Greatest Depression Already Started – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, says the world is already in an economic depression. Celente explains, “Never in the history of the world has the whole world, or most of the world, been shut down by politicians destroying people’s lives and their businesses. People are going to go bankrupt. You are going to see suicide rates increase. You are going to see crime escalate and people OD’ing on drugs because of depression. . . . Our leaders are totally closing down the economy. Again, this has never been done before. It’s not only Wall Street going down, Main Street went down simultaneously. That is unprecedented. Usually, the markets go down and then the ripple effects start hitting Main Street. This time–boom, they are both down. . . . It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression. It’s going to be the Greatest Depression.”

What’s the biggest problem the economy faces? Celente says, “The debt levels are phenomenal. We have more than $250 trillion of global debt and all the personal debt. How are you going to pay the credit card debt? How about paying the student debt, car loans and the mortgages? What about the electric bill, phone bill and people are out of work because my governor said I should stay home?”

The next play by global governments is to get rid of cash because it carries germs like the coronavirus. Celente says, “We are going to go from ‘Dirty Cash to Digital Trash,’ which is also the title of the current Trends Journal. They’ve got people freaked out. They are going to give us digital trash. That’s what they are doing. They are going to get rid of the currencies that you have.”

After talk of trillions of dollars in new stimulus from Congress this week, what about gold prices? Celente says, “You saw how much the markets went up. How about gold prices? It bounced back $200 per ounce since Friday. . . . The smart money is seeing the fake money being printed, and they are going into gold. Now hear this. Just like the crummy, slimy politicians going after your Constitutional rights and Bill of Rights, they are going to go after your gold. They did it in the last Great Depression, and they are going to do it in the Greatest Depression. You mark my words.”

In closing, Celente says, “I agree with Trump 100% because I have been saying this since the beginning that the cure is going to be worse than the disease. They are destroying the global economy. They are destroying people’s lives. We are going to see crime levels that are unimaginable. Why do you think people are going out and getting guns? Then you are going to see these liberals talking about gun confiscation. Crime is going to escalate, and deaths are going to go through the roof. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it. You are going to see gangs like never before. On the other end, the open borders issue, that is a closed story. They are closing borders all over the world. So, you are not going to hear people say let them in, let them in–that’s over. I agree with Trump. We should go back to business as usual.”

On Trump winning a second term this November, Celente, who calls himself a “political atheist,” says, “It’s a wild card, but I would still go with Trump at this point.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal, as he gives his top trends and predictions for the virus crisis, the Greatest Depression, gold and silver prices and his pick to win the White House in November.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg,

    I’ll give credit where it’s due. Gerald called the slowdown long ago, he also mentioned if oil gets into trouble then you can kiss the equities market goodbye.
    Trends Journal is sheer genius.

    • The world's greatest trader

      The best site for accurate, real news, thank you Greg!
      Love Gerald, Charles Nenner, Michael Pento, Egon Von Greyerz, Bill Holter, Rob Kirby and many more.

    • C H. Lenox

      I’m confused! On the one hand; Gerald says gold is going up in price; and he also says “the government is going to confiscate gold “- again! Why would anyone buy gold if it is going to be confiscated? And, if like Gerald says: ” he has his hidden where the government can’t get it” – It won’t matter: because if it is contraband, it can’t be used for anything, and essentially will be worthless!

  2. Diamond Jim

    Gee, what happened the last time the world banks pumped $40 trillion into the world system? The longest bull market of all time. Rinse and repeat. Like I once wrote, the time to buy the metals will be when the world banks are forced to raise rates 50% overnight in order to stop hyperinflation. There is no hyperinflation when rates are near zero, but you think the system is collapsing, even though the world is glutted with too much of everything, fuel, food, resources, cheap labor etc. The guest here are all “talking their book,” all got some schmit to sell the lemmings.

    • dadiz

      Not sure, when was the last time 40 trillion of debt was pumped into the economy? Thought “08 was about a trillion…

    • Occasnltrvlr

      There IS a difference this time. This time, they are jointly and universally destroying the entire world’s underlying economy, and have imposed totalitarian restrictions upon free movement.

      There sure is a “rinse”, but don’t count on seeing the “repeat”.

  3. paul ...

    Celente says: “Although it’s a wild card … I would still go with Trump (winning in November) at this point”!! … however Trump may not need to win … he can simply “postpone elections indefinitely” and stay in office as long as needed (like Putin in Russia wants to do and China has already achieved)!! …

  4. Heinrich

    Gerald is right. Digital currencies are coming, sooner than most believe. The Rothschilds are taking possesion of the worlds assets. They are buying literally everything. When there is nothing left to steal and hyperinflation sets in the Rothschilds unleash their new currency.

  5. AH

    (Sigh)…well and while I do believe that the sleazy politicians will “Never let a crisis go to waste,” Gerald Celente is NOT an epidemiologist. I am more inclined to follow the advice of Chris Martenson who has a better idea about how the disease process works: Even The Young & Healthy Are Getting The Coronavirus:
    Celente has been correct about a lot of things in the past, but he doesn’t understand the EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION or how contagious or devastating this thing is.

    It is good news that that there may be inexpensive medications to stop Covid-19, however it will probably take some time for them to scale up production to reach all the people who need them in quantity.

    As to the economy, this crash is the black swan. It’s not coming back as it was. The worldwide debt is $250 Trillion…Deutsche Bank is going down.

    Welcome to the “new normal.”

    • Rodster

      But Chris Martenson makes a living from selling website subscriptions and speaking engagements. I think Martenson has gone a little over the top with Covid 19. I tend to agree with Celente that you have to look at the numbers and the Covid 19 numbers don’t justify shutting down the world.

      • paul ...

        Rodster … When a pack of wolves surround your house … “they determine the timeline as to when you take a chance to go out” … similarly “the virus makes the timeline” (not Trump who has a vested interest in seeing his hotels fill up … or Celente who wants his tenants to begin to pay their rent)!! …

        • paul ...

          As for the numbers of wolves “that don’t warrant shutting down the world for” … they have “just begun” to increase around our shut down house in the US … and the wolf pack is continuing to grow larger “exponentially”!!!

          • paul ...

            This is a deadly Corona Virus pandemic folks … cases went from 0 to 250,000 “in 4 months” … and from 250,000 to 500,000 cases “in the last week” … start poo pooing things like Trump and Stan (not using their God given brain) and we will go from 500,000 cases to 1,000,000 cases “in a few days” … then … 10’s of millions will follow, etc., etc.!!!

            • Greg Hunter

              No Paul it’s not. You are quoting cases and not deaths.

              • paul ...

                With 340 Million Americans … say 80% get infected … that’s 272 Million Americans … now lets say the death rate is even lower then the flu … and only 0.01 of the infected die … that’s 2.72 Million people killed (the flu only killed 20,000)!!

                • William Stanley

                  paul . . .,
                  Good point! I think your forecast is in the ballpark.

                  It seems to me that the issue is being widely mischaracterized: Even with coronavirus-related deaths in the millions in the U.S. alone, the “cure,” i.e., destroying/shutting-down the economy, could be far worse. Indeed, it’s entirely conceivable that the “cure” could result in even more deaths.

                  IMO we all should avoid the temptation to minimize the enormous trade-offs that must be accepted in order to avoid the worst case scenario: i.e., millions of deaths AND a destroyed economy, country and civilization.

              • Rodster

                Greg, this is what Celente was referring to and it’s why I agree with him. Martin Armstrong just posted this on his website and he says:

                “The British government has downgraded the coronavirus from being an acute infectious disease with a high case fatality rate. After reviewing the data, they have come to their senses. Moreover, a study released by Oxford finds that perhaps 50% of those in the UK have the virus and the overwhelming number experience it like the normal flu and have little symptoms. The study suggests that fewer than one in a thousand of those infected with COVID-19 become ill enough to need hospitalization. So why the HYSTERIA? There is some other agenda here!”


        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Paul yopu may want to consider the source. Fauci is a huge Hillary backer. If you back that criminal you to are a criminal. There are many good sources for this from a variety of sites.

          • paul ...

            How does politics figure into this??? … The USA is just beginning to get infected … and deaths are now exceeding Italy!!

        • Rodster

          I am strictly going by the numbers, therefore I agree with Celente. The numbers “don’t justify” shutting down the world economy. We don’t do this every year for the common Flu which kills around 500,000 each year worldwide with close to 1 Billion who catch the common Flu.

          And Chris Martenson has gone full steam ahead with the fear porn. His latest article is entitled “If You Die From The Coronavirus, What Will Happen To Your Assets?”

      • Paul

        @ Rodster
        I agree.
        Chris Martenson’s ‘Crash Course’ was, in my opinion, an important piece of work.
        This original work, enlightened me, shifted my opinion and understanding of a few fundamentals enough to take action and make myself (and family) quite well-positioned at the current time.
        However, I ‘unsubscribed’ 3 weeks ago because of…
        I would elaborate on my opinion as to why, but opinions are like a*******s at the moment, everyone has got one.

  6. wondering

    I heard Trump say today,” this is a virus crisis, this is not a financial crisis”. I’m giving up hope on that liar, and I’m never listening to him again. I’m done pretending that he is the good guy.

    • Keith

      We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis. David Rockerfella quote.

    • paul ...

      Wondering … you have to understand that Trump owns Hotels … he has a vested interest in having people going on vacation, flying and taking cruises again … so he wants people out and about by Easter Time … Trump says “this is a virus crisis not a financial crisis” … but until he realizes “this is exactly so” … it is only going “to make things worse” to get people out into crowds (in Church, planes, boats, etc.) early …

      • paul ...

        Those putting money in the Stock Market today found out … “It’s Gone” (when “commie Bernie” decided to ask for more free goodies) …

        • paul ...

