I was the DeepState I would be very worried.

    I don’t do links but this guy succinctly points to all of Trump’s accomplishments in one fast paced 45 min video. Interestingly enough I can’t get it on my youtube app… hmmm…

  7. Walter Baumgarten

    Wow Greg & Greg, Greg Mannarino’s last statement was absolutely over the top! I have been around for 6-1/2 decades and I have achieved many wonderful things when I was blessed enough to be able to work together with other motived souls towards a common goal. I have never really achieved anything when I had to fight against my fellow man for whatever reason. When we fight one another we can only hope to not be destroyed and we can never expect to advance anything good. Jesus Christ probably advocated working together as the only way to go because it is the only way that works in the end. His Father and ours sent Him to convey this Truth to us. It is a sad shame that more have not listened to Them!

  8. john


    The forces of deflation are gathering – all assets – housing, stocks, bonds and perhaps even the metals. IMHO – we are heading to a new global system once we breach 0% rates here in the US- backed with gold, block chain technology and a return to increasing rates to attract capital. Negative rates will destroy capital.

    • paul ...

      Block chain technology is “spy technology of the highest order” … it traces and keeps a written record of every economic transaction you make … physical gold (and silver) “defeats this high end spy technology” … and provides people their Constitutional right to “complete economic privacy”!!

      • john

        Yeah, yeah, yeah and when you buy/sell gold it is recorded as well – so there goes your Constitutional privacy on that transaction. Gold is going to eventually return in some form to the international banking system but not to “complete economic privacy” but rather to bring honesty back into trade between nations – block chain is going to track that gold/currency transaction between countries on a global scale. The “relic” will anchor currencies but it will not be for some Constitutional mandate as the rest of the world does not follow it.

        • paul ...

          John … here is how it works … you as an individual buy gold with cash … and later when the need arises you barter your gold for what you want (in complete privacy) … the banksters understand this … and that is why they want to get rid of cash (to take away your economic privacy) and force you to use bank checks, bank credit cards, crypto, etc., etc.!!!

  9. Jimm

    Connecting more dots…well maybe.
    DB news correlating with the Epstein indictment. Coincidence? Consider money laundering of the elite, their controlled puppets, and that all roads lead to DB. Could it be that this action by DB is being carried out as a way of covering up something much bigger than a default? Think in a nefarious manner and this story may be bigger than what we perceive.
    Excellent interview! Keep digging. Hosea 4:6!

    • paul ...

      The power center of evil (DB) is being systematically shut down by the forces of good … the forces of evil “need a war” to help cover up all their misdeeds … the neocon plan is to force Iran to shut down the Strait of Hormuz … so crude oil prices will skyrocket into the stratosphere … putting the global economy into deep recession … from which banksters “will gain the ability to print infinite amounts of paper money” to not only bail them out of their debt problems … but to give them even greater power to do more evil in the future … luckily so far the Iranians have not complied with the neocons plans … but the Iranians have stated in no uncertain terms … “that they will not allow the countries stopping them from exporting their oil … to export their own” … understand the Iranian threat … they are not just talking about retaliating against economic sanctions by choking off the the West’s “oil shipping lanes” … they are talking about “stopping the West from getting oil” … so if the neocons continue with their economic and physical attack upon Iran’s oil shipments … Iran’s target will not be the Strait of Hormuz … but shutting down Saudi Arabia (with missile attacks against not only Saudi oil wells but Saudi oil processing facilities) … so what do we ordinary people need to do as this fuse is lit by the neocons?? … we need to buy “physical gold coins” as insurance protection against such a likely possibility of war that will put the global economy into deep recession … and I’m not talking about buying gold mining companies … “that can go bankrupt if oil prices skyrocket to $350 to $1000 dollars per barrel” … especially if the banksters continue to keep their foot on golds neck (trying to prevent it from rising and stealing their thunder)!!

    • Jimm


      From the article:
      Deutsche Bank, meanwhile, severed ties with Epstein earlier this year – right as federal prosecutors were preparing to charge him with operating a sex-trafficking ring of underage girls out of his sprawling homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, according to Bloomberg, citing a person familiar with the situation. It is unknown how much money was involved or how long Epstein had been a client.

  10. Dan

    Assuming we all purchase a few monster boxes of silver eagles. Silver goes up to $1,000 per ounce and each box of 500 ounces is now worth $500,000. Specifically how does one trade this for a property worth $500,000. Since the dollar will be useless, how will we convert silver so a real estate transaction can “legally” take place? Title agencies and/or banks will not accept cash or precious metals. It would be great to have a few million in silver and gold but how does one make legal transactions? I honestly don’t get it. Other than having to find properties to trade or barter. Please explain Greg. Thank you.

    • Tommy

      You’re putting too negative of a spin on this. Just buy pm, mre’s, bottled water and build a concrete bunker in your back yard and you’ll be fine.

    • Montana Guy

      Dan, your concerns are valid as are your questions. And what if title searches can not be accomplished and/or the registry of deeds is closed? I surely don’t have the answers.

