Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory thinks the CV19 vax is a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and it is being “ignored . . .suppressed and censored” through a well-organized global propaganda campaign.  This propaganda will be responsible for millions of deaths that have already happened and many more millions of CV19 vax deaths in the future.  Dr. Kory explains, “We have data screaming at us everywhere we look.  You can start with the life insurance data, India’s data, Germany’s data, and we know people are dying at unprecedented rates.  That is one thing.  We know that disability is through the roof.  No one has seen VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) with the numbers it is screaming.  Now, we . . . are seeing buried miscarriage rates and spontaneous abortion rates 70% and up to 90% in pregnant women. . . . We are still seeing propaganda and all of these messages to get your (CV19) shot even though there is no logic to it. . . . Maybe people are blindly following these instructions and there is no more critical thinking or the control of the information is leading to mass casualties.  This is literally a humanitarian catastrophe. . . . We have never seen this.  This is a global condition. . . . We have a global catastrophe because the (bad) information has infected almost every country on earth. . . . Wherever you look the data is so ominous.  The myocarditis and dropping dead is incessant.  It’s from every country in the world.  You hear everyday reports of young people doing normal fun activities, like going to the beach or going to the park, and they are dropping dead.”

Dr. Kory is actively trying to find treatments for people harmed by the CV19 vax, but that is not the biggest problem he faces.  Dr. Kory says, “People are being told things (like getting CV19 booster shots) that are putting them at grave risk.  I don’t know how to combat a global technological propaganda instrument.  We have never had that before.  I don’t think we have ever had the same messages and the same stories being shot out 24/7.  I have been saying this for a while, and the world has gone mad because of unrelenting propaganda and censorship.  We have never had this much power and this much propaganda . . . never the same story being told to the entire globe at the same time and the same lie.”

Dr. Kory says, “Not only no more shots, but I would say we need a national cry to stop the vaccine campaign. . . It’s not going to start in America because this is the United States of Pharma.”

This is why cheap, effective drugs such as Ivermectin are being banned here in America and around the world.  Dr. Kory says, “We are at war here.  You cannot have Ivermectin in the marketplace.  It threatens the vaccine, Paxlovid, monoclonal-antibodies and Remdesivir.  Ivermectin is a drug that is the biggest financial threat to the biggest market in pharmaceutical history.”

There is much more in the 49-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top pulmonary and Covid Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance ( and author of the upcoming book “The War on Ivermectin.”

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  1. James

    Question: Is there a blood test to see if the person has taken the jab?
    Also there are reports of 3 different vaccines from the same company. Marked 1 is just saline, 2 is the vaccine and 3 is a ‘special’ version of the vaccine.
    Rich has been getting jab #1

    • Johnson T

      We will know the tide has turned when the vaccinated hide their vaccination status

    • Robert Messina

      It has been commented on this site that people that have been vaxed are detectable because they emit Bluetooth signal and there is an app that can detect it
      He also stated pacemakers emit Bluetooth as well

      • George

        Take a D-dimer test for micro blood clotting.Go online and set a local appointment with a lab. It’s around $50?.
        It will tell you if you got the ( graphene hydron-OXIDE) In you.

        • Bruce McCluskey

          Micro blood clotting is not just from graphene oxide (which they now state can shed) it is the spike protein that sheds also and causes massive clots through out the system.

      • Coal Burner

        Pacemakers, auto heart shockers and monitors do that. You normally need a unit in the room to transmit on the phone lines to the hospital any upset of the heart. At this i=time you generally need a landline.

      • Warren B.

        Hi Rob
        The app is called Bluetooth Scanner and it’s a free download from Apple play store or Android.

    • RoRo

      I have heard the same thing about the bottles having a “1”, “2”, or “3” on them . Kinda makes sense as they can’t kill us All , all at once! 😳

    • Mike

      To Greg:
      My wife and I had Covid ( or whatever) bad. Severe sore throat, headache, tired, very weak, no appetite. We took the horse paste faithfully daily’s 2-3 times a day. Well, by God’s Grace we are here. It took 5 days to feel better, but coughing for a couple weeks after, with no taste and smell, but all better now. During the couple weeks we took ivermectin every 3 days, once a day. It helped to keep our lungs clear. Coughing was bronchial. Mike

    • Adam Burkhardt

      Greg… There are risks to ivermectin Greg…
      People don’t realize it though
      Here’s a great description of what it does from one of my favorite doctors
      Check out YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer’s post:

    • Warren B.

      Dr Poornimah Wagh (Virology/immunology) states that she and her team have identified 35 different variations of vaccines across the multiple branded toxic substances. None of them have …in her words any …spike proteins or mRNA. They are all a concoction of hydrogel…lipid nano particles…and varying amounts of reduced Graphine oxide…..combined with many toxic heavy metals.
      The body’s immune system (if healthy ) can overcome minute amounts of the introduction of these foreign substances…however the multi inflammatory reactions are expected throughout the body ( the biodistribution of the Graphene as well as the heavy metals causes multiple cytokine storms) ….in particular the throat …will be inflamed because it contains lymph nodes ( in the neck) …where t-cells reside (produced by the thymus). T-cells fight disease and infection. The lymph nodes are also located in other parts of the body (under the arms for example) and there is enough evidence already available to demonstrate why they become inflamed as well as other organs. Cancer develops in the typical locations of the lymphatic system….throat/neck/under arms/breast/spleen/vascular).
      The unfortunate situation is that T-cells are not continually produced beyond puberty. Normally everyone has enough T -cells to last a lifetime of infection/disease. With continual introduction of toxic material …t-cells are depleted.
      The Graphene oxide is a unique substance because it carries an weak negative electrical charge. The heart and brain are positive charged. The Graphene is in fact designed to short circuit those critical organs….that explains why the seizures/embolisms/sudden deaths. They just simply stop functioning….like a short circuited board in a computer. The coating/ encapsulation of the Graphene oxide with PEG lipid nano particles is intentional…to allow the Graphene to surreptitiously enter the system without being attacked by the immune system and eliminated from the system before it can harm.
      What do heavy metals like mercury /lead/aluminum do to the system if introduced….?
      Quite simply….They are poisoning the human race.

    • Carla

      people who got the jab have different blood. their plasma is infected and the Red Croos does not use it. They can only use the red blood cells I guess it is. I am not a medical person but on their website if you keep searching you find that they cannot take plasma from a vax person. save your own blood if you can for any surgery.

  2. Justn Observer

    Greg, Other doctors seeing and saying same things =

  3. Rodster

    Thank you for bringing Dr. Kory back on. I love the famous quote which says: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

    That’s why the Power Structure pushing vaccines and regular booster shots when they clearly don’t work, it doesn’t make any sense unless these b@stards are trying to purposely kill us.

    • Ron

      During WWII it is noted that Churches/Christians would sing louder while Jews were being loaded on rail cars to go to Auschwitz concentration camps for extermination so they would not hear them.

      Today Politicians and Church leaders with the biggest platforms sing louder the benefits of the MRNA death shot while fellow citizens get loaded on the rail cars.

  4. David Turner

    Even Bruce Willis is said to have had a stroke at age 67 !!

  5. Stanley Hutchinson

    Bill Gates, depopulate the earth, George Soros

  6. Wayne MacKenzie

    In Canada there is a recommendation for injections every three months

  7. Poochiwoo

    Could be related… I have a studio next to a cemetery that caters to mostly government workers… I go there just about everyday for a walk because it is a lovely place. Trees and green grass are a luxury in my area. Anyway, over the past 2 years I noticed about 1 burial every week or so. Starting about 1 month ago, I have seen a burial just about every day..

  8. Annie

    Hi! My dad is triple jabbed. The day after he blacked out, survived with a broken neck, nerve damage down both arms, cracked hip, and dislocated shoulder. Doctors at university said it was caused by micro blood clots. 4 months later he is sleeping in a neck halo and wearing a neck brace during day hours. Granted my dad is 90, but he had no issues. He could live by himself, he had a housekeeper and he had daily check ins. Now he is living with my sister and is realizing he made a mistake, and bummed out! My whole family is triple jabbed. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop and praying GOD will prepare me for the sorrow that is to come. As you can surmise I did not get jabbed. My old neighbor is triple jabbed. He just told us he has stage 4 bone cancer. Two of my new neighbors dropped dead of heart attacks. Two other neighbors are sick with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It just came out of no where. They only have a year or two it’s super aggressive. There in there early 70’s and we’re healthy. Like Clif High said, this fall would be just the beginning. I can’t believe the world we live in. 😕

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, Annie! Stay strong i9n the Lord.

      • Karen

        Dr Kory sure sounds like he’s backed off ivermectin. He sounds completely wishy washy after being adamant about it before. I don’t know what to believe now. Greg, you kept pressing him but he sounded so different in this interview.

        • Astraea

          I thought so too – but I have never found Dr. Kory to be too convincing – or convinced – about anything.

        • Cousin vinny

          His position has always been guarded!

        • Russ McMeans

          Dr. Kory made it clear that Ivermectin hasn’t been as effective on the newer variants of CV-19. Yes he kept couching his statements very carefully because he/we just don’t know so much about this virus.
          Btw: that lab in Wuhan is still operational…. why we haven’t removed it with a precision missile fired from one of our submarines, mmm. Oh; many in our government is in bed with the CCP and fear them.

        • Chris

          He’s just spent months writing a book about Ivermectin, so I don’t think he’s backed off or is wishy washy. He’s just being a responsible physician. He can’t give out medical advice willy-nilly to people he hasn’t got a doctor-patient relationship with. Given the trouble he’s already had with the Nazis running the op, can you blame him?

      • Tim Kapsala

        Hi Greg,

        It sounds like it might take 30 million or more deaths before the general populace realizes that the death jab is genocide.

        • Janet

          Once enough people know they are going to die – and that there is nothing anyone can do about it – the “aliens” will make their appearance before the entire world and declare “they have come to save us” – and the people of the world will bow down and worship them like Gods!! –

          • Janet

            But remember the words of Jesus (if we soon have to judge these “aliens” who will say “they have come to save us” – remember what ever comes out of the mouth of these aliens and their deeds (defines them) – Jesus told us that by their words and deeds (their fruit ) “they should be judged” – and if they did indeed prevent our ICBM’s from being launched “to prevent a nuclear war” (that is “good fruit”) – Jesus taught us “we live not by bread alone” but by God’s “breath” (like when he spoke the Ten Commandments) and by “his word” (following his word) does man pass from death to life – those who Kill (like Big Pharma eugenicists) – and those who Fornicate (like Queers, Perverts and Pedophiles) – and those who Lie (like the Main Stream Media) – and those who Steal (like Criminal Politicians), etc., etc., etc. will not live – but will receive Damnation – not the Eternal Life they think doing Evil will bring (like killing babies to drink their blood)!!! –

      • Mike

        Hi Greg
        I do not believe BIDEN had any of the Covid shots any more than the heads of big Pharma, etc.
        Unless God intervenes with a civil war, I believe very hard times are coming. Jesus is and has always been our only hope. Love your show. In the end we shall meet in Heaven.

      • Shu Arvilla

        Hi Greg,
        This a link for both Ivermectin and HCQ. It takes several weeks to get it. I have ordered over 3 times personally and had a dozen friends use the link. First it was shipped from Germany now I was told it is coming from India.

    • Mike R

      It angers me to no end, to see that so many people were duped into these death jabs. It was not even 1 second that I needed to say no to it. It was so obviously evil that the death jabs were brought into existence, and so very obvious they would harm and maim, that I did not need to do any deep research on them. I knew immediately millions upon millions were going to die from it.

      I accepted immediately that my family members who did take it were going to die from it. And die sooner than they otherwise would have. They drank the purple kool-aid. and there was nothing I could do to stop them. Some day soon, I will be alone, with only one other family member who did not take the death jab. I am mentally preparing for that, along with the eventuality that my parents who are old and nearing death anyway, will die soon as well. None of this will be easy.

      The lies about everything spewing out of Bidens mouth, Pelosi’s mouth, MSM, and all the demoncrats mouths anger me more. So my fortitude to withstand it all, comes from telling people the truth. About everything. I dont care if they don’t want to hear it, or don’t like me doing it. (truth telling).

      The good news is most of the demonrats will die off due to the death jabs. It will rid the world of many morally bankrupt people. Not all, but many. Those who remain, are nowhere near as tough as I am mentally, emotionally, physically. God is on my side.

      • John

        Hi Mike, John from the U K here. , you are not alone, I know exactly what you are going through. I told everyone I knew not to take the jab. I instinctively knew that it was NOT safe and very effective at doing what it was meant to do. I lost friends of fifty years and my wife, ignored me and not telling me, went out and had two jabs. All have been ill in one way or another, since. It is going to be a quiet world, I like to think, that I will be up to the devastation, when it comes but time will tell. I pray that it does not come to this. Take care my friend

        • Tracy Reinert

          Most politicians got the saline. They were all in on it. My heart hears yours, & many of us are in the same situation, & may feel each other are now our only family. Be loving. Keep yer distance from the vaccinated, the real contagion. We may need to burn all the bodies to stop the graphene-oxide self-replication program. God help us all.

      • Tim Kapsala

        Mike R

        I agree with your good news statement


      • Tom

        I didn’t trust the FDA, CDC and big Pharma on the mRNA jabs right from the beginning for 2 common-sense reasons: 1) they failed to produce a decent flu vax even after more than 40 yrs of trying; 2) they lied about IVM in order to get the EUA. Now, there are “50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot” 🙂

    • Johnson T

      Do you have a link to that Clif High video?