          Why not consider putting money into gold?? … the FDIC says: “leave your money in the bank instead … where it is safe”!! …

          • JC

            paul… that reminds me of something from The Godfather.

            Tom Hagen:
            You know how they’re going to come at you?

            They want to arrange a meeting between me and Barzini. On Tessio’s ground. Where I’ll be safe.

    • Coalburner

      Trump is trying to buy another two weeks before the ship shakes apart. Then he will have to throw the doors open live or die because we will be dead anyway if he doesn’t. Most people don’t understand what Trump is saying including most Government employees. Fortunately for me I been out long enough to still interpret Governmentese and Trump too because of so many desperate business people I worked with over forty years. I have seen a bunch. When a guy starts stutter in fear, when you are telling him the bad news you know his back and everything he is and owns is against the wall and his life is on the line . It is time to open a door to the end of the tunnel and Trump knows it is coming. Whether some of us don’t survive the virus may be our personal decision. If you are old you best think for yourself as Gerald says and stay hold up and watch for your own all clear!.

      • William Stanley


    • Cosgrove Smithers

      Wondering as you wonder, he meant, “THIS is a Virus CIRCUS, Morphing into a Financial Cirsis!”
      Thank You Dr. Lover Boy Falsey You Sir will be getting credit for starting the second great DEPRESSION and The Third World War. That will not get us out of this third great one, “depression,” this time. But no doubt, send the world into oblivion!
      Thanks for the memories Doc, hope there not our last?

  7. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thank you. That interview helps focus our attention and provides a useful framework for meditating on the problem. It appears there are no palatable solutions. Still we are left with bad and even worse options. Most situations are not so bad that we can’t make them worse. I’m thankful that I still have a few options . . . perhaps including how I’m going to die.

  8. Paul in Oz

    Thanks for this timely interview … direct democracy …. that is a Utopian concept which I support but do not believe can happen … the greatest depression is full on … Guns gold and a getaway plan! Love Mr. Celente!

  9. Mike G

    These Governors are destroying our lives and the lives of our children. If you don’t work for the government you have been fired. Millions of jobs have been destroyed, many never to be rehired. My son lost his little crappy job, but at least he earned a poor living. Now nothing, what a temporary handout by the FED, more debt to the FED?

    Small business owners? heay we will let you go into further debt? gee thanks governor, how about you lose your job, you bum. Insanity at it finest, let us destroy all these crappy service jobs and replace them with debt. Debt to the FED. pure genius.

    • JC

      Mike G, good point.
      “If you don’t work for the government you have been fired.”

      Martin Armstrong has said there will be a shift from public to private assets. Maybe the next civil war will be between private sector workers (who work and pay taxes) and government employees who produce nothing and exist thanks to the tax paying private sector. Am I wrong?

    • Ray

      So Mike……I say this with the greatest of respect.
      We have now seen ‘The Event”, and all of us agree that America has had, for a long time now, a tyrannical government.
      Are these not the reasons that the founding fathers gave Americans their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms?
      Where is the well armed militia?
      What will it take to rise the American people to pick up their guns?
      The truth is, nothing will.
      (We don’t even have guns here in the Lap Dog Nation!)
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        You live in a country that rolled over to the globalists and were disarmed for the most part. America is NOT disarmed. You are wrong. America will not use violence until it is a last resort. We are for the most part a peaceful God/Jesus loving people.

        • Ray

          Greg…….come on mate.
          Surely your Second Amendment was WRITTEN for this very moment. However, no one in the US wants to do to their government what their military does to people around the rest of the planet every day…….simple as that.
          And……lets face it……YOUR nation spends more on DEATH to their fellow humans than ALL OTHER nations combined with it’s annual ATTACK budget (it is in no way a Defence budget).
          “America will not use violence until it is a last resort”………yeah, I am sure that the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya agree 100% right there. Joke of the century that one!
          Peaceful, God / Jesus loving nation?
          Number of children shot in Australian schools over past 25 years: 0
          Number of children shot in American schools over past 25 years……the number is in the HUNDREDS, possibly more.
          I know that you and many Americans believe in God……but the UNDENIABLE FACT is that the US does not, on the balance of everything considered, BEHAVE like God would expect a God loving people to.
          So…….YOU ARE WRONG, GOOD SIR.
          Please acknowledge the wider picture here.
          Stay well Greg.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Greg Hunter

            Did you not see what happened in Virginia when the state legislature was going to vote on onerous gun laws. The legislature backed down when a peaceful and yet armed citizens came to the state capital by thousands if Virginia. The legislature backed down.


            • Ray

              I didn’t know that……a victory then without firing a shot…..excellent!
              What I am trying to say now is that things are amplified 50,000 times.
              I think shots might need to be fired!
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Let those of you without sin cast the first stone,” said Jesus Christ.

  10. JC

    Celente really puts things in perspective, doesn’t he?

  11. Richard Wolf Jr

    Hi Greg,
    I agree, Gerald Celente is never a disappointment. He is passionate in how he feels and knowledgeable in his wisdom. He tells it the way it is, take it or leave it. He entertains you while he is educating you. Quite a combination. As I said earlier, never a disappointment. Thanks Greg, for bringing him on. Good interview!!!

  12. JC

    “People should think for themselves and stop listening to the politicians.”

    Exactly right!

  13. JC

    Celente says when gold breaks above $1730 and stays there for awhile it will take off. I was listening to a podcast yesterday by James Flanagan at Gann Global Financial who says if gold breaks above the March 9th high of $1702 he will issue a buy signal, a “buy and hold” for preservation of wealth.

  14. JC

    “You know Tippit, I once had a gold robbery in the works, I mean me, I was gonna do it.”

    “What happened?”

    “Oh well, I had to give it up when I was elected sheriff. Started to believe my own slogan.”

  15. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Fun fact :- Quinine is one of the ingredients of tonic water.

    • Tom Wigand

      Don’t forget the lime wedge in your gin & tonic – for the vitamin C. 😉

  16. Mike M

    Let’s see what this idiot thinks once he gets the virus and he will get it along with millions of others in the US. There may be some lulls but within several years it will be completely apparent of what this is all about.

    The main agenda behind the coronavirus is depopulation with the key targets being the US and Europe, however, taking out the financial markets, pension accounts, etc. is also a part of it. Basically, KYAGB.

  17. Nick de la Gaume

    I am not going to watch this interview because I know it will make me very angry. I have gone off Gerald and all his ilk big time.

    I am 68 with 2 children under 10. My wife is a nurse. I have been a single parent before and it is very difficult and I was 30 years younger then. The Italians did not want to do the shut down. Doctors and nurses are dying. The Spanish let 2.5 million people visit Valencia for a big festival after the first death in Spain from this Evil. They needed the money. Have you seen the patients lieing on the floor in Madrid hospitals.

    The virus has to be slowed down. YES I know about herd immunity. I have been watching Peak Prosperity for weeks.

    If the people screaming “let it run” had lived their life as I have I might have some respect. I have lived outside the system for my whole life. Income Tax… what’s that?
    My wife pays Luxembourgish tax, not very much at all, almost reasonable and with the child benefit that she gets back it works out at about 2.5%. Even a mad unreconstructed hippy like me cannot complain.

    Our generation had the chance to change the world long ago but having 5 pension plans was more important.

    We are well prepped, live in the middle of nowhere and have a large garden so none of that worries me. My wife is on the front line, in the trenches, cannon fodder anf Gerald wants to let it rip.

    A long line of impolite profanities. As I told the wife last night,” I just know it is going to be Gerald tomorrow”

    You do a great job Greg. God Bless.

    • sam

      Every winter up to 650,000 people worldwide die of the flu. They are sadly the elderly and sick. This current virus is not different. So far about 21,000 people have died worldwide attributed to the virus although they were mostly near death with other illnesses so how do we know they actually died of the coronavirus anyway. Its more complicated than that
      FLu viruses subside in summer which is were we are heading. They have a natural cycle
      The reason we get flu in the winter is because we lack vitD3 as there isn’t enough sun in the winter to make it. To keep our immune system strong we should supplement vitD3 in the winter as well as vitC. If the authorities knew anything about health they would tell the people.
      Big pharma will make a killing out of the vaccine sales to all govts when it is ready.
      Bill Gates wants to microchip everyone ID2020 (the mark of the beast)
      This seems to eb a concerted effort to destroy the economy and plunge us into a recession all for fear of a virus that is no more harmful than any flu virus. YOu can’t shut down the economy because of viruses. Its Orwellian and the media asking no questions but just fuelling the fear as usual

  18. JC

    Goldman Sachs says it is time to buy gold — the ‘currency of last resort’.

    I guess Stan would say this means Goldman Sachs is shorting gold.

    • Traci

      Look into 5g. There is no virus. Even the cdc website does not say covid 19 causes anything. Look up Jon Rappaport and his investigative reporting. Dana Ashlie on u tube and many others are telling the truth. This is about an economic reset and initiating the final steps of the NWO and ignorant people like you are going along with it.
      People die every day, that is life. Life is precious and there are things worse than death, like succumbing to the beast system. I can not believe people can not do their own research and figure out they are still being lied to. Look up Annie logical uncensored and elector.

      Another good read is the book virus mania where scientists explain the virus hoax, and what a virus actually is and isn’t. God gave us herbs and supplements to provide for our health. There are a number of them that keep you healthy and mitigate any symptoms.
      You can look up the link between pandemics and the increases of emf activity in our world. 5g is already rolled out everywhere, they are doing it without our consent or knowledge.