      Another possible consideration is that many folks might be very motivated to trade a monster box of Silver American Eagles for a #10 can of Mountain House freeze dried food.

    • andyb

      Dan: Gold and silver both will increase dramatically once a reset begins, but will be useless until a new monetary system is formed. I figure it will take at least 6 months. Meanwhile cash will still work although it may be highly devalued and your grocery dollar could be worth far less. Thus have resources to last 6 months. The worst case scenario is that your resources will not last 6 months. Then your option is to raise cash by selling some of your PM stash to the nearest refinery which will most likely be open 24/7. A new currency will have to be gold based so your PMs will pay off once this new system is implemented.

    • paul ...

      Dan … you say: “Title agencies and/or banks will not accept cash or precious metals” … expand your thinking a bit … but why can’t a farmer take a few monster boxes of silver “under the table” for a plot of his land?? … he can simply tell the Title agency and the banks he sold you some land “at a significant loss” … and then … just like a crooked bankster … even file a capital loss tax deduction with IRS!

    • William Stanley

      1. To my knowledge, it’s not unlawful to trade real estate for PMs (or anything else).
      2. I know of no law that prevents title agencies from accepting PMs (maybe you do). In any event, real estate can be traded without benefit of title insurance.
      3. I don’t understand your assertion that banks won’t accept cash — especially if you have an established account. If cash were actually worthless, wouldn’t it be worth an infinite amount in cash? I don’t see how $500,000 silver implies that banks won’t accept cash. And since gold can be “legally” used as tier one capital, I don’t see why banks wouldn’t accept it. Don’t they buy it now? Please explain.
      4. Cigarettes, bullets, and (presently in US prisons) foil packets of mackerel have been or are accepted as money. So has silver and gold. Why not in the future?
      5. Laws can be changed if government is functioning. If it isn’t . . . people usually find a way.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “If cash were actually worthless, wouldn’t it be worth an infinite amount in cash?”
        Correction: If cash were actually worthless, wouldn’t SILVER be worth an infinite amount in cash?

      • wondrouscat

        People can do their own title search, all the records are public.

    • SilverHawk

      Dan said ” Since the dollar will be useless, how will we convert silver so a real estate transaction can “legally” take place?”

      The banks will accept gold and silver to buy real estate. And of course a few wheelbarrels full of $100 bills will also work. This will allow the remaining banks to accumulate gold and silver, like JPM has been doing the last few years. The banks will need to do this or they will go bankRUPT.

      Dan said “Title agencies and/or banks will not accept cash or precious metals.”

      Who told you that lie? Maybe not today, but the will someday.

      P.S. I watched a documentary on JP Morgan, and it’s amazing the similarities between him and Warren Buffet!

  11. Beverly Jenkins

    Do you suppose the transfer of wealth will be the exact opposite? It is the banks WW that have been stealing from the people…so a WW default to the banks, total confiscation of all their assets (which would include derivatives, gold, silver etc) Each country create a asset backed currency and an exchange rate on the old fiat currency? His executive order to confiscate will also apply to many of the corrupt elite to add to the US coffers for this program…with only 320 million people, I don’t see where the American people will be destitute–in fact it may well be the opposite. Just thinking.

    • Bill the Cat

      I expect that credit will be difficult to impossible to get. I expect that companies would be very happy to accept precious metals as payment.

    • iwitness02

      Beverly Jenkins,
      In my mind, justice would equal prosperity, for the people.
      I have never seen any real justice, and I have never seen real prosperity.
      Having been robbed all of our lives under the color of law, prosperity has been a fairy tale. (for the masses) Maybe with the arrest of Epstein, this will open the door to justice for all. It really galls me, to see these bass turds get away with their crimes. From Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, New York World trade center, plus building seven. The Bundy affair and the death of Lavoy Finicum. Wars, riots, theft on the grandest scale, accompanied by never ending lies. Oh! that information is classified. Covering up evidence all along the way.
      It is going to be a long road, IMO, to achieve prosperity for the people. But it is fun to think about. If we could just get past the evil…….

      • iwitness02

        Oops. Don’t want to overlook the evidence destroyed at the Pentagon.
        But in the mean time, don’t get caught jay walking. You and I, would do hard time for such a misadventure. And no doubt, pay a hefty fine. This is what the bass turds call justice. I call it a hideous arrangement.

        • iwitness02

          Doing hard time was meant as sarcasm. But also as an illustration of the absurdity of the world we live in.

          • paul ...

            But there is hope Iwitness02 … just as Trump can sign an Executive Order to ask if we are US citizens on the census forms … he can sign an Executive Order “to break the chains on the CPI” and give all Americans a 10% cost of living increase this year … which will not only get the economy moving but increase his chances of being elected even more!!

            • iwitness02

              Thanks paul… that too, is fun to think about.