    • WKSwanson

      Jessica Rose is an immunologist (found on substack) with a PhD in computational analysis of vaccine data. She says that cancers, shingles, and other diseases and conditions are reappearing a lot in “vaxxed” people.

  9. James Hall

    Greg do some investigating reporting on this below and keep in mind Dr. Kory as well as all medical doctors are not trained in nutrition like they should be and cannot recommend this below. Keep in mind you constantly misspeak when you say COVID, it doesn’t exist and was the word used to make people get the vacate, it’s an invisible enemy,

    Please spend a little time on this subject below, this is real nedicen.
    In 1929, the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. J. R. Crewe wrote an about the miraculous healing abilities of raw, grass-fed milk.

    The protocol for his “Milk Cure” was simple – put patients on bed rest and feed them nothing but a couple of gallons of milk a day.

    While some of you may be thinking that sounds like a recipe for a severe case of lactose intolerance, consider that the milk he was speaking of is nothing like the kind you find in the grocery store today.

    Like almost all milk of that time, the milk Dr. Crewe was speaking of was the unpasteurized, non-homogenized, rich-in-butterfat milk of heritage-breed, pasture-raised cows.

    The results were so “uniformly excellent” that they changed Crew’s entire “conception of disease and its alleviation” and inspired him to open a sanitarium where he used raw milk almost exclusively in the treatment of all kinds of disease.

    His 1929 article, “The Milk Cure,” became the subject of two subsequent books and quoted an earlier medical textbook of the day, suggesting he was not the only doctor of his time using milk as medicine.

    “For more than 16 years I have conducted a small sanitarium where milk is used almost exclusively in the treatment of various diseases,” Crewe wrote in Certified Milk Magazine. “The results have been so regularly satisfactory that I have naturally become enthusiastic and interested in this method of treating disease. We used good Guernsey milk, equal to 700 calories to the quart.”

    Crewe and his colleagues used the milk cure to treat countless conditions, including tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, anemia, obesity and underweight patients.

    “Striking results are seen in diseases of the heart and kidneys and high blood pressure,” he wrote. “Patients with cardiac disease respond splendidly without medication.”

    “One patient reduced from 325 pounds to 284 in two weeks, on four quarts of milk a day, while her blood pressure was reduced from 220 to 170.”

    “One patient with very advanced cardiac and nephritic disease lost over thirty pounds of edema in six weeks. One would expect the large quantities of fluid would increase the edema but the above experience has been repeated many times in lesser degrees.”

    Crewe spoke of the “worst case of psoriasis” he’d ever seen: “This boy was literally covered from head to foot with scales. We put him on a milk diet and in less than a month he had a skin like a baby’s.”

    He also spoke of a “very sick” diabetic man: “As milk contains about five percent milk sugar, it was feared that he could not manage this amount of sugar. But he did manage it, and improved in every way, and in eight weeks was sugar free”

    “A professor of surgery in one of our state universities once said to me, ‘Since I have used your method in preparing prostate cases, I have had most excellent results and no mortality.’” Crewe wrote. “I replied that if he had continued the treatment a little longer, he would not need to operate. All infections of the urinary tract are greatly improved by this treatment.”

    Crewe received a letter from a soldier quarantined in a government hospital with tuberculosis. He’d heard about Crewe’s method from a former patient and was doing so well on it he’d inspired several other patients in the ward to try it.

    “The patients had to buy their own milk and received no encouragement from the hospital authorities,” he said.

    Crewe said he even had a number of patients who used the raw milk fast as a beauty treatment: “The tissues become firmer and the general appearance is markedly improved.”

    “It is well known that there is no time in the life of practically any mammal, but especially of the human, when the body is so beautiful and perfect as during the period when milk is the only food,” Crewe writes.

    “The Arabs are said (Encyclopedia Brittanica) to be the finest race, physically, in the world. Their diet consists mostly of milk and milk products with fruits and vegetables, and some meat,” he adds.

    “The treatment of various diseases over a period of 18 years with a practically exclusive milk diet has convinced me personally that the most important single factor in the cause of disease, and in the resistance to disease, is food. I have seen so many instances of the rapid and marked response to this form of treatment that nothing could make me believe this is not so.”

    Despite the wild success of “The Milk Cure,” it has since been long forgotten. The Weston A. Price Foundation speculates two reasons for this: 1. Mainstream milk is no longer a medicinal super-food, it’s a disease-causing, denatured, highly processed product of factory farming. 2. The medical industry can’t make any money from it.

    “The method itself is so simple that it does not greatly interest most doctors and the main stimulus for its use is from the patients themselves,” Crewe noted.

    Luckily, if you look hard enough, you can find a growing number of farmers providing the good, old-fashioned stuff, straight from healthy, pasture-raised cows. Find a farmer near you on

    • Cassie

      Thank you, James, for taking the time to explain this truth about raw milk. This is just one of those marvelous (dare I say, magical?) gifts from our loving creator. We learned of the benefits of raw milk from the Weston Price Foundation and have never looked back. Our daughter had a threatened miscarriage but we got her on this food, plus liver, pastured bone broth and other truly nourishing foods, and she birthed the healthiest and most beautiful baby our family has ever seen. It takes time and effort to erase all the lies we have been told. And what often remains is those grateful believers in God’s providence, according to His admonition to “Come out from among them, my people, and be ye separate.”

    • Linda W

      Thank you for sharing this comment about raw milk. I knew this years ago when our doctor told us to get this kind of milk for our boys who had severe allergies. I had forgotten about the benefits of raw milk. I’m going to start getting it again for ourselves.

    • Ed Siceloff

      You are pretty much expressing the same thoughts that I have. I see friends who started off saying they were not going to get the shot who some weeks/months later saying that they have it. I’m already 70, and don’t have it. My daughter and her little boy live with me and kind of have followed what I say and not the media. They remain healthy. But…almost everyone else I know have received the clot shots. One friend has come up, suddenly, with a fast growing prostrate cancer. But for us older people, how do they tell that we died from what cause. I just expect people to die.

    • eddiemd

      sock puppet-a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

    • The Seer

      Will raw grass fed goats milk work just as well for those who cannot have cow dairy?
      Goats milk taste fine not like goat cheese.

    • Turnbolt

      This puts them into ketosis. That’s why they loose water retention and fat. Also why edema is reversed as well as so many other diseases. Most disease are caused by high carbohydrate intake. Lots of studies going on right now with ketosis and the treatment of everything you mentioned.

    • Tracy Reinert

      Yes, James! I have just started on raw whole milk, & hope to fast with it soon. I have never felt so peaceful, smooth-skinned, hopeful at being protected from the vaccine-contagion. I am also using Activated Charcoal, as it reduces any gas, & attracts graphene-oxide particles & removes them. I daily take various natural healing type vitamins & herbs, & pine needle tea/ Red pine needle oil. Essiac Tea is a gentle detoxifier, that used to have a tag on it with a rattlesnake saying it was the best detoxifier available… go figure, with Dr. Brian Ardis’ work on Watch The Water & snake venom. Please keep distance from the vaxxed, & use charcoal after any exposure. Prayers for us all!

    • Tracy Reinert to read Testimonials, & a letter from a 1929 Mayo Clinic doctor.

  10. Garfield

    Supply and demand. The genocide program won’t stop until the sheeple stops getting jabbed. If and when the majority of the sheeple realizes they got poisoned, 5G or a certain frequency will activate their nanochips from the shots such that they will become digitally controlled to prevent a revolt. This is how insidious this whole thing is.

  11. I come speaking truth

    “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

    • Greg

      If a man is talking in the forest and his wife can’t hear what he says, is he still wrong?

      • Janet

        Not wrong if that man is Moses talking to a non-burning bush in the forest!!

    • Tommy

      ” I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. “

  12. Jen

    Alex Jones has reported that Trump won’t even listen to criticisms about his “beautiful vaccine” and that he got a million$ from Big Pharma.

    • Ed Mustafo

      So I guess you believe everything that Alex Jones says. That’s pretty funny. Hey, how’s he doing these days? Be careful who you follow.

      • Greg

        Jen did not say (she?) believed everything AJ says, what’s not funny is you misrepresenting what people say for whatever ends you are promoting.

        • eddiemd

          He is new. Derek Johnson is his real name.

          sock puppet–a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

    • Astraea

      Thank you for mentioning this Jen. If anyone believes much of anything said by Trump, they have just not been attending. Please God, poor America, do not be taken in again, by Trump or anyone else. Britain is in at least as bad a situation. The choice there is truly absurd.

      • Ned

        Astraea, Conservatives have set the bar so low that “better than Biden” is good enough for them now.

        Trump is still filling up stadiums and his adoring fans are right back to believing his campaign lies, er, I mean “promises”.

        This indicates that most are still high and delusional from smoking that MAGA Hopium and will follow Trump right off the cliff.

        Trump will, of course, have a parachute and will gleefully watch his lemmings go “Splat!”.

        • Russ M.

          What are you talking about Ned? Looks like Biden is leading America off a cliff, actually Obama and Co. they had to steal the election to accomplish their Marxist goal: destroy America and rebuild it in their utopian communist ideas.

      • Jonie

        That Trunp…he so horrible, just ask “The Big Guy” who labeled everyone who doesn’t lock step with him and the destruction of America as a Threat To Democracy especially those MAGA Trumpers…ouch😱

      • Ed Mustafo

        So let’s see, before the “ vaccine “ roll out, Trump stated that Hydroxychloroquine is effective against Covid. He also stated that Chlorine Dioxide is effective against Covid. He also stated that sunlight kills the virus. All true. Perhaps you haven’t been attending.

  13. James Hall

    This is how you have a small farm revitalization is to get this word out, in the 1950’s there were over 1 million tiny farms producing this.

    In the early 1900s, Mayo Clinic doctors were curing just about every disease under the sun with just one simple medicine — raw, grass-fed, cow’s milk. Learn why Big Pharma and Big Dairy don’t want you to know about “The Milk Cure:”

  14. Robert says no

    We need debate not echo chambers. I can find other videos calling this conspiracy theory. We need debate!

  15. Sylvia Sires

    I don’t mean to change the subject but I gotta to tell somebody! Yesterday I got an email from the electric company of Arizona 2 days ago, telling me I can’t use electricity on Saturday (today) from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or they’ll charge me double for using it between those hours. This actually started last May 5 days a week from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m Monday thru Friday. Never on weekends until today! I had to start eating dinner at lunch time since May 2022. It’s been difficult. I don’t think they have the right infrastructure to handle electric cars too.

    • Johnny Cool

      Which collapse will it be? Pick one.

      George at Urban Survival says…

      For us, there are three semi-distinct levels:

      1. Muddle-through Collapse: This is where the financial bubble implodes, a new “money” is declared. But mainly, the lights stay on.
      2. The 1870s Model Collapse: Lights and Comms go down, most utilities fail, and while city urban cores go Mad Max, out in the hinterlands, all those deer hunters and sportsmen? Keep the cities somewhat “contained.”
      3. Robert the Bruce Collapse. Who?

  16. Barbara Lyon

    People will believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts.

  17. Joe Wong

    The BIGGEST problem is that the relatives for the deceased cannot legally sue BIG PHARMA over the deaths from these post-vaccine deaths. That’s eventually has to change, since BIG PHARMA is providing these politicians with a ton of their campaign contributions, and to goes to show you that the people in power has been bought and paid for by same.

  18. Jane Hill

    Thank you Dr Kory for being a doctor for the people and going agains the Organizations
    to save Lives.

    • BDS

      Me Too, THANK YOU!

  19. chris

    Dr. Kory, in Pfizer reports, according to their clinical trials, everyone who got the real stuff (and NOT real placebo) is shedding.
    As much I honor Dr. Kory for stepping forward with telling many truths, these are JUST PART truths, to me. Covid injections are NOT VACCINES, something what non-educated people completely do not know! MD’s know it, and yet, they do not tell their patients that gene modification treatments via these injections can be, most probably for all, lethal. ALL MD’s conveniently accepted FDA’s redefinitions of old style vaccines, while literally WATCHING how their clueless patients took the ‘vaccine’, believing that it is a one. THAT IS THE BIGGEST CRIME BY ALL who never spelled the words ‘GENE THERAPY’. The consequences of that, even, or in particular for all the ‘alternative’ doctors, are, that now they all have LOT OF PATIENTS. How good for them all! I will repeat it infinite amount of times, until they finally get it. Strangely not many, even, or in particular on substack, do not like to talk this way.

  20. Scott

    I agree with Dr. Kory that the bulk of patients have reached the end of their vaccine seeking. Most of my patients received at least one vaccine some receive two, a few went to the third and none are going to the fourth or more. All of them state their reticence based on direct experience of themselves or a family member becoming severely ill following the injection. Dark Brandon is going to have a very hard time trying to enforce another mandate with the new bivalent clot shot.

  21. Lynn

    D r. Kory is a modern day hero. Buy his book to support the doctor and give it to those who may need it down the road and treasure what is in it before it is too late for them. Give it as a Christmas gift, everyone vax’d is going to need that more than a pair of socks.
    Finally, Greg Hunter, thanks you deserve a standing ovation for your courage and dedication to destroying their narrative. God bless you and protect you both. Lynn

    • Chris

      I have it on order. Unfortunately, I know I’ll be the only one among my family and friends who will want to read it. They are all “dutifully” vaxed. To date, as far as I know, only one has had any adverse reaction. She got two shots so she could travel and then promptly got Omicron. She’s now experiencing neurological problems that, to me at least, look suspiciously like they’re vaccine related. It may sound callous, but I have little sympathy left, at this stage of the genocide, for people who can’t manage to put 2+2 together and get 4. I understand that most decent people can’t fathom the depth of depravity of those in government, bureaucracy and medicine who would knowingly mandate procedures that would kill or maim large numbers of people for profit or some insane agenda. It beggars belief, but at some point you just have to accept the unacceptable if it’s true. Those who can’t are beyond help.