      It is incredible humans believe everything rachel madcow tells them without doing research on their own. A global pandemic defies all logic and intelligent thinking. Look up Electroporation and how 5g millimeter waves are used to insert dna and other particles into our cells. Do you know Noah and the flood was actually about? he was pure in his generation, which meant his dna was not corrupted. These insane mad scientists hate nature and are corrupting our dna because they hate God and Nature and want humans destroyed so they can implement their false system, without natural humans. Ray Kurzweil is another one to read.

      Our God given rights are more valuable than anything, but the people are too dumbed down to appreciate them, and too brainwashed to accept and worship authority instead of God, hence their downfall. Why can not anyone see they are all using the same script against us? It is not coincidence they are all using the same script all over the world. Yet the people yap for more government control?

      Doctors and nurses dying just shows what a failure and fraud “modern medicine” is. pharmacoeia is called sorcery and for a good reason, it is. Radiation dangers is another site which discusses symptoms of radiation sickness vs covid 19….

      Wake up people, stop being fooled and use the brain God gave you. Write to your public servants and tell them they are committing sedition, insurrection and treason and have violated their oaths and you will not put up with it. They have no jurisdiction or authority to impose martial law of any kind. I agree with Franklin, those who give up their liberty for safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I have nothing but contempt for those who fall into this category. Life is not safe and it was never intended to be that way. Humans are no longer natural and have forgotten what is real, where they come from, and who they are.

      The cdc put up a job posting bulletin back in november seeking quarantine experts. What did they know they still will not tell us? We have been exposed to this thing since november or december, yet hardly any deaths, and now, we are being told magically months later everyone is going to die. That is not how illness works. The cdc has information about their bogus tests. From their website:
      “Positive [test] results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”
      You can read for yourselves at the cdc website.

      You know what is a real crisis? The amount of people who die every day from western medicine and pharmacy mistakes and bad reactions. Over 2000. The I o T has no room for nature, and the singularity will replace all God has created, unless the humans wake up and defend themselves and this precious world.

      • Dr Darrel L Smith

        The research may need to start with Traci. First you have been living with 5G waves your entire life. They are in every generated wavelength. They are just now finding out how to separate the wavelengths and use them differently.

        The difference between the signal in your radio, 2G, is it travels about 6,000 miles from the source and the 5G part only travels about a block and a half. That means you probably haven’t been exposed to any unless you live next to the source of the signal. If you happen to have any trees between you and the source it didn’t affect you because 5G doesn’t penetrate things very well.

        5G also doesn’t penetrate the tissue much more than 1mm so it doesn’t affect much more than your surface skin cells. How, then you ask does it help internet?. Well , right now it doesn’t unless you live next to the source. All the people saying they have 5G are not telling the truth. You see in order for there to be effective 5G internet there must be an antenna about every block. If you haven’t seen any activity of people putting up a lot of antennas then there is no 5G.

        As for your virus situation in the winter it’s there because there was a reservoir that carried it over the summer. Viruses like the temperatures we find in the winter and start to have trouble living for any length of time, outside the body when it gets to be 70° consistently, day and night, with some humidity. In the spring and summer temperatures and humidity’s rise and they don’t last long on surfaces, they don’t live long without a host.

  19. Matt A

    Elite know cosmic catastrophes start in May, see channel The Final Days.

  20. Nick de la Gaume

    The first case of the Evil was in Valencia JUST BEFORE THE FESTIVAL

  21. paul ...

    Celente says: “The smart money is seeing the fake money being printed (in the trillions) and they are going into gold” … and as the old saying goes “the wise man does in the beginning what the fool does in the end” … simply go to the US National Debt Clock to see what gold and silver are really worth right now … … gold is currently worth $12,990 fake fiat debt IOU’s … and silver is worth $1567 fake fiat debt IOU’s!!!

  22. robert

    Greg-timely guest; Bo Pony, Danille Dimartino Booth and Harry Dent. Thanks Bob

    • Myrna

      Thank you, Greg, for yet again another timely and most needed interview! A perspective from Gerald Celente is always a welcomed one, for he is an accurate and passionate truthseeker and well respected in the field of trend forecasting.
      God Bless

  23. paul ...

    $2500 dollar gold by summer? … … will likely turn out to be a “low ball” estimate!!!

    • Stan

      Paul: If Gold goes to $2500 by summer I’ll jump off the George Washington bridge from the upper level. In other words, Gold will NEVER trade at $2500 by summer. The fool who wrote that article is a charlatan

      • paul ...

        Stan … say gold only goes to $2300 by summer … will you jump off the lower level of the Brooklyn Bridge??

        • Stan

          Paul: No

          • paul ...

            OK! … So I’ll tell my gold-bug buddies to only manipulate gold up to $2300 so we don’t lose you Stan!!

      • sk

        But…but…but…who will feed Bentley if you jump?

    • JC

      paul… at that point “they” might be breaking down your door and confiscating your gold coins. “They” probably have all USA Watchdoggers on a list. We may be targets.

      • paul ...

        They won’t find mine … even if they dig up the metal sewer pipes leading to my cesspool sump … however … I will leave a few coins around where they can be easily found (wrapped in Corona Virus infected cloths the nearby hospital disposed of)!!

  24. Politically correct politician

    State ordered and enforced home detention and imprisonment is not ‘self isolation’ which infers voluntary choice,
    What’s going on us medieval.
    And politically driven,

    • JC


    • Tony

      Well , Gerald you have shown me your true colors. Your call for true democracy is nothing more then invitation to mob rules . And I was under impression that you were a smart some say “ genius” commentator . Good luck.

  25. Cole

    Wise words. We will see how many of our Governors follow Trump’s advice.
    The hotspots need locked down pronto though.

  26. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great to have GC on again. I quite recently posted that I thought he had made the wrong call about Covid-19, however, as TPTB act in unison to place the world population under virtual house arrest, I must bow to Gerald’s experience and expertise.
    Is the fear about Covid-19 justified? Just the other day my wife exclaimed that the MSM television news had reported 700 deaths in a day from C19 in Italy. She was very concerned. I looked up the population of Italy, 60,550,092 in 2019. The annual death rate in Italy in 2019 was 10.6 per 1000. Do the math: 60,550,092 / 1,000 x 10.6 = 641,830 deaths per year. That’s an average of 1,758 per day in 2019 ~ before Covid-19. These are numbers we are not made aware of, or simply choose not to think about as we go about our everyday lives. The BIG QUESTION is, how many of the people who would die anyway (due to old age and ill health generally) are being reported as dying due to Coronavirus??? Is this a conspiracy to keep the population isolated at home and scared to venture outside – perhaps to protest? The linked-to detailed report throws doubt on the veracity of the test being used to determine Covid-19. It’s a long report, but given the importance of this issue, IMO it’s well worth reading . . .

    • AndrewB

      P.S. As I understand it, the report shows that the Covid-19 test currently being used, does not specifically isolate Covid-19. It tests for the presence of coronavirus RNA. Coronavirus has various manifestations and causes the common cold, SARS, and MERS – and the latest – Covid-19. Most humans have some immunity from the common cold and have coronavirus (harmlessly) in their system. Therefore, since the test currently being used tests for coronavirus RNA, most tests will show positive – even for people NOT infected by Covid-19. Ergo – the more people tested, the more it will appear that Covid-19 is spreading. I am not a scientist or medically trained, so if I have misunderstood the thrust of the report then I shall be happy to be corrected by someone who is.

  27. Jerry

    Low and behold Greg,
    A corona virus miracle drug just magically appears out of nowhere. And guess who’s going to profit from it?

    Once again the American people have been bored, honed, polished, and sleeved by the globalist for their agenda 21 purposes. They’re not going to let us go until they’ve drained every last drop of blood, and every last dime from us.

    • Jerry

      Like no one saw this coming?

      What do you want to bet, the new CBDC will be backed by gold, and the United States will be told to either join the new exchange system or go sit in the financial corner? Petrodollar? In case you didn’t notice, it died when Brent went below 60. a barrel. The dollar is being propped up by fed printing, Q.E. and tarp funds.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Ah, yes, the Chinese backing their currency, digital or otherwise, with gold, just as you’ve been continuously, wrongly predicting here on Mr. Hunter’s site for 6+ years.

        Some 6 or so years ago, after I explained why that will not happen, you accused me of not being able to find something, even using both hands.

        Well, Jerry, on this point, I was right, I have been right, and I will continue to be right. And, I actually know where my behind is.

        In spite of the fact that you are an important businessman with accountants and lawyers, and in spite of the confidential sources who continue to share secret information with you, your understanding of the monetary system continues to lead you to erroneous predictions.

        As I’ve said many times before, yes, the world’s monetary system is changing, on this much we agree. But, in spite of your years of predictions, The US Dollar continues to be the world’s leading reserve currency, and the Chinese Yuan, digital or otherwise, shall not be backed by gold.

    • Keith

      The gang that trashed the town was back in town to trash it even more,and you never guess. They decided that the only way to save there economy brought to its knees by there collective actions and the banking system they represent was to. well,no, surely not. Hand trillions of taxpayers borrowed dollars to the Rothschild controlled banks and insurance corporations. David icke quote.

      • Keith wilson

        The people who are trying to make the world worse are not taking a day off……. I am legend quote.

  28. lancelot

    I agree with Mr. Celente . How and where can we hide our gold to keep the government from seizing it ? Like the song , Bad boy bad boy what are you gona do when they come for you.

  29. Richard J. Schantz

    Greg, I like what you and most of your guests have to say but you need to be more
    biblical and more positive. We are entering the season of Passover. God always delivers
    His people during this season. Trump and the patriots will soon be making some arrests
    and he has already signed the order to confiscate all the wealth of those people involved
    in crimes against humanity. Just be patient and watch what happens. ( Exodus 12-14)

  30. Steve

    Virus or not, we all knew the end of this ride was coming, exactly when was the only question. An entire economy and monetary system built on debt, lies, and phony worthless paper. It had to all come crashing down. Only question was when. I remember reading “The Coming Economic Earthquake” by Larry Burkett, back in the mid 1990’s. According to the book, we should have crashed and burned 20 years ago. How they were able to push this thing out this far is a miracle.

