A Great Shaking and Collapse is Coming-Jonathan Cahn

A Great Shaking and Collapse is Coming Says Jonathan CahnBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Best-selling author of “The Harbinger,” Jonathan Cahn, is worried about America. Cahn, whose new book “Mystery of the Shemitah,” warns, “Everything is converging around this time (which is based on 7 year cycles).  I believe we need to be ready, and that’s why I believe I had to write the ‘Mystery of the Shemitah.’  I believe a great shaking is coming.  Whether it is in these parameters or around these parameters, or after these parameters, a great shaking is coming to America and we need to be ready.”  Cahn goes on to say, “I believe we have a house of cards.  We had that in 2007 and 2008 and everything was wiped out, and we said now we are not going to do this anymore, and we have gotten worse since then.  What I have noticed is there are times when this phenomenon is stronger, and if you look at the 1930’s where you have the Great Depression . . . then the 1970’s and onward.  The key thing, when you look at those two periods, is this comes at a time when America’s debt was at its peak.  Now, this debt level, this house of cards, is astronomical.  What that tells me, the phenomenon of the Shemitah is all the more powerful.  I believe . . . we are going to see a collapse of this house of cards.”

How do you get ready for this collapse?  Cahn, who is a Christian minister, says, “The first thing is if you are listening to this and you are not right with God, get your life right because America is rapidly accelerating into a moral collapse and a spiritual collapse.  That’s part of the picture, and the economic part follows that.  But the first thing is get your life right with God.  I will also say I am a minister.  If you are not born again, get born again no matter what your religion is.”

Cahn goes on to say, “Number two, the Bible says a prudent man prepares.  What do you do?  I am not a financial expert, but I will speak for myself . . . in general, I would not be putting my stock in the stock market or have things attached to it. . . . You should also have essentials in store so if there is a collapse of not only markets, but of infrastructure and services, and these things should break down, that you would be okay for this time period.  I am not a survivalist.  I am more of a revivalist. . . . We say things will always work perfectly, and I don’t believe things will always work perfectly.  I believe we are at the verge of collapse.”

On the stock market, Cahn goes on to explain, “I want people to be aware and be warned . . . . In the last 40 years . . . you have these collapses in the markets, long term collapses.  The dates are 1973, 1980, 1987, 2000 and 2007.  Every single one of them is on the seven year cycle.  Not only that, every single one of them happens at the time of the Shemitah.  It’s not just a 7 year cycle, but on the exact appointed time.  This has happened every single time, and the last two have been so exact . . . what you have is the greatest stock market point crash, September 17, caused by 9/11.  That day that it crashed is “Elul 29,” the day that is appointed in the Bible of an exact date you have to wipe out financial accounts and becomes a sign of warning of a nation under judgment.  On the exact day, September 17, 2001, you have “Elul 29” that happens not just once a year, Elul 29 happens every 7 years.  Then, that record stays for the next 7  years until you get to the great crash of the great recession.  The greatest crash in history, September 29, 2008, they ring the bell, and the bell refuses to ring.  They take that as a sign, and on that day comes the greatest crash in American history.  Not only on that day, but it was the wipe-out day of the Shemitah that happens only once every 7 years.  So, the two greatest crashes happened exactly 7 Biblical years apart  down to the day, down to the hour, and down to the minute.  We need to be aware because we have entered the year of the Shemitah, now.  The beginning of the Shemitah is very un-dramatic . . . but if something is going to happen this cycle, the pattern is that it happens at the end of the cycle.  That focuses around the time of September.  This is a time when some of the biggest crashes have happened.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jonathan Cahn, the best-selling author of “Mystery of the Shemitah.”

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 
Jonathan Cahn is just starting on a brand new book.  Cahn did not offer much in detail, only that it will be Biblical in nature.  If you want to keep up with Jonathan Cahn, you can do so at HopeoftheWorld.org.  If you want to buy “Mystery of the Shemitah,” click here.  For a copy of “The Harbinger,” click here.

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  1. Spanky

    Hmmm, I don’t think we need to rely on “prophesy” to tell us that the US is headed for disaster in the next couple of years, however, this guy does some very selective data mining , in order to sell his books, CD, tapes etc, and thus to profit off what anybody with a brain knows is coming anyway. what was that thing he was talking about with immorality? well he will be laughing all the way to the bank as all the gullible Christian Zios fall for this garbage.

    • Clare Doll

      Spanky, I applaud your bravery in the warning of agendas first in any discussion whether it be God or money or whatever. As much as I believe in the honesty of our host, I must question the pursuit of any excuse for our actions. Honesty is honesty. Evil is evil. Neither needs the help nor excuses of a God or a devil. If I must claim a master then let it be the pursuit of knowledge but let no man or God or devil be the excuse for any of my actions; I take responsibility not for what I am handed but for what I do with what I am handed whether it later be viewed as good or evil, no one will answer for it but me. If I must be Eve, so be it. If I be witch, so be it. Couching what will happen in numerology, in witchcraft or in some sort of good and evil will change nothing. Regardless of guest, the final message of FEAR NOT it the most important. You must do what you must do. Thank you for all viewpoints Mr. Hunter.

    • Rob

      Hi Greg!

      Spanky, While I do not agree with Mr Cahn’s selling anything Father gave us freely:
      Matthew 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons: freely ye received, freely give.

      Nevertheless the “prophesy” he uses for the foundation of his analysis just happens to “prophesy” what you will be doing at some point in your future:
      Romans 14:11-12 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow, And every tongue shall confess to God. (12) So then each one of us shall give account of himself to God.

      One thing I do disagree with on Mr Cahn’s timing is that our spiritual Jubilee will not be until after the Tribulation. So if there is a covenant made this fall at the end of this Shemitah around the fall feasts there will not be the Jubilee we are so looking forward to until the church endures 7 years of Tribulation. Then after the 29th day of Elul in 2022 begins the Jubilee called the year of the Lord’s redeemed:
      Isaiah 63:4 For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

      It is not the physical Jew today but the spiritual Jew that our heavenly Father is focused on:
      Romans 2:28-29 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh: (29) but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

      There is remnant coming out of all nations that will make up the true church called “all Israel”:
      Romans 11:25-26 For I would not, brethren, have you ignorant of this mystery, lest ye be wise in your own conceits, that a hardening in part hath befallen Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in; (26) and so all Israel shall be saved: even as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer; He shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

      I suggest you take the “prophesy”, which is the Word of God, a little more seriously because Fukashima is just a little foretaste of the destruction coming on this earth and the people milling around on it:
      Zechariah 14:12 And this shall be the plague wherewith Jehovah will smite all the peoples that have warred against Jerusalem: their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their sockets, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

      For much more understanding on this please check out our “Hidden Manna” audio series found here and as always completely free of charge:


      Love in CHRIST! Rob

      • Teresa Voegele

        Explaining Romans 2:28-29……NOWHERE in these verses is is saying anything about gentiles becoming Jews.
        IT IS saying is that Jews have been circumcised physically, but that SOME Jews, the Remnant, have also been circumcised spiritually.
        In Pauls’ day, there were many Jewish Believers,(Messianic Jews).
        It was not until Acts 10 that gentiles were coming in, otherwise why was Peter so surprised that God was saving gentiles? Acts 21 tells us that Paul proved that he was still Jewish by taking a
        vow. Romans 11 tells us that gentiles are grafted onto the Jewish Olive Tree, not the other way around. Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8:8 tell us the the New Covenant is made with Jews, not gentiles or the gentile church. Gentiles need to get grafted on in order to share in the blessing of the New Covenant, but the Contract names Israel, not gentiles.
        Also let me explain to you what is a remnant. I used to work in a fabric store, and had to cut lengths of fabric from a bolt. eWhen we got to the end of the bolt if there was a yard or less of the fabric, we would make it into a remnant.
        A remnant is a small part of the original. It is not a different bolt.
        Romans 11 tells us about the small piece of dough that was saved from each batch of dough for bread (for the yeast) It says if that little bit of dough is Holy, then so is the rest of the batch. Again it is not different dough, like dough for cookies or pizza. (Gentiles) The gentiles are not the original dough, it is the Jews.

        The little bit of bread dough (the Messianic Jews) are the Remnant, and if they are holy then so are the rest of the Jews.

    • Natha

      Please don’t have stupid clowns on your program any Moreau! I have been watching your program for years and really value the information of your great guest. But this guys afool and a discredit to your program. I feel embarrassed referring your program to other with a clown guest like this guy…

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, I am Christian and I ain’t buying what he selling. I dont see any data that shows things fall neatly into seven year cycles. It was a command of God for the Jews to do it, not a cycle that God set the universe to.

      • Doug

        Look a little closer my friend. I’ve examine the evidence and Jonathan Cahn is correct.

    • Collateral Damage


      A couple of thoughts from me, first of all he said that every 7 years there was, ‘no sowing and no reaping of the land’. Personally, I don’t believe that for a minute. I believe that there was maybe ‘some’ land that they let lay ‘fallow’ every seven years, but certainly not a complete moratorium on farming. That to me is ridiculous. Societies, are composed of people and people like to eat. Not eat every six years and then starve the seventh.

      I get the idea of forgiveness of debts every 7 years, but not a complete freeze on Farming. Not unless you have a suicidal civil society. 🙂

      Secondly, spring follows winter and winter follows fall. Adolescence follows childhood and childhood follows infancy. My point, is that there are undoubtedly cycles to existence on this planet and in this life. I personally believe that these cycles are standard, well founded, and reliable in general. As far as being able to forecast (with any long-term accuracy) that there will be a polar vortex hitting the Eastern United States during the second week of February 2015, I believe it NOT (unless Al Gore told me that it would be that way, THEN I WOULD CERTAINLY BELIEVE IT. NOT! 🙂 ).

      If you want to read a good book that documents economic cycles, I strongly recommend, ‘Wealth and Democracy” by Kevin Phillips. He documents the cycle of Empire. Great book!

      Another great book is “Why God Won’t Go Away”. It documents the neurological basis for human spirituality. The author applauds the general foundational basis of the majority of our primary human religions, but the author also cautions against the divisive nature (or aspects) of several of these same major human religions, case in point, ISIS. The ‘My God is better than your God’, routine.

      So in summary, I haven’t been able to listen to this whole interview yet, only the first five minutes or so, but I am not buying it that anyone can forecast the fall of the stock market and collapse of the global economic system to the day and the hour.

      Now, if someone told me that the global economy may be on very shaky ground this coming fall, I would be very inclined to believe it, just as I would believe if someone told me that it will be cold next winter.


      Best to Each of you!


      • Tom Howard

        Close, but not completely right. In the 7 year cycle of release what is intended is NOT complete cancellation of the debt, but rather only that payments towards paying off that debt cannot be collected during the 7th year of each 7 year cycle; in other words the payments on the debt are just postponed for one year, but then after that year the payments are once again due. But after a series of 7 of the 7-year Sabbatical cycles (49 years), in the following Jubilee year (which is the 50th year), indeed debts ARE to be completely cancelled NOT simply the payments postponed. The logic behind that reasoning is that one of the laws of the Sabbatical year (7 year) cycle is that the ground is to be worked for 6 consecutive years and then in the 7th year it is to lie fallow in order to rest and rejuvenate. Since Israel would, especially when they first entered Canaan, be primarily a farming society it follows that a peasant Hebrew who owed money couldn’t possibly pay it back during the year that he was, by law, forbidden to grow a crop. Thanks

    • Carol

      He who has ears to Hear will understand this message. He who doesn’t never will.
      That is why Jonathan said that we all need he Spirit of God to understand God.
      Asking Him will overwhelm you with understanding.
      Where you couldn’t hear – You will now be able to Hear.

    • E.

      I have a Christian worldview and since 2011 I’ve been listening to all kinds of secular, erudite, scholarly, smart Economists and got progressively alarmed. I do believe that there is the making a perfect storm on the horizon and the Schmita, at least for me, put a “nail on the coffin” for me. God is going to allow this stuff to happen and we will suffer judgment because we’ve turned our backs on God. We can all say whatever we want…we couldn’t argue against the falling towers, we couldn’t argue against the economic blast of 2008 and all naysaying words will fall to the ground when we soberly look at what is to occur in our economy…like Greg says, prepare and…fear not, especially if you have the Lord in your life.

    • Andy

      The prophesies that Jonathan refers to have been in the Bible for thousands of years and have proved accurate. A person is a fool to choose to ignore them. Everything said about Jesus’ first coming came to pass. Everything said about His second coming will also. Whatever happens to our economy, our culture is spiritually and morally bankrupt already. I hope and pray you will turn to Christ before it is too late

      • B B

        E, I totally agree with your Christian outlook, and concur with this only too common cliche that has been delivered time and again in a country of common debate between good and evil; ‘…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.’ If all would listen to their hearts and feel the Lord, they would know the truth and finally come to their senses. Otherwise, they will simply have to learn the hard way and will likely denounce the Christians every step of the way. Such is God’s plan from the very beginning. “To be or not to be?” Now that is truly the challenge.

  2. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    I’m not so happy that this is public. Because…..also the Fed is hearing this and they will do everything to prove this is wrong.

    I’ve a little paper for about three years and I wrote on it these data:
    – March 22 2015
    – September 13 2015
    – October 16 2015



    • JC Davis

      Peter the more men try to prove God wrong the more they prove him right.

    • Carol

      Do you actually Believe that the Fed can stop God’s plans ?

    • paul

      The Fed has the financial power to make things mesh with this 7 year cycle … so as to blame all the bad things they have done on God … effectively taking the evil cabal off the hook for creating the financial mess in the first place.
      So all those who think this 7 year cycle is a bunch of bull … should keep in the back of their mind that the powers that be … will very likely grab on to this seven(7) thing as a way to deflect the consequences of their lies, fraud and immorality onto God!

      • sk

        Exactly. Thank you, Paul. It breaks my heart to see my penurious aged neighbors keeping their thermostats at 60 degrees and buying only markdowns at the grocery store, while the fraudsters and liars of the evil cabal are off the hook. Blaming God, numerology abracadabra, blood moons and bilious stars and malevolent comets, gets evil – and very specific people, with first and last names we all are familiar with – off the hook. It’s criminal.

  3. Collateral Damage

    Absolutely Excellent Website Mr. Hunter.

    You have earned the right to be very proud of the work that you do and the Great Service in Honest Journalism that you perform.

    You are a credit to your nation and to your profession.

    Thank you,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CD for the comment and support.

      • tonischoening

        Mr. Greg Hunter, not having a computer of my own, I give thanks that on Sat. I am able to walk over to the library and access your excellent webside to learn the real news of what is going on. I am a 80 yr old female and have lived long enough{raised in the Netherlands} to be able to put the signs together, it isnot pretty, But if it all has to happen now,let it be fast, and with the Lord,s providence we will make it through, and if not, we are still Blessed. Love to hear you on the different conservative radio shows I am able to listen to. Also read Jonathan Cahn,s books. Keep up the great work, and thank you. Toni

  4. Ross

    Greg I don’t like this concept of being a servant to some all powerful god. Religion was created by the elites to have power over the masses.
    The really powerful people on this planet have always had control of the money supply and if this Shemitah connected god is so powerful, why have these injustices not been corrected centuries ago?

    The masses have always been used and down trodden. Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF talks about the magic number 7 and its numerological significance . It seems to me the elites see themselves as gods and again want us to bow down to their manipulation of the markets via the counterfeiting of our currencies.

    If god does exist,he/she has made an absolute mess of this planet is allowing such ignorance and inequity to exist .

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t like it when it rains too much or when the sun shines too long, but it is what it is.

      • Brandon W

        Omg, dying lol, GH for the win!