  22. Sal

    I am the 1st to comment. Thanks again Greg. Excellent work.
    God Bless

  23. acomfort

    I haven’t heard a good reason for the killing but I think that the establishment may be trying to fix the overpopulation of the earth.
    Here is a Jane Goodall video on “depopulation.” It is a 16 second video
    “” Jane Goodall at the WEF suggesting with believable reasons, that many problems would be solved if we reduced world population by 90%.
    Note: You cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet.
    Hear is a list of population problems.
    There are no significant ecological trend lines that are getting better for the ecosystems:
    – Human population is growing.
    – Human livestock population is growing.
    – Human consumption is increasing,
    – Toxin load in biological systems is growing.
    – Wild flora / fauna diversity is shrinking.
    – Aquifers, and all freshwater resources are shrinking.
    – CO2 content in atmosphere is increasing.
    – Acid content of oceans is increasing.
    – Quality and availability of every critical resource are shrinking, making these resources more expensive and more destructive to recover
    – Net energy from energy resources is shrinking.
    – Habitats and food for wild fauna are shrinking.
    – Carbon and nutrient content of arable soils are shrinking.
    – Nitrogen and Phosphorus cycles are disrupted and concentrated, creating dead lakes and dead ocean zones.
    – Coral bed sea-life nurseries are shrinking.
    – Tropical forest terrestrial nurseries are shrinking.
    – Estuaries are shrinking.
    – Forest fires and violent storms are increasing with CO2 and heating.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should show us the way along with all the other so-called elite.


      • David Gordon Dunne

        A, I always suspected Jane was married to a Gorilla and I do remember her saying this chit. Life Expectancy is falling dramatically now. So many countries can talk the people to have babies as Elon says, “A country will not survive if 2.2 births per marriage. ” Is the Doc afraid of being sued by covering his arse on Ivermectin and HCQ use? I just keep praying to God 3 hours a day to take down Satan and the EVIL minions like Kill Gates, Soros and the WEF for one. Satan has about all in power under his thumb now.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I remember reading about a guy that made a car/ buggy that ran on water. There’s some videos out there and he was poisoned. With this as an example, why hasn’t the folks in charge pushed for these sorts of things? The things that would make the world a better place. I think part of the answer is that there dark motives to control all of us and it would be easier to control less of us.

    • David

      Here’s a reason. Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard did the Harvard mice study, where they reversed aging in mice. The elites always wanted immortality, now they can have it. HOWEVER when this biotech get out the world population would grow to 14 billion then 28 billion then 50 billion. The elites had to cull the population and herd the survivors into smart city open air prisons. Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts interview on planet lockdown.

    • Neville

      Listen up acomfort.


    • Zahra

      “Over-population” is a hoax and a scientific fraud on par with communism and atheism. This is the fatal flaw of the west – that they cannot see this toxic ideology of over-population for what it is and simply accept and drink the kool-aid. Kill-aid, if you prefer.

    • Geneva Thatcher

      What you mention is due to the mismanagement of resources by the luciferians in political potions of power.

      Once the luciferians are removed, and I promise you they will be removed between now and 2024, there will be more than enough for 8 billion+ people to thrive on the planet.

      Do you really think Heavenly Father would put His children on a planet that can not sustain it’s growing population? Why would a loving Father ever do that to His children? Father God would Not.
      It is the luciferians taking, controlling, mismanaging and stealing resources from us.

      My Angels told me miles down, there are Endless OCEANS of the best, purest water in side the Earth. In a short amount of time, we will discover how to extract the water. There will be no more problems due to a lack of water. This is one of many futures for the better, we have coming.

    • Catherine

      You might be a great person but just a small hint regarding your verbatim vomit of lies…. You sound like a cockatiel who repeats without understanding, watches the news without understanding , and then tells everyone “trust the science” without understanding.
      If I could take a guess I would say you are a true believer of the official narrative regarding the final solutions for “climate change”. After all it’s humans who are planning and executing our demise. And it’s humans who will never know they became targeted for death simply because they are breathing!
      Another small hint if Goodall said all you mention, now you know why she became one of their venerated heroines.
      Take a long look in the mirror my friend. You are also on their dinner plate along with all the other true believers who think they are going to be spared because they are true believers of the official narrative.

      • dav

        it’s over, there will be no awakening of the sleeping mass that will believe until their death the narratives with which they have been formatted since their birth; the people are the main allies of their elites and the slaves are unaware of their conditions of slavery, especially if their cell in the great platonic cave is comfortable… still for the moment

        • Greg Hunter

          I disagree. Even the Jews knew they were being exterminated at some point. People are going to wake up it’s just a matter of when.

          • dav

            hi greg i have suffered all my life since i was born i belong to the lower working class i am sick because of the living conditions and traumas i have experienced and i don’t know how i will pay my bills in the next few months will i become like those poor people in the streets i live in france and i can tell you that poverty is increasing considerably the political power is hardening and the chinese style social credit is ready to be deployed the dissidents, the real ones, not those of the controlled opposition, are more and more harassed and eliminated in one way or another; I try to keep the faith but we are also material beings with a body and basic needs. ..

            god bless you all

          • dav

            it’s just a matter of when.?
            how many have taken the jabs and hox=w many will take the news ?tell me gregg i’ m interested

            do you know that in all what they name “vaccin” there is graphene hydroxy graphene and order nanomaterials which are toxic and letal that can self-assemble ;and other injectables and other products contains these nanoproducts

          • Freebreezer

            Greg – when the history books are written on Covid, your in-depth interviews will be at the forefront showing that the truth was known and out there, and the elites/MSM completely snookered the masses … similar to the pied piper leading the children to their deaths.

      • Coal Burner

        Very good Catherine!

    • Chris

      You can always volunteer to do your duty. Or you can wait for the WEF and Co to give you and your friends a helping hand into the next world. I am sure the good folk at the WEF and their friends will be happy to see you go either way. Unfortunately, if you were in your 20s now, and had one child, and that child produced a grandchild for you, that grandchild would be living in a world where the population had stabilized NATURALLY and was in NATURAL decline (too bad you won’t be around to see it). That’s what is happening in most developed countries of the West and East Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.). Some of the other stuff you listed may or may not be true, according to the source of the information, but I would advise looking carefully at the “science” involved. Some of it is bunk. Some of it isn’t due to anthropogenic activity at all, by the way, or only partially so. One thing you can be sure of is that once the population is culled the “master race” (folks at the WEF and their friends) will be flying around in their jets, sailing in their gas guzzling yachts and feasting on their herds, attended to on all sides by their gullible “greenie” slaves.

  24. Janet

    Folks if you continue to go along with the Demon rats – your psyche and your brain will change permanently – you will lose your individuality and personality such that – you will cease being a human being!!

    • Janet

      You will be looked upon as meat – – fetus tissue is currently being added to our food “for flavor” – and as for those “hybrid humans” who now can’t reproduce – they have become part of the WEF Trans-Humanist Agenda – all of us should expect reproductive controls, sterilization campaigns, genetic engineering, RFID chips and a rewiring of the human brain (through pharmaceuticals) as the Demon-rats and WEF/UN Globalists make their “final solution move” to achieve World Domination – these Globalists like Soros, Horrori, Schwab’ etc., etc. don’t believe in God (because they want to be God’s) and their quest for immortality requires the merging of humans and machines – the general public’s children are not only now being used as a food source (their blood drunk and their flesh eaten) but as experimental guinea pigs – a total of 27 man-machine “Borg vaccines” are planned to be rolled out for all of us at Warp Speed – and by the year 2050 the Globalists say they will have fully implemented their worldwide control grid – and there will be no dissent – the current Corona jab is just “one part” of their convoluted scheme to secure their global domination over human society – so get ready folks – you have not seen anything yet (and I don’t put it past these immoral beings to even set off a dirty nuclear bomb on American soil to achieve their goals)!!

      • Earth Angel

        I tend to agree with Dane Wigington’s statement that: “On the current course there will be nothing left to save” by 2050. Perhaps sooner than that if the good little order followers keep allowing these psychopaths the ability to run wild with their agenda’s of insanity. Time to make OUR STAND folks. It’s NOW or never! Keep going everybody!

    • dav

      it’s over, there will be no awakening of the sleeping mass that will believe until their death the narratives with which they have been formatted since their birth; the people are the main allies of their elites and the slaves are unaware of their conditions of slavery, especially if their cell in the great platonic cave is comfortable… still for the moment

      • Greg Hunter

        I disagree. Even the Jews knew they were being exterminated at some point. People are going to wake up it’s just a matter of when.

  25. Susan D

    Thank you as always Greg for having these fabulous doctors on!!! I always gain new info and I’m armed with a lot of great information to help support the sleepers who got the jab when they awaken from this nightmare. Having listened to many MDs that you have had on your show, I have a list of tests, protocols and websites I can refer people to. Wouldn’t have that without YOU!!!

  26. Sue Robinson

    Greg and Dr. Cory,
    Thank you both for a great interview. Dr. Cory: Do remember that you and your courageous colleagues are carrying the mail through the blizzard for many people who otherwise would be unable to help themselves or their loved ones cope with this horrendous tragedy brought to us by our own governments and a medical care system that has, in many cases, not been on our side. When the history of this era finally is written, your name will be inscribed alongside that of Zeb Zelenko and all the other righteous heroes who stood and fought in the dirt and the dust when it counted. Godspeed, Pierre. We out here are the wind at your back.

  27. Janet

    Dr. Kory says: “We are seeing miscarriage rates and spontaneous abortion rates between 70% and 90% in pregnant women” – this is a Vaxx “Infertility Bombshell” – these Evil “jabs” Must Stop!! – Dr. Mike Yeadon (Former Chief Scientist Of Pfizer) makes the same statement – this human tragedy should be sending “Genocide Discussion Shockwaves Across The Main Stream Media Worldwide”!!

  28. Tony Tulburt

    Greg, Ivermectin is available over the counter in the free state of Tennessee in a few select
    compounding pharmacies. After a few questions about meds that I take and a review of the medicines that are not compatible with ivermectin and of course a lot of cash, I left with my full bottle.

  29. Paul

    Fabulous for Pierre, compounders and your interviewing skills Greg.
    Not big pharma
    Thank you

    Paul from arkansas

  30. Geneva Thatcher

    Cat’s Claw Glycerin Tincture in combination with Ivermectin is working against the death shots!

    I can not prove any of this as I do not have a lab and or diagnostic medical testing equipment.

    Cat’s Claw is an ‘AntiMutagenic:’ Capable of reducing the frequency of mutation.
    Could it be stopping the mRNA process?
    I think it is definitely doing some thing along these lines.

    Cat’s Claw benefits against the death shots:
    Cancer, Heavy Metal Poisoning, AutoImmun Diseases, Heart Disease, Internal Bleeding, Blood Clots, Fatigue, Glioblastoma Brain Function Impairment, HIV, AIDS, Poor Blood Circulation, Angina, Blood Impurities, Heart Attacks, Whole Body Antibiotic, AntiCoagulant, Immunity Booster, AntiViral and AntiBacterial Infections, AntiImflammatory, Analgesic, Detoxicant, AntiOxident, Blood Purifier, AntiParasitic, Immunomodulator, and so much more:'s-Claw-Cid2264
    On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

    Cat’s Claw has Quercetin in it.

    Intuitively, I can tell Cat’s Claw is working against the vaxxines when it comes to my mom.
    My mom was dying, had grey skin, painful edema in lower extremities, the palms of her hands were black, she complained of Angina, she constantly complained of her injected arm hurting her to the point she could not sleep, the tips of her fingers were numb, a metal spoon would stick to her arm at the injection site, her kidneys were failing because of the spike proteins, all her internal organs were swollen and the swelling was visible and palatable. So far, all these symptoms have dissipated with the Cat’s Claw help.
    I believe Cat’s Claw is removing the graphene oxide, (heavy metals) from my mom. The palms of her hands went from black to a healthy pink.

    I feel and believe Cat’s Claw is tearing down the scaffolding structures with in the veins and arteries of her legs. Her legs are no longer in pain or swollen.

    Cat’s Claw Herb Uses,Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients's-Claw-Cid2264

    On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

    Mike Adams, Dr. Jane Ruby and Clay Clarkson
    SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits 1 hour
    Health Ranger Report, Published a day ago

    Dr. Jane Ruby Show –. The results are in…Board certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman’s bizarre and mysterious white clots pulled from sudden death in C19 jabbed cadavers, are no longer mysteries, thanks to the work of microscopy expert and Brighteon TV founder, Mike Adams. The most definitive finding is that these white thick castings taken from the arteries and veins of the injected dead are not blood clots and they are highly metallic, electrical conducting circuits and Mike Adams is here today for a stunning 2-part interview and the show wraps with a look at the real meaning of Biden’s March 2022 EO, that plans a take over of digital currency by years end…for your health? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

    • Southern Girl

      Geneva Thatcher,
      Many years ago, I was listening to Lindsey Williams. You can still find info on him at his web site He said there were a couple of things we need to keep us
      self-safe from what he called the Elite. He worked for the Elite on the Alaskan Pipeline in late 70’s I think. They would tell him what they had planned for us. One of the things was Cat’s Claw, Eyebright, and Oregon Grape supplement s. I’ll bet you I have had them in my closet for 10 years. So, after your write up I got the Cat’s claw out and will try taking it to see if I can tell a difference. My capsules are 500 mg so I split them. I think the recommended amount is 300mg. So glad I found your write up.