  31. Claude

    Greg, Thank you for what you do. You are the best interviewer in all of news. This is because you let your guests talk without time limits and ask incite full questions. Thank you for having on Gerald Celente again. I realize that this takes a lot of patience because he is so very emotional, but as we all know, he has a habit of being right a lot as do you. So thank you for keeping him tethered to the ground as we hear the facts. I love Gerald Celente, but he doesn’t just preach to his choir, he yells at us and beats us with a stick!. Sometimes, however, it is necessary for someone to profoundly state the obvious.
    With the economic collapse, politicians will use the Corona virus to keep the public from rioting in the streets against our corrupt politicians. Many were getting close to that already before the epidemic.

  32. truthseeker

    Greg Hunter
    Gerald Celente

    You two magnificent gentlemen started me on the truth seeking path 10 years ago and I’ve never looked back! The virus is nothing more than a giant cover-up for the total destruction of the world’s economy and all of its peoples so we will be brought into total submission by the evil that is running this world.

    Also would highly recommend London Real’s interview with another truth seeker, David Icke who essentially outlines the exact same outcome as Celente if people don’t wake up:

    Thank you, Greg, for your courage, steadfastness for reporting the truth, and hard work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Seeker”.

      • Sofie Rizzo

        Mr. Hunter,
        Please, please ensure that this GCs interview is well-secured in your archives. You WILL be asked to re-post it sooner than later to either prove its worth or debunk what was predicted. FYI Mr. C’s proclamation that he follows the Prince of Peace…he is an apostate Catholic, proved by other references to the Church founded by The Prince of Peace.

  33. andyb

    It is interesting that the virus checks a number of boxes for the psychopathic globalists, illuminati, et al. The first is incremental genocide that has been moving along nicely through water fluoridation, vaccines with neurotoxic ingredients, climate geoengineering, GMOs, Monsanto’s glyphosate, unstoppable and unremitting Fukushima radiation many 100s of times recommended dosages throughout the Pacific and North America. The coup de grace was supposed to be 5G which will slowly but surely fry your brain cells. It has been used successfully as a military weapon, dontcha know. But in the last 6 months, there has been building an enormous pushback against 5G which has caused a crimp in the national rollout. Is it or is it not coincidental to the initial virus outbreaks, especially in those key areas like Wuhan and Milan, Italy that have had already 1000s of 5G towers in place.
    The second is the total destruction of America and its economy. Certainly within three months, there will be at least 30% unemployment, bankruptcies in the 10s of thousands. Without a debt Jubilee, there will be a 100 million homeless and many people starving to death, riots in the streets and the Free Shit Army out in force to pillage and kill.
    May God be with us all in these times.

    • Kevin S.

      I seriously doubt that there will be 100 million homeless. The last thing banks would want is people’s homes. All those tens of millions of homes would be almost worthless. No buyers and all those property taxes the bank would have to pay. And repossession is not an automatic process. In many states, repossession requires a lengthy notification period and an order from a judge. Plus who would be able to stop 100 million homeless people if they decided to live in empty homes? No one.

    • sam
      The third stage would be “crisis”. It would take only up to six weeks to send a country into crisis, explained Bezmenov. The crisis would bring “a violent change of power, structure, and economy” and will be followed by the last stage, “normalization.” That’s when your country is basically taken over, living under a new ideology and reality.

    • paul ...

      Excellent synopsis … couldn’t have said it better myself Andyb!!

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      Andyb, My replies seem to get moderated off but there is so many errors in your comment it should not be there. It only gives people much false information. Your vaccines, climate change, GMO and 5G falsehoods should not be allowed to be disseminated anywhere.

  34. Ed

    When Celente rants and raves, I change the channel.

    • Greg Hunter

      and you feel you have to tell us all this why?

      • Charles H

        Because “Ed” has such a snowflake mentality – that he actually thinks by protesting, you will modify your behavior. At the least he thinks he is ‘punishing’ you for his displeasure. How else can Ed be more important that the content here? Grow up, Ed.

        • Charles H

          A self-imposed hiatus. I read here faithfully.

      • Gerald

        I love lt. Go Gerald C.

    • JC

      Ed, Celente is trying to wake us up! Nevermind Ed, go back to sleep, sweet dreams.

  35. Bud Goltry

    A must watch, listen, and calmly think on this and 1 John 5:19 Amplified Translation 1965 edition.

    1 Samuel 8:17-19 — He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves shall be his slaves.

    In that day you will cry out because of your king you have chosen for yourselves, but the Lord will not hear you then.

    Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, and they said, No! We will have a king over us,

    Luke 4:5-6 — Then the devil took Him up to a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms (governments) of the habitable world in a moment of time [[c]in the twinkling of an eye]. And he said to Him, To

    You I will give all this power and authority and their glory (all their magnificence, excellence, preeminence, dignity, and grace), for it has been turned over to me, and I give it to whomever I will.

  36. J.

    The Evil Elites are trying to destroy us with lies, fear, and control.

    Coronavirus in perspective as of 24 MAR 2020 – No need to panic!

    U.S. Infections: 46,450 cases as of Mar. 24, 2020.*
    U.S. Deaths: 593 as of Mar. 24, 2020.*

    Influenza (Flu):
    U.S. Infections: 9.3 million to 45 million cases in the U.S. per year.
    U.S. Deaths: 12,000 to 61,000 per year.

    • paul ...

      J … You are comparing apples with oranges … you don’t compare “yearly” flu deaths with “a couple of months worth” of Corona Virus deaths … Corona Virus deaths are growing exponentially … do you understand where the Corona Virus deaths will be over a 12 month span (when it is growing exponentially)??? … (look at how 593 deaths can reach almost 2 million deaths in 12 days by just doubling each day) … 593 … 1,186 … 2,372 … 4,744 … 9,488 … 14,232 … 28,464 … 56,928 … 113,856 … 227,712 … 455,424 … 910,848 … 1,821,696

  37. JungianINTP

    Conflating year-to-year flu-bug with weaponized bug, driving everyone to a hospital with just sniffles?: Corona Hyped Hoax? -Rick

  38. Wim

    Hi Greg. Allways love to hear Gerald Calente. First time ever I can’t wrap my mind around what he said. What interest do democratic Dictators have to close the country?

    • Greg Hunter

      Gain control.

  39. Sevin

    Wow we are going to destroy our economy because of a virus. Pump the sheep full of fear flood the media with stories of sickness and death unreal. Close the schools social distancing no sports don’t leave your house or you could die. Why doesn’t the media tell you how to boost your immune system? Voices of logic and truth are dismissed. Who profits from this? Once rights and freedoms are taken they are not given back. Do not go along with this plan it is for our destruction.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stocks and equities have been rigged in one direction and gold and silver have been rigged in the other. You are seeing the rigging failing on both ends.

  40. Rick

    Greg, It’s been a while since I’ve said, “hello.”

    I picked up some gold and silver after the economic collapse in 2008. I’m watching the stocks fall, yet gold and silver are climbing very little. Why might this be?

    • Gary C

      Rick, I picked it up in 2008, in Canadian Dollars as of today it is up 105%, our dollar is down big time, along with ALL other currencies.
      The US dollar will devalue, when it does gold will be insurance it’s just a matter of time, as Trump knows the USA will print into oblivion, when that happens no more reserve currency status, right now the dollar. is The Least Ugliest Horse In The Glue Factory.

  41. Wim

    The Chinese are Dictators, as they do not need a lockdown to get dictatory. Wim

  42. Jake

    Corona is looking like a hoax if these World Health Stats are true. The Flu is looking more dangerous that Covid 19.

  43. John

    After years of fairly accurate forecasting and the last few days of denial ranting, Celente has just missed completely the greatest “Trend” forecast of his entire career. The virus is real and will be devastating. The lesson here is that no man knows the day or hour of what is coming. Not even Gerald. From now on a high a level of discernment is in order for all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      What facts are you using to say this?

    • John

      It’s only what is clearly obvious. Hospitals and crematoriums in various countrys around the world that are and have been operating beyond capacity beginning weeks ago. Abnormally high death rates for front line professionals such as doctors, nurses, and priests. Ominous “Trends” that continue to develop in real time regarding medical, governmental, and societal overload and breakdown. No one can predict at this point how things will turn out and we don’t want to be fear mongering but there appears to be a certain percentage of the population that is locking down in a denial syndrome. Celente is in a position to cause damage if he downplays this and turns out to be wrong. As a former professional pilot I know that a very small mistake at a very critical time can be deadly. We can’t afford any ignificant mistakes right now.

      • sam

        Mainly the deaths are in the elderly and sick. So far worldwide about 21000 have died. Every year up to 650,000 people die from flu but we don’t shut down the economy putting millions out of work
        The risks are over blown. The WHO has done this several times before with swine flu etc, over estimating the deaths by 300%. The WHO have been accused of working with big pharma to sell the vaccines. Big pharma will make trillions out of vaccine sales when it is developed.
        I have not heard of doctors and nurses dying??
        Mild cases are not recorded so they don’t really know what the death rate is. Also if someone with heart condition is already at deaths door and dies and is positive for the corona virus how do they know they died of the virus? Yet that is how its recorded.
        There’s something very ominous going on. The MSM asking no questions and pushing the fear.
        To keep your immune system strong take vit C and vit D3 which is too low in winter due to lack of sun and is why they get flu in the winter not the summer

      • paul ...