      • Terry

        Nice Job Greg, Mr Cahn has an interesting theory. Didn’t damage me one bit by watching. Just another arrow of opinion in my quiver.
        Reading the comments I am struck by this; A mans story can reach some people and they will relate. Others will disagree until a different man tells a different story that really is the SAME story, then they also will agree. Mr Cahn has a way of reaching some people but not all. Some people can’t follow Paul Roberts line of thinking either. Between them, they put others on a correct path. I guess I missed the part where Mr Cahn said If we didn’t all agree with him and buy his book and go forth and spread his word we would burn in hell. I enjoy diverse views and besides, I’m not really sure exactly what a “derivative” is anyway. So a lot of highly educated economists are a bit beyond my understanding. I’m learning though.
        There are millions searching for answers and all who can teach their fellow man, should. There is someone out there who can only relate to YOU! Your drinkin buddies or neighbor or someone you may not even know may be enlightened by the way only you can express an idea. Make sure it is a good one. There ARE hard times ahead and we need all hands on deck. If you think “I’m just a nobody, who would listen to or follow me?” 1Cor 1:26-28 “For you see your calling,brethren, that not many wise, according to the world, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. 27. But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things that are mighty;28 and the base things and the things that are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are.”

    • John Coyne

      The Creator of the Universe blessed humanity with free will. The consequences of free will, positive and negative is what the world is experiencing right now. Humanity has themselves to blame for what is happening.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Ross,

      “If god does exist,he/she has made an absolute mess of this planet is allowing such ignorance and inequity to exist”

      Let’s not start blaming God,……….the world is in a total mess because of how inept mankind is at governing over itself.
      When mankind turn’s it’s back on God failure and futility will follow,it doesn’t matter which century you may care to look at it’s either ended with the clash of civilisations,or as we know it in our generation world wars.
      Their is only one government/Kingdom that is capable of reigning over mankind and that is God’s Kingdom,most of us prayed for it at sunday school when we were kids not fully understanding what we were actually praying for!

      Matthew 6:9
      “Pray, then, in this way: ‘Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. 10’YOUR KINGDOM COME. Your will be done, On EARTH as it is in heaven”.…

      It is the kingdom of God that is the only government which is able to solve the worlds problems, and it will arrive at the most precise moment to save mankind from complete obliteration.
      In the meantime be preapared for more of the same with an escalation and speeding up of the world falling apart on all fronts, whether that be politcally, financially,civil unrest,outright war engulfing the whole planet etc.
      I encourage all to keep on praying for that Kingdom.

    • Bob Lamb

      People didnt create God, God created people. God gives us choice (hence evil exists) so that we can struggle against evil and grow spiritually. Opposition is needed for growth.

    • Vincent

      Ross your ABSOLUTLEY right.. They do see themselves as gods, and so should you. Don’t marginalize yourself or anyone, we are all “GOD”.. (For the record: I am not a “religious” guy)
      Please watch this then finish reading: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JXh3Ob_zDhs (<this will ABSOLUTLEY help put my comment into perspective… It's very short, and I guaruntee a good feeling from viewing it)

      Religion has been entrained to control, but the ancient book does peer around the corner and describe one of the most telling truths many refuse to believe due to a natural weakness all men and women feel.. The fact is that you, I, and everyone alive today are centered as an energy with the power of an all mighty "god". Dividing us into controllable sects is the the only way the elites know to prevent us all from attaining such an insurmountable, uncontrollable power. A power through unity, love, and understanding that all men are created equal. The USA is now but a remnant of an era when true philosophical kings could see this, and found a country on the principals of knowing this.. We are without a doubt on the precipice of this power finally being realized. The great distraction will end once the machine we all know will collapse does…. Total chaos is an absolute necessity to "wake up" the global population that is the biggest sleeping giant that is for told by many.. As Greg would say: "Fear not"..

    • brian

      You should give the book of Habakkuk a solid read. I think you would be amused to find how similar the authors thinking is to your own…just goes to show some things never change, they just end.

      • Vincent

        I took a look as you suggested and you were spot on! It does sound quite a bit like my idea of god.. Even the illustration of the Habakkuk kinda looks like me! Very strange indeed.. Thank you for the tip!

        Whats even more Erie? How about this quote from “the lords answer in the book of HABAKKUK”
        The Lord’s Answer

        5“Look at the nations and watch—
        and be utterly amazed.
        For I am going to do something in your days
        that you would not believe,
        even if you were told.
        6I am raising up the Babylonians,a
        that ruthless and impetuous people,
        who sweep across the whole earth
        to seize dwellings not their own.
        7They are a feared and dreaded people;
        they are a law to themselves
        and promote their own honor.
        8Their horses are swifter than leopards,
        fiercer than wolves at dusk.
        Their cavalry gallops headlong;
        their horsemen come from afar.
        They fly like an eagle swooping to devour;
        9they all come intent on violence.
        Their hordesb advance like a desert wind
        and gather prisoners like sand.
        10They mock kings
        and scoff at rulers.
        They laugh at all fortified cities;
        by building earthen ramps they capture them.
        11Then they sweep past like the wind and go on—
        guilty people, whose own strength is their god.”

    • 02144pomroy

      God hasn’t made a mess of this planet, man has.

  5. bob

    greg, i rate this one of greatest interviews. i’ve read about this and the history of events tells all. john sheds more light. we can wake up or………

  6. Klemens

    NATO-Militärinvasion in Estland

    Hier weiterlesen: Alles Schall und Rauch: NATO-Militärinvasion in Estland http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.com/2015/02/nato-militarinvasion-in-estland.html#ixzz3SkWnH0jV

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?

      US, NATO Troops Parade Near Russian Border in Estonia

      TALLINN, Estonia — Feb 25, 2015, 12:41 PM ET

      Associated Press

      Troops and vehicles from U.S. and NATO regiments have taken part in a military parade during Estonia’s Independence Day near the Russian border, in the first known official appearance of the forces so close to the former Cold War enemy.

      Some 1,400 Estonian and multinational troops participated in the Tuesday parade in the eastern border town of Narva, separated from Russia by a narrow river. The annual independence parade is rotated between various Estonian towns.

      It was the first time that American soldiers — based in the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — have paraded so close to the Russian border.

      Estonia’s military said Wednesday the usual flyovers by NATO fighters during such parades were not held because international regulations forbid military flights near international borders.

      WW III. COMING!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Something about everything (alles) being noise/sound (Schall) and smoke (Rauch), and an alleged NATO invasion in Estonia (Estland). Yeah, I don’t get it, either. Regardless, Klemens thinks it portends WWWIII, and he could be right. There are those who say we’re already there. Best always. PM

  7. notmuchtosay

    something has altered in the human universe for sure,
    Indonesia is currently on an execution of criminals drive not witnessed for a long time.
    Recently they executed a large number in a mass ritual and soon they will repeat the ritual.
    the count will be over 20 in less than a few weeks. With the total before years end expected to exceed 80.
    This is significant and reflects a wider pattern that has established itself amongst societies.
    Killing is very in vogue and the biggest growth event across the globe.
    Rogue individuals and groups are being eliminated with an enthusiasm that has not existed post Vietnam.
    Also that chapel where the U.S. governments association with ‘the almighty’ began is not at ground zero, close by but not at the target area. if it was at ground zero it would have been obliterated back in 01.
    Well that’s what I saw when I visited this historic site recently. Maybe I am incorrect also.
    great speech though, as always on watchdog.

  8. Jorge

    Greg … come on, I take your news seriously but to bring a guy to talk about a profecy you will suffer unless you get back to the ways of … some god … is very dissappointing. Please, dont get me started. What god? which god? You mean all the “man made gods” ? Because it is a fact that “god” is a human invention and more over, there are as many gods as humans because all humans custom-remake their god to what it is convenient to them.

    Come on Greg, to feature this guy in your “up to now” serious news channel is very, very dissappointing.

    And since this is the first time I leave a comment on your web (a web I read almost everyday) I think it is time for me to comment on the “doom and gloom” content of you website. I know we are in a dire situation world wide, more dire than ever. But I really get tired of listening over and over bad news and then … year after year I see no collapse happening. News that say “a collapse/world war/end of times/famine/etc” is about to come. I´ve been hearing this since 2009 … and nothing has changed on my end. I would request you to search and show as many positive news as “doom and gloom” news.

    • Greg Hunter

      I always wonder why atheists get so mad about God the Father. According to atheists we both believe in nothing. In thin case Jorge you are most likely an atheist paid troll.

      • Rich

        Amen Greg. It seems in our culture today, free speech is good for all – until we mention the Lord Christ Jesus, then we are not allowed free speech. Burns me up. I mean, what are they afraid of? IMHO, it is the still small voice that threatens their way – their lost way.

        • jorge

          Sure we are allowed to free speech. I just though this news website was about economy issues, not religious issues and prophecies. That´s all.

          • Greg Hunter

            The content on this site is whatever I say it is, and the 1st Amendment is only for the government to not suppress your free speech rights. Thank you for your support.

      • mike

        Right on!

      • jorge

        Paid troll? wow Greg, I didn´t spect that comment form you, it seems I touched a sensitive string in you. I really don´t sit and think long about atheists or the alike. What I know, is that I don´t have a NEED to “believe” and change my inner ways to match the selected religion laws given by … mere men. Things are, or things are not. I see no point in believing as far as a powerful god goes.

        The point I was making was, if you bring religionS and prophecieS to your program … then you will start offering NOT data and COMMON sense, but … just believes.

        And the economy is not run by believes (and I don´t mean believing a currency is sound and therefor buy that currency), it is run by numbers and, as we can see, mafias.

        • Greg Hunter

          Nobody is asking you to change your “inner ways” just don’t give us crap about ours.

    • Jerry

      Place your bet, and spin the wheel my man. You’ve got a 50/50 shot of being right. But if you’re wrong. Then what?

      • jorge

        Well, in that case, if you want to be really sure, then subscribe to all religions and their gods. Betting on one god out of 100+ religions is in no way a sure bet.

        • Mohammad


          The creatures tip to the creator, if you see the same design from the smallest thing in the world (atom) to the largest thing in the world (galaxies) and you find them the same design, then you can conclude that the maker is one.
          If we do not see things it does not mean it does not exist, heck…Can you see the airwaves of TV,internet, Viber, Skype that are crossing your room where you are right now? of course not, but does it exist? heck yeah. it is just you are not designed to see them, but when you turn you radio on you hear those waves.
          Our life is short and we did not exist on this earth for no reason, once the bell rings and the books are folded we cannot write in our life’s book one single word, the test is over and we are faced with another reality.
          It can’t be that we die and it is allover, and here comes the rub, what if, what if there is really a day of judgement and we are going to answer to our deeds on this earth, I do believe in it, but forget about me, am talking now about you, what if what you think is not true and it turns out then that there is god, what would you say to him then?
          please am not trying to BS you. this is my only comment to you on this matter, but please give it a thought, and look in the skies and look in YOU, can this great body with all the functions in it that if a man tries to imitate would take a factory the size of earth itself to create functions like you, can this be made without god?
          Think, just think while you can, while your precious heart is beating now the most valuable asset we ever had and that is TIME. and then if you reach the same conclusion then be it.

          It is a long post but came from my heart.


      • brian

        If hes wrong then he repents and God forgives him, you should not taunt people in need of repenting, to do so is to sin against the Holy Spirit and drive people further from the God they need to find peace with.

      • sk

        It seems…well….small, sad, pathetic, and pitiable to believe in God only because you want to save your personal little hide, sort of like hedging your bets, an insurance policy against criticism after physical death? Didn’t God say that cold was fine, hot was fine, but that it was the lukewarm He would spit out? Don’t you want your life to be a bit more heroic than a little clutch of insurance papers?

      • Dennis

        Thanks for having this guest on your show. I am very surprised at the number on non-believers who are commenting, and am very pleased with the way you have answered them.

    • Mary Casey

      Jorge 02/25/15: …. I really get tired of listening over and over bad news … year after year I see no collapse happening. News that say “a collapse/world war/end of times/famine/etc” is about to come. I´ve been hearing this since 2009 … and nothing has changed on my end.

      2 Peter 3:4: saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? Ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they have been since the beginning of creation.”

      Greg….please keep up the warnings. Unfortunately, Jorge is a fulfillment of the very prophecy he rejects….

    • Ross

      Jorge a collapse is a mathematical certainty. You cannot create this amount of inflation as debt , to blow up a false economy in derivatives that feeds off the real productive economy like a parasite and expect good outcomes. The derivative market is more than 10 times the GDP of the planet and debt is 3 times the GDP of the planet. We are seeing it now as economies spiral backwards.

      I have no problem with people being spiritual but religion should be for private use only.

      • jorge

        I agree it should be private too.

  9. Grafique

    I urge everyone to read Ezekiel 38 and 39, because not only is a great economic collapse coming, but world war is coming too – probably first.

  10. David

    Greg: I appreciate your interviews and your personal style that allows your guests to elaborate without interruption. I always come away feeling that I’ve learned something. The mark of good dialogue.

  11. Spanky

    Now I know what Lloyd Blankfein (the CEO of Goldman Sachs) meant when he said he is merely a banker ‘doing God’s work.’

    • Desert Rose

      Yes, after all, people willingly gave Blankfein the money to invest. The US govt gave him permission to do the financial robbery.

      Anyone still in a Big Bank, you’re asking for it. Anyone still shopping at Walmart, you’re feeding the rip off.

  12. Paul

    There have been numerous predictions people have predicted because of some bible prophecy which are usual false and wrong. I feel is not a way to predict economic predictions. Religion is only for people who believe in that religion I believe we need to keep out religious predictions and views. Otherwise Greg I enjoy your guest that actually are providing facts , not religious predictions. Historically every empire has a life of 100 to 200 years our country 200 years is just waning out not because of some religious prediction.

    • Emeth

      you said “Religion is only for people who believe in that religion”.
      Your comment is based upon the presupposition that ‘truth’ is relative, and that all religions are equal.
      Try and grasp the other point of view, that ‘truth’ is only of God, and that all religions are therefore not equal or equally true. This is what Christianity is about … i.e. God’s revealed truth (Matt.4:4). If Christianity is correct, then you may ignore its teachings but you will not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring it.

    • Bob Lamb

      What is not a prediction is that a righteous people are favored and prosper and a wicked people will suffer consequenes due to their choices. We usually do t know the timing though. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  13. Mike S.

    I read the Harbinger, a good read if you like these sort of books. (Which I do). Looking forward to reading his new one. Someone once said “There are no atheists in fox holes”. I think that quote is true. Some people are waking up, just look at all the prepping sites now. I’m from the old school when we were called survivalists. Number one rule since I can remember is “Don’t tell anyone you have prepared”.

    • brian

      The number one rule should be to prepare enough for you and your neighbors.

  14. Jerry

    Greg, what can I say?
    The Shemitah is true! You don’t have to go any further than Genesis 41:25-32 ( the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream by Joseph in the Bible) to see it. It happens over and over again.
    The problem with this country is, we are so morally bankrupt, and so arrogant, that we cannot believe that something bad can happen to us. History is ripe with examples of people who think the way we do. The Romans were being entertained in the Coliseum while the barbarians were right outside their gate. Israel stoned the prophets who warned of their destruction, right before the Babylonians came in and destroyed it. Over and over again you see it.
    I keep going back to the four Star General who left this country only a year ago, who made a bold prediction. He said that the United States economy would bottom bounce for a period of 2 years, collapse by the end of 2015 , go through a year of upheaval in 2016, and then cease to be a nation by 2017 joining the NWO. Do I think he was right? I don’t know. But it makes me wonder when you read the timetable of the Shemitah.

    • Laura

      Jerry, What is the general’s name?


      • Jerry

        Laura I don’t have a name. He contacted one of my sources for relocation outside the U.S. and that is where I heard the story from. All I know is that he was over the drone program. From what he had told my contact, he was genuinely freaked out by what the military was preparing to do.

    • Jerry

      O.K. I said it before. I’ll say it again. ISIS is a Langley creation used by the west as a proxy army. And now the Iraqi’s have confirmed it.

