Greg Hunter Guest Hosting on Radio

By Greg Hunter’s 

Last week I was asked to be a Guest Host on a very popular morning talk radio show here on the East Coast.  It’s called “The Brad and Britt Show.”   It airs on WZTK-FM 101.1.  The station broadcasts in Central North Carolina and reaches the biggest cities in the state.  I filled in for Britt.  Both Guys are extremely talented and well liked, so I had my work cut out for me.  I have chosen a few links to some highlight clips.  The links below will take you to the station website (WZTK 101.1) so you may listen.

ABC’s Christiane Amanpour interview

Health Care Smackdown

Islam in America

Sen. Jeff Sessions

Burning the Quran

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  1. James Lanier

    I had the privilege of listening to your co-hosting with Brad Krantz all week long.

    I work from 5:00am till 1:45pm at my job and my boss allows me to wear a portable FM receiver during my shift, tuned to 101.1 WZTK.

    The banter between you Krantz was great. It kept me enthralled.

    Keep up the fantastic work with USA Watchdog.


    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and support.

  2. MarkM

    Hey Greg,

    I listened to the Jeff Sessions segment and the Health Care Smack-down segment. You did very well.

    I am being picayune with my critique here, but you stated that you were niether right or left and that you follow the facts when you introduced yourself to Sessions(paraphrased). To objectively study history, statistics, and human nature usually results in somebody becoming politically conservative, at least economically.

    My wife is a good example. She is analytical, very well educated, and a rain-maker accountant; however, she passively follows politics and does not read history. She is a cliche’d liberal. Nancy Pelosi’s sound-bites sound so nice to her–and she wants to be liked by her peers. Which leads to more referals from business acqaintenances. She is part of a big liberal clique. A prerequisite for membership is renouncement of conservative views and public denouncement of conservatives. She is riding this gravy train very well.

    It is too bad that you must paint yourself as a “middle-of-the-road-guy” to survive in MSM (I think socially you are middle-of-the-road). Your economic views are definately conservative and not neo-Marxist.

    The objective study of history, economics, and human nature usually makes a person somewhat to very conservative. I read your website because you and the people who post here question pop-culture economics and politics.

    I wish my wife would engage in politics. After all, politics is war conducted by other means, and war is politics by gunbarrel. It is very important stuff.



    • Greg

      Good point. I just want to present the facts as clearly as possible. I have been called a flaming liberal at times and an arch conservative other times. When you piss both sides off, you know you are doing your job as a journalist. I suspect if there was a Republican in the White House folks would look call me a liberal. There was plenty to criticize during the Bush Administration but my site was not up then. I was working at ABC News and CNN during the Bush 43 years and I did not make any friends in that administration covering the stories I chose. Check out my Bio page and if you watch those stories, it is hard to see how they would make the Republican Administration happy. Neither side is all bad but far from all good. This financial crash we are heading for WILL cause political upheaval and not all of it good. Thanks for the comment and support.

      • MarkM

        Hey Greg,

        I am now going to be semantic. Until BO came along, I used this popular line often, “Bush-43 spent money like no drunk sailor could, after all, drunk sailors only spend what is in their pocket!”

        The term republican does not mean fiscally conservative. It usually means a very, very, very, slow march to socialism. It is neo-Marxism with a harsh bit in its mouth.

        I like the compassion that democrats have. I like their idealism regarding utopia and a fair society. Too bad their idealism blinds them to reality.

        I also like some so-called liberal court rulings. Like the one that recently came from a California court. The court ruled that police can’t arrest a punk because his boxers were showing. The boxers WERE covering his crack. The court ruled that he was not indecently exposed because people could not see his crack.

        The police are not the fashion-police. Police are not supposed to cite fashion-faux pas’. The police are not supposed to arrest people based on pop-cultural fads.

        I HATE THE BOXER-SHOWING-LOW-HANGING-PANTS-LOOK! But, the court ruled correctly.

        Dems are not always incorrect. Repubs are not always conservative. In many cases, dems and repubs are both wrong. The illegal immigration issue is a good example. Both parties have failed us regarding illegal immigration, and failed miserably!


        • Greg

          Thanks for listening to the radio show I guest hosted.

  3. Letitia Vann


    I remember you from News 2 quite a while back. I also remember the first time I saw you on ABC and CNN as a correspondent. Good job! It is always good to see journalists whom lived and worked in this area featured on a larger platform. I listen to 101.1 daily and I heard you on the radio last week on the Brad and Britt show. In regards to the segment “Islam in America”, do you know where I can obtain a copy of the email that was read in regards to the definition/explanation of Islam and what it truly means to the followers of Islam. He expressed some hesitancy about reading the email because of imflammatory comments made throughout the email by the author. That is possibly the best explanation/description of Islam tha tI have ever heard and I want to share it with those whom I refer to as the truly uninformed.

    Thanks and good luck with your website!

    Letitia Martinez

    • Greg

      Thank you Letitia!

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