        John … Chris at Peak Prosperity agrees with you that many (like Stan for instance are in a denial syndrome) and falsely believe the Corona Virus is just like the flu … they need to begin to use their God given brains … first of all you don’t compare “a yearly death count from the flu” with a couple of months worth of death numbers from an “exponentially growing” Corona Virus … Chris takes these “experts” apart “as being highly irresponsible” …

      • Dr Darrel L Smith

        I hope you got your flu shot as the H1N1 is probably a lot worse than Covid-19. You may be reading to many dooms day stories.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        John, what flavor was the Kool-Aid?

  44. Steve Bice

    “…they are going to go after your gold. They did it in the last Great Depression, and they are going to do it in the Greatest Depression. You mark my words.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. The conditions in the thirties were very different. Gold coins still circulated in the public realm. In short, the American people had gold in quantity. Today, they don’t. The goal was at least partly to transfer the gold from the people to the elite. Today, the elite already hold the gold…which could negate the need to confiscate. We may soon find out…

  45. iwitness02

    I notice that more and more people with a public platform are getting very animated.
    Very sincere, very angry, very agitated. Celente, Fitton, Bongino, and sometimes Hunter. In my mind, this is good. I get agitated to, when I think about the scumneck bums that rule over us. The only public servants are we the people. Governments around the world have turned against the people. I guess they feel they have the power to subdue the human race, once and for all. To conquer the human domain. Absolute power. We shall see. The game is afoot. The loss of human life is not part of the equation. It doesn’t count. As the ends justify the means to these scumneck bums. I wonder how long it will be—before we can rejoice that happy days are here again? Especially, when we realize that things will get worse, before they get better.

  46. Brian Howard

    Hahahaha! Luv it!! Gerald is on fire in this! God luv ‘im! Good on you Gerald, I luv your outrage! Best from Sydney Australia. Gerald for pres! Better still come over here gerald – you’d have no trouble being PM.

  47. Peter

    The stock market added 12% yesterday and is up 5% today, so far. Not exactly a depression in my opinion, so Celente is being proven already in my world. Gold is taking a beating today yet stocks are screaming higher? I’ve read elsewhere the gov’t will confiscate all physical gold, which I don’t believe either. I believe Caronavirus is hyped but agree that great damage has been done to the economy. Maybe the market drops again or maybe it has reached the lows already, time will tell. But if it continues to go higher, Celente is proven wrong again!

    • sam

      He’s right in that millions will have lost their jobs never to return and we will be plunged into a depression like the 1930’s
      The stock market will go up because the bond market will crash but that won’t birng back the lost jobs

  48. lightning

    Thanks for getting Mr. Celente on. We need his perspective and your interview was excellent.

    My family came to America in 1702 and had to survive harsh winters in the Hudson valley after being deposited there by the British in October. My family has fought on both sides of the Civil war and my Dad fought as a sergeant in the infantry in the battle of the Bulge at 19 years old.

    Yes, this virus is serious, but President Trump is correct. We need treatment options to mitigate fatalities and serious lasting disabilities. It sounds like this anti-malarial Hydroxyquinone plus z-pack is likely to be that option.

    Once we have enough supply of that (and assuming it works)… we need to quarantine the elderly and infirmed as best we can , and the rest of us need to get out there and work again.

    Yes, we will get Chinese covid-19, but its then treatable.

    This relief stimulus should not go to bail out wall street . It should go to temporary unemployment, it should go to limit costs of being in the ICU for people that genuinely require it, … short, it needs to go to main street.

    I even like the idea of giving people the option of taking money (tax-free) from 401K and IRA’s if they need to apply it to pay down their mortgages and debt.

    If my Dad can fight the Waffen SS in combat as a 19 year old, I sure as shit will get back out there and do my bit to help the economy.

    Then lets vote the left leaning, anti-American, Christian hating, baby killing traitors out of Congress and start cleaning up the obvious corruption in government and the banking industry.

    We were getting close. So lets get the treatments in full supply and then get on with the business of fixing the USA. Bring back manufacturing , bring back our industry, bring back sound money (kick out the FED) and never let us get back in that same position again.

  49. Richard Chadwick

    Greg, please get Dr Cottrell on your show, you can find him on Youtube, I think following Gerald Celente’s interview we need to discuss further the thought that CV-19 is a smoke screen to cover the financial collapse.

  50. John

    I refuse to watch Celente any longer and I didn’t watch this video. Anyone who openly pokes fun of this virus as Celente has on his own show while people all over the world are dying is an ungodly piece of trash. I also have no use for a man who curses Donald Trump on his own show and “mysteriously” agrees with him on yours. I wonder why? Hmm? I have never voted democrat in my life, nor will I ever, I miss men who could be respected like Ronald Reagan, although he was not perfect, there is nothing like him today. That being said, you Greg Hunter honestly make me want to vomit the way you have supported the biggest liar in the history of the presidency of the United States, one Donald Trump. You are truly a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves Christian. I call people like you “Cino’s” Christian In Name Only. ANYONE with a sound mind can watch Trump daily in his press releases and catch him lying and contradicting the other men, some doctors, on the virus task force. It is so awful what has happened to our country and you Greg Hunter have done your part in helping lead the Cino’s over the cliff, I reckon it was meant to be. I wonder if you will ever repent and how you will live with yourself when/if you realize what you have done. The very fact that Cinos everywhere follow Trump is a testament to the falling away that has happened in America.

    • sam

      This virus has reportedly killed 21000 people worldwide to date (mainly the elderly and sick)
      Every year the flu (of which corona viruses are about 14%) kills up to 650,000 people
      However shutting down the economy and putting millions out of work will cause way more harm than this virus ever would. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye
      a doctor explains about the virus

    • eddiemd

      Gina is that you?

      Get over it, Hillary lost.

    • Steve Bice

      So much anger…

      “…if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” (Nietzsche). We become that which we judge so harshly, as the fruit of the spirit withers away for want of love.
      Be kind…

    • Jon P

      Sound like you’re a sheep John! Maybe you’re the piece of trash. People like you are the problem with this world! Do you step outside? Go the grocery store? Who prepares your food?
      Maybe you should work on keeping your immune system up?
      There’s people who will lose their life savings and go bankrupt Over this.
      What’s wrong John? Can’t hear another take on this fear mongering?
      You disgust me John! Give up your freedoms! People like you are the problem!
      Keep up the good work Greg!

  51. Bullwinkle

    Even with the equities falling, the governments of ALL levels are swimming in wealth.
    Do not look at budgets.
    Look at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
    These reports are submitted every year under penalty of purgury.
    They show ALL the Federal, State, Municipal and local investments.
    Governments are the major investors in most Stocks and pension funds.
    The governments have so much wealth that there is no justification for taxation.
    Governments work for THEIR best interest.
    Not yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots and lots of record setting debt my friend and the debt market dwarfs the stock markets. The there are the derivatives.

  52. Dave

    Yes you will see people behaving badly. You will also see people at their best. You get to choose which. Our church is partnering with the local food bank and we distribute boxes of food to over 100 families from 10 to noon every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday while this emergency lasts. As cars line up waiting for their food people are being prayed for and encouraged. We get to see people arrive afraid and discouraged. Most of them leave with a smile on their face as they are loved on by strangers. All of them leave with boxes of dry groceries, produce, and meat for their families.

    Some of my friends went out yesterday to the grocery store with signs asking people if they need prayer. Cars driving by honking their horns and praising Jesus. Prayers and tears. God is pouring out his Spirit in powerful ways. He is asking all of us to join in loving and encouraging people. Loving people is fun!!

  53. JC

    The market crashes from the pandemic has shown that some assets are “fake” said best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, as “manipulated” assets are finally showing the American public how corrupt the capitalist system is.
    “The good thing is, people as they sit in quarantine, as they lose their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their businesses and all this, I think they’re waking up at [the fact that] they’re being screwed,” Kiyosaki told Kitco News.

  54. jimmy

    what’s it like being 100% intolerant?

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh contrar. You weasels in the Democrat/Marxist/Globalist/Santanic party do not tolerate anything but your extreme views. Globalist/Marxist Democrats are MOST “intolerant” people on the planet. You want to murder babies and murder Christians who stand in the way of your AI induced Black hole of nothingness anti-Christ beliefs You weasels use the word “Tolerant” so “We the People” tolerate the absurd and the evil you want to foist on humanity. Now go play in the street you little weasel paid troll.
      How’s that for “intolerant”???

      • JungianINTP

        Greg, regarding Jimmy’s supposed 100% TOLERANCE, charging you with 100% INTOLERANCE. It has been Cultural Marxist’s unbridled tolerance – letting their brains fall out all over the place! – DESTROYING our Western, Christian and MERITORIOUS high-culture civilization—as Jimmy’s (( and all other Marxists’ )) unlimited, brain-spilling, open-minded blindness has hidden for them the West’s ongoing DESTRUCTION; e.g., he’s blind to the poop, pee, sexual fluids and rotting flesh growing unabated in Democrat-run cities (( in Freudian psychology: an expression of the reptilian brain, manifesting in Leftism-Oriented, Libertinism-Oriented, Liberalism-Oriented [[ non-classical ]], and in Progressivism-Oriented minds—all of them being redundant factions under this cover-label: “Nuts” )), such as found in nutty Nasty Poo-Pelosi’s back yard. -Rick

  55. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Gerald Celente is entertaining, but he also seems to have great intuition and situational awareness. Good information, we’ve been warned.

    So if you go back a few months, many Chinese left Wuhan and spread COVID-19 around China and then the world. Lately the numbers in NYC started climbing and a lot of people feeling concerned left the Big Apple and more than likely will help spread it even more widely. Is it maybe time to start referring to it as the New York virus in honor of Gov.Cuomo and de Blasio? LOL

  56. Mike R

    Even if you want it, you cant get it !

    If you think gold has jumped about 10% in a couple of days to $1,638 an ounce, the official price quoted on Wall Street, think again.