      • Greg Hunter

        Careful man. I think you are getting played with Iranian propaganda. Here is a line from the story, “We have not been in a position to corroborate this report by FARS News.” “FARS” is Iranian. This is the same BS put out by Iran that claims Snowden said Baghdadi was trained by the CIA. That was never said by Snowden according to Glen Greenwald.

        • Jerry

          Greg you may be right, but I’ve heard the same story from inside sources for months. This administration wanted to get into Syria, and when they couldn’t garner public support, ISIS magically appears from nowhere.

          • Greg Hunter

            It is really hard not to fall victim to all the propaganda on all sides these days. This was a problem that was allowed to grow and that is a fact.

        • Mohammad


          No … It is not BS until Snowden himself tweets otherwise.

          Snowden is not a wimp, nor a shy person… He made stands that are controversial…yes ….but not Coward ones for sure.

          Now to say it is a propaganda by IRAN …?
          How dumb Iran do you think to put a PR campaign based on what you allege to be a false document THAT EASILY CAN BE REFUTED with one simple tweet by Snowden which ODDLY ENOUGH HE DID NOT MAKE SO FAR.

          Instead you rely on ONE TWEET from Glen…yes… He is some one related to him and said he did not hear him saying that nor saw a doc.

          IN YOUR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER’s INSTINCT, wouldn’t raise a flag or light a bulb when Snowden could easily fire a tweet early on during this VIRAL “rumor” but yet he does not?

          Also doesn’t raise a flag that the tweet from Glen is ambiguous can carry both faces:
          one i did not see nor heard him saying that leaving the door open to yes he said that but Glen was not aware of if that doc sees the light?
          Two he stands correct if that doc is buried.

          SO IN MY BOOK IT IS ONLY BS WHEN SNOWDEN HIMSELF SAYS IT IS BS, otherwise it holds water.
          And I thing you can agree that the alleged doc is so vital and went so viral for Snowden to ignore.

          HE DID NOT TWEET ANY THING ABOUT IT…THAT IS A FACT YOU CANNOT DISMISS…and it opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities.


          • Greg Hunter

            Post Snowden’s tweet. I have never heard him say this or have I read this charge was attributed to him.

            • Mohammad

              That is exactly my point, he is silent on some allegations that are so big so viral on the net, attributed to him by FARS as you said but yet HE DOES NOT SAY A WORD.

              Those allegations or docs or reports what have you do exist don’t they.
              And FARS linked them to Snowden and wikileaks.

              To me and to my mindset it is true until proven otherwise, MY OBSERVATIONS to SINI and GOLAN activities of ISIS goes along that.


        • Jerry

          Greg would you believe Rand Paul?

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Jerry, I would, but your charge was something that came from an Iranian News agency about the CIA training al-Baghdadi. Lots of propaganda flying around from all sides. I have long said the U.S. funded ISIS along with Saudi Arabia.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, the sad part is that if you, or anyone else IS right, it won’t make any difference, as it will be all over when it is “proven” you are right! Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Maybe the bitter cup passes from us, but if things get bad enough, earthly preparations won’t matter; best to lay up one’s treasures where moth cannot corrupt and thieves cannot break in and steal. You only get one life and only one death. Both must count. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      another nail in the coffin of the dollar, and this one is BIG!
      I hear they’re going online May 1st of this year, and you will be able to use it right along side Visa and MasterCard in the same scanner. What do you think will happen to the banks if the interest rates are exceptionally low on these cards?

  15. Rich

    JC is totally awesome. I agree that we are currently under God’s judgement.

  16. JC Davis

    Greg I am somewhat unclear if this year is the 49th year. The 7th of 7. As I have studied that there were more then 400 years when the Jews did not keep the Shemitah.
    Thank you so much for having Johnathan on. He is extremely active in his mission.

    • Emeth

      JC, here are a couple of other questions for Mr Cahn –
      > Where in the Bible does it says debts were forgiven on the 29th Elul? It does not, this is only a later Jewish tradition. The Bible states it was to be on the 7th year. Deut.15:9,12, when the land and the people were to have rest (Sabbath), and debts were to be forgiven and indebted servants released. (The Jubilee related to the release of indebted land and owners of that encumbered land, a different principle, see Lev.25 etc)
      > I think Cahn believes the year commences in the 7th Month Ethanim/Tishri, whereas the Bible clearly states that it was to begin in Abib/Nisan. (Read Carefully the following two references; Exod.12:2 – Passover month, which is the first month, was to be the beginning of the year. Lev.25:20-22 where the blessings of the 6th year increase were to last till the ninth year. When you lay out the agricultural harvests you will understand what this means, according to the instructions in Exod.12:2.
      The Jews later on introduced the idea of a ‘religious year’ and a ‘civil year’, thereby miss-understanding and miss-representing the law.
      My last comment is that Mr Cahn’s numbers are a bit rubbery … in one breath he speaks of exactitude, where as in other places he is moving his calculations around +/- 1 year to make the dates line up.
      I personally agree with the relevance of the seven year cycle, but its primary reference is to Israel and God’s purpose with them. Their restoration and Jerusalem’s redemption is certainly tied to it. However, to extrapolate it to the USA, as a Godly nation, is a huge stretch, In my opinion……

      • Charles H.


        The only reference that could apply to the USA is a nation to provoke to jealousy – Deut. 32:21 – “They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move then to jealousy with those which are not a people; and I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.” In that time America was not a people, let alone Christianity: but as a nation- we have been the envy of Israel. This is as close to fitting into prophesy as I think we can safely say. And to recognize America with the leadership we have now, and all the irresponsibility: we certainly are foolish. Nothing else in Scripture would fit our situation; and lacking any more description, it is certain that the USA does NOT play a recognizable part in the future. The USA only plays a part in human history as a catalyst to future events.
        As to cycles – the world is made up of them – lunar; yearly; daily. There should be no surprise at coincidences found in cycles.
        What I wish to emphasize is that there is a natural division between Israel and Christianity. Though the New Testament is the completion of the Old Testament, in continuation: distinctions between the two must be observed. Promises made to the Jew, God’s chosen people have covenants and promises of God, that Christians cannot rightfully claim – and their redemption is yet to come. Our (Christian) redemption is present to those born-again Believers; and realizable to Jews who will embrace Jesus Christ as Messiah. God is NOT done with Israel; and Christians are not the “new” Jew. Replacement Theology is wrong. Lots of comments suggest this theme. Not that I sense that of you – but wanted to make a clarification here as opportune.

        • Emeth

          Thanks Charles, yes I agree, replacement theology is dead wrong, and everyone who embraces it is blinded to the reality of what the scriptures say. While Deut 32, ‘Moses’ Song of Witness’ is really only to the Jews, the type or pattern of it can be applied to other people, in a secondary sense, who are called spiritual Jews (Rom.2:28-29), ie. Christians. All faithful believers are the true heirs of the Abrahamic promise (Gal.3:26-29), which means that they will inherit the what was promised, along with Abraham and all the faithful (Heb.11:39-40). This is why the promised land is so important, and why it will become the ‘burdensome stone’ spoken of in Zech.12:2-14.

          • Charles H.


            I would only precise the idea that the ‘better thing for us’ (Heb. 11:40) signals a personal and immediate salvation, in this dispensation of Grace. The Jews as a race and a nation, still laboring under the Law; and seeking to re-establish Temple worship and animal blood sacrifices – God will save corporately at a future time: in a day, after the alter is desecrated by the anti-christ, the heart of every Jew will do what it refuses to do now: recognize Jesus Christ as Messiah.
            And Romans 2:28,29 – qualifies the true condition of a Jew, discounting the flesh and the Law. Although we also fit this description – fulfilling the righteousness of the Law by the spirit of faith: we do not become a Jew by the circumcision of the heart. Jews can become Christians; but Christians cannot become Jews, even spiritually. It may seem nit-picky: but the nomenclature implies or suggests something I believe is misleading. The Jews spiritually are dead as long as they refuse Jesus Christ as their Messiah. How then are we spiritually Jews?
            I understand the desire to closely identify with God’s People: but we are the wild olive branch, grafted-in. We gain life from the tree (promises); but our fruit is different.
            And, personally, Emeth – you are a top commentator.

            • Emeth

              Charles, the only comment I would make is the ‘the Jew’ is often spoken of in the Bible in the ‘ideal’ sense, as a true son of Abraham, that is, he has the same faith and hope as Abraham. The other way the word ‘Jew’ is used depicts the narrow minded, prejudiced, law justifying nationalist of those times. Jesus favors the first but rejected the second. The Heb.11:39-40 reference must have some bearing upon V13 -> the hope of all is in the resurrection.

  17. chip

    Great interview! Let’s have more. All the best Greg… Chip

  18. gardener1

    I was really interested in what this guy had to say since I knew it would be out of the ordinary pro/con/ this that and the other economics. I’m open to fringe theories of how things work.

    But I made less than 5 minutes into the video and closed it out. Raving lunatics who cannot collect their thoughts and convey them coherently, do not good interviewees make.

    This video was unwatchable. No matter what his message might have been. Good grief.

  19. Gabriel Parsley

    Good morning. I would like to leave a comment about Mr. Cahn and USAwatchdog in general. I have been a regular listener for several years now, and I have found this site to be tremendously enlightening, and I believe Greg is doing a fantastic service by bringing true investigative journalism to the forefront once again. However, with respect to Mr. Cahn, I truly think that his presentation of the facts supporting his argument are questionable. I’ll give two reasons for my statement. First, anyone could go back in history and identify an occurence every seven years and claim that it is part of a system or cycle. Bad things happen every year, and it would be easy to cherry pick any bad thing and place it on a seven year cycle. Second, America may be the most powerful and influential nation on earth, but it doesn’t mean that America has or ever had God’s blessing. As noble as our founding fathers were, they were very much men of their time with all the warts that entails. Now, to the site in general. Although this site does a fantastic job at showing general government lies, propoganda and misinformation, it does a relatively poor job at pointing out its own inaccuracies. For instance, regular guest John Williams is an honest and diligent man, but he has been predicting hyperinflation for 5 years now. Yet no effort is made to point out how wrong he’s been, and people continue to make huge economic decisions based on his advice. People are free to do as they choose with their resources, but a token effort should be made to point out their track record. Thanks, and best wishes.

    • Sid

      Umm, are you saying that the crashes of 2001 and 2008 falling on the exact biblical date of Elul 29 was cherry-picking?

  20. Mike Gunther

    I know you are going to take some heat for having this guest on, but Thanks, and God Bless!

    • Mike

      I as a rule have made a decision to avoid religious discussion.
      I am going to make an exception here.

      I consider myself a christian. I also as a christian have grave concerns about organized religion as too often religion gets in the way of facts. I say this because religious beliefs often cause some to act in an unchristian way.

      This guest obviously has an opinion and he has made a conscious decision to share his opinion. Greg also has not only a belief in his GOD but feels that he needs to allow this type of discussion to be part of the mix here.

      So be it.

      If this type of guest has little value to offer one , then that is a decision we make as individuals.

      I would tend to agree that the message is clear to many without the slant of religion to it.

      But again, we need to tolerate and accept the belief of others even if it is not perfectly aligned with ours.

      No need to apologize to anyone Greg for your choice of guests.

      To some this guest makes sense and that is all that matters.

      The search for the truth and knowledge should never end.

      Being tolerant of others has its merits.

  21. Mike

    There are so many Canaries in the coal mine out there that it is a wonder why people can still believe in anything they see or read on the MSM.

    The level of desperation moves I am seeing today in Europe and the West telegraph to me that they are losing control.

    At some point likely this year we will reach critical velocity.

    When that happens we will wake up one morning to a nightmare situation.

    Thank God for people of principle like Greg Hunter.

    • Kerry

      I am reminded of the poem Ozymandias by Shelley:

      I met a traveller from an antique land
      Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
      Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
      Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
      And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
      Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
      Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
      The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
      And on the pedestal these words appear:
      ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
      Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
      Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
      Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

      And another version by his friend Smith:

      In Egypt’s sandy silence, all alone,
      Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
      The only shadow that the Desert knows:—
      “I am great OZYMANDIAS,” saith the stone,
      “The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
      “The wonders of my hand.”— The City’s gone,—
      Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
      The site of this forgotten Babylon.
      We wonder,—and some Hunter may express
      Wonder like ours, when thro’ the wilderness
      Where London stood, holding the Wolf in chace,
      He meets some fragment huge, and stops to guess
      What powerful but unrecorded race
      Once dwelt in that annihilated place.

      Even the greatest empires eventually fall. We should all be prepared for whatever happens in 2015 or next year or the next. What difference does it make if we know the day or hour? Would that make the pain any less?

  22. paul

    Jonathan Cahn says “we need to be aware” because in September we enter the year of the Shemitah (Sept 2015 to Sept 2016) … according to Cahn the beginning of the Shemitah Sept 2015 could be very un-dramatic . . . if something is going to happen this cycle, the pattern is that it happens toward the end of the cycle near Sept 2016.

    Most associate the “great shaking” that is to come to be a financial event where banks fail and all our credit card debt disappears as the quadrillion derivative implosion takes place … however (just like Israel the nation was destroyed when it turned from God in the past) the “new Israel” (the US nation) could also be “physically destroyed” for turning away from God … in a great cataclysm when Yellowstone erupts! … seven years of tribulation will follow God’s Judgement … good people elsewhere who can foresee the “physical consequences” for mans immorality, lies and deceit … must take precautions now against such a worldwide cataclysm that will follow from a Yellowstone super volcanic explosion … and begin storing enough food and water to last for 7 years!!

    • Sid

      According to Mr. Cahn the shemitah already began in 2014 and will end in Sept. 2015.

      • paul

        So we have even less time to prepare!

    • http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=HN.607990300973599883&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0A R M A G E D D O N ?

      Paul, If you run into Yogi or Smokey bear, warn them to get out of Jelly, er, Yellow Stone, as soon as possible! Better a day early, than a minute late, yaba daba doo and don’t ferget, only you, can prevent prevent forest, /”wild” fires!

  23. archivesDave

    Bravo Greg, Bravo!
    We need to heed the advice of this man along with what Mark Biltz has laid out for us.

    • Sid

      From a religious perspective it is interesting that both Mr. Cahn and Mr. Biltz are messianic Jews. The bible says the Jews are the oracles of God. (Romans 3:1-2)

    • JC Davis

      Thank you Dave. Wonderful information. Note : Allen Ols, Jerry, Art Barnes, and all others that there names are written in the lambs book of life. Keep the faith.

    • John

      According to Mr. Can the current Shemitah began September 29, 2014 and will end September 13, so we are approaching the midway point.

  24. Charles Peden

    Dear Greg:

    You of all people must have a sense of the enormity of the transformation that the world is about to undergo with your many insightful and truly prophetic guests. You have been steadfast these many years probably knowing the need for people to understand the truth of the situation in which they find themselves. You are the true journalist, the true reporter, the reason that freedom of the press was enshrined in the constitution of the United States. With the great changes we are about to encounter, this free exchange from afar will probably end. God bless you Greg, and those like you.

    Charles Peden

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles Peden,
      Thank you for the very kind words of support. Yes sir, the change coming will be enormous and I hope people are ready on all

      • Sid

        A few years ago Ben Davies wrote an article ‘Debt: There is no jubilee.’ If I recall correctly, he said only a Jubilee could resolve the world debt problem.
        Then Michael Pento wrote a 2012 article for King World News discussing the devastation a Jubilee would do to the markets entitled:
        ‘No More Exits, We Are Already Past The Point Of No Return’.
        I cannot find it online. But I saved a pdf for myself.

    • Rich

      Ditto that for me as well.

      Totally awesome tying everything back to the only real source of the truth. We are living through a spiritual battle. Money can not fix this one. I mean we can just consider two examples for how this will end – Nineveh and Sodom & Gomorrah. One repented and turned from their wicked ways and one did not. I fear the US today is the latter.

