Health Care Reform Passed By House, Now What?

By Greg Hunter’s   

It took some arm twisting, political payoffs and a promise not to publicly fund abortion to get health care reform passed.  There is still plenty to do on what is called the “fix” to the bill in the Senate.  This “fix,” whether or not passed, will not stop the biggest social legislation since Medicare to be signed into law.  There are several state attorneys general that will challenge this new reform under the Tenth Amendment (States Rights).  I am not sure legal action can stop this new law, but look for that story to unfold this week.   

So, now what?  Most of the bill does not take place immediately, but there are a few things that will take place “within 6 months” according to the White House. Some of the big things I see are: allowing your child to stay on your health insurance plan until age 26.  You can expect help for people denied coverage for pre-existing conditions because the Senate bill set aside $5 billion for temporary coverage until the main part of the legislation takes effect in 2014.  Also, any children with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage.  Finally, there will also be a preventive care provision that insurance companies will be required to offer for free. (Click here to see more on the near term help the bill will provide from CNN)   

There is a down side to the health care reform according to former Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt.  He says, “I don’t think there is no question we will begin to see insurance premiums raise.”  Those increases in premiums, according to Leavitt, will also happen sooner than later.  Insurance companies cannot print money.  So, when you require them to provide things such as preventive care for free, somebody has to pay for it.

Democrats say the bill saves money and gives needed coverage to people who can’t afford it.  Republicans say we are starting a brand new entitlement in the worst economy since the Great Depression.  My take is you cannot insure millions of people who cannot afford it– for free.  Also, can the U.S. really afford this “reform” when you consider Social Security and Medicare are unfunded by trillions of dollars.  I have written about the cost of this new legislation in a previous post called “What Is the True Cost Of Health Care Reform?” 

I am sure much will be written about the political comeback of the health care reform bill.  It looked like it was dead on arrival in the wake of Scott Brown’s surprise Senate victory in Massachusetts.  The Democrats and the President get the big win here, but there is much more at stake.  In September, I wrote a post titled “Prediction: Obama Wins Health Care, Loses Economy.”  So far, I have been proven only half right.  Pray I am not 100% correct.

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  1. Colby


    I continue to be appreciative of your thoughful and honest reporting. I have heard how insurance companies are fully supporting this legislation. Could you explain how this will benefit insurance companies? Also, will the preexisting condition changes only be applied to health insurance or could this extend to life insurance as well?

    • Greg

      Insurance companies are behind the new legislation because every one in America will be required to have insurance. So the insurance companies will have new customers. This will not extend into life insurance.

      • matslinger

        What of the RFID chips and mandatoty vaccinations in this bill??
        why the hell is nobody talking about these important things?
        The governmnment tried to infect us us with God knows what, in the
        fake H1N1 scam, and failed, due to the diligent efforts of people who blew the whistle till they were blue in the face…. NOW, can we
        expect the boyz in black to arrive @ our doors with needle in hand
        when these satan worshipers come back for round 2 in the fall??

        • Greg

          Thank you for you weighing in.

  2. Mark Mudgett

    Hello Greg,

    Your “Prediction: Obama Wins Health Care, Loses Economy” is correct; however, the implementation of this bill is piecemeal. I think our economy will not worsen or improve as this legislation is implemented. “Death by a thousand cuts” seems to be the rule for our new Obama economy–also, our individual standards-of-living will decrease with Obama’s new progressive centralized control of our lives.

    Ten percent unemployment will be the norm.

    A powerful governemnt equals power-less individuals.



    • Greg

      Good points,

  3. niphtrique

    I live in The Netherlands under a similar system so I can tell you that it is not bad.

    If you do it right, it can save you much money and improve quality. Health care in The Netherlands costs 9% of GDP compared to 15% in the US and everybody is insured. Most insurers do not make much profit because the competition is fierce (many of them have no profit motive anyway).

    What is the alternative? Let uninsured people die? Around 40,000 people die each year in the US because of lack of insurance. Why not stop the wars instead?

    • Greg

      Thank you for giving us some hope!

    • Mark Mudgett

      Hello niphtrique,

      Unfortunately, you have been reading and believing the propaganda from the DNC (Democratic Socialist Party of Amerika).

      All people in America get health care. It is the law. We have many philanthropic organizations that provide health care. Also, our premiums have a “built-in tax” that covers the losses to doctors who don’t get paid for legally required services to patients who can’t (or won’t) pay for insurance.

      40,000 people don’t die here because of a lack of insurance. People are not being kicked into the gutter and left to die (don’t be a MORON!).

      Your demographics are different than ours.

      Also, US citizens are paying for and providing your secturity. Europeans have been KILLING each other for the last 3,000 years on a consistant cycle; that cycle was broken by a the US occupation of Europe. Europeans can afford socialism because the US pays for your security; a luxury we can’t afford.


  4. greg marvel

    The article says that the secretary of H&HS, Mike Leavitt, stated, “I don’t think there is no question we will begin to see insurance premiums raise.” Did anyone else notice the double negative and incorrect verb tense? If a cabinet member can strangle the English language that badly and still hold office, we are all doomed. His grammar reflects the fundamental incompetence of the current federal government and their drive to reward the sick, lazy, and ignorant with government handouts. I will continue to monitor this economy as it slides inexorably over the precipice. Why China continues to buy our paper (treasuries) to support this lunacy is beyond me. The U.S. government has become nothing more than a ring of pickpockets in suits and ties.

    • Greg

      Good point on bad gramer but Leavitt is a former H&HS Secretary. Still, I get your point. Thank you.