  31. Geneva Thatcher

    I also give my mom the AntiCovidShedding Tea which has Cardamon in it for inflammation and it taste good too.
    When she first came to me 3 months ago, she was too sick and toxic to drink the AntiCovidShedding Tea. It would go right through her. I’ve been giving her the AntiCovidShedding Tea for about a week now. She is responding positively. She has more energy. She can walk. She can get in and out of the tub on her own.
    She is no longer scratching her skin to the point of cutting her skin open with her nails and bleeding. I think the constant itching was either from the microcircuts and or parasites moving around under her skin, OR it was her detoxing through her skin and it was very itchy. What ever it was, she no longer is chronically, constantly itching.
    When I first saw her, all her internal organs were swollen. I could literally see her swollen organs popping out from her abdomen. I believe the anti inflammatory herbal tea along with the Cat’s Claw, helped by reducing the swelling. Now I have her on inflammation maintenance with extra Cardamon in her medicinal teas and Cat’s Claw Tincture.

    I have my mom on Cat’s Claw 3 weeks on and 1 week off.

    Plants are the answer to the death shots, I just know it. We just have to find the right combination of phytochemicals that will stop the death shots. So far, Cat’s Claw has quite a bit of plant power against the death shots and it does so much more. My mom has Alzheimer’s Disease and Cat’s Claw helps with that too.

  32. William Wilhelm

    Greg, you and your guests are the beacon shinning your light for all to see. If only they would open their eyes. God bless you.

  33. William Haugen

    Always a risk to comment when only 1:25 in, best always, both Greg and Dr. Kory, ain’t my first rodeo, (3rd Kory at least), but excuses getting so long it the tooth (not here, just wow, the in-action is remarkable)

  34. john lance

    I just preordered 2 copies of Dr. Kory’s book , The War on Invermectin , from Amazon . Amazon stated that it would be sent around 1 st of November. I just hope and pray Big Pharma doesn’t block sell of this book.

  35. Geneva Thatcher

    LIST of Materia Medica for Antimutagenci Herbs

    On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

  36. Don Wohlers

    Greg, I could NOT agree more with all that Dr. Kory had to say. With some other people saying things like he did but not as out and out, I had started agreeing that from my studies years ago about a number of things, like the One World Gov., also the end times that we see now that is happening, and then to top it off, my oldest son Kevin who was 62 that took his second booster 5 months ago and five days later, in the shower, had a brain stoppage where he passed out and feel on his left shoulder and shattered it and also hit his head very hard so it did dislodge the blood clot that cause his passing out, has since been in and out of the hospital FIVE TIMES with the last one 10 days ago when he was put into hospice. This was in the Seattle area so I flew up there and got there 8 days ago and saw him just the most skin and bones I had ever seen. His normal weight was about 185 and he could not have been more than 75 lbs. I arrived at about 5pm and at 7pm they ask visitors to leave. At 7am the next day, he was DEAD. He was even riding his Harley 6 months ago. But also about 5 months ago, I called an old Marine friend of mine that we were in a squadron together in 1954-56. About the same time, he got his second booster and died 5 days later with blood clots. My wife and I live in Senior Living that wanted ALL of us to take the second boost, you know what I had to say. Then bidens comments last night, just kill them off, he might as well have said. That is what they want to do. But the Bible tells us that 1/5 of our population will be killed and we need to read Rev:6 about the first 4 seals and we already see it happening.
    Blessings to you Greg and Dr. Kory for your interview.

  37. john smith

    Greg, do you really believe BIDEN or anyone in his gang are getting a real vaccine, or that their claim to have/had COVID is anything more than a fake show?

  38. pbd

    Another excellent interview.
    Makes be me think of the song lyrics – “Well let’s start by – Making it clear – Who is the enemy, here” from the song titled Marching the Hate Machines into the Sun by the band called The Thievery Corporation.
    Best of luck all.

  39. Geneva Thatcher

    I’ve been giving Ivermectin Pony Paste and Cat’s Claw to my mom for 3 months.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is she vaxed?

      • Geneva Thatcher

        YES. She came to me dying. Her skin was literally grey, the color of dead people. She’s been Vaxxed and boosted for 2 or 3 years. Long enough for the poison to get established in her body and do it’s evil. But with the Cat’s Claw and Ivermectin Pony Paste seems to be working against the death shots. She is doing much better after 3 months. She is detoxing from the graphen oxide, heavy metal poisoning. The Cat’s Claw Removes the heavy metal circuit- boards, stops or slows down the mRNA as Cat’s Claw is an ‘AntiMutagenic!’
        Is there some one you may know Greg, who can look in to this? We need to look at the blood of a vaxxed person before Cat’s Claw Glycerin Tincture and after taking it. Compare the results.
        Lots of gratitude for your wonderful new show and love to you Greg.
        May our Paradise Father Bless you and yours with safety and well being.
        Good night.

        • eddiemd

          Cat’s Claw is known as ” Uña de Gato” has been around for a long time. I first came across it in 1996 while in Peru. It was used as a tea. It comes from a vine/bark in the Amazon.

          It was being promoted as an anti-inflammatory used for rheumatoid arthritis and similar conditions in Peru.

          A Swiss company tried to package it for sale back in the 90s. I can find the bark here in Phoenix . It has directions on how to prepare.

          Another Peruvian remedy that you may find interesting is “maca”. When I lived in Chachapoyas Peru it was a regular item for breakfast, served as a porridge like oatmeal.

          • Geneva Thatcher

            Thank you for your knowledgeable comment. I tried to post a picture of Una de Gato, but the picture will not post. Any way, yes been around for a very long time. It is great as an anti-inflammatory and so much more. Thank you for sharing your links. Here is a link to Cat’s Claw :
            Cat’s Claw Glycerin Tincture in combination with Ivermectin is working against the death shots!

            I can not prove any of this as I do not have a lab and or diagnostic medical testing equipment.

            Cat’s Claw is an ‘AntiMutagenic:’ Capable of reducing the frequency of mutation.
            Could it be stopping the mRNA process?
            I think it is definitely doing some thing along these lines.

            Cat’s Claw benefits against the death shots:
            Cancer, Heavy Metal Poisoning, AutoImmun Diseases, Heart Disease, Internal Bleeding, Blood Clots, Fatigue, Glioblastoma Brain Function Impairment, HIV, AIDS, Poor Blood Circulation, Angina, Blood Impurities, Heart Attacks, Whole Body Antibiotic, AntiCoagulant, Immunity Booster, AntiViral and AntiBacterial Infections, AntiImflammatory, Analgesic, Detoxicant, AntiOxident, Blood Purifier, AntiParasitic, Immunomodulator, and so much more:
            On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

            Cat’s Claw has Quercetin in it.

            Intuitively, I can tell Cat’s Claw is working against the vaxxines when it comes to my mom.
            My mom was dying, had grey skin, painful edema in lower extremities, the palms of her hands were black, she complained of Angina, she constantly complained of her injected arm hurting her to the point she could not sleep, the tips of her fingers were numb, a metal spoon would stick to her arm at the injection site, her kidneys were failing because of the spike proteins, all her internal organs were swollen and the swelling was visible and palatable. So far, all these symptoms have dissipated with the Cat’s Claw help.
            I believe Cat’s Claw is removing the graphene oxide, (heavy metals) from my mom. The palms of her hands went from black to a healthy pink.

            I feel and believe Cat’s Claw is tearing down the scaffolding structures with in the veins and arteries of her legs. Her legs are no longer in pain or swollen.

            Cat’s Claw Herb Uses,Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

            On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

            Mike Adams, Dr. Jane Ruby and Clay Clarkson
            SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits
   1 hour
            Health Ranger Report, Published a day ago

            Dr. Jane Ruby Show –. The results are in…Board certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman’s bizarre and mysterious white clots pulled from sudden death in C19 jabbed cadavers, are no longer mysteries, thanks to the work of microscopy expert and Brighteon TV founder, Mike Adams. The most definitive finding is that these white thick castings taken from the arteries and veins of the injected dead are not blood clots and they are highly metallic, electrical conducting circuits and Mike Adams is here today for a stunning 2-part interview and the show wraps with a look at the real meaning of Biden’s March 2022 EO, that plans a take over of digital currency by years end…for your health? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

          • Geneva Thatcher

            I’ve been giving my hubbie maca for ED prevention. I have given it to others for ED. It is an amazing herb for both men and women.
            Maca Root does so much for both sexes.
            Maca Root
            On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

  40. Ed Mustafo

    MARCH 2020 : President Donald J Trump told the world on video, for the record, that Hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment for Covid. This of course was before the “ vaccines “ came out. We know how that turned out. Right? But hey, some people just want to forget that and continue to criticize him about this whole “ vaccine “ situation. Is it his job to approve vaccines for safety? Did he fake the data about them? Is he a doctor or a scientist? Did he mandate the “ vaccines “ ? Wake up!!! It’s time to come together and support him.🇺🇸

  41. Cheri Rodriguez

    Was at the VA last month for my annual checkup. Announcements saying “Get your booster!” and my doctor telling me “Ivermectin doesn’t work.” After the Edgewood Arsenal human experiments, Agent Orange, toxic water at Camp Lejeune, Gulf War Syndrome, etc., you’d think that the VA would’ve smartened up by now.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Cheri,
      “You’d think that the VA would’ve smartened up by now.”
      TPTB hate military veterans – people trained in combat, people expert in the use of firearms, people who have overcome the natural aversion to killing, people who have lost patriotic fervour through bitter experience, people capable of leading and executing an armed rebellion.
      TPTB run the VA, not the vets. Seen from that perspective, recommending the shots and traducing Ivermectin is smart!

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I also have a private doctor. He has nothing good to say about the VA or insurance companies. Out on the road once at a gas station, I ran into another vet who said he takes the monthly comp check (I think he was rated at 80%) but won’t set foot inside a VA facility.

  42. Laura

    A true national hero. My rock star of the covid pandemic. He saved so many lives by speaking the truth at his own peril. Thank-you Greg for bringing Dr Kory back on. We all need to pray for his protection from the evil (medical boards and MSM) that is attacking him. It is a wake up call to all of us that the CDC and NIH do not have the citizens best interest at hand but have become a corrupt, paid off, and discredited organization that we can not longer trust about ANY form of treatment they recommend.

  43. Jim

    Recently Alex Jones has reported that Trump doesn’t even want to HEAR anything bad about the KillShot that he is so proud of.

    AJ also reported that Trump got $1 Million from Big Pharma.

    Why is Greg Hunter censoring this info?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim/AI Troll,
      If you watched the WNW 545 I brought this up and credited Alex Jones. No go away and play in the street where you belong.

      • Tim Kapsala


        Love your response to the troll?

  44. Michael Webber

    I thought Dr Corey had that telephone practice that we could consult with a med professional and they would fulfill a ivermectin prescription? Is that no longer? I didn’t hear him mention this and I thought he had it? Anyone know? thanks –

  45. Kim Beaney

    Top notch as always Greg!!! Dr. Kory lays it out as a expert, profesional and genuine doctor. History will be on the side of this hero not tainted by greed, unlike the vast majority of his peers.

  46. Jim Miller

    New peer-reviewed study found that regular use of Ivermectin reduced the risk of dying from COVID-19 by 92% !!

  47. Laura

    Why President Trump doesn’t denounce the “vaccines” :

  48. i: a man; travis moss did you read the consent form

  49. John Williams

    It’s really too bad that the ignorant, fearful, non-spititual people of the world fell for the scamdemic.

    Well, this is what the parable about the binding of the tares is all about. We have not fully completed that parable yet, as it will be through the chip that those are bound together by a central A.I. machine.

    The only way to reverse the course will be for White Hats to find where that A.I. is located at, hack in, and right the wrong. Could this be what the Word of God weapon is?

    Great interview as always. I was a bit of a challenge to watch this time but where there is a will there is a way.

  50. Mike M.

    Here we go again. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face they are outright killing you and we have the good doctor once again writing another book obviously hoping he can profit from it.

    Someone truly concerned with helping people become aware of what is going on would not be selling some overpriced book when this information should be made available at no cost. Sorry but profiteers like this get no respect from me and neither should they from anyone else.

    Bottom line, the country is populated with an abundance of ignorant, arrogant and just plain stupid individuals and that is why it has been so easy to get rid of you. Get ready for what is coming that will reduce the number of you by 80-90%. What you are seeing now is just the coming attraction and the main event is just around the corner.

    • J. Loughran

      Dr. K appears to invest “his” (I am sure there are many working alongside him) income into serving his ever growing number of patients therefore a book that distinguishes his pilloried approach to medicine from the health/suffering/euthanasia system we all pay for through the Affordable Health Care Tax is to me prerequisite reading if not to get his patients into a trusted relationship with him than at least to get them to better understand “his” approach. Sounds like money well spent to me. Also, if I lived under a “bad moon” for more than 100 years at the time that phase finally waned why would I discard that history (medical)? Nothing here to learn from and build upon?

  51. Art Simpson

    Everybody that could do something about this and stop it are in on it.