    The real price? Nearer $1,800. IF, you can get it. Basically you can’t if you are average Jane or John Doe, or Stan.

    “There’s no gold,” says Josh Strauss, partner at money manager Pekin Hardy Strauss in Chicago (and a bullion fan). “There’s no gold. There’s roughly a 10% premium to purchase physical gold for delivery. Usually it’s like 2%. I can buy a one ounce American Eagle for $1,800,” said Josh Strauss. “$1,800!”

  57. wondering

    Hey Paul,
    Looks at what AndrewB posted.–8Pm9J6dWigfaSZhcf-gwUWiX3V0a1y0zrHsro&app=desktop

    They have been lying to the public for over two hundred years. Why would you believe anything they say now? Why would you believe the numbers that they are terrorizing the world with? Watch the link above and have proof that they are lying.

    I realize that Trump has a lot on his plate, plus his own business to watch out for, but he doesn’t need to bold face lie about it not being a financial crisis. He could focus on the virus rather than lie about the financial meltdown. He encouraged people to buy stocks five weeks before the 9000 point drop and now he says no business crisis.

    Great interview Greg, keep up the good work.

    • AndrewB

      Hi wondering,
      I am wondering, did I really post that link? Can’t recall doing so – but, hey, thanks for the ego trip.

  58. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Many people are awake to the weakness of fiat currencies but are afraid to purchase gold – in case it loses value. For many who do take the plunge, the fear of potential loss does not evaporate once they own some gold. In light of this, the following quote from the Dutch Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), should provide all the reassurance they need . . .
    “Shares, bonds and securities are not without risk, and prices can go down. But a bar of gold retains its value, even in times of crisis. That is why central banks, including DNB, have traditionally held considerable amounts of gold. Gold is the perfect piggy bank – it’s the anchor of trust for the financial system. If the system collapses, the gold stock can serve as a basis to build it up again. Gold bolsters confidence in the stability of the central bank’s balance sheet and creates a sense of security”
    Enough said!

    • paul ...

      You know … instead of the Fed bailing out the banks with bushels of fiat paper dollars printed out of thin air like they did back in 2009 and are doing again today … why doesn’t the Fed simply use their God given brains … and buy gold with their fake paper money … then give the gold to the banks … which will make them solvent and strong??!!

  59. John

    The guy doing this report is making my point. He is exhibiting a denial syndrome. He goes into great detail nit picking statistics and numbers. If we have learned anything over the last months and years it should be that data manipulation is endemic. Whether its corrupted economic data or corrupted medical data it has infected the legitimacy of the entire system. We should put our faith not in what we’re told but with what we see with our own eyes.
    What I see is early stage chaos at hospitals, food stores, governmental facilities and on the street in general. Act appropriately and cautiously for now. No significant mistakes.

    • Greg Hunter

      No. no. no Youi can’t use your opinion of someone as a fact. Celente is making his points with many facts. I am asking you to deliver facts not your opinion that is contrary to yours and put that up as some sort of analytical fact. You failed to make any point that is worthwhile.

      • Dr Darrel L Smith

        The facts matter and some were made things were stated that were not factual, therefore, it goes both ways.

    • paul ...

      Here is a fact to consider … the NYC Morgue is currently filled to capacity … that never occurred with a simple flu ever!!

      • paul ...

        Only during 9-11 (another manufactured event) did the City require extra space for the dead people “they” created …

        • paul ...

          And such “manufactured events” are brought about to effect change in government and a watering down of our Constitutional rights!!

          • JungianINTP

            Are there Democrat mayors and health care professionals and CDC officials who would conflate year-to-year flu bug numbers with corvid-19 numbers—to increase the perception of deadly risk, ramping up FEAR, driving everyone having mere cold symptoms to the hospital for testing, demanding treatment; and explaining why all hospitals are being overwhelmed by around-the-block, potential corvid-victim lines? Is it a Corona-Hyped Hoax? Let’s see those hidden side-by-side stats, which might tell us the degree of risk—and the extent of what just might be a Damage-Trump-At-All-Cost Hoaxing, to include effecting a financial collapse and resulting Greater Depression. Let’s see the Flu-Bug-Death numbers vs. the Corvid-19-Death numbers.

            • paul ...

              You know … the Germans during WWII denied there was a holocaust going on also (even though they could smell the burning bodies being cremated) … what flu ever filled all the morgues and required using freezer trucks and ice skating rings in NY to keep the huge numbers of dead bodies on ice ????? … Wake up Jung…

            • JungianINTP

              Paul, the sources you would cite – within mainstream GLOBAL media – spent 3-plus years lying – 24/7 – about Ukraine/Russia/Biden/Trump issues, in order to topple Trump & Team! I merely had asked a question, as Jefferson had wisely advised. If this scribbler could manage doing it, every sentence written or uttered would end with a question mark??? -Rick

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You are failing to differentiate between reality, and infantile overreaction to perception of reality.

  60. Merry Piper

    Greg: An absolutely phenomenal interview. The best of your best. You and Gerald Celente are the “riders on the storm”. Thank you both for your outstanding service to humanity.

  61. al

    Confiscate gold? A FUTILE ENDEAVOR because ONLY .02% HAVE GOLD, the rest are sheeple.
    Later on you said gold is the best thing to own. ???

    At least your rants had me on the floor rolling ! Awesome!

  62. sam

    The third stage would be “crisis”. It would take only up to six weeks to send a country into crisis, explained Bezmenov. The crisis would bring “a violent change of power, structure, and economy” and will be followed by the last stage, “normalization.” That’s when your country is basically taken over, living under a new ideology and reality.

  63. Matthias

    The new World Trade Center 7 study of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has finally been officially published on March 25, 2020 after being peer-reviewed and is therefore now considered official scientific literature!

    WTC 7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report

    The study concludes that fires did not bring down WTC7. The study also finds that to make the building collapse the way the videos show all core columns over at least 8 floors had to fail simultaneously! Also the perimeter columns had to fail all at once 1.3 seconds after the core columns failed. The building had 82 columns on each floor therefore over 650 columns had to fail simultaneously or near simultaneously to facilitate the collapse.

    While the University of Alaska Fairbanks made all their research data public NIST refuses to publish the input data of their computer models to this day. see:

    NIST Publishes New FAQ on Its Refusal to Release Key Building 7 Data

    More information about the staging of 9/11:

    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:
    “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version)”

    Prof. Niels Harrit about the finding of samples of unreacted Nanothermite in the WTC dust:
    “Niels Harrit May 2016 London”

    Documentary by James Corbett about 9/11 Whistleblowers:

    Documentary about the full 9/11 timeline by Massimo Mazzucco:
    “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” – Full version (1/3)
    ” (2/3)
    ” (3/3)

  64. Mike R

    Everyone – please watch this video by a REAL doctor, who has real data from what has worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, who have done much more successful containment than any other country, and then ultimately what was done in China after their initial disaster. There is hope we can contain this in a much simpler and safer and humane way than shutting down our country for weeks or months. Its inhumane to force people out of work by the hundreds of millions, and to destroy so many businesses who can not survive without revenues, and really meager loans from government.

    The worldwide response to this has been too mixed, too wildly un-constructive, and haphazard enough to make the situation vastly worse than it ever needed to be.

    Washing hands frequently is paramount, as the spread is mostly surface contact, hands to face. And via feces that contains it that is on way too many surfaces. Social distancing is now critical in the near term, especially WITHIN hospitals.

    You will be pleasantly surprised and become much more hopeful and not alarmist, if you watch the video. I guarantee it will make sense to you. The current hysteria and political grid lock has to end. Otherwise the world will see a greatest depression.

  65. Mike

    Ever view. YouTube. The tiny dot. By larken rose?

    Mr Celente sounds as though he might find
    Very interesting
    Have a good day.

  66. John

    Come on! I failed to make ANY point that is worthwhile? I’m only expressing my opinion! What do think Celente is doing and what do you think you’re doing for that matter? Get off your high horse. You appear to also be a victim of the denial syndrome. Two weeks from now I think even those such as yourself will either be getting the picture or sinking deeper into their denial. I’m speaking to your readers here. It’s probably going to get worse not better. I’ll say it again. Calculate out each step from now on very carefully. No significant mistakes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes John,
      You did not give a singe source-able fact. You opinion is NOT a fact. Why don’t you get of YOUR “Higfh Horse” and provide some facts and while you are at it use a real verifiable name.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Yes, John, you are expressing your opinion. I enjoy doing the same here on Mr. Hunter’s site, and thank him for providing it.

      BUT, you somehow believe that YOUR opinion should have the force of effect on MY life. For example, it was estimated by CDC that in 2016 there were over 400,000 emergency room visits due to unintentional poisoning, but that doesn’t give me the right to take your bleach and your WD-40 away from you, as a “carefully calculated step” in order to make sure that you don’t make any “significant mistakes”.

      You might argue that a virus can be ubiqitous, and can affect others, so it’s not a fair comparison. But, bleach and your WD-40 are ubiquitous (excluding California), and those 400,000 poisonings were all ACCIDENTAL, all affecting the innocent and unsuspecting.

      So, why should you have the right to impose your rules on me? For your own safety? Then, hand over your bleach and your WD-40, for the safety of those around you.

  67. DJ

    The National Commission just recommend women should have to register for the draft. Where did that come from? Or better yet why?

    War with China and or North Korea is inevitable. Infantry, Artillery, Armor and support personal will always be need to take and hold ground.

    My number in 1970 was 61. Anyone 185 and under was a winner.

    I’m mixed feelings on the draft. Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country, JFK. I’m certainly opposed to women being drafted.

    I live with memories I could have done without.

  68. Coalburner

    Greg: I would really like to know what Gerald thinks is a workable , “Get Away Plan”.