      • William Stanley

        Finicum was a pretty good novelist. If you haven’t read it already, you might enjoy his novel, “Only By Blood and Suffering: Regaining Lost Freedom – A Novel”

        • iwitness02

          Thank you William, I will make it a point to obtain that book. In my view, Finicum was a good and honorable man. A huge heart, and a lot of courage.

      • Montana Guy

        iwitness01, I hear you. I have friends who felt the wrath of FedGov in some of those events. Think Balkanization. Think of an ‘Estonia’ but with God-fearing people and large enough to defend itself.

        You are absolutely correct, “It is going to be a long road”. Between break-up and a system of justice could take a few years. Think self-reliance. Every family will need ‘a tribe’. Don’t be Tommy dying in a bunker with a few MRE’s and gold.

        Folks know chaos is likely, especially on sites like this. Why are they (especially parents and grandparents!) obsessed with protecting wealth and yet have little interest in long-term survival?

        • iwitness02

          Montana Guy, I think faith plays a part. Faith that things will really change. They may not believe that anything will change noticeably in their lifetime. Without that belief, there is not much motivation to address all the possibilities. In my mind, either you believe, or you don’t. If you do believe that change is coming, you take any and all actions that you can.
          If not, you do not. If one can not foresee any trouble, then one does nothing. It is easier to do nothing. But it doesn’t pay well.

    • William Stanley

      The transfer of wealth is ongoing. My take is that Mr. Mannarino was referring to a situation where present arrangements continue for awhile.
      Nevertheless, I find it hard to imagine that any major change in the structure of finance and the economy that ends the corrupt status quo would not cause immense disruption, unemployment and misery for most people in the short and medium terms.

      • William Stanley

        Clarification: It’s the ABRUPTNESS of the change that causes much of the damage because it takes time to adjust all of financial and economic flows of money and goods and services.

  12. Ranger

    Derivatives are Financial Weapons of Disaster. Buffet knows.
    After centuries of nations destroyed by Central Bankers, we still have not learned and REFUSE to understand that private banks should NEVER be allowed to issue currency or create deposits. We continue day in and day out discussing, arguing, debating, commenting, and complaining about the symptoms of what the Central Bankers cause.
    Yet, not a soul marching in front of the Eccles Building where all the treachery and woes of the nation originate. When Ron Paul gets called in for breakfast and leaves basically removing himself from candidacy for President, it pretty much shows who controls things.
    The killing blow will be when the world bankers make the decision to no longer entertain this ponzi scheme of fractional reserve lending, since they’ve drained the country of all assets, and ends America’s World Reserve Currency status.
    That will be it. No more $300,000+ homes, $40,000 cars for the the people making $50,000 a year. The credit ride of future payments for fun today will stop faster than a car into a concrete wall at 100 mph.
    End the Federal Reserve and all the woes of the nation end. Sadly, the masses are far too dumb to even understand who they are or what they do.

    • Mungo

      I’m with Beverly. Just how and where are we suppose to convert out gold and silver into food, clothes, land, etc? I have just 2 local places that buy and sell precious metals. They will hardly be able to cash out gold at $10K per ounce.

      • William Stanley

        You have two places that buy AND sell gold. When they SELL gold at $10,000 an ounce they will get $10,000. That gives them the cash to BUY gold at $10,000 per ounce (minus a commission). They are in the business of facilitating/mediating the trade of gold for dollars and vice versa.
        Gold will not sell for $10,000 per ounce if no one is willing to buy it at $10,000 per ounce (ignoring the commissions).

      • Uncommon Sense

        How’s research on those 9/11 tremors going?

        • Uncommon Sense

          Anyone that believes the twin towers fell down because of earth tremors needs their head reading by a psychiatrist so I wouldn’t read too much into your gold speculations.

          • Frederick

            I have to agree with that We all know it wasn’t tremors Uncommon

      • uncommon sense

        Greg, this is the person that accused me of being unscientific and then gave out a load of BS about building 7 collapsing due to earth tremors. Why did you delete my comment? This person is clearly an establishment shill.

        • Greg Hunter

          Post it again. Maybe it was deleted by accident.

  13. pat the rat

    Was on the thruway yesterday and the number of big trucks was very low, 6 maybe 7 trucks in the 30 miles we drove, not good ,not good ,not good!!!

    • paul jr.

      Why? I never see a lot of big trucks on the highway on the weekends, which is good, very good.

      • William Stanley

        paul jr.
        Freight volumes have been dropping for over a year: Freight Index Report – April 2019.pdf?hsCtaTracking=5fde9be4-1dd0-462f-8c5f-b100aca52fc1|0990f099-885d-442a-972a-aeb259c5a188

        • William Stanley

          paul jr.,
          Sorry, it looks like that link didn’t work. I’ll leave to you to look up the data.

  14. Jodyp

    People “borrowing from their credit cards”? After a lifetime of binge buying on money they never had, gonna be hard to face reality.

  15. brvalentine

    Nice job guys!

  16. Stan

    The good news keeps rolling in for Deutsche Bank! Hope y’all went long when I told you to 🙂

    • jim

      Hay Stan , Could you do some investing for me , I have a lot of money I want to get rid of.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      after their restructuring they will be a lean mean fighting machine. Stan looks like you called it.