  52. Dr. T

    The USA does not have a healthcare system. It is a sickness system based mainly on making a profit so trusting your local doctor and hospital is the first mistake.

    Do a little research and you will find iatrogenic deaths (look it up so you can understand what that is) could be the leading cause of death in the USA and most certainly is at least the 3rd leading cause. If that doesn’t scare you, it should.

    To find an MD worth trusting with your life is a serious challenge. Beyond those working in a hospital ER, you would probably be better off, avoiding most of the others. Seek out an experienced naturopath, herbalist, etc. who believes in natural remedies and works to cure or prevent a condition, rather than just mask it.

    In summation, nothing is going to change. Your typical MD either doesn’t know the safest, best protocols and/or is unwilling to learn them. Again, profit is a major motivator and it is easy to turn a blind eye even when you know what you are doing will not work and is wrong. Sorry to say but your fates are now sealed and there is no one coming to the rescue. Things are about to get worse – much worse. Good luck but unfortunately this will not be enough.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are delusional to think after this it will be business as usual. Oh and so brave of y0u to put it all on the line here using the name “Dr.T”–NOT!!

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, I am shocked that Doctors, Politicians and those in media are not getting hunted down now. If the multiple is in the ball park of Steve Kirsch, 30,000 deaths VAERS x 30 = 900,000 DEAD in the USA alone. At some point soon, people are going to snap. Throw in Big Pharma workers too. I know no deaths yet but 4 sick with cancer, strokes and kidney failure.

  53. Art Simpson

    I have a drawer full of horse paste ivermectin 1.87%. No problems.

  54. Mike S

    11 months ago ..after 2+ years of not seeing folks i know in a group setting I was able to! BUT. I did hug someone there. Within 48 hours there emerged an external blood clot in right calf. Painful but I was, in about 4-6 weeks, able to recover pain-wise and clot mostly left!. My right foot was slightly more swollen for over 6 months! I can testify there is shedding or whatever you wanna call it.

    This agenda has been a curse to us in so many ways!

    Dr. Kory, like so many others Greg interviews about this, is a Godsend and one of the heroes of this story, real history will show!

    God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

  55. Bill Hughes

    CLARIFICATION IS REQUIRED: (1)The WUHAN virus is a man-made biological weapon. The creation of this weapon was financed partially or entirely with AMERICAN taxpayer dollars. The weapon has a global mortality rate of about 1.5% – bad but hardly a justification for shutting down the world. (2) The global media, self-appointed gurus, demented politicians, ignorant medical professionals and celebrities did a great job of scaring the hell out of hundreds millions of people into getting the “vaccines” (the clot shot). The vaccines are a biological weapon (the kill shot) as they are designed to destroy your immune system. (3) If you are partially or fully vaxxed you have quite likely unknowingly committed slow motion suicide. So after you have made your peace with GOD what are you going to do about the EVIL PEOPLE that have destroyed your life and the lives of your loved ones?

    • J. Loughran

      Bill H., answer to your question, “So after you have made your peace with GOD what are you going to do about the EVIL PEOPLE that have destroyed your life and the lives of your loved ones?”, follows.

      Give thanks, forgive, and wait for further orders?

      Often, while I wait, I walk the perimeter, “alone”. In the hope that those who follow (most likely my spouse) have a pleasant go, I police the grounds. Most time things just need to be picked up and properly disposed but occasionally I have a chance to smile and greet and on rare occasion a young(er) person will take the time to chat. Into these rare encounters I make sure to pepper in timeless warnings like, “Keep from despair and just say no to porn, especially porn that manifests as an ode to “Muskrat Love”. If nothing else, these warnings for tomorrow clear the way. Armed with cane and garbage bag, Jim L.

  56. mark

    Dear Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    I learned today from a friend that Dr. Rahul Reddy of Associated Retinal Consultants in Phoenix AZ passed away.
    To my knowledge he was an otherwise healthy 47 year old husband and father of two.
    His sudden passing is a shocking and very tragic loss. See the write up from Associated Retinal Consultants and obituary
    Thank you Greg for not letting this go and providing a platform for medical professionals like Dr. Pierre Kory to speak the truth in the face of a torrent of propaganda and censorship.
    See the open letter posted by Dr. Michael Yeadon entitled “The Most Important Message I’ve Ever Written
    Greg, maybe you could get Dr. Yeadon back on to talk about this open letter he posted.
    As always brother Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ (who holds the keys of death and of Hades, see Revelation 1:18) be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7)

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr Yeadon is a good idea. Thanks Mark!!!

  57. CA Rebel

    Is there any help for those who have been damaged by their other half? He took everything the TV told him to. And I got the clots. Watched that worm crawl up my leg.

    • Greg Hunter

      If your spouse has been vaxed they need to take Ivermectin too to bind to the spike proteins and remove them. You also might want to think about more separation. It’s no longer “my body my choice” with what is shed from the vaxed.

  58. Sean

    I have a coworker with a close friend working in a large local hospital. He was told there was 9 miscarriages in a single day but none of that hits the news

  59. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Kory , really quite despairing how willing our fellow citizens are willing to commit to a narrative of death cattle cars just on your left.
    Irony does not do justice to the awfulness.

    and now verboten to a field and a tent,
    So the untermenschen are sent to fields whilst the Communist elites inhabited glorious marble halls,
    Mr Breur is laden with irony as to the condition of the collapse of intelligence.
    Dr Jordan Peterson’s assessment of Communists silencing is laced with irony,
    1848 Marx scribbling years before the emancipation of Russian slaves(serfs) of 1861 which was an unmitigated disaster for the plebs .
    No one wants to think anymore, universities particularly in the sciences are now an inquisition rather than an inquiry.

  60. Steve Smith

    Hi Greg,
    Can you please have Dr. Tom Cowan and/or Dr. Andrew Kaufman in your show. We need to get away from the false germ theory. SARS-COV2 has been proven to exist. It was all just made up to scare people into taking the jab.

    God Speed

  61. AnObserver

    Hi Greg
    When he said there’s good propaganda, making the example of war, well, I felt that was awful, sorry. Not American. From a multi cultural and multi lingual territory in the southern hemisphere, and residing in Europe. Can understand that that is all someone knows, it’s all they know, if they happen to be from a Muslim background, just as an example, for argument’s sake, or if they’re Hindu, etc. So,bit that is all they know, that is their culture, their reality, they might wish to preserve their existence, their reality, their standard of living, their lifestyle. My point here, you Americans, that is what you know, that is your lifestyles, your standard of living, your background. You are, as with many others, each according to their own reality, IGNORANT of the outside realities. And so, WARS, your wars have been nothing but wars for Empire. The spreading of the proverbial Can of America Democracy, can as in the can of fizzy drink. So, the point is, war propaganda is ABSOLUTELY not tolerated. Granted, we understand that after all, DC is together with the City of London and Rome, in orchestrating the whole thing, but still, that particular idea of your guest has not gone down too well. Apologies.
    God bless you, brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      You missed the point, and it came from Professor Mark Crispin Miller who Dr. Kory was quoting. Any messaging is a form of propaganda, such as a propaganda campaign for kids to eat more vegetables. It can be good and bad. Dr. Kory was not talking about war propaganda. The propaganda he was talking bout was CV19 vax propaganda. Did you get vaxed?

  62. John Forgione

    Back in May I tested positive via a RAT; every since then I’ve been testing positive for a RAT. I take HQC and every 5 days 3X12mg Ivermectin. Today I tested negative via a PCR. RATs give too many false positives!

  63. Jim

    Hi Greg,
    I have great respect for Dr. Kory, but he doesn’t need to look further than the state of Attar Pradesh in India to see a “state” more populated than most countries at 23o,000,000 inhabitants to see the efficacy of Ivermectin, zinc and others. It’s prime minister is a Buddhist Monk with a viable brain, and spiritual heart.

    He has been distributing “covid kits” including Ivermectin zinc and others free as both a prophlaxis and treatement for the “deadly” covid since May 7th, 2021. The covid infection rate dropped 97.1% in 5 weeks, according to the article linked to below, and the WHO was involved and knew it then, but kept their lying mouths shut about it.—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html

    On a personal note, my only child, a daughter tested positive recently with a 105 fever, and I immediately checked the FLCCC pharmacies list for any in Tennessee, and amazingly was able to get emergency Ivermectin overnighted to her from one of them. She was down to 100 in 3 days and feeling much better. She had been taking quercetin, but not zinc (as I told her to) and as I have been doing since episode 32 or 34 of that “Med Cram” doctor’s youtube channel.

    Incidentally, I don’t send bitch letters to the psycopaths. I send thank you letters to Governors like Bill Lee of Tennessee for opening his state to Ivermectin. I don’t waste my time with scumbags, but don’t hesitate to praise those who do things right. It’s much more effective to let them know you are behind them to keep them that way – even if you are not in their state.
    Greg, you are not in my state either, but I am a strong supporter and thank you for getting the word out. You too have a viable brain and a spiritual heart.
    God bless.

    Good luck to all.

  64. Bill

    Greg, I have personally taken the horse ivermectin with no problem what so ever. I also know two other people who have used it without any problem. I have not had the jab and never will.

  65. Andrew Cox

    Over the last two weeks a friend of mine who lives in Cumbria, north-west England, has heard of three adults (ubder 65 years of age) who suddenly died of heart attacks. All three had no previous heart disease symptoms.
    We are witnessing a gradual cull of many people. But the mainstream media refuse to discuss what is going on.

    • Greg Hunter

      They have been vaxed and boosted and will no escape their fate.

    • Steve Twitchell

      I have told friends, relatives and written letters to the editor ie Columbia Missourian that are fact based regarding the gene altering aspects of the vaccine. And, the lack of testing on the latest “updates” ie no humans and only EIGHT mice. In particular the newspaper who I was always taught had a responsibility to seek out and report truth . . . NOTHING. No response. No publishing. No refusal. Just nothing. Of course, on their front page on a regular basis they talk of how, where and easy it is to get boosted. This is from one of the leading journalism schools in America. OK. OK. I didn’t really expect them to publish because they have major big grants from multinational corporations to the University. But I still write. Why? Because when the day of judgement comes whether in heaven or by a Nuremberg type court, I want it to be known that they DID know. They were not NEVER told. They HAVE been told. God gives us a choice to seek, learn and tell the truth. We have a choice just as back in Eden. HE has a choice too. “Many will say, Lord, Lord. But I will say I never knew you”. Take heart all here who hear. Keep saying the truth where ever you are.

      • Greg Hunter

        They will be exposed and punished for pushing this genocide. It WILL all come out tom the light of day.

  66. Marius

    Hi Greg, thank you for a superb interview with Dr Kory.

    I am writing from South Africa and can corroborate what Dr Kory said. Dr Rapiti, a local GP in Cape Town, South Africa also gained valuable insights from Dr Kory’s work and have treated many patients successfully. Here is a link to an interview with Dr Rapiti, who also warns against the dangers. (It is a 60 min interview), but it states the dire situation as it is on the ground.

    Please do look into the South African Government website to see their stance on several issues surrounding Covid and Ivermectin – – This will let you gain a better understanding of the issue in South Africa.

    This is a psychological and spiritual duel, between two opposing forces. A clash of minds between the judeo-christian and the luciferian world view.

    We have mostly lived in a time where people predominately assume that all people live according to the golden rule – do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

    However, the reality is that there are people that do not operate from that framework of reference. Many people have a mental and intellectual blind spot in this area.
    This lead to much suffering, since people blindly trust and obey what they are told to do without much questioning or resistance even to their own demise.

    Here African wisdom play a vital role. Learn to be patient and just to observe things and how it progress and then from those insights you can then make informed decisions based on gained evidence of the effect of a product, ideas and people’s actions. Lies and deceit gets exposed with time. This is vital for survival in a very harsh and unforgiving environment where it is a matter of life or death. We are indeed facing judgment by our own decisions. South Africans, are resisting by using legal and peaceful means.

    You are familiar with Mike Pompeo’s own words: “We lied, We cheated and We Stole.” That is as concise as it can get, are they trustworthy?

    God bless you and thank you for your reporting, which help to make a positive difference in countless lives.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Marius, for the street reporting from South Africa! Keep it coming.

  67. Dusty Dude

    Great interview Greg. Dr Kory is a drop what you’re doing and listen guest. Thanks for bringing awareness to those that will listen….

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes indeed. People (who’ve been jabbed) ‘complicit in their own demise’.

      • Janet

        The Covid Vaccination Centers are in reality “Suicide Assistance Canters”!!

  68. Martin Coombs

    Ivermectin As effective or more than the v ( is this to say he thinks the v has some benefit ????)

  69. Roger Stamper

    tks greg kory

  70. John Maskell

    I cannot believe that people have taken this toxin, especially 3 doses . This worldly behaviour is not normal. What is wrong with them, why can’t they see what we see. It’s like a parallel universe . The damage is done now and the fallout is going to be huge. The die off is speeding up on each passing day. The trouble is , people who haven’t experienced any vax side affects will queue up for the 4th shot. Surely something has to give soon or will life carry on as normal for these sleepwalking normies then life will end. This whole episode is beyond sadness. Please God do something to protect your children. Do not let evil win, please! Thank you Greg and Dr Kory , love to all reading this.

  71. John Greer

    I have a friend who unfortunately consumed a WHOLE tube of the apple flavored horse paste tube at one sitting. She weighs 120/lbs. I could not believe she did that. She felt tired and had diarrhea for 12 hours, but nothing too serious. This is my first hand experience with IVM.