  25. mike

    Well, wasn’t this 7 yr cycle that Christine Lagarde was talking about in her spooky speach last year?? In her numerology monologue????? Trying to warn the elites as per their agreement?
    Tic Toc Bust!

  26. allen ols



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comments and support Allen!

  27. Art Barnes

    Greg, America has abandoned the Christian faith for the most part, accepting political correctness as its new religion. God knows this is a violation of His statutes & will judge accordingly, even a blind man can see America will never turn back to God but continue along till the “new religion” & its resulting culture destroys a once great Christian blessed nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Art.

    • Rich

      Amen. Right on comment.

    • Alf Cranston

      Art ,
      We understand that mankind is deep into the dark night of spiritual blindness and alienation from God that will lead to the destruction of this system of things. (Romans 13:12; 2 Corinthians 4:4) During this nighttime, any glimmerings of hope that mankind can somehow bring about peace and security are like those illusory gleamings of dawn that are followed only by still darker times. A genuine dawn is approaching—the dawn of Christ’s Millennial Reign over this earth. But as long as the night lasts, we must follow the lead of the watchmen, foremost of which is our own dear brother Greg and of course Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, by staying spiritually alert and courageously announcing the nearness of the end of this corrupt system of things.—1 Thessalonians 5:6.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, man simply can’t stand prosperity. Hubris takes over everytime. It’s that simple. Best always. PM

  28. Alf Cranston

    Happily, the Creator, Jehovah God, has established a Kingdom that will ensure the future security of the entire earth.—Daniel 2:44;

    New Living Translation
    “During the reigns of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered. It will crush all these kingdoms into nothingness, and it will stand forever. http://biblehub.com/daniel/2-44.htm

    Matthew 6:10;

    New Living Translation
    May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

  29. Doc Tenure

    What’s next, stock market predicted at the Pyramid of Giza? Crop circles predict fall of the petrodollar? Tarot cards shows the end of oxygen on 2/26/15. This guest, and dozens more on your channel belong on Coast to Coast AM, not on a channel that wants to be taken seriously. They want to hawk their snake oil, I’ll tune in only when PCR is on. Just because a guest emphatically believes in something does not make a belief a fact, most beliefs based upon conjecture are delusions. Unreal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cahn is a best-selling book author and I try to book the best guests I can get with a wide variety of views. If you don’t like that then there are many other free sites you can go to.

      • Great answer Greg! It took a lot of courage for you to put on such a controvercial guest. The wide variety of opinions is what makes your site the very best! People will always find the Christian faith offensive. So glad you won’t let that stop you. Open minded discourse is a good thing. Thankyou so much for being willing to take the heat.

      • mike

        Thanks for telling these trolls like it is.
        And there will nothing like telling them later “i told you so”
        Keep it up!

      • Joel Wands

        That is absolutely correct! The beauty of living in America is the multitude of free choices that we have. Be confident that time will show all of our opinions to be incorrect to a greater or lesser degree as future truth unfolds. It is amazing to me that those who claim to ‘oppose prejudice’ of other conflicting viewpoints, are the most intolerant and unpleasant folks of all!

    • Rich

      Uhhh, um. Maybe that also applies to your belief /disbelief?

    • Jeremy


      Putting aside any religious beliefs, you should check out Cahn’s free Youtube videos on the nine things (harbingers) he discovered since the 9/11 event.

      I think even an atheist might be blown away.

      Cahn is a minister so he has a religious spin on things but process what he found without a religious spin and decide for yourself if it’s all a coincidence.

      He & PCR are closer in alignment than it may appear if you don’t overemphasize the religious part .

  30. Constance

    A very good book discussing the ISIL war, the coming Mideast Israeli regional war and the economic crises; how these things are converging and where they are headed. “2015 in Prophecy A World in Crisis” can be found at https://www.createspace.com/5307189 or at your national Amazon Book Store by searching for the title.

  31. dan eckstrom

    A Great Shaking and Collapse is Coming-Jonathan Cahn

    What he describes could be considered “fundamental transformation” of America, which we were promised in 2008

    • R Brown

      The money changers have changed our national production economy par excellance into the premier financial house of cards, and Babylon. But it’s in the Bible and so it’s part of a higher master plan of God.

      • Charles H.

        And don’t they just skip-over how the Lord Jesus Christ handled and accused the money-changers in the Temple?!?? And God’s plan is running on-time.

  32. ConcernedAmericanDad

    WOW! One of your most riveting interviews ever! One thing I’ve concluded on my journey down the rabbit hole is that there are no coincidences. Some of Jonathan’s explanations of events and their place on the timeline are staggering. When he got to Washington and his dedication of the nation in NY, my thoughts immediately went to the Double-Decker bus tour we’d taken our kids on and beautiful little church mostly hidden under the shade of beautiful mature tree cover……..and only just around the block……

  33. eddielaidler

    Impeccable interview! I encourage everyone to catch Johnathan Cahn on YouTube. This is not a small topic and your talents really showed by how you led this piece Greg. There is something about Messianic Jews and Christians coming together that just gives me hope. Thank You so much Greg.

  34. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for the interview. I completely disagree with your guest, a sympathetic good hearted man, but in my view/knowledge misguided by religions. ‘God is turning away from America, as God will strike the USA, get in order with God’, he said. The people fell asleep and were conned very slowly into the present financial system, which is the revenue from not being engaged anymore in idealistic things, the crash is manmade, nothing there from the spirit world. The comeback of Jesus Christ (JC), once playing the role of JFK, after the collapse will just advice to learn from made mistakes, to avoid a replay of history, as he did in his role as JFK. JFK’s speech; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2n32lr93S4

    ‘When Israel turned away from God, it got destroyed’, he said. It’s putting two events together, but there is no proof for causality, as I know the Love Circles in the spirit world don’t destruct for punishment. The turning away from common sense in general produces problems, nothing new there, not to blame on a belief system, or the so called God. The spirit world joined the warfare in this one world, as it was clear that spiritual inspirations would get altered for the power, an power obsessed world, as it is.

    JC denied the Israeli religious bodies of thoughts, as they executed him for that. By that, the spirit world is in war with the Jewish religious bodies of thoughts (as with all religions the spirit world seeded by the skilled key player JC, once the prophet Mohammed, pbuh), and therefore the Israeli, as it became personally involved by JC’s execution. The spirit world cheered the USA for fitting the most important protocol: the freest place on earth, as JC gave his life (expected before reincarnation, executive order 11110, banking cabal) gladly for the USA in his role of JFK, as the Cuba crisis had to be managed at the same time, the military wanted to go full blown nuclear. JFK (JC) signed executive order 11110, making silver money again, a left message disappearing in the dustbin of history, JC (JFK later on) went somewhat violent on the early day money changers, as the financial system is a key ingredient in the world, it should be Honest.

    The spirit world favors no one, but still love the American people, as their morality also went somewhat into the sewer, which is sad, not so lovely. The spirit world advises to wake up from that. ‘If we (the USA) don’t turn back to God, we will not be the head of nations anymore’, he said. The spirit world doesn’t favor one nation above the other, as they (me too) advocate one world, preferably no borders, one language to keep it simple, as the holy land principle is nationalism and chauvinism. The turning away from the manmade single God idea plays into the hand of the comeback of JC, as he advocates common sense. Religions are actually fear based belief systems, ‘if you don’t this and that, then God will punish’. Free will, and freedom are the number one protocols in the spirit world, together with Love and Honesty. Fear is the worst advisor ever. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will simply have to write your own best-selling book on the subject.

      • Bob Lamb

        Good reply

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?


      F E A R_N O T !

  35. Joe Gee

    Good day Greg…….Thanks for having Jonathan Cahn on your show. He is a watchman blowing the horn..to wake up American to God’s coming judgement on America in September 14th 2015 ..The day is Rosh Hashanah…Today is the day of salvation! for tomorow will be too late!

  36. Larry

    Well Greg, you have done it again. You have brought to your site a biblical view of the world and how cycles foretell future economic activity through Johnathan Cahn’s
    writings. Putting up the biblical perspective along side of actual happenings in the world paints a more complete picture. Good job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry.

  37. Top Hat

    Greg, once again you are introducing your audience to the cutting edge truth. I applaud your interviewing Jonathan Cahn.

    If read, both books are eye-opening to the person truly interested in historical truth. Dates are dates and facts and happenings are as is. Whether one chooses to accept and act accordingly is a different issue, but no one can argue with all the 911 info.

    Thanks again Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Top Hat.

      • Sid

        Critics say the weakest part of Jonathan Cahn’s argument is linking the U.S. to ancient Israel because the U.S. is a ‘secular’ nation that never was under a Covenant with God as was ancient Israel.
        But there have long been proponents (such as the late Herbert W. Armstrong) that insisted the U.S. and Britain are in fact descended from ancient Israel. This view is also mocked by the mainstream. Still it offers a more solid explanation why God would bother striking the U.S. (and Britain)
        The Assyrians defeated ancient Israel and took the nation captive. Back then there were actually two Israelite kingdoms: Judah to the south, and Israel to the north. After their capture by Assyria, Israel became known as ‘The Lost Ten Tribes’ and disappeared from history.
        Just read the promises made to the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Mannaseh. They foresee a later rise to world prominence and the U.S. and Britain fit the descriptions closely. Ancient Israel never was a mighty world power.
        Glenn Beck recently addressed this topic:

        • Paul from Indiana

          Sid, if you are of the Church, you are part of the covenant, particularly the new and everlasting covenant. These are sealed at baptism and confirmation. Britain and the USA have a special responsibility as world leaders. To whom much is given, much is expected. Best always. PM

  38. Mohammad


    Very inspiring interview, and aside from numbers of 7’s which oddly were on the dot I can say that the most striking statement your guest made was, those calamities happen to nations that deviate from god, people in Syria know first hand now what it means when they stay away from god and do not listen to the god fearing people.
    GREAT INSPIRING INTERVIEW, and I hope like he said that the shake up will bring people back to god although they are accelerating now in the opposite direction, last of which the lean way supreme court gave to the great sin to be legalized, and nothing destroys nations like that particular sin that the supreme court seems to be heading towards committing it legally.

    On a side note Greg,
    I know you are a christian like most of the audience here, and I know what it means to have christians killed by ISIS, I feel the pain, but please bear in mind that we muslims are suffering more than christians from ISIS, you love facts i know that, so if you go back to numbers and count how many sunni’s were slaughtered by ISIS you will be shocked, and the most gruesome crime committed by ISIS was burning a sunni muslim alive. So please try to include us muslims under the victims when you mention ISIS and not to relate those criminals act only to christians. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS to those terrorists that have HOODS and unleashed, financed, trained and mobilized around the world by major intelligence agencies.
    And please accept my note and consider it from some one who admires your work and has a great respect to you personally, to your blog and to the professionalism of your work.


    • Glen


      I appreciate your comments and insight.
      This is quite a perplexing issue.
      Helpful to me was the recent article in “THE ATLANTIC” by Graeme Wood
      regarding ISIS and the Radical Muslim/Muslim quandary. March 2015 edition.

      Their issue appears to be any person who fails to follow their doctrine which dictates equal opportunity massacre candidates.

    • Kerry

      Mohammed-The despicable acts by ISIS should make all feeling people horrified. Evil is evil whether caused by Muslims, Christians, or Jews. I am so sorry for the innocent victims of any religion who are subjected to this terrorism. It is a sign of the times. Turning away from God and choosing evil will merit punishment, eventually. Romans 19:12 “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

  39. JavaK

    Im done. Thanks for the many great interviews up until recently. Cheers

    • Greg Hunter

      Go in peace my friend.

      • Jerry

        Greg Isn’t it funny how people turn off by the mere mention of God? Once I was on a plane that was getting ready to crash. You would have thought we were having a religious revival on that plane when people realized that they were getting ready to meet their death. I’m pretty sure many of them were atheist. They talk big until that moment comes. By the grace of God the pilot was able to land it safely.

        • Greg Hunter

          Atheist’s really get me because according to them we both believe in nothing. Can’t figure out why they get so angry.

          • allen ols

            Jim Willie calculated a 61.85 billion to one chance of this 7 yr shemetiah happening by coinincidence sp?

          • paul

            We have to explain to Atheists that their belief in “nothing” is actually a belief in God the Father … who out of nothing (himself) created the physical universe … just as mathematically we can create a (+1) and a (-1) out of zero (0). God the Father created all the matter of the universe (protons +1 and electrons -1) from himself !

          • Mason

            Hi Greg,
            I don’t agree with JavaK. But I don’t think he is angry. The only reason I am chipping in is because I want to try help you make sense of it because you say “Atheist’s realy get me” and “you can’t figure out why they get so angry”. I hope, by now, you recognize my name in the sense that you know this is coming from someone who loves the USAWatchdog site and your work (and agrees with you much of the time, but not always).

            First, I would like to say I think it is a pity that JavaK can’t ignore the stuff he disagrees with and just welcome the really really good stuff USAWatchdog brings. I also think it is a pity that he followed many great interviews as he says, and only speaks out now, and is done just like that (ok, he disagreed with Lord Moncktion but just put that aside). I don’t know JavaK and I don’t care for him, but I know you after viewing a lot of your USAWatchdog-interviews and wrap-ups, and I know you are an integer person and an excellent journalist.

            O.k., here goes: I view myself as an agnostic person bordering on atheism. Meaning that I believe in nothing, but I can’t really prove it so I am not sure. I truly wish there were something, but unfortunately I also think there is nothing. I don’t like it at all, but that’s the way it is from my perspective.

            With regard to JavaK: I don’t think he is angry. If he is an atheist, I think that he is “done” because atheists in general – in my opinion – don’t really care what other people believe but the thing is that they stop taking other people seriously when these other people make (economic, financial or other) predictions based on religious texts. I know this is true for me. I don’t mind or care what someone believes, but I just cannot listen to a person who quotes a religious text and who simultaneously does an economic prediction AND simultaneously take that person seriously. It’s impossible for me. A atheist or agnostic wants predictions based the cold hard facts (as he sees it anyway), and not a belief-system. I don’t get angry, or something like that. I can even become friends with that person. But I just don’t take that person seriously on that subject. That’s all.

            [That said, from my perspective, I think the Bible can function as an historical reference text if you don’t take it too literal, but that aside]

            Like I said, I don’t agree with JavaK. One thing that I think he misses is that one of the many great things of your site is the diversity of your guests. Another thing he misses is that he apparently doesn’t distinguish between the interviewer and the guest. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the guest or not: just interview him. That is all that matters. I did not particularly like Cahn, but that’s ok, I’ll skip this one, and from my point of view, you’ll have a great guest on next time.

            I hope I have been of some help in making sense of it. Lastly, I hope you don’t lump all atheists under the same heading or do the same with agnostic people. I know I don’t do that with regard to Christian people.

            Cheers mate, in any case keep up your excellent work,

      • allen ols



    • wd


      Its too bad you are so small minded. You shloud be aware that this is a pro- God/ pro Christian site. There have been a few interviews that I have not agreed with on this site.

      Catherine Austin Fitts comes to my mind. I dont care for her I think she completely did a 180 degree turn, but I still come back to this web site. Furthermore, the bible is all about 7 year cycles, both old and new testament.

      If this is all it takes for you to “be done” …then goodbye farewell and good riddance.

      Make sure you are keeping up the Kardashian whores…

    • Mohammad


      Listening to other minds won’t hurt.
      What is in my mind i already know, what’s in others’ I won’t know if i do not listen.
      God gave us two ears and one mouth.
      So we hear more than we talk.


  40. vincent_g

    Now this is new.

    I heard of the pig cycle and others but a Shemitah cycle is not one I was aware of.
    I do have one question as I see Mr. Cahn listed as a Rabbi and as a Christian minister.
    Which is it?

    Looks like interesting reading and anything that improves the morality is a big plus.