      • Greg Hunter

        DB was down 6% today. DB still has $43 trillion in derivative exposure and they are cutting the ways they can make money.

      • William Stanley

        re: “lean mean fighting machine”
        Yup: starving to death and fighting to survive another day.

      • paul ...

        Sir Manly … you say (DB) is a “lean mean fighting machine”?? … didn’t you hear what the IMF called DB??? they said: “Deutsche Bank is the most systemically dangerous financial instruction in the entire world” … many people like Stan and you may think Deutsche Bank is unlikely to collapse (due to all the multiple warnings and enormous government efforts to support it) … so just imagine the shock if DB collapses unexpectedly (remember they will now have lower earnings upon which to support their 40 trillion worth of derivatives) and Germany only has about 3 trillion to spare to help them out … a DB collapse would create a “snowball effect” that would push many other major banks around the world into a derivative storm of their own … try to guess how global markets will react to a Banking Crash? … I hope you and Stan own some gold!!

        • paul ...

          err … “Deutsche Bank is the most systemically dangerous financial institution in the entire world” …
          PS: DB is like a Sword of Damocles hanging over the entire world’s head … but I’ll tell you straight out “this King is without any clothes on” … but DB is truly fortunate (as a King of great power and authority) it is still surrounded by people like you and Stan … who will not recognizing the King is naked!!

    • Frederick

      Nobody is listening Stanley

      • Greg Hunter

        I just want to jump in here to tell Stan that DB stock closed down 6% today. Stan run.

    • Jerry

      If Deutsche Bank stock is such a good purchase, why are banks rushing to buy gold?

      All this good news, why Deutsche Bank stock should be above $30. Wake up duche! Deutsche Bank is dead. The central banks are just looking for a place to bury the body.

    • D70inilm

      Hasn’t DB lost a BILLION dolllars in market cap in 5 days?

      Please tell me how to make money going long on a dead horse like DB?

  17. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    So “Mad Max” it is. Or is it “Apocalypse NOW”?

  18. Bob

    Greg, about 2 years ago I sold a home in Florida that was mine free and clear. I moved to Virginia to be near my son, and I took out a $190,000 mortgage on a new condominium. I still owe most of this money to the finance company. Instead of paying cash for the new home I invested most of the money in gold and silver coins of varying denomination. These coins haven’t appreciated much in value to date, but I’m positive they will some day in the not so distant future. However, I’m concerned about my mortgage. When the economy “resets” I just don’t have any idea what will happen to it. Do you? I’m thinking that I should “sell” the condo while I still can and invest any proceeds I get into gold and silver to add to my present holdings. I can rent something in the boonies away from the cities and be debt-free. Am I thinking clearly in your opinion?

    • Bill the Cat

      I expect loans to be indexed for inflation but I expect precious metals to go up much higher than the rate of inflation.

      • William Stanley

        That makes sense, especially if the inflation index understates true inflation.

    • paul ...

      Bob … Getting “completely out” of the crooked banksters “system” of owning “debt financed assets” sounds like something Jim Sinclair would recommend and we know Sinclair (and Bill Holter) are clear thinkers … gold in hand is an asset you can “more easily hide from view of the crooks” … and is less libel to confiscation by the banksters controlling our politicians (by simply calling in their loans, etc.) … you can either pay off your condo (to get some what out of the “banksters system”) or you can buy physical gold “to get completely out” of their debt based system … although owning “paid off property” is good … owning physical gold (or silver) is better as it “can be moved to different locations if need be” unlike a condo, home or land that is fixed in one spot and is always “vulnerable to increased taxes” … to pay for all the social programs of the crooked politicians need to get elected (and who know you own the asset because the land and house deed is registered with them at Town Hall) … but what about those juicy real estate tax breaks? … forget it … they can all be “removed” at the whim of politicians … “or limited” as a tax deduction (as Trump recently did) to bring in more cash to the government “they say they need” to pay the salaries of an expanded military (with an additional 500,000 more troops and the building of more deadly weapons and military bases around the world from which to project power) … they don’t need to tax the people or chain the CPI … they do it so our wars can be fought “with less inflation if they take the money from the people” instead of simply printing all the money they need for their continual wars “out of thin air” which they can easily do!!

      • Bob

        Paul, thank you. My thoughts exactly. Just looking for confirmation of my thinking because I have a wife to consider. I didn’t even think of all the ways the gov’t can tax real property to pay for their social programs. So thanks very much for your input. Take care. Bob.

    • William Stanley

      That sounds good to me.
      A few things to consider: (1) will you be able to “map” into a community “in the boonies”?; (2) In a grid down scenario: storage food, water and sewage, heating, self defense . . ..

      • Bob

        Willian, I think I’ve got most of those bases covered (food, water, self-defense, etc.). Being able to “map” into a community is something I’ve got to give consideration to. Thanks. Bob.