  72. John W Higgins

    Greg, Thanks for givng us the best information on this subject found anythere. Maybe you can get a guest to discuss the seasonal flu vaccine which many people get this time of year. My question…it it safe? Is it effective? I am 77 years old, and my doctor is pushing me to get this like he does every year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John. I just book smart people and get them to talk about what they know.

  73. Dan

    Here’s an article that explains how the government is manipulating and the why.
    It tells where the world is heading….and it was written years ago forecasting exactly the world today
    A must read.

  74. Stephen Haskell

    What are the thoughts on the monoclonal antibodies? Are they dangerous like the vaccines? My research has shown they don’t contain mRNA. Can someone with knowledge weigh in?

    • The Seer

      Trying to remember what bad materials are in them I think contained other diseases and other creature DNA so do not use. Use Zinc, NAC and Ivermectin etc

  75. Mike Foley

    My doctor tried three times to get me to take the shot even after I told him Fauci and Gates were eugenicists. Dr. Kory is a great and brave man.

  76. Pete Mazurek

    Greg, another great guest on your weekly Saturday broadcast. Pierre Kory is a modern day hero, having the courage to stand up to the threat of evil reprisals on a daily basis.
    Mark Twain once said “It is easier to lie to people than it is to convince them that they have been lied to”, so the powers to be seem to have it all figured out in their propoganda war that continues to lead injected people to the slaughterhouse.
    About once a week it seems, I bump into people (all vaccinated themselves) who tell stories of young or middle aged people they know having recently passed away, and they are totally oblivious to them being vaccine related deaths…the life insurance companies have got to be at a crossroads of sorts as to what is really going on…they need to be demanding autopsies in order to pay out any of these excessive claims.

  77. Gordon Higham

    You and Dr. Kory mentioned Ivermectin, please see link for a published study that confirms a 92% efficacy for treatment –

  78. Laura

    Is Trump one of the two witnesses of Revelation?
    His “sacked suits” from the 2020 Election says so.
    Count 3.5 years from the stolen election, and there might be a clue as to how far we’ve come to in St. John’s prophecy.

  79. Tim Bo

    Or you could just believe Trump himself. He touts it to this very day as his greatest achievement. The father of the “vax” saved “saved MILLIONS of lives.” Math doesn’t even square on that with a 99% survival rate.

  80. Russell Allen Holmes

    Isn’t it funny that despite the fact that millions have been taking ivermectin we haven’t heard one story about people dying or of poison centers being overwhelmed for well over a year now. I asked my new Nurses Assistant who’s a great guy but is yet another who buys into all the Covid lies about why he would think that the case. He also said that all the studies showing that ivermectin is effective are flawed or outright lies. So I asked him another question: “Have you read even one of those studies?” Of course he had no answer for either of my challenges but, as Dr. Kory pointed out very clearly, fact and statistics simply don’t matter to these zombies. 

    • Chris

      One thing I have realized over the last two years is that the Dr. Korys of the world are few and far between. The medical profession in the Western world, apparently, is composed of brainwashed morons, who can’t read anything that doesn’t have a drug company logo on it. They also seem to be collectively lacking that part of the human anatomy popularly known as a backbone. Personally, I will never again take anything an allopathic medical functionary prescribes without a lot of personal research and with anything but a large cake of salt. If the profession survives what will overtake it in a few years, as a result of this atrocity, then Dr. Mengele is their patron saint.

  81. Jerry

    What else can you say? It’s happening in real time.

    The bigger question is, what are we going to do about it? Congress has little or no interest in delving into the underlying causes of what’s happening here. They roll over with Biden on just about every issue. I would be happy to be a part of a class action law suit, if I knew who was filing for one? I personally have losses that need to be addressed.
    The lunatic media acts like nothing ever happened, as they want to move on with the next distraction saying there’s nothing to see here.
    I’ve got news for them, and anyone else that’s living in denial. If these globalist are left in power, it’s just a matter of time before adversity and yes death come to your door. No one is exempt. In the meantime the masses are lulled into a false sense of security with bread and circus while they load the next bioweapon.

  82. Self Exiled

    Tommy will probably think this crazy again but here goes on the spiritual side of life and politics/propaganda. As some here have said this is also a spiritual war. I agree with this prognosis, no pun intended. I see a separation and a continual calling, sometimes God’s inaction to rescue is as powerful as his intervention. This calling can take on the inoculations as creating a need for people to seek the answer to life and death issues so that they might pray to seek the consolation of HIM Who offers salvation to those who have been afflicted.

    for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. Romans 10:10

    It is also a separation.

    Then Jesus said, “I came into this world for judgment [to separate those who believe in Me from those who reject Me—to declare judgment on those who choose to be separated from God], so that the sightless would see, and those who see would become blind.” John 9:39

    For me this explains the present situation we see concerning the inability for some to see the error of their decision to ignore the research found concerning these inoculations. Then there are those who willfully know the danger and result of these inoculations and continue to proceed with the willful genocide of humanity.

    You are of your father the devil, and it is your will to practice the desires [which are characteristic] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks what it natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of lies and half-truths. John 8:44

    I believe God protects our right to choose because we are made in His image, having the right to choose good over evil as HE does.

    God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27

    Thank You Greg for this ministry you have created. Please pray for me this Wednesday as I have heart surgery at Mayo Clinic. Everyone here I have ever posted to; God Bless.

    • F.Gunther

      The Death Cheaters
      The members of Longevity House are united by two things: a willingness to hand over $100,000 and a burning desire to live forever. Inside the weird world of cryotherapy, biocharging and fecal transplants
      By Courtney Shea | Photography by George Pimentel | August 29, 2022

      Self go to Costco before surgery, get Qunol UBIQUNOL CO-Q10
      No.1 brand recommended by cardiologists! Like new spark plugs for your heart!
      I’m sure your doctor would agree. Either way you’ll do fine. I’m sure, because we need’s ya mate!

    • J. Loughran

      Thank you for your prayers and God Bless You.

    • eddiemd

      Thanks for letting us know.

      We will be praying for you.

      • Self Exiled

        Thank you, all of you.

    • Paul

      Good luck with your surgery. Hurry back exiled.

      Paul from arkansas

  83. Mikemm

    I have to say this. I work at a HBCU. I remember when the university was offering the jab in one of the building. I remember walking through the area and they had music, balloons, cheerleaders from the university cheering it was crazy to me. There was so many black elderly people lined up for the jab. The only thing I can think of was “cattle line up for slaughter. I was just amazed at what I saw. Also, the university was giving away 25$ gift cards if you get the jab. My coworker lined up for that. I’m a black army veteran that is woke and love my country. I try to explain to my coworkers about the jab and the things that is going on with our country but they look at me like I’m crazy. I just come to the point where I don’t say anything about the truth.

  84. H.Dexter Unusual News

    Toddler woke up at her own funeral after doctors wrongly declared she had died, reports say. Her family is suing the hospital for negligence.
    [email protected] (Joshua Zitser) – Yesterday 6:22 AM

    Gold coins worth $290,000 found under kitchen floorboard of English couple’s home
    Natalie Neysa Alund and Wyatte Grantham-Philips, USA TODAY – Yesterday 10:57 AM

    Exclusive! Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Covid-19 Warning
    Posted 3 hours ago
    Renowned doctor confirms majority of Covid deaths are from the vaccinated and the U.S. government is behind it.

  85. Josh Zoerner

    This is democide. Good show Greg.

  86. Dee

    Great video! You’re both very brave, insightful & informative!

    I have waited 2.5 years to see deaths in my family. NONE happened from covid. None were hospitalized from it & I saw no reports of family testing positive.

    Only now, do we have deaths & they are heartbreaking. June 4th, my little sister was found dead in her bed. She was only 53. July 25th a 42 year old cousin ‘died suddenly.’ August 16th, another cousin – a beautiful, talented blues singer, only 21 years old, was found to have ‘died peacefully in her sleep.’ My sister & I were accused by her grandmother of posting dangerous misinformation that was going to cause deaths. Grandma posted in January 2022 that both she & her husband got covid. Both have had at least 4 shots. But I’m sure they must have felt so protected by their granddaughter taking her shot to ‘protect them.’ Now she’s gone & I have no idea what Grandma is thinking now.

    My fathers wife is currently so sick she is in & out of hospital for treatments. She used to power walk several km’s daily. Now uses a walker & is on oxygen 24/7. They say it’s because she had asthma as a small child over 60 years ago. My dad’s on an inhaler, which was never needed prior to the shots. My inlaws are both very unwell & are seeing their physicians twice a week or more now. Wondering why they’re so sick. My 57 yr old step-sister is so sick now with a lung infection. I hope she’s making the connection!

    I have had it out with TWO GP’s since the start. The first was a telephone appointment, where my GP freaked out on me, cussing worse than a truckers! (Sorry, Truckers, I know you don’t all have potty mouths!!) I ended my relationship there, got a new GP who arrived for meet & greet appointment 5 months ago, wearing an N95 glued to his face & goggles that also looked suctioned to his eyes. I told him my thoughts on the vaccines, deaths & injuries & he said he has had 3 shots & is fine. I told him, “You think you’re only going to be expected to take 3? They are NOT going to stop & these shots will increase in number to where you’ll be expected to keep taking them.” He disagreed, saying, “No, it’s only 2 vaccines & a booster.” I’m looking for a new Dr once again. I don’t go to them very often, but I have several health issues that occasionally require monitoring. One of my specialists wanted me on weekly injections of methotrexate, which both my late mother as well as my sister reacted badly to. I looked like a burn victim & he told me weekly injections for 2 years would help. I declined the injections & took matters into my own hands. I took several doses of Ivermectin, & even after my specialists saw the drastic, almost 100% recovery, they still refuse to prescribe it! I am medication free, accept for the occasional dose of Ivermectin, & they really seem to hate that I refuse their drugs!

    I personally know FOUR people heavily fined for not using the CanArrive app. THREE tested negative prior to travel. Top Dr Kieran Moore says Covid positive can now travel & not quarantine, as long as they wear a mask. LMAO!! Healthy, negative testing travelers still must isolate for two weeks, including children under 12!! It was NEVER about our safety. It was ALWAYS about the app

    Here’s the link to the article with NACI recommending a covid vaccine every 90 days. They’re serious here!

  87. Farley Gunther

    Self go to Costco before surgery, get Qunol UBIQUNOL CO-Q10
    No.1 brand recommended by cardiologists! Like new spark plugs for your heart!
    I’m sure your doctor would agree. Either way you’ll do fine. I’m sure, because we need’s ya mate!


    Ivermectin 24 mg twice a week. for me . and I always get energy surge for a couple days. gave it to my daughter for 2 days and she was better, gave my 11 year old grand daughter 12 mg for two days and she was suddenly better.
    By denying us this drug , the government is complicit in many deaths for the profit of big pharma. and to push a world wide economic collapse brought to you by the new world order .

  89. Christopher Hagan

    Trudeau the mass murderer in Canada is carrying out the wishes of his WEF masters and we are to get mandatory 3 months shots. This combined with him changing the law to allow euthanasia for things like depression is killing many innocent people in Canada.

  90. Jeffrobbins

    I have been thinking that on the world stage that the BRICS could call out Europe and the US for murdering and injuring millions around the world with the vaccines, maybe up to a billion when including the unborn. Once the facts are beyond being able to cover up- the loss of confidence could create a complete collapse of western nations. I think they’ll wait until we start talking about on our own. At some point, some world leaders will want to be remembered in history at the forefront of the ‘truth’- hero’s of their people.- there’s a verse in Judges (twice) – each man did what was right in his own eyes. This is where we are headed. Don’t count on life insurance companies to ring the bell- congress will simply slide in some money for the big life insurance companies as hush money.

    • Naomi

      When mentioning the BRICS, I think that you forget that when the so-called pandemic began, China locked its citizens in their homes and simultaneously allowed travel to other countries. China which is a major member of BRICS is responsible for the spreading of the virus. They are not in a position to call anyone out.

      • Janet

        Lets get out brains straight – say “a Chinese Fauci” developed a bio-weapon and brought it over to a lab in the USA “to be released upon us” – would we Americans not immediately lock down and also allow the evil virus to spread back upon the psychopaths who released it upon us (by allowing travel back to the damn evil countries who fostered the deadly bio-weapon attack upon the USA)??

        • Naomi

          Janet, I read what you had to say and find myself perplexed. How do you know how much collaboration there is between the CCP and the current American administration? How do you know what is going on behind the scenes? I just tried to remind the readers of some facts regarding the CCP.

      • Janet

        Speaking of getting our brains straight – today is Veterans Day – a day we honor the Veterans who returned home alive from Vietnam and the other Wars created by the Military Industrial Complex – instead of being “honored for their stupidity” (just following orders to Kill people they never knew) we should be saying a prayer on this Veterans Day “for their souls” – prayers alone will probably not totally remove the scars on these Veterans souls – nor will the Military Industrial Complex thanking and honoring these Veterans (for their dedication to the Deep State) be enough to heal their souls – and laying a wreath upon the graves of those who did not survive will not likely influence God’s judgement these men (who killed and murdered other human beings in direct violation of His Commandment – Thou Shall Not Kill!!

