7 Different Patented Poisons in CV19 Injections – Karen Kingston

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines.  It was never intended to cure anything, and the paperwork proves it at Big Pharma and the CDC.  Kingston explains, “We are being lied to at such a level it is difficult for people to comprehend.  The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines.  In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them bioweapons.  They call them ‘toxins,’ they call them ‘agents of chemical biowarfare’. . . . Specifically, there is a 2017 patent related to what they are calling a ‘vaccine.’  The patent is titled ‘Vaccine Nanotechnology.’ . . .It is owned by the NIH, and when you read this nanotechnology patent in section 9, it clearly states in some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin, a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare.  What they call a ‘vaccine’ in the patent, they say we are going to inject people with bioweapons.”

More stunning information is being uncovered by Kingston’s research and analysis of both government and vaccine maker documents.  It appears the vaccine is more than one of several possible treatments all in one injection.  Kingston explains, “We are told the mRNA produces just a small sequence of the spike protein.  Through my research, I found separate patents for the spike protein.  There are seven different spike proteins in the actual patents.  This should all be part of the SARS COV II patent.  It should not have a separate patent. . . .They all do different things per the patent and per the research.”

So, instead of getting one experimental mRNA injection, could people be injected with a cocktail of separate and different spike proteins?  Kinston says, “I am hypothesizing based on the spike proteins having separate patents and separate licensing deals.  The scientists say they jimmied the spike protein independent of the mRNA viral sequence.   What I am saying, in some of what they are calling vaccines, yes, people are being injected with mRNA producing spike proteins.  They can also be injected directly with spike proteins . . . made separately and frozen separately.  These spike proteins do have their own patents, they do have their own separate licensing agreements. . . . So, the spike proteins could be made separately and frozen separately, these poisons, and then encapsulated and stuck in the formulation.  That is what I am saying. . . . Keep in mind, in the world patent . . . it says in some embodiments can include a delivery device, and that can deliver an agent or a toxin over a period of hours, days, weeks, months or years. . . . This is important for a legal reason because every lawsuit says people were injected with mRNA, which produces a toxin, which is a spike protein.  But it turns out, the toxin was in there independent of the mRNA. . . . It’s not a vax.  It’s just a direct bioweapon.”

Kingston says all kinds of problems are coming from the CV19 shots and the different patented spike proteins in them.  She says some of these spike proteins cause extreme and aggressive cancers, some cause heart disease, still others cause autoimmune disease and some even mimic snake venom.  That is just to name just a few of the diseases that are showing up in the real world data.

In closing, Kingston says, “It’s demonic what is in these vials, and it needs to stop.”

(There is much more in the 58 min interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she talks about the demonic injections being forced on people worldwide on 4.19.22.

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  1. Rodster

    Greg, maybe it’s time to bring back Chris Martenson because he just posted a blog piece regarding the theory of snake venom in the vaccines. He seems to refute the idea.


    • Warren B.

      Speaking of SNAKE (SEPRENT) VENOM……
      Dr Ardis recently gave an interview with Stew Peters.
      The Secret to Covid-19 is……IN THE WATER.
      The Snake Venom Peptides, Remdesivir along with Monoclonal Antibodies are key elements of the great PLANDEMIC/GENOCIDE.
      This is such a dynamic piece and makes wonderful concise sense in complete contrast to the lies and fabrication that were thrown in our faces for 2 years and counting.
      When I watched this …the hairs on the back of my neck stood erect. Everything presented is factual and connects the dots perfectly.
      What we have learned to date about the mRNA toxic Bioweapon is only the tip of the Iceberg.
      I recommend this as compulsory viewing. Share it far and wide. Be prepared to have your head blown off……literally ….with so much evidence presented …you cannot refute or ignore.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Warren,
        Difficult to tell truth from fiction during this dystopia. Dr. Bryan Ardis called out the hospital Remdesivir protocol and has no doubt saved many lives in so doing. Recently, he has hypothesised that Remdesivir includes snake venom genome and also extrapolated that there is snake venom in the water. All of which may be true . . .

        Renowned doctor, Pierre Kory, reviewed ‘Watch The Water’ plus one and a half interviews with Dr Ardis on the Mike Adams show, and was rather scathing:
        “In summary, unfortunately (or fortunately) this is all the time I can devote to the above ranting of a truth, partial truths, and irrelevancies littered with blatant untruths, inaccuracies, and ignorances. I wish I could get these two hours of my life back.”

        Now, we have Karen Kingston, bio-science patent analyst, who explains that one of seven patented ‘spike proteins’ in the master ‘vaccine’ patent (owned by the NIH!!! – hope I got that right) is based on snake venom!

        These are indeed, troubling times.

        P.S. Dr Christine Grady, Fauci’s wife, is Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH.
        Bio ETHICS!!!! You really can’t make this stuff up!

        • Frank Stiles

          What’s strange is Dr. Kory insinuating that Dr. Ardis is profiteering by selling remedies and preventatives to COVID and the vax. Yet, right at the bottom of Dr. Kory’s entry, is a link to purchase his own book.

        • Tom

          I’m sick to my stomach. And I never even had a vax. This is terrible. Our own gov wants us dead because we won’t make good slaves. WEF Great Reset won’t happen till we are all dead then they start complete slavery and own the whole earth.

      • A Anthanovich


        Dr. Pierre Kory wrote a rather lengthy rebuttal to the snake venom theory earlier this week. Please read Dr. Kory’s response before coming to any conclusions. While I agree that some of the references presented by Dr. Ardis appeared to be credible, Dr. Kory takes a deeper dive to explain.

        Unfortunately, I believe that the snake venom theory will be used as a distraction from the dangerous injections still being pushed on the public. We need a serious scientific investigation by multiple teams to determine the exact ingredients in those mRNA vials to put and end to this planned genocide.



      • Adam Seedless

        “god” gave him a message through a fortune cookie? (Riiiiiight)
        If I had a customized by God fortune cookie with “Liu Bing” written on it. I would keep it in my wallet. Also they blaspheme a few times when it’s the most serious topic. Red flags.

      • Computer Guy

        Ardis is chiropractor and not even a medical doctor. The snake venom nonsense was thoroughly debunked by Dr Pierre Kory. Ardis and Stew Peters have shot themselves in the foot with this assanine theory.


        • Greg Hunter

          Computer guy,
          There is something to the venom story. The patents show this from Kingston, but it’s really much bigger and at least 6 more secret patens for spike proteins that cause big problems as the Interview with Kingston on USAW shows. It they mixed in these separate patented ingredients into the clot shots, then the entire Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a fraud and the drug companies have zero shield. The bigger revelation shows this is a planned genocide because it is NOT a vaccine, but a scam story to inject people with poison to murder them.

          • Computer Guy


            I don’t doubt that the shots could have snake venom. Who knows what those criminals put in them. But I’m skeptical that they can get it into the water supply.

            • Greg Hunter

              Computer guy. The title says it all “7 Different Patented Poisons.” These people are evil.

          • Pete+only

            Greg, you summarized the 7 different poisons well, along with the implications of everything.
            When someone is out to kill the masses, you simply can’t trust their ethicacy or underestimate what they may be capable of.
            It is quite obvious that each of these poisons has their purpose. Karen even said that one of the poisonous ingredients was designed to kill people in third world countries where there is a shortage of tapped water, and deaths would likely be passed off as from sanitation issues as opposed to the vaccines themself, although now these same people in third world countries will likely be starving to death from the coming food shortages.
            Cancer deaths are soaring, as are heart problems, and many people who just watch main stream media haven’t a clue that it has to do with the vaccines themself, but hopefully we are close to having a critical mass for some real change.
            Soldiers hopefully must be starting to make realizations, which is important because perhaps some may balk at having to carry out rounding up people who aren’t vaccinated for example.
            Justin Trudeau for example couldn’t rely on the Canadian Army to put down the Canadian Truckers. (There were U.N soldiers who were conducting most of the brutality).
            Never underestimate the importance of swaying some of the ignorant people out there,one by one towards hitting the critical mass of people that will turn things around.
            Greg, we need a guest on your show that can summarize all the vaccine deaths to date. This is great ammunition to use against the ignorant and the main stream media.

        • Warren B.

          You are attacking the person and not the FACTS.
          All too often I see attempts at counter-arguments…..so called FACT CHECKING.
          Dr Ardis presented real FACTS (all of which can be researched). He is convinced with all of his reserach that COVID is not a respiratory virus of any kind. What he states (and it was verified by a scientist from inside China back in early 2020) is that those COVID infected patients were tewsted and were found to have enzymes that are derived from SNAKES in there system (in particular KREIT/COBRA) and NOT FROM BATS. The Covid bioweapon shots along with the Remdesivir protocol are merely snake bites releasing more venom into your system. There are 19 Toxic Venom Proteins that have been isolated – where each one specifically targets organs in the human body. The Health authorities (NIH/CDC/FDA) have known about the effect of venom on the nicotene receptors in your brain (that control your diaphram) – which in turn controls your Oxygen levels through the Lung function.
          If the receptors are paralysed – then your Lungs suffer from a cytokine storm – then you are placed on an ventilator and that then gives them right to murder you.
          The EVIL that has been conceived and then perpetrated on the world populace is unfathomable. We have been lied to in every possible way about this catastrophe and intentional genocide.
          When someone like Ardis discovers an alternate theory (which stacks up on every level) then I tend to take an outsiders view rather than the CDC/NIH or FDA – who are all just psychopathic liars and murderers.

        • IIG

          Whether the snake venom is poisonous or not – is not what concerns me – it is the fact that very dark Satanic evil people now in power in the US have seemed to have made the decision “to kill the American people to fight inflation” – as CAF stated in the previous interview: “Deaths are very deflationary” – and “the deflation produced from all the “jabs” (because dead people don’t buy things) “will offset” the additional trillions of exponential money printing (that will now be needed to be created by the Fed “to fight an unnecessary major war with Russia”)!!