    • SilverHawk

      That’s what I would do. Hidden in your mortgage contract is the right for the bank to call in the loan, and demand $190,000 payment or lose your house. The banks are going to acquire everyone’s home and property, that can’t pay off their loan in full. Remember, the banksters goal is to take as much wealth from you and me. Buy 50 ounces of silver, so you can buy your house back when silver hits $1000 an ounce. When it all comes down there will be virtually no buyers of real estate, and the banks will gladly take any gold or silver in payment. If you do a search of real estate in Venezuela, everything is priced in dollars, not bolivars. An ounce of gold today in Venezuela is 243,000 Bolivar per GRAM. That’s 8,286,300 Bolivar per ounce. And before the crisis, the bolivar was on a 10 to 1 average ratio. Now visualize this happening here. $828,630 an ounce? Silver, even at a 100 to 1 ratio, would fetch $8,286.

      • Bob

        Thank you Silverhawk. Bob.

  19. Freebrezer

    Greg – You mentioned Danielle Dimartino Booth a few times … It would be great to get her back on! I really like to hear what she has to say! She comes from the belly of the beast (the Fed) and she gives a honest assessment of what she think is coming! And thanks for having Greg M. on … he is a straight shooter and they are few and far between!

  20. jax

    DB has been insolvent for some time.
    The restructure has everything to do with saving money on payroll and nothing to do with a market top.

    • paul jr.


  21. iwitness02

    Good interview, Greg and Gregory. Mannarino was fired up for this one.
    Makes me want to pay attention. Good work, guys.

  22. paul ...

    As Mannarino says … the way the banksters are going to “fix the debt” is by “defaulting on it” … defaulting on it by inflating the currency (which reduces the debt) … inflating the currency even more (which reduces the debt even more) … and inflating the currency to infinity (which will finally reduce the debt to zero) … when debt is reduced to zero … the dollar (which is a debt IOU) also goes to zero … so the only things that “will retain value” (when the dollar is near worthless) is physical commodities in your possession … food in hand, water in hand, copper and nickel in hand (1980 and lower US pennies and all US nickels) … silver in hand (all silver coins and bars) … and of course Gold (in the form of jewelry and coins)!!

    • paul ...

      Gold at it’s current price $1398 is “above ALL resistance” that has kept it in check for the last 5 years … you have to be a “no brainer” not to see where the gold arrow is pointing … although we may see some backing and filling when gold “fills the gap” at around the $1500 to $1550 level don’t let it chase you out … gold is going much much higher!! …

      • paul ...

        But remember … you do not want to buy gold or silver stocks (even if it promises more capital gains) … because when you sell these stocks … you will be handed debt IOU dollars for them (which will have “little or no value”) … what is the good of having more “worthless gains” … it is not going to help you when the SHTF… so you “must own” physical gold and silver coins … that can never go bankrupt like a stock can because the mine owner “lied about the grade”, or because “oil prices skyrocketed to $1000 dollars per barrel”, or because “more shares were issued” to raise capital, etc., etc.)!!!

        • William Stanley

          paul . . .,
          IMO, you’ve enumerated some valid downsides of owning mining shares. However, (1) mining stocks could begin trading in PMs themselves; and (2) the present price of the stock may already be discounted to reflect your enumerated risks, including currency risk.

          • paul ...

            William … want to know why I say “stick to physical metal” … I bought many physical bars of palladium a few years back when it was really cheap … but I got cute … and sold them to buy thousands of shares of North American Palladium “stock” … which I felt had “much greater upside potential” if the price of palladium rose … well the price of palladium rose alright … the problem with owning the mining shares was the company had accumulated too much debt to expand its mining operations “and the damn crooked banksters would not extend their loans” … the stock had to do “a reverse split” reducing my shares to almost zero … and the price of my reduced shares similarly fell to almost zero … all the while my assessment of what palladium would do “Was Correct” (palladium now sells at a higher price then gold)!! … bottom line … I won’t ever let the hope for “potentially greater profit” make me put “other people” (Corporate Presidents, Bankers, Brokers, etc., etc.) between me and my “real money” … core wealth holdings should be in one’s own hands (physical metal only) which eliminates all possible counter party risk!!

            • William Stanley

              paul . . .,
              Great point! I made a similar very expensive mistake with a gold mine: the geology was great; but the bankers extending the credit, not so much.

  23. Rachel

    Thanks Greg, Gregory Mannarino gives such insightful commentary. It can correct to fair value … Zero

  24. uncommon sense

    My fav guest. Thanks Gregs.

  25. Derek Sinclair

    Greg x 2 always gives the best information and one of the best interviews.