        • J. Loughran

          Janet, Armistice Day now Veterans Day, Nov 11, is easily confused with Labor Day given the outsourcing of jobs for a stay in the military and college debt forgiveness. Perhaps “One Continuous Day of Struggle and Remembrance” is in order. And don’t worry about the demons flying about but keep tuned for holographics giving “flesh” to them.
          Happy Labor Day.
          PS. Murder vs Kill, Just War vs Profiteering, are topics now contemplated not just by military but by all professionals. On this subject wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from an ethecist like the spouse of “retiring” Dr. F.?

          • Janet

            Thanks Loughran – but why no put all the “Holler Days” to good use!!

  91. TSGordon

    Pro-Vaxxers: ♬ “Please don’t shake me, please don’t wake me,…”

    • Dee S Noober

      Dee Schneider failed… ♪ He took it. Yeah, he really took it. And he wants all of us to take it too♪! ♪ You’re not welcome at my show, unless you’ve bent over for one! ♪ I fell for the psy-op after all! ♪

  92. Joe Martin Jr

    The German Green Party finance minister has openly declared that she will continue to provide whatever support Ukraine needs regardless of what German voters might say or want. Giving historical perspective this is simply one fascist showing loyalty to other fascists.

    When Lenin surrendered to Germany during WWI Ukraine was by treaty designated as a German Protectorate. (An occupied colonial territory). After the German surrender in 1918 Ukraine was reverted to Moscow’s nominal control and the Ukrainians flocked to the White army fighting the Reds. Not because the wanted the Czar back but because they wanted to be free from Moscow’s control. For their “disloyalty” Stalin slaughtered some 8 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor.

    When the Germans once again invaded Russia in 1941 over 250,000 Ukrainians joined the German Whermacht directly and additional all Ukrainian units fought on the German side. Tens of thousands more gladly joined the German administrative operations in the occupied territories including becoming concentration camp guards and aiding the Einsatzgruppen that were tasked specifically to hunt down and kill Jews and later Russian partisans.

    After the German surrender in 1945 Ukrainian fascist resistance groups continued to conduct active guerilla warfare against the Russians (particularly in western Ukraine) until 1950.

    As a result Stalin slaughtered tens of thousands more and continued the deportation of the populations of entire towns and regions to Siberia where to this day their descendants are prohibited from returning to Ukraine.

    In short this conflict and its attendant hatreds and paranoias goes back over 1000 years. And today many Russians see the Ukrainian’s indiscriminate shelling of ethnic Russians in the Donbas and western, particularly German and Polish support for Ukraine as an historical extension of German/Western Slavs vs Russian (Eastern Slavs) conflicts going back as far as the Polish-Lithueanian Kingdom and the even earlier wars with the Teutonic Knights.

  93. Agnes

    I don’t know how you survive all these horrors, Greg, how you live through the nightmares of the bioweapon shots, the catastrophic geoengineering, etc. But you have the consolation that some of the world’s most brilliant and respectable people respect you as one of them. I don’t think any decent person would trade that professionally for anything.

    So sleep well with that, if you can. I hope you can. You deserve to sleep well for what you do.

  94. Thora Pomicter

    Sharing this interItview. Thank you for bringing Dr Kory on again. God bless.

  95. Catherine

    Just a summary of my experience in the pit of hell called a hospital and even worse a rehab facility. As some of you know my husband had a stroke three weeks ago. I had him in a very world renown stroke hospital within an hour of the start of the stroke and he was operated and had a stent put into the artery in his neck and today he stated outpatient therapy and doctors expect a full recovery. We were never jabbed but had omicron last November December and I believe the spike proteins may have caused damage to his artery.
    That’s just my opinion
    However the emergency room was filled with older people who were complaining of vax reactions that were unbearable. Since I was there waiting for my husbands tests I overheard an older woman complaining to a doctor about having two strokes and now can’t keep anything down. The doctor casually leaning on the wall six feet away from her said “ yes I am hearing about terrible vaccination problems. “
    In the ICU there were very sick people who had covid and had tubes down their throats and were unconscious and one women had black large spots all over her.
    The nurses wore complete hazmat suits to work on these people. When asked if there were covid patients on that floor they confirmed that. We left the hospital after 4 days.
    Before we left a nurse who worked there for over twenty years said the doctors don’t care at all for the patients. She said the hospital moral is completely down and many many personnel have quit all this since covid. Then she confided to me that she has told her family NEVER go to a hospital for anything unless you are dying or want to.
    She said she will be leaving the hospital soon because she can’t take it anymore with double shifts etc due to lack of help.
    Also entering the hospital and rehab was equivalent to security lines at an airport. Unbelievable!!!
    The rehab itself was a for profit facility therefore if you were in it you were in it for a long time. My son and I were there constantly and made sure they understood we were taking him out in 10 days regardless of their assessment. However my husband had very small effects from the stroke and he was aware of their tactics regarding actual help and make believe help and help that will kill you.
    So when that nightmare was over we returned home and are starting outpatient rehab.
    I followed Dr Cory’s protocol and avoided getting sick from hospital or rehab since I was there every day for hours.
    Strokes are very common right now. A good friend of my son is an EMT worker on Long Island and also forced to get the vax had a stroke at the age of 21. Her friend 25 year old also EMT had a very bad stroke and can’t work anymore. They said in the past month every single call involved very young people having strokes or heart attacks. They simply cannot believe what is happening
    Chilling facts from the pits of hell.

    • Janet

      Here is some more “chilling facts from the pits of Hell” – seems Navy Seals have encountered “beings of fire” (Fallen Angels) down in Antarctica – sort of like what Moses encountered when an “angel” appeared to him “in flames of fire from within a bush” – we better start to get the cobwebs out of our minds and begin to seriously do some thinking “about these aliens beings” and not so readily simply assume they are “God” – the Navy Seals fired their weapons at these “beings of fire” they encountered (when they were telepathically threatened) – and the aliens “whatever they were” got very angry as described in the following post (sourced from the US Military)!! –

      • Catherine

        Wow indeed. There is biblical stories about how God took two fallen angels after creation and chained them in the abyss (could be the place described in your source). There they still are chained and at the end of time will be released and destroyed by God who will destroy all evil at that time. If people like Kerry and the country China CCP have been there and established baes in Antarctica they must have a plan or knowledge they will never share. Interesting story. You simply never can know Gods reason for everything But all His creations have a purpose. He never creates anything without purpose to further The Creation and eventually make our world a better place and a holy place for Him to dwell with us in peace and harmony.
        We are on that path now.

    • Southern Girl

      So sorry to hear about your husband. Praying he continues to get well. At least you knew what was going on and had eyes and ears to the walls of the hospital. Thanks for the reporting.

      • Catherine

        Thanks for your concern. He is doing much better.

  96. John Kubilus

    There is no way Biden and the other Elites have taken anything other than the placebo. Thy can say they had CV all they want.

    • Ron

      You are 100% correct! When people are falling down all around them they will and are saying “see it is not the vaccine we are fine”

  97. Lisa Stahl

    God Bless you both! Greg and Dr. Kory are two of my heroes! Thank you both for your clear, strong voices and ACTIONS! You both have made a TREMENDOUS POSITIVE difference in my life. I am doing my part to spread the word and help others.

  98. Grant Dunn

    Greg, this is a private message for you. I have written to you before about what has happened to We the People, both politically and legally. In 1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech to Congress where he said, ” Out path to recovery is a narrowly conceived effort to exchange reality for the appearance of reality.” They created a new political state
    of affairs. Please, go to and watch the Aug 11th show. Go to the 43 min to 45 min marker. Note, Hunter Biden is a private citizen, which is another term for State Citizen. Then go to on page 35 and watch KL They have stolen the keys to our liberty and were taking them back. This is a complex idea, to understand and KL describes it very well. I think he would make a very good guest for you to interview. Look up Title 28 USC 1746 (1) as opposed to 1746 (2). One is the republic and two is the corporate democracy. This is your signature remedy. Thank you for your time and all that you do. Sincerely Grant Dunn

  99. Stavros Cannon

    Steve Bannon Swatted A THIRD TIME During Live Show on Saturday
    by Jamie White /September 4th 2022, 12:25 pm
    Targeted persecution of MAGA leaders accelerates in wake of Joe Biden’s declaration of war against Trump supporters.
    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was swatted again on Saturday during his live “War Room” broadcast.
    Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic whereby a false emergency report, such as a bomb threat or shooting, sends armed federal agents to a person’s address in the hopes of getting the individual shot in the process.

    Fits in with the $3.8Billion Beijing O’Biden false flag scuttlebutt of imminent Witless Witmer type FBI pushing of white witless young Turks to provoke un-civil war. Then arrest the dupes and lecture the voters not to side with the scoundrels and vote fascista. Make Permanent American Decline

  100. ken

    The virus only exists in peoples mind. If the doctor relies on data , like he says, where is the data that the virus has been properly isolated and proven to cause the disease covid. How come this doesn’t seem important to people? The only test the medical cartel has is the PCR which is not a test says its inventor.

    It appears that there are people trying to make a buck on both sides of the fence.

  101. K. Raymond

    The Covid jabs are most certainly a weapon formed against us so we MUST remember God’s promise – Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

    This is a war against Christians in accordance with Revelation 17:14
    These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. We will win!

    Dr Cory is like all doctors should be but they don’t have the cojones to stand up or are unable because of fear and financial constraints or perhaps brainwashing. They don’t realize it’s going to destroy their livelihood. It’s going to cost them something, sooner or later.

  102. Karen Petersen

    I think this is where you wanted me to post the FTC & (I think it’s also HHS) getting their sneaky little fingers into education – ALL forms, starting with children & coming for us adults. I had to listen to it twice. Lynne Taylor is on Sons Of Liberty’s morning show every Wednedsay – she’s The Common Core Diva & knows her stuff. This is so URGENT to get public involved to make reply’s. The following is what I posted on NazFuBuck…
    Turning Kids & Adults into Human Capital. Tracking, Spying, Tracing! Links below to take action to stop it & it’s not the agencies you think they are. How they are doing it will shock you! PLEASE LISTEN & take action ASAP!
    Video – skip to approx. 8 minutes in:
    Action Steps:
    1) From the FTC (Federal Trade Commission): The Forum is set for 9/8/22. Both Anne and I have been confirmed as public comment speakers. We’ll each have 2 minutes to express why the FTC’s proposed actions will set families up for more data tracking and control.

    2) From the FTC’s website, this expanded version of the proposal will spell out harms the gov’t is pretending to be able to stop:

    3) The second attachment (pdf file) is the FY 2023 US Dept of HHS proposed budget where we’ll be going over the pages of the SEL (social emotional learning) and mental health overreaches. How does this connect to the FTC’s proposal? Data tracking is in the budget!

  103. JW

    I think this up and coming cold-flu season things are gonna get western. The double, triple, and quadruple jabbed might find out just how much immune function they’ve lost. What a f-in disaster.

  104. Shu Arvilla

    Here is a link to purchace ivermectin and HCQ

  105. Trevor Smith

    Covid, like all alleged viruses, does not exist. Where is your proof of viral isolation and re-infection? Does not exist, other than in the minds of the world-bankster-controlled ‘trick and treat’ medical industrial complex.

    Testosterone is required for many bodily processes, and declines by 1-2% a year after age 30. So naturally those who supplement, or at least maintain levels above the median for their age, will feel better whenever the body undergoes its natural, internal detoxifications, which are incorrectly labelled as ‘flu’, or some other ‘contagious’ boogeyman.

    Read ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ to learn how toxic communication frequencies stimulate bodily detoxification.

  106. Stuart Nyberg


    I live in a relatively safe, modestly affluent neighborhood in Chicago proper where people keep their eyes and ears open. I have never heard as many ambulance sirens 24/7 as I have in the past year. Vaccideaths?!

    Thank you for your good reporting.

    Stuart Nyberg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stuart for your street reporting.

  107. alfy

    how to have medical folks end the pushing of poison injections- not by making excuses for them, being an apologist. anyone who gave a poison injection goes to prison for at least several years. anyone who is in management and took money to mandate poison injections gets a military drum roll and a military grade rope. accountability must return to our society.

  108. Jerry

    The date is getting closer. September 15th could be the beginning of the reset in real-time with a railroad shutdown.

    Don’t think it matters? Think again. Grocery stores no longer carry excess stocks in their warehouses. They either can’t get them, or they can’t afford to have them in storage. This is a BIG heads up.

    • Steve Bice

      Apparently, UPS is poised to go on strike as well…

  109. Susan R

    Dr. Kory is courageous as you are also Greg. Thank you for this presentation which is a huge srep forward in truth. The numbers who are suffering now need to be lead to this book and this could start the path to the end of this slaughter.

  110. sk

    OMG.Even the cows conspired????

  111. Timothy

    May I suggest you read and then watch the videos embedded in this web site.

    It appears that there’s an operational dialectic being proffered.

  112. Mary-Ann

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    the last 2 1/2 years were from the beginning an absolute lie and fraud, because if these so-called “nucleic acid snippets/sequences” were already in the community in 2018 and 2019 and the same nucleic acid snippets are found every year (and at that time there was still freedom of travel for everyone, no “distance” no idiotic “dirt masks” etc., no one has cared), then according to the relevant literature and what we have learned during our study on the Uni, there should already be millions of harmless so-called “variants” inducd by the immune-system…. it must be clear to every logically thinking person that it is NOT a so-called “virus”, from this it results that these toxic “gene substances” do NOT serve the health, but exclusively the making ill, the disabilities to the people and their death!!! And anyone who now still claims that the “virus” exists is a liar and a fraud and deserves absolutely NO trust of the population and a prison cell for the rest of his life and this includes not only the WHO, which is preferred by their sponsors and the pharmaceutical lobby (who lied in 2020 and spoke of a “new, oh so dangerous killer virus” and who also carried out the same lying procedure in 2009, only then the media, which this time were heavily paid with taxpayers’ money to bring these lies to the people anew every day, were not involved yet), the manufacturers of these toxic substances, politicians, political candidates, media, so-called “experts”, so-called confused “virologists”, blogger, etc., but and especially the doctors who administer these toxic substances to people and apparently WITHOUT conscience and by breaking their oath!!!!!!! follow the money – !! “However, predicting tenable pathways of animal-to-human movement has been hindered by challenges in identifying reservoir species, cultivating zoonotic organisms in culture, and isolating full-length genomes for cloning and genetic studies.”!!