  69. Robert

    This is a “live” exercise. The more you know!

  70. JC

    G.A. Stewart:

    It was today when I finally understood Nostradamus’ prediction, “The supporting common people will rise up… the way of the realms will have been weakened by those of the Orient…”

    The elitist reaction to the outbreak of this virus has been heartless. As long as the economy runs and people keep using their credit cards, some politicians and captains of industry and finance are good with 2% to 4% of the population dying.

    Out of approximately 329-million people, 80% of the population may get this virus. That is 263.2 million people; 2% of that number is 5.3-million people.

    As I keep repeating, what if the Chinese numbers are wrong?

    George Ure at is very good at math and he charts the numbers daily while also making future projections. He has derived a global mortality rate of 4.463%. For the United States that would amount to 11.7 million people.

    That will start a Second American Revolution and not what I have been calling The Second Civil War.

  71. Sue E. Robinson

    I just watched the video Mike R recommended. Superb material. The doctor’s website is ZDoggMD. Also I join another USA Watchdog supporter here in asking Greg to chat with Dr. Paul Cottrell, who has a massive academic background, and could help everyone understand the Wuhan virus a bit more. Mr. Celente, who I do admire, is a difficult interview to watch because he has become emotionally exhausting. This is sort of like one person in the room consuming all the available oxygen, leaving everyone else gasping for breath. I do want to hear what he has to say, whether I agree with him or not, but I was not able to ‘hold on’ long enough to watch the entire interview this time. I am Really trying here not to be critical, but Greg, maybe you could help him tone it down a bit so he could be more persuasive next time. Thanks once more for all your wonderful work.

  72. regaleagle

    There’s alot of really great people all over America and the world, and there’s a whole lot of really bad people in government all over American and all over the world. Sounds to me like it comes down to really great people of the world vs really bad actors in governments around the world. Good vs Evil will win this battle in the end. The battle has never been so evident as it is shaping up to be now. Time to get off the fence and choose.

  73. neville

    With apologies to all MONKEYS LIVING OR DEAD for relating your kind to the filth that run the DYSFUNCTIONAL country better known as AAcrime

  74. Riverman

    Mr Hunter
    As always ones opinions are shaped from their experiences. I have spent many days in the hospital over the past 3yrs including a resent 6 days admittance with a love one who had pneumonia and has a trach. The experience opened my eyes as to how inadequate the medical system really is. I have practiced social distancing out of respect for health care workers and love of my 3yr old grandson. School and businesses close every year due flu breakouts. At times Mr. Celente rants appear to sectionalize his opinion. It is sad that people and businesses are so deep in debt that they cannot weather even a few weeks of hardship. This fact is what makes us captive to the politician and the banking establishment. Mr. Celente has always brought forth valid points on economic, political, and rule of law issues. This may be one time where it would be best to step away from the bully pulpit and offer to spend time in the trenches with the health care workers if he feels the threat is not valid. We all must make tough decisions in the days ahead only after this is over will we know who had the facts right. I do believe that the effects on your love ones whether is be a job loss or god forbid a stay in the hospital or worse will be what shapes ones perception of the facts. Thanks once again Greg for what you do.

    The Riverman

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks riverman!

  75. Jerry

    This is a heads up for any and all who will listen. I went to my silver dealer yesterday to buy more silver eagles, and found out his supply was just about gone. He opened his doors at 12:00 noon and within two hours was sold out. Then I saw this later.

    Greg we are in uncharted waters. The Fed pumping is in high gear while the LBMA is on the verge of failing to make delivery. This is it!
    The ride is just about over!

  76. Malcolm Macnab

    Trying to sneek Global Government in through the back door while the qworld is panicking:

    Malcolm Macnab

    • paul ...

      So everyone is going to believe “the government manipulated numbers” downgrading the Corona Virus to “no longer highly dangerous” … just as we believed this government’s manipulated numbers with regard to gold all these years “to make it less dangerous” to the banksters???

  77. Doug

    Hi Greg.
    I love listening to Mr. Celente, he has enormous energy when he speaks.
    I think he is off with what he says will happen though.
    I know this is out there but it is the ONLY logical reason for what is happening.
    Listen to the President. He says this will be over by Easter.
    That is a VERY Important Religious time, the Resurrecting of Jesus Christ.
    Everything points to this “LOCK DOWN” of the Whole World as something BIGGER, MUCH BIGGER than a simple Flu Virus.
    Have you notices all the major Celebrities posting bizarre video’s with obvious coded messages in them “Hanks, Degenerate, Madonna, etc. etc. etc.. Why would Bill Gates (Mr. World Vaccine) all of a sudden step down as CEO. I believe that there are a LOT of Patriots in Government and Politics that have FINALLY had it with the Lucifarian Pedophile One World Government types and there is a “rounding up” of these Vermin going on. Countries locked down, Cities locked down, and MARSHALL LAW coming in the next week or so. No one moves….No one gets hurt (no School shootings when there is NO SCHOOL), no gatherings of people. All the Vermin ripe for the picking, and that goes WORLD WIDE. It is NOT just in the US that the NWO has taken over everything, it is WORLD WIDE. Google GitMo and see how much bigger it has become since President Trump has come to power. Why?
    Don’t be surprised if the “emergency Broadcasting system” is used to alert ALL Citizens of something BIG soon.
    Easter Will be a wonderful awakening for a lot of people this year I believe Greg.
    God bless and take care of yourself and your family and friends. You do a great service.

  78. lars

    Thanks Greg!! … this was one of Celente’s best rants… DEAD ON!!! … loved it!

  79. James sullivan

    Greg; I wish someone would analyse this comparison of normal yearly flu deaths vs corona. It seems that both affect the old and sickly, but it also seems that corona also attacks young and relatively healthy. Is there a difference in the death from flu? Ie. It kills those who are already very close to death, wheras the corona takes those who would have survived the flu, as well as the more sickly. I believe we need far better reporting on ‘cause of death’ statistics, so we can better determine this flu vs corona debate.

  80. MarioThomas

    Meanwhile, in the USSR, Deep State Dems demand countrywide shutdown through the 2020 election
    – MARCH 26, 2020

    “It’s lucky that you have this group here for this problem or you wouldn’t even have a country left.”
    Steve Watson | – MARCH 26, 2020

    The effects of COVID-19 are not evenly distributed in the United States. Only certain regions are facing sizable strains on their resources
    Ryan McMaken | – MARCH 26, 2020

    It’s not the virus I fear, but the vaccine! Yes Mario, yet I fear the destruction of the economic engine of the free world. Without the leadership of the U.S. it’s the dark ages all over again! It’s called Fascism. If all else fails, pray for God’s kingdom to come. But just remember Jesus’s last word’s to his followers. When I do come back, no more Mr. nice guy. So be careful what you prey on and on whom! Get it? All you tin horn dictator’s, Bill Mare, Bill Crystal, Bill Gates, ad nausea-um!
    80,000 died of the flue last year. Put that in your dope pipe and smoke it. Happy pipe dreams loser’s!

  81. AndrewB

    UK Government advisor admits his Covid-19 model was wrong by orders of magnitude (original prediction of UK deaths 500,000 – now reduced to 20,000). Also, dramatically reduces predicted Covid-19 related deaths in US. You have got to be kidding right . . . .!

    • AndrewB

      Hi, I’ve just checked the link and the site flashed on momentarily and then went blank – with the message,’An unexpected problem has occurred’. Taken down more like. Anyway, the story can still be accessed on Facebook @ Donald Trump is My President. He tweeted it out earlier today, 26th March, under the heading;
      “BREAKING: British “Expert” admits his model was WRONG”.

      • paul ...

        They are at it again manipulating numbers … the same way they manipulate the price of gold!!!

  82. J.D. Clampett

    This Is How the Coronavirus Will Destroy the Economy
    This once-in-a-century pandemic is hitting a world economy saddled with record levels of debt.
    By Ruchir Sharma

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Men are intentionally destroying the economy, not a virus.

  83. Gaskill James

    Experts believe may be Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong — watch & share this link!

  84. The Fallen Ones

    USAWatchdogger, 5G will make us even more susceptible to viruses. Refuse to downgrade to a 5G phony phone. Your immune system will be glad you did and you’ll be here to talk about it!

  85. Bruno Kronstine

    The Best Wi-Fi at Sea
    Yes, take an immune weakening 5G quarantine confining cruise of abject fear, to the bottom of the sea,. Of Neptunes locker of pestilence!

  86. Along Came Jones

    China Discovers Origin of Corona Virus: Issues Emergency Statement

  87. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, Our totalitarian dream is almost complete. Please thank your listeners for their virtual complete compliance although we wish people would exercise more care in their birth control decisions. Please remind your readers that our Planned Parenthood centers will be there to help deal with unwanted pregnancies in the months and years to come.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey folks “Gina” tries to post nasty comments all the time on USAW. I delete them by the dozens, but once in a while I post something that is instructive and exposes their true godless evil from the evil “Gina” troll. This is the only reason why I am posting this. Oh, and USAW must be important, otherwise they would not assign paid trolls to comment here.
      With the Love of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (The trolls hate the name of Jesus) “Fera Not”!!!


      • Matthias

        Amen, Greg!

    • paul ...

      Gina … your totalitarian dream “looks like it is here” (with all the nationalizations and bailouts Trump is doing) … but in a few months … when it is found we can’t simply keep printing money to keep “non-operating” businesses afloat … capitalism will arise from the ashes … and all these non-profitable businesses will be allowed to go bankrupt (along with the criminal banks that made loans that can’t be repaid)!!!

    • DanielSong39

      Got to give credit where it it is due, she is right this time.
      President Hillary next? We shall see!