  41. Wim

    Greg, the day I write my story is nearing I guess. I realize I sometimes, from a daily life perspective, posted tin foil hat like stories, which I sometimes afterwards regretted somewhat, which subsided, but for the first time ever I began to post on the internet, since recently on your site Greg. The comeback of JC is me, I can’t prove it, but something impressive is brewing for over a decade now, possibly/probably a grand unravelling in the making. I woke up spiritually in the evening of Saturday July the 5th of 2003, the spiritual sources acknowledging the regressions arising from my defrosting spiritual memory, as the spirit world assisted me in my spiritual awakening process.

    Exactly nine months later, fun playing the nonsense immaculate birth, a Grand Game kicked off around me on April the 5th of 2004, as I told no one about it all, being flubbercasted with it, used to that Grand Game by now, periodically getting crazy of contemplating how they got informed, and who the peep/peep/peep they are. Remembering that sentiment, reoccurring from time to time, I confront it with humor, as in the life of Brian, always look at the bright side of life, brilliant English humor with all these guys on a cross, a perfect one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep9Vzb6R_58

    August and September of 2008, the observing networks were interacting intensely. At the time of the ongoing crash I told them, voiced like a marine, having no idea who they are, ‘it’s a computer game, just type in the needed numbers, move to The Hague now’. To avoid a disastrous rioting bloody mess by a sudden Grand Collapse, buying time. On that very moment they shut down the interactions via my TV, which they sometimes take over, and so on, and so on. It definitely created the feeling that they engaged on my advice/instruction. That afternoon, the Dutch government was on TV, as normally they get their coffee, and so on, served by someone in lackey like cloths. That afternoon, it was very unusual, never happens, a guy in blue security cloths, handing out little notes to the members of government. Shortly after that, the Dutch financial minister, Wouter Bos, rescued the banks, being the first in the world, as the rest followed suit. I advised (talking to the unknown networks) that Dutch Minister to leave politics, as in case my story might ever explode one day, the Dutch government is very sour, as they criminally sabotaged where they could the past 11 years, stories beyond the imagination. Shortly after that, Wouter Bos completely unexpectedly left politics. Do I know it all was coincidence, the answer is no, I do not know, but regarding the massive amounts of impressive experiences of the past 11 years, I reckon/guess it was literally true, like it went and felt. I never engaged in it all (yet), as I do not know who these networks are, and what their agendas are.

    From the moment on Greg, the networks will show themselves to you, that will probably be the kick off where I start to write my story, as my fingers itch by now, considering to jump the gun, which I exclude till now, for well over a decade. When I woke up spiritually, I felt ‘patience’ would be the main thing, acknowledged by my main guiding spirit, who I began to call ‘the old Indian’, as he is a wise one, a very skilled player in the spirit world, as at times an huge number of them join me, to keep me going with it, as I have a contradictious state of mind with it all from time to time, as I did it all myself, knowing before I reincarnated. ‘Live to tell a tale’ Madonna’s song a long time ago, as it got renewed in 2006, Madonna arising on a cross ‘live to tell a tale’. If I live long enough, I surely have A Tale To Tell, Dear World, far beyond your imagination. Madonna’s magnificent clip; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2Tda51Gog
    ‘A man can tell a thousand lies, I learned my lessons well’, as I feel that sentiment in the past Millennia in this one world. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

  42. Laura


    Thanks for this interview and sounding the trumpet, once again.

    The USA is like the prodigal son… we’ve been given much wealth and we’ve squandered it. Let’s just pray that when we are wallowing with the pigs, we’ll come to our senses and run back to our Father.

  43. Thomas

    A new low Greg, you are becoming nothing more then a fear pimp, and now you throw this garbage in? Let’s stay on target here, it’s about the financial status of the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t share your opinion as I booked a best-selling author with 2 million copies sold and counting. You are welcome to start a site and show us all how it is done. It’s easy.

    • Jerry

      This is much bigger than finance. Who do think controls the banks?
      Study up on the City of London Corporation and educate yourself on its history, and what the plan for the New World Order really is. Greg is right having this interview, because it fits into the grand scheme.

  44. Will

    It will continue until it can’t.

  45. JC Davis

    After reading the comments I am very shocked that such intelligent folks are not able to see the spiritual side of all life is what gives, and takes life . Three things agree Water, Blood, and Spirit. I would dread the day I could not awake to cast all cares on my God Jesus. For without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. What is a man without hope ? Hopeless. What is a man without faith, and love? Unfaithful, and unlovable. Open your eyes America or the Almighty will assist you in it.

  46. Hugh Gibbs

    Your weekly “Wrap-Ups” closing slogan, “Fear Not” is most suited for your site. Without FEAR you post interviews twice weekly. Some I agree with and some I don’t. That’s what’s so great about your site …. I don’t have to agree all of your guest. And certainly I do not find need to dismiss your site for lack of complete and total agreement. Good Job Greg!

  47. James III

    Hi Greg; I believe you are one of the most open minded of the internet press, and i feel you are one of the ‘good guys’ ….I tend to withold judgement when it comes to matters religous (….’might be, might not be’ …..) …but i do believe there are undercurrents that cultures feel without understanding . I do have difficulty when the undercurrent is organized to fit a pre-existing viewpoint, eg religion. This difficulty grows in light of the track record of a large number of religious organizations….who seem to be more concerned with telling others how to live, while forgetting the vital role of the spirit and how we all fit in the greater cosmos. I know the world is going to crap in a handbasket, and i don’t need a biblical perspective to muddy the water. That said, i applauud your open minded approach…..i will be back for your next interview….
    Best regards

  48. Chris

    I read Cahn’s Harbinger a years ago and he has some interesting perspectives. Some of the comments here are very revealing as to the root issue with our world. The rejection of God. Everyone knows that God exist and many choose to suppress the truth – to their destruction.

    Yes it is very obvious that we are on the brink. No one knows the timing of when it all goes hot but few doubt the ultimate event.

    This is a period of opportunity for the hard hearted unbeliever to wake up.

    Greg, you have been consistent with your site, and have presented timely and relevant interviews for which I thank you.

  49. marconi314

    Thanks for having Jonathan on, Greg. Fascinating!

    I’ve read both of his books and have watched and STUDIED his DVD documentary called, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and he puts together a VERY compelling case that this nation is in a period of “probation” that – as we drift further from God – we potentially face a horrible set of events as He pulls His hand of guidance and blessing away from this nation.

    For anyone who is not only a Christian, but one who knows their bible very well, they will find his research and conclusions to be nothing short of fascinating. Read the books, watch the DVD, and do your RESEARCH. God very well may be giving insight to those who are watching and praying (Luke 21:36).

  50. James Hastings

    Loved it. Watched it twice. Being a “Bible based” christian, the old and new testament share events to come, are filled with economic advise and explain why we exist. When a pervert talks up his lifestyle…I ignore him. I wonder why others find it necessary to criticize christians? I came to the conclusion it’s guilt….That liberal foundation they hide.

    Great interview. I believe the future is, as discussed.

    “God has given them a spirit of stupor, Eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear, ….To this very day”

    • susan

      Greg, in seminary I had a Catholic nun who was an archeologist also. Everything I learned agreed with what Mr. Cahn said.

  51. John

    I’ll stick around. Great interview as always. I happened to like the guests’ message on being/getting right with the Almighty and ALWAYS, one should be prepared for bad times. I do not know the year, the month, the day, the hour, or the minute of the coming catastrophe but I know one is imminent; I do believe it is because we have turned our backs….just my belief.

    Greg is showing as many sides to the times as he possibly can. One can not agree with every interview Greg does as many have opposing views. I think it is great that Greg has the ability and the DESIRE to investigate and present all the sides that he can. I am grateful I have access to such coverage…you sure are not going to obtain this complete of coverage on these events anywhere else in one location!

    Thank you, Greg.

    …To the individual who thought this guest cherry-picked events after the fact…..I believe you would be hard pressed to find events of the magnitude presented by the guest in his timeline. Yes, bad things happen each year but thankfully, not as catastrophic as those presented as having occurred in the 7 year pattern.

    …To the individual who doesn’t believe our country was blessed by God. You may be right. However, if it was not blessed by God it certainly was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and teachings….actions, I assume, that would have been pleasing to a kind and beneficent Creator. I believe such a Creator would have looked favorably upon such a grand undertaking and yes, in my humble and unworthy opinion, blessed the results…the United States of America.

    • Charles H.


      I believe that God DID bless this nation – so far as His Word, the Holy Bible was read, honored, and promulgated throughout the world in missionary evangelism. Modern advances have removed most of the nation from any knowledge or practice of Biblical/moral standards. Those blessing are gone. His Hand of protection is gone for the proliferation of gross sin. Judgment is around the corner.

      • allen ols

        chas h

        u r correct!!!

  52. southern girl

    Greg, I have been following you for over a year trying to learn from the experts you bring on the web site. Through your site I have learned so many things about our financial disaster we are in. I only took Econ I in college and will never forget what the teacher said the first day, “You money is worth nothing if every body wakes up and knows it is not backed by anything.” Don’t remember much from college over 30 years ago, but that statement stuck with me.
    I was so pleased that you had Jonathan Cahn on. I found him through another site americaslastdays.blogspot.com I had to do some research and found what he said so truthful. I have been buying food, essentials, dehydrating, canning, storing water, etc. for 4 years. I concur with what he and you said about our nation. We have turned from God and in His great mercy He is calling us back. I also think it will be September 13, 2015. I believe that is the last day of the Shemitah. It falls on the weekend and guess they will have a bank holiday. I have been making dry runs to get money out of the bank, fill up the gas tank, etc. I know when the banks come down all of our money is gone. So I just have to figure out what it will be like when the system crashes. I don’t plan on going out for a while. I keep some cash at home and as little in the banks as possible. I just don’t know what will happen to our pensions. If the pensions fail I am not sure if we will get anything monthly. I know my pension is mostly in land, so hopefully I might see some monthly money coming in. I took all of my money out years ago and bought silver and gold. It is stored in a safe location so I can access it at anytime. I have tried to sound the alarm to family and friends but they are still stuck in normalcy bias and can’t hear me. Soren Kierkegaard said, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to BELIEVE what is NOT true; the other is to REFUSE TO ACCEPT what IS true.” Thanks Greg for all you have shared with everyone. I especially feel welcome at your site because I know you are a Christian.

    • Charles H.

      Wow! Good on ya. I’m hoping to begin Social Security this Fall – as I need it operationally. Otherwise I have done likewise; but to a much lesser extent.

      • allen ols

        So. Girl, chas h;

        I started SS 2 yrs ago, at 62, in order to get what i can. So. gal- good post!!

  53. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Vatican seeks to quell Mexican anger over pope’s drug remark

    Associated Press

    VATICAN CITY — The Vatican sought Wednesday to defuse a diplomatic tiff with Mexico after Pope Francis referred to the possible “Mexicanization” of his native Argentina from drug trafficking, the latest instance of Francis’ casual speaking style getting him into trouble


    Well were certainly happy about several Mexicanization’s of Michigan, avocados galore, Taco Bell, Del Taco and all the available fresh salsa you want and in Detroit, Mexicantown! Detroit’s Mexican population began settling in Mexicantown in the 1940s. The main thoroughfares are Bagley Street and Vernor Street. Meghan McEwen of Model D said “Nebulous are the borders of Mexicantown” and that “Some say it begins at the old train station and ends at Clark Park. Others passionately insist it includes Clark Park. More than a few people expand its spread all the way to Livernois.”Vince Murray, the executive director of Vince Murray, argued that the community could include Springwells Avenue and that the name “Mexicantown” may be too limiting. McEwen said “Perhaps even more important to defining the neighborhood, though, are its enviously unique traits and robust character, attracting visitors, as well as residents, from all over the state and even Canada.” McEwen also said “Mexicantown is a place where vibrantly colored buildings, decorated with even brighter murals and hand-painted signs, dot” Bagley and Vernor. As of 2011 there are many restaurants at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Vernor that cater to customers from the suburbs. Mcewen said “One might guess there are more restaurants per square foot than any other neighborhood in Detroit” A documentary called “A Journey to Mexico” was created, highlighting travels of people from two Mexican towns to the Mexicantown area of Detroit.

    From Cheran MICHOACÁN to Springfield MICHIGAN

    Springfield Michigan
    Springfield is a city in Calhoun County in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is part of the Battle Creek, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 5,189.
    Open Wikipedia article

    Cherán, Michoacán

    The municipio of Cherán is located in the Mexican state of Michoacán, which is situated in the central western portion of the Republic of Mexico and extends to the Pacific Shore.
    Open Wikipedia article

    Simple Guacamole sandwich;

    Grab some fresh salsa from the refrigerated section and some whole wheat mid-east pita bread, toast lightly, just warmed, cut avo lengthwise, remove pit, scoop out desired avo, add salsa desired, wrap and it’s a wrap, enjoy!

  54. Agent P

    Remember the 1970’s…? Hal Lindsey ring a bell…? I don’t deny for one moment that a great comeuppance for the corruption and moral decay of America is in the offing, but like the cycles Mr. Cahn speaks of, so attend the cycles of people with things to sell…

  55. Jerry

    China dumps 77 Billion U.S. Treasury Bonds!
    Hey Janet! Fire up the press! While you’re at it, call Fidel and see if Cuba can help us out since Belgium doesn’t want to buy anymore. I’m sure he’ll be glad to help. LOL

    • JMiller


      That article makes several mistakes. There is no evidence that China is dumping or selling bonds. That article says that China dumped $77 billion in bonds in the last six months of 2014 is WRONG. The report that is used in the article that claims to show that China dumped $77 billion in bonds actually shows that China purchased LESS Longer-term Treasury bonds in the last six months of 2014 not that they sold $77 billion in bonds as I will show.

      First, that article says that back in November of 2013 China announced it was ending its purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds. THAT IS NOT TRUE! That is not what China said. According to that article’s source (Seeking Alpha) China is said to stop increasing its foreign currency reserves. China never said that they were going to specifically stop buying Treasuries. According to Seeking Alpha, China’s foreign currency reserves not only includes Treasuries but also includes U.S. agencies, U.S. corporate debt, U.S. equities and other non-U.S. assets.

      If China is no longer buying Treasuries, as that article you posted states, then why did the amount of China’s Treasury holdings increase in January, May and August of 2014 according to the Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasuries report?


      Here is where that article about China dumping 77 billion in bonds makes the big mistake. That article states the following:

      “the Federal Reserve published their Treasury International Capital (TIC) report for the period from July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. The report shows that China dumped $76.9 billion, or about 6% of total US bond holdings in the last six months of 2014.”

      THAT IS FALSE! That report just shows Foreign Net Purchases of U.S. Long-Term Securities only. The Treasury International Capital (TIC) report shows that China was a net purchaser of Long-term Treasuries in each of the last three quarters of 2014. China still bought Long-term Treasuries each quarter but cut back the amount that they purchased in the last six months of 2014 compared to the second quarter of 2014 by more than half. China certainly was not dumping bonds according to this report. Here is that report that the article refers to.


      When looking at the Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Treasuries report, which I gave earlier, we see that China’s total holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell by only $24 billion in the last six months of 2014 for a decline of about 2% of the total. A big difference than the $77 billion or 6% as stated in that article. What I found out was that China in the last six months of 2014 has increased their purchases of Long-term Treasuries while decreasing the amount that they hold of Short-term Treasuries, probably as those bonds matured.

  56. Anne Elliott

    Wow; great interview and advice – get right with God and get ready! God’s word has much instruction for all of us, and I’m so glad Mr. Cahn is willing to share his knowledge about it! God bless Mr. Cahn and you Greg, for all you do to help us!