    • eddiemd

      It was an engineered bioweapon at the start. The covid injections are the follow on kill shots.

      They did the trial runs with SARS and MERS.

    • Tracy Reinert

      The military has always had a solution in using the 5G towers to transmit Tesla Healing Frequencies. All the world’s a stage. Tell people to take no boosters, nor flu shots, do healthful things such as seen here, & make it there.

  113. Valerie

    Even if we are unvaxxed, many of our family members ARE vaxxed – friends are too. I fear it’s going to be heartbreaking to watch them suffer and die! Will there be enough healthy people left to take care of them all!?!
    Thanks to Dr. Kory, and those like him, who are trying to find solutions, and are offering help. God bless them!
    God help us all!
    Thanks again, Greg, for your excellent reporting.

  114. Margo

    My sister-in-law received two injections back in the Spring of 2021. Her husband (my brother) and four young children did not receive the injections. There has never been a known instance of shedding from her onto my brother or their kids. I’m not saying it isn’t real because I believe it is. A year or so ago I shook hands with a woman, and that night I developed a creepy weird red under-the-skin rash from the underside of my wrist all the way up my lower arm. A few days later it was gone. But that instance was so scary to me that ever since I have been very careful of being around masses of people or having physical contact with strangers, even just shaking a hand.

    So I’m not sure if my sister-in-law received a lower dose of the poison or if the prayers my brother and I have been fervently praying have made a difference. She regrets having received the injections, and thank God she stopped after the first two.

  115. Steve Bice

    I have been spared the trauma of seeing friends or family damaged by the vaccine…until today.

    An old friend called to chat and mentioned he experienced vertical double vision within an hour of taking the Moderna booster…and it has persisted for 18 months. He can no longer drive, but fortunately it is primarily a long-range vision problem. He can still read and watch television.

    I referred him to FLCCC/vaccine injury protocols and Dr. Kory, but am concerned of course that “early” treatment is no longer an option.

    When researching the condition, I found it is a common side effect for both Covid and the so-called vaccines.

    I ran across a New York Ophthalmologist who continually claimed the condition was associated with Covid, but not the Covid vaccines. She could “see” the temporal association with the disease, but not the shots in spite of numerous patients reporting persistent double vision after the shots.

    Can you say “willfully blind”? These are the licenses that should be pulled.


  116. Glenn

    When I first saw (way before covid happened) the now infamous Deagel Report
    that predicted a global population crash by 2025, I assumed that if it happened it would be by nuclear holocaust. Now I honestly believe it will indeed happen, and it will be the result of the mrna shots.

    • Glenn

      Forgot to note that it is almost exclusively the ‘collective West’ that suffers a fifty percent plus population losses. Russia and China are predicted to only lose a few million people. Guess what? Russia and China don’t have an mrna shot!

  117. The Rev.

    Evil is what is pushing the world toward economic disaster and war. It is so obvious. The bottom line? Globalists want a one-world government for control. They want the east and west killing each other to depopulate. Mark my words, the button is about to be pushed that will set the world on fire. Several years of killing and chaos will follow until a wolf in sheep’s clothing will appear. This is the world leader who will seem to have all the right answers and will solve many of the world’s ills. He will perform miracles and many will worship him until he, the anti-Christ, turns on them.

    Well, I figure there are about a BILLION of us praying around the world. These elite prayer warriors are on the front lines and also have spiritual night-vision goggles to see through the darkness. If you are reading God’s Holy Word and are in tune with God’s plan and purpose, you also can see and know what is coming.

    Wow, your prayers are REALLY making a BIG difference too. Because of your prayers, the TRUTH is coming out. People are starting to connect the dots. The rats are running for the exits. The tide is turning.

    So what should we be doing now besides praying EVERY day? Hey, this is the calm before the storm, so get your game plan ready. What is your strategy? NOW is the time to get your heart right with God through His forgiveness.

    People commenting on USAWatchdog have been telling you things to do to PREPARE. I won’t list them all again, but a new one I hadn’t heard before is to buy some cheap solar lights at a discount store for safe, renewable light if the electricity is off. (Better than just flashlights and candles)

    Some of you think we should retaliate. NO, right now is a waiting game. Time is on our side. If the experts are right, many will be dying in the next few years who took the clot shots. I feel so bad for the good people who believed the lie and took these poison jabs. God help them. But, like Greg says, “evil people are stupid” and liberals will be dying in droves. Because they lined up to take this fake “vaccine”, we won’t have to fire a round. My advice is to be patient. Let go and let God work. With so many praying, I see a day coming where God will make ALL things right with signs and wonders this world has NEVER seen before. Expect it. Anticipate it. Our God will NOT be mocked.
    God Bless YOU!
    Until we meet in Heaven, The Rev

    • Ron

      I agree with everything you said(religious aspect)!

      Except “liberals will be dying in droves”. A lot more conservatives took this death shot then people believe. (I did not). The black community did not fall for this death shout (that would be a lot of black liberals) as much as people believe. Why do you think the Mayor of DC is requiring students to be vaccinated or not allowed to go to school. They are trying to go after the black community specifically in that area.

  118. RichB

    I and my 84-year-old mother both tested positive at home near the end of Nov, 2021 (when Delta was dominant). I’m 64 and very overweight, and she is 84 with COPD so bad that she must stop to catch her breath while walking across a room with her walker.

    Within 6 hours of testing positive we both had antibody treatments (we were in FL, where it was made easily available at the time). Previously we had been taking D3 + Zinc w/Quercetin, and after getting the antibody shots (one in each arm, and one in each leg) we began taking Ivermectin “horse paste” daily based on body weight.

    She ended up with a headache that lasted a single night, while I had flu-like symptoms for two days, followed by two days of very comfortable bed rest.

    Our lives then returned to normal, as we enjoyed something that no politician can apparently mention … “natural immunity”.

  119. rwmctrofholz

    Government stimmy for damages incurred by those who took the jab going to be the next money printing scheme?

  120. Shane

    It appears that Trump is not going to reverse course on the vax.

    There is NO WAY he can be totally unaware of the horrible consequences of the vax.

    Far from coming clean he is still LYING about how many lives “his beautiful vaccine” has saved.

    At this point he is a WILLING participant in the ongoing genocide.

    Support him at your own risk.

  121. Foley Sab

    COVID Booster Approved Despite ZERO Human Testing
    124,214 views Sep 1, 2022 The FDA has announced emergency use authorization of a booster shot that targets the omicron BA.5 COVID variant. How the current state of the pandemic qualifies as an “emergency” is anyone’s guess. As is the likely effect on anyone given the booster since the authorization process did not involve any actual human testing. In fact, the little information Pfizer has made available to the public involves tests performed on eight mice. And that’s it!
    Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the public’s dwindling interest in boosters and the skepticism from knowledgeable experts over the value of endless COVID boosters

    Libyan Civil War Starting Up Again After 2 Year Ceasefire
    105,730 views Sep 4, 2022 It’s been more than 10 years since Muammar Gaddafi was deposed and assassinated in a NATO-led overthrow and yet the nation of Libya remains mired in conflict as competing regional factions seek to gain control of the entire nation. Just recently fighting broke out in the capital of Tripoli, with 32 left dead in the aftermath. This is the legacy left behind by Hillary Clinton who famously cackled about Gaddafi’s death, saying “We came, we saw, he died.”
    Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger are joined by The Duran hosts Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou to discuss Libya’s ongoing struggle to emerge from the cycle of violence and the West’s culpability in its decline.

    • Tracy Reinert

      There is some talk that many batches of vax were switched or altered by Trump’s white hat team to be saline. Perhaps he has saved lives. Time will tell. There may yet be ways & means to heal to be revealed.

  122. Pete+only

    Actuarial data from 20 U.S Life Insurance Companies from last summer indicates twice the amount of normal expected deaths from people aged 35-44 versus the year before.
    Other age groups also had significant similar increases in mortality rates, yet the association of actuaries is still hesitant to link these deaths to the vaccines.
    Probably it would cost them their jobs, or they would be looking over their shoulders the rest of their lives.

  123. AL Tru

    Ivermectin kills cancer tumor cells and stops them from replicating.
    “ Ivermectin is a macrolide antiparasitic drug with a 16-membered ring that is widely used for the treatment of many parasitic diseases such as river blindness, elephantiasis and scabies. Satoshi ōmura and William C. Campbell won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the excellent efficacy of ivermectin against parasitic diseases. Recently, ivermectin has been reported to inhibit the proliferation of several tumor cells by regulating multiple signaling pathways. This suggests that ivermectin may be an anticancer drug with great potential. Here, we reviewed the related mechanisms by which ivermectin inhibited the development of different cancers and promoted programmed cell death and discussed the prospects for the clinical application of ivermectin as an anticancer drug for neoplasm therapy.”

    Most of the anticancer research performed on the avermectin family has been focused on avermectin and IVM until now. Avermectin family drugs such as selamectin [36,41,113], and doramectin [114] also have anticancer effects, as previously reported. With the development of derivatives of the avermectin family that are more efficient and less toxic, relevant research on the anticancer mechanism of the derivatives still has great value. Existing research is sufficient to demonstrate the great potential of IVM and its prospects as a novel promising anticancer drug after additional research. We believe that IVM can be further developed and introduced clinically as part of new cancer treatments in the near future.

  124. Typhus

    Why take any Flu or other Vaccine???? This Plandemic should have awakened everyone to over a century of mass LIES…AND injection induced deaths.

    And to the number one cause of deaths anywhere…the medical/pharma bidness….via mistake…and otherwise.

    Word is on Principia Scientifica that all Flu Injections WILL be mRNA based…

    Next month starts the annual Flu season.

    Skip ALL SHOTS.

    Trials of this new mRNA Flu injection were conducted at UC HEALTH, in Aurora, CO in August 2022. No word on results.

    But, the Results will be, “Safe & Effective”.

    This is an end run attempt to fool those who refused the c19 mRNA Poison injections…but do get annual Flu Injections.

    Also, the usual pharma suspects announced ALL vaxes will soon be mRNA based…that was so very successful…hah, hah, hah.

    How many are legally required by k12 age kids? 72 Vaxes?

  125. Frank S.

    Greg, I’ve noticed the past 12 months the slow creep of dissention into the ranks of MAGA and the Anti-Vaxxers. Divisiveness launched by experts on our side against other experts on our side, is driving a destructive wedge between our coalition. The tactic of “divide and conquer” has been steadily imposed upon us. Your guest, Dr. Kory is a prime example. When Dr. Ardis theorized about the Spike Protein containing venomous peptides, Kory and others were assembled against him. He’s since been proven right by Karen Kingston. Perhaps Ardis’ distribution theory is flawed, but nobody knows the whole story except God and the cabal. I just hope people will stop falling for the divisiveness, and focus on the enemy.

    • Greg Hunter

      I want the truth, and conflict and counter scientific data is how you get there. Dr. Ardis was way out over his skies with the snake venom data. You need to read what Dr. Kory wrote about it. Karen Kingston said the same thing. This was the real story that came out at the same time Ardis was out with his:

      We need actual truth and accurate data, otherwise we are discredited and look stupid.


  126. Brad Calhoun

    I could swear I have heard there are countries to discontinue all COVID protocols including the jab. It’s only a matter of time.

  127. Greg Morrissey

    Metal-Like Objects’ Found in 94 Percent of Group Who Had Symptoms After Taking mRNA Vaccines: Study

    Please read and pass on to all the people you know. The truth coming out about the true contents of the covid vaccines. AND ITS UGLY

  128. ken e weberg

    GOD bless you Greg and Dr. Kory. I just had a stay here in Yuma Az for a heart problem. Not being vaxed I can tell you this much. I had my wife bring me Ivermectin to the hospital because I started feeling the shedding affects almost immediately upon entry. I doubled down on it and wa la I.m home typing this. My heart issues being agent orange related were addressed and stints applied but still by the grace of GOD and the info you have provided I will live to fight another day and at 74 time is very, very precious to me
    Thanks again Greg and your guests

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Ken Spike protein shedding is real, and the science backs this fact up.

  129. IMissLiberty

    Thanks to the veterinarians and farmers everywhere who animal tested ivermectin. Veterinarians observed that the dewormer also killed viruses and tumors and reduced inflammation in dogs. Ranchers worldwide administered it to their cattle and horses also knew that it was absorbed through their own skin and improved their own health. It was being studied in the treatment of HIV and various cancers in humans before the pandemic started. The anti-viral properties had been shown against many viruses and it was clear from day one that those areas of the world where people were taking it regularly for parasites, had better outcomes before there was a vax. Some day it will be known that the biggest side-effect is dead parasites. I’m so glad the patent has expired and it’s readily and cheaply produced. It will always be available (because we know that wars on drugs don’t stop the drugs).

  130. Timothy

    The clots are not made of blood.

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