      • Greg Hunter

        Give no credit to a paid troll that got the “Hillary will be President” totally wrong. I repeatedly said “Hillary would never be President, leading up to the 2016 election and was laughed at. Let me say it again, Hillary will never be President. She’s a loser.

  88. Hilde

    Loved the interview! Love Celente.
    Celente to me is a million percent right.
    I’m not able to post a link because my computer got weird on me all of a sudden, but I’m sure the readers can easily look up that appr 68.000 people died of the flu in Italy between 2013 and 2017.
    Nobody decided to make hundreds of millions of people lose their jobs and go bankrupt for that. Not to mention force them to stay inside or assemble at all. In Denmark too, it might be implemented that one is allowed to be only two people gathered (apart from families).
    One million people die from malaria every year. No mass hysteria on that. So what’s happening now is of course complete insanity. More people will probably die from snake bites this year than from Covid-19.
    On a happier note, 130 million babies are born every year:-)

  89. robert heartland

    Greg have you seen any planes flying? Any? I go to a eatery place that I like and they want to hand me my food outside the door after I pay them. I want to enjoy sitting down and being served and leaving a good tip like a civilized human being. So I don’t go.

  90. Lore

    I would love to hear how some of these commentators feel about real estate. It never seems to come up, which seems strange, given that most people have most of their net worth tied up in bricks and mortar. I suppose, if everything else is rising in nominal terms as the pricing mechanism breaks down, housing will rise too, but on the other hand, if availability of credit becomes a problem, then prices come down immediately (which to my way of thinking they should), but I for one would like to know what market commentators have to say about this perceived tug-of-war. Ultimately, I suspect that their prediction for a broad slowdown with soaring unemployment will by necessity result in a sweeping downturn for commercial and residential real estate in all but the choicest regional markets. I’m curious. Has anybody given this matter more thought?

  91. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    You should revisit my comments when Mr. Morgan was you guest in early February. Mr Celente is in agreement with much of what I said then.

    So much of what he is saying I have been saying to my friends, family and colleagues.
    You asked about a Great Depression. By government fiat they have put our country into a depression. They did not SLOW the economy down. They SHUT it down. They shut off the supply side and they shut off the demand side.


    Even though the MAJORITY of these individuals have no evidence of illness (and therefore is obscene to shut down a healthy man’s business)…regardless, it is still immoral and wrong to close down his business. The staff are given sick days for the purpose of taking them when they are sick to not only recover, but to prevent others from getting sick. And the healthy staff continue in operating the business . Thus, EVERYONE remains in business and gets paid. There’s no reason to shutdown the business!! Businessmen don’t make STUPID decisions like this! It’s too stupid too be stupid!

    We all are responsible for our own lives. Each person knows their own condition. For those that are more vulnerable or at higher risk, it is up to them to decide what’s best for them. We each must measure the risks in front of us against our own (sometimes unique) desires, needs and wants.
    People should be outraged by this dictatorial shutdown and destruction of our economy and our rights. But as I told you from the outset…this coronavirus is a red herring for the collusion between the media with its unrelenting coverage, the big international corporations being on board with the agenda (as they stand to benefit from the roll out of robotics displacing people and the dumbed down populous will accept it as a way to “distance” themselves from germs and viruses), well as the repo market revealing major financial problems…as the lead in to the reset…the reset being complete digitization. You will find yourself doing your banking online or through your mobile app and ATMs and debit cards as the financial system transitions to complete digitalization. So even if the do nuclear as Paul T Jones said this morning with the creation of money, with complete digitization it will be impossible for there to be a run on banks…no matter the level of debt creation.

  92. Russ McMeans

    Best and most insightful interview of the year!
    Thank you Sir Greg. Unbelievable!
    Gerald is the BEST!

  93. Dr Darrel L Smith

    Hey, Celente are you buying the GMO as a problem in food, the pesticides on the food and the chemicals in the water you do have proof of these right? Why are you having a problem with deaths from Covid-19? Let’s take the GMO’s, this is the one I like the best. You complain about what people are doing to you and don’t even realize you are the one who’s buying it.

    They sell you the food with no GMO’s, organic and no gluten labels and you gladly buy it and pay more for it and never complain. I have to tell you that they are taking you to that place you don’t like. The cleaners. There are no GMO’s in food because any DNA that, OH, helped plants grow faster to meet demands, resist pests without insecticides, grow immune to disease without chemicals are destroyed in the processing or cooking of those foods. By processing we mean making an oil out of corn or soy beans. There are ‘NO, foods with GMO’s in the human food supply and even if there were the DNA that was modified would be destroyed by the stomach acids.

    The explanation for the others is it’s not true so won’t take up any more space.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not Celente’s fault. Not fair.

      • Dr Darrel L Smith

        It’s not Celentes fault but he uses a false analogy with the GMO’s in food. There are no GMO’s in food and it’s wrong to use it and make people believe it. At the present time there are to many people paying higher prices for foods that have the No GMO’s, Organic, No Gluten labels attached. Have you seen things that have never been close to a cereal grain protein with a no Gluten label or a banana grown on a tree with Organic on it. These labels are there only to get higher prices and are total lies.

        An analogy should be the truth.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think there are bigger things to worry about at the moment but I got your point.

  94. Dr Darrel L Smith

    This pandemic time is a chance to get us back to realizing the gift of God. It is a chance to restore the family and find the joy in togetherness. We can find out how the MSM has tried to enslave us and make us work for the elite Cabal. The Deep State is trying to take down our savior who is here as the hand of God.

  95. H. Craig Bradley


    The American Dream has now devolved into a nightmare of sorts. Suddenly, you have lost your freedoms (to associate, to assemble, to freely consumer, to run your business, to operate according to the law, to defend yourself, again, according to your State’s Revised Statutes, to Work and earn a living.). Suddenly, the elites and their lackeys have ordered a new world paradigm.

    Only a relative few, mostly rural states have not gone along with this power grab by the government. Among them, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, (Northern Great Plains States) Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi (Deep South). At least over half of the states have just carbon copied California and New York. These are the States that have not caved-in to “peer pressure” to deny Liberties expressly stated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Most other Western States have succomed to a kind of collective group-think, such as Calif. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and recently, Colorado. Thus, when the “chips are down”, we find-out who has been drinking the Kool-Aid all along. The “essential business” restrictions are said to only be “temporary”. We will have to see about that.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      I have noticed a great many fellow residents in my general area when standing in line to buy groceries are very compliant and usually resigned to the new normal ( present circumstances). No real opposition or reservations towards what our state elected officials have imposed upon them in recent weeks. Actually, if anything, they support these new restrictions because they agree with the reason: Corona virus health threat.

      So, everybody from the top down rolled. Thus, we Americans are proving to be even weaker than the French were in 1941 when German Troops goose-stepped through the Arch de Triumph in Paris, France. Accordingly, it appears French Fries equal American fries. I am not sure anyone is going to fear us if we bellow in the future. Once you lose freedoms, a legal precedent has been set.

      Its similar to a beachhead for invading socialists and constitutional power-grabbers everywhere and even an encouragement to take even more liberties. I expect they eventually will take more liberties in the next National Emergency and then not return them all.

  96. H. Craig Bradley


    Much has been said about the merits or demerits of individual empowerment via the Second Amendment. Recently, attempts have been made by local authorities to water-down these Constitutional rights through progressive legislation ( “Red Flag Laws”). Some want to take it one step further and presumptively declare gun shops as “non-essential” businesses and shut them (all) down, as well. So far, the State and/or local politicians did not want to go that far and face a challenger on this hot issue in the next election. Maybe next time, but not yet.

    Individual citizens have been mobbing gun shops around the country due to anxiety about their personal safety or security. Local law enforcement is spread thin in the low population, more rural jurisdictions and in the large cities, encumbered by recent state laws limiting law reinforcement’s options. Citizens are more vulnerable or feel they are.

    Problem is, you need some field training to become proficient with any firearm and lots of regular practice, as such proficiency is a “perishable” skill. Just as important, you need to know YOUR State’s legal responsibilities as a new firearm owner and its not required by any state to demonstrate such training and knowledge. The lone exception would be if you are in a County or state that allows and issues Concealed Weapons Permits and you are applying for one. Otherwise, essentially no qualifications at all to buy a gun, except of course, a clean, criminal free background.

    Each state is unique and different in its exact criminal statutes and laws governing the liability, use and ownership of any firearm. For example, there is no such “Castle Doctrine” in California. This means you do not have a protected right to self-defense in your own home and can be charged for a Felony offense if you so do, and are always subject to very expensive civil lawsuits afterwards. ( Better have insurance or a $1 million dollars to use in lawyer fees. ) If you lose at trial, you could go to prison for years and are broke, as well.

    Thus, gun ownership is not necessarily a slam-dunk anymore. It was when I turned 18 the world that existed back then 1972 is long gone, as is the America I once knew.
    So, your individual rights and liberties were already being eroded by politicians and State and Federal Judges long before corona virus came on the global scene earlier this year. Now its naked and clearly visible to all who are both concerned about the trend and observant in the slightest degree.

    Many citizens, perhaps the majority are neither. Its no coincidence that a propagandized, public school indoctrinated, socialized, dumbed-down, low-information voter and populace have all but invited the current global government power-grab by our elites and their lackey politicians. Their mouths are literally watering right now. Behind the curtain is the master power and principality of this world. His servants are out-in-the-open. So, your lives are now increasingly at risk at home and abroad. Time, as we measure it, may be running-out. Better “get your house in-order” while you can.

  97. tim mcgraw

    A very good interview with Gerald. I always enjoy hearing what he has to say. Time for me to get back in shape.
    As for politics, meh, but if I had to pick a Democratic Party up and comer it would be Gov. Gavin Newsom of California. He’ll be President someday is my guess.

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