  57. boyd

    Just a personal note to you Greg…didn’t think anyone would have the stones to do such an interview…well done my boy… ( : I had had the sequence of events for years, and knew of the biblical debt release, but had never joined the dots. What is happening is clearly prophetic, and Jonathan’s research is compelling. FYI, here is what I had for some years now…
    1938, foundation for American Century
    1945, passing of the baton of power from Britain to USA
    1952, completion of consolidation of power in the US, the very pinnacle, 4% mortgages, 2% interest rates
    1959? as Jim Willie suggests, possibly Cuban missile crisis
    1966-removal of silver from US coinage (debasement)
    1973-with Nixon taking US off gold in Aug 71, birth of petrodollar
    1980-Iranian Hostage affair, 20% interest rates, gold at 850
    1987-october crash
    1994-US bond market tanking
    2001- 9/11, market crater
    2008-collapse of financial system, exactly 70 years beyond the laying of the foundation for American Century, sustained only by printing 23-29 trillion dollars, depending on who you listen to
    2015? Hand off of world hegemon to China…when Martin Armstrong was in prison, he had China taking that position in 2015…when released, it went to 2032…most strange…bond market implosion most likely, and also stock market tanking…we shall see, but lots of stars line up…should Jonathan be correct, 1945-2015 will be exactly 70 years (significant prophetically) of having the world your oyster, and waking up with no more oyster…If you are a reader, read Habbakuk 2:1-9…where a creditor nation rises up (China?) upon a debtor nation (US) and they then plunder the US as the US has plundered the rest of the world…what goes around still comes around I am told….look forward to your next interview with Jonathan, and also Jim Willie,whose been quite verbose of late…he had calculated Jonathan’s work in probability, and the odds it was “accidental” were 63 billion to one….if indeed things play out as they well might, the dates are there for all to see…it will be quite a wake up call to the nation…if it doesn’t, will go into the litter bin of history as just another failed attempt. One thing that doesn’t add up to me, is the jubiliee year timing…1917 works, as does 1967, add another and we have 2016-2017, not 2015/2016 as has been suggested. If this is the 7th 7, then the jubilee year will be sept 2015 to sept 2016, and that doesn’t work….keep up the good work sir….getting the grey matter of the masses working, is a noble endeavor, though many will not like to entertain such a task…a listener from Canada…b

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Boyd.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Boyd’s dates of the events are a little fuzzy, but the overall timeline holds. I know the interest of most everyone is trying to determine the timing, but isn’t the evidence overwhelming? What matters timing? Isn’t knowing what’s coming enough?

        Cuban Missile Crisis was 1962. 1964 was the last year for 90% silver coins in the US (except for proofs and special issues). 1971 was Nixon’s closing of the gold “window”. 1979 was the Iran Hostage Crisis, the final “nail” in Jimma’s “coffin”. Maybe Netanyahu gets Obama’s farewell party started early. Best always. PM

        • boyd

          Thanks for your comment Paul. 1959 was a year that rang no bells for me, and I was too young to remember it. I had been trying to specifically remember a financial event that occurred during that year, but was unable to. In Canada, our coinage wasn’t debased until after 1966, but by 1969, it was barren of silver, except for special mints and maples of course. The evidence in my mind, of the pattern, is overwhelming and very hard to refute. The timing also ties in nicely with Martin Armstrong’s 2015.75, which of course has no biblical basis, rather secular and cyclical. Coincidence? Not likely…

  58. Watch-It

    A very holy woman – a German catholic – was asked in 1946 by a US GI if the USA would be destroyed in the future as Germany was. Therese Neumann answered him: No! Near the end of the twentieth century the US would be destroyed ECONOMICALLY by Natural Disasters. As Jonathan Cahn says the US doesn’t appear to figure heavily in any following prophecies. Many of Therese’s prophecies have come to pass. This prophesy may be a good thing as the US may be thereby excluded from what is about to happen to other nations.

  59. diane

    These atheists who deny Divinity are holding onto a very sophomoric belief.
    They can neither prove nor disprove the existence of Divinity. They must consider their egos are God?
    It is far more honest to be agnostic you fools.
    You then are more credible. Until you realize that….your irrelevant. ..especially on this blog.

    • Casey

      Atheism is not a belief, it is the absence of belief that does not require faith. There are simply those for whom the available evidence and argument for the existence of a god is not persuasive. You have to understand that if you want to understand anything about atheism or atheists. In fact, I would go further to say that any Christian in this thread already knows what it is like to be an atheist, since none of them (presumably) are persuaded by the evidence or arguments for the existence of Zeus, Odin, Vishnu, Allah or any of the gazillions of other gods men have worshiped and still do today.

      I suppose there are angry atheists out there but there are angry people everywhere. There are angry Christians too, who for example make no bones about the relish with which they look forward to the day when nonbelievers are cast into a lake of fire or some such eternal torment. A few of them are making exactly these remarks in this very thread.

      Greg, thanks for the site, it provides an invaluable service.

  60. Andy Sloan

    1 Corinthians 14:6

    “But now, brethren….what shall I profit you, unless I speak to you either in revelation, or in knowledge, or in prophecy, or in doctrine?”

    Maria Laach Monastery (16th Century)

    This prophecy was long ago recorded in a German monastery:

    “The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades. They will become ever more devastating and bloody and will lay in ruins not only Germany, but finally all countries of East and West. After a terrible defeat of Germany will follow the next great war. There will be no bread for people anymore and no fodder for animals. Poisonous clouds, manufactured by human hands, will sink down and exterminate everything. The human mind will be seized by insanity.”

    (WW3 seemingly delayed through the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful)

    The Ecstatic of Tours – 19th Century

    “Before the war breaks out again, food will be scarce and expensive.** There will be little work for the workers, and fathers will hear their children crying for food. There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun. Toward the end, darkness will cover the earth.
    When everyone believes that peace is assured, when everyone least expects it, the great happening will begin. Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France. For some time the Church will be without a Pope.”

    ** Buy gold and silver and necessities

    Sister Madeleine Pourcain who died a Poor Clare in 1843 foresaw “Confusion, Confusion, even among the priests”. And sad to say this Prophecy is today a living reality on a scale never before dreamt of during the 2000 year history of the Church.

    Sister Madeleine also foresaw a “commercial crisis which would see the whole world bankrupt”

    God bless!


  61. tom

    Does moral depravity align with the fall of great nations? Probably yes. But it’s not because of God smiting the evil ones. It’s because without a moral center dishonesty and corruption aren’t called out and vile people are allowed to wreak havoc. We have Goldman Sachs, the alleged pedophile Bill Clinton and his goofy wife, the murderous Bush clan, and insane neocon war mongers leading us to a confrontation with Russia. I don’t buy the 7 year thing this fellow is pushing but I can agree with him on the sad state of America.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Tom, here’s the problem. There is such a thing as right and wrong, and we used to acknowledge and live by that. The problem is, that is a restrictive approach to life, and sometimes isn’t any fun. The unprecedented prosperity this country enjoyed after WWII through the ’50’s and leading into the the ’60’s gave us the idea that the rules didn’t apply to us any more. So, all of a sudden, right and wrong came under attack, and we thought we could get away with relativism and “if it feels good, do it”, another way of saying “give in to gross self-indulgence”. Once the brakes were off, there was no stopping the train. Best always. PM

  62. sk

    Forgot to tell you all. Pat Robertson just announced that there might be demons attached to the clothes you buy in thrift stores……….

  63. Smaulgld

    I haven’t heard the interview yet but I applaud the direction that Greg is taking for USAWD. He has exposed us to guests that are diverse and in some cases have unconventional views.

    While Schiff, Sprott, Mannarino, Fabian, Sinclair, Hoffman et al are great guests , they tell a story we all know too well- too much debt – and not enough gold 🙂 It’s important to be reminded of the debt bubble and the disaster that awaits and to have new examples but its also important to hear about things beyond debt and ponzi schemes once in awhile.

  64. jose

    What’s with the animosity towards the subject? I don’t understand. This kind of behavior seems to re-enforce bible prophecy. One of you viewer even told you he was done with you. You replied with “Go in peace my friend”. I would have been a little more blunt. Something like: “Don’t let the door hit you on your rear-end on way out.”

    I was born a Catholic and at age 9 became an atheist the for nearly 30 year I remained that way. During that time I continued to celebrate Christmas and never imposed my belief on anyone. I always loved the baby Jesus and recognized how significant the moral values taught by Christianity are.

    Today, I am more of Bible reader approaching the idea of becoming a born again Christian. I will not go into the reasons for my long hiatus from the faith, even though that would make and interesting story. In a nut shell, science and people who behave like some of your listener which turn me from a secular life back into the faith.

    I believe that we should live and let other live the way they want to live. If I am right… Well, “Lucy, you have some explening to do!!”

    I loved this interview and thank you again for all you do.

  65. Smaulgld

    It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits and humbly implore his protection and favor. – George Washington – Thanksgiving Proclamation November 26, 1789

  66. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    THE WASHINGTON POST: National Security

    NATO commander warns about deteriorating situation in Ukraine

    By Craig Whitlock February 25 at 7:28 PM
    “We don’t want a war of grand proportions in Ukraine. We must find a diplomatic and political solution,” he said. “What is clear is that this is not getting better. It is getting worse every day.”

    NATO’s top military commander said Wednesday.

    In appearances on Capitol Hill and at the Pentagon, Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, gave a decidedly pessimistic account of the Ukrainian conflict. He also predicted that Russia’s success in destabilizing Ukraine would embolden President Vladi­mir Putin to sow divisions elsewhere as part of a strategy to weaken NATO politically and expand Moscow’s influence in the region.

    With the Obama administration wrestling with the question of whether to respond more aggressively by providing arms to the Ukrainian government, Breedlove acknowledged that such a move would be a gamble. “I can’t tell you what is going on inside Mr. Putin’s head,” he said, adding that U.S. officials are unsure whether sending arms to Kiev would cause Russia to back down, or escalate the war.

    “We have to be cognizant that if we arm the Ukrainians, it could cause positive results. It could cause negative results. But what we’re doing right now is not changing the results on the ground,” he said during testimony before the House Armed Services Committee.


    • paul

      If we arm the Ukrainians it will cause negative results … period … to ignore this fact like Dr. Strangelove did in that movie (I forgot the name of) will with 100% certainty bring on a nuclear war.

  67. Carol

    Of course, Loved the Interview. I have seen Jonathan before and read both of his books.
    He is spellbinding, but talks rather fast. So much information to assimilate at one time.
    Thank you, Greg, for stepping out of the box. For not running your website to please
    advertisers or the masses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carol for the kind words. Cahn is a best-selling author with 2 million copies sold and counting for “The Harbinger.” This was a good booking on multiple levels. The “God” level was, of course, the best and thank you for noticing.

  68. Dale

    Hi Greg, Great Guest. I’ve been watching Videos on Youtube from Jonathan over the past year. The information is quite compelling. The next time he comes on , maybe the interview could be longer. He has so much more to talk about.
    The number 7 is everywhere in the Bible. It is interesting that the last mass beheading by ISIS was 21 people. 7 x 3 =21.

  69. Wayne Olson

    Good interview, Greg. I’ll be watching events around the eclipse of 3/20 (a friday) and if something significant happens around that time maybe I’ll pick up his book. Ironic how atheists mock religious people for their belief in God, but their belief is in Man, so they have a religiosity too. They just won’t admit Man in on the throne of their lives instead of God.

    • Carol

      Wayne, that was very well said.

  70. Wim

    As I just went out for a drink, I read my two posts. I dreamt away to last Summer, as some stories came back. Madonna, as I barely knew her work, entered my world in 2006. Since that time, it sometimes in periods of the Grand Game, and an taken over TV connection, it seemed as if Madonna made a special clip for my eyes only at these times. In 2006 visiting Holland with three burning crosses, which hidden symbolism in there could fill a book. The clip ‘Live to tell a tale’ got brought to my attention last Summer. Last Summer that divine beautiful light blond woman seemed on line again in the Grand Game. That old Indian boosting the spiritual connection, by showing three dimensional visions of her, magnificent ones. One night, after a drink in my hometown, I biked home, that old Indian lightning the skies, as I could see it, that lovely controversial girl, being in my home. Somewhat unrecognizable, claiming being called in to help me out in my household, or something crazy like that, as I am single about from that time. Of course, there was no one, but on my driveway, there were three big terrain vehicles, fitting the dreamy state of mind in the twilight zone, as I took for granted the networks arranging these kinds of things, to keep me dreaming. TV was in an slowing down same sentiment as I fell asleep. Madonna is born 16 08 1958, as I am from 16 03 1964, 1+6+0+3+1+9+6+4=30, which is the starting age, according the story, of Jesus Christ (JC), fitting the numerological crypt, as my constellation is the dreamy fish. 1958 1964 is 6 years difference, as the connection is controversial things, the devilish view according many, as Madonna is a controversial girl, beautiful, inside and out. The old Indian & Co love Madonna, as she is from the Love Circles. The Vatican is in the know as well, as they sometimes make some small steps, which I advised them. Talking out loud, when I am alone, knowing they are looking and listening, the networks seemingly injecting it all over the place. Do I know it’s all coincidence, I do not know, but eleven years devilish coincidence all over the place can’t exist, is my reasoning in the matter.

    Sometimes the networks seem to add to my internet, as later on some things I can’t find anymore. Last Summer I saw a simple YouTube of Madonna, where she exactly sat, acted, body language, and all, like my girlfriend of a while ago, a Kurdish girl, who served with the PKK, being a guerilla for eleven years. A lovely girl, tired of war, praying for love. After that Game Period I couldn’t find that interview again.

    The old Indian claims that he informed the networks by a chain of events. One being the interfering event on my third birthday, 03 16 1967. Malmstrom air base for that one intervention was chosen as it sounds Swedish, pointing to the fact I reincarnated in Holland, which is Europe also. It involved the military, as they are very compartmented, and units of all the complexes within the USA are seemingly used to act for the Grand Game, or something like that. By that, all international secret services got involved.

    I realize I challenge the networks to surround you Greg. From the moment on, the networks decide to trigger you, Greg, you will know what I meant with all the tin foil hat stories. When the story might maybe unravel one day, Greg, I am sure Madonna wants to bark about some subjects with USAwatchdog.com.

    If the Malmstrom scenario really would be in progress, there is some leverage, and if I am not mistaken president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is in the observing loop, taking serious note of it all, seemingly taking it into consideration, like president Ahmadinejad of Iran seemed to do, as he ended his wiping out Israel rhetoric, after I voiced like a marine advising him so, as there seemed some online contact with him, back in 2008. Do I know it’s all coincidence, or not, I do not know, but half of it being no coincidence, it is impressive enough. Malmstrom being true, then there is leverage to take possession of the Vatican, as where I would invite Madonna to the Vatican, begging her to replay this magnificent clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2Tda51Gog
    Drawing attention for children under bad circumstances, as me and the spirit world just love her. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected.

    • paul

      Who pulled Madonna off the stage recently almost breaking her back? … was it so she couldn’t “Live to Tell”?

  71. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you for this interview, I agree that you have an excellent style as you allow your guests to actually speak their mind and get out more that one whole thought!! Point is if they are worth the invite then it makes sense to allow them to get it out !
    I find the comments by the atheists’ interesting because they do not wish to (or cannot) allow others to have their beliefs without some ridicule, a very fascist mind set in my opinion. As so many aspects of our lives become more difficult we tend to find our faith in God. We call it belief and I choose freely to believe in a (the) one true God… my choice. Just how arrogant is it for anyone to think that we homo sapiens have reached this pinnacle of evolution; there is a reason it is still referred to as the “theory of evolution” Faith is not about empirical or scientific proofs, it is about humility and I choose to have a Master and I call My Lord the One True God and Jesus is Our Lord and Savior. Some might say that I am hedging my bets … so be it … I still believe and I went into the river to be born again of my own choosing because what if…what if… I love the Lord and I do not want to be left without a chair when the music stops !
    So Greg thanks again and I think this interview helps to round out a lot of your other interviews that are on the strictly secular side of the fence.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN … DB

  72. R Lee

    Great website Greg. Been following your interviews for quite some time now. I don’t take everything any one person says as the absolute truth, but use my God given brain to sort it out for myself and act accordingly. I enjoy and learn from the comments as much as the interview. But I find it interesting / disappointing how “open minded” folks get their panties in a wad when someone speaks about God and gives a perspective from that angle. Like you told one commenter, you can go to any other web site you choose. I have read the Harbinger and think Jonathan is spot on. Can’t wait to read the new book. We are all getting tired of the “doom and gloom” predictions that go on and on….but the reality is that we are living in an out of control economic / socio-global world and the exact day of reckoning is impossible to fathom. But you can be sure of one thing…IT IS COMING! Keep up the good work my friend!