          • Earth Angel

            And don’t forget; dead seniors don’t collect social security payouts every month either!

      • FreeMpg

        All correct but for monoclonal antibodies. They are effective, Dr Artis said a form of them is used as a snake venom antidote. That the government has restricted their use indicates their effectiveness.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I just watched Dr. Chris Martenson. He is very astute and good at breaking down any data and then showing people the results in an easy to understand manner. He is super, duper.

      • Megan Johnson

        Are you talking about the Chris Martensen that was pushing the clot shot for the first year?

        • Remember Member

          Yes that same Chris Martensen.
          He’s a half-truther… He did talk about the “cases, cases, caess…” and the fraudulent ways numbers were used.
          But yes he did tell people to get the shot.

    • SOD

      In the history of the world, has mankind ever embarked on a more laughable approach to declare victory against a virus? The evidence at this point appears irrefutable. 98% of us didn’t die from this engineered virus. What is surprising, however, is how many of the sheeple continue to buy into the quaint notion…’That the government is actually here to help’. News flash, neither the vaccine nor the government work. My proof can be culled from any current US news site: 1. Three US Navy Sailor die within a week on the USS George Washington (mandatory shots, continue to lead to untimely deaths), 2. The Supreme Court (also known as the rubber stamp office) voted 6-3 against unvaccinated USAF officer. (The highest and most corrupt court in the land once again tramples the Constitution by telling us… there are no religious exemptions for you). If the ongoing nonsense coming out of DC has gotten your attention quite yet…it’s about to. SOD

      • IIG

        ALSO NOTE: Because getting rid of “Black Lives Matters” – the “jab” has been purposely designed to do “Ethnic Cleansing” (HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra “confirms” that the “vaccines” are Killing BLACKS and LATINOS at “two times the rate” of White Americans!!

    • drew

      You cannot poison people by putting snake venom into the water supply. Contrary to poison, venom needs to enter the blood stream directly.

      • Richard Longacre

        Drew, you are missing the whole point of Dr. Ardis’ hypothesis. The point is that it appears that snake venom is being used to create the VAXX and Remdesivir. The fact that Dr. Ardis stated that he “believed the water supply system was used as a delivery mechanism” is a secondary issue and a guess on his part. It appears that Karen also believes that venom is used to produce at least some of these shots. You are throwing out the entire hypothesis based on his belief of the delivery system.
        Perhaps the bioweapon was aerosolized and sprayed from aircraft, just like graphene oxide is according to Dane Wigington. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/graphene-skies/ That method would get it directly into your bloodstream. If I say that I believe aircraft spraying was the delivery system does that mean that everything else I say is wrong if I am wrong on this one point or belief?

      • Catherine Cronin

        Artis body language and constant smirk and nervous laughter whenever he made horrific clues was a signal the man was getting off on his own ego of being so “intelligent”. the glee he seemed to free with each acknowledgement that he knew was a clue was a red flag and even if he turns out to be right it was very innappropriate to continually smile and laugh at a diabolical possibility
        not a believable man at all

        • Warren B.

          I would agree that for the most part, the body language/facial reactions of Ardis are incongruent with his macabre findings and messages. Although they are out of sync with the expected norm – it would be analogous in my view, to that of a treasure hunter finding a hidden map to a long lost treasure…..or perhaps that of someone who uncovers the true origin of human existence …….only to discover it is not what we really wanted to hear (consensus). Somewhere in there are mixed emotions ….of Jubilation, exasperation and contentment. I believe he has hit the target bullseye.
          Whilst we have all been mis-directed to some/large degree with studies/research and findings and expert opinions about the origin of COVID as well as the numerous nefarious theories about the contents of the so called Vaxx Bioweapon – along comes Ardis with a not so fanciful concept. His assembling of the puzzle with key findings allowed us to share his excitement whilst concurrently being alarmed.
          There is however an element of genuine human emotion in this video – within the first few minutes – Ardis seems quite distraught when he needs to take a moment to announce what the FDA have recently done (Jan 2022) through the EUA in relation to REMDESIVIR – and its sole use in INFANTS for treatment of “COVID”. That act alone, in my mind, balances out any negative connotations drawn from his following gestures because there is no denying that what the Health authorities are perpetrating is astonishingly EVIL. How anyone cannot see the depravity in this and not have any emotion……is beyond me.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Catherine,
          You can’t rely on ‘body language’ as it is open to interpretation. Paul Craig Roberts smirks and chuckles while talking about truly awful issues. My guess is that he sees the (laugh out loud) irony in the truths he is relating, not that he finds the issues funny.

      • Warren B.

        You are mis-informing people with that comment.
        If poisonous venom was ingested there is no assurances that your digestive system could eraidcate it all. There is some likelihood that some of it could make its way through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream. If it did then a person may experience coagulopathy = impaired ability to BLOOD CLOT. Venom from a KING COBRA could in effect start to block or over-stimulate the central nervous system (resulting in difficulty with talking , swallowing or breathing). This has the potential to last anywhere from 5-10 hours …even several weeks for the nerve system to repair – all the while you are having enormous difficulty BREATHING ….(LUNGS not functioning).
        If the Venom being ingested was hemotoxic in nature and it made it into your bloodstream – then it would impact your BLOOD and HEART – resulting in serious internal bleeding OR causing blood cells to lump together …causing blockages and HEART failure. If the Venom were to leak into your urine – this could cause long term damage to your Kidneys. Your heart would lose its normal rhythm and potentially stop due to the increased potasium levels. Cytotoxic Venom (that of the King Cobra ) that enters the bloodstream – can cause premature death of cells in tissues. The tissues would then start to liquify.
        FACT CHECK THAT …..!!!!!

        • drew

          You are entiteled to your opinion.
          However, reality is not on your side: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AxS0m00jFOA

        • drew

          Do yourself and us all a favour and follow your advice before spouting…opinion.
          Do a quick search on Joutube and you’ll see. Maybe you can even follow the lecture of Dr Bean on that subject.

    • i: a man; travis moss

      i believe the fullerton informer also refutes the idea also; i think he disagrees with alot of the ideas
      https://youtu.be/IWw9tgF6ag4 watch the water: i’ve been watching the water my whole life
      https://youtu.be/dvEEp0K9LSI why are people so stupid

    • Linda L Courtney

      I have watched just about everything on this subject. I had Corona19 when it first hit WA state two years ago. Two weeks in bed, it did not get the lungs, stopped at the bronchi and got my larynx hard. Lost all sense of taste and smell. Trust me, this Sars virus was unlike the Hong Cong or any other “flu.” I’ve ever had. I DEBUNK Chris based on MORE evidence I’ve heard, plus my own unique case.

      • Charles H.


        CV19 hit me hard for two weeks. I lost nearly twenty pounds, and it hit my lungs mostly. I am still recovering after six weeks, and slowly gaining oxygen levels back. My wife was hardly affected. This disease is a mixed-bag – hitting some hard; others slightly. But it is NO JOKE.

        • Tin foil hat

          I suspect it may have something to do with the DNA. I know a family who got sick; father, son and daughter but not the mother.

  2. Brooklyn


    Good to see Karen Kingston back. Karen has always amazed us with the depth of her research and her ability to take highly scientific/medical terminology and bring it down to the basics. Her interview today was extremely timely and goes hand and glove along with today’s report from NewsTarget:

    “Vaccine effectiveness isn’t really a measure of a vaccine, it is a measure of a vaccine recipients immune system performance compared to the immune system performance of an unvaccinated person.

    But this is a lie. Vaccine effectiveness doesn’t wane. Immune system performance does.


    Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE), a phenomenon where vaccines make the disease far worse by priming the immune system for a potentially deadly overreaction….

    The data clearly shows that the triple vaccinated population are on the cusp of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and the double vaccinated population are suffering Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED) and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). All of which will eventually destroy the vaccinated population’s immune system….

    Thank you Greg! Thank you Karen!

    Onward & Upward,


    • Chris

      Please look at Chris Martenson’s video (posted above by Rodster) on this “snake venom”theory, where he pretty much demolishes it. I trust his professional expertise and integrity. Don’t waste your time on dubious “documentary” crap that may or may not be put out by the 3 letter agencies so they can say people can’t be trusted to do their own research intelligently. Sources count and the gullible are their own worst enemy (and ours). There is enough real bastardry related to Covi-19 without being side tracked by that kind of fantasy.

      • Charles H.


        Good observation.

      • Chris

        With all respect to your opinion Ed, you could do worse than take a look at what he’s been putting out over the last two years on YT. He treads warily of You Tube because of the censorship problem. However, his web site is excellent value. I trust him. He’s not a left/right partisan which I like – because that’s all designed to divide and conquer the majority of us normal, decent human beings.

    • Donna

      Ardis has already been outed… controlled opposition!

      • BigCollaspo

        In defense of Chris, his hiatus was related to his business deals falling apart due to his Covid coverage. Go look and see what Adam’s video’s look like to see what his partners had in mind.
        I do agree however that Chris has been very slow to come around to the depth of destruction that is actually in the “Vaccine”
        Dr. Richard Flemming covered the GP 120 stuff at least a year before Chris came around.
        I think it’s very hard for most of us to believe that it could be this bad, my wife included.

  3. SW

    What we continue to see is the layer after layer being pulled back revealing the depths of the Evil in this world. I think we all agree this injected toxin mimics many natural elements created by God for this earth – one being similar in nature to snake venom, which dependent on a person’s origin, it could have an immediate effect or nothing at all. Satan will always take what was meant for good to turn into Evil. I have noticed friends who have been vaccinated and booster that their appearance (skin) seems to be changing in a way…..maybe it’s just me.

    But what I appreciate is Greg presenting all the various angles so that “we” can discern and make our own judgement. That’s called Logic and Reason. Proverbs 3:5-6

    Keep it up Greg – Appreciate you being a voice and platform for us…

    • Charles H.


      “Serpent Venom”; as in the Old One. (Satan)

    • Won Witness

      SW, I think your on to something.
      I met with 2 coworkers that I haven’t seen in well over a year. Both seemed to be at half energy / sluggish mentally and one’s face looked pale and clammy. To work in the company facilities they were required to be fully jabbed with the mrna experiment shots.
      I have known these individuals for 20 and 30 years respectively the change was un-nerving.
      I know this isn’t proof of anything but…..

      • Greg Hunter

        It is observational proof you can see. Trust your eyes.

    • Self Exiled

      That was one of the first things I noticed was skin changes when the Astra Zeneca was given in my community in the Philippines. Especially amongst the young nurses.

  4. Anita

    Thank you both. Karen just validated Dr Ardis ! I hate to even mention it for fear for Karen. How many caught that ? Listen at 9:00 she mentions the researchers at Pittsburg, where Liu Bing was involved before being murdered. Also P Kory I no longer fully trust, he came out an attacked Ardis without looking deeply into what he said or waiting to hear what others said. All those who came out and attacked Ardis are , in my book, to be questionable & no longer trusted. The true healing helpers looking out for us are considering and looking into what Ardis said, not coming out and attacking him.
    Please keep Karen, Greg and such in your prayers and Dr Ardis. I can not imagine what it must feel like to know you are #1 on the hit list, esp. after Bing’s murder.

    • Judd

      Dr Kory of Frontline Doctors does not support Dr Ardus venom assertion.

    • drew

      Just because arguments sound good doesn’t give them validity. Turn on your critical thinking! Snake venom in drinking water is doing diddelisquat. You can drink snake venom without any harm, because venom needs to enter the blood stream directly to ‘work’.

      • IIG

        Drew – You are assuming the person ingesting the snake venom doesn’t have bleeding gums or stomach ulcers – technically, if you suck the venom out of a snakebite and you have an open wound in your mouth – you will be affected – and washing it down with a shot of liqueur to show what a man you are – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse3.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOVP.PYCeU60mzmnR6ITjYfm2ewHgFo%26pid%3DApi%26h%3D120&f=1 – may result in your demise sooner then the “jab” will get you!!

      • regaleagle

        Perhaps…..but what we don’t know is how synthetic venom works as a poison. Maybe they attached something to this venom that could work as a poison of sorts in the drinking water too. I would hesitate to discount any possibilities of these findings at this point. You really don’t know what some of these mad scientists are capable of doing…..except to kill.

    • Richard Longacre

      Dr. Ardis came up with a very viable theory about snake venom being (at least part of) the bioweapon we call COVID-19 and is asking everyone to research for themselves and provide evidence either way (right or wrong). It is a shame that so many people are only focusing on the fact that Dr. Ardis stated he “thought that the water supply system may be the delivery system” rather than the big news about the snake venom connection with the vaxx and Remdesivir. Karen seems to believe the patents she researched suggests that there may very well be a connection with snake venom as one of the toxins and spike proteins in this bioweapon (in line with what Dr. Ardis hypothesized).

      Perhaps it was 5-G being turned on in cities that made people feel sick and gave so many people radiation poisoning (rather than a virus), to then seek medical assistance, where they “tested positive using a bogus PCR test” and were then injected (in their blood stream -drew, with these toxins/venoms in the hospitals and clinic. (just a theory I have been researching)

  5. Neil Currie

    God bless you Greg and God bless Karen, who is risking so much to fight for what is right!

  6. Julia Pearson

    Hi Greg, Love your work. Thank you for all you are doing in trying to share the information you are lucky enough provided. I and I know many appreciate it.
    Here in communist Melbourne Australia we are being continually bombed with geo engineering weather warfare. Cloud seeding, chem trails, chem bombs, all this week it has been happening (I know, have a lung disease and can feel the difference!). However they are backing off on the mask mandates, which it sounds like this is western world wide. Plus other restrictions are being lifted. Wonder why? Well we have an election coming up. But I am sure they will put in who they want. But msm cannot deny and have reported the majors are only 30% in the polls. Yay. So I pray we gain a freedom friendly influence in the parliament.
    Thank God for Dr. Ardis following up Dr. Bing’s work re the snake venom. Yet some are not in agreement. But it makes so much sense to me. Fits with their madness and hatred for our God. We are starting to see more people dropping from heart attacks but of course not connected to the jab!!! God Give me strength. And many adverse affects which we are not told about but information does come out via sites such as People for Safe Vaccines and Covid Medical Network. Great sites with useful information and also can help those who reach out.
    Anyway, please keep up the great work. God Bless you and your team. God Bless Karen, she is awesome. God Bless us ALL. In God we trust.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Julia, Remember Jesus said, “The gates of hell shall NOT prevail”!!

    • IIG

      Good point Julia – it makes perfect sense for the Evil Demons who believe the Reptilian Satan is their God – to want inject some of his “snake venom” into all of us ( like imbuing us with lust, greed and murder is not enough for these psycho perverts who want to tear out our hearts (both figuratively and physically with their “jab”)!!

      • IIG

        Then we have Horror-e (a Nazi Jew like Soros) telling us he wants to “hack our brain” so we will have “no free will” and will become compliant Dumb-Bo birds for the Elite to plunder and use as slaves “as there is no God according to him” – and he will keep saying this over and over and over again “until the common people (already made to accept eating bugs) believe it” – while that other queer “Nazi Jew” Zelensky is trying to get the US involved in a nuclear war with Russia – any Jew’s who have fallen in love with and are doing the work of Nazi’s (that ruthlessly killed six million Jews) are by definition “Very Evil People” who should not be idolized “by our elected representatives” – many of whom (from Obama to Pelosi) have jumped into bed with these Evil Demons!!!

  7. Enrico Tarantini

    As always, thank you Greg! All my favorite people too! I downloaded the pdf and the mp3 interview with Rob Kirby, God bless him, about the exchange stabilization fund from one of the links Catherine provided for free.

  8. Robert Coleman

    The World has Gone MAD – Try and FRY all of those who are involved in the demonic actions against Humanity

    • IIG

      Since the Demon-rats have basically gotten rid of the Constitution – it should make our job easier – we can now dispense with trials (like they have done to the Jan 6 trespassers) – simple summary judgement by a tribunal of one or two Patriots “and then immediate execution” is all that is now necessary to eliminate all the “commie” fascist queers and pedophiles promoting the cultural insanity of child mutilation in the US – along with their human genocide “jabs” and the fake “Story Time” News and Big Tech censorship “of every facet of our lives” on the internet, along with their Orwellian Artificial Intelligence tracking technologies and their Psychopathic Desire to remove the balls and breasts from our children!!

  9. PersonaNonGrata

    “If you tell a BIG enough lie, and keep repeating it, people will believe it.”
    Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Chief of Propaganda.
    Note, the lie has to be so big (outrageous) that people cannot bring themselves to believe anyone would ‘make it up’. For example, if the POTUS said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, only some of the people would believe it. But, if the POTUS said, “Intelligent life has been discovered on Mars”, and the MSM kept the story going with CGI, many people would believe it – because – it would be such a BIG lie, it must be true.
    Regarding the ‘vaccine’ poisoning, Karen Kingston says (at 43:00),
    “People have been SO DEEPLY betrayed that it’s difficult for them to accept the truth.”
    The lie is SO BIG that you cannot persuade people who believed it. Going back to Goebbels, this type of psyop is nothing new.

    • IIG

      Klaus Schwab keeps telling us a Big Lie – about “how we will be Happy Owning Nothing and Eating Bugs”) – figuring in his Nazi brain that if he just keeps repeating it – people will believe it!!

      • Johnny Cool


        The real reason Ukraine has been invaded is to prevent Neo-Nazi scientists from thawing out “The Frozen Dead,” and reviving The Third Reich! And Ukraine is just the beginning!

        “Lubeck tells Norberg that 1,500 frozen Nazis have been stashed in several countries. In order to revive the Third Reich, Lubeck exclaims that they are ‘to be restored to full capacity at the right time – which is now!’



        • IIG

          JC – Unrepentant “Nazi Jews” who don’t believe in God (like Soros) “are Demons” – that must be rounded up and locked away (the same way God the Father’s 2/3rd (66.6) Angels did to Satan’s 1/3rd (33.3) Demons!! – the fallen Demons eventually became 33.3 degree Mason’s and totally fear the number 66.6!!!

  10. Astreae

    I am just thunderstruck! Incredulous. I have no words enough to express my admiration for Karen Kingston and you Greg for posting this for the World to hear. and Greg, I am so sorry to hear about your Father being hurt – I send you both my heartfelt prayers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Astreae!

  11. Poochiman

    Thank you for inviting Karen. I find her to be among the most trusted and courageous speakers on the injections.

  12. Sylvia Sires

    I’ve watched so many different interviews with Dr. Bryan Ardist that I finally saw Patriot Streetfighter on Rumble who allowed two hours with Dr. Ardist showing so much more documents showing proof that the bioweapon is King Cobra venom and the red head krate snake. Also said they’re putting it in the water. Anti-venom is Monoclonal, HCQ, Ivermectin, nicotine gum or nicotine patch, Zinc and one other that I can’t remember. They also have synthetic venom from the same two snakes.

  13. Cheri Rodriguez

    After the Tuskegee Experiment, Los Alamos, Edgewood Arsenal, CIA experiments with LSD, Agent Orange, etc., etc., etc., who in their right mind trusts the US government?

    • IIG

      Especially when they want to “continue” to inject you with “an experimental jab” that is “clearly proven to be killing people” – and yet – they still want to (right in your face) “jab” you and your children at “Warp Speed” (to induce AIDS, HIV, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Nervous Shaking and Paralysis, etc., etc).!!!

    • Earth Angel

      You got that right! And it was William Casey head of the cia around 1982, I believe it was, who stated something to the effect that: ‘When EVERYTHING the American people believe is a LIE- we will have achieved our goal’. No shit, he REALLY said that… Folks, I’d say we’re pretty much there. No way can we believe anything these f%#k&r’$$$$$ say! And they even TOLD US THAT… It’s Time to Wake Up, Everyone!

    • swimfinz

      Iam familiar with the syphilis experiments done on unsuspecting blacks at Tuskegee.
      What Los Alamos experiments are you referring to?

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        Atmospheric nuclear tests where service personnel (and civilians) were given no protection from the fallout. See “Atomic Veterans 1946-1962.” Los Alamos was the start; from there the tests continued in The Pacific. Also see “Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (1990).” On-site participants who developed cancer and other serious illnesses got thrown some crumbs (a one-time lump sum of $75,000). The time to file for compensation expires July 11, 2022.

      • Charles H.

        Direct injection of plutonium solution. It shows how heartless and murderous science can become. Someone wants to know what would happen; you get to die a horrific death – monsters from the ID.

  14. Marie Joy

    At what point…

  15. Dr. T

    Sorry but the dumb downed American is why this has been so easy to accomplish as there should be no doubt this has been years in the making to destroy the country and eradicate most of its population. And it’s going on right in front of you every single day as things continually get worse on all accounts.

    Yet all you collectively do is talk about it like it’s just another news event while sitting in place waiting for the PTB to decide what to do next.

    Wake up people – your days are numbered. If you’re okay with what happened at the Alamo then stay put. If you’ve got the means and intelligence then get out while you can. Again, it is not a case of if – it’s just when and the clock is ticking faster and faster.

    • IIG

      And the Demon-rats are running America out of our military munitions “stored to Defend our Homeland” – and are sending our precious weapons to be destroyed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict – these weapons “can’t replaced for years” – and it will be at a very high cost due to inflation – does Biden think Russia (who has now completed the test firing of its global ICBM “Sarmat” missile system which can reach any target anywhere in the world with a dizzying array of re-entry “nuclear” vehicles) will be intimidated by us depleting our munitions stockpiles?? – Alarm Bells should be going off at the US Pentagon!! – the Pentagon has now shipped thousands of Javelin anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, along with millions of rounds of ammunition, artillery shells, rockets, drones and troop transport vehicles, etc. – leading to a sudden drop in the available stockpiles of such equipment (should US forces need them to defend the Homeland)!! – and many of these systems are extremely difficult to replenish, requiring years of manufacturing and getting supplies in the middle of a supply chain collapse makes things more difficult “if not impossible” for weapons manufacturers to source materials, parts, rare earth elements and precious metals critically needed for their manufacture!!

      • IIG

        The Deep State is also blowing up meat processing plants in the US – and have now halted fertilizer shipments to farmers (so as to produce famine in America)!!

  16. Marie Joy

    Since certain companies are, knowingly, harming people, to a point of genocide, it is reasonable to think their other products are harmful to people, as well. So, if company A sold a shampoo I would think their genocidal intent crossed over to their shampoo.
    This would, also, apply to people and governments, who push a bioweapon.

  17. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, great guest Karen, love when you have her on. The UK Government yesterday started a three month consultation on the Fluoridation of all the UK’s water, this is I believe,a very reckless manoeuvre on their part, and very harmful if they proceed with it. Thank again Greg for all you do and God Bless. Vince in London.

  18. john

    Thanks to Karen Kingston for her bravery on getting this information out. I am praying for her safety, she is bucking some powerful people and entities. Also, thank you Greg for publishing this information. I just wish I could have talked my family members from getting the jab. Some of my family considers me a conspiricy theorist,. I tell them, after all you’re witnessing about this goverment coming to light ” hunter laptop, election fraud, etc “, but yet you still trust them on vaccine safety. God Bless , Greg.

  19. William Richard James Nicholson NAC # 1274

    Did Karen get States of California & Florida mixed up near the end ? I could’ve sworn she said Florida’s Governor DeSantis could stop Injections in California ?

  20. Tommy

    Interesting that how many top Dems and members of the administration have tested positive, some more than once, and all have been vaxxed and boosted yet none that I’ve heard of have had any severe cases of Covid or any reactions to the vax, even the ancient, tottering relics. Never even heard about any of them feeling sick, or tired, or even having pain at the injection site. Yet 20 something finely tuned athletes are dropping over dead.

    • Valerie

      It makes me doubt that they were really vaxxed and boosted!

    • IIG

      The answer to your question is: All the politician got “a special batch of the Covid vaccine” (made simply of saline solution) as Big Pharma knew that if politicians began dropping like the athletes are – they would immediately halt the “experimental jab” program!!

    • Eric Red

      The vaccines ironically, are more dangerous for young athletically active persons. It has to do with the blood strongly pushing on the capillary walls, where the spike proteins for the vax have embedded themselves in the capillary walls. The blood senses that there is a injury (as in the spike proteins) and then dangerously clots ! If you’re older and usually more sedentary ,( since you’re usually not engaging in vigorous exercise), the blood isn’t scraping against the capillary walls, therefore having less of a chance to dangerously clot. That could be the reason why you’re not seeing some of these older politicians keel over !

  21. Gail Kindstrom

    My sister who got all of the shots is now the only woman in 4 generations of my family to have breast cancer. And sadly she still thinks I’m wrong and she is right about the shots.

  22. Alan

    It is difficult (impossible really) to overstate how valuable & powerful Karen K’s voice & information have been in the process of coming to an honest/clear understanding of what is going on with the genocidal/extermination agenda now well into its 3rd year. One of the most important points she makes in this segment with you Greg is at roughly the 36 min mark when she says (paraphrasing but close to verbatim) “It’s not just the mRNA, it’s not just the spike protein, it’s not just the HIV sequences, the reptile sequences… there are multiple bio-weapons being used here.” Absolutely, 1000% agree with her, though I pity those who believed & trusted “the authorities” enough to roll up their sleeves, may God help them and us all in the days, weeks and months ahead. Thank you both and thank you Greg above all for the incredibly great work you are doing week in & week out as one of the few remaining “old school” (i.e., HONEST) journalists around today.

  23. Roger Stamper

    tks karen greg

  24. Rick Larson

    Agribusiness food is declining in nutrition and I think is one reason why people are looking for a magic pill or injection. The reason for succumbing so easily to disease. I also think the only way to obtain truly natural food is to grow it oneself.

  25. Wim

    Hi Greg, thanks for your work. Everytime I hear Karen Kingston I’m glad I didn’t trust it all, and didn’t take the Jabs. We may be thankful for People like Karen and you.
    It was mindboggling how violently Dutch Police struck down Covid protesters, as the majority didn’t wake up. The Dutch Tweede Kamer (Congres) has many party’s. A small one talking about the Covid scam got ridiculised as conspiracy thinkers. That party being critical about the role of the West in the Ukraine war immediately accused of being paid by the Kremlin. The sheeple apparently love to stay asleep.

    The biggest Devlish scam……. the money system …..
    in plain sight…. and the majority has no clue…
    The Western TV propaganda the same as the Russian TV……
    Truthtelling veterans like you banned from YouTube. I figure Evil forces must have continuous mental orgasms…. .. as they rules this world forever…….. we may hope the heavens one day step up to it…….

    • Roger Crowell

      Right on Wim,
      The dream of the early Christians, the return to paradise!
      Here’s one man whom couldn’t wait!
      (Rare!) Return to Paradise (1953) – Gary Cooper

  26. Joshua

    Warren B., I had the exact same reaction to the Snake Venum & other Poisonous Creature Clot-Shot ingredient presentation….it too made the hair stand up on the back of my neck…an almost unfathomable level of evil involved, surreal. Greg’s guest Karen Kinston here has an excellent perspective given her background in explaining here that there are several vectors of poisons & toxins & engineered aspects to this making it almost too much to grasp for the average person…but, this is for real. People. Are. Dying.
    Greg, wonder if it would be possible to invite one of your previous guests >>Mark Taylor<< in for an interview as this stuff is becoming Biblical in proportion?

  27. Grant Hill

    These bastards make all this medical terminology super complex so most the people wont look at it!!! There’s absolutely no reason for it!! Also, ALL these organizations have shot theirselves in the foot!!! They have lost all credibilty with the mainstream population on trusting them ever again! I know I will never take a vax of any kind ever again in my life! When you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything! Big Pharma, the Gov’t, MSM, the Federal Reserve, ALL OF THEM!!! They’ve broken a TRUST with the Amerian people they will NEVER be able to regain again!!! Their credibility is shot to hell with the people!!! I wonder if they understand the ramifiations of that!?! THEY ARE EVIL!!!

    • IIG

      Couldn’t say it better myself! – your Spot On!!!

  28. Really Awake

    In closing, Kingston says, “It’s demonic what is in these vials”.

    Demonic. Indeed. I’ve come to the same conclusion. And not just about the Serpent Vaxx…. Demonic in every aspect of economics, banking and finance, entertainment, public education, American traditions, Wall Street, transnational companies and especially politicians. The Serpent slithers around and bites every aspect of life…

    Wouldn’t it be Biblically ironic if the vaxx really was derived from serpent venom….

    Personally, I’m not convinced of what the vaxx has or doesn’t have as its ingredients… I really don’t know. Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger” is the guy who really broke the story in the alternative media. I like Mike. I like him a lot. And he is a really smart guy. But Mike hasn’t convinced me that “snake venom” is in the vaxx. Mike also made his case on the Alex Jones Show. A good argument was made, but it isn’t conclusive in my opinion. I’m not saying that the vaxx isn’t a Serpent Venom, I just don’t know.

    However, I do like the term I coined, “The Serpent Vaxx”…. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. And the vaxx is among the strangest things things I’ve ever studied. Demonic, I say.

  29. cheryl

    prayers for a hedge of protection around all whistle blowers in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord thank you for keeping them safe and uplifting their spirits to endure and not cower in fear.

    • Kgray


  30. Brian

    I’d like to share what I just posted elsewhere, as it bears repeating:
    “I want to introduce a new word that we should ALL be using now.
    HUMANICIDE – The Killing off of Humans; The Killing off of the Human Race or Human Species.
    Question: What is it that the Covid-19 shots do? They inject fatal toxins and / or fatal ingredients that may or may not immediately kill; and they insert genetic modification to alter the genes of people so that they and their descendants thereafter would cease from being fully human.


    Globalists and anyone who injects the Covid-19 shots engage in Humanicide, regardless of cognitive awareness, it is an act of PHYSICAL COMPLICITY in the Crimes against humanity that they engage in. Those knowingly Murder at Murder 1, those who feign or do so in ignorance Murder at Murder 2.

    “Ffirst-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated
    …Second-degree murder is defined as murder
    that is not premeditated, or murder that is caused by the offender’s
    reckless conduct that displays an obvious lack of concern for human life.”

    Those who demand we all be given fatal ingredient Graphene Oxide and other deadly ingredients included shots (be it SM-102 in Chloroform or what have you), are GUILTY of either MURDER 1 or MURDER 2…they are conspiring and guilty of HUMANICIDE. Say it. Define it. THAT is the true reality of this vaccine that is NOT a vaccine push. Vaccine treat and cure….Covid-19 shots have yet to treat and cure even 1 person to wellness. It has murdered MILLIONS. It has maimed or hurt MILLIONS. It has never cured a single living being, and yet they still push it.

    Nazi Germany had the camps…the Globalists have the “medical elimination shots” in which the deaths are far more frequent, more cruel, and Internationally Sanctioned Murder redefined as something else, even as benign and a public relations nuisance. Let us all intellectually and verbally recognize that THEY of the Governments of the World and many go along corporations / companies are openly engaging in HUMANICIDE! Like the Germans of World War 2, the majority response will be, “we can’t accept the reality as things really are. We hear and see nothing! We didn’t know!!” And so we as a society repeat history, but with an intensity that might as well be those of the Concentration Camp to say we don’t see or hear or experience anything. Fellow prisoners are shot, hung, worked and starved to death, and our expected answer is that even when abused, we forget abuse that would be to us, and say if we are ever liberated, “We never saw anything! We didn’t know!” And yet, that is the exact psychological equivalent those who take the shot must claim to take should they ever survive on the other side. And ceasing to be human, so goes “human rights” to ANYTHING? That’s also part of the Globalist plan.”
    Greg, please add Humanicide to your vocabulary. Thanks!

    • Valerie

      I agree with your new term “Humanicide”.
      God help us all!

  31. Mike


    As always you are the real deal

    Yes they are confirming the shot includes leech, snake and snail venom but as Karen Kingston indicated wars are fought constantly changing and using numerous different weapons and tactics.

    People should not assume we found the main ingredient causing deaths and disabilities.
    I am certain the powers to be have been using 100s-1000s of different microscopic, environmental, weather and God knows what else in the last several years.
    Catherine Austin Fitts indicated this on your previous interview.
    Death by a 1000 cuts

    Maybe Dane Wigington and your other guests should create their own NORAD collaborating with 10000s worldwide to figure out what has been going on for the last 70 years.
    How does one ongoing attack for the last 50 years interralate with the other attacks on our eco and all biological species
    You and others have the ability to seed and help create a NORAD like collaboration between concerned scientists.

    If all altmedia host collaborated with this endeavor I believe this formation can become a reality

    God Bless You
    and God Bless those that expose evil by bringing out the truth


    The most depressing Q&A about leaving Russia, life in the Far East, propaganda and Zombie apocalypse / Premiered Apr 18, 2022 Natasha’s Adventures
    In this video I’ll answer you questions. I filmed this video in the cool place that I found recently and that is quite matching my mood. I hope you like this video!

  33. TJZ


    At 36:40 in the interview, Ms Kingston states: “It’s DEMONIC”.
    I could not agree more! I have witnessed multiple relatives/friends suffering/dying beyond anything, I have seen and or witnessed before.
    Ms Kingston and Greg Hunter, God bless you!
    Lord have mercy!


    Yah, we know it’s poison, so what’s being done, any indictments, jailing, arrests, beatings ????? NOPE

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you doing about it “Realist”? Commenting anonymously on USAW?

      • SOD

        Hey Greg,
        Just like during the American Revolution, our founding fathers were lucky to have had at any time in the war the backing of perhaps 3% of the colony’s population. A wily Fighter Ace from the Korean War recently posited that he expects far more Americans to die cowering in their homes from famine and disease–than ever dare to indirectly help the cause of liberty or actually fight for a coming Revolution 2.0! Americans that are willing to toil, bleed and die have historically always been faulted for coming to the fight almost too late and as the Germany Kaiser supposedly stated in derision, that God seems to watch over the United States (much as he does for children, fools and drunks). SOD out!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks SOD. No cowering here.

    • David ben Jesse

      Is that you Jsnip4?

    • Anita

      Realist, What’s being done ? These people are getting rich and moving up the dictators ladder.

  35. Margo Hirschman

    Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same | A WSJ Documentary
    Mar 23, 2022 /Wall Street Journal
    Every day, millions of sailors, truck drivers, longshoremen, warehouse workers and delivery drivers keep mountains of goods moving into stores and homes to meet consumers’ increasing expectations of convenience. But this complex movement of goods underpinning the global economy is far more vulnerable than many imagined.

    “This documentary has been months in the making and throughout production we kept wondering if disruptions in global supply chains would still be an issue by the time it came out. Unfortunately, with intermittent shutdowns of ports and factories in China due to Omicron, sanctions on Russia, and the invasion of Ukraine, supply chain disruptions are in some ways as big an issue as they were during the peak of the pandemic.
    With every new report of goods costing more or being more difficult to get, backlogs at ports or walkouts at an e-commerce distribution center, it feels like understanding of how all of that works is more important than ever.”

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      Brother Greg, I will donate to your righteous cause via snail mail if I may. I just don’t trust Paypal. Sorry for the interruption. FJB and may GOD bless America! Peace, Michael Lee Shirey

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Michael Lee!!

  36. Sue Patterson

    Yet another reason why you are, and will remain, my go to news guy, and yes, I will refer to you as a guy! Having listened to both Stew Peters and Mike Adams interview Dr Ardis I thought, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the bus up!” Both Peters and Adams trend toward sensationalism, probably because they both publish a daily broadcast. No one could adequately research such an extensive topic in 24 hours. Their rush to breathless, frantic “reporting” made me appreciate you even more. Thank you so much for taking an entire week to ponder what the present in your WNWs, and for avoiding the big blunders of the “crisis of the day” reporting model. As for the “venom in your water hype,” not realistic; venom in vaccines, kinda. Pharmaceuticals have been developed from plant and animal sources for ages. These days the elements from toxins, like venom, are isolated, synthesized, and used in prescription drugs. Getting half-truth and hype from alternative news is as bad as lies from the mainstream. To quote Judge Judy, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sue!

      Your “news guy,”

  37. Thomas

    The more they reveal, the more things stay the same…

  38. Nancy McDaniel

    I am an RN of 36 years in Oklahoma and I have “topped out” at $50,000 a YEAR BEFORE TAXES. I love Karen and her bravery. Maybe she could move to a more affordable state.

  39. Felix A Renteria

    Love karen kingston she is fighter for humanity and the children of GOD.May our HEAVENLY FATHER protect her through these hard times, speaking truth against the luciferian death cult.We may not win this war gut GOD will prevail and cast these demons to hell for eternity,that is our only hope.Take care GOD loving americans and the world

  40. Matt

    You are my go to source for traversing this complicated society that is laden with obstacles of deception and deceit. God Bless you, Greg, and keep bringing important information to the public. You are much appreciated!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt!!

  41. Lawrence Baker

    Genocide !!!

  42. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Ms Kingston,both of you, your bravery knows no bounds.
    Now we have Nomi Prims telling us that we are in a “Great Distortion” that involves $150Trillions according to Janet Yellen and this Distortion is not what we expect.Yet in her Collusion,prims assured us in 2018 that a Stock Market collapse was coming and soon,now she has turned 180 and said not so. Pity she couldn’t have told us this 2020.

  43. Cheryl

    My brother in-law also was treated for an aggressive cancer in his neck after the shots. He had a check up just 6 months prior and was clean.

  44. Mark Washburn

    Amazing interview with Karen Kingston! I feel like I’ve been hit with a nuclear bomb. Nuremberg level information. Karen is so smart and so well versed, she needs our full support. This is one of your hall of fame interviews IMO, which is saying a lot considering the caliber of your guest. Thanks for all you do!

  45. Da Yooper

    Wow good interview Greg
    I wonder what cliff would have to say about what Karen says is in the vax that cilff say’s is not in the vax. Serious questions for cliff.

  46. Jannette

    Still having difficulty wrapping my mind around why President Trump fast tracked this poison shot and especially confused about why he is still pushing it…???

    • IIG

      Trump is Not Stupid – “we are” (for supporting him) – Trump damn well knows the “jab” is killing us at Warp Speed – he damn well knows it and can’t hide from us by simply wrapping himself in the American Flag!! – the Facts are the Facts: “TRUMP STILL SUPPORTS THE GENOCIDAL MURDER OF HIS SUPPORTERS (BY COMPLETELY INSANE EUGENICIST PSYCHOPATHS)”!!! – he knew Ivermectin worked – “he knew” he should not have signed the Experimental Vaccine Authorization Act – yet he did it anyway!! – leading to the death and injury of many thousands of Americans (and “is proud of it” – taking credit as the “Father of the Jab” – most likely to get “Brownie Points” with the Evil Globalists!!!

      • Jannette


        I’m a little dismayed that President Trump’s name was not connected to these poison shots during this interview.

        Far too many Patriots wish to sweep his role in this under the rug.

        • Shirl

          Dear “Janette” The fact that you AGAIN have failed to understand what has been repeatedly addressed to you directly, as I have read here, means that you are either a Shill or Stuck On Stupid…either way it’s no way to go thru life.

    • Roger...

      Whats even more shocking is some people still think he is coming to their rescue. Absolutely no discernment.

      • Jannette


        I myself was in deep denial about President Trump until recently.

        Now whenever I hear his supporters try to balance the horrors he inflicted on America in 2020 (lockdowns, wrecked lives and businesses, masks, and of course his PoisonShot) with “all the good things he accomplished” (which pale in comparison to the permanent damage he caused to America) they sound just like delusional Obama and Hillary supporters.

        • VaXXXed

          Proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome – TDS – is real… MSDNC, CNN, etal has your fix 🙂

  47. Valerie

    Great point. How are we going to function as a country, or a society when one third of the people need PALLIATIVE care 24/7 for months or years because of these shots? How are people going to cope when one third of the people they know and love die agonizing deaths because of these shots? These 2 questions make me cry and lose sleep! One of my sons got 2 of the Pf shots. I couldn’t dissuade him. God help us all!

  48. Traysee

    How can ANY of this “scientific research” be beneficial to God’s creation? SHUT IT DOWN!

  49. Traysee

    Ronald Reagan used Carnivora to resolve his colon cancer. It can be used for people or pets: carnivoradotcom.

  50. MCasey

    Off Topic. I have been “house-bound” for almost 3 years….except to go to doctor’s about every 3 months or so…just back and forth. So yesterday, I took some extra time to drive my neighborhood just to see what has changed. I was extremely concerned to see so very many, many cars parked in the drive-ways….not just one car, but two.

    I’m retired so I know what the neighborhood looked like 3 years ago during the day; the neighborhood was deserted and the drive-ways were always empty of cars as everyone was at work.

    But now? I don’t think they are working from home. This is a new housing development (4 years old) of first-time home buyers of blue collar workers…a lot of retail, oil field workers and teachers. I don’t think these people are working. Are they sick? disabled? unemployed? Just weird.

    I know the reasons given, but I have never understood why businesses can’t find workers.

    • IIG

      They are probably all happy staying home owning nothing and eating bugs to survive!!

  51. Clint Young

    The COVID Vax alone would most likely destroy the USA. But, before the people start to die en-masse from taking the jab, the Russian bear will nuke the USA.

    Between the jabs and nukes, not much will remain. It will be the end of another great empire.

  52. Paul

    How much more evidence is required for the destruction and elimination of people, their values, economy and sovereignty of nations until people start getting pissed off here?

    A true patriot does not seek to live off of the sacrifices of others. Rather, a true patriot is the one who sacrifices so that others might live.

    Paul from arkansas

    Kingston is a patriot. Good guest

  53. Paul

    Those who spread treachery, fire and death out of the hatred for others are undeserving of pity

    Beans, bullets, brotherhood and bullion are staples for the new un-normal

    Paul from arkansas

  54. Didier

    Thank you Karen, Greg and all the others fighting the good fight. We don’t know when the dam will break, but it will break in the end. The Light always wins. It’s just a matter of time. We pray for our brothers and sisters who got maimed or killed in this fight.

  55. Nick

    Greg, you and your guests tower above the swamp like light houses, thank you.

  56. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Karen Kingston back on. Whew…she is so awesome. I have to listen to her over and over and take notes. By the by…haha…I laughed outloud when you said, “They got some balls of…of…of…of…graphene”. Yes I did count! Sometimes one has to laugh inbetween the tears. God bless you both.

  57. Marie Joy

    I fear patriots like Greg and Karen may be in danger.

  58. Karen not a "karen"

    Longtime reader…first-time commenter. Many years in “Big Pharma”.
    Must weigh-in on this…the spike proteins ARE the toxins, independent of the source (actual bio-engineered virus or clot-shot masquerading as a vaccine). It is the damage from the spike proteins which will keep giving the gift of ill-health, whether it be monthly colds, cancer, cardiac issues, etc
    The effectively brainwashed population who can NOT acknowledge that the shots are making them sick will eventually be disabled. The CNS (central nervous system) adverse events are devastating and are long-lasting. Myocarditis leads to HF and is a death sentence for greater than 50% of the population, whether it’s fulminant or non-fulminant myocarditis (acute vs non-acute).
    We have rendered our military non-combat ready and our health care professionals walking time-bombs.
    Whether there is any merit at all to the snake venom story is irrelevant given there are pharma products designed and manufactured with these ingredients so what’s another one? (the CNS effects are a dead give-a-way)

    The mere fact that this information is not getting to the masses is a crime in itself. Those who were lied to, coerced and harmed need to know it’s not their doing.

    Unfortunately, I see very few of our so-called elected “representatives” doing a darned thing to help any of their constituents. Of course, most of them were exempt from the clot-shot requirements so this leaves us where? When will the masses start to take control? WE have been weakened and need to gain our strength and backbone yet again.

  59. Slimy Corporate D Head

    Greg, I’m a young Canadian and have been watching your show since 2012. We need more good men like you in the world! I would love to see USA watchdog expand and become the #1 news network in America, (if it isn’t already)

    • T.Bone

      Slimy, I was thinking the same thing, with the trouble at INFOWARS, in bankruptcy because of taking all the lawsuits. Obviously over the target, but taking in so many hits, maybe Greg can somehow help them out by giving Alex Jones a legal break, taking the reins somehow. Alex could be behind the scene’s and Greg doing the heavy lifting to save the INFOWAR team.
      Stranger things have happened and your thinking is similar and if we don’t hang together as Ben Franklin said, we’ll surely hang separately! Growth is a protection in this business. Look at the failure of ‘CNN plus ‘ in just a month. They couldn’t grow out of a paper bag of lies and propping up the operation Mockingbird ganda, lol!!1

  60. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks for bringing Karen back on, she’s a wonderful lady and brave truth teller!

  61. Tim

    Great interview Greg. How many people must die before people realize they are being poisoned with these jabs (10, 20, 50 million)?

  62. Paul

    After the war, someone asked him why he stood alone against an entire German company. 19 year old Audie Murphy replied:

    “They were killing my friends.”

    Medal of Honor recipient

    Paul from arkansas

    • IIG

      That is why many of us stand against Big Pharma – “they are killing not only our friends but our family members”!!!

  63. Lisa Mooney

    Greg, For the past several years you have been my daily news source. I trust ZERO MSM sources anymore.
    Words cannot express how grateful I am for your fearless, accurate (Due to actual Journalistic Standards) and timely reporting. I have asked GOD to give me the strength to get through the next few years. I hope Cliff High is wrong, but the more time that passes, the more data points seem to unveil themselves about the diabolical plan they have unleashed with these beyond toxic jabs. As a frontline RN I cannot even imagine how it will feel to have to watch the millions who took them when they have ZERO immune system left, which will probably be this winter for many. Not to mention the Cardiac and Neurological morbidity and mortality. Our #BROKEN healthcare system cannot handle a “normal” load of ill people, the system will collapse under the weight of what is possibly coming. Makes sense different lots would have different toxins, plausible deniability.
    My advice to all is learn first aid skills, get a first aid kit and create/sustain a community of people with a diverse skill set. May GOD protect and BLESS us all, including the brave Karen.

  64. Wizardwalkingby

    She’s a beauty. Good find. What treats snake bites? Antivenon? Monoclonal antibodies?

    • The Seer

      Nicotine patches are known to work plus the usual
      Vitamin C, K2D3, NAC, zinc, quercetin, selenium,
      Daffodil extract, Ivermectin, HCQ etc.
      Venom has to enter the blood stream as consumed it doesn’t work through the digestive tract have read.
      Check with your naturopathic doctor or Dr L Merrit.

      • Warren B.

        “Venom has to enter the blood stream as consumed it doesn’t work through the digestive tract have read”….NOT TRUE. Refer my comment above addressed to Drew (Dr E.W.)

      • Warren B.

        Add Smoking (tobacco) and Melatonin to the list.
        Smokers are the least infected group with COVID (snake venom). Nicotene interferes with the venom toxin binding to the nicotene receptors in the brain.

  65. Jeff robbins

    These are troubling times indeed. When you are on the edge of the storm its hard to know how to prepare further. My concern is how to get ready for what comes next, and we just don’t know what that looks, except a big die off looks likely- we’re being culled like livestock. I’d be willing to bet that well funded institutions will be able to swoop in and pick up assets from some of the deflationary effects of this process. A final note; just had an uncle die from cancer (vaxed) and my aunt surely got some from the same batches. How long does she have? In your neck of the woods near Greensboro.

  66. regaleagle

    Just a thought…..but maybe Elon Musk has had his brain hooked up directly to the internet for years……ever consider that???

    • Self Exiled

      Ya know he might have under his hair a plug in; like I use for my computer when my Wi-Fi doesn’t work. He probably has Wi-Fi. Speaking of thoughts I had an idea; what if you, me, eddiemd and Charles could be locked in a conference room [with meals catered] with Yuval Noah Harari. Wonder if we could make a dent in his thinking; isn’t he a piece of work. I’ll add him to my prayer list. Its so long I don’t know who’s on it, so many years. Some times I think praying for some people is like praying for the devil. Just an old man rambling.

      • Charles H.

        S E,

        Harari is a wasted intellect, who will tramp the high halls of academia – with mixing speculations on history and scientific fantasy: a good combination. My brain-pan couldn’t begin to compare with his. How, then, to enter into his consideration??
        I know the feeling – praying for lost, bad, and even evil people. Remember they are people. Prayer has more than one effect. It is right in itself. Those who are in the clutches of evil need it. And we who confess Jesus Christ – ought to be as our Master. Many, too many have no idea of what they do.

  67. swimfinz

    Thank your Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston! Keep up the REAL reporting!

  68. Wayin Scott

    Hi Greg, (context of Believers not being of this place) on a more saturating coverage than TV, concerning the viper-demic, from the Firmament, Sun, Moon, Stars, Atmosphere, Clouds, and Earth_in many photographic proofs, (otherwise someone needs to call the “funny farm, and the men with white coats”) continually pushing “guns=shots” = inoculations of seraphim viper white substance, and razor-blade work, into compliant hive mindedness.
    This upgraded slide video is to Dr. Ardis initially, using photos which were
    already about to be uploaded in a video of over 200 clear images from the surface of the Sun, also showing how injections took clear faces
    of the Beast and company, and rendered them whited.
    I was alerted about the white substance Bryan mentioned because
    I was looking at it in the many whited Beast faces. AND, @ 7 years
    ago while standing on the water well on the creek next to the house,
    one of the Watchers (was familiar with them before knowing who they were) came up and injected into my left arm a white substance, which
    proceeded directly into my heart. I was in the hospital the next day for 4 days after that. So, what he said caught my attention. There are 5 confirmations on the Sun of that day and time of day over 2 years ago that agree with what Bryan said in interviews. Surprisingly, many first nations images, as Bryan said were being especially targeted. Hope to get the video up very soon.
    (Staying grounded at least @ an hour loosens and separates clogged red blood cells)

  69. t

    Federal Reserve Has Created a Tsunami of Money, But a Tsunami Ultimately Must Crash
    $150 trillion transfer of this crashing wealth wealth Nomi Prins calls “The Great Distortion”, will soon trigger an historic steal from the mom and pop’s, to rich Americans…to get even more filthy, richer bitcher’s.
    While crushing the rest of us and destroying the lives of many more throughout the earth.
    This bombshell story of our culling will be an intervention prevention of all future false gods yes and the meek will inherit a cleansed eager earth, of truth and justice and the old Holyrood way!

  70. T.Bone

    Irish banker Richard Cantillon is known for the observation that the first recipients of new money benefit at the expense of later ones. This is due to the first recipients being able to use the new money to purchase goods, assets, services, etc., while prices remain relatively low—these are the winners. By the time that money circulates into subsequent hands, prices have risen, offsetting any benefit. And, finally, when that money passes into later hands, prices have exceeded the nominal value of inflated wallets—these folks are the losers.
    So when inflation—the increase in the money supply—occurs, you want to be riding the crest of the wave, letting others crash as it breaks over them.
    Now the covid wave was huge—huge. And it kept on going. In all instances, I was a first recipient, as Uncle Sam stuffed my bank account on a regular basis—thousands and thousands of dollars, all totaled. With that money, I purchased stuff, took trips, etc. I really enjoyed being a first recipient. But then the wave of money stopped.
    That was in December, right around the time alarms were sounding the approaching doom.
    I only rode the small wave that was bread and circuses for the masses. It was the payoff—the sleight of hand—which veiled the looming wave that dwarfed the first. The dollars churning in the groundswell and frothing off the white caps of that beckoning breaker, though somewhat delayed, were first received by the friends and family, so to speak, of government. And it’s the money rushing out of the friends and family wave that has me crashing daily at the pump and grocery store.
    You can choose to ride a bore tide, risking the murky waters and mudflats. Or you can pick a vista along the road or mountainside to watch others surf the sea. It’s your choice. However, when the wave is an inflationary one, there is no means to opt out of crest and crash. Your only hope is to be connected to influence and power so that the bulk of the money passes through your hands first. Otherwise, the best you can do is enjoy some fun before it all comes crashing down on you.
    So, on one hand, you reap at the expense of others, leaving suffering in your wake, while on the other hand, you can, at best, taste a few drops of the Cantillon waters before drowning in its depths. Neither are ways to live a good life. Neither are ways to secure a future.

    The Cantillon effect is not just theoretical, it’s real. For almost two years, I rode a small Cantillon wave. And now, a colossal one is crashing all around me. When I was riding the ridge, I knew what was coming. Yet, just like King Canute, I had no power to influence the tide. I could only ride my wave until the tidal wave overtook me. And now I am paying, and paying, for the wave that has eroded the sand under my feet, fortifying the balance sheets of those better connected.

    • IIG

      There are still things you can do – before the next 3 to 5 years that will bring the biggest wealth transfer in history (as the bull market in stocks, bonds and property die and real assets soar “to build substantial and sustainable wealth for those who act now”) – the recent seizure of Russian central bank foreign exchange reserves by the US will result in a new monetary paradigm “where gold plays a major role” – for many observers (like Stan for instance) they believe gold’s run will soon come to an end because inflation-adjusted Treasury yields turned positive for the first time in two years and the US dollar is now trading near the highest level since July 2020 – but this only makes gold bullion (which is priced in US currency) “more expensive” for foreign investors – as for Americans – gold is now selling “dirt cheap” (effectively on a money supply adjusted basis at about $4 dollars per ounce “compared to the $32 dollars per ounce it was selling for in 1934”) – meaning – gold could rise 8 times from here ($1,950.00 x 8 = $15,600) – https://i0.wp.com/goldswitzerland.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/wealth-transfer-9.png?w=483&ssl=1

      • IIG

        And unlike crypto – gold can be spent “the way you like” without some dictator in Washington telling you how you can spend your money (where if you don’t obey the dictator – you will be locked out of all your financial accounts)!!
        Note: You need to buy your gold and silver now – before all you have is crypto currency (that won’t be allowed to be used to buy gold or silver)!!!

        • IIG

          So owning government crypto will be like owning “nothing” – will you be happy about that??

  71. Baregil de Gomçesval

    7 deadly poisons, 7 deadly sins.

  72. Ian Stockham

    i keep seeing the phrase planned genocide? well even if it were true, its not worked !
    the human world population has RISEN in the last 2 years, deaths from covid havnt even made the slightest scratch in impeding ‘good old’ population growth,

    ffs get back on the medication boys and girls

  73. Ron

    Greg, this guy could be worth an interview, he seems to be on the same page as yourself from a UK/EU perspective:

    “No media are going to spill the beans about depopulation and bioweapons. No newspaper will break ranks and support Putin. Nobody in the Labour Party disagrees with what’s going on. No police are going to arrest Hancock and try him for conspiracy to murder. Congress isn’t going to fire Fauci or find Biden incompetent to serve. Nobody is going to defect from the Davos set. No Judge is going to send Michael Gove to prison. It’s all down to the 1in8 from here on.”

    • IIG

      Bottom line: All the patients in the hospitals are not being treated for Covid – they are being treated for the “jab”!!

  74. Ray

    Look around the web for the Deagle 2025 depopulation estimates.
    They were taken down a couple of years ago, but some sites have preserved them.
    They correspond closely to your numbers.
    This is a mass democide.
    Pick up your guns America.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Anthony Australia

      Put down that weapon.

      • Ray

        You’re a legend AA.
        Love you Brother.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Johnny Cool


      G.A. Stewart: If you read Chapter Sixteen in Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, you will find that I organized the Deagle.com statistics by country and alliance. It is the majority of NATO populations that suffer the greatest losses. That math is very clear.

      • Ray

        It’s Karma, JC…….nothing more.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  75. Linda

    Greg et al, I listened to the link to the Stew Peters interview that was in one of the first comments at the top of the long list here. I was kind of stunned and I don’t know what to think of it. I am unaware of who the interviewee is. Does anyone here know of his background or credibility. I am trying to crowd source the truth here. Need a little help. Any thoughts?

    • Warren B.

      Dr Bryan Ardis – first Doctor to blow the whistle on REMDESIVIR.
      He lost his father in law from medical malpractice.

  76. David Brownallen

    Wall Street Silver
    · 13h
    This is an odd coincidence …

    18 U.S. food processing facilities burned down in the last six months. Azure Standard’s HQ burned down yesterday.

  77. Anon

    I watched one of the research videos regarding Epstein and his connections some months ago. One of Epstein’s investments and / or business partners was somehow involved with a company utilising venom.

    I wonder if anybody else remembers this? There could be a key here if we can dig this information back up and reveal the people responsible. I’ll bet there’s a connection here somewhere.

  78. Paul

    When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother. Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.

    You never belonged to a country you could sell out- Beijing Biden, larry fink, etc…

    Attack life, it`s going to kill you anyway.

    Paul from arkansas

  79. Jay Bonner

    This is evil. We have allowed the separation of God from government. The solution is to elect men and women of faith who fear God, know the Truth and hate dishonest gain to positions of leadership. In six years or less we can have a government that honors Life, Liberty and allows us to pursue Happiness.

  80. Pam

    SLIME ROBOTS………Are they AI? If they are, where’s the command center for these things? SATELLITES, AS IN ELON MUSK?
    Did Elon take out the Russian ship, Moskva? What else can Elon’s boy toy command…………SLIME ROBOTS? I thought there was a treaty against weaponizing space.
    Don’t forget about HAVANNA SYNDROME. “The U.S. Department of State has referred to the events as “unexplained health incidents while Central Intelligence Agency director William Burns has publicly called them attacks”. (Wikipedia) Remind you of anything we are and have gone through since 2020………………Just saying………………

  81. Forrest Boon

    The Great Reset: You Need To Know This
    96,893 views Apr 21, 2022 Russell Brand
    As government officials and leaders of international organizations meet to discuss a “financial system” to underpin the “world order”, how close is centralised “digital money” to becoming a reality, and what dangers does this bring?

    • IIG

      CONTROL – Control as to “how you spend” your digital currency – spend it on to wrong things (the government doesn’t like) – and “all your financial accounts will be frozen” (like Trudeau did to the truckers and Biden did to the Russians)!! – so the profits made by some “wildly supporting Bitcoin” has now in effect put everyone in “financial crypto chains” – from which there will be no escape!!!

  82. D.B. Norton

    Watch & share this explosive 40-hour edition of the most banned broadcasts in the world; Infowars Emergency Broadcast NOW LIVE
    Tune in to learn the truth, save America, save yourself, and save the world!
    The Infowars Money Bomb is NOW LIVE until Friday at midnight! Our nonstop broadcasts are LOADED with special guests including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Dice, David Icke, and so much more! Take action and share THIS LINK!

  83. michele

    sharing this with everyone

    I know in medicine. God bless you both.

    potential tx homeopathy for snake venoms

  84. Bible Reader

    This is for Tim McGraw.


    Harvard Researchers Uncover Causes of Hyperinflammation Accompanying Severe Covid

    By Jonathan A. Cosgrove, Emily Y. Feng, and Dorcas Y. Gadri, Contributing Writers

    …“[Long Covid] is a persistent inflammation — a systemic inflammation,” Junqueira said. “What we are planning to do now is to try to understand if [these] inflammatory monocytes are actually playing a major role.”….

  85. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “She had no idea of the rapid spread of the disease.”
    Can’t help but think this is related. But no mention of the “jab” in the story.

  86. XXO

    This is my greatest fear since the start of the pandemic. I have posted here under another name – please use something different this time. Years ago, I worked in a top Ivy League university in the USA (Lets say one of the very best Ivy league immunology labs ever). I studied the “two hit phenomenon” in great detail. The first “hit” is a major injury – multiple injury from car accident, major burn, etc. We mimicked this exact problem with injected exotoxin – SEB (mentioned in the interview). The immune system of the mouse (in the lab) human (in ICU) declines and stays down for up to 6 months. During this time, a second injury (hit) such as an innocuous pneumonia kills 70% of the animals with the SEB injection and only 2-3% of controls. Most patients who die from a major burn injury die from pneumonia weeks later. I wondered why top up injections are needed every 6 months. If enough are not inoculated with the SEB, it will become obvious that only those who are injected will die from the new “infection”. If everyone is injected, the 70% mortality is seen to be only caused by the second unrelated infection. If Karens research is true, this is the two hit phenomenon and injected people are going to die from an otherwise minor infection. Only a hand full of doctors understand this and very very few understand the immune suppression behind the problem. Please post under a different name this time. XXO

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks XXO!

    • IIG

      Very sneaky of these eugenicists to use the “two hit phenomenon” to make it look like all their “jab” deaths – were simply deaths from an unrelated cause!! – but we now know what they are up to – and we need to cut off the head of the Snake (that is – we don’t stop after getting Fauci and Gates – we need to relentlessly pursue the controlling psychopathic eugenicist Demons at the top)!!!

  87. Bert

    Re Tesla’s record quarter,
    how much of the $18.76 billion in revenue was from the US taxpayer [eg governmental spending and subsidies]?

  88. Frank Stiles

    Matthew 25: 31 – 46
    31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

    34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

    44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

    45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

    46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”
    Now is such a time as this. Ask God, not man, for guidance.

  89. D.B. Norton

    Breking: DAILY BEAST, implicated in torture murder! In Ukraine of journalist Gonzalo Lira!

  90. Forrest Boon

    \Gonzalo Lira: Murdered by the Daily Beast?
    The Beast must have known that it was a “hit piece” in more ways than one

    Gonzalo Lira is missing. Is the intrepid on-the-ground Ukraine war correspondent being held, perhaps being tortured and murdered, by UkroNazis incited by the Daily Beast? In this three minute audio recorded March 21, Gonzalo Lira tells us that if he ever disappears, The Daily Beast is to blame.
    We hope and pray that Gonzalo Lira is still alive and that making this video go viral can help pressure the Ukrainian authorities to make their gestapo release him.

    Unfortunately the buzz is he’s been found dead. . . . .

  91. Robert Sinclair

    Here Greg, as always your work is precious and a blessing to all! Today with what’s going on in our country and throughout the world I thought about Jesus first came as a lamb and exposed, the second time He will come as a lion. President Trump came as a lamb and exposed, the second time it maybe as a lion as well! I believe Revelation 18:23 is being expose to the world!

  92. Karen A

    Thank you, Greg, for bringing on so many outstanding guests to help us maneuver in this crazy world. Karen has paid a huge price to alert us to the dangers of the vaccines, and I can hear her frustration that so many have yet to wake up. Dr. Ardis, regardless of his venom theory – which Karen seems to verify – has also put himself out there. I am not smart enough to know if his venom theories are right, partially right, or completely wrong, but I appreciate what he has done to alert us in the beginning of this pandemic when so few were doing so.

    On a different topic… I was listening to Scott Kesterson at BardsFM as he went through a long list of fires happening at food processing plants. Quite stunning. I wrote them down and looked them up. Then today Mike Snyder at THEECONOMICCOLLAPSEBLOG.com write an article titled, “A list of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred at Key Food Industry Facilities in the US Since the Start of 2022.” There are several in the second half of 2021 as well. They truly are trying to eliminate us.

    Many thanks to Greg, your guests, and all those who have contributed in the comment section.

    • IIG

      Just wait – the Deep State already has a “dirty nuclear bomb” in the NY City area – they are just waiting for the appropriate time to set off this “false flag event” (to create the maximum casualties possible) and then blame it on Russia – WWIII is the back-up “extinction event” these evil eugenicists desperately need to go forward with now (now that most of us have figured out their evil plan to kill us all with their “jab”)!!

  93. (Please dont put up - J in Europe - I dont want the attention)

    This is my greatest fear since the start of the pandemic. I have posted here under another name – please use something different this time. Years ago, I worked in a top Ivy League university in the USA (Lets say one of the very best Ivy league immunology labs ever). I studied the “two hit phenomenon” in great detail. The first “hit” is a major injury – multiple injury from car accident, major burn, etc. We mimicked this exact problem with injected exotoxin – SEB (mentioned in the interview). The immune system of the mouse (in the lab) human (in ICU) declines and stays down for up to 6 months. During this time, a second injury (hit) such as an innocuous pneumonia kills 70% of the animals with the SEB injection and only 2-3% of controls. Most patients who die from a major burn injury die from pneumonia weeks later. I wondered why top up injections are needed every 6 months. If enough are not inoculated with the SEB, it will become obvious that only those who are injected will die from the new “infection”. If everyone is injected, the 70% mortality is seen to be only caused by the second unrelated infection. If Karens research is true, this is the two hit phenomenon and injected people are going to die from an otherwise minor infection. Only a hand full of doctors understand this and very very few understand the immune suppression behind the problem. Please post under a different name this time. XXO

  94. (Please dont put up - J in Europe - I dont want the attention)

    This is my greatest fear since the start of the pandemic. I have posted here under another name – please use something different this time. Years ago, I worked in a top Ivy League university in the USA (Lets say one of the very best Ivy league immunology labs ever). I studied the “two hit phenomenon” in great detail. The first “hit” is a major injury – multiple injury from car accident, major burn, etc. We mimicked this exact problem with injected exotoxin in the mice for research purposes – SEB (used in mice and obviously never in humans – mentioned in the interview). The immune system of the mouse (in the lab) human (in ICU) declines and stays down for up to 6 months. During this time, a second injury (hit) such as an innocuous pneumonia kills 70% of the animals with the SEB injection and only 2-3% of controls. Most patients who die from a major burn injury die from pneumonia weeks later. I wondered why top up injections are needed every 6 months. If enough are not inoculated with the SEB, it will become obvious that only those who are injected will die from the new “infection”. If everyone is injected, the 70% mortality is seen to be only caused by the second unrelated infection. If Karens research is true, this is the two hit phenomenon and injected people are going to die from an otherwise minor infection. Only a hand full of doctors understand this and very very few understand the immune suppression behind the problem. Please post under a different name this time. Just to say we would never ever inject SEB into humans as it is extremely dangerous and only used in animal research to mimic major injury. XXO

    • Wally

      Did YOU read his 6th grade “I’m PMSing” response.
      Do you not understand that he basically agreed with everything Dr. Ardis said only after having three sentences where he states Dr. Ardis is an idiot and he doesn’t even know why he’s wasting his precious time reading such garbage.

      Have YOU not had enough of doctors who think they know everything and everyone else around them is as dumb as a box of rocks?

      I guess you like Fauci too then? Interesting.

  95. Lisa Mooney

    Had this thought today after watching Chris Martenson’s critical review of Dr Ardis’s theory. The enemy is getting more light recently on the morbidity and mortality these shots are causing, including the RFK Jr book which really did the research to connect and out the players of this diabolical plan. Perhaps they dangled the snake venom theory to Dr Ardis knowing he would bite and discredit himself and the community we have been building and growing. Our unity is our strength, splintered and attacking each other we are weak. Karen did an amazing job at demonstrating there are at least 7 toxic proteins in these shots, whether or not they were modeled on snake venom may be a big distraction and discrediting scheme cooked up by our enemy.

  96. Joseph Abruzzo

    Good article by Dr. Pierre Kory.
    Counter to Watch The Water.


    Greg, Please interview Dr. Kory again to talk about his review of Watch the Water.

  97. Jarrod Luparell

    Great presentation! It seems that there was some high tech censorship used as what she was trying to say between 47:00 minutes and 47:15. Just listen to 15 seconds starting at the 47 minute mark, you will hear a bunch of garbled words just before 47:15. Welcome to the world of high tech censorship. I used to notice this type of censorship on YouTube, let’s hope it does not come to rumble. It usually happens right at a key point such as this one.

  98. Esperanza

    Greg, PLEASE bring back Karen Kingston for another interview. About halfway through this interview, the internet hacks screwed with your audio, resulting in a choppy interview – very hard to follow. I tried to read her/your lips to make out what was being said…. You are both fearless Warriors for the truth and I commend you highly.

  99. Esperanza Creeger

    Hey Greg, disregard my previous comment re: the “choppy” sounding interview with Karen Kingston. Turned out to be technical challenges on my end. Great show, as usual (thumbs up).

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