  5. greg

    This is an important article, one that encouraged a response from a libertarian. There is a basic law of economics and psychology that states that “whatever you subsidize (reward), you will get more of.” That is, the more the federal government subsidizes sickness, the more sickness will appear. For example, the subsidized treatment of many psychiatric conditions alone, which really have no lasting cure, could easily generate legions of mentally ill and bankrupt the health care system in months. Many other chronic medical conditions, if treated as continuously as patients might expect(and some health care providers might wish), would overwhelm any sytem’s ability to pay for the treatment. Those who take personal responsibility for their health by eating well, exercising, not smoking, not drinking, avoiding risky behavior, etc., will end up subsidizing (rewarding) those who are lazy, obese, self-indulgent, and reckless in their personal behavior. How just, fair, or “compassionate” is it for the healthy and prudent to get taxed or billed to care for the obese, drunk, delusional, impulsive, entitled, and irresponsible? I will monitor with interest as our economy slides over the precipice greased by misguided governmental policies that reward sickness and punish health and personal responsibility? Why would the Chinese continue to buy our paper (treasuries) to finance this lunacy? Maybe they aren’t so stupid after all.

    • Greg

      Good stuff. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  6. Ben

    Hello Greg,

    My friend heard you on Coast to Coast last night and suggested I check out your site. He was correct.

    How is it constitutional to mandate that every American have health insurance? Get insurance or pay a fine(tax) or go to jail.

    How did this happen?



    • Greg

      How can you be taxed or fined for something you did not do? I am with you. This is a very slippery slope. Thank you for weighing in.

  7. Scott

    Mr. Hunter,

    I heard you this morning, March 23rd, on Coast-to-Coast radio. Normally I do not listen to this program, but your commentary on the Healthcare bill passage, Timothy Geitner’s unleashing unlimited spending for Fannie and Freddie, unsecured debt, the National deficit rising $1+ trillion in 1 year, etc & how you brought it all together…I was captured by your presentation.

    I was prompted to call the station to speak with you directly but my head was swimming with so many points that you had brought forth, I couldn’t dial the number.

    Is it possible to get that program or could I persuade you to write something here that repeats what you’ve said. How it all ties together & it’s meaning.

    I’m new to your sitew & do like your approach, I think you can make a bigger splash by introducing the topics as you did this morning. That’s just my opinion.

    In Liberty…

    • Greg

      Good point! Thank you for your comment.

  8. Con

    Howdy Greg Hunter,

    Right on again with your posting. But, I am happy ….. I now can get health insurance Free! Free, Free! Next, I want a free car, and free gas, and how about free food. Don’t I get to eat for free? And how about my dogs ….. don’t they get free dog food? And hey, if I need my roof fixed, won’t that be free too?

    We are f…ed!


    • Greg

      I agree!

  9. martha

    After 47 years of social security deductions from my paycheck, I am now retired,and the money now is not worth the same amount that I put in.Also, medicare is decucted from my check, it dosen’t come free. We pay for Medicare just like for any other insurance, so insinuating it is a free social program is just not true. Thanks.

    • Greg

      I believe this will be the most expensive “free” insurance ever! I have warned repeatedly about the cost of this “reform” on the site. Thank you for your support and comment!

  10. John Joslin

    With the good jobs leaving the country, and low paying jobs replacing these, how are people going to be able to afford the premiums that probably are going to get worse? Not much talk about this is hitting mainstream news. So what if you can get insurance – when you can’t afford the premiums?

    What’s strange is – we have so many examples of government run health care in all of the other industrialized countries where they spend half as much and everybody is covered. In this country we have private for profit health care and it’s a mess. I wonder which is the superior model? 🙂

    I’m a person that since Reagan came to office and quadrupled our debt, has been asking why nobody cares about this. To all of the people that are now aware of how the debt is crippling us, let me suggest that you start speaking up about the trillion dollars we waste on the military each year.

    Good job, Mr. Hunter. It nice to know somebody can till add 2 plus 2 and get 4!

    • Greg

      I predict people will be forced to care about all this debt! Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  11. Moises B Willoby

    Really insightful – continue to spread your message. Getting excited about an update. For too long now have I had the urge to begin with my own blog. Suppose if I wait around any more I will never take action. I’ll be sure to add you to my Blogroll. Many thanks!!

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding me!

  12. greg

    In a previous rant, I criticized Mike Leavitt, former secretary of HHS, for his grammar. I apologize. He may have been misquoted or his words may have been taken out of context. Furthermore, it was unkind and unfair of me to assume that he supports the current administration’s attempt to take over health care in the U.S. For all I know, he may currently support more market-based solutions to our current health care dilemma.

    • Greg

      Leavitt was not misquoted. That is exactly what he said. You are free to speak you mind here and change it at your discretion.

  13. Robert

    Hi Greg,

    I found your site after one of your past appearances on coast to coast and have it marked for a daily visit.

    Health care has passed and now the government will seek new sources of funding to pay for this entitlement. With foreign entities becoming increasingly reluctant to purchase our treasuries I believe our congress have to force interal sources of wealth into treasuries to fund this program. It is plausible that our esteemed congress will pass a law that will force those taking advantage of the 401k program to put some percentage of their pre-tax dollars into treasuries. The required percentage will probably start out small but will certainly increase over time until all new contributions are being forced into low yield treasuries. It is even possible that they may go afer funds that are currenly invested in other investment vehicles. They will not view this as confiscation and will market it as your duty as a citizent to help those who are less fortunate.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


    • Greg

      You make some good points here. Thank you for your input!

  14. Dorel Davidescu

    Can you post more about this please if possible and let me know by emailing with subject Dorel Davidescu?

    • Greg

      There is no telling what this is going tom look like in the future use it will not be fully implemented for a few years. Two things are for certian, Higher prices for health insurance and higher taxes. As the health care story continues to unfold I’ll continue to write about it. Thank you for reading

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