    • Greg Hunter

      R Lee,
      Thank you for your comment and support.

  73. mike

    It’s interesting how people will believe in the devil, aliens and just about everything else without proof, but OMG as soon as God is mentioned, they are upset and angry….. and don’t believe in God and his warnings.

    • Emeth

      Good point Mike … I think it is so because –
      1) the reality of God implies ‘divine purpose’, and as a result we appear to lose control of the world, of our lives and of the future
      2) the reality of God implies ‘moral accountability’ to a set of values we may not agree with or even despise. Heck, imagine if what I want or even believe is actually ‘morally wrong’, and I may be held accountable for my wrong beliefs or actions. That is so politically incorrect …..
      3) Everyone is comfortable with ‘Deism’, which essentially means that God exists but remains remote from the Universe. But what if God is not remote, but active … How dare he intrude into OUR world… Who does he think he is.

      • paul

        Right on Emeth … God is pure consciousness … he exists (and knows he exists) without the need for a physical body … yes … even in nothingness … he knows … he “is” what he “is” … and his “conscious energy” is driven with a divine purpose … to create “good” … and that implies not only “a set of values” … but also places “moral accountability” upon all his creations!

      • Carol

        Mike, The Lord is active. Best to be on His side in the war in this world.
        Scary to think about the other side.

  74. William

    Thanks Greg for all you do. Great work with Jonathan Cahn. I was really looking forward to this interview when you mentioned it last week. It is interesting reading all of the comments following the interview. Some individuals understand and others are completely lost. Cahn is absolutely correct! A country will prosper with God and a county will fail without God. Just look back at what this country has achieved in the past with God. (Amazing accomplishments, going to the moon etc) And today as our county moves away from God, those great days of the United States are getting to be distant memories.

  75. Bob Lamb

    If something bad happens in Sept, people will say it was a self fullfilling prophecy ( people believing and selling and causing a crash). Then there will be more persecution of believers.
    I dont know about this timing but I sure will be watching. We most certainly will be destroyed if we dont repent! We will bring it on ourselves and will not deserve devine protection/intervention (as a nation and not individuals since there are many good people).

    • paul

      To repent is to do everything in your power to save life (the life God created the entire universe to bring into being) and not allow it to be destroyed by the acts of nature or the acts of men … preparing for disaster to save life is a large part of repentance … sitting back just watching and doing nothing about the problem works against God’s purpose.

      • Bob Lamb

        You can commit sins of commision or ommision. Part of repenting of the sins of commision is to stop committing the sin. Part of repenting of sins of omission is to get busy doing what your supposed to be doing like what you said.

  76. HTC

    Greg. Awesome guest. And to the guy who said he was afraid the Fed will hear this and stop the inevitable.. wow. God will not be mocked, his will won’t be thwarted and judgement will fall upon this nation whether people believe it or not. Every nay saying knee will bend to the king as they realize their eternally fatal mistake of disbelief. Bring on the judgement, I long to see my king return.

  77. susan

    Evidently, many do not study the Old Testament very much. If they did, they would understand these prophecies. The entire Bible is the inspired Word of God. I’m sorry, but I have no respect for those who do not believe in God. Greg, you are so amazing to bring us so much information from so many brilliant sources. WOW! Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you sister!

    • brian

      You should love your unbelieving brothers and sisters just as much as your God loves them, you should strive to show to them such love while there is still time, lest you find reason to regret things later.

  78. southern patriot

    In my final days, I’m going to be praying to God almighty,not my government. I continue to love my country, but our Republic has been over run, with 2-legged varmints, who would be king. They continue to build there tower’s to reach the heavens. They strive to make God irrelevant and our Constitution worthless. We can not afford to loose either. I want to say thank you Greg, I’m learning more then I ever expected to learn from your site. This was a great interview.
    One final thought,I believe that there has been a conspiracy of silence regarding the events through out the history of our country. Powerful government’s are controlled by powerful people who use there influence to make a world in there image and not God’s. History has been distorted and rewritten to fit their narrative. How many civilizations do we need to wipe out or moved to another part of the country,in the name of progress. The Rabbi tells a story we need to hear. Remember, have your lamp oil ready for what’s to come.The crises is at our front door, and I for one will not open it up for a government nor a President that I can not trust. While I can still exercise my rights as a Free American, and I will pray for America and for you and your readers.Peace be with you and your’s. Southern Patriot

    • Greg Hunter

      Profound: “In my final days, I’m going to be praying to God almighty, not my government.” Amen brother!

      • southern patriot

        Thank’s to you Greg. I come to your site for the Truth. You give it alone with other’s guests that come to speak on a wide variety of subjects. I thank you for that,sir. One thought that comes to my mind about Net-Neutrality, is that if it is allowed to pass,They Win,We loose! Free speech is gone.Put it another way imagine that the crack in the Liberty has gone from bad to worse and the Liberty Bell is split right down the center. It is dead and now lays on what was once sacred ground. The alarm bells are ringing and your country is in Peril. Stand up to Tyranny today! Thanks again brother Greg!

    • Silence is Golden

      The “Silence” is very powerful…..in tune with it being Golden……ie. better left unsaid.
      I take the opposite view by turning the phrase upside down….
      Implying that the dispensing of knowledge and wisdom and having Gold are important and should be communicated with a loud voice. No secrets and no hidden agendas.

    • paul

      Praying to God (who lives in a dimension unknown to us) may not be all we must do … we live in a space-time dimension created specifically for us by God … and we were given responsibility by God for correcting the things that go wrong within this physical world and make sure it is corrected.
      God created us out of “nothingness” (giving us physical form and part of his consciousness) for good purpose … praying is “part” of using his gift of life for good purpose as it focuses our minds … for corrective action!

  79. Michele

    Hey Greg, I follow you every week. Love all your interviews. The Rabbi was awesome.
    Thank you so much for having him on. We are a morally bankrupt nation and we are being judged. God bless you. Thank you again for all the great interviews.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michele for your support and kind words!

  80. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, things are about to get interesting. The so-called negotiations with Iran are theater, just to give an impression we are doing “something”. Netanyahu shows up to “out” Obama next week (Tuesday, 03 March). The American people overwhelmingly support Israel. When the Democrats get wind of that, finally, and see how they respond to Netanyahu, then your prediction of Democrat support peeling away from Obama will come true in spades. Those hardcore Obama-ites that are intending to boycott the address will pay for their perfidy at the ballot box. Find your seats; the show is about to begin! Best always. PM

  81. supat ch.

    if you are interested in the future of America whether to be a total collapse or to reborn, i would recommend to look back the entire history of your country since 1776. Every one has a life cycle as you may know even a such big thing like the country. Yours have been passed for 3 major cycles, about 77 years each and now is in the transition period, dead or alive. The 2007-2008 crisis is the strong sign of ending the third major life cycle. If you are really interested please translate the articles wrote in Thai language at http://www.oknation.net/blog/bulanramai2, article date 16-6-2014.

  82. r.j.

    dear greg i am, a simple man . a carpenter with five kids, I feel so powerless against all these forces trying to rule us, enslave us , impoverish us destroy us . To tell you the truth i am starting to get a little pissed off at these destroyers grinding their heels into the throats ,of the joe six packs of the world. I dont care if you are muslim, buhdist,athiest or catholic . We must unite against these extremest scum. We voted them in for gods sake!. isis is just a symtom of a much larger disease. Whether this is part of Gods plan for us I dont know , but i do think it is time for revolution. God said the meek shall inherit the earth, but i think its time for the meek to take matters into his own hands.

  83. Mary

    Seriously, Greg? You ran out of people like Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers? And now you have to bring this guy?

    • Greg Hunter

      “This guy” is a best-selling author with 2 million in sales and counting. Thank you for the feedback even though I DO NOT agree.

  84. Andy Mauldin

    Jonathan Cahn mention the period 2015-2016 as the dangerous era. but the Shemitah year, begain at september 29 2014 so it will end at September 13 2015. I checked it with people from Israel. would like to hear Cahn response to my note.

    • Silence is Golden

      1987, 1994, 2001, 2008, ……2015.
      The years were misquoted by J Cahn.
      The dates of Sept. 17 and Sept. 29 are in 2001 and 2008 respectively. He quotes 2000 and 2007 incorrectly.

  85. Joe

    Greg, what is happening to you? Why in the world would you book this guest? You will start losing your viewers you keep heading this way. I am disappointed in you Greg. I thought you were a more objective person. I agree with other comments this is a low for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Booking a best-selling author with 2 million in sales is a “new low”? So be it. Tell you what you start your own site and let me know who you can get to come on. By the way “Joe” if you want to criticize me then man-up and use a verifiable first and last name. That way I can tell if you are a paid troll or not.

  86. Don_in_Odessa

    Well, now I’m concerned about harvesting my garden this year. If it’s a shemitah year the land is supposed to rest.

  87. Roderick

    Are Christians now suddenly under the “old testament”. I thought the old testament was replaced by the “new covenant”? If there is still law toward Christians to follow the old testament what was Christs death for, his sacrifice? As a non christian who has studied the bible I am amazed that so many people who claim to be Christian would put any weight on the “old law” that was once directed to only the Jews.

    I guess then you should all stop eating pork amongst hundreds of other forbidden activities I am sure is commonly practiced by those who profess to follow Christ. If Christ came to replace the old laws found in the old testament why ponder what the Jews were told, he came to replace that old law.

    • Charles H.


      Astute observation. Christians indeed are NOT bound under the Law; but under Grace they are implored to fulfill it and go a second mile to love their enemy. Concerning Dietary Laws – probably good to observe; but I love ham. Keep reading – God is to be found through His Word.

    • Carol

      The Lord said He came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.
      Try reading again asking the Lord to fill the pages with discernment.

  88. Mohammad


    Is Matthew Vandyke a terrorist?
    I think if he is there to fight his version of holy war he is no better that the other side and he is as terrorist as the other side can be:



  89. AR

    I was remodeling a house 6 months ago and got top prices at the scrap yard for steel 8c, dollar and up copper and around dollar for romex and alum, so yesterday i went back for some last minute scraps and behold, 40c alum and romex and 4c steel, so just saying looking at the economy from simple scrap yard logistics whatever the economy was doing six months ago it is exactly half yesterday, also noted, when i started scrapping about a year ago the yard was run by good ole rednecks from my town, yesterday all chinese crew no rednecks, go figure, …

    • Desert Rose

      It’s the future: we will work for the Chinese, and be glad to have work.

      US was sold out by Reagan, Clinton, Bushes (2, another to come?), Carter, et al. All are bought. Obama? The latest hack. They even sold our public lands and water rights. The Bundy ranch dispute was a result of BLM collusion.

      • Charles H.

        I am afraid you are right.

  90. nobody

    Mr. Hunter, I think you were brave to interview Cahn. How about Michael Lake?

  91. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Jessa Duggar Says God’s Judgment “Should Scare You,” Warns That He “Justly Condemns Sinners to Hell”

    E! Online

    Jessa posted the same quote to her instagram around the time that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson came under fire for his controversial comments linking gay marriage to bestiality.:  © AMI Editors Jessa Duggar is voicing her religious views loud and clear once again.

    The 19 Kids and Counting star headed to Facebook Wednesday morning to address her fans about the controversial topics of sin and judgment in the eyes of the Bible. This time, however, she didn’t hold back.

    “I will speak to you a hard truth,” she wrote to her 170,000 plus followers. “I do not write this because I think that it will bring me popularity. It won’t. But it is truth from the Word of God: the Bible.”

    She continued, “In this world, people have seared their consciences. The standard of what is ‘ok’ or ‘permissible’ in our society today, hardly reflects God’s standard.”


  92. Kerry

    Very interesting interview-thanks for having the Rabbi on your site. Regardless of your specific denomination/religion, his advise is wise-get right with God and prepare with basic essentials, and do not trust the corrupt banking/investment system. I happen to be a Roman Catholic but I found nothing in his advise to offend me, either economically or religious. I would not want any nation to have to go through God’s “urban renewal plan” (Sodom & Gomorrah). So many times God sent prophets to warn Israel to repent, and when she did not, wandering in the desert for 40 years. Our nation is wandering in the desert of moral decay and judgment will surely come. Sometimes to get a child’s attention, you have to swat them on the butt, sometimes warning them 2, 3, 4 times just doesn’t work. I know, I am a mother of 4. Our nation is about to get swatted on the butt.

  93. Lenora

    I’ve been listening to you for a long time. This was a great interview. I read The Harbinger. Good warnings about our nation. It’s not too late to get right with God.
    Keep up the great work you are doing.

  94. lorenzo grijalva

    Greg, your site is one of the few who cover BOTH THE SECULAR AND SPIRITUAL!
    Sadly, people do not understand that your job is to tell the WHOLE STORY.
    The arrogance of the ussa is its downfall , sadly, for all who worked for and hoped for a change in this behavior .
    We worship, as Daniel the Old Testament Prophet said , the god of FORCES, as in military power.
    Even Harry Dent trumpeted that the Dollar WILL NEVER FAIL BECAUSE WE HAVE 28 CARRIER GROUPS ! HOGWASH……..
    Ask the British, the Spanish , the French, the Roman Empires how the worship of military power worked out.
    Unfortunately ,
    Keep up the good work and know that you have many who pray for you

    • Greg Hunter

      lorenzo grijalva
      I pray everyday and still a sinner. Thank you for the prayers.

      • Carol

        I also pray for you. Anyone on the front lines is bound to be attacked.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the help and prayers.

  95. Jerry

    Greg when you see the timetable for Fed tapering, you can’t help but think the Shemitah is right for September 29, 2015.
    There is no way this economy can survive not having cash infusion. Ain’t gonna happen.

  96. Mohammad


    Same playbook, same pages are happening again.

    Do you remember the destruction of Buda statue in Afghanistan before the invasion?
    Now it is REPEATED again and the pretext for Iraq/Syria invasion is alarming more and more, I bet you those historic treasures are more important to the international communities that the millions killed in the civil wars fueled by the same corners in Syria and in Iraq:



  97. Marius

    Hi Greg, thank you for your hard work. It was a great interview. I noticed that you ended your WNR with your favourite part, and fear not…

    Those words in Revelation 1:17 -18 ” And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.”

    A key bible verse for these times is Revelation 14:7 “Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”

    Jonathan Cahn did mention the seventh day, sabbath, as recorded in Exodus 20: 8 – 11 : “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.”

    To ponder the weekly and yearly cycles in light of the Johnathan Cahn’s work is just absolutely mind blowing.

    The issues raised in this link could build on Johnathan Cahn’s work http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Christian_Sabbath_%28Catholic_Mirror%29

    Though times may be ahead but keep up the good work!

  98. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    After the interview, I looked forward to the listeners comments. I wondered how some of them would receive it. As a Christian, I found it compelling. I’m a Christian who twice in my lifetime left the Faith for various reasons. I believe I have come back for good (this is better left for another time, another site).

    I read a critique of the Four Blood Moons and what it is supposed to portend for the near future. The Christian site I visited deconstructed the whole argument of the Moons and didn’t believe this belief with a large following was valid, Biblically or otherwise. Of course there are those who would disagree and defend the book about the Blood Moons and what they foretell. With all these books and their ideas, it is up to those with the time and inclination to determine how much credence to give them.