  26. Nick in UK

    It’s going to be an interesting month…

    + DB collapsing
    + The Swiss falling out with the EU
    + The Poles and Hungarians getting massive fines for non acceptance of gimmiegrants
    +Boris getting PM with a no deal WTO stance
    + UK nearing civil war and holy war, just waiting for a spark. One murder a day at least in London whilst Muslim mayor attends Gay Pride March. More Foreigners in London now than Londoners who are leaving at rate of 56 families per day.
    +Tommy Robinson getting sentenced for exposing pedophile Muslim gangs – (freedom of speech getting closed down)
    +The EU threatening 3 yrs prison for EU flag burning and the UK set to leave on bonfire night – could be fun!
    +French still rioting and now over 35 weeks with 11 dead, over 200 maimed, 60 blinded
    +Macron booed at women’s World Cup and idiot leftie USA footballer disrespecting her flag
    +new government in Greece so more EU problems coming
    + Italians at breaking point with migrants and EU banking policies
    + UK police asked to grow beards ??
    + Epstein arrested with unknown impact as yet but it’s a Bill Holter “truth” bomb.
    + Germany in recession

    Extremely grateful to those who set me off preparing more than nine years ago.

  27. Harvey Burns

    Fantastic interview Greg.
    I don’t know how Gregory Mannarino could have laid it down any clearer.
    What he refers to is not just another collapse of the financial system as we know it, but also of our “way of life” as we know it, and its personal ramifications for all.
    We must admit what we see and feel, and not just blindly accept what “they” say.
    I suspect that the truth of what he is saying is too much for many people to contemplate, that’s we are ready to accept the “convenient lies” pumped out by governments, financial institutions and their lackeys. Well, enough said there.
    The Christine Lagarde story takes the cake!
    Would be great to have a

  28. J in Ireland

    That was brilliant as always. It’s very simple. If the government decided to pay its employees in silver coins as opposed to fiat currency, a simple clerk in a government job taking home 1500 per month would need 100 ounces of silver PER MONTH! that’s six pounds of pure silver per employee per month. Go figure how much silver would be needed to pay all the federal employees!
    As my US friends always tell me – just do the math!
    Keep up the good work. J in Ireland !

    • paul ...

      Problem easily solved … simply re-set the price of silver to $1500 dollars per ounce!

  29. Jerry

    This is epic.

    Employees being told not to report to work on Monday. For those who do, what do you think they’re doing? Certainly not any work. Most likely working on plan B just in case they get called in. Been there. Done that. That’s why I own my own business.

    The bigger question is, what are Deutsche Bank investors going to do? Everyday that goes by in this “ so called restructuring phase” they are losing money. Like I’ve said before, when you cut your sales force, you cut off the major income stream used to support your business. Let’s just call it what it is. It’s not restructuring. It’s a sell off. Once the employees that have been termed begin to spill the beans about how this albatross really works, watch what happens to Deutsche Bank stock. Greg you are so right. This is Lehman brothers all over again. The bigger question is, who’s going to bail them out?

  30. Doug

    Sobering interview Greg. It’s very late in the game and I find the DB situation to be the canary in the coal mine as it were. I know Trump is going to try to keep this going thru 2020 and if it was just the U.S. he might make it. Unfortunately everything is global today and as Lynette Zang likes to say all these institutions are incestuously interconnected today. They all own each others debt as well as derivative postions and if one big one goes down it’s a row of dominoes.

    The only thing I don’t like about Greg M is how he bases Trump on his channel all the time. I’m glad he didn’t do it during this interview. Trump is between a rock and a hard place. If he comes out and is honest about our situation everything collapses overnight and I believe Trump is doing what he can to soften the blow. Other than that I have learned alot from Gregory over the years.

    I also find it interesting and timely that perhaps without realizing it he is saying exactly the same thing that Bill Holter has said in almost every interview. This is a credit event, everything moves by credit and when that credit locks up goods are not going to move. You have to be your own central bank, you have to have your own situation in hand with storage food, water, shelter and prepare to be on your own for perhaps quite some time.

    I’ve pretty much given up warning people even on various forums where they should know better. People in general [even those who consider themselves awake] just don’t want to believe the storm clouds on the horizon warning of something in orders of magnitude worse than 2007/2008. The same people that didn’t see it last time are not seeing it this time either.

    There is no way out of this situation humanly. God be with us as he is the only one who can fix the mess that our ‘betters’ have made for us.

  31. Jack

    Gregory Mannarino knows the end game i.e. total power and billions exterminated.With robotics and artificial intelligence there is far less need for human minds and labor. This is probably the attitude of all our elites on the planet, be they be Western or Eastern. Humans are a blight on their planet and they have the money and technology enable their plan. The only flaw in their plan is 300 million private weapons in the USA. If ever the people of the USA became truely aware, they would be totally f#cked.

    • McKonica

      In my opinion, our multitude of U.S. small arms (e.g., semi-autos, shotguns, sidearms, etc.) are nothing compared to the deep state global destruction tool kit. The powers that be “own” the high ground.

      • Greg Hunter

        Matthew 28:18 NO THEY DO NOT!

  32. Jim

    What was the DOW when Nixon closed the gold window? 1000 might be the bottom!

  33. Russ

    Thanks Greg to both you and Greg Mannarino. Very timely interview in light of Deutsche Bank’s move over the weekend. Metals are up and markets are down, just what one should expect. As I recall there’s still a gap down at Dow 6000… Nahh, can’t be, gaps always get closed…

  34. iwitness02

    For some humor and a walk on the light side, there is a new Froglegs out.
    The Joy of Capitalism.

  35. Jim Weeber

    As the Titanic sank the band played on. What else could they do?

    • Montana Guy

      Jim, the lesson is ‘Don’t be that guy’. They had zero warning. We have had years to change course and take action to protect our loved ones.

  36. Thomas Nacey

    The only way the history books won’t call this the most obvious crash in history, is because the history books will be written by the same con artists that are pedaling today’s horse hockey.

  37. Jerry

    As a Christian I struggle with this.

    Praying on young children is beyond evil. It’s demonic on every level. I could enjoy the Apache mode of torture by burrying him up to his neck in a fire mound and covering his head with honey. At least that way I could say I didn’t kill him.

  38. Merry

    Greg: I have been looking forward to this interview for many days. Thank you both for your impeccable service to humanity. I’ve been checking out Gregory Mannarino most days, for quite some time now, attempting to absorb his financial education. Little by little, step by step, I do my best to wrap my head around what he is saying. Math doesn’t come easy for this turtle trying to win the race!

  39. francis m reps

    A brilliant explanation of the current social and economic issues facing us by Mr. Mannarino. When referring to the entities or institutions who are ” behind ” all of our ills ; we are told that ” THEY ” are behind these problems. Who ” exactly ” are THEY ??. How can the decent people address major problems if the people themselves cannot specifically identify the schemers and wrong doers ?. An educated and informed person with some knowledge of history can see quite clearly that the ” Money Lenders ” throughout History consisted on one particular Group. Wars of many years ago were financed by whom ? The Bolshevik Revolution was instituted by whom ?. Our media is dominated by whom ? The World Bankers happen to be which Group ?. The most troublesome Nation in the Middle East is ?. There United States Foreign policy is controlled by Senators and Congressmen with Dual Citizenship in which Country ?. Since the rejection of Christ { which was an outgrowth of the Ancient Hebrew Prophecies } ; one particular group of people who denied { and still deny } positive Christian principles ; appear to be at work against Mankind. Some refer to them as the “Chosen People”. Talmudic JEWS { not the Jews of Moses } appear to be the source of our troubles. “They” are the TALMUDIC JEWS. Our potus ; unfortunately is also beholden to this very same group. Listen to Mr. Mannarino and be your own Banker.. read this comment quickly since Hunter is a Christian Zionist and will remove it as soon as he sees the message.

    • Keith wilson

      Greg. For the record Francis m reps has nothing to do with me. I have no connections to this person. The views are there own. I have never met or spoken or corresponded with this individual. There comments are nothing to do with me. I am not Francis m reps. Thanks.

    • Jallen

      Francis M reps,
      Very well done. Greg needs to read the Talmud. I dare Greg to deny anything you have
      written in your post. Greg, you are either for Christ or against Christ! Perhaps, Greg will learn the difference between Talmudic Jews and The Jews Of Moses. Again, very well done and obviously you are not anti Jewish (Jews of Moses). I ask Greg this question, has Jesus Christ called for the regathering of the Jews? If not then this is a false Israel.


    • Montana Guy

      francis m reps, has anyone dug deeper into your questions than political/economic analyst Brandon Smith? He addressed your specific questions, concerns and theories.

      Quoting Smith, “First and foremost I suppose I should address the so called “elephant in the room”; it is important to note that there is a concerted disinformation effort by a small group of people lurking in the corners of the liberty movement to push the notion that globalism is a purely “Jewish conspiracy”. And, as our social and economic structures grow more unstable, people look for easy answers and the idea is starting to gain some traction. Their claim? It’s all about the Jews, all the globalists are Jewish or somehow secretly related to Jews or are married to Jewish partners, etc. This is simply false, so let’s get this out of the way…

      The Jewish conspiracy narrative, I believe, is 4th generation warfare, a psychological operation, an attempt to mislead liberty movement activists away from a much deeper and darker issue. It also may be an attempt to attach the movement to white supremacy or white identity groups as if they are interchangeable.”

  40. Bill B

    At times I think about a Dave Wilkerson prophesy given back in the 70s. He said a bank in Europe will fail, which will cause the Japan Bank to go down. Shortly there after the US will go down. He gave no time line for this event, however, things are beginning to look a little familiar.
    If i see this begin to happen, I am on my way to the bank

  41. Gregory Mannarino

    Morgan Stanley discloses that they now have their lowest exposure to equities in 5 years. This along with Deutsche Bank exiting global equities is something we need to pay attention to. Remember! Be First, Be Smarter, or Cheat.. We don’t cheat, so we need to be first or smarter..

    • Open Eyes

      Hey, Mannarino.

      I saw you a while back flippantly making the sign of the cross and praying on one of your videos.

      Laugh this one off.

      Miraculous Medal Rosary Beads and Miracles With Them.

  42. Beverly Kingsford

    To both of you Gregs,

    Great Interview! You hit the truth right on the nail, talking about depopulating the world. Exactly right about what their goals are and what we should do to fight those goals. They always use hate and anger. When they want to crank up some world war, it seems to me like we shouldn’t be willing to go off and kill other people around the world so fast. If they are a real threat and we are defending ourselves, sure. People have got to turn to God though, repent, start growing vegetables and fruit in their own yards. We’ve got to return to a pioneer way of being in this country. The sooner we get used to taking care of ourselves and not being so dependent, the better off we’ll be.

  43. uncommon sense

    Hey Greg, this is definitely NOT a Muslim grooming gang.

  44. Country Codger

    Greg(2) squared never disappoints.
    For the price of 1 gold ounce you can buy for for a year for two adults. For an ounce and a half you can buy two years of food for two adults that has a shelf life of 20-25 years. If you know how to preserve it yourself you can cut that by 1/3.
    Food, water, gold and silver + guns and ammo to keep the food, water, gold and silver.

    Have been on the road a great deal Greg. Just cam back to Texas “from out west”. Had to wait for Abrams on trains headed “west” in Texico, NM. Long train, probably a mile and a half long. Probably nothing. Some High Plains operations will do great this year, as will southern and south eastern Texas. Some High Plains areas (sections, not acres) are still under water with major roads cut by washouts. ((Folks remember, sections are one mile square.))

    The big question = can we limp into 2020/21? Hope so.
    Lo Iyrah!
    p.s. will be teaching in Ill. and Mo. in a couple of weeks.

  45. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Sheer unadulterated logic. Thank you.

  46. Diane

    Greg Mannarino?
    I watch your daily reports. I know you follow bonds.
    I have been rolling over 3 month Tbills for several months.
    Is it safe to continue this strategy?

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, Yes, ditto- the 2 Greg’s never disappoint…seems everyone that knows what is up saw the DB thing coming, just when? Nenner’s compass was set as well.
    Maybe part of their troubles is the unraveling of the many deep banking transfers of how much in drugs, weapons, uranium, energy transmission and other ‘conflicit nation’ nation goods as POTUS Trump puts the nix on their ‘endless war zones and green zones’ ops?
    This should be a shining example of what FOX and other MSM does not report that IS out there…and that THEY COULD or SHOULD be able to connect the dots of, rather than the ever so thin and veiled ‘keyhole’ look they try to keep on it, as they only hope to use ‘parts’ of the real story to paint ‘their targets’ in a bad light for opposition smear, takedowns and illusionary narrative for the public consumption of the sheeple. What appears to be much of which is sanctioned by the state operations and compromise?
    Appears there will be lots of clean up on isle 9 coming soon?

  48. Kim

    Thank you for the very timely interview and information! Great work!!

    I just realized that the US coins no longer contain silver. In fact a penny is actually zinc with copper covering it!
    We are getting screwed yearly if not daily!

    • Justn Observer

      You ‘woke’ !

  49. Keith wilson

    Eva Mozes Kor. Holocaust survivor who appeared on many tv documentaries passed away yesterday aged 85. Eva was on a annual trip to Auschwitz. Eva was one of the survivors who Joseph Mengele carried out experiments on. She appeared on many documentaries over the years. One of the last Auschwitz survivors. RIP.

  50. Justn Observer

    The Flynn ‘persecution’ moves forward…now not a ‘cooperating witness’ but changed to a co-conspirator? hmmm Looks like he indeed was step up for the fall so they could tie him to Trump?

    • Justn Observer

      Goodness….will ‘someone’ like Schumer or Pelosi ever be sorry they went down the ‘re-unearthing’ of the Epstein story? Old stories will meet the new ones…for sure…as they now again hope to keep the narrative thru a keyhole …but yes- Epstein was a teacher hired by AG. Bob Barr’s father? back to Ohio, and the old drug running cites of Canton’s – Ohio/ Baltimore and China, and on thru Mena? Has Epstein been a CIA/State Dept. asset for compromise and bribery all along? hmmm
      Yeah- and may be Mueller might NOT want to testify UNDER OATH next week after all ! lol
      Lies the FBI told to me – Corbertt

  51. SilverHawk

    You have two types of silver stackers. Survival Stackers and Quick Buck Stackers. When the crap hits the fan and you quickly run out of bread, come see me. I’ll have lots of bread that I bought with my silver. Your only problem is you need physical silver or gold to buy it from me. (unless you have a Corvette for trade)
    Those who sell on the way up, are only selling their valuable money for more worthless fiat debt.
    Venezuela. Weimar. Argentina. Learn from history. Learn from the Rothschilds.

    • Frederick

      I’m with you hawk

  52. oneno

    In all times, meritocracy is the governing principal.

  53. John

    How many years has he been calling for this?

    • Greg Hunter

      So what John? It’s going to happen and you think the time to prepare is some sort of penalty? You flunked math right?

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