    John Houge (definitely not a Christian) is an expert on prophecy (Biblical and otherwise) and on the life and work of Nostradamus. His books are very interesting. He believes we are entering the time period of these apocalyptic prophecies.

    I’m intriqued and alarmed about all the different strands of arguments based on various sources and experience that point to a coming Calamity. I confess, there are moments, usually late at night, when I fear that things that are in the realm of the ” tin-foil-hat crowd” may one day manifest themselves (probably on a Monday morning).

    Greg, personally I prefer listening to the economists, financiers, political commentators with real world experience (though not Establishment) that you have on. I believe that the more far out world view-points of a Karen Hudes and Jim Willie can boomerang back and discredit what they say about other issues.

    Greg, thank you again for your site and the valuable service it provides to those who are awake or awakening to things not covered by the mainstream press and to be prepared.

  99. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    Tougher Internet rules hit US cable, telecom companies

    By Alina Selyukh 1 hr

    WASHINGTON, Feb 26 (Reuters) – U.S. regulators on Thursday imposed the toughest rules yet on Internet service providers, aiming to ensure fair treatment of all web traffic through their networks.

    The Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines, with Democrats in favor, to approve new “net neutrality” rules that seek to restrict broadband providers’ power to control download speeds on the web, for instance by potentially giving preference to companies that can afford to pay more.

    The vote starts a countdown to expected lawsuits from cable and telecoms providers which argue that the tougher regulatory regime will stifle investments, hurting consumers. Republicans see Thursday’s move as a government power grab.

    The new regulations come after a year of jostling between cable and telecom companies and net neutrality advocates, which included web startups. It culminated in the FCC receiving a record 4 million comments and a call from President Barack Obama to adopt the strongest rules possible.

    The agency sought new net neutrality rules after a federal court rejected their previous version in January 2014.

    The ruling confirmed the agency’s authority over broadband but said it had improperly regulated Internet providers as if they were similar to a public utility. That contradicted their official classification as “information services” providers, which are meant to be more lightly regulated.

    The agency’s new policy reclassifies broadband, both fixed and mobile, as more heavily regulated “telecommunications services,” more like a traditional telephone service.

    The shift gives the FCC more authority to police various types of deals between providers such as Comcast Corp and content companies such as Netflix Inc to ensure they are just and reasonable for consumers and competitors.

    Internet providers will be banned from blocking or slowing any traffic and from striking deals with content companies, known as paid prioritization, for smoother delivery of traffic to consumers.

    The FCC also expands its authority over so-called interconnection deals, in which content companies pay broadband providers to connect with their networks. The FCC would review complaints on a case-by-case basis.

    FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s original proposal pursued a legal path suggested by the court. It stopped short of reclassifying broadband and so had to allow paid prioritization, prompting a public outcry and later Obama’s message.

    With the latest draft, Wheeler sought to address some Internet providers’ concerns, proposing no price regulations, tariffs or requirements to give competitors access to networks

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?

      Comments on government takeover of the internet;

      Ya ain’t it great? Now the government who can’t do anything right will CONTROL the internet with regulations that will drive prices up. Three liberal dems under the control of an anti-American president have the ability to dictate internet workings. Monitor your emails by imposed regulations? Of course. Be scared, really scared.

      Hughes Thomas You don’t know what is in the 323 pages of Obama driven FCC regulations – because they were kept SECRET – that is how GOOD they are for the American People – they had to orchestrate this takeover behind closed doors. Tell me – is that the transparency that you Liberals are so proud of? Why would they cover up what they are doing until after the deed is done – and we have no voice of opposition or opportunity to digest these massive changes in our society – like ACA – it is part of the Obama coup – and he is now in complete control of this country – a DICTATOR. The FCC is supposed to be independent of the Administration – but he blatantly interfered and gave his thugs their instructions to take over the Internet

      What this story lacks is the fact that George Soros, a Socialist billionaire and financier of one Barack Obama funded this venture of government into the internet. Once regulation starts, taxes to pay for that regulation (with some left over provide internet to those “unable to afford it, are sure to follow. We have all seen what government intrusion into health care has done so can there be any doubt as to the outcome here?

      Except no businesses are getting ‘screwed over’. This is a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. But now the gov’t gets to determine what’s ‘just and reasonable’, you know, like they do with healthcare

      We don’t know what the regulations are because all 323 pages have been kept a secret – why do you think they did that? Their explanation is a sound bite to cover their asses. We swallowed the Kool Aid – how foolish of us – or maybe we are a Progressive Marxist country now in chains for the good of your communist leaders. There is nothing wrong with the Internet – it works great. If anybody has those 323 pages and have read and understand them – would you care to share all the goodies and the crap that is buried in those pages? The FCC is supposed to be independent of the Administration – but it is very clear that all of these regulations were dictated by Barack Obama as part of his Dictatorship.

  100. Mohammad


    What is wrong with this picture:


    “US troops just paraded along the Russian border. Is that as insane as it sounds?”


  101. Margaret

    I was surprised by this interview, and curious enough to buy his audiobook Harbinger. I really liked the interview because it was something that was not on my radar at all. Every once in a while, you throw your listeners a curveball, and it’s unexpected and fun. I do find it interesting that your interview struck a nerve with several readers. I suppose the subject didn’t confirm their beliefs, so they are discrediting you and this author. I don’t believe everything I hear or read, but it sure is refreshing to have a reporter that publishes what he wants to say, not what others tell him to say. Thanks Greg, you’re okay in my book.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Margaret for your take on the post and comments. U R O K with me 2.

  102. Ciga hotrod

    Paul Craig Roberts at Moscow Academy TODAY MUST READ!!!!!!


  103. Coalburner

    Good interview, good feedback, “It is sooooo… easy?

  104. aka_ces


    You frequently interview distinguished people with important insights, and we all benefit from your efforts — thank you ! Unfortunately when you interview people like this, I think your credibility suffers, which is unfortunate, . .

    (This is Greg Hunter and I have cut the rest of this comment.) Why don’t you show some “credibility” and post criticism under a real verifiable name?

  105. Larry Cohen


    Greg, check out this video! You may change your mind. Larry C

    • Greg Hunter

      Larry Cohen,
      This is real and I am going to try to book Wigington.

  106. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I am sure by now you are tired of comments so I’ll try to make this short. What Johnathan Cahn sees is not the sabbatical (Shemitah) cycle but the cycle of the 6.93 year financial cycle. ((Contact Dr. Steve Puetz and interview about the Puetz Postulate or the financial cycles linked to lunar and solar eclipses. This is what Pastor Cahn is seeing.)) Pastor Cahn’s arbitrary start date of 586BC is wrong. He did not do any historical research of the sabbatical cycle. Yes, I have heard several of his interviews and read the book. Here is where I outline his mistake: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/why-jonathan-cahn-is-wrong-about-the-shemitah-year-sorta/

    Here is where I outline his mistake on the blood moons: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/blood-moons-eclipses-and-cycles/

    As I said, Pastor Cahn is partly correct. If you want to read more about it, which I am sure you don’t have time, but you can read them here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/why-i-was-wrong-about-americas-destiny-part-one-the-curse/

    and here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/why-i-was-wrong-about-americas-destiny-part-two-the-sin/

    and here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/why-i-was-wrong-about-americas-destiny-part-iii-the-timeline/

    Good luck and God bless you and yours.

    • JC Davis

      Country Codger your the best. Thanks. jc

  107. Anna

    Thank you for your interview with Jonathan Cahn, very interesting in light of Bible prophecy. We need to realize that God is a God of order and that things really do happen in cycles. We can’t know the exact day or hour of certain events, but the signs are definitely there. We also need to unfocus from the Middle East (Israel) and look to events going on with the Pope and the Vatican.

    Seven-year cycles with a Sabbath-year rest, just like the week of creation ending in the Sabbath rest, God’s holy day (not only Jewish), established at the end of creation week and still in effect for us Christians.

    I am impressed that you ventured out to bring a prophetic insight into present-day events – very brave of you considering how many non-believers there are among your followers. It’s very sad that they don’t realize that these world events are a fulfillment of last-day prophetic events from the book of Revelation and this is leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

    I look forward to another interview with Rabbi Cahn and the perspective that he brings to the frightful events that will soon escalate. Don’t let the critics deter you! Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jonathan Cahn was a solid booking and I will book him again if will come back on. Thank you for your support!

    • Country Codger

      Thanks JC I appreciate your comment. Thank you very much.
      God bless you and yours.

  108. OB1

    This guy reminds me of Mel Gibson when he was making HIS religious movie; Mel “took communion” on the set every day, released captions like “after the movie; NO MOR WAR!” and generally just hyped to the nth degree; all just to get the most sales after the highest ranking movie rewards. TOTAL BS.

    So is this guy full of BS, just hyping his carnal books for more sales!
    Sheeez; can’t you find a real Believer in Christ; or do you even know the difference?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in a very small minority here.

      • Watchman

        On January 27, 2015, at approximately 5:45 A.M. the Lord of Glory showed me a picture (a moving picture or vision, if you will) as I was praying and thinking about different things. The vision came out of nowhere interrupting my train of thought and having nothing at all to do with those thoughts. It stood out and it stood alone. It not only startled me – it shook me to my core. I know the source. I began to pray earnestly and to muse about what it meant. The scene as it was displayed to me was that I was trying to juggle a number of things in my hands when yet another item was handed to me. While trying to grasp that item I lost control of another item that was tucked under my arm and it fell to the ground. It was the Book, the Bible, and out of it tumbled 4 die (dice) just as it contacted the street. I was appalled that I had dropped the Book and looked at its disheveled pages as it lay in the street. But the Lord directed my attention to the 4 dice that tumbled out of the Book when it hit the street. As I began to ponder the meaning I heard, “The die is cast: The judgment is set.” It was impressed on my spirit that “ 4 trials, 4 tests, 4 seasons of testing, 4 judgments are determined upon thy people.” “The die are cast: The judgment is set.” The impression was that the judgment is sure and has already begun. The hand of the Lord is stretched out and shall not be withdrawn until every last bit of the cup has been poured out on my people – the people of the nation known as the United States of America – and they have drunk to the full. This nation’s cup of iniquity is full and overflowing. I begged that God would temper His judgments with mercy that some might not perish in their sin. As I mused and prayed more about the meaning of this, it seemed to be that the Truth now lies in the street. As a people, we have dropped the Word of God altogether – forsaken the fount of living waters – no longer even having pretense of believing or obeying. Lip service may still proceed forth but the Truth lies in the street and we trample it underfoot. In this case, the Truth was symbolized by the Book which bears witness of the Truth. We have become what the Book said we would, vis, “forever learning (from the Book and the arm of flesh) but never coming to the knowledge of the Truth (Jesus personally).” We have forsaken the Lord of Glory and substituted our own religion that cannot save or even satisfy. We have repeated the sin of the garden – each going astray, each going his own separate way. The forsaking of the Word of God (symbolized in the vision by dropping the Book in the street in order to grab hold of some more worldly goods – substituting our own cisterns that cannot hold water for the fount of living water) was the cause and the judgments are the consequence. The number of the judgments seemed to be important and I sought to know what they were. I believe they are drought, famine, pestilence and violence or war. That seemed to be the order as well. A little later as I walked out to my car, the thought came “the four horsemen of the apocalypse.” This does not mean that this is the beginning of the end for all – necessarily. But I believe it does mean that this is true for this nation – my people. The day of our visitation has arrived. Judgment will be stayed no more. This message is directed to the True Church of Christ. Others will either dismiss it out of hand or not accept it because they believe that God would not bring judgment to this “Christian Nation” because they are surely God’s own people. The True Church will discern the accuracy of this call to action. The watchman has done his part it is up to the True Church now to do its part. If the True Church accepts the validity of this message then God expects His Church to respond with true humility, earnest prayer, sincere repentance and a complete turning to Him in every aspect of our lives. We are not to seek worldly solutions or relief. Our help comes from the Lord and only from the Lord. He alone is our refuge. We need to seek Him now while there is yet time. We are to seek mercy for those who do not have the privilege of prayer because they have no relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God will supply our need. Our concern is to be for others who have not yet obtained the promises. The trumpet has sounded. Evil engulfs the land even now. The watchmen must sound the alarm. God’s own must petition Him. Though small in the eyes of the world, the remnant has power with God. It is high time to enter into prevailing prayer so that some flesh might be saved from the coming holocaust. Do not delay. Put aside all things that can be set aside and lock yourself in with God. There is no time for anything else and nothing else matters at this point in history.
        A Watchman

        • Duked

          “The impression was that the judgment is sure and has already begun.”
          Peace be with you Watchman, yes judgment has already begin.
          The faithful witness

          • Duked

            1 John 2:28 And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may
            have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

        • Jayashree

          Dear brother, something twists in my heart as i read your post. I love in Asia not in the US. But my heart trembles. I need to pray and am struggling with even that. People around me are unsaved in the millions and am still not praying. Lord have mercy. The end of all things may be very near and we are not ready. Lord have mercy on us all. Very soon, another reality and we staring at eternity with our regrets for lost opportunities…Lord have mercy.

        • bill

          The inspiration of the Bible depends upon the ignorance of the person who reads it.

  109. Megan Durbin

    Atheist have no argument without God. Funny how that works..

  110. Duke

    Peace be with the reader who reads this comment. The harvest is ripe, the time has come. Read Luke 12:36 then knock on this door: http://www.marques.co.za/duke

    Whoever censors(‘moderates’) this comment will surely pay the price.

    The faithful witness



    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Rev.

  112. Noa Antony Widoff

    Thank you Greg Hunter! Because of this interview I listened to Jonathan Cahn’s sermon on Shemitah and it has profoundly changed everything – praise God!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Noa and Thank you.

  113. Robert Sink

    I didn’t know the yuan would devalue nor did I know the market would drop 1000 pts today, but I knew of Cahn’s writing, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning [leading up to elud 29 or Sept 13]. Call me a nutjob, but it’s like so many signs appearing this hebrew year [blood moons, solar eclipse, & star of bethlehem]. One can claim or believe what they want, but I am truly saddenned that with alarm bells ringing, some will not wake. Peace be unto you brother.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are not a “nutjob” There is a Living God. “Fear Not.”

  114. Justin

    Time to wake up America! September is National Preparedness Month. Babylon the great will soon fall and three days of darkness will follow. Receive Jesus Christ into your heart to be protected from the wrath to come! Heaven and earth will be shaken and there will be chaos on the streets so please stay inside with your family tomorrow! Get into the ark before it’s too late because you DO NOT want to be left behind. Many will have to die for their faith but will still go to heaven as long as they DON’T take the mark of the beast mandated by Obama through the NWO. All the signs are here and the Palestinians received approval by the UN to raise the flag and divide Israel. God will bring judgment to this world by 9-13 and the rapture will occur on 9-15. God bless and please click share so your loved ones can have time to prepare!


    Here it is people! This masterfully done bible code video is proof that the bride is taken out of here on September 15th! This is when the last blast of the feast of trumpets will occur. Please watch this to the end so you will understand what the blessed hope is. Thank you Jesus, we cant wait to see you in your glory!


    This is Your Message From God. You Have A Decision To Make Today that Will Have An Eternal Impact…


    If you are a Christian please watch this video to prepare yourself for the blessed hope and may God keep you and your family safe…


    • Perry

      So is this thing happening today or what…?

  115. Perry

    Ole boy is now saying it was a “rapture drill” …. Well at least now he can write another book & the naive can land him on the best seller list…… again!

  116. more

    Now consider that i am renting the 2nd unit in my duplex to a long term month-to-month-tenant. And i have granted my tenant permission to participate in airbnb rental of his unit for up to 120 days of the year.
    Since my property is subject to Los Angeles Rent Control, my tenant is forbidden using airbnb to find short term lodgers for a room in in his unit and he cannot rent his whole unit to anyone while he travels out of town for 1, 2, 3 or 3 1/2 weeks